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State of the Arts

September 2011

Published Monthly by Fairbanks Arts Association

Vol. 11, Issue 9

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Watercolor Corner

F a i r b a n k s A r t s A s s o c i at i o n ’ s B e a r G a l l e r y

September 2011 Exhibit Lacie Stiewing The concepts and visual imagery in my work is driven from my experiences growing up in Reno and Las Vegas in relation to my current experiences while living in Fairbanks. I look to push the iconic forms of “Wild Alaska” into contemporary, urban pop culture using humor and kitsch while exploring formal elements of art. The idea of how we as individuals fit into our surrounding environment, how we perceive our own identity and how we assimilate into our surroundings are questions that are of the utmost importance to me. It is through my art and sculpture that I explore the possible answers to these questions. In an effort to fit into my new environment I wanted to explore all things I perceived as “Alaskan.” For me as an Alaskan outsider, the accessibility of animals such as the Musk ox, Snowshoe hare and Dall sheep began to occupy the very role that the neon lights and false finery of the casinos also hold in an outsider’s understanding of my home state of Nevada. My art is personal, yet at the same time I want the sculptures to exist in a variety of public settings from galleries to gardens to commissions and beyond. I strive to make sculpture that is accessible to a wide audience. I want the work to incite emotion in the viewer, which will vary according to the viewer’s own perspectives and experiences. Combining recycled materials (found materials from the dump, reclaimed paper, etc.) with new materials (such as plastic, epoxy, resin and steel) provides both a compliment and contrast to the physical sculpture. Using repetition allows me to deeply examine the materials and forms. I choose materials and scale that evoke intrigue and humor, such as creating a large Snowshoe hare from steel and small stackable Musk oxen that are deceptively lightweight. Through these concepts, forms and fabrication, viewers not only experience my passion for art and Alaska, but also will relate their own experiences through the work.

J ess e H e d d e n

In the fall of 2008 I hiked Angel Rocks trail while camping in the Chena Lakes Recreation area for the first time. The dramatic rock formations inspired me to make several colored pencil drawings that I have since been using as source material for large mixed media abstractions. The experience at Angel Rocks and the subsequent studio works built off that experience are now the defining direction for my upcoming show at the Bear Gallery. This exhibition builds on my past work with collage but with greater ambition by way of working larger and expanding my repertoire of materials to include textured Japanese papers and burlap. Angel Rocks abounds with dramatic landscape features. The trail winds through deep woods before rising steeply into a vast openness. In my work rocks, foliage, trees and clouds become sequences of abstract shapes and colors. Drawings created from direct observation serve as an important reference for color and composition that I combine with an expressionistic painting language. The image finds resolution when there is a synthesis between all of the elements.

E x h i b i t D at e s : S e p t e m b e r 2-30, 2011 O p e n i n g R e c e p t i o n : F r i d ay , S e p t e m b e r 2 n d , 5 to 7 p m B e a r G a l l ery H o u r s : N o o n to 6 p m , T u e s d ay -S at u r d ay Fairbanks Arts Association’s Bear gallery is located in the Alaska Centennial Center for the Arts in Pioneer Park, 2300 Airport Way, Fairbanks, AK 99701

Gift Shop Artist of the Month


n the beginning, before ever dreaming I would be an artist I was working at the Paint Pot in Fairbanks I fell in love with the magnificent artwork of Sydney Laurence. His paintings today are still my favorites. I felt I could learn to render a satisfyingly pleasant painting and was fortunate to take art lessons with local artist Rusty Heurlin at his home in Ester. The combination of access to new mediums and an art teacher led me down the path of light, shadows and use of colors. Years later I began taking art classes at the University and to apply my love of color, my experiences, and my desire to produce inspired landscapes. Often I paint with my friends and continue to attend workshops. My favorite medium is the one I am using at the present moment.

ainting is a way for me to play with beautiful colors. I enjoy painting lovely landscapes to please my spirit and refresh my sense of well being. What a pleasure it is to paint brilliant cerulean skies evoking energy, living breathing forests in green for serenity and peaceful creek sides for relaxation.



y artwork is also shown in Florida where there my inspiration comes from palm trees, sand dunes and the ocean.

