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6 June – 10 July 2014

Film, Art and Creative Technology Featuring: Science Fiction: New Death / Biennial 2014 / Liverpool Arab Arts Festival / Artist Film / Neurocinema / FLUX / The Best of Independent Cinema from Picturehouse Image Cold in July



FACT 88 Wood St Liverpool L1 4DQ

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OPENING TIMES: Centre Seven days a week Galleries Tues – Sun: 11am – 6pm












39 / A50 HARD M









Don’t miss your last chance to experience the dystopian landscape of the future in Science Fiction: New Death. The Liverpool Biennial returns to the city and we are very excited to be hosting Sharon Lockhart’s first UK solo exhibition. We’ve got a series of unique film events coming up this month including Mission to Lars, showing as part of the Neurocinema series. Our new app, In Hand, is now available to download, see page 34 for more information. FACT’s young people’s programme Freehand are looking for new members for some exciting new projects. On our screens, Fruitvale Station follows the true events that lead to the tragic shooting of 22-year-old Oscar Grant by a police officer in Oakland, California. Our Science Fiction season concludes this month with Aliens and classic 80’s B-Movie They Live.
























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For information about the FACT building, exhibitions, booking a group tour, accessibility or hiring a space callE ST ADIS 0151 707 4464, PAR visit or email


The Garden Mon – Fri: 8.30am – 9pm Sat: 10am – 9pm Sun: 10.30am – 6.30pm

Programme correct at time of going to press. please check listings before your visit. The management reserves the right to cancel or alter the programme in exceptional circumstances. Please check your tickets carefully as mistakes cannot be rectified later. Film start times may vary, particularly with special screenings, which may not be preceded by adverts or trailers. Please arrive on time. Latecomers can spoil the enjoyment of others and are admitted at the manager’s discretion. Admission is subject to our Terms of Admission, available on request.

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Bar 15mins before the first film of the day



By train A 12 minute walk from Lime St Station

Box Office 30mins before the first film of the day


For more information about the Picturehouse film programme, or to book call 08719025737 (lines open 9.30am –8.30pm) or visit

Helena Bonham Carter plays matriarch to an eccentric family in The Young and Prestigious T.S. Spivet, Clint Eastwood brings musical stage smash Jersey Boys to life on the big screen, and French romance Bright Days Ahead sees retiree Caroline straying from her husband for a younger man. After a successful run at Flare BFI, London’s LGBT film fest, the highly regarded Lilting sees Ben Whishaw as a lover in mourning.


From 5 July

Liverpool Biennial 2014

See Page 15 Image: Sharon Lockhart, Pódworka, 2009, courtesy of the artist


Film Continues

From 6 June

From 13 June

From 13 June

Jimmy’s Hall (12A)

Fruitvale Sation (15)

T. S. Spivet (Cert TBC)

Venus in Fur (15)

3D / 2D Director Ken Loach Starring Barry Ward, Simone Kirby, Andrew Scott UK/Ireland 2014 109 mins

The true story of social activist Jimmy Gralton’s mission to energise a rural community in 1930s Ireland by opening a dance hall is told by Ken Loach and writer Paul Laverty (LOOKING FOR ERIC) with their trademark bittersweet vigour. Contains strong language and moderate violence.

0871 902 5737

Director Ryan Coogler Starring Michael B. Jordan, Melonie Diaz USA 2013 85 mins

We already know the ending of Ryan Coogler’s assured debut because the events on which it is based made headlines in 2009. A young black man, Oscar Grant (Jordan), got into a fight aboard a San Francisco commuter train, and whilst lying prone on the platform restrained by police officers, he was shot dead by one of them. The event sparked both peaceful and violent protests, and the outrage is echoed in Coogler’s affecting yet grounded film about justice in an unjust world.

Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet Starring Kyle Catlett, Helena Bonham Carter, Judy Davis France/ Canada 2013 TBC mins

When ten-year-old science prodigy T. S. Spivet wins an award from the Smithsonian for his perpetual motion machine, he leaves his eccentric Montana family behind and absconds to Washington aboard a freight train. His adventures en route, and his celebrity status once there, shed alternately comical, touching and revealing light on human frailties. Writer-director Jeunet (Micmacs, Amelie) invests this delightful film with his hallmark idiosyncrasies and visual panache.


Director Roman Polanski Starring Mathieu Amalric, Emmanuelle Seigner France/Poland 2013 96 mins French with English subtitles

Polanski serves up this witty and seductive chamber piece based on David Ives’ Tony Award-winning play. Venus In Fur is a head-spinning dive into a world of sex and power, where the line between acting and reality is dangerously blurred. Theatre director Thomas (Amalric) is struggling to cast the dominatrix lead in his production of the notorious Sacher-Masoch novella of the title. As if on cue, the abrasive Vanda (Seigner) arrives to audition, casting an intoxicating spell on him that spirals into a power-play beyond the stage. (Alliance Française)



Film From 20 June

From 20 June

Bright Days Ahead

Jersey Boys (15)

(15) Director Marion Vernoux Starring Fanny Ardant, Laurent Lafitte, Patrick Chesnais France 2013 94 mins French with English subtitles

Director Clint Eastwood Starring John Lloyd Young, Erich Bergen, Christopher Walken USA 2014 134 mins

When dentist Caroline retires, her daughters pack her off to a string of banal evening classes. Luckily one of them is run by Julien, a handsome 30-something with an eye for the ladies – including older ones. With Fanny Ardant giving a standout lead performance, this funny and thought-provoking tale of one woman’s rather enjoyable late-life crisis is as refreshing as it is entertaining

Having previously brought jazz, country ’n’ western and the blues to the screen, Eastwood now takes on 1960s pop. Distinguished by the tingling falsetto of Frankie Valli (Lloyd Young, reprising his Broadway role), The Four Seasons had a string of international hits. This vibrant biopic is based squarely on the hit stage musical, with Christopher Walken playing the mobster who tries to muscle in on the act’s success.

From 27 June

Cold in July (Cert TBC) Director Jim Mickle Starring Michael C. Hall, Sam Shepherd, Don Johnson USA/France 2014 TBC mins

Placid Texan Richard Dane (Hall, TV’s Dexter) kills a burglar in selfdefence. The burglar’s father, Russel (Shepherd), is fresh out of jail, and unsettling scenes ensue as he menaces the Dane family. But when swaggering private eye-cum-pig

0871 902 5737

CityScreen PicturehouseatFACT

farmer Jim Bob Luke (Don Johnson) rolls up, the story takes some tense twists and turns as he, Russel and Dane form an uneasy alliance to uncover corruption on a horrific scale.

@CityScreenLiverpool @Fact_Cinema


From 27 June

Chef (15)

Director Jon Favreau Starring Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jnr, Scarlett Johansson, Dustin Hoffman, John Leguizamo, Oliver Platt USA 2014 114 mins

LA chef Carl Casper (Favreau) was once hailed as a culinary wunderkind, but now finds himself dispensing the same slick fare night after night, his creativity stifled. When a critic tweets a scathing review, Carl explodes in an outpouring of rage that goes viral. Mouthwatering foodie scenes are matched by touching comedy drama in this deceptively profound story of family, friendship and artistic integrity.

From 4 July

Lilting (Cert TBC) Director Hong Khaou Starring Ben Whishaw, Pei-Pei Cheng, Peter Bowles UK 2014 TBC mins

When his lover Kai (Andrew Leung) dies, Richard (Whishaw, Skyfall) and Junn, Kai’s Chinese-Cambodian mother (Cheng, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon), share their grief. Junn is hampered by her lack of English, while Richard is forced to

0871 902 5737


hide the fact that her son was gay, but the pair gradually develop a bond. Hong Khaou’s touching debut feature boasts especially magnetic performances by its two leads.


