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With Christmas all gone and January still cold and dark, it’s time to snuggle up with new year resolutions of health and happiness in mind. We have some great health tips for you, as well as a feature on food, particularly how to save on feeding your family and some advice on how to be happy with your baby. And if you’re hankering after warmer climes then indulge in our travel feature and start dreaming of your perfect summer holiday.

Happy New Year from everyone at Families Sussex Coast. Families Sussex Coast covers: Brighton, Hove, Eastbourne, Worthing, Lewes, Burgess Hill, Hassocks and everywhere in between. Next issue March/April 2012: Advertising and editorial deadline is 10 February 2012. You can contribute to Families Sussex Coast through advertising, editorial and our what’s on pages. Contact Families Sussex Coast: 01273 881106 Families Sussex Coast, PO Box 5189, Brighton BN50 9WN Printed by: Warners Midlands Plc, Please recycle your copy of Families Sussex Coast when you have finished with it. Copyright: Families Sussex Coast, December 2011. Data protection: If you send us your name and address in order to receive free samples or to enter a competition, we may supply your details to the company offering the samples or prizes. If you would prefer us NOT to do so, please state this clearly on your entry. Disclaimer: We take care preparing this magazine but the publishers and distributors cannot be held responsible for the claims of advertisers, nor for the accuracy of the contents nor for any consequence. Families Group: Families Sussex Coast is part of a group established in 1990 and headed by Families South West. All magazines in the Group are independently owned and operated under licence.

January / February 2012

What’s inside

News and competitions 4-5 Yummy mummy week, kids photography competition and WIN tickets to Modelworld 2012.

Feeding your family for £40 a week


Me and my baby


Swaps and shares


Winter blues


Top tips for grocery shopping Support and activities for mums and babies.

Swapsies for eco-consicence times Getting healthy naturally

All aboard for Summer 12 Get planning for the holidays

Luca and May


What’s on


Making ice mobiles

Fireman Sam, ballet, Modelworld, Brighton Science Festival and the Royal Pavilion annual free day day.


Brighton half marathon youth races

Perform invites you to the greatest show on earth Perform drama,

and dancers will be there to inspire as your

dance and singing

child gets swept up in the excitement of it all.

workshops have

They’ll enjoy themselves so much that they

announced their

won’t notice how much they are improving their

most colourful and

communication, concentration and

lively theme yet,

co-ordination skills.”

the circus! Principal

Any interested 4-8 year old can attend a free

Lucy Quick says,

trial session. Classes run on Mondays in

“We are inviting

Haywards Heath, Wednesdays in Ditchling

all local 4-8 year

and Uckfield, Thursdays in Brighton, Fridays in

olds to enter the big top with us this term to Brighton half marathon one mile Youth Races will be taking place once again on Sunday 19 February. The Youth Races are aimed at young runners of all abilities who want to experience crossing the big finish line and being part of the buzz of Brighton Half Marathon race day.

building confidence with the dashing lion tamer, developing hand-to-eye co-ordination with the duelling jugglers or discovering the magic of mime, our experienced team of actors, singers

Every Youth Race runner gets chip timed and

FREE trial at Stage Studio

receives a t-shirt as well as a goodie bag and

Stage Studio are a Saturday theatre school for

a medal at the finish line. There are also prizes

ages 4-16 based in Brighton and they’re looking

for the fastest boy and girl in each age group.

for new members. You can learn drama, singing

Entry closes on 3rd February 2012.

and street dance taught by industry professionals,

The age groups for entrants are 8-10 years, 11-13 years and 14-16 years.

Lewes, Saturdays in Horsham and Hove

discover the delights of the circus. Whether

For more information please contact 0845 400 4000, or visit

OUTSTANDING playgroup Dorothy Stringer Playgroup in Brighton has places available for pre-school children age 2-5 years. The

with a performance at the end of term. The Visit You

classes don’t start until the 28th January so

can also join the Facebook page

there’s plenty of time to book a trial session that

is absolutely free. The sessions last two and half


hours are just £13 each and you can pay as you go too, so there’s no waste when winter colds

Protecting children

from the health risks of mobile phones A new report recently published by UK charity MobileWise warns that children’s health is

being jeopardised by the failure of Government and phone companies to respond to the growing body of evidence linking mobile phone use with health hazards. The report, ‘Mobile phone health risks: the case for action to protect children’ brings together, for the first time, more than 200

fantatic training and good fun. To book your place contact 07907 477 135, info@stagestudio. or visit

Super deals

with Super Super Camps If you’re an organised parent already thinking ahead to Easter and summer holiday childcare, booking your children into Super Camps can cost less with their early booking rates.

an ‘outstanding’ report from Ofsted in March 2011 and is described by parents as ‘one of Brighton’s best kept secrets’. Children are cared for by qualified carers who are also mums themselves, there is a great outdoor space and plenty of room for messy play. Sarah, mum of Stevie said, ‘Stevie loves his time at Stringer and can’t wait to go every morning – he’s making friends with children he’ll be at school with and wants to marry one of the carers!’ Contact 01273 506981 or visit