Nannette Woodman

September Watercolor Corner


artist Phyllis Tate is a lifelong Alaskan born in Fairbanks. She has lived, worked, boated, and flown throughout most of Alaska. She was homeschooled and attended boarding school when she lived in the bush. She attended Lathrop High School and UAF. She has been an active licensed pilot since 1966 and holds an instrument rating. She is one of many pilots profiled in the book Women Pilots of Alaska. Prior to painting she worked as a secretary and administrative assistant for 20 years at various Alaskan businesses. She later taught creative writing at the one-room school in Lake Minchumina where she was also the weather observer and owned and operated Minchumina Mercantile for 12 years. As a teenager she took a job painting sale signs on windows at Ray’s Supermarket in the Northward Bldg. In 2004 at the urging of a friend she took some watercolor painting lessons and discovered she enjoyed painting very much. She joined the Fairbanks Watercolor Society (FWS) for inspiration and guidance and has been painting ever since. Through FWS she has taken classes from many local, national, and internationally known artists. In 2005 Phyllis won the FWS President’s Award for her painting “Evening Light” and in March 2007 she won the Gallery Choice Award for “Forest Steps” in the annual New Horizons FWS show. Through her paintings, she tries to record and share some of the sights and places she has been fortunate enough to visit, travel, or spend quiet moments enjoying the beauty that is Alaska. In 2008 Phyllis earned her 50-ton USCG Merchant Marine Officer Masters License. She and her husband Murray reside in Fairbanks during the winters and spend summers in Prince William Sound where they operate Nuliaq Alaska Charters. The beauty of Prince William Sound inspires her to paint there whenever she can. The quiet Fairbanks winters allow her to take classes and hone her painting skills with a variety of subjects. Her art has been exhibited at juried and non-juried shows in several galleries and artist venues both in Fairbanks and Anchorage. Her paintings are in permanent collections throughout the U.S. and in Fairbanks at Mt. McKinley Bank.

Phyllis Tate


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New Bear Gallery Hours

Call 456-6485, ext 223 for questions. Open auditions for children’s roles in

The Nutcracker.

2:00 pm, Sunday, 11 September 2011. At the North Star Ballet Studio on the Tanana Valley Fairgrounds. No experience needed, must be at least 8 years old. Boys’ and girls’ roles for up to 80 children. For more information, see www.thenorthstar-

d Northlan ir o h C h t u l Yo or call 451-8800. Performance dates December 2-4.

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Juried Contemporary Fine Art Exhibition

26th Annual 64th Parallel OCTOBER 7 – OCTOBER 29, 2011 Opening reception: October 7, 2011 5 – 7pm OPEN TO FOLLOWING CATEGORIES: Painting Watercolor Drawing Pastel Orginal Prints Sculpture Mixed-Media Photography Video AWARDS Juror’s Choice $125 Second Place $100 Third Place $75 Jared Baker “Gutsy Art Award” $75 Honorable Mentions DESCRIPTION: 26th Annual Juried Fine Art Exhibition of the Interior of Alaska. The Juror will consider technical and creative merit of artwork from the above categories. JUROR: Fairbanks Arts Association utilizes artists, university faculty, curators and museum professionals (statewide and nationwide) to assure the broadest spectrum of critical appraisal for our exhibitions.