Film From 4 July

From 4 July

The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed out the Window and Disappeared (15)

A Hard Day’s Night (U)

Director Felix Herngren Starring Robert Gustafsson, Iwar Wiklander, Mia Skäringer, Alan Ford Sweden 2013 114 mins Swedish with English subtitles

This dark Scandinavian comedy is a succession of absurd chance encounters interlaced with bizarre, Zelig-like flashbacks. Allan Karlsson, played with subtle relish by the distinguished Gustafsson, bumbles his way from a nursing home into a seedy criminal netherworld, with a deliciously typecast Alan Ford (Snatch) as an enraged villain determined to recover the loot Karlsson has inadvertently appropriated.

0871 902 5737

Director Richard Lester Starring The Beatles UK 1964 88 mins

Richard Lester’s remarkably fresh Beatles semi-documentary captures The Beatles on the road to megastardom with screaming girls on every corner. A Hard Day’s Night stylishly gives a real sense of Sixties London whilst presenting the Fab Four in all their irreverent glory.

Coming Soon

July 2014

Boyhood (Cert TBC) Director XXXXXXXXXXX Starring XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX USA/Germany/ UK 2013 122 mins





Until 15 June

Science Fiction: New Death


Galleries 1, 2 & Public Spaces / FREE Entry / Tue – Sun / 11am – 6pm

‘The year’s most thought-provoking exhibition’ SFX


‘Science and technology is helping us live longer, but it could also be the death of us, and this collection looks at how the two fields shape our lives now, and how they might in the future.’ We Heart

New Death

‘It’s this kind of event that re-establishes what a genre can be, deconstructing its conventions and coming out with something new, something better.’ Starburst Magazine Image: The Kazimier, Exhibition Design. Installation at FACT

‘Unlike any exhibition you’ll have experienced before’ Arcfinity

Science Fiction: New Death is curated by Omar Kholeif and Mike Stubbs. Based on new writing by China Miéville.

#NewDeath Artists: Zach Blas, James Bridle, Close & Remote,  Petra Gemeinboeck & Rob Saunders, Jae Rhim Lee, Mark Leckey, Karen Mirza and Brad Butler, Laurence Payot, Sascha Pohflepp, Jon Rafman, Larissa Sansour, Dario Solman and Ryan Trecartin. @FACT_Liverpool


Specials Exhibition Related Films

Our Science Fiction season concludes with two of the best sci-fi movies ever made

9 June

16 June

They Live (18)

Aliens (15)

Director John Carpenter 1988 93mins

Director James Cameron 1986 148mins

A mixture of sci-fi shocker and horror, this 50s throwback is Carpenter’s homage to the B-Movie. It is the film responsible for the classic line: “I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass...and I’m all out of bubblegum…”

The only survivor of the Nostromo, Ripley is discovered in a deep sleep half a century later by a salvage ship. When she is taken back to Earth, she learns that a human colony was founded on the same planet where the aliens were first found.

8.30pm / Screen 3 / £9.50, £7.50 (Members & concs)

8.30pm / Screen 3 / £9.50, £7.50 (Members & concs)

5 July – 26 October

Liverpool Biennial 2014: Sharon Lockhart Galleries 1, 2 & Public Spaces / FREE

This is the first UK solo exhibition by American filmmaker and fine artist Sharon Lockhart who is known for exploring social subject matter in provocative ways. At FACT she will present her 2009 film Pódworka which documents the playtime of the Polish children who use the courtyards of their hometown Lodz as their playgrounds. 0871 902 5726


During this exhibition, Lockhart will also produce a new film, commissioned by Liverpool Biennial, FACT and Kadist, San Francisco, a collaborative process involving young people and educators and resulting in a manifesto celebrating the often-disregarded voices of children. Part of A Needle Walks into a Haystack, the 8th Liverpool Biennial Exhibition. Image: Sharon Lockhart, Pódworka, 2009, courtesy of the artist @FACT_Liverpool


Events Liverpool Arab Arts Festival 9 June

Double Bill 7pm / The Box / £6, £5 (Members & concs)

CROP (U) Director Johanna Domke & Marouan Omara 2013 49mins

Filmed within the offices of the country’s largest state-run newspaper, the film is a series of tableaux that expose the institution’s inner workings and the strict control of information.

