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MillRythe r

Family summer breaks

With a variety of entertainment throughout, including our pantomime Cinderella, Pink and Jess Glynn tribute acts, visiting magicians and illusionists.

School Holiday Activity & Entertainment Breaks run from Mon 22 July - Mon 26 August

Breaks from £135

To book, visit or call us on 01442 50 88 50 @MillRythe



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In this issue... 3 Readership Survey Results 4 News and Views 6 FOMO and Low Self Esteem 7 Parenting Mental Health 8 7 Ways to Turn Off Screens 9 Making Friends

11 May/June What's On Guide 15 Thinking About Going Vegetarian or Vegan?

10 Kew Science Festival

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IT'S OFFICIAL! Our readers prefer Families Magazine to the Internet! Last year, we conducted a survey across the UK asking readers to tell us what they find useful about our magazine and how likely they would be to respond to advertising in it. We were delighted to receive almost 500 responses and by the wonderful feedback you gave us. More than 70% of our readers said they were highly likely to respond to advertising in our magazine or had already done so. That’s fabulous news for our advertisers and for our readers, because it means we can carry on making the magazine better and better! A whopping 79% of readers told us that they use the magazine to research ideas for family activities or classes and clubs for children and an equally impressive 74% said they use it to plan family life. 3 | Families Sussex Magazine

Many of you also told us that you find easier to plan family activities and entertainment using Families Magazine than using the internet! You told us that using the internet to research and plan can be time consuming and confusing, involving lots of trawling online for useful information. A common complaint seems to be the “endless trawling” that digital research involves. Readers also told us that they really value having a physical magazine in their hands in which all the information relevant to family life has already been collated and is presented to them in an easy-todigest format. If you have any comments, feedback or suggestions, please get in touch with our Editor at

News and Views

It’s National Mills Weekend 2019!

Get Your Garden Buzzing this Summer - and win! Join in the campaign to get the UK’s gardens buzzing this summer with Hozelock’s Plant a Pot campaign. By pledging to plant a bee-friendly plant you can be part of a mission to help save Britain’s bees. Bees are disappearing at an alarming rate and having no bees would mean virtually no flowers, no gardens and very little food. By planting a container with bee-friendly plants, bulbs or seeds, and keeping it watered and healthy throughout the foraging season, you can have a huge impact on the availability of bee food throughout the year. What’s more, if you visit and pledge to plant a pot you can be in the running to win £5,000 of prizes as well as monthly gift vouchers.

Parent school holiday fines at record level The number of fines issued to parents in England for taking children on term time holidays has risen to record levels, according to figures from the Department of Education (FfE).

National Mills Weekend May 2019: ‘Our Mill – Its History in Pictures’ What? A nationwide celebration of Britain’s mills in pictorial form When? Saturday and Sunday 11-12 May 2019 Where? Across the UK, at a windmill or watermill near you This year National Mills Weekend, an annual celebration of our milling heritage organised by the Mills Section of SPAB (the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings), will focus on the way that mills have been recorded in pictorial form.

Penalty notices for unauthorised absences rose to 260,000 in 2017-18, an increase of 110,000 compared with the previous year. "Unauthorised family holiday absence" was the most common reason for attendance fines, the DfE said. In September 2013 the government changed the law so head teachers could only grant a leave of absence to pupils during term time in "exceptional circumstances", such as funerals. Councils can require parents to pay £60 each per child taken out of school without permission. This rises to £120 if not paid within 21 days, and after 28 days parents can be prosecuted.

Walk to School Week 2019 (20th - 24th May)

During the weekend (11th – 12th May 2019) hundreds of mills across the country – including some not normally open to the public – will be throwing open their doors and taking part. In 2019, SPAB’s Mills Section is encouraging everyone connected to a participating mill - whether as owner, volunteer, neighbour or visitor – to share and display images of the building through the years. These can be recent photographs or artworks (including embroideries, collages, films or videos), older paintings or drawings and even old maps, postcards, posters and puzzles! Throughout the weekend, many windmills and watermills will be mounting exhibitions and offering themed activities for visitors of all ages. For more information about windmills near you, please visit:

4 | Families Sussex Magazine

Thousands of children across the UK will celebrate the benefits of walking during national Walk to School Week from 20 to 24 May. Families will be encouraged to walk to school for the whole week to see the big differences that come from small steps: from healthier and happier children, to fewer cars outside the school gates. Walking to school is an easy way for children to fit more activity into their day whilst also helping them to develop vital road safety skills. As awareness grows of the dangers of air pollution on our health, walking to school is a positive action people can take to help clean up our air. Special Walk to School Week classroom packs are available for school pupils containing wallcharts, stickers, diaries and fun walking journey activities. For more about Walk to School Week, visit

Ban Cars from Idling Near Schools Cars should not be allowed to idle with engines on when parked near schools, a report has proposed. Public Health England has recommended local authorities “consider a range of interventions” to protect children from the harmful impacts of air pollution. The report says air pollution was the biggest environmental threat to health in the UK. Air pollution is linked to up to 36,000 premature deaths in the UK each year and more than 2,000 schools and nurseries are near to roads with damaging levels of motor emissions. This report has been followed by a survey of teachers by YouGov which found that nearly two-thirds would support a ban on cars outside school gates during school drop off and pick up times. More than half (59%) of the teachers surveyed want the Government to take urgent action to improve air quality near schools.

Learning Life-Saving Skills to Become Compulsory Beginning in 2020, all state schools in England will be required to teach “life-saving skills” under new plans for health education announced by the Government. According to draft guidelines released by the Department of Education, primary school children are set to learn basic first aid, as well as steps they can take to protect and support the health and wellbeing of others, including calling emergency services. Children age 5 years will learn basic first aid and children as young as 11 years will be shown CPR at school. "Learning the basic skills of first aid and techniques like CPR will give young people the confidence to know that they can step in to help someone else in need and in the most extreme cases - it could potentially save a life” announced Education Secretary, Damian Hinds.

