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EVERY CHAPTER IN OUR LIFE GIVES US THE OPPORTUNITY TO BRING VICTORY WITHIN OURSELVES. Our burning passion pushes us to accomplish greater heights that will eventually bring satisfaction into our existence. Our second issue features young, unstoppable, and competitive women who inspire us to see the importance of perseverance in fulfilling our dreams. These stunning ladies are truly sources of inspiration for making a difference in their chosen fields. Get fascinated with our cover girl, Gretchen Ho who has flipped another page in her life and now inking down a new chapter in her career as a TV host. Through the glitz and glam of the entertainment industry, she motivates women to leave their comfort zones and bravely follow their dreams as she has done by taking the challenge of being a TV host. Volleyball was her springboard and as soon as she took the boob tube center stage, she has become the voice of every young girl who wants to speak yet cannot be heard. The competitive yet fresh and vibrant Atenean will share her personal success formula and on how she managed to use the lessons from the volleyball court to succeed being a TV host.


In our “In Her Fad” section, another rising belle, Alaiza, shared with me her journey to the next chapter of her career as she continuously aims to be an international model after joining the Cycle 4 of Asia’s Next Top Model. Being true to herself and being quirky gave her a place in the modeling industry. Despite the challenges, she’s up to thread on the jet-setter-lifestyle of an in-demand international model.


I guess all of these beautiful stories start from within. From the right diet, in our “Bites” section, Holly the creator of Hippie Wholefood shares her colorful and nutritious recipes that can be enjoyed while trying to be lean. Yes, healthy diet is not just limited to the greens but can also be a burst of lustrous, vibrant colors and flavors. Lastly, if you want to step out into the light with glowing skin, Lumiere Skin & Spa shares a holistic approach of having a beautiful, younger, and radiant skin with their advocacy of beauty, which should come from within and can be manifested outside. Who can reject this approach? Having the right perspective, being true to yourself, being carefree once in a while, and accepting your flaws make you beautifully successful. Your spotlight is waiting for you. Go and get it!

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Top Beauty Options for the Free Spirited Gal

Tracing the Ace in Gretchen Ho’s Off-Speed Success

Nomadic Beauty



SPECIAL FEATURE Unlock the Ultimate Beauty Secrets in Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence




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Alaiza Malinao: Carefree Yet Fab

Hippie Wholesome Food




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FREE SPIRITED GAL words | flor magaway

Free-spirited fashion non-conformists like Boho fanatics need beauty buddies to keep their skin lovely. Idly walking around under the intense heat might pre-maturely damage the skin or cause dryness. Read on as you will find products to prep you up for hippie moments.






1SECRET KEY’S HYALURON SOFT MICROPEEL TONER Give your skin a whole new beauty formula richly packed with moisture that lets you beat the signs of aging while enjoying the colorful world of gypsy’s fab fashion, proudly and vivaciously; 2 SECRET KEY’S SNAIL REPAIRING BB CREAM Snail enzyme firms and restores skin by replenishing moisture and supporting cell regeneration. Find it in Secret Key’s Snail Repairing BB Cream to get a baby-looking skin while having fun in your ruffled Boho get up.; 3 BEAUTY COUNTER REJUVENATING FACE CLEANSER Beauty Counter Rejuvenating Face Cleanser is definitely the daily facial splash buddy you deserve. It is anti-oxidant enriched and packed with botanical oils such as apricot kernel oil and cranberry and raspberry seed oils so your skin will feel clean, moist and supple every wash. 4 REJUVENATING NIGHT CREAM Formulated with marine extracts and safflower oleosomes, this cream promotes natural skin care repair and locks in moisture as you sleep, so you will wake-up fresh and younger everyday. 5 KB GOLD PREMIUM SOAP This isn’t just an ordinary beauty bar. It perfectly blended 99% of human placenta extract, Alpha Arbutin, Kojic Acid, Soybean Extract, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C Rosehips to give you surprisingly fast, safe and effective way to whiter, smoother, fresher skin.





