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The cuteness of tantrums!

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What’s On – March and April – our bumper guide for the Easter holiday

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What'shappening happeningnear nearyou you What's Who won Shrek? Sadly it wasn’t a Pennines reader who won our fantastic Christmas competition to see Shrek and spend the weekend in London – but winners, the Halliwell family from Gloucestershire, had a brilliant time.

Head Girl, Rebecca Sabin from Brighouse & Head Boy, Matthew Orme from Wyke, welcome new Headmaster, Jack Williams

Mum Liz says they packed so much into one weekend they returned home,”exhausted but really happy.” They also took a river cruise on the Thames, visited the Tower of London and had a meal at the Rainforest Café where dad, Russell, had Happy Birthday sung to him. Poppy and Tom had a great time too!

New Head for Hipperholme The New Year brought new Headmaster, Jack Williams, to Hipperholme Grammar School Foundation.

He said, "I am delighted to join a school where children aged 3-18 can learn in the same, small nurturing environment.”

Mr Williams, a chemistry graduate, was previously at Hillcrest Grammar School in Stockport and has also worked at Leeds Grammar and Magdalen College School in Oxford.

“It’s an interesting time in education,” he added, “and I hope to bring a number of new initiatives to benefit pupils, parents and staff, whilst maintaining the aims and ethos which have made the school so successful for over 350 years.”

Winners – the Halliwell family

Roaring start for year of dragon Youngsters at Mossley’s Fire Station Day Nursery and Ashton’s Little Red Day Nursery were thrilled by the visit of a Chinese lion to help them celebrate the Chinese New Year. During the week they tried Chinese food, created fans & lanterns and dressed in traditional costumes. The highlight was a performance by Northern Tigers where the children joined in a Lion dance, played drums & cymbals and were able to dress in the lion costume. Manager Andrew Goss said, “the whole week has been very hands on and lots of fun.”


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Kindy drama comes to the Pennines

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Children from 3 years old can now benefit from the Helen O’Grady approach to drama classes. Pennine based Principal, Wendy Orrell, explains, “We can improve basic speech, language and communication skills through our unique programme. Kindy drama is also good for improving listening and concentration skills.” Kindy classes feature storytelling, dramatic play, speech training, creative movement, songs and lots of language activities – but above all says Wendy, “they’re lots of fun.” Award-winning Wendy has run primary and youth theatre classes in the Pennines

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for the past 7 years and is excited to be working with younger children. If you would like to find out more, give Wendy a ring on 01706 810164. She’s offering a FREE first lesson to readers of Families Pennines at any of her studios.

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Living with reflux Before you have a baby, you’re told to see feeding time as a time of bonding. But for some mums, it’s anything but. Sarah Butters looks at how living with a baby with reflux can drive you to the very brink of despair.

Vicki Gilbert is a third time mum. When you see pictures of her, her husband Sean and her happy smiling children in the early stages of baby Joe’s life, it’s hard to believe what was going on every time she closed the front door. “From being a couple of weeks old, Joe would scream and scream,” Vicki remembers. “At one point, the screaming went on for 18 hours a day. He was hysterical when you laid him down for a nappy change. He screamed through every car journey. The only respite we got was a 5 hour stretch at night when he literally passed out from exhaustion. It pushed us to the end of our tethers.” Reflux is the contents of the stomach coming back up into the gullet. The acid causes a burning sensation which can make baby vomit, arch their back and cry inconsolably. It’s thought about half of all babies have reflux in the first 3 months of their lives to some degree, with most developing it at about 2 months. That figure reduces to 5% by the time babies are 10 months old. Babies get reflux because the stomach valve hasn’t developed properly. That valve keeps the food and the acid in the stomach. When it’s not working properly and baby is full, that food and acid comes back up. Symptoms vary depending on the child and the severity of the case, but the inconsolable crying described by Vicki is common. “Nothing worked. It was utterly heartbreaking. I remember being in my bedroom and shouting to my husband to call an ambulance. We never actually did it, but we were so near on so many occasions.”