11 June

Omar (15)

Winter of Discontent (15)

Director Hany Abu-Assad 2013 96mins

Omar is a thoughtful young baker in love with Nadia (Leem Lubany). When he agrees to go with Nadia’s brother Tarek (Ehab Hourani), a senior militant, and their mutual friend Amjad (Samer Bisharat) on a mission to kill an Israeli soldier, it’s partly to gain Tarek’s respect so that he can ask for Nadia’s hand in marriage.

Director Ibrahim El-Batout 2012 96minss

Meet individuals involved in the 2011 uprising, a tortured dissident, a news presenter, a journalist and a secret policeman. Dark, fascinating, and not for the faint hearted.

0151 707 4464


But that act of violence soon spirals out of control: Omar is arrested and tortured by Israeli forces, who attempt to turn him into a collaborator and informant. Abu-Assad uses this tense set-up to fashion an ingenious twist on Othello that packs an unforgettable sting in the tail. 7pm / The Box / £6, £5 (Members & concs)



Specials Thursday 3 July

20th Anniversary: Pulp Fiction (18) Director Quentin Tarantino Starring John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis, Harvey Keitel USA 1994 154 mins

Monday 9 June, 6.15pm

Now: In the Wings on a World Stage Plus live satellite Q&A with Kevin Spacey Kevin Spacey, Sam Mendes and the Bridge Project Company go on the road in Now: In the Wings on a World Stage. In more than 200 performances across three continents, Kevin and the troupe reveal some of the most intimate moments behind the scenes of their staging of Shakespeare’s tragedy Richard

0871 902 5726 5737

III. Their story weaves around, and reflects on, excerpts from the play, and provides a great opportunity for those who have never experienced Spacey on stage to witness his immersive and captivating interpretation of Richard III.

To some it is a flashy, gratuitously violent triumph of style over content, to others it is the film that confirmed Tarantino as one of the most distinguished and talented contemporary American directors. It is undeniably a superbly written, complex, ultra-violent, almost unbearably tense and often hilarious thriller with an outstanding cast and some surprising performances, most notably from John Travolta. Drawing his inspiration from the lurid lowlife characters found in the cheap yellow-paged crime novels of the 1930s and 40s, Tarantino develops the narrative structure he used in Reservoir Dogs; here intricate crosscutting and flashbacks are used to weave together three tales of smalltime criminal life in LA.




Vintage Sundays 8 June, 6pm

15 June, 1pm

22 June, 6pm

12 Angry Men (U)

Fathers’ Day Special: The Godfather (15)

Dirty Rear Window West Side Dancing (12A) (PG) Story (PG)

Director Sidney Lumet Starring Martin Balsam, Henry Fonda, Lee J. Cobb USA 1957 92 mins

Director Francis Ford Coppola Starring Marlon Brando, Al Pacino USA 1972 175 mins

Director Emile Ardolino Starring Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey USA 1987 100 mins

A Puerto Rican youth is on trial for murder. Eleven of the jurors vote for conviction, but the 12th (Fonda) bravely holds out for justice in this gripping legal drama.

By almost any criterion, this is the most important American film of the 1970s: a subversive saga of family values, and an epic account of organised crime.

29 Jun, 6pm

Nobody puts Baby in a corner! In this rock ’n’ roll treat, teenager Baby Houseman goes on holiday with her parents and gets swept off her feet by a dance instructor.

Director Alfred Hitchcock Starring James Stewart, Grace Kelly USA 1954 114 mins.

Confined to his apartment with a broken leg, a photographer (Stewart) becomes voyeuristically obsessed with his neighbours – one of whom he thinks is a murderer.

Contains moderate violence.