Yummy Mummy fundraising

National Yummy Mummy Week runs from 10-

Super Camps is one of the leading activity

18 March (Mother’s Day) and is a fundraising

camps in the UK, offering day long sports,

campaign all about mums doing something

activities, arts and crafts at over 70 venues in

yummy to raise money for children and young

the UK. By booking before 1 March, you can

people with cancer. Mums can hold any type of

save up to £40 per week or up to £8 per day per

event from cake sales and coffee mornings to

child, and even use childcare vouchers towards

dinner parties or pamper nights. All money raised

the fees. Corporate discounts are available to

from their event will help the charity CLIC Sargent

organisations whose staff are looking for

and make a real difference to families affected by

holiday childcare.

childhood cancer.

protect your family at

For more information, visit

To find out more visit or call 01235 832222.

or call 08451 206 658 for your fundraising pack.

peer-reviewed studies from a range of research institutions that link mobiles to serious health problems. Endorsed by a number of eminent doctors and scientists, the report highlights the growing and substantial body of evidence of these risks. Find the report at EMRresourcepage and read simple tips to


take hold. Stage Studio has great teachers, offers

playgroup received

News & competitions Families CAPTURE the parents Win tickets to photography competition Modelworld 2012 for children Modelworld will be

returning to the Brighton Centre from 24 -26 February and we have a family ticket for you to win. Attractions will range from a full size replica of the Battle of Britain Spitfire aircraft, a huge model of Westminster Abbey built of LEGO, a living “Tablau” to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Children are often the subject of photography, but

launch (and sinking) of the RMS Titanic as well as

in ‘Capture the Parents’, kids between four and

‘Have a Go’ workshops from Airfix. Add to the mix

seven years old can take photos of their parents or

aircraft, dolls houses and circuses and you have a

carers and enter them into a competition.

fabulous day out for the whole family.

There will be three free drop-in workshops for

For your chance to win the family ticket answer this

families where you can take photographs to be

question: How long ago did the Titanic sink?

printed out and shared at no cost. Cameras can

Send your answer with your name, address and

also be hired (for small deposit) to continue the

telephone number to editor@familiessussexcoast.

project at home. A panel of judges will choose or by post to Families Sussex Coast, PO Box

pictures that most effectively show aspects

5189, Brighton BN50 9WN by 31st January January.

of parents’ characters and lives. Great prizes, including family days out and children’s cameras

Modelworld 2012 runs at the Brighton Centre from

to be won.

24-26 February.

Entries can be received until 17 February 2012 and will culminate in an exhibition to launch the

*Terms and conditions: The family ticket is for 4 people. Tickets are valid on 24, 25 or 26 February. No purchase necessary. Tickets are non-exchangeable.

Children’s Festival at The Dome in April 2012. The project is being run by Livestock, creators of the Mothers Uncovered project and incorporates Connected Families, which has been funded by

Kids, run a mile on MARATHON DAY

The Big Lottery Fund. For more details and how to

Entries for The Grand Hotel

enter visit

Mini Mile Races on 15th April 2012 are now open.

Say you saw it in

The races are for 7-17 year olds giving youngsters a fantastic opportunity to capture the atmosphere of the mass participation race. To find out more visit

January /February 2012


Can you feed your family for £40? Two years ago we ran a feature on how to feed your family for £40 a week. With food costs rising by 20% we thought it we’d see if we can still meet this challenge and with help from Menus4Mums, the online family meal planners, we’ve got some great tips to help get your grocery costs down.


Never shop on an empty stomach. If you do, you just know you’ll end up at the checkout with a trolley brimming with cake,

crisps, and chocolate - and a huge grocery bill to boot. Instead, if you are feeling peckish before hitting the shops, have a banana or a quick snack. It could save you a lot of money.


Don’t use a basket for small shops. If you pop in the supermarket mid-week to top up on fruit or milk, yet come out with

a £30 bill each time, try not using a basket. Chances are you’ll just buy what you went in for.


Buy Seasonally. If we want strawberries all year round, we can have them, but they will cost more out of season- both

environmentally and in our wallets. Not only that, but they don’t taste as nice. Out of season, try buying frozen fruit and vegetables which will have been frozen within hours of being harvested and before losing much of their nutritional value.


Plan your meals. Start by writing a list of all the meals your family likes. Then, each week, think about whether there will be any days

when people will be away, when there will be guests, or when you’ll need a quick meal. Look online at supermarket offers and build meals around these ingredients. Plan a suitable meal for each day, ensuring that you have a good balance of protein (eg meats, fish, pulses), carbohydrates

Beware of BOGOF and buy 2, get 1 free deals. They’re great if you will use double the amount, but you might find it is still

cheaper to buy an own brand product. Be particularly wary of deals on perishable foods – just because you can buy two bags of pears for the price of one doesn’t mean to say that you will want to eat them all. Finally, many of the deals are offered on foods which are high in salt, sugar and fat, so beware.

See what needs using up in your freezer or fridge. And try to include an


interesting variety of tastes and textures.

notice a difference. Look at the health data on the packaging too – some

(eg potatoes, rice, pasta), and vegetables. Think about using up leftovers (what about turning Sunday roast chicken into a risotto on Monday?).


