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For Booking Agents, Promoters, Talent Buyers & Special Event Planners


2011 AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE PRIME SITE WINNERS: THE BEST OF THE BEST .......................................24 2011 AWARD-WINNING TEAM LEADERS ...............................................25 2012 AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE BALLOT ...............................................33 COLUMNS LOOKING AHEAD .................................................................................2 CAFFIN’S CORNER ...............................................................................4 VIEWPOINT .........................................................................................4 BOOKING PERSPECTIVES .......................................................................6 CLOSING THOUGHTS: RISKY BUSINESS .................................................. 77 UPFRONT CONCERT WATCH, EVENT WATCH, LEADING EDGE MANAGERS ..................8 STATE-OF-THE-INDUSTRY “CREATING MUST SEE EVENTS” A SPOTLIGHT INTERVIEW WITH JIM MCCUE, SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT OF SMG ENTERTAINMENT ................................20


HOT LIST ...........................................................................................34 AD INDEX..........................................................................................88


THE NORTHEAST................................................................................................................... 35 THE MID-ATLANTIC ............................................................................................................40 THE SOUTHEAST ................................................................................................................... 43 THE MIDWEST.......................................................................................................................50 THE WEST................................................................................................................................68 CANADA.................................................................................................................................... 74 PUERTO RICO ......................................................................................................................... 76 FACILITIES INDEX.................................................................................77 NEW! FACILITIES EVENT & MANAGEMENT (A SPECIAL SECTION FOR PUBLIC ASSEMBLY FACILITY MANAGERS) EXECUTIVE MEMO: CLARIN BY HUSSEY SEATING .....................................80 BUYER’S GUIDE .................................................................................82 PHOTOVIEW: IAVM VENUE CONNECT .................................................86

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uditing the costs for a benefit concert at Madison Square Garden in the 1990s, my eyes were opened to a new industry. The firm I worked for had a specialization in the nonprofit industry, but the event was totally new to me. I was impressed with the amount of detail, professionalism and hard work that went into preparing a show hosted by one of the world’s premiere venues. It was a brief glimpse into an industry that only a select few have the opportunity to work in. As an accountant, it was a tremendously exciting experience for me. No doubt, for those involved in this industry, their work presents both exhilarating and challenging experiences. When the management of the Facilities Media Group gave me the opportunity to oversee operations for their flagship publications that service the Live Event Industry, including sporting and entertainment events, it brought a renewed sense of excitement to my workday. So much goes into making this business happen. As a CPA, ticketing and risk management are first in my mind from a dollars and cents standpoint, but the lighting and acoustics, seating and flooring, literally set the stage for the entertainment. And there is so much more, each area with a focus and story to tell, one that Timothy Herrick, Editorial Director, has so ably reported and will continue to report upon in greater depth in this and upcoming issues. Looking forward, all of us at the Facilities Media Group will continue providing our readership of Talent Buyers, Promoters, Booking Agents and Special Event Planners, as well as Venue Managers and Facility Professionals, with a meaningful tool to stay current on industry trends and events, both in print and online at Creating additional value for our advertisers, I have put our past publications online in a reader-friendly format on our website. Clicking on advertiser’s internet addresses in online publications seamlessly directs readers to the advertisers’ websites to get information about the venues and products that interest them. Furthermore, our magazines and directories can now be accessed via mobile devices on Android phones. These are challenging but exciting times for publishers as well as the industries we serve. Looking ahead, there is so much more to come. Upon accepting this position, it was clear to me that Facilities Media Group has tremendous potential to extend its reach. I enjoyed meeting many of our readers and advertisers at the IAVM Venue Connect 86th Annual Trade Show & Convention in Phoenix and was interested in all the warm wishes, suggestions and remarks. I similarly welcome comments and ideas from our readers and advertisers as to how we can create a better atmosphere for continued industry growth. – David Korn Chief Operating Officer, Facilities Media Group




Volume 19 No.1

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ON THE COVER Clockwise: A) Justin Bieber at the Times Union Center in Albany, NY; B) the CONSOL Energy Center opened in Pittsburgh last year; C) Kevin Donnelly (left) General Manager of the MTS Centre, Winnipeg, backstage with U2; D) Metallica Rocks out a sold out i wireless Center in Moline, IL; E) Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal on the court of Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, NH during his farewell NBA season; F) Lady Gaga on her Monster Ball Tour at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia; G) The newly-named Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City; and H) the DCU Center in Worcester, MA.


2011 Facilities SuperBook


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hese are challenging times in the public assembly facilities industry. Consumers are finding discretionary money hard T to come by and are more hesitant to spend what they can afford. However, in an economy where people are traveling less but still need to take their mind off their job and society’s troubles, they are still willing to be ticket buyers. They still want to be entertained. The economy is still recovering and consumers are still reluctant, but there is a noteworthy improvement over last year. Things are getting better. At Venue Connect, the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM) Annual Conference & Trade Show, held in Phoenix in late July, attitude was noticeably more upbeat compared to last year. Many venues saw improved tickets sales for Concerts and Live events throughout 2011, according to my own informal survey of venue managers. Consumers may be spending less overall, but they are spending more judiciously, looking for value when it comes to their entertainment dollar. Perhaps another sign of this uptick is the number of Prime Site Award winners listed featured in the 2011 Facilities SuperBook, a significantly higher number than in recent years. We received more votes from our readership of Talent Buyers, Booking Agents, Promoters and Special Event Planners, and the list reflects the increased input from the industry.


Michael Caffin Associate Publisher Facilities Media Group


spite of the sweeping changes in the Live Event industry the increasing speed of those changes – the mission Iofn–theand Facilities Media Group – to provide vital news and information resources to the industry and professionals we serve – remains unchanged. The Live Event industry been impacted by a sluggish economy, consumer apprehension and new technologies. What hasn’t changed is the need of Talent Buyers, Booking Agents, Promoters and Special Event Planners to find stages to present their acts and audiences to fill the seats. The Facilities SuperBook is an essential guide for that purpose because in these pages is the debut of the annual Awards of Excellence. The list of Arenas, Theaters, Performing Arts Centers, Civic Centers, Coliseums and other Live Event Facilities winning a Prime Site Award appears in a special section on the Awards beginning on Page 24. This “Best of the Best” Entertainment & Event Facilities – the results of a year long accumulation of votes by Industry Professionals – remains a central component of our annual Facilities SuperBook. Not only have we added some fanfare in how we present that list, we have either added or improved other features in the SuperBook. We’ve made the entire magazine more “super.”


These are the venues that are providing value to audiences. And, like many of the professionals I spoke with at the IAVM convention whose facilities seem to be bucking trends, they are meeting the challenge of our current economic times by finding innovative ways to give audiences that value. Speaking of Value, in this issue we’ve introduced a product and services-focused Special Section: Facilities & Event Management. In these products we feature everything (besides the artist and the audience) that enables Facilities and events to succeed. This Special Section, also to be featured in our next issue, the Facilities Booking Guide, coming this Winter, profiles and highlights companies and new products and services. Look for a special “Executive Memo” (see Page 81), a new marketing platform for Product & Service companies. It was great seeing you all in Phoenix (see the Venue Connect PhotoView Page 86) and I look forward to working together to provide better value in these challenging times. Enjoy the issue.

In Upfront (begins Page 8), we make note of some leading entertainment, sports, consumer shows and also feature quicktake styled interviews with venue managers, who provide the pulse of the live event industry. For a more in-depth analysis turn to Page 20 for a State-of-the-Industry interview with Jim McCue, Senior Vice President of SMG Entertainment. At the booking helm of the largest venue management company in the business, this industry veteran shares thought-provoking insight on where the industry is at and where it is headed. The Facilities Directory (Page 35), one of the most comprehensive guides to venues available, has been an essential component of Facilities Media Group publications since our launch in 1988. In this issue of the Facilities SuperBookwe debut a sleek, new look. Improved accessibility, easier-to-use, more relevant information and more listings were the elements emphasized in the redesigned directory. In spite of changes, our mission to provide news & information to the live event industry remains the same. With this issue, we got better at it. Timothy Herrick Editorial Director Facilities Media Group

2011 Facilities SuperBook



hat do you expect from venues?” I posed this question to several top promoters and talent representatives, and the responses were overwhelming. To make things more manageable, I broke the responses down to five essentials, each followed by a checklist promoters and venue managers can use. 1. PARTNERSHIP - and all that goes with that relationship: trust, communication, support, honesty, courtesy, loyalty and respect. • Above all, communication: Venue managers must communicate frequently with promoters about their market so both together can strategize effectively. • No one knows the market better than local venues. Venue managers must be sure they fully understand the act they’re booking and be able to utilize local resources and relationships, social media and web promotions. • Do not assume tickets will easily sell because a certain genre usually does well in an area. Have honest discussions about the type of act your venue is looking for so no one’s time is wasted. • Advance the show well ahead of the date to minimize surprises. • Make sure your venue is easy to book by providing an online calendar so promoters can easily place holds after hours.

4. HOSPITALITY - key to keeping your venue on every artist and promoter’s fave list. • Go the extra mile to offer the latest amenities found in the nicest hotels-such as sparkling restrooms and showers, plenty of dressing rooms, comfortable catering facilities and friendly security. • Your casa is their casa, so splurge on the extra soft towels and fancy soap!


2. COSTS - Keeping costs in check keeps promoters and fans coming back for more. • Don’t add too many extra charges that unreasonably drive up ticket prices. Be fair and share. • Consider delineating a portion of proceeds from concessions and parking to help with promoter expenses. 3. MODERN AND SECURE FACILITIES attract top tours, so invest in state-of-the-art production to ensure everyone sounds and looks their best.


• Make sure all equipment such as phone, Internet, restrooms and HVAC is in proper working order. • Make necessary services as accessible as possible such as appropriate load in/out equipment, shore power for buses, and security for artists’ transportation. • Remember: a professional level of safety and comfort is always expected by artists and audiences.

5. KNOWLEDGEABLE STAFF - friendly, hard working and able personnel who solve problems in a single bound are priceless! • Invest in your staff and it’ll make a world of difference, especially in their attitude. • Last-minute issues are inevitable, and a well-trained staff that can handle problems calmly and with a smile is a big plus.

Last but not least, the most important essential: a sense of humor and have fun! It’s the entertainment industry after all. ______________________________________________________ Tiffany Davis is the executive director of the International Entertainment Buyers Association (IEBA). IEBA is a nonprofit trade organization for live entertainment industry professionals. Founded in 1970, IEBA provides networking, showcasing and educational opportunities to strengthen relationships, foster growth and increase revenue for the live entertainment industry.

2011 Facilities SuperBook



Concert WATCH The Albany area caught Justin Bieber fever โ€“ 12,654 attendance/ tickets sold out in under 10 hours โ€“ last August when the Tween Mega-Star took the stage at the Times Union Center, Upstate New Yorkโ€™s Premier Sports and Entertainment Facility.

In May, Usher had a sold-out performance at the Colonial Life Arena in Columbia, South Carolina. The 18,000-seat arena, the largest in the state, was the only stop in South Carolina for the multi-platinum selling King of R&B.

Country Music favorite Jason Aldean is a veteran of the touring circuit. Last September he played his ๏ฌrst ever concert at the Show Me Center in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta โ€“ aka Lady Gaga โ€“ brought her Monster Ball Tour to the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for a two-night, sold out run.


Subrina Berger



Facilities SuperBook



Concert LEADING EDGE: Kevin Donnelly WATCH



American heavy metal rockers Avenged Sevenfold brought their 2011 โ€œWelcome to the Familyโ€ tour to a sold-out crowd at the UCF Arena, the multi-purpose complex on the main campus of the University of Central Florida in Orlando. Photo Credit: Amanda Moore



2011 Facilities SuperBook



EVENT WATCH Utilizing a facility’s multi-purpose ti design and furthering its community outreach initiatives, consumer trade shows and related dates fill out a facility’s calendar. More than 7,000 attended the “Arts and Crafts Extravaganza,” a two-day consumer show at the Show Me Center in Cape Girardeau, Missouri last November.

As part of the Sun National Bank Center’s 10th Anniversary Celebration in 2010, WWE Superstar John Morrison assisted Global Spectrum General Manager Jeff Schumacher in renaming the street in front of the arena —“10th Anniversary Ave.” WWE was the first official event at this Trenton, New Jersey arena and in celebration, the facility hosted a special Smackdown/ ECW event.


Frank Remesch


2011 Facilities SuperBook

When stars take the stage, our fans come out to play. Verizon Wireless Arena continues to be the place that fans choose to play. Our audiences find the Verizon Wireless Arena to be the perfect venue to let loose and have some fun at concerts, sporting events and shows. As a result, theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve helped us shine with a top 5 ranking in the Americas from a leading industry magazine, for arenas of 15,000 or less seats. They also ranked us within the top 10 in the world. Verizon Wireless Arena, 555 Elm Street Manchester, NH 03101 603-644-5000

New Hampshireâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s premier sports and entertainment facility is conveniently located in Manchester, halfway between Boston, Massachusetts and Portland, Maine. Before your next concert season, plan on spending time with the fans at the Verizon Wireless Arena.



Concert WATCH

Kevin Donnelly, General Manager of the MTS Centre/True North Sports & Entertainment Limited (which oversees the Canad Inns Stadium), and Mark Chipman, owner of the NHLโ€™s Winnipeg Jets, backstage at the stadium with U2 before their sold out performance in May 2011.


Jay Roberts


Rihanna backstage with GlobalSpectrum personnel for her sold-out show in July at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. From left: Brian Caputo, Event Manager; Richard Hart, Assistant Marketing Manager; Rihanna, Joe Sheridan, Assistant General Manager; Casey Heverling, Event Manager; and Tom McFlynn, Security Manager. 14


2011 Facilities SuperBook



FIND OUT WHAT MTS CENTRE CAN MEAN TO YOU! Booking info: Kevin Donnelly 204-926-5503






The Oklahoma City Thunder, the NBA Northwest Division Champion this past season, play in their newlyrenamed home, the Chesapeake Energy Arena.


Scott Mullen







Mixing live events with media is the message. In April, the Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, Illinois hosted Midwest auditions of Simon Cowell’s “The X Factor.” More than 9,000 attended the two-day event. The winning hopefuls from this event will appear on the X Factor during the Fall television season. In front of a record crowd at the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, NBA-D League MVP Curtis Stinson of the Iowa Energy drives to the hoop in the 2011 Finals. This Global Spectrummanaged facility is home court for the Iowa Energy, who won their first championship in franchise history in the 2010-2011 season. 2011 Facilities SuperBook

The 2011 Monster Truck Winter Nationals, presented by Checkered Flag Productions, were held at the Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho, New Mexico in February, a two-day event that had a set up for 6,000 for two shows. Saturday night sold out and facility sold 4,900 across the two events.

2011 Facilities SuperBook




Concert WATCH

Anthony Djuren

Shakira performs for a sold out crowd during Premios Juventud, Univision’s #1 Awards Show honoring musicians, actors, athletes, and fashion icons at the BankUnited Center – "The Best Mid-Size Venue in the World" – on the University of Miami campus in Coral Gables, Florida.

As a stop on his 2011 World Tour, Elton John played the Ted Constant Convocation Center in Norfolk, Virginia in March. His sold-out performance was the highest ticket gross ($892,075) and attendance (8,335) in the history of the facility. Taylor Swift performs in front of a sold-out crowd at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa on May 29, 2011. 18

2011 Facilities SuperBook

Success by association! A growing number of associations are booking the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach for regional and national conferences. Why? It’s a state-of-the-art complex in one of Florida’s most desirable destinations. Check it out. 12,000 guestrooms nearby 205,000 square feet of space ■ User-friendly technology ■ Flexible breakout rooms ■ Ample parking ■ Award-winning catering ■ The best staff in the business ■ ■

The Ocean Center is just 400 feet from the beach and minutes from New Smyrna Beach and DeLand. And it’s an easy drive to Walt Disney World, St. Augustine and Kennedy Space Center. Visit for a sneak preview, including a virtual tour. Or call for the whole story.

101 N. Atlantic Ave. Daytona Beach, FL 32118 800.858.6444


The American Idols Live tour is now in its 10th year. The most recent edition featured American Idol winner Scotty McCreery and runner-up Lauren Alaina. Reports indicate that the latest outing saw a rebound in ticket sales. For SMG venues, ticket sales and the audience response to the shows “are very encouraging,” says Jim McCue, Senior Vice President of SMG Entertainment.




An Interview with Jim McCue, Senior Vice President of SMG Entertainment

By Timothy Herrick Editorial Director


hat is the current state of the Live Event Industry? Few people are better positioned to answer that question than Jim McCue, senior Vice President of SMG Entertainment, considered the world leader in venue management, marketing and development. Founded in 1977, SMG manages a range of event facilities, including arenas, stadiums, performing arts centers, and theaters. The company manages more than 1.5 million live-event seats. While a relative newcomer to SMG – McCue joined the company in 2010 –he’s an industry veteran with experience on all sides of the booking equation. Previously, he was Senior Vice President of Arena Network, and was integral to North American launch of “Walking with Dinosaurs, The Live Experience” arena tour, which won him the Ticketmaster Platinum ticket award in 2008. Prior to that position, he was Senior Vice President for House of Blues/Denver Market, where he supervised all talent buying, marketing, finance, ticketing, sponsorship sales and business development for venues that included: Coors Amphitheatre, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and Paramount Theatre. McCue has also held executive positions at the Rose Garden Arena and Palace of Auburn Hills, and has been a Talent Agent for ICM Talent Agency. At SMG, he head ups a three person booking department in the company’s corporate office, plus oversees four regional booking managers across the U.S. In his own words, he “…interacts daily with agents, National tour promoters, regional and local promoters gathering information for our group for SMG booking (our proprietary intranet) and our SMG talent calls… I am also seeking and evaluating partnership opportunities for SMG to invest in new shows and projects to benefit our clients.”


