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A Ground-Breaking Solution to Rochester's Workforce Crisis

Workforce Diversity New Requirements


Is it a Phone or a Computer?

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Champion Academy


NAWIC Update




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Digital Networking

A Ground-Breaking Solution to Rochester's Workforce Crisis

History and News from the Rochester Chapter

Is it a Phone or a Computer?


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New Workforce Diversity Requirements


The Habits of High Performing People

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34 Quarter 4 • 2019 — ROBEX


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Quarter 4 • 2019



President Aaron Hilger

Executive Committee

Vice President, Marketing & Operations Kim Gaylord Planroom Manager & Membership Director Corrine Taylor Accounting Manager Taryn Deinhart Research & Communication Manager Mariel Fedde Planroom Coordinator Robin Stewart Planroom Reporter Nicole Gissendanner Executive Assistant Jenna Kraeger

Chairman Robert Morgan Upstate Roofing & Painting Vice Chairwoman Melissa Geska U.S. Ceiling Corporation Secretary Brian O’Shell Ajay Glass Treasurer Victor E. Salerno O’Connell Electric Company Immediate Past Chair Kevin Cannan A.A.C. Contracting

Board Members David Cooper Rose & Kiernan Mike D’Hont Western New York Floor Co. Anthony DiTucci Livingston Associates John Greene Unified Electric

Builders Exchange of Rochester 180 Linden Oaks Suite 100 Rochester, NY 14625 P (585) 586-5460 F (585) 586-1580

Brian Kelly Manning, Squires, Hennig Co. Inc. Ed Kurowski, Jr. The Pike Company Courtney Lafferty JBX Chairwoman LeChase Construction


ROBEX — Quarter 4 • 2019

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The Builders Exchange of Rochester was founded in 1888 by visionaries dedicated to Rochester, New York’s commercial development market. Today, the exchange has more than 600 members and affiliates, and serves the commercial, industrial and governmental construction industry in Western and Central New York. ROBEX © 2019 is distributed three times each year to all members on a complimentary basis.

Daniel Mossien Mossien Associate Architects Kevin Peartree Ernstrom & Dreste Curt Peterson Monroe Piping & Sheet Metal

Kevin Foy M&T Bank

Mike Mallon LeChase Construction

Mark Mancuso Flower City Habitat for Humanity

Erich Postler Postler & Jaeckle Timothy Pullis Brown & Brown of Rochester Thomas Renauto Home Leasing Randy Sickler SWBR Architects Ken Stewart CP Ward

Publisher Fahy-Williams Publishing PO Box 1080, 171 Reed St. Geneva, NY 14456 P (800) 344-0559 F (315) 789-4263 To advertise contact Tim Braden at (800) 344-0559,

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Certified WBE Specializing in On-Site Direct Fueling to Fleets, & Construction Equipment. Offering On/Off Road Diesel, Home Heat and Gas.

Real-Time R.F.I.D. Tracking & Reporting by Asset Eliminate Liability & insurance Cost Inventory Control & Management Customer service & scheduled deliveries available 24/7 Emergency Dispatch

Serving Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse & Surrounding Counties

50 Gallon Deliveries or More

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A message from the PRESIDENT


Building partnerships isn’t by chance.

It’s by LeChase.

For over 75 years, our drive to be the premier provider of construction services has inspired us to aim for perfection in everything we do. That’s how we consistently deliver excellence for our clients, our communities and our company.


ROBEX — Quarter 4 • 2019

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have always enjoyed the seasons – the beautiful red leaf that I found on my car this morning on the way to play squash made me smile. There is a beauty in fall that is so different from spring, but equally lovely. Fall and spring are the transition seasons, not just for the weather and the start or end of school, but also for the construction season. Rochester is having a great year and all of our members are busy! That certainly makes meetings more fun and increases participation, even as we start to get ready for the slower winter season. This season’s work level was driven by a good public market and very robust private market. Consider that between 2000 and 2019, there were about $2.3 billion dollars of projects in Rochester’s urban core. That sounds like a lot, but really is only about $120 million a year. However, some context brings a little better focus. About $770 million of that was announced in 2019. You should feel busy, because we are! A lot of members have asked me how long I think this strong market is going to last. It was probably the most common question at the clambake, apart from “How did you get such great weather again?” I wish I could answer the latter, but the former is a little easier. Right now, this market probably has a year to two years left on it. The public side of the market faces some challenges that include the lack of a federal highway bill, which seems increasingly unlikely due to the hyper partisanship in Washington. At the state level, tax receipts are shrinking, and the cost of government is increasing. That is not sustainable for long and will have an impact on projects if it lasts too long. In the local private market, there are really only so many higher-end places that can be built in the urban core, or senior living spaces in the suburbs. We may be reaching market saturation in those areas – not yet, but close. There is still growth in affordable housing, which will help sustain the market. We are also hearing from our peers on the West Coast that project views and numbers of bidders on projects have substantially increased in the last months. That often indicates a slowdown, and we are typically a year or two behind those markets. The net of all of that is there are some signs that the market may cool; balanced with an immediate outlook that is favorable. We have focused a lot on workforce development in the last few months. A very active committee chaired by Anthony DiTucci is guiding our efforts to aggregate information about all of the different programs that already exist in Rochester. Look for expansions on our website for information about how to connect to programs and recruit new staff. We will also be adding a job board to match people interested in the industry to construction companies. We are also expanding our April career day and investing in programs like the Champion Academy to promote construction careers. The committee and staff welcome your ideas and suggestions. Please let us know what you are thinking and anything you know about strong programs. I would also like to recognize a couple corporate milestones that occurred this year. LeChase Construction celebrated its 75th anniversary in September. LeChase has been a stalwart in the industry and on our board. I had the great privilege of working with Will Mack when he was board chair early in my tenure, and Builders Exchange has benefited from all of their support! SMACNA Rochester (Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors National Association, Rochester Chapter) also turned 50 this year. Builders Exchange has a long history of supporting the HVAC contractors that dates back to the early 1900s. Most recently, we have supported SMACNA Rochester since 2005. The SMACNA contractors are some of the most active members, and many board chairs have come from their ranks. Past chairs include Curt Peterson, Don Fella, Tom Roth, Robert Roth, Erich K. Postler and Elmer W. Davis. I have the privilege of knowing and working with many of these leaders. Erich Postler was one of the first people continued on page 8

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A letter from the CHAIRMAN HEAVY DUTY PARTS Parts for All Trucks and Trailers and more... • Cargo Control Products & Tarps • Chemicals & Lubricants • Batteries • Emergency and Warning Lights • Seasonal Items • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaning & Sales

Over 100 Brands

585-269-3100 • 800-391-5777 Rochester Distribution Center – 1465 Emerson Street


s we move into autumn and approach the holidays, it’s always a reminder that we are entering a season of giving. Although all sorts of industries partake in charitable efforts, I can’t think of one that is more philanthropic than the construction trades. Supporting our local community can be performed in many ways. You can donate your time to Habitat for Humanity, rally your employees to cook a meal at the Ronald McDonald House, support a charity by putting a foursome together for a golf tournament, or volunteering your time to serve on a notfor-profit board. Every day our construction industry is providing support to our local community through charitable acts. However, most of the time these actions go unnoticed for a variety of reasons. In many cases it is because companies don’t want to “brag” about being charitable. We do it because it is the right thing to do and it feels good to support those that need our help. And although I fall into this same category of “flying under the radar,” I think we are missing out on an opportunity as an industry to raise the image of the construction trades by not sharing these stories with the rest of our industry and those that surround us. The Builders Exchange can begin to be the voice that shares your stories and acts of kindness. This is a great opportunity for us to create some added buzz for those who are considering making the construction trades a career path. Bolstering our image by simply sharing facts about the things we are already doing as an industry is a simple task. But we need to hear your stories so we can begin to elevate the image of our hard-working crews and staff. To share what your company is doing to support our local community please contact Kim Gaylord by phone or email at Bob Morgan, Chairman, Rochester Builders Exchange CEO, Upstate Roofing & Painting Inc. A Message from the President continued from page 6

Hewitt Young provides customers and partners with the highest quality, energy efficient, and most affordable electrical solutions. "It's Always a Great Day at Hewitt Young!" Ph: 585-288-4480 8