0871 902 5737


6 July, 1pm

Directors Robert Wise, Jerome Robbins Starring Natalie Wood, Richard Beymer, Russ Tamblyn USA 1961 151 mins

The lovely Natalie Wood stars in the heartbreaking role of Maria in this magnificent film of star-crossed lovers, Latin-American tensions and steamy city life. One of the few musicals to win the Best Picture Oscar, West Side Story remains a thrilling experience.


Summer at


Unlike England’s prospects in the World Cup, you can be sure of a summer of entertainment at the Picturehouse, with our mix of previews of great new films, summery classics and exciting music events.

Picturehouse Exclusive Previews Sun 8 Jun, 6pm

Music Sat 7 Jun, 5.30pm

Pulp (12A) 90 mins.

T. S. Spivet (Cert TBC) TBC mins

plus Live Satellite Q&A with Jarvis Cocker from Sheffield Doc/Fest

Sun 15 Jun

Sat 14 Jun, 6.30pm

Members’ Free Preview

Bright Days Ahead (15)

94 mins.

Thu 26 Jun

Cold in July (Cert TBC) TBC mins.

Mistaken for Strangers (Cert TBC) TBC mins. plus Live Satellite Q&A with Tom and Matt Berninger Mon 7 Jul, 8.00pm

A Hard Day’s Night (U) 88 mins.

Sun 6 Jul

Boyhood (Cert TBC) TBC mins.

Vintage Sundays Summer Specials See pages 14-15 for details

Picturehouse Exclusive

Culture Shock Sat 5 Jul, 8pm

Mad Max 1 & 2 (18) 91 mins + 96 mins.

Picturehouse Exclusive

Discover Tuesdays

Discover stunning cinema. Whether it’s a cult classic, an art-house gem or a riveting documentary, there will always be a chance to see something different and brilliant in our weekly slot.

A complimentary Jameson & Ginger Ale with every ticket purchased for Discover Tuesdays (terms and conditions apply)

10 June, 6pm

17 June, 7pm

24 June, 6pm

1 July, 6pm

8 July, 6pm

Common People (12A)

ENO Live: Terry Gilliam’s Benvenuto Cellini

An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker

The Man Whose Mind Exploded

Ilo Ilo

Directors Stewart Alexander, Kerry Skinner Starring Sam Kelly, Diana Payan UK 2013 89 mins

Director Terry Gilliam Starring Michael Spyres, Corinne Winters, Willard White 190 mins approx


(Cert TBC)

Director Danis Tanovic Bosnia and Herzegovina/ France/Slovenia/Italy 2013 74 mins Bosnian and Romani with English subtitles

Director Toby Amies UK 2012 TBC mins

This bittersweet British comedy is the dramatic, funny and sometimes magical tale of six strangers whose lives become intertwined when they encounter an escaped parrot.

Berlioz’s opera, a tale of thwarted love, elopement, intrigue, disguise, mistaken identity, secular merrymaking and sacred ceremony, is spectacularly forged anew by director Terry Gilliam and ENO Music Director Edward Gardner.

Contains infrequent strong language and moderate sex references.

Oscar-winner Tanovic (No Man’s Land) focuses on a Roma family in BosniaHerzegovina. When Senada has a miscarriage, husband Nazif can’t afford her healthcare. The dire consequences throw into stark focus the plight of Roma people. Contains strong language and references to wartime atrocities.

Drako Zarharzar was once a muse for Dalí, Jarman and Warhol. Now robbed by amnesia of his capacity to create new memories, he pieces his days together from notes and mementos that hang from the ceiling. This film is a voyage into Drako’s world.

Picturehouse Docs

0871 902 5737

(Cert TBC) Director Antony Chen Starring Chen Tianwen, Yeo Yann Yann, Angeli Bayani, Koh Jia Ler Singapore 2013 99 mins Mandarin and Tagalog with English subtitles

Winner of the Camera d’Or at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, this intimate and exquisitely acted drama focuses on a family hit hard by Asia’s 1997 financial crisis, who form a close bond with their Filipino maid. Contains infrequent strong language, a suicide scene and mild violence.