K beauty craze is totally in nowadays especially with Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence that combines technology, natural ingredients and strictly Korean culture to come up with an innovative beauty secret. First, let’s unlock the potent ingredients of Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence to prove that it’s a must-have beauty bottle. Secret Key contains a high concentration of galactomyces which rejuvenates, whitens, hydrates, and tightens the skin. The groundbreaking galactomyces fermentation technology provides nourishment and deep moisturization to the skin while enhancing skin renewal so it effectively fights aging. K beauty products will not be complete without Panax Ginseng Root, traditionally used by Koreans for its healing properties. In skin care, ginseng is prized as an anti-aging ingredient for its ability to increase collagen synthesis which helps retain skin’s elasticity. Ginseng refines and prevents dryness so it keeps skin vibrant and fresh. And because of its anti-inflammatory properties,

ginseng can help reduce skin outbreaks and may lighten acne scars. Secret Key also contains Ganoderma lucidum which is effective in suppressing melanin or the dark pigmentation of the skin. It can also reduce free radicals and speed up cell regeneration. The polysaccharide in ganoderma can brighten and moisturize the skin. These and many other natural ingredients are locked in Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence to give you the flawless skin that you have been dreaming of. On the other hand, Secret Key is free from paraben, mineral oil, benzophenone, alcohol, pigments, and artificial scent which are all harmful to the skin. It is light and easily absorbed. It can be used after applying your favorite toner with a cotton or the Korean waysoak a cotton pad and use it as a regular face mask. With regular use, you’ll notice visibly smaller pores, smoother and brighter skin perfect for any photo angle.










words | f lor magaway

Towering and tan, Alaiza Malinao has the vision and confidence to have what it takes to be a top model. Like the Boho style though, she remains cool amid rigorous exercise and stressful modeling life. She says that photoshoots can be tiring but you have to find a way to enjoy at work. She loves working with people and deals with criticisms with ease. She’s naturally bubbly and describes herself as crazy behind the cam but completely immersed and focused when at work. She started with Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 and moving up to higher grounds. 1. What was the most remarkable experience that you had in Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4? Well, I really had fun with the girls and had the chance to travel around Asia. And since we stayed in one house, I had the chance to learn the cultures of different girls. 2. What are your career plans? I’d probably try modeling abroad since I have already gotten used to the professional modeling routines in Manila. I have to break the routine. I’d like to start in Asia first then off I go to the U.S. You see, modeling abroad will also be a way for me to grow as a person so I’d like to work with different people, standards and cultures. 3. What were the greatest challenges in modeling that you encountered? I guess, it is being perfect in the eyes of stylists and critics. I’ve got to prove that people did not make a mistake in choosing me for some projects. I also have to withstand criticisms and face them with courage. 4. How do you prepare yourself for photoshoots? I drink coffee to keep my energy high. I also put lotion to make my skin look healthy and smooth. 5. What are the beauty essentials that you bring for outdoor photoshoots or when you travel? I always bring moisturizer and lotion. My skin is dry so I need to

hydrate it to keep it glowing. Moisturizers really help to keep my skin soft although I need to research more about the best way to ease skin dryness. 6. Do you use special skin formulations? No. I just use Johnson’s and Celeteque. I want to look tan to be unique so I also use Nivea Bronze and Protect. In modeling, it’s a big advantage if you have a fair skin but being tan makes me a stand out so I use Nivea Bronze and Protect. 7. What do you like most about Boho style? I like Boho because it does not need a lot of styling. I can just be myself… carefree yet fab. 8. Do you have special diet? No. I just avoid eating at fast food. My every meal plate is also free from processed food. At home, I stay away from fried food and indulge in a lot of vegetables. 9. What kind of exercise do you do? I do high-intensity exercise. It’s like circuit but the difference is that you have different training everyday. 10. What is your advice to those who aspire to be a model? First, they have to enjoy modeling at the same time they have to be careful with their decisions. They should not also be too trusting. The modeling world can be harsh with all the expectations and criticisms so one must be strong and have the courage to face all of these. Like the hippie style, try to keep your cool when the road gets tough. Get a bit crazy at times and like Alaiza, you’ve just got to be yourself. The people around you will always have something negative to say so just imagine yourself while dancing with the wind in your favorite free- spirited outfit to wrap up your day with the festive gypsy mood. 9


