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r ompared to other industries, the live Prime Site Awards entertainment and event business was robust in 2008 and, n according to most industry observers, ticket sales and audience attendance showed little-to-no this assessment with a qualification that many of NewcameHeights Reach e decline from the previous year. However, the tickets had been purchased and the events had been held before the more dire economic news r came to the forefront in the 4th quarter of 2008.


and Importance

Even after this relatively strong year, the live entertainment and event industry will not be able to rest on its past achievements. Our industry doesn’t operate in Group a vacuum. disposable In my 20 years at the Facilities Media andRising in theunemployment, industry, onedecreasing of the most truly income and lack of consumer confidence have the potential to negatively impact ticket sales and the size of the rewarding and interesting experiences I am privileged to have is watching and tracking our audience. Filling seats with effective entertainment during a time of economic uncertainty is causing anxiety Prime Site Awards. Every year, this project grows in significance for our industry. among venue managers and bookers. Two things are for sure: (1) Without question, 2009 will be challenging; Increasingly, facility managers have become more pro-active about asking agents, and (2) in order to meet this challenge, everyone in the industry, from venue managers and their staff to the promoters and event planners how they can better enhance the audience experience. Booking Agents, Promoters, Talent Buyers and Special Event Planners, will have to work smarter—which Managers constantly seek to improve their food & beverage service, lighting, acoustics, basically means holding down costs while enhancing the audience experience. staging, technology and their overall operations. They are searching for ways to stand out in a Viewed through this work smarter prism, the 2009 Facilities SuperBook is more critical than ever. The cenferociously competitive market. terpiece of this issue is the Annual 2008 Prime Site Awards (listed on page 16). Every year, the Facilities Media Over the past year, I have had numerous conversations with venue executives asking me Group bestows the Prime Site Awards. This special designation—voted on by the readership (Booking Agents, how their venue can do better. And, they are making improvements under some of the most Promoters, Talent Buyers & Special Event Planners) of Facilities—recognizes Venue Excellence, a criteria that dire economic circumstances the world has seen in a generation. includes the structural dynamics of a building, the level of technology of its sound, lighting, staging—and the And, it’sstaff. obvious that those who book these to venues have noticed their efforts. quality of the venue All these components are integral the success of the performance andThe audience evidence: we received a record number of nominations in 2009. As a result, a record 114 experience. The Prime Site Awards acknowledge those venues that have work smarter. entertainment venues have won our annual Prime Site Award. Please see page 13 for a The other content in this issue—a regionalized directory of North American venues, a Product & Services complete list of winning venues. Directory, a spotlight interview with Greg Diekroeger, former Chair of the Board of the National Association list reflects the industry. These award-winning venuesand include Municipally for CampusThe Activities, and Industry Perspective columns on customer service event service—are allOperated focused & Managed Venues and University and College Campus-based venues. While Independent on enabling industry members to work smarter. venues may make up the majority, a record of facilitiesisunder the purview of In addition to number print, facilitiesonline the fastest growing website in Management Companies made this year’s cut—a record 27 SMG-managed entertainment the industry. Facilitiesonline features news, industry links, a fun-to-readvenues are winners, as well blog, as a record eight Prime most Site winners by VenuWorks, and the industry’s extensivemanaged online database of Arenas, and another eight are Global Spectrum managed facilities. In addition to this record Theaters, Coliseums, Theaters, Civic Centers, PACs, Amphitheatres, amount of winners, there are many first time Prime Site Award winners. University Venues, Fairgrounds, Convention Centers and Special I would also guess that the industry has realized that we are all in this together. is a Event Venues. Thousands of Booking Agents, Promoters,There Talent higher degree of interactivity and actual partnering between venue managers and those who Buyers and Special Event Planners use Facilitiesonline every week to book that venue than ever before. Venueabout managers may beand asking meevents about industry trends stay informed industry issue specific and best practices, but more importantly Booking Promoters, The way to they meet are the asking challenges of 2009?Agents, Work Smarter! The Talent 2009 Facilities SuperBook (and Facilitiesonline) has been designed to be your Buyers and Special Event Planners. essential tool in achieving thataspects goal. of their operation as they Facilities are responding.first They are improving as many

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can. In spite of budget and staff cuts and a soft economy, the show not just goes on, but is better than ever. We received more ballots than I can remember, which is above all else, recognition by peers, colleagues and customers that you are succeeding in your pursuit of Timothy Herrick excellence. Editorial Director And don’t forget, it’s already time to begin voting for next year’s Prime Site Winners. Turn to page 12, fill out the ballot and send it to us. –Michael Caffin, Associate Publisher

ON THE COVER (Clockwise) A) Charleston Civic Center; B) Giant Center (interior); C) Coliseo de Puerto Rico; D) Wachovia Arena at Casey Plaza; E) River Center/Adler Theatre (interior); F) and Toyota Center.



ON THE COVER Clockwise: A) The Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee; B) The Lakeland Center in Lakeland, Florida; C) Hoyt Sherman Place in Des Moines, Iowa; and D) Jason Aldean performing at the Florence Civic Center in Florence, South Carolina.

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PriMe SiTe WinnerS Congratulations to our Twenty-Seven Arena & Theater Prime Site Award Winners 1st Mariner Arena (Baltimore, Maryland) American Bank Center Arena (Corpus Christi, Texas) BankAtlantic Center (Sunrise, Florida) BOK Center (Tulsa, Oklahoma) Cabarrus Arena and Events Center (Concord, North Carolina) CenturyTel Center Arena (Bossier City, Louisiana) Coliseo De Puerto Rico (Hato Rey, Puerto Rico) DCU Center Arena (Worcester, Massachusetts) Dunkin’Donuts


(Providence, Rhode Island)

(Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) (Charlottesville, Virginia)

Florence Civic Center

(Florence, South Carolina)

Ford Arena

(Beaumont, Texas)

Ford Center

Hershey Centre (Mississauga, Ontario) Idaho Center Arena (Nampa, Idaho) John Paul Jones Arena

Landmark Theatre

(Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania)

(Richmond, Virginia)

Laredo Energy Arena

(Laredo, Texas)

Mohegan Sun Arena

Nationwide Arena (Columbus, Ohio) New Orleans Arena (New Orleans, Louisiana) Rabobank Arena

(Bakersfield, California) Reliant Arena (Houston, Texas) Save Mart Center (Fresno, California) Silver Spurs Arena (Kissimmee, Florida)

Times Union Center(Albany, New York) Van Andel Arena (Grand Rapids, Michigan) Verizon Wireless Arena (Manchester, New Hampshire)

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Promoters, Talent Buyers & Special Event Planners) of Facilities—recognizes Venue Excellence, a criteria that includes the structural dynamics of a building, the level of technology of its sound, lighting, staging—and the quality of the venue staff. All these components are integral to the success of the performance and audience experience. The Prime Site Awards acknowledge those venues that have work smarter. The other content in this issue—a regionalized directory of North American venues, a Product & Services Directory, a spotlight interview with Greg Diekroeger, former Chair of the Board of the National Association for Campus Activities, and Industry Perspective columns on customer service and event service—are all focused on enabling industry members to work smarter. In addition to print, facilitiesonline is the fastest growing website in the industry. Facilitiesonline features news, industry links, a fun-to-readblog, and the industry’s most extensive online database of Arenas, Theaters, Coliseums, Theaters, Civic Centers, PACs, Amphitheatres, University Venues, Fairgrounds, Convention Centers and Special Event Venues. Thousands of Booking Agents, Promoters, Talent Buyers and Special Event Planners use Facilitiesonline every week to stay informed about industry issue and specific events The way to meet the challenges of 2009? Work Smarter! The 2009 Facilities SuperBook (and Facilitiesonline) has been designed to be your first essential tool in achieving that goal.



Research Manager Amber Tavarez

Live Entertainment Industry Optimism Seems Contagious

sTimothy it justHerrick me, or is optimism contagious? I hope it’s not Editorial Director just me, but optimistic

Business Operations Leo Oh

is certainly how I felt after

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party still will be celebrated in Nashville, October 3-5, coinciding of course with IEBA’s Annual Conference.

completing the Spotlight Interview in this issue –“IEBA

In addition to Davis, especially as the Facilities Media

ON THE COVEREconomy” – which begins on Keeps Upbeat in a Downbeat

Group assembled our annual Facilities SuperBook, myself

page 8.(Clockwise) As everyone in theCivic liveCenter; entertainment industry A) Charleston

and my colleagues conduct many discussions with a wide

B) Giant Center (interior); is aware, the International C) Coliseo de Puerto Rico; Entertainment Buyers D) Wachovia Arena at Casey Plaza; Association turns 40 this year, and as the association E) River Center/Adler Theatre (interior); F) and Toyota Center.

cross section of industry members. There is no sugar coating the fact that everyone in the industry is working with severe

and the industry it serves gears up to celebrate the significant

cuts in budget and staff. Everyone is finding new ways to do

milestone, I conducted an interview with Tiffany Davis,

more with less. Even if the economy has entered a recovery

2 Director of the organization. Executive

Facilities SuperBook phase, as many experts claim, those on2009 the front lines are still

In this comprehensive Q&A, with a combination of intelligence, insight and a refreshingly positive outlook, Davis

uncertain as to when or how to clearly identify that recovery. When will the tide rise high enough to lift all the boats

examines multiple facets of the live entertainment industry.

of the live entertainment industry? Nobody seems ready to

She pointed out a counter intuitive fact: 2009 was the most

hazard a prediction.

profitable year for IEBA. This is not some Pollyanna-speak,

Nonetheless, from Facility Managers to Booking Agents,

upbeat for the sake of being upbeat. Davis does not underplay

Promoters, Talent Buyers and Special Event Planners, just

the seriousness of the impact the still sluggish economy is

about everyone we talked to expressed optimism about the

having on the entertainment industry. She is well aware

industry. Is that optimism more cautious than usual? Most

that the health and welfare of the entertainment and music

definitely, but it’s optimism plain and simple, and optimism

industry depends on all other economic indicators moving

based on the fact that demand for the live entertainment

higher and faster in an upwards direction—and moving soon!

experience remains high and the providers—both onstage

Nonetheless, Davis expresses a feeling that seems shared

and backstage—of that experience are doing a better job at

by other industry members and observers—not to mention

bringing that entertainment to audiences than ever before.

economists and even some politicians—that the worst may be

There may be no better proof of the industry’s resiliency

over in terms of the so called Great Recession that has come

and determination than the fact that one of its leading

to define much of our recent economic lives.

associations turns 40 this year and has never looked better.

What made her positive attitude even more notable is that the final portions of the interviews were conducted after the flooding that devastated Nashville this spring. Luckily, IEBA offices sustained only minor damage and their 40th birthday 4

Let’s hope that optimism is not just contagious, but that more people begin catching it. –Timothy Herrick, Editorial Director

Facilities 2010 SuperBook

Meet Greet


When it’s time to get serious, we’re the place in the region to meet, greet and eat. Nineteen meeting rooms and 86,000 square feet of Class A meeting and exhibition space. Catering for 3 to 3,000. Superb attention to detail. The state’s best shopping and attractions.




1 ➤


Status: Hot Category: Northeast Arenas FYI: Routing an arena Tour through the Northeast? We assume you’ve heard about Boston, Philadelphia and New York. Here are five state-of-the-art venues in other cities that can round out the tour. They boast an onsite marketing staff determined to make the show a success and an audience demographic your artists need to reach.

Donuts 1] Dunkin’ Center

The 13,000-seat Dunkin’ Donuts Center re-opened in 2008 after an $80-million renovation. Providence anchors a statistical market of more than 1.6 million with nine colleges/universities – Boston is 45 miles away and Hartford is 61 miles away. Full-service, in-house department offers coordination of event marketing campaigns including advertising production, media placement, and promotions.


Sun National Bank Center

Since 1999 has been the host for entertainment, sports and other events in



5 ➤





the Garden State capital. Seating 8,000+ for basketball & 7,000+ for concerts, this newly re-named venue services both central New Jersey & Eastern Pennsylvania—more than 4 million reside within a 50-mile radius of the venue.

3] Times Union Center

Only 2.5 hours from NYC and three from Boston—and with Albany County offering a market of more than 294,000—this Northeast arena opened in 1990 with a state-of-the-art curtaining system that enables capacity to range from 6,000-to17,000. Recent upgrades include: video scoreboard, production studio, cyber-light system and renovated seating.

4] GIANT Center

12,500-seat arena opened in 2002 ToThis book Giant CenterSM and Hershey Theatre, please co and consistently receives high-rankings as a a concert venue and promoters praise its Vikki Hultquist in-house marketing team. The GIANT 550 W. Hersheypark Drive, Hershey, PA 17033 Center services the Harrisburg-LancasterPhone: 717-534-8966 • Fax: 717-534-3113 Lebanon-York area, family oriented market more than 1.3 million strong. 1-800-242-4236

Wireless 5] Verizon 1-800-HERSHEY HersheyparkSavings.c ARENA

©2010 Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company. All words, designs, and phrases appearing with the symbol ®, SM, or TM are tradem license or with permission. 10GT3200

This 10,000-seat arena celebrates its 10th 1-800-HERSHEY anniversary in 2011. New Hampshire’s premier sports and entertainment facility 1-866-PA MEETS is located in the state’s largest city with a population of more than 100,000 but draws from the1-877-772-9988 entire New England Market, including Vermont, Maine and Massachusetts.



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Live Ente r t a i n m e n t : S t a t e - o f - t h e -In d u s t r y

IEBA Keeps Upbeat in a Downbeat Economy

An in-depth interview with Tiffany Davis, Executive Director of the International Entertainment Buyers Association By Timothy Herrick


t first glance, it may seem a contradiction when you contrast the steep revenue declines in the music industry and the upbeat attitude of Tiffany Davis, Executive Director of the International Entertainment Buyers Association (IEBA). But Davis points out that declines are mainly in the record sales segment and that live performance remains relatively robust, even in a difficult economy. Regarding the crucial organization for the industry behind the live music and entertainment industry, Davis insists: “We had our best year in 2009.” IEBA represents talent buyers, booking agents, promoters and venue managers. These are the professionals that enable the artists to be on the stage and the audience to be in the house. The association is essential for maintaining professional standards and ensuring that the live entertainment industry continues to thrive. In 2010 IEBA turns 40, and its birthday bash will certainly highlight the organization’s Annual Conference held in Nashville, October 3-5. Do not expect a mid-life crisis for this organization with this dynamic young woman at the helm. In an extensive, sometimes free-wheeling interview with Facilities, Davis provides a candid, sometimes sobering and always compelling picture of the state-of-the-industry today. IEBA was known as the International Country Music Buyers Association until 1990, when they adopted the IEBA moniker to better reflect an expanding membership base and changing audiences. The organization now represents nearly every segment of popular music and the annual convention showcases about as many Rock, Pop, Urban genres as they do Country acts. Across all genres, performers are now touring more often – not just when they had a record to promote. They are playing a wider variety of stages. In fact, IEBA’s growth and diversity seems merely a reflection of the cross-over already taking place among audiences.


Davis, a Texas-native, also has her roots in Country Music, coming to IEBA after a stint as Director of Membership Programs & Creative Services at the Academy of Country Music, where she increased membership and created the annual Number-One Party honoring songwriters. She joined IEBA in 2008, and was at the helm for a make-over encompassing a behind the scenes overhaul of operations and bylaws and the introduction of a new logo, marketing materials and website. IEBA is fundamental to the entertainment industry. In this Spotlight Feature, Davis not only alerts us to some critical IEBA developments, but provides a fresh and honest appraisal of the state of the industry it serves. FACILITIES: What is the biggest challenge for the live entertainment industry in 2010? Tiffany Davis: It appears the recession is nearing an end for most industries, but there will still be plenty of people who remain out of work and struggling from the fallout. Giving fans the biggest value for their dollar will be the priority, and to keep venues full while still making a profit for the artists and all involved. FACILITIES: How has the economy affected IEBA? T.D.: Thankfully, IEBA has not seen a downturn, but instead we had our best year in 2009. We saw our greatest amount of sponsorship dollars. These are outside companies who sponsor a showcase. Even though our attendance was slightly down, our 2009 Conference dollars were up. I attribute this to the changes we made in 2008: we recreated our image, introduced a new logo, and internally we overhauled our by-laws, updated our policies and business practices. The buzz from these changes carried through to 2009. It is important for all organizations not to become stagnant.

Facilities 2010 SuperBook

FACILITIES: What signs are you looking for that the economy is improving?

the number of tickets really available at the advertised price. It will be interesting to see what is in the works.

T.D.: The speed of which tickets sell is an indicator. We saw a lot more walk-up sales last year at shows which means people weren’t sure if they could or would spend the money on a show until the last minute. It was a clear indicator that they were prioritizing any extra money in their budget until they felt sure they could afford to spend it on entertainment. We are also seeing corporate events booking talent for their companies, which is a good sign of a healthy outlook for 2010.

FACILITIES: Are ticket prices too high or too low and what does this mean for talent buyers and promoters? T.D.: It’s what the market will bear. Ticket prices being too high for the average American is not a new issue. The more in demand the artist, the higher the price. People have to make a choice: do I spend three months budget of entertainment on one show or pass and enjoy several less expensive outings? I watch the price of shows at various sized venues, and for the most part the prices seem appropriate for the level of talent, intimacy of the venue and length of show, but I rarely think they are a bargain! I think promoters are aware that the public is walking a thin line when it comes to spending money, so they are erring on the side of fairer pricing.

FACILITIES: How has the economy affected tour routing? T.D.: With the recovery of the economy we’re seeing the price of fuel increasing, so that puts a burden on touring which may result in less dates on the road for some artists. As artists are more watchful of every dollar spent on their show I think we’re seeing more “back to basics,” stripped-down shows for stadium

FACILITIES: Which Live Entertainment category has proven to be the most recession proof? T.D.: Kids dictate a lot of what the household budget is spent on. ll venues are positioned Parents will spend money on sometheir children want before to do well because there thing something for themselves, so if are enough large tours that are there are small children the younger, Disney-esque acts are going to do well. Don’t forget someone has still selling out multiple nights to chaperone, so money is spent in arenas and stadiums. The on a ticket for at least one parent. if the kids are older teenbeauty of having so many sizes to Likewise, agers they’ll want Pop, Rock and Urban shows, and don’t necessarily choose from is there is a place need an adult with them. The top for artists at any level or point 30 North American tours in 2009 were actually a nice mix of pop, in their career to do well.” classic rock, adult contemporary and country with a couple of comedians and theatrical shows breaking into artists, with some exceptions of course. A simpler show means the top 30. There was something for everyone. fewer trucks and buses on the road. The need for fans to stay close to home and spend less on concert tickets is good news FACILITIES: How have industry consolidation and mergers for local talent. It is a fact that people want to be entertained in affected the live entertainment industry? good times and bad, especially in bad, so they may not have $100 T.D.: Fewer jobs forcing each employee to play more than one to see the major artist visiting their town or the town nearby, role, and much tighter budgets so it is scarier to try something but a $25 or $35 ticket to see a regional artist is within their and not be sure it will work. The margin for error is much thinreach. Soft ticket events such as fairs or festivals can also be an ner. Unfortunately, it means people are scared of losing their job inexpensive way to see local talent or perhaps even a nationally and more stressed than in better times. It will be interesting to known act packaged with several artists. see if the live entertainment field mimics the recording industry in terms of majors vs. independents. Right now the large proFACILITIES: In 2009, there seemed a rash of slashing ticket prices moters have the lion’s share. It’s hard for independents, but there as a way to combat the recession’s impact on touring. Do you think are still some really great smaller companies that have carved that trend will continue? their niche and are doing really well. T.D.: I think ticket prices will climb again over the next two years as the economy steadies. I also think it depends on genre, FACILITIES: Many tours of well-established stars have under perfan base and market as to how fast we see prices climb. The formed in recent years. Do you fear a “headliner” crisis in the music? mega acts will charge a lot because they can no matter what the T.D.: This has been a concern in recent years. It’s the reason economy. The mid-size acts will perhaps try to gain back some we’ve seen more packaged tours – multiple headliners – than lost profit from last year while still being reasonable. I wouldn’t ever before. The promoter has to make sure he is reaching the be surprised to see some “one price for all tickets” promotions Continued on page 11 again this year, but those have opened artists up to scrutiny about


Facilities 2010 SuperBook





2. Continued from page 9

broadest audience to ensure a sell out, so by creating more value for the customer by seeing more than one headlining artist it is like buying some insurance that more fans will be inclined to buy a ticket. Packaged headliners can be a great opportunity for fans to see some of their favorite artists in one shot. It’s kept a lot of artists touring that might not be on their own. FACILITIES: What technology has been most effective in marketing live entertainment? T.D.: Online marketing through social networking and good “old fashioned” email alerts to fans and potential fans. Country radio is still a driver for country music, but for other genres its web-based media. I subscribe to ticketing sites for email alerts of upcoming shows, and it works. I know what is coming and when tickets will go on sale. It’s all at the click of a mouse. Fan clubs and artist websites have really In October, IEBA will hold its 40th annual conference, celebrating the vanguard of popular reinvented themselves. They constantly promote entertainment and providing an essential showcase ticket pre-sales and merchandise to fans, not to for country and other musicians. The organization, mention the membership fee fans pay to be part of originally called the International Country Music the club. Buyers Association, was the brainchild of Hugh Long and Harry A. “Hap” Peebles, two prominent talent buyers. Through the years, although always prideful of its country roots, the organization expanded to include all types of music genres and entertainment, eventually adapting the IEBA name. IEBA’s convention is renowned for the performers who take their stage and is the largest international meeting of its kind, gathering together all the various sectors of the live entertainment industry—Talent Buyers, Performers, Agents, Venue Managers and of course, the artists themselves. For more information, go to 1) Since its 1970 inception, showcasing live performances is at heart of all IEBA conventions, such as this high-energy 2008 Paradigm Agency showcase at The Stage on Broadway, a Nashville club. 2) Chubby Checker “Twists” at the Ryman Auditorium at IEBA HONORS, where he received the 2009 Career Achievement Award. 3) Last year, Lee Ann Womack performed at the 360 Artist Agency showcase at The Stage on Broadway. 4) ZZ Top receives Living Legend Award at the 2006 IEBA HONORS, the awards banquet that highlights the annual convention. 5) Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash and Vince Gill seen together at the 2002 IEBA convention, where the Man in Black accepted IEBA’s Pioneer Award. Cash walked on stage and declared to the adoration of the attendees, “Hello... I’m Johnny Cash.” This was one of the last public appearances for Johnny and June.

FACILITIES: How does 40 feel for IEBA? T.D.: Forty is fantastic! We are healthier than ever from every standpoint. While other organizations were struggling to keep the doors open and many saw a decline in attendance at their events, 2009 was our strongest year. We have a very dedicated board of directors who are committed to furthering IEBA’s impact on the live entertainment industry. If you have a strong backbone like a good board there is no limit to your success. We’ve really identified our role in the industry and are very committed to strengthening our conference each year for our professional members as well as serving as a training ground for young professionals entering the field of live entertainment. There is a renewed energy about IEBA within our industry. It is very exciting!

FACILITIES: What takes place at your annual convention today that would be the most surprising to the founders 41 years ago? T.D.: The diversity of music and entertainment we offer through showcases, and the broad membership base we have cultivated. IEBA was founded as a country music organization originally called ICMBA (International Country Music Buyers Association). It served the fair and festival buyers who at the time primarily bought country music. We now have a membership covering everything from fairs and festivals to performing arts theaters, casinos, large buildings and everything in between. They buy all genres of music and comedy, so IEBA now showcases Country, Rock, Pop, Adult Contemporary, Christian, Urban and anything else that is hot and sells tickets!


FACILITIES: What sized venues are positioned most strongly for the near term? T.D.: All venues are positioned to do well because there are enough large tours that are still selling out multiple nights in arenas and stadiums. The beauty of having so many sizes to choose from is there is a place for artists at any level or point in their career to do well. Audiences are always going to want to Continued on page 71


Booking agents, promoters, talent buyers and special event planners:

VOTE for the top Entertainment Venues

(Arenas, Theaters, Stadiums; facilities you have booked in the last three years)

✁ Please consider the following Criteria when voting: ● Location/Market ● Flexibility ● Seating Configurations ● Ticketing ● Lighting, Sound, Staging ● Food & Beverage ● Interaction with venue staff ● Dressing Rooms, Backstage ● Access/Egress ● Promotion/ Marketing 12

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Facilities 2009 Prime Site Award Winners 1st Mariner Arena, Baltimore, MD Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Alerus Center, Grand Forks, ND Allen County War Memorial Coliseum, Fort Wayne, IN AmericanAirlines Arena, Miami, FL American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX American Bank Center, Corpus Christi, TX Assembly Hall-University of Illinois, Champaign, IL AT&T Center, San Antonio, TX Bancorpsouth Center, Tupelo, MS BankAtlantic Center, Sunrise, FL BankUnited Center, Miami, FL Black River Coliseum, Poplar Bluff, MO The BOK Center, Tulsa, OK Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, TN Bryce Jordan Center, University Park, PA Budweiser Events Center, Loveland, CO Cabarrus Arena & Events Center, Concord, NC CenturyTel Center, Bossier City, LA Clay County Regional Events Center, Spencer, IA Coliseo De Puerto Rico, Hato Rey, PR Columbus Civic Center, Columbus, GA Conseco Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, IN Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada DCU Center Arena, Worcester, MA Dunkin' Donuts Center, Providence, RI Embassy Theatre, Fort Wayne, IN Ervin J. Nutter Center, Dayton, OH Fair Park, Dallas, TX Florence Civic Center, Florence, SC Ford Center, Oklahoma City, OK Ford Park Arena, Beaumont, TX Frank Erwin Center, Austin, TX General Motors Place, Vancouver, B.C., Canada Giant Center, Hershey, PA Greensboro Coliseum Complex, Greensboro, NC Halton Arena, Charlotte, NC Hershey Centre, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Honda Center, Anaheim, CA Hoyt Sherman Place, Des Moines, IA HP Pavilion, San Jose, CA Idaho Center, Boise, ID i wireless Center, Moline, IL Arena, Glendale, AZ The Joel Coliseum, Winston-Salem, NC Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI John Paul Jones Arena, Charlottesville, VA John Labatt Centre, London, Ontario, Canada The Lakeland Center, Lakeland, FL Laredo Energy Arena, Laredo, TX Landmark Theatre, Richmond, VA Lloyd Noble Center, Norman, OK Lubbock Memorial Civic Center, Lubbock, TX Madison Square Garden, New York, NY Mass Mutual Center, Springfield, MA Mizzou Arena, Columbia, MO Mullins Center/University of Massachusetts Amherst Mohegan Sun Arena, Wilkes Barre, PA

Facilities 2010 SuperBook

Morris Performing Arts Center, South Bend, IN MTS Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Nationwide Arena, Columbus, OH New Orleans Arena, New Orleans, LA Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles, CA Norfolk Scope Arena, Norfolk, VA OnCenter Complex, Syracuse, NY Orlando Centroplex, Orlando, FL Orleans Arena, Las Vegas, NV Palace of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, MI Pepsi Center, Denver, CO Philips Arena, Atlanta, GA Prudential Center, Newark, NJ Quest Center Arena, Omaha, NE Rabobank Arena, Bakersfield, CA RBC Center, Raleigh, NC Reliant Park Arena, Houston, TX Resch Center, Green Bay, WI Richmond’s Landmark Theatre, Richmond, VA Ricoh Coliseum, Toronto, Ontario, Canada RiverCenter/Adler Theatre, Davenport, IA Roanoke Civic Center, Roanoke, VA The Rose Garden, Portland, OR Rushmore Civic Center Plaza Arena, Rapid City, SD St. Petersburg Times Forum, Tampa, FL Save Mart Center, Fresno, CA Scotiabank Place, Kanata, Ontario, Canada Scottrade Center, St. Louis, MO Show Me Center, Cape Girardeau, MO Show Place Arena, Upper Marlboro, MD Silver Spurs Arena/Osceola Heritage Park, Kissimmee, FL Spokane Arena, Spokane, WA Sprint Center, Kansas City, MO Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA State Farm Arena, Hidalgo, TX Swiftel Center, Brookings, SD Taco Bell Arena at Boise State University, Boise, ID Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, WA TD Banknorth Garden, Boston, MA The Arena at Gwinnett Center, Duluth, GA Three Rivers Convention Center/Toyota Center/Toyota Arena, Kennewick, WA Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV Times Union Center, Albany, NY Topeka Performing Arts Center, Topeka, KS Toyota Center, Houston, TX Tyson Events Center, Sioux City, IA United Spirit Arena, Lubbock, TX U.S. Cellular Arena, Milwaukee, WI U.S. Cellular Center/Paramount Theatre, Cedar Rapids, IA Value City Arena at the Jerome Schottenstein Center, Columbus, OH Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, MI Verizon Center, Washington, D.C. Verizon Wireless Arena, Manchester, NH Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA World Arena, Colorado Springs, CO Xcel Energy Center, Saint Paul, MN


–11,700; End Stage (360) – 10,655; End 8,931; End Stage (180) – 8,536; Stage (270)– –6,700; 9,337;House End Stage 3/4 Stage Stage (240) – – 8,931; End Stage (180) – 8,536; 3/4 Stage – 6,700; House Stage –

The Northeast


Capacities: 12,500 (in-the-round 10,500 (hockey). concerts); 10,000 (end staging); 10,500 (hockey). concert - 7,500; Hockey - 8,500; Center stage - 10,000. concert - 7,500; Hockey - 8,500; Backstage Areas: 2-12 6’x11’6’ dressing Center stage - 10,000. rooms ( w/facilities), 1-13’ x 12’ Backstage Areas:Locker 2-12 6’x11’6’ dressing Lounge, Visitors room 20’x36’, rooms ( w/facilities), 1-13’ x 12’ BTournament rooms A-18’6”x26’, Lounge, Visitors LockerMeeting room 20’x36’, 18’6”x26’, C-10’6”x24’, rooms Tournament rooms A-18’6”x26’, BA-24’6”x36’, B-20’6”x36’, C-19’x36’ 18’6”x26’, C-10’6”x24’, Meeting rooms and press room 33’6”x 12’. A-24’6”x36’,Space: B-20’6”x36’, Exhibition 27,050 C-19’x36’ sq. ft. of and press room 12’. two floors. exhibition space 33’6”x throughout

Connecticut Massachusetts Maine WACHOVIA ARENA AT CASEY PLAZA WACHOVIA ARENA New Hampshire AT CASEY PLAZA New Jersey New York Pennsylvania Rhode Island Vermont 255 Highland Park Blvd. Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702 (570)Highland 970-7600;Park Fax:Blvd. (570) 970-7601 255 Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702 General Manager: Bonnevier (570) 970-7600; Fax:Rebecca (570) 970-7601 Facility Description: The Wachovia General Manager: Rebecca Bonnevier

Arena at Casey Plaza opened in the fall of 1998 and is under theThe management Facility Description: Wachoviaof SMG.atWith over 8,000 permanent Arena Casey Plaza opened in the seats fall of and aand capacity of nearly 10,000 for con1998 is under the management of certs, this horse-show arena SMG. With over 8,000configured permanent seats has aplayed hostoftonearly some10,000 of the biggest and capacity for connamesthis in entertainment, includingarena Elton certs, horse-show configured John, Cher,host NeiltoDiamond, Janet Jackson, has played some of the biggest The Eagles, and Simon & Garfunkel. The names in entertainment, including Elton arena’sCher, primary are the WilkesJohn, Neiltenants Diamond, Janet Jackson, Barre/Scranton the American The Eagles, andPenguins Simon &ofGarfunkel. The Hockey League,tenants affiliated the arena’ s primary are with the WilkesPittsburgh Penguins, and of thethe WilkesBarre/Scranton Penguins American Barre/Scranton the the af2 Arena Hockey League,Pioneers affiliatedofwith Footballv1 league. Northeast 1/13/09 7:52 AM Pittsburgh Penguins, and the WilkesBarre/Scranton the af2 Arena Capacities: 1/4Pioneers house -of3,900; Football league. 1/2 house - 4,900; Extended house Northeast v1 1/21/13/09 - 5,900; 3/4 1/4 House - 7,300; End Stage Capacities: house - 3,900; 1/2 house - 4,900; Extended 1/2 house - 20 5,900; 3/4 House - 7,300; End Stage

Exhibition4-2k Space: 27,050 sq. ft.(fixed), of Lighting: Super Troopers space throughout 4exhibition portable 2k Super troopers.two floors.

Lighting: 4-2k Super Troopers (fixed), Food & Beverage: 8 concession stands 4 portable 2k Super on the concourse plustroopers. a club lounge/ Food & area Beverage: concession stands catering on the8event level that can on theupconcourse plus a club lounge/ hold to 100 people. catering area on the event Audience Amenities: 624 level centerthat ice can hold seats up toand 10032 people. club luxury suites; event level VIP club lounge, 624 featuring: Audience Amenities: centerupscale ice menu, televisions, casual suites; yet elegant club seats and 32 luxury event atmosphere. level VIP club lounge, featuring: upscale menu, televisions, casual yet elegant Parking: 3,500 spaces. atmosphere. Marketing: Web site, e-mails (65,000+ Parking: 3,500 spaces. posters, video in database), concourse scoreboard concourse TVs.(65,000+ Marketing:and Web site, e-mails in database), concourse posters, Demographics: 650,000+ peoplevideo in the scoreboard and concourse TVs. Wilkes-Barre/Scranton/Hazleton DMA and more 650,000+ than 13 million Demographics: peoplepeople in the within 100 miles. Wilkes-Barre/Scranton/Hazleton DMA more17than 13 million people See ad and on page within 100 miles. Page 20page 17 See ad on 7:52 AM

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DUNKIN’ DONUTS CENTER Dunkin’ Donuts DUNKIN’ DONUTS One LaSalle Square Providence, RI 02903 Center CENTER

(401) 331-0700; (401) 621-5987 OneLaSalle LaSalleSquare Square, Providence, RI 02903 One (401) 331-0700; (401) 621-5987 Providence, RI 02903 General Manager: Lawrence (401) 331-0700; (401) 621-5987Lepore General Manager: Lawrence Lepore Snapshot: The Dunkin’ Donuts Center Manager: Lawrence Lepore isGeneral aSnapshot: multi-purpose indoor sports and The Dunkin’ Donuts

entertainment venue located in theCenter Snapshot: Dunkin’ Donuts Center isThe a multi-purpose indoor heart of Providence, RI, andsports is home is sports a multi-purpose indoor and ice and entertainment venue for the AHL Providence and entertainment venue in the located in the heartlocated of Bruins Providence, home-court the to Big Providence heart RI, and is home ice RI, of andProvidence, is for home theEast AHL College Men’sBruins Basketball forProvidence the AHL Providence BruinsThe and and Team. home-court Facility undergone an $80home-court for Big East Providence to thehas Bigrecently EasttheProvidence College million which was completCollege Men’s Basketball The Men’sRenovation Basketball Team. Team. ed the fall ’08. Facility hasofrecently an $80Capacities: 14,000undergone seating; Concert million Renovation which was completCapacities: 13,000 seating; Concert Hall 3,500-6,000. ed the fall of ’08. Hall 3,500-6,000. Exhibition Space: Arena Floor: Capacities: 13,000 seating; Concert Exhibition Space: Arena Floor: 31,000 GSF; Exhibition Hall: 15,000 Hall 3,500-6,000. 31,000 GSF; Exhibition GSF; Additional eventHall: level15,000 hosGSF; Additional event level hospitaliExhibition Space: Arena Floor: pitality/exhibit space: 4,000 GSF; ty/exhibit space: 4,000GSF; GSF; 31,000 GSF; Exhibition Hall: Concourse: 25,000 Box15,000 Office Concourse: 25,000event GSF; Box Office GSF; Additional level hospitaliLobby/Receiving Area: 9,000 GSF Lobby/Receiving Area: 9,000 GSF ty/exhibit space: GSF; Restaurant and4,000 adjacent hospitality Concourse: 25,000 GSF; Box Office rooms: 6,000 GSF. Lobby/Receiving Area: 9,000 GSF

The Northeast

Restaurant and adjacent hospitality rooms: 6,000 GSF. Restaurant40’and adjacent hospitality Staging: wide by60’ 60’deep deepstage, stage, Staging: 40’ wide by rooms: 6,000 GSF. height; configuwith 4”standard standard with aa 5’5’4” height; configurarations be customized. Staging: wide by 60’ deep stage, tions cancan be40’ customized. with a 5’ 4”Standard standardQuartz height; and configuraLighting: Lighting: Standard Quartz and tions canlighting be customized. Halogen aroundthe thearena arena Halogen lighting around bowl. Lighting: Standard Quartz and bowl. Halogen lighting the arena Backstage Areas:2around 2Star StarDressing Dressing Backstage Areas: bowl. 22 locker Rooms, lockerrooms, rooms,11adjoining adjoinRooms,

ing locker 2 Home Team Backstage Areas: 2 Star Dressing locker roomroom and 2and Home Team locker locker rooms. Rooms, 2 locker rooms, 1 adjoining rooms. locker& and 2 8Home Team locker Food &room Beverage: 8permanent permanent Food Beverage: rooms. stands, concession stands,55portables, portables,luxury luxury concession suites, loges, hospitality roomsand and Food loges, & Beverage: 8 permanent suites, hospitality rooms restaurant.stands, 5 portables, luxury aaconcession restaurant. suites, loges, hospitality rooms and Audience Amenities: New state-ofAudience Amenities: New state-ofa restaurant. the-art Daktronicsvideo videoscoreboard. scoreboard. the-art Daktronics

Audience Amenities: state-ofMarketing: Full-service, in-house Marketing: Full-service,New in-house the-art Daktronics scoreboard. department offering coordination ofof department offeringvideo coordination event marketing campaigns including event marketing campaigns including Marketing: Full-service, in-house advertising media advertising production, mediaplaceplacedepartmentproduction, offering coordination of ment, and ment, media andretail retailpromotions, promotions, eventmedia marketing campaigns including sponsorships, group and sponsorships, groupsales salesmedia andpublic public advertising production, placerelations. relations. ment, media and retail promotions, sponsorships, group sales public Demographics: More than 400,000 Demographics: More thanand 400,000 relations. 99colleges/universities; households; households; colleges/universiBoston is 45 is miles away than and Hartford, ties; Boston 45 More miles away and Demographics: 400,000 Conn. is 61Conn. miles Hartford, isaway. 61 miles away. households; 9 colleges/universities; Boston ispage 45 miles See ad 18 See adon on page 15 away and Hartford, Conn. is 61 miles away. See ad on page 18

Facilities SuperBook 2009


PENNSYLVANIA concerts); 10,000 SuperBook (end staging); Pennsylvania The Northeast Facilities 5,400; Theatrical Stage – 3,000. Exhibition Space: 306,000 sq. ft. 2009 10,500 (hockey). NEW HAMPSHIRE PENNSYLVANIA Backstage Exhibition Space: 25,348 sq. ft.;Stage 277 10’x8’ Areas: 5Space: team 306,000 rooms, pro5,400; Theatrical – 3,000. Exhibition Exhibition Space: 306,000 sq. ft. sq. ft. booths in typical trade show configuration. duction room, 2 management rooms, 2 Exhibition Space: 25,348 sq. ft.; 277 10’x8’ Backstage 5 teamprorooms, proBackstage Areas: 5Areas: team rooms, star dressing rooms, catering room. Backstage Areas:booths main indressing room,show 3 configuration. typical trade duction room, 2 management duction room, 2 management rooms, rooms, 2 auxiliary locker rooms, visiting team locker Staging:star 100dressing pieces of 4’ x 8’ decking, Backstage Areas: main dressing room, 3 2 star dressing rooms,rooms, cateringcatering room. room. room, 2 officials auxiliary locker rooms, variable Staging: configurations, withof Black locker press rooms,office, visiting team locker 100 pieces 4’ x 8’ Tech decking, Staging: 100carpet pieces of 4’ x 8’ decking, 3 production rooms, catering Stage/Gray surfaces—Max room,lounge, 2 officials lockerroom. rooms, press office, variable configurations, with size Black Tech variable configurations, with Black Tech 80’ x 40’,Stage/Gray adjustablecarpet heights from 48” – size 3 production rooms, lounge, surfaces—Max Staging: Stageright equipment, setup is 48catering room. Stage/Gray carpet surfaces—Max size 72” in 2”80’ increments, Blackheights skirting, x 40’, adjustable from 48” – ft. deep X 60 ft. wide X 4Stageright ft. tall, 8 ft. wide setup is 48 Staging: equipment, 80’ x 40’, adjustable heights from 48”skirting, 72” in 2” increments, Black Front of house mix in 4’ x 8’ x 6”, 12”, ft. deep X 60 4 ft.a tall, 8 ft. wide X 24 ft. deep sound wings SLft.&wide SR,Xand –24” 72”Wenger in 2” increments, Black Front of house mix Board; inskirting, 4’ x 8’Center x 6”, 12”, decks; Video X 24riser ft. deep sound front of house mixer 12 ft. deepwings X 16SL & SR, and a Front house mixbyindecks; 4’ x 8’Video x 6”,Sign 12”, Center 24” Wenger Board; VERIZON WIRELESS hung of scoreboard Whiteway GIANTCENTER Center front of ft. house mixer riser 12 ft. deep X 16GIANT ft. wide X 1 ft. tall, 100 from the down VERIZON WIRELESS GIANTDrive CENTER hung scoreboard by Whiteway Sign 24” Wenger decks; Videobuilding Board; Center West Hersheypark West Hersheypark Drive Company; north/south matrix ft. wide X 1 ft. tall, 100 ft. from the down550550 ARENA stage edge. 550 West Hersheypark Drive Company; building matrix ARENA Hershey, PAPA 17033 hung scoreboard bynorth/south Whiteway Sign Hershey, 17033 stage edge. 555 Elm Street boards; Mitsubishi Diamond Vision Hershey, PA 17033 555 Elm Street boards; Mitsubishi Diamond Vision Food & Beverage: 4 permanent concession (717) 534-3911; Fax: (717) 534-8996 (717) 534-3911; Fax: (717) 534-8996 Company; north/south building matrix Manchester, NH 03101 Leader board. Food & Beverage: 4 permanent concession (717) 534-3911; Fax: (717) 534-8996 Manchester, NH 03101 Leader board. stands; 12 portable concession stands; VIP (603) 644-5000; Fax: (603) 644-1575 boards; Mitsubishi Diamond Vision stands; 12 portable concession stands; VIPComplex Managing (603) 644-5000; Fax: (603) 644-1575 Broadcast: In-house video control w/ w/ Director, Event Complex Managing Director, Event Event Leader Lounge; 2 specialty bars located onbars upper Regional General Manager: Tim Bechert Broadcast: In-house video control board. Complex Managing Director, Lounge; 2 specialty located on upperBookings, Regional General Manager: Tim Bechert Ticketing, and Marketing: full edit/studio control;control; 125 TVs located Bookings, Ticketing, and Marketing: Bookings, Ticketing, and Marketing: level; Full catering services offered backfull edit/studio 125 TVs located level; Full catering services offered back- Vikki Broadcast: In-house video control w/ Hultquist Vikki Hultquist throughout arena; Radio broadcast Vikki Hultquist throughout arena; Radio broadcast and & to suites. New Hampshire’sNew Premier Sportss Premier & stage stage and to suites. Hampshire’ Sports full edit/studio TVsbulkhead located throughout; 15control; media bulkhead loca- locathroughout; 15125 media AA Sweet Place to to Play! Sweet Play!to Play! APlace Sweet Place Entertainment Facility suites,345 luxury party suites, Entertainment Facility Amenities: 34 luxury Amenities: suites, 5 party suites, throughout arena; Radio broadcast tions alltions patchable through centralcentral all patchable through Snapshot: TheCenter, GIANTa Center, a throughout; Snapshot:The TheGIANT GIANT Center, Exclusive Club Lounge, Seats,542 Club Seats, Snapshot: Exclusive542 ClubClub Lounge, 15room mediaon bulkhead locaSnapshot: New Hampshire’ s premier Snapshot: New Hampshire’s premier interconnect theon first level; 10 10 interconnect room the first level; state-of-the-art arena,its arena, itsopened doors its doors Wireless state-of-the-art arena,opened opened doors Wireless Flatconnection, Screen TV’Flat s Screen TV’s state-of-the-art tions all patchable through central sportsfacility, and entertainment facility, the connection, sports and entertainment the camera positions. camera positions. in October of 2002, with a performance throughout the concourse. in October of 2002, with a performance in October of 2002, with a performance throughout the concourse. Verizon Wireless Arena, managed by interconnect room on the first 10 Verizon Wireless Arena, managed by & Beverage: 13level; Concessions Food &Food Beverage: 13 Concessions by Cher. that GIANT moment, GIANT byby Cher. that moment, Cher.From From thatFrom moment, has attracted more thanMarketing: 4.4 million Group Marketing: Group Sales; Email camera positions. SMG, has attracted SMG, more than 4.4 million Sales; Email Stands, 7 Portable, BarClub and Club Center has been the area’s leading Stands, 7 Portable, Bar and hosted more sports and Grassroots Centerhas hasbeen beenthe thearea’s area’s leading sports Marketing; Grassroots Marketing; MediaCenter people, hosted more people, than 830 sports andthan 830 Marketing; Marketing; Media Food & Lounge. Beverage: 13 Concessions sports and entertainment events, including more than and entertainment Buying; Media Promotions/Trade; Publicsports and entertainment venue.venue. GIANT venue. Lounge. entertainment events,entertainment including more than Buying; Media Promotions/Trade; Public GIANT Center is also home to theStands, 7Demographics: Portable, Bar and Club The Harrisburg120 sold out shows, since opening seven Relations. GIANT Center is also home to the Center is also home to the AHL Demographics: The Harrisburg120 sold out shows, since opening seven Relations. AHL Hershey Bears. Because of theLounge. Lancaster-Lebanon-York market is years ago. The arena was designed to AHL Hershey Bears. Because of the Hershey Bears. Because of the constant market is Demographics: New England Market— years ago. The arenaaccommodate was designedatowide variety ofDemographics: constant support of its many fans, Lancaster-Lebanon-York family oriented with a strong events— New England Market— Demographics: The Harrisburgof Center its many fans, to be ranked supportsupport ofGIANT its many fans, GIANT family oriented with a strong mainly from New Hampshire, as well as constant accommodate a wideincluding variety ofconcerts, events— continues household income. wrestling, figure skatmainly from NewMA, Hampshire, as well as market is GIANT to beasconcert ranked ME, and VT. Center Center continues be ranked one ofvenuesLancaster-Lebanon-York household income. as onecontinues oftoworld’s best in including concerts, wrestling, figure skat- family MA, ing, hockey, basketball, shows,ME, as and VT. See ad on page 19 family oriented with a strong as world’ one ofs best world’s bestand concert in just minconcert venues in venues Billboard Billboard Pollstar. Located ing, hockey, basketball, shows, as See ad on page 19 wellfamily as convention and trade shows. household Billboard and Pollstar. Located just minand Pollstar. Located just minutes utes from GIANT Center is the 1,928well as convention and trade shows. Capacities: Center Stage in the round income. utes from GIANT Center the 1,928seat Hershey from GIANT Center isTheatre. theis 1,928-seat –11,700; Endround Stage (360) – 10,655; End Capacities: Center Stage in the seat Hershey Theatre. 12,500 (in-the-round See ad on Hershey Theatre. Capacities: – 9,337; –11,700; End Stage Stage (360)(270) – 10,655; EndEnd Stage (240) – concerts); 10,000 (end staging); page 17 Capacities: 12,500 Capacities: 12,500(in-the-round (in-the-round End Stage Stage (270) – 9,337;8,931; End Stage (240)(180) – – 8,536; 10,500 (end (hockey). concerts); 10,000 staging); 3/4 Stage – 6,700; House Stage – 8,931; End Stage (180) – 8,536; 10,500 (hockey). 3/4 Stage – 6,700; House Stage – 14


concert - 7,500; Hockey - 8,500; Center stage - 10,000.

concert - 7,500; Hockey - 8,500;


Facilities 2010 SuperBook Restaurant and adjacent hospitality rooms: 6,000 GSF.

The Northeast / rhode island

Dunkin’ Donuts Center One LaSalle Square, Providence, RI 02903 (401) 331-0700; (401) 621-5987 •


rovidence, Rhode Island mixes the urban sophistication of a big city with the graceful charm of a small town. At the heart of Providence’s bustling downtown is the Dunkin’ Donuts Center (DDC), part of the Rhode Island Convention & Entertainment Complex, which also includes the Rhode Island Convention Center (RICC) and the Veterans Memorial Auditorium (VMA). The 14,000-seat DDC offers 31,000 square feet of arena space with a ceiling height of 86 feet, a 25,000-square-foot concourse, a new 9,000-square-foot lobby, 20 luxury suites, and five additional meeting/hospitality rooms. Other amenities include a pedestrian bridge connecting the arena to the RICC, a state-of-the-art video scoreboard, and upgraded concession and restaurant facilities. There are 5,500 hotel rooms in the Greater Providence area—1,800 located within walking distance of the Center. Providence is known for its thriving arts scene and is recognized as one of the nation’s hottest culinary destinations. There are nine colleges and universities located in the Providence market, most of which are within a 5-mile radius of the Center—Brown University, Johnson & Wales University, RI School of Design, and Providence College just to name a few. The students at these local colleges and universities add to diverse population of our City.