ROBEX — Quarter 4 • 2019

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to welcome me to Rochester and was so generous with his time and advice. Don and Curt were both strong chairs who kept the exchange focused and set us up to grow. Many nice things could be said about each of them, but then I would need a longer column! I hope that a simple “Thank You!” to both LeChase and SMACNA conveys how we feel about these long relationships. Associations are successful because of the people who care about them. Thank you for being a member and supporting Builders Exchange! Aaron Hilger


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70 Roc (5

Your Roofing, Siding, Stone, Window, Engineered Wood Component & Commercial Distribution Source delivering the best wholesale inventory and service across our region! Offering Comprehensive Delivery Services, Product Showrooms, Aerial Take-offs & Quotations, Product Training, Seminars and In-House Window Service Technicians

We look forward to working with the Builder’s Exchange and its members! ROCHESTER, NY







70 Hartford Street Rochester, NY 14605 (585) 546-6616

1 Bud Mil Drive Buffalo, NY 14206 (716) 853-2600

2887 Strunk Road Jamestown, NY 14701 (716) 484-0158

4623 Pacific Avenue Erie, PA 16506 (814) 833-9805

142 South Johnson Road Houston, PA 15342 (724) 745-2080

400 Seco Drive Monroeville, PA 15146 (412) 357-1033

1400 S Noah Drive Saxonburg, PA 16056 (724) 602-9898

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Champion Academy


Ground Breaking Solution by Aaron Hilger and Clair Schroeder

to Rochester’s Workforce Crisis

What do kids need?


oland Williams recently answered that question at a Builders Exchange Board meeting. From someone in our lives, we have all benefited from three things. First, we experienced Unconditional Love. Perhaps it was a parent(s) or a grandparent(s), but someone loved and supported you. Second, we experienced Conscious Consistency. We were given rules, showed the norms of society, told to do our homework, and taught that learning was important. Finally, we were held accountable – strategic accountability – for our actions and behaviors. An example might be receiving recognition for a good grade or for academic achievement; and being challenged if we failed to live 10

ROBEX — Quarter 4 • 2019

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Washington DC Trip, May 2019

11/26/19 3:03 PM

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Quarter 4 • 2019 — ROBEX


11/26/19 3:03 PM

Welcoming Committee, World Long Drive, July 2019 up to certain standards. Another word for these activities is “parenting.” Roland Williams and his Champion Academy call it “Extreme Mentoring.” Regardless of what you call it, helping change the dynamic in the city schools


and center of Rochester is vitally important for the health of our community. The Builders Exchange Board has actively been looking at ways to help the dire situation in Rochester, and the Champion Academy is one strong solution. The Champion Academy was founded in 2015 by NFL Super Bowl champion player Roland Williams, a Rochester native and former teen in poverty. After 10 years of running a summer football camp in Rochester, Williams wanted to do more for at-risk teens. He knew that schools, law enforcement, and traditional youth–serving organizations had models to reach vulnerable youth, especially young children, but that they struggled to adequately support teenagers living in poverty and experiencing chronic trauma. He spent the entire year of 2014 interviewing at-risk teens in Rochester, people in Rochester who interacted with at-risk teens, and people who avoided interacting with at-risk teens to find out what works, what doesn’t, and why. He studied the literature and went to national conventions. He found there are no short-term fixes or single programmatic approaches that work for urban teens in poverty. In response, Williams created the Extreme Mentoring

& Empowerment Model (EME), based on his primary research and best practices adapted to Rochester. Williams started Champion Academy in 2015 to pilot the EME model, fill a void in local teen services, and try to produce “meaningful” outcomes – those that can directly break the intergenerational cycle of low educational achievement, teen parenting, and criminality. Key results from Champion Academy’s 2018-2019 programming year show how the program is helping teens in poverty learn how to make the right decisions, especially when faced with life-altering choices. • 278 teens in poverty completed Champion Academy’s yearlong programming • 100 percent of seniors graduated from high school • 0 students dropped out of school • 99 percent of students avoided entering the criminal justice system • 99 percent avoided teen parenthood • 89 percent improved attitudes toward peers, adults and authority figures • 94 percent improved life skill fundamentals • 36 public middle and high schools in the City of Rochester served • 100 percent of participating schools report that Champion Academy is a positive support system for students’ socialemotional and academic development According to Census data, about 10,000 teens in the City of Rochester live in poverty. Most of these teens experience multiple daily traumas. Extensive research associates chronic youth trauma with higher levels of adult violence and crime; psychiatric disorders; family adversities; and poor financial, employment, and educational outcomes. Left unassisted, these traumatized and unprepared teens frankly have little probability of success, fueling a generation of unruly, unmotivated, and uneducated adults that threatens

ROBEX — Quarter 4 • 2019

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11/26/19 3:03 PM

• Roadway & Parking Lot Striping • Airports •MMA • Schools • 3M Tape • Thermoplastic • Paint Above and below: Summer orientation, July 2019 For More Information Call


50 Bennington Drive • Rochester, NY 14616

Flower City Monitor Services Ltd. Office: (585) 262-3072 Fax: (585) 262-3383 Cell: (585) 503-6944 Email: NYS MWBE Certified • DOT DBE Certified A NY NJ Diversity Supplier • A Section 3 Company

58 Jay Street, Rochester, New York 14608, United States

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Quarter 4 • 2019 — ROBEX


11/26/19 3:03 PM

the economic health of the entire Rochester region. Champion Academy’s highly trained, paid professional mentors distinguish the program. Champion mentors have experienced extreme urban poverty and understand the keys to transcending the highest-risk environments. Extensive research finds that the single most important factor that fosters resiliency in highrisk teens exposed to trauma is a long-term, consistent relationship with a caring adult. Champion Academy typically begins working with teens in 7th or 8th grade, and stays committed to them year-round for multiple years in succession until they graduate from high school, and even into their college years. They maintain this commitment when teens move


ROBEX — Quarter 4 • 2019

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or change schools. They mentor students in the public, traditional and charter schools in which they are enrolled and must learn to succeed. Champion Academy focuses on improving students’ socialemotional intelligence. Evidencebased research demonstrates that social-emotional skills determine how well people adjust to their environment and how much they achieve in their lives personally, academically, and professionally. The social-emotional skills that students learn at Champion Academy include goal setting, discipline, perseverance, conflict resolution, interpersonal communications, ability to network, ability to collaborate, greater proactiveness, leadership, intercultural sensitivity, and other

skills that are crucial to success in today’s workforce. Recently, the Builders Exchange, along with the Construction Industry Association of Rochester Inc. and SMACNA Rochester Inc., sponsored three students in the Champion Academy Program. While there are not many things we can do to directly help the city schools, this is one we can. Several board members are also sponsoring students. We can make a difference, even if it is only one student at a time. If you would like to learn more please contact Aaron Hilger at or Clair Schroeder at

11/26/19 3:03 PM

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11/26/19 3:03 PM

Project Profile

Elmwood Avenue

Cycle Track 16

ROBEX — Quarter 4 • 2019

2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 16

11/26/19 3:03 PM

In early 2019, Villager Construction was contracted by the City of Rochester to complete the Elmwood Avenue Cycle Track Project. The project consists of a complete roadway green space transformation, converting the existing sidewalk corridor into a multiuse recreational path.

The path begins at the intersection of Mt.

Hope Avenue and Elmwood Avenue where the path includes a 5-foot-wide concrete sidewalk and two 4-foot-wide paved bike lanes. The bike lanes and the concrete sidewalk are separated by a 2-foot-wide exposed aggregate concrete strip.

The path crosses Elmwood Avenue at East

Drive where the path layout changes to one 4-foot-wide pedestrian lane and two 4-foot-wide bike lanes, which are all asphalt pavement. This 12-foot-wide portion of the path also includes new sidewalk ramps, lighting, traffic signals and landscaping.

