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June 2010

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Vol. 10, Issue 6

State of the Arts Published monthly by fairbanks Arts Association

Gazebo Nights 2010 Daily at 7:00 pm * June, July, August


Gazebo Nights

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“Promoting contemporary and traditional arts in Alaska’s Interior”

Gazebo Nights & TIPS at Pioneer Park

The TIPS program will be held from noon to 8:00pm occurrence at 7pm throughout June, July and August in daily and scheduled for 45minute sets during the months Pioneer Park. This unique performance series features of June, July & August. Acoustic performances are local musicians, dancers, and storytellers at the Gazebo next to the Harding Train car. encouraged, as performers Please see the full summer are obliged to bring their own Thousands of people attend the many schedule on page eight. equipment. No PA or tech will special summer events that are held at be provided, although electricPioneer Park and local entertainers have been Bring a friend, bring a snack, ity is available for small amps, instrumental in the success of these events. etc. Performers may solicit bring your pet or just bring However, there remains an opportunity to yourself, but whomever you tips and/or sell CD’s. Sign up bring we know that you will to be a performer at any time perform for an audience of local families and enjoy soaking in some of the of the day or week that works interesting visitors from all over the world at Fairbanks culture while also best for you. Contact Fairbanks other times of the summer. In it’s 3rd season, soaking up some of that great Arts Association and get on the TIPS (Totally Impromptu Performance Alaskan sun. Whether you stay roster for this wonderful sumSeries) will provide a continual performance mer program. Performance for a minute or stay all night, atmosphere, for even the casual visitor – who slots are limited and will be we’ll look forward to seeing just happens to walk through the park. assigned quickly. you there! Additionally amongst the many outdoor summer events, Call 456-6485 ext 226 or email melissa@fairbanksarts. Gazebo Nights has become a local favorite. What began org for more information as a once-a-week free performance has become a daily


Fairbanks Arts Association

June 2010


junior company dancers and has included dance companies from other southeast communities. Our the enabling annual Spring Gala performance in them to s h a r e s p a c e May showcases all of our school’s and resources. Both groups, along dancers, ages 4 through 18, giving with KAAHC, work closely to bring each KTB dancer a chance to shine. professional dance companies such Our most popular performance is as , Ailey II, Paco Peña Flamenco our presentation of the Christmas Dance Company, and Fly Dance classic The Nutcracker, performed Company to Ketchikan to perform each December featuring our mid- to and give master classes to dancers upper-level dancers and members of the community. in the community. For more information about As a part of the community wide Festival of the North in Ketchikan Theatre Ballet, please call February, KTB’s “An Evening of 907-225-9311. Dance” features our senior and building in June 2009,


The Ketchikan Theatre Ballet teaches dance to hundreds of students each year - ballet, jazz, tap, and more. We present three major performances a year: An Evening of Dance during the Festival of the North in February, the Spring Gala in May, and the Nutcracker in December. KTB also collaborates with the Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council and First City Players in sponsoring Gigglefeet Dance Festival in August. Ketchikan Theatre Ballet works closely with other community arts organizations and dance schools in Southeast Alaska. KTB and First City Players purchased the Fireside


Fa i rb a n k s Ar t s Ass o c 123982_13678 i at i o n 3.25" 4.5" Fairbanks Arts Association was established in 1966 to promote and support thexarts in the Fairbanks area. The Association is funded by private, corporate, and foundation BW memberships and donations, City of Fairbanks, Fairbanks North Star Borough, Alaska State Council on the Arts, and the National Endowment for the Arts. With assistance from professional staff and charitable volunteers, the Association provides services in five areas: Visual, Literary, Performing, Community Arts and Arts Education. FAA also helps to raise funds for other arts groups, provides technical assistance and support for arts programing, encourages and advises individual artists and beginning organizations, sponsors workshops and presents educational forums. Staff June Rogers, Executive Director , ex 225

Melissa Hougland, Associate Director, ex 226

Carey Seward, Program Coordinator, ex 222

Maria Schmidt, Bookkeeper/Office Manager, ex 223 Board of Directors Lorraine Peterson, President Marcella Hill, Vice President Rebecca Burns, Secretary Myrna Colp, Treasurer

While we’re proud of our long tradition of helping to bring arts and entertainment to our community—we’re even prouder of every occasion when talented artists and performers outshine our contributions. Wells Fargo is proud to celebrate the Fairbanks Arts Association.