Picturehouse Docs




Screen Arts Royal Albert Hall

National Theatre

Full price £20, Members £13, Concessions £15

Live: Full price £17.50 / Members £13 / Concessions £14 Weekday Encores before 5pm: Full price £13 /

Friday 6 June, 7.45pm

Live D-Day: 70 Years on 245 mins approx

Members £10 / Concessions £11

Thursday 12 June, 7pm


Live A Small Family Business

Full price £20 / Members £13 / Concessions £15

Thursday 17 June, 12pm

Sunday 8 June, 4.30pm

Live Der Rosenkavalier 245 mins approx

Sunday 6 July, 4pm

Captured Live Don Giovanni 245 mins approx

245 mins approx (image)

Encore A Small Family Business 245 mins approx (image)

English National Opera Full price £20, Members £13, Concessions £15

Tuesday 17 June, 7pm

Live Terry Gilliam's Benvenuto Cellini 245 mins approx

Royal Shakespeare Company Live: Full price £20 / Members £13 / Concessions £15 Weekday Encores before 5pm: Full price £13 / Members £10 / Concessions £11

Wednesday 18 June, 7pm

Live Henry IV Part 2 245 mins approx

Tuesday 24 June, 12pm

Encore Henry IV Part 2 245 mins approx

Royal Opera House Full price £20, Members £13, Concessions £15

Tuesday 24 June, 6.45pm

Live Manon Lescaut 245 mins approx

Trafalgar Studios Full price £15,Members £12, Concessions £13

Thursday 26 June, 8.30pm

Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen 245 mins approx 0871 902 5737




Events Artist Film 18 June

24 June

Selected 4 (18)

Both Sides Now (18)

8.45pm / The Box / £4, £3 (Members & concs)

6.30pm / The Box / £4, £3 (Members & concs)

Chosen by the artists shortlisted for the Film London Jarman Award 2014, Selected is a new collection of artists’ film and video that celebrates unconventionality and risk. Selected  is produced by FLAMIN and videoclub.

A new collection of short artists’ film and video from China, curated by Hong Kong film and media agency Videotage, in collaboration with videoclub. Including work by Mak Chi Hang, Ellen Pau and Complaint Choir of Hong Kong.

18 June

Neuro Cinema: Mission to Lars (12A) Director James Moore, William Spicer 2012 74mins

Autism and Obsession. Obsession and Rock’n’Roll. Tom can’t think about anything else: he needs to meet Metallica’s drummer, Lars Ulrich. And then out of the blue, he’s on the road trip of a lifetime... 

Neuro Cinema movies take you in to the minds of those affected by neurological condition’s such as Tom and his autism. They are accompanied by a short talk from Professor Gus A Baker, Consultant Neuropsychologist at The Walton Centre, who will introduce the screening. 6pm / The Box / £6.50

0151 707 4464




Community & Learning 17 July – 2 August

Flux Liverpool A pioneering arts festival engineered by young people. 23 July – 24 July

Connectivity 12pm – 5pm each day / The Box / FREE (drop in)

FACT’s resident group of emerging young artists Freehand Connects present an exhibition of their own work. From painting, to photography and film, explore Liverpool’s future creative landscape and meet the talented young artists who are shaping it.


31 July – 2 August

Freehand presents:

FLAG Film Festival

FACT’s young people’s programmes, Freehand is designed to support 13 – 25 year olds develop skills in a range of areas including filmmaking, digital art and technology.

12pm – 6pm each day / Throughout FACT / FREE

Delve into a festival of alternative cinema from around the world, featuring special screenings and talks as well as opportunities to get hands-on experience. If you are a young filmmaker, submit your film and it could be screened on the big screen as part of a showcase of local talent! 0151 707 4464

Their programme includes, Freehand Film for young people aged between 13 and 19. The group meet every fortnight and are currently organising a young people’s film festival as part of FLUX.