At the pedestrian crosswalk for the U of R

School of Medicine, the path transitions into a 8-foot-wide dedicated bike path connecting bike traffic to Wilson Boulevard and Genesee Valley Park. This section of path required the installation of a 4- to 6-foot-tall concrete block retaining wall in order to widen the

2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 17

11/26/19 3:03 PM


ROBEX — Quarter 4 • 2019

2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 18

11/26/19 3:03 PM

green space area further back into the hillside on both sides of the U of R pedestrian overpass. The wall is over 500 feet in length and follows the curvature of the roadway adjacent to the intersection of Kendrick Road and Elmwood Avenue.

With limited workspace and high

traffic volumes, the project required a great deal of coordination with the University of Rochester, Strong Memorial Hospital, Monroe County and the City of Rochester. However, the project is in its final stages and is on its way to a successful completion. Villager was also contracted to complete the Scottsville RoadElmwood



Project for the City of Rochester over the summer. This project started in August and nicely complements the Cycle Track Project with new pavement, sidewalk ramps, traffic signal loops and lane striping along the roadway adjacent to the track. Completion of the Scottsville RoadElmwood Avenue project to the Erie Canal is slated for spring 2020.

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Quarter 4 • 2019 — ROBEX


11/26/19 3:03 PM


Constructing Women

by Melissa Wentlend, NAWIC Rochester President


ixteen women formed a group in 1953 to create a support network of women in construction. They called themselves Women in Construction of Fort Worth, Texas. The group grew and gained national charter in 1955 to become the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC). The Rochester, New York, chapter was started in 1985 and continues to meet on the first Wednesday of 20

ROBEX — Quarter 4 • 2019

2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 20

every month to enhance the lives of women in the construction industry. Nationally, membership is now around 5,000 members and provides professional development, education, networking, leadership training, and public service. With these numbers, I still run into people every day that have never heard of NAWIC. That’s probably because the construction industry is still such a

male-dominated industry. Women make up less than 10 percent of the construction industry. The number currently stands at 9.9 percent, up from 9.1 percent almost 30 years ago. That’s not even a whole percentage point in 30 years! Of all the women in construction, 28.6 percent of them are in sales and office settings, 31 percent are professional and management, 21 percent are in

11/26/19 3:03 PM

• General Contractor • 585-352-4410 Educational • Industrial • Recreational • Retail

Personalized quality service that is beyond comparison service occupations, and only 5.7 percent are in production, transportation, and material moving. As a woman in the construction industry, this is crazy to me. Why don’t other women want to go into the construction industry? Women on average make 81 percent of men’s earnings across the board in the United States. However, in construction, the pay gap is less drastic and reversed in some areas. Women in construction make anywhere from 91.5 to 103.8 percent of men’s earnings – depending on which online article you’d like to read. But however you look at it, it’s way better than the rest of the average careers

2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 21

• Accounting Services • Audits, Reviews and Compilations • Bookkeeping/Write-Up • Cash Flow & Budgeting Analysis • Financial Statements • Forensic Accounting • Business Consulting • Business Entity Selection • Business Succession Planning • Business Valuations • Buying & Selling a Business

• Debt & Financing Services • Fraud Prevention & Detection • Retirement Planning • Asset Protection • Bankruptcies • Expert Witness Services • Litigation Support • Mergers & Acquisitions • Estate & Trust Tax Preparation • IRS Representation • Sales Tax Services

Errol Jaufmann • Rick Centola • 585-248-3630

Quarter 4 • 2019 — ROBEX


11/26/19 3:03 PM


It is hard to picture yourself in a position if there’s no one else there to be an example. Many women in the industry don’t have strong female role models that have worked their way up in the construction world. It’s not easy for aspiring young female construction workers to find seasoned women in the business when we only make up 9.9 percent of the business. in the United States. This should be a solid reason for women to get into construction, but there are also many barriers. The barriers are different for everyone, but the general themes are childcare vs. hours of work, the physical needs of labor in the field, loved ones telling women

that construction is only for men (I honestly can’t believe this still happens, but it does), and self-doubt. It is hard to picture yourself in a position if there’s no one else there to be an example. Many women in the industry don’t have strong female role models that have worked their way up in the construction world.

It’s not easy for aspiring young female construction workers to find seasoned women in the business when we only make up 9.9 percent of the business. Most of my mentors have been male. It is important for everyone in the construction industry to help grow the younger generations. Those of us that are in continued on page 24

B in





Fro ov na Th Fr



Helping to protect Central and Western New York’s most successful businesses, school districts and universities for more than 30 years.

53 Pixley Industrial Parkway, Rochester, NY 14624 | 585.663.8530 | Licensed by the NYS Dept. of State, #12000047882


ROBEX — Quarter 4 • 2019

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11/26/19 3:03 PM


Bonadio’s Construction Division serves over 250 clients in the construction industry throughout New York State and beyond. From taxes to wealth management to succession planning, construction company owners often find substantial overlap between their professional lives and their personal financial plans. We’re well versed in helping you navigate the complexity, look out for your business and your heirs, and protect everything you’ve worked for. The specialists on our team include, CPAs, tax specialists, valuation experts, engineers, CCIFPs, CITs, Certified Fraud Examiners, and Certified Exit Planning Advisors.

Accountants & Advisors for:

Masonry & stonework contractors

Mechanical contractors

Plastering, painting & drywall contractors

Real-estate development

Carpenters, cabinet makers & framers

Concrete work

Electrical contractors

Environmental contractors

Residential & commercial construction

General contractors

Roofing & siding contractors

Heavy highway construction

Utility contractors


Water well drilling contractors

Insulation/asbestos abatement contractors

Wrecking, demolition & excavation contractors

CONNECT WITH US 585.381.1000 | |

Albany | Batavia | Buffalo | Dallas | East Aurora | NY Metro Area | Rochester | Rutland | Syracuse | Utica 2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 23

11/26/19 3:03 PM


Constructing Women continued from page 22

the construction industry owe it to ourselves and each other to find ways to help the younger people in our field. Here in Rochester, our local chapter of NAWIC strives to be a place where everyone feels included and valued. We want to grow the women that are already in the construction industry and help

recruit more that are thinking about joining this career path. The chapter is made up of business owners, company VPs, project managers, sales associates, real estate agents, insurance agents, lawyers, and women just getting started in their careers. The Greater Rochester chapter’s current membership stands around

45 women throughout the industry. We meet on the first Wednesday of every month September through June. Every meeting is held at a different location, depending on the activity for the evening. Most of the meetings for the 2019-2020 year are already planned out. We kicked off our fall with a presentation on storytelling from continued on page 26

Proudly Serving Rochester’s Construction Industry Since 1934




ROBEX — Quarter 4 • 2019

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11/26/19 3:03 PM

Lakeside is the area’s only Locally Owned, Independent Distributor When you buy local, your money stays local.

ROOFING • SIDING • WINDOWS • DOORS • RAILING & DECKING BROCKPORT, NY• KITCHEN HANNIBAL, NY ONTARIO, NY • EPDM DECORATIVE STONE ROOFING CABINETS 5954 Route 31 1082 Auburn Street 6296 Lakeside Road ROOFING & SIDING MATERIALS, INC. ROOFING (585) & SIDING MATERIALS, INC. (315) 564-3212 BUILDING PRODUCTS, INC. 637-4710 (315) 524-9420 6296 LAKESIDE ROAD • ONTARIO, NY 14519 1082 AUBURN STREET • HANNIBAL, NY 13074 5954 ROUTE 31 • BROCKPORT, NY 14420 (315) 524-9420 • (585) 265-3226 • FAX (315) 524-5229

(315) 564-3212 • FAX (315) 564-3297

Since • QUA • SER • PR

We D

ROLLOFF S 6296 LAKESIDE ROA (315) 524-3100 •

(585) 637-4710 • FAX (585) 637-4784


Since 1977 - Quality • Service • Price



We Deliver!

2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 25

11/26/19 3:03 PM

w Constructing Women continued from page 24

Herb Escher, president of Dale Carnegie Training of Western New York. Other meetings in the queue include a tour of the Rochester Construction Training Center, an ugly sweater holiday party, jobsite tours, speed networking, and a barbeque. The Rochester chapter has a few events and activities that we continue every year such as the Bethany House Christmas party,

Habitat for Humanity Women’s Build, Block Kids Adventure and many trade/career events throughout the area. Most recently, we took part in the RCCI Career Day, where we were able to connect with high-school students through an activity using blocks to illustrate how building a simple structure from a simple plan translates into real life.