Members: Joan Stack Shane Hurd Darleen Masiak Calaya Williams Carol Wilbur Daron Crass Martin Miller

FAA Phone: (907) 456-6485

We’re proud to be upstaged June 2010

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f a i r b a n k s

a r t s

a s s o c i a t i o n

.:: Reading Series ‘10 Eric P. Nichols has written numerous articles in just about every existent and defunct amateur radio and electronics experimenter publication over the past 30 years, with a strong emphasis on radio design and techniques. He worked as a broadcast engineer for a quarter century, later applying his radio experience to experiments conducted at HIPAS Observatory and HAARP, as well as designing instrumentation for the UCLA Plasma Physics department. His first novel, Plasma Dreams, was published in 2005. His upcoming book, The Opus of Amateur Radio Knowledge and Lore, is slated to be published sometime in the near future. He is currently putting the finishing touches on another non-fiction work, The Spirit of the Craftsman, a manifesto for creativity and career fulfillment. Since 2000, Eric has made six trips to the Thailand/Burma border to work with the Karen Hill Tribe refugees, and has written numerous articles about the volatile situation in that region, and the brave efforts of those people trying to make a difference. Sue Ann Bowling earned a A.B in Physics from Harvard/Radcliffe in 1963, and a PhD in Geophysics from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 1970. Her dissertation was on ice fog (which isn’t found just anywhere). She stayed at the University of Alaska’s Geophysical Institute until she retired in 1998. (Yes, it was an early retirement, but she was having vision problems at the time and could not drive to work reliably.) She wrote quite a lot in her years at UAF, not only professional papers, but science popularizations and articles on canine history. On retirement, she added considerably to her websites on Shetland Sheepdogs and genetics, and began playing with fiction. She’s also kept up an interest in gardening (at least in summer!) She’s also into animals, snowflakes and space. (She taught a beginning astronomy class a few times.) In addition to her regular writings she’s written a sequel as well as a trilogy. Maybe she’ll publish them someday, too.

Eric P. Nichols & Sue Ann Bowling

June 5, 7pm @ the Bear Gallery • FREE

Alaska Centennial Center for the Arts at Pioneer Park, 2300 Airport Way



Fairbanks Arts Association


5th Annual Design Alaska Wild Arts Walk Design Alaska Wild Arts Walk now in it’s 5th year! On Sunday June 6th, the 5th annual Design Alaska Wilds Arts Walk will take place at Creamer’s Field from 12-5pm. The Design Alaska Wild Arts Walk has taken place the first weekend in June since 2006 and is an annual community event that promotes the uniqueness of Creamer’s Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge as a venue for nature observation and artistic inspiration. Its goals are to encourage visitors to explore Creamer’s Field beyond the front fields and to help fulfill the mandate that established Creamer’s Field as a community refuge. Local artists are invited to come present their work to visitors and show the joys of nature through an artist’s eyes.  A wide range of artistic styles and mediums are represented. Each year the folks from Design Alaska create a mug with a nature theme that is given to attendees as a thank you gift.  Similar to the ornament given out at the annual Fairbanks Symphony Holiday Concert, these mugs are beginning to make a wonderful collectors set for folks who have attended the event for each of the years it has been held.  Come out for a stroll on the refuge amid a colorful assortment of artists and musicians as they demonstrate their skills and display their work in this festive fundraising event.

and the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival. Featured artists include Randall Compton, Dan Kennedy and Vladimir Zhikhartsev. The QuickDraw event starts at 1:30pm. Come on out, enjoy the numerous artist booths that are part of the Arts Walk, and stop by and watch art being created as the clock ticks down!

Admission is $10 (children 17 and under are free) and will include a choice of pastries and bagels, and a cup of gourmet organic coffee, cocoa, or tea. Proceeds will support Friends of Creamer’s Field. New this year at the Design Alaska Wild Arts Walk at Creamer’s Field is QuickDraw, a timed art event. Artists will have one hour to start and finish their painting, then frame it and the art is auctioned off immediately after by guest auctioneer, UAF Chancellor Brian Rogers! Proceeds benefit the artist, Creamer’s Field


For more information, please contact Friends of Creamer’s Field at 452-5162 or online at .