Facilities: What is the current economic state of the Live Entertainment Industry? Jim McCue: The live entertainment industry continues to gradually improve. Promoters remain cautious about artist guarantees and ticket prices and that is often a good thing. We have had a reasonably good winter and are sharing our success stories to encourage promoters to do more shows. A big breakthrough with an artist such as Jason Aldean selling out our arenas this winter and spring is a great sign. Sales for Katy Perry as an arena headliner and more recently sales for American Idol are very encouraging.

Facilities: Are these encouraging signs across the board for live event categories? JM: Yes. We’ve enjoyed great dates with concerts such as Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi, fantastic motor sports sales such as in Oakland Coliseum, and wonderful success with Wicked in theatres. Several of our stadiums are enjoying sell out soccer exhibitions. We hosted Mexico vs. Paraguay match at the Coliseum in Oakland (home of Oakland A’s and Oakland Raiders) and Manchester United vs. The Chicago Fire held in July at Soldier Field (home of Chicago Bears) in Chicago.

Facilities: How are economic pressures different for theatrical/family shows and for live music? JM: Whether a family show or a concert, producers and artists are striving to create that “must see event” that motivates consumers to get out of the house to spend discretionary income. Both types of shows need to recover the costs of creating more intricate live productions and touring them.

Facilities: Are you seeing any trends in tour routing?

2011 Facilities SuperBook

Stand Up Comedian, Gabriel Iglesias, has played many of the 50+ stages in SMG Theater Network. He is one of the artists, according to Jim McCue, Senior Vice President of SMG Entertainment, who after touring the more intimate SMG facilities are now ready to take the next step.

Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal on the court of the SMG-managed Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire during his farewell NBA season. The Tour of Gymnastics Superstars stop at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma during this SMG-managed facility’s freshmen year, 2008.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra is a favorite of SMG audiences. “Whether a family show or a concert, producers and artists are striving to create that “must see event,” says Jim McCue, Senior Vice President of SMG Entertainment.

key. We at SMG are constantly communicating with agents and promoters on our flexible configurations.

Facilities: What piece of technology has become mandatory for your marketing of events? SMG enables a number of artists, such as Country Music SuperstarTim McGraw, to round out a tour with “secondaries” – stages in arenas in 2nd and 3rd-tier markets.

JM: Social media. With the decline of traditional media it is no longer optional or acceptable to be adequate this area. For example, the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh is #2 in Facebook fans for major North American Arenas. Today tours are announced on Facebook, and it is becoming the key area for contests and promotions (including family shows). SMG venues have video posted from Sade’s European tour opening to encourage fans to buy tickets here in the US. Without using polls or more formal market research, these tools allow us to get instant feedback from our customers on our events.

Facilities: How are SMG-managed venues adding value to the live entertainment experience? JM: The trend is for limited dates. Promoters are still cautious; they tell us that their number one thought is risk avoidance. Nevertheless we have been fortunate at SMG with a number of tours playing secondary markets such as Elton John in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, Tim McGraw adding a number of “secondaries” – including Pikeville, Kentucky and Avenged Sevenfold starting their tour in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Facilities: What is the mandatory technology that you must have for promoters to consider your venue? JM: The ability of venues to provide multiple configurations to accommodate a wide range of capacities to satisfy an artist is a

2011 Facilities SuperBook

JM: For promoters it is providing accurate information in a timely manner to set a tour date. SMG Booking, our unique real time online resource, gives an advantage. Then promoters know when they play an SMG venue they will receive consistent high quality service. Our regional marketing managers share best practices across our venues and hosting tour specific marketing calls with promoters.

Facilities: SMG has signed more management contracts with theaters. What are the challenges this segment of live entertainment facilities face in today’s market? JM: The SMG Theater Network has grown to 50-plus venues worldwide. It has been a great area of growth and strength, allowing us to form relationships with young acts that can grow into arena


The Harlem Globetrotters unique mix of athleticism, comedy and theater have entertained arena audiences since the 1920s. They are said to have played more than 20,000 exhibition games in 118 countries. These perennial favorites are here at the BOK Center, the SMG-managed facility that opened in 2008 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

headlines. For example we have enjoyed several years of great tours with Jeff Dunham, who moved from our theaters into headlining our arenas. We have also worked to have several high profile acts play our theatre venues including John Mellencamp. Artists playing our theaters who are taking the next step include Gabriel Iglesias, Kevin Hart, and Straight No Chaser. There are many acts available; the challenge is paying them an appropriate hard ticket fee in a theater versus the competition in soft ticket situations (i.e. casinos or corporate dates). The challenge is to convince agents/managers/ artists to grow a career path with sellout hard ticket dates in our theatres that help grow the artist into future arena headliners.

Facilities: How is the relationship different between SMG (and/or an SMG venue) with large promoters such as Live Nation and House of Blues as compared with independent promoters? JM: SMG works and needs both the large tour promoters and independents to be successful. We have enjoyed great runs with Live Nation on tours such as Lady Gaga, Rascal Flatts, Roger Waters to name a few, and with AEG on Carrie Underwood, Bon Jovi, and George Strait and others. Independent promoters have brought us Avenged 7 Fold, Jeff Dunham, ZZ Top/Lynyrd Skynyrd, 3 Guys Comedy Tour, Miranda Lambert and many more.


Facilities: Consumer spending is either tight or loosening up only slightly. How has this affected what acts are being booked? JM: Risk avoidance is still the first concern we hear from promoters. The second issue is trust in the venue operators. SMG venues enjoy that trust and we work every day to be sure SMG venues continue to earn that trust.

live entertainment industry

continues to gradually improve. Promoters remain cautious about artist guarantees and ticket prices and that is often a good thing.”

Facilities: How has the promoter expectations for co-promotion and/ or co-management of events changed over the years? JM: We are co-promoting more than past years. Agents are recognizing the skills of SMG regional marketing managers and venue marketing managers. We are being relied on more and more for local market knowledge, venue marketing tools and promotions. Recent family shows such as Walking with Dinosaurs and Star Wars have had venue marketing managers playing prominent roles.

Facilities: What signs are you looking for that might indicate an economic recovery?


JM: On a macroeconomic level we see a gradual recovery, and it is crucial that we see job growth and reasonable gas prices for the consumer to spend discretionary income on entertainment. We are being able to overcome perceptions about economic stress in a market like Rockford, which has enjoyed an advance sellout with Sugarland and near sellout with Avenged 7 Fold.

Facilities: What has been the biggest change in the industry since you started? JM: The consolidation of promoters and decline of the record labels are the biggest changes in how the industry functions.

Facilities: What has this consolidation meant for live music?

JM: In the past labels were able to spend more money developing artists and providing tour support to keep young artists touring and developing both sales and a live show. The established artists are clearly earning more money touring than recording. At the same time venues are benefiting from shows developed from TV such as American Idol. It’s also great to see an artist like Jason Aldean carefully and thoughtfully developed by management and agent Kevin Neal into a major arena headliner where in my opinion the touring /live show lead the way to airplay success.

Facilities: SMG’s portfolio is large and growing. How is your size a factor in terms of the promoter relationship? JM: Yes, given the size of SMG and our booking team here in the corporate office we are reaching out and often being called on to work at the earliest stage of the routing process. Many times we can “trade dates” within our SMG venues to solve a routing issue.

2011 Facilities SuperBook


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2011 AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE BEST OF THE BEST Talent Buyers, Booking Agents, Promoters and Special Event Planners Select Winning Facilities


here are thousands of stages in North America. Finding one to book is easy, finding the right one to book, not so much. Ways to narrow the choices of stages down to only the most optimum is a constant need for Talent Buyers, Booking Agents, Promoters and Special Event Planners. They must find facilities that enable effective presentation of their artist, act and/or event and are located in a market with a demographic that provides an optimum audience supporting the event. A facility’s caliber of staff, current state of its technology, physical aspects of the actual building and most importantly, its ability to draw a sizeable and enthusiastic audience, are always crucial factors. Today’s market and economic climate have heightened the awareness for a facility to meet the mandatory criteria. In this spending hesitant 2011 AWARDS atmosphere, where belt-tightening is the OF EXCELLENCE rule for both entertainment providers and WINNERS entertainment consumers, the necessity for BEGINS ON the most effective stage is paramount. PAGE 28 Facilities Magazine, especially this issue — the 2011 Facilities SuperBook — has been a time tested resource for Promoters, Talent Buyers, Booking Agents and Special Event Planners to turn when determining what facility to book. Since 1988, the Facilities Media Group has been a news and information resource for the Live Event Industry and key to its longevity has been its Awards of Excellence program, which bestows the annual Prime Site Awards. “The awards are the voice of the professionals who book the actual stages,” says Michael Caffin, Associate

Prime Site Award Winner CONSOL Energy Center – new stateof-the-art Arena in Pittsburgh has a curtaining system allowing 4,500 - 19,000 seating configurations – Facilities SuperBook Directory: Page 35


Prime Site Award Winner Wright State University’s Nutter Center – Southwest Ohio’s premier sports & entertainment complex serves a Market of 1.7 million+ – Facilities SuperBook Directory: Page 58 Publisher, Facilities Media Group. “It is a peer to peer recommendation, and who else’s recommendation is more useful than one of your own?” The Awards of Excellence are given to all categories of Public Assembly facilities. Convention Centers, Meeting Hotels and Conference Centers have their own Prime Site Awards (another category, Top Destination Awards, are bestowed on Convention & Visitors Bureaus), which are voted on by Meeting Planners and appear in the Facilities & Destinations SuperBook (and on, of course). The Prime Site Awards in this magazine go to Arenas, Civic Centers, Coliseums, Multi-Purpose Facilities, Theaters and other Live Event Venues. Talent Buyers, Booking Agents, Promoters, Special Event Planners and other Live Event professionals – the readers of Facilities Media Group publications, which include Facilities SuperBook, Facilities Booking Guide and – vote for which venues should receive this recognition. Ballots are available in print and online are collected throughout the year. The Awards of Excellence program culminates in the annual naming of the Prime Site Award Winners in the Facilities SuperBook. “We take Site Selection very seriously,” says Caffin. “Having the right stage is the most important decision when it to organizing a Live Event because so much of event success is dependent on the right setting. Our publications are committed to helping our readers make effective decisions on what stage to present their artists and what facilities to host Continued on Page 33

2011 Facilities SuperBook




Frank Remesch 1st Mariner Arena

Rick Palmer Adler Theatre

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Page: 54

Randy L. Brown, Allen County War Memorial Coliseum

Subrina Berger Black River Coliseum Page: 58

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Pam Sossamon Cabarrus Arena & Events Center Page: 48

Gary Desjardins Chesapeake Energy Center

Jay Roberts CONSOL Energy Center

Carol Pollock Hoyt Sherman Place

Scott Mullen i wireless Center

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Loida HaffenerSalmond Lloyd Noble Center

Page: 68

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Dennis J. Andres Morris Performing Arts Center

Kevin Donnelly, Sr. MTS Centre

Bob LeBarron Sanford Center

David B. Ross Show Me Center

Nancy Weiman The Show Place Arena

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James Bricker State Farm Arena

Tom Richter Swiftel Center

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Lawrence Gawronski Vicksburg Convention Center & Auditorium

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2011 Facilities SuperBook



Facilities 2010 – 2011


Prime Site Award Winner BankUnited Center – Serves the 3 million + Miami market and claims to be “The Best Mid-Size Venue in the World” – Facilities SuperBook Directory: Page 43



Blue Cross Arena, Rochester, NY CONSOL Energy Arena, Pittsburgh, PA Dunkin Donuts Center, Providence, RI Giant Center, Hershey, PA IZOD Center, East Rutherford, NJ Madison Square Garden, New York, NY Mullins Center/University of Massachusetts,

1st Mariner Arena, Baltimore, MD John Paul Jones Arena, Charlottesville, VA Landmark Theatre, Richmond, VA Roanoke Civic Center, Roanoke, VA Show Place Arena, Upper Marlboro, MD Verizon Center, Washington, D.C.

Amherst, MA

Mohegan Sun Arena, Wilkes Barre, PA OnCenter Complex, Syracuse, NY Stabler Arena at Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA Sun National Bank Center, Trenton, NJ TD Banknorth Garden, Boston, MA Times Union Center, Albany, NY Verizon Wireless Arena, Manchester, NH Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA Wildwood Oceanfront Arena, Wildwood, NJ Prime Site Award Winner David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts – since opening in 1987, this multi-venue complex has attracted more than 8 million guests – Facilities SuperBook Directory: Page 45


AmericanAirlines Arena, Miami, FL Amway Center, Orlando, FL Bancorpsouth Center, Tupelo, MS BankAtlantic Center, Sunrise, FL BankUnited Center, Miami, FL Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, TN Cabarrus Arena & Events Center, Concord, NC CenturyLink Center, Bossier City, LA Fedex Forum, Memphis, TN Florence Civic Center, Florence, SC Halton Arena, Charlotte, NC Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena, Jacksonville, FL

The Joel Coliseum, Winston-Salem, NC The Lakeland Center, Lakeland, FL Macon Centreplex, Macon, GA New Orleans Arena, New Orleans, LA Philips Arena, Atlanta, GA St. Petersburg Times Forum, Tampa, FL 28

2011 Facilities SuperBook


Silver Spurs Arena/Osceola Heritage Park, Kissimmee, FL

The Straz Center for the Performing Arts, Tampa, FL

The Arena at Gwinnett Center, Duluth, GA Time Warner Cable Arena, Charlotte, NC MIDWEST

Adler Theatre, Davenport, IA Allen County War Memorial Coliseum, Fort Wayne, IN

Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL Arie Crown Theater, Chicago, IL Black River Coliseum, Poplar Bluff, MO Burnsville Performing Arts Center, Burnsville, MN Clay County Regional Events Center, Spencer, IA Conseco Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, IN Embassy Theatre, Fort Wayne, IN

2011 Facilities SuperBook

Prime Site Award Winner Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza – seats nearly 10,000 for concerts and is located in 3rd largest MSA in the U.S. – Facilities SuperBook Directory: Page 36

Ervin J. Nutter Center, Dayton, OH Hoyt Sherman Place, Des Moines, IA Huntington Center, Toledo, OH i wireless Center, Moline, IL Morris Performing Arts Center, South Bend, IN Nationwide Arena, Columbus, OH Palace of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, MI Quest Center Arena, Omaha, NE



Prime Site Winner Black River Coliseum – state-of-the-art, 5,000-seat multi-purpose facility whose central location draws audiences from multiple states – Facilities SuperBook Directory: Page 58

Resch Center, Green Bay, WI Rushmore Civic Center Plaza Arena, Rapid City, SD

The Sanford Center, Bemidji, MN Sears Centre Arena, Hoffman Estates, IL Show Me Center, Cape Girardeau, MO Sprint Center, Kansas City, MO Swiftel Center, Brookings, SD Topeka Performing Arts Center, Topeka, KS


American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX American Bank Center, Corpus Christi, TX AT&T Center, San Antonio, TX Beaumont Civic Center Complex, Beaumont, TX The BOK Center, Tulsa, OK Budweiser Events Center, Loveland, CO Chesapeake Energy Arena, Oklahoma City, OK Comcast Arena at Everett Events Center, Everett, WA

Fair Park, Dallas, TX Frank Erwin Center, Austin, TX Honda Center, Anaheim, CA HP Pavilion, San Jose, CA Idaho Center, Boise, ID KeyArena, Seattle, WA Laredo Energy Arena, Laredo, TX Lloyd Noble Center, Norman, OK Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles, CA Orleans Arena, Las Vegas, NV Rabobank Arena, Bakersfield, CA Prime Site Award Winner U.S. Cellular Arena – Major Midwest (12,700 capacity) sports and entertainment venue is home to decades of sports legend, rock & roll history and a variety of other events – Facilities SuperBook Directory: Page 58

Tyson Events Center, Sioux City, IA U.S. Cellular Arena, Milwaukee, WI U.S. Cellular Center, Cedar Rapids, IA Value City Arena at the Jerome Schottenstein Center, Columbus, OH Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, MI Xcel Energy Center, Saint Paul, MN 30

Prime Site Award Winner Laredo Energy Arena – 10,000-seat facility in in the 2nd fastest growing city in the U.S. in promises “Hot Days . . . Hotter Nights” – Facilities SuperBook Directory: Page 72

2011 Facilities SuperBook



Reliant Arena, Houston, TX The Rose Garden, Portland, OR Save Mart Center, Fresno, CA Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena, Spokane, WA Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA State Farm Arena, Hidalgo, TX Taco Bell Arena at Boise State University, Boise, ID

Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, WA Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV Toyota Center/Windemere Theatre, Kennewick, WA

United Spirit Arena, Lubbock, TX Viejas Arena, San Diego, CA

Prime Site Award Winner Bridgestone Arena – Seating 18,000+, this Nashville arena serves a market of 1.6 million+ – Facilities SuperBook Directory: Page 48


Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Hershey Centre, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada John Labatt Centre, London, Ontario, Canada MTS Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Rogers Arena, Vancouver, B.C., Canada Scotiabank Place, Kanata, Ontario, Canada PUERTO RICO

Coliseo De Puerto Rico, Hato Rey, PR


2011 Facilities SuperBook


BEST OF THE BEST Continued from page 24 their events.” In addition, the peer-to-peer aspect of the Awards of Excellence Program has taken new significance in a leaner entertainment industry negotiating a troublesome economy. “Readers are very excited to have their voice heard, and we received a record number of ballots in 2011,” said Caffin. “Budgets are leaner, and promoters, acts, and venues are playing it closer to the vest than ever before. Recommendations from fellow professionals play a bigger role than in previous cycles in the current decision making process.” The Awards of Excellence are greeted with excitement industry-wide because this “Best of The Best” recognition is based on who decides which venues should receive the honor. “No voice matters more than those of the Talent Buyers, Promoters, Booking Agents and Special Event Planners,” says Caffin. “Live Event Success is the very basis of our industry. Now, this success is dependent on the size and satisfaction level of audiences. But, our readers are crucial intermediaries, between artist and venue. Live Event Success – and the satisfaction of audience is dependent on that interface.” While a vote for a Prime Site facility takes into account an accumulation of issue, the critical criteria include: staging, audience amenities, the physical facility and the staff, who provide security and a warm setting where satisfying experiences can be obtained. “With few exceptions, the Prime Site venues improved their buildings and enhanced the audience experience in

Prime Site Award Winner United Spirit Arena – this 15,000-seat multipurpose facility is known as “The Entertainment Showcase of West Texas” – Facilities SuperBook Directory: Page 72 the past year and are already implementing new renovations for the year ahead,” said Caffin. “Their management and personnel dedicated to doing their best so their venue can be the best.” According to Caffin, the excitement around the Awards of Excellence increases each year. “The awards gain more momentum each year. More people participate and we get more requests from award winners to send out press releases or send comments to their local media. The enthusiasm for our Awards of Excellence continues to grow, which is immensely gratifying.”