Cook one main meal for the whole family. You can take out

Taste test lower range products. We don’t mean suddenly going from premium brands to the most basic products. But if you

give some of the middle range brands a try, the chances are you won’t lower range foods are actually healthier than the premium varieties.

family. You’ll also be saving on gas/electricity, not to mention your


precious time.

money and waste. Seasonal fruit and veg is often cheaper at your local market

portions for small children before adding salt and strong spices,

and you’ll be getting them used to eating the same as the rest of the


Batch cook. This saves both time and money, so must be good. Next time you are making spaghetti bolognese, make at least twice

Give the supermarket a miss sometimes. Try buying your meat at your local butcher – you’re likely to be impressed by

the quality. Plus if you can buy exactly the quantity you want, saving or farmer’s market, and you could turn it into a trip out with the family.

the amount and freeze what you don’t need immediately. That way, you

Our menu planner

can take advantage of the frequent supermarket offers on multiple packs

Here is the menu planner for the week and your shopping list. We’re

of mince. And another day you’ll hardly need to cook.


Write a shopping list. Now you know what you’ll be cooking next week, you can write down the ingredients you’ll need. Check the

outer reaches of your store cupboard and freezer for items you already have. Don’t be too frugal when drawing up your list, if it’s unrealistic, chances are you’ll ignore it when you get to the shops and just pile treats into your trolley.



meat-eaters in our house but I’ve suggested some veggie options too. We shopped at one of the cheaper supermarkets, but we did indulge in a decent chicken and butcher’s sausages, and we saved on tinned salmon for the fishcakes and bought ‘value’ everything else. For breakfast we ate cereal and toast and if you need to make kids packed lunches then you’ll need to buy yoghurts, juices and more fruit, but you should find our £40 target is still achievable as it’s balanced by less lunch produce.

Food feature Families The menu planner Lunch



Scrambled eggs on toast

Roast chicken or nutroast with all the trimmings


Chicken or cheese sandwiches

Chicken or nutroast, bubble and squeak, baked beans


Salmon fishcakes or goats cheese tart

Vegetable soup Ve


Vegetable soup

Vegetable hotpot and dumplings


Pilchards or egg on toast

Vegetable curry curr and rice


Vegetable curry curr and naan bread

Macaroni Cheese


Macaroni cheese

Sausage, mash and peas

Shopping list Eggs Bread Chicken Carrots Brocolli Cabbage Potatoes Bread sauce Cheese Tinned salmon Baked beans Vegetable soup Suet

Rice Naan bread Macaroni Sausages Milk Cereal Ribena Tea Olive oil Vinegar Tomato ketchup Chocolate digestives Fruit

So did we do it? By our reckoning we were just under our target £40. I’m not sure whether this would be achieveable every week but it certainly made us aware of how much we can save by thinking our food through a little bit more. Menus4Mums is an online family meal planning service for busy parents. Members get a new meal plan each week for dinners the whole family will enjoy, with recipe cards and a super-handy shopping list broken down into supermarket aisles. The meals take advantage of supermarket special offers to keep grocery bills down. Visit

For tips and articles on family matters visit The really useful website for families living in Brighton, Hove, Lewes, Eastbourne, Worthing, Burgess Hill and everywhere in between.

January /February 2012


Me and my baby

It can be tough, but there’s help out there. Joanna Parry looks at support and activity choices for new mums and babies. So, you’ve had a baby. You’re

n Drop-in centres, playgroups and baby groups offer vital postnatal

a new mum and of course

support and advice. Most importantly, they don’t cost more than a

you’re tired, but you’re also

pound or two.

elated and amazed at this tiny new being that has entered your life. You spend every waking hour staring in adoration at their tiny little toes and gorgeous little mouth. Your exhaustion doesn’t matter as you drift from day to

Meet a mum and join a class Whether it’s a picnic in the park, a coffee at a local cafe or a mother-andbaby group it’s important to get out there and meet other new mums. The NCT arrange regular coffee mornings and local playgroups often arrange get-togethers outside of the playgroup. You don’t have to ‘join’ these groups or come every time, but you’ll be sure to get a warm welcome and you will find these meet-ups invaluable, I promise you. Alternatively, join a

day in a haze of milky delight.

class. This will give you an opportunity not only to meet other mums but

Or maybe you don’t. If you are like me then those first few

Baby massage and yoga

weeks, even months of being

Many local health services run free massage classes and there are plenty

a new mum are the hardest

of private classes around too, often including postnatal support alongside

days of your life. Not only are

baby massage. Baby massage has also been proven to help enormously

you exhausted after weeks

with mums suffering from postnatal depression. Baby yoga is also a great

also to bond with your baby.

of unbroken sleep but you’re also struggling with breast feeding and getting

way to encourage baby-parent interaction. A natural transition from baby

your baby to take a bottle, your baby is unsettled and suffers from reflux

massage, it incorporates stretching, relaxation and yoga techniques,

and why oh why won’t he just go to sleep? Even if it’s your second or third

enabling you and your baby to create a joyful interaction.

baby, it’s still just as hard. You’ve got baby blues, or perhaps even post-natal

Activity classes

depression. Now the most important thing you can do, even if you don’t feel like it, is to get out there, meet some other new mums and get some support.

Support groups

These don’t have to be expensive, so shop around. Choose from music classes to drama to sensory stimulation classes to swimming – even for newborns! It’s a great way to get out of the house and meet other

If you’re tired, struggling to bond with or feed your baby or have a touch

new mums.

of the baby blues, there are plenty of support networks out there.