Freehand Connects is a group of 16 to 25 year olds who are interested in our artistic programme. The group collaborate with FACT’s team to plan, create and deliver workshops and events to complement FACT’s exhibition programme. If you would like to find out more about Freehand and get involved, please email @FACT_Liverpool


Clubs and Groups Saturday Mornings

Tuesdays and Thursdays before 5pm

Kids’ Club

Silver Screen Club

Games and activities from 10.30am Film starts at 11am

A club for the over-60s Annual membership is FREE, and members’ tickets are £4.50 including a tea or coffee and biscuits.

Annual membership £4 Tickets £1.50 / Non-members £3.50

Tuesday Mornings

Toddler Time

Sunday Mornings

Autism-Friendly Screenings Film starts at 11.30am For people on the autism spectrum and their familes, friends and carers. Tickets £3 No concessions or free tickets for support workers Kids’ Club note: Parents may leave children over eight alone in screenings but should be aware that the cinema is not providing any official childcare. We do, however, take special precautions for Kids’ Club screenings to provide as safe an environment as possible for younger audiences. These include increased staffing and ensuring that customers over 18 are not admitted to the screening unless they are accompanying a child. If you leave your children in the cinema please be there on time to collect them at the end of the film.

Film starts at 11am Designed to introduce pre-school children to the big screen. 7 June / 8 June

Ponyo (U)

103 mins (image above and top)

14 June / 15 June

Khumba: A Zebra’s Tale (U) 85 mins

21 June / 22 June

The King and the Mockingbird (U)

Tickets £3, accompanying adults FREE when you join Toddler Time (membership FREE). All shows are approximately 30 mins long.

10 June

Rastamouse 11

84 mins

28 June / 29 June

24 June Bagpuss 4

87 mins

1 July Poppy Cat 4

Totoro (U) Rio 2 (U)

8 July Timmy Time 11

101 mins

Big Scream Film starts at 11am Doors open at 10.30am By joining Big Scream parents can visit our cinema without having to find a babysitter or worry about their baby disturbing others. Membership is FREE, for two people per baby, valid until the baby’s first birthday. Ticket £6 for Big Scream members.

6 & 12 June

Fruitvale Station (15) 85 mins 13 & 19 June

T. S. Spivet (Cert TBC) TBC mins 20 & 26 June

17 June

Olly the Little White Van 8

5 July / 6 July

Fridays and Thursdays

Jersey Boys (15) 134 mins 27 June & 3 July

Cold in July (Cert TBC) TBC mins 4 & 10 July

Lilting (Cert TBC) TBC mins

Community & Learning Available Now

24 June

In Hand

Cineclub Training

In Hand is a new app co created by young people, for young people. It is a simple, digital friend that promotes mental well-being and offers support through some of those difficult moments that we all face.

£200 + VAT per person / £175 + VAT if booking 2 or more places / 10am – 5pm

iPad Filmmaking for teachers

In Hand is available to download for free now from iTunes and the Google Play store.

Has your school recently invested in iPads for either students or staff? Would you like to make the most of this new and exciting technology? Learn how to use iPads to run filmmaking projects both in and out of the classroom. Places are limited. For more information or to book a place contact Anna Kronenburg at or by phone on 0151 707 4417

FACT Membership Join Now £5.50 of your Membership goes towards our awardwinning community and engagement programme, plus Picturehouse and FACT offer you a fantastic set of benefits:

3 FREE Cinema Tickets + £2 off when you buy full priced cinema tickets + Discounts at The Garden by Leaf at FACT, the FACT Bar and other local venues.

FACT Membership 1 Year Single: £36 | Retired (Over 60) £30 | Student £10 1 Year Joint: £67 | Retired (Over 60) £55 For more information about discounts available with your Membership card, visit us at Box Office, see membership or call 0871 902 5737 0151 707 4464

FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) is a Registered Charity No. 702781

FACT Brochure - 6 June - 10 July  

Our new brochure is stuffed full of film, art, events, workshops and projects. Our Science Fiction: New Death exhibition closes on 15 June t...

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