Deliver entries to the BEAR GALLERY Alaska Centennial Center for the Arts, Pioneer Park, 2300 Airport Way

Friday, September 30 Sunday, October 1 Monday, October 2 Monday, October 2 Friday, October 7 Tues, Wed. Oct. 3-4 Tues. November 1

Noon 5pm All Day 7pm 5-7pm 12-6pm 12-6pm

First day to receive artwork Last day to receive artwork Jury of Artwork Juror’s Lecture (Blue Room) Opening Reception Pick up entries not selected Pick up exhibit entries


• Entries submitted only by the artist & limited to four entries. • Only artists residing in the Interior of Alaska, Doyon Region. • Original artwork only. Student work must reflect the artist’s unique creative effort. • No kits. No copies or exact replicas of other original artwork or published artwork. (No copies of any published images or copyrighted characters, i.e. Disney.) • Work must have been completed within the last two years and not previously exhibited in the BEAR GALLERY.


• Selected entries remain on display through Saturday, November 1, 2011. • Entries will be handled with the greatest possible care and are insured against damage or loss for the duration of the exhibit. FAA is not responsible for minor wear resulting from normal handling. • FAA retains a 25% commission on all exhibit sales. Works will be for sale unless noted as NFS (Not for Sale). Artist’s payments will be made on the 20th of the month following the exhibit’s closure. • Submitting an entry constitutes agreement on the part of the artist to all conditions in this prospectus.


• Entries must be ready for display, matted and framed. • Works to be hung on the wall must have wire hangers. NO SAWTOOTH hangers. • Unusual hanging mechanisms must be approved by VAC coordinator. • Large Quilts must have 2 inches of Velcro stitched along the entire top. • NO VELCRO, NO ACCEPTANCE. • For Video submissions, see the information on the back of this prospectus.

Annual 64th Parallel Entry Form (Please type or print)

Name_________________________________________RECEIPT #__________ Address_____________________________City ______________ Zip________ Daytime Phone_______________________ Email________________________ ENTRY 1. Title: _______________________________________Registration No.______ Medium: ________________________ Sale Price: _____ NFS____ Insurance Value______ ENTRY 2. Title: _______________________________________ Registration No.______ Medium:_________________________ Sale Price: _____ NFS ____Insurance Value_____ ENTRY 3. Title: _________________________________________Registration No.______ Medium: ________________________ Sale Price: _____ NFS _____Insurance Value____ ENTRY 4. Title: _________________________________________Registration No.______ Medium: _________________________ Sale Price: _____ NFS _____Insurance Value_____ * I have read and agree to abide by the conditions in the prospectus. Signature: ___________________________________________________ • Registration numbers will be assigned to each item upon entry. • Entry Form: Complete and sign. Fill out entry labels, fold in half and attach to the top of each piece of artwork. The artist name must be hidden. • You will be informed by phone of the results of the jury. • If NOT FOR SALE, write NFS followed by the insurance value. • ENTRY FEE: $5 per piece. Limited to 4 entries. Current FAA members receive a fee waiver on the third entry only. Make checks payable to Fairbanks Arts Association. Label 1 (Attach to front of Entry # 1) Name:___________________________________________________________________________ _____________________ ­ _ FOLD LINE _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Title: __________________________________________________ Registration No.___________ Fold Label on FOLD LINE, Name to the back. Title & Registration Number to the front.

Label 2 (Attach to front of Entry # 2) Name:___________________________________________________________________________ _____________________ ­ _ FOLD LINE _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Title: __________________________________________________ Registration No.___________ Fold Label on FOLD LINE, Name to the back. Title & Registration Number to the front.

Label 3 (Attach to front of Entry # 3) Name:___________________________________________________________________________ _____________________ ­ _ FOLD LINE _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Title: __________________________________________________ Registration No.___________ Fold Label on FOLD LINE, Name to the back. Title & Registration Number to the front.

Label 4 (Attach to front of Entry # 4) Name:___________________________________________________________________________ _____________________ ­ _ FOLD LINE _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Title: __________________________________________________ Registration No.___________ Fold Label on FOLD LINE, Name to the back. Title & Registration Number to the front.


In this Issue: September Exhibit in the Bear Gallery Gift Shop Artist of the Month Watercolor Corner Literary Reading Wish List 64th Paralle...