Postnatal depression

n Health visitors are there for the welfare of babies and their parents,

Postnatal Depression (PND) is often not fully understood by mums who

and your health visitor should support you in whatever way they can.

experience it, yet one in three mothers will suffer from it. Becoming

They should get in touch with you in the first few days of you returning

a parent can be a shock and it is perfectly normal to feel emotional,

home from hospital, but if you don’t know how to reach your Health

vulnerable and sensitive after your baby is born. Some mothers may

Visitor your doctor’s surgery will be able to tell you.

feel confused about their feelings - they feel they should be overjoyed and instantly fall in love with their baby but this is not always the case,

n Home-Start is a charity that helps parents by providing volunteer

especially if you’ve had a difficult labour or a traumatic delivery. Baby

support. Whether you’re struggling to look after your baby or suffering

blues typically occur between 3-5 days after the birth, and one theory is

from postnatal illness or even just feeling lonely and isolated, Home-

that they coincide with the hormonal changes that occur as the breast

Start can help. Volunteers offer regular support, friendship and

milk starts to come in. Another theory is that they are due to the ‘come

practical help to young families under stress in their own homes.

down’ after the effects of endorphins, or a sort of physical shock reaction

The visits are flexible and you decide together what to do during that

after the upheaval of birth. You may feel weepy, irritable, have a low mood

time. Call 08000 68 63 68 for details of your local Home-Start.

and feel that you lack confidence in being able to look after your baby

n Children’s Centres (also called the SureStart programme) have been developed throughout England to help parents, with many offering support groups for new mums as well as stay and play sessions, baby

but these feelings usually subside after a week or so. However, postnatal depression is more serious and must be treated immediately. Symptoms of PND can include:

clubs, postnatal and breastfeeding classes. Find your nearest centre

n sleeping problems


n crying a lot

n NCT runs Bumps, Babies and Beyond groups across the country, where you can make friends and share experiences with other new mums, and support is provided.

n not eating or over-eating n physical pains such as headaches or stomach pains or blurred vision n a lack of motivation to get up and do anything n a constant sense of anxiety, sometimes escalating into panic attacks n a feeling of being lonely or isolated


Baby feature Families n having difficulty concentrating n feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope n having no interest in sex n feeling guilty about everything and wondering if you are a bad mother n being overly protective of your baby n feeling emotionally disconnected from your baby n having frightening thoughts about harming yourself or your baby or about bad things happening If you feel any of the above, it is important to seek professional help. Your GP may suggest antidepressant medication and/or counselling and your health visitor will know about local postnatal depression support groups. You can also go to or www.birthtraumaassociation. for information, support and advice.

Treat yourself If you can, get a babysitter for an hour or two and treat yourself to some quality ‘me’ time. Try a day spa for a pampering and revitalising treatment, or many of the ‘Yummy Mummy’ clubs that are springing up across the country offer spa treatments as well as a range of classes and support groups for new mums, usually with crèches onsite. Alternatively, take a walk in the park with a hot chocolate. It will do you the world of good!

Helpful websites

Support for twins

Baby classes and activities near you Aquakiddies/babies Brighton and the surrounding areas The original and best baby and toddler swimming company. 01273 833101 Little Dippers Brighton, Eastbourne, Isfield and Loxwood Lessons for babies in warm water pools. 0844 4820222 MXT Swim School Brighton, Hove, Steyning, Shoreham, Lancing, Storrington, Littlehampton, Worthing, Horsham Swim classes from 4 months to adults. 01903 532765 The Little Swim School Brighton and Hove Teaching preschool children water safety and swimming in warm private pools. 01273 207992 Caterpillar Music Sussex Fun baby and toddler music classes for 0-5 years. Puppets, instruments and much more with friendly faces. Classes in Worthing and parties throughout Sussex. 01903 230810 Music for Aardvarks and Other Mammals

Brighton and Hove An innovative music group with original music influenced by rock, indie and blues for 6 months and up. 07886 927081

January /February 2012

Talking Tots Brighton, Hove and Lewes Fun, interactive classes that help your child communicate with confidence. 07827 697523 Buenos Dias Brighton and Hove Fun Spanish classes for babies aged 6 months to 5 years. 01273 323431 La Casita Brighton and Hove Spanish-English childcare for babies aged 4 months to 5 years. 01273 323431 Sing and Sign Brighton and Hove Popular music classes from 6 months to 2 years encouraging communication in babies. Relaxed and fun, recommended by experts. 01273 540266 Bee-Fit Worthing Every Friday morning, fun fitness including parachute play, games, singing and fun from 6 months to 4 years. 01903 241740 From the Seed Fiveways, Brighton Holistic care from conception to baby. Aromatherapy, workshops and baby massage. 01273 542358


Swaps and shares

A new economy is emerging to fit these cash-drained, eco-conscious times. Swapping computer skills for fresh vegetables, renting out your car or lending an empty office to a youth group are all ways of joining the new ‘what’s mine is yours’ society, reports Samantha Chippindale.

encourage innovative and highly effective alternatives to the ‘buy it, use it,

Share and Share Alike – borrow it, swap it, loan it

bin it’ routine.