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the northeast / pennsyLvania

GIANT Center 550 West Hersheypark Drive, Hershey, PA 17033 • (717) 534-3911; Fax: (717) 534-8996 •


IANT Center broke ground in November of 2000, and opened its doors in October of 2002, with a performance by Cher. From that moment, GIANT Center has been the area’s leading sports and entertainment venue. GIANT Center is also home to the longest standing member of the American Hockey League, the HERSHEY BEARS, which has been going strong since 1938. Because of the constant support of its many fans, GIANT Center continues to be ranked as one of world’s best concert venues in Billboard, Pollstar and Venues Today publications. In addition, the readers of Harrisburg Magazine selected GIANT Center as their choice for Performance Hall 2006 Readers Choice.

The magnificent Hershey Theatre was conceived by entrepreneur and philanthropist Milton S. Hershey in the early 20th century and is proudly celebrating over 75 years of the performing arts. Located in downtown Hershey, Pennsylvania, this magnificent theatre has established itself as the area’s premier SMpresenting the finest in touring performing arts center, Broadway shows, classical music and dance attractions, and world-renowned entertainers. Recently, Hershey Theatre has been getting a standing ovation by ranking as one of the top theaters in the world by Pollstar and Venues Today.

To book Giant Center and Hershey Theatre, please

Vikki Hultquist

550 W. Hersheypark Drive, Hershey, PA 17033 Phone: 717-534-8966 • Fax: 717-534-3113 1-800-242-4236





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To book Giant CenterSM and Hershey Theatre, please contact:

Vikki Hultquist

1-866-PA MEETS

550 W. Hersheypark Drive, Hershey, PA 17033 Phone: 717-534-8966 • Fax: 717-534-3113

1-877-772-9988 1-800-242-4236




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The Northeast / New V E Hampshire RIZON WIRELESS



eight home games, the Wolves were an instant hit averaging eading into their seventh year, the Verizon Wireless Arena 6,500 fans a game with expectations for increased attendance in has drawn over 4.4 million people becoming one of the the upcoming season. Verizon Wireless Arena referred to the comnation’s most popular and successful arenas of its’ size. One of the ing of the Wolves as “the opportunity of presenting yet another This state-of-the-art arena has brought over 830 events exciting form of sports and entertainment at the Verizon Wireless ranging from concerts, athletic events, family shows and nation’s most 555 Elm Street,toManchester, NH 03101 (603)area, 644-5000; Arena, continuing our efforts to provide quality family entertainconventions the Manchester, New Hampshire sell- Fax: (603) 644-1575 • popular and ment for the residents of Manchester and the state of New ing-out more than 120 of them. The Verizon Wireless Arena capHampshire.” in their fifth season, the Manchester Wolves tured both theeading historicinto and cutting-edge lookthe of the city of over Now 2.7 million individual entertainment needs its ninth year, Verizon successful are ranked fifthitsforconcerts best attendance for arenafootball2. Manchester with its ultra-modern classical with and non-sporting events. Since Wireless Arena hasyet drawn overarchitectural 5.3 milliondesign. SinceAerosmith its conception, thecenter Verizonstage Wireless Arena of hasa satisfied The arena’s red brick becoming façade fruitfully with the refurbished took in front sold people one blends of the nation’s most arenas of over 2.3 million individual entertainment with its concerts redpopular brick structures of this oldarenas factoryoftown that has reborn out crowd in the arena’s firstneeds performance, the and successful its’ size. Thisbeen stateits’ size. and non-sporting events. took center stage instars intoof-the-art one of thearena art, cultural and high-tech capitals of New England. arena has seen Since manyAerosmith of the world's prevalent has brought over 1,000 events, front of asuch sold out the arena’s performance, the Neil arena Within afrom 30-mile radius, aathletic population exceeding million as: crowd EltoninJohn, KISS,first Ozzy Osbourne, ranging concerts, events, familytwo shows has seenDiamond, many of theBritney worlds prevalent such as: Elton encircles the arena including approximately college students Spears,stars James Taylor, theJohn, Eagles, and conventions, to New Hampshire,45,000 selling-out KISS, Ozzy Osbourne, Neil Diamond, BritneyBrothers, Spears, James Taylor, in the Greater AreaThe alone. The arena can accommodate Dave Matthews Band, Jonas Justin more thanManchester 120 of them. Verizon Wireless Arena the Eagles, Dave Matthews Band thelist listgoes goes on and withwith anywhere from 2,500-11,770 of this for concerts and Bieber andand the andon. on.Along Along captured both the historic andpopulace cutting-edge look of theentertainment astounding stars, the arena has also stars, seen shows such as events a capacity of with 10,104 hockey gamesyet andclassical other sporting events. astounding the arena hasWWE also Smackdown!/ seen shows city and of Manchester itsfor ultra-modern RAW/Backlash, Sesame Street TheSmackdown!/RAW/Backlash, Wiggles, Thunder Nationals (Monster There is no bad seat in theThe arenaarena’s due tored its unique elliptical design that allows such as Live!, WWE architectural design. brick façade Trucks) and the RinglingSesame Bros. & Street BarnumLive!, and Bailey Not to mention a for fruitfully an increase in seating allrefurbished sides of the arena rather than the ends of the TheCircus®. Wiggles, Thunder blends withon the red brick structures brief stop by Barack Obama and Oprah WinfreyTrucks) in December arena, providing outstanding for allreborn fans. into one of Nationals (Monster and 2007. the Ringling Bros. of this old factory town sight that lines has been The Verizon Wireless Arena doesand notBailey only provide sportsNot action enter- a In addition to theand general there areof542 clubEngland. seats, 34 luxury suites, & Barnum Circus®. toand mention the art, cultural highseating tech capitals New tainment excitement tobrief Newstop Hampshire residentsBush but also important tooland for five party suites aand a private club lounge, all with exceeding great views of the action. by President in an October 2004 Within 30-mile radius, a population trade and business shows. Such trade and that have been held Fourtwo permanent stands areincluding located around the building, along with Barack Obama andbusiness Oprahshows Winfrey in December million concession encircles the arena approximately at2007. this booming arena include the New Hampshire Restaurant and Lodging Trade one-to-12 concession can beManchester utilized as needed. There are 45,000mobile college studentsstands in thethat Greater Area alone. The Show, the New England RV and Motor Arena Coach Exposition, Inaugural more thancan 4,000 parking spacesanywhere within 2,000 feet2,500-11,770 of the arena, including municiThe Verizon Wireless does not Governors only provide sports arena accommodate from of this populace Ball and the Wireless Tech Seminar totoname few. palfor parking garages, lots and onevents street and parking. Six indoor, street-level action andVerizon entertainment excitement Newa Hampshire residents concerts andparking entertainment a capacity of 10,104 for shyanofimportant seven years,tool the still Wirelessshows. Arena has successticket windows are and located in the front ofevents. the building thatisare accessible. butJust also for young trade Verizon and business Such hockey games other sporting There noeasily bad seat in the fully satisfied the interests of the community of Manchester andbooming the citizens of The Manchester Americandesign Hockeythat League affiliate to the Los trade and business shows that have been held at this arena arena due to its Monarchs, unique elliptical allows for an increase New Hampshire. Angeles Kings,on made Verizon Wireless Arena their and have done a Business NH Magazine has awarded the Arena, and itsShow, maninclude the New Hampshire Restaurant and Lodging Trade in seating all the sides of the arena rather thanhome the ends of the arena, great job at engrossing the citizens Manchester with the thrill of the game. It agement company, SMG asand the Business of the Year (touring/Hospitality), and the New England RV Motor Coach Exposition, Governors providing outstanding sight of lines for all fans. only took seasonto before the Monarchs led the league in attendance and34 they the Best Concert in the State forWireless the seventh yearSeminar in a row. toAlong with Inaugural BallVenue and the Verizon Tech name a its In one addition the general seating there are 542 club seats, continue be a strong Monarchs, thelounge, arena has few. in New Hampshire, the Verizon Wireless Arena has received national luxurytosuites, five draw. party Along suiteswith andthe a private club allhosted with agreat success variety of college including a University of New Hampshire vs. recognition for of its’nine success consistently ranking Verizon within theWireless top five worldwide Just shy years, the still young Arena hasfor views of the sporting action. events Four permanent concession stands are located Dartmouth hockey game in 2002 became the largestconcession collegiate sport15,000 or less. Take versatile and contemporary venue design, smartand successfully satisfied theainterests of the community of Manchester aroundmen’s the building, along withthat one-to-12 mobile stands arenas ingthat eventcan in the of the state of New Hampshire. The University of New promotions andofa New state with a growingBusiness population andMagazine economy, has and awarded you have the citizens Hampshire. NH be history utilized as needed. Hampshire to callMonarchs, Manchester American home at least once a year. the Verizon Arena has become: anSMG, established sports, entertainthe Arena, andWireless its management company, as the Business of the Thecontinues Manchester Hockey League affiliate to what TwoLos thousand threeKings, broughtmade aboutthe a new addition to the arena withtheir an home ment convention facility in the competitive England market. Since its Yearand (touring/Hospitality), and the Best New Concert Venue in the State the Angeles Verizon Wireless Arena increasing demand Arena job Football, by bringingthe the citizens Manchester Wolves of conception, the Verizon Arena has been things right. Hampshire, for the ninth year inWireless a row. Along with its doing success in New and have donefor a great at engrossing of Manchester arenafootball2 to theofManchester In their season consisting of the Verizon Wireless Arena has received national recognition for its’ with the thrill the game.area. Along withinaugural the Monarchs, the arena success consistently ranking within the top ten worldwide for arenas has hosted a variety of college sporting events including a University 15,000 or less. Take a versatile and contemporary venue design, smart of New Hampshire vs. Dartmouth men’s hockey game in 2002 that promotions and a state with a growing population and economy, and became the largest collegiate sporting event in the history of the state 555 Elm Street, Manchester, NH 03101 you have what the Verizon Wireless Arena has become: an established of New Hampshire. The University of New Hampshire continues to sports, entertainment and convention facility in the competitive New call Manchester home at least once a (603) year. 644-5000; Fax: (603) 644-1575 • England market. Since its conception, the Verizon Wireless Arena has Since its conception, the Verizon Wireless Arena has satisfied Facilities Booking Guide 2008 been doing things right.

The arena’s red brick façade fruitfully blends with the refurbished red brick structures of this old factory town.


Verizon Wireless Arena




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When stars take the stage, our fans come out to play. Verizon Wireless Arena continues to be the place that fans choose to play. Our audiences find the Verizon Wireless Arena to be the perfect venue to let loose and have some fun at concerts, sporting events and shows. As a result, they’ve helped us shine with a top 5 ranking in the Americas from a leading industry magazine, for arenas of 15,000 or less seats. They also ranked us within the top 10 in the world. Verizon Wireless Arena, 555 Elm Street Manchester, NH 03101 603-644-5000

New Hampshire’s premier sports and entertainment facility is conveniently located in Manchester, halfway between Boston, Massachusetts and Portland, Maine. Before your next concert season, plan on spending time with the fans at the Verizon Wireless Arena.

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Backstage Areas: Four large team Exhibition Space: Arena’s generic venrooms, two star dressing rooms, Green dor booth set is 161 10’ x 10’ booths. Room, production offices, catering. 421 (arena) 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10001 Staging: StageRight ME1000 Staging: StageRightFax: legs(212) and decks. (800)staging 525-5750; 202-9638 portable system 80’wide by Eight 2k xenon Super 48’Sound/lighting: deep fully set; StageRight Z-800HD IOWA Trouperriser II Exhibition spotlights. In-house sound Space: Arena’s generic portable system 36’wide by 24’ deep venChief Executive Officer: Jeremy Milikow is 161 10’ x 10’ booths. system for dor livebooth PA orsetrecordings. Video fully set. (theater) Proscenium Opening Senior Vice President: Mitch Bornstein, SVP scoreboard Staging: with option play live ME1000 feed 44’wide by 27’high x(arena) 32’8”toStageRight deep. portable staging system 80’wide by or recordings. Lighting: Both Metal and Z-800HD 48’deep fullyHalogen set; StageRight ‘Leading Global Provider of Meeting & Event Transportation’ Food & Beverage: Seven portable riser systemconcession 36’widewith by 24’deep incandescent lighting fixtures along fullymeetings set. (theater) Proscenium Opening located throughout the con-and sixstands Strong Super Troopers. UrbanRide is a global provider of ground transportation for &(theater) events, 44’wide by 27’high x 32’8” deep. course. Backstage catering available. U.S.Mohegan CELLULAR CENTER Coffeen-Anderson Sound system uses the top-of-the-lineSun sedans, SUVs, vans, minibuses and motorcoaches. We provide Arena Lighting: Both Metalmanage Halogen 370 clients First NE IMS,Plaza our with our software that enables meeting planners to better installed with main center underand Audience Amenities: 34cluster, Luxury atAve Casey incandescent lighting fixturesevents. along with transportation forPark their meetings, conferences,balcony conventions, tradeshows & other PARAMOUNT THEATRE and dome fills. 255 Highland Boulevard Suites including 44-capacity party(theater) suite. six Strong Super Troopers. We exclusively withCELLULAR meeting & event planners and our customer service is the best in 123 work Third Ave SE PA U.S. Wilkes-Barre, 18702 624 ClubAreas: Seats. CENTER Coffeen-Anderson SoundRoom/ system Backstage (arena) 4 Team Cedar Rapids, IA 52401 the business. UrbanRide is Ave a970-7601 one-stop solution for meetinginstalled & event transportation. (570) 970-7600; Fax: 370 (570) First NE with main center cluster, under Locker Room; Green Room compound Marketing: Marketing Department (319) 398-5211; Fax: (319) 362-2102 PARAMOUNT THEATRE balcony and dome fills. includes room and 5 break providescommon full range of marketing ser-out 123 Rebecca Third Ave SE General Manager: Bonnevier Backstage Areas: (arena) 4 Team Room/ rooms; (theater) 9advertising Dressing Rooms. Cedar Rapids, IA 52401 Executive Director: Scott Schoenike vices including placement, Locker Room; Green Room compound (319) 398-5211; Fax: (319) 362-2102 Snapshot: Mohegan Sun Arena at publicity and media, e-mail distribu(arena) 9room Concession includes common and 5 break out Food & Beverage: Snapshot: The U.S. Cellular Center is Casey Plaza is aExecutive multipurpose hockey rooms; (theater) 9 Dressing Rooms. tion, and on-site promotion. Most Director: Scott Schoenike stands; (theater) 2 Concession stands. multi-use facility is capable hosting and entertainment arenaofthat opened events can Food be promoted to e-mail & Beverage: (arena) 9dataConcession Marketing: Comprehensive Marketing Snapshot: The U.S. Cellular Center is fromin3,500 10,000 people. Thetofacility (theater) Concession stands. 1999.toThe arena is home the base of overstands; 50,000 at no2charge. Department; Events featured on website, multi-use facility is capable of hosting currently hostsHockey top rock,League’ country and American Marketing: Comprehensive Marketing from 3,500 tos Wilkes10,000 people. The facility Demographics: The Wilkes-Barre/ Distribution of press releases detailing alternative rock shows; rodeos; icetopshows; Department; Events featured on website, Barre/Scranton Penguins (minor league currently hosts rock, country and to all market Scranton isDesign theofthird largest detailing event media. & distribution Distribution press releases family sporting events; conofmajor the Penguins), alternative rock shows; rodeos; iceinshows; 4350affiliate N.shows; Fairfax Dr.,Pittsburgh Suite 700, Arlington, VA 22203 Pennsylvania and 82nd largest of e-Blasts theto Ticketmaster event all the media. Design & distribution ventions; trade Adjacent to the shows; major con- via the af2shows. arena football league’ ssporting events; (703)and 516-4000; Fax:family (703) 516-4819 the country. Morevia than 1.5sales. million of system; e-Blasts the Ticketmaster Group ventions; traderenovatshows. AdjacentMailManager tointhe arena is the Paramount Theatre Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Pioneers. system; Group sales. people live MailManager within 50 miles, and nearly arena is the Paramount renovated in 2003, theSales Paramount offers an John inti-Theatre Demographics: Cedar Rapids/ Senior VP for and Capacities: Hockey/Football/Ice ShowTruran ed in Marketing: 2003, the Paramount offers 14 an intiRapids/ million Demographics: live within 100Cedar miles. The mate ambiance, ornate comWaterloo/Iowa City Market. matearchitecture, ambiance,(7,500 ornate architecture, com-s broad Waterloo/Iowa City Market. (8,300); End Stage Concert for venue’ range of events draw fortable seating,Speakers, andfortable crisp acoustics. crisp acoustics. With180 Keppler creating memorable meetings never felt so easy. With over 25 See adfrom on page 45 See ad on page 45 to 9,000+ for 360);seating, Centerand Stage fans throughout Pennsylvania, years of experience, we provide you solid, seasoned expertise, making speaker selection Seating: (U.S. Cellular) Total—10,004; Seating: (U.S. Cellular) Total—10,004; (9,900), Half House (4,600). New Jersey, New York, and other Midstress-free by managing of the details. Keppler Speakers saves you precious time by Basketball—7,097; In the Round Basketball—7,097; In theall Round Atlantic states. Space: Arenawho floorare (85’right Exhibition Configuration—7,779; Half House— matching you with speakers on target. From proven performers to dynamic Configuration—7,779; Half House— 4,857; Theater) w/real stories and a gift for inspiring audiences. x 225’) can bespeakers used for(Paramount trade shows, rising stars, our bring fascinating, 4,857; (Paramount Theater) w/ Pit—1,930; w/o Orchestra expositions and Orchestra conferences. Orchestra Pit—1,930; w/o Orchestra Pit—1,896. Pit—1,896.


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floor seats. Seating: 2,400 – Convention Center; floor seats. 1,350 – Auditorium. Seating: 2,400 – Convention Center; Exhibition Space: 17,000-sq.-ft. exhibit hall and 8,000 sq. ft. meeting 1,350 – Auditorium. room space. Exhibition Space: 17,000-sq.-ft. Staging: Portable Stageright “Z-leg exhibit hall and 8,000 sq. ft.ofmeeting system” – capable most any size conroom space. figuration up to 40’ x 80’ – Theatrical draping Stageright system available including teasStaging: Portable “Z-leg er, traveler curtain and proscenium legs. system” – capable of most any size conVICKSBURG Basic trussing with figuration upSound/Lighting: to 40’ x 80’ – Theatrical CONVENTION CENTER 24 theatrical par can lighting and dimteas- – 16 AND AUDITORIUMdraping system mer available board – EVincluding speaker/monitors 1600 Mulberry Street (Convention er, Center) traveler curtain channel and soundproscenium mix board. legs. 901 Monroe Street (Auditorium) VICKSBURG Vicksburg, MS 39180 Food & Basic Beverage: One permanent Sound/Lighting: trussing with location; portable locations CONVENTION CENTER (601) 630-2929; (866) 822-6338 24 theatricalconcession par can lighting and dimupon request; full on-site catering. Fax: (601) 630.2910 AND AUDITORIUM mer board – EV speaker/monitors – 16 Parking: 350 on-site surface spaces 1600 Mulberry Street (Convention Center) channel sound mix board. Executive Director: with two multi-level parking ramps 901 Monroe Street (Auditorium) Lawrence Gawronski, CFE Food & Beverage: One permanent within two blocks of center. Vicksburg, MS 39180 location; portable locations “We eat, drink and sleep thisconcession stuff.” Marketing: Full service marketing, (601) 630-2929; (866) 822-6338 advertising and promotional upon request; full on-site catering. services. Fax: (601) 630.2910 Snapshot: Located in the heart of toric downtown Vicksburg, the Vicksburg Parking: 350Demographics: on-site surface spaces/ Jackson metro area has approximately 300,000 Executive Director: Vicksburg Convention Center and with two multi-level parking ramps Auditorium offers 50,000 square feet of target population. Lawrence Gawronski, CFE within meeting and exhibition space on two two blocks of center. featuring full service kitchen and “We eat, drink andlevels, sleep this stuff.” Marketing: Full marketing, See ad service on page 48 on-site catering facilities, state-of-theadvertising and promotional services. Snapshot: Located art in meeting the heart of hisamenities and a wide array of exhibition equiptoric downtown Vicksburg, theand audio-visual Demographics: Vicksburg / Jackson ment.Center The Auditorium is a performance Vicksburg Convention and metro area has approximately 300,000 venue with a proscenium stage, 900 Auditorium offers 50,000 square feet of target population. fixed elevated seats and 450 portable


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meeting and exhibition space on two levels, featuring full service kitchen and See ad on page 48 on-site catering facilities, state-of-theFacilities Booking Guide 2008 art meeting amenities and a wide array of exhibition and audio-visual equipment. The Auditorium is a performance venue with a proscenium stage, 900 fixed elevated seats and 450 portable



NEW HAMPSHIRE new hampshire


VERIZON Wireless WIRELESS Verizon ARENA Arena 555 Elm Street

555 Elm Street, Manchester, NH 03101 Manchester, NH 03101 (603)VERIZON 644-5000; Fax:WIRELESS (603) 644-1575 (603) 644-5000; Fax: (603) 644-1575 ARENA Regional General Manager: Tim Bechert 555 ElmGeneral Street Regional Manager: Manchester, NH 03101 Tim Bechert (603) 644-5000; Fax: (603) 644-1575

New Hampshire’ s Premier Sports & Regional General Manager: Tim Bechert New Hampshire’ s Premier Sports Entertainment Facility & Entertainment Facility

5,400; Theatrical – 3,000. Stage (270) – 9,337;Stage End Stage (240) Exhibition Space:(180) 25,348 sq. ft.;3/4 277 10’x8’ – 8,931; End Stage – 8,536; booths in typical trade show Stage – 6,700; 1⁄2-House Stageconfiguration. – 5,400; Theatrical Stage – 3,000 Backstage Areas: main dressing room, 3 auxiliary locker team locker Exhibition Space:rooms, 25,348visiting sq. ft.; 277 5,400; Theatrical Stage – 3,000. room, 2 officials locker rooms, 10’x8’ booths in typical trade showpress office, Exhibition Space: 25,348 sq. ft.; 10’x8’ 3 production rooms, lounge, catering configuration; Rink floor =277 18,870 sq. ft.,room. booths in typical trade show configuration. Main Concourse = 16,486 sq. ft., Upper Staging: Stageright equipment, setup is 48 Backstage Areas: main dressing 3 Concourse = 60 4,830 sq., ft. deep ft.visiting wide 4 ft. tall, 8 ft. wide auxiliary lockerXrooms, team locker X224 ft. deep sound SL & SR, and a Backstage Areas: onewings main dressing room, officials locker rooms, press office, 3 room, production rooms, front3 of houselounge, mixer riser 12room. ft. deep X 16 auxiliary lockercatering rooms, one ft. wide X 1locker ft. tall,room, 100 setup ft. Staging: Stageright equipment, isofficials 48the down visiting team twofrom deep Xrooms, 60 ft. wide 4 ft. tall, 8 ft. wide stage edge. oneXpress office, three X 24 ft. deep sound wings SL & SR, and a production rooms, one4lounge, one &mixer Beverage: frontFood of house riser 12 ft.permanent deep X 16 concession wide X 1room. ft.12tall, 100 ft. from the downstands; VIP stands; portable concession stage edge. StageRight Lounge; 2 specialtyequipment, bars located setup on upper Staging: Food &ft. Beverage: permanent level; Full catering is 48 deep X460 wideconcession X offered 4 ft. tall,back8 stands; 12 portable stands;wings VIP SL & and24toft.concession suites. ft. stage wide X deep sound Lounge; 2 specialty bars located on upper SR,Full andcatering a frontservices house mixer riser 12 34ofluxury suites, level;Amenities: offered back-5 party suites, ft. Exclusive deep 16Club ft. wide X 1 ft.542 tall,Club 100 Seats, ft. stage and toXsuites. Lounge, from the34down stage Wireless connection, Amenities: luxury suites,edge. 5 Flat party Screen suites, TV’s Exclusive Club Lounge, 542 Seats, conthroughout the concourse. Food & Beverage: 4 Club permanent Wireless connection, Flatportable Screen TV’ s cessions stands; Group 12 concessions; Marketing: Sales; Email throughout the concourse. VIP Lounge; 2 specialty bars; Full caterMarketing; Marketing: GroupGrassroots Sales; EmailMarketing; Media ingBuying; services. Media Marketing; Promotions/Trade; Public Marketing; Grassroots Media Buying; Media Promotions/Trade; Public Relations. Demographics: The majority of visiRelations. tors, 68%, to the arena in NH, Demographics: Newreside England Market— Demographics: New England Market— with roughly 20% coming from MA mainly from New Hampshire, as well as mainly from New Hampshire, as well as and 4% coming each from ME, VT and ME, MA,MA, ME, and VT.and VT. other states/countries.

New Hampshire’ s Premier Sports & Snapshot: New Hampshire’ s premier Snapshot: New Hampshire’ s premier Entertainment Facility sports and entertainment facility, the sports and entertainment facility, the Snapshot: New Arena, Hampshire’ s premier Verizon Wireless managed by sportsWireless and entertainment facility, the by Verizon Arena, managed SMG, has attracted more than 4.4 million Verizon Wireless Arena, managed by SMG, has attracted thansports 5.3 and people, hosted more more than 830 SMG, has attracted more than 4.4 million million people, hostedincluding more thanmore 1,000 entertainment people, hostedevents, more than 830 sports andthan sports andoutentertainment events, includevents, including more than 120 entertainment sold shows, since opening seven ing more than 120 sold out shows, soldThe out shows, since designed opening seven years120 ago. arena was tosince years ago. arena wasThe designed to was opening nineThe years ago. arena accommodate a awide variety of events— accommodate wide varietyaofwide events— designed to accommodate variety including concerts, wrestling, figureskatskatincluding concerts, wrestling, figure of concerts,shows, wrestling, ing,events—including hockey, basketball, ing, hockey, basketball, family family shows, as as See on47page 47 See ad onad page figure skating, hockey, basketball, family See ad on page 19 as conventionand and trade trade shows. wellwell as convention shows. shows, as well Center as convention and trade Capacities: Stage in Capacities: Center Stage inthe theround round shows. –11,700; End Stage (360) – 10,655; End –11,700; End –Stage (360) – 10,655; Stage (270) 9,337; End Stage (240) –End Capacities: Center StageStage in the round Stage (270) 9,337;(180) End 8,931; End– Stage – 8,536; (240) – –11,700; End Stage (360) – 10,655; End 8,931; (180) – Stage 8,536;– 3/4End StageStage – 6,700; House

3/4 Stage – 6,700; House Stage –

new jersey

Sun National Bank Center 81 Hamilton Avenue Trenton, NJ 08611 (609) 656-3200; Fax: (609) 656-3201 General Manager: Jeff Schumacher

Snapshot: Sun National Bank Center, a $53-million multipurpose facility, opened on October 6, 1999 with the World Wrestling Federation. Since opening, the arena has hosted over 1,200 events with 2,500,000 + guests attending. The 10,000-seat facility has 1,150 private club seats as well as 34 luxury suites. The arena is host to many events including hockey, basketball, concerts, ice shows, athletic events, family shows, trade shows, and is home to the Trenton Devils (East Coast Hockey League), Philadelphia Passion (Lingerie Football League), and the NJ Kings (American Indoor Football Association). Over the past decade, the

Arena has hosted international music sensations like Cher, Bruce Springsteen, and Elton John; top sports events such as the 2006 NCAA Women’s Division I Basketball First and Second Rounds, and 2009 NCAA Women’s Division I Basketball Trenton Regional; and family-friendly entertainment like the Blue Man Group, Disney On Ice, and The Harlem Globetrotters. Capacities: Concerts – 7,200; End Stage – 7,600 Hockey- 7,800; Basketball – 8,200; Half-House – 5,500; Theater – 3,200. Exhibition Space: 19,000 sq. ft. plus significant concourse space. Backstage Areas: 5 Locker Rooms, 4 VIP locker rooms and 1 conference room. Food & Beverage: Concessions are run by Ovations and we have 8 permanent stands, 3 permanent bars and 17 portable stands. Parking: 3,500 spaces onsite. Demographics: The Sun National Bank Center draws from over 4 million people from 6 counties in NJ and from 3 counties in PA that are all within a 50-mile radius of the venue.


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new york

Backstage Areas: 4 conference rooms,

and 150-personTICkETING banquet room; 3 team ChOICE size dressingSYSTEMS rooms, along with 5 addi-

tional rooms with complete amenities. Food & Choice Beverage: over 40 points of sale Ticketing on twoSystems levels for theis public. In addition a powerlocatedful, in theeasy-to-use, 3 story glassed atrium fully lobby is the Lobby Lounge, a full service integrated, real-time bar and catering area. ticketing software Audiencesolution Amenities:(both 25 luxuryinsuites. Parking: the arena offers over 1,600 house and online) Blue Cross Arena spacesthat within a four-block radius One War Memorial Square efficiently man-of the venue.ages ticket sales, Rochester, NY 14614 (585) 758-5330; Fax: (585) 758-5327 Marketing: fundraising, The arena marketing staff marketing, can assist you with a complete marketing print@hometechnology, General Manager: Jeff Calkins strategy specificTurn to yourto event. and database management operations. Choice Re-built, Re-named, Re-think Demographics: Located for a proven, user-friendly, affordable software between system Rochester Buffalo and Syracuse, effective marthat delivers intelligent technology to thethe global Snapshot: The Blue Cross Arena underketing area is a 9-county region encomentertainment industry! went an extensive renovation and expanpassing 2.5 million potential customers. sion in 1998, increasing capacity to over The population of the City of Rochester The Power 12,000 while adding additional loading of Intelligence is 220,000 and county wide exceeds docks, dressing rooms, and back of house 720,000 residents. The college populaamenities. tion includes 11 regional colleges with Seating Capacities: General Admission - enrollment reaching 70,000 students. The 13,370; Center Stage - 12,786; Basketball Rochester market is stabilized by being the corporate headquarters to Eastman -11,385; Reserved concert capacity Kodak, Xerox, Bausch & Lomb, and the - 12,428; Curtain Set #1-10,877; Set #2 University of Rochester/Strong Hospital - 9,645; Set #3 - 8,781; Set #41200 - 7,669; 28th Street Set #5 - 6,595. Boulder, CO Medical 80303Center, providing a stable and diverse population. (303) 402-0400; (303) 402-9483 Staging: The rolling StageRight concertFax: economy stage is 80’x80’ with skirting and hand VP/Sales Robert Friend rails. Heights from 4’ to 6’ can&beMarketing: built inPage 37 19-50 Final 9/5/08 8:35 AM any 4’x8’ dimension as well as tiered in different heights.


Championships and the 2003 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball East Regionals. Seating Capacity: 6,000 - 17,000 Distinctive Seating curtaining system allows the capacity to Show your VIP patrons fluctuate; Hockey – 14,236; Basketball that you invest in their – 15,229; Ice Show – 14,531; 180 experience as much as End Stage – 12,505 (curtains up), 7,353 (curtains down); 270 End they invest in your tickets Stage – 14,215 (curtains up), 8,039 with Clarin’s Premium down); 360 End Stage Portable Seating line. The VIP,(curtains Club and Contour models – 16,505 (curtains (curtains are made for comfort, durability and mostup), of 8,869 all, style. Times Union Center down); Center Stage – 16,433 (curtains They’re sure to impress even your most distinguished of 51 South Pearl St, Albany, NY 12207 up), 8,797 (curtains down). The VIP and Club models provide the ultimate (518) guests. 487-2000; Fax: (518) 487-2020 Space: 21,000 sq. ft.and seating experience with their Exhibition contoured plush seats General Manager: Bob Belber Backstage Areas: 2 press rooms; “tucked” backrests, while the Contour chair takes on3a team size locker rooms; 7 star-sized Upstate York’sapproach Premier without more New modest sacrificing comfort. Revive dressing rooms. Sports and Entertainment Facility and refresh your premium seating sections and watch your Marketing: high-priced tickets faster Full-Marketing than ever. Snapshot: Times Union Center is a move Department assists incupholders, all media buying, fullOptions: service entertainment andarmrests sports ganging, with or without pr and design. facility featuring wide variety of printed fabric or avinyl, screen or graphic embroidered logos, family shows, sporting events, trade Demographics: Arena draws patrons identification plates and more shows and concerts. Owned by Albany from all over New York as well Clarin is the leading manufacturer of premium portable County and managed by SMG, Times as Massachusetts, Vermont, New seating venues and sports across Union Centerfor opened in 1990 andprofessional is Hampshire and franchises Connecticut. Albany America. earned their with home to North AHL hockey and theThey Division is home to reputation 1 million +; 50% of time-tested innovations seating I Men’ s College Basketball Siena and trusted households having products children and and Saints. The arena has hosted service such since 1925.roughly $2,000 a year on spending prestigious artists as Rolling Stones, entertainment. See Ad page 5 U2, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Billy See ad on page 14 Bluff, IL 60044 927 North Shore Drive, Lake Joel, Bon Jovi, Kenny Chesney and (800) 323-9062 Fax: (847) 234-9001 Toby Keith as well as WWE RAW, the 2001 NCAA Frozen Four, the Vice President of Sales, Sports and 2002 NCAA Division I Wrestling Entertainment: Steve Luttazi, (508) 528-9708



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Staging: Depth: 45’ Clear; Width: 117’; Height: 42’; House stage extension available: 72’ maximum width by 4’ – 8’ – 12’ deep by 42” high (constructed with portable stage sections).

Lighting: Arena is lit by a max of incandescent and mercury vapor lamps in four independent banks; Supplemental seating area lighting is available in banks of fluorescents and MARYLAND Staging: Depth: 45’ Clear; Width: ceiling hung spots. 117’; Height: 42’;pin House stage extension available: 72’ maximum by Concert 4’ Sound: House Sound –width Meyer 1ST MARINER ARENA – 8’ – 12’ deep by 42” high (constructed System—Sound Lab speakers driven with portable stage sections). West Baltimore Street through a series of amplifying, processing Baltimore, MD 21201 Lighting: Arena is lit by a max of and equalizing equipment; System com(410) 347-2020; Fax: (410) 347-2042 incandescent and mercury vapor lamps include:banks; Main Cluster – Twelve in ponents four independent Meyer MSL3 Cabinets; Delayis Cluster – General Manager: Frank Remesch, Jr. Supplemental seating area lighting available banks ofUPA-1A fluorescents and TwelveinMeyer Cabinets; Front “Continuing To Make History…” ceiling spots. UPA-1A Cabinets. Fill –hung FourpinMeyer Sound – Meyer Concert Snapshot: 1st Mariner Arena, (formerly Sound: FoodHouse & Beverage: Catering by Savor 1ST MARINER ARENA System—Sound Lab speakers driven Baltimore Arena) Street is Baltimore’s largest West Baltimore Baltimore, an SMG Company; 12 conthrough a series of amplifying, processing Baltimore, indoor sports MD and21201 entertainment facility. Stands; 3 portable andcession equalizing equipment; Systembars. com(410) 347-2020; Fax: (410) 347-2042 Seating: Permanent Seats on 3 levels: ponents include: Main Cluster Parking: 850-car garage– Twelve attached to Meyer MSL3Over Cabinets; Delay Cluster – 11,014 (Plus 28 wheelchair spaces); General Manager: Frank Remesch, Jr. building; 2,000 spaces available Twelve Meyer UPA-1A Cabinets; Front Portable Floor Seating Available; within a 5-minute walk; Light Rail “Continuing To Make History…” Fill – Four Meyer UPA-1A Cabinets. Concert Capacity, Large Theatre: System stop. Snapshot: 1st Mariner Arena, (formerly Food & Beverage: Catering by Savor 13,000 – 13,600; Concert Capacity, In Baltimore Arena) is Baltimore’s largest Marketing: full-service Baltimore, an SMG Company;Marketing 12 con- & the indoor Round: 14,000; Mini Theatre sports and entertainment facility. Stands; 3 portable bars. Public Relations department. Capacity: 5,000 – 7,500; Sports Events cession Seating: Permanent Seats on 3 levels: Parking: 850-car garage attached to from 5 Demographics: attracts patrons Capacities: 11,000 -14,000.spaces); 11,014 (Plus 28 wheelchair building; Over 2,000 spaces available states and Washington D.C. Portable Floor Seating Available; Backstage: 7 connecting meeting rooms within a 5-minute walk; Light Rail (8.1 million potential guests). Capacity, stop. 27’xConcert 27’ available forLarge smallTheatre: functions; 2 System 13,600;tile Concert In six See ad on Page 22 Marketing & large13,000 team–rooms floorCapacity, (30’ x 30’: Marketing: full-service the Round: 14,000; Mini Theatre shower heads5,000 each); 10 small dressing Public Relations department. Capacity: – 7,500; Sports Events rooms (5’ x 7’ & 10’ x-14,000. 8’: 1 shower head Demographics: attracts patrons from 5 Capacities: 11,000 each); Promoter’s office/Production states and Washington D.C. (8.1 milBackstage: 7 connecting meeting rooms lion potential guests). offices; 27’x Catering 27’ availableRoom. for small functions; 2

Delaware Maryland Virginia West Virginia Washington, D.C.

large team rooms tile floor (30’ x 30’: six shower heads each); 10 small dressing rooms (5’ x 7’ & 10’ x 8’: 1 shower head maryland MARYLAND each); Promoter’s office/Production offices; Catering Room.



14900Pennsylvania PennsylvaniaAvenue Avenue 14900 THE SHOW PLACE Upper Marlboro, MD20772 20772 Upper Marlboro, MD ARENA (301) 952-7900;Fax: Fax:(301) (301)952-8167 952-8167 (301) 952-7900; 14900 Pennsylvania Avenue Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 Contacts: BillChambers Chambers (301) 952-7906 Contacts: Bill 952-7906 (301) 952-7900; Fax: (301)(301) 952-8167 Nancy Weiman(301) (301)952-7913 952-7913 Nancy Weiman

1st Mariner Arena

West Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21201 (410) 347-2020; Fax: (410) 347-2042 General Manager: Frank Remesch, Jr.

“Continuing To Make History...” Snapshot: 1st Mariner Arena (formerly Baltimore Arena) is Baltimore’s largest indoor sports and entertainment facility. Seating: Permanent Seats on 3 levels: 11,014 (Plus 28 wheelchair spaces); Portable Floor Seating Available; Concert Capacity, Large Theatre: 13,000 – 13,600; Concert Capacity, In the Round: 14,000; Mini Theatre Capacity: 5,000 – 7,500; Sports Events Capacities: 11,000 -14,000. Backstage: 7 connecting meeting rooms 27’x 27’ available for small functions; 2 large team rooms tile floor (30’ x 30’: six shower heads each); 10 small dressing rooms (5’ x 7’ & 10’ x 8’: 1 shower head each); Promoter’s office/Production offices; Catering Room.

Staging: Depth: 45’ Clear; Width: 117’; Height: 42’; House stage extension available: 72’ maximum width by 4’ – 8’ – 12’ deep by 42” high (constructed with portable stage sections). Lighting: Arena is lit by a max of incandescent and mercury vapor lamps in four independent banks; Supplemental seating area lighting is available in banks of fluorescents and ceiling hung pin spots. Sound: House Sound – Meyer Concert System—Sound Lab speakers driven through a series of amplifying, processing and equalizing equipment; System components include: Main Cluster – Twelve Meyer MSL3 Cabinets; Delay Cluster – Twelve Meyer UPA1A Cabinets; Front Fill – Four Meyer UPA-1A Cabinets. Food & Beverage: Catering by Savor Baltimore, an SMG Company; 12 concession Stands; 3 portable bars. Parking: 850-car garage attached to building; Over 2,000 spaces available within a 5-minute walk; Light Rail System stop. Marketing: full-service Marketing & Public Relations department. Demographics: attracts patrons from 5 states and Washington D.C. (8.1 million potential guests). See ad on page 24

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and 6,000 seated. Three meeting rooms, Three plusprovide four breakplus four meeting breakout rooms, rooms can for out rooms can provide for an corporate an corporate meetings or used as part used as part of service the Arena ofmeetings the Arenaorwith catered food with catered food service available. available. Three meeting rooms, plus four breakCapacities: concerts-4,700; basketballCapacities: basketballout rooms canconcerts-4,700; provide for an corporate 5,000; boxing-5,600; equestrian-3,000; 5,000; boxing-5,600; equestrian-3,000; meetings or used as part of the Arena banquet arena - 2,600, religious with catered food service banquet onon arena floorfloor -available. 2,600, religious services - 6,000. services - 6,000. Capacities: concerts-4,700; basketball5,000; boxing-5,600; equestrian-3,000; Exhibition Space: 35,360 Exhibition Space: 35,360 sq. ft.sq.onft. on banquet onfloor arena(49,000+ floor - 2,600, religious Arena; ft. total); Arena floor (49,000+ sq. ft. 2 2 services - 6,000. meeting rooms be opened to Arena meeting rooms cancan be opened to Arena Exhibition Space: 35,360 sq. ft. uses. VIP seating and other forforVIP seating and other uses.on Arena floor (49,000+ sq. ft. total); 2 Staging: Stageright ME-500 staging, Staging: StageRight ME-500 staging, meeting rooms can be opened to Arena risers available, ground support for VIPavailable, seating and other uses. risers ground support only.only. Staging: Stageright staging, Backstage Areas: 4 rooms with showers Backstage Areas: 4ME-500 rooms with showers risers available, ground support3only. andbathroom bathroom facilities, additional and facilities, 3 additional Backstage Areas: smaller rooms.4 rooms with showers smaller rooms.

and bathroom facilities, 3 additional Food & Beverage: 2 permanent Food & Beverage: 2 permanent con-conContacts: Chambers (301) 952-7906 smaller rooms. There’ NoBill Place Like Show There’ s sNo Place Show Place cession stands; several portable stands. Nancy Weiman (301)Like 952-7913 cession stands; several portable stands. Food & Beverage: 2 permanent conPlace for Entertainment, Sports, for There’ Entertainment, Sports, Business s No Place Like Show Place Demographics: Washington DC cession stands; several portable stands. Demographics: Washington, D.C. is the Business for Entertainment, Sports,Arena, Business Snapshot: The Show Place sub- Demographics: largest market inDC is fourth the fourth largest market inthe the Washington isUnited the Snapshot: The Place Arena, suburban Washington D.C.’s most versatile Snapshot: TheShow Show Place Arena, subStates. The facility is seven miles outfourth largest market in the United United States. The facility is seven urban Washington D.C.’ s most versatile urban Washington D.C.’s most versatile entertainment venue — modern com- States. The facility is seven outsideoutside the beltway. The miles facility is also miles the beltway. The facility entertainment venue ——modern comfort entertainment venue modern comfort with Victorian style — creates a side thelocated beltway. facility is also in close proximity and is located also inThe close proximity andattracts fort with Victorian style — creates a with Victorian style — creates a unique in closefrom proximity and attracts unique setting for events. This full serv- located customers Annapolis/Anne attracts customers from Annapolis/Anne unique setting events. servsetting forfacility events.for full This service customers from Annapolis/Anne ice event isThis available forfull corpoArundel County, and the three southern Arundel County, and the three southern ice event facility is available for corpoArundel County, and the three southern event facility is consumer available for corporate rate meetings, trade Maryland counties, Charles, Calvert rate meetings, consumer and and trade Maryland counties, Charles, Calvert and Maryland counties, Charles, Calvert meetings, consumer and trade shows, shows, conventions, religious and shows, conventions,concerts, concerts, religious St.and Mary’ s.Mary’s. St. St. Mary’s. conventions, concerts, religious services, services, cheerleading and SeeSee services, cheerleadingcompetitions competitions and page 24 2324 adon onpage page Seeadadon cheerleading competitions and various various types sporting events. events. Just various types ofofsporting Just types of sporting events. Just seven miles seven miles outside the Washington seven miles outside the Washington Capital (I-95/I-495). aa outside theBeltway Washington CapitalWith Beltway Capital Beltway (I-95/I-495). With 35,360-square-foot floor surrounded by (I-95/I-495). With afloor 35,360-square-foot 35,360-square-foot surrounded by bowl seating, it by allows space for up floor surrounded bowl seating, it toto bowl seating, it allows up 2,600 for banquets andspace 6,000for seated.

allowsfor space for up to 2,600 forseated. banquets 2,600 banquets and 6,000





John Paul Jones Arena

295 Massie Rd., Charlottesville, VA 22904 (434) 243-4960; Fax: (434) 243-4959 General Manager: Larry Wilson

“ Best New Major Concert Venue” Snapshot: On August 1, 2006, the 350,000-sq.-ft., $130-million John Paul Jones Arena (JPJ) opened its doors to the public for the first time. The largest arena in the Virginia, JPJ has already established itself as not only a venue that draws guests from Charlottesville, but from surrounding cities and states as well. Capacities: 360°: 14,885; 240°: 13,693; 180°: 12,709; 180° w/ Upper Level Curtain Down: 6,215; Theater: 5,795; Theater w/ Upper Level Curtain Down: 4,705; Basketball: 15,219. Exhibition Space: Arena Floor can be scaled from 4,500 to 26,000 sq. ft. Backstage Areas: 11 rooms that are

available to be used by events. Staging: StageRight portable stage; 80’ x 48’ x 48”-78” main stage with either Gray Carpet or Black Techstage finish; 2 24’ x 12’ x 48”-78” sound wings; Safety railing and black skirting available; 4 Stair units; Additional riser material available. Sound: high-quality sound reinforcement system; over 6 Tons of loudspeakers, powered by nearly 125,000 watts of amplification, Mid-Hi Cabinets; 11 Low Cabinets; 14 Sub Cabinets; 23 Delay Loudspeakers; 17 Fill speakers. Lighting: The sports lighting of the arena averages 280.27 foot-candles; 106 1,500 watt HID Sport lights, equipped with shutters, 1,500 watt dimmable quartz-halogen house lights; Catwalk mounted aisle lights and Ecoglo strips throughout arena; 6 spotlights located on the catwalk; 2 Strong Supertrooper 2000W; 4 Strong Gladiator 3000W; All Spot platforms are wired for Clearcom. Food & Beverage: 16 concession stands offering over 60 points of sale; ARAMARK is official food services provider. Demographics: The City of Charlottesville has a population of over 40,000 with a metropolitan population of over 200,000.