Low Take-Up of Free Childcare

More Protection for Mums Returning to Work

New parents returning to work could receive greater protection from redundancy under new government proposals. Government figures show that far fewer families than expected are using the taxfree childcare offer. According to figures released by HMRC’, just 91,000 parents accessed the offer by December 2018, far below the 415,000 the government had budgeted for. This number represents just 5%t of the 2 million families the government estimated would be eligible for the scheme when it was first launched. The tax-free childcare scheme is a replacement for the previous childcare voucher system, which closed to new entrants from October 2018. Ongoing technical difficulties, the complexity of the system and low awareness have been attributed as causes for the poor response by families. The government has said it is running a national communications campaign to raise awareness and encourage more parents to apply.

5 | Families Sussex Magazine

The government is proposing that mothers returning to work from maternity leave will be protected from redundancy for a minimum of six months. The announcement followed research which found that one in nine women had been fired or made redundant when they returned to work after having a child, or were treated so badly they felt forced out of their job. It is also considering giving the same protection to parents returning from adoption or shared parental leave.


FOMO and Low Self Esteem By Soren Kenner and Imran Rashid

Absorption into our own private screen universe is pulling us all further and further apart. Look at how our gait has changed: ten years ago people walking down the street were upright and orientated outwards. Today they are slouched forward looking into the smartphone they hold in front of them. At the playground, parents stare into their phones while children’s calls for attention go unheeded. Studies have shown that the hormone oxytocin which helps facilitate human bonding and closeness (among other things) tend to drop in both parents and children when they ignore each other in favour of the tantalising online universe. Another study that tracked thousands of people over many years, found a sharp drop off in their level of empathy over the last ten years. Coincidence? Maybe not. What it is inside those screens that is so magic and powerful that it compels your attention away from where you are? The answer is mostly “smoke and mirrors” –– you are being elegantly manipulated by very savvy marketeers using what is known as “addictive design” to keep your attention riveted - fixating your attention and reselling it to advertisers is how they make their living.

Online Tribalism

extensively and issues that range from stress to anxiety, lowered self-esteem and even lowered empathy. For girls especially social media groupings can be harsh –– many of these groups promote unrealistic ideas of what you should look like –– ideals that most people cannot live up to. However, not everyone gets hit by every possible side-effect or even any at all. And the good news is that making a change from unhealthy online habits to healthier ones is pretty straightforward. What Can You Do as a Parent?

Be Observant Is your child suffering from mood swings, changes in sleep patterns, trouble concentrating, being secretive or spending more time online than offline? Do you have the feeling that your child would rather disappear into the online universe than reside in the real world with friends and family? These are warning signs that should not be ignored.

Lead by Example Be here, now, in the present and interact with your children. Show interest in what they do, ask questions, do things with them. Talk about issues in an open and non-confrontational manner. Getting your kids to talk about what they feel and experience builds trust and will make them more likely to listen to your

suggestions and advice.

Make Phones Less Addictive Get your children to turn off notifications on their phones and in their social media feeds. This way the pull of the phone or tablets reduces and children have an easier time pulling away as needed.

Screentime on a Schedule Make an online schedule with your kids –– set the parameters for usage clearly and stick to what you have agreed.

Introduce Alternatives Try out some of the many good alternatives to being online. Play board games, solve puzzles, read a book, draw, learn to play the piano. The real gold here is doing these activities together. Yes, children are at risk but there is plenty you can do about it. It requires being observant and takes discipline on your part but you can save your kids from smartphone burnout - and also get to spend more quality time with them.

Soren Kenner and Imran Rashid (GP) have researched and written extensively on the risk factors associated with excessive use of smartphones and social media. Their book Offline: Free your Mind from Smartphone and Social Media Stress is on Amazon and in bookstores now.

For many youngsters being part of the group and gaining social acceptance weighs heavily; so heavily, in fact, that young people often organise in what can only be described as “online tribes” - groups that have internal ranks and hierarchies (often governed by how many likes or how much attention you get). This behaviour is not particularly healthy –– examples are rampant of young people being scared of missing out on anything (also known as FOMO). The UK Medical Examiner recently reported that as many as one youngster out of five wakes up during the night to check their social media feed. There is a clear correlation between teens (especially girls) that use social media

6 | Families Sussex Magazine

Parenting for your Children’s Mental Health By Philippa Perry When we really listen to our children, we will hear that for a lot of the time, they don’t want us to fix them, they want us to understand them. They want to be felt with, not dealt with. If our children can feel heard, understood and seen, and especially if parents can help them put their feelings into words, they will be able to confide in you rather than hide from you.

There is no way to guarantee perfect mental health for your children. But there’s a lot you can do, and be, to help. Firstly, parents need to show warmth, acceptance and understanding. They need to be available physically and emotionally. They must be able to love, trust, respect and they need to know how to soothe, play and be generous with their attention and time. They need to love and to have boundaries. We have these qualities already: the trouble is, other things can get in the way. Things like childcare, money, school, work, tiredness, lack of time and busy-ness … and this is not an exhaustive list. But what gets in the way more than any of this is what was given to us when we were babies and children. If we don’t look at how we were brought up and the affect it has had on us, it can come back to bite us. Remember when you last remarked something along the lines of: “I opened my mouth and my mother’s words came out?” Think back to your childhood: were you ever made to feel ‘bad,’ in the wrong, or even responsible for your parents’ bad moods? If this happened to you, it is all too easy to try to repair your feeling of being wrong by making someone else feel wrong. The victims of this can be our children. So, we also need to be humble, flexible and admit to our kids when we’ve slipped up. We 7 | Families Sussex Magazine