Where eBay leads, we follow, with sites dedicated to getting our

A genuine social revolution

unwanted goods to people who can use them, either by selling them,

The internet is home to a flowering of new sites that exist to connect

users to swap unwanted items: a recent visit saw a mobile phone

people who have skills or unwanted items to share, exchange, barter or

being swapped for a play set. Once you find something you like the

loan out. Far from being merely an alternative, feel-good movement, this is

look of, you offer your item in return, and if successful, either meet up

a genuine social revolution that is gaining momentum. Not only do people

or post the items.

No one enjoys being stuck in a recession, but having to rethink our spending and how we consume and often waste goods does seem to

swapping or loaning them. For example, allows

who swap, lend and loan on a regular basis save and sometimes make – money, they also connect socially with people they wouldn’t otherwise have met, adding to a sense of community involvement. Finding that your skill as a writer or hairdresser or gardener is genuinely valued and needed by others is also a boost to your sense of self worth, something that can often be lost in our everyday working lives.

Stop wasting, be real! The starting point for many collaborative consumption sites has been to look at the accumulated stuff around us, from coffee machines to cars, and to ask how much of it we really need and use. Rather than buy a new item, let’s say a camp bed for occasional visitors, wouldn’t it be better to

If you need a sledgehammer for a short building job, or a glamorous

borrow one from a friend or colleague? If your elderly neighbours can’t

dress for a wedding, you could be lucky and find it at www.ecomodo.

manage to mow their lawn, but own a mower, why not do their mowing in

com, which connects those who have with those who need. Registered

return for borrowing the machine to do your lawn with?

members can offer items for free or for a modest rental fee.

Common sense perhaps, but registering with one of the host of websites

The fashion industry, which encourages us to think of what’s in season,

dedicated to this way of living spreads the effectiveness of this new

then to ditch it, is to blame for mountains of unworn clothes. Swishing,

economy and what we can all get out of it., is for the fashion-conscious swapper. Swishing

Swishing,, is for the fashion-conscious swapper. Swishing parties allow guests to swap their good quality clothes for ones brought by other guests.

Anything I can do – sharing time, skills and space A key area of the new global marketplace is skills swaps, a particularly appealing phenomenon if you are a parent. Your ability as, say, an

by other guests. Result: a girly good time and reduced fashion waste. Local swishing dates are advertised on the site.

What’s mine is yours – temporarily Instead of paying road tax and insurance, thousands of people now rent cars for the hour, day or week, only when they need them. With www., members can rent out their cars (with insurance and breakdown cover provided) whenever they don’t need them.

accountant, IT specialist or chef could come in very handy. Equally, you

Somewhereto,, is tailored to the needs of young

might know someone who hates ironing, but would do dog walking in

people from 16 to 25. What many need is a suitable space in which to

return. Sites such as connect people who have

gain experience in their chosen field, to perform in or to set up a group.

time rather than cash to offer. The international

Somewhereto has regional advisers who help pair up young people with

does the same – house painting for proofreading perhaps.

companies, councils or individuals who can give them a site. Testimonials

Along the same lines as skills sites are those that share assets such as space or money. If you are one of the 100,000 people in the UK on a waiting list to get an allotment, it might save time to hook up with someone who has spare land of their own that you could use. The nationwide Landshare scheme,, puts people in touch with anyone prepared to give them land to grow their own produce on.


parties allow guests to swap their good quality clothes for ones brought

include a budding fashion photographer who was given access to shoot at London Fashion Week and a magician who got the chance to perform in front of a live audience. Somewhereto even managed to get a group into Number 10, although that seems to have been a one-off. For further information, visit

Swaps and health Families

Shake off the winter blues

With the dark nights and cold winter weather upon us, even the most positive of us sometimes suffer from a case of the ‘winter blues’, which is characterised by low energy levels, short temper, vanishing motivation and mild depression. For some the winter months means a more serious condition Seasonal

Don’t give in to comfort eating. Step away from the biscuit tin,

Affective Disorder (SAD), which is thought to affect two million people in

carbohydrates and “trans fats” (unsaturated fats). The last thing you

the UK.

need right now is to put on weight, as this will only make you feel worse

If you don’t think you can wait till our much-loved sun puts his hat back on, then here are some great ways to naturally beat the winter blues courtesy of the eco and natural marketplace

Exercise and yoga Physical exercise has been proven to combat depression (a university study found that exercise was more effective at treating depression than antidepressants). Exercise increases levels of endorphins in the body, which are known to make us happy. You don’t have to do much exercise either - just 30 minutes a day for adults, even if it is just getting outdoors

about yourself. We all know this is tough this time of year but you will feel great by not giving in and if you fancy a little treat why not try a seeded flapjacks, they’re packed full of healthy goodness. Make sure you eat plenty of ethically caught oily fish, organic fruit and vegetables and raw nuts and seeds. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Yes, it’s a tough one especially in the festive season but alcohol is a depressant so really wont do you any good if you are looking to shake those winter blues.

Boost your immune system to prevent the common cold

and going for a long walk.