2010 SEASON July 9 & 11, 2010

Charles W. Davis Concert Hall, UAF


November 5, 6 & 7, 2010

West Valley Performing Arts Center THANKS TO OUR SEASON SPONSORS

Tickets & outlets at June 2010

Fairbanks Arts Association


June G a l l e r y E x h i b i t

The Fairbanks Watercolor Society The Fairbanks Watercolor Society was formed 20 plus years ago with one of the goals being to give water media artists the opportunity to exhibit their work. Beginning in 1999 our annual spring exhibit has become an event for both the artists and viewers to share and enjoy. This summer proudly marks our 11th year. The exhibit reflects our motto “Art from the Heart” and represents many outstanding subjects, styles and interpretations. The exhibit is non-juried, with recognition of our member artists coming from exhibit viewers in the forms of a People’s Choice 1st place and 2nd place award. Dee Carpenter

Phyllis Tate


Exhibit Dates: June 4-26 Opening Reception: Friday, June 4, 5-7pm Fairbanks Arts Association

June 2010

& Steven Gordon Steven Gordon grew up in Dubuque, Iowa, located in the scenic Mississippi River Valley. From childhood Steve showed an interest in nature and art. His father, Gene Gordon, an architectural designer, promoted his interests by providing him with supplies and classes. At Dartmouth College he continued studying art while completing a degree in biology. There he met his wife, Karen, and was married just before graduation in 1979. The next five years Steve studied art as the University of Iowa School of Art, earning his MFA in 1984. Upon graduation Steve and Karen packed their belongings into a U-Haul and headed up the ALCAN highway to Anchorage, Karen’s hometown, where they continue to live with their four children: Ben, Amy, Peter and Laura. Steve taught painting, drawing, and design classes as an adjunct instructor at the University of Alaska-Anchorage for several years before becoming the Director of the Art Program at Alaska Pacific University where he worked for two years. Since 1992, he has worked fulltime as a professional artist painting the south central Alaskan landscape. He has received several public art commissions and has numerous one man shows across the state. His work can be seen at the Museum of History and Art, the Fairbanks Art Museum, and in many private collections across the US.

Bear Gallery Hours: Monday-Sunday, Noon-8pm All events and exhibits are held in the Alaska Centennial Center for the Arts, Pioneer Park

June 2010


Fairbanks Arts Association



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sponsored by Fairbanks North Star Borough Parks and Recreation

Free Admission Admission Free Free Admission All Shows at 7pm 7pm All Shows at All Shows at 7pm Mosquito Creek Folk/Rock/Country Mosquito Creek Pioneer Park Pickers Folk/Rock/Country American Roots Mosquito Creek Folk/Rock/Country Solstice Complex Complex Folk/Roots Traditional Dance Solstice Folk/Roots Fairbanks Red Hackle Pipe Band Dancers Solstice Complex Folk/Roots Accordians Blazing Bellows Bellows Accordians Blazing Aurelia String Quartet Classical Accordians Blazing Bellows Mike Stackhouse Original Folk Mike Stackhouse Folk Hot Denali Harps Original Harmonicas Mike Stackhouse Original Folk Rock/Folk Stephen Moore Rock/Folk Stephen Moore Tundra Caravan Middle Eastern Dance Rock/Folk Stephen Moore Tundra Caravan Middle Eastern Dance Dance Tundra Caravan Eastern Karl Monetti Middle Slack Key and Guitar Variations Tundra Caravan Middle Eastern Dance Martin Miller Miller Storyteller Martin Storyteller Martin Miller Storyteller Martin Miller Storyteller

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At the the Gazebo Gazebo near near Gold Gold Rush Rush Town Town Entrance Entrance at at Pioneer Pioneer Park, Park, 2300 2300 Airport Airport Way Way At

At the RushTown Town Entrance at Pioneer 2300 Airport AtGAZEBO the Gazebonear nearGold Gold Rush Entrance at Pioneer Park,Park, 2300 Airport Way Way Bring aa chair chair and and blanket, blanket, bench bench seating seating isis limited limited Bring Bring Bringaachair chairand andblanket, blanket,bench benchseating seatingisislimited limited.

For more more information information call call 456-6485 456-6485 ext. ext. 226 226 For Formore moreinformation information call 456-6485, For call 456-6485 ext.ext.226 226


Fairbanks Arts Association funded by private, corporate, and foundation memberships and donations City of Fairbanks, FairbanksArts ArtsAssociation Associationisis isfunded fundedby byprivate, private,corporate, corporate,and andfoundation foundationmemberships membershipsand anddonations donations---City Cityof ofFairbanks, Fairbanks, Fairbanks Fairbanks North Star Borough, Alaska State Council on the Arts, and the National Endowment for the Arts. Fairbanks NorthStar Star Borough, Alaska State Council onthe theArts, Arts,and and theNational Nationaland Endowment for theArts. Arts. Fairbanks Arts Association is funded byAlaska private, corporate, and foundation memberships donations - the City of Fairbanks, Fairbanks North Borough, State Council on the Endowment for Fairbanks North Star Borough, Alaska State Council on the Arts, and the National Endowment for the Arts. Fairbanks Arts Association • June 2010

G i f t

S h o p

A r t i s t s

o f

t h e

M o n t h

Joyce Kelso & Kim Krinke

those years I gained insight of the forests, tundra and coastal regions of this great state and have tried to capture some of those moments to share with others. Come, watch and listen to the world around you. Enjoy each moment fully before rushing off to the next one. If you don't, you will miss so much of life.