Vicki’s story is repeated on forums and in chat rooms across the internet. There are stories of families who have been driven to the brink by their babies’ suffering. Many turn to Alison Scott-Wright, an expert in reflux also known as The Magic Sleep Fairy. “New mothers assume that feeding their newborn will be a positive experience,” explains Alison. “Sadly this isn’t true for those whose babies suffer from reflux. Reflux can’t be cured, but it can be controlled. We have to crack the ‘reflux code’ for each baby to find out what helps relieve the individual symptoms.” Those symptoms vary. For some it’s excessive vomiting, irritability, a white coating on the tongue, excessive mucus, refusal to feed and poor sleep habits. These sleep habits are a product of the pain your child is experiencing, and it’s those habits that can remain long after the baby has outgrown the reflux. For babies with ‘silent’ reflux – that’s all the pain and irritability, without the vomiting – diagnosis is more difficult. But Alison Scott-Wright says it is vital parents listen to even the youngest of babies. “Babies cry to communicate. If they are crying for long periods of time, then there’s something wrong and, in my experience, it’s usually a digestive issue.” Vicki Gilbert found support from her local GP and says without that, she’s not sure how she would have coped. He listened, explained and prescribed medication that has, after 7 months, eased Joe’s pain. Leeds based Consultant Paediatric Surgeon Emma Sidebottom says it is important to consult with your health care professionals about

treatments – like products to thicken milk which helps baby keep it down, as well as acid blockers. “Some parents experiment with the hungry baby milks. These are designed to stay in the stomach for longer. But if you have a baby with reflux, milks like that will make it worse.” If you’re not getting the support you need from your GP, Emma says you can ask to be referred to your local hospital’s Paediatric Clinic. The specialists there will be able to see children at much shorter notice than waiting for a GP referral. “Remember that 99% of babies with reflux will outgrow It completely without any treatment,” adds Emma Sidebottom. “Reflux is made better by your baby growing. The two milestones are starting on solids – which stay down better than milk – and children becoming more upright. It will get better.” And it is getting better for Vicki Gilbert and 7 month old Joe. He’s on a cocktail of medication that has brought his symptoms under control. For the past month, life has been a little more normal. Like many children with reflux, he’s developed poor sleep habits but that’s a battle for later. The sleep he does take is in a cot propped up at an angle. Vicki says it’s been incredibly tough, but she hopes other parents of babies with reflux will take strength from her experience. “If your instinct tells you something is wrong, don’t listen to those who say your baby is ‘unsettled’ or ‘colicky’. Seek help from your GP. If they won’t listen, see another GP in the practice. It is NOT normal for babies to scream for hours on end.”

tel: 01457 870112

Reflux spot the symptons Does your baby…. n Vomit n Have bouts of inconsolable crying n Arch their back n Have frequent hiccups and excess dribble n Have a white coating on their tongue n Refuse to feed n Have poor sleep patterns n Have excess mucus n Display signs of pain and irritability

Top 5 tips from the magic sleep fairy 1

Research, research, research. Go on online forums and chat to others mums. Look at or Also, join my Facebook page and get advice from other parents. Keep a journal. Include videos of any reflux episodes by your baby and photos. Use these when visiting health care professionals.


Go to your GP and make them listen. This may mean you returning time and again.

3 4

Get someone to come along to the GP with you. If you are suffering from a lack of sleep and are emotionally charged, you may need support to get your case across.


Remember, you are your baby’s only voice. That inconsolable cry is trying to tell you something. Trust your instinct and don’t be fobbed off. Alison Scott-Wright is author of The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan and an expert in infant reflux.

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Education, education, education Parents know it matters – and you want to help your child do the best they can. But if, like me, you look back on your own childhood and think, “I don’t really remember homework before secondary school,” you can be left wondering if tests and league tables have made things a bit too fraught for parents, pupils and teachers at the primary stage. One thing educationalists do seem to agree on though, is that for young children, learning should be fun. So as six-year-olds prepare for the first ever phonics check at school this summer, Louise Bennett reports on ways to inject some fun into learning.

The Magic Key Biff, Chip and Kipper are characters known to nearly every schoolchild. With their big friendly faces, great adventures and the magic key, they help thousands of children every year to start reading. Now that the Government has decided to test sixyear-olds on phonics this summer, The Oxford Reading Tree has created ‘My Phonics Kit’ to help parents who want to practise with their children. Laura Sharp led the development of the Kit. She says,” The Kit enables parents to provide as much guidance as possible to their children with reading activities at home.” Crucially, the My Phonics Kit includes tips for parents who may not be familiar with phonics themselves, as well as a CD-ROM with ebooks and phonics support, a reward chart, sticker sheet and three phonics workbooks. The Kit combines phonics ‘decoding’ practice with engaging stories and interactive features – making learning to read a fun and exciting activity. The Kit costs £9.99 and is available on Amazon and at bookstores throughout the Pennines but you can WIN one of three copies if you enter our competition at