want them to know how and when to apologise, and not to hold on to being right when they have been mistaken. The only way to really teach our children this, is to show it. Luckily, we make mistakes ourselves, so all have plenty of opportunities to model this. I never realised I was modelling every time I said ‘sorry’ to my daughter. I didn’t realise she was learning to do this herself until one day, aged about 4, she said to me: “Sorry I was grumpy in the car, I was hungry, I’m alright now.”’ I said something like: “That’s okay.” But inside I was: ‘Wow!’ Another quality we need is optimism. Optimism that our children will pick up all the skills we model that everyone needs to get along: flexibility, problem-solving skills, tolerance for frustration and empathy. We all do better when someone we respect believes in us. Good relationships with our children depend so much on being a good listener and observer. So often we only see and hear what we want to. Or sometimes we think we’ve heard but immediately interpret what they’ve said as an attack. For example, your child might say to you: “We never go out” when just last week you’ve taken them to a theme park. You might want to explode with: “How can you say that, we went to Legoland last week?” This would probably lead to an argument. If instead you listened to the

feelings under those words and said: “You sound bored and fed up. What would you like to do?” and then they’d say something like: “I want to go back to Legoland again.” You could then have a moment of connection and say: “Yeah that was fun”.

More than anything what our children need from us is our loving attention; to be taken seriously and understood. Being seen is a good defence against being driven crazy. More than anything we need to remember that children are not projects - something we get right or ruin, or chores to get through, but people to relate to.

Philippa Perry is the author of The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read (and Your Children Will Be Glad That You Did), published by Penguin Life.

Teddy Bears Picnic 17–23 June 2019 Support your local children’s hospice during Children’s Hospice Week by holding a Teddy Bears Picnic! Create special memories. Moments that Matter. For today. For tomorrow. For the Now. For more information and fun ideas for making your picnic one to remember, visit /teddybearspicnic

Registered charity no 256789

Health & Wellbeing

Perform weekly drama, dance and singing classes for 4-12s across West Sussex Perform is a unique children’s drama school which has an emphasis on child development. Perform uses a mix of drama, dance and singing to bring out every child’s potential. Run by energetic and inspiring actor-teachers, Perform classes focus on developing the 4 Cs: Confidence, Communication, Coordination, and Concentration. The curriculum ensures plenty of fun, using a mix of energetic games, catchy songs and funky dances. All class materials are written by Perform, with apps, music downloads and videos allowing the magic to continue at home. Perform offer no-obligation FREE trial sessions. Visit to book a FREE class today. Venues l Haywards Heath (Clair Hall, Perrymount Rd, RH16 3DN) l Hove (St Andrews (old Church) Hall,Chuch Road, BN3 2AD) l Rottingdean (Rottingdean Public Hall,Park Road, BN2 7HL) l Worthing (St John The Divine Church Hall,Ripley Road, BN11 5NQ) Contact To book a FREE confidence-building Perform drama class in either Rottingdean, Hove, Haywards Heath or Worthing, telephone 020 7255 9120, send an email to or take a look at our website at

Seven Ways to Turn Off Screens By Andrew Campbell

If you don’t have any of these options, consider using the “watch later” feature on YouTube. The site allows you to select and add videos to a playlist. Your child can simply watch what you’ve selected. To minimise the meltdowns, try these things:

Explain your Reasons

The best part about your child's screen time is that it gives you a short break. The worst part is the meltdown when you turn it off. Helping children regulate their own media use is an ongoing process, and along the way you’re likely to experience some struggles when it’s time to turn off the TV or any other digital device. When it’s time to move from TV watching to another activity, using pre-recorded shows can be effective. On traditional broadcast TV, one show follows another, but when you a DVR, streaming-video services like Netflix, or even DVDs, your child can be encouraged to turn off the TV when the show they want to watch is over.

8 | Families Sussex Magazine

Children are less likely to push your limits when you thoroughly outline your reasons for reducing screen time. Let them know that, in your family, you place a higher value on family bonding, physical activity and positive sources of entertainment. When you make it less about the negatives and more about the positives of reducing screen time, your children are more likely to comply.

Have a Clear Plan Explain to your child that he or she can watch a certain number of TV shows or be on a device for a specific time period. Let them know what to expect after the show or time period too. In other words, “After the show you need to turn off the TV or I will have to come and turn it off for you. Then we’ll do some baking.” Decide what times of day are appropriate for viewing. For instance, you may decide that your children can watch television before but not after dinner, or that you want devices

turned off a good hour before bedtime. When the rules are clear and consistent, you can avoid daily battles when you say it’s time for screens to be turned off.

Create a Routine Children who know they have to turn off the TV before a specific activity (like dinner) can sometimes transition more easily.

Encourage other Activities Keep other options such as board games, art supplies, books, Frisbees, and bikes around and ready when your kids claim there’s nothing else to do.

Keep Screens out of Bedrooms It’s much easier to exercise control when your child is within view. So that means keeping video games, the TV and the tablet in a common area where you can keep an eye on things.

Give Praise If your child successfully transitions to another activity without a meltdown, show your appreciation. Say something like, “Thanks for turning off the TV and coming to set the table!” Children will be more likely to follow through again if they have a positive experience.

How to Help your Children Make Friends Linda Blair’s Top Tips for Parents by setting a good example - giving the people around you your full attention and listening fully whenever your child, your partner or other key people around you want to tell you something. Show you’re concerned about how other people are feeling and thank others when they do things you appreciate.

Read stories about sharing and making friends

55% of parents say they are anxious about making new adult friends and it’s therefore not surprising that some children are also not sure how to go about this. It’s useful to help them understand that the easiest way to make a friend is to BE a friend. Psychologist Linda Blair has some useful tips for children and parents.

Offer to Help If you think another child isn’t sure about whether to join in with what you’re doing, invite them to do just that. Everyone likes to feel included.

Sharing is Caring When you’re with your friends, offer to share your toys, so you can all play together.

Taking Turns Make sure everyone you’re with gets to have a turn at whatever you’re all doing. They’ll know that you are a kind person.