words | f lor magaway

Before the photoshoot started to roll, Gretchen Ho came in her usual big smile. She approached everyone with sincere aura of friendliness that draws people around her. She’s like a ball that dropped and the players just went around her. In volleyball, they call it “campfire” effect but offcourt, this simply means personal magnetism. When she’s around, people can’t help but to be around her to work or even just to chat. She’s not that loquacious but really makes sense when she talks. With these sensible talks, she can inspire that is probably the reason she became a host. She is not edgy while working in her new turf but can be meticulous just to bring out the best in what she’s doing. Athletes’ careers usually end after the championship but for Gretchen, this was just the beginning of a better and brighter career. Gretchen Ho’s days on the UAAP volleyball court ended with an indelible mark but this volley belle offers more than her breath-taking feats. In fact, she stepped into the hosting limelight with a bang landing as one of the hosts of Umagang Kay Ganda and Lifestyle this year. Gretch recognizes the fact that volleyball has paved the way for her hosting career. But more importantly, she claimed that sports has helped her in building up her career on television by instilling in her the “secret” success formula that includes the perfect blend and mix of hard work, discipline, consistency, open-mindedness, humility and the ability to turn failures into gold mines for learning. She said that the character she built over the years of competing on the volleyball court is the same character she brings right now to any workday, situation and opportunity. Thus, she approaches hosting the way an athlete would. She brings the metaphor of the raging ball into the camera lenses, the people around her consist the cheering crowd while the volleyball court has become the stage. But now, there is no longer an opponent to crash down with every spike as she considers herself as her only opponent.

Probably, volleyball spectators would ask how she became a host. The court used to be her turf and now she is up to test of the never-ending ratings battle on TV. “I developed my hosting skills by looking for my “pegs” in life or my inspirations in hosting. I think that’s the first step so you would have a goal. Next is really watching myself on TV though most of the time it feels awkward. You have to live through it to know how else you can improve. I also ask for criticism from mentors and people whom I know will tell me the truth and who have the best interest at heart. To improve even more on hosting, you have to listen more, read more and always aim to know a little more each and every day. It takes years to build credibility and experience to build confidence so I just put myself out there and try to level up each time,” she recounted. Looking at her educational attainment, however, one would no longer wonder how she became a host as she finished Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication in 2013 at the Ateneo de Manila and also got a degree in Management Engineering in 2012. These explain why she can execute ideas, facilitate, ask questions, and bring out good and real answers with visible ease. As Gretch hums a whole new rhythm now, she appreciates the fact that her spectrum of knowledge has widened. “I feel like I’ve dedicated so many years to volleyball and that focus has kept me from exploring other things. Being a TV host has helped me learn more about different topics, fields, cultures, personalities, trends, histories, and stories. I realized that there is so much more for me to learn and that is what keeps me motivated at work each day,” she said. The challenge now is not to keep the crown for her team but to perform well on stage. Before the spotlight focuses on her, she said that she prepares the best way possible. She isn’t the type who will just read prompts. She takes time to read, research, immerse and ask questions. “I also have to rehearse my lines, visualize how I’m going to pull it off, and then come game time, be in the moment,” she claimed. Naturally bubbly and witty, she considers hosting fun as she’s able to make people happy day in and day out. “My goal, especially for the morning show, is to be able to spread the joy to my viewers and make them feel happy to head on to their daily activities. I can also use my voice to speak out for those who are afraid to speak or those who are voiceless. It’s a privilege to be able to influence people with what we do on TV. As a host, I also love learning about other people’s stories. There’s just a different experience every day and work is always exciting,” she proudly described her job. With a coveted career that comes with perks and prestige, she doesn’t take pride to step in the way and takes humility as her career compass. She thinks that humility means being openminded to the opinions of other people and different possibilities, learning how to listen to constructive criticism, accepting her own flaws, always remembering where she came from and acknowledging the fact that she won’t get here without the help of others. Right now, acting is not really on the plate. But she is not closing her doors to it because she believes in the adage that “you can never say never”. “I’m currently exploring where I really want to be. I love anchoring a morning show, hosting lifestyle show pageants, documentaries, and doing reports and features. At the end of the day, my goal is really to be able to bring out the best in myself and to serve the purpose that God laid out for me in this industry. I think this is where I can contribute more now,” she firmly said. Unfolding Gretchen’s Beauty Secrets The best skin care product for Gretch is the facial wash. “I don’t think I can live without it. With everything that I do throughout the day, I feel like there’s so much dirt that has already accumulated on my face. I have to start and end my day by washing with facial wash,” she said. She also has grown fond of using lotion recently. She realized that prevention is better than cure and it’s also easier to put on makeup when the skin is soft and hydrated. Sunblock is another beauty partner. “ I play beach volleyball and I do a lot of reports outside, so I have to have sunblock with me,” she said. Of all the makeup products, she likes the eyeliner the most because her eyes are small being a chinita. A quick sweep of the eyeliner will make her eyes look a little more awake and alive. She also loves using powder foundation because it’s light on the face and covers up blemishes. The falsies also add glow into her eyes as they also make her eyes look bigger. Stress is a part of the modern world and in the field she is into now, getting burned out is very likely. She got prayer as her best ally against stress. When things are rough, she goes to the chapel and spends quiet time with God where she seeks for help, guidance, enlightenment and grace. So she genuinely smiles and faces the world with confidence. She wraps up the long and tiring day with a plateful of her favorite food and a relaxing marathon of much-awaited TV series. Not bad and affordable indeed. She has just finished Time Keeper by Malcolm Gladwell and regularly updates herself through on-line reading to prepare for hosting and to get entertained as well. During her free time, she works out to keep her sanity and for her to stay fit and active. She runs a lot, mostly outdoors and goes to the gym to do weights and strengthening. Whenever she’s free, she goes out to watch movies and to reconnect with her loved ones. Truly when a chapter ends, a new one unfolds. With the lessons of the past, one can expect brighter things to come. Gretchen picked up the character, the drive and the humility of the court and now her career is blossoming and people can’t ignore the fact that the volley belle conquered another horizon where she will, as always, claim victory.