Be an egg head If you and your child enjoy a computer-based approach to learning then Reading Eggs could be for you. Reading Eggs sets out to make learning to read a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. The online system offers individual lessons that allow children to progress at their own rate through games, songs, golden eggs and other rewards to keep them motivated to explore and learn. Belinda, a mum from Yorkshire, signed up for the free five week trial and was so impressed that she’s signed up for a year. “My daughter was 4 in October and already interested in writing and letters but she won’t go to school till next September so we gave Reading Eggs a try and she loved it.” Belinda’s daughter started to sound out letters and recognise a few words quite quickly. “It’s really helped with her mouse skills too!” adds Belinda. Over a million children aged 3-13 across the world use Reading Eggs to support what they learn at school and improve their progress in reading, plus comprehension and grammar for older children. Belinda’s a big fan.”It's fun, with characters kids love and there's plenty of repetition so they can 'get it right' and consolidate what they've learned. I'd recommend it to any parent who has a child who is showing lots of interest in reading but isn't sure how - or even whether - to approach teaching them.” If you want to tr y Reading Eggs then visit them at and use the promotional code UKM23PEN to get the extended 5 week free trial.

Hand painted murals for children’s bedrooms and playrooms Personalised canvases Any design you want

Ring 01457 873103 or 07773 036593


tel: 01457 870112


Here are their tips to make it easy for you and enjoyable for your child: Be a role model - children learn from imitating others, so let them see you read.

take the strain

Read to & with your child whatever their age – they’re never too old, you just change what & how you read! Twenty minutes sharing a book, a poem or an article works wonders.

No matter how young a parent you are, teaching methods for English and maths have changed since you were at school – and the greater the distance from your own school days, the greater the difference.

Reading in bed is a treat - allow them half an hour to read by themselves or listen to an audio book in bed. If they play instead, turn out the light. They’ll soon learn this special time is for reading only and will develop a lifelong habit of reading and/or listening to books for pleasure.

That can make you nervous – and whilst you may want to help your child with their learning you may not know where to start. Or worse still, if you do start using a different method from the one your child has been taught it could all end in tears – yours and theirs!

Let them try different things - not everyone enjoys fiction. Children need to choose what they enjoy so let them try history books, sports magazines and newspapers. They all improve vocabulary & fluency. Even comics involve reading!

That’s where independent tutors like Steve & Judith Uttley at Number Works’nWords in Huddersfield can really help with learning - and family harmony. The Uttleys agree that one of the best gifts you can give your child is to share with them the pleasure of reading. But, they say, remember, forcing a child to read can end in disaster. Showing them you enjoy reading and encouraging them to find what they enjoy will have amazing outcomes.

Give books/gift cards - Show your child that books are as important as toys & clothes on birthdays & at Christmas. Join a library - it's free! Show them how to borrow books themselves & let them have 20 minutes in the library finding what they want to read. Steve and Judith can help your child with maths as well as English from Reception to Year 11 through after-school tuition tailored to the needs of each child. To book a FREE assessment with them, ring 01484 487911 and mention Families Pennines.

Check out our unique swim, holiday and outdoor shop online and in Holmfirth.

Baby and toddler swimming lessons at warm, local pools for ages 1 to 18 months. t:01484 683570



0-12 and Ladies Store Ground Floor

PETERS Department Store 25-31 King Street Huddersfield


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The cuteness of Yes – it is a startling headline isn’t it? If you’re feeling frazzled – whether it’s teens or toddlers that are driving you up the wall – as Mother’s Day approaches, make a cup of tea, sit down and have a cathartic moment as Helena Foss explains.

Relentless That is the word I tend to mutter when I’m stomping around in a grumpy haze, steadying myself on walls and furniture, hand clamped onto forehead, begging the powers that be for strength as I surrender to the teeth-clenching exasperation that sometimes constitutes motherhood. ‘It’s just relentless.’ I hiss to myself. ‘Relentless! Why did no-one tell me just how damn hard this parenting thing was going to be?’ Actually, mothering is only really relentless when I am not quite rising to the challenges it is chucking at me. And the last few months, dear readers, I have mostly been struggling with: boundaries. Ah yes, that old brick wall that children just love kicking against, for as long as they possibly can, until their little metaphorical feet hurt too much to keep going. What is it with little ones? Why do they give us such a hard time? I mean, where is their respect?