Name of Prime Site Award Nominee(s): PLEASE CONSIDER THE __________________________________________________________________________ FOLLOWING CRITERIA WHEN VOTING: __________________________________________________________________________


O FLEXIBILITY __________________________________________________________________________

Booking agents, O SEATING promoters, CONFIGURATIONS Name, Title: ______________________________________________________________ talent buyers O TICKETING Organization: _____________________________________________________________ and special O LIGHTING, SOUND, STAGING event planners:


for the top Entertainment Venues (Arenas, Theaters, Stadiums; facilities you have booked in the last three years)

Phone: ___________________________________________________________________ O FOOD & BEVERAGE O INTERACTION WITH

Email: ____________________________________________________________________ VENUE STAFF


Describe the Event


__________________________________________________________________________ O PROMOTION/ MARKETING

__________________________________________________________________________ May we contact you?



Please Fill Out Form & Mail Your Vote To:

Facilities 152 Madison Avenue, Suite #802, New York, NY 10016 or Fax it to: (212) 213-6382

2011 Facilities SuperBook



³Tacoma Dome








³Laredo Energy Arena

³United Spirit Arena

³Rabobank Arena

LAREDO, TEXAS > Serving a 6.5 million+ market – this 10,000seat, 178,000-square-foot arena features 14 luxury suites – seating 12-14 & includes: concierge service & television – and six meeting rooms and private club. Event attendees know this Texas Venue lives up to its tagline: “Hot Days... Hotter Nights!”


³Toyota Center


TACOMA, WASHINGTON > 4 million+ market, 65 percent of the seating is moveable – coupled with a state-of-the-art curtaining system – Capacities range: 1,000 – 23,000. In addition to accommodating both intimate and large event settings, the arena is attached to 28,000-square-foot Exhibition Hall. This multi-purpose gem hosts concerts, family shows, sporting events, and consumer/trade shows.



LUBBOCK, TEXAS > Lubbock (Pop: 209,000) has this 15,000-seat multipurpose facility – The Entertainment Showcase of West Texas – on the Texas Tech University (Student Pop: 30,000 – largest of Lubbock’ four colleges) – draws from 1.million+ market – West Texas, Eastern New Mexico & Texas Panhandle.


81,017 square feet of concourse space & 31,916-square-foot arena floor enhance its flexibility to accommodate all events.



Formerly Tri-Cities Coliseum – located in 4th largest MSA in state (Pop: 248,400) this intimate 500-seat multi-purpose facility annually hosts 180+ events; Complex includes The Three Rivers Convention Center – 75,000 sq. ft. of Meeting/Exhibit space, including 21,600-sq.-ft. Great Hall (accommodates 2,100).


BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA > Metro Area Pop: 750,000, 11th largest city in state, 10,000+-seat (6,400 half-house/up to 10,225 center stage) mutli-purpose (Arena floor – 17,000 square feet total space) facility has become the premiere stop in central California; attached to Rabobank Theater and Convention Center featuring 17,840-squarefoot exhibit hall, 3,000-seat theater, and 7,830-square-foot stage-house.

2011 Facilities SuperBook





DCU Center 50 Foster Street, Worcester, MA 01608 (508) 755-6800: Fax: (508) 929-0111 General Manager: Sandy Dunn New England’s premiere gathering place for people to experience the finest in entertainment, sporting events and public functions, opened in 1982 and in 2009, underwent 1st first phase of a multi-year capital improvement project; flexible curtaining system allows for seating capacity 5,500-14,000; 100,000+ sq. ft. exhibition space; home to Worcester Sharks (AHL); 4 locker rooms, 3 dressing rooms, 1 tour/ press catering room, 1 small production office, 1 large production office / meeting room, 1 officials room; full service in-house marketing department. New England’s second largest city in largest county in Massachusetts, Population – 182,500; within 50 miles – 6+ million. NEW HAMPSHIRE

Verizon Wireless Arena 555 Elm Street, Manchester, NH 03101 (603) 644-5000; Fax: (603) 644-1575 Regional General Manager: Tim Bechert New Hampshire’s Premier Sports & Entertainment Facility Celebrating its 10th anniversary, this SMG-Managed arena has attracted over 5.3 million guests & hosted 1,000+ sports, entertainment & other events. Seating Capacities: Center Stage in the round –11,700; End Stage (360) – 10,655; End Stage (270) – 9,337; End Stage (240) – 8,931; End Stage (180) – 8,536; 3/4 Stage – 6,700; 1⁄2-House Stage – 5,400; Theatrical Stage – 3,000. Exhibition Space: 25,348 sq. ft.; 277 10’x8’ booths in typical trade show configuration; Rink floor = 18,870 sq. ft., Main Concourse = 16,486 sq. ft., Upper Concourse = 4,830 sq. ft. Draws PAGE audiences throughout New England. 13 PENNSYLVANIA

Times Union Center

Cambria County War Memorial Arena

51 South Pearl St., Albany, NY 12207 (518) 487-2000; Fax: (518) 487-2020 General Manager: Bob Belber Upstate New York’s Premier Sports and Entertainment Facility Full service entertainment and sports facility, curtaining system allows Times Union Center to fluctuate capacity between 6,000 to 17,000; equipped with 21,000+ sq. ft. exhibition space and 2 press rooms; 4 team size locker rooms, 5 star sized dressing rooms; In-House Marketing Department assists in all media buying, pr and graphic design; New seats recently installed, LED Ribbon Boards and center hung video board installed this past summer. N.Y.’s capital region is home to 1,300,000+; facility draws from New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire PAGE and Connecticut. 38

326 Napoleon Street, Johnstown, PA 15901 (814) 536-5156 / (800) 243-8499 Fax: (814) 536-5156 General Manager: Michael Silva In continuous operation for 60+ years; $8-million 2002 renovation brought new seating, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, dasher boards, an elevator and general building enhancements. Capacities: End-Stage Concert: 5,200; Hockey/Arena Football: 3,736; Theater with half-house curtain: 2,000; luxury box seating, 2nd floor lounge area, overhead hanging press box, NHL-size hockey rink; floor seating available; 2 full-size team locker rooms, 4 smaller team locker rooms, several offices, large private production office; full-service catering available in 2,000-sq.-ft. banquet room; 2 hours west of Penn State, 1.5 hours east of Pittsburgh; serves Johnstown, Altoona, Somerset, Indiana, Westmoreland and outlying communities.


CONSOL Energy Center 1001 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 (412) 642-1800; Fax: (412) 804-7980 General Manager: Jay Roberts 19,000-seat Arena opened in 2010. State-of-the-Art facility/Pittsburgh Penguins home-ice; curtaining system allows flexible 4,500 to 19,000 seating configurations; Production Office; Female Officials Room; Male Officials Room; Officials Lounge; 4 Star Dressing Rooms; Green Room; Multipurpose/Dining Room; 5 locker rooms with offices; two lounge areas at Center Ice – 2,000 club seats; 250-seat Lexus Club; 236 loge seats/66 suites including 4 party suites; 50 food & beverage stands and outlets throughout concourses; 880+ flat screens throughout arena; 60 foot LED Ribbon board in main lobby; ‘PensVision’ Mitsubishi scoreboard and two 360 degree LED ribbon boards circle inner bowl; full-service, PAGE in-house Marketing department. 3

2011 Facilities SuperBook

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DUNKIN’ DONUTS CENTER One LaSalle Square, Providence, RI 02903 (401) 331-0700; (401) 621-5987 •


rovidence, Rhode Island mixes the urban sophistication of a big city with the graceful charm of a small town. At the heart of Providence’s bustling downtown is the Dunkin’ Donuts Center (DDC), part of the Rhode Island Convention & Entertainment Complex, which also includes the Rhode Island Convention Center (RICC) and the Veterans Memorial Auditorium (VMA). The 14,000-seat DDC offers 31,000 square feet of arena space with a ceiling height of 86 feet, a 25,000-square-foot concourse, a new 9,000-square-foot lobby, 20 luxury suites, and five additional meeting/hospitality rooms. Other amenities include a pedestrian bridge connecting the arena to the RICC, a state-of-the-art video scoreboard, and upgraded concession and restaurant facilities. There are 5,500 hotel rooms in the Greater Providence area—1,800 located within walking distance of the Center. Providence is known for its thriving arts scene and is recognized as one of the nation’s hottest culinary destinations. There are nine colleges and universities located in the Providence market, most of which are within a 5-mile radius of the Center—Brown University, Johnson & Wales University, RI School of Design, and Providence College just to name a few. The students at these local colleges and universities add to diverse population of our City.


Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza 255 Highland Park Blvd., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702 (570) 970-7600; Fax: (570) 970-7601 General Manager: Rebecca Bonnevier SMG-managed arena opened in 1999, home to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins (AHL); 8,000+ permanent seats, nearly 10,000 for concerts and other events; Exhibition Space – Event Level 97,390 sq ft. - Concourse 8,530 sq. ft. - Suite Level 47,949 sq. ft. 4 Locker rooms, 2 two smaller dressing rooms, lounge area, meeting room/promoter room; catering/meeting room; 624 club seats w/ exclusive access to Club Member Lounge; 31 luxury suites, 1 Party Suite. F&B – SAVOR...; 7 permanent concessions stands, several portable stands and Kids Zone; Wilkes-Barre/Scranton/ Hazleton MSA – 550,000 (3rd largest in PA) within 2 hours of Philadelphia & NYC; 33+ million within 125-mile radius. RHODE ISLAND

Make Our World Your World! The Facilities Media Group Facilities & Destinations SuperBook Facilities & Destinations Mid-Market Review Facilities & Destinations Planner Guide Facilities & Destinations CONFERENCE Facilities SuperBook • Facilities Booking Guide Facilities & Event Management 36

Dunkin’ Donuts Center 1 LaSalle Square, Providence RI 02903 (401) 331-0700; Fax: (401) 621-5987 Executive Assistant/Booking: Debra Polselli Part of the Rhode Island Convention & Entertainment Complex, 14,000-seat DDC offers 31,000 sq. ft. arena space, ceiling height – 86 feet, 25,000-square-foot concourse, new 9,000-sq-ft lobby, 20 luxury suites, five additional meeting/hospitality rooms; state-of-theart video scoreboard; 6 Dressing/Locker Rooms; 2 Media Rooms, 2 Production Offices; 250seat restaurant; 11 permanent, 24 portable concession stands; DDC attracts one million+ annually/RI DMA population: 1,076,164/ 38,000+ college students within a 5-mile radius; 25% of USA population lives within 500 miles. 60’ x 40’ StageRight portable staging; 200’ x 85’ ice rink; Composite sub-floor; McCauley Line array speaker system/ PAGE Power Amps; Lighting: 6 Super Troupers, 2 Gladiators. 17

2011 Facilities SuperBook


CONSOL ENERGY CENTER 1001 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 (412) 642-1800; Fax: (412) 804-7980 •


he new 720,000-square-foot CONSOL Energy Center officially opened its doors in downtown Pittsburgh August 18-19, 2010 with back-to-back sold out Sir Paul McCartney concerts. The initial ground breaking took place on August 4, 2008 and it took two years to complete construction at a cost of $321 million. CONSOL Energy, the largest producer of highBTU bituminous coal in the United States, and headquartered in nearby Canonsburg, PA, secured a 21-year naming rights deal for the arena. Features/Spaces Key features of the building include a dramatic glass and steel entrance with outstanding city views, a hockey art collection worth over $1 million, which also includes select Andy Warhol pieces on loan from the Warhol Museum, a 9-foot hockey helmet and 30-foot hockey stick. There are two premium lounge areas at center ice: the First Niagara Club and the Captain Morgan Club, featuring full service bars and concessions that look directly into the bowl. The Lexus Club is a fine dining restaurant that seats 250 and also has hosted weddings, meetings, and other VIP events. There are 66 luxury suites with the main suite level home to 59 suites, including 4 party suites. An indoor parking garage connected to the suite level, a private covered walkway to the Center and concierge ticket pick up location. There are 236 loge seats with flat panel monitors, dedicated wait staff, access to the Lexus Club and First Niagara and Captain Morgan Clubs. There are four conference rooms available for meetings and functions that contain full audio/visual capabilities. All spaces pay homage to Pittsburgh’s industrial roots and to the great history of hockey in Pittsburgh. Technology More than 800 flat panel HD TV monitors are located throughout the building, allowing fans to stay connected to events at all times. The monitors also serve as menu boards at concessions

2011 Facilities SuperBook

stands as well as highlight upcoming events and sponsors and the great selection of food including Pittsburgh originals Primanti Brothers Sandwiches and Nakama Sushi. Our ‘PensVision’ Mitsubishi Electric scoreboard is one of the largest screens in North America with flawless high definition picture quality. Two 360-degree LED boards circle the inner bowl and with a Dolby 5.1 sound system, we ensure the highest quality concert experience for patrons. A state-of-the-art curtaining system allows for flexible event configurations ranging from an intimate theater set up of 4,500 up to 19,000 for concerts and sporting events. There are many interactive areas in the main lobbies and concourses that have become popular attractions. LEED CONSOL Energy Center was the first NHL Arena to open with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certification in North America. There are 4 levels of LEED certification: Basic, Silver, Gold & Platinum. To reach each level you must accrue points and credits in 5 main categories including sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy & atmosphere, materials & resources, indoor environmental quality innovation and design. We are proud to present the first sponsored public tour program of any NHL or NBA building in North America, which highlights the environmentally friendly aspects of the building. Seating Capacities (Approximate) Hockey: 18,087, Basketball: 19,000, End stage: 14,526, Center Stage: 19,578. Triple the amount of ADA seating, as compared to Pittsburgh’s Civic Arena, are available on all seating levels including ice level for hockey. Awards & Concerts CONSOL Energy Center won Best New Major Concert Venue 2010 (PollstarLive Awards) and a 2010-2011 Facilities Magazine Prime Site Award. In our first eight months of being open we have hosted over 1,500,000 fans and have sold out numerous events including Sir Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga, Elton John, Bon Jovi, Justin Bieber, Roger Waters, Chelsea Handler Eagles, WWE and Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Major Tenants Home of the NHL Pittsburgh Penguins Home of the AFL (Arena Football League) Pittsburgh Power.



TIMES UNION CENTER 51 South Pearl St., Albany, NY 12207 (518) 487-2000; Fax: (518) 487-2020


ocated in the heart of the Capital City, Albany’s Times Union Center continues to be a capital region hot spot. Renamed in January 2007, the Times Union Center is “Upstate New York’s Premier Sports and Entertainment Facility.” Owned by Albany County and operated by SMG, the Times Union Center has been operating since 1990. The Times Union Center has an adaptable seating capacity between 6,000 and 17,500. Since its opening on January 1, 1990, more than seven million patrons have walked through the turnstiles. As a multi-purpose facility drawing from a market of 1.3 million people, the Times Union Center has hosted a variety of events, averaging 165 events each year. Sell-out concerts at the Center have included the Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, U2, Elton John, Neil Diamond, Frank Sinatra, Garth Brooks, Puff Daddy and the Family, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, The Dave Matthews Band, Phish, NSYNC, Dixie Chicks, Britney Spears, Tina Turner, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart, the Grateful Dead, Hannah Montana, and Justin Bieber. The Center has developed into a sports fan’s dream. Home to the Albany Devils of the American Hockey League and Siena Saints Division I College Basketball, the Times Union Center is a sports haven. In


addition to our home teams, the arena is proud to host NHL pre-season games, the MAAC basketball championships, high school basketball, the NYSPHAA High School state wrestling championships, and the Federation Tournament of Champions, NBA pre -season games, WNBA pre-season, and AVP volleyball. The Times Union Center is a regular host to premier NCAA events. The NCAA Division I Men’s Ice Hockey Frozen Four took place here in 2001 with Boston College winning their first title in quadruple overtime. The arena hosted the 2002 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships when Cael Sanderson won his fourth title; ending his career undefeated, and in 2003 The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball East Regional took to the Center’s hard-court where Syracuse University won the region, taking them to the Final Four where they went on to win the national championship Times Union Center has developed a rich history of events over the past two decades. Albany County, SMG and the Capital Region look forward to a future filled with the biggest names in sports and entertainment.