The last thing you want to do is wind up sick in bed feeling even more

Yoga is also fantastic for naturally lifting your mood as its deep breathing

off any illness before you have time to catch one of them. Echinacea is

techniques bring balance to the nervous system while the poses

brilliant at keeping out cold and flu and can either be taken in pill form or

themselves work to reduce stress hormones (like cortisol) and trigger

in tinctures, teas or directly eaten.

the release of your body’s natural feel-good chemicals (serotonin and endorphins). Winter depression makes us feel tired and sluggish and the last thing you probably feel like doing is breaking out your running shoes or yoga mat, but this is mental barrier you need to break through. Getting your heart rate up will get rid of those winter blues in no time. Once you have a few sessions behind you you’ll start to crave regular exercise and actually look forward to it – honest!

Eat a healthy balanced diet

sorry for yourself. As they say, prevention is better than the cure so ward

Sleep well You should not underestimate the difference sufficient sleep and a regular sleep pattern will have on fighting winter blues. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day to establish a regular sleep pattern and ensure you get seven to eight hours sleep a night. If you struggle in getting to sleep try using organic lavender essential oil as it is especially good at calming the nervous system, relaxing the body and enabling blissful sleep. Try putting a bag of lavender under your pillow at night or use it through a diffuser.

Eating healthy natural foods is important all year round, but in the winter months it is particularly important. Your body requires certain nutrients to function properly, fight off colds and illnesses and give you the energy you need to fight depression in the gloomy months.

January /February 2012


All aboard for summer 2012 It’s the depths of winter, so every family’s thoughts naturally turn to where they will be this summer. Joanna Moorhead has lots of ideas – and Families editors share their best holiday experiences.

Affordable luxury – and abroad too

Hideaway in Robin Hood’s forest

Glamping is the way to go: much

What child wouldn’t be excited to be holidaying in the centre of the wood

more reasonable prices than villas or

made famous by the legendary Robin Hood? Forest Holidays have new

hotels, and a wide range of family-

lodges, which open this spring, set in the middle of 3,300 acres of forest,

friendly sites. And what’s new on

and include basic cabins to de luxe ‘golden oak plus’ cabins with their

the glamping block for 2012 is an

own hot tub. Loads to do for all ages – Sherwood Forest has a glorious

ever-widening range of top-notch

labyrinth of cycle trails, farm parks, arts and craft centres and play areas.

accommodation: for 2012, Select Camp has a new range of what it’s calling its ‘lodge suites’ featuring a canopy bed, free-standing oval bath, fully-equipped kitchen, shower and toilet – and a separate junior lodge

Perfect for: active families in search of a change from Center Parcs (and more of a bargain). Midsummer prices: From around £30 per person per night

tent next to the main suite. Select Camp also has four new sites, three

in Italy and one in Spain – and coming soon, a brand new website which

Camping meets boutique hotel

should make browsing and booking a lot easier too.

Molly Dishwasher isn’t just an

Perfect for: budget-conscious, adventurous families.

unusual name for a holiday

Midsummer prices: from around £24 per person, per night

experience – it’s an unusual

experience, too. You stay in a shepherd’s hut nestled

Away from the crowds in Norfolk

among acres of meadows

If you love Cornwall and Devon, but are frustrated by the prices and

and woodland in deepest

the crowds, why not head instead for Norfolk? Cottage prices for

Sussex. A comfy double

midsummer are cheaper, it will take you less time to get there and

for you, bunk beds for the

it’s much easier to get to and from the beaches and other attractions

children, all squeezed into

because the roads are far less clogged. For a comfortable, child-friendly

a small but beautiful space with oodles of special little touches. Young

cottage look on the Recommended Family Holidays website under the

children adore staying somewhere different, and they love pulling their

‘East of England’ tab. Poppyland Cottages, for example, have a range

parents into their adventures – which is what makes Molly Dishwasher

of properties dotted around a series of beautiful villages, and within

such a hit. Plus breakfast included, a BBQ and food on hand, and loads

easy reach of lovely Blue Flag beaches – and everything on the website

of places to explore in the area including Drusilla’s Zoo, Battle Abbey,

has been checked for family-friendliness. Great pubs for lunches and

Hever Castle and endless beaches.

suppers out, too – and Norfolk is also a very good option for families who love cycling.

Perfect for: families with small children who want a pint-sized adventure

Perfect for: Families wanting to get away from the crowds

Midsummer prices: Around £20 per person per night

Midsummer prices: from around £21 per person, per night

The Alps in August Switzerland isn’t just for skiing: in fact, the Alps can be one of the loveliest places in Europe for a summer holiday. As well as beautiful weather, there’s a wealth of sporty things to do for both smaller children and teenagers. Chilly Powder runs its Morzine chalet hotel through the summer as well as the winter, offering the same attractions (professionallycooked food, childcare etc) and with the emphasis on comfortable living alongside a wealth of outdoor pursuits. Morzine is an eight-hour drive from Calais, or fly to Geneva and hire a car. The chalet has 17 bedrooms and there’s even a hot tub in the garden. Perfect for: sporty families with children in different age ranges. Midsummer prices: from around £120 per adult per night, discount for children, half-board

without having to travel too far.

Wish you were here?