tel: 01457 870112

tantrums Losing it Not long ago I found myself in that awful position of being the kind of mother I thought I would never be, losing my rag as I attempted to manage an all-guns-blazing tantrum, smack bang in the middle of town, at rush hour. Reasoning was not getting anywhere. Neither was shouting. In the end, I had to grab my boy by the scruff of the neck and yank him onto a bus, holding him at arms length to avoid his attempts to scratch me. Determinedly ignoring the bus full of tut-tutting commuters, I pulled him and his flailing limbs upstairs and mercifully found a place right at the back for him to howl himself into exhaustion. Not my finest hour. I really thought I knew about boundaries. Not only do I have a background in therapy, hey, I watched almost every episode of BBC3’s ‘The House of Tiny Tearaways’ with child psychology expert Professor Tanya Byron at the helm. The theory is great; but practically speaking, I had no idea how tough it would be to draw that all important line without resorting to threats, bribery or a big stick. With the jigging motion of sitting on the back seat of that bus starting to calm us both down and normalise my blood pressure, I noticed that my internal dialogue was sounding horribly judgemental: ‘After all I have done for you,’ my inner embittered doormat moaned, ‘you ungrateful little...’ Cue the scratchy sound of a needle veering off an old vinyl record. ‘Noooooo!’ I yelled inwardly, sitting up with a jolt as if waking up out of a nightmare. This was not the person I ever wanted to be.

The blame game See, I know that blame is the easy option. The popular American family therapist Dr Phil insists that you have to teach people

how to treat you. In fact, it is your job to point out when people are taking you for granted. But this takes courage, tenacity and, importantly, respect for oneself. It means giving up the niceness and needto-be-needed so prevalent in the female conditioning.

Not having it can bring on a full-blown grief reaction. As overt as they are with their sadness, they are with their happiness and love too. There is nothing quite like my son running up to fling his arms around me when I walk through the door, after nipping to the corner shop.

Lying in bed that night, still stunned at just how hellish my afternoon had been, it dawned on me that I had been giving into everyone’s wants apart from my own – and lost my sense of self in the process. It was indeed mortifying to mentally assess just how resentful towards my family I had become; how relentless everyone’s needs felt upon me. My son had given me the gift of reflecting back just how secretly angry I was at myself, for relentlessly ignoring my own needs.

The other week, my son’s school nursery teacher told me she had asked the class if anyone knew what a tantrum was. My boy’s hand, apparently, shot up. ‘A tantrum,’ he said solemnly as he stood in front of the class, ‘is when you just pry and pry and pry.’ (He hasn’t got the hard ‘c’ sound nailed in that particular word just yet). The discussion opened up and, one by one, the faces of his nursery chums lit up. ‘Oh yes,’ they chimed, ‘I do that sometimes too!’ And: ‘So do I!’

The art of taking good care of oneself, as well as our children, I have found, is being able to set ground rules as a matter of fact. ‘This is Mummy time’ has to be said in the same straightforward manner as ‘the grass is green’. It is just how it is; no need to defend it with barbed wire and machine guns. As a friend of mine likes to say, ‘once everyone in the family knows their place, even the dog and the cat, we can all relax.’

A four-year-olds tantrum support group! Awwwww. Now that really is cute. Helena is a hypnotherapist and writer about all things holistic and spiritual. See:

Cute tantrums ‘You know, when I think back to those days of tantrums,’ a mother of several teenagers reminisced to me recently, ‘I actually think it was really cute.’ Cute?! It took me a while to get my head round that one. Children’s little brains, I have to remind myself, are not wired for considered, rational behaviour. If they want something they want it. Now.

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What's On March Thursday 1 March – 11 March

Picture This! Illustrating Children’s Books Come along and say hello to Alfie, Duck in a Truck, Fleabag and many other much-loved characters. This family friendly exhibition features illustrations from children’s books & fun creative activities. FREE Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm; Sunday 10am-4pm. Gallery Oldham, Greaves St, Oldham, OL1 1AL Ring 0161 770 4653 www.galler

Thursday 1 March-22 April

The games we played: Childhood board and card games. A nostalgic exhibition exploring board & card games from the 1920s to the 1970s. Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 1-4pm. FREE Bankfield Museum, Boothtown Road, Halifax HX3 6HG Ring 01422 352334

Thursday 1, 8, 15, 29 March

Bookstart Busy Babies, Central Library, Northgate,Halifax HX1 1UN

Monday 5, 12, 19, 26 March

Bookstart Busy Babies, Hebden Bridge Library, Cheetham Street, Hebden Bridge HX7 8EP Bounce & rhyme sessions for babies & toddlers. Sessions take place on Thursday mornings 10–10.40am & 11–11.40am. Monday mornings 11–11:40am. All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. £2 per child or free for Passport to Leisure holders. For more information please contact Ben on 01422 392620.