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15 Line sets, 50’- 0” fly tower height, 2 hydraulic hydraulicscissor scissor lifts lifts on on either either side side of of center stage, 9’-8” x 7’-10” Gala center stage, 9’-8” x 7’-10” Gala spiral spiral



200 Civic Center Drive 200 Civic 200 CivicCenter CenterDrive Drive Charleston, West Virginia 25301 Charleston, 25301 Charleston,West WestVirginia Virginia 25301 (304) 345-1500; Fax: (304) 345-3492 (304) 345-1500; Fax: (304) 345-1500; Fax:(304) (304)345-3492 345-3492 General Manager: John Robertson General Manager: John General Manager: JohnRobertson Robertson

Snapshot: The Charleston Snapshot: Snapshot:The TheCharleston Charleston Civic Center Center isthe the entertainment entertainment Center is the isentertainment and and convention centerpiece Charleston, convention conventioncenterpiece centerpiece of of Charleston, Charleston, West Virginia, hosting the majority majority of of West majority WestVirginia, Virginia,hosting hosting the the the state’s premier entertainment, sportthe premier entertainment, ofstate’s the state’ s premier entertainment,sporting andcorporate corporate events. As one one of the the ing and events. As sporting and corporate events. As of one of most flexible facilities in the the Midmost facilities in Midthe flexible most flexible facilities in the MidAtlantic region, the Charleston Civic Atlantic Civic Atlanticregion, region,the theCharleston Charleston Civic Center, comprised of four versatile versatile Center, versatile Center,isisiscomprised comprised of of four venues—the Civic Center Coliseum,the venues—the venues—theCivic CivicCenter Center Coliseum, Coliseum, the Municipal Auditorium, the Civic Civic the Municipal Auditorium, Municipal Auditorium, the the Civic Center Center LittleTheater Theater and the Center the Little Little Theater and theand Charleston Charleston Convention Center. Charleston Convention Convention Center. Center. Capacities: Civic Center Coliseum Capacities: Capacities:Civic CivicCenter Center Coliseum Coliseum offers over 30,000 square feet of ofspace space offers of space offersover over30,000 30,000square square feet with seating for up to 13,600;conconfiguwith configuwithseating seatingfor forup upto to 13,600; 13,600; rations include: End Stage 11,519 rations include: End Stage 11,519 -

465 465

figurations include: End Stage 11,519 13,247; In the Round 13,600 -13,247; 13,247;In Inthe the Round Round 13,600 Basketball12,337; 12,337;Banquet Banquet 1,600; Basketball 12,337; Banquet 1,600; Basketball 1,600; MunicipalAuditorium Auditorium– –3,400; – 3,400; 3,400; The Municipal Auditorium The Municipal The CivicCenter CenterLittle LittleTheater Theater handles Civic Center Little Theater handles Civic handles audiencesup uptoto to750. 750. audiences up 750. audiences ExhibitionSpace: Space:The TheGrand GrandHall Halloffers offers Exhibition Space: The Grand Hall Exhibition 50,05650,056 squaresquare feet of offeet Class exhibition 50,056 square feet Class AAexhibition offers of Class A hall can can behall divided into four space; the hall divided four exhibition space; thebe can beinto divided individual areas of of unobstructed unobstructed space areas space into four individual areas of unobstructed flexibility to accommodate accommodate any providing flexibility to space providing flexibility to accommo-any 18event; meeting rooms. rooms. size event; 18 meeting rooms. date any size 18 meeting BackstageAreas: Areas:444Star, Star, Teams, Backstage Areas: Star, 44Teams, Backstage 4 Teams, 1 11 Trainer, 1 Media Media Lounge; Official,11Trainer, Trainer, Lounge; Official, 1 1Media Lounge; Auditoriumfeatures features1010 10 dressing rooms. Auditorium features dressing rooms. Auditorium dressing rooms. Coliseum Staging: Wenger Staging Staging: Wenger Staging Coliseum Staging: Wenger Staging 4’ to to 6’6’height. height. height. 4’ Auditorium Staging: Stage Depth AuditoriumStaging: Staging:Stage Stage Depth Auditorium Depth 85’6” 85’6” with aa work stage of 31’; work stage of 31’; with a work stage of 31’; Proscenium Proscenium Opening 65’ wide Proscenium Opening 65’high; wide&&23’6” 23’6” Opening 65’ wide & 23’6” high; Orchestra Pit 9’9’ Pit, from Orchestra Pit65” Pit,65” 65” from Orchestra Pit 9’ Pit, from stage, stage, 10’ arch. 10’ arch. arch. Food & Beverage: Concession Stands Beverage:Concession Concession Stands Food &throughout Beverage: Stands located the Coliseum located throughout the Coliseum located throughout the Coliseum Concourse area; Distinctive Gourmet Concoursearea; area;Distinctive Distinctive Gourmet Concourse Gourmet serves the facility food and beverage servesasas asthe thefacility facility food and beverage serves food and beverage service providers. They offer aa150-seat serviceproviders. providers.They They offer 150-seat service offer a 150-seat lounge and the ability to present fullloungeand andthe theability ability present fulllounge to to present full-serservice food and beverage to groups service food and beverage to groups vice food and beverage to groups ranging ranging from 50 ranging from 50 to to 3,000. 3,000. from 50 to 3,000.


See See ad ad on on Page Page 23 23 See ad on Page 5

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Alabama Arkansas Florida Georgia Kentucky Louisiana Mississippi North Carolina South Carolina Tennessee


David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts 1010 North W.C. MacInnes Place Tampa, FL 33602-3720 (813) 222-1000; (800) 955-1045 Fax: (813) 222-1057 Director of Public Relations: Paul Bilyeu

The Straz Center inspires audiences and artists to dream and discover, to create and celebrate. Snapshot: The David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts (formerly the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center) opened its doors in July, 1987, and since that time has welcomed more than 10 million guests! Lcated downtown on a picturesque nine-acre site along the east bank of the Hillsborough River, it is the largest performing arts complex south of the Kennedy Center, the 335,000-sq.-ft. Straz Center

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BankUnited Center 1245 Dauer Drive, Coral Gables, FL 33146 (305) 284-8244; Fax: (305) 284-6547 General Manager Patrick L. McGrew

“The Best Mid-Size Venue in the World”

Seating: 8,000+. Backstage Areas: 6 dressing rooms, 2 visiting team locker rooms; 2 production offices, and a media interview room. Exhibition Space: 23,000 sq.-ft- arena floor; also 4,000-sq.-ft. banquet room and 8,000-sq.-ft. adjacent multi-purpose room Staging: StageRight staging, ability to construct a 60’ x 40’ or larger stage. The stage height can vary 4’- 6’ using ME-500 legs. Available accessories: stage wings, FOH platforms, stage rails, skirting and 80’ of blow-through stage barricade. Each stage will be built to the specs set in advance by each event. Food & Beverage: Chartwells provides exclusive in-house catering services; 10 concession stands and portable carts. Audience Amenities: 25 VIP Suites with access to full service catering; 4-sided video scoreboard. Marketing: Full-service in-house marketing department. Demographics: The BankUnited Center caters to a population of 1 million within 7 miles and 3 million in Greater Miami

Snapshot: Since its grand opening in January 2003 with multi-platinum artists Coldplay, the BankUnited Center has truly lived up to its name, “The Best Mid-Size Venue in the World.” The BankUnited Center has the versatility and flexibility to host world class concerts, collegiate basketball, sporting events, family shows, trade shows, private corporate gatherings, and other special events. This South Florida venue has hosted: Green Day, Coldplay, Andre Rieu, Fall See ad on page 26 Outv1 Boy, Hillsong United and televised Southeast 12/20/07 1:59 PM Page 40 events & shows such as the Southeast v1award 12/20/07 1:59 PM Page 40 2004 Presidential Debate, Unplugged – Ricky Martin & Thalia, Premio Lo Nuestro, Premios Juventud and the Latin Billboard Awards.

provides an environment for a wide variety of world-class events. With the addition of the Patel Conservatory, the Straz Center added 45,000 sq. ft, featuring 20 studios, including two dance studios with sprung floors, a sound/ lighting laboratory, technical theater workshop, rehearsal hall, costume shop, isolation/sound booth and a state-ofthe-art black box theater. Seating: The Straz Center consists of five distinct theaters: Carol Morsani Hall (2,610 seats), Ferguson Hall (1,042), the Jaeb Theater (268 ), the TECO Energy Foundation Theater (250) and the Shimberg Playhouse (130). Food & Beverage: Dining is available at the Straz Center’s Maestro’s Restaurant, Maestro’s Café, Maestro’s On The River. Maestro’s Catering offers complete banquet and catering service. Audience Amenities: ambitious sound & video project throughout complex, including 23 Sharp Aquos high-definition monitors, as well as 48 speakers around the 335,000-square foot campus. Marketing: Staff assists in marketing of any performance/event.


the Round Concert - up to 13,000. the Round Concert - up to 13,000. the Round Concert - upbyto 13,000. Staging: Concert staging Staging: Concert StageRight— can staging range inbyheight Staging: Concert staging by from can range in heightbuilt from to 4’StageRight— to 6’6”. Staging platforms StageRight— can range inare height from 4’ to 6’6”. Staging platforms are built to a variety of sizes in 4’ X 8’ sections. 4’ to 6’6”. Staging platforms are built to a variety of sizes in 4’ X 8’ sections. a variety of sizesDescribe in 4’ X 8’sound sections. Sound/Lighting: and Sound/Lighting: Describe sound and lighting technologies available. Sound/Lighting: Describe sound and lighting technologies available. lighting technologies available. Sound: Eight - zone programmable Sound:clusters Eight -(EAW); zone programmable ceiling / 8 Crest Sound: Eight - zone 40 programmable ceiling clusters (EAW); 40 / 8 Crest Century, Console. ceilingSound clustersMixing (EAW); 40 / 8 Crest Century, Sound Mixing Console. Century,4Sound Mixing Lighting: Gladiator III -Console. 3,000 w, JACKSONVILLE VETERANS Lighting: 4 Gladiator III2- Gladiator 3,000 w, II Long Throw Spotlights; Jacksonville Lighting: 4 Gladiator III - 3,000 w, ACKSONVILLE VETERANS MJEMORIAL ARENA Long Throw Spotlights; 2 Gladiator II – 2,500 LongSpotlights; Throw Spotlights. Longw, Throw 2 Gladiator II Veterans Memorial 300M A. Philip Randolph Blvd. EMORIAL ARENA – 2,500 w, Long Throw Spotlights. – 2,500Areas: w, Long Throw Spotlights. Jacksonville, FLRandolph 32203 Arena Backstage 4,800-sq.-ft. Duval 300 A. Philip Blvd. Backstage 4,800-sq.-ft. (904) 630-3900; 630-3913 300 A. PhilipFax: Randolph Jacksonville, FL (904) 32203Blvd. Street RoomAreas: (Meeting Room); 4Duval star/ Backstage Areas: 4,800-sq.-ft. Duval Street Room (Meeting Room); 4 rooms, Jacksonville, 32203 (904) 630-3900;FLFax: (904) 630-3913 performer dressing rooms, 4 locker Street Room (Meeting Room); 4 star/ star/performer dressing rooms, 4 locker (904) 630-3900; Fax: (904) 630-3913 Assistant General Manager: 2 production/promoter offices,4and a rooms, performer dressing rooms, locker rooms, 2 production/promoter offices, Robin Timothy Assistant General Manager: variety of other spaces for event use. 2 production/promoter offices, and a Assistant General Manager: and a variety of other spaces for event Marketing Director: Nan Coyle Robin Timothy variety of other spaces for event use. Robin Timothy Food use. & Beverage: 9 permanent conMarketing Director: Nan Coyle Snapshot: The Jacksonville Veterans Marketing Director: Nan Coyle cession Everbank Arena Club; Foodstands; & Beverage: 9 permanent conFood & Beverage: 9 permanent concesMemorial Arena first opened itsVeterans doors Snapshot: The Jacksonville St. John’s Suite. cession stands; Everbank Arena Club; Snapshot:21, The2003 Jacksonville Veterans sion stands; Everbank Arena Club; St. on Memorial November to a sold-out Arena first opened its doors St. John’s Suite. 28 luxury suites; Memorial ArenaJohn. first opened that its doors Audience Amenities: John’s Suite. crowd to see Elton on November 21, 2003Since to a sold-out on November 21, 2003 to a sold-out 4 Party suites. Audience Amenities: 28 luxury suites; opening, facility seenSince morethat than crowd the to see Eltonhas John. Audience Amenities: 28 luxury suites; 4 crowd to see Elton Since that 4 Party suites. full 1,992,000 comeJohn. through opening,guests the facility has seen the more than Marketing: Party suites. service, in-house ad opening, thethe facility has seen more than agency. Event sponsorship avail-ad doors to enjoy entertainment Marketing: full service, sales in-house 1,992,000 guestsbest come through thein Marketing: full service, in-house ad 1,992,000 guestsLocated come through Northeast in thethe heart in able. agency. Event sponsorship sales availdoors toFlorida. enjoy the best entertainment agency. Event sponsorship sales available. doors to enjoy the best in of the sports complex nearentertainment downtown able. Northeast Florida. Located in the heart Largest City in the Northeastthe Florida. in the heart Demographics: Demographics: City in the ( Jacksonville, arenaLocated is anear 15,000-seat of the sports complex downtown State of Florida; Largest 1. 3Largest million people Demographics: City in the of the sportsvenue. complex near downtown State of Florida; 1. 3largest millioncity people ( multi-purpose Jacksonville, the arena is a 15,000-seat 2005 census); 13th in the State of Florida; 1. 3 million people ( Jacksonville, the arena is a 15,000-seat 2005 census); 13th largest city in the multi-purpose venue. United States. Seating: Basketball – up to 11,000; 2005 census); 13th largest city in the multi-purpose venue. United States. West End Concert – up– to Half United States. Seating: Basketball up14,500; to 11,000; Seating: Basketball up 8,000; to 11,000; House - 5,500–– to WestConcert End Concert up to 14,500; Half West End Concert – up to 14,500; Theater 3,000 to 8,000; 6,500; In House/ Concert –- 5,500 Half House Concert - 5,500 to 8,000; Theater / Concert – 3,000 to 6,500; In Theater / Concert – 3,000 to 6,500; In


25 Staging: Width of proscenium opening


THE 701T W

Lake 70 (863) La www (8 Direc w Di

Snap open Sn Cent op Lake C from La ft. ex fro istrat ft. Cent ist Thea C seven T unde se un Capa 7,137 C Hous 7, Footb H 2,300 Fo 2, Exhi ft. (di Ex ft.



BankUnited Center 1245 Dauer Drive, Coral Gables FL, 33146 • (305) 284-8244 • Fax: (305) 284-6547


pening its doors in January 2003 to a sold-out crowd witnessing the launch of Coldplay’s North American tour, the BankUnited Center at the University of Miami has entertained and greeted guests from all over the world. With the venue’s 8,000+ seats, superior sightlines, exceptional customer service, and ability to reach an international audience, the BankUnited Center has earned the title of “The Best Mid-Size Venue in the World."

History Located on the University of Miami’s Coral Gables campus and managed by Global Spectrum, the BankUnited Center serves as the home to both UM’s Men’s and Women’s Division I Basketball teams, The Miami Hurricanes. In addition to hosting collegiate basketball, the BankUnited Center also has the versatility and flexibility to house world-class concerts, family shows, trade shows, lecture series, student events, sporting events, private corporate gatherings, and other special events. In the number of years since its opening, the South Florida venue has hosted a number of sold out shows, including Green Day, Coldplay, Andre Rieu, Fall Out Boy and Hillsong United, as well as, being the setting for televised events and award shows such as the 2004 Presidential Debates, Unplugged featuring Ricky Martin and Thalia, Premio Lo Nuestro, Premios Juventud and the Latin Billboard Awards. The venue has also welcomed world renowned figures and politicians, including His Holiness the Dalai Lama, former President Bill Clinton, current President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Senator John McCain. Services and Amenities The ability to host such large-scale events is augmented by the BankUnited Center’s flexibility to accommodate smaller events in its Hurricane 100 Room located within the BUC itself. This 4,000 sq.ft. room can accommodate business meetings, trade shows and banquets. With state-of-the-art technology including the most advanced projection systems, plasma televisions, and sound


systems, the venue is equipped to fulfill every clients needs. And no matter what your tastes, menus are created from an exquisite array of international delicacies prepared by the Executive Chef and the culinary staff. VIP suites accommodating 12-16 patrons are also available. Expansion The latest addition to the University of Miami campus was the much anticipated opening of the Fieldhouse adjacent to the BankUnited Center in March 2009. The Fieldhouse is comprised of two sides, featuring two courts that comprise the basketball side of the facility used on a daily basis by both respective basketball teams and a Multipurpose Space that provides an additional 8,000 square feet of shell space that can be configured in a myriad of different manners. Thus far, the Multipurpose Space has been utilized for various catering events, from University receptions to the Latin Billboard Awards Show, for Commencement lineups, corporate meetings, cocktail parties, lecture series, press conferences, as well as Cheerleading and Karate competitions. Ticketing The BankUnited Center is partnered with Ticketmaster, which provides advanced ticket distribution services, convenient remote ticket outlets in South Florida and throughout the East Coast, marketing support, and comprehensive customer databases. Market Situated conveniently off of US-1 in the heart of beautiful Coral Gables, FL, the BankUnited Center enjoys a population of 1 million within 7 miles and 3 million within Greater Miami. Located just 5 miles south of downtown Miami, the arena is easily accessible to patrons by public bus or metro rail line that drops guests off right at the front entrance. Additionally, over 6,000 parking spots are provided in well-lit garages and open lots, which are maintained by the University of Miami.

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the southeast / Tennessee

Bridgestone Arena 501 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203 (615) 770-2000; Fax: (615) 770-2010


ridgestone Arena opened in December 1996 and has hosted more than 12 million guests. It has become Nashville’s No. 1 venue for large-scale musical productions, as well as one of the nation’s most highly-acclaimed entertainment and sports venues. Seating capacity is approximately 20,000 for concerts, 19,395 for basketball and 17,113 for Nashville Predators games. The entrance to Bridgestone Arena is positioned on the corner of Broadway and Fifth Avenue facing the Ryman Auditorium, the original home of the Grand Ole Opry. The architects designed this as a tribute to Nashville’s music roots. The development of the arena exemplifies the city’s changing persona and has been a catalyst for other projects in the surrounding area. A number of downtown living options - including several new condominiums - continue to spring up in close proximity to Bridgestone Arena. Initiated by Nashville Mayor Phil Bredesen and approved by the Metro/ Davidson County Council in 1993, Bridgestone Arena uniquely embraces Nashville’s heritage as “Music City, U.S.A.” For the event planner, the spectator, the athlete and the performer, the arena is equipped to deliver the latest in highquality, “user-friendly” features. A soundstage-quality rehearsal hall is a part of the facility, making the arena a perfect site for concert performers. In addition to serving as the home of the Nashville Predators, Bridgestone Arena has hosted a wide variety of sporting events including the U.S. National Figure Skating Championship (1997), the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament (2000, 2003 & 2005), the SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament (2001, 2006, 2010), the SEC Women’s Basketball Tournament (2002, 2004 & 2008) and the 2003 NHL Entry Draft. The venue has also been awarded the 2014 NCAA Women’s

Final Four, the 2011 and 2012 SEC Women’s Basketball Tournament and the 2013 SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament. It will also host the first and second rounds of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament again in 2012. Community events have included the annual Mayor’s First Day Festival and the Country Freedom Concert benefiting the Salvation Army Disaster Relief Fund. The venue has also hosted the CMA Awards show the past four years (2006-09), which were broadcasted live to national audiences on network television.. A new state-of-the-art integrated scoring and video display system using the latest in sports videoboard technology was installed in the building in August 2007, and has been in operation for the past three seasons. Designed and constructed by ANC Sports in New York, the board is 100 percent LED-based and runs on a digital operating system, which also required a new control room to be build near the entrance tunnel to the arena bowl. The renovations were part of a more than $4 million facelift to Bridgestone Arena during the summer of 2007.


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Brock Jones 615-770-2047


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The Southeast / North Carolina

Cabarrus Arena & Events Center 4751 Hwy 49 North, Concord, NC 28025 • (704) 920-3976; Fax: (704) 920-3999 •


he Cabarrus Arena & Events Center is the region’s newest and most innovative exhibition center offering a flexible floor plan and state-of-the-art features. With the 5,000-seat arena, in excess of 150,000 square feet of temperature controlled event space and an 11-acre lawn, The Cabarrus Arena offers more meeting, banquet and exhibition options than any other facility in Cabarrus County. Situated in Concord, NC, the Cabarrus Arena & Events Center is in the heart of an area rich with colorful history and a tapestry of both the old and the new. The facility is only moments away from the historic downtown district with its stately antebellum homes and specialty shops, minutes from the Charlotte Motor Speedway and Concord Mills Mall, the most visited tourist attraction in the state of North Carolina.

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In addition, they are the only facility in the area that can offer the first-class service of SMG, the largest public facility management company in the world. The on-site food & beverage service is managed by Savor by SMG and is the exclusive caterer for the Cabarrus Arena. The Executive Chef and his staff have the experience and creativity to satisfy the most discriminating tastes, accommodate special requests and provide impeccable service for cocktail receptions and buffets to trade show exhibitor entertaining and large or small sit-down dinners. Beginning with your initial call and following through until the completion of your event, the Cabarrus Arena staff will provide you with professional and courteous attention to detail combined with a pleasant Southern charm.



Jason Aldean rocks the Florence Civic Center

florence civic center 3300 West Radio Road, Florence, SC 29501 (843) 679-9417; Fax: (843) 679-9429 •

Location, Location, Location!


hen Florence, SC city/county officials cut the ribbon in 1993 on the new Florence Civic Center, many of the populace wondered about the location. Even though it was situated at the intersection of I-95 and I-20, perfect for incoming traffic from north, south and west, it was still five miles from downtown and seemed rather remote at the time. No more! The SMG-managed civic center has attracted commercial development to the area like a magnet. During the past year, all South Carolina counties experienced a decrease in hotel accommodation tax revenue except Florence, which tallied a nearly 2% increase. Florence Convention & Visitors Bureau officials attribute this increase to the civic center’s excellent location, the success of events and number of large conventions bringing overnight and extended stay guests. The largest entertainment, convention and exhibition center in northeast South Carolina, the civic center, for a time, sat alone on its spacious, well-manicured grounds. Today, the center is the hub for a development explosion around it with more than 1,000 quality rooms provided by national chains such as Hilton Garden Inn, Courtyard by Marriott, SpringHill Suites, Residence Inn Marriott, Hampton Inn and Suites and Holiday Inn Express plus dozens of awardwinning restaurants. Recent neighbors include The Home Depot, Chili’s Bar and Grill, Prime Time Sports Cafe, The Olive Garden, Kohl’s Department Store and Super Walmart. Magnolia Mall, the city’s largest, is across the street. The civic center continuously offers the area a wide array of family shows, popular concerts and crowd-pleasing events. In the past year, country star Jason Aldean rocked the center with


Sold out concerts! Not a bad seat in the house his sold-out concert from Outback Concerts of Nashville. Other shows were also popular. WWE Wrestling, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, Disney Live, Larry the Cable Guy, George Jones, Tyler Perry’s “Big Happy Family,” Monster Truck Show, Gospel Blockbuster, and rehearsals and shows for Disney On Ice kept attendance up. Upcoming shows include Marvin Sapp, TNA Wrestling, MMA Live, the Casting Crowns and the Gaithers Homecoming. The facility will also host at least 10 state and regional conventions. The Florence Civic Center was also proud to host a three-month exhibition titled, The American Soldier: A Photographic Tribute To Soldiers And Marines, from November 11, 2009, Veteran’s Day, through February 2, 2010. The remarkable display of American soldiering photos dating from the Civil War to Iraq was available for public viewing seven days a week with free admission. Throughout the display period, numerous military themed events and entertainment were coordinated to complement the exhibition. Kendall Wall, general manager, noted that over the past several years, the civic center has invested in a variety of major capital improvements that have benefited its entertainment market as well as convention business. “Our civic center commission members have supported efforts to keep the center a totally up-to-date, state-of-the-art facility in all respects. We offer hi-speed Internet throughout, and we’re completing 1,400 new telescopic seats in the arena. We’ve transformed the former Exhibit Hall into a luxurious, well-appointed Ballroom with designer carpeting, crown molding, mirrors, original artwork and 1,000 handsome banquet chairs. The three adjoining meeting rooms have also been completely refurbished so the entire new area encompasses more than 20,000 feet.”

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  

          


                

  

   

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The Lakeland Center 701 W. Lime Street, Lakeland, FL 33815 (863) 834-8100; Fax: (863) 834-8101 Director: Mike LaPan

Snapshot: The Lakeland Center first opened in 1974 as The Lakeland Civic Center. Renovated in 1996—the Lakeland Center dropped the “Civic” from its name and added a 28,000 sq. ft. exhibition hall and detached administrative offices. Today, the multi-use Center features the Jenkins Arena, Youkey Theater, Sikes Hall, Exhibit Hall and seven additional meeting rooms—all under roof. Capacities: Jenkins Arena: Basketball— 7,136; End Stage Concert—8,178; Half-House Concert—4,758; Hockey, Arena Football—7,136; Youkey Theater—2,300. Exhibition Space: Sikes Hall— 24,660 sq. ft. (divides into 6 rooms); Exhibit Hall—28,262 sq. ft.

(divides into 2 rooms). Backstage: Arena: 4 team rooms; 2 star dressing rooms; 2 show offices 4 Meeting rooms; Youkey Theater: 2 Chorus dressing rooms; 4 Star dressing rooms; 1 Green Room. Staging: Sico Portable concert stage (60’x40’); 2 wings (12’x8’ adjustable in 4” increments); 60’ jersey barricade; Youkey Theater: permanent stage/ 78’x42’ (sprung wood floor). Lighting: Mercury vapor over arena floor; Incandescent over seating; 6 Strong Gladiators II; 2 Strong Super Trouper 2K; Youkey Theater: Lekos: 10-6x9, 5-6x12, 6-6x16, 34- Source 4, 4 – LekoLites Fresnels: 17 –6”, 12 – 10”; Pars: 103—Par 64; 1 Super Trooper; 4 Zenon Super troopers. Food & Beverage: Arena: 4 permanent stands; Youkey Theater: 2 permanent stands. Catering by Ovations Food Services. Parking: 2,500 spaces on-site. Marketing: In-house marketing department. In-house group sales department. Market/Demographics: Located between Tampa and Orlando, services 500,000 Polk County residences along with Tampa and Orlando markets.

Exhibition Space: Main Arena is 270’ x Space: Main Arena is 270’ Exhibition 140’. It . Itis ispart part a 100,000-sq.-ft. x 140’ of of a 100,000-sq.-ft. room; additional exhibit room; additional exhibit spacespace on theon the concourse. eats. concourse. Backstage Areas: Dressing Rooms. Exhibit Backstage Areas: TwoTwo Dressing MISSISSIPPI Exhibition Space: Main ArenaRooms. is 270’ x nce to create the 23stage for theatrical 140’60¢ . It60¢ isx part of a 100,000-sq.-ft. m Staging: x 40¢ stage two 8¢ x Staging: 40¢ stage withwith two 8¢ room; additional exhibit space on the figurations; 8¢sound soundwings, wings, two of stairs x 8¢ two setssets of stairs andand concourse. enter has 702 seats. black skirting. stage black skirting. Backstage Areas: Two Dressing Rooms. 50,000-sq.ft. Exhibit with Lighting: Ballroom and 23 Lighting: FourFour (mounted) Staging: 60¢ x (mounted) 40¢ stagespotlights withspotlights two in 8¢ x in ospiooms. each Arena corner. each Main Arena corner. 8¢ Main sound wings, two sets of stairs and and a black skirting. he Arena backstage Food Beverage: Concession Food && Beverage: TwoTwo Concession essing rooms with JAMES LYNN CARTLIDGE Lighting: Four (mounted) spotlights in James Lynn Stands with a contracted concessionaire. Stands with a contracted concessionaire. ker rooms, 2 hospieach Main Arena corner. and COUNTY Cartlidge Forrest uction offices and aFORREST Audience Amenities: ATM & Wireless. Audience Amenities: ATM & Wireless. event Food & Beverage: Two Concession MULTI PURPOSE County Multi JAMES LYNN CARTLIDGE Stands with a over contracted concessionaire. Parking: Just 1,000 parking spaces; Parking: Just over 1,000 parking spaces; ighting Ingress andCENTER Purpose Center FORREST COUNTY 147-site RV Park. ATM & Wireless. Audience Amenities: 147-site RV Park. Sullivan Road ter Lighting over event962 962 SullivanMULTI Road, Hattiesburg, MS 39401 PURPOSE Parking: Just16-acre over 1,000 Hattiesburg, MS 39401 Other Features: 16-acre lake, anspaces; archery anced (601) 583-7500; Fax: (601) 583-7504 Other Features: lake,parking covered CENTER 147-site RV Park. (601) 583-7500; Fax: (601) 583-7504 962 Sullivan Road ming Arts Center range, covered walkways connecting walkways connecting the seven major the MS 39401 Other 16-acre an archery nd system ExecutiveHattiesburg, Director: Derrick Ivy seven major buildings onlake, campus and a buildings onFeatures: campus (under construcdding,shell. 583-7500; Fax: (601) Executive (601) Director: Derrick Ivy583-7504 connecting the hestra discrange, golf covered coursewalkways (under construction). tion). You Name It, We Host It ing seven major buildings on campus and a Proof of the Pudding,You Name It, WeDirector: Host ItDerrick Ivy Marketing: event info sent to more ble;award-winning Snapshot:Executive disc golfevent course (under Marketing: info sentconstruction). to more thanthan One of the South’s Fastest ne You Name It, We It One of the South’s Fastest media outlets throughout Mississippi, 5050 media outlets throughout Marketing: event info sentMississippi, to more than yolding event irresistible; Snapshot: Growing Entertainment & Host Recreation Growing & Snapshot: One9 of theRecreation South’s 50 media outlets throughout Mississippi, newly added holding Louisiana Alabama; electronic mesandand Alabama; electronic ComplexesEntertainment that boasts venues, 160- Fastest Louisiana Growing Entertainment & Recreation and electronic Complexes thatthan boasts 9 venues, 160sageLouisiana board greets plusmesvehi&1711concession boardthat thatAlabama; greets 14,000 14,000 acres and more 200,000 event spec-160- message that boasts 9 venues, sage board that greets 14,000 plus vehirtables/bars, & 11 acres and Complexes more than eventin cles daily; vehicles daily;website websitepromotion. promotion. tators at 400 events in 200,000 2006. acres and more thanOpened 200,000 event cles daily; website promotion. spectatorsspectators at since 400 events in 2006. added a 16-acre lake, Demographics: at 400 events in 2006. Demographics: Forrest County g, onsite parking 1999 and has Forrest County hashasahas Demographics: Forrest County a a Opened inOpened 1999 and hasand since a a in 1999 has added since added population ofofapproximately 75,000. ett population of approximately 75,000. population approximately 75,000. public. Gwinnett a 3,360-square-foot Conference Center 16-acre lake, aRV 3,360-square-foot 16-acre lake, a 3,360-square-foot Park. Two major Hattiesburg the largest in in Forrest Hattiesburg isis the largest Forrest ublic ationtransportationand a 147-site Hattiesburg is the largest citycity incity Forrest Conference Center and a 147-site Center and a 147-site RV RV County the ss to our campus. Conference highways (49 & 98) and one interstate County isis the pus. andand isand the fourth Park. Twohighways major highways (49 & 98) County Park. Two major (49 & 98) fourth largest city in (59) are within oneinterstate mile of (59) the facility ting fourth city in citylargest in Mississippi. and one are within one largest nt Department and one interstate Mississippi. Forrest (59) areand one ts. and providemile forofeasier travel towithin visitors. the facility provide for Forrest Mississippi. Forrest County is County is within 90 mile of theeasier facility and provide for travel to visitors. County is Biloxi, within 90 within 90 miles of Biloxi, Capacities: 2,580 Permanent Stadium miles of easier travel to visitors. Capacities: 2,856approximately Permanent Stadium Jackson, miles of Biloxi, Jackson, New Orleans New Orleans Seats; Sports & Rodeos Seats; Sports & RodeosStadium approximately andJackson, Capacities: 2,856 Permanent and Mobile. New Orleans Mobile. 3,000; Concerts 7,800 with Standing on 3,000; 7,800 with Standing on andSee Seats; Sports & Concerts Rodeos approximately ad on page 27 Mobile. Floor Only, 5,400 with Chairs on Floor. See ad on page 33 Floor Only, 5,400 with Chairs on Floor. 3,000; Concerts 7,800 with Standing on See ad on page 27 Floor Only, 5,400 with Chairs on Floor.


onvention Center; m.



CenturyTel Center 2000 CenturyTel Center Dr. Bossier City, LA 71112 (318) 747-2501; Fax: (318) 747-2505 General Manager: Mike Cera

Exhibition Space: 85’x200’ floor; Concourse spacing around the arena for table booths; 1,800-sq.-ft. Meeting Room. Backstage Offices: 3 Event Offices, Green Room, 4 locker rooms (Media Rooms created on a per-event basis). Food & Beverage: 12 concession stand windows; 2 Pizza stands; 1 BBQ stand; 1 Candy Stand; 2 Portable food stands; 2+ portable beverage stands; 1 VIP concession stand; 2 VIP bars. Marketing: The CenturyTel Center marketing department acts as a full-service in-house advertising agency.

Snapshot: The SMG-managed CenturyTel Center arena is approximately 270,000 sq ft. with the capability of hosting up to 14,000 patrons. CenturyTel Center has entertained patrons throughout the Ark-La-Tex with world-class concerts, family shows, ice-skating shows, motor sports, rodeos, conventions, religious and community events and other special events. Capacities: Concert In The Round - 14,053; Concert Half/Quarter - 6,895/4,678; Hockey - 12,006; Basketball - 12,297; Arena Football - 11,376.

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MISSISSIPPI mississippi

he atrical


Staging: Indoor and Outdoor portable staging.


Vicksburg Convention Center and Auditorium 1600 Mulberry Street (Convention Center) 901 Monroe Street (Auditorium) Vicksburg, MS 39180 (601) 630-2929; (866) 822-6338 Fax: (601) 630.2910 Executive Director: Lawrence Gawronski, CFE

“We eat, drink and sleep this stuff.” Snapshot: Managed by VenuWorks and located in the heart of historic downtown Vicksburg, the Vicksburg Convention Center and Auditorium offers 50,000 square feet of meeting and exhibition space on two levels, featuring full service kitchen and onsite catering facilities, state-of-the-art meeting amenities and a wide array of exhibition and audio-visual equipment. The Auditorium is a performance venue with a proscenium stage, 900

fixed elevated seats and 450 portable floor seats. Seating: 2,400 – Convention Center; 1,350 – Auditorium. Exhibition Space: 17,000-sq.-ft. exhibit hall and 8,000 sq. ft. meeting room space. Staging: Portable StageRight “Z-leg system” – capable of most any size configuration up to 40’ x 80’ – Theatrical draping system available including teaser, traveler curtain and proscenium legs. Sound/Lighting: Basic trussing with 24 theatrical par can lighting and dimmer board – EV speaker/monitors – 16 channel sound mix board. Food & Beverage: One permanent concession location; portable locations upon request; full on-site catering. Parking: 350 on-site surface spaces with two multi-level parking ramps within two blocks of center. Marketing: Full service marketing, advertising and promotional services. Demographics: Vicksburg / Jackson metro area has approximately 300,000 target population. See ad on page 36

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JL Cartlidge Forrest County Multi Purpose Center


2:16 PM

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962 Sullivan Road, Hattiesburg, MS 39401 (601) 583-7500; Fax: (601) 583-7504



n March 15, 1999, the JL Cartlidge Forrest County Multi Purpose Center was dedicated and hosted its first event, the Southern Miss Coca-Cola Classic Rodeo. The vision became a reality as a capacity crowd enjoyed the family entertainment. In less than five years, more than half a million visitors had passed through the gates of the facility—one of the fastest growing entertainment and recreation complexes in the South. Eleven buildings and approximately 1,000 parking spaces help to comprise the sprawling, well lit, gated grounds. The 160acre, $12-million complex annually pumps millions into the area’s economy with its diverse event schedule that draws spectators and participants from across the world. The climate-controlled Main Arena has a 34,480-squarefoot floor and can accommodate up to 7,800 people. A variety of events including concerts, trade shows, horse shows, monster truck shows and many other events take advantage of the Main Arena each year.


n March 15, 1999, the JL Cartlidge Forrest County Multi Purpose Center was dedicated and hosted its first event, the Southern Miss Coca-Cola Classic Rodeo. The vision became a reality as a capacity crowd enjoyed the family entertainment. In less than five years, more than half a million visitors had passed through the gates of the facility—one of the fastest growing entertainment and recreation complexes in the South. Eleven buildings and approximately 1,000 parking spaces help to comprise the sprawling, well lit, gated grounds. The 160-acre, The Forrest County Multi Purpose hosts $12-million complex annually pumps millions into Center the area’s economy withconcerts, its diversetrade eventshows, schedule thatfestivals, draws spectators fairs, horse & and participants fromshows, acrosswedding the world.receptions and various cattle


n March 15, 1999, the JL Cartlidge Forrest County Multi Purpose Center was dedicated and hosted its first event, the Southern Miss Coca-Cola Classic Rodeo. The vision became a reality as a capacity crowd enjoyed the family entertainment. In less than five years, more than half a million visitors had passed through the gates of the facility—one of the fastest growing entertainment and recreation complexes in the South. Eleven buildings and approximately 1,000 parking spaces help to comprise the sprawling, well lit, gated grounds. The 160-acre, $12-million complex annually pumps millions into the area’s economy with its diverse event schedule that draws spectators and participants from across the world.

The floor a events truck s Arena

The climate-controlled Main Arena has a 34,480-square-foot floor and can accommodate up to 7,800 people. A variety of events including concerts, trade shows, horse shows, monster OFother THEevents FASTEST GROWING truck shows ONE and many take advantage of the Main ENTERTAINMENT & RECREATION Arena each year.

JL CARTLIDGE FORREST COUNTY COMPLEXES IN THE SOUTH 962 Sullivan 962 RoadSullivan Road MULTI PURPOSE CENTER Hattiesburg,Hattiesburg, MS 39401 MS 39401 601-583-7500 (601) 583-7500; Fax: (601) 583-7504 tel 601-583-7504 fax

other functions.

In 2008, the facility hosted more than 350 events and saw more than 200,000 people come through the gates for the numerous attractions at its nine different venues.

Facilities 2010 SuperBook


The Southeas 33

New Orleans 3,000; & Concerts with Standing onJackson, See ad on page 27 Seats; Sports Rodeos7,800 approximately and Mobile. Floor Only, 5,400 with Chairs on Floor. 3,000; Concerts 7,800 with Standing on See ad on page 27 Floor Only, 5,400 with Chairs on Floor. Center;

NORTH CAROLINA NORTH CAROLINA SOUTH CAROLINA Staging: Indoor Outdoor portable Joel Coliseum Theatre:and 5,839 concerts. NORTH CAROLINA SOUTH CAROLINA north carolina Joelhalf-house south carolina NORTH CAROLINA staging. Joel Coliseum Annex: 4,500 Coliseum Theatre: 5,839 Staging: Indoor and Outdoor portable

events, 200 exhibits, 1,250 for a banquet, and 800-classroom style. events, 200 exhibits, 1,250 for total seats. a banquet, and 800-classroom style. Special Seating: 8 skybox suites with Backstage Areas: 4 dressing rooms, Staging: Indoor and Outdoor portable Backstage Areas: Dressing rooms Bowman Gray Stadium: Joelstaging. Coliseum Annex: 4,500 2 10,200 144Seating: total Special 8 skybox suites green room and 3seats. meeting rooms thatwith staging. with lockers and showers. Dixie Classic Fairground Bowman Gray Stadium: 10,200 Backstage Areas: 2 Dressing rooms 144serve total also asseats. additional production and/or Backstage Areas: 4 dressing rooms, Grandstand: 5,000 g Dixie Classic Fairground Backstage Areas: 2showers. DressingEvent roomsCenter A: Exhibition Space: with lockers and dressing rooms and and meal forrooms, the “Z-leg green room 3areas meeting rooms next Backstage Areas: 4 dressing Grandstand: 5,000 with lockers and showers. 40,000 sq. ft.; Event Center B: 30,000 Exhibition Space: more than 120,000 Exhibition Space: Event Center A: crews performers. High intersize contoroom the arena alsospeed serves asnext additiongreenand and 3that meeting rooms ft.; Gold Hall 1: 120,000 20,000 sq. ft.; squaresq. feet meeting exhibit space. Exhibition Space: more than Exhibition Space: Event Center 40,000 sq. ft.;of Event Center B: A: 30,000 net access throughout. heatrical al production and/or dressing rooms to the arena that also serves as additionGold Hall 2: 10,000 sq. ft.; Cabarrus onsquare feet of meeting exhibit space. 40,000 sq. ft.; Event Center B: 30,000 Backstage: press room, promoter's office, sq. ft.; Gold Hall 1: 20,000 sq. ft.; andPortable meal and/or areas the al production dressing Staging: stagefor that cancrews gorooms as and Room A: sq.ft.; Cabarrus alding teassq. ft.; Hall Gold Hall 1:2,400 20,000 sq.ft.;Cabarrus ft.;office, production offices and meeting Room Backstage: press room, promoter's Gold 2: 10,000 sq.general nium legs. performers. speed and internet access and as meal the crews large 60’ xareas 40’. forHigh B: 1,200 sq. ft.; Cabarrus Room C: easGold Hall 2: 10,000 sq. ft.; Cabarrus room A: complete with phone lines; 4Room star production offices and meeting Room 2,400 sq.general ft.; Cabarrus throughout. performers. High speed internet access ing with 1,200 sq. sq. ft. egs. Sound/Lighting: state-of-the-art. Room A: 2,400 ft.; Cabarrus Room 4 sq. spacious locker rooms; room complete with phone lines; 4 star B:suites, 1,200 ft.; Cabarrus Room C: throughout. and dimCABARRUS ARENA suites, Staging: Portable stage that can go as B: 1,200 sq. ft.; Cabarrus Room C: Food & Beverage: 6 on-site concession WINSTON-SALEM FLORENCE CIVIC 2 lounges. Entertainers' tour bus parking th 4 spacious locker rooms; 1,200 sq. ft. Food & Beverage: 6 permanent concesFlorence Civic itors – 16 WINSTON-SALEM largePortable as 60’ x 40’. Staging: stage that can go as & EVENTS CENTER 2 lounges. 1,200 sq. ft. hook-ups stands; Portable concession stands with power in a secure area. mFLORENCE CIVIC Entertainers' tour bus parking CABARRUS ARENA ENTERTAINMENTCENTER Cabarrus Arena sion stands on the concourse, as well as Food & Beverage: 6 on-site concession Center 4751 Hwy 49 North largeSound/Lighting: as 60’ x 40’. available. state-of-the-art. 3300 West Radio Road 16 withFood power hook-ups in a secure area. ENTERTAINMENTCENTER 4-10 portable stands; catering capabilities & Beverage: 6 on-site concession &SPORTS CENTER COMPLEX &EVENTS Events Center 3300 West Radio Road, Florence, SC 29501 Staging: Sisco concession decking available stands; Portable stands in Concord, NC 28025 SC 29501 anent Sound/Lighting: West Radio Road 4751 Hwy North 2825 University Parkway 4751 Hwy49 49 North, Concord, NC920-3999 28025 extend from & snacks tostate-of-the-art. hors d’oeuvres to constands; Portable stands (843)Florence, 679-9417; Fax: (843) 679-9429 SPORTS COMPLEX 7inVIP Suites in 3300 Food Beverage: 6 permanent 4’ X Sisco 8’Audience or 5’decking Xconcession 8’Amenities: adjustable height Staging: available (704) 920-3976; Fax: (704) available. (843) SC 679-9417; Florence, 29501 Fax: (843) 679-9429 ocations 2825Concord, NCParkway 28025 Winston-Salem, NC(704) 27105 (704) 920-3976; Fax: 920-3999 University formal dining. arena; Wireless internet connections. cession stands on the concourse, as well sections; 3 EZ-Lift adjustable height Food & Beverage: 6 permanent con4’ Xavailable. 8’ or 5’ X 8’ adjustable height Audience Amenities: 7 VIP Suites in (843) 679-9417; Fax: (843) 679-9429 (704) 920-3976; Fax: (704) (336) 725-5635; Fax: (336)920-3999 727-2922 ring. General Manager: Kendall Wall Winston-Salem, NC 27105 General Manager: Frank Lapsley sections; as 4-10 portable stands; catering capastairs3Wireless for staging. cession stands on thespaces, concourse, as well ns EZ-Lift adjustable height Parking: 2,500 parking and can Audience Amenities: 7 VIP Suites in General Manager: Kendall Wall Parking: 2,500 on-site parking spaces; arena; internet connections. General Manager: Frank Lapsley (336) 725-5635; (336) 727-2922 SalesFax: & Marketing Manager: paces bilities extend from snacks tocapahors as 4-10 portable stands; catering stairs for staging. Snapshot: Since its 1993 opening, the accommodate RVs and Busses. There is arena; Wireless internet connections. General Manager: Kendall Wall General Manager: Frank Lapsley additional 400 parking spaces within Assistant Director, Booking/Marketing: Food & Beverage: 10 concessions stands Sales & Marketing Manager: Pam Sossamon Snapshot: Since its opening, the bilities Parking: 2,500 on-site parking spaces; ramps d’oeuvres to formal dining. extend from snacks to hors Florence Civic Center has1993 provided no charge for parking. Sales Marketing Manager: Gerry Duncan Pam& Sossamon walking distance; 80 RV spaces. with two doubles additional specialty Assistant Director, Booking/Marketing: Food & Beverage: 10 and concessions stands Parking: 2,500 parking spaces; Florence Civic Center hasFlorence provided Snapshot: Since its 1993 opening, the additional 400 on-site parking spaces within Snapshot: This state-of-the-art, multid’oeuvres to formal dining. Pam Sossamon entertainment to the people of Gerry“Our Duncan Parking: 2,500 parking spaces, food carts. Full service catering and food with two doubles and additional specialty Marketing: Venue website, “In the Flo,” and can additional 400 parking spaces within facilities will fit your needs, Venue entertainment to the of Florence Snapshot: This state-of-the-art, multi-The walkingOther Civic haspeople provided distance; 80 Features: RV spaces.11-acre mid- Florence purpose venue opened in 2001. County and theCenter surrounding counties. keting, accommodate RVs members and Busses. There is services provided by Parking: 2,500 spaces, and foodwalking carts.way; Full service catering andCattle food Wash; entertainment Snapshot: This state-of-the-art, multiemail club has overparking 10,000 whocan distance; 80mile RVAramark. spaces. whatever the occasion. From 15 to “Our facilities will fit your needs, Paved track; County and the surrounding counties. purpose venue opened in 2001. The to people of Florence facility hosts a variety of concerts, famiOther Venue by Features: 11-acre midThe former Exhibit Hall, renamed the ervices. no charge forupcoming parking. accommodate and Busses. There is services provided Aramark. purpose venue opened inconcerts, 2001. The get “E-Buzz” for RVs all events 15,000, we have a place for you!” whatever the occasion. From 15 to 2-acre pond. The arena is home to The Florence Demographics: Located in the center facility hosts a variety of family County and the surrounding counties. Other Venue Features: 11-acre midway; lyhosts shows and sporting events.famiSome way; Paved mile track; Cattle Wash; Ballroom now completley carpeted and no read charge parking. facility a variety of for concerts, thefor monthly newsletter online. 15,000, weandhave aWinston-Salem place you!” ackson Marketing: venue website; “In the Flo” Phantoms Indoor Football Team, and and of North Carolina and midway between part-The shows sporting events. Some events . arena is ishome totoThe Florence Demographics: Located inWash; the center Paved mile track; Cattle Snapshot: The events of note include: Willie Nelson, Marketing: Newsletter; Television 2-acre pond. refurbished, home The Florence ly of shows and sporting events. Some “Super Groups” program has 5,000 30,000 300,000 Snapshot: e-mail club haswebsite; over members also has a basketball floor. The former Atlanta and Washington, D.C., Complex note include: Willie Nelson, Brad Marketing: venue “In the Flo” Phantoms Indoor Football Team, and of North Carolina and midway between 2-acre pond. Entertainment-Sports Complex includes: The Winston-Salem Brad Paisley, George Jones, Sawyer nership (Channel 22), Cabarrus Arena Symphony Orchestra. The Center also events of George note include: Willie Nelson, Marketing: Newsletter; Television partmembers who are employees who gethas “E-Buzz” forofmembers allarea upcoming Exhibit Hall, renamed theshows Ballroom reaches a target market of over Paisley, Jones, Sawyer Brown, e-mail club over 5,000 also has a basketball The former Atlanta and Washington, D.C., Complex The Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Entertainment-Sports Complex includes: Brown, Chonda Pierce, Sandi Patty, Insider Club, an email notice program. 00 accommodates meetings, and Marketing: Newsletter; Television partBrad Paisley, George Jones, Sawyer nership (Channel 22), Cabarrus Arenaa who buyupcoming individual monthly with 15,000 nowHall, completley and refur- members 1.5amillion individuals located within Chonda Pierce, Sandi Patty, Moscow reaches who events; get businesses, “E-Buzz” fornewsletter all Exhibit the Ballroom target market of over Coliseum; Dixie Classic Fairgrounds; The Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Moscow Ballet Graduations, exhibitions ofrenamed all sizes.carpeted nershipDemographics: (Channel 22), Cabarrus Arena 313,700 persons Brown, Chonda Pierce, Sandi Patty, an The email notice program. tickets at monthly group prices. The center also circulation; Computerized marquee is home to The 50-mileClub, radius. Winston-Salem Ballet Graduations, Gymnastics, events; newsletter with 15,000 completley carpeted andFlorence refur1.5 Insider million individuals located within a areawithinnow bished, Joel Coliseum Annex, Bowman Gray Coliseum; Dixie Classic Fairgrounds; Gymnastics, cheerleading and dance Insider Club, an email notice program. afeatures 15-mile radius; persons Moscow Balletand Graduations, Capacities: FullOrchestra. arena up an audience on and both outside andFaceBook in lobby; local radio, Symphony Theis Center also reaches itselfradius. colleges1,377,900 and universities cheerleading dance competitions, circulation; Computerized marquee bished, is home to Thecapacity Florence 50-mile The17Winston-Salem area Demographics: 313,700 persons within Stadium, Joel Coliseum Theatre. Joel Coliseum Annex, Bowman Gray competitions, German Shepard Dog within a 30-mile radius; 3,154,100 per- Symphony Gymnastics, cheerleading andofdance to 10,000 and with ameetings, backdrop curtain, 313,700 persons within and available. accommodates tradealso shows Twitter. an overall average family German Shepard Dog Club America both television, outside and in print lobby;programs local radio, Orchestra. The Center itselfDemographics: features 17 colleges andmedian universities a and 15-mile radius; 1,377,900 persons The facility’s flexible design offers a Stadium, Joel Theatre. ClubColiseum ofGerman America – National sons within a 60-mile radius.percompetitions, Shepard DogFinals,andawithin where seating can be of arranged from 2,500 Demographics: 15-mile radius; 1,377,900 persons and exhibitions all sizes. income of $58,200. – National Finals, Basketball, Arena television, and 700,000 print programs available. accommodates meetings, trade shows an overall average median family a 30-mile radius; 3,154,100 population. varietyBasketball, offlexible seatingdesign and stage options to and The facility’s offers a Trade Arena Football, Demographics: 700,000 population. Club of America – National Finals, to 7,000. The Ballroom will seat 1,400 within aSee 30-mile radius; 3,154,100 adaSee on page Football, Trade Consumer Shows.of income and exhibitions of all sizes. $58,200. sonsofwithin 60-mile radius. efficiently accommodate many to types ad on27 page 33 variety of seating andand stage options Consumer Capacities: capacity is up toSee Demographics: 700,000 adSee on ad page on31 page 29 population. Basketball, ArenaShows. Football, Trade and theater style. TheFull arenaarena will accommopersons within aon page 33 performances. efficiently accommodate many types of See ad See ad on page 27 10,000 and with a backdrop Capacities: The 28,000-sq.-ft.-arena Capacities: Full arena capacity is curtain, up See ad on page 29 Capacities: Consumer Shows.The 28,000-sq.-ft.-arena seats date 2,000 for meetings/events, 200 forto 60-mile radius. performances. where canbanquets. be arranged seats5.000 5.000forforconcerts, concerts, 4,390 10,000 and with curtain,from Capacities: 4,390 forfor boxing/ exhibits andseating 1,250a backdrop for See ad on Capacities: The 28,000-sq.-ft.-arena seats to 7,000. Ballroom boxing/ wrestling, 3,800 for arena where2,500 seating can beThe arranged fromwill seat Lawrence Joel 3,800 Veteran’s Capacities: wrestling, for arena football; and page 29 5.000 for concerts, 4,390 for boxing/ Special 8 style. skybox suites withseat 144 1,400 theater The arena will football; 1,500 – half-house 3,000 for concerts. 2,500 to Seating: 7,000. The Ballroom will Coliseum: 15,272 Lawrence Joel and Veteran’s 1,500 – 3,000 for wrestling, 3,800 for arena football; and for meetings/ 1,400accommodate theater style. 2,000 The arena will Coliseum: 15,272 1,500 – 3,000 for half-house concerts. accommodate 2,000 for meetings/

r; -ft. meeting

The Southeast 36 36 tennessee e Southeast

Bridgestone Arena 501 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203 (615) 770-2000; Fax: (615) 770-2010 Sr. Director of Booking: Brock Jones

Snapshot: Bridgestone Arena opened in December 1996. The facility has hosted over 12 million guests for such events as the NCAA Men’s Basketball Regional Tournament, SEC and OVC Men’s & Women’s Basketball Tournament, as well as entertainers such as Garth Brooks, Elton John and Billy Joel, Rolling Stones, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and Martina McBride.The Bridgestone Arena has been the home of the NHL’s Nashville Predators since 1998. Capacities: Concert - 17,500; Full House Proscenium - 10,700; Music City Theater - 6,900; In the Round - 18,400; Basketball (inc. floor) - 17,300; Arena Football/Rodeo - 16,000; Fixed Seating Only - 13,600. Meeting Space: Arena features 43,000sq.-ft. exhibit floor with 110 feet of


The 35 Southeast The35Southeast vertical clearance. Each of Bridgestone tennessee Arena’s 3,000 sq. ft. private meeting rooms can be reconfigured to either two 1,500 or four 750 sq. ft. rooms; a climate-controlled walkway creates a joined campus with the Nashville Convention Center & Renaissance Nashville Hotel; bringing the combined exhibit space potential to 185,000+ sq. ft. Backstage Area: 6 dressing rooms; 3 locker rooms; 3 Production Offices; Event Coordinator Office: Green Room; Corporate Reception Room, Crew Catering Room; Media Lounge; Radio Work Room; Interview Room; Press Work Room; 3 Dark Rooms. Food & Beverage: 30 concession stands; The Patron Platinum Club offers seating for up to 250 Club Seat; onsite catering provided by Levy Restaurants. Venue Features: StageRight Staging; Curtains – 6- 35’x 75’ and 4- 35’x 62’ (these can blackout the South end (half house) and feature the ability to blackout the entire 300 level. Marketing: Bridgestone Arena promotes and co-promotes events. Demographics: Located in the heart of Downtown Nashville. Nashville is the largest Metropolitan Statiscal Area in the state, drawing from a market of more than 1.6 million.

