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PLUS: In Her Fad: A Day of Dainty And Chill | Bites: This Is Helpings On The Go: The Travelling Belle’s Beauty and Adventure Compass A La Mode: Glim and Glam Must-Haves. | Head Turner: Simply Exquisite



. It’s all about that radiance with Fair Magazine’s maiden issue. We are living in a fast-paced life that some of us forget to maintain our glow for us to bring out the sparkle in our friends, family, and even in our own career. Makeup, trendy clothes, and the latest gadgets are simply not enough to make statements that we are actually at best within ourselves.


I’m a firm believer that the glow we reflect should come from within. It should be a result of proper diet, enough rest, right skin care regimen, and having the right perspective about life in order to deliver excellence and bring inspiration to others. Proper perspective and healthful choices are worth chasing so that we can bloom—and glow!




Glim and Glam Must Haves

Her Own Rules

The Travelling Belle’s Beauty and Adventure Compass




SPECIAL FEATURE Be the Fairest of them All




HEAD TURNER Simply Exquisite

Our cover girl shares her thoughts on what makes her glow inside and out despite her demanding schedule and sleepless nights as an artist and celebrity. The Bites section features “This Is Helpings” which discusses the advocacy of Stephanie Seege who shares perfectly healthful and easy-toprepare diet for the on-the-go woman to maintain healthy glowing youthful skin.

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A Day of Dainty and Chill

THIS IS HELPINGS on Health and Happiness



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words | flor magaway

Find your instant beauty fixes among these top picks to give you iridescent glow, inside and out. Include them in your daily skin care and makeup regimen and you’ll surely get fab looks in a dash.



BE THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL! words | flor magaway

Everyone is longing to get a fair and glowing skin and women are willing to spend more than what is necessary just to look standout. However, compare the labels and you will prove it yourself that not all kinds of glutathione in the market are the same. KB Glutathione plus NAC (N-ACETYLCYSTEINE) is a precursor in the formation of glutathione and a powerful antioxidant in the body so it can boost the immune system and cleanse the kidneys since it is considered as a good liver cleanser. Smokers who are experiencing bronchopulmonary disease are advised to take NAC, too. Aside from that, it is also recommended to persons who have autism, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, chronic fatigue, HIV, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and to those who are suffering from

acetaminophen toxicity. Aside from this, KB Gluta– NAC also contains rose hips, the fruit of the rose plant containing high levels of Vitamin C. It has health wonders, too such as relief from rheumatoid arthritis and various respiratory conditions, prevents cancer, lowers cholesterol, regulates the digestive system, boosts the immune system, increases circulation, and helps to build strong bones. Beautiful skin is always “in”. And with all the benefits of KB Gluta–NAC, it can’t just make you a lovely belle but maintain good health as you get protection― inside and out. Available at Watsons, Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide.


everything everything everything you need you need you need

leave the rest to us leave the rest to us leave the rest to us


Ongpin corner Quintin Paredes Streets, Binondo, Manila, Philippines 1006 Ongpin corner Quintin Paredes Streets, +63 2 588 6688Philippines +63 21006 354 4152 Binondo, Manila, Ongpin corner Quintin Paredes Streets, +63 2 588 6688 +63 21006 354 4152 Binondo, Manila, Philippines +63 2 588 6688 +63 2 354 4152





words | flor magaway Shebby on Beauty and Style During Rainy Days Peeking through the chic world of Shebby Liquete, a top Pinay makeup guru who keeps the lead in social media, allows one to realize that making it big in this competitive genre is not that easy. But while she maintains a steady influx of followers because of her unique makeup ideas, stylish looks, and lovely face, will the wet and wild season change her style, skin care, and makeup regimen? Read on and find out how she stays fab and fresh while the wind blows like crazy and the rain pours tremendously. 1. What keeps you busy these days? Since my passion is really being a makeup artist, I work full-time as one while on the side, I do blogging or Youtubing. 2. How do you spend your typical day at home and remain productive? Well, to start with, I am more productive at night and like other artists, I think I am at my best during the night. I just wake up early when I have to attend to a client in the morning. I usually wake up in the afternoon, then I do my emails and if the weather is good, I do some photography for my Instagram posts for PR purposes. Then during the night, I film my videos and I edit them at midnight. The next day, I do the captions or add details to my posts and do last minute revisions then I upload them at night. 3. What differentiates you from other makeup gurus on Youtube? First, I have my own target market that includes the middle class to high end so most of the brands I use are also high end, really good brands. For the benefit of my followers, I go for quality so if you see my videos, I really produce high quality videos. I take my time thinking about the concept and how I will incorporate myself with the brand. I suit my videos with the brand image like, Benefit is a quirky brand so I make my videos fun. With Estee Lauder, the video should be sophisticated and more matured because their branding is like that. 4. Do you have a special skin care regimen during the rainy season? For the skin care, it will still be the same this rainy season. I have been using Estee Lauder Advance Repair and Estee Lauder Micro Essence since August last year. These are the most essential skin products that I use whatever the season is. I also use sunblock and if I get acne breakouts, I use Aztec Clay Mask which I mix it apple cider vinegar. I only do this once a week and it works on my skin.