Saturday 3 March

One Little Word Two friends play together, explore new things, dressing up and taking turns – until one of them wants to be the ONLY captain of the ship! For ages 3-7. 11am & 2pm. £4.50 child; £6 adult. Lawrence Batley Theatre, Queen’s Square, Huddersfield HD1 2SP Ring 01484 430528

Sunday 4 March

The Chuckle Brothers in Return of the Pirates of the River Rother 2 'In Stranger Tights' Paul and Barry visit a Theme park for the day & go on one of the daring water rides. Once inside, they find themselves magically transported back in time to a world of pirates & sunken treasures. 2pm Tickets £14. Victoria Theatre, Fountain Street, Halifax HX1 1BP Ring 01422 351158

Monday 5,12,19,26 March

East Pennine Orienteering Have fun, get fit, learn about orienteering at Monday night training & coaching sessions. £3 for family group; £2 individual. 6-7pm Newsome High School, Castle Avenue, Newsome, Huddersfield HD4 6JN Contact: Viv Barraclough 01484 316707


Saturday 3 & 17 March

Saturday Art Club, Bankfield Museum,Boothtown Road, Halifax HX3 6HG

Saturday 10 & 24 March

Saturday Art Club, Smith Art Gallery, Halifax Road, Brighouse HD6 2AF While the adults go shopping the children can take part in a creative and fun workshop. The Club is for children aged 8 -12 years old. We explore a variety of arts and crafts activities using the gallery exhibitions and museum collections for inspiration. £5 per child 10.30-12.30pm. e-mail jeffrey.andrews@ or ring 01422 284459

Saturday 10 & Sunday 11 March

Red Riding Hood Music, puppets, masks, tense moments & great dollops of silliness bring this classic tale alive for children aged 4+. For more information ring 01706 220241 or visit The Boo, Horse & Bamboo Theatre Space, 679 Bacup Road, Water foot, Rossendale BB4 7HB

Saturday 10 & 17 and Sunday 11 & 18 March

Eureka! The Gross Lab Take a look at the grosser side of life where you can make poo, sick, bogies & blood plus take a look at some the bugs that can make you poorly. Part of National Science & Engineering Week. Free with standard admission to Eureka! Ring 01422 330069 or visit Discovery Road, Halifax HX1 2NE

Wednesday 14 March

Mini Makers Aimed especially for the underfives and their families or child minders during term time. Come along and join in our craft activities revolving around the objects, art and festivals at Bankfield Museum and enjoy a story. Please bring your own packed lunch. 10.30-12noon. £2.00 per child and £1.50 for passport to leisure. Bankfield Museum, Boothtown Road, Halifax HX3 6HG

Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 March

Day out with Thomas Join Thomas & his friends Percy, Toby & Mavis at Kirklees Light Railway, with Sir Topham Hatt, the Fat Controller, making sure everyone behaves. Trains depart from Clayton West every 30 minutes, 10.00-16.00. Family ticket £32; adult £10; child £8; under 2 FREE. Advanced booking recommended. Ring 01484 865727 www.kirkleeslightrailway. com KLR, Clayton West, Huddersfield HD8 9XJ

Mother’s Day events Saturday 17 March

Mother’s Day crafts – enjoy a walk through the woods at Hardcastle Crags before heading into Gibson Mill to make something for your Mum. 12-3pm Booking NOT required. Tickets £2.50 Ring Sara Parsons for details 01422 841023 Hardcastle Crags, near Hebden Bridge, HX7 7AA Magnificent Mums Create extra special chocolates & make a card in the Still Room at Lyme Park for your perfect gift for Mother’s Day. 1-3pm. Age 6+ Booking essential. Ticket £7 Ring 01663 762023 Lyme Park, Disley, Stockport SK12 2NR

Sunday 18 March

Mother Nature – a gentle stroll around Broad Mills looking for signs of spring – then treat your Mum to a cream tea. 1-3pm Ring 0161 330 9613 for details. Lymefield Visitor Centre, Lower Market Street, Broadbottom SK14 6AG A taste of Lyme: Mothering Sunday lunches Treat Mum to a two course lunch from a special menu of seasonal produce. 12-2.30pm Adult £14.95 Booking NOT needed. Ring 01663 762023 Lyme Park, Disley, Stockport SK12 2NR Mothering Sunday afternoon treat Treat Mum to tea & cakes in Tatton’s Mansion. Reserve a table in Lord Egerton’s apartment with stunning views over the Italian terrace & parkland. Enjoy a selection of sandwiches, freshly baked scones & cakes with tea & coffee. 12pm All tickets £20. Booking essential. Ring 01625 374456 Tatton Park, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 6QN

Sunday 25 March

The Saddleworth Mile Part of the Sport Relief Mile. Starts at Dovestones Reservoir from 11am. Run, walk or skip the 1,3 or 6 mile course. Register at Entries also accepted on the day. Dovestone Reser voir, Greenfield, Oldham OL3 7NE