Let's Pretend Knowing how other people are feeling will help you understand what makes them tick. If your school has a drama club, join it, and ask to be in the school play too, so you can learn how different characters feel and behave. At home,

9 | Families Sussex Magazine

ask your family to play ‘let’s pretend’ games with you Linda explains: “To make friends children must be able to consider life from other people’s points of view so they can appreciate and react to what others want to do and enjoy. Although young children show they’re capable of appreciating other viewpoints, they don’t normally apply this skill until they’re about 5 years old. “This is why it’s important to start introducing them to this skill at a young age. Once they can understand empathy it will feel like second nature to them to behave in those adaptive ways.”

they try joining the game by doing something that’s relevant to it Eg if children are playing at running a library, volunteer to be somebody who wants to borrow a book. Stress that it’s important not to be negative about the game or try to change it and if the others don’t want them to join in right then, to try again another day. Linda Blair’s tips for parents are:

Do as I do During the early years, parents are their child’s best role models. Try to show your children how to make friends

Talk about them afterwards. Start reading these stories as early as possible, even before you think your child can understand them! Whenever you see an opportunity, ask your child how a character could be feeling - and ask how they know.

Make a Head Start Before your child starts a new school year, find out if you can who else will be in their class. Then invite one of those children over to play with your child during the summer holidays. That way, once school starts, your child already has a friend from the start of term. This in turn will reduce their anxiety when they go into class on that first day.

For more from Linda Blair, visit

As a parent, you can help your child to make new friends. Families® Magazine suggests:

Starting a Conversation Some children may want a parent’s help to start a conversation. Working with your child to think of a few things they can say like “I like your lunch box’ or “What games do you like?” can help your child feel more comfortable about starting to talk to a potential new friend.

Joining In Encourage your child to watch what other children are playing and think about what they can do to fit in. Suggest

Family Fun

Kew Science Festival at Wakehurst - join our scientists for fun-filled experiments, activities and more!

MondayPalace 7th May Fishbourne MOSAICRoman 11am - 4pm MOSAIC Monday MAYHEM! 6th May 11am - 4pm MAYHEM A day of activities for all ages, with guided tours and demonstrations of mosaic making. Make an edible mosaic and add a piece to our giant mosaic design! Fishbourne West Sussex PO19 3QR 01243 785859 Families Sussex is looking for a

Grab your goggles, slip on a lab coat and get stuck into the Kew Science Festival at Wakehurst. This is the third Kew Science Festival at Wakehurst and is back by popular demand! With over 350 scientists and work spanning over 100 countries, Kew is a global leader in plant and fungal science; from carrying out exciting plant discovery expeditions in Colombia, to vital conservation work in biodiversity hotspot Madagascar, and unearthing the fundamental impacts of plants on our daily lives. This year’s scientific extravaganza will not only focus on the vital importance of conserving the world’s plant biodiversity, but will bring to life, for all ages, the crucial value of plant and fungal science. The two-day festival is a rare chance to experience vital plant and fungal science first hand and find out what Kew scientists are doing to protect rare and threatened species. Set in and around the world-renowned Millennium Seed Bank, the festival features marquees on the lawns and will house an extensive programme with something to intrigue everyone. It is also the perfect chance for adults to enjoy our NEW exhibition Surviving or Thriving - an exhibition on plants and us, in the atrium of the seed bank. Find out more at

10 | Families Sussex Magazine

NEW BUSINESS MEDIA SALES EXECUTIVE Families Sussex is seeking to work with a dynamic, self-motivated and highly-driven individual to work on a selfemployed basis to help drive growth of our popular magazine. You'll work mainly from home, in hours that suit you (and us). For more details please email

Perform weekly drama, dance and singing classes Confidence building fun for 4-12s. A unique mix of drama, dance and singing specially developed to bring out every child's true potential. Classes are kept small to ensure lots of individual attention. Perform offer no-obligation FREE trial sessions. 020 7255 9120 / /



Date and Times

Clair Hall, Perrymount Road, Haywards Heath, RH16 3DN

Drama 4-7s

Saturdays at 9:30am

Clair Hall, Perrymount Road, Haywards Heath, RH16 3DN

Drama 7-12s

Saturdays at 11:15am

St Andrews (old Church) Hall, Chuch Road, Hove, BN3 2AD

Drama 4-7s

Saturdays at 9:30am

St Andrews (old Church) Hall, Chuch Road, Hove, BN3 2AD

Drama 7-12s

Saturdays at 11:15am

Rottingdean Public Hall,Park Road, BN2 7HL

Drama 4-7s

Thursdays at 4:00pm

Rottingdean Public Hall,Park Road, BN2 7HL

Drama 7-12s

Thursdays at 5:00pm

St John The Divine Church Hall,Ripley Road, Worthing, BN11 5NQ

Drama 4-7s

Tuesdays at 4:00pm and at 5:00pm

What's On Guide for Sussex Families May - June 2019 Saturday 4th May Dawn Chorus Slindon Estate BN18 0RG

Be up nice and early to join the Rangers for an early morning walk and experience the sounds of the dawn chorus at the Slindon Estate. Charges apply, booking is essential. For more information visit www.

Saturday 4th May Opening Saturday Race Day Goodwood, Chichester, PO18 0PX

Join Goodwood for the start of their horseracing season with this race day. There will be thrilling racing at the world’s most beautiful racecourse. To buy tickets or get more information visit www.

Saturday 4th May – Sunday 3rd November Wings and Whiskers Trail Petworth House and Gardens, GU28 0AE

Enjoy an indoor and outdoor trail and see some of the animals at Petworth. There are deer and bats and some immortalised in art will you be able to find them all? Admission charges apply. Visit www.nationaltrust. for more information.