It is our hope that through NAWIC, women in the construction industry can find a place of belonging, a place to grow professionally and personally, a place to give back, and a place to have some fun. You can find out more about NAWIC at and the local Greater Rochester, New York chapter at

We Build Value You'll find us quietly working behind the scenes for General, Electrical and Heavy Highway Contractors. We also provide Full Site Services for Commercial and Industrial Owners and Developers.


Site Work.


Sanitary & Storm Sewer, Water Main & Services, Electrical Conduit & Duct Banks, Electrical Vaults, Site Lighting, Light Bases, 24hr Waterline & Electric Repairs

Clearing, Excavation & Earthwork, Storm Drainage, Road & Parking Lots for New Construction, Expansions & Facilities Maintenance

In-place & Precast Concrete, Concrete Pads, Foundations, Sidewalks, Curbs & Gutters, Catch Basins, Retaining Walls, Bollards, Underground Tank Installation

We Provide These and Many Other Services.

850 St Paul St, Ste 20 Rochester, NY 14605 585-393-1001

Safely 26

ROBEX — Quarter 4 • 2019

2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 26



11/26/19 3:03 PM


Rochester Schools Modernization Program


Edison Career & Technology High School

T.V. Studio

Maker Space

Computer Lab

Auto Shop

The Rochester Schools Modernization Program has implemented a comprehensive Strategic Plan to bring the District’s learning environments into the 21st Century.


2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 27 RSMP_Q4_19_RBX_FW.indd 1

11/26/19 3:03 PM 11/13/19 1:49 PM


Is it a phone…

or is it a computer?

by Chris Fenlon, President, Layer 3 Technologies


ears ago, that would have been a much simpler question with a much simpler answer. Today, not so much. What used to be a device for making phone calls and sending quick messages is now a fully functioning mobile computer, an email client, a high-resolution gaming system, a mobile entertainment center, sensitive information repository, password keeper, personal photograph collection and most importantly, a target. It’s standard practice nowadays that you have antivirus, antimalware and ransomware protection programs installed on your desktop computers and laptops. Do you install those programs on your phone? Why would you, right? 28

ROBEX — Quarter 4 • 2019

2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 28

After all, all you do on your phone is make some calls, check your emails, update Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, a little online banking, some shopping on, maybe check your 401k, and while you’re at it maybe even finish that earnings statement for your boss. Wait a second…that sounds a lot like all of the tasks I do on my desktop computer. Well, you guessed it… that’s because it is. We often take for granted convenience over security. Everyone wants to be the first to get information and our smartphones enable us that do just that. We’re able to complete more tasks in less time because we aren’t encumbered by the availability of a desktop or laptop anymore.

Whether we’re in our cars or sitting in the bathroom we can still be working and completing tasks. All of this convenience is great because it allows us more access to information on the go but it also exposes us to the same risks that we’re exposed to on our traditional computing devices. Mobile malware affects you differently depending on what phone OS (operating system) your phone uses. Android is currently the biggest mobile malware target with some reports indicating that roughly 95% of mobile malware is targeting devices that use the Android OS. The Android OS allows you to bypass installation of apps through the Play Store which exposes you to continued on page 30

11/26/19 3:03 PM

We fix Existing Windows “You and your staff are doing, and have done, an excellent job, thank you so much for all the wonderful and extremely neat work you have done, your crew is very neat and clean up after themselves like no other mechanics I know of.”


Pelham Public Schools

“I wanted to let you know that your service crew were all very professional and friendly working with us, I was very impressed with the speed at which they were able to accomplish this job. They were very accommodating in dealing with our restrictions on student dorms. Thank you for a job well done.”


Wells College

“We really Appreciate the professionalism and skills that your crew showed at the installation. It was flawless. They were courteous and very respectful. I would recommend your company to anyone who needed your services.”


All Glass Systems, Inc.

Contact Us: 800.842.0974 2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 29

11/26/19 3:03 PM

Phone continued from page 28

more malware. Don’t give up hope yet though, there are many good apps available that are dedicated to protecting Android devices from malware, adware and other malicious programs. For those of you with Apple phones running iOS (Apple’s phone Operating System) the good news is that you are less likely to be exposed to malware due to their “walled garden” approach. Apple’s walled garden App Store— where applications are fully vetted before being made available to customers—has prevented widespread malware infection of iOS users. As a centralized point of distribution, the App Store provides users with confidence that the apps they download have been tested and validated by


ROBEX — Quarter 4 • 2019

2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 30

Apple. However, iOS isn’t 100% invulnerable. Recent examples, such as the iOS-based malware XCodeGhost and jailbreaking have proven that iOS is vulnerable to malicious attacks as well. Jailbreaking an iPhone allows you to gain admin privileges and bypass Apple’s restrictions. On a jailbroken iPhone, you can install apps from anywhere and tweak the OS in ways not normally possible. This is the built-in protection that essentially makes iOS more resilient to attacks. Bottom line for those of you with iPhones, don’t jailbreak it and you will be relatively safe. Your best bet with iOS is to install apps that scan email attachments and inspect downloads for malicious content. If you have not yet retired your

Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows 10 Mobile you may want to consider it sooner than later. Windows 10 Mobile will sunset on December 10th 2019 and after that Microsoft will stop patching future bugs and vulnerabilities. Regardless of your phone OS there is a definite need for security and there will always be new threats that emerge. Protect yourself and look into a good app to protect your device and your information stored on it. So, is it a phone or is it a computer? I say both. For more information, contact Layer 3 Technologies, Inc. at (585) 254-1966 or visit their website at

11/26/19 3:03 PM

2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 31

11/26/19 3:03 PM

Concrete Tools & Finishing Floor Grinders – Walk-Behind Floor Saws Cut Off Saws – Concrete Chain Saws Sealers – Stamping – Scarifiers Vibrators – Power Trowels Mixers – Curing Blankets

Pumps & Generators Dewatering – Trash – Diaphragm –Submersible Portable – Home Back Up – Tow Behind Dehumidifiers – Hoses – Strainers Pressure Washers

Earth Moving & Compaction Excavators – Telehandlers – Skid Steers Power Buggies – Tampers – Rollers Wheelbarrows – Augers – Lasers Trenchers – Post Pounder Splitters

Power & Air Tools Hammers – Grinders –Compressors – Scrapers Nailers – Core Drills – Breakers - Chippers Floor Polishing – Sprayers Sanders – Hammer Drills

S P O 2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 32

315-524-9649 11/26/19 3:03 PM

Dust & Slurry Management

Lifts, Ladders & Scaffold

HEPA Vacuums – Shrouds – Dust Extractors Filters – Connectors – Attachments Respirators – Eye Protection Slurry Bags – Hoses Extensions

All Terrain – Platform – Towable Material – Drywall – Picker Scaffold – Stair Climber Appliance - Ladders

Lawn & Garden

Lasers & Measuring Grade – Slope – Pipe – Pocket Transits – Auto Levels Measuring Wheels Tapes

Signature Service! Professional Value! On Time Every Time!

2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 33

Zero Turns – Tractors – Walk Behind - Robotic Snow Blowers – Hedge Trimmers – Edgers Chain Saws – Hand Tools – Pole Pruners Overseeders – Sod Cutters – Tillers Chippers - Spreaders

2127 State Route 104 Ontario, NY 14519

We carry the BEST BRANDS the Industry offers under one Roof! Shop now in our NEW State of the Art Showroom!

11/26/19 3:03 PM

Company Profile

Graphics, Signage Displays Give Your Business 360 Degrees of Exposure.


What product or service does your company specialize in? Our focus is on environmental graphics for corporate offices, including dimensional logos, wall murals, company timelines, wayfinding, ADA and donor recognition signage, exterior wayfinding, fleet graphics, and banners, along with full-service installations of these products.

What are you known for? Our consultative and collaborative approach to our clients’ projects. Customers who work with us say they appreciate our high level of service and quality products. We’ve received many awards over the years, including the Henrietta Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award, a Gold Star Center award, and the Rochester Business Ethics Award. In 2019, we received the Alliance Franchise Brand Ambassador Award.