Saturday 31 March

Diving Belle Tide in, tide out. Belle makes delicious ice-cream that she sells to her customers in the Carousel Café. Tom fishes by day and watches the ships at night. One day a storm brews – must Belle reveal her magical secret? Ages 3-7. 11am & 2pm Child £4.50; Adult £6. Lawrence Batley Theatre, Queen’s Square, Huddersfield HD1 2SP Ring 01484 430528

tel: 01457 870112

Eggscellent Easter fun

Yellow Brick Road found in Halifax! Dorothy, Toto and friends find they’re not in Kansas anymore this Easter as they take up residence at the Victoria Theatre in Halifax for only four performances of this ever-popular musical. With CBBC’s Dani Harmer as Dorothy and CBeebies’ Sarah-Jane Honeywell as Glinda this will be a hot ticket – so book early. Performances are on Tuesday 3 April at

3pm & 7pm; and Wednesday 4 April at 1pm & 4.30pm. Tickets are £16 for under 16s and £18 for everyone else – though discounts, family tickets & group prices are available. Ring the box office on 01422 351158 for more details – and please tell them you saw it in Families Pennines.

Easter Bunny loves KLR The Easter Bunny tells Families Pennines he can’t wait to hop on board the Kirklees Light Railway Easter Eggspress this year. “I had so much fun last year,” he says, “and the children love hunting for the eggs I’ve hidden at Shelley Station. Every child will receive a chocolate prize – and there are extra special Golden Eggs to try and find too!” To meet the Easter Bunny take the Easter Eggspress steam train from Clayton West to Shelley Station from Friday 6 to Monday 9 April.

West there’s plenty to eat too – if you’ve enough room after all that chocolate. Tickets cost £8.50 for adults, £7.50 for concessions, £6.50 for children, under 2s go free and a family ticket is £28. Advanced booking is advised to avoid queues on the day – ring 01484 865727 to book and please tell them you saw it in Families Pennines.

To travel with the Easter Bunny be on the 11am train as he travels up to Shelley Station to start the first egg hunt of the day. But don’t worry if you can’t make that one – trains will leave Clayton West every 40 minutes throughout the day until 3.40pm and the Easter Bunny will be waiting at Shelley for the new arrivals. There’ll also be an egg & spoon race, face painting and arts & crafts. And if the weather is kind, there’ll be a bouncy castle and donkey rides – extra charges apply. With a barbeque and tea rooms at Shelley Station and the café at Clayton

Please say you saw us in Families Pennines


What's On April Tuesday 3 – Thursday 5 April

Saturday 31 March – Sunday 15 April

Commotion on the Ocean I'm king of the woooorld! Explore oceans-full of underwater activities, including Eureka’s very own tribute to the sinking of the Titanic 100 years after the world's largest maritime disaster. Free with standard admission. Ring 01422 330069 or visit Discover y Road, Halifax HX1 2NE

Saturday 31 March-Sunday 15 April

Tuesday 3 April

Sparks! – Easter holiday fun @ Halifax Visitor Centre & Art Gallery Come and create your own Easter baskets from recycled materials. 1pm-2pm & 2pm -3pm £2 per child, £1.50 for Passport to leisure. BOOKING ESSENTIAL. Ring 01422 352334 Piece Hall, Halifax HX1 1RE

Eggstraordinary trails, crafts & activities Hardcastle Crags offers its Cadbury Easter Egg trail, lots to explore & creative craft fun throughout the holiday. 11am-4pm Cadbury Trail tickets £1.50 Ring Sara Parsons for details 01422 841023 Hardcastle Crags, near Hebden Bridge HX7 7AA

Family geo-caching Bring your own GPS or borrow one of ours. Try to find all the hidden boxes. 1-3pm. Start at Marsden Moor Estate Office, The Olde Goods Yard, Station Road, Marsden HD7 6DH 01484 847016

Monday 2 April – Friday 13 April

Wednesday 4 & 11 April

Easter activities in the Mill Hop on down to Quarry Bank Mill to enjoy the Easter fun with cotton tailed rabbits taking over the Mill. 11am4pm. Free event, normal admission charges apply. Booking not needed. Quarr y Bank Mill, Styal, Wilmslow SK9 4LA

Monday 2,16,23, 30 April

Wednesday 4 April

Sparks! – Easter holiday fun @ Bankfield Museum Have a go at print-making & create your own Easter themed print. 11am-12pm & 1pm-2pm £2.00 per child, £1.50 for passport to leisure. BOOKING ESSENTIAL. Ring 01422 352334. Boothtown Road, Halifax HX3 6HG