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555 Elm Street, Manchester, NH 03101


(603) 644-5000; Fax: (603) 644-1575 •


eading into its 10th year, the Verizon Wireless Arena has drawn over 5.3 million people becoming one of the nation’s most popular and successful arenas of its’ size. This stateof-the-art arena has brought over 1,000 events ranging from concerts, athletic events, family shows and conventions to New Hampshire, selling-out more than 120 of them. The Verizon Wireless Arena captured both the historic and cutting-edge look of the city of Manchester with its ultra-modern yet classical architectural design. The arena’s red brick façade fruitfully blends with the refurbished red brick structures of this old factory town that has been reborn into one of the art, cultural and high tech capitals of New England. Within a 30-mile radius, a population exceeding two million encircles the arena including approximately 45,000 college students in the Greater Manchester Area alone. The arena can accommodate anywhere from 2,500-11,770 of this populace for concerts and entertainment events and a capacity of 10,104 for hockey games and other sporting events. There is no bad seat in the arena due to its unique elliptical design that allows for an increase in seating on all sides of the arena rather than the ends of the arena, providing outstanding sight lines for all fans. In addition to the general seating there are 542 club seats, 34 luxury suites, five party suites and a private club lounge, all with great views of the action. Four permanent concession stands are located around the building, along with one-to-12 mobile concession stands that can be utilized as needed. The Manchester Monarchs, American Hockey League affiliate to the Los Angeles Kings, made the Verizon Wireless Arena their home and have done a great job at engrossing the citizens of Manchester with the thrill of the game. Along with the Monarchs, the arena has hosted a variety of college sporting events including a University of New Hampshire vs. Dartmouth men’s hockey game in 2002 that became the largest collegiate sporting event in the history of the state of New Hampshire. The University of New Hampshire continues to call Manchester home at least once a year.

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Since its conception, the Verizon Wireless Arena has satisfied over 2.7 million individual entertainment needs with its concerts and non-sporting events. Since Aerosmith took center stage in front of a sold out crowd in the arena’s first performance, the arena has seen many of the worlds prevalent stars such as: Elton John, KISS, Ozzy Osbourne, Neil Diamond, Britney Spears, James Taylor, the Eagles, Dave Matthews Band, Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber and the list goes on and on. Along with astounding stars, the arena has also seen shows such as WWE Smackdown!/ RAW/Backlash, Sesame Street Live!, The Wiggles, Thunder Nationals (Monster Trucks) and the Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Circus®. Not to mention a brief stop by President Bush in October 2004 and Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey in December 2007. The Verizon Wireless Arena does not only provide sports action and entertainment excitement to New Hampshire residents but also an important tool for trade and business shows. Such trade and business shows that have been held at this booming arena include the New Hampshire Restaurant and Lodging Trade Show, the New England RV and Motor Coach Exposition, Governors Inaugural Ball and the Verizon Wireless Tech Seminar to name a few. The still young Verizon Wireless Arena has successfully satisfied the interests of the community of Manchester and the citizens of New Hampshire. Business NH Magazine has awarded the Arena, and its management company, SMG, as the Business of the Year (touring/Hospitality), and the Best Concert Venue in the State for the ninth year in a row. Along with its success in New Hampshire, the Verizon Wireless Arena has received national recognition for its’ success consistently ranking within the top ten worldwide for arenas 15,000 or less. Take a versatile and contemporary venue design, smart promotions and a state with a growing population and economy, and you have what the Verizon Wireless Arena has become: an established sports, entertainment and convention facility in the competitive New England market. Since its conception, the Verizon Wireless Arena has been doing things right.




1st Mariner Arena 201 West Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21201 (410) 347-2020; Fax: (410) 347-2042 General Manager: Frank Remesch “...Continuing to Make History...” 1st Mariner Arena, Baltimore’s largest indoor sports and entertainment facility accommodates audiences of 14,000 - 2,500 depending on each show’s needs; including mini theatre, in the round, family shows, etc; Backstage – Two large team rooms; locker room; 10 dressing rooms; Eight Strong 1,000 watt Xenon Super Troupers/permanently located in 4 elevated baskets, 2 per basket; Two strong 2,500 watt Gladiator 2; Meyer Sound Lab speakers driven through a series of amplifying, processing and equalizing equipment; Core audience – six million+/includes PAGE parts of Delaware, West Virginia and Virginia. 41

Delaware Maryland Virginia West Virginia Washington, D.C.


The Show Place Arena 14900 Pennsylvania Avenue, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 (301) 952-7900; Fax: (301) 952-8167 General Manager: Bill Chambers Marketing Manager: Nancy Weiman There’s No Place Like The Show Place for Entertainment, Sports and Business Full-service event facility – meetings, consumer/trade shows, conventions, concerts and sporting events; 4th largest US market, includes: Southern Maryland Anne Arundel & Prince George’s County, District of Columbia, also draws from Baltimore, Montgomery County and Virginia. Seating capacities: Concerts 4,200; Basketball 5,000; Boxing 5,500; Horse Shows 3,000; Rodeo 4,000/ Meetings –2,600 - 3,000/Arena floor – 35,500+ sq. ft. (total space of 49,000 sq. ft.. w/ concourse); 4 dressing/locker rooms – 5 suites on concourse level; PAGE 3 Meeting Rooms; 2 permanent concession stands, lounge area with bar. 42 VIRGINIA

Available on

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Willett Hall 3701 Willett Drive, Portsmouth, VA 23707 (757) 393-5369; Fax: (757) 393-7324 Facility Manager: Valora Baskerville Where our biggest event is your satisfaction! 1,924 seats (868 front orchestra, 591 rear orchestra and 465 balcony seats) excellent acoustics and seating so intimate that the last row of seats is only 175 feet from the stage (4,185 square feet in size – 45 feet deep, 93 feet wide); very competitive rental and labor rates, also co-promotes and assists with marketing and advertising. Lounge accommodates 75 – 100 persons. 4 solo dressing rooms; 2 chorus rooms; 1 Green Room. Portsmouth is in the heart of Hampton Roads, Pop: 1.5+ million, draws from as far north as Richmond and as far south as northeastern North Carolina. WEST VIRGINIA

Charleston Civic Center


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200 Civic Center Drive, Charleston, West Virginia 25301 (304) 345-1500; Fax: (304) 345-3492 General Manager: John Robertson The Center of Excitement The entertainment and convention centerpiece of Charleston, West Virginia, hosts the majority of the state’s premier entertainment, sporting and corporate events. Flexible Mid-Atlantic complex comprised of four versatile venues—the Civic Center Coliseum (30,000 sq.ft./seats 13,600), the Municipal Auditorium (seats: 3,400, the Civic Center Little Theater (seats: 3,400) and the Charleston Convention Center (7 Main Level Rooms offering 12,000+ sq ft of meeting space; 8 2nd -Level Rooms/6,600+ sq. ft.; 50,086-sq.-ft. Grand Convention Hall, divisible into four individual spaces. Concession Stands Throughout/Distinctive Gourmet is F&B provider.

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Continuing to

Make History!

West Baltimore Street Baltimore, MD 21201 (410) 347-2020 Fax: (410) 347-2042

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he Show Place Arena recently celebrated its 18th anniversary as a meeting, event and entertainment facility that serves clients throughout the country. The facility is the venue of choice for close to 250 event days yearly, that include concerts, trade and consumer shows, sporting events, business meetings and more. Clients include World Wrestling Entertainment, the Colonial Athletic Association Women’s Basketball Tournament, the Capital Challenge Horse Show and major automakers Ride and Drives. The attractiveness of The Show Place Arena can be quantified by the following categories: Location and Access The Show Place Arena is located in the metropolitan Washington Area near three major airports and 40 miles from Baltimore. Its location makes it an attractive venue for local hosting organizations as well as those based outside the Baltimore/Washington corridor. Space and Amenities The facility was selected by the 2011 Baltimore Business Journal’s Book of Lists as one of the top meeting facilities in Maryland based on its total 49,000 square footage. In addition, we offer: • A multi-purpose arena with flexible seating capacity


ranging up to a rated total capacity of 5800, ideal for concerts, consumer and trade shows, sporting events and large banquets. • Three meeting rooms that interconnect for maximum coordination and flexibility • Free on-site parking for 2,500 vehicles • On-site catering services • Audio-visual support Cost The Show Place Arena offers competitive pricing along with the flexibility to choose your space and amenity requirements. Service Your success depends on the quality of service you receive in both the planning stages and the actually day-of implementation. The Show Place Arena is at the top of the charts when it comes to staffing. Among the over 125 full and part time employees, many have been employees for over ten years, a strong statement about their advanced experience and their capabilities of working as a team. The staff understands that working through the details starts with that first phone call.

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BankUnited Center 1245 Dauer Drive, Coral Gables, FL 33146 (305) 284-8244; Fax: (305) 284-6547 General Manager Patrick L. McGrew The Best Mid-Size Venue in the World University of Miami’s Coral Gables campus location, hosts world-class concerts, family shows, trade shows, lecture series, student events, sporting events, private corporate gatherings, and other special events. Seating: 8,000+ (25 VIP Suites with access to full service catering) ; 6 dressing rooms, 2 visiting team locker rooms, 2 production offices, media interview room. Exhibition Space: 200,000 sq.-ft- arena floor; also 4,000-sq.-ft. banquet room and 7,500-sq.-ft. adjacent multi-purpose room. Full-service in-house marketing department. Market Population: 1 million within 7 miles and 3 million in Greater Miami. FLORIDA

Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena 300 A. Philip Randolph Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32202 (904) 630-3900; Fax: (904) 854-0601 General Manager: Robin Timothy This 15,000-seat, multi-purpose public facility opened in 2003 to a sold-out audience for an Elton John concert. Since then, the arena has hosted concerts, professional sporting events, local graduation ceremonies and other events; Capacities: End Stage: 14,500/In the Round: 14,000/Half-House: 9,500/Theater: 6,200/Hockey / Basketball: 13,000. Home of Jacksonville Sports Hall of Fame. Backstage areas: six dressing rooms; 4 large locker rooms; Media Room; Multipurpose/Catering Area, two Promoter Offices and 4,000-sq.-ft. Duval Street Room; 10 permanent concession stands with 67 POS. Exclusive Clubs with dining options (buffet PAGE or traditional concessions); capable of 140 POS; In-house Marketing Department. 48


The Lakeland Center 701 West Lime Street, Lakeland, FL 33815 (863) 834-8100; Fax: (863) 834-8101 Assistant Director: Scott Sloman Superior Events and Quality Entertainment Located between Tampa and Orlando, markets include – Polk County (500,000+), and Tampa & Orlando, large multi-purpose arena, two exhibit halls, Broadway theater and several meeting rooms; with100,000+ sq. ft of available space, this venue accommodates events from 10 to 10,000 attendees; Seating Capacity –Jenkins Arena: Basketball – 7,137; End Stage Concert – 8,178; Half-house Concert – 4,758; Youkey Theatre: 2,300; Exhibit Hall – 27,848 sq. ft./Sikes Hall – 24,600 sq. ft.; 4 team rooms; 2 star dressing rooms; 2 show offices; 5 meeting rooms; Youkey Theatre: 2 Chorus dressing rooms; 4 Star dressing rooms; 1 Green room. FLORIDA

Ocean Center / Daytona Beach 101 N. Atlantic Avenue, Daytona Beach, FL 32118 (800) 858-6444; (386) 254-4500 Fax: (386) 254-4512 Director of Sales: Lori Hunter Ocean Center....success by association! Located in the heart of the Daytona Beach resort area, and only 400 feet from the Atlantic Ocean, the Volusia County Ocean Center is the area’s convention, entertainment and sports complex. It’s a multi-use facility that hosts conventions, tradeshows, concerts, banquets, family entertainment shows and sporting events; 205,000 sq. ft. of interior meeting space; 36 breakout rooms including VIP suite; 12,000-sq.-ft. Ballroom (banquet seating: 850); 42,000-sq.-ft. Exhibit Hall (seats: 9,600) – seats; 264,000 sq. ft. feet indoor/outdoor exhibit space; 12,000+ Hotel Rooms; Home of NASCAR and LPGA; Daytona International Speedway; golf courses including LPGA PAGE International; 23 Miles of wide, smooth, sandy beaches. 19

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FLORIDA ROCKS! Alicia Keys, Billy Elliot the Musical, Harry Connick, Jr., Blue Man Group, Sting, Juanes, Michael Bublé, Monty Python’s Spamalot, George Lopez, Norah Jones, Disney’s The Lion King, Chelsea Handler, Jerry Seinfeld, Wicked, Chris Rock, Jon Stewart, Josh Groban, Gilberto Gil, Gipsy Kings, Renée Fleming, Soweto Gospel Choir, Jersey Boys Morsani Hall 2,610 Seats • Ferguson Hall 1,042 Seats • Jaeb Theater 268 Seats TECO Theater 250 Seats • Shimberg Playhouse 130 Seats

• 3 million adults within 60-minute drive • State-of-the-art 5-theater entertainment complex in downtown Tampa • Experienced in-house staff, including production, ticketing and marketing with media buyers and graphic designers


Contact for avails: or Check out our specs at

Our Morsani Hall has been ranked (for 5,000 seats and under) #3 in the world in Billboard’s Decade End Charts and the 2010 Mid-Year Charts.




BRIDGESTONE ARENA 501 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203 (615) 770-2000; Fax: (615) 770-2010 •


ridgestone Arena opened in December 1996 and has hosted more than 12 million guests. It has become Nashville’s No. 1 venue for large-scale musical productions, as well as one of the nation’s most highly-acclaimed entertainment and sports venues. Seating capacity is approximately 20,000 for concerts, 19,395 for basketball and 17,113 for Nashville Predators games. The entrance to Bridgestone Arena is positioned on the corner of Broadway and Fifth Avenue facing the Ryman Auditorium, the original home of the Grand Ole Opry. The architects designed this as a tribute to Nashville’s music roots. The development of the arena exemplifies the city’s changing persona and has been a catalyst for other projects in the surrounding area. A number of downtown living options - including several new condominiums - continue to spring up in close proximity to Bridgestone Arena. Initiated by Nashville Mayor Phil Bredesen and approved by the Metro/Davidson County Council in 1993, Bridgestone Arena uniquely embraces Nashville’s heritage as “Music City, U.S.A.” For the event planner, the spectator, the athlete and the performer, the arena is equipped to deliver the latest in high-quality, “userfriendly” features. A soundstage-quality rehearsal hall is a part of the facility, making the arena a perfect site for concert performers. In addition to serving as the home of the Nashville Predators, Bridgestone Arena has hosted a wide variety of sporting events including the U.S. National Figure Skating Championship (1997), the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament (2000, 2003 & 2005), the SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament (2001, 2006, 2010), the SEC Women’s Basketball Tournament (2002, 2004 & 2008) and the 2003 NHL Entry Draft. The venue has also been awarded the 2014

NCAA Women’s Final Four, the 2011 and 2012 SEC Women’s Basketball Tournament and the 2013 SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament. It will also host the first and second rounds of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament again in 2012. Community events have included the annual Mayor’s First Day Festival and the Country Freedom Concert benefiting the Salvation Army Disaster Relief Fund. The venue has also hosted the CMA Awards show the past four years (2006-09), which were broadcasted live to national audiences on network television.. A new state-of-the-art integrated scoring and video display system using the latest in sports videoboard technology was installed in the building in August 2007, and has been in operation for the past three seasons. Designed and constructed by ANC Sports in New York, the board is 100 percent LED-based and runs on a digital operating system, which also required a new control room to be build near the entrance tunnel to the arena bowl. The renovations were part of a more than $4-million facelift to Bridgestone Arena during the summer of 2007.

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CABARRUS ARENA & EVENTS CENTER 4751 Hwy 49 North, Concord, NC 28025 • (704) 920-3976; Fax: (704) 920-3999 •


he Cabarrus Arena & Events Center is the region’s newest and most innovative exhibition center offering a flexible floor plan and state-of-the-art features. With the 5,000-seat arena, in excess of 150,000 square feet of temperature controlled event space and an 11-acre lawn, The Cabarrus Arena offers more meeting, banquet and exhibition options than any other facility in Cabarrus County. Situated in Concord, NC, the Cabarrus Arena & Events Center is in the heart of an area rich with colorful history and a tapestry of both the old and the new. The facility is only moments away from the historic downtown district with its stately antebellum homes and specialty shops, minutes from the Charlotte Motor Speedway and Concord Mills Mall, the most visited tourist attraction in the state of North Carolina.


St. Pete Times Forum 401 Channelside Drive,Tampa, FL 33602 (813) 301-6500 Manager of Event Marketing: Jessica Eckley Home of the Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL) and Tampa Bay Storm (AFL), this arena features state-of-the-art technology and innovative design and hosts 150+ events annually, including concerts, family events, ice shows, and sports. The arena is currently undergoing a $35-million transformation. The face-lift focuses on making the St. Pete Times Forum into a world-class arena and also at improving the overall fan experience. Seating Capacities: Blue Line – 7,000; End stage – 14,000; In-the-round – 20,000; Half house – 10,000; Hockey/Basketball – 19,000. 4 Locker Rooms; 6 Dressing Rooms; press Lounge; Officials Room; 2 Management Offices; Vibe Room. Tampa MSA: 2.178 Million. GEORGIA

In addition, they are the only facility in the area that can offer the first-class service of SMG, the largest public facility management company in the world. The on-site food & beverage service is managed by Savor by SMG and is the exclusive caterer for the Cabarrus Arena. The Executive Chef and his staff have the experience and creativity to satisfy the most discriminating tastes, accommodate special requests and provide impeccable service for cocktail receptions and buffets to trade show exhibitor entertaining and large or small sit-down dinners. Beginning with your initial call and following through until the completion of your event, the Cabarrus Arena staff will provide you with professional and courteous attention to detail combined with a pleasant Southern charm.