ROBEX — Quarter 4 • 2019

2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 34

11/26/19 3:03 PM

Fairport Savings Bank Wall

2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 35

Quarter 4 • 2019 — ROBEX


11/26/19 3:03 PM


2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 36

11/26/19 3:03 PM

Company Profile Tell me a little about the history of your company.

Image 360 Rochester, formerly Signs Now, is a certified womanowned business that is co-owned and operated by Julie St. Germaine and Jackie Ciresi. The company has been providing signage and graphic support for corporate clients, non-profits and small businesses since 1999. With a strong focus on corporate branding, interior corporate office signage and vehicle graphic wraps, image360 Rochester provides complete branding support for businesses throughout Rochester and across the country. Julie earned her college degree in communications, and started the company with skills in sales and marketing. Jackie’s background is in entrepreneurship with strength in customer service and problem-solving.


Brick Veneer Stone Gas Fireplaces Masonry Supplies Hardscapes – pavers, retaining walls, landscape lighting

734 Ridgeway Avenue, Rochester, New York 14615

How’s business?

Our work is mostly centered locally and statewide, but we do have some national and even international accounts. We have enjoyed doubledigit growth most years and have increased our staff from 0 to 10 people. We really appreciate Rochester for its relatively stable economic environment.

What single factor is having the biggest impact on how you do business?

Internally, technology has changed significantly the last 20 years. We have needed to be flexible, and continue to update and learn new processes. The other big shift has been in the way corporations are adopting a higher level of branding standards that requires an implementation of those ideas. We’ve definitely focused on that.

2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 37

(585) 458-7745 | The Western New York Floor Company, Inc.

Established 1958

103 Potomac St. Rochester, NY 14611

Phone (585) 527-9400 Fax (585) 527-9403


Quarter 4 • 2019 — ROBEX


11/26/19 3:04 PM

Company Profile

Image360 Rochester co-owners Julie St. Germaine, left, and Jackie Ciresi.

What have been your company’s biggest challenges over the years?

Julie and I started the business with just the two of us. As we grew, it was critical to find people that had not only the right skill set for our needs, but that really believed and bought into our philosophy of exceptional customer service and an uncompromising product.

What do you like best about your job and/ or the industry? After 20 years, there is still something to learn and/or something to solve every day. Doing that now, with a collaborative staff, is stimulating and a lot of fun.

What are your plans for the future of your company?

To continue to grow and enjoy the ability we have now to give back to our amazing community. Julie has taken a large role in the Rochester Rotary Club, and is currently serving as president. The club’s first Trail Mix 5K, a fundraiser for the Sunshine Campus, was very successful this year. 38

ROBEX — Quarter 4 • 2019

2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 38

11/26/19 3:04 PM

B 4 R

Local Presence, National Strength

We Provide a Full Array of Employee Benefits & Risk Management Services Including: • Commercial • Personal Insurance • Professional Liability • Surety Bonds • Executive Risk Liability Brown & Brown Insurance 45 East Avenue Rochester, NY 14604 2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 39

Phone: (585) 232-4424 Fax: (585)-232-7802 11/26/19 3:04 PM

Legal Update

MWBE Reauthorization Includes New

Workforce Diversity Requirements O

n July 15, 2019, Governor Cuomo signed a law reauthorizing the MWBE requirements for State contracts. That’s the requirement that contractors must use “good faith efforts” to allocate a specified percentage of contract dollars to minority-owned businesses (MBE) and woman-owned businesses (WBE). No surprise there, since the current statute was scheduled to expire on December 31, 2019, and must be “refreshed” periodically to 40

ROBEX — Quarter 4 • 2019

2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 40

remain constitutionally enforceable. Predictably, the reauthorized law includes a few “upgrades” to the state’s MWBE program to enhance opportunities for minority-owned and women-owned businesses to participate in construction contracts let by state agencies and public authorities. But buried within that reauthorization law is an entirely new regulatory program that, as of January 11, 2020, will now require every contractor within the State to also

make good faith efforts to achieve state-mandated diversity goals within its own workforce, as well as within the workforces of its subcontractors. Many contractors are already familiar with contract terms requiring them to commit to nondiscriminatory hiring practices and to report periodically on the diversity of its workforce. Under the new law, however, they will now be required to meet specific diversity goals or furnish a good explanation for failing to do so. The new law (Article 28 of

11/26/19 3:04 PM

the New York State Executive Law) charges the state Division of Minority & Women’s Business Development (DMWBD) and the Department of Labor (DOL) with biannually developing “aspirational goals for the utilization of minority group members and women in each

construction trade, profession, and occupation.” Those goals are to be expressed as a percentage of total hours of work to be performed within each trade, profession or occupation expected to be employed in state contracts. Separate participation goals are to be established for each

trade that will be required on the contract for each of the following. (i) Black men; (ii) Black women; (iii) Hispanic men; (iv) Hispanic women; (v) Native American men; (vi) Native American women;

Rochester Skylights, LLC Our Vision: Building Meaningful Relationships From Coast to Coast

“Bringing Light & Life To Any Space”

Learn More About Our Great Story 135 Years in the Making! Golisano Children’s Hospital | Rochester, NY Y

Contact T.R. Casamento, Business Development Manager (585) 739 — 4661 |

2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 41

Replacement & New Install / Commercial & Residential Seven-County VELUX 5-Star Skylight Specialist VELUX Commercial Modular Sloped Glazing Systems 30% Federal Tax Credit Available on VELUX Solar Skylights

585.377.3330 • Quarter 4 • 2019 — ROBEX


11/26/19 3:04 PM


• • • •

Clearing Foundation Ponds Storm Water Solutions

Site • Utilities • Storm • Water • Sanitary • Demolition


• • • • • • •

Milling Sweeping Flushing Tack Coat Paving Crack Sealing Striping

Fully Insured and Bonded Phone: Website: Email:


Apply in person: 1300 Brighton-Henrietta Townline Rd. Rochester, NY 14623


ROBEX — Quarter 4 • 2019

2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 42

(vii) Asian men; (viii) Asian women; (ix) Caucasian women. Presumably these goals will be publicized in a format similar to the prevailing rate schedules published each year by the DOL Bureau of Public Work. With these aspirational goals in place, every state contracting agency will then be required to include in its advertisements for bids or proposals, specific participation goals for each trade, and each protected class, that will be expected to be met on the project. In each case, those percentage goals must be the same aspirational goals published by DMWBD and the DOL, unless the state agency can produce “numerical evidence demonstrating that the application of the aspirational goal would not be practicable, feasible, or appropriate.” Under current law, successful bidders are required, post-bid, to submit utilization plans showing how they intend to meet project goals for MWBE participation. However, the new workforce diversity law requires every bidder to submit, with its bid, either a detailed waiver request (discussed later in this article) or a certification that it will make good faith efforts to achieve the goals for all trades and classes, including (1) the level of participation it expects to achieve among its own employees (2) a list of its proposed subcontractors, and (3) the participation levels that each subcontractor is expected to achieve. This is problematic because it seems to require a bidder to commit to its subcontractor before it has the job. If a bidder chooses instead to request a waiver of one or more goals it must still submit with its bid the level of participation that it expects to achieve in its own workforce and in the workforces of its intended (named) subcontractors, and those levels must represent “the maximum feasible participation of minority group members and women in each of the construction trades” required under the contract. It must also submit “numerical evidence setting forth why the achievement of the workforce participation goal is not practical,” along with documentation of the efforts made by the contractor and its subcontractors to promote the inclusion of minority group members and women in their respective workforces for the contract in issue. If a bidder fails to provide either a sufficient certification or supporting documentation, or a detailed waiver request, it may be given five business days to remedy the deficiency. Otherwise, the contracting agency is prohibited by the new law from awarding the contract to that bidder. If a bidder’s certification or waiver request is accepted, the contracting agency is then required by law to assure that the contractor makes good faith efforts to achieve its own workforce goals and those of its subcontractors. To that end, the law requires contractors and their subs to

11/26/19 3:04 PM

submit utilization reports at least monthly, documenting the hours worked by employees of the contractor and its subcontractors, including “the race, ethnicity, gender, and trade, profession, or occupation of each employee” that performs the work of the contract. Although contractors have been required to file similar reports in the past, they have been mostly for informational purposes. These new reports will be used to monitor compliance with the now-

2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 43

mandatory participation goals. If a contractor proves unable, after good faith efforts, to meet the workforce participation goals, or if a subcontractor fails to do so, the contractor may request a partial or total waiver setting forth the reasons for such failure. Acceptable reasons include that there were insufficient minority group members or women available in the construction trades required; or, in the case of a subcontractor, that the contractor periodically monitored the subcontractor’s workforce, notified the subcontractor of deficiencies as they occurred and, nevertheless, was unable to compel the subcontractor’s compliance. The new law is notably silent as to what the specific penalties are for a contractor’s (or a subcontractor’s) failure to achieve workforce diversity goals once a contract has been awarded. However, based on the precedents that have evolved under the MWBE programs, likely penalties might include back charges, liquidated damages or even contract termination, not to mention the risk of a False Claims Act investigation from the New York State Attorney General’s Office or even a criminal indictment by the U.S.