Families editors on their favourite holidays... Going to Amsterdam last summer was a brilliant holiday for our teenagers. Amsterdam seems to have something for everyone: we tried cycling, the Van Gogh Museum, we had a ride on a canal boat, and we went round the Resistance Museum. Going to the Anne Frank house was a real highlight – both our children had read her diary in Year 7, so they already knew her story and it was very moving for all of us to see where she lived. Roma Reeves, Editor, Families West London When my children were little we stayed in mobile homes on campsites. One of them, Bella Italia in the Italian Lakes ( was so wonderful that we even went back a second time, and that’s the only time we’ve ever done that. It had great restaurants, really good supermarkets and the swimming pools were lovely. Shelley Cooper, Editor Families Herts


Luca and Maya and ice mobiles Families

Luca and Maya make ice mobiles

January /February 2012


Our What’s On pages are put together several weeks beforehand and whilst we aim to be as accurate as we can, there may be some changes. Always contact the venue in advance to check details.

Theatre The Adventures of Robin Hood

9 December - 15 January Devonshire onshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne An action packed pantomime extravaganza with stunning new costumes, fantastic live music, brand new script and the usual comedy mayhem you would expect from the Eastbourne Pantomime. 01323 412000

Worthing Symphony Orchestra 8 January Assembly Halls, Worthing

Julian Lloyd Webber returns to play perhaps the most beautiful of all cello concertos. A selection of spectacular Hollywood film scores surround the concerto as well as many famous sporting themes, finishing with Britten’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra. 01903 206206

Moscow City Ballet The Nutcracker

10-11 February Theatre Royal Brighton

Big Scream!

The Nutcracker tells how little Clara and her Nutcracker Prince defeat the armies of the mouse-king and embark on a magical sleigh-ride to the Kingdom of Sweets, where they meet the Sugarplum Fairy, dancing snowflakes and a whole host of delightful characters. 08448 717 650

Every Wednesday morning at 11am mums, dads and carers with babies under one can enjoy a great film at the Duke of York Cinema, Brighton.

Fireman Sam Pontypandy Rocks! 13 February Theatre Royal Brighton

The Hero next door is back due to popular demand with his live stage show Pontypandy Rocks! Join Fireman Sam, and all his friends, as Pontypandy hosts its first ever music festival. 08448 717 650

13-29 January The Brighton Centre

A journey that celebrates love, life, music and dance in one of the most thrilling ice spectaculars you will ever see. 0844 847 1538

15 February Pavilion Theatre, Worthing

The Panto Company spins this classic tale into a golden show for children of all ages, filled with clap-a-long songs and audience participation. 01903 206206


★The Observatory Science Centre★ Winter star gazing through some great telescopes. 20-21 January

Modelworld 2012 Immerse yourself in modelworld at the Brighton Centre, 24-26 February

See website for films.

Saturday morning Kids’ Club

Duke of York cinema, Brighton Starts 10.30am with drawing and a competition with a film at 11am. Check website for films. 0871 704 2056

Saturday morning pictures Connaught 2 Screen, Worthing Every Saturday at 10.15am Check website for films. 01903 206206

Story time

Every week day at 4pm The Book Nook, First Avenue, Hove 01273 911988


Every week Hove Library Fridays at 10.15am

Mumpreneurs Networking Club

Lime House Cafe, St Pauls Church, Worthing 14 January, 11 February Chambers Bistro Old Town Hall, Shoreham 20 January, 17 F February David Lloyd Centre, Brighton Marina 21 January, 18 February The Woolpack Inn, West Street, Burgess Hill 21 January, 11 February www www.agoodgossip

Earthship Tours

8 January, 12 February Stanmer Park, Brighton Experience the eco-build and be inspired to respond to climate change.

Open events for the BBC’s Stargazing Live at the Observatory Science Centre 20-21 January The Observatory Science Centre, Herstmonceux

The Observatory at night and viewing through the Centre’s historic telescopes. 01323 832731

01273 296960

Story Magic

This fabulous, family-friendly, feel-good show is packed with songs inspired by Motown, funk, soul and disco. Now, as the habit hits the road, you too can see why audiences fell in love with the funniest and funkiest nun on the run, and her heavenly sequinned sisters! 01323 412000

A flawless production with a stunning demonstration of precision, artistry and sheer grace. Following the fate of Prince Siegfried and the beautiful Swan Queen and Odette. 08448 717 650

Swan Lake A dramatic introduction to ballet for youngsters. Brighton, 8-9 February

Jubilee Library Wednesdays 10.15am

24 January - 4 February Congress Theatre, Eastbourne

8-9 February Theatre Royal Brighton

Our top picks for January and February

01273 290700

Sister Act

Moscow City Ballet Swan Lake

Duke of York Cinema, Brighton

Activities and events Rumplestiltskin

Holiday on Ice 2012 Tropicana


Families favourites

Sensory story telling for children with special needs Last Saturday every month, 2.30pm Jubilee Library, Brighton First Tuesday every month, 10.15-10.45am Hove Library

Enchanted Mirror 26 February Connaught Theatre, Worthing

The story of a young girl’s adventure which begins when she steps through the enchanted mirror into a magical world beyond, brought to the stage by the Sussex-based classical ballet company. 01903 206206

Royal Pavilion Ice Rink Until 22 January Royal Pavilion, Brighton

Discover the magic of sensory stories particularly suited to children with profound and multiple learning disabilities. 01273 296960

There’s still time to enjoy skating post-xmas with penguin stabilisers and learners’ area, as well as boots available in sizes from ‘just walking’ with double blades to safe blades for bigger kids.