David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts 1010 North W.C. MacInnes Place, Tampa, FL 33602 (813) 222-1000; (800) 955-1045; Fax: (813)222-1057 The Straz Center inspires audiences and artists to dream and discover, to create and celebrate. Located downtown on a picturesque nine-acre site along the east bank of the Hillsborough River, this 335,000-sq.-ft. PAC complex consists of 5 venues: Carol Morsani Hall (2,610 seats), Ferguson Hall (1,042 seats), the Jaeb Theater (268 seats), the TECO Energy Foundation Theater (250 seats) and the Shimberg Playhouse (130 seats). Recently added – Patel Conservatory – 45,000-sq.ft./20 studios, including rehearsal hall, isolation/sound booth and state-of-the-art black box theater. Recently installed sound and video system enhances patron experience. PAGE 43


The Gwinnett Center

Philips Arena

6400 Sugarloaf Parkway, Duluth, GA 30097 (770) 813-7550; Fax: (770) 813-7501 General Manager: Joseph L. Dennis, Jr.

One Philips Drive, Atlanta, GA 30303 (404) 878-3000; Fax: (404) 878-3098 VP of Philips Arena Marketing & Business Development: Kevin Preast

Complex originally opened as Convention Center in 1992, Performing Arts Center opened in 1993. After a decade of success, the Convention Center expanded to include a 21,600-sq.-ft. Grand Ballroom in 2003; also in 2003 the Gwinnett Center campus added a 13,000-seat Arena (Center Stage - 12,600; Hockey - 11,100; End Stage - 9,700; half-house curtaining down to as low as 3,500; Performing Arts Center has 702 seats (w/ high-tech sound system enhanced by a removable orchestra shell).; Exhibition Space: 50,000-sq.ft. Exhibit Hall, 21,600 sq. ft. Ballroom, 23 Meeting Rooms. Onsite Marketing Department.

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One of the largest arenas in the country – capacity: 20,500 people. Home NBA’s Atlanta Hawks/WNBA’s Atlanta Dream, state-of-the-art multi-purpose sports and entertainment complex hosts numerous events on its multiple use floor, including touring concerts, rodeos, ice shows, family shows, circuses, motor sports and large conventions; Dressing Rooms / locker rooms, multi-purpose rooms, and the press room range in distance from 50’ to 250’ from the stage in an “End Stage / Concert” configuration. End Stage Concert – 270 :15,000; End Stage Concert – 360: 18,200; Concert in the Round – 360:18,500; Basketball: 18,729; Dirt Show:16,500; Figure Skating: 16,800; Half House: 9,000



FLORENCE CIVIC CENTER 3300 West Radio Drive, Florence, SC 29501 (843) 679-9417; Fax: (843) 679-9429 •


rom the fabulous modern circus and theater, Cirque du Soleil, to country mega-stars like Jason Aldean, the Florence Civic Center offers it’s regional audience an exciting assortment of world-class events. This aggressive booking approach has cemented a loyal fan and customer base, drawing from throughout northeastern South Carolina. Plus, it’s put the SMGmanaged civic center on the radar of top promoters and booking agents. The Florence Civic Center’s arena seats an audience of up to 10,000, and it also can deploy a half-house curtain system, creating a more intimate setting for smaller events. The multipurpose venue offers a total of 50,000 sq. ft. of usable space – including a well-appointed, carpeted ballroom and adjoining meeting rooms. The center was initially opened in 1993 and thanks to city, county and civic center commission support has almost continuously been expanded and updated to accommodate current needs with a state-ofthe-art facility. The center presents a steady stream of family shows, popular concerts, celebrity acts and special events. Nearly 6,500 fans connect with the civic center on Facebook and the “E-blast” email club now boasts more than 11,000 members that get up-to-theminute news on upcoming shows. Kendall Wall, general manager, added, “It’s a tightrope walk to get the best shows available booked and ensure that these shows are the ones our audiences will totally support. We’ve tried to deliver an interesting mix and fortunately we’re succeeding. The events here at the civic center have a great, positive impact on the area’s economy.” The civic center is proud to have recently hosted such crowdpleasing shows as WWE Wrestling, the Casting Crowns, Elmo’s Healthy Heroes, the Gaithers Concert, Marvin Sapp, Monster Truck Winternationals, Rickey Smiley, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, Jason Aldean with Eric Church and the JaneDear Girls, TNA Wrestling, the 31st Annual Blockbuster Showdown Gold Cup Awards, Barney Live In Concert- Birthday Bash, Rick Ross and Jodee Messina and Lonestar in concert. Summer show highlights include a great “blues” weekend with the Twin City Blues Festival featuring Clarence Carter, Roy C and Millie Jackson; Cirque du Soleil presents Alegria, their renowned show featuring a fabulous set and signature dramatic lighting; and the “very hot” cable show, Orange County Choppers Live, hosted


Cirque du Soleil presents Alegria Jason Aldean has sold out the civic center for two years in a row!


by Paul Teutul, Sr., featuring rockin’ music entertainment and a new chopper built live on stage – later to be awarded to someone in the audience. In addition to a full schedule of concerts and shows, the civic center provides a prime location (at the intersection of I-95 and I20) for meetings, conventions and trade shows. A state-of-the-art food service can serve up to 2,000 for dinner. More than a dozen regional and national conventions will be held here over the next 12 months. The civic center also offers a variety of essential convention amenities including high speed Internet throughout and wide screen monitor capabilities. The center is adjacent to many national chain hotels, providing more than 1,000 quality rooms. The area’s largest shopping mall is across the street and the center itself is surrounded by shopping, movie theaters and notable restaurants.

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Vicksburg Convention Center & Auditorium 1600 Mulberry Street (Convention Center) 901 Monroe Street (Auditorium), Vicksburg, MS 39180 (866) 822-6338 Fax: (601) 630.2910 Executive Director: Lawrence Gawronski, CFE Located in the heart of historic downtown Vicksburg, this multi-purpose complex seats: 2,400 – Convention Center; 1,350 – Auditorium. 50,000 sq. ft. meeting/exhibition space on two levels, featuring full service kitchen and onsite catering facilities, state-of-the-art meeting amenities and a wide array of exhibition and audio-visual equipment. The Auditorium is a performance venue with a proscenium stage, 900 fixed elevated seats and 450 portable floor seats. Full service marketing, advertising and promotional services. Vicksburg / PAGE Jackson metro area has approximately 300,000 target population. 49 NORTH CAROLINA


Cabarrus Arena & Events Center 4751 Hwy 49 North, Concord, NC 28025 (704) 920-3976; Fax: (704) 920-3999 Sales & Marketing Manager: Pam Sossamon Multipurpose venue – 150,000 sq. ft of temperature controlled event space, plus 11-acre lawn, 28,000-sq.-ft.-arena seats: 5,000 concerts/ 4,390 boxing/wrestling, 3,800 arena football; 1,500 – 3,000 half-house; Indoor/Outdoor portable staging; 2 Dressing rooms. Exhibition Space - Event Center A: 40,000 sq. ft.; Event Center B: 30,000 sq. ft.; Gold Hall 1: 20,000 sq. ft.; Gold Hall 2: 10,000 sq. ft.; Cabarrus Room A: 2,400 sq. ft.; Cabarrus Room B: 1,200 sq. ft.; Cabarrus Room C: 1,200 sq. ft.; Audience: 313,700 within a 15-mile radius; 1,377,900 – 30-mile radius; 3,154,100 – 60-mile radius; 7 VIP Suites; 6 on-site concession stands.



The Halton Arena

Florence Civic Center

9201 University City Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28221 (704) 687-4800; Fax: (704) 687-4803 Director: Nina Simmons

3300 West Radio Drive, Florence, SC 29501 (843) 679-9417; Fax: (843) 679-9429 General Manager: Kendall Wall Your venue for quality, affordable, family entertainment. SMG-managed facility is largest convention, entertainment & exhibition facility in northeast South Carolina – 50,000-sq. ft. multipurpose space, including 10,000-seat arena (backdrop curtain allows 2,500 -7,000 seating)., 15,000-sq.-ft. ballroom (seats 1,400 theater style), well-appointed Pee Dee, Waccamaw and Santee meeting rooms (adjoin ballroom,accommodates up to 1,000 people for banquets; 1,400 for meeting set-ups; 84-8’x10’ booths). Portable stage expands to 60’ x 40’; 4 dressing rooms, green room. Market: 700,000 population; “In the Flo” e-mail club has over 11,000 members PAGE who get “E-Buzz”; 6,000+ Facebook Fans ; 300+ Twitter Followers. 47

Located on University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s campus and only minutes away from the city of Charlotte; handsome, modern, multi-use structure Seating Capacities: Basketball/Sports: 9,100 with 2,353 premium seats. Concerts / Entertainment: 6,500 with 2,100 premium seats; 3 large dressing rooms; 2 VIP rooms complete; pressroom. Demographics: University of North Carolina at Charlotte is home to 23,000 students. Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina, located halfway between Raleigh, NC and Atlanta. This centrally-located city is home to more than 600,000 people, with over six million people residing within a 100-mile radius.


Bridgestone Arena 501 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203 (615) 770-2000; Fax: (615) 770-2010 Sr. Director of Booking: Brock Jones

without being crowded

Located in the heart of Downtown Nashville, serves a market of 1.6 million+; Seating Capacities: Concert - 17,500; Full House Proscenium - 10,700; Music City Theater - 6,900; In the Round - 18,400; Basketball (inc. floor) - 17,300; Arena Football/Rodeo - 16,000; Fixed Seating Only - 13,600; 43,000-sq.-ft. exhibit floor with 110 feet of vertical clearance. 6 dressing rooms; 3 locker rooms; 3 Production Offices; Event Coordinator Office: Green Room; Corporate Reception Room, Crew Catering Room; Media Lounge; Radio Work Room; Interview Room; Press Work Room; 3 Dark Rooms. Climate-controlled walkway to Nashville Convention PAGE 44 Center & Renaissance Nashville Hotel. TENNESSEE

Our 15,000 seat multi-purpose arena was built in 2003 and has hosted events such as the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, Jacksonville Sharks, Aerosmith, Elton John & Billy Joel, The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus and Disney on Ice. Contact Robin Timothy to book your next event. | | 904.630.3900 48

Memorial Auditorium & Tivoli Theater Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Auditorium 399 McCallie Ave., Chattanooga, TN 37402 (423) 757-5150; Fax: (423) 757-5326 General Manager: Sandy Coulter Since the 1920s, the fabulous Tivoli Theater and Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Auditorium have been Chattanooga’s favorite venues for live entertainment. Memorial Hall: 3,866 seats in main hall. Additional upstairs Community Theatre seats 1,000. Lower level Exhibit Hall offers 12,500 sq.ft. of carpeted exhibit space. Backstage Areas: 4 star dressing rooms, 4 group dressing rooms, all with private baths/showers, amenities. Tivoli Theatre: 1,762 seats. Auditorium is historic performance hall transformed into state-of-the-art PAC; Theater is restored 1920s movie palace. 4th largest City in Tennessee/Pop – 170,880 /MSA 683,000, also draws audiences from nearby Georgia and Alabama.

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2011 Facilities SuperBook



Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Michigan Minnesota Missouri Nebraska North Dakota Ohio South Dakota Wisconsin



Allen County War Memorial Coliseum 4000 Parnell Avenue, Fort Wayne, IN 46805 (260) 482-9502; Fax: (260) 484-1637 General Manager: Randy L. Brown Multi-Purpose complex, tri-state area’s leading sports, entertainment and event venue, serves Northeast Indiana, Northwest Ohio and Southern Michigan; MSA POP: 411,000, state’s 2nd largest city, within day’s drive of 55 million; Seating Capacities – End Concert180: 8,843; End Concert-240: 10,006; End Concert-270: 10,297; End Concert-360: 12,045/ Hockey/Indoor Football: 10,495/Basketball: 11,083. Curtaining system conceals upper decks as needed. 24 luxury suites, 1 super suite, 318 club seats. Exhibition Space: 148,000 sq. ft. of multi-purpose exhibition space, capable of hosting concerts up to 8,000 seats, as PAGE well as, basketball and motor-sports events, with telescopic seating and floor chairs. 7 ILLINOIS

Arie Crown Theater 2301 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60616 (312) 567-8191; Fax: (312) 791-6100 Manager: Dulcie Gilmore Now in its 50th year, this handsome, 4,249-seat proscenium arch theatre located in Lakeside Center at McCormick Place, just 2.5 miles south of downtown Chicago, features one of the largest and most adaptable stages in the Midwest, able to accommodate events in scale from a single lecturer to Grand Opera. proscenium opening is 90’ x 40’/stage depth – 58.4’; spacious backstage area provides ample storage for scenery and props/2 weather-protected berths on the loading dock adjacent to the stage; 10 dressing rooms, 2 large rehearsal rooms, tech rooms, special storage areas and a “green room” for VIP and performers’ use.


i wireless Center

Rockford MetroCentre

1201 River Drive, Moline, IL 61265 (309) 764-2001; Fax: (309) 764-2192 Executive Director: Scott Mullen

300 Elm Street, Rockford, Il 61101 (815) 968-5600 Fax: (815) 968-5451 Assistant General Manager/Director of Booking and Marketing: Heather Storm

12,000-seat center stage capacity; 11,500 end-stage, multiple lower-bowl and theater capacities that range from 3,000-6,000; 10,700 for basketball, and 9,500 for hockey and indoor football; Premium Seating area and VIP Lounge, 20 luxury suites; 20,000-sq.-ft. conference center; 11,000-sq.-ft. lobby; 7 dressing rooms – four team rooms, 1 training room, 1 small room, 3 production offices, and a VIP promoter office; Food & Beverage by Aramark Sports & Entertainment; full-service marketing/public relations department & in-house ad agency; Ability to independently promote and co-promote events. Centrally located between Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, and Omaha; PAGE metro-market – 400,000+/1.5 million+ within an hour’s drive. 12 ILLINOIS

Bringing diverse, high quality live entertainment and sporting events to the region since 1981.. Rockford Pop: 152,871, 90 minutes to Milwaukee or Chicago and 60 minutes to Madison. Seating Capacities: Concerts and Family Shows 2,000–7,200 (depending on stage size and placement); Hockey: 5,700/Basketball: 6,200/Rodeo: 4,900/Monster Trucks 4,300. Backstage Areas: VIP hall – production office, 4 “Team” dressing rooms, 4 “Star” dressing rooms. Recently completed $23-million renovation included: extending the ice surface to 200’, state-of-the-art video scoreboard, club boxes, club lounge, 11 Executive Suites, new press box, 200-person group terrace, new box office and new entrance. INDIANA

Sears Centre Arena

Morris Performing Arts Center

5333 Prairie Stone Parkway, Hoffman Estates, IL 60192 (847) 649-2222 Fax: (847) 649-2322 Director of Marketing: Erin Bilton

211 N. Michigan Street, South Bend, IN 46601 (574) 235-9190; (800) 537-6415 Fax: (574) 235-5604 Executive Director: Dennis J. Andres The Hottest Tickets in Town! State-of-the-art PAC ($24.3-million renovation in 2000), originally opened as The Palace Theater in 1921 with a design that replicated Italian Renaissance, Spanish Revival, and Baroque architecture. Seats: 2,560; Backstage Areas: 8 Dressing Rooms, 2 Chorus Rooms in Lower Level Hair/ Wardrobe Room 30x18; Catering Room. Staging: Brand new stage, 45’ deep by 103’ wide, with a 72’ fly height and 70 fly lines; Expanded orchestra pit; Full Wenger symphonic shell; Fully updated utilities and HVAC system. 1 million PAGE within 40-minute drive; venue hosts 125+ events per year, attracting 156,000+. 60

30 minutes west of Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, facility is part of Chicago DMA, 3rd most populous in US – 4 million within 20 miles; 11,000+-seat multipurpose family entertainment, cultural and sports center 43 luxury suites and 24 loges on two separate levels; end stage concerts – 11,218, theater/ half house 4,628-7,438; theater/family shows -- 3,622; 8,414 –football; 8,386 – hockey; 8,590 – basketball arena floor – 17,000 sq. ft. square feet w/access to a projector screen; 8,000-sq.-ft. club, 1,035-sq.-ft. backstage catering suite lounge 1,750 sq. ft; 6 locker rooms, medical room, 3 green rooms, catering room. Catering provided by Levy Restaurants; onsite marketing department.


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RIVERCENTER/ ADLER THEATRE 136 East Third Street, Davenport, IA 52801 (563) 326-8500; Fax: (563) 326-8505 •


estled along the banks of the Mississippi River, the RiverCenter/Adler Theatre is indeed a “center of exceptional events” in the Midwest. The RiverCenter/Adler Theatre staff takes pride in providing clients with everything they need to ensure an event that meets objectives and exceeds expectations, with personalized event coordination, exclusive catering, show decorating and more. Meeting and event planners find the light and industrial feeling of the RiverCenter immediately appealing. Whether a board meeting for 15 or a convention of 3,000, the RiverCenter/Adler Theatre is ideal for meetings, conventions, consumer shows and an array of special events, offering 100,000 square feet of flexible meeting and event space to meet the needs of any group. Originally an RKO movie theatre that opened in 1931, the Adler Theatre boasts seating of 2,400 in a beautiful historic artdeco style that reopened for live performances in 1986. Recently updated again with an expanded backstage to accommodate bigger shows, other improvements were also made to the sound system and lighting and rigging capabilities, as well as improved heating and cooling. The Adler Theatre perfectly complements the RiverCenter,

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providing distinct but separate entities adjacent to each other for multiple-layered functions and meetings. Any event can be enhanced with the use of the Adler Theatre, and conventions, trade shows, or annual events at both the Adler and the RiverCenter are always accompanied by uncompromising service. The RiverCenter/Adler Theatre is managed by VenuWorks (formerly Compass Facility Management), the third-largest facilities management company in the United States. VenuWorks is well known for its success in providing full management services for arenas, theaters, and convention centers, which are primarily under the governance of municipalities, counties, colleges, and universities. It also manages food and beverage operations, performs feasibility studies, does consulting work and provides event booking and promotion services.