5. Do you have recommended skin care products during the rainy season? This rainy season, I recommend using waterproof mascara and long-wearing foundation. 6. How will your fashion style change this rainy season? Not much, because I like wearing sweater. I know it’s hot in the Philippines even during the wet season but whenever I wear a cozy sweater, I feel fashionable and at the same time dainty and chill and I can wear it with everything especially if it’s really a good sweater. 7. Who is Shebby at home? I am very quirky and spontaneous behind the cam. Shebby at home is like most people, sometimes a couch potato. But most of the time, I am serious especially when the camera is rolling and do maintain high level of professionalism. 8. What do you think about wearing makeup at home? There is nothing wrong with wearing makeup at home especially if this makes you more confident. 9. Do you have a favorite book? I like the book of Pony, a very popular Korean makeup artist. Since I am a visual person, I enjoy reading her book which consists of visual steps on how to do makeup styles and tricks. I get my inspiration mostly from her. 10. Where is Shebby after five years? Five years from now, I will still probably be doing blogs but since I am not sure if I’d still be popular that time, I am planning to manage Youtubers and mentor them on how they can succeed. For certain, I will still be a makeup artist and put up a spa or nail salon. Since I’m into photography and cinematography, maybe I could try doing some Thai-style movies like an Indie film. 11. What advice could you give your followers as regards making it big on social media? Before thinking about how you will earn and how to become famous, you must concentrate on how you can develop your craft and put passion into it. Blogging is not an easy thing to do especially with the tough competition nowadays so you have to put passion in what you do and everything follows. The rainy season might challenge you on remaining radiantly glowing amid heavy traffic caused by floods or typhoons. Makeup artists like Shebby Liquete weather it out by working on colors and style. Her trendy makeup style on her blogs and videos will definitely bring back the sun in your life, too, even in the pouring rain.


For almost a decade, host and actress Max Collins has jumped from one character to another, one dizzying set to the next with enchanted speed. Here, she shares how she discovered beauty that unravels from within. words | pristine althea