Joyce Kelso

Kim Krinke

Kim Krinke

I grew up in Richfield, Minnesota, where summer vacations were mostly spent camping either at some park across America or up in the “Canoe Country” of northern Minnesota. After I got my first camera, it came with me on these outings so I could bring some of it home with me. In 1974, I moved to Nome, Alaska where I lived for 12 years. Got my first job in a grocery store then worked for a bush airline as cargo hand. Got a chance to get on some of those flights and take aerial pictures of the Seward Peninsula. The last 5 years in Nome I started working for the Post Office, eventually transferring to Fairbanks. I worked another 24 years for them, finally retiring to pursue my passion for photography and art. During all

I am a nature photographer. I took my first photo at age five. Granted, Daddy set the cameras and all I did was press the shutter, but I did it… and it was pretty. And I wanted MORE. There have been more, many more photos over the years. In 1985 my dream of moving to Alaska came true, and now I live in a cabin in the wilds of Alaska with my sled dogs and all of the wild critters. God has often put me in the righ place at the right time to witness events that very few people will see in their lifetime. So come join the adventure and witness the glory of his creation! Joyce Kelso

� Volunteers Wanted

Volunteers donate their time, energy and skills in many ways to Fairbanks Arts Association. These volunteers are a crucial part of ensuring FAA’s success. We are currently seeking new volunteers to become a docent in the Bear Gallery and Gift Shop in the Alaska Centennial Center for the Arts. This position involves working a three-hour shift while greeting gallery visitors, answering questions they may have about Fairbanks or the gallery and working as a cashier when items are purchased. This is a great opportunity for people who enjoy meeting new people, seeing the exhibits, and working as the “face” of Fairbanks Arts Association. If you are interested and available between 12-4pm or 4-8pm any day day of the week please contact Maria at (907) 456-6485 ext 223.

June 2010

Fairbanks Arts Association




aller G r a e B rs

Hou June 1 ginning Be week

SUNDAY, JUNE 20TH Noon-Midnight

7 days a pm Noon-8

Downtown Fairbanks For more information contact or (907)452-8665

Midnight Sun Festival

TOTE Family Fun Fest Sunday, June 1 3 Noon to 4 p.m.

University of Ala ska Museum of the North $3 per child (ad ults are free) Info: 474-7505 or http://museum


ka Museum of Univer sity of Alasecial exhibit the Nor th sp Then & Now: scape ing Arctic Land ng ha C The m admission Free with museuay 15 M s en Op or Info: 474-7505 du/ .e af .u m eu us m http://

Museum movies

Dynamic Aurora , Winte and You Are Her r e

Offered several

times daily

$5 movie pass + adm Info: 474-7505 ission http://museum.u or


Fairbanks Arts Association


June 2010

Fairbanks Watercolor Society Meeting

Wednesday Jun 16 • 6:00pm r Park   Square Dance Pavilion, Pionee Picnic and Join us for  our Summer Solstice a dish, and g brin d, Paint Out.  Bring a frien ers crossed bring your paints.  Keep your fing s.  bug for lots of fun, sun and no 389-2114 or For more information call Cheryl Matt 458-7925.

Homegrown Market is beginning an outdoor market in their parking lot.

Open to anyone who has items made in Alaska.


Interested? Please contact Jeff and Linda at 907.452. 6238 or visit

• 5 Award Catagories • $1000 Grand Prize • Entry Deadline is July 28th • New Expanded Subject Eligility! Prospectus and information can be downloaded from our website

in air?n Do yopauint psoametinhitngpinle the downtow Want to is is for you! Fairbanks area? Th

Saturday Mornings with an Artist

ust Every Saturday 10am-2pm June – Aug r art for viewing

up thei Each Saturday, a different local artist will set ’s Field Farmhouse Visitor and for sale in the back room of the Creamer ed Come meet some of Center. Drop-in any time during the hours stat our local artists! Call 452-5162 or check in at date. for more information and the list of artists by

June 2010

  ation Downtown Associ int e th e, tim pa to For the first ts ailable for artis is making space avght Sun Festival, Sunday, during the Midni on to midnight. June 20, no int and spot they want to pa     Artists pick the ld be there. Paintings must the time they wou the downtown area. There be of something intions and times will be first is no charge. Loca Artists must bring all their come, first serve. lies and set up. own supp submitg the event can be    Art created durin rst Friday, on July 2, at a ted for the next Fi lected. The percent split venue yet to be se and venue will vary. between artist