See ad on page 28

Memorial Auditorium & Tivoli Theater

Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Auditorium 399 McCallie Ave. Chattanooga, TN 37402 Tivoli Theater 709 Broad St. (Mailing address: 399 McCallie Ave.) (423) 757-5150; Fax: (423) 757-5326 General Manager: Sandy Coulter

Snapshot: Since the 1920’s, the fabulous Tivoli Theater and Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Auditorium have been Chattanooga’s favorite venues for live entertainment. Located in the vibrant heart of downtown, both historic showplaces are convenient to hotels, restaurants, shopping and other major attractions. The Memorial Auditorium, The Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Auditorium is an historic performance hall designed by noted architect R. H. Hunt and honors area veterans of World War I. The building underwent

Facilities SuperBook 2009

anFacilities extensive renovation, reopening 2009 SuperBook in 1991 as a state-of-the-art PAC & Concert Hall. The Tivoli Theater is a 1920s movie palace restored for live entertainment. The Tivoli Theatre is a fabulous historic showplace known as the ‘Jewel of the South.’ For over 85 years, the grand old theatre has entertained Chattanoogans and audiences members from the general vicinity of the city, offering everything from silent movies to Broadway blockbusters. The Tivoli is the home of the Chattanooga Symphony and Opera Association and also welcomes a wide variety of touring companies and musical acts each year. Memorial Hall: 3,866 seats in main hall. Additional upstairs Community Theatre seats 1,000. Lower level Exhibit Hall offers 12,500 sq.ft. of carpeted exhibit space. Backstage Areas: 4 star dressing rooms, 4 group dressing rooms, all with private baths/showers, amenities. Food & Beverage: 3 permanent concession stands, 2 portable stands. Tivoli Theatre: 1,762 seats. Demographics: The US Census Bureau estimated that in 2008 the city had a population of 170,880 people, while the Metropolitan Statistical Area has more 683,000. Chattanooga is the 4th largest City in Tennessee, and draws audiences from adjacent Georgia and Alabama.

Facilities 2010 SuperBook

The Southeast / Florida

THE LAKELAND CENTER 701 W. Lime Street, Lakeland, FL 33815 (863) 834-8100; Fax: (863) 834-8101 •


s Central Florida’s FIRST entertainment and convention center, The Lakeland Center has a proud 35 year history of providing superior events and quality service to some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. The Lakeland Center, a four- building complex all “under one roof,” is conveniently located between Orlando and Tampa and is less than an hour drive to three major airports. The multipurpose venue features 100,000 sq. ft. of modern exhibit space with an onsite hotel and many nearby accommodations. The Lakeland Center has long been Central Florida’s premier home for the hottest entertainment, sporting events, conferences and conventions. Truly located in the center of the state, the venue continues to entertain millions of visitors with its diverse array of programming including concerts, circuses, ice shows, art shows, trade and consumer shows, meetings, conventions and so much more. The Lakeland Center easily accommodates groups from 10 to 10,000 and features a large multi-purpose arena, two exhibit halls, a theater and a variety of meeting rooms. Groups also enjoy spacious parking areas, a full service box office, seasoned event professionals and award-winning in-house catering provided by OVATIONS. As the center for indoor youth sporting events in Florida, the venue is the preferred location for many state tournament championships and has partnered with the NCAA, Florida High School Athletic Association and The Sunshine State Games. The Youkey Theatre and Jenkins Arena have been a presence on the Florida music scene since 1974. Both facilities offer state-of-the-art rigging, house sound and lighting, power upgrades, a variety of seating scottad:Layout 3/12/10 The 4:55 PM Page 1 Jenkins Area has arrangements and 1configurations. Lakeland Center’s also served as training and rehearsal facility for many major touring shows

and television productions including The Super Bowl Half Time Show, Ricky Martin and U2. The arena also features a portable stage, basketball floor and permanent ice floor. The Exhibit Hall offers over 28,000 square feet of uninterrupted, column free exhibit space that is divisible into two separate smaller spaces. The hall is also complimented by a spacious pre-function area, floor-to-ceiling dividers, electric/telephone connections on 30-foot grids and much more. Sikes Hall features a 24,660-square-foot main hall that can be divided into six separate rooms providing planners with 22 different room alignment choices. Smaller break-out rooms are also available in the conference center and include three meeting rooms, suites and a large formal ballroom. For more information on The Lakeland Center’s unique venue options or to book your next event, contact Scott Sloman at 863-834-8144 or Additional information and upcoming events are also listed at Let us show you how The Lakeland Center puts your next meeting, banquet, concert, show or sporting event FIRST!

We’ve been putting promoters FIRST for 35 years! The Lakeland Center...Florida’s FIRST Venue!

For Booking and Facility Information call Scott Sloman at 863-834-8144 or 701 West Lime Street • Lakeland, Florida 33815 • 863-834-8100 • Fax 863-834-8101 • Facilities 2010 SuperBook


THE SOUTHEAST / mississippi

Get Together Get Down to Business Get out and CELEBRATE!

Facilities 2010 SuperBook

36 32

The Southeast

Facilities SuperBook 2009



Stage features 40’ deep stage with 63’

ILLINOIS Backstage 10 individual dressing prosceniumAreas: opening). Backstage Areas: 10 individual dressing

The Midwest

Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Michigan Minnesota Missouri Nebraska North Dakota Ohio South Dakota Wisconsin



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4000 Parnell Avenue Fort Wayne, COUNTY INCOUNTY 46802 ALLEN WAR ALLEN WAR (260) 482-9502; Fax: (260) 484-1637 MEMORIAL COLISEUM MEMORIAL COLISEUM 4000 ParnellAvenue Avenue 4000 Parnell General Manager: Randy Brown, CFE Wayne, 46802 FortFort Wayne, ININ46802 (260) 482-9502; Fax:(260) (260)City! 484-1637 Great Center—Great (260) 482-9502; Fax: 484-1637 Snapshot: The Allen County War Executive VP & General Manager: General Manager: Randy Brown, CFE Memorial Coliseum Randy Brown, CFE is a multi-use

Greatwhich Center—Great City! venue includes a 13,000-seat It’swith All Right Here!County arena club luxuryWar suites, Snapshot: The seats Allenand

Snapshot: The Allen over 148,000 square feet of ExpoWar Memorial Coliseum is aCounty multi-use Memorial a multi-use Center space.Coliseum The building was re-dedvenue which includes ais13,000-seat venue a 13,000-seat icated on which November 2002 aftersuites, an arena with clubincludes seats9,and luxury arena with club seats and extensive renovation and expansion. over 148,000 square feet ofluxury Expo suites and over 148,000 square feet Expo Center space. The building wasofre-dedCapacities: The Memorial Coliseum Center space. The building has undericated on November 9, 2002 after an Arena can seat up to 11,656 for a congone renovations inand 2002expansion. anda full2010. extensive renovation cert in-the-round, 12,500 for Capacities: The Memorial Coliseum house end stage concert andColiseum 4,000 for a Capacities: The Memorial Arena seatupuptoThe to11,656 11,700 for half-house concert. Expofor Center Arena cancan seat aaconin-the-round, afor fullhas ain-the-round, variable capacity up12,500 tofor8,000 certconcert 12,500 afor fullhouse end stageconcert concert andsporting 4,000for for a concerts, basketball or other house end stage and 4,000 a mini-arena concert. The Expo Center events such concert. as indoor automobile. half-house The Expo Center a variablecapacity capacityupuptoto8,000 8,000for for hashas a variable concerts, basketballororother motorsports. concerts, basketball sporting events such as indoor automobile.


Staging: Staging 80’ x 40’ with 4’ to 6’ height is available, including skirting, steps (4), hand rail, chair rail and lights. Staging: Staging 80’ x 40’ with 4’ to 6’ Staging: Staging Zenon 80’ x 40’Gladiators with 4’ to 6’ Sound/Lighting: height is available, including skirting, height isZenon available, including skirting, (10) and Super Trooper steps (4), hand rail, chair rail and (2) lights. steps (4), hand chair raildecks and lights. spotlights on 12rail, permanent are Sound/Lighting: Zenon Gladiators available in Arena. Zenon Zenon Gladiators Super Sound/Lighting: (10) and Zenon Super Trooper (2) Troopers and Super LycianTrooper 400 Superarc (10) and (4) Zenon spotlights on 12 permanent decks(2) (2) are available inpermanent the Expo decks Center. spotlights are availableonin12 Arena. Zenon Super are available in Arena. Zenon Super Backstage Areas: The Arena offers four Troopers (4) and Lycian 400 Superarc Troopers (4) and Lycian Superarc major, minor two400 team room (2) are two available in and the Expo Center. (2) are available in the Expo Center. dressing rooms. The Expo Center offers Backstage Areas: The Arena offers two major and oneThe minor dressing Backstage Areas: Arena four major, three minor and twooffers team four room. major,dressing two minor andThe twoExpo teamCenter room room rooms. dressing rooms. The Expo Center offers Food & 14one concession stands offers twoBeverage: major and minor dresstwothree major andand onecatering minor dressing on levels ing room. room. services a 100-person Super Suite, Food &toBeverage: 14 concession 322 club private luxury Food & Beverage: 14 concession stands stands onseats threeand levels24 and catering sersuites; Expo on three levelsrestaurant. and catering vices toon-site a 100-person SuperThe Suite, 318 Center offers 424concession stands and services toand a 100-person Super Suite, club seats private luxury suites; full services. 322catering club seats andThe 24 Expo private luxury on-site restaurant. Center suites;4on-site restaurant. Expo Marketing: Full-time marketing/prooffers concession stands, aThe self-serve Center offers 4 concession stands and motions staffstore assists media buying, convenience andwith full catering full catering services. media relations and group sales. and Marketing: Full-time marketing Marketing: Full-time marketing/proMarket: Fortstaff Wayne is with the second promotions assists media motions staff assists with media largest city in the state of Indiana, just buying, media relations and group buying, sales. media relations and group sales. aMarket: few hours from the second Midwest’s Fortdrive Wayne is the other major Market: Fort Wayne iswithin the second largest city inmarkets. Indiana, a day’s largest city in the state of Indiana, just See adofon 39 people. drive 55page million a few hours drive from the Midwest’s See ad on page 41 other major markets. See ad on page 39

– 100 acres exhibit space divisible into sections that can handle 500 + exhibitors;



201 S W Jefferson Avenue Peoria, IL 61602 (309)PEORIA 673-8900; Fax: (309) 673-9223 CIVIC CENTER CENTER 201 S W Jefferson Avenue 1201 River Drive General Manager: Ritschel Center Peoria, IL 61602Debbie CENTER Moline, IL 61265 1201River River Drive (309) 673-8900; Fax: (309) 673-9223 1201 Drive (309) 764-2001 Fax: (309) 764-2192 place toIL61265 be61265 for live Moline,IL Moline, entertainment since 1982 (309)764-2001 764-2001 Fax:(309) (309) 764-2192 General Manager: Debbie Ritschel (309) Fax: Executive Director: Scott764-2192 Mullen Snapshot: Opened in 1982, The Peoria Executive ScottMullen Mullen The place toDirector: be forScott live Executive Civic Center isDirector: a complex of an arena,

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entertainment 1982 Snapshot: The i since wireless Center theater and upscale faciliSnapshot: Theconvention i wireless Center opened its doors in May ofCenter 1993 with Snapshot: Opened in 1982, The Peoria ties Snapshot: which completed ain$55,000,000 The i wireless opened its doors May of 1993 two sold out performances Neil Civic Center is aout complex of1993 an arena, revitalization indoors summer 2007. opened its in May ofof with with two sold performances of Diamond. The venue is host to the theater and upscale convention facilitwo sold out performances of Neil Managed by SMG since 1990 and food Neil Diamond. The venue is host AHL Quadcompleted Cityvenue Flames and the AF2 ais$55,000,000 Diamond. The host to the andties beverage contracted to Centerplate to which the AHL Quad City Flames and Quad City Steamwheelers. The revitalization in summer 2007. AHL QuadQuad City Flames and thefacility AF2 since 1991. the AF2 City Steamwheelers. has recently added over $2,000,000 in Managed bySteamwheelers. SMG since 1990 and food Quad City The facility The facility has12,000 recently added over Capacities: Arena: seats (cut renovations including a new ice floor and beverage contracted to Centerplate has recently added over $2,000,000 in a $2,000,000 in renovations including down capabilities from 4,000 seats on up system to accommodate our AHL since 1991. renovations including a new ice floor new ice floor system to accommodate withhockey curtaining); Theater: 2,200 seats. team, a new 450-square-foot system to accommodate our AHL our AHL hockey team, a new 450Capacities: Arena: 12,000 seats (cut Team Store, aconvention Premium Seating Area Exhibit Space: exhibit hockey team, a new 450-square-foot square-foot Team Store, a Premium downVIP capabilities froma 4,000 seats LED on up and Lounge and Whiteway space is 110,000 sq. ft.; additional Team Store, a Premium Seating Area Seating AreaSystem. and VIP Lounge and with curtaining); Theater: 2,200 seats. Fascia Display 45,000 sq.ft. meeting space. and VIP Lounge andFascia a Whiteway a Whiteway LED Display LED Exhibit Space: convention exhibit Capacities: 12,000-seat arena (which Fascia Display System. System. Backstage Areas: Main Club Room space11,500 is 110,000 sq. ft.;12,000 additional seats end stage, center Capacities: 12,000-seat arena Capacities: 12,000-seat arena (which 45,00010,700 sq.ft. meeting space.and(which stage, for basketball, 9,500 seats 11,500 end stage, 12,000 center seats 11,500 end stage, 12,000 center for hockey and arena football) and the Backstage Areas: Main Club Room stage, 10,700 for basketball, and 9,500 stage, 10,700 for basketball, and 20,000-square-foot conference center for9,500 hockey arena and the for and hockey andfootball) arena football) 20,000-square-foot conference center INDIANA


See ad on page 41 downtown Chicago. Seesq. ad ft. on Annex page 411,120 sq. ft., Green 2,025 Room 800 sq. ft and Dressing rooms consist of one production office, four ft. Annex 1,120 ft., Green large2,025 teamsq. dressing rooms andsq.four Room 800 sq.rooms. ft and Dressing rooms smaller dressing and the 20,000-square-foot conferconsist of offers one production office, four which also 11,000 square feet ence center which also offers 11,000 Staging: Sico Type C Stage in 8’ X 8’ of large feet teamofdressing rooms andthefour lobby The theater atsquare the i feet wiresquare lobby space. The sections with 125 lb. sq. ft. load whichspace. also aoffers 11,000 of smaller dressing rooms. less Center can betheater configured ater at the ian wireless Center be capacity and adjustable height lobby space. The at can theinto iofwire3,000-6,000 seats. configured into 3,000-6,000 Staging: Sico Type Stage in 8’with X 8’ 48”-72” and 2784 sq. ft.C(60’ Xseats. 40’ less Center can be configured into sections with a 125Supertrouper lb. sq. ft. loadspotLighting: Xenon Supertrouper a 8’ X 16’ wings). 3,000-6,000 seats. Lighting: 88 Xenon capacity and an adjustable heightspotof lights. spotlights. Lighting: 8 Xenon Supertrouper Lighting: Incandescent, variable light48”-72” and 2784Dressing sq. ft. (60’ X 40’– with Backstage Areas: Rooms lights. ingBackstage or mercury vaporDressing options Rooms are avail- 7 Areas: a 8’ X 16’ wings). including team able. Also rooms, available are eight4 2,000 –dressing 7 dressing rooms, including 4 team– 7 Backstage Areas: Dressing Rooms rooms, 1 training room, 11Follow small room, 3 Lighting: Incandescent, variable lightwatt Xenon Super Trouper rooms, 1 training room, small room, dressing rooms, including 4 team offices & a VIP promoter ing or mercury vapor options are availSpots. 3production production offices & a VIP prorooms, 1 training room, 1 small room, 3 office. able. office. Also offices available eight 2,000 moter production & are a VIP promoter Food & Beverage: Multiple concession watt & Xenon Super6Trouper Follow Food Beverage: concession stands office. stands with over 50 points of sale in Food & Beverage: 6 concession Spots. plus VIP Lounge for6 Premium Seat stands plus VIP Lounge for Premium new and expanded arena concession and Food & Beverage: concession stands holders. service catering Food &Full Beverage: Multiple concession Seat holders. Full service in-house food court areas. plus VIP Lounge forin-house Premium Seat by Aramark. stands with over 50 in-house points of sale in catering by Aramark. holders. Full service Audience Amenities: Arena catering new and937 expanded arena concession Parking: 937 on-site spaces, 300video spaceand by Aramark. Parking: on-site 300 Scoreboard featuring a spaces, four-sided foodparking court areas. parking ramp across the street and an space ramp across the street scoreboard in-house Parking:with 937 complete on-site spaces, 300 supspace additional 1,000 spaces Audience Amenities: Arena and an additional 1,000 spaces port service. Trim height isstreet 47’6”;and an parking ramp across thenearby. nearby. Scoreboard featuring four-sided video Marketing: full-service Verizon Wireless Café. additional 1,000 spacesa marketing nearby. scoreboard full-service with complete in-house supdepartment; promote and co-promote Marketing: marketing Marketing: Marketing Department Marketing: full-service marketing port service.promote Trim height is 47’6”; events. department; and co-promote department; promote co-promote offers a variety of servicesand including Verizon Wireless Café. located events. Demographics: Centrally events. media buying and promotion coordinabetween Chicago, St.graphic Louis, Marketing: Marketing Department tion, PR support, and design; Demographics: Centrally located Demographics: Centrally located Indianapolis, Minneapolis, and Omaha. offers aChicago, variety ofSt. services including email database of 52,000; Upcoming between Louis, between Chicago, St. Louis, The metro market ispromotion 400,000 strong media buying and coordinaEvents program on the regional Indianapolis, Minneapolis, and Indianapolis, Minneapolis, and Omaha. with over 1.5 million people tion, PR support, and graphic design; cable system. Omaha. The metro market is living 400,000 The metro market is 400,000 strong within an hour’s drive. emailover database of 52,000; strong with over 1.5 million people with 1.5 million peopleUpcoming living Events on the regional See adwithin on page living an45hour’s drive. within anprogram hour’s drive. cable system. See ad on page 7 See ad on page 45

Staging: Brand new stage, 45’ deep by

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4000 FortA BR (260)M BO www BR 4 CE Gene F BO 100(2 Gre C Now 100 (30 Snap G No ww Mem (30 JefG venu ww “G aren JeS

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Facilities SuperBook 2009 103’ wide, with a 72’ fly height andThe 70 Midwes lines; Expanded Facilities SuperBook 2009 flyStaging: I Brand neworchestra stage, 45’ pit; deepFull byThe Midwes indiana INDIANA


211 N. Michigan Street MORRIS PERFORMING South Bend, IN 46601 Morris Performing (574)ARTS 235-9190; (800) 537-6415 CENTER Arts Center Fax:211 (574) 235-5604 StreetSouth Bend, IN 46601 211N.N.Michigan Michigan Street, South IN 46601 (574) Bend, 235-9190; (800) 537-6415 Executive Director: Dennis J. Andres (574) (800) 537-6415 Fax:235-9190; (574) 235-5604 Fax: (574) 235-5604 “The Hottest Tickets Town!” Executive Director:inDennis J. Andres Executive Director: Dennis Andres Snapshot: Palace Theater original“The The Hottest Tickets inJ.Town!”

ly opened in 1921 with a design that “The Hottest in Town!” Snapshot: TheTickets Palace Theater origireplicated Italian Renaissance, Spanish nally opened inPalace 1921 with a design that Snapshot: The Theater originalRevival, and Baroque architecture and replicated Italian Renaissance, Spanish ly opened in 1921 with adécor. designInthat featured an opulent interior Revival, and Baroque architecture and replicated Italian Renaissance, Spanish 2000, having been closed for 26 months featured an opulent interior décor. Inand Revival, and Baroque architecture to complete an extensive, $24.3-million 2000, having been closed for décor. 26 months featured an opulent interior In renovation. The Morris Performing to complete an extensive, $24.3-million having been closed for 26the months Arts2000, Center re-opened combining renovation. The Morris Performing to complete andesign extensive, $24.3-million venue’s historical and opulence Arts Center re-opened combining the renovation. The Morris Performing with extended space and state-of-thevenue’s historical design and opulence Arts Center re-opened combining the art equipment. with extended space and state-of-the-art venue’s historical design and opulence Seating Capacities: 2,560. equipment. with extended space and state-of-theCapacities: 2,560.Rooms, Backstage Areas: 8 Dressing artSeating equipment. 2 Chorus Rooms in Lower Level Hair/ Backstage Areas: 8 Dressing Seating Capacities: 2,560. Rooms, Wardrobe Room 30x18; Catering Room. 2 Chorus Rooms in Lower Level Hair/ Backstage 8 Dressing Rooms, Wardrobe Areas: Room 30x18; Catering Room. 2 Chorus Rooms in Lower Level Hair/ 58Wardrobe Room 30x18; Catering Room.


Staging: Brand new deep Wenger symphonic shell; Fully45’ updated 103’ wide, with a 72’ fly stage, height and 70 by wide, with aorchestra 72’ fly height utilities and HVAC system. fly103’ lines; Expanded pit; Fulland 70 fly lines; Expanded orchestra pit; Full Wenger shell; Fully updated Sound: 40symphonic channel DDA console, Wenger symphonic shell; Fully updated utilities and HVAC system. cluster, fill and under balcony speakers, utilities and HVAC system. 300-watt system. Sound: 40 channel DDA console, Sound: 40 channel DDAspeakers, console, cluster, under balcony Lighting:fill4and Super Trouper Follow cluster, system. fill and under balcony speakers, 300-watt Spots, ECT Insight 3 System, (48) 300-watt system. Pars, (16) 36-degree SourceFollow 4, (26) Lighting: 4 Super Trouper Lighting: 4 Super Follow 26-degree Source 4, (58) 190 degree Spots, ECT Insight 3 Trouper System, (48) Pars, Spots, ECT5-degree Insight4,3Source; System, Source 4, (10) 4, (48) (10) (16) 36-degree Source (26) Pars, (16)Source 36-degree 4, (26) Triple Cyc, (48) 10-degree 4. 26-degree 4, (58)Source 190Source degree 26-degree 4, Source; (58) 190 Source 4, (10)Source 5-degree 4, degree (10) Food & Beverage: Centerplate/ Source (10)10-degree 5-degreeSource Source; 4, (10) Triple Cyc,4,(48) Masterpiece Creations is exclusive4. Triple Cyc, (48) Centerplate/ 10-degree Source 4. Food & Beverage: onsite food and beverage provider. Food the & Beverage: Centerplate/ Creations is exclusive onsite InMasterpiece 2003, Morris opened the Bistro Masterpiece is exclusive food and beverage provider. Restaurant in itsCreations lower level— ‘The andthe beverage provider. Inonsite 2003, the Morris opened the Bistro place to gofood before show’—which Restaurant lower level— In 2003, the Morris opened‘The the Bistro serves dinnerin &itscocktails. place to go before show’—which Restaurant in itsthelower level— ‘The Audience Amenities: Side Boxes, No serves cocktails. placedinner to go & before the show’—which Pillar Obstructed Views; state-of-theserves dinner & cocktails. Audience Amenities: Side Boxes, No art marquee. Pillar Obstructed Views; state-of-the-art Audience Amenities: Side Boxes, No Parking: more than 2,000 parking marquee. Pillar Obstructed Views; state-of-thespaces available. art marquee. Parking: more than 2,000 parking Demographics: 1 million within 40spaces available. Parking: more than 2,000 parking minute drive; venue hosts more than spaces available. Demographics: 1 million within 40125 events per year, attracting over minute drive; venue 1hosts morewithin than 125 Demographics: million 40156,000. events perdrive; year, attracting over 156,000. Seeminute ad on page 46venue hosts more than See on page 125adevents per49year, attracting over 156,000. See ad on page 46

Facilities 2010


1827 Boon (515)C www 1 Gene B Iow(5 Entw G

Snap I this E that S Iowa t Farm t inclu ties,I F build Heat hostb certsin sporH h show c be ch s Cap s 1- 25 b Exhi C 1 The Midwes SuperBook E

The Midw

The Mid west / North Dakota Alerus Center • Grand Forks, ND (701) 792-1200 •

Location /Demographics

The Alerus Center in Grand Forks, ND is located 150 miles south of Winnipeg, MB and 75 miles north of Fargo, ND, the Alerus Center draws from a market of nearly 1,000,000 people. Population of the Greater Grand Forks area is approximately 60,000 and is home to the University of North Dakota.

• 100,000 square foot arena floor • 22,000 seat concert venue • 18 private suites • Plan B, the Club - 2,300 seat club area • Home of the University of North Dakota Division I Football • 160,000 square feet of convention and trade show space • Region’s #1 convention and meeting facility • In-house marketing department • Full service Ticketmaster box office • Exclusive on-site catering

The Alerus Center is managed by VenuWorks, the thirdlargest facilities management company in the United States. VenuWorks is well known for its success in providing full management services for arenas, theaters, and convention centers, which are primarily under the governance of municipalities, counties, colleges, and universities. It also manages food and beverage operations, performs feasibility studies, does consulting work and provides event booking and promotion services.

As a regional entertainment destination, the Alerus Center provides top entertainment, local and regional conferences, trade shows and sporting events and is attached to the award-winning Canad Inns Destination Center, Grand Forks. For booking information contact Roger Swanson at (701) 792-1401

Facilities 2010 SuperBook


The Mid west A L L/ EINdiana N COUNTY




D-League and the Freedom of the Continental Indoor he Allen County War Memorial Coliseum represents one of Football League. a fewAvenue facilitiesFort in the United IN States to feature 4000only Parnell Wayne, 46802 • (260)two 482-9502; Fax: (260) 484-1637 • arenas under one roof. The Coliseum Arena has a seating The Coliseum’s Mini-Arena: A scaled-down Arena set-up with a customized capacity of nearly 13,000 with deluxe suites and club he Allen War Memorial Coliseum oneaof The A available scaled-down Arena set-up withup a to non-metro Coliseum’s Mini-Arena: curtain system is for more intimate events seating, whileCounty the 108,000-square-foot Expo Centerishas only a few facilities in the United States to feature customized curtain system is available for more intimate 4,000 seats. seating capacity of 8,000. non-metro location offers events up to 4,000 seats. two arenas under one roof. The Coliseum Arena has a seating capacity of nearly 13,000 with deluxe suites location offers affordable and Expo Expo Center: tel-$5-million renovation to this Located northeast Indiana, Fort Wayne is the second and clubinseats, while the 108,000-square-foot Expo largest Center Center:Flexible A recent affordable and General Manager: escopic seating configuracity the state, just a few hours drive from some of the has in a seating capacity of 8,000. 108,000-square-foot space has dramatically improved local media, Randy L. Brown, CFE tions can be customized for Midwest’s major markets, including Indianapolis, Chicago, local media, lighting, sound and amenities. Flexible telescopic General Manager: yet more than seating The Expo can beAssistant Detroit, and Cincinnati. The Memorial is the yet LocatedCleveland in northeast Indiana, Fort Wayne isColiseum the second configurations customized for up to 8,000 more than 8,000 guests. Garnett Mills largest central city in location the state, a fewprograms hours drive from guests. ThebeExpo Center can used Center in its can be used in its entirety or in perfect forjust staging directed to some a wide 55 million Media and Event Marketing: 55 million of the Midwest’s major markets,non-metro includinglocation Indianapolis, increments of one-third entirety, 108,000 square or two-thirds. regional audience. The Coliseum’s offers Nathan people live Chicago, Detroit, and Cincinnati. Thepeople live people live Ample loading docksofand oversized Dennison drive-through bays feet, or in increments affordable and localCleveland media, yet more than 55 million Memorial Coliseum is the perfect central location for facilitate ease of move-in and move-out. one-third or two-thirds. within a day’s drive. within a within a staging programs directed to a wide regional audience. The The Expo Center features a 44,000-square-foot lower Capacities: Ample loading docks and End or Concert-180 8,843 drive. Coliseum’s non-metro location offers affordable and local day’s level that can be used separately for thosedegrees: events that day’s drive. oversized drive-through CAPACITIES End Concert-240 degrees: 10,006 media, yet more than 55 million people live within a day’s need more space. bays facilitate ease of Arena: End Concert-270 degrees: 10,297 drive. The Memorial Coliseum has a total seating capacity of End Concert-360 degrees: 12,045 move-in and move-out. nearly 13,000 for a concert in the round and includes 24 luxury Executive VP & General Manager: Hockey/Indoor Randy L. Brown, CFE10,495 Football: The Center features a & 44,000suites, 318 club seats and other state-of-the-art amenities. CAPACITIES VPExpo Sales & Marketing COO: Garnett Miller Basketball: 11,083 square-foot lower that can&beMedia: Parking: The Arena is home to theColiseum International Arena: The Memorial hasHockey a totalLeague’s seating Komets, capacitythe of nearly Coordinator oflevel Marketing Nathan 4,700 Dennison spaces on-site 13,000Division for a concert the round and 24 luxury suites, 318 used separately orCfor those events that NCAA I men's in basketball team of includes Indiana University-Purdue apacities: club seatsFort andWayne other state-of-the-art amenities, including a new need more space.End Concert-180 degrees: 8,843 University (the Mastodons), the Mad Ants of the NBA’s center-hung, four-sided LED video scoreboard. End Concert-240 degrees: 10,006 End Concert-270 degrees: 10,297 The Arena is home to the International Hockey League’s Komets, End Concert-360 degrees: 12,045 the NCAA Division I men’s basketball team of Indiana University4000 Parnell Avenue, Fort Wayne, IN 46802 Hockey/Indoor Football: 10,495 Purdue University Fort Wayne (Mastodons), the MadFax: Ants(260) of the (260) 482-9502; 484-1637 • Basketball: 11,083 NBA’s D-League and the FireHawks of the Continental Indoor Parking: 5,200 spaces on-site Football League. 38 The Midwest Facilities SuperBook 2009



Facilities 2010 SuperBook

It’s All Right Here! 4000 Parnell Avenue • Fort Wayne, IN 46805-1489 • phone 260.482.9502 • fax 260.484.1637 •

Sports • Concerts • Family Shows Tradeshows • Meetings • Receptions & More... AlAbAmA • AlAn JAckson • YAnni • VAn HAlen • Winter sports sHoW • Fort WAYne rV & cAmping sHoW • tim mcgrAW • smucker’s stArs on ice • sHAniA tWAin • clAY Aiken • eVAnescence • incubus • kennY cHesneY • bArneY • AcrobAts oF tAiWAn • good cHArlotte • JosH grobAn • AerosmitH • keitH urbAn • montgomerY gentrY • cHer • metAllicA • kennY rogers • oAr • 3 doors doWn • bob tHe builder • ted nugent • trAns-siberiAn orcHestrA • tobY keitH • mAnnHeim steAmroller • sesAme street liVe • rumble in Fort WAYne midget cAr rAcing • bob dYlAn • brAd pAisleY • cArrie underWood • gAitHer Homecoming • gretcHen Wilson • HArlem globetrotters • notre dAme AtHletics • World FAmous lipizzAner stAllions • college commencements • mArtinA mcbride • Amp monster trucks • nickelbAck • reVolVe tour • Women oF FAitH • Winter JAm • tHird dAY • rob zombie • AmA ArenAcross • cirque du soleil • Fort WAYne Home & gArden sHoW • tHe eAgles • dierks bentleY • WWe Wrestling • disneY on ice • ringling brotHers & bArnum & bAileY circus • lArrY tHe cAble guY • rebA mcentire • kellY clArkson • tool • rock ‘n tHe Fort • Fort WAYne derbY girls • lil WAYne • pcb tour bullriding • sArA eVAns • JosH turner • blue mAn group • tHree dAYs grAce • breAking benJAmin • seetHer • JoHn mellencAmp • celtic WomAn • cAsting croWns • indiAnA FleA mArket • mizpAH sHrine circus • Fort WAYne boAt sHoW & sAle • nortHern indiAnA golF sHoW • brooks & dunn • Fort WAYne bridAl spectAculAr • HigH scHool musicAl: tHe ice tour • indiAnA AlpAcA inVitAtionAl • VerA brAdleY outlet sAle • Fort WAYne FArm sHoW • Kellie PicKler • rascal flatts • george strAit • WAlking WitH dinosAurs: tHe liVe experience • big sHizzo • JoHnnY Appleseed FestiVAl • tHe Wiggles • deF leppArd • billY idol • nine incH nAils • JourneY • stYx • reo speedWAgon • old Fort cluster dog sHoW • HAmFest & computer expo • rock & WorsHip roAdsHoW • stAr WArs in concert • rAdio citY cHristmAs spectAculAr

BEMIDJI REGIONAL EVENT CENTER Opening October 2010 Located on the South Shore of Lake Bemidji in picturesque North Central Minnesota, the Bemidji Regional Event Center will quickly become the most sought-after meeting and event space in the Upper Midwest. Featuring a dividable 10,000 sq. ft. Ballroom, 4,000 sq. ft. breakout meeting space, ample pre-function space and just under 25,000 sq. ft of consumer/trade show floor in the attached Arena; the Convention Center will have flexibility to accommodate virtually any gathering.

Boozhoo! (“Welcome” in Ojibwe Language)

Approximately 50,000 people live within 25 miles of the Event Center AND 235,000 people live within 75 miles of the Event Center The Arena will be home to Bemidji State University Men’s and Women’s Hockey Programs.

The Arena will be home to a variety of concerts, family shows, sports, national touring entertainment and consumer shows. With 25 suites, 200 club seats, a capacity of up to 6,000 and all of the backstage amenities that touring shows deserve; the Bemidji Regional Event Center will become THE place to play in the North Country.

Come Visit Paul Bunyan & Babe the Blue Ox!!!

Driving Distance from Major Cities Grand Forks, ND Fargo, ND Duluth, MN Minneapolis / St. Paul Winnipeg, MB Rochester, MN Thunder Bay, ONT Bismarck, ND


115 miles 140 miles 155 miles 225 miles 260 miles 315 miles 330 miles 335 miles

For Booking Information Bob LeBarron, CFE Executive Director 1111 Event Center Drive NE Bemidji, MN 56601 218-759-3585 218-759-3590 FAX Facilities 2010 SuperBook

Grand Ballroom: Theater style – 750; Grand –Ballroom: Theaterstyle style– –450+ 750; Rounds 504; Classroom Rounds – 504; Classroom style – 450+


Clay County Regional Events Center 800 West 18th Street, Spencer, IA 51301 (712) 580-3000: Fax: (712) 580-3003 General Manager: Scott Hallgren

“Delivering Outstanding Experiences” Snapshot: The Clay County Regional Events Center, which opened in November 2003 and is managed by VenuWorks, includes a 2,664-seat arena; 7,600-sq.-ft. Grand Ballroom, divisible into 6 individual meeting rooms, and a 24,000-sq.-ft. arena/ exhibit hall. Boardroom, Event Office, Dressing Rooms, private Green Room are also available. Seating Capacities: • Full concert set – 2,664 • Wrestling / Boxing – 2,654 • Theater set – 2,160 • Open floor set (Circus, Bull Riding, Lipizzaner Stallions) – 1,572; • Banquet – 1,400 (Exhibit Hall) • Grand Ballroom: 750 theater style; 504 rounds; 450+ classroom style.


RiverCenter & Adler Theatre

136 East Third Street, Davenport, IA 52801 (563) 326-8500; Fax: (563) 326-8505 Executive Director: Rick Palmer, CFE

“The Center With It All” Snapshot: Managed by VenuWorks, the classic, 2,411-seat Adler Theatre is a historic, art-deco yet also state-of-the-art PAC originally built in 1931 and most recently renovated in 2006. The Adler is part of the RiverCenter Complex, which features more than 100,000 square feet of meeting, exhibit and event space. The RiverCenter includes the Great Hall, featuring a seating capacity of 3,200 for general admissions and 2,500 reserved seats and the Mississippi River Hall, which can host 1,400 for general admission and 1,100 reserved. Staging: 40’ deep from the plaster line to the back wall, 80’ wide, 38’ stage left of


Exhibition Space: 24,000-sq.-ft. column-free exhibit hall. Staging: StageRight professional concert staging – 40’ X 84’ (or custom build to your specs). Sound/Lighting: 40’ X 60’ grid located on east end of arena, above stage area; 50,000 pound capacity; 1,000 – 2,000 lbs. per hang point, depending upon configuration; Total of 800 amps 208v 3-phase show power; 400 amp 208v service and 200 amp 208v service with camlocks located in arena. Backstage Areas: private green room with private bath and shower; 2 dressing rooms, each with its own locker room with sink, mirrors, toilets, and showers. Food & Beverage: exclusive on-site caterer with full-service commercial kitchen; 2 permanent concession stands. Parking: 750+ spaces on-site; additional parking throughout Fairgrounds. Marketing: co-promote on events; fullmarketing services; group sales. Demographics: Spencer is the regional hub in NW Iowa—serving a broad geographic region across NW Iowa / SW Minnesota. Clay County Regional Events Center serves a market area within 75100+ mile radius of Spencer. See ad on page 45

center and 42’ stage right of center. The proscenium opening is 59’-4” wide. The height from stage floor to the grid is 69’. Backstage Areas: 2 production offices; 800-sq.-ft. wardrobe room. 8 dressing rooms, 2 star dressing rooms; soloist room. Sound: 5 EV XLD281 Loudspeakers in the center cluster; Left and Right Clusters are (8 each side) EV XLC127+. Soundcraft MH2 24 channel console. Lighting: Balcony/Side House fills throughout the theatre. In-House Dimmers are controlled by an ETC Emphasis Server with an Express 125 faceplate. Food & Beverage: Adler Theatre has 2 permanent concession stands and the RiverCenter has 3 permanent concession stands. Audience Amenities: Premiere Club Seating in loge; Broadway at the Adler Theatre Subscribers; Accessible seating on main floor. Marketing: Full service marketing/ promotions coordination available. Parking: 750 covered parking spaces available for Adler Theatre patrons. More than 2,300 additional spaces nearby. See ad on page 51


HOYT SHERMAN PLACE HOYT SHERMAN PLACE Hoyt Sherman Place 1501 Woodland Avenue 1501 Woodland Avenue 1501 Woodland Avenue Des Moines, IA 50266 Des Moines, IAFax: 50266 Des Moines, IA 50309 (515) 244-0507; (515) 237-3582 (515) 244-0507; Fax: (515) 237-3582 (515) 244-0507; Fax: (515) 237-3582 Executive Director: Carol Pollock Executive Director: Carol Pollock Executive Director: Carol Pollock

Snapshot: A grand manor home built AAgrand home built built Snapshot: grandmanor manor inSnapshot: 1877 by prominent businessman Hoytin in1877 1877by by prominent businessman Hoyt prominent Sherman; the structure,businessman managed byHoyt Sherman; managed by Sherman;the theastructure, structure, managed by VenuWorks, is world-class performing VenuWorks, isisa aworld-class performing VenuWorks, world-class performing arts center, located at the cornerstone of arts center, the of arts center,located locatedatat thecornerstone cornerstone Des Moines’ historic Sherman Hill. The Des Moines’ historic Sherman Hill. The of Des Moines’ historic Sherman Hill. Hoyt Sherman Place Theater opened in Hoyt Sherman Place Theater opened The Hoyt Sherman Placeonly Theater 1923 and is Central Iowa’s mid- in 1923 and in is 1923 Central midopened andIowa’s is Central Iowa’ s sized (1,251) performing artsonly venue and sized performing arts venueinarts and only mid-sized (1,251) performing the last(1,251) remaining historical theater thevenue last remaining historical in and Since the lastreopening remainingtheater Des Moines. inhistorical Des Moines. Since reopening theater in2003 Des Moines. Since in reopening November, after a $5.5-million, November, 20032003 afterafter a $5.5-million, in November, a $5.5-million, six-month renovation, including updated six-month renovation, including updated six-month renovation, including updated sound, lighting and technical capabilisound, technical sound, lightingand andvenue technical ties, this lighting year-round has capabiliwelcomed ties, this year-round venue welcomed capabilities, this year-round venue over 200,000 patrons. Newlyhas renovated, over patrons. Newly renovated, has200,000 welcomed over 200,000 patrons. adjacent galleries can be transformed for galleries can be experience, transformed Newlysit renovated, adjacent galleries a for a adjacent unique down dining a unique sit down cancocktail be transformed a experience, unique sit a social partydining orfor a theater-style social or a theater-style downcocktail dining party experience, a social cocktail meeting place. meeting place.