photography | edward keeler


ax Collins may likely come on set donning the most pedestrian sweatshirt and baggy pants she wore in a boxing studio, but you’d know immediately that a celebrity has just entered the building. In the relatively quieter, languorous side of Maginhawa where a kitschy café sits close to a nearly empty parking lot, it’s practically a ghost town on a weekday afternoon. Max’s entrance, though, can make it appear like there’s an event ongoing. At 23, the Fil-Am doe-eyed beauty exerts the charm that most people associate with the confidence of rising stars, but there’s a certain rawness and candor about her that makes you want to look beneath the surface. TAKING THE STAGE “Lately, I’ve been shooting for Encantadia and Bubble Gang,” says Max, her unfiltered face betraying none of the long, late hours that the tapings must have required. Alongside taping for those two shows, she’s been guesting for Magpakailanman and Wish Ko Lang. Thanks in no small part to her commendable acting prowess or arguably more to her powerful presence onscreen, #maxcollinsonmpk was an actual hashtag that trended last May, owing to her appearance as the abused housewife Malen in Magpakailanman. “[Acting] is something that’s second nature to me. I’m so used to it. I grew up in it,” says Max. “It’s my passion.” Having been honing her acting chops since 14 under the screen name “Isabelle Abiera,” the actress has been part of ABS-CBN’s Star Magic, occasionally doing hosting stints and acting for afternoon dramas, until shifting to GMA with her now-better-known moniker Max Collins. “This is such a funny story: there is [another] Max Collins in the States,” she says, laughing. “He’s a singer. He’s been tweeting me that we should do a collab!” It can hardly be denied that aside from having better recall, there’s a kind of androgynous ring to the name—likely indicative of her own desired versatility on screen. “I try to play different roles so I don’t get typecast,” says Max, having recently portrayed characters ranging from a miserable housewife to her mother’s romantic rival. BATTLING THE ODDS “What I notice is that the shows that work best or do better are the ones where you’re very in sync with [people] on set or where you’re very comfortable with your co-actors, or you just have a good rapport with everyone,” explains Max. “Because if you’re not having fun onset, it’ll translate on screen. If you’re not in sync, it shows.” Show business is no cakewalk. As the local entertainment industry gets too crowded and cutthroat, staying ahead warrants a stamina to juggle multiple projects and endure endless working hours. The longest she’s been onset is from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. the next day. “We had to finish all the scenes because it was our last taping day. I died, got married, and gave birth all on the same day!” she quips. Still, there’s nothing in her appearance that signifies fatigue. She merely credits her complexion to basic beauty routines: taking off her makeup after work, drinking lemon water and tea with wild honey. And her ultimate beauty secret would have to be using Japanese makeup brands like Koh Gen Do. “I just love Japanese makeup brands, because I think it’s healthier for my skin. My skin is yellow so it actually complements my skin.” Keeping herself fit and healthy have always been key to performing well. “I have to eat healthy. Even if I want to eat McDonald’s, I have to say no. As much as I can, I eat stuff that are less processed. My immune system has to be really strong. And I try not to eat after 7:30 p. m. When I do I end up bloated the next day.” She used to do yoga until she decided to pursue a sport that would better build her stamina. “I got so used to doing yoga that my body didn’t really benefit from it anymore. I wanted something to build my strength.” With her cousin who’s a trainer, she regularly works

out at home, and boxes at Maic’s Gym twice a week to maintain her figure. “Burpees! Ugh, I hate burpees! But I have to do them: squats, crunches, all the stuff I hate,” she says. In our local tinseltown where new, younger actresses emerge from month to month, the discipline of maintaining one’s best image is critical to the competition. “It’s really hard to compete with all of the upcoming actresses,” Max admits. “Good skin and being fit is really crucial to the job—we have to be at our best or someone else will get the role.” Add to that, keeping herself emotionally balanced is an entirely different ballgame. Her skin and form may be the stuff of perfect fashion portraits that need no further editing, yet Max had still attracted some backlash concerning her appearance. At the start of her career, apparently, being mestiza had its drawbacks. “It was a stereotype: if you’re mestiza, you can only be a contrabida,” she says. “There was a stigma. The bida had to look more innocent, morena, relatable, not someone with foreign blood.” In the industry, it takes more than the simple cleanse-tone-moisturize routine to keep up with the daily grind; staying involves struggling with self-image and the industry’s perceptions of beauty—something that no amount of foundation can conceal or cure. “I think being able to take rejection and constructive criticism well has helped my career a lot. If you’re too sensitive, showbiz is a very hard industry to be in.” What’s admirable about Max is how she projects an image that’s all her own, may it be through her sophisticated fashion photos, her raw and quirky behind-the-scenes IG posts, or through her everyday style that’s at once classy, feminine, and laidback (think neutrals and pastel-colored garb whose lack of complexity is their own allure). Beauty, for Max, is staying true to who she is. OWNING HER IMAGE “If you always take into consideration what people say about you, it can really break your self-esteem. People comment all the time. You really go through struggles, whether it [involves] acting, or the way you look, your weight, your skin. There’s always something to pick on.” For Max, the understated virtue of staying positive and taking control of her life may well be the most powerful beauty tenet. “Empowered women empower women,” a quote reads in one of her IG posts. “I try to post positive quotes on my feed,” she says, “or something I learned from a book or a bible verse. I try to give out positive vibes to my followers.” Currently, she is reading a book by Tony Robbins entitled Awaken the Giant Within, where she learns how to control emotions by using the right language. “It’s on how to think positive and how to use positive words to attract positivity. . . Instead of saying ‘I’m so pissed and I’m depressed today,’ you just say ‘I feel odd today,’” she advises. “You’re not putting too much negativity. You don’t give it too much pansin. You don’t give too much power to the words.” More than maintaining her figure, an actress maintains an eternally sunny disposition amid relentless throngs of criticism. “I’ve been in the industry for so long. I’ve done other things, yet I still manage to stay.” Ultimately, beauty for Max means taking control and knowing what she wants. In 10 years time, expect her to lead evening shows, perfecting her craft and joining the ranks of local entertainment greats. That, and probably also managing her own bourgeoning business empire. “Hey, a girl can dream, right?” she says, halfjokingly. “I see myself running my own businesses, and only acting in projects that I’m really passionate about.” As she said, a show does indeed owe its success to how in sync the crew and the actors are, and Max similarly owes her brilliance to beauty forged through discipline and balance. What makes her glow from the inside out is knowing that success involves having a clear ambition and pursuing it all throughout. “You have to take control of your life and what it is that you want,” she says. “You go for it. You don’t let people keep you back.”