Tots That Rock

Bird Boxes for Spring

Thursdays, 2-3pm Huntingdon Hall, Buckingham Road, Shoreham-by-Sea Singing and dancing and chat with other mums, dads and carers.

6-11 years 11 February Linklater Pavilion, Railway Land Nature Reserve, Lewes Come and make a bird box for our feathered friends and some edible treats too.

What’s on Families To publicise your event in Families Sussex Coast what’s on pages email Half term at the Observatory Science Centre 11-19 February The Observatory Science Centre, Herstmonceux

In addition to the interactive hands-on exhibits there will be daily telescope tours and a spectacular science shows. There are dditional drop-in activities in the Zany Zone and fantastic half day workshops for children.. Check website for full details. 01323 832731

The Big Dance Off!

21 February Triangle Leisure Centre, Burgess Hill The hotly-contested dance show where the audience chooses the winner on the night. Dancers of ALL ages, disciplines and abilities are invited to participate. 07813 680707

Robots, rockets and ray guns of all shapes and sizes including many rare vintage and collectable items invade the museum in this space-age show of robot force! 03000 290900

Brighton Science Festival includes family fun days and lots more for parents and kids during half term week. The Big Science Weekend is 25 - 26 February.

Dress for Excess: Fashion in Regency England

Bird Boxes for Spring

Come and make a bird box for our feathered friends and some edible treats for them too. 01273 492630

Worthing Music and Arts Main Event 2012

18 February - 4 March Venues across Worthing Music and arts events in Worthing.

Bird Boxes for Spring 6-11 years 18 February Stanmer Park Come and make a bird box for our feathered friends and some edible treats for them too. Meet on the green in front of the Church in Stanmer Park 01273 492630

Brighton Half Marathon 19 February Brighton and Hove seafront

One of the longest established and most popular seafront road race events in the UK.

Brighton Half Marathon youth races

19 February Brighton and Hove seafront The age groups for entrants are 8-10 years, 11-13 years and 14-16 years. The 1 mile race starts near the Peter Pan Playground on Madeira Drive, loops at Brighton Pier and finishes on the main finish line.

January /February 2012

The Five Senses is a family-friendly small display that explores the variety of ways sensory experiences are portrayed in the visual arts. 03000 290900

15 October - 21 February Hove Museum and Art Gallery

11 February - 1 March Venues across Brighton

11 February Wood Mills, Henfield

15 July - 1 March Hove Museum and Art Gallery

Robot Invasion!

Brighton Science Festival

6-11 years

The Five Sense: Paintings from the Fine Art collection

Modelworld 2012 24-26 February Brighton Centre

A great day out for kids and adults alike with superb railway and model engineering displays it is a must for every modelling enthusiast. Attractions will range from a full size replica of the Battle of Britain Spitfire aircraft, a huge model of Westminster Abbey built of LEGO, as well as ‘Have a Go’ workshops from Airfix.

Galleries and museums

2 August - 5 February Brighton Museum and Art Gallery

Original 18th and 19th Century pieces are displayed presenting the themes of Eighteenth century dress. 03000 290900

Royal Pavilion Annual Free Day 22 January Royal Pavilion, Brighton

To celebrate the purchase of the Royal Pavilion by Brighton in 1850, admission charges are waived one day a year. 03000 290900

Dreams of Here Early years Age 2-5 Brighton and Hove Museums Sessions include art and stories. 01273 290900

New Eyes

22 October - 19 February 2012 Towner Gallery, Eastbourne T Inspired by the Marcel Proust quote “The real journey of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes”, six artists from local artist network Bluemonkeynet have curated a stimulating new collection display.

From 18 February Brighton Museum and Art Gallery New work by Julian Bell, Tom Hammick and Andrzej Jackowski. An exciting exhibition of new work by three contemporary painters and printmakers who are all nationally recognised but at the same time have strong connections to Sussex. 03000 290900

Farmers’ markets Mermaid Market Saturdays and Sundays 11am-4pm

Brighton Marina Square

Lewes Farmers’ Market First Saturday every month

Cliffe Pedestrian Precinct, Lewes 01273 470900

Brighton Farm Market Every Saturday 9am-3pm North Road, Brighton

Upper Gardner Street Market Every Saturday 7am-5pm Upper Gardner Street, Brighton

Shoreham Farmers’ Market

Second Saturday every month 9am-1pm East Street, Shoreham-by-Sea

Worthing Farmers’ Market

Fourth Saturday each month South Street Square, Worthing 01903 203252

Motcombe Village Farmers’ Market

Last Sat each month 10-1pm Community Wise, Ocklynge Road, Eastbourne 01323 722924

Southwick and Shoreham Country Market Every Friday 9.15-11am Porter Room, Southwick Community Centre Homemade cakes, plants, fresh eggs, handmade crafts and gifts.

Get your event listed in Families Sussex Coast magazine:

Dora Gordine Sculptor, Artist, Designer

8 October - 21 January 2012 Worthing Museum and Art Gallery An opportunity to see this unique loan of over 25 sculptures, drawings, photographs, letters and magazines from Dorich House Museum.


January /February 2012



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