“Sports has helped me in building up my career on the boob tube by instilling in me the “secret” success formula that includes the perfect blend and mix of hard work, discipline, consistency, open-mindedness, humility and the ability to turn failures into gold mines for learning,”


“I honestly used to not care at all about how I dressed up and looked like, but in this industry, physical looks matter a lot. I had to adjust and present myself better so that I could get more ears to listen, more eyes to watch. It’s a reality that we all have to accept. Every day I learn new things about makeup, fashion and style. I actually feel better and more confident now that I take care of myself better. My fashion statement right now would be simple, athletic, edgy and sexy all at the same time. I think that encapsulates my personality,”



words | lizzie oren

“Welcome to Lumiere Skin & SPA”. This is not just a simple greeting but a warm conviction of welcome for everyone who experienced Lumiere Skin & SPA’s service. Thus, those who have been here found the wellness establishment truly dedicated in giving world-class rejuvenation that the skin and senses will definitely love. At the hustling Eastwood locale, you can find your light within at Lumiere Skin & SPA. The wellness and beauty center believes that the skin deserves to be deeply pampered from within so that sleek skin will be easily noticed. Here, they use a meticulous holistic approach, concerning not just about one time beauty treatments, but more on about one’s overall well-being. Having ageless, and luminous skin is their top priority for women to have undeniably fairer, fresher, and glowing skin despite the daily stress.


effectively replace the aging skin with something younger and blushing. It is non-invasive, fast, effective and economical. In the house, you can experience the LASEMED Thulium laser, the latest Korean technology which holds the excellent gold standard for anti-aging facial. The treatment shortens damaged collagen strands forcing the body to produce more collagen. Aside from aging prevention, this technology also tightens the skin making it younger and fresher while ensuring that your skin efficiently takes in the vitamins it needs. Stop hiding your scar with the help of CDS (Cosmeceutical Delivery System). It is a method of administering a cosmeceutical compound into the skin to achieve a beneficial cutaneous aesthetic effect.