Beauty Secrets: Beauty secret would have to be using Japanese makeup brands like Koh Gen Do. “I just love Japanese makeup brands, because I think it’s healthier for my skin. My skin is yellow so it actually complements my skin.”



Diet: “I have to eat healthy. Even if I want to eat McDonald’s, I have to say no. As much as I can, I eat stuff that are less processed.



words | flor magaway

The expert therapists of Asian Massage

Special oils imported from Korea

Pampering centers open 24 hours

“You will definitely step out satisfied, relieved from pain and feel healthier.” In the heart of the busy metro comes Asian Massage, a truly authentic pampering center where rejuvenation and expertise blend perfectly yet surprisingly affordable. The entire staff sincerely welcomes everyone with the Asian trademark of hospitality – courteous and sincere. The interiors are embellished with intricate Thai design and more importantly, speckle-free and soothing. The masseuses or massage therapists have the hands of gold that ease the knots out of your aching back. Aside from being extensively trained with the trade secrets of Asian Massage, they have TESDA NC-II and Department of Health certifications so you are assured of luxurious and safe treatment. A must-try treatment is the Seomyeong Massage using Japanese Moguza recommended for clients who are suffering from dyspepsia, gastroparesis, slow motility syndrome, constipation, or colic. If simple ear aches and sinusitis are your main problems, the Asian Massage Signature with Indian Ear Candle could be the answer. On the other hand, the Qi’ Massage, a total treatment package, offers not just a relaxing treatment but also 14

detoxification while the Asian Massage’s traditional Hilot uses the comforting warmed coconut oil. To complete the healing ritual, banana leaves are placed over the body of the client. Of course, Thai Massage which restores balance of the mind and body is also available. Asian Massage uses special oil imported from Korea. One of these is eucalyptus which is best for colds. Another is the green tea oil known for its anti-aging properties. You may also request for lemon oil to help rejuvenate your energy, or the peppermint oil which can invigorate the mind and senses while inspiring an essence of peace. Well, when your day is dragging through a workout, class, or day at work, you deserve the Asian Massage treatments. You will definitely step out satisfied, relieved from pain and feel healthier. Asian Massage now has 21 branches nationwide and growing. It is open 24 hours so you can drop by anytime to get the treatment you’ve been wanting to have. If your schedule is tight, you may also request for a home service.


ON HEALTH AND HAPPINESS words | neldy co

recipes | stephanie seege

Stephanie Seege is an established gluten-free cookbook author who is committed to promoting health and happiness. According to Stephanie, there is yet much to be discovered about gut health and its direct link to our happiness, something that she passionately communicates to her followers.


Stephanie battled a number of illnesses when she was young. She got tired of feeling sad, sick, and anxious until she accidentally met an Indian Ayurdevic doctor in 2010 and encouraged her to change her diet. Ayurdevic Medicine was based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Since she could not find one that suited her way of eating then, she started writing a cook book. In 2014, Stephanie developed the website Helpings which intends to make the readers literally happy by giving daily helpings of food, digestion, yoga, meditation and exercise. Stephanie uses simple yet gastronomic recipes to improve health. Luckily, she shared with us healthy recipes that promote good skin. Even the on-the-go moms and yuppies can prepare them in just few minutes. The ingredients are available at local fresh sections and loaded with health-giving nutrients like greens, nuts, fish and fruits. Well, get your wok and prep for a completely nourishing gourmet dishes yet fun and quick to prepare.









Porridge – Fibers (in oats) are important for good digestion. If you suffer from indigestion, your skin will also most likely suffer.