Location /Demographics The Alerus Center in Grand Forks, ND is located 150 miles south of Winnipeg, MB and 75 miles north of Fargo, ND, the Alerus Center draws from a market of nearly 1,000,000 people. Population of the Greater Grand Forks area is approximately 60,000 and is home to the University of North Dakota.


The Alerus Center is managed by VenuWorks, the thirdlargest facilities management company in the United States. VenuWorks is well known for its success in providing full management services for arenas, theaters, and convention centers, which are primarily under the governance of municipalities, counties, colleges, and universities. It also manages food and beverage operations, performs feasibility studies, does consulting work and provides event booking and promotion services.

As a regional entertainment destination, the Alerus Center provides top entertainment, local and regional conferences, trade shows and sporting events and is attached to the award-winning Canad Inns Destination Center, Grand Forks. For booking information contact Roger Swanson at (701) 792-1401


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ALLEN COUNTY WAR MEMORIAL COLISEUM 4000 Parnell Avenue, Fort Wayne, IN 46805 (260) 482-9502; Fax: (260) 484-1637 •


he Allen County War Memorial Coliseum is one of only a few facilities in the United States to feature two arenas under one roof. The Coliseum Arena has a seating capacity of nearly 13,000 with deluxe suites and club seats, while the 108,000square-foot Expo Center has a seating capacity of 8,000. Located in northeast Indiana, Fort Wayne is the second largest city in the state, just a few hours drive from some of the Midwest’s major markets, including Indianapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland and Cincinnati. The Memorial Coliseum is the perfect central location for staging programs directed to a wide regional audience. The Coliseum’s non-metro location offers affordable and local media, yet more than 55 million people live within a day’s drive. CAPACITIES Arena: The Memorial Coliseum has a total seating capacity of nearly 13,000 for a concert in the round and includes 24 luxury suites, 318 club seats and other state-of-theart amenities, including a center-hung, four-sided LED video scoreboard and nearly 360 degrees of LED ribbon boards. The Arena is home to the International Hockey League’s Komets, the NCAA Division I men’s basketball team of Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (Mastodons), the Mad Ants of the NBA’s D-League and the Fort Wayne Derby Girls. Mini-Arena: A scaled-down Arena set-up with a customized curtain system is available for more intimate events up to 4,000 seats. Expo Center: A recent $5-million renovation to this 108,000-square-foot space has dramatically improved lighting, sound and amenities. Flexible telescopic seating configurations can be customized for up to 8,000 guests. The Expo Center can be used in its entirety or in increments of one-third or two-thirds Ample loading docks and oversized drive-through bays facilitate ease of move-in and move-out. The Expo Center features a 44,000-square-foot lower level that can be used separately or for those events that need more space.

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BLACK RIVER COLISEUM 301 S. 5th Street, Poplar Bluff, MO 63901 (573) 686-8001; Fax: (573) 686-8008


ur state-of-the-art 115,000-square-foot multi-purpose facility houses concerts, bull riding, cage fights, family shows, trade shows, conferences, banquets, and an endless variety of events. Our unique design allows us to accommodate every event with intimate seating and proximity creating the perfect setting for each attendee. We offer a seating capacity of up to 5,000 and average 4,500 for concerts and sporting events. With full facility access we accommodate business meetings, internet training classes, receptions, and seminars. In house marketing services, as well as preferred lists of caterers, hotels, and essentials, that every promoter, coordinator and event planner will need is available upon request. We facilitate ticketing through Ticketmaster on site. Arena Seating Capacities: Reserved Concert (end stage)= 4,000 Rodeos/Children’s Shows= 3,000 to 3,500

Center Ring Events= 4,700 Arena Size/Height: Main Arena Floor= (174x128) 22,272 sq ft Lobby= 4,250 sq. ft. Main Arena (Floor to Steel)= 45 ft. Parking: Free Parking Lot & Street Side Amenities: 2 Team Locker Rooms 2 Star Dressing Rooms Restricted Access to Loading Dock


52 x 48 Staging Concept House Sound and Light systems Show Power 1,000 amps-3 phase Rigging to 10,000 per point Recessed and On-Grade Loading Docks (10’8 x 12) Booking An Event Concerts and live entertainment bookings for the Black River Coliseum are handled exclusively through K-Square, Inc. Call (314) 531-5200


RiverCenter/Adler Theatre

Clay County Regional Events Center

136 East Third Street, Davenport, IA 52801 (563) 326-8500; Fax: (563) 326-8505 • Executive Director: Rick Palmer, CFE

800 West 18th Street, Spencer, IA 51301-3156 (712) 580-3000; Fax: (712) 580-3003 General Manager: Scott Hallgren Delivering Outstanding Experiences Complex opened 2003, features: 2,664-seat arena; 7,600-sq.-ft. Grand Ballroom, divisible into 6 individual meeting rooms, and 24,000-sq.-ft. column-free exhibit hall. Boardroom, Event Office, Dressing Rooms, private Green Room are also available. Seating Capacities: Full concert – 2,664/Wrestling / Boxing – 2,700/Theater – 2,160/ Open floor – 1,572/ Banquet – 1,400 (Exhibit Hall) Grand Ballroom: 750 theater style; 504 rounds; 450+ classroom style. Backstage –green room with private bath and shower; 2 dressing rooms. Copromote on events; full marketing services; group sales. Spencer is the regional hub PAGE in NW Iowa—serving a broad geographic region across NW Iowa / SW Minnesota. 57

Historic, art-deco yet also state-of-the-art PAC; RiverCenter Complex – 100,000 sq. ft. meeting, exhibit & event space – features: 2,411-seat Adler Theatre (renovated 2006); Great River Hall – seats 3,200 for general admission/2,500 reserved. Mississippi River Hall can host 1,400 general admission/1,100 reserved. Backstage – 2 production offices, 800 sq-ft. wardrobe room, 8 dressing rooms, 2 star dressing rooms and soloist room. Facility is key anchor for live entertainment and cultural enrichment in downtown Davenport, serves the greater Quad Cities area and its population base of 400,000. Reach also extends out to a 75-100 mile radius PAGE on both sides of the Mississippi River. 51 IOWA


Hoyt Sherman Place

INTRUST Bank Arena

1501 Woodland Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50309 (515) 244-0507; Fax: (515) 237-3582 Executive Director: Carol Pollock

500 E. Waterman, Wichita, KS 67202 (316) 440-9000; Fax: (316) 440-9199 Assistant General Manager: Scott Neal

Originally a grand manor home circa 1877, opened as a theater in 1923 –beautiful and acoustically sound performing arts center, Central Iowa’s only mid-sized live event facility –2003; $5.5-million renovation included updated sound, lighting and technical capabilities. Year-round venue hosts 280+ events annually. Theater – 1,250 fixed seats (38 box seats); Art galleries accommodate up to 250 for receptions, meetings, etc. Large chorus w/bathroom attached; medium sized chorus room; 3 star dressing rooms. Full-service marketing department; State Capital of Iowa, Des Moines is visited by 2.9 million+ each year – 562,000+ within 40 mile radius.

Modern, state-of-the-art, premier Midwest sports/entertainment venue, perfect for all events – concerts and conventions alike. Capacities: center stage (15,201), end state (11,947), hockey (12,997) and basketball (14,503); black curtaining system includes: house reduction, backdrop & half-house curtains. 20 suites, 2 party suites, 40 loge boxes, 150 club seats. Backstage areas – 4 Event Offices, 3 Star Dressing Rooms, 3 full Locker Rooms, Hockey Locker Room, Officials Locker Room, Treatment Room, Promoter Room, Press/Interview Room, and Pre-Function Room. Wichita is the largest city in Kansas with a population of 372,186, county seat of Sedgwick County, nearest large cities –Denver, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Tulsa.



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WRIGHT STATE UNIVERSITY NUTTER CENTER Wright State University Suite 430, 3640 Colonel Glenn Highway Dayton, OH 45435-0001 (937) 775-3498 • Fax: (937) 775-2060


right State University’s Nutter Center is a multi-purpose entertainment and sports complex that was opened in December 1990.

Capacities Wright State’s Nutter Center can be configured into five different set ups, including end stage — 12,000; In The Round — 11,236; Basketball — 10,464; Ice Events — 9,998; Half house —2,0007,500. The Wright State Nutter Center has a 70-foot curtain and truss system that can be adjusted to fit nearly any capacity. The Wright State Nutter Center is a full service, multi-purpose facility. Market/Demographics Population of Greater Miami Valley area (eight counties) is approximately 1.7 million. The Wright State Nutter Center has a full-service marketing department.


Box Office/Ticketing Full service, on-site box office offered through Ticketmaster. Lighting, Sound & Stage StageRight stage – 32” x 8’ decks – 60’ x 40’ stage with 12’ x 24’ wings. Adjust height = from 4’ to 7’. House sound system: center hung community system. Eight Lycian 1290 XLT, 2K spotlights. Center hung, four-sided video board with graphics, live crowd shots, and instant replay capabilities. Full rigging grid available. Food & Beverage Ovations is the on-site concession and catering service; 8 Concession stands (including a floor portable w/limited menu); 2 Hot Dog Nation stands, 2 Black Angus Grille stands, 1 LaRosa’s Pizza stand, 1 Blue Ice Lounge (Full Service Bar), 2 Dippin’ Dots and 1 Funnel Cake.


Topeka Performing Arts Center

United Wireless Arena

214 SE 8th Ave., Topeka, KS 66603 (785) 234-2787; Fax: (785) 234-2307 Executive Director: Barbara E. Wiggins Entertaining, Enriching & Educating through the Arts State-of-the-art facility accommodates all events & functions – theater, dance, musical concerts as well as meetings, banquets, and special events. Seating Capacity – 2,448, main floor seats 1,194. half-house curtain set up – 600. TPAC also has a 2,000-sq.-ft. black box theater that seats 120. Exhibition Space: 6,500-sq.ft., carpeted banquet facility, as well as a 1,000-sq.-ft. foyer. Both areas can and have been used as exhibition space; Backstage Areas: 1,975-sq.-ft. dance studio; 800-sq.-ft green room; a 1,260-sq.-ft room and two 600-sq.-ft rooms available. PAGE Market – Topeka MSA (5 counties) – 230,824; in-house marketing department. 11

4100 Comanche, P.O. Box 1516 Dodge City, KS 67801 (620) 371-7390; Fax: 620-789-7393 Executive Director: Ralph Nall


State-of-the-Art, $40.3-million Arena opened in 2011 and features a U-shaped seating bowl – 4,000 fixed seating; 5,200+ for Concerts and other events (Half House: 1,800 with curtaining system). 12 Suites plus 12 Club Seating Sections; In-suite catering available; VIP level includes a walk out balcony, seating and tables, large plasma TV’s, lounge furniture, and a fully stocked and serviced bar, Back Stage Areas: 4 team locker rooms, 2 green rooms. Arena Floor – 20,000+ sq. ft. Exhibition Space/Complex includes 10,000-sq.-ft. conference Magouirk Conference Center. Kansas Pop – 3 million; venue also draws from PAGE Oklahoma and Colorado markets. In-House Marketing Staff. 66 MINNESOTA

Burnsville Performing Arts Center

Sanford Center

12600 Nicollet Ave, Burnsville, MN 55337 (952) 895-4685: Fax: (952) 895-4688 Executive Director: Jon Elbaum

1111 Event Center Drive NE, Bemidji, MN 56601 (218) 441-4000; Fax: (218) 441-4099 Executive Director: Bob LeBarron Northern Minnesota’s Center of Attention Opened 2010 – Northern MN premier facility for sports, entertainment, and conferences. Located on the south shore of scenic Lake Bemidji, offers all the concert amenities of a major market facility with the intimacy and charm of a mid-market arena. Seating: End Stage Concert (180): 5,000-5,300; End Stage Concert (360): 5,500; Half-House: 2,500-3,000; Hockey/Ice Show: 4,300. Exhibition Space: 27,000-sq.-ft. arena floor w/ seats retracted. Backstage – 2 Dressing Rooms, 4 Locker Rooms, Green Room, Media/ Production Room. Exhibition Space: 10,000-sq.-ft. attached conference PAGE center ballroom; 50,000 residents within 25 miles, 200,000+ within 100 miles. 63

Opened in January, 2009, features two theaters – 1,014-seat Proscenium Stage and intimate 150 seat Black Box. The lobby is two stories tall, all glass; 2,000-sq. ft. art gallery; Multi-Purpose Room – 1,196 sq. ft./divisible into two spaces. Additional space for banquets, special events and receptions. Stage dressing rooms, shared make-up area, separate star dressing room, 630-sq.- ft. Green Room. Presentations at the Burnsville PAC include cultural events, dramas, comedies, dance, and musical acts from local arts organizations and national touring artists; full-service in-house advertising agency; Part of Minneapolis/St. Paul metro region/Suburban PAGE Burnsville – 60,000 residents, affluent, family and growing boomer population. 55


2011 Facilities SuperBook


2011 Facilities SuperBook




Black River Coliseum

Show Me Center

301 S. 5th Street, Poplar Bluff, MO 63901 (573) 686-8001; Fax: (573) 686-8008 Box Office & Marketing Manager: Subrina Berger

1333 North Sprigg Street, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701 (573) 651-2297: Fax: (573) 651-5054 Director: David B. Ross

State-of-the-art 115,000-sq.-ft., multi-purpose facility hosts concerts, bull-riding, cage-fights, family shows, trade shows, conferences, banquets, etc.; seating capacity: up to 5,000 – 4,000- 4,500 concerts & sporting events/3,000-3,500 Rodeos/Children’s Shows. 2 Team & 2 Coaches Locker Rooms; 2 Star Dressing Rooms. Banquet, Reception & Meeting Space: 2,184-sq.-ft. Grand Room; 1,250-sq.-ft. Deluxe Room; 728-sq.-ft. Standard Room 4,250-sq.ft. Lobby; 2 additional breakout rooms. Market: Southeast Missouri, Northeast Arkansas, Western Tennessee, Kentucky and Illinois; in-house marketing department; promotion & co-promotion; On site Aquatic & Fitness Center; 2 food service concessions and PAGE 2 beer service concessions, 1 catering-ready kitchen. 10

Multipurpose Facility, located on the Southeast Missouri State University campus, hosts 250 meeting room and 160 arena events annually; 3 concourses, 6 meeting rooms (32,000 sq. ft. Exhibition Space); Capacities: West end stage – 7,177; South end stage – 3,998; Center stage –7,468; Basketball – 6,972; curtaining system – 700-7,468; 2 large locker rooms, 1 large dressing room, 2 star dressing rooms; 2 production rooms; entertainment hub & meeting place for Southeast Missouri, Southern Illinois, Western Kentucky; Sico Stage; available up to 80’ x 40’; 4’ x 8’ wide by 1’ or 2’ high risers; 6 Strong Xenon Super Trouper; PAGE Incandescent Programmable and Variable House Lighting. 62


Alerus Center 1200 South 42nd Street, Grand Forks, ND 58201 (701) 792-1200; Fax: (701) 746-6511 Executive Director: Cheryl Swanson, CFE 1 million+ within 2-hour driving radius; region’s premier, full service entertainment and event center, features both arena and convention center, designed to serve as a multi-purpose, versatile facility capable of quick conversions while maintaining the integrity of the “entertainment experience." Can host a 22,000-seat concert, or 300-booth trade show Seating Capacities: Arena Set End Stage: 11,029; Round: 12, 914; Half-House: 8,245; Standard Theater: 2,619. 160,000 sq. ft. of Meeting/Exhibit Space includes 12 Meeting Rooms, 26,000-sq.-ft. Ballroom and 100,000-sq.-ft. Exhibit Hall. Arena: 14 private suites and a VIP Club; 8 locker rooms; PAGE 52 private offices, meeting rooms and star dressing rooms. SOUTH DAKOTA


Wright State University’s Nutter Center 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy., Dayton, OH 45435 (937) 775-3498; Fax: (937) 775-2060 Executive Director: Jim Brown, CFE Southwest Ohio’s premier sports & entertainment complex; Market Population: 1.7 million; within a one-day drive of 60% of the U.S. population; 20,000+ college students in area: Capacities: 11,500 – in-the-round/end-stage; 2,000 – 7,500 – half-house; 9,500 – basketball; 70-foot curtain and truss system; Total available flat space: 85,000 sq. ft. (main arena floor – 28,000 sq. ft.); 8 dressing rooms & production room. StageRight stage – 32” x 8’ decks; 60’ x 40’ stage with 12’ x 24’ wings/adjust height -- 48” to 84”; Center hung community system – 8 Lycian 1290 XLT, 2K spotlights; Ovations – PAGE exclusive F&B provider, 7 permanent stands. 29 SOUTH DAKOTA

Rushmore Plaza Civic Center

Swiftel Center

444 Mount Rushmore Road North, Rapid City, SD 57701 (605) 394-4115/(800) GOT-MINE Fax: (605) 394-4119 GOTMINE.COM General Manager: Brian Maliske TRULY THE CENTER OF IT ALL South Dakota’s premier full-service performance, exhibition, convention and event complex. Entertainment promoters, professional sports teams and business executives have all discovered that the Civic Center can meet their needs with professional service and competitive pricing. The Complex features a 10,000+-seat Arena, 1,741-seat Fine Arts Theatre, and 2 large Convention Halls with 12 various sized Meeting Rooms. New (2008) Ice Arena – 28,000 sq. ft. convention space, 5,127 seats – Hockey, 7,450 seats – concerts. Arena has 2 star dressing rooms, 5 locker/dressing rooms; Theatre has 2 chorus rooms / PAGE 4 Dressing rooms. C3