Facilities SuperBook 2009 Facilities iowaSuperBook 2009

U.S. CELLULAR CENTER 370 First Ave NE Cedar Rapids, IA 52401 Cedar Rapids Ice Arena 1100 Rockford Road SW (319) 398-5211; Fax: (319) 362-2102 Executive Director: Scott Schoenike

Snapshot: Managed by VenuWorks, the U.S. Cellular Center is multi-use facility is capable of hosting from 3,500 to 10,000 people. The facility currently hosts top rock, country and alternative rock shows; rodeos; ice shows; family shows; major sporting events; conventions; trade shows. U.S. Cellular: Total Seating— 10,004; Basketball—7,097; In the Round Configuration—7,779; Half House— 4,857. Exhibition Space: 161 10’ x 10’ booths in Arena. Staging: StageRight ME1000 portable staging system 80’ wide by 48’ deep fully set; StageRight Z-800HD por-

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Capacities: 1,251 seatsmeeting place. party or a theater-style Capacities: 1,251 seats Stage Dimensions: Back wall to Capacities: 1,251 seats Stage Dimensions: Backtowall Proscenium 24’ ; SR Wall SLtoWall Stage Dimensions: Back wall to Wall Proscenium 24’to ; SR Wall 52’; Proscenium Front oftoPitSLCover Proscenium 24’ ; SR Wall to SL Wall 52’; Proscenium to Front of Pit Cover 8’; Proscenium Height 22’6”; 52’; Proscenium to Front 22’6”; of Pit Cover 8’; 8’; Proscenium Height Proscenium Width 34’4”. Proscenium ProsceniumHeight Width22’6”; 34’4”.Proscenium Dressing Rooms: large chorus w/bathWidth 34’4”. Dressing Rooms: largesized chorus w/bathroom attached; medium chorus Dressing Rooms:medium large chorus room3attached; sizedw/bathchorus room; star dressing rooms. room attached; medium sized chorus room; 3 star dressing rooms. Sound: Stacks of McCauly room; 3 2star dressing rooms. n-line SR Sound: 2 Stacks of McCauly n-line SR and SL; 12 top boxes and 4 bottoms; Sound: Stacks McCauly SR andQSC SL;2Powerlite 12 top of boxes and 4n-line bottoms; All amplifiers; 1-Alan and SL; 12Powerlite top boxes amplifiers; and 4 bottoms; All AllHeath QSC 1-Alan and 2200 FOH desk; 2 sm 58; 2 QSC Powerlite amplifiers; 1-Alan and58; 2 andsm Heath FOH desk; 2 sm beta 57; 42200 boom stands; 1 cd player; Heathsm 2200 FOH desk; 2 sm 58; beta 57;EQ 4 boom stands; 1 cd2 player; 1beta 3rd octive on the stacks. sm 57; octive 1 cd player; 1 3rd EQ on 1 3rd EQ on theoctive stacks. Lighting: the stacks.288 channels of etc sensor Lighting:1288 channels of etc sensor dimming; obsession 2 w/2 monitors Lighting: 288 channels of etc sensor dimming; 1 obsession 2 w/2 monitors and keyboards; 16-19 degree S4 Lekos dimming; 1 obsession 2 w/2 monitors andstage); keyboards; S4 Lekos (on 12-2616-19 degreedegree S4 Lekos (on and keyboards; 12-26 degree S4 Lekos (on stage); S4 Lekos stage); 11-3612-26 degreedegree S4 Lekos (on (on (on stage); 11-36 degreeS4S4Lekos Lekos(on (on stage); 11-36 degree stage); 11-19 degree S4 Barrels (on stage); 11-19 S4S4 Barrels (on(on stage);48-S4 11-19degree degree Barrels stage); par 64 (on stage); 8-S4 12 stage); 48-S4 6464(on(on stage); 8-S4 12 12 stage);mutipar 48-S4par par stage); 8-S4 circuit strips (on stage); 24-15 circuit mutipar strips (on(on stage); 24-15 circuit mutipar strips stage); 24-15 to 30 degree S4 zooms (FOH); 12-19 to S4S4zooms (FOH); 12-19 to30 30degree degree zooms (FOH); Degree S4 Lekos (box booms HR12-19 and Degree S4 (box booms HRHR and Degree S4Lekos Lekos (box booms HL); 2- Lycian 1272 Starklite II. and HL); 2Lycian 1272 Starklite II. HL); 2- Lycian 1272 Starklite II. Audience Amenities: 28 Box Seats. Audience Box Seats. AudienceAmenities: Amenities:2828 Box Seats. Marketing: in-house marking services; Marketing: in-house marking services; Marketing: in-house marking services; co-promotions. co-promotions. co-promotions. Managed by Venuworks. See ad on page 48 Managed by Venuworks. See ad on page 44 See ad on page 44



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The table riser system 36’ wide by 24’ deep fully set. Sound: Coffeen-Anderson Sound system installed with main center cluster, under balcony and dome fills; full portable stacked or flown EV Line array sound system with front fills, side fills and subs. Backstage Areas: 4 Team Room/ Locker Room; Green Room compound includes common room and 5 break out rooms. Lighting: 120K of par and ellipsoidal truss mounted fixtures. Food & Beverage: 9 Concession Stands. Cedar Rapids Ice Arena: Seating Capacity: 4,000 Exhibition Space: 200’x85’ Lighting: 8 Lamp T8 High Bay Backstage Areas: 9 locker rooms and 3 break out rooms. Food & Beverage: 3 concession stands. Marketing: Comprehensive Marketing Department; Events featured on website, Distribution of press releases detailing event to all media. Design & distribution of e-Blasts via the Ticketmaster MailManager system; Group sales. Demographics: Cedar Rapids/ Waterloo/Iowa City Market. See ad on page 59

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Pit—1,896. Exhibition Space: The center boasts 40,000 square feet of combined exhibit Exhibition Space: Arena’s generic venIOWA KANSAS space. dor Pit—1,896. booth set is 161 10’ x 10’ booths. Exhibition Space: The center boasts KANSAS Backstage areas: Team-style and plush able walls and column-free space for banquet wellofascombined a 1,000-sq.-ft. kansas kansas 40,000facility, squareas feet exhibit Staging: (arena)Space: StageRight ME1000 Exhibition Space: The center boasts Exhibition Arena’s generic vendressing rooms available. added flexibility, featuring more than foyer. Both areas can and have been used space. portable staging system 80’wide by 40,000 square feet of combined exhibit dor booth set is 161 10’ x 10’ booths. sq.StageRight ft. of open Z-800HD space accomas exhibition 48’deep18,000 fully set; Staging: A 14’ space. x 17’8”Team-style overhead-door space. Backstage areas: and plush Staging: (arena) StageRight ME1000 2,000 seats and a dbanquet portablemodating riser system 36’wide by 24’ eep entrance canproscenium accommodate Staging: arch virtually stage withany a dressing rooms available. portable staging system 80’wide by and plush Backstage areas: Team-style capacity of 1,000 guests. fully set. (theater) Proscenium Opening exhibition equipment vehicle. There proscenium openingor49’-10” wide by is 48’deep fully set; StageRight Z-800HD Staging: A 14’ x 17’8” overhead-door dressing rooms available. 44’wideExhibition by 27’highSpace: x 32’8” The boasts an 25’unlimited capacity. 0” high;floor-load 32’-0” of weight stage depth from portable riser system 36’wide by 24’deep entrance can accommodate virtually any Staging: A 14’ x of 17’8” overhead-door 40,000 square feet combined the & plaster line to the upstage wall and Lighting: Both Metal Halogen and Food Beverage: Two large concesfully set. (theater) Opening exhibition equipment or vehicle. There is entrance can Proscenium accommodate virtually any exhibit space. 2’-6” from to the stage incandescent sion in the theplaster Arenaline concourses. 44’wide bylighting 27’highfixtures x 32’8”along deep.with anareas unlimited floor-load weight capacity. exhibition equipment or vehicle. There is U.S. CELLULAR CENTER SALINA edge for a total stage depth of 34’-6”. six Strong Super Troopers. (theater) and Backstage areas: Team-style Audience Amenities: All arena Lighting: Both Metal Halogen and capacity. BICENTENNIAL CENTER Food & Beverage: Two largeseating conces370 First Ave NE an unlimited floor-load weight Coffeen-Anderson Sound system plush dressing rooms available. Sound: Recent in-house unobstructed sound sysis comfortable incandescent lighting fixtures along with sion areas inand theoffers Arena concourses. PARAMOUNT THEATRE 800 The Midway Food & Beverage: Two large concesinstalled with main center cluster, under tem upgrade with the purchase of a U.S. CELLULAR CENTER SALINA views of the stage. A 14’Troopers. x 17’8” overhead-door six Staging: Strong Super (theater) 123 Third Ave SE Salina, KS 67401 AudienceMH-2 Amenities: arenaand seating balconyentrance and fills. siondome areas in the Arena concourses. Soundcraft sound All console 370 First Ave NE BICENTENNIAL CENTER can accommodate virtually Cedar Rapids, IA 52401 (785) 826-7200 or (888) 826-SHOW Coffeen-Anderson Sound system Salina THEATRE Topeka Performing Parking: SALINA 1,120 parking spaces are and is comfortable and offers unobstructed additional sound system processing 800 The Midway Backstage Areas: (arena) 4 Team Room/ (319)PARAMOUNT 398-5211; Fax: (319) 362-2102 Fax: (785) 826-7207 any exhibition equipment or vehicle. Audience Amenities: All arena installed with main center cluster, underseating offered on-site. Bicentennial Arts BICENTENNIAL CENTER views of equipment. the stage. Headset stations equalizing 123 Third Ave SE Salina, KS Center 67401 Locker Room; Room compound There is Green an unlimited is comfortable and floor-load offers unobstructed balcony and dome fills. 214 SE 8th Ave., KS 66603 800 The Midway Center Cedar Rapids, 52401Schoenike (785) 826-7200 orP.Topeka, (888) 826-SHOW Market/Demographics: The City are of are located the facility. Executive Director:IAScott Manager: Marshall Perry Parking: throughout 1,120 parking spaces includes common room and 5 break out weight capacity. views of the stage. (785) 234-2787; Fax: (785) 234-2307 67401 800 TheKS Midway Backstage Areas: (arena) 4 Team Room/ (319)Salina, 398-5211; Fax: (319) 362-2102 Fax: (785) 826-7207 Salina has 50,000 residents; 350,000 by offered on-site. rooms; (theater) 9 Dressing Rooms. Lighting: Stage lighting is controlled “Mid America’ s Meeting Place” (785) 826-7200 (888) 826-SHOW POManaged Box 1727 byorVenuWorks, Food & Beverage: Two large Parking: 1,120 parking spaces are Locker Room; Green Room compound Snapshot: the residents livePearl within the located region’shouse sura Market/Demographics: Avolites Expert Executive Director: E. Wiggins Fax: (785) The City of Salina, KS826-7207 67402-1727 Director: Scott Schoenike Manager: Marshall P.Barbara Perry Food & Beverage: 9and Concession sion areas in (arena) theroom Arena concourses. Facility Description: The Salina offered on-site. includes common 5 break out U.S.Executive Cellular Center is multi-use facility rounding 24 counties. right of center at the front of the balcony (785) 826-7200 or (888) 826-SHOW Salina has 50,000 residents; 350,000 stands; (theater) 2 Concession stands. In-house catering services are also “Discover TPAC!” Center a full-service rooms; (theater) 9 Dressing Rooms. “Mid America’ s isMeeting Place” is capableManager: of hosting from 3,500 to Market/Demographics: The City of Bicentennial See ad from on page 48within Marshall P. Perry Fax: (785) 826-7207 135’ the dimming is a Strand Snapshot: Managed by VenuWorks, the residents livestage; the region’s suravailable. multi-purpose, flexible and accessible Marketing: Comprehensive Marketing 10,000 people. The facility currently Snapshot: Managed byThe VenuWorks, FoodSalina & Beverage: (arena) 9 Concession has 50,000 residents; 350,000 Facility Description: Salina the CD80 dimmer system consisting of U.S.“Mid Cellular Center sisMeeting multi-use Place” facility rounding 24 counties. America’ arena complex for sporting events, Department; Events hosts top Manager: rock, country and alternative Audience Amenities: All arena seatTopeka Performing is a his- 278-2.4kw dimmers. Marshall P. Perry stands; (theater) 2featured Concession stands. residents live withinon thewebsite, region’s surBicentennial CenterArts is a Center full-service is capable of hosting from 3,500 to See ad on page 48 meetings, and other special productions. Facility Description: The Salina press24releases rock shows; rodeos; ice shows; family ingrounding is of comfortable anddetailing offers unobtoric building that originally opened in counties. multi-purpose, flexible and accessible “Mid America’ s Meeting Place” Distribution Marketing: Comprehensive Marketing 10,000 people. The facility currently Backstage Areas: 1,975-sq.-ft. dance Bicentennial is a full-serviceevent tostructed all media. Design &stage. distribution shows; major sporting Center events; convenviews of the May 1940 as the Municipal Auditorium Capacities: The Arena converts easily arena complex for sporting events, See ad on pagefeatured 48 Department; Events on website, hosts Facility top rock,Description: country and alternative studio; 800-sq.-ft green room; a 1,260The Salina via the1,120 Ticketmaster spaces are tions; trade shows. Adjacent to the multi-purpose, flexible andarena accessibleof e-Blasts andauditorium, has since as ansports event venue. intomeetings, an theater, faciland served other special productions. Parking: Distribution of pressparking releases detailing rock shows; rodeos;Center ice shows; family sq.-ft room and two 600-sq.-ft rooms Bicentennial is a full-service MailManager system; Group sales. is the Paramount Theatre. in arena complex forRenovated sporting events, Renovated in the Art Deco style in ity, or exhibition hall with more than offered on-site. shows;multi-purpose, major sportingflexible events;and convenCapacities: The Arena converts easily available. accessible event to all media. Design & distribution 2003, themeetings, Paramount offers anspecial intimate and other productions. 1991, Topeka Performing Arts Center 21,000 sq.ft. of floor space, a 48-foot Rapids/ The City of of e-Blasts viaCedar the Ticketmaster tions;arena trade complex shows. Adjacent to theevents, arena Demographics: into an auditorium, theater, sports facil- Food & Beverage: Four movable Market/Demographics: for sporting ambiance, ornate architecture, comfortserves all types of events and functions: ceiling maximum, and seating for nearly Waterloo/Iowa City Market. The Arena converts MailManager system; Group sales. is theCapacities: Paramountand Theatre. Renovated ineasily ity, or exhibition hall with more than Salina has 50,000 residents; 350,000 meetings, other special producable seating, andauditorium, crisp acoustics. concession Stands, in-house catering. musical as well 8,000theater,, Heritage Hallconcerts provides theater, sports facil2003,into thean Paramount offers an intimate SeeDemographics: adresidents on page 56 21,000 sq.ft. of floor space, a 48-foot live Cedar withinRapids/ the region’s surtions. as corporate meetings, banquets, floor-to-ceiling moveable walls and colSeating: (U.S. Cellular) Total—10,004; ity, or ornate exhibition hall withcomfortmore than Waterloo/Iowa ambiance, architecture, ceiling maximum, and seating for nearly Marketing: in-house marketing departcounties. Market. Capacities: The Arena converts easily rounding 24 City wedding receptions andflexibility, special events. umn-free space for added Basketball—7,097; thefloor Round ment; coordination of all local promosq.ft. of space, a 48-foot able 21,000 seating, andIncrisp acoustics. 8,000 guests. Heritage Hall provides page SeeSee ad ad on on page 56 52 into anmaximum, auditorium, theater, sports featuring more than 18,000 sq. ft.The of Configuration—7,779; Halfand House— Seating Capacity: 2,448 ceiling seating for nearly floor-to-ceiling moveableseats. walls and col- tions, advertising and publicity for event. Seating: (U.S. Cellular) Total—10,004; facility, orTheater) exhibition with more openmain spacefloor accommodating 2,000also seats 4,857; (Paramount w/ hall seats for 1,194. TPAC has 8,000 guests. Heritage Hall provides See ad on page 55 umn-free space added flexibility, Basketball—7,097; In theofRound than 21,000 sq.ft. floorwalls space,and a coland aa banquet capacity of 1,000 guests. Orchestra Pit—1,930; w/o Orchestra 2,000-sq.-ft. black box theater that floor-to-ceiling moveable featuring more than 18,000 sq. ft. of Configuration—7,779; Half House— 48-foot ceiling maximum, and seatseats space 120. accommodating 2,000 seats umn-free space for added open 4,857; (Paramount w/ flexibility, ing for nearlyTheater) 8,000 guests. Heritage featuring more than 18,000 sq. ft. of and a banquet capacity of 1,000carpeted guests. Exhibition Space: 6,500-sq.ft., Orchestra Pit—1,930; w/o Orchestra Hall provides floor-to-ceiling moveopen space accommodating 2,000 seats Exhibition Space: 6,500-sq.ft., carpetand a banquet capacity of 1,000 guests. KANSAS MINNESOTA Sound/Lighting: State-of-the-art ed banquet facility, as well as a 1,000sound system includes Yamaha digital sq.-ft. foyer. Both areas can and have Exhibition Space: 6,500-sq.ft., carpetSound/Lighting: State-of-the-art minnesota KANSAS MINNESOTA FOH console, EV line array speakers, tion as services, and feasibility minnesota been used exhibition space. consulting Sound/Lighting: State-of-the-art ed work banquet facility,with as well as aand 1,000includes Yamaha digital KTsound eq’s, system and a full complement of EV for clients existing prosound system includes Yamaha digital Staging: proscenium arch withhave a sq.-ft. foyer. Bothassembly areasstage can and FOH console, EV linepackage array speakers, microphones; lighting includes MINNESOTA spective public facilities. FOH console, EV line array speakers, proscenium opening 49’-10”State-of-the-art wide by been Sound/Lighting: used as exhibition space. KT eq’ s , and a full complement of EV ETC control, a full complement of 4,000 5,500 for enddigital KT eq’s, andlighting a full complement of EV sound system includes Yamaha 25’-0” Seating: high; 31’-0” ofHockey, stage depth from microphones; package includes Source Four fixtures, and over 300 cirStaging: proscenium arch stage with a stage concerts. microphones; lighting packageofincludes FOH console, EV line array the plaster line to the upstage wall andspeakers, ETC control, a full complement cuits, plus two Super Trouper folproscenium opening 49’-10” wide by ETC Four control, a fulland complement of KTtheeq’s, and line a fullto complement of EV 2’-6” from plaster the stage Meeting/Exhibition Space: 10,000-sq. Source over lowspots; Blackfixtures, Box theatre has300 a grid 25’-0” high; 31’-0” of stage depth from Sourceplus Four fixtures, and overfol300 cirmicrophones; lighting package includes BURNSVILLE edge for a Ballroom total stage depth of 33’-6”. -ft. (divisible into three sepacircuits, two Super Trouper at 24’ high. Portable sound system the plaster line to the upstage wall and cuits, plus twoBox Super Trouper PERFORMING ARTS ETC control, a full complement rate spaces); 24,000-sq.-ft. arena floor of lowspots; theatre has a folgrid at includes EVBlack speakers and Yamaha Sound: recent in-house 2’-6” from the plastersound line tosystem the stage lowspots; Blacksound Box theatre has a grid CENTER Source Four fixtures, and over 300 cirBURNSVILLE available for trade shows; four break out 24’ high. Portable system includes BURNSVILLE FOH control. TOPEKA PERFORMING upgrade with the purchase of a edge for a total stage depth of 33’-6”. at 24’ high. Portable sound system 12600 Nicollet Ave. cuits, plus two Super Trouper folmeeting rooms; pre/post reception area. PERFORMING ARTS EV speakers and Yamaha FOH control. PERFORMING ARTS Soundcraft MH2-40 sound console and ARTS CENTER Backstage Men’s &and Women’s MN 55337 includesAreas: EV speakers Yamaha Sound: recent in-house system lowspots; BlackTwo Boxsound theatre has a grid Burnsville, CENTER 214 SE 8th Ave. additional sound Areas: system processing and Backstage Star Dressing BURNSVILLE Backstage Areas: s &showers Women’sand (952)CENTER 895-4685; Fax: (952) 895-4688 dressing rooms, withMen’ sinks, FOH control. TOPEKA PERFORMING upgrade with the purchase of a at 24’ high. Portable sound system 12600Nicollet NicolletAve. Ave., Burnsville, MN 55337 Topeka, PERFORMING KS 66603 12600 equipment. Headset stations Rooms, Green Room, Meeting Room, dressing rooms,make-up with sinks, showers ARTS equalizing toilets, a shared area, and aand Bemidji Regional Soundcraft MH2-40 sound console and (952) 895-4685; Fax: 895-4688 includes EV speakers and Yamaha Backstage Areas: Men’s & and Women’s (785)ARTS 234-2787;CENTER Fax: (785) 234-2307 Burnsville, MN 55337 are located throughout theProduction facility. Executive Director: Wolf(952) Larson Four Locker Rooms, Office. toilets, a shared make-up area, a separate star dressing room; Green CENTER Event Center 214 SE 8th Ave. additional sound system processing and (952) 895-4685; Fax: (952) 895-4688 FOH control. dressing rooms, with sinks, showers separate star dressing room; Green roomand room is 630 sq. ft; Black Box theatre 12600 Nicollet Ave. 317 4th Street NW Lighting: Stage lighting is controlled Topeka, KS 66603 Staging: Industry standard portable equalizing equipment. Headset stations Snapshot: Opening in January 2009, Executive Director: Barbara E. Wiggins toilets, a shared make-up area, and Backstage Areas: Men’s & Women’s Snapshot: Opened in January 2009, this is 630 sq. ft; Black Box theatre also has a MN 55337 Bemidji, MN 56601 (785)Burnsville, 234-2787; Fax: (785) 234-2307 also has men’s and women’s dressing by aare Strand LBX console located house arena concert staging with risers. located throughout the facility. Director: Wolf Larson this Executive exciting, state-of-the-art venue, separate star dressing room; Green (218) 759-3585; Fax: (218) 759-3590 (952) 895-4685; Fax: (952) 895-4688 dressing rooms, with sinks, showers and exciting, state-of-the-art venue, managed men’ s and women’ s dressing rooms, with rooms, with sinks, showers and toilets. “Discover TPAC!” right ofFood center at the front of the balmanaged by VenuWorks, features a & Beverage: Three roomshowers is 630 and sq. ft; Black Box theatre Stage lighting isconcourse controlled Snapshot: Opening in January 2009, Executive Director: Barbara E. Wiggins conyLighting: by VenuWorks, features a 1,000-seat toilets, a shared make-up area, and a 1,000-seat sinks, toilets. 135’ from the stage; board has a Main Stage theatre, a 150Food & has Beverage: 3 concession stands, Snapshot: Managed by VenuWorks, concession stands, club level house bar/ also men’s and women’s dressing by level a Strand LBX console located Executive Director: Bob LeBarron, Executive Director: Wolf Larson CFE this exciting, state-of-the-art venue, Main Stage theatre, a 150-seat Black separate star cue dressing room; Green 125 channel and 200 capacity; dim& Beverage: 3 concession stands, seat Black Box theatre, an Art Gallery, andFood a backstage prep area. the Topeka Performing concessions. rooms, with catering sinks, showers and toilets. “Discover TPAC!”Arts Center is right of center at the front of the balmanaged by VenuWorks, features a Box theatre, an Art Gallery, a two story room is 630 sq. ft; Black Box theatre ming is a Strand CD80 dimmer system Snapshot: January2010 2009, cony 135’ from the stage; board has a and a backstage cateringin-house prep area.advera two story lobby with banquet space an historic buildingOpening that originally Snapshot: Opening ininOctober Marketing: full-service Audience Amenities: 25 suites, 200+ 1,000-seat Main Stage theatre, a 150Food & Beverage: 3 concession stands, Snapshot: Managed by VenuWorks, lobby with banquet space for 300 guests, also has men’s and women’s dressing of 278-2.4kw dimmers. this exciting, state-of-the-art venue, for 300 guests, rehearsal rooms, dressing opened in May 1940Regional as the Municipal the Bemidji Event Center is consisting a 125club channel and 200 cueshowers capacity; dimMarketing: full-service in-house tising seats, with state-of-the-art press box; seat Blackrooms, Box theatre, anrooms, Art Gallery, andagency. a backstage catering prep adverarea. the Topeka Performing Arts Center is a rehearsal dressing stage rooms, sinks, and toilets. managed by VenuWorks, features rooms, stage level loading dock and an Auditorium and has served an event multipurpose venue as serving the NorthBackstage 1,975-sq.-ft. dance ming isAreas: a on-site Strand CD80 dimmer system tising agency. Anchor in the Heart of Ample parking, shore power, alevel two loading story lobby with banquet space Demographics: an historic building that originally dockarea. and an administrative Marketing: full-service in-house adver1,000-seat Main theatre, office Food of &truck/bus Beverage: 3 concession venue. Renovated the Stage Art Deco stylea 150Country ofin Minnesota. The BREC is studio; 800-sq.-ft green room; a 1,260- stands, administrative consisting 278-2.4kw dimmers. dedicated parking. for 300area. guests, rehearsal rooms, dressing downtown opened in May 1940 as the Municipal office Demographics: Anchor in theBurnsville Heart Burnsville, the new tising agency. Black Box theatre, anentertainArt Gallery, andand a backstage catering prep area. in 1991,seat Topeka Performing Arts state-of-the art Sports and sq.-ft room two 600-sq.-ft rooms Capacities: Mainlevel Stage—1,009 seats, rooms, stage loading dock and an Performing Auditorium and has served as an event Backstage Areas: 1,975-sq.-ft. dance of downtown the new ArtsBurnsville, Center serves the entire Marketing: In-House Marketing Capacities: Main Stage—1,009 seats, ament two all story lobby with spaceavailable. Center serves types events and venue andofwill hostbanquet a wide variety Demographics: Anchor in the Heart of opening is 48’office x 28’,area. depth to back Marketing: full-service in-house venue. Renovated in the Art Deco style studio; 800-sq.-ft green room; aVisit 1,260-adver- stageadministrative Burnsville South MetroPerforming area of theArts TwinCenter Cities of Department, relationship with stage is 48’ for 300 guests, rehearsal rooms, functions: dance, musical conoftheater, sporting events, concerts, familydressing downtown Burnsville, the new Burnsville wall is 45’,opening 24’ wings leftx 28’, and depth right;to back Minneapolis Food & Beverage: portable concestising in 1991, Topeka Performing Arts sq.-ft roomagency. and4two 600-sq.-ft rooms serves the entire South Metro area and St. Paul, as well as of Bemidji. Capacities: Main Stage—1,009 seats, wall is space 45’, 24’iswings left and right; Black stage levelevents. loading dock and sion an stands. certs as rooms, well as and corporate meetings, shows other In addition, Performing Arts Center servesand the entire Black Box 48’ x 45’ fully adaptCenter serves all types of events and available. the Twin Cities of Minneapolis Dakota and Scott counties. Demographics: Anchor inresidents the Heart of stage opening 28’, adaptable depth to to back Boxany space is 48’is x48’ 45’xfully banquets, wedding and meeting spethe facility receptions, features administrative officehi-tech area. Demographics: Over 200,000 South Metro area of the and TwinScott Cities of able to configuration. functions: theater, dance, musical con- Marketing: St. Paul, as well as Dakota marketing agency; downtown Burnsville, new Burnsville wall 45’, 24’ wings left and right; & in-house Beverage: 4 portable concesany isconfiguration. SeeMinneapolis ad on page 42 cial events. and ballroomMain spaceStage—1,009 for conventions,seats, Food within a 75 mile radius of the Bemidji. and St. Paul, as well as certsCapacities: as well as corporate meetings, Space: Art Gallery 2,020 coordination of all local andthe entire Exhibition Performing Artspromotions Center serves Black Box space is Art 48’ xGallery 45’ isfully adapt- counties. sion stands. conferences, trade shows and exhibitions. Dakota and Scott counties. Exhibition Space: is 2,020 See ad on page 42 Seating Capacity: 2,448 seats. The stage opening 48’ x 28’, and depth to back banquets, wedding isreceptions, spesq. ft., located off the lower lobby. Multipublicity for event. See ad on page 43 able to any configuration. South Metro area of the Twin Cities of The is managed VenuWorks, Marketing: in-house marketing agency; sq. ft., located off the lower lobby. See ad on page 42 maincial floor seats 1,194. A half-house wall isBREC 45’, 24’ wings leftbyand right; events. purpose room is 1,196 square feet, can be St. Paul, as well as Seecoordination ad onMinneapolis page 54of alland which provides full management services Exhibition Space: Art Gallery is 2,020 local promotions and Multi-purpose room is 1,196room, square feet, curtain can be Box lowered forisa48’ more intiBlack space x 45’ fully adaptdivided in two spaces. Rehearsal Dakota and Scott counties. Seating Capacity: 2,448 seats. The for arenas, theaters, and convention sq. offinthe lower lobby. Multipublicity for event. canft.,belocated divided twofloor, spaces. Rehearsal mate feel. The seating capacity is 600. to seats any configuration. with sprung wood dance barres, mirmainable floor 1,194. A half-house centers, over 30 venues across See on page purpose roomsprung is 1,196 square feet, can be room, with wood dance floor, TPAC also has ato  2,000-sq.-ft. black boxthe See ad onad page 54 42 rors is 1,777 sq. ft. Exhibition Space: Arta Gallery isbever2,020 curtain can be lowered for moreand inticountry. It also manages food divided two spaces. barres, in mirrors is 1,777Rehearsal sq. ft. room, theater that seats 120. matesq. feel. The seating capacity is 600. ft.,operations, located offevent the lower lobby. Multiage booking, promowith sprung wood dance floor, barres, mirTPAC also has a 2,000-sq.-ft. black purpose room is 1,196 square feet,box can be rors is 1,777 sq. ft. 60theater The Midwest Facilities SuperBook 2009 that in seats divided two120. spaces. Rehearsal room, 46with sprung wood dance floor, barres, mirFacilities 2010 SuperBook 60rors is 1,777 sq. ft. The Midwest Facilities SuperBook 2009

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Wright State University Dayton, OH • 937-775-3498 Facilities 2010 SuperBook

rvin J. Nutter Center, located on the campus of Wright State University, is a multi-purpose entertainment and sports complex that was opened in December 1990. A permanent NHL regulation-size ice floor was added in 1996. Capacities The Nutter Center can be configured into five different set ups, including end stage — 12,000 capacity for in "the round" — 11,236 capacity for basketball — 10,464 capacity for hockey — 9,998 capacity, and half house* —2,000 — 7,500 capacity. The Nutter Center has a 70-foot curtain and truss system that can be adjusted to fit nearly any capacity. The Nutter Center is a full service, multi-purpose facility. Market/Demographics Population of Greater Miami Valley Area (eight Counties) is approximately 1.7 million. The Nutter Center has a full-service marketing department. Box Office/Ticketing Full service, on-site box office offered through Ticketmaster. Lighting, Sound & Stage StageRight stage – 32" x 8’ decks – 60’ x 40’ stage with 12’ x 24’ wings. Adjust height = from 4’ to 7’. House sound system: center hung community system. Eight Lycian 1290 XLT, 2K spotlights. Center hung, four-sided Mitsubishi Diamond Vision video wall with graphics, live crowd shots, and instant replay capabilities. Full rigging grid available. Food & Beverage Ovations is the on-site concession and catering service; 8 Concession stands (including a floor portable w/limited menu); 2 Hot Dog Nation stands, 2 Black Angus Grille stands, 1 LaRosa’s Pizza stand, 1 Hussongs stand, 1 Blue Ice Lounge (Full Service Bar), 1 Rowdy’s Deli Corner, 2 Dippin’ Dots and 1 Funnel Cake.

Box Office Phone: (937) 775-4789 Fax: (937) 775-4788 Capacities: end stage (@ 12,000); in "the round" (11,326); halfhouse (2,000 – 7,500) Rent: The per day rental fee for a ticketed event, full-arena set-up is $6,000 vs. 10.5 percent of the gross ticket sales, plus all reimbursable fees (negotiable). Reimbursable fees include, but are not limited to, staffing, stagehands, catering, changeover, housekeeping, equipment rental, etc. Tax: Fairborn 3/4%. Merchandising: 4 permanent novelty stands. Dressing Rooms: 6 dressing rooms located stage left, floor-level. Parking: Backstage, floor-level; capacity for 20 trucks and or/buses; 4,238 total public parking spaces.


VenuWorks provides full management services for arenas, theaters, and convention centers, to over 30 venues across the country. It also manages food and beverage operations, event booking, promotion services, and feasibility consulting work for clients with existing and prospective public assembly facilities.

THE MIDWEST / indiana


Designed to combine many different eras in architectural history: Italian Renaissance, Spanish Revival, and Baroque.

211 N. Michigan Street, South Bend, IN 46601 (574) 235-9190; (800) 537-6415; Fax: (574) 235-5604


he MORRIS originally opened as The Palace Theater in November, 1921. The building was designed to combine many different eras in architectural history: Italian Renaissance, Spanish Revival, and Baroque. Architect, J.S. Aroner of Chicago hoped that a trip through the theater would make patrons feel like they had just made a trip through Europe. The opulent interior décor was designed by Marshall Fields of Chicago. Patrons of the Palace enjoyed a magnificent ballroom and a theater that boasted the largest stage in the state and luxuries of the time such as a supervised nursery, a sitting room for women complete with an attendant, and a smoking room for men. In August of 1959, with the advent of television causing low attendance records, the theater was almost demolished. Mrs. Morris purchased the theater for an undisclosed sum and sold it to the city for $1.00 who then renamed it the Morris Civic Auditorium in her honor. The MORRIS in February 2000 completed extensive $24.3-million renovation (soft and hard dollars) and was renamed THE MORRIS PERFORMING ARTS CENTER. The MORRIS reopened boasting upgraded technical equipment, enlarged performance and backstage spaces, as well as a completely restored interior. The MORRIS CENTER offers the best of the old and new, a combination of opulent decor and rich history with upgraded technical equipment and expanded space. The MORRIS CENTER now hosts over 125 events per year including pops concerts, national Broadway tours, dance, symphony, comedians, rock concerts and ballroom events. The MORRIS CENTER has over 156,000 guests yearly and has an economic impact of $5.9 million on the City of South Bend. The MORRIS— best kept “touring” secret in the Midwest: a low-cost showcase for rehearsals and early performances of a tour. In 2003, the MORRIS Bistro Restaurant opened on the lower level as “The place to go before the show.” Seats up 100, available for private parties.

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phones; 2 28’ x 28’ multi-purpose room Staging: Arenafor cancatering be set-up a variwith phones & in production. Staging: Arena can be set-up in a vari-

End stage 13,900-18,000; 13,500; Half -house - 8,500. Basketball 17,400; Ice show (proscenium) 13,500; Half house - 8,500.


SHOW ME CENTER 1333Show North Sprigg MeStreet Center SHOW ME Cape Girardeau, MOCENTER 63701 1333 North Sprigg Street

1333 North Sprigg Street (573) 651-2297; Fax:MO (573) 651-5054 Cape Girardeau, 63701 Cape Girardeau, MO 63701 (573) 651-2297; Fax: (573) 651-5054 (573) 651-2297; Fax: (573) Director: David Ross, CFE 651-5054 Director: David Ross,Me CFE Snapshot: Show Director:The David Ross, CFECenter, a

multipurpose facility located on the Snapshot: The Snapshot: The Show ShowMe MeCenter, Center,a a campus of Southeast Missourion State multipurpose facility multipurpose facilitylocated located onthethe University, opened in 1987 and annualcampus of Southeast Missouri campus of Southeast MissouriState State ly hosts 250 meeting room and 160 University, opened University, openedinin1987 1987and andannually annualarena events, is an entertainment, meethosts 250 meeting room and 160 arena ly hosts 250 meeting room and 160 ing,events, and gathering center. Consisting of is an entertainment, meeting,meetarena events, is an entertainment, a 7,200-seat arena, threeConsisting concourses and and gathering center. of a ing, and gathering center. Consisting of six 7,200-seat meeting rooms, three the Show Me and concourses a 7,200-seatarena, arena, three concourses and Center was designed withShow flexibilityCenter in six meeting meeting rooms, six rooms,the the ShowMe Me mind. The Show Me Center is the was designed with flexibility in mind. in Center was designed with flexibility home for theCenter Southeast Thecourt Show is the Missouri home mind. The Me Show Me Center is the State University Redhawks NCAAState court for thefor Southeast Missouri home court the Southeast Missouri division I menRedhawks and women’s basketball University NCAA division State University Redhawks NCAA teams. Many of the best known names I men and women’ teams. division I men ands basketball women’s basketball in the music industry have names graced the Many of the best known the teams. Many of the best knowninnames Show Meindustry Center’shave stage. music graced Showthe in the music industry havethe graced In addition tossporting events and Me Center’ stage. stage. Show Me Center’s concerts, the Show Me Center and plays In addition addition to In to sporting sportingevents events and hostconcerts, to consumer andMe trade shows, the Show Center concerts, the Show Me Centerplays plays banquets, familyshows, shows, host to to conventions, consumer host consumerand andtrade trade shows, meeting, andconventions, much shows, banquets, banquets, conventions, family shows, meeting, and meeting, and much muchmore. more.

Capacities: West end stage – 7,177; South end stage – 3,998; Center stage – Capacities: West stage – 7,177; Capacities: West endend stage – 7,177; 7,468; Basketball – 6,972; curtaining sysSouth end stage – 3,998; Center stage – South end stage – 3,998; Center stage tem allows for 700-7,468 seating range. Basketball –– 6,972; 6,972;curtaining curtaining sys– 7,468; Basketball Backstage Areas: two largeseating lockerrange. tem allows for system allows for700-7,468 700-7,468 seating rooms, one large dressing room, two range. Backstage Areas: two large locker star dressing rooms, all equipped with rooms, one largetwo dressing room, two Backstage Areas: large locker showers and bathrooms; 2 production star dressing equipped with rooms, one largerooms, dressingallroom, two star rooms. showers and bathrooms; production dressing rooms, all equipped 2with showStaging: Sico Stage; available up to 80’ ersrooms. and bathrooms; 2 production rooms. x 40’; 4’ x 8’ wide by 1’ or 2’ high risers. Staging: Sico Stage; available Staging: Sico Stage; available up toup80’tox 80’ Exhibition feet. x 40’; xSpace: 8’ wide by2’1’high orsquare 2’risers. high risers. 40’; 4’ x 8’4’wide by 1’32,000 or Lighting: 6Space: Strong Xenon Super Exhibition Space: 32,000 square Exhibition 32,000 square feet. feet. Trouper; Incandescent Programmable Lighting: 6 Strong Xenon Super Lighting: 6 Strong Xenon Super and Variable House Lighting. Trouper; Incandescent Programmable Trouper; Incandescent Programmable Food &Variable Beverage: 7 self operated conand House Lighting. and Variable House Lighting. cession stands; catering services offering Food Beverage: 7 self operated Food && Beverage: 7 self operated con-coneverything from spicy chicken wings to cession stands; catering services offering cession stands; catering services offering pizza. everything from spicy chicken everything from spicy chicken wingswings to Parking: topizza. pizza. more than 3,000 parking spaces. Parking: more 3,000 parking Parking: more thanthan 3,000 parking Marketing: spaces. wide array of advertising spaces. and marketing services, offering media Marketing: wide array of advertising Marketing: wide array of advertising placements and buys, promotions proand marketing services, offering and marketing services, offering mediamedia grams event sponsorship acquisition. placements buys, promotions placements andand buys, promotions pro- proDemographics: The Show Me Center grams event sponsorship acquisition. grams event sponsorship acquisition. serves as an entertainment hub and Demographics: Show Center Demographics: TheThe Show Me Me Center meeting place for: Southeast Missouri, serves as an entertainment serves as an entertainment hub hub and and Southern Illinois, Western Kentucky meeting place Southeast Missouri, meeting place for:for: Southeast Missouri, and Southeast Missouri State Southern Illinois, Western Kentucky Southern Illinois, Western Kentucky University. and Southeast Missouri and Southeast Missouri StateState University. SeeUniversity. ad on page 52 See ad on page 53 See ad on page 52

Facilities SuperBook 2009 Facilities SuperBook 2009

Tool: A device or object Tool: A device or object designed for performing

north dakota

designed for performing a specific type of work. specific type of work. Alerusa Center 1200 South 42nd Street Grand Forks, ND 58201 (701) 792-1200; Fax: (701) 746-6511 Executive Director: Roger Swanson

Internet Meeting Internet Meeting Planning Tool: Planning Tool:

Snapshot: Managed by VenuWorks, Alerus Center, built in 2001, is the region’s premier, full service entertainment and event center and features both an arena and a convention center. The Alerus Center Arena was designed to serve as a multi-purpose, versatile facility capable of quick conversions while maintaining the integrity of the “entertainment experience." Seating Capacities: Total – 21,389; Arena Set End Stage: 11,029; Round: 12, 914; Half-House: 8,245; Standard Theater: 2,619. For planners of See ad on page 39 Staging: The stage right porconventions, exhibitions, expositions For planners of meetings, events, table stage allows a maximum shows. expositions conventions, exhibitions, stage of 64’W x 52’D x 4’ to & 6’ Accessories include an accessible& trade shows. ramp, stairs, guardrails, and skirting. Facilitiesonline Facilitiesonline #1 News & Information Source

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The Midwest The Midwest ohio

Ervin J. Nutter Center at Wright State University

Suite 430, 3640 Colonel Glenn Highway Dayton, OH 45435-0001 (937) 775-3498; Fax: (937) 775-2060

“Ohio’s premier spot for sports, concerts, and family events.” Snapshot: This multipurpose entertainment and sports complex features 1,000 – 12,000 seats. The venue opened in 1990 and has been renovated to allow hockey to be played and added reinforced steel rigging along with new motorized lower level seating, motorized center arena scoreboard, renovated luxury suites and new-look concession stands. Capacities: Basketball: 10,400; Hockey: 9,900; End-Stage Seating: 11,500; Professional Wrestling/ In “The Round” Seating: 11,500; Extreme (Motorcross): 9,500.



The standard mix stage is a 12’W x 24’D platform with heights ranging from 1’ to 3’. Backstage Areas: 8 locker rooms; private offices, meeting rooms and start dressing rooms are available. Sound System: custom Bose system, powered by Crown amplification, and includes corded microphones, wireless microphones, CD and cassette players, mixing boards, and a variety of other audio-visual equipment. Lighting: mix of metal halide and quartz fixtures with a Douglas programmable controller; full black-out capabilities via an extensive halfhouse curtaining system. Food & Beverage: 8 fixed concession stands, 7 various portable stands, 20 beer domes and 6 portable liquor stands; the Alerus Center also provides exclusive on-site catering service. Parking: 3,388 on-site spaces. Marketing: full in-house marketing department. Demographics: more than one million people within 2-hour driving radius. meetings, events,

Staging: Stage right 60’ W x 40’ D x 4’-7’ H; 2-12’x 24’ sound wings; Stage ramping: ADA approved—floor to stage; Riser stock: Variable = 12” – 32” in height. Backstage Areas: Production Office: upstage left, floor level; Dressing Rooms: Two Star Dressing Rooms— upstage left, floor level; Four Team Dressing Rooms- upstage left. Sound: Center Cluster Unit. Lighting: 8 Lycian 1290 XLT, 2K spotlights. Food & Beverage: Ovations is the on-site concession and catering service; 8 Concession stands (including a floor portable w/limited menu); 2 Hot Dog Nation stands, 2 Black Angus Grille stands, 1 LaRosa’s Pizza stand, 1 Hussongs stand, 1 Blue Ice Lounge (Full Service Bar), 1 Rowdy’s Deli Corner, 2 Dippin’ Dots and 1 Funnel Cake. Audience Amenities: Padded Seating in first six rows; Video board in middle of the arena; Guest service booth. Parking: 4,238 spaces. Nutter Center... Marketing: Full-service Marketing the one place Department where stars shine brighter. Demographics: 1.7 million people in the Dayton area and the Greater Miami Valley.

61 61

See ad on page 47 For 20 years we’ve been shining bright. For entertainment that’s out of this world...

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Wright State University Dayton, OH • 937-775-3498

The Mid west / IOWA

RiverCenter/ Adler Theatre 136 E Third Street, Davenport, IA 52801 (563) 326-8500 • Fax: (563) 326-8505 •


estled along the banks of the Mississippi River, the RiverCenter/Adler Theatre is indeed a “center of exceptional events” in the Midwest. The RiverCenter/Adler Theatre staff takes pride in providing clients with everything they need to ensure an event that meets objectives and exceeds expectations, with personalized event coordination, exclusive catering, show decorating and more. Meeting and event planners find the light and industrial feeling of the RiverCenter immediately appealing. Whether a board meeting for 15 or a convention of 3,000, the RiverCenter/Adler Theatre is ideal for meetings, conventions, consumer shows and an array of special events, offering 100,000 square feet of flexible meeting and event space to meet the needs of any group. Originally an RKO movie theatre that opened in 1931, the Adler Theatre boasts seating of 2,400 in a beautiful historic artdeco style that reopened for live performances in 1986. Recently updated again with an expanded backstage to accommodate bigger shows, other improvements were also made to the sound system and lighting and rigging capabilities, as well as improved heating and cooling. The Adler Theatre perfectly complements the RiverCenter,

Facilities 2010 SuperBook

providing distinct but separate entities adjacent to each other for multiple-layered functions and meetings. Any event can be enhanced with the use of the Adler Theatre, and conventions, trade shows, or annual events at both the Adler and the RiverCenter are always accompanied by uncompromising service. The RiverCenter/Adler Theatre is managed by VenuWorks (formerly Compass Facility Management), the third-largest facilities management company in the United States. VenuWorks is well known for its success in providing full management services for arenas, theaters, and convention centers, which are primarily under the governance of municipalities, counties, colleges, and universities. It also manages food and beverage operations, performs feasibility studies, does consulting work and provides event booking and promotion services.


anda 12’W skirting. Theplatform standard with mix stage is x 24’D heights a 12’W x 24’D platform with heights


RUSHMORE Rushmore PLAZA Plaza RUSHMORE PLAZA CIVIC Civic CENTER Center CIVIC CENTER 444 Mt. Rushmore Rd. N. 444Rapid Mt. Rushmore Rd. N. City, SD 57701 Rapid City, SD 57701 (605) 394-4115 or (800)-GOTMINE (605) or (800)-GOTMINE Fax:394-4115 (605) 394-4119 (605) 394-4119 Sales andManager: Marketing Manager: General Brian Maliske Sales and Marketing Manager: Steve Montgomery The Center of It All Steve Montgomery

The Center of It All Plaza Civic Snapshot: The Center ofRushmore It All

See ad on Page 47 Hockey: End-Stage Seating: 11,500;9,900; Professional Wrestling/ In “The 11,500; Professional Wrestling/ In “The Round” Seating: 11,500; Extreme Round” Seating: 11,500; Extreme

Ice Arena was added in Nov. 2008 to accomodate almost 7,500. Exhibition Space: 180,000 sq. ft. Exhibition Space: 180,000 sq. ft. Capacities:Space: Arena—concerts Exhibition 180,000 sq.and ft. Capacities: Arena—concerts and other other entertainment: 10,000; Sports Capacities: Arena—concerts andevents other entertainment: 10,000; Sports events seating: 5,700-8,500; halfentertainment: 10,000; Sports eventssetting seating: 5,700-8,500; half-house house setting with seating up to seating: 5,700-8,500; half-house setting with(Arena seating up to 5,700 (Arena 5,700 34,500 sq.feaft.feaof with seating upfeatures to 5,700 (Arena tures 34,500 sq. ft. of uninterrupted uninterrupted space); The Rushmore tures 34,500 sq.Rushmore ft. of uninterrupted space); The Plaza Civic Plaza Civic Center’s Fine Arts space); TheFine Rushmore Plaza Civic Center’s Arts Theatre seats Theatre seats Center’s Fine Arts Theatre seats 1,752. upup to to 1,746. up to 1,752. Backstage Areas: Arena 2 star Backstage Areas: Arena hashas star Backstage Areas: Arena has 22level star dressing rooms on the 2nd and 5 dressing rooms on the 2nd level and dressing rooms onrooms the 2nd and 5 locker/dressing onlevel the main main 5 locker/dressing rooms on the locker/dressing rooms on the main floor; Fine Arts Theatre has 2 chorus floor; Fine Arts Theatre has 2 chorus floor; Fineand Arts Theatre has 2 chorus rooms 4 individual dressing rooms. rooms and 44 individual individual dressing rooms and dressing rooms. rooms. Food & Beverage: 9 concession stands, Food Beverage:and 9 concession stands, club& Food Court, multiFood &restaurant, Beverage: 9 concession club restaurant, and Food Court, multiple portable stands. stands, club restaurant, and Food ple portable stands. Court, multiple portable Club stands. Audience Amenities: Seating, Audience Amenities: Club Seating, Suites, Large Daktronics Video Screens Audience Amenities: Club Seating, Suites, Large Daktronics Video Screens Suites, Large Daktronics Video Parking: 4,000 Free Spaces. Parking: 4,000 Free Spaces. Screens. Demographics: 250,000 in ADI. Demographics: 250,000 in ADI. Parking: Free See ad 4,000 on page 51 Spaces. See ad on page 51 Demographics: 250,000 in ADI.



S A L I N ABicentennial B I C E N T E N N I ACenter L CENTER Salina

Snapshot: Rushmore Plaza Civic Center is South Dakota’s premier Snapshot: Plaza Civic Center isRushmore South Dakota’s premier fullfull-service performance, exhibition, Center is South Dakota’s premier fullservice performance, conconvention and eventexhibition, complex.  Since service performance, exhibition,Since convention event in complex. openingand its doors 1977, entertainvention anditsevent opening doorscomplex. in 1977,Since entertainment promoters, professional sports opening its doors inprofessional 1977, entertainment teamspromoters, and business executivessports have ment promoters, professional sports teams and business executives have all all discovered that the Civic Center See ad on Cover 2 teams and business executives have all discovered that needs the Civic can meet their withCenter profes-can discovered that the Civic Center can servmeet needs professional sionaltheir service andwith competitive pricing.  meet theircompetitive needs with professional ice pricing. TheservTheand Complex features a 10,000-seat iceComplex and competitive pricing. The features aFine 10,000-seat Arena, Arena, 1,746-seat Arts Theatre, Complex features aArts 10,000-seat Arena, 1,752-seat Theatre, and 2 largeFine Convention Halls and with212 1,752-seat Fine ArtsHalls Theatre, 2various large Convention withand 12from various sized Meeting Rooms large Convention Rooms Halls with 122,000 various sized 2,000Meeting to 20,000. A newfrom 6,500-seatto 20. sized Meeting RoomsIcefrom 2,000 20. A new 6,500-seat Arena wastoadded A new 6,500-seat in Nov. 2008. Ice Arena was added O O2008. K OUR EXT VENT T in Nov.






The Midwest The Midwest

Facilities SuperBook 2009 Facilities SuperBook 2009

The Center hostshosts a variety of events. TheSalina SalinaBicentennial Bicentennial Center a variety of events.


Location and versatile design make this 8,000-plus-seat arena and convenL tion facility a great venue for everything from rock to Ravel, basketball to ocation and versatile design make this 8,000-plus-seat arena and convention facility a great venue for everything from rock to Ravel, basketball to ballet, rodeo to Broadway musicals, and wrestling rodeo to Broadway musicals, andinwrestling toamonster toballet, monster trucks. The Center is located Salina, KS, thrivingtrucks. The Center is located in Salina, KS, aofthriving town of 50,000 at the town of 50,000 at the intersection I-70 and I-135, and serves a intersection of I-70trade andarea I-135, serves trade area of 350,000. It is 24-county of and 350,000. It ais 24-county professionally managed, fully equipped and surrounded ample free off-street parking. by ample free offprofessionally managed, by fully equipped and surrounded The parking. Salina Bicentennial Center has fixed arena seating for up to street 7,600The surrounding 21,000 square feethas of open floor space Salina Bicentennial Center fixedmulti-use arena seating for up to 7,600 that easily converts to an auditorium or theater with temporary surrounding 21,000 square feet of open multi-use floor space that easily seating, a sports facility, or an exhibition hall. Just outside the floor converts to an auditorium or theater with temporary seating, a space are concession areas, restrooms, dressing rooms, and a super-sports facility, or an exhibition hall. Just the floor space are concession sized overhead door for vehicles andoutside equipment.

Seats 8,000 

EXHIBITION HALL Seats 2,000 or 1,000 for dining 

EXHIBITION SPACE Tops 40,000 sq. ft. 