Salmon and Avocado - The skin needs lots of healthy fats, such a salmon and avocado to stay elastic and shiny.

Prep time: 10 mins |1 helping

Prep time: 10 mins |1 helping

Ingredients: 150 ml/75g buckwheat flakes/oats 400 ml water 1/3 tsp ground cardamom or 2 cardamom pods 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon 3 tbsp maple syrup 1 tbsp ghee or coconut oil 1 apple 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds Instructions:


1. Place the buckwheat flakes in a pot with 300 ml water and let draw preferably over night or at least for 5-10 minutes (use boiled water if you let the flakes draw only for a few minutes. 2. Peel and core the apple, cut it in thin slices of your preference – the smaller, the easier to eat with a spoon. 3. Add 100 ml of hot water, the cardamom (pods) and bring the mix to a boil. Cook for one minute over medium heat while stirring with a spoon. 4. Add cinnamon, maple syrup, ghee/ coconut oil, the apple slices and pumpkin seeds.

2 eggs 50 ml soya milk 3 field mushrooms 1/2 tsp Herbs de Provence 1/2 tsp ground black pepper 1 tbsp olive oil

For Serving 50g smoked salmon 1/2 avocado 1/2 tsp sea salt flakes

Sunflower seeds - They contain naturally occurring healthy fats and vitamins.

Eat your greens - The body needs vitamins and minerals to build and repair your skin.

Prep time: 5 mins|2 - 4 helpings

Prep time: 15 mins |3 helpings


Ingredients: 2 red onions 3 garlic cloves 1 tbsp olive oil for frying 1 broccoli 100g fresh spinach 20 sugar snap peas 1 courgette (approx. 250g) 1 red bell pepper 200 ml water 1 tsp salt 1/2 tsp ground black pepper 1 tbsp paprika 2 avocados

100g/200 ml sunflower seeds 4 tbsp gluten-free soy sauce

Instructions: 1. Place the seeds in a dry frying pan and roast them on high heat for 3-5 minutes while stirring. The seeds are ready when they are light brown and there is a slight nutty smell. 2. Put the seeds on a plate, let it cool and mix with 4 tablespoons soy sauce.

Instructions: 1. Mix the eggs with the milk in a bowl and whisk lightly using a fork. Slice the mushrooms thinly, add them to the bowl along with ground black pepper and Herbs de Provence. 2. Pour the olive oil into a Teflon frying pan and add the omelette mix. Fry on medium heat for a couple of minutes while making sure that the sides of the omelette don’t burn using a wooden spatula. Frying the omelette takes about three to four minutes. 3. When slightly moist on the top and golden brown underneath, slide the omelette over to a plate and add a piece of smoked salmon on top. Also slice half an avocado and garnish the omelette with it and add some sea salt flakes.

Instructions: 1. Chop and fry the onion in olive oil for one minute in a frying pan.


2. Add the chopped broccoli (only the crowns), sliced red pepper, sugar snap peas cut in half, thin courgette coins, chopped spinach, 200 ml water, salt, ground black pepper and paprika. Steam the vegetables for 4 minutes. 3. Throw in finely chopped garlic one minute before turning off the heat. 4. Serve with cubed avocado, sea salt and a drizzle of olive oil.



words | flor magaway


Travelling gives her fresh perspective, the thrill of new experiences drive her to greater heights and every step opens a whole new world for her and her readers. Hannah Tan, a Malaysian singer-songwriter, actress and television personality, and a blogger embodies what a modern woman is—strong and free spirited yet inspiring, fashionable and alluring with streamlined wardrobe. Let’s explore the colorful world of Hannah T and see how the basics can make one look as striking as she wants to be.

“Through travelling, I’ve learnt to work around a capsule wardrobe of a few essential yet versatile pieces of clothing in basic colors such as black, white, grey/nude.” 1. Why do you love to travel? Why is it in for you? Over the years I’ve learnt the value of filling my life with experiences (as opposed to things), hence the love for travel. Plus, life is short; and just as travelling can be exciting and full of new adventures, it can also be a humbling experience as we learn from different situations, people and circumstances. It changes the way I see and relate to the world around me, and inspires me to keep innovating within the businesses that I’m involved in.