Questions? ntown Association Amy Geiger, Dow ageiger@downtow2-8671. or 907-45

Fairbanks Arts Association



Fairbanks Arts Association


to u o y k n a Th

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Committee Meetings: Cinema Committee June 15 at 5:30 p.m. Visual Arts June 16 at 5:30 p.m. Literary Arts June 21 at 5:30 p.m. All meetings are in the Bear Gallery, 3rd Floor of the Alaska Centennial Center for the Arts, Pioneer Park, 2300 Airport Way. All meetings are subject to change. For more information call 456-6485 ext. 227.

s on donation s each The Fair ban ks Arts Asso ciat ion relie like you. Our need s just bers mem ity mun year from com now we need: t righ ever vary from time to time , how

Pape r Plates • Copy Pape r Ba r Napkins • Tape Sm all Pape r Cups Ge ne ra l Offic e Supp lie s Th an k yo u for yo ur ge ne ros ity in co nti nu ing to supp or t FA A!

The CrafT MarkeT • Local Alaska Artwork • • High Quality • • Wholesale & Retail •

Thank you to everyone who helped make Charlie’s Old-Fashioned Box So cial a success! Fred Meyer ’s Groc er y Fa irban ks Ti tle Ag en cy FNSB Pa rks & Re c • M cC af fe rt y’s Hot Lic ks Ice Crea m • Hu rd Fa m ily da rle en m as ia k • Lo rr ai ne Pete rs on Ku rt Di ns m ore • Mar ce lla Hi ll Na ncy Sm oyer • Vi Ro bi ns on Gayle M iller • Bi ll Ro ge rs Myr na Co lp • Gl or y Ku les key Jo hn Ko hler, Jr • Da n Ke nn edy Re be cc a Bu rn s • Ca lay a W ill ia m s Ka rin Fran ze n • Liz Be nt Seth Sc hw ar tz • Kath y Du bbs Sh er ry Fa ug ht • Lu cy Sh ila ns ky Da wn Cras s • Mar tin M iller

• Tools • Gifts • Jewelry Supplies • Mon-Sat 10 to 7pm

401 5th Avenue Fairbanks, AK 99701



Fairbanks Arts Association


In a Nick

Thank you!

By Cheryl Joens • Episode 6 The visitor from another place stood on a small rise in the landscape. There in the distance a few buildings could be observed. The traveler quickened his pace. Soon he found himself on a roadway, one of the few that was still in good condition after the storm. As he approached the buildings, he could see that they were made out of a block material and seemed to have withstood the storm

intact. Someone had built up an additional barrier of sand bags right up against the walls. The windows had been boarded-up and only the roof seemed to be the worse for wear. As the visitor approached he could see there were people pulling debris that had piled-up against the buildings. He approached the group and introduced himself. “Good morning, my name is Jen

Fairbanks Arts Association is pleased to help foster and support artists of all genres. For the next year we will feature the science fiction series In a Nick by Cheryl Joens. To learn more about FAA’s programs, please contact

Apelcede. I’ve been traveling in the area hoping to make myself useful.” “Well, we could use the help. We’re putting anything that is unsalvageable and burnable over in that pile. You don’t have any water with you?” Asked the older man in the group. “Water?” Jen asked,slightly amused.

Calaya Williams was born in Santa Monica, Ca, raised in southeastern Kentucky, returned to California in the 70's and moved to Fairbanks (home!) in the early '90's. In CA she studied and cocreated mural art with Dexter Smith and exhibited various visual art in bay area galeries. Following a spinal injury several years ago, while unable to stand, she learned to peyote stitch and fell in love with beading. Drawing on her painting and sculpting skills, her bead works are inspired by her relationship with nature. Currently her focus is work on a collection of small, bead & wire sculptures. She continues to bead baskets,although smaller ones using larger beads, gratefully using her hands & eyes while she readies herself for a corneal transplant.

Volunteer Spotlight - Calaya Williams

FAAJune2010 (F)  

Daily at 7:00 pm * June, July, August GIfT SHop arTISTS p9 aNNoUNcEmENTS p10 arT forUm p12 THaNkS! p13 IN a NIck p12 volUNTEEr SpoTlIGHT p12...

FAAJune2010 (F)  

Daily at 7:00 pm * June, July, August GIfT SHop arTISTS p9 aNNoUNcEmENTS p10 arT forUm p12 THaNkS! p13 IN a NIck p12 volUNTEEr SpoTlIGHT p12...