Quarter 4 • 2019 — ROBEX


11/26/19 3:04 PM

Attorney’s Office for mail fraud or wire fraud. As noted above, there are obvious impracticalities in what this new law seems to require of contractors on bid day. The law also leaves unaddressed the respective responsibilities of a union contractor and the labor unions with which he or she is a signatory to assure that union work crews achieve the level of diversity required under particular state contracts. It’s also unclear how and when the affected State Agencies will carry out their responsibilities under the new law. The DMWBD is supposed to post the aspirational goals by trade and protected class by October 1 of each year, but that hasn’t happened yet. And it is unclear

how state contracting agencies will proceed to set project targets if the “aspirational goals” aren’t in place by January 11, 2020 when the law takes effect. As this article was being written, neither the state Division of Minority & Women’s Business Development nor the State Department of Labor have published any guidance on how this new law will be interpreted or applied. Nor was any information available from either agency by phone inquiries to their central offices in New York City and Albany. Come January 11, 2020, prospective bidders on state contracts need to read the front-end documents carefully, to identify

how the new workforce diversity mandates are being applied. In fact, it would be wise to inquire carefully of each state agency and public authority what the ground rules will be regarding this issue before leaping into the next contract with that agency or authority. Adams Leclair LLP is a litigation law firm based in Rochester, New York focused on commercial and construction advocacy. The team of attorneys can provide specialized counsel on contract issues and state regulations. Contact Adams Leclair LLP at 585-327-4100 or Tony Adams

It’s about so much more than Insurance Haylor, Freyer & Coon we understand the uniqueness of Construction Risk Management! • • • • • •

Dedicated Construction Team Strong Carriers Relationships Powerful Negotiations On Your Behalf Creative Solutions Assistance With Sub-contractor Risk Management Your Trusted Advisor

Contact Cindy Bostley, CRIS, CIC 585-641-7028 44

ROBEX — Quarter 4 • 2019

2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 44

11/26/19 3:04 PM



Born in Rochester and currently lives in Webster Has worked for Rochester Davis Fetch for 30 years Celebrating 20 years of marriage with his loving wife, Heather Coaches fast-pitch softball for his daughter’s team Loves hunting, fishing, and going to concerts with family and friends Currently a union carpenter

David is happy to work for a union contractor that is a member of the Construction Industry Association of Rochester. When you hire a union contractor, you’re working with the industry’s most knowledgeable and highly skilled workforce that will deliver the highest level of quality workmanship, while ensuring your project will be completed on time and on budget. It all adds up to a contractor partner that is committed to providing the best return on your project investment. See what hiring a union contractor can do for your next project. Visit

David Littlefield Rochester Davis Fetch Local 276

2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 45

11/26/19 3:04 PM


Make High Performance a Force of Habit Hard worker. Not seeing the results you want. Stuck in the daily grind and looking for more.


oes this sound like you or someone you know? It may come as a surprise that many people feel that way about themselves. High performance people aren’t born high performing. Instead, they rely on 6 habits different and specific habits that have been identified through research. Author Brendon Burchard outlines these habits – seeking clarity, generating energy, raising necessity, increasing productivity, developing influence and demonstrating courage – in his book


High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way.

by Kim Gaylord


ROBEX — Quarter 4 • 2019

2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 46

Over the course of 20 years, Burchard studied and interviewed people all over the world to come up with the answers to these questions. • Why do some individuals and teams succeed more quickly than others, and then are able to sustain that success over the long term? • Of those people who pull it off, why are some miserable and others happy on their journey? continued on page 48

11/26/19 3:04 PM

 


2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 47



11/26/19 3:04 PM

High Performance continued from page 46

A s o

What, exactly, is high performance?

A e e th

High performance refers to succeeding beyond the norm consistently for a long 800.264.PIKE

period of time. High performers break the norms; they consistently exceed standards and results. Simply put – you can’t break norms if you’ve driven yourself into the ground. High performers’ sustained success is due, in a large part, to their healthy approach to living.


NOTHNAGLE Drilling Inc. 1821 Scottsville-Mumford Road Scottsville, New York 14546 • Line Drilling/Relief Holes for Rock Excavation - Speed up Hoe Ram Activities! • Vacuum Excavation Services for - Utility Locating - Pre Clear Excavation Areas • Post Holes and Fence Holes up to 18” dia. • Rock Anchors and Toe Pins • Geotechnical & Environmental Soil Sampling • Monitoring, Remediation, Dewatering Wells • Geothermal Well Fields • Blast Hole Drilling • Pressure Grouting

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• What motivates people to reach for higher levels of success in the first place, and what kinds of habits, training, and support help them improve faster? He has proven that with the right habits, anyone is capable of dramatically changing results and becoming a high performer in almost any field. He lines them up, explains them, illustrates them, and promises that whether you are a student, entrepreneur, manager, CEO, athlete, or stay-at-home parent, these habits will help you reach your next level. Let’s review each of the habits, along with the skills you must practice to make them become habits

Habit #1: Seek Clarity

The first step is being clear on who you are, what you want to achieve and how you want to interact with others. Practice • Envisioning the “future four” – self, social, skills, service • Determining the feeling you’re after. (“What is the primary feeling I want to bring to the situation?”) • Defining what’s meaningful to your life experience, and then spending more time doing things that bring you meaning and make you happy.

Habit #2: Generate Energy

Int cha

The key to being on top of your “A” game is to manage your mental stamina, physical energy and positive emotions. continued on page 50


ROBEX — Quarter 4 • 2019

2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 48

11/26/19 3:04 PM


A full-service electrical contractor serving New York State and regions of the northeast. As one of the nation’s top fifty electrical contractors, we cover every major service segment of the industry. Design-Build Construction Service Maintenance

Buffalo | Rochester | Victor Syracuse | Albany

Emergency Response

Interested in taking on a challenging, rewarding career? Visit our career page online. Since 1911

2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 49

11/26/19 3:04 PM

High Performance continued from page 48

Practice • Releasing tension, setting intention • Bringing more joy into your daily life • Optimizing your health through exercise, nutrition and sleep

Habit #3: Raise Necessity High performers feel they must perform well. To emulate them, you must continuously fuel the “whyâ€? fire – whether the “whyâ€? comes from internal stakeholders or external demands. Practice • Knowing who needs your “Aâ€? game (connecting with a reason to be your best for others). • Affirming the “whyâ€? by sharing your goals with others. When we verbalize something, it becomes more real and important to us. • Leveling up your squad, so that you’re surrounding yourself with positive, nourishing and uplifting people who encourage you and believe in you.

Habit #4: Increasing Productivity

Focus on the important tasks, minimize distractions like checking your email or your phone, and avoid fake deadlines. Practice • Increasing the outputs that matter. What productive outputs matter in your business? • Charting your five moves – for every goal, what five moves will make the goal happen? Knowing them allows you break them down into tasks and deadlines, and put them on a calendar. • Get insanely good at key skills (“progressive masteryâ€?) to become more productive and competent. Are there skills you need to master to grow into the person you hope to become?

Habit #5: Developing Influence

Actively develop and nurture a positive support network, both at work and outside of work. High performance achievement is not possibly without one.