824 32nd Avenue, Brookings, SD 57006 (605) 692-7539; Fax: (605) 697-6393 Executive Director: Tom Richter Treat yourself to Midwest Hospitality at its best. Celebrating 10 years in 2011! Multi-purpose facility – configurations range from 4,300 basketball, 5,600 end-stage concert (reserved), 7,000 end-stage concert (festival); 15,000-sq.-ft. Banquet Room, divisible into two spaces; 6 dressing rooms; full-service in-house catering and concessions. Staging – StageRight Stage – 40’x60’/Adjust height from 4’x6’; House sound system is a BOSE Quality System center hung powered by Crown Amplification throughout the facility. Full Rigging grid and Daktronics Galaxy Message Center. In-house marketing department is full-service agency, offers wide variety of services, specializes in creating customized PAGE marketing campaigns for events serves tri-state region – South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa. 65



Racine Civic Centre

U.S. Cellular Arena

5 Fifth St., Racine, WI 53403 (262) 636-9229; Fax: (262) 636-9290 Executive Director: Rik Edgar Lake Michigan’s Best Kept Secret Features Historic Memorial Hall (1,556-seat auditorium and 7 other rooms on three levels; 17,000 sq. ft. of meeting space,/Aquamarine Room – 3,000 sq. ft., Crystal Room – 1,290 sq. ft; Diamond Auditorium – 8,400 sq. ft, sits 1,350 for theater style, Sapphire Hall – 2,400 sq. ft, Topaz Room –1,290 sq. ft., Ruby Red Room – 4,900 sq. ft.), Festival Hall (seats 1,800/15,700 sq. ft., including 1,050-sq.-ft. Conference Room), and five-acre Lakefront Festival Park (hosts up to 12,000). Racine Pop: 130,425/ Milwaukee metropolitan area Pop: 1,773,519, which rounds out PAGE north side of Chicagoland, Pop: 9.7 million+. 61

400 W. Kilbourn Avenue, Milwaukee WI 43203 (414) 908-6001; Fax: (414) 908-6010 Director of Sports & Entertainment Sales: Tony Dynicki


Opened in 1950, this major (12,700 capacity) sports and entertainment venue is home to decades of sports legend, rock & roll history and a variety of other events; $16+ million in improvements since 1998 keep it technologically state-of-the art while retaining its legendary intensity and audience friendliness. Exhibition Space: 24,000-sq.-ft. main floor/plus concourse. Backstage: 120’ x 24’ media/catering room; 2 Star dressing rooms; 2 Team Rooms; 2 Chorus Rooms; Green Room; Traveling production office w/phone. Market: Milwaukee metro – 1.7 million people, extended market 4+ million including Madison, Sheboygan and other outlying cities; PAGE Chicago only 45 minutes away. C4

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211 N. Michigan Street, South Bend, IN 46601 (574) 235-9190; (800) 537-6415; Fax: (574) 235-5604


he MORRIS originally opened as The Palace Theater in November, 1921. The building was designed to combine many different eras in architectural history: Italian Renaissance, Spanish Revival, and Baroque. Architect, J.S. Aroner of Chicago hoped that a trip through the theater would make patrons feel like they had just made a trip through Europe. The opulent interior décor was designed by Marshall Fields of Chicago. Patrons of the Palace enjoyed a magnificent ballroom and a theater that boasted the largest stage in the state and luxuries of the time such as a supervised nursery, a sitting room for women complete with an attendant, and a smoking room for men. In August of 1959, with the advent of television causing low attendance records, the theater was almost demolished. Mrs. Morris purchased the theater for an undisclosed sum and sold it to the city for $1.00 who then renamed it the Morris Civic Auditorium in her honor. The MORRIS in February 2000 completed extensive $24.3-million renovation (soft and hard dollars) and was renamed THE MORRIS PERFORMING ARTS CENTER. The MORRIS reopened boasting upgraded technical equipment, enlarged performance and backstage spaces, as well as a completely restored interior. The MORRIS CENTER offers the best of the old and new, a combination of opulent decor and rich history with upgraded technical equipment and expanded space. The MORRIS CENTER now hosts over 125 events per year including pops concerts, national Broadway tours, dance, symphony, comedians, rock concerts and ballroom events. The MORRIS CENTER has over 156,000 guests yearly and has an economic impact of $5.9 million on the City of South Bend. The MORRIS— best kept “touring” secret in the Midwest: a lowcost showcase for rehearsals and early performances of a tour. In 2003, the MORRIS Bistro Restaurant opened on the lower level as “The place to go before the show.” Seats up 100, available for private parties.


2011 Facilities SuperBook

2011 Facilities SuperBook



SHOW ME CENTER 1333 N. Sprigg Street, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701 (573) 651-2297 • Fax: (573) 651-5054 •


he Show Me Center, a multipurpose facility, located on the scenic campus of Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, MO, is an entertainment, sports and trade/business venue serving the communities of Southeast Missouri, Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky for the past 20 years. Cape Girardeau County’s population exceeds 68,000 and has over 300,000 residents within a 40-mile radius of Cape Girardeau. The surrounding area also offers a growing college student population of over 35,000. The Show Me Center arena seats 7,200 for concerts. A dynamic curtain system enables an intimate setting for smaller audiences of 2,000-4,000. The center also provides convenient on-site parking for 2,250 cars. The flexibility of the Show Me Center has attracted such recent musicians as Bob Dylan, Sheryl Crow, Kenny Chesney, Nickelback, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Toby Keith, ZZ Top, Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, Audio Adrenaline, Mercy Me and TOOL; theater events including: Porgy & Bess, Damn Yankees, Cats, Grease and the Moscow Ballet; and family entertainment: Sesame Street, The Wiggles, Bear in the Big Blue House, My Little Pony, Disney on Ice, The Harlem Globetrotters, and WWE Wrestling. The arena is also home to the Division I Southeast Missouri State University Redhawks basketball program. Additional Show Me Center sporting events include motor sports thrill shows, PRCA Rodeo and large high school sporting events including basketball, volleyball and indoor soccer. The Show Me Center’s retracting, telescopic seating design allows for 32,000 square feet of exhibition space in the main arena while seven meeting rooms and two concourses provide many multiple use opportunities for conventions, trade shows and business meetings. Some of the trade events hosted by the arena include: Outdoor Sports Show, Southeast Missouri Home Builders Show, Midwest Forestry Products Show, Missouri Gun and Knife Show and the Christmas Arts and Crafts Fair. The city of Cape Girardeau boasts over 1,000 hotel rooms, 100 restaurants, offers a historic downtown by the Mississippi River and serves as a community hub to hundreds of thousands of consumers. The Show Me Center is a well established destination millions have chosen for their entertainment, sports and business event for the past 20 years.


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อ™อ™อยย‹ยŽย‡ย• อ™อœอ˜ยย‹ยŽย‡ย• อ™ออยย‹ยŽย‡ย• อšอšอยย‹ยŽย‡ย• อšอžอ˜ยย‹ยŽย‡ย• อ›อ˜อ›ยย‹ยŽย‡ย• อ›อ™อยย‹ยŽย‡ย• อ›อ›อยย‹ยŽย‡ย•

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ยˆย”ย‘ยย‘ยย…ย‡ย”ย–ย•วก ยƒยย‹ยŽย›ยŠย‘ย™ย•วกย”ยƒย†ย‡ยŠย‘ย™ย•วกย‘ย”ย‘ยย˜ย‡ยย–ย‹ย‘ยย•ย‹ยย–ยŠย‡ย”ย‡ยยƒ ย–ย‘ย‡ย‡ย–ย‹ยย‰ย•วกยƒยย“ย—ย‡ย–ย•วกย‘ยยˆย‡ย”ย‡ยย…ย‡ย•วกย‡ย†ย†ย‹ยย‰ย‡ย…ย‡ย’ย–ย‹ย‘ยย•วก ยยย‹ย˜ย‡ย”ย•ยƒย”ย›ยƒยย†ยŠย”ย‹ย•ย–ยยƒย•ยƒย”ย–ย‹ย‡ย•ย‹ยย–ยŠย‡

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U. S. CELLULAR ARENA 400 West Kilbourn Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53203 (414) 908-6000; (414) 908-6001 • Fax: (414) 908-6010 • •


he U.S. Cellular Arena is located in downtown Milwaukee across the street from the Frontier Airlines Center convention facility and attached to the 4,100-seat Milwaukee Theatre. The buildings are close to hotels, dining and nightlife, and easily accessible from freeways. History The U.S. Cellular Arena opened in 1950 as the Milwaukee Arena, and was later famous as “MECCA,” home to a vibrant Robert Indianadesigned basketball floor, champion teams and a raucous reputation. Comprehensive improvements since 1997 helped land the U.S. Cellular Corp. wireless firm as a title sponsor in 2000. The building is now home to the 2005 (and four time) champion Milwaukee Wave indoor soccer team (MISL), the 2005 Horizon League Champion University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee Panthers men’s basketball team and the Brewcity Bruisers roller derby league, and hosts a wide range of entertainment events and other assemblies. The U.S. Cellular Arena’s connected sister facility, The Milwaukee Theatre, features 21stcentury theater design and technology in a creative and architecturally spectacular “adaptive re-use” of the historic Milwaukee Auditorium that created a hard-working but elegant 4,100-seat “destination” theater within the shell of the old building. Capacities The arena’s maximum capacity is 12,700. Boxing/wrestling events can seat up to 12,200; basketball capacity is 11,366, and soccer/hockey capacity is 9,556. “Open floor” events use the 8,910 permanent seats, and concerts with an end stage and 180-degree sightlines can seat 8,697. Smaller theater and arena configurations are possible using curtains to mask off one end or the upper parquet. The 24,000-squarefoot floor can accommodate schoolroom setups for 1,000, banquets of 1,800 diners at five-foot rounds or 155 10’ x 10’ exhibit booths. Markets The U.S. Cellular Arena is the only venue of its size serving the diverse Milwaukee metropolitan market of 1.7 million people. Some four million people live within an hour’s drive, including residents of Chicago’s most affluent suburbs. The contiguous complex of the U.S. Cellular Arena and The Milwaukee Theatre offers an outstanding

2011 Facilities SuperBook


setting for indoor, multi-stage “festival” events, and their proximity to the Frontier Airlines Center makes the campus as a whole an excellent convention destination Box Office/Ticketing The U.S. Cellular Arena and the attached Milwaukee Theatre are Ticketmaster venues for remote, phone and online ticket sales. Group, Internet and fan club pre-sale arrangements may be made through the Box Office Manager. Lighting, Sound & Staging The arena’s brawny ceiling can support 450,000 pounds of hanging gear—enough to suspend a tour motorcade of five loaded 18 wheelers and a five-ton merchandise truck! Rigging points on its main steel bays are rated to 8,000 pounds each, and secondary rigging points support 4,000 pounds each. Recent upgrades include the installation of six 600 Amp power sources, new sports and flood lighting, new scoreboards, house sound and video systems, a built-tosuit portable stage, and ice-making equipment. Food & Beverage Service Levy Restaurants, the exclusive catering and concessions provider in the U.S. Cellular Arena, Milwaukee Theatre and Frontier Airlines Center, has forged unique local partnerships that contribute to a growing reputation for superior service and product. Dr. Pepper/7Up Bottling Group (DPSUBG) brands have exclusive pouring rights. Sales: (414) 908-6092 ADA ticketing: (414) 908-6035 Box office fax: (414) 908-6011 Rent: Call for rates Tax: 5.6% state/local sales tax; 5.85% for food & beverage Merchandising: Five Star Marketing Dressing rooms: Two star, Four team/chorus Co-promotes: Yes Parking: 190 spaces on-site; 14,000 in a four-block radius

Maximum capacity: 12,700 Permanent seats: 8,910 End concert—120-degree sightlines: 7,910 End concert—180-degree sightlines: 8,509 End concert—270-degree sightlines: 9,858 End concert—360-degree sightlines: 11,466 Concert in the round: 11,848 Open floor: 8,910 Basketball: 11,119 Soccer/hockey: 9,600 Boxing/wrestling: 12,146 Ice show w/end stage: 6,689





Grand Canyon University Arena 3300 W. Camelback Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85017 (602) 639-8099; Fax: (877) 532-3962 Sr. VP of Campus Development & Arena Manager: Bob Machen Entertainment with a Purpose Newly opened Grand Canyon University Arena seats 5,500 seats for concerts, 4,600 for Basketball; wall-to-wall curtaining system to makes half-house configuration very intimate. 4 Star Dressing Rooms with bathrooms; 4 large locker rooms; Green Room located adjacent to Dressing Rooms; additional room on concourse level for crew meals; additional space available on the concourse level backstage for VIP parties, meet & greets, etc. In-House Marketing Department; Phoenix MSA (4.2 million) as well as 4,300 students on PAGE campus. 4 Concession stands concourse level, one in lobby — Catering by Sodexo. C2 IDAHO

Idaho Center 16114 Idaho Center Blvd. Suite 2, Nampa, ID 83687 (208) 468-1000; Fax: (208) 442-3312 General Manager: Craig Baltzer Crossroads of the Northwest One of the most versatile and accessible facilities of its kind in the West, centrally located between Seattle, Portland, Reno, and Salt Lake City. Seating: Maximum Arena Capacity - 13,000; Full House 270 (0) - 11,016; 180 (0) - 9,581; Half House - 6,480; Theater - 2,430. Backstage areas include: 4 Dressing/Locker Rooms; Press Facilities available; 2 production offices; Office/Dressing Room with Shower; Large Training Room; Private Club; Exhibition Space: Arena Floor (w/o Portable Seating) -31,330 sq. ft.; (w/portable seating) - 18,396 sq. ft.; Inner concourse 6,965 sq. ft. Onsite Marketing Department.

UxtâÅÉÇà gxåtá |á e|v{ ã|à{ fÉâà{xÜÇ [ÉáÑ|àtÄ|àç tÇw uxtâà|yâÄ äxÇâxáA The magnificent

]âÄ|x eÉzxÜá g{xtàÜx that seats 1700 is the premiere location for music, theatre and dance. Our

V|ä|v VxÇàxÜ is ideal for children's shows, concerts, and trade shows, with 30,000 square feet of open exhibition space.

g{x ]xyyxÜáÉÇ g{xtàÜx is a historic landmark that has become the signature locale for marquee events and a most popular venue.

Call Mark Arrington at 800-782-3081 Ext.4203 •



Chesapeake Energy Arena 100 West Reno, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 (405) 602-8700, Fax: (405) 602-8505 General Manager: Gary Desjardins Attracts 1 million+ guests per year, conveniently located near the junction of I-40 & I-35 in downtown Oklahoma City, a metro with 1.2 million+ population. Seating Capacities: 4,000 – 18,000. Concert (Center Stage) - 17,932, Concert (End Stage) - 16,698, Concert (Theatre) - 3,736, Basketball - 17,404. Arena Floor – 34,074 sq.ft. Backstage – 4 Dressing Rooms, 3 Locker Rooms, 2 Production Offices, Press Lounge and Green Room with 906 sq. ft. Lobby, and a 1,576-sq.-ft. Pub. Recently renovated main concourse; 36 suites, 2 lounge areas, 7 bunker suites , 2 VIP dining areas. Full-service, award-winning marketing staff.



Lloyd Noble Center 2900 S. Jenkins Ave., Norman, OK 73019 (405) 325-4666; Fax: (405) 325-4583 Director of Events: Loida Haffener-Salmond Multi-purpose facility serving University of Oklahoma and surrounding community – 20 minutes from downtown Oklahoma City – 1 million+ within 80-mile radius. Capacities (+Floor Seating): In the Round – 11,205; Full Arena – 8,519; Expanded Theater – 4,516; Theater – 2,848; 6 locker rooms; 850-sq.-ft. Catering/Media room; 1,140-sq-ft. Media Work Room. House Stage – 40’ x 60’x 40” inches – stage area ranges 48 sq. ft. - 2,400 sq. ft; made up of 8’ x 4’ sections whose configuration can be customized for each performance; 12 fixed concession stands operated by OU concessions; State-of-the-art retractable center-hung scoreboard & sound PAGE system featuring 4 high-definition video boards & 4 video-boards. 70

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CHESAPEAKE ENERGY ARENA 100 West Reno, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 (405) 602-8700, Fax: (405) 602-8505 •


ore than one million guests create memories at Oklahoma City’s Chesapeake Energy Arena each year. Chesapeake Energy Arena is conveniently located near the junction of Interstate 40 and Interstate 35 in downtown Oklahoma City, which recently ranked third in BusinessWeek’s report on the “Forty Strongest U.S. Metro Economies.” The arena is across the street from Cox Convention Center and only 15 minutes from Will Rogers World Airport. Both SMG-managed facilities are just steps away from numerous hotels, attractions, dining and entertainment options in Downtown Oklahoma City and the flourishing Bricktown district. Improvements Major improvements are currently underway at Chesapeake Energy Arena. The more than $90-million expansion and renovation project is being funded by a 15-month sales tax that was overwhelmingly approved by Oklahoma City voters. Additions include a new grand entrance with multi-story atrium, new food and beverage options, a family fun zone and more. Designed to elevate the experience of our audiences and increase the revenue generating potential of our clients, the final phase of improvements will be completed Summer 2012. Improvements to the arena’s main concourse will be completed October 2011 and include new floors, ceiling, lighting and video signage throughout the concourse. History Home to the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder, Chesapeake Energy Arena also plays host to major concerts, family shows, sporting events and the latest in world-class entertainment. The arena is owned by the City of Oklahoma City and was the premier project of its visionary capital improvement program (MAPS) to finance new and upgraded sports, entertainment, cultural and convention facilities with a one-cent sales tax. Capacities Chesapeake Energy Arena offers a variety of seating configurations with varying capacities from less than 4,000 to nearly 18,000. The arena is currently a spacious 586,000 square

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feet. The arena floor itself measures 144’ x 260’, for a total of 34,074 square feet. For maximum flexibility, the arena’s curtaining system features rigging capabilities and can create an intimate setting for any event. Premium Seating Chesapeake Energy Arena’s recently renovated main concourse includes improved lighting and new video signage to go along with its eight bunker suites. The club level features 36 suites, two terrace lounge areas, the Victory Bar and Buffet and Sunset Bistro. The event level houses seven bunker suites and two VIP dining areas at the Courtside Club and The Pub. Food & Beverage SAVOR... Catering by SMG offers catering services and manages the numerous concession areas, while Levy Restaurants provides catering services in select premium seating areas. Marketing Our award-winning, in-house marketing department offers fullservice marketing and public relations support. Ticketing Our clients benefit from the knowledge of our experienced box office staff, as well as Ticketmaster’s advanced ticket distribution services and marketing solutions. Market The Oklahoma City metro area has a population of over 1.2 million. Oklahoma is home to four military bases that are located approximately 10 minutes to just over two hours away, while three State Universities range from 20 minutes to just over an hour away.