Saturday 4th May Children’s Parade, Brighton Festival BN1 1EE, 10.30am – 1pm

Joyful music, colourful costumes and jubilant

youngsters will be returning to the streets of Brighton. It is the biggest parade of its kind in Europe. The theme for this year is ‘Folk Tales from around the World’. Join in with the crowds and enjoy the kick off of the Brighton Festival. For more information visit www.

variety of the automotive world. The event will see cars, bikes, trucks, buses and other types of motorised vehicle and the one thing they have in common is they do not have four wheels. Free event, however booking is essential. Visit for information and to book.

Sunday 5th May Monday 6th May Fittleworth Garden Trail

Monday 6th May Mosaic Mayhem!


Enjoy 14 open gardens with attractions, plant and miscellaneous stalls, a woodland trail that is unique showing a collection of 600 specimen trees as well as shrubs from around the world. There will be ploughmans/ light lunch from 12.30pm as well as teas and refreshments in the village hall. Visit https://www. e1314905/fittleworth-gardentrail for more information.

Sunday 5th May Classic Motorcycle Show Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre, Arundel, BN18 9LT

There will be over 150 motorcycles on display at this show, you can talk to the owners as well as fellow enthusiasts. There will also be a wide cross-section of machines to learn about and entertainment for the public. Visit www.amberleymuseum. for more information.

Sunday 5th May All Wheels but Four Sunday

Goodwood Motor Circuit, 7am-12pm Enjoy this showcase of a wide

Fishbourne Roman Palace, PO19 3QR, 11am-4pm

All ages can enjoy finding out more about mosaics, how they are made and designed and then try to make some for yourself. For more information visit

Monday 6th May From the Space Station to the Moon, Mars and Beyond South Downs Planetarium, PO19 8AE, 3.30pm

Join the staff at the planetarium to find out about Tim’s epic adventure on board the ISS and then see what lies beyond for the future of space travel. Suitable for ages 6-15. Charges apply, visit www. for more details.

Thursday 9th May Bat Walk

Sheffield Park and Garden, Uckfield TN22 3QX, 8pm-9.30pm

Take part in a guided bat walk around the Sheffield Park estate. Booking is essential. For more information visit sheffield-park-and-garden.

Saturday 11th May Brighton Run 2 Music 2019 Madeira Drive, BN2 1TB, 11am-3pm

A run with a difference, there will be DJ’s and live music that will be scattered along the route. Take a 5km, 10km or Half Marathon, all while getting into the groove. You can run with friends, family, children or anyone who wants to join in. To sign up visit www.

Saturday 11th May Mini Day

Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre, Arundel, BN18 9LT

Amberley Museum are doing their second Mini Day after a very successful first one. All things Mini will be there, from the earliest Sevens right through to the final Sports packs as well as everything in-between. Visit www. for more information.

Saturday 11th May Littlehampton Charity Street Fayre High Street, Littlehampton, 10am-3pm

Enjoy a variety of stalls at this charity event, helping charities raise funds and get more support for their worthy causes. Visit www. for more information.

Saturday 11th May Oving Scarecrow Day Oving, 12-5pm

A day of fun, entertainment and lots and lots of scarecrows. Grab your map

Find more exciting events at Families Sussex reccomends that you always check details of the event with the organiser. E&OE. 11 | Families Sussex Magazine

and go around finding all the incredible scarecrows being put out. For more information visit

Sunday 12th May Climping Beach Dog Fun Day Climping, 12-3pm

Wednesday 15th May – Saturday 18th May COS Musical Theatre presents Shrek the Musical Hawth Theatre, Crawley, RH10 6YZ, Weds-Sat 7pm show, Sat Matinee 2pm

Lots of fun for all of the family and your fluffy pets too! All in aid of Climping Beach Conservation. There is free parking available. Visit www. climpingbeachconservation. com for more information and to book tickets.

COS Musical Theatre have been granted exclusive rights to perform this amazing show based on the animated films loved by children everywhere. Adult tickets £20, children £16. Visit www.parkwoodtheatres. for more details.

Sunday 12th May Springtime Stars, Moon and Planets

Friday 17th May – Sunday 19th May Gangsta Granny by David Walliams

South Downs Planetarium, Chichester, PO19 8AE, 3.30pm

Join the planetarium to find out about the magnificent star patterns and display of planets. Suitable for ages 6-15. Charges apply. Visit www. for more information.

Sunday 12th May Resourceful Rangers Slindon Estate, BN18 0RG, 10am – 1pm

Learn more about woodland and the management of it as well as the Rangers passion in ensuring its running, to allow for it to be a sustainable Sussex estate. Booking is essential. Go to www. for more information.

Tuesday 14th May Bignor Park Open Garden for NGS Bignor Park

Visit Bignor Park for their open day in aid of charity NGS. There are 11 acres of gardens to explore with amazing views of the South Downs. Refreshments available. Tickets £5 each, children go free. For more information visit https://www.wherecanwego. com/item/e1298635/bignorpark-open-garden-for-ngs.

13th - 19th May Peppa Pig’s Muddy Puddle Walk Nationwide

Thousands will be doing the Muddy Puddle Walk across the UK, you can too. Go along with family and get sponsored to raise money for Save the Children. To sign up, get a fundraising pack or for more information visit www.

Brighton Open Air Theatre, BN3 6EH, 6pm – 8pm Join Ben and his Gangsta Granny for their grandest adventure. The show has been adapted for the outdoor stage. Tickets cost from £10 - £14 each or £42 for a family of 4, plus booking fees. Tickets can be purchased from www.ticketsource. heartbreak-productionspresent-gangsta-granny.

Saturday 18th May Marvellous Moths

RSPB Pagham Harbour, Sidlesham, PO20 7NE, 8am-9am

Far from dull, moths are masters of camouflage, bright and can be as beautiful as butterflies. Join the Warden who will open a moth trap which will reveal the wonderful moths that have been caught from the night before. Charges apply. Visit for more information.

Saturday 18th May St Ann’s Well Gardens Spring Festival - FREE! Hove, 11am-7.30pm

A family friendly festival with live music, a food market a variety of market stalls, healthy wellbeing retreat and kids’ activities plus lots more! This year there is even a circus joining the festival. Booking required: visit https://www. somerhill-road/st-annswell-gardens/st-anns-wellgardens-spring-festival-2019.