2352BSGHiltonLacrosseProgramBookAd_Layout 1 9/24/2019 10:51 AM Page 1

! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

! ! ! ! ! ! !!!

465 BLOSSOM RD, RO CHESTER , NY 14610 585.654.8710 (ph) 585.654.8713 (fax) WWW.BSGBUILDINGSERVICES.COM


ROBEX — Quarter 4 • 2019

2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 50

11/26/19 3:04 PM

Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself. - William Faulkner Practice • Teaching people how to think about themselves, other people and the greater world • Challenging people to grow by challenging their character, their relationships and their contributions • Role-modeling the way. If you want to be respected, you have to give the same respect.

Habit #6: Demonstrating Courage

Don’t be afraid to share your ideas. Take bold action and make your actions known. Look for people who will help you because they share your vision. Practice • Honoring the struggle – nobody who has achieved

greatness avoided the struggle. When we learn to see struggles as a necessary part of the journey, we can find true peace and personal power. • Sharing your truth and ambitions. A successful person fails to achieve the next level of success because they chose to strive in silence. If you don’t ask for help, the right people can’t come into your life. • Finding someone to fight for. High performers will do more for others than for themselves. Of course, it’s not enough simply to know these habits. They require daily practice and the choice to practice them or not. These are not “life hacks.” They all require a major, conscious and consistent effort. Before every meeting, phone call or starting a new project, take a moment and

With award-winning AeroBarrier, US Ceiling can help you measure and air seal your entire commercial, multifamily or residential structure in real time, in just a few hours. And the best part? The results are guaranteed. Call "US" at 585.872.4527 or visit our website to learn more:

2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 51

Quarter 4 • 2019 — ROBEX


11/26/19 3:04 PM

Jeff Haden, author of The Motivation Myth: How High Achievers Really Set Themselves Up to Win, and a contributor to Inc. Magazine, interviewed Burchard when High Performance Habits was published in 2017. About “Generating Energy,� Burchard had this to say. “Our research shows, unsurprisingly, that most people lose energy throughout the day. By 2 or 3 p.m. they’re starting to flag, and many finish the day feeling wiped out. But some people – some extremely busy and productive people – aren’t wiped out. “What we found is that most people bleed out energy and

revisit these habits. Based on his research, Burchard has created a high-performance indicator assessment that will tell you how likely you are to success in the long term. The free assessment takes 5 minutes and will be delivered to your email. Google “Burchard High Performance Assessment� to learn

intention in the transitions between tasks, between meetings, etc. High performers have mastered their transitions. They’re more likely to take a quick break, to close their eyes, to meditate – to give themselves a short psychological break that releases their tension and focus from one activity so they are primed to take on the next. “If you want to feel more energized and creative and be more effective at work – and leave work with plenty of “oomph� to enjoy your personal life – give your mind and body a break every 45 to 60 minutes. While that can sometimes be tough to do, whenever possible, plan your day in those chunks.�

how to get your results. It’s shocking how accurate the assessment is. I’m happy to share my results if you share yours. They make for a great conversation with someone who needs you on your “A� game. In summary, high performers are not born that way. They are not special genetically. They work to improve

through practice. They embrace higher risks of failure, use external motivators, increase productivity, build energy levels, see purpose in their work, connect with others, give back to others, and take risks. High performers become extraordinary because they choose to.

“ c m i n t nt ha ... w y ea  eÂ? Â?Â?  e Â?lt â€?

Tel: 585-458-0150, Fax: 585-458-0281

RochDavisFetch_FW.indd 1 52 ROBEX — Quarter 4 • 2019

2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 52

8/5/19 9:51 AM

11/26/19 3:04 PM







11/26/19 3:04 PM

EPS Pre-Engineered Building Systems

Digital Networking

Marketing Your Services Online by Karl Heberger, Chief Strategy Officer, Mason Digital

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) •

Proven to be up to 50% more energy efficient. Up to 15 times more air tight than stick-built homes Perfect for farm shops, commercial buildings, and new homes

• •

for Looking lers! New Dea • • • • • •

Choose from:

Single Family Home Multi-Family / Assisted Living Post Frame Commercial Agricultural Coolers / Freezers

Nick Foro District Sales Manager- NY Energy Panel Structures, Inc. Cell: 315-350-0783 54

ROBEX — Quarter 4 • 2019

2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 54


e’ve all heard the saying, “jack of all trades, master of none.” This might be used to describe your neighborhood handyman who is often helping people out with various home improvement projects. When you have a serious home renovation, however, you don’t call Bill from next door. You need specialists who can get the job done right. My wife and I recently had the pleasure of having our kitchen ripped apart and put back together over what turned into weeks on end. There were problems around every corner, like the ductwork running up and down the middle of the wall we wanted removed. Each time we were faced with a challenge, we brought in a specialist to help us solve it. Our house became a popular hangout for HVAC, plumbing, flooring, and electric professionals. Everyone understands that the plumber is not the person they want hooking up the electric or installing the countertops. These are all specialized skills that take years of practice and learning to understand and perfect. Specialists are important because they can find ways to solve complex problems. They can do this because they have a deep understanding of their area of expertise. Unfortunately for my wife and me, the HVAC specialist’s expertise meant our kitchen remodeling project would be on hold during his extended vacation. As digital marketing continues to evolve, we find that there are many different areas in which individuals are gaining deep expertise. At the heart of any digital marketing initiative is a company’s

website. In order to create and maintain an effective site, there are different skill sets that need to be tapped. Designers and user-experience experts will make sure the site is visually appealing and easy to use. Programmers are needed to make sure that it functions correctly and consistently across various platforms and devices. IT professionals are needed to set-up hosting, maintain security, and make you feel inferior. A really good one can do all three simultaneously. Digital advertising introduces a whole different set of needed skills and expertise. At the core there needs to be an understanding of media planning and buying. Then, within each channel, there are several technical and functional challenges. Google advertising requires a combination of keyword research, bidding strategies, ad copy development, landing page best practices, and account structure knowhow. Social media sites each have their own platforms buyers can use to set up and run advertisements. Display advertising and video ads are often purchased through ad technology platforms that allow programmatic buying. Programmatic buying is vastly complex. Many large agencies have created whole departments or subsidiaries containing programmers, buyers, and data scientists in order to effectively target and engage prospects with advertising. Content marketing has grown considerably over the past few years. The advent of Google and other (lesser) search engines has shifted the balance of power from the seller to the buyer. As a result, marketers are now developing content to draw potential customers to their web properties to engage with articles, videos, continued on page 56

11/26/19 3:04 PM




2019_ROBEX_Q4.indd 55



11/26/19 3:04 PM

Digital Networking

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Matthews & Fields is a Trus-Joist engineered wood stocking dealer, with an experienced in-house designer, extensive knowledge of code changes effecting floors and the know how to get the most value out of your next build! MathewField_Q4_19_RBX_PDF FW.indd 1


Experience the Profeta Painting Difference Profeta Painting has developed a strong reputation in Rochester N.Y for providing quality workmanship and outstanding customer service since 1970. We employ only trade craftsman to ensure your project stays on budget while meeting all deadlines.