Thursday 5, 12, 19, 26 April

Bookstart Busy Babies Baby bounce and rhyme sessions for babies and toddlers. Sessions will take place on Monday mornings at 11:00 – 11:40am. All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. £2 per child or free for Passport to Leisure holders. For more information please contact Ben on 01422 392620. Hebden Bridge Librar y, Cheetham Street, Hebden Bridge HX7 8EP

Bookstart Busy Babies Baby bounce and rhyme sessions for babies and toddlers. Sessions take place on Thursday mornings at 10.00 – 10.40am and 11.00 – 11.40am. All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. £2 per child or free for Passport to Leisure holders. For more information please contact Ben on 01422 392620. – Central Librar y, Northgate,Halifax HX1 1UN

East Pennine Orienteering Have fun, get fit, learn about orienteering at Monday night training & coaching sessions. £3 for family group; £2 individual. 6-7pm Newsome High School, Castle Avenue, Newsome, Huddersfield HD4 6JN Contact: Viv Barraclough 01484 316707

Thursday 5 April

Tuesday 3 & Wednesday 4 April

The Wizard of Oz A spectacular professional pantomime version of this classic story with CBBC’s Dani Harmer as Dorothy, Cbeebies’ Sarah-Jane Honeywell as Glinda and Bobby Davro as the Scarecrow. Tues 3pm & 7pm; Weds 1pm & 4.30pm. Tickets £18 & £16. Victoria Theatre, Fountain Street, Halifax HX1 1BP Ring 01422 351158


The Crowstarver Based on the book by Dick King-Smith. Just before the outbreak of World War 2, a baby lamb is discovered with a note pinned to its shawl – ‘please save this lamb’. A thrilling, heart-warming & moving production. 7.30pm Tickets £16-12/concessions £2 off. Family ticket £45. Lawrence Batley Theatre, Queen’s Square, Huddersfield HD1 2SP Ring 01484 430528

Sparks! – Easter holiday fun @ Shibden Hall Help Flopsy, one of the Easter Bunny’s friends, find the missing Easter eggs & create your own Easter Bunny basket. 1-2pm & 2-3pm £2.50 per child, £2 for passport to leisure. BOOKING ESSENTIAL Ring 01422 352246. Lister’s Road, Halifax HX3 6XG

Friday 6 April

Good Friday Family Fun Create your own Easter bonnet at Heptonstall Museum. 1-2pm & 2-3pm. £2 per child, £1.50 for passport to leisure. Booking essential. Ring 01422 352334 Church Yard Bottom,Heptonstall, Hebden Bridge HX7 7PL

Friday 6 – Monday 9 April

Easter Eggspress The Easter Bunny waits to meet you at Kirklees Light Railway with an egg hunt, egg & spoon race, chocolate prizes, BBQ & more. Trains every 40 minutes 11am- 3.40pm . Advanced booking recommended. 01484 865727 www. KLR, Clayton West, Huddersfield HD8 9XJ

Saturday 7 – Monday 9 April

Alice in Wonderland Easter festival Tatton Park hosts an enchanting Alice in Wonderland event – step through the looking glass in the Mansion, follow the White Rabbit to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in the gardens, meet the spring lambs and Queen of Hears at the farm and follow the Cheshire Cat trail. 10am-5pm Family ticket for 3 attractions £25. Car parking £5. For details ring 01625 374400 Tatton Park, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 6QN

Sunday 8 April

Easter egg hunt Head to Marsden Moor & complete the trail to win your egg. 10am-2pm. Booking advisable 01484 847016 All tickets £2. Marsden Moor Estate Office, The Old Goods Yard, Station Road, Marsden HD7 6DH

Monday 9 – Thursday 12 April

Turned out nice again! Join Granny Flo & Ruby as Flo’s collection of old postcards, shells & fossils transport them & you back to 1938 for a seaside extravaganza with dance, original songs, slapstick & candy floss! Performances daily @ 1.30 & 4pm Tickets £5 & £6. Ring 01457 876665. Oldham Children’s Theatre, Civic Hall, Lee Street, Uppermill OL3 6AE

Thursday 12 April

Sparks! – Easter holiday fun @The Smith Art Gallery Come & create your own Easter finger puppet. 2pm-3pm & 3-4pm £2.00 per child, £1.50 for passport to leisure. BOOKING ESSENTIAL. Ring 01422 352334. Halifax Road, Brighouse HD6 2AF