Portable Staging: 40’ x 60’ x 4-6’ 4’x8’ ME-500 decks, reversible tech; stage; (24) supports, 48”-(12) 4’x8’ decks, reversible tech; (12) decks, pepper carpet/ tech stage; 78”;4’x8’ (63) 4’x8’ground decks, reversible tech;4’x8’ ground pepperpepper carpet/ tech stage; (15)decks, 8’ guardrails; (3) 4’ guardrails; (15) (12)decks, 4’x8’ ground (15) 8’ guardrails; guardrails; (15) 8’x48”-78” skirting; (3) 4”x48”carpet/ tech stage;black (15)(3) 8’ 4’guardrails; 8’x48”-78” black skirting; (3) 4”x48”78” black skirting; (8) 4’x8’x 18”-24” (3) 4’ guardrails; (15) 8’x48”-78” black 78”supports; black skirting; (8) 4’x8’x 18”-24” (1) 21’x21’ dance floor. skirting; (3) 4”x48”-78” black skirt21’x21’ dance floor. ing;supports; (8)Sound: 4’x8’x(1) 18”-24” supports; (1) powSWIFTEL CENTER BOSE Quality Systems 21’x21’ dance floor. SWIFTEL CENTER Sound: BOSE Quality Systems pow824 32nd Avenue ered by Crown Amplification. Swiftel Center 824Brookings, 32nd Avenue eredBOSE by Crown Amplification. 824 32nd AvenueSD 57006 Sound: Systems(120) pow-400 Watt Lighting:Quality Ruud Lights, Brookings, SD 57006 (605) 692-7539: Brookings, SD 57006 Fax: (605) 697-6393 ered by Crown Amplification. Lighting: Ruud Lights, (120) 400 Watt Metal Halide; manually controlled. (605) 692-7539: Fax: (605) 697-6393 (605) 692-7539: Fax: (605) 697-6393 Metal Ruud Halide; manually controlled. Lighting: Lights, (120) 400 Executive Director: Tom Richter Backstage Areas: (4) Locker rooms; ExecutiveDirector: Director:Tom TomRichter, Richter WattBackstage Metal Halide; manually con-rooms; Areas: (4) bathroom; Locker Executive (2) Dressing room (3) meetMidwest Hospitality at its Best! trolled. (2)ing Dressing Midwest Hospitality at its Best! bathroom; (3) meetSnapshot: Managed by VenuWorks, ing Rooms. Backstage (4) Locker rooms;level conMidwest Hospitality atVenuWorks, its of Best! Snapshot: Managed FoodAreas: & Beverage: 2 Event the Swiftel Center by is one South (2) Dressing room bathroom; (3)level Food & Beverage: 2 Event conthe Swiftel Center is one of South cession stands; full catering available Snapshot: VenuWorks, Dakota’sManaged premier by event centers for meeting Rooms. cession stands; full catering available Dakota’s premier event for on-site. the Swiftel Center offers centers a 30,000meetings and entertainment. With a on-site. meetings and entertainment. With a theFood & Beverage: 2full-service Event levelmarketing consquare-foot Arena, 7,000Arena, of banquet 30,000-square-foot state of Marketing: 30,000-square-foot Arena, state of the cession stands; full catering available Marketing: full-service marketing space full service in-house caterartand Daktronics Banquet Rooms, department. artand Daktronics Banquet Rooms, ing concessions. Swiftel Center Concourse, County Rooms, Conference See department. ad on page 54 Demographics: The Swiftel Center Concourse, County Rooms, Conference features a dedicated staff toCatering make any Rooms and In-House service; Demographics: The Swiftel Center serves the tri-state region of South Rooms and In-House Catering service; event successful from conception to the Swiftel Center can plan any event serves the tri-state region of South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa. the Swiftel Center can plan any event reality superiorSwiftel serviceCenter thatand youprovide can imagine. Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa. See ad on page 53 that can imagine. with ayou friendly smile. Swiftel features a dedicated staff to Center make any See ad on page 53 features asuccessful dedicatedfrom staffconception to make any eventCapacities: to Seating Basketball – event successful from conception to reality and provide superior service with 4,300; End-stage Concert (reserved) reality and provide superior service with a friendly smile.Concert – 5,600; End stage (festival) a friendly smile. – 7,000. Seating Capacities: Basketball – 4,300; Seating Capacities: Basketball – 4,300; End-stage Concert (reserved) Exhibition Space: 30,000 sq. ft. – 5,400; End-stage Concert (reserved) End stage Concert (festival)––5,400; 7,000. End stage Concert (festival) – 7,000. Exhibition Space: 30,000 sq. ft. Exhibition Space: 30,000 sq. ft. Portable Staging: 40’ x 60’ x 4-6’ stage; Portable Staging:supports, 40’ x 60’48”-78”; x 4-6’ stage; (24) ME-500 (63) (24) ME-500 supports, 48”-78”; (63)



52Salina Bicentennial Center At the crossroads of I-70 and I-135

©2008L Bicentennial Center 1260

PHONE 785-826-7200 • FAX 785-826-7207 P.O. BOX 1727 • SALINA, KANSAS 67402-1727 •

areas, restrooms, dressing rooms, and a super-sized overhead door for vehicles and equipment.

800 The Midway, P.O. Box 1727, Salina, KS 67402-1727

(785) 826-7200 • Fax: (785) 826-7207 •

800 The Midway, P.O. Box 1727, Salina, 67402-1727 Facilities 2010 KS SuperBook (785) 826-7200 • Fax: (785) 826-7207 •

The Mid west / missouri

Show Me Center


he Show Me Center, a multipurpose facility, located on the scenic campus of Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, MO, is an entertainment, sports and trade/business venue serving the communities of Southeast Missouri, Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky for the past 20 years. Cape Girardeau County’s population exceeds 68,000 and has over 300,000 residents within a 40-mile radius of Cape Girardeau. The surrounding area also offers a growing college student population of over 35,000. The Show Me Center arena seats 7,200 for concerts. A dynamic curtain system enables an intimate setting for smaller audiences of 2,0004,000. The center also provides convenient on-site parking for 2,250 cars. The flexibility of the Show Me Center has attracted such recent musicians as Bob Dylan, Sheryl Crow, Kenny Chesney, Nickelback, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Toby Keith, ZZ Top, Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, Audio Adrenaline, Mercy Me and TOOL; theater events including: Porgy & Bess, Damn Yankees, Cats, Grease and the Moscow Ballet; and family entertainment: Sesame Street, The Wiggles, Bear in the Big Blue House, My Little Pony, Disney on Ice, The Harlem Globetrotters, and WWE Wrestling. The arena is also home to the Division I Southeast Missouri State University Redhawks basketball program. Additional Show Me Center sporting events include motor sports thrill shows, PRCA Rodeo and large high school sporting events including basketball, volleyball and indoor soccer. The Show Me Center’s retracting, telescopic seating design allows for 32,000 square feet of exhibition space in the main arena while seven meeting rooms and two concourses provide many multiple use opportunities for conventions, trade shows and business meetings. Some of the trade events hosted by the arena include: Outdoor Sports Show, Southeast Missouri Home Builders Show, Midwest Forestry Products Show, Missouri Gun and Knife Show and the Christmas Arts and Crafts Fair. The city of Cape Girardeau boasts over 1,000 hotel rooms, 100 restaurants, offers a historic downtown by the Mississippi River and serves as a community hub to hundreds of thousands of consumers. The Show Me Center is a well established destination millions have chosen for their entertainment, sports and business event for the past 20 years.

1333 N. Sprigg Street, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701 (573) 651-2297 Fax: (573) 651-5054 • Facilities 2010•SuperBook

The Mid west / south dakota


Facilities 2010 SuperBook

Facilities 2010 SuperBook


1,800 guests and Festival Park can host up to 12,000 guests when the whole


and Festival Park can host up to Park isguests utilized. 12,000 when the whole Park Park is utilized. isExhibition utilized. Space: Memorial Hall has Exhibition Memorial Hall has 25, 995 sq.Space: ft. onSpace: three levels; Festival Exhibition Hall has 25, 995 sq. sq. ft. ft.Memorial on three levels; Festival Hall 15,700 can accommodate 25,995Hall sq. ft. on three levels; Festival 80 80 sq. ft. accommodate 10’ by 10’ 15,700 booths and hascan a full-service Hall 15,700 sq. ft. can accommodate 10’ by 10’ booths and has a full-service 80kitchen. 10’kitchen. by 10’ booths and has a fullStaging: Memorial Hall has a service kitchen. Staging: Memorial Hall a proscenium stage 34’Hall by 28’ andhas Festival Staging: Memorial has proscenium stage 34’ bya40’ 28’ by and60’. Festival Hall utilizes a portable stage proscenium stage 34’ by 28’ and Hall utilizes a portable stage 40’ by 60’. Food &Hall Beverage: service stage is Festival utilizes All a portable & all Beverage: All service is portable is done in-house 40’ by Food 60’.and RACINE RacineCIVIC CivicCENTRE Centre portable and all is done in-house including the Bar service. Food & Beverage: All service RACINE CIVIC CENTRE 5 5Fifth StSt Fifth including the Bar por5 Fifth St Parking: 1,200 parking spacesincludwithin table and all is done in-house Racine, WI Racine, WI53403 53403 Parking: 1,200 parking spaces within Racine, WIFax: 53403 twothe blocks of the Civic Centre. (262) (262)636-9229; 636-9229; Fax:(262) (262)636-9290 636-9290 ing Bar service. two blocks of the Civic Centre. (262) 636-9229; Fax: (262) 636-9290 Demographics: Racinespaces has a awithin populaParking: 1,200 parking Executive Director: Executive Director:Jim RikWalczak Edgar Demographics: hasincluda a population of approximately 130,425, two blocks of the CivicRacine Centre. Executive Director: Jim Walczak tion of households. approximately 130,425, Lake LakeMichigan’ Michigan’s sBest BestKept KeptSecret Secret ing 51,352 Racine is a includDemographics: Racine has a a Lake Michigan’s Best Kept Secret suburb ingof51,352 households. Racine is a Milwaukee, a metro-area Snapshot: Snapshot:Managed ManagedbybyVenuWorks, VenuWorks,the population of of approximately Milwaukee, a130,425, metro-area Managed by VenuWorks, with suburb a population of 1,773,519. Racine CivicCivic Centre venues sit onsittheon theincluding the Snapshot: Racine Centre venues households. Racine with 51,352 a population of 1,773,519. Civic venues sitinon the Milwaukee’s regional metropolitan beautiful shores of Centre Lake Michigan the Racine beautiful shores of Lake Michigan is a suburb of Milwaukee, a metropolitan metro- area area Milwaukee’s regional beautiful shores of Lake Michigan in rounds out the north side of downtown Racine, Wisconsin. Racine in downtown Racine, Wisconsin. area with a population of 1,773,519. rounds out the combined north sidehas of a downtown Racine, Wisconsin. Racine Chicagoland, when Civic Centre Hall is a Hall) Racine Civic(Memorial Centre (Memorial Milwaukee’s regional metropolitan Chicagoland, when combined has a Centre (Memorial a population of over 9.7 million people, Historical landmark was opened in is1924 is a Civic Historical landmark was Hall opened area rounds out the sidemillion of people, population of north over 9.7 Historical landmark including northern Illinois, southeastand was renovated in 1998was consists a 1924Chicagoland, in 1924 and was renovated inopened 1998of in when combined has southeasta including northern Illinois, and was inauditorium 1998 consists ern Wisconsin and9.7 northeastern 1,556-seat and 7 other rooms consists ofauditorium a renovated 1,556-seat and of a population of over million people, ern Wisconsin and northeastern 1,556-seat auditorium and 7 other rooms Indiana. northern Illinois, southon7 three andFestival Park other levels; roomsFestival on threeHall levels; including Indiana. three Festival Hall and Park See ad opened in 1987 and consists of aand 17,000Hallonand Parklevels; opened in 1987 on page 48 and northeastern eastern Wisconsin opened 1987 ofPark a a17,000See ad on page 48 sq.-ft.-Hall a Fiveand acreconsists Festivaland consists of and ain17,000-sq.-ft.-Hall Indiana. athree Five acrecan Festival which can host upand to different Fivesq.-ft.-Hall acre Festival Park which host Park which host upstages. to three different See ad on stages. up to threecan different page 50 stages. Capacities: Capacities:Memorial MemorialHall HallAuditorium Capacities: Memorial Hall Auditorium can seat up tocan 1,556 concert Auditorium seatguests up tofor 1,556 canfor seatconcert up to 1,556 fortoconcert performances; Festival canguests seat up guests performances; performances; canguests seathost up to 1,800 guests Park can Festival canand seatFestival upFestival to 1,800 guests and Festival Park can host up to1,800 12,000 guests when the whole up to 12,000 guests when the whole



Soccer-9,600; Hockey-9,652; Open floor Backstage Areas: 4 locker-9,652; rooms — 11,119; Soccer9,600; Hockey (permanent seats only)-8,910. 4only) locker are Backstage 7’x 20’ andAreas: with x -9.5’rooms — Open2 floor (permanent seats11.5’ 2Space: areoffices 7’x24,000-sq.-ft. 20’—and with 11.5’ Exhibition main attached 2 are 21’ x 12’;x 9.5’ 8,910. attached offices —showers. 2 are 21’4 xStar 12’; floor and concourse exhibit spaces. All locker rooms have Exhibition 24,000-sq.-ft. main 4 Star AllSpace: locker have showers. rooms, all private, lockable Backstage 120’rooms xexhibit 24’are media or floorDressing andAreas: concourse spaces. Dressing rooms, areLarge private, lockable and catering with private restroom. 1,400backstage room; Starall (private) Backstage Areas: x 24’ media and with private restroom. Large 1,400sq.-ft. room in120’ main lobby dressing rooms; 2 Team Rooms; 2 areaoravailbackstage catering room; Star (private) sq.-ft. room in seating main lobby able for hospitality, 70. area availChorus Rooms; Green Room; Traveling dressing rooms; 2hospitality, Team Rooms; 2 70. able for seating production office80’ w/phone. Staging: x 40’ x (48”72” high). Chorus Rooms; Green Room; Staging: 80’ x 40’ x (48”72” high). Sound: 29,200 Watts; 26office Crown Lighting: 6 Strong, Super trouper II Traveling production w/phone. Lighting: 6Electro-Voice Strong, Super trouper Tri-amp Speakers; 26 Xenon w/clear coms (1 east side, 1 west II U.S. Cellular Arena Sound:3-way; 29,200 Watts; 26coms Crown Xenon w/clear (1 east side, X-Array Zoned multi-cluster. CENTER side, 2 southwest end, 2 southeast end).1 west U.S. ARENA 400RESCH W.CELLULAR Kilbourn Avenue Tri-amp Speakers; 26 Electro-Voice RESCH CENTER side, 2 southwest end, 2 southeast end). 1901 South Street 400 W. Kilbourn Avenue House lights can be dimmed. Milwaukee, WI Oneida 53203 Lighting: 4000°K (CRI 65) metal X-Array 3-way; Zonedcan multi-cluster. 1901 Oneida Street HouseIncandescents; lights be 164 dimmed. Green Bay, WI 54304 Milwaukee, WISouth 53203 (414) 908-6001; Fax: (414) 908-6010 halide;Food dimmable &4000°K Beverage: full Green Bay,Fax: WI (920) 54304 (920) 405-1239; 494-9229 Lighting: (CRI 65)service, metal (414) 908-6001; Fax: (414) 908-6010 Food & Beverage: full 1000W flood; 6 1600W Supertrouper in-house catering company; 9service, total (920) 405-1239; Fax: (920) 494-9229 Sales Manager: Tony Dynicki halide; dimmable Incandescents; 164 in-house cateringcarbon company; follow spots; 4 Supertrouper arc permanent concession stands and9 total President PMI: Ken Wachter Sales Manager: Tony Dynicki 1000W flood; 6 1600W Supertrouper permanent concession stands and follow4spots. President Ken Arena Wachter in the concourses; Snapshot: The U.S.PMI: Cellular followportable spots; 4 stands Supertrouper carbon arc 4Promotions: portable stands insupthe area concourses; Snapshot: TheThe U.S. Cellular Arena Snapshot: Resch is a 5,850 sq. ft. private catering in opened in 1950 as one of theCenter first TVMarketing Client follow spots. Snapshot: The Center sq.&ft.printed private cateringneed area in opened invenues 1950 in asthe one ofResch the came first TVmulti-purpose arena that opened Resch5,850 connector for all event catering friendly country, of inis a port through online multi-purpose arena that opened incalendars, Marketing Promotions: Full client Resch connector for all catering need friendly theand, country, came of facilSince this and email also seats 250-300 people. age2002. withvenues rock &inthen, roll, as10,000-seat “MECCA” campaigns, discounted 2002. then, 10,000-seat facilsupport through online eventrates, calendar and alsoSentinel seats 250-300 people. age with rock &Since roll, and,world asthis “MECCA” ity 1970s has hosted many class events Milwaukee in the and 80s, was nationally Journal daily Amenities: Sound baffles in ity championship has many world class events and Audience with media contact information, infamous the andhosted 80s,including was nationally and1970s entertainers Aerosmith, Audience Amenities: Sound baffles in for teams, raucous on-site indoor & outdoor video adverceiling for discounted a clear, concert hall sound. and entertainers Aerosmith, emailthe campaigns, Milwaukee famous for championship teams, rauElton John, Cherhome andincluding James Taylor. the ceiling for a clear, concert hall sound. crowds, and has been to decades of tising, editorial & advertising media Parking: 96 parking spaces available Elton John, Cher andtenants James Journal Sentinel on-site video cous crowds, and has beenmain home to Taylor. The building’s three are contacts sports legend and concert history. Since and more.rates, Parking: 96 marketing parking spaces available behind Resch Center for tours building’s three main tenants advertising and other andwith decades ofThe sports legend and concert thethe Green Bay Gamblers junior hockeyare 1998, arena has completed over $16 behind Resch Center forShore tours with Demographics: Diverse metropolitan 3 additional spaces for buses. the Green Bay Gamblers junior hockey public relations services. history. Since 1998, theBay arena has comteam, Phoenix million inUW-Green technological, accessibility and additional spaces for Shore populace of3 1.7 million extended power (110 & 220and hook ups)buses. available team, BaythePhoenix pleted over $13 million in technologiDivision 1 UW-Green basketball and Green Demographics: Diverse metropolitan aesthetic improvements, maintaining its power (110 & 220 hook available metro of nearly 2 million; Chicago’ s ups) throughout back lot. 2 loading docks. Division 1 basketball and the Green cal, accessibility and aesthetic improveBay Blizzard — an af2 indoor football of metro 1.7 million and place as a center for Milwaukee enterthroughout lot. 2 loading docks. 8populace million-plus is asback little asextended Bay Blizzard — an af2 indoor football ments, maintaining place as a center team. Marketing: In-house Chicago’s full service marof nearly tainment, sports andits culture. 45metro minutes away. 2 million; team. entertainment, sports for Milwaukee ketingMarketing: department. 8 million-plus metro isIn-house as little full as service marCapacities: 10,267 for basketball, Seating Capacities: Concert in round: 8,755See ad on Cover 4 keting department. and for culture. Capacities: 10,267 for basketball, 8,755 45 minutes away. and indoor football. Demographics: The Resch Center 11,848;hockey End concert 360°-11,366; EndConcert for hockey and indoor football. Concert The Wisconsin Resch Center See serves ad onDemographics: Cover 4 Seating Capacities: in round: capacities: 8,782Concert at 270 degrees, all of Northeastern concert, 270°-9,858; End concert, 180°7,707 capacities: 8,782 atin270 degrees, 7,707 and aserves of Northeastern Wisconsin 11,848; End concert 360° -11,366; End at 180 degrees, theHalfround and large all share of Upper Michigan. -8,509; End concert,10,387 120°-7,910; at 180 degrees, in180° the and a large share of Upper Michigan. concert, 270° -Ice 9,858; End10,387 concert, -round and 12,220 general admission. Also, halfhouse-6,368; show-6,689; Boxing/ 12,220 general 8,509; End concert, 120° -admission. 7,910; Halfhouse theatre set-up capacity atAlso, 4,800.halfwrestling-12,146; Basketball-11,119; house house -6,368; Icetheatre show -set-up 6,689; capacity at 4,800. Boxing/wrestling-12,146; Basketball -

U R G E N T ! F A X B A C K F R E E Facilities S U B SSuperBook C R I P T I2009 ON RENEWAL WISCONSIN 11,119; Soccer- 9,600; Hockey -9,652; WISCONSIN Facilities & Destinations Soccer- now 9,600; Hockey Return the form 11,119; below to-9,652; renew your FREE subscription to:

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Open floor (permanent seats only) 8,910.Open floor (permanent seats only) 8,910. Please complete this form and Exhibition Space: 24,000-sq.-ft. main Space: 24,000-sq.-ft. return it by mail or fax (212-213-6382) floor Exhibition and concourse exhibit spaces. main ® Comprehensive Directory of Conference Centers, floor and concourse exhibit spaces. Backstage Areas: 120’ x 24’ media or Comprehensive Directory of Conference Centers, Backstage Areas: 120’ x 24’ media or College & University Conference YES! I wish to receive/continue to Facilities, receive backstage catering room; Star (private) College FREE. & University Conference Facilities, backstage Star dressing rooms;catering 2 Team room; Rooms; 2 (private) Facilities ❑ NO Meeting & Boutique Hotels, Small-to-Mid-Size dressing rooms; 2 Team Chorus Rooms; Green Room;Rooms; 2 Meeting & Boutique Hotels, Small-to-Mid-Size Meeting & Event Venues Chorus Rooms; Green Room; Traveling production office w/phone. Meeting & Event Venues Traveling production office w/phone. Sound: 29,200 Watts; 26 Crown Name, Title ____________________________________________________________________________ U.S. CELLULAR ARENA Sound: 29,200 Watts; 26 Crown Speakers; 26 Electro-Voice U.S. CELLULAR ARENA Tri-amp 400 W. Kilbourn Avenue Tri-amp Speakers; 26 Electro-Voice X-Array 3-way; Zoned multi-cluster. 400 W. Kilbourn Avenue Milwaukee, WI 53203 Company _WI____________________________________________________________________________ X-Array 3-way; Zoned multi-cluster. 53203 Lighting: 4000°K (CRI 65) metal (414) Milwaukee, 908-6001; Fax: (414) 908-6010 Lighting: 4000°K (CRI 65)164 metal (414) 908-6001; Fax: (414) 908-6010 halide; dimmable Incandescents; Street Address (City, State, Zip) __dimmable _________________________________________________________ halide; Manager: Tony Dynicki 1000W flood; 6 1600WIncandescents; Supertrouper 164 Sales Manager: Tony Dynicki 6 1600Wcarbon Supertrouper follow1000W spots; 4flood; Supertrouper arc Phone _______________________________________________________________________________ Snapshot: _The U.S. Cellular Arena follow spots; 4 Supertrouper carbon arc follow spots. Snapshot: U.S. Cellular Arena opened in 1950 The as one of the first TVfollow spots. opened in 1950 one of the first friendly venues in theascountry, came of TV- Marketing Promotions: Full client Email _________________________________________________________________________________ Marketing Full client friendly venues in the country, came of support through Promotions: online event calendar age with rock & roll, and, as “MECCA” support through event calendar Which of the following categories (I, II,contact or online III) best describes your business classification? withand rock80s, & roll, and, as “MECCA” and with media information, in theage 1970s was nationally and with media contact information, in the 1970s andthe 80s,teams, was nationally emailapplies. campaigns, discounted Milwaukee Please one box that famous forcheck championship rauemail campaigns, discounted Milwaukee famous teams, crowds, for andchampionship has been home to rau- Journal Sentinel rates, on-site video I. cous Facilities Journaland Sentinel rates, on-siteand video Management II.other Entertainment III. Others Allied to Field cousofcrowds, and hasand been home to advertising marketing decades sports legend concert and marketing andPromoter ❑history. 1AR Arena/Stadium 2Aother Concert Tour decades of1998, sports concert publicadvertising ❑ 3A Architect relations❑services. Since thelegend arena and has compublic relations ❑pleted 1CC Convention/Expo history. Since 1998,inthe arenaCenter has com-Demographics: ❑ Diverse 2Bservices. Booking Agent ❑ 3D City Manager/Government over $13 million technologimetropolitan pleted overCenter $13 aesthetic million inimprovetechnologi- populace ❑cal, 1CI Civic Demographics: metropolitan ❑ million 2C Diverse Business/Personal Manager ❑ 3F Exhibit Designer/Producer accessibility and of 1.7 and extended cal,maintaining accessibility aesthetic improve- metropopulace of22D 1.7 million andBuyer extended ❑ments, 1HO Hotel/Conference Center itsand place as a center Talent ❑ 3M Independent Meeting Planner of nearly❑ million; Chicago’s ments, maintaining its place as a center 8 million-plus metro of ❑ nearly million; Milwaukee entertainment, sports ❑for 1PA Performing Arts Center metro as little Chicago’s asEvent Planner 2E 2isSpecial ❑ 3Pv Show/Event Production Company for Fairground Milwaukee entertainment, sports 45 minutes 8 million-plus is as little as culture. away. ❑and 1FG ❑ 2Fmetro Sports Agent ❑ 3X Other (please specify) and culture. 45 minutes away. ❑Seating 1AM Capacities: Amphitheatre See ad on Cover Concert in round: ❑42G Other (please specify) ____________________ See ad on Cover 4 Seating Capacities: round: End concert 360° Concert -11,366; in End ❑11,848; 1EH Exhibit Hall ____________________ 11,848; End concert 360° -11,366; End - 9,858; End concert, 180° ❑concert, 1TH 270° Theatre concert, 270° - 120° 9,858;- 7,910; End concert, End concert, Half- 180° ❑8,509; 1MP Multi-Purpose 8,509; End 120° - 7,910; Half-6,368; Iceconcert, show - 6,689; ❑house 1OT Other (please specify) house -6,368; Ice show - 6,689;Boxing/wrestling-12,146; Basketball ____________________ Boxing/wrestling-12,146; Basketball -








he U.S. Cellular Arena is located in downtown Milwaukee across the street from the Midwest Airlines Center convention facility and attached to the 4,100-seat Milwaukee Theatre. The buildings are close to hotels, dining and nightlife, and easily accessible from freeways.

The arena’s brawny ceiling The arena’s brawny can support History ceiling 400 West Kilbourn Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53203 450,000 pounds of The U.S. Cellular Arena opened in 1950 as the Milwaukee Lighting, Sound & Staging (414) 908-6000; (414) 908-6001 • Fax: (414) 908-6010 • • can support Arena, and was later famous as “MECCA,” home to a vibrant The arena’s brawny ceiling can support 450,000 pounds of hanging gear. Robert Indiana-designed basketball floor, champion teams and a

U.S. Cellular Arena

Box Office/Ticketing The U.S. Cellular Arena and the attached Milwaukee Theatre are Ticketmaster venues for remote, phone and online ticket sales. Group, Internet and fan club pre-sale arrangements may be made through the Box Office Manager.

hanging gear—enough to suspend a tour motorcade of five 450,000 raucous reputation. Comprehensive improvements since 1997 H istory Box Office/T icketing loaded 18 wheelers and a five-ton merchandise truck! Rigging poundsThe of U.S. Cellular helped land the U.S. Cellular wireless firmasasthe a title he U.S. Cellular Arena Corp. opened in 1950 Milwaukee Arena, Arena attached Milwaukee Theatre areeach, points on itsand mainthe steel bays are rated to 8,000 pounds sponsor 2000. Thefamous buildingasis“MECCA,” now home to home the 2005 four- Robert andinwas later to(and a vibrant Ticketmaster venues for remote, online ticket sales. and secondary riggingphone pointsand support 4,000 pounds each. hanging time) champion Milwaukee Wave indoor soccer team (MISL) Indiana-designed basketball floor, champion teams andand a raucous Group, Internet and upgrades fan club pre-sale arrangements be made Recent include the installation ofmay six 600 Amp power the 2005 Horizon League Champion University ofsince Wisconsingear. through the Box reputation. Comprehensive improvements 1997 helped land Office Manager. sources, new sports and flood lighting, new scoreboards, Milwaukee Panthers men’swireless basketball team, hosts a widein 2000. the U.S. Cellular Corp. firm as aand title sponsor house sound and video systems, a built-to-suit portable stage, rangebuilding of entertainment eventstoand other assemblies. The is now home the 2005 (and four-time) champion Lighting, Sound & Staging and ice-making equipment. The U.S.Wave Cellular Arena’s connected facility, Milwaukee indoor soccer team sister (MISL) andThe the 2005 Horizon The arena’s brawny ceiling can support 450,000 pounds of hanging Milwaukee Theatre, University features 21st-century theater design andPanthers technology in gear—enough League Champion of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to suspend a tour motorcade of five loaded 18 Food & Beverage Service a creative and architecturally spectacular of the historic men’s basketball team, and hosts a wide“adaptive range ofre-use” entertainment wheelers and a five-ton merchandise truck! Rigging points on its Levy Restaurants, the exclusive catering and concessions provider in the Milwaukee Auditorium that created a hard-working but elegant 4,100-seat events and other assemblies. main baysArena, are rated to 8,000 pounds and Airlines secondary U.S.steel Cellular Milwaukee Theatre andeach, Midwest Center, has “destination” theater within theconnected shell of the old building. The U.S. Cellular Arena’s sister facility, The Milwaukee rigging 4,000 pounds each. Recent upgrades include for forgedpoints uniquesupport local partnerships that contribute to a growing reputation Theatre, features 21st-century theater design and technology in a thesuperior installation six product. 600 Amp sources, new Group sports(DPSUBG) and flood serviceofand Dr. power Pepper/7Up Bottling Capacities creative and architecturally spectacular “adaptive re-use” of the historic lighting, new scoreboards, house sound and video systems, a built-tobrands have exclusive pouring rights. The arena’s Auditorium maximum capacity is 12,700. Boxing/wrestling can seat Milwaukee that created a hard-working butevents elegant suit portable stage, and ice-making equipment. up to 12,200; basketball capacity is 11,366, soccer/hockey capacity is Maximum capacity: 12,700 Sales: (414) 908-6092 4,100-seat “destination” theater within theand shell of the old building. 9,556. “Open floor” events use the 8,910 permanent seats, and concerts Permanent seats: 8,910 ADA Food &ticketing: Beverage Service 908-6035 the exclusive cateringEnd an end stage and 180-degree sightlines can seat 8,697. Smaller theCwith apacities Levy(414) Restaurants, andconcert—120-degree concessions provider in sightlines: 7,910 Box office fax: ater arena’s and arena configurations areispossible curtains to mask off one the U.S. Cellular Arena, Milwaukee Theatre and Frontier Airlines The maximum capacity 12,700.using Boxing/wrestling events can End concert—180-degree (414) 908-6011 end up or the upper parquet. The capacity 24,000-square-foot can accommodate Center, has forged unique local partnerships that 8,509 contribute to a seat to 12,200; basketball is 11,366, floor and soccer/hockey sightlines: Rent: Call for rates schoolroom setups“Open for 1,000, banquets diners permanent at five-foot rounds reputation for superior service End andconcert—270-degree product. Dr. Pepper/7Up capacity is 9,556. floor” events of use1,800 the 8,910 seats, or growing Tax: 5.6% state/local sales tax; 155concerts 10’ x 10’ with exhibit Bottling exclusive pouring rights. and anbooths. end stage and 180-degree sightlines can seat sightlines: 9,858 5.85%Group for food(DPSUBG) & beverage brands have End concert—360-degree 8,697. Smaller theater and arena configurations are possible using Merchandising: Five Star Markets sightlines: 11,466 12,700 Marketing curtains mask off oneisend or the upper The 24,000-squareMaximum capacity: Group Sales: (414) 908-6092 The U.S.toCellular Arena the only venue of parquet. its size serving the diverse Concert in the round: Dressing rooms: foot floor can accommodate schoolroom setups for 1,000, banquets of Permanent seats: 8,910 11,848 ADA ticketing: Milwaukee metropolitan market of 1.7 million people. Some four million Open floor: 8,910 Two star, 1,800 diners at five-foot rounds or 155 10’ x 10’ exhibit booths. End concert—120-degree (414) 908-6035 people live within an hour’s drive, including residents of Chicago’s most


Four team/chorus

Basketball: sightlines: 7,91011,119

Box office fax: affluent suburbs. The contiguous complex of the U.S. Cellular Arena and 9,600 Co-promotes: EndSoccer/hockey: concert—180-degree (414) 908-6196 Yes M arkets Boxing/wrestling: 12,146 Parking: 190 spaces on-site; The Milwaukee Theatre offers an outstanding setting for indoor, multi-stage sightlines: 8,509 Rent: Call for rates The U.S. Cellular Arena the onlytovenue of its size serving themakes Ice show w/end stage: 6,689 14,000 in a four-block radius “festival” events, and theirisproximity the Midwest Airlines Center End concert—270-degree Tax: 5.6% state/local sales tax; diverse Milwaukee metropolitan of 1.7 million people. Some the campus as a whole an excellentmarket convention destination. sightlines: 9,858 6.1% for food & beverage four million people live within an hour’s drive, including residents End concert—360-degree Merchandising: Levy Restaurants of Chicago’s most affluent suburbs. The contiguous complex of sightlines: 11,466 Dressing rooms: the U.S. Cellular Arena and The Milwaukee Theatre offers an Concert in the round: 11,848 Two star, outstanding setting for indoor, multi-stage “festival” and theirAve., Milwaukee, Open floor: 8,910 Four team/chorus 400events, West Kilbourn WI 53203 proximity to the Frontier Airlines Center makes the campus as a Basketball: 11,119 Yes (414) 908-6000; (414) 908-6001 • Fax: (414) 908-6010 Co-promotes: • • Soccer/hockey: 9,600 Parking: 275 spaces on-site; whole an excellent convention destination.


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14,000 in a four-block radius

The Midwest

Boxing/wrestling: 12,146 Ice show w/end stage: 6,689

55 57

Facilities 2010 SuperBook



Alaska • Arizona California Colorado Hawai’i • Idaho Montana • Nevada New Mexico Oklahoma Oregon • Texas Utah • Washington Wyoming

The West

Capacities: The Rancho Cucamonga with Shower; Large Room; Epicenter has hosted filmTraining andCucamonga commerCapacities: The Rancho Private Club. cial Epicenter productions, hascommunity hosted filmevents, and commerconcerts and of60course baseball. Staging: x 40community ft. stage; 16Various x 16 ft. cial productions, events, fieldconcerts seating configurations are possible sound wings; 4–6 and ofHeight courseadjustment baseball. Various allowing for of rows ofareseats ft. 4seating Setsflexibility of configurations stage stairs available. field possible or tables for VIP ticketing.ofPanaray allowing for flexibility rows of seats Sound: state-of-the-art orLoudspeaker tablesLocker for VIP ticketing. System designed and Backstage: rooms with showers installed by Bose. and Backstage: restrooms can serverooms as green room Locker with showers areasand forrestrooms concerts or events. Lighting: 4 Xenon Super folcancorporate serve asTrouper green room low spotlights; Arena Lighting Touchareas for concerts or corporate events. Staging: various staging set-ups have plate MCP Operator Program; RANCHO CUCAMONGA beenStaging: configured on the playing field160 for various staging set-ups have IDAHO CENTER Arena down lights; 102 Event (TV suchbeen artists as Willie Nelson, the Beach EPICENTER E NTERTAINMENT RANCHO C UCAMONGA configured on the playing field for 16114 Idaho Center Blvd. Suite 2 Lights); Full dimmer rack around Chicago LeAnn Rimes. artists and as Willie Nelson, the Beach AND SNampa, PORTS OMPLEX EPICENTER ENTERTAINMENT Boys,such IDC 83687 perimeter of arena. 10500 Civic Drive Boys, Chicago and LeAnn Rimes. (208) 468-1000; Fax: (208) 442-3312 Food & Beverage: 5 concession stands, AND SCenter PORTS C OMPLEX Foodout-door & Beverage: onsite/ Plaza catering by Rancho Cucamonga, 91730 10500 Civic CenterCADrive withFood two Pavilion & Beverage: 5 concession4 permastands, (909)Rancho 477-2760 ext. 2207 Thomas Cuisine Management; General Manager: Craig Baltzer Cucamonga, CA 91730 areaswith with seating capacity of 135 each. out-door Pavilion / Plaza Fax:(909) (909)477-2760 477-2761ext. 2207 nenttwo concession stands; 6 portable conareas with seating of 135 of the Northwest Audience Amenities: Private skyboxes cession stands; totalcapacity of 67 points of each. sale. Fax:Crossroads (909) 477-2761 Marketing Manager: Palmerat the provide stunning views fromspaces; the lofty Audience skyboxes Snapshot: TheFrancie Idaho Center, Parking: Amenities: 4,000 parkingPrivate passenlevel. Manager: Francie Palmer stunning viewspatrons from the lofty Crossroads of the Northwest, is one of thirdprovide ger Club Cartsshuttle from GetMarketing Your Event Rocking! the most versatile and accessible facilitiesParking: third level. 2,533 parking lot parking to arenaspaces. doors. GetofYour Event Snapshot: 6,588-seat Epicenter itsThe kind in theRocking! West. Whether it’s a Parking: 2,533 parking spaces. Marketing: Marketing Department; Demographics: This Southern Stadium is home to6,588-seat theConcert, RanchoEpicenter Sporting Event, Theatrical Snapshot: The value-added marketing includes: California city has over 170,000 resi-listings Demographics: This Southern Cucamonga Quakes, California League Production, Equestrian Event, Stadium is home to the Rancho inlocated Idaho Statesman, Idaho170,000 Press Tribune, in California citySan hasBernardino over resiaffiliate of the Los Angeles Angels ofLeague dents, Convention, Trade California Show, or Conference, Cucamonga Quakes, event listing on screens in all of County with the Los Angeles County dents, located in LED San Bernardino the The audience experience the Idaho Anaheim. classic arc of theatAngels stadium affiliate of the Los Angeles of our ICtickets outlets, event listing on located a few away; County County with the miles Los Angeles Center is firstclassic class. The Center isborder bowlAnaheim. gives a dramatic viewarc across thestadium The ofIdaho the 8 LED screens in Arena, event listing Located just 15 highway miles outside border located a few miles away; centrally located between Seattle, manicured green of the outfield with the bowl gives a dramatic view across inLA Schedule of Events that is mailed of the Filming Portland, Reno, Lakewith City. Located just 15Zone. highway miles outside majestic views of the Mount San manicured green ofand theSalt outfield out to all ticket buyers, e-blast option, LA Filming Zone. adthe on page 75 Antonio range. An plaza,San covSeating: Maximum Arena Capacity - See of majestic views ofopen the air Mount event on Idaho Center and ICtickets eredAntonio pavilion and skyboxes proved See on page 75 13,000; Fullprivate House 270 - 11,016; range. An open air(0) plaza, covwebadpages. West v1 8:34-corAM Page 64 the perfect setting for private special events, (0) 1/13/09 - 9,581; Half House 6,480; ered180 pavilion and skyboxes proved or receptions. Theater - luncheons 2,430.for Westporate v1themeetings, 1/13/09 8:34 AM perfect setting special events,Page cor- 64 Opened in meetings, April, 1993, a 4total seating porate luncheons or receptions. Backstage Areas: Dressing/Locker renovation will be completed time for 2 proOpened in April, 1993, a in total seating Rooms; Press Facilities available; the Spring 2008will Season opening. in timeRoom renovation be completed for duction offices; Office/Dressing the Spring 2008 Season opening.


Capacities: Lewis Family Playhouse is a state-of-the-art 560 (apron Capacities: Lewis Familyseating Playhouse is included)-seat performing arts theatre a state-of-the-art 560 (apron seating withincluded)-seat full theatrical performing sound, lighting, fly arts theatre system door system withand fulltrap theatrical sound,space. lighting, fly Celebration Halltrap candoor be used as one system and system space. largeCelebration 4,500-sq.-ft. event or conHall canspace be used as one figured up to three individual largein4,500-sq.-ft. event spacespaces. or configured in up to5,700 three sq.ft. individual spaces. Exhibition Space: Exhibition Space: sq.ft. Staging: 40’ wide x 22’ 5,700 high arched Proscenium a 78’arched stage Staging:Opening, 40’ wide reveals x 22’ high VICTORIA GARDENS width & 34’ stageOpening, depth. The Orchestra Proscenium reveals a 78’ stage Pit iswidth flexible intostage 3 positions: down, CULTURAL CENTER VICTORIA GARDENS & 34’ depth. The Orchestra 12505 Center Drive house stage levels; single purchase Pitand is flexible into 343positions: down, CCultural ULTURAL CENTER Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739 counterweight fly lines in the system; 12505 Cultural Center Drive house and stage levels; 43 fly single purchase (909)Rancho 477-2775; (909) 477-2774 30’ xcounterweight 15’ Trap spacefly with maximum Cucamonga, CA 91739 lines in the flysinsystem; (909) 477-2775; (909) 477-2774 gle trap 36”space x 72”;with Portable staging 30’ xsize 15’ of Trap maximum sinMarketing Manager: Francie Palmer is provided andPortable eight staging gle trapby sizetwelve of 36”4’x8’ x 72”; Marketing Manager: Francie Palmer 4’x4’.is provided by twelve 4’x8’ and eight “Where arts and knowledge bring 4’x4’. “ETC Emphasis w/ dreams to life” “Where arts and knowledge bring Lighting: Expression” lighting utilizing dreamsDedicated to life” in August, 2006, Lighting: “ETC console, Emphasis w/ Snapshot: - 2.4 kw ETC Sensor dimmers. lighting console, utilizing this Snapshot: unique civicDedicated facility is in home to a 2006, 352 Expression” August, 352 Yamaha - 2.4 kwM7CL ETC Sensor dimmers. 536-seat performing arts center: the to a Sound: 48 channel this unique civic facility is home Lewis Familyperforming Playhouse,arts the center: full-servconsole driving a Nexo48Geo 536-seat the digital Sound: Yamaha M7CL channel ice Paul A.Family Biane Library, andthe flexible P.A. in L/C/Rdriving configuration with Lewis Playhouse, full-serv- S830digital console a Nexo Geo banquet andA. event space for upand to 300 Controller 2x Nexo with ice Paul Biane Library, flexible Nexo S830 P.A. in NX241and L/C/R configuration attendees in and Celebration Hall.forLocated cardiod subs. banquet event space up to 300 CD-12C Nexo Controller NX241and 2x Nexo as a attendees major anchor to 1.5 million sq.Located ft. in Celebration Hall. CD-12C cardiod subs. Demographics: 4 miles from LAX/ of upscale retailanchor shopping andmillion diningsq. ft. Ontario International Airport and 45 as a major to 1.5 Demographics: 4 miles from LAX/ space Victoria Gardens, theand destinaof atupscale retail shopping dining milesOntario from downtown International Airport and 45 tionspace location of the Victoria Gardens at Victoria Gardens, the destina- Losmiles Angeles; filled fromarea downtown Cultural Center greets over 750,000 tion location of the Victoria Gardens withLos young families Angeles; areaand filled visitors per year. The one-acre Cultural Center greets over 750,000 olderwith adults interested young familiesinand Imagination Courtyard host to spevisitors per year. Theisone-acre performing arts and older adults interested in cial Imagination events, receptions, weddings Courtyard is hostand to spe- entertainment. performing arts and various community events. cial events, receptions, weddings and See entertainment. ad on page 80 various 60 community events.