tickets/travel itinerary/hotel confirmation, medication (also taking into account the importance of proper vaccinations for certain destinations one month prior to the trip), cash (and some spare in US currency, regardless of destination), travel adapter, camera (including extra memory cards, spare batteries and charger), comfortable walking shoes, sanitizer/wet wipes. 5. What are the safety tips can you share? Always keep your valuables on you at all times (never in your check-in luggage), keep the bulk of your cash and passport in a travel wallet that can be strapped onto your body (underneath your clothes), email yourself a digital copy of your passport/ ID/credit card in case of emergency, update your family/close friends on your whereabouts regularly via text/email/ social media and ensure that at least one person has a copy of your itinerary (flight/ accommodation details etc.), stay vigilant and don’t trust people or get distracted too easily, try to blend in with the locals and not stand out as a “tourist” to avoid being targeted.

6. What skin essentials must women bring while traveling? Keep your skin protected with a good moisturizer and a sunblock. Pack an ointment, too, to ease itch and redness from 2.Travelling and food are inseparable so insect bites. how do you still keep your body fit and control your calorie intake? 7. How has travelling affected your fashion By sweating it out – exercising. Unfortunately sense? there are no shortcuts to health and fitness. It has taught me to streamline to a practical So I make sure that I do yoga, HIIT exercises capsule wardrobe with fewer but more and a lot of walking to keep my body fit. practical (and classic) essential items that don’t go out of fashion. 3. While on travel, what fashionable dresses do you bring that don’t crowd your 8. What beauty tips can you give to those luggage? who love to travel? I’ve learnt to work around a capsule Always stay hydrated by drinking lots of wardrobe of a few essential yet versatile water, stay protected from UV rays with pieces of clothing in basic colors such as the use of sunblock and keep your skin black, white, grey and nude. moisturized to maintain your youthful glow. 4. What are the essential things that we must have when travelling? If we’re talking about the bare basics then this would include – Passport/ID (and copies of it emailed to yourself in case of emergency), corresponding visas, travel insurance, flight


What are you waiting for? Gear up for your next stop. As Hannah T said, life is short, so pack your lives with exciting new experiences. Discover the crisp air of adventure but stay hip and pretty with the basics in fashion and travelling.


words | neldy co

Makeup in essence is made to highlight your best features which help you look healthy and full of life. It also adds colors to our appearance. Some say that different makeup looks can influence your mood, for instance, a red shade will stimulate and energize your mood while orange can help you focus. In this post, you will see four dainty makeup looks in different styles that can make you simply dazzling. These makeup looks should be on every woman’s list no matter what the season is. In addition, these are timeless makeup looks that can keep you looking fabulous as all the trends come and go. Feel free to save them in your makeup lists and opt for the best one for a certain occasion. Go check them out by yourself.



A boldly lined smoky eyes and the perfect red lipstick can transform even the most basic black dress into something startlingly chic for a romantic evening look. A romantic makeup look is appropriate for a special date night or an evening ball that will help you look lovely long past midnight.

Get this dainty look with enhanced eyes, glowing highlighted cheeks with yellow undertones and a subtle lip gloss for that fresh-faced daytime look. The idea behind dewy skin is that it looks young, fresh and more natural. A glowing complexion requires proper cleansing and hydrating, but to make your tired or dry skin look fresh again, a dewy makeup look can help with the proper use of highlighter products. A dewy makeup look will give you a polished, groomed, and more attractive look, best to wear on special occasions such as an acquaintance party, awards night, or a dinner party. It prompts more natural and radiant look.

Red, in any shade or style, is always a timeless and classic choice. Wearing red shades such as red lipstick looks classic, elegant and almost all women stick with this color as it is really a head-turning shade and you could never go wrong with it. Whether you’re going for a romantic evening date or attending a formal party, it is often the best choice.



An edgy wing liner with matte foundation and a nude matte lipstick is a look that can be worn any time of the day. Foundations, eyeshadows and lipsticks that are formulated with mattifying powders eliminate shine and leave behind a silky, powdery finish that is why most women love matte. Whether you have oily skin or just prefer the finish, matte makeup does look flawless on most skin types. You can stick with matte for an everyday makeup look.

Smokey eyes and light peach lips create a perfect balance for an edgy daytime look. You can tone down smoky makeup look so it becomes daytime appropriate and slightly less dramatic version of a nighttime smoky makeup look perfect for day or night, casual or dressy occasions. Ideal colors are light brown, medium, or dark brown.


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