Families Pennines tries to get the details right – but sometimes things change so please check before you travel. Want your event listing? email the details to

tel: 01457 870112

For more events visit Saturday 14 April

Digital fun A hands-on workshop for children & their grown-ups. LBT artist-in-residence, Beverley Addy, shows you how to use photographs & words to create a poetic video tale. Everyone takes home a DVD copy and tips on trying it at home. Ages 6-10. 11am & 2pm. Child £2.50; adult £4. Lawrence Batley Theatre, Queen’s Square, Huddersfield HD1 2SP Ring 01484 430528

Wednesday 18 April

Mini Makers at Bankfield Museum Aimed especially for the under-fives and their families or child minders during term time. Come along and join in our craft activities revolving around the objects, art and festivals at Bankfield Museum and enjoy a story. Please bring your own packed lunch. 10.30-12pm £2.00 per child and £1.50 for passport to leisure. Bankfield Museum, Boothtown Road, Halifax HX3 6HG

Saturday 21 April

Marsden Cuckoo Festival Join the village as it celebrates the return of the cuckoo & hails spring with a variety of family events including a duck race. Contact the National Trust Office at Marsden Moor 01484 847016

Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 April

ring 01706 220241 or visit www.horseandbamboo. Kiss It Better First Aid for Parents Learn org The Boo, Horse & Bamboo Theatre Space, 679 how to feel confident in a first aid situation Bacup Road, Water foot, Rossendale BB4 7HB with your child. 10am-2pm both days. £50 per Billy Goats Gruff Puppets, live music, person, including first aid manual. Booking storytelling & singing bring this favourite story essential – ring Emerald Brook 07903 655195 to life. Ages 3-6. 11am & 2pm. Child £4.50; adult QUOTE FAMILIES PENNINES & RECEIVE A £6. . Lawrence Batley Theatre, Queen’s Square, 10% DISCOUNT.Cote Royd House, 7 Halifax Road,  Huddersfield  HD1 2SP Edgerton, Huddersfield HD 3AN Ring 01484 430528 www.kissitbetter Sunday 29 April Sunday 22 April Fireman Sam Be – prepared.. Kiss it Better Baby First Aid Pontypandy Rocks! your child is Workshop For expectant Pontypandy hosts its & new parents (newborns counting on you! first ever music festival welcome!). 3-5pm £12.50 per – with a surprise guest person. Booking essential – ring Emerald Brook star. But NormanAntenatal Price First Aid 07903 655195 QUOTE FAMILIES PENNINES & Workshop - £12.50 is determined to find RECEIVE A 10% DISCOUNT. Cote Royd House, out the secret – at any Parent First Aid 7 Halifax Road, Edgerton, Huddersfield HD 3AN cost. Cue great songs, Course - £50 www.kissitbetter daring rescues & plenty of Saturday 28 April adventure. 1pm & 3.30pm. Cloudman Cloudia dreams of seeing a Cloud Tickets £12 & £10. Victoria Contact: 07903 655195 Man – but they’re rare creatures who live quietly Theatre, Fountain Street, high in the sky. Puppetry, storytelling and Halifax HX1 1BP sumptuous visuals take children aged 4+ to the Ring 01422 351158 top of Cloud Mountain. For more information

Join the Stagecoach Egg-stravaganza

Calling all 6-18 year olds. Do you love musicals? Are you looking for something interesting to do this Easter? Then the Stagecoach Huddersfield Egg-stravaganza is right up your street. The three-day musical theatre workshop runs 10am-4pm from Monday 2 to Wednesday 4 April at Holy Trinity Church, Trinity Street, Huddersfield – with a grand finale show for mums & dads on the Wednesday evening. Stagecoach Huddersfield’s Ruth Marston says, " We have a great time putting a show together in such a short time and the kids get loads out of it and make new friends.” The price for 3 days is £65 per child, £50 for siblings. To find out more, ring Ruth on 01943 510095 and please tell her you saw it in Families Pennines.

Please say you saw us in Families Pennines


 

Specialists in First Aid Training for Education and Childcare Settings Individual bookings and discounted onsite group training Contact: / 07903 655195 Approved provider for Kirklees and Calderdale

Stagecoach Huddersfield

now taking bookings for Summer Term. Classes held in Slaithwaite


Call (01943) 510095




Ph 01484 487911


Have you secured your child’s secondary school place?


It’s never too It’s never too early to plan early to planfuture your child’s your child’s future To secure your child’s place To secure your place in Nursery and child’s Reception in Nursery and Reception contact us now for a contact us now Prospectus andfor to a Prospectus and to arrange a visit. arrange a visit.

Now is the time to make the right choice for your child’s future

For further information, please email For further information, please email202256 or call 01422 or call 01422 202256

Call us now to enquire about year 7 places for September 2012 tel: 0161 624 4497

Please say you saw us in Families Pennines

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