See ad on page 80


events. Rabobank Arena hosts the cities events.convention Rabobank Arena hosts the cities largest 5 weekends of the events. Rabobank Arena hosts largest convention 5 weekends of thethe cities year for the Jehovah’s Witnesses. largest 5 weekends of the year for theconvention Jehovah’s Witnesses. year for the Witnesses. Capacities: 360Jehovah’s with a seated floor: Capacities: 360 with a seated floor: 10,395; 360 with an with open floor: Capacities: 360 a seated floor: 10,395; 360 with with an open floor:; 10, 063; 10, 063; 270 a seated floor: 9,949; 10,395; 360 with an9,949; open floor: 270 with a seated floor: 270 with 270 10, with063; an 270 openwith floor: 9,300; 240 with a seated 9,949; openfloor: floor:9,207; 9,300; 240 240 with afloor: seated a an seated with an open 2709,207; with 240 an open floor: 9,300; 240 with floor: with an open floor: floor: 8,875; floor: 180 with a seated floor: a seated 240 with an open 8,875; 180with with an a 9,207; seated floor: 8,825; 8,825; 180 open floor: 8,493; floor: 8,875; 180 with a seated floor: 180 with an open floor: 8,493; 270 Half 270 8,825; Half House withananopen openfloor: floor:8,493; 180anwith House270 with open floor: 6,464; 270 6,464; Half House with aopen seated 270 Half House with an floor: RABOBANK ARENA Half House with a seated floor: 6,478; floor: 6,478; 180 Half House with an 6,464; 270 Half House with a seated 1001R Truxtun AvenueARENA ABOBANK Rabobank Arena 180 Half House with an open floor: openfloor: floor:6,478; 5,463;180 180Half HalfHouse Housewith withan Bakersfield, CAAvenue, 93301 1001 Truxtun Truxtun Avenue Bakersfield, CA 93301 5,463; 180 Half House with a seated a seated floor: (661)Bakersfield, 852-7300; Fax: (661) 861-9904 open floor:5,477. 5,463; 180 Half House with CAFax: 93301 (661) 852-7300; (661) 861-9904 floor: 5,477. a seatedAreas: floor: Rabobank 5,477. (661) 852-7300; Fax: (661) 861-9904 Backstage Arena Director of Booking and and Administration: Backstage Areas: Rabobank Arena Director of Booking has eight dressing/locker rooms, two Backstage Areas: Rabobank Arena Edward Dorsey (661)Edward 852-7304 has eight dressing/locker rooms, two Administration: Director of Booking andDorsey Administration: production offices, training room andtwo has eight dressing/locker rooms, (661) 852-7304 production offices, training room and Edward Dorsey (661) 852-7304 Snapshot: Rabobank Arena is in the multipurpose productionroom. offices, training room and multipurpose room. heartSnapshot: of the San JoaquinArena Valley has Snapshot: Rabobank the Rabobank Arenaisand isinin the Staging: multipurpose room. Stage right staging system. become premiere stop inValley central heartthe of andand hashas Staging: StageRight staging system. of the theSan SanJoaquin Joaquin Valley Staging: Stage right system. Audience Amenities: 27 staging luxury suites; California. Rabobank Arena hosts 130 become the thepremiere premierestop stopinincentral central Audience Amenities: 27 luxury suites; seat concession services. Audience Amenities: 27 luxury suites; events annuallyRabobank that bringArena in a hosts total of California. 130130 VIP California. Rabobank Arena hosts VIP seat concession services. VIP seatVenue concession services. 600,000 Rabobank Arena hasof of Marketing: advertising and event annually that inina total eventspatrons. annually thatbring bring a total Marketing:Permanent Venue advertising event hosted a wide varietyRabobank of eventsArena such as Venue and Signage, 600,000 patrons. hashas sponsorship; patrons. Rabobank Arena Marketing: Venue advertising and event sponsorship; Permanent Venue Signage, Elton John, Tina Turner, The Eagles, of the art Scoreboard/Ad Ribbon, such as as Statesponsorship; hosted aa wide widevariety varietyofofevents events such Permanent Venue Signage, State Sponsorship, of the art Scoreboard/Ad Ribbon, Fleetwood Mac,Tina TimTurner, McGraw and Merchandising and The Eagles, Elton John, John, Tina Turner, The Eagles, Event StateSponsorship, of the art Scoreboard/Ad Ribbon, Event Merchandising and FaithFleetwood Hill, Cher, Korn, George Lopez, Hospitality and Web SiteMerchandising Advertising. Fleetwood Mac, Tim McGraw and Mac, Tim McGraw and Event Sponsorship, and Hospitality and Web Site Advertising. BradFaith Paisley, Stefani and James Hill, Cher, Lopez, Hill,Gwen Cher,Korn, Korn,George George Lopez, Demographics: Hospitality and Web Site Advertising. 750,000 population for Taylor. Family shows include Disney on Demographics: 750,000 populaJames Brad Paisley, Paisley,Gwen GwenStefani Stefaniand and James the Metropolitan Area of Bakersfield. Demographics: 750,000 population for Ice, Taylor. World Family Wrestling Entertainment, tion for the city Metropolitan Area include onon 11th Familyshows shows includeDisney Disney largest in theArea state of of the Metropolitan Champions onWrestling Ice, Harlem Bakersfield. 11th largest cityofinBakersfield. the state Entertainment, Ice, World World Wrestling Entertainment, California. largest city in the state of Globetrotters, onHarlem Ice, Sesame of 11th California. ChampionsStars on Champions onIce, Ice, Harlem California. Street, Professional Bullonon Riders, Bob Globetrotters, Stars Ice, Sesame Globetrotters, Stars Ice, Sesame the Builder, CaliforniaBull State Wrestling Bob Street, Professional Professional BullRiders, Riders, Bob Championships and Motor Sports State Wrestling the Builder, Builder,California California State Wrestling Championships and Championships andMotor MotorSports Sports


with Shower; Large Training Room; Private Club. duction offices; Office/Dressing Room with Shower; Large Training Room; with Shower; Large Training Room; with Shower; Large60Training Room; Private Club. Staging: x 40 ft. stage; 16 x 16 ft. Private Club. with Shower; Large Training Room; Private Club. sound adjustment Private Club. Staging: x ft. 40stage; ft.Height stage; 16 ft. 4 – 6 Staging: 60 x6040wings; 16 x16 16x ft. ft. Sets stage Staging: 604xHeight 40 ft.ofstage; 16stairs x 16 available. ft. 46 – 6 sound wings; adjustment sound wings; adjustment Staging: 60 xHeight 40 ft. stage; 1644x––16 adjustment 6 ft. 4 wings; Sets ofHeight stage stairs available. Sound: state-of-the-art Panaray ft.sound 4ft. Sets ofwings; stage stairs available. sound Height adjustment 4–6 ft. 4 SetsLoudspeaker of stage stairs System available.designed and ft. 4 state Setsstate-of-the-art of the stageartstairs available. Sound: Panaray Sound: Panaray installed by designed Bose. Sound: state-of-the-art Panaray Loudspeaker System designed Loudspeaker System andand Sound: state of the art Panaray Loudspeaker and Trouper folinstalled bySystem Bose. Lighting: 4 designed Xenon Super installed by Bose. Loudspeaker System designed and installed by Bose. low spotlights; Arena Lighting Touchinstalled by4 Bose. Lighting: Xenon Super Trouper Lighting: 4 Xenon Super Trouper fol-folplate MCP Operator Program; 160 Lighting: 4 Xenon Super Trouper low spotlights; Arena Lighting Touchlow spotlights; Arena Lighting TouchLighting: 4 down Xenon Super Trouper folIDAHO CENTER Arena lights; 102 Event follow spotlights; Arena Lighting plate MCP Operator Program; 160 (TV plate MCP Operator Program; 160 low spotlights; Arena Lighting Touch16114 Idaho Center Blvd. Suite 2 Lights); Full dimmer rack(TV around Touch-plate MCP Operator Program; IDAHO CENTER Idaho Center IDAHO CENTER Arena down lights; 102 Event Arena down lights; 102 Event (TV plate MCP Operator Program; 160 Nampa, ID 83687 perimeter ofrack arena. 160 Arena down lights; 102 Event 16114 Idaho Center Blvd. Suite 16114 Idaho Center Blvd. Suite 16114 Idaho Center Blvd. Suite 22 2 Lights); Full dimmer rack around Lights); Full dimmer around INampa, DAHO C ENTER Arena down lights; 102rack Event (TV (208) 468-1000; Fax: (208) 442-3312 ID 83687 83687 (TV Lights); Full dimmer around Nampa, ID Nampa, IDIdaho 83687 perimeter of Food &arena. Beverage: catering by perimeter of Full arena. 16114 Center Blvd. Suite 2 Lights); dimmer rackonsite around 468-1000; Fax: (208) 442-3312 (208) Fax: (208) 442-3312 (208)(208) 468-1000; Fax: (208) 442-3312 perimeter of arena. Nampa, ID 83687 Thomas Cuisine Management; General Manager: Craig Baltzer perimeter of arena. Food & Beverage: onsite catering by 4 permaFood & Beverage: onsite catering by (208) 468-1000; Fax: (208) 442-3312 nent concession stands; portable conFood &Cuisine Beverage: onsite catering Thomas Cuisine Management; 4 permaThomas Management; 4 6permaGeneral Manager: Craig Baltzer General Manager: Craig Baltzer General Manager: Craig Baltzer Food & Beverage: onsite catering by of sale. Crossroads of the Northwest cession stands; total of 67conbynent Thomas Cuisine Management; 4points concession stands; 6 portable connent concession stands; 6 portable Thomas Cuisine Management; 4 permaGeneral Manager: Craig Baltzer Crossroads of the the Northwest permanent concession stands; 6 portable Crossroads of Northwest Snapshot: The Idaho Center, at the cession Crossroads of the Northwest cession stands; ofpoints 676 portable points ofconsale.passenParking: 4,000 parking totaltotal of 67 ofspaces; sale. nentstands; concession stands; concession stands; total of 67 points Snapshot: The Idaho Center, at the Crossroads of the Northwest, is one of ger Club Cartsshuttle patrons from Crossroads of the Northwest Snapshot: Idaho Center, at the Snapshot: TheThe Idaho Center, at the cession stands; total of 67 points of Parking: 4,000 parking spaces; passenParking: 4,000 parking spaces; passenof sale. parking lot to arena doors. sale. Crossroads of the Northwest, isisone ofof facilities theofmost versatile and accessible Crossroads of the Northwest, one Crossroads the Northwest, is one of ger Club Cartsshuttle patrons from ger Club Cartsshuttle patrons from Snapshot: The Idaho Center, at the Parking: 4,000 parking spaces; passenthe most most versatile facilities of its kind inand theaccessible West.facilities Whether it’s aParking: 4,000 spaces; pasversatile and accessible facilities the the most versatile and accessible parking lotCartsshuttle toparking arena doors. Marketing: Marketing Department; parking lot to arena doors. Crossroads the Northwest, isTheatrical one ger Club patronsfrom from of its its kind kind inofthe West. Whether it’it’s s of Sporting Event, Concert, senger Club Cartsshuttle patrons in the West. Whether a of itsof kind in the West. Whether it’s a value-added marketing includes: listings the most versatile and accessible facilities Marketing: parking lot to arena doors. Marketing: Marketing Department; Marketing Department; a Sporting Event,Concert, Concert, Theatrical Production, Equestrian Event, parking lot to arena doors. Sporting Event, Theatrical Sporting Concert, Theatrical in Idaho Statesman, Idaholistings Press Tribune, of its Event, kind inEquestrian the West. Whether it’s a value-added value-added marketing includes: listings marketing includes: Production, Event, Convention, Trade Show, or Conference, Marketing: Marketing Department; Production, Equestrian Event, Production, Equestrian Event, event listing on LED screens in all of Marketing: Marketing Department; Sporting Event, Concert, Theatrical in Idaho Statesman, Idaho Press Tribune, in Idaho Statesman, Idaho Press Tribune, Convention, Trade Show, or Conference, the audience experience at the Idaho value-added marketing includes: listings on Convention, Trade Show, or Conference, value-added Convention, Trade Show, orEvent, Conference, our ICtickets outlets, marketing includes: listings Production, Equestrian listing on LED screens inTribune, alllisting of event listing on LED screens inevent all of the audience audience experience atatThe the Idaho Center is first class. Idaho Center isevent in Idaho Statesman, Idaho Press experience the Idaho the the audience experience at the Idaho 8 LED screens in Arena, event listing in Idaho Statesman, Idaho Press Tribune, Convention, Trade Show, or Conference, our ICtickets outlets, event listing on our ICtickets outlets, event listing on Center is first class. The Idaho Center centrally located between Seattle, event listing on LED screens in all of Center is first class. Idaho Center Center isaudience first class. TheThe Idaho Center is is event listing inscreens Schedule of Events that is mailed oninLED screens in listing all oflisting the experience at the Idaho 8our LED in Arena, event 8 LED screens Arena, event is centrally located between Seattle, Portland, Reno, and Salt Lake City. ICtickets outlets, event listing on centrally between Seattle, centrally located Seattle, outoftooutlets, all Events ticket event listing on 8 option, Center islocated firstbetween class. The Idaho Center is inour inICtickets Schedule of that is e-blast mailed Schedule Events thatbuyers, is mailed Portland, Reno, and Salt Lake City. screens in Arena, event listing Portland, Reno, and Salt City. Seating: Arena Capacity LED - 8 LED Portland, Reno, andMaximum Salt LakeLake City. event Idaho Center and ICtickets screens inon Arena, event listing in centrally located between Seattle, out to all ticket buyers, e-blast option, out to all ticket buyers, e-blast option, in Schedule of Events that is out mailed Seating: Maximum Arena Capacity 13,000; Full House 270 (0) -- 11,016; web pages. Schedule of Events that is mailed Portland, Reno, and Salt Lake City. Seating: Maximum Arena Capacity - event Seating: Maximum Arena Capacity event on Idaho Center ICtickets ontoIdaho Center andand ICtickets out all ticket buyers, e-blast option, 13,000; Full House 270 (0) 11,016; 180 (0)House - 9,581; Half House - 6,480;to all ticket buyers, e-blast option, event 13,000; Full - 11,016; 13,000; Full House 270270 (0) -(0)11,016; pages.Idaho Center and ICtickets pages. Seating: Maximum Arena - webweb 180 (0) (0) -- 9,581; House -Capacity 6,480; - Half 2,430. onevent Idahoon Center 9,581; Half House -11,016; 6,480; 180180 (0) - Theater 9,581; Half House - 6,480; 13,000; Full House 270 (0) web pages. Theater 2,430. and ICtickets Theater 2,430. Half Areas: 4 Dressing/Locker Theater -Backstage 2,430. 180 (0) -- 9,581; House - 6,480; web pages. Backstage Areas: 44Dressing/Locker Rooms; Press Facilities available; 2 proTheater - 2,430. Backstage Areas: Dressing/Locker Backstage Areas: 4 Dressing/Locker Rooms; Press Facilities available; 2 production offices;available; Office/Dressing Room Rooms; Press Facilities available; 2 proRooms; Press Facilities 2 proBackstage Areas: 4 Dressing/Locker duction offices; Office/Dressing Room duction offices; Office/Dressing Room Rooms; Press Facilities available; 2 production offices; Office/Dressing Room Facilities 2010 SuperBook

The West

Facilities 2008


BOK Center

200 S. Denver, Tulsa, OK 74103 (918) 894-4444; Fax: (918) 894-4445 General Manager: John Bolton

Tulsa’s Newest Masterpiece

Backstage Areas: 5 Star Dressing Rooms; Green Room; 4 Locker Rooms; 1 Officials Locker Rooms, 2 Trainer Rooms; Office, Lounge; Promoter’s Lounge, 3 Production Offices. Food & Beverage: 7 local restaurants/vendors, in addition to in-house catering, 14 concession stands and 16 food carts. Audience Amenities: $4-million, center-hung scoreboard and 360-degree LED ribbon board; state-of-the-art marquee with audio; ceiling has lapendary banners that improve acoustics. Premium Seating: ONEOK Premium Level hosts the 38 suites, including the 4 Cox Business Event Suites, 20 Loge Boxes, 682 club seats, and the private ONEOK Club Lounge; members have a VIP entrance and private elevators to take to reach the floor. Marketing: marketing department with in-house advertising agency; media planning/media buying, public relations, group sales, grassroots marketing, third-party promotional tie-ins, database marketing and cross-promotions. Demographics: The BOK Center is ideally located with over 890,000 people in DMA and over 4.8 million people within 150 miles.

Snapshot: The BOK Center, located in downtown Tulsa, and managed by SMG, is one of the latest, state-of-theart sports and entertainment venues in the country. Designed to host major concerts, family shows, AF2’s Tulsa Talons, CHL’s Tulsa Oilers and other world-class entertainment, the venue attracts people of all ages and backgrounds. Capacities: Center Stage - 19,199; Basketball - 17,839; Hockey - 17,096; Concert/180 End Stage: - 12,753; Half-House - 11,090; Theater - 6,337 (with its innovative curtaining system, arena 1/13/09 staff can cater to the needs West v1 8:43 AM of each Page 76 show by varying the number of seats available).




901 1901N.N.Shoreline Shoreline, Corpus Christi, TX 78403 Corpus Christi, TX (361) 826-4100; Fax:78403 (361) 826-4905 (361) 826-4100; Fax: (361) 826-4905 General Manager: Marc Solis/SMG General Manager: Marc Solis

Corpus Christi’s Premier

Corpus Christi’s Premier Event Center Event Center

Snapshot: American Bank Center is

Snapshot: AmericanBank Center is located downtown in the Sparking City located downtown in the Sparking City by the the Sea, Sea, along by alongthe thebeautiful beautifulCorpus Corpus Christi bayfront. bayfront. The Christi Thearchitecturally architecturally pleasing building pleasing buildingincludes includesananArena, Arena, Auditorium, and Auditorium, and Convention ConventionCenter. Center. From sparkling sparkling glass From glasstotoTexas Texaslimestone, limethe center’ improved facilitiesfacilities are a pleastone, the scenter’s improved surea to see andtoexperience. are pleasure see and experience.

The AmericanBank American Bank Center Center Arena The Arenaisis home CHL’s CorpusChristi Christi home to the CHL’ s Corpus Rayz hockey team, thetheCorpus Christi IceRays hockey team, IFL Corpus Sharks football2team, team,and andthe the Christi arena Hammerheads Texas University-CorpusChristi Christi Texas A&M A&M University-Corpus Southern ConferenceIslanders IslandersBasketball Southern Conference Basketball TheBank AmericanBank teams. Theteams. American Center Selena

Facilities 2010 SuperBook TEXAS

Auditorium, originally built in 1979, has

earned an Outstanding Acoustical Rating Center Selena Auditorium, originally and has been one the most attended built in 1979, has of earned an Outstanding venues for entertainment the Coastal Acoustical Rating and hasinbeen one of the most Bend area.attended venues for entertainment in Capacities: the Coastal American Bend area.Bank Seating Seating Capacities: Center Arena – 9,000AmericanBank +; Selena Center Arena – 9,000 +; Selena Auditorium – 2,500. Auditorium – 2,500. Exhibition Space: 76,500 sq. ft. (total); Exhibition Space:–76,500 ft. (total); Bayview Ballroom 20,000 sq. sq. ft.; Bayview Ballroom ft.; Watergarden Room––20,000 25,366 sq. sq. ft. Watergarden Room – 25,366 sq. ft. Staging: StageRight brand stage, full Staging: StageRight brand stage, full capabilities for any size event. capabilities for any size event. Sound/Lighting: State-of-the-art Sound/Lighting: State-of-the-artarena arena lighting system lighting systemand andarena arenasound soundsystem. system. Backstage Areas: Areas: 55 dressing dressing rooms, rooms, 22 proproBackstage duction offices, offices, 22 loading loading docks, docks, 22 separate duction separate load in/out in/out doors, doors, secure secure loading loading dock. dock. load Food & Food & Beverage: Beverage:Award-winning Award-winning Centerplate provides Centerplate providesin-house in-housecatering catering and concessions. concessions. and Parking: 2,000-2,500parking parkingspaces spaces Parking: 2,000-2,500 within five blocks blocksofofthe thebuilding. building. within five UpUp to to 6,500 spaces available availablefor forlarge largeevents. events. 6,500 spaces Marketing: full-service,in-house in-house Marketing: full-service, Marketing Department. Marketing Department. Demographics: Servesaamarket marketofofmore Demographics: Serves more than 500,000; two than 500,000; LocatedLocated just twojust hours hours from San Antonio, hours from from San Antonio, 3 hours 3from Houston. Houston. See ad on page 63

See ad on page 65

façade of the Band Shell, an open air

TEXAS TEXAS oklahoma

FORD CENTER 100 West Reno, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 AMERICANBANK AMERICANBANK (405) 602-8700, Fax: (405) 602-8505 CENTER CENTER N. Shoreline

General Manager: Gary Desjardins 901 N. Shoreline Corpus Christi, TX 78403 Corpus Christi, TX (361) 826-4100; Fax:78403 (361) Snapshot: Whether it’s 826-4905 the action of an (361) 826-4100; Fax:game, (361) or 826-4905 NBA basketball the excitement General Solis event, of a liveManager: concert orMarc world-class General Manager: Marc Solis more than one million guests each year Corpus Christi’ s Premier createCenter memoriess Premier at Ford Center. Ford Corpus Christi’ Event Center is conveniently located just off Event Center Snapshot: is Interstate AmericanBank 40 in downtown Center Oklahoma Snapshot: AmericanBank Center is located downtown in ranked the Sparking City, which recently No. 3 inCity located downtown in the Sparking City by Business the Sea, along the beautiful Corpus Week’ s forty strongest U.S. metro by the Sea, along The the beautiful Corpus Christi bayfront. architecturally economies. The facility is owned by the Christi bayfront. The architecturally pleasing includes anmanaged Arena, City ofbuilding Oklahoma City, and pleasing building includes an Arena, Auditorium, and Convention by SMG. Major improvementsCenter. are curAuditorium, andglass Convention Center. From sparkling to Texas limerently underway at Ford Center. The From sparkling glass to Texas limestone, center’s improved facilities morethe than $90 million expansion and stone, the center’s improved facilities arerenovation a pleasureproject to seeisand experience. being funded by a are15-month a pleasuresales to see experience. tax and that was Arena overwhelmThe AmericanBank Center is ingly by Oklahoma City voters. The AmericanBank Center is home toapproved the CHL’s Corpus Arena Christi Designed elevatethe theCorpus experience of home to thetoCHL’s Corpus Christi Rayz hockey team, Christi ourhockey audiences and the increase theand revenue Rayz Corpus Christi Sharks arena team, football2 team, the generating ofteam, our clients, the Sharks arena potential football2 and Christi the Texas A&M University-Corpus finalA&M phase of improvements willChristi Texas University-Corpus Southern Conference Islanders be completed following the 2010-11 Thunder Southern BasketballConference teams. TheIslanders AmericanBank basketballteams. season.The AmericanBank Basketball


Center Selena Auditorium, originally Center Auditorium, originally built inSelena 1979, has Outstanding Capacities: 4,000 –earned 18, Concert built in 1979, has earned anbeen Outstanding Acoustical Rating and has one of (Center Stage) - 17,932, Concert (End Acoustical Rating and has beenentertainone of the most attended venues for Stage) - 16,698, Concert (Theatre) the most attended entertain-ment 3,736, -venues 17,404. Arena Floor inBasketball the Coastal Bendfor area. ment in the Coastal Bend area. –Seating 34,074 sq.ft. For maximum flexibility, Capacities: AmericanBank Ford Center’ s arena curtaining system Seating Capacities: AmericanBank Center Arena – 9,000 +; Selena featuresArena rigging capabilities and can create Center 9,000 +; Selena Auditorium – –2,500. an intimate setting for any event. Auditorium – 2,500. Exhibition Space: 76,500 sq. ft. (total); Backstage Areas: 2 Dressing Exhibition Space: Star 76,500 sq.sq. ft.ft.; (total); Bayview Ballroom – 20,000 Rooms, 2Ballroom Officials Dressing Rooms, 3 Bayview – 20,000 sq.sq. ft.;ft. Watergarden Room – 25,366 Locker Rooms,Room 2 Production Offices, Watergarden – 25,366 sq. ft. Staging: StageRight brand stage, Press Lounge and Green Room withfull 906 Staging: StageRight brand stage, capabilities for size event. sq. ft. Lobby, andany a 1,576 sq. ft. Pub.full capabilities for any size event. Food & Beverage: SAVOR...Catering Sound/Lighting: State-of-the-art arena Sound/Lighting: State-of-the-art arena by SMG system providesand catering conceslighting arenaand sound system. lighting system andLevy arena sound system. sion services, while Restaurants Backstage Areas: 5 dressing rooms, pro2 provides catering services in selectrooms, premium Backstage Areas: 5 dressing 2 production offices, 2 loading docks, 2 separate seating areas. duction offices, 2 loading docks, separate load in/out doors, secure loading2dock. load in/outAmenities: doors, secure loading dock. Audience $3.9-million cenFood & scoreboard Beverage:with Award-winning ter-hung 10 full-motion Food & Beverage: Award-winning Centerplate provides in-house catering video panels, provides a 360-degree LED ribbon Centerplate in-house catering and concessions. board and additional video panels at each and concessions. Parking: parking spaces end of the 2,000-2,500 arena; full-service restaurant Parking: 2,000-2,500 parking spaces and bar five areas; and premium seating within blocks of the building. Up to within five blocks of the Up to options including new terrace suitesevents. and 6,500 spaces available forbuilding. large 6,500 spaces available for large events. lounges. Marketing: full-service, in-house Marketing: full-service, in-house Marketing: Full service, award-winMarketing Department. Marketing Department. ning marketing staff assists with media Demographics: Serves a market of planning and buying, public relations, Demographics: Serves a market more thanmarketing 500,000; Located justoftwo grassroots and more.just two more Located hoursthan from500,000; San Antonio, 3 hours from Demographics: Oklahoma Cityfrom hours from San The Antonio, 3 hours Houston. metro area has a population of over 1.2 Houston.

See ad on page 65 million. See ad on page 65 See ad on page 67

an open air amphitheater, the unique

façade the Band Shell, anwell open Food & of Beverage: 3 concessions areas;air lighting restored the façade ofhas thebeen Band Shell, as an openasair amphitheater, the unique lighting has lounge/meeting room in the VIP bench seats. the unique lighting has amphitheater, been restored well as holders; the bench entrance for clubasand suite full-seats. Capacities: 850,000 sq.suite ft. of rentbeen restored as concourse; well as the bench seats. service bar offover the level Capacities: over 850,000 sq. ft. of able space including seven sq. exhibition features a small bar exclusively forft.suite Capacities: over 850,000 of rentable space including seven exhibihalls ranging inincluding size from seven 17,000 sq. holders. rentable tion hallsspace ranging in size from exhibi25,000


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Sna Sna in H in H U.S U.S in O in purO purp area area top top Do Dod Rio Rio Gra Gra Lea Lea Cap Cap con conf ey, f ey, conf conc Bac Bac roo room dres dres pro prod


ft. of space to 94,500 sq. feet. of space;

DODGE ARENA FAIR PARK, DALLAS Fair Park, Dallas 2600Robert North 23rd Street (Hwy 336) FAIR PARK, DALLAS 1300 B.B.Cullum Blvd GrandAve Ave 1300 Robert Cullum Blvd at Grand

Hidalgo, TXB.78557 1300 Robert Cullum Blvd at Grand Ave Dallas, TXTX75210 Dallas, 75210 (956) 843-6688; (956) 843-5547 Dallas, TX159090 75210Fax: P.O. Box P.O. Box 159090, Dallas, TX 75315 P.O. Box670-8400; 159090 Dallas, TX 75315 Fax: (214) (214) Bricker 670-8907 General Manager: James Dallas, TX 75315Fax: (214) 670-8907 (214) 670-8400; (214) 670-8400; Fax: (214) 670-8907 Executive General Manager: Snapshot: The Dodge Arena is located Daniel Huerta Executive General Manager: in Hidalgo, Texas, Manager: just minutes from the Executive General SalesHuerta Manager: Steven Flores Daniel U.S.-Mexico border. Since its opening Daniel Huerta Sales Manager: Steven Flores A 1930’ Art Deco Cultural inSnapshot: October 2003, thiss $23-million multiSales StevenVenue, Floresa national andManager: Entertainment

purpose complex is one its kind in the Snapshot: A 1930’s ArtofDeco Cultural Snapshot: A consistently 1930’s since Art Deco Cultural historic landmark 1986, and area and has ranked in the and Entertainment Venue, a national and Entertainment Venue, national home to the 1936 World’ saPermanent Fair, top 100landmark venues worldwide. historic since 1986, andFair home historic since 1986, and home Arena tenants include CHL Park islandmark conveniently located two miles toDodge the 1936 World’s Fair, Fairthe Park is Rio Valley Killer AF2 Rio to the 1936 World’s Fair, Fair isof eastGrande of downtown Dallas andPark one conveniently located twoBees, miles eastof Grande Valley Dorados, and NBA-D conveniently located two miles east of the most unique venues inofthethe country. downtown Dallas and one most League Rio Grande downtown Dallas andValley one aVipers. ofnumber the most During the last 10 years of unique venues in the country. During unique venues instyled country. During the buildings Capacities: 6,800-seat arenaofthat will the lastexhibition 10 years athe number thehave exhithe laststyled 10 years a and number the exhibeen renovated restored to configure up to 5,500-seats forbeen icetheir hockbition buildings haveof renobition styled buildings have been renoey,original football and soccer and a original center stage 1936 grandeur including vated and restored to their concert capacity ofto 6,800-seats. vated and restored their original restoring the beautiful Art Deco murals 1936 grandeur including restoring the 1936 including restoring andgrandeur basArt relief ’s on the Centennial Hall, beautiful Deco anddressing basthe Backstage Areas: 2 murals main artist beautiful Deco murals and bas Food & Fiber Building, rooms; 3Art locker rooms thatAutomobile also serve relief ’s on the Centennial Hall, Foodas& relief ’sBuilding, onrooms; the Hall, Food & Building andCentennial Tower In addidressing privateBuilding. catering room; Fiber Automobile Building Fiber Building, Automobile Building tion to theBuilding. façade ofIntheaddition Band Shell, production office; accounting office. and Tower to the and Tower Building. In addition to the

TEXAS 76 76

tion halls ranging in508 sizeluxury from 25,000 Audience club ft. of Amenities: space to 94,500 sq. feet. of 6sq.performance facilities including the sq. ft.and of6 26 space to 94,500 sq. feet. of seats private suites, complete with space; performance facilities including Music Hall. The Cotton Bowl Stadium space; 6 performance including VIP passes,The andfacilities access toBowl excluthe parking Music Hall. Cotton has 90,000+ permanent seats; Fair the Music Hall. The Cotton BowlPark sive VIP bars and lounges. Stadium has 90,000+ permanent chairColiseum—28,000 sq. ft. arena floor Stadium hasFair 90,000+ permanent chairback seats; Park Coliseum—28,000 Parking: 2,200 surface parking spaces, with seats; 9,552 Fair seats;Park The Coliseum—28,000 Band Shell is an back sq. ft. floor with 9,552 seats; with onearena designated VIP parking lot forThe open-air amphitheater 3,800 sq. ft.and arena with with 9,552 seats;perThe suite clubfloor seat holders. Band Shell is an open-air amphitheater manent seats and a seating capacity of Band Shell ispermanent an open-air amphitheater with 3,800 seats and a seatMarketing: full-service in-house market4,500; Automobile Building—84,500 with 3,800 permanent seats and a seatingdepartment capacity ofthat 4,500; ing offersAutomobile assistancesqwith sq. ft.; Centennial Hall—94,500 ing capacity ofand 4,500; Automobile Building—84,500 sq. ft.; Centennial the production placement of tradift.; Food & Fiber Pavilion—25,000 Building—84,500 sq. ft.; Centennial Hall—94,500 sq ft.; Food & States Fiber tional media in Place both the United sq. ft.; Grand Building—50,000 Hall—94,500 sq ft.; & Fiber Pavilion—25,000 sq.Food ft.; Grand Place and Mexico; tools offered sq. ft.; Towermarketing Building—40,000 sqPlace ft.; Pavilion—25,000 ft.; Grand Building—50,000 sq. ft.; Tower include: email blasts,sq. web advertising, Embarcadero Building—27,000 sq. ft. Building—50,000 sq. ft.; Tower street team advertising, Building—40,000 sqand ft.; advertising Embarcadero Parking: inside Building—40,000 sq Embarcadero on Arena’s 9,251 closed parking circuit television, Building—27,000 sq.ft.; ft.spaces the park and formal parking Building—27,000 sq. ft. Jumbotron, and7,250 outdoor marquee. Parking: 9,251 parking spaces inside

spaces immediately adjacent to the Parking: 9,2517,250 parking spaces inside Demographics: The Dodge Arena has a the park and formal parking park. customer base of more than 2.7 the park and 7,250 formal parking spaces immediately adjacent million to the people million the7 U.S. of Market: visited along by over million peospaces adjacent toside the park. (1immediately the 1.7 million pleborder, each year; site for along more the than 1,200 park. Market: visited over 7festivals. million peoMexican side ofand thebycultural border), and is locatspecial events Market: visited by for over 7 million peoyear; site more than as 1,200 edpleineach an area of South Texas known See ad on page 65for ple each year; site moreValley thanis1,200 special events and cultural festivals. the Rio Grande Valley. The in special events and cultural festivals. the Seetop ad100 on television page 67 markets, and is the See ad on page 67 DMA (86% of the 10th largest Hispanic population is Hispanic). See ad on page 66



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Sna Sna ent ente trad trad loca loca dor dor. faci facil Cen Cen enc enco ing ing per per Cap Cap seat seat gen gene and and/ Rel Reli sq.f sq.ft tigu tigu sepa sepa

61 The West The West

The West / texas

American Bank Center 1901 N. Shoreline, Corpus Christi, TX 78403 (361) 826-4100; Fax: (361) 826-4905 •


merican Bank Center is Corpus Christi’s premier event center professionally managed by SMG and located along the beautiful Corpus Christi bayfront. The immaculate facility is an area favorite and includes an Arena, Auditorium and Convention Center with a stunning glass-front feature providing breathtaking views of the water, the USS Lexington and the Corpus Christi Ship Channel. American Bank Center is located near major attractions including Whataburger Field, home of the Hooks baseball team and the Texas State Aquarium. Plus, the building is only blocks away from the most popular downtown restaurants and hotels in the City and is only a 15-minute drive away from the Corpus Christi International Airport. The exceptional service at American Bank Center is the reason many groups return year after year. The Convention Center and Arena host a variety of major conventions including Texas Leadership and Skills Championships, Texas FFA, and the District Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses, a group known to bring an astounding crowd of 13,000 – 14,000 attendees annually. With over 200,000 square feet of space, including 21 state-of-the-art meeting rooms, the Convention Center is the best place to host your next convention or meeting. The stunning Henry Garrett Ballroom is perfect for hosting special events, including weddings, parties, or corporate meetings. The ballroom occupies 19,000 square feet and offers 7,000 square feet of pre-function space overlooking the beautiful Corpus Christi Bay. American Bank Center also provides full service meeting and planning assistance and an in-house marketing department to assure every event is flawless for our clients.


intimate two-tiered arena seating configuration holds nearly 10,000 people and is perfect for concerts, sporting events and family shows.

The American Bank Center Arena is home to the CHL Corpus Christi IceRays hockey team, the Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi Southland Conference Islanders Basketball teams and the IFL Corpus Christi Hammerheads. The Arena also hosts a variety of concerts, bringing artists from all over the world and generating more than 50 full-house events since opening in November 2004. Our intimate two-tiered arena seating configuration holds nearly 10,000 people and is perfect for concerts, sporting events and family shows. Since opening our doors six years ago with a sold-out Cher concert, American Bank Center has achieved remarkable success. Internationally known concert and entertainment giants including, World Wrestling Entertainment, Feld Entertainment, Live Nation and AEG Live all choose to return each year to American Bank Center. The American Bank Center Selena Auditorium is a historic theater providing an intimate setting for meetings, presentations, Broadway productions, comedy shows, and many other events. The theater has earned an outstanding acoustical rating and has been one of the most attended venues in the Coastal Bend for more than 30 years. The Selena Auditorium, originally built in 1979, is named for the late tejano entertainer, Selena Quintanilla-Perez. The theater has seating for 2,500 people and is one of the only original entertainment venues still in existence in the Coastal Bend. American Bank Center is Corpus Christi’s premier event center providing unprecedented guest experiences. Visit us online at www.

Facilities 2010 SuperBook

Southern Conference Islanders Basketball teams. The AmericanBank


façade of the Band Shell, an open air amphitheater, the unique lighting has been restored as well as the bench seats. worldwide. With 32,000 square feet of texas TEXAS Capacities: 850,000 sq. of air façade of theover Band Shell,space, an ft. open continuous open floor the LEA rentable space including seven exhibiamphitheater, the unique lighting has the largest indoor convention has space tion halls ranging in size from 25,000 beenin restored as well the bench seats. South Texas. Theas178,000-square-foot sq. ft. of space to 94,500 sq. feet. of Capacities: overa850,000 sq. ft. of facility boasts seating capacity of 10,000 space; 6 performance facilities including rentable space including exhibiwith 14 luxury suites, sixseven meeting rooms the Music Hall. The Cotton Bowl tionand halls ranging in The size facility’ from 25,000 a private club. s luxury Stadium has 90,000+ permanent chairsq. ft. of space 94,500 sq. feet.aoftelevisuites includetoconcierge service, back seats; Fair Park Coliseum—28,000 space; 6 and performance sion, seating forfacilities twelve toincluding fourteen sq. ft. arena floor with 9,552 seats; The FAIR PARK, DALLAS the people, Music among Hall. The Bowl otherCotton amenities. The clubBand Shell is an open-air amphitheater 1300 Robert B. CullumEnergy Blvd at Grand Ave Stadium house has level,90,000+ which ispermanent on the samechairlevel as Laredo Arena with 3,800 permanent seats and a seatDallas,6700 TX 75210 Arena Blvd, Laredo, TX 78041 backthe seats; Fair Parkfeatures Coliseum—28,000 luxury suites, a bar overlooking capacity of 4,500; Automobile P.O. Box 159090 791-9192; Fax: (956) 523-7777 sq. ft. floorfloor. withArena 9,552Ventures seats; The ingarena the main owns FAIR(956) Dallas, TXPARK, 75315 DALLAS Building—84,500 sq. ft.; Centennial Band is anacres open-air amphitheater 35Shell additional around the site that 1300 670-8400; Robert B. Cullum Blvd at Grand Ave (214) Fax: (214) 670-8907 Hall—94,500 sq ft.; Food & Fiber General Manager: Roy A. Medina withis3,800 permanent seats and seatcurrently being developed witha hotels, Dallas, TX 75210 Pavilion—25,000 sq. ft.; Grand Place Hot Days .Manager: . . Hotter Nights ing specialized capacity ofretail 4,500; Automobile P.O. Box 159090 stores and restaurants. Executive General Building—50,000 sq. ft.; Tower Dallas,Snapshot: TX 75315 The Laredo Energy Arena Building—84,500 sq. ft.; Centennial Daniel Huerta Seating: End Stage – 9,622; 3/4 House Building—40,000 sq ft.; Embarcadero (214) 670-8400; Fax: (214)Flores 670-8907 Hall—94,500 sqHouse ft.; Food & Fiber Sales Manager: Steven is a first class, state-of-the-art multi– 6,780; 1/2 – 4,144; Ice Hockey Building—27,000 sq. ft. Pavilion—25,000 ft.; Grand Place purpose facility developed by Arena – 8,065; Arena sq. Football – 8,067; Snapshot: A 1930’s Art Deco Cultural Executive General Manager: Parking: 9,251 parking spaces sq. ft.; Towerinside Ventures This multi-use facility has Building—50,000 Basketball – 8,665. and Entertainment a national Daniel Huerta LLC.Venue, the park and 7,250 sq formal parking Building—40,000 ft.; Embarcadero introduced affordable, family-oriented historic landmarkSteven since 1986, and home Sales Manager: Flores Food & Beverage: The has two spaces immediately adjacent to the Building—27,000 sq. ft. LEA entertainment to the South Texas and to the 1936 World’s Fair, Fair Park is park.main concession stands. Local restaurants Snapshot: A 1930’s Artmarkets, Deco Cultural Northern Mexico including Parking: 9,251 parking spaces inside conveniently located two miles east of include Taco Palenque, Chick fil a Mall and Entertainment Venue, a events, national visited by over 7 million majorDallas concerts, family Market: the de park and Candy 7,250 formal parkingpeodowntown andsporting one of the most Norte, Corner. historicand landmark since 1986, and home eachimmediately year; site foradjacent more than 1,200 ice shows, trade shows, ple spaces to the unique venues in theconventions, country. During to the 1936 World’s Fair, Park is Laredo isfestivals. the second special events and cultural The Fair facility’ managepark.Demographics: the lastand 10 civic yearsevents. a number of thesexhiconveniently located two miles east of fastest growing Known as the ment company, See ad onvisited page 67 city in U.S; bition styled buildingsSMG haveManagement, been renoMarket: 7 million downtown Dallas and one of the ‘Gateway City’by– over the largest, mostpeoeffioversees all aspects of the arenamost includ- ple each vated and restored to their original year; site for more than 1,200 uniqueing venues in the country. During cient port of entry on the U.S./Mexico operations, concessions, schedul1936 grandeur including restoring the special events andto cultural the lasting, 10ticketing, years a number of the exhiborder; home 220,000,festivals. Nuevo Laredo, and marketing. beautiful Art Deco murals and basSMG Seeacross ad onthe page 67 boasts 700,000 bition Management styled buildings have been renoboarder, is the world’ s foremost relief ’s on the Centennial Hall, Food & vated and to their original and citizens. Only facility of its size within 2leaderrestored in the private development Fiber Building, Automobile Building 1936 grandeur including restoring the hour radius, a market totaling 6,500,000. management ofIn public assembly facilities, and Tower Building. addition to the West v1beautiful 1/13/09 8:43 AM basPage 77 Art Deco murals and See ad on including stadiums, arenas, theaters and est v1 1/13/09 8:43 AM Page 77 relief ’sexhibition/convention on the Centennial Hall, Food &been page 68 centers. It has Fiber Building, Automobile Building in the management business for over 23 and Building. In manages addition156 to the years and presently facilities 76 Tower The


ing rooms; 3 locker rooms; private The famous attractions like the Space catering room;like production office; famous attractions the Space Needle and International Fountain. accounting office. Fountain. Needle and International McCaw Hall at Seattle Center features McCaw Hall atSpace: Seattle Center features Exhibition Total site (including two auditoriums, elegant function twospaces, auditoriums, elegant function all levels) sq.architecture. ft.; Center Floor and 186,000 stunning spaces, and stunning architecture. – 17,000 sq. ft. with dasher board conKeyArena: Concerts 15,500 full figuration; 19,000 up sq.up ft. to with portable KeyArena: Concerts to 15,500 full house, or 7,400 Lower Bowl only with risers 7,400 extracted. house, Lowersystem; Bowl only with upperorlevel curtain Basketball upper system; &curtain Beverage: 4 concession stands upFood tolevel 16,200; Hockey upBasketball to 10,400. up towith 16,200; Hockey 10,400. 26 total pointsup of to sale; lounge/ McCaw Hall – up to 2,900 full house, meeting room VIPfull entrance McCaw Hall – upintothe 2,900 house,for or club 1,450 house” configuration and“intimate suite holders; fullservice bar or 1,450 “intimate house” configuration State CENTER, Farm Arena using onlyconcourse; Orchestra andlevel First Tier levSEATTLE offonly the suite features using Orchestra and First Tier lev-a SEATTLE CENTER, 2600 N. 10th St., KEYARENA Hidalgo, TX 78557 els;small Includes: The 2,900-seat Susan INCLUDING bar The exclusively for suite holders. els;Brotman Includes: 2,900-seat Susan INCLUDING (956) 843-6688;KEYARENA Fax: (956) 843-5547 Auditorium; 381-seat, stateAND MCCAW HALL The Arena has the capacity tostateseat Brotman Auditorium; AND MCCAW HALL of-the art Nesholm 381-seat, Family Lecture 305 Harrison Street, Seattle, WA 98109 approximately people for a catered General Manager: James Bricker of-the art Nesholm1,500 Family Lecture 305 Harrison Street, Seattle, WA 98109 Hall; and beautifully appointed Lobbies (206) 684-7202; Fax: (206) 684-7366 within the facility. Hall;function and beautifully appointed Lobbies (206) 684-7202; Fax: (206) 684-7366 Event Sales Representative/KeyArena: Reception Rooms. Snapshot: State Farm Arena is a $23- andand Event Sales Representative/KeyArena: Reception Rooms. Audience Amenities: 508 luxury club Sheryl Brown, Sr. million, multipurpose facility, seating Sheryl Brown, Exhibition Space: additional exhibition seats and 26 private suites. exhibition Event SalesSr.Representative/McCaw Hall: Exhibition Space: additional Event Sales Representative/McCaw approximately and facilities include: 34,000-sq.-ft Alison McGuire, Sr. 5,500 for hockeyHall: include:full-service 34,000-sq.-ft Marketing: in-house marAlison McGuire, Sr.and up to 6,800 for concerts. facilities basketball Exhibition Hall and 12,500-sq.-ft. Event Sales Manager/General: Hall and 12,500-sq.-ft. ketingPavilion. department. Event Sales Manager/General: The facility can also host boxing, indoorExhibition Fisher Karin Butler, Pavilion. Karin Butler, football, rodeos, ice shows and theatri- Fisher Demographics: The State Farm Staging: KeyArena features a Arena Staging: features a than 2.7 cal productions. Venue is home to: Rio has aKeyArena customer base of more Create your Seattle Center StageRight 40’ x 60’ x 4’-6’.5” CreateGrande your Seattle Center x 60’ 4’-6’.5”along the U.S. million 40’ people (1 xmillion Experience!Valley Killer Bees (Central StageRight adjustable height rolling stage.; McCaw Experience! rolling Hockey League) and The Rio Grande adjustable side ofheight the border, 1.7stage.; millionMcCaw along Hall proscenium is 60’w x35’h, plus Snapshot: Seattle Center is a unique Hall the proscenium is 60’w x35’h, plusand is Valley VipersCenter NBA-Development Mexican side of the border), Snapshot: Seattle is a unique 3,600 square feet stage left. urbanpark parkfeaturing featuring Seattle’s premier 3,600located squareinfeet stageofleft. League. an area South Texas known urban Seattle’s premier eventfacilities, facilities, including KeyArena Demographics: diverse metropolitan as the Rio Grande Valley. The Valley is event andand diverse metropolitan Seating: including 6,800-seat KeyArena arena that will con- Demographics: McCawHall, Hall, situated beautifully populace of over 3,500,000 in theand is in theoftop 100 television markets, McCaw onon beautifully over 3,500,000 in the figure upsituated to 5,500-seats for ice hockey, populace landscaped74-acre 74-acre campus that Greater Seattle Area; Seattle Center the 10th largest Hispanic DMA. landscaped campus that football and soccer and a center stage Greater Seattle Area; Seattle Center includes1717acres acres open space, with receives 12 million visitors year. includes of of open space, with perper year. concert capacity of 6,800-seats. (Three receives See12 admillion on pagevisitors 69 pleasantoutdoor outdoor courtyards, fountains ad on page 75 pleasant courtyards, fountains rows on either side of the bowl and five SeeSee ad on page 75 andlush lushgreen green spaces relaxation. and spaces forfor relaxation. rows at the backstage are removable. Eventfacilities facilities alongside more Event areare setset alongside more Backstage Areas: 2 mainsports artist dressthan3030 cultural, educational, than cultural, educational, sports andand entertainment organizations, including entertainment organizations, including


rooms; 3 locker rooms that also serve as dressing rooms; private catering room; production office; accounting office. TEXAS

TEXAS texas


One Reliant Park Houston, TX 77054 (832) 667-1400; Fax: (832) 667-1748 RELIANT ReliantPARK Park One Park OneReliant Reliant Park Manager: Jeff Gaines Assistant General Houston, Houston,TX TX77054 77054 Snapshot: Reliant the premier (832) Fax: (832) 667-1748 (832)667-1400; 667-1400; Fax:Park (832)is 667-1748 entertainment, sports, convention, tradeshow and special event complex Assistant General Manager: JeffGaines Gaines Assistant General Manager: Jeff

located in Houston’s South Main corriSnapshot: Reliant Park the premier Reliant Park isisthree the premier dor.Snapshot: The complex features distinct entertainment, sports, convention, entertainment, convention, facilities – Reliantsports, Stadium, Relianttradetradeshow and special event complex showand and Reliant special event complex located Center Arena. Reliant Park located in Houston’s Southcorridor. Main corriin Houston’ s South Main The encompasses 350 acres has 26,000 parkdor. The complex features three distinct features three distinct facilities ingcomplex spaces and hosts more 600 events facilities – Reliant Stadium, Reliant Reliant Stadium, Reliant Center and per–year. Center Reliant Arena. Park Reliantand Arena. Reliant ParkReliant encompassCapacities: Reliant Stadium (71,500 encompasses 350 acres has 26,000 parkes 350 has 26,000 parking spaces seats and acres 125,000 sq. ft. of spaceevents for ingand spaces hostsand morehosts 600 more events600 per year. general per year.sessions, catered functions Capacities: Reliant Stadium (71,500 and/or exhibits). Capacities: Reliantsq.Stadium (71,500 seats and 125,000 ft. of gross space for Reliant Center (1.4sq. million seats and 125,000 ft. of space for general sessions, catered functions and/ sq.ft/706,213 sq. ft of single level congeneral sessions, catered functions or exhibits). tiguous space divisible into 11 and/or exhibit exhibits). Reliant Center million gross separate halls also (1.4 has 61 meeting Reliant Center (1.4ft million sq.ft/706,213 sq. of singlegross level sq.ft/706,213 sq. ft of single level contiguous exhibit space divisibleconinto tiguous exhibit space divisible into 11 11 separate halls also has 61 meeting separate rooms).halls also has 61 meeting West



United Spirit Arena 1701 Indiana Avenue UNITED SPIRIT ARENA UNITED Lubbock, TX SPIRIT 79409-2200 1701 Indiana Avenue ARENA

1701 Indiana Avenue (806) 742-7362; Fax: (806) 742-7557 Lubbock, TX 79409-2200 Lubbock, TX 79409-2200 (806) 742-7362; Fax: (806) 742-7557 (806) 742-7362; Fax: (806) 742-7557 Director: Kent Meredith Associate Director: Cindy Harper Director: Kent Meredith KentDirector: MeredithCindy Harper Director: (booking) Associate Associate Director: Cindy Harper (booking) “The Entertainment Showcase (booking)

of West Texas” “The Entertainment Showcase “TheofEntertainment Showcase West Texas” This year United Spirit ofSnapshot: West Texas”

rooms). Reliant Arena (approximately 8,000 seats and a 2,000-seat pavilion and Reliant Arena (approximately 8,000 350,000 rooms). sq. ft. of exhibit space). seats and a 2,000-seat pavilion and The keysq. feature of the space). Reliant 8,000 Park Reliant Arena 350,000 ft. of (approximately exhibit complex flexibility.pavilion With four seats andisaits 2,000-seat and The keyand feature of the venues, Reliant Park unique the 350,000 sq.adaptable ft. of exhibit space). complex is its flexibility. With four Reliant Park complex has the versatility The key of the Reliant Park unique andfeature adaptable Reliant to accommodate anyvenues, varietythe of events complex is its flexibility. Withtofour Park complex the versatility ranging from has corporate meetings and unique and adaptable therangaccommodate varietyvenues, of team buildingany seminars, to events employee Reliant complex has the ing from Park corporate meetings andversatility team appreciation and holiday parties! to accommodate anyemployee variety of events building seminars, to appreciaBackstage areas: 4 meeting roomsand and ranging from corporate meetings tion and holiday parties! 20,000 sq. ft backstage space team building seminars,floor to employee Areas:with 4 meeting rooms 2Backstage Locker rooms showers and and appreciation and holiday parties! 20,000 sq. floor space 15,000 sq.ftftbackstage of catering/hospitality areas: meetingand rooms and 2Backstage Locker rooms with4 showers area. 20,000sq. sq.ftftofbackstage floor space 15,000 catering/hospitality area. Marketing: An email of 2 Locker rooms with database showers and Marketing: An email database of 170,000 forftpre-sales and special offers. 15,000 sq. of catering/hospitality 170,000 for pre-sales and special offers. area. Parking: 26,000 spaces. Parking: 26,000 spaces. Marketing: An Houston email database Demographics: is the of fourth Demographics: Houston the fourth 170,000 for pre-sales andisUnited special offers. most populous city in the States. mostgreater populous city in the United States. The Houston metropolitan area Parking: 26,000 spaces. Theagreater Houston metropolitan area has population of approximately 4 Demographics: Houston is the 4fourth has a population of approximately million people. The Houston City most populous cityHouston in the United States. million people. Statistical AreaThe (CSA) coversCity 12,476 The greater Houston metropolitan area Statistical Area (CSA) covers 12,476 square miles. Houston is also a major has a population of approximately 4 square miles. Houston is also a major media market, ranking 10th in size. millionmarket, people.ranking The Houston City media 10th in size. See ad on page Statistical Area71 (CSA) covers 12,476 square miles. Houston is also a major media market, ranking 10th in size. See ad on page 71

Facilities SuperBook 2009 Facilities SuperBook 2009 round and approximately 12,000 endand approximately 12,000 end-stage, stage, and has half-house capabilities. and approximately 12,000 end-stage, and has half-house capabilities. and has half-house Exhibition Space: capabilities. The facility feaExhibition Space: facility features tures 81,017Space: square feetThe of concourse Exhibition The features 81,017 square feet of facility concourse space space and 31,916 square feet of space arena 81,017 square feet of concourse and 31,916 square feet of arena floor, and floor, and covers a total of 204,025 andcovers 31,916a square of arena floor,feet. and total offeet 204,025 square squareafeet. covers total of 204,025 square feet. Backstage Areas: 4 concourse-level BackstageAreas: Areas:44concourse-level concourse-level Backstage meeting rooms, 6 dressing rooms, a meeting rooms, 6dressing dressing rooms, meeting rooms, 6 rooms, aa a practice gym, a media work room, practice gym, a media media work room, a practice gym, a work room, a press conference room. press conference room. press conference room. Special Seating: 24 luxury suites. SpecialSeating: Seating:24 24luxury luxury suites. Special suites. Food & Beverage: a spacious food Food& &Beverage: Beverage:aaspacious spaciousfood food Food court, 10 fixed concession stands; catercourt, 10 fixed concession stands; court, fixed concession stands; catering10 and service provided catering andconcession concession pro-by by ing and concession serviceservice provided Sodexho Sports & Leisure Services. vided by Sports Sodexho Leisure Sodexho & Sports Leisure&Services. Services. Box Office/Ticketing: Select-a-Seat of Box Office/Ticketing: Select-a-Seat of (806)770-2000. BoxLubbock, Office/Ticketing: Lubbock, (806)770-2000.Select-a-Seat of Lubbock, (806) 770-2000. Market/demographics: Lubbock Market/demographics: Lubbock expands over 104.6 square miles, holds Market/Demographics: expands over 104.6 squareLubbock miles, holds a population of 209,000, and maintains overof104.6 square aexpands population 209,000, andmiles, maintains a market draw ofof1,000,000 people in a population 209,000, and aholds market draw of 1,000,000 people in West Texas, Eastern New Mexico, and maintains a market draw of 1,000,000 West Texas, Eastern New Mexico, and the Texas Panhandle. The United Spirit people in Panhandle. West Texas,The Eastern New the Texas United Spirit Arenaand is located on the Texas Tech Mexico, theon Texas Arena is located the Panhandle. Texas Tech University campus, which has over The United Spirit Arena University campus, which ishaslocated over 28,000 students and is the largest on the Texas Tech University campus, 28,000 students and is the largest of of four colleges and universities in which has over students four colleges and30,000 universities in and Lubbock. is the largest of four colleges and Lubbock. universities Lubbock. See ad oninpage 64