Saturday 18th May Arts in the Courtyard

Evans Garden Courtyard, Arcade Road, Littlehampton, 12-5pm Enjoy an afternoon of live

Monday 6th May Mosaic Mayhem!

Fishbourne Roman Palace On Monday 6th May, Fishbourne Roman Palace is holding a day of exploration focusing on the most famous aspect of the site – the stunning mosaic floors. Mosaic Mayhem! gives visitors of all ages a chance to find out more about mosaics, how they are designed and made, and to try some mosaic making for themselves. There will be guided tours, a chance to handle original tesserae from the Roman mosaics and demonstrations of mosaic making with an opportunity to make your own mosaic using a range of different materials including an

List your event in Families Sussex You can list your forthcoming event in our "What's On? guide for FREE by sending the event details (up to 35 words) to July/August issue copy deadline: 15th June 2019. SPECIAL OFFER: upgrade to 100 words plus an image AND a listing in our online directory AND two social media posts promoting your event, all for just £65+VAT per issue. Multiple issue booking discount available. Email us now! music and art, there will be plenty of activities for all abilities and age to take part in. Materials for the free activities are provided. For more details visit www.

Saturday 18th May Plant Sale

10.30am to 12.30pm at the Village Hall, Deaks Lane, Ansty

Teas, coffee plus home-made cakes, a tombola plus garden related items. Call 01444 41306 for more information.

Saturday 18th May – Sunday 19th May Home Front Weekend

Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre, Arundel, BN18 9LT

Enjoy music, such as that by Eight Beat Jive, and dancing as well as a display of military vehicles that were used in the Second World War. Come dressed up for the occasion. Visit www.amberleymuseum. for more information.

Sunday 19th May Family Fun Day

Fairfield Community Centre, Off Western Road, Burgess Hill 11am – 3pm Enjoy a family day out

celebrating 60 years of Burgess Hill Youth. There will be stalls, a bouncy castle, face painting, food and drink and lots more. There will also be games and a dog show. Visit activities/family-fun-day/ for more information.

25th – 27th May Heritage Crafts Weekend

Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre, Arundel, BN18 9LT

It is the 40th birthday of Amberley Museum and as well as celebrating there will be wood crafts and demonstrations from craft makers. Tel: 01798 831370 or visit www.amberleymuseum.

25th May – 2nd June Spring to Life Arundel Wetland Centre, 9.30am – 5.30pm

Visit the wetland centre to see the new life in the ponds and within the wetland. There will be pond dipping, kids crafts and family activities to enjoy. You can also take a ride on the Wetlands Discovery Boat Safari, which is included in the admission price. Visit to purchase tickets.

Find more exciting events at Families Sussex reccomends that you always check details of the event with the organiser. E&OE. 12 | Families Sussex Magazine

25th May – 2nd June Princesses and Pirates Fishers Farm Park

Over May half term, pirates and princesses will be descending into the park. See if you have got what it takes to take on the Pirate Trail to find all of Pirate Pete’s lost belongings! Follow the X through the park and get some booty at the end. Get dressed in your favourite pirate or princess gear and join the sing-along sessions in the Theatre. Book online at reduced prices.

25th May – 2nd June Clay Creatures

Nyman’s National Trust, 11-4pm

Explores the gardens at Nyman’s collecting leaves, petals and other natural materials and then head to the potting shed to make your own clay creature. Tel 01444 405250 for details.

25th May – 2nd June Half Term Family Fun – Nature: No App for that Borde Hill Garden

25th May – 2nd June Half Term Trail, Alfriston Clergy House Polegate, BN26 5TL

Enjoy this half term themed trail around the garden. Suitable for families. Although this is a free event, normal admission charges will apply. Visit uk/alfriston-clergy-house for more information.

26th May Fun Day, Dogs Trust

Shoreham-By-Sea, 11.30am – 4pm

A family fun day out and can enjoy the fun dog show in support of the Dog’s Trust. There will fun and games for all! For more information visit our-centres/shoreham/centreupdates/events/shorehamfun-day-2019.

Monday 27th May Steyning Country Fair

Steyning High Street – 11-4pm

Enjoy a family day out where there will be crafts, costumes,

Monday 27th May All Aboard a Tour of the Planets

Southdown’s Planetarium, Chichester, PO19 8AE – 3.30pm

Enjoy a family trip to the theatre where the classic L. Frank Baum story which is packed with jokes, good songs and dance routines. Performances are 3pm and 6pm. To book call 01403 750220.

Overlooking the splendour of Arundel Castle, enjoy this family fete, there will be lots to do including a bouncy castle, tons of food stalls, a band and lots of activities for all the family. Clubs and societies will also be in attendance with something for all ages. Visit village-fete for more details.

RSPB Pulborough Brooks, 10.30-12.30pm

Go on a minibeast safari within the woodland and meadows of Pulborough Brooks. You’ll get up close and personal with moths, make minibeast masks and make a bee B&B to put in your own garden. Tel: 01798 875851.

Tuesday 28th May Springtime Stars and Galaxies

Saturday 1st June Military History Weekend

Suitable for ages 6-16. If the skies are clear you can look beyond the stars to the milky way. Booking is essential and admission charges apply. To book or for more information visit

Burpham Village Hall and Recreation Ground, BN18 9RR – 1pm – 4.30pm

Thursday 30th May Wild Families Bughunt

Suitable for ages 6-16. Enjoy a flight of fancy and explore the planets around us. Fasten your seatbelts for the trip of a lifetime. Booking is essential, admission charges apply. Visit for information and to book.