SPECIALIZING IN: Office • Retail • Manufacturing • Industrial Commercial • Wall Coverings Floor Coatings • Maintenance • Medical Institutional • Hospitality @Profetapainting



1270 Creek Street, Suite 10, Webster, NY 14580 (585)671-0010 | 56

ROBEX — Quarter 4 • 2019

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whitepapers, infographics and more. The marketer can drive leads and establish thought leadership, while the buyer is armed with the information they need to make an informed buying decision. This is a tricky area because to be effective content needs to be good and easy to find. Achieving both is a challenge. Because of this, content marketing requires design, search engine optimization, research, copywriting, and video editing skills, to name a few. Once content has been developed and begins to capture leads, marketing automation campaigns can be developed to nurture prospects and effectively generate sales-qualified leads. The process of marketing automation can be extremely effective because it connects specific pieces of content with prospects who have shown an interest in related information. It’s also complex. Platforms such as HubSpot, Marketo, and Pardot are powerful marketing automation tools that require months 3:03 PM and years of training and practice to master. The analytics that are generated from each of these digital marketing activities ties everything together and is yet another specialty within digital marketing. Transforming data into actionable insights requires data science and business intelligence skills, not to mention database management, data visualization, and coding capabilities. Whether your company is looking to accomplish your marketing objectives with internal staff or an outsourced firm, make sure that you’re tapping resources with deep expertise and not generalists with limited knowledge. Even if this requires tearing everything apart and rebuilding it, it might be worth it. Take it from me, our new kitchen is awesome! For more information, contact Mason Digital (585) 249-1110

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• Asbestos Abatement • Decontamination,

Decommissioning, & Demolition Services

• Disaster



• Facility and

Industrial Services

• Remediation Services Ø Hazardous Material Handling Ø Soil & Groundwater Remediation Ø Soil/Sediment/Sludge Treatment Ø In-Situ Soil Stabilization Ø Permeable Reactive Barrier Ø Sediment Remediation Ø Tank/Vessel/Lagoon Cleaning Ø Dam removal Ø Dredging

Corporate Office 30 Vantage Point Drive Rochester, NY 14624 (585) 617-5710 (844) 834-6982

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Syracuse Office 6700 Old Collamer Road East Syracuse, NY 13057 (844) 834-6982

Buffalo Office 2558 Hamburg Turnpike Lackawanna, NY 14218 (716) 770-7414

Albany Office 11 Herbert Drive Latham, NY 12110 (844) 834-6982

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We would like to thank our advertisers for supporting ROBEX Magazine. AAC Contracting............................................................ 6 Admar Supply Co Inc.......................................................... 31 Advanced Thermal inside front cover Altra Rental & 32-33 B&L Wholesale Supply......................................................... 9 Bonadio & Co............................................................................. 23 Brown & Brown Insurance of New 39 BSG Building Services Group ................................ 50 C & A Pavement Markings................................. 13 C.P. Ward.................................................................................... 7 Christa Construction................................................................... 14 CIAR.................................................................................................... 45 CRF Civil...................................................................................... 26 Danforth ................................................................................ 41 DeCarolis Truck 8 DiPasquale Construction.......................................................... 21 Emergent Safety Supply......................................................... 30 EPS Buildings..................................................................... 54 Ernstrom & Dreste......................................................................... 43 Fitch Construction / Rochester 41 Five Star Equipment.................................................. inside back cover Flower City Monitor Services......................... 13 Frederico Demolition............................................... 55 Haylor Freyer & 44 Hewitt Young 8 Hojack 12 Home Leasing 15 Jaufmann & Centola..................................................................... 21 Lakeside Building Products............................ 25 LeChase 6 Lovell Safety Management Co.............................................. cover Matthews & Fields Lumber Company...................................... 56 Miller Brick Co....................................................................... 37 Nothnagle Drilling........................................................ 48 O'Connell Electric Co................................................... 49 Profeta 56 42 58

ROBEX — Quarter 4 • 2019

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Please let our advertisers know you saw their ad in this issue. Rochester Davis-Fetch Corp........................................... 52 Rochester Laborers Local #435.................................................. 61 RSMP....................................................................................... 27 Samson 5 Sessler Environmental Services............................................... 57 SMART Local 59 The Pike 48 Upstate Roofing & Painting........................... 42 US Ceiling 51 USI Insurance Services...................................................................... 62 Weckesser Brick Co...................................................... 24 West Fire Systems........................................................ 22 Western New York Floor 37 Window Repair 29 World Wide Bonding 47

Sheet Metal Workers’ Local Union # 46 244 Paul Road Rochester NY 14624 (585) 254-9151

Fabricators and Installers of Metal & Air Systems: HVAC Systems Architectural Metal Work • HVAC Service & Controls Testing & Balancing • Residential, Commercial, Institutional & Industrial “Quality Craftsmanship through training and high safety standards.” Servicing the Upstate New York Counties of: Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Seneca, Wayne and Yates. Troy R. Milne – Business Manager Anthony Valenti – Business Agent SmartPDF.indd 1

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Josh Solt – President Patrick T. Skrip – Marketing Representative

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new members ROBEX would like to welcome our newest members

ADS Masonry 1900 University Ave. Rochester NY 14610 585-698-0756 Aslan Sweeney Advanced Caulking Services Inc. 2151 Big Sewickley Creek Rd. Sewickley, PA 15143 412-496-3360 Glenn Stroupe American Equipment, LLC 6112 Collett Rd. West Farmington, NY 14425 585-924-5480 Richard Clark Armstrong World Industries 827 End Street Waterport, NY 14571 585-250-7080 Bob Gouger

Belfast Inc. 364 Timothy Lane Suite 16 Ontario, NY 14519 844-344-3478 Lindsay Wojick

Entre Computer Services 2000 Winton Rd. South Building 1, Suite 300 Rochester, NY 14618 585-760-1010 Andre Godfrey

Edge Building and Construction 277 Alexander Street Suite 407 Rochester, NY 14607 585-310-5120 Jeannine Rossignol Element of Pride 210 Clovercrest Drive Rochester, NY 14618 585-755-6223 Tony Tefel

Envoy Environmental Consultants, Inc. 57 Ambrose Street Rochester, NY 14608 585-454-1060 John Cygan Ferrari Excavating 45 Steel Street Rochester, NY 14612 585-467-7325 Louis Ferrari II Gal-Son Development, Inc. 1890 S. Winton Rd. Suite 100 Rochester, NY 14618 585-654-6650 Andrew Gallina continued on page 62


ROBEX — Quarter 4 • 2019

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Laborers’ International Union of North America

Local 435 Daniel Kuntz / Business Manager & Secretary-Treasurer Carmen Serrett Jr. / President Eric Waters / Vice President Salvatore Victorious Jr / Recording Secretary Michael Gay / E-Board Member Yvonne Agosto-Washburn / E-Board Member

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Montanosa Restoration, LLC 10 Carin St. Suite 4 Rochester, NY 14611 716-512-2789 Jesus Crawford

R&L Contractors Group, Inc. PO Box 460 Marion, NY 14505 315-576-7621 Logan Crilly

Rochester Pipeline, Inc. 294 Elmgrove Rd. Rochester, NY 14626 585-270-5256 Arron Vandenbosch

Prime Time Services, Inc. 780 Curran Rd. Shortsville, NY 14548 585-289-3877 Kevin Hartson

Rochester Flooring Inc. 100 Triple Diamond Way Webster, NY 14580 585-749-8665 Jason Calder

You're Hired Rochester 216 Meigs Street Rochester, NY 14607 585-748-7769 Amanda Falzone


Building Solutions to Manage Risk At USI, we’ve become a leader by doing things differently. We bring decades of risk management experience, a proprietary risk analysis process, and a local team supported by the expertise of more than 7,000 professionals nationwide. Let us show you how the right plan and the right partner can help protect your company’s most valuable assets and all of your personal insurance needs. JOHN COSTELLO, CIC, CRIS

Regional Insurance Sales Manager USI Insurance Services 777 Canal View Boulevard Rochester, NY 14623 | 585.736.5942

Customized Insurance Programs | Captives | Surety | Contract Review | Claims and Risk Management 855.874.0123 | www. ©2019 USI Insurance Services. All Rights Reserved.


ROBEX — Quarter 4 • 2019

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WATERFORD, PA 814-796-2663

KIRKWOOD, NY 607-775-2006

ROCHESTER, NY 585-235-3011

ATHENS, PA 570-882-8800

WILLIAMSPORT, PA 570-494-4030

ORCHARD PARK, NY 716-662-2191

SYRACUSE, NY 315-452-4560






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COST-EFFECTIVE, RISK-FREE COVERAGE FROM THE EXPERTS WITH OVER 80 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. Join a Lovell Safety Group guaranteed cost program and share your group’s underwriting profits. As a member, you get:

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• Cash-flow savings through high advance discounts • Substantial savings from consistent dividends • Improved experience ratings • Safety programs resulting in fewer accidents and higher productivity • Early medical intervention and return-to-work strategies

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Safety Pays Dividends Lovell Safety Management Co., LLC 110 William Street New York, NY 10038-3935 212-709-8600 1-800-5-LOVELL

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