Arena celebrates its 10th yearSpirit of Snapshot: This year United Snapshot: This yearEntertainment United Spirit operation as the Arena celebrates its 9th year of Arena celebrates its 9th year Since of its Showcase of the West Texas. operation as Entertainment operation Entertainment openingasinthe 1999, United Showcase ofNovember West Texas. Since its Showcase of West its array Spirit Arena hasTexas. hostedSince a wide opening in November 1999, United opening in November 1999, United of events, from concerts family Spirit Arena hostedwide aand wide array Spirit Arena hashas hosted array of of shows to trade shows aand and convenevents, from concerts family shows events, from concerts and family shows tions. Headline performances and to trade shows and conventions. to trade and conventions. eventsshows have included Elton John, Headline performances and events Headline performances and events havehave KISS, Aerosmith, George Strait, included Elton John, KISS, Aerosmith, See ad on page 64 included Elton John, KISS, Aerosmith, Eagles, Cher, Shania Twain, Pearl See ad on page 60 George Strait, Eagles, Cher, Shania George Eagles, Cher, Shania Jam, Strait, Harlem Globetrotters and Twain, Pearl Jam, Harlem Globetrotters Twain, Pearl Jam, Harlem Globetrotters World Wrestling Entertainment. World Wrestling Entertainment. andand World Wrestling Entertainment. Capacities: United Spirit Arena can Capacities: United Spirit Arena Capacities: United Spirit Arena cancan accommodate 15,000 15,000 fans in-theaccommodate fans in-the-round accommodate 15,000 fans in-the-round

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West v1 West v1

1/13/09 1/13/09

8:36 AM 8:36 AM

Page 67 Page 67



P.O. Box 159090, Dallas, TX 75315

(214) 670-8400 •

Courtesy of Carolyn Brown Photography

Overview Overview

Fair Overview Fair Park, Park, conveniently conveniently located located two two miles miles east east of of downtown downtown Dallas, Dallas, is is one one of the most unique exhibition venues in the country. AA national historic of the most unique exhibition venues in the country. national historic Fair Park, a national historic landmark 277-acre park, is conveniently landmark since 1986, the the second city Dallas park in landmark sinceeast 1986, the park park became became theand second cityofof ofthe Dallas located two miles oftodowntown Dallas is one mostpark in 1904 and was home aa World’s Fair in 1936. 1904 and was home to World’s Fair in 1936. unique exhibition venues in the country. Recent renovations to the Cotton Bowl News 700-ft. esplanade Cotton Bowl fountain News added a water, light and music show, along with A $53-million renovation and project just been the newly cast 15-ft. bronze statues—the A $53-million renovation and expansion expansionContralto project has hasand justCountertenor— been completed completed at at the historic Bowl. the theambiance historic Cotton Cotton Bowl. Through Through the years years the stadium stadium has hosted variadding and beauty that makes that the area perfecthas for hosted festivalsaa variand ety of major events including, professional and collegiate football games, ety of major events including, professional and collegiate football games, otherworld events. world cup cup soccer, soccer, major major league league and and international international soccer soccer matches, matches, religious religious Cotton Bowl Stadium gatherings gatherings and and festivals. festivals. A recentThe $53-million renovation and expansion project preserved the The renovation renovation and and expansion expansion project project has has preserved preserved the the stadiums stadiums hishistoric and state-of-the-art facility future stadium’ historic structure andaacreated a state-of-the-art Included torics structure structure and created created state-of-the-art facility for forfacility. future generations generations enjoy major events to in theto were a media conference center, new seating and toupgrades enjoy many many major eventsand to come. come. Renovations and Upgrades include xx 83’ HD video a 57’x83’HD resolution video scoreboard and 57’ sound Through Renovations and Upgrades include aa new new 57’ 83’system. HD resolution resolution video scoreboard and of of kind Texas; the years the stadium hassystem, hostedone a variety of major scoreboard and sound sound system, one of the the largest largest of its itsevents kind in inincluding, Texas; new new natural natural grass turf; new seating; new railing system; Structural Upgrades; includes professional football cupUpgrades; soccer, major league grass turf;and newcollegiate seating; new railinggames, system;world Structural includes 20,000 seats increasing seating to concession areas, and international soccer concerts andnew religious gatherings. 20,000 additional additional seatsmatches, increasingmajor seating to 90,000+; 90,000+; new concession areas, additional rest rooms; new facades; new Media/Conference Center. additional rest rooms; new facades; new Media/Conference Center. Selling Points Selling Points Fair Park Dallas can count versatility, historic architecture, beautiful Selling Points Fair Park Dallas count architecture, beautiful grounds attractions amonghistoric its many selling features. Forgrounds Fair and Park cultural Dallas can can count versatility, versatility, historic architecture, beautiful grounds and among its selling features. versatility, itit versatility, it has attractions over 850,000 square feet of rentable spaceFor including seven and cultural cultural attractions among its many many selling features. For versatility, has over 850,000 square feet of rentable space including seven exhibition has over 850,000 square feetfrom of rentable including exhibition halls ranging in size 17,000space square feet of seven space exhibition to 94,500 halls ranging in from square feet of to square halls ranging in size size from 25,000 25,000 feetand of space space to 94,500 94,500 square feet feet square feet of aspace; a coliseum and square stadium; outdoor event space. of space; coliseum and stadium; and outdoor event space. For cultural of space; a coliseum and stadium; and outdoor event space. For cultural For cultural attractions, it is home to eight museums and six performance attractions, itit is home to museums and six facilities attractions, isthe home to eight eight museums six performance performance facilitieseasier facilities including Music Hall. Gettingand to Fair Park just became including the Music Hall. including the Music Hall. with the addition of aP.O. newBox light rail station at the Parry/Exposition Dallas, TX 75315 Box 159090, 159090, Dallas, 75315 Avenue park entrance.P.O. Passengers can the boardTXthe Dart Rail Green (214) 670-8400 • Line in downtown Dallas reach Fair Park in a few short minutes. (214)and 670-8400 •


Embarcadero Building Automobile Building Cotton Bowl Stadium 27,000 sq. ft. 84,500 sq. ft. Cotton Bowl Stadium Embarcadero Automobile Building Embarcadero Building Automobile Building Band Shell Building Centennial Hall 27,000 sq. ft. 84,500 sq. ft. 27,000 sq. ft. 84,500 sq. ft. Cotton Bowl Stadium 94,500 sq. ft. Shell Centennial Hall Band Centennial Hall Pavilion Band FairShell Park Coliseum Food & Fiber Cotton 94,500 sq. ft. Cotton Bowl Bowl Stadium Stadium 94,500 sq. ft.sq. ft. 25,000 Livestock Pavilion & Arenas Fair Park Coliseum Food & Pavilion Fair Park Coliseum FoodGrand & Fiber Fiber Pavilion Place Building Livestock Pan American Arena 25,000 sq. 25,000 sq. ft. ft.sq. ft. Livestock Pavilion Pavilion & & Arenas Arenas 50,000 Grand Place Building Old Mill Inn Restaurant Pan American Arena Grand Place Building Pan American Arena Tower Building 50,000 16,500+ parking spaces 50,000 sq. sq. ft. ft. Old Old Mill Mill Inn Inn Restaurant Restaurant 40,000 sq. ft. Tower Building Tower Building eight museums Plus: eight museums Plus:Plus: eight museums 40,000 40,000 sq. sq. ft. ft.

Dallas Historical Art Deco Setting

FAIR .. .. .. A cultural venue for Fair Park . A unique culturaland and entertainment entertainment venue for successful events!events! FAIR PARK PARK A. .unique unique cultural and entertainment venue for successful successful events! Automobile Building Automobile Building Automobile Building Centennial Hall Centennial Hall Centennial Hall Food Fiber Pavilion Food Fiber Pavilion Food& & & Fiber Pavilion Grand Place Building Grand Place Building Grand Place Building Tower Building Tower Building Tower Building Embarcadero Building Embarcadero Building Embarcadero Building Band Shell BandShell Shell Band

Cotton Bowl Cotton BowlStadium Stadium Cotton Bowl Stadium Fair Park Coliseum Fair Park Coliseum Fair Park Coliseum Livestock Pavilion Livestock Pavilion& Arenas Livestock Pavilion &&Arenas Arenas Pan American PanPan American Arena AmericanArena Arena Old Mill Inn Restaurant Old Old MillMill InnInn Restaurant Restaurant Plus: Eight Museums! Plus: Eight Plus: EightMuseums! Museums! Located five minutes east downtown Dallas Located five minutes eastofof ofdowntown downtown Dallas Located five minutes east Dallas P.O. Box159090, Dallas, Texas 75315 • For Rental Information P.O. Box159090, Dallas, Texas 75315 • For Rental Information Call Call 214.670.8400 214.670.8400 P.O. Box159090, Dallas, Texas 75315 • For Rental Information Call 214.670.8400

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Facilities 2010 SuperBook 2009 Facilities SuperBook

The The West West

67 67 65

THE WEST / oklahoma

FORD CENTER 100 West Reno, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 (405) 602-8700 • Fax: (405) 602-8505 •


ore than one million guests create memories at Oklahoma City’s Ford Center each year. Ford Center is conveniently located just off Interstate 40 in downtown Oklahoma City, which recently ranked third in BusinessWeek’s report on the “Forty Strongest U.S. Metro Economies.” Improvements Major improvements are currently underway at Ford Center. The more than $90-million expansion and renovation project is being funded by a 15-month sales tax that was overwhelmingly approved by Oklahoma City voters. Additions include a new grand entrance with multi-story atrium, new restaurants, clubs, roof top gardens, a family fun zone and more. Designed to elevate the experience of our audiences and increase the revenue generating potential of our clients, the final phase of improvements will be completed following the 2010-11 Thunder basketball season. History Home to the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder, Ford Center also plays host to major concerts, family shows, sporting events and the latest in world-class entertainment. The SMG-managed facility is owned by the City of Oklahoma City and was the premier project of its visionary capital improvement program (MAPS) to finance new and upgraded sports, entertainment, cultural and convention facilities with a one-cent sales tax. Capacities Ford Center offers a variety of seating configurations with varying capacities from less than 4,000 to nearly 18,000. The arena is currently a spacious 586,000 square feet. The arena floor itself measures 144’ x 260’, for a total of 34,074 square feet. With its permanent ice floor, portable insulated flooring system, portable basketball floors and portable arena football turf, Ford Center is


Home to the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder, Ford Center also plays host to major concerts, family shows, sporting events and the latest in world-class entertainment. equipped to accommodate a number of diverse event configurations. For maximum flexibility, Ford Center’s arena curtaining system features rigging capabilities and can create an intimate setting for any event. Food & Beverage SAVOR... Catering by SMG offers catering services and manages the numerous concession areas, while Levy Restaurants provides catering services in select premium seating areas. Marketing Our award-winning, in-house marketing department offers fullservice marketing and public relations support. Ticketing At Ford Center, our clients benefit from the knowledge of our experienced box office staff, as well as Ticketmaster’s advanced ticket distribution services and marketing solutions. Market The Oklahoma City metro area has a population of over 1.2 million. Oklahoma is home to four military bases that are located approximately 10 minutes to just over two hours away, while three State Universities range from 20 minutes to just over an hour away.

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Laredo Energy Arena 6700 Arena Blvd, Laredo, TX 78041 (956) 791-9192; Fax: (956) 523-7777 •


he Laredo Energy Arena is a first-class, state-of-the-art multipurpose facility developed by Arena Ventures LLC. This multi-use facility has introduced affordable, familyoriented entertainment to the South Texas and Northern Mexico markets, including major concerts, sporting events, family and ice shows, conventions, trade shows, and civic events. The facility’s management company, SMG Management, oversees all aspects of the arena including operations, concessions, scheduling, ticketing, and marketing. SMG Management is the world’s foremost leader in the private development and management of public assembly facilities, including stadiums, arenas, theaters and exhibition/convention centers. It has been in the management business for over 23 years and presently manages 156 facilities worldwide. With 32,000 square feet of continuous open floor space, the LEA has the largest indoor


convention space in South Texas. The 178,000-square-foot facility boasts a seating capacity of 10,000 with 14 luxury suites, six meeting rooms and a private club. The facility’s luxury suites include concierge service, a television, and seating for twelve to fourteen people, among other amenities. The clubhouse level, which is on the same level as the luxury suites, features a bar overlooking the main floor. Arena Ventures owns 35 additional acres around the site that is currently being developed with hotels, specialized retail stores and restaurants.

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The West / washington

Toyota Center & Three Rivers Convention Center


hree Rivers is the confluence of everything that makes for great events: from the versatility of the Toyota Center to the distinctive Three Rivers Convention Center with our dedicated staff serving you all along the way. Centrally located between Seattle, Portland, Spokane, and Boise in the Tri-Cities community of 250,000, Three Rivers is surrounded by world-class wine regions, top-rated golf, miles of riverfront parks and trails, and abundant dining, shopping, and accommodation options.

Toyota Center Comfortably seating 5,000 to 6,500 in six configurations, the Toyota Center is superbly suited for sports, entertainment, trade shows, and meetings. The facility’s concourse provides access to concessions and amenities, and private suites provide exclusive viewing for VIP attendees. A separate banquet area accommodates groups up to 250 with a dance floor, private entrance, and full-service bar.

Seating Capacity: 6,500 Exhibit space: 27,000 sq ft Banquet space: 3,000 sq ft Dressing rooms: 5 VIP suites: 11 Press box Ice rink Xenon Supertrouper spotlights: 2 Rigging & staging Full Broad way Rigging Grid Windermere Theatre: 2,100 guests Catering room

Three Rivers Convention Center The 75,000-square-foot Three Rivers Convention Center is ideal for meetings and conventions. The Great Hall provides 21,600 square feet easily transformed into a ballroom accommodating 1,500 or subdivided into smaller spaces. The Convention Center also includes meeting rooms, a soaring glass foyer, private board room, and Cyber Café.

Total space: 75,000 sq ft Great Hall: 21,600 sq ft Foyer: 14,000 sq ft Meeting rooms: 13 Latest A/V Technology Programmable lighting In-House caterer On-site managers and staff Flexible restrooms by group Wi-Fi Internet

The Three Rivers Campus is managed by VenuWorks. VenuWorks provides full management services for arenas, theaters, and convention centers to over 30 venues across the country. It also manages food and beverage operations, event booking, promotion services, and feasibility consulting work for clients with existing and prospective public assembly facilities.

7016 W. Grandridge Boulevard, Kennewick, WA 99336 (509) 737-3700 • Fax: (509) 735-9431 •

Experience Three Rivers

For Booking Information Please Contact Us: phone 509.737.3700 fax 509.735.9431 email


Toyota Center • Toyota Arena • Three Rivers Convention Center 7016 W. Grandridge Boulevard, Kennewick, WA 99336

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Toyota Center/ Toyota Arena/Three Rivers Convention Center 7016 W Grandridge Blvd Kennewick, WA 99336 (509) 737-3700; Fax: (509) 735-4699 Executive Director: Corey Pearson

“Experience Three Rivers” Snapshot: Managed by VenuWorks, Three Rivers includes The Toyota Center, a 7,000-seat venue that is home to WHL’s Tri-City Americans and the af2’s Tri-Cities Fever; the 17,000-sq-ft, 350-seat Toyota Arena, and the Three Rivers Convention Center, featuring more than 50,000 sq. ft. of meeting/exhibition space, 14,000 sq. ft. of pre-function space, loading docks, a conference room, and a 1,600-sq.-ft. Cyber Café and patio.

Seating: (Toyota Center)—In the Round 7,715; End Stage 5,579; Half House 3,435; Theater Set 2,031; Basketball 6,147. Audience Amenities: 11 Suites; The Sunset Lounge, the Toyota Center’s banquet room, provides versatile space to accommodate groups from 250 to 500 people, with 3,000 square feet, a 29’x26’ dance floor, and private entrance. Sound/Lighting: Full range, sound reinforcement suspended from arena grid. Sound control room is located on the third level, multiple patch bays around the arena walls at floor level as well as the press box. Mercury vapor lighting – 10 minute warm-up/cooldown time. Three separate rings, outer stands – 3,000 watts. Two super trooper long throws. Backstage Areas: Locker/Dressing rooms equipped with shower and toilet facilities (5 rooms total); Green Room; Production/First Aide Room.

Entertainment/Sports/Performances/ Exhibitions/Concerts/Competition/ Shows/Special Events

Food & Beverage: Toyota Center – 10 concessions stands; Catering provided by Centerplate. Parking: 1,300 parking spaces, including over thirty ADA parking spaces. Marketing: co-promotional services, in house marketing. See ad on page 70

IEBA Keeps Upbeat in a Downbeat Economy Continued from page 11

see their favorites in an intimate environment because they feel closer to the artist, but if the artist is known for their large-scale stage production, you’re only going to get that in a large venue. FACILITIES: In terms of marketing, what old ways still work and what ways are obsolete? T.D.: It depends on the market and the genre. The older methods of newspaper, TV and radio ads are still effective in some markets. Music lovers who still pick up a paper will read the entertainment section to see who’s coming to town. However, there is no denying that the Internet has taken over when it comes to alerting fans of dates of upcoming tour and ticket onsales. Perhaps sidewalk barkers are obsolete! FACILITIES: What do talent buyers and promoters expect from venues today? T.D.: On the practical side of things, they need a venue that fits the size of their show and can handle the necessary rigging and load in. They need to be sure the venue’s ticketing platform can handle the show. They are looking for an all- inclusive venue that handles staffing, security, ushers, concessions, etc. in the rental fee of the venue so they do not have to contract out locally. They want professionals, not volunteers, which isn’t an issue in the big venues, but some smaller venues could still be using volunteers. On the “perks” side, as new buildings are being built they are raising the bar on amenities available to the touring acts such as upgraded dressing rooms and green rooms, game rooms and gyms.

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THE FACILITIES MEDIA GROUP Essential Planning Tools FACILITIES: What service can venues offer that talent buyers and promoters will prize most? T.D.: Competitive pricing for rent of the venue, a seasoned building staff to ensure the show runs smoothly and a safe building for stage and rigging. FACILITIES: In terms of staging equipment, what is now mandatory for venues? T.D.: It varies in relation to the venue size. Large stadiums are essentially a shell for the tour to bring in their own staging, so plentiful rigging points and a massive amount of electricity to power the show’s lights, sound and video are critical to produce a large-scale show. In terms of smaller theaters, there is an expectation of a high-quality, basic sound and light package that can be added to if need-be. However, smaller shows don’t travel with extensive production equipment so it is an advantage to have a fairly extensive and updated package included in the rental of the smaller venues. FACILITIES: What advice would you give an artist booking his or her first tour? T.D.: Watch your costs! Don’t overspend on extravagant travel, whether that is a fancy bus, five-star hotels or first-class airline tickets. It is so easy to become upside down on tour expenses, and when you are starting you usually don’t have other streams of revenue to cover the overages. The idea is to make money on your tour, not go broke. Make sure your routing is as cost-effective as possible and look for all opportunities to promote your show and product in each town you visit from radio visits, to in-store signings, to local news and TV shows. Limit your entourage!


Canada CANAD










Air Canada Centre

40 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario M5J 2L2 (416) 815-5500: Fax: (416) 359-9332 Executive Vice President, Venues & Live Entertainment:: Robert J. Hunter Vice President, Live Entertainment: Patti-Anne Tarlton

Like Your Music Live? Get Inside! Snapshot: The $244-million Air Canada Centre opened in February 1999. Air Canada Centre is owned by Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, Ltd., also sole owners of the NBA’s Toronto Raptors and the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs. In 2009, following a 10-week hiatus, the venue re-opened with over $48 million in renovations, including an all new digital platform that runs throughout Air Canada Centre’s concourse, a new 20,000-square-foot Atrium and a brand new 30” x 50” HD Outdoor Videobaord. In 2010, the adjacent $455-million Maple Leaf Square will


open making Air Canada Centre the place to be in downtown Toronto. Capacities: Basketball: 18,800: Hockey: 17,553; Full Mode Concert: 18,500; Lower Bowl Concert: 10,019; Theatre Mode: up to 6,253. Sound/Lighting: Work lights (with re-strike time of 1 minute); 16 Martin Pals – in 2 clusters of 6, hung above blue lines; 4 under corners of centre scoreboard. Backstage Areas: 2 Multipurpose rooms; Studio; waiting room; Male & Female Officials Locker Rooms; Tour Catering/Rogers Media Centre: two dressing rooms. Food & Beverage: Rickard’s Red Brew Pub; TD Waterhouse Platinum Club Restaurant; Air Canada Club Restaurant; Hot Stove Club; Smirnoff Ice Box. Marketing: in-house Event Sales & Marketing Team assists in all aspects of promotion and sales. Demographics: Toronto is a multicultural city with a population over 2.4 million and has 5.5 million people living within the surrounding area. See ad on page 73

America. Since it opened in September

General Motors Place has groups of1995, 20-120.

See ad on Page 79

attracted the biggest names in show business to its stage and has welcomed more than 16.5 million visitors through its doors. Capacities: Hockey 16,908, End Stage 180: 12,285, Center Stage: 18,337, Concert Bowl: 10,420 Theatre Bowl: 5,990 (complete with curtain system). Backstage Areas: 13 backstage rooms; 4 Hospitality Suites accommodating groups of 20-120.

manitoba MANITOBA

Exhibition Space: Retractable seating Exhibition Space: Retractable system can expand event floor to seating system can expand event floor to 245’ x 115’. 245’ x 115’. Staging: in-house modular portable Staging: in-house modular portable staging system, 4-6’ high, valhoffer60’ staging system, with 4-6’ high, valhofferx 40’ or combined scaffolding to 56’ 60’ x 40’ combined with scaffolding to x 72’ x 5’orhigh. 56’ x 72’ x 5’ high. MANITOBA Areas: Backstage 4 Premier Exhibition Space: Retractable seatingArtist Backstage Areas: 4 Premier system can expand event floor todressingArtist Dressing Rooms; 6 team rooms; 245’Dressing x 115’. Rooms; 6 team dressing catering room; production/management Staging: in-house modular portable rooms; catering room; production/manoffices. staging system, offices. 4-6’ high, valhoffer- 60’ agement xFood 40’ or combined with scaffolding & Beverage: A large to variety MTS MTSCENTRE Centre 56’ Food x 72’ x 5’&high. Beverage: Amanaged large variety of concession offerings, by of 300 300Portage PortageAve. Ave. Backstage Areas: 4offerings, Premier Artist concession managed & by Centerplate; Restaurant Winnipeg, Winnipeg,MB MBR3C R3C5S4 5S4 Dressing Rooms;Exchange 6 team dressing Centerplate; Restaurant & (204) rooms; catering room;Exchange production/man(204)987-7825; 987-7825;Fax: Fax:(204) (204)926-5555 926-5555 Beer. Beer.offices. agement Audience Amenities: 50 private suites MTS CENTRE Food & Beverage: A large variety50 of private suites Vice Manager: VicePresident/General President/General Manager: Audience Amenities: 300 Portage Ave. and clubofferings, seating/lounge program concession managed by Kevin Sr. KevinDonnelly, Donnelly, Sr.MB R3C 5S4 Winnipeg, and clubFour seating/lounge Centerplate; Exchange Restaurant &program available. sided 16’ x 16’ centre avail(204) 987-7825; Fax: (204) 926-5555 Beer. Fourunit sided 16’ x 16’ centre hung Snapshot: Since opening ininNovember hung (capable of recessing Snapshot: Since opening November President/General Manager: Audience Amenities: 50 private unit (capable ofnotsuites recessing 2004, the theVice MTS Centre has tovideo rigging beams when in use) to rigKevin Donnelly, Sr. 2004, MTS Centre hasconsistently consistently and club seating/lounge program availging beams when notboard in use) ranked among the busiest entertainment and power-ring/ribbon withand full able. Four sided 16’ x 16’ centre hung ranked among theSince busiest entertainSnapshot: opening in November power-ring/ribbon board with full facilities in the world. Each and every video unit (capable of recessing to rigmulti-media design/creation services. ment facilities inMTS the Centre world.hasEach and 2004, the consistently gingmulti-media beams when notdesign/creation in use) and services. year, the MTS Centre hosts least at ranked the busiestatentertainevery year, the among MTS Centre hosts power-ring/ribbon board with full Marketing: Full-service in-house marment facilitiesfrom in theinternational world. Each and 140 events ranging Marketing: Full-service in-house marmulti-media design/creation services. least 140every events ranging from internaketing/promotion department. year, theby MTS Centre hostsbigat hockey, toleast concerts some ofsome the keting/promotion department. Marketing: Full-service in-house martional hockey, toevents concerts of 140 rangingbyfrom internaThe capital city of Demographics: gestbiggest names in hockey, the music industry, to of keting/promotion department. tional concerts by some the names into the music industry, Demographics: The capitala major city of the the biggest names in the music industry, the province The of Manitoba other world renowned shows such Demographics: capital city ofand the tomany many other world renowned shows province of Manitoba a major to many other world renowned shows province of Manitoba and a major Canadian and regional cityand with a as Cirque du Soleil and Walking with such as Cirque du Soleil Walking such as Cirque du Soleil andandWalking Canadian and regional city with a city pop- with a popCanadian regional population ofand 712,700. Winnipeg Draws Dinosaurs. 3.8-million patrons passed with Dinosaurs. 3.8-million patrons ulation of 712,700. Winnipeg Draws with Dinosaurs. 3.8-million patrons ulation of base 712,700. Draws passed through the in the from population base ofWinnipeg approximately 8 from population of approximately throughthrough the turnstiles in turnstiles the facility’ s passed the40turnstiles in the from population base of approximately facility’s first months of operation. 8million million people. people. first 40 months of operation. facility’s first 40 months of operation. 8 million people. Capacities: up to 16,000 concert-goers; Capacities: up to 16,000 concert-goers; its RBC Theatre configuration with Capacities: up toconfiguration 16,000 concert-goers; its RBC state-of-the-art Theatre with curtaining system— its RBC Theatre configuration creates intimate concertsystem— settingwith for crestate-of-the-art curtaining audiences as small as 3,500. state-of-the-art curtaining ates intimate concert setting system— for audicreates ences asintimate small as concert 3,500. setting for audiences as small as 3,500. Facilities SuperBook 2009


Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre

189 Yonge Street Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5B 1M4 (416) 325-4144; Fax: (416) 314-3583 Manager of Bookings and Events: Kevin Harris

More Than Just A Theatre! Snapshot: Originally built in 1913 for vaudeville and silent films, the complex contains two distinct and separate theatres, one sitting atop the other. The complex is a multi-use facility hosting live performances, corporate events, receptions, film and photo shoots. The centre offers a wide range of programming from musicals, dramas, comedies, dance, operas, family shows, concerts, readings, and screenings from the Toronto International Film Festival.

Capacities: Elgin Theatre -1,561;2009 Facilities SuperBook Winter Garden Theatre - 992; Cascading reception lobbies range from small intimate gatherings to 900 people. “Dinner on Stage” events – 80. Backstage Areas: Plentiful dressings rooms in backstage areas (single to chorus size), stage management offices, crew rooms, wardrobe rooms. Two rehearsal studios with washrooms, dressing rooms and kitchen; large loading dock, freight elevator. Food & Beverage: Six separate bar areas; wine, beer, liquor, water, soft drinks; preferred caterers list available to clients. Demographics: Toronto, the largest city in Canada, has more than 2.5 million residents, Toronto is at the heart of the Greater Toronto Area, which has a populate of more than 5 million.

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Hotel Le Germain • Fine Dining Restaurant • RealSports Bar and Grill • RealSports Apparel Patti-Anne Tarlton, Vice President, Live Entertainment 416.815.5847 Tricia Silliphant, Manager, Event Programming 416.815.5763


Canada / ontario

THE ELGIN AND WINTER GARDEN THEATrE CENTRE 189 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (416) 325-4144 • HISTORY Toronto’s historic Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre is a Canadian National Historic Site and the last operating doubledecker vaudeville era theatre in the world. Originally built in 1913 by Marcus Loew, it contains two distinct and unique theatres, one sitting atop the other. Both theatres operated together for 14 years, but, with the coming of “talkies,” the Winter Garden closed its doors in 1928 and remained boarded up for more than 60 years. RESTORATION The ensuing years brought many changes to the building but it gradually fell into disrepair. It was purchased by the Ontario Heritage Trust in 1981 and underwent a major restoration between 1987 and 1989 at a cost of $29 million (Cdn). A total of 65,000 square feet of new space was added including ample lobbies, lounges and an eight storey backstage addition housing spacious dressing rooms, crew rooms, a loading dock, freight elevator and two enormous rehearsal studios. The Elgin now sparkles with its


gilded plaster details, rich damask wall coverings and domed ceiling. The Winter Garden Theatre, with its canopy of 5,000 branches of real beech leaves, painted sky and lit moon, is a dream fantasy come to life. The 1,561-seat Elgin and the 992-seat Winter Garden can operate simultaneously with services to patrons in the 6 separate bars and adjoining lounges. RENTAL OPPORTUNITIES A multi-use complex, the centre is able to accommodate a diverse range of presentations and events. The building can host live performances including everything from musicals, dramas, comedies, dance, and opera to concerts, lectures, book signings and television broadcasts. The centre also hosts film premieres complete with red carpet ceremonies as well as corporate and special events, onenight presentations and long running engagements. Thanks to its meticulous restoration, combined with modern technologies and patron amenities, the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre is a perfect venue for any presentation and ensures an enjoyable experience for patrons and performers alike.

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PUERTO puertoRICO rico

COLISEO DE PUERTO RICO 500 Arterial B Street COLISEO HatoColiseo Rey, PR 00918 DE PUERTO de PuertoRICO Rico (787) 777-0800

500 Arterial B Street 500 Arterial B Street Fax: (787) 777-0809 Hato Rey, PRPR 00918 Hato Rey, 00918 (787) 777-0800 (787) 777-0800 General Manager: Fax: (787) 777-0809 Fax: (787) 777-0809 Wesley Elizabeth Cullen General Manager: General Manager: Entertainment like never Wesley Elizabeth Cullen Wesley Elizabeth Cullen seen before

Snapshot: Since itslike opening in Entertainment Entertainment likenever never September 4, 2004, the Coliseo de seen seenbefore before Puerto Rico has hosted more than 240 Snapshot: Since itsitsopening inon Snapshot: Since opening events like Usher, Andrea Boccelli, September 4, 2004, Coliseo de September 2004,thethe Carlos Santana,4,Juanes, TheColiseo Rolling Puerto Rico Rico has hosted moremore than 240 de Puerto has Stones, Elton John, Bonhosted Jovi, Ricky events like Usher, Andrea Boccelli, than 240 events like Usher, Andrea Martin, Maná, NBA, NHL exhibition Carlos Santana, TheJuanes, RollingThe Boccelli, CarlosJuanes, Santana, game, AF2, among others. The Coliseo Stones, Elton John, BonJohn, Jovi, Ricky Rolling Stones, Elton de Puerto Rico has 26 CorporateBon Jovi, Martin, Maná, NBA, exhibition Ricky Martin, Maná,NHL NHL 1 Suites, 1,000 club seats, 2 NBA, party suites, game, AF2, among others. The others. Coliseo exhibition game, AF2, among VIP Lounge with private elevator to deThe Puerto Ricode hasPuerto 26 Corporate Coliseo Rico has create a fabulous VIP experience. It 26 Suites, 1,000Suites, club seats, 2 party suites, 1 club seats, also Corporate can accommodate1,000 audiences of up 2 VIP Lounge private elevator party suites,with 1 VIP Lounge with to pricreate fabulous experience. vate aelevator to VIP create a fabulous ItVIP also can accommodate audiences of up experience. It also can accommodate

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Facilities Facilities

Directory Index: A-Z

1st Mariner Arena................................................................. 22 Air Canada Centre................................................................ 72 Allen County War Memorial Coliseum............................... 38 Alerus Center........................................................................ 50 American Bank Center......................................................... 61 BankUnited Center............................................................... 25 Bemidji Regional Events Center.......................................... 46 Blue Cross Arena.................................................................. 21 BOK Center.......................................................................... 61 Bridgestone Arena................................................................. 34 Burnsville Performing Arts Center....................................... 46 Cabarrus Arena..................................................................... 34 CenturyTel Center Arena .................................................... 32 Charleston Civic Center....................................................... 24 Clay County Regional Events Center.................................. 44 Coliseo de PR........................................................................ 75 David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts.............. 25 Dunkin Donuts Center......................................................... 14 The Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Center................... 72 Ervin J. Nutter Center........................................................... 50 Fair Park................................................................................ 61 Florence Civic Center........................................................... 34 Ford Center........................................................................... 61 Forrest County Multi-Purpose Center................................. 32 Giant Center......................................................................... 14 Hoyt Sherman Place............................................................. 44 i wireless Center.................................................................... 38 Idaho Center Arena ............................................................. 60

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toaudiences 18,000 people; offers the people; highest of up to 18,000 technology in theatrical systemsinof light offers the highest technology and sound, and can of host events such as theatrical light andhighest sound, to 18,000systems people; offers the concerts, sporting exhibiand can shows, hostinevents suchevents, as concerts, technology theatrical systems of light tions, conferences, and theatrical plays. shows, sporting and sound, and events, can hostexhibitions, events such as Capacities: Concerts End events, Stage – conferences, and theatrical plays.240 concerts, shows, sporting exhibi15,694; Stage 180 14,730; tions, End conferences, and–End theatrical Capacities: Concerts Stage plays. 240 Boxing or Wrestling 18,163; –Capacities: 15,694; EndConcerts Stage- 180 – 14,730; End Stage 240 – Basketball -17,024; Hockey Ice Rink Boxing Wrestling - 18,163; 15,694;orEnd Stage 180 – 14,730; Size 200’x 85’ – 15,635, Half House – Basketball Ice Rink Boxing or -17,024; WrestlingHockey - 18,163; 10,959; Theater Style – 3,093. Size 200’x 85’ – 15,635, Half House Basketball -17,024; Hockey Ice Rink Staging: Stage 88’ x–Half 48’ max, –Size 10,959; Theater Style 3,093. 200’x 85’Right – 15,635, House – adjustable from 4’ to 6’88’ in– 2” incre10,959; Theater Style 3,093. Staging: StageRight x 48’ max, ments; four from stairs 4’ units; 80’ stage right adjustable to 6’88’ in x2” increStaging: Stage Right 48’ max, barricade; pipestairs & drape 200’. ments; four 80’2”stage right adjustable from 4’units; to 6’ in increLighting: Lighting-Metal Halide barricade; pipe & drape ments; four stairs units; 200’. 80’ stage right working lights with dimmable quartz barricade; pipe & drape 200’. Lighting: Lighting-Metal Halide system for lights instantwith strike plus shutters working dimmable quartz Lighting: Lighting-Metal Halide forsystem instant blackout available; super instant strike plus4shutters workingforlights with dimmable quartz 80forGladiator III spotlights; 2 Lumex instant available; 4 super system for blackout instant strike plus shutters Gladiator II spotslights; 1 satellite 80 III spotlights; 2 Lumex forGladiator instant blackout available; 4 super ISTAGING Gladiator IIspotlight. spotslights; 1 satellite 80 Gladiator III spotlights; 2 Lumex Food & Beverage: 16 food1 concessions ISTAGING Gladiator II spotlight. spotslights; satellite stands plus 6 onsite concessions restauISTAGING spotlight. Food & Beverage: 16 food concesrants and 5 barplus concessions. sions 6 onsite concessions Foodstands & Beverage: 16 food concessions See ad onplus page 835 barconcessions restaurants and concessions.restaustands 6 onsite rants and 5 bar concessions.

Entertainment/Sports/Performances/Exhibitions/ Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena................................. 25 Concerts/Competition/Shows/Special Events John Paul Jones Arena........................................................... 22 Entertainment/Sports/Performances/Exhibitions/ The Lakeland Center............................................................ 32 Laredo Energy Arena............................................................ 64 Concerts/Competition/Shows/Special Events MTS Centre.......................................................................... 72 Memorial Auditorium & Tivoli Theater.............................. 34 Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza.................................... 20 Morris Performing Arts Center............................................ 38 Rabobank Arena.................................................................... 60 Racine Civic Centre.............................................................. 56 Reliant Arena......................................................................... 64 River Center / Adler Theatre................................................ 44 Rushmore Plaza Civic Center.............................................. 52 Salina Bicentennial Center................................................... 46 Show Me Center................................................................... 50 Show Place Arena................................................................. 22 State Farm Arena.................................................................. 64 Sun National Bank Center .................................................. 20 Swiftel Center........................................................................ 52 Three Rivers Convention Center/ Toyota Center/Toyota Arena.............................................. 71 Times Union Center............................................................. 21 In-depth Regional listings of Arenas, Civic Centers, Topeka Performing Arts Center........................................... 46 Coliseums, Auditoriums, Stadiums, Convention U.S. Cellular Arena. ............................................................... 56 In-depth Regional listings of Arenas, Civic Centers, U.S. Cellular Center.............................................................. 44 Centers, Theaters, PACs, Amphitheaters, University Coliseums, Auditoriums, Stadiums, Convention United Spirit Arena. . ............................................................. 64 Venues, Fairgrounds, Special Event Venues Verizon Wireless Arena........................................................ 20 Centers, Theaters, PACs, Amphitheaters, University Vicksburg Convention Center THE FACILITIES MEDIA GROUP Venues, Fairgrounds, Special Event Venues and Auditorium................................................................... 32

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8175 81

T h e a t e r W a tc h

The Landmark Loew’s Jersey Theatre Gets to the Crossroads By Timothy Herrick, Editorial Director


Facilities 2010 SuperBook


t’s great to be in Jersey City,” proclaimed

highways, and boasts ample parking. The theater is directly

legendary bluesman John Hammond

across the street from the Journal Square Transportation Center,

when he strolled onto the stage of the

a complex that includes a bus station and the PATH subway

Landmark Loew’s Jersey Theatre earlier

system, which connects to New York City as well as Hoboken

this year. There may be no shortage

and Newark. More than 40,000 commuters work in, and/or pass

of entertainment venues in the highly

through Journal Square every weekday.

competitive New York/New Jersey Market, but intimate theaters

The Hammond performance, which featured opening act the

like the Loew’s are relatively uncommon. Similarly sized venues

Duke Robillard Band, was the initial show of the Loew’s – Down

in the immediate market include: the New Jersey Performing

Blues Concert Series. The Loew’s sponsored a pre-show meet &

Arts Center in Newark, and the Beacon Theatre and the

greet with Hammond, held at the Culinary Conference Center at

United Palace Theater in New York City. With approximately

Hudson Community College, only two blocks from the theatre,

3,000 seats each, these venues are increasingly popular for their

which included drinks and a “Louisiana Blues Buffet,” of Gumbo,

excellent acoustics and sight-lights, spacious proscenium stages

Muffuletta Sandwiches and Beignets. The venue partnered with

and the intimate relationship these spaces encourage between

United Blues Network Jersey, which publicized and marketed

performers and their audiences.

the concert to an enthusiastic, albeit niche fan-base that exists for

Since 2007, the Loew’s has been booking concerts and other

Blues. The network managed merchandise sales, including a post-

events, including a concert by Beck. Repairs to the balcony

show CD signing. Hammond said, “I like meeting the fans and

seating and the installation of an air conditioning system are

there is still a passion out there for the blues."

required for the Loew’s to be a year-round, live entertainment

As he has done for decades, Hammond plays about 120

facility in the N.Y.-N.J. area, although venue management

shows per year, mainly intimate venues and festivals. The

insisted these repairs are scheduled for completion by 2011.

popularity of like-minded musical genres—Jam Bands and

“We are able to accommodate a lot of different types of

Roots Music—has expanded the audience for the classic

events, and there is growing interest in us,” said Colin Eagen,

Mississippi Delta sound. Hammond, whose first record was

Director, Landmark Loew’s Jersey Theatre. “A legend like John

released in 1963, has long been considered a musician’s musician

Hammond as the first in a concert series makes us a bigger spot

and retains what can be fairly described as a healthy draw. “The

on the map.”

Blues is like Jazz, it is timeless music, real American music,”

More than 20 million people are within an hour’s travel

he said. “The worst thing that a promoter can do is present the

of Journal Square, the Jersey City neighborhood where the

Blues as something arcane. Audiences respond to the music.

Landmark Loew’s Jersey Theatre is located. As an entertainment

They come out for the Blues.”

destination, Journal Square is easily accessible to major

This article appeared in a different format @ Hot News/

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Resource Directory: Booking Agents, Promoters, Talent Buyers & Special Event Planners

Have Your Product or Service Reach Key Decision Makers

StageRight Corporation

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2010 Facilities Booking Guide/2011 Facilities SuperBook: 10,000 Event Bookers, including Booking Agents, Promoters, Talent Buyers, Business/Personal Managers, College Concert Buyers & Owners/ Managers of Entertainment Management Firms.

Bringing over 25 years of innovative solutions and products, StageRight has stood at the forefront in platform design and application. From major event staging to seating risers, ADA equipment, and accessories our products are designed with two goals in mind: to make your performers and events look and sound better & to help you save labor costs on changeovers and setup.

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ExtremeTix, Inc. Extremetix, Your Ticket to Success 13111 NW Freeway, Suite 520 Houston, TX 77040 (800) 370-2364; Fax: (866) 654-0487 Vice President Business Development: Michael Patrick

Extremetix combines state-of-the-art ticketing technologies, innovative marketing programs and over 30 years of event services experience to help promoters and venues deliver more profitable events! Complete Ticketing Solution: Box Office/On-Line /Phone Sales/Outlet/Consignment/Kiosk /Box Office Management.

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Advertiser Index 1st Mariner Arena................................................................24 Air Canada Centre...............................................................73 Allen County War Memorial Coliseum................................41 Alerus Center.......................................................................39 American Bank Center........................................................63 BankUnited Center..............................................................27 Bemidji Regional Events Center..........................................42 Bridgestone Arena...............................................................28 Burnsville Performing Arts Center.......................................43 Cabarrus Arena....................................................................29 Charleston Civic Center.........................................................5 Clay County Regional Events Center..................................45 Dunkin' Donuts Center........................................................15 The Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Center...................... 74 Ervin J. Nutter Center..........................................................47 Fair Park...............................................................................65 Florence Civic Center..........................................................31 Ford Center..........................................................................67 Forrest County Multi-Purpose Center.................................33 Hoyt Sherman Place............................................................48


The Lakeland Center...........................................................35 Laredo Energy Arena...........................................................68 Morris Performing Arts Center............................................49 Racine Civic Centre.............................................................50 RiverCenter / Adler Theatre.................................................51 Rushmore Plaza Civic Center..................................... Cover 2 Salina Bicentennial Center...................................................52 Show Me Center.................................................................53 Show Place Arena...............................................................23 State Farm Arena................................................................69 Swiftel Center......................................................................54 Three Rivers Convention Center/Toyota Center/ Toyota Arena........................................................................70 Topeka Performing Arts Center...........................................55 U.S. Cellular Arena...................................................... Cover 4 U.S. Cellular Center.............................................................59 United Spirit Arena..............................................................60 Verizon Wireless Arena........................................................19 Vicksburg Convention Center and Auditorium....................................................................36

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The performance hall has many treated surfaces, designed to create “clear sound” throughout, including acoustic clouds (suspended geometric ceiling sections) and fluted walls that enhance the facility’s acoustics. A reconfiguration of the shape of the hall, including curved loges (box seats), a curved balcony section and a raked (sloped) floor also optimized audience sightlines.

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Discover TPAC!

The Topeka Metropolitan Statistical Area, which includes Shawnee, Jackson, Jefferson, Osage, and Wabaunsee counties, had an estimated population of 226,268 (figures from 2003).

Total seating capacity is 2,448 seats, including 1,194 main-floor seats. The TPAC also features has a 2,000sq.-ft. black box theater that seats 120 and has a 6,500sq.-ft., carpeted banquet facility.

Topeka Performing Arts Center


The proscenium arch stage has a proscenium opening 49’-10” wide by 25’- 0” high; 32’-0” of stage depth from the plaster line to the upstage wall and 2’-6” from the plaster line to the stage edge for a total stage depth of 34’-6”. TPAC hosts a full range of events including concerts, theater, dance, comedy, corporate meetings and special events.

As far back as 1880, this location in the capital city of Kansas housed an auditorium. By 1940, the original structure had been replaced by the Municipal Auditorium, built with a Federal Public Works Agency grant. By the mid-1980s, that facility was closed, but reopened in 1991 as the Topeka Performing Arts Center closed after an extensive $6.25-million renovation that converted the existing structure into a state-of-the-art PAC without departing from the original Art Deco design.

Spotlight: Kansas

Facility Focus


Complex features two exciting venues: The 13,000-seat Coliseum Arena and the 8,000-seat Expo Center.

Fort Wayne—Indiana’s second largest city. Statistical Area has estimated population of more than 400,000; venue is within a day’s drive for an estimated 55 million.

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It’s All Right Here!

The tri-state area’s leading sports, entertainment and event venue – serves Northeast Indiana, Northwest Ohio and Southern Michigan. The Allen County War Memorial Coliseum originally opened in 1952, expanded in 1992 and renovated in 2002.

Allen County War Memorial Coliseum A recent $5-million renovation to this 108,000-sq.-ft. Expo Center dramatically improved lighting, sound and amenities. The area’s largest multi-purpose exhibition hall, it hosts annual tradeshows, meetings, banquets, receptions and sales meetings. Flexible telescopic seating enables the Expo Center to be used in its entirety or in increments of 1/3 or 2/3.

ARAMARK onsite exclusive Food & Beverage provider; elegant meeting/reception rooms, capacity range: 100 - 5,000; Super Suite features private entrance, full F&B service, and 360 degree seating; 14 concession stands; 318 club seats and 24 private luxury suites; onsite restaurant; Expo Center – four concession stands, self-serve convenience store, full catering.

Spotlight: Indiana


Alice Cooper Toyota Center Kennewick, WA

Shinedown U.S. Cellular Center Cedar Rapids, IA

Jason Aldean Swiftel Center Brookings SD

Miranda Lambert Clay County Events Center Spencer, IA

Bare Naked Ladies Adler Theatre Davenport, IA

Ed Asner Topeka Performing Arts Center Topeka, KS

Curious George Vicksburg Convention Center Vicksburg, MS

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Clay County Events Center Spencer, IA

Jeff Dunham U.S. Cellular Center Cedar Rapids, IA

Hinder Swiftel Center Brookings, SD

Beauty and the Beast Adler Theatre Davenport, IA

Brandi Carlile Hoyt Sherman Place Des Moines, IA TNA Wrestling

Racine Civic Centre Racine, WI Vicksburg Convention Center Vicksburg, MS

Willie Nelson Topeka Performing Arts Center Topeka, KS

Mark Twain Tonight Windermere Theatre Kennewick, WA

Fulfilling Promises. Creating Success. • ARANSAS PASS, TX • Aransas Pass Civic Center

• DAVENPORT, IA • Adler Theatre/River Center

• BOONE, IA • Central Iowa Expo

• DES MOINES, IA • Hoyt Sherman Place

• BROOKINGS, SD • Swiftel Center

• GRAND FORKS, ND • Alerus Center

• BURNSVILLE, MN • Burnsville Performing Arts Center


• CEDAR RAPIDS, IA • U.S. Cellular Center Paramount Theatre Cedar Rapids Ice Arena

• BEMIDJI, MN • Bemidji Regional Event Center • HURST, TX • Hurst Conference Center

• KENNEWICK, WA • Toyota Center/Toyota Arena Three Rivers Convention Center Windermere Theatre • RACINE, WI • Racine Civic Centre/Memorial Hall • SPENCER, IA • Clay County Regional Events Center • TOPEKA, KS • Topeka Performing Arts Center • VICKSBURG, MS • Vicksburg Convention Center/Auditorium • 515-232-5151 President: Steve Peters • National Director of Booking: Phil Potter

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For Booking Agents, Promoters, Talent Buyers and Special Events Planners. Featuring the Prime Site Awards, IEBA turns 40, and Spotlights on...

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