Southdown’s Planetarium, Chichester, PO19 8AE – 3.30pm

Saturday 1st June Burpham Village Fete 2019

Sunday 2nd June Our Incredible Sun

Southdown’s Planetarium, Chichester, PO19 8AE – 3.30pm

Join the planetarium as they probe the mysteries of the sun. Booking is essential, admission charges apply. For more information or to book, visit

Shoreham Fort

Join Shoreham Fort for their biggest weekend of the year. There will be plenty to do for all the family. This is a free event. Visit https://www. events/ for more information.

Wednesday 29th May Playrangers

Mewsbrook Park, Littlehampton


󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜 AC󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜a󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜lways! & oice a ch

29th – 31st May Half Term Activities at Amberley Museum

S󰉑󰉑󰈿󰈿O󰈮󰈮L 󰉀󰉀󰈭󰈭󰈳󰈳󰇳󰇳IOD󰈖󰈖󰉝󰉝󰇳󰇳 ! FU󰈰󰈰 󰈯󰈯󰉋󰉋󰉚󰉚R

PA󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜 B󰈤󰈤󰈤󰈤󰈤󰈤󰈤󰈤󰈤󰈤󰈤󰈤

Enjoy family activities over half term at Amberley Museum, there will also be a family trail across their 36-acre site. Tel: 01798 831370.

rd Summer 29th July - 23 August

EX󰉑󰉑󰉑󰉑󰉑󰉑󰉑󰉑󰉑 󰉑󰉑

Thursday 30th May Voyage to Giant Jupiter and its Moons

Thursday 30th May The Wizard of Oz The Capitol, Horsham

AC󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜 WE󰉋󰉋󰉋󰉋󰉋󰉋󰉋󰉋󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜󰈜 󰉋󰉋 DU󰈤󰈤󰈤󰈤󰈤󰈤󰈤󰈤󰉋󰉋󰉋󰉋󰉋󰉋 T󰉀󰉀󰉀󰉀󰉀󰉀󰉀󰉀󰉀 󰉀󰉀󰉀󰉀󰉀󰉀󰉀 HO󰈴󰈴󰈴󰈴󰈴󰈴󰈴󰈴󰈴󰈴󰈴

󰉆󰉆󰉆 FU󰈰󰈰 󰉆󰉆½-14 4 󰉋 󰉋󰉋 AG󰉋󰉋 E󰉝󰉝󰉝󰉝󰉝󰉝 Y

Southdown’s Planetarium, Chichester, PO19 8AE – 3.30pm

Suitable for ages 6-16. Come to the planetarium and explore the giant world of our solar system. Booking is essential. Admission charges apply. Visit www.southdowns. for more information and to book.


T󰉀󰉀E 󰈖󰈖󰈵󰈵’S 󰉇󰉇󰉚󰉚󰈍󰈍O󰈖󰈖R 󰈽󰈽󰈜󰈜

A fun filled morning at Mewsbrook Park, aimed at 5-11-year olds. There will be soft play, inflatables and woodworking as well as crafts and games. http://www. whats-on.


Put down your electronics and enjoy the gardens, playing outside, creating and exploring. The week is filled with exciting activities that connect children to nature. Tel: 01444 450326.

Morris dancing, food, music, puppet show, magicians and there will also be live stock. There will also be raffles and fair rides along with a dog show and a traditional cricket match.


o r is󰈎󰈎󰉃󰉃 󰇻󰇻󰇽󰇽 r󰈸󰈸 󰇹󰇹 󰈀󰈀 󰈘󰈘 l 01480a󰇸󰇸󰉉󰉉d󰇽󰇽󰈻󰈻.󰇸󰇸o.󰉉󰉉k 4 6 75 6 7


Giving every child such an

AM󰉝󰉝󰉝󰉝󰉝󰉝󰉝󰉝󰉝 EX󰈪󰈪󰈪󰈪󰈪󰈪󰈪󰈪󰈪󰈪󰈪󰈪󰈪󰈪

Rated 5 Stars - Jan 2019

they can’t wait to come back!

Find more exciting events at Families Sussex reccomends that you always check details of the event with the organiser. E&OE. 13 | Families Sussex Magazine

Thursday 6th June – Saturday 8th June South of England Show Ardingly

Enjoy a day of family fun at Ardingly with various displays, trade stands, animals and children’s amusements. Tickets Adult £18.70, children under 16 go free. To book tickets visit south-of-england-show/.

Friday 7th June East Preston Village Festival East Preston

Enjoy a number of fun days with this festival, there will be a range of things to do and see including a scarecrow competition, parade and a number of stalls. Visit www. for more information.

Saturday 8th June – Friday 21st June Broadfield Arts Festival

Broadfield Community Centre & Broadfield Library, RH11 9BA

As part of the Festival there will be an art exhibition, the theme this year is ‘Faces and Places of Broadfield’. Suitable for all ages. Free entry. Visit for more information.

Sunday 9th June Open Farm Sunday Nationwide

Enjoy an open day at your local farm, showing you exactly what farms do. Visit for more information and to find your local farm. Some farms included are Eric Wall in Barnham and Parkwood Farm in Hailsham.

Could your nursery, school, community group or family host a Teddy Bears Picnic in aid of Chestnut Tree House children’s hospice? All you need to do is pick a date during Children’s Hospice Week (17-23 June), choose where you’d like to hold your picnic, and ask everyone to come along with their favourite teddy bear and a small donation. Create special memories. Moments that Matter. For today. For tomorrow. For the Now.

Book Characters. Visit www. worthingchildrensparade. for more information.

Sunday 16th June Dad’s Bacon Butty Brunch Loxwood RH14 0RD – Departs 9.45am and 12pm

Enjoy a canal trip to celebrate Father’s Day with a tasty bacon butty and some tea or coffee. Trips are 90 minutes long. Tickets adult £14, children £10. For more information visit https://

Wednesday 19th June West Green Community Cinema

St Peter’s Church, Ifield Road, Crawley

Enjoy ‘North by Northwest’ PG, at the community cinema. Refreshments are available. Tickets can be purchased from 6pm on the evening or between 10am-12pm on the Saturday. Tickets £5. Contact crawleyparish@phonecoop. coop for more information.