The ambience inside the house is really exceptional as you will be welcomed with a warm approach from professional and well-polished therapists and will feel comforted by the smell of relaxing aroma unconsciously calming your senses.

Their signature massage will give you total relaxation enough to enjoy your staycation in the heart of the busy city. Trained therapists understand the right amount of pressure to give in massaging your body and allow you to breathe correctly with simple breathing techniques to ensure good blood circulation.

You will surely love their state of the art, yet affordable services. Their organic and botanical skincare products would completely nourish and revitalize tired skin. The peel services

These are just some of the world-class services of Lumiere Skin & SPA that you can choose to pamper and revitalize your tired skin from the hustle and bustle of life. Visit the house from 10am to 12mn.


HIPPIE WHOLESOME FOOD words | neldy co

recipes | holly nottrot

Hippie Wholefood was created for the people to realize that vegetarian lifestyle is NOT boring and is certainly NOT limiting. It is kind of odd to imagine those who are certified meat lovers enjoying their meatless meal. Fortunately, Hippie Whole Food recommends some fresh and delectable recipes that will change every meat lovers’ mind to try fun and yummy dishes minus the meat. The name ‘Hippie Wholefood’ intends to represent vegetarianism as an alternative way to get a wholesome diet. It is not as some believe as a weight loss scheme to limit one’s intake of certain types of food. It’s simply another form of balanced meal. It tells people that there is a variety of ingredients and substitutes available so that exciting and nutritious veggie dishes can be incorporated more often into people’s diets. If meat is the tastiest part of your dinner, you may add a little guilty pleasure instead to forget the lack of meat (i.e. cheese or a dollop of mayo!) People seem to have this idea that vegetarians live off

rice, pasta and the occasional lettuce leaf. This presumption pushes Hippie Wholefood to experiment more and more with ingredients and avoid bland flavors! Hippie Wholefood helps its followers on how to achieve vibrant health on naturally wholesome vegetarian diets, as well as making it easier than ever to avoid the poor nutritional choices that often result in the “ex-vegetarian” phenomenon. It also gives information that all nutrients required by the human body can be obtained from non-animal sources, including plenty of protein, iron, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, and fatty acids such as Omega and DHA oils. Now, start making it a habit to go to the green and fruit section when going to a grocery store! You may find yourself appreciating food more and enjoying much wider food varieties.









Nettles are high source of iron, great for vegetarians as they are more likely to suffer from anemia (a lack of iron) for not reaping the benefits found in red meats. They have also been proven to improve skin conditions like eczema, make hair shinier and thicker and keep the skin clear. In addition, the nettle contains 10% protein which is the highest level found in any vegetable.

Fibre muffins are super healthy breakfast on the go or lighter way to have a treat. Fibre is an important contributor to a healthy digestive system. The seeds and nuts used in this recipe also help give shine to your hair. Makes 12 large Cup Cakes.

A 50-gram serving of Halloumi cheese provides around 166 calories. One ounce of this tasty cheese provides about 90 calories. Reduced fat or light Halloumi cheese can help you save on the calories. These varieties have 68 calories per ounce.

Ingredients 2 pcs 1 cup 2 cups 1/2 cup 1 cup 1 cup 1/2 cup 1/2 tsp 1 tsp

This recipe is simple and quick to make, recommended if you’re low on ingredients but need something super juicy and tasty. The cheese soaks up all the juices from the peppers, onions and garlic and guarantees amazing flavor once crisped!

Eating fruits and adding protein such as peanut butter for breakfast help you to concentrate and keep you from going through a mid-morning slump. This recipe takes less than 10 minutes to make and can be altered depending on the available ingredients in the kitchen. It can also easily be taken on the go if you own a blend active or nutribullet. Ingredients 100g 100g 1tsp 200ml

frozen bananas frozen fruits of your choice peanut butter milk or dairy substitute (i.e. almond rice or milk)

For Toppings jumbo oats • chia seeds • fresh fruit toasted pumpkin seeds •banana chips Instructions

1. Blend together 100g of frozen bananas, 100g of frozen fruits of your choice (Holly generally uses frozen mixed berries), 1tsp of peanut butter and 200ml of milk or a dairy substitute i.e. almond or rice milk. 2. Once blended, smooth top with jumbo oats (these will soak up excess liquid and provide a more filling meal). You can add chia seeds as well as fresh fruit, toasted pumpkin seeds and banana chips to add texture and a variety of flavors.

Ingredients 100g pine nuts 100g nettles 2 tbsp olive oil 20g fresh basil + extra for garnish 100g Spinach 15pcs halved cherry tomatoes 2 pcs chopped garlic cloves 250g spaghetti noodles Instructions

1. First, place the nettles, chopped garlic, half of the pine nuts and all the olive oil into a pan. Turn on a medium flame and cover the pan with a lid to seal in moisture. Once the nettles become limp and turn into a darker green, move it onto the next stage. 2. Now add in the spinach and basil and cover with a lid until limp. 3. Place all your mixture into a blender. You will need to add some cold water just enough to cover the mixture, otherwise it will be too thick and dry to blend. 4. Finally, put the mixture back to the pan and turn on low heat. Add chopped cherry tomatoes and the remaining pine nuts. Before serving, rip up some of the reserved fresh basil and mix it into the spaghetti then serve.

ripe bananas of mixed berries plain flour rolled oats runny honey chopped mixed seeds & nuts sunflower oil baking powder bicarbonate soda

Optional 1/2 cup chopped seeds and nuts 100g Milk Chocolate (decoration)

Ingredients 1 pack 2 pcs 2 pcs 2 pcs 1 tbsp 1 pack



1. Preheat the oven to 180c. 2. Mash all the ingredients together in a bowl until there is an even berry purple throughout the mixture. 3. Place the mixture in cupcake cases and place it into the oven. Once the muffins begin to turn into gold and have a spongy texture take them out and leave to cool.


After melting the chocolate, drizzle it over the cooled muffins and sprinkle the remaining chopped seeds and nuts. Refrigerate until the chocolate hardens.

diced halloumi red peppers-cut into strips chopped garlic cloves sliced onions olive oil spaghetti noodles

1. Cook spaghetti noodles according to package instructions. While this is cooking, place all the other ingredients into a frying pan with a medium heat, stir regularly as Halloumi has a tendency to stick. 2. Once the pasta is cooked al dente; Halloumi is crisped; and peppers are nicely fried; toss them together and serve hot. You can top this meal off with a little homemade garlic oil to keep the spaghetti from sticking and get that extra garlic kick. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HIPPIE WHOLEFOOD VISIT HER NEW SITE AT HTTPS://HIPPIEWHOLEFOOD.WORDPRESS.COM/. BE UPDATED WITH HER RECIPES AND YOU CAN TAG HER IN YOUR FOOD POSTS AT @HIPPIE_WHOLEFOOD.


words | flor magaway

A drifter with a cause, Jenny G finds beauty in the simplicity of the daily life. She left the serenity of New Zealand and settled in the mystic ambiance of Kathmandu, Nepal. Capturing the mundane keeps her feet going and has set foot in Cambodia, China, Malaysia, Bali, California, Oregon, Washington and Mexico. Earthquake may shatter hopes and dreams but her shutter keeps on clicking to give hope.


A drifter with a cause, Jenny G finds beauty in the simplicity of the daily life. She left the serenity of New Zealand and settled in the mystic ambiance of Kathmandu, Nepal. Capturing the mundane keeps her feet going and has set foot in Cambodia, China, Malaysia, Bali, California, Oregon, Washington and Mexico. Earthquake may shatter hopes and dreams but her shutter keeps on clicking to give hope. Lopes may be too high at times, but this nomadic beauty is not at all daunted to give deeper meaning to adventure. With the ordinary people she met, she has redefined beauty and glamour. Travelling enriched her soul and gave a more profound meaning to her existence.


She has words for you before you take the big leap and traverse the not-so-ordinary gypsy world—be it in terms of beauty and skin care. After all, she’s still a woman though with a peculiar aura in the eyes of others.