Sunday 23rd June Findon Valley Fun Dog Show

Connaught Theatre, Worthing

Enjoy the wonderous world of Julia Donaldson with Zog, the keen dragon desperate for a gold star at school. Suitable for all ages. Tickets £9.50 - £16.50 each. Visit https:// zog/ for more information and to book tickets.

Saturday 15th June Worthing Children’s Parade and Guildcare Family Day Enjoy this exciting parade followed by lots going on around Worthing. This year’s theme is David Walliams

A fun day out for all the family, enjoy this exciting dog show. To enter or for more information visit www.

Saturday 29th June Crawley Armed Forces Day St Peter’s Church, Ifield Road, Crawley

With all that the armed forces provide our country, join in this celebration to their commitment. There will be a number of things on including a precession, marching band, musical acts and singing groups. There will also be displays of equipment, stands and activities to engage in. Visit for more information.

Saturday 29th June – Sunday 30th June West Sussex Armed Forces Weekend

Brighton Road, Worthing BN11 3EA – 10am – 2pm

Celebrating the armed forces, there will be a variety of things on over the weekend. On Saturday there will be entertainment, stalls, a flypast, displays and military vehicles. On Sunday there will be a parade and Drumhead service. For more information visit https://www. west-sussex-armed-forcesweekend-6/.

Sunday 30th June Brighton and Hove Armed Forces Day

Greenways, Ovingdean BN2 7BS –

We’re supporting our local children ’s hospice by holding a Teddy Bears Picnic during Children’s Hospice Week. Please join us! Date: Location: Time: Suggested donation

Get in touch with Chestnut Tree House today on 01903 871820 / 01323 725095 / or visit for more information.

St Peter’s Church, Ifield Road, Crawley

Friday 14th June – Sunday 16th June Zog


17th - 23rd June 2019 Teddy Bears Picnic for Chestnut Tree House children's hospice

Create special memories. Moments that Matter. For today. For tomorrow. For the Now. ic

Registered charity no 256789

10.30am – 3pm

Celebrate all things armed forces with this fun family day out. The programme includes a Cadet Kitkar, challenges, a dog show, dance displays, military and craft stalls, there will be information stands as well as childrens rides, inflatables and refreshments. Free entry. Visit https://www. brighton-hove-armed-forcesday/ for more information.

Holding an event? List your event in Families Sussex magazine Reach 35,000+ parents

Deadline for our July/ August bumper issue is 15th June. Please email editor@ for more information.

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Horsham | Burgess Hill | Petworth | Haywards Heath | Hurstpierport | Crawley

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Find more exciting events at Families Sussex reccomends that you always check details of the event with the organiser. E&OE. 14 | Families Sussex Magazine

Family Life

Thinking About Going Vegetarian or Vegan? Following a vegan or vegetarian diet is becoming increasingly common in the UK. People are making this choice for a variety of ethical, environmental or health reasons. But is it safe for children? Yes is the answer, according NHS guidelines. As long as they get all the nutrients they need. However, parents do need to be well-informed to ensure to ensure their children do not suffer nutrient deficiencies, inadequate energy or faltering growth. So what are some of the issues to be aware of? Children need protein to grow and develop. If you’re avoiding meat or fish (vegetarian) or any food from animals (vegan), they will need good protein substitutes. These include eggs, dairy products such as milk and cheese, soya products, pulses and beans, nuts and seeds.

If a child is getting protein from just one type of bean, the particular bean may not provide every amino acid they need, so there has to be a good balance of pulses. In other words, a child who only eats chicken will get all the amino acids – but a child who only eats one type of bean may not. Another issue is energy intake. Children need lots of energy to fuel healthy growth and development. Vegetarian and vegan foods can be higher in fibre and lower in calories than a diet that includes meat. This can mean that children get full up before they've eaten enough calories and nutrients. As children typically don’t eat a lot, getting enough calories in them can be difficult. Include energy and nutrientdense foods like nut butters, hummus, seeds and vegetable oils in their diets. It is especially important that children following vegetarian

or vegan diets eat a wide variety of different foods from each food group to ensure they get a good balance of nutrients.

important for vegetarian and vegan children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years. In particular, they may need vitamin B12 supplement.

Consider supplements. According to the NHS, vitamin drops are particularly

For more information visit

Enjoy precious family time away this year with Away Resorts

Your time away is precious. You want to leave the real world behind, make the most of every moment and create memories with your loved ones. Here at Away Resorts, we want the same thing. Our priority is that you have an amazing time away, so we’ve pulled out all the stops, and added the bells and whistles, to make sure you have an unforgettable holiday. Each of our six award-winning holiday parks is unique, but they all offer amazing accommodation, fantastic facilities, top entertainment, jam-packed activity programmes, an array of events and festivals, unrivalled service and unforgettable experiences. This is your world away, the only thing missing is you! Find out more and book online at

15 | Families Sussex Magazine

2144-Edwardian-Life-2019-87x130-Famalies-AW.indd 1 09/04/2019 17:37

Join our scientists for fun-filled experiments, activities and more

25 – 26 May


NEW CHILDREN’S DAY NURSERY The Barn, Parkfield Way, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 4QX

Perfect Start Children’s Day Nurseries are delighted to announce that our Nursery at Bolnore Village, Haywards Heath is now open

and we are now accepting registrations.

Please contact us to arrange a visit.

t. 0333 772 0689

16 | Families Sussex Magazine

Fully air conditioned, beautiful environment with specially designed rooms to promote the very highest standard in child development Stimulating range of Educational Programmes A dedicated ‘parent room’ where you can watch your child settle in with us on CCTV


Children’s Library Wonderful spacious outdoor area in lovely surroundings All of our staff are First Aid trained All fees inclusive of nappies, meals, formula milk and wipes 5 Star food hygiene


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