4. How did travelling change your lifestyle? I realized how little you actually needed to be truly happy, and how investing in experiences rather than in things is infinitely more fulfilling. The last three years of non-stop travel has decreased my desire to consume ‘things’ dramatically. 5. What skin care products do you use while travelling and shooting? Cetaphil to cleanse my face, Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid for deep exfoliation, Murad’s Advanced Active Radiance Serum to repair acne scars and redness - it has vitamin C in it! And of course a good moisturizer with SPF.

1. What kinds of places, events, and people do you think are worthy to be photographed by your lenses? Any place or person who has an interesting story. Luckily, the world is never short of those! I love capturing them with an intimate connection, with curiosity and newness, even if it’s a super popular destination that has been photographed thousands of times before.

6. What is your fashion statement? Effortless and free-spirited. The fashion is just a reflection of the spirit!

2. What has been the most remarkable journey you have ever had? After the devastating Nepal earthquake last year, I travelled there to photograph the ruins and recovery. Through Instagram, I connected with a small Seattlebased NGO that ran an orphanage in the deep southern hills of Nepal, almost on the Indian border. I photographed and filmed the children there, and their daily lives. It’s one of the poorest districts in Nepal (and the world), but the children were brimming with happiness in the purest form I’d ever seen. It was truly humbling.

8. How do you pamper yourself after a long travel? A long, hot bath.

3. Did your definition of glamour and beauty change when you started travelling? How? When you’re on the road a lot, it makes sense to adapt to a minimalist form of style and beauty. It can be difficult because I still love fashion, but


carting around so many clothes is taxing! Instead of looking to clothing and makeup to adorn myself with, I naturally drifted to getting my vegetables in, eating right and staying hydrated. Feeling healthy is the best form of beautiful!

7. What are the most essential pieces of fashionable items do you pack whenever you travel? Black boots, Nike black leggings that can double as pants, and sunnies!

9. What type of diet do you follow to stay fit? Green smoothies are a super efficient way to get all your greens in every day. I try and eat colorfully, including as many varieties of vegetables as possible. I also treat myself and allow myself to indulge. 10. What beauty and skin care tips could you give to the women who would like to be a traveller? Sunscreen is so important! And drinking enough water and sleeping well actually change your skin’s health so much. Journey on until you’ll realize, as Jenny G did, that it’s worth leaving your comfort zone and be the best that you can be.


words | neldy co

A carefree and unique fashion is indeed a timeless style. It’s a long-term vogue staple that incredibly goes their own charming way boldly and spiritedly, adding flavor with retro and vintage bargains. If you recognize what suits you and know what you like, it’s a fabulous way to flounce your unique fashion stuff. We’ve compiled a list of accessories that never seem to get out of style, and definitely unique pieces to wear, no matter what the trends are telling us.

These round metal earrings from H&M Collection are great pieces for the dressed up daywear. A chic adornment in the shape of dreamcatchers to complete your Boho collection.

This metal necklace from H&M features flower-shaped pendants decorated with rhinestones and plastic beads. It is a fabulous piece perfect for the positive and cheery woman to complete her ensemble of the day.

You can have so much fun with this Turban Headband from Zara. This surely adds zest to your trendy free-spirited look.

Give yourself an exceptional sophisticated look with this luxury ethnic gold and black bead necklace from Izza Apparel

A woven triangle scarf from FOREVER 21 featuring a colorblocked design and tasseled trim. This material will surely offer the instant Boho feel to the one who wears it.

These oversized round-framed brown sunglasses by Michael Kors exude effortless chic style which you can don for a classy look. Grab them, too when heading towards the flashy downtown ramp.

Floral Embroidered Headwrap, a woven headpiece from FOREVER 21 , has elastic back and a floral embroidered mesh design with scalloped trim and glitter knit, fit for a laid-back, Bohemian attire.


Fair Magazine #2 - A New Adventure  
Fair Magazine #2 - A New Adventure  

GRETCHEN HO stars the cover for Fair Magazine second issue lensed by fashion photographer ARI SIMANGAN. In charge of styling was ALFY ALMONT...