Beaumont Civic Center Complex 701 Main Street, Beaumont, TX 77701 (409) 838-3435 / (800) 782-3081 Fax: (409) 838-3715 Director: Claudie D. Hawkins Conveniently located on IH-10 between Houston and New Orleans, this multi-purpose facility is the ideal spot for concerts, conventions, exhibitions, banquets and other events. Seating Capacity: 6,500 (concerts and other live events); Meeting/ Exhibition Space: 30,000 sq. ft. on ground level ; additional 12,000 sq. ft. on upper level. Banquet Seating: 2,000; Backstage – 4 dressing rooms; 5 adjoining meeting rooms. New StageRight system makes stage up to 80’ x 40’ in heights from 3’-5’. SMSA market size of over 350,000 people includes a strong country audience PAGE as well as a large urban audience. 68 TEXAS

Fair Park 1300 Robert B. Cullum Blvd at Grand Ave, Dallas, TX 75210 P.O. Box 159090, Dallas, TX 75315 (214) 670-8400; Fax: (214) 670-8907 Executive General Manager: Daniel Huerta Unique complex only two miles east of Dallas. Capacities: over 850,000 sq. ft., including 7 exhibition halls ranging in size from 17,000 sq. ft. of space to 94,500 sq. feet. of space; performance facilities include: Cotton Bowl Stadium seats 90,000+; Fair Park Coliseum—28,000-sq.-ft. arena floor/9,552 seats; The Band Shell, 4,500 seats; Automobile Building—84,500 sq. ft.; Centennial Hall—94,500 sq. ft.; Food & Fiber Pavilion—25,000 sq. ft.; Grand Place Building—50,000 sq. ft.; Tower Building—40,000 sq ft.; Embarcadero Building—27,000 sq. ft. 7+ million attendees annually/site for 1,200+ events.

Don’t Get Stuck in a Fishbowl! The Facilities Media Group Facilities & Destinations SuperBook Facilities & Destinations Mid-Market Review Facilities & Destinations Planner Guide Facilities & Destinations CONFERENCE Facilities SuperBook • Facilities Booking Guide Facilities & Event Management 70

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2600 N. 10th St., Hidalgo, Texas 78557 • (956) 843-6688; Fax: (956) 843-5547 •


tate Farm Arena, newly renamed in 2010, has hosted more than 100 events, including concerts, sporting events and more, in one year!

State Farm Arena is a $23-million, multipurpose facility seating approximately 5,500 for hockey and basketball and up to 6,800 for concerts. The facility can also host boxing, indoor football, rodeos, ice shows and theatrical productions. State Farm Arena has 2,000 parking spaces, 508 club seats, 26 private luxury suites and was designed and built to meet all ADA specifications to accommodate our guests with disabilities. In addition, the facility features five dressing rooms. State Farm Arena is strategically located approximately 5 minutes from the US/Mexico border and 6 minutes from the McAllen Miller International Airport (MFE – The State Farm Arena is home to the Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees (Central Hockey League) and The Rio Grande Valley Vipers NBA-Development League. Facility features two levels, totaling 186,000 square feet. Center Floor 17,000 square feet with dasher board configuration and 19,000 square feet with portable risers extracted. State Farm Arena is equipped with an in-house TV / video system that includes two video boards and three portable cameras. Food & Beverage: There are four concession stands with 26 total points of sale. The Arena has the capacity to seat approximately 1,500 people for a catered function within the facility. Arrangements for catered functions are made through the Arena. Square Footage: Concessions – 3,858; Dressing Rooms – 9,040; Public Concourse (Lower) – 14,670; Backstage and

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Marshalling – 12,128; Public Restrooms – 6,000; Arena Floor – 17,000; Seating –31,000; Upper Common Areas – 4,800 Staging: State Farm Arena owns a state-of-the-art staging system with a maximum size of 60X80 ft. The stage is flexible in location, dimension and configuration and is ADA accessible. Seating: Three rows on either side of the bowl and five rows at the backstage end that can be removed by forklift. Rigging: Total rigging weight for 60’ x 40’ end stage configuration is 100,000 lbs. Rigging plans are available from the Operations Office. All rigging plans, including the weight of each point must be submitted to and approved by Management prior to load in. The grid trusses are on 28 ft. centers upstage to back of house. Loading Dock: The facility has two sunken loading docks with dock plates that allow a level run from truck to performance area. The docks are in an “L” shape with no grade. There is also a mild ramp area from outside directly to the back roll-up door. The dock can accommodate two trucks. There are two (60 amp / 208v) shore service outlets. Marketing Promotions: State Farm Arena’s “In-House” agency can assist you with numerous details involved to successfully market your event. Our agency can provide for the production and placement of print and electronic advertising for a negotiated fee (based on time, labor, and expenses). State Farm Arena can also assist with promotions, public relations and publicity needed to ensure ticket sales. Our Group Sales Department would be happy to implement a group sales program for your event, at a low commission rate of 10% of the overall group dollars (plus reimbursement of direct expenses).




Laredo Energy Arena

State Farm Arena

6700 Arena Blvd, Laredo, TX 78041 (956) 791-9192; Fax: (956) 523-7777 General Manager: Roy A. Medina Hot Days . . . Hotter Nights First class, state-of-the-art multipurpose, 178,000-sq.-ft., SMG-managed facility in the 2nd fastest growing city in the U.S.; seats 10,000 with 14 luxury suites, six meeting rooms and a private club; End Stage – 9,622; 3/4 House – 6,780; 1/2 House – 4,144; Ice Hockey – 8,065; Basketball – 8,665; 32,000 sq. ft. of continuous open floor space (largest indoor convention space in South Texas); Gateway City – the largest, most efficient port of entry on the U.S./Mexico border; home to 220,000, Nuevo Laredo, across the boarder, boasts 700,000 citizens. Only facility of its size within 2-hour radius, a market totaling 6,500,000.

2600 N. 10th St., Hidalgo, TX 78557 (956) 843-6688; Fax: (956) 843-5547 General Manager: James Bricker


$23-million, multipurpose facility, seats approximately 5,500 for hockey/basketball & 6,800 for concerts/facility also hosts boxing, indoor football, rodeos, ice shows and theatrical productions; seats 1,500 for catered functions; 2,000 parking spaces, 508 club seats, 26 private luxury suites: Exhibition Space: 186,000 sq. ft.; Center Floor 17,000 sq. ft. with dasher board configuration/19,000 sq. ft. with portable risers extracted; backstage areas – 2 main artist dressing rooms; 3 locker rooms; private catering room; production office; accounting office. In-house TV / video system, includes 2 video boards/3 portable cameras; 4 concession stands / PAGE 26 total POS; In-House” agency assists in event marketing. 9 TEXAS

Toyota Center

United Spirit Arena

7016 W. Grandridge Blvd., Kennewick, WA 99336 (509) 737-3700; Fax: (509) 735-9431 Executive Director: Corey Pearson

1701 Indiana Avenue, Lubbock, TX 79409-2200 (806) 742-7362; Fax: (806) 742-7557 Associate Director: Cindy Harper The Entertainment Showcase of West Texas State-of-the-art, 15,000-seat multipurpose facility was designed to both showcase Texas Tech University basketball and volleyball and also help meet the growing entertainment & event needs of the South Plains region. 81,017-sq.-ft. concourse space/ 31,916-sq.-ft. arena floor; 60x40 in StageRight staging; 4 concourse-level meeting rooms; concourse level club area, 6 dressing rooms, practice gym, media work room, press conference room, 10 fixed concession stands, and 24 luxury suites. Lubbock – population of 230,000/ campus has 29,000+ students; draws from 1,000,000+ market including PAGE – West Texas, Eastern New Mexico, and Texas Panhandle. 70

Formerly known as the Tri-Cities Coliseum, this 7,500-seat multi-purpose facility annually hosts 180+ concert, sporting, and other events; Seating features: 3 full sections with padded Broadway seating/11 Executive Suites/ Full Lounge Facility up-stairs. 8 Concession Stands. Complex includes The Three Rivers Convention Center – 75,000 sq. ft. of Meeting/Exhibit space – 75,000-sq.-ft. facility boasting, 13 spacious meeting rooms, 21,600-sq.-ft. Great Hall (accommodates 2,100), 14,000 sq. ft. Pre-Function space. Market – Tri-Cities MSA is 4th in state; Pop: 248,400; Marketing personnel assist with local media; Insider Data Base (15,000+) for event announcements; PAGE Busy highway marquee; 3rd party advertising opportunities. 73



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hree Rivers is the confluence of everything that makes for great events: from the versatility of the Toyota Center to the distinctive Three Rivers Convention Center with our dedicated staff serving you all along the way. Centrally located between Seattle, Portland, Spokane, and Boise in the Tri-Cities community of 250,000, Three Rivers is surrounded by world-class SEATING CAPACITY: 6,500 wine regions, top-rated golf, miles EXHIBIT SPACE: 27,000 SQ FT of riverfront parks and trails, and BANQUET SPACE: 3,000 SQ FT abundant dining, shopping, and DRESSING ROOMS: 5 accommodation options. VIP SUITES: 11 PRESS BOX Toyota Center ICE RINK Comfortably seating 5,000 to 6,500 XENON SUPERTROUPER SPOTLIGHTS: 2 in six configurations, the Toyota RIGGING & STAGING Center is superbly suited for sports, FULL BROAD WAY RIGGING GRID entertainment, trade shows, and WINDERMERE THEATRE: 2,100 GUESTS meetings. The facility’s concourse CATERING ROOM provides access to concessions

and amenities, and private suites provide exclusive viewing for VIP attendees. A separate banquet area TOTAL SPACE: 75,000 SQ FT accommodates groups up to 250 GREAT HALL: 21,600 SQ FT with a dance floor, private entrance, FOYER: 14,000 SQ FT and full-service bar. MEETING ROOMS: 13 LATEST A/V TECHNOLOGY Three Rivers Convention Center PROGRAMMABLE LIGHTING The 75,000-square-foot Three Rivers IN-HOUSE CATERER Convention Center is ideal for meetings and conventions. The Great ON-SITE MANAGERS AND STAFF FLEXIBLE RESTROOMS BY GROUP Hall provides 21,600 square feet WI-FI INTERNET easily transformed into a ballroom accommodating 1,500 or subdivided into smaller spaces. The Convention Center also includes meeting rooms, a soaring glass foyer, private board room, and Cyber Café. The Three Rivers Campus is managed by VenuWorks. VenuWorks provides full management services for arenas, theaters, and convention centers to over 30 venues across the country. It also manages food and beverage operations, event booking, promotion services, and feasibility consulting work for clients with existing and prospective public assembly facilities.

7016 W. Grandridge Boulevard, Kennewick, WA 99336 • (509) 737-3700 • Fax: (509) 735-9431 • •

Experience Three Rivers

For Booking Information Please Contact Us: phone 509.737.3700 fax 509.735.9431 email

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Toyota Center • Toyota Arena • Three Rivers Convention Center 7016 W. Grandridge Boulevard, Kennewick, WA 99336



Rogers Arena


800 Griffiths Away, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 6G1 (604) 899-7400; INFO LINE: (604) 899-7444 Fax: (604) 899-7401 Director Event Sales & Booking: Sheena Way A staple of downtown Vancouver since its 1995 opening, this 475,000-sq.-ft. facility is one of t North America’s premier sports and entertainment facilities, winning praise for its comfortable seating and superior sight lines. Seating Capacities: Theatre Bowl 6,048 Cap through to End Stage 270 Cap 14,204 Cap; Concert Centre Stage 18,360 Cap; Hockey 16,966 Cap; Ice Show 17,120 Cap; Basketball 17,391 Cap. Since its inception as the leading entertainment venue in British Columbia, Rogers Arena has welcomed 17 million+ visitors through its doors.


MTS Centre 300 Portage Ave, Winnipeg MB R3C 5S4 (204) 987-7825; Fax: (204) 926-5555 Senior Vice President/General Manager: Kevin Donnelly, Sr. The geographic centre of North America, Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba, a province of 1.1 million+. Accommodates 3,500 (RBC Theatre at the MTS Centre) to 15,000; excellent sight lines, superb acoustics, the best amenities for events of all kinds, hosts events ranging from hockey and other sports, to the music industry’s biggest name concerts; Backstage – 4 Premier artist rooms, 6 team dressing rooms, catering room, and offices; Valhoffer stage – 60 x 40/ combined with scaffolding -56 x 72x 5’ high; Standard arena house lighting as well as six Xenon 2K supertroopers available. Concessions, full-service tour, other catering – Centerplate. PAGE On-site restaurant. 15



The Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre Centre

Hershey Centre

189 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5B 1M4 (416) 325-4144; Fax: (416) 314-3583 Manager of Bookings and Events: Kevin Harris Originally built in 1913 for vaudeville and silent films, this multi-use complex contains two distinct and separate theatres, one sitting atop the other and hosts musicals, dramas, comedies, dance, operas, family shows, concerts and other events. Capacities: Elgin Theatre -1,561; Winter Garden Theatre - 992; Cascading reception lobbies range from small intimate gatherings to 900. “Dinner on Stage” events – 80; Plentiful dressings rooms, stage management offices, crew rooms, wardrobe room, rehearsal studios, kitchen; Toronto is the largest city PAGE in Canada – 2.5 million+, Greater Toronto Area – 5 million+. 75

5500 Rose Cherry Place, Mississauga, ONT (905) 615-3290; Fax: (905) 615-3299 General Manager: Mike Hamilton, mike. The Hershey Centre and SportZone is a multi-use facility that includes a 5,500 seat arena, 3 community rink pads, an indoor soccer field, gymnasium, gymnastics centre and outdoor soccer fields. Capacities: Concerts up to 6,000 and “cut downs” to 1,000. All configurations can be accommodated using in-house and contracted services. Hockey, Boxing, Basketball, Wrestling up to 5,500; Multiple large dressing rooms and meeting spaces for catering, talent, production available. Large “drive in” load in dock. 4 “double” concession stands, full service upstairs lounge. In-house catering. Mississauga is a Greater Toronto Area community of 700,000+, diverse PAGE multi-cultural demographic. Facility just 20 minutes from downtown Toronto. 76





K-Rock Centre 1 Barrack St., Kingston, ONT K7K 0B4 (613) 650-5000; Fax: (613) 650-5001 General Manager: Ken Noakes Opened in 2008. Capacities: 6,200+ in-the-round; 5,200 - 5,700 end-stage; 3 theatre set-ups – 2,100; 3,300; 4,100; 29 suites plus 4 party suites, 520 club seats, club lounge, restaurant; Exhibition Space –17,000 sq. ft.; 4 hockey dressing rooms, green room, first aid room (office). 2 referee’s rooms; 6 concession stands, club lounge bar, event restaurant with seating for 40, restaurant bar, Monster Energy Drink Lounge; StageRight stage, 1,900 Clarin folding chairs, 80’ blow-through barricade, IceDeck ice cover, 4 SuperTrooper spotlights; In-house marketing department, Group Sales, media buying, media planning, promotions. Greater Kingston population – 125,000; additional 35,000 University Students; 250,000 within 30-minute radius.

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THE ELGIN AND WINTER GARDEN THEATRE CENTRE 189 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (416) 325-4144 • HISTORY Toronto’s historic Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre is a Canadian National Historic Site and the last operating doubledecker vaudeville era theatre in the world. Originally built in 1913 by Marcus Loew, it contains two distinct and unique theatres, one sitting atop the other. Both theatres operated together for 14 years, but, with the coming of “talkies,” the Winter Garden closed its doors in 1928 and remained boarded up for more than 60 years. RESTORATION The ensuing years brought many changes to the building but it gradually fell into disrepair. It was purchased by the Ontario Heritage Trust in 1981 and underwent a major restoration between 1987 and 1989 at a cost of $29 million (Cdn). A total of 65,000 square feet of new space was added including ample lobbies, lounges and an eight storey backstage addition housing spacious dressing rooms, crew rooms, a loading dock, freight elevator and two enormous rehearsal studios. The Elgin now sparkles with its gilded plaster details, rich damask wall coverings and domed ceiling. The Winter Garden Theatre, with its canopy

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of 5,000 branches of real beech leaves, painted sky and lit moon, is a dream fantasy come to life. The 1,561-seat Elgin and the 992seat Winter Garden can operate simultaneously with services to patrons in the 6 separate bars and adjoining lounges. RENTAL OPPORTUNITIES A multi-use complex, the centre is able to accommodate a diverse range of presentations and events. The building can host live performances including everything from musicals, dramas, comedies, dance, and opera to concerts, lectures, book signings and television broadcasts. The centre also hosts film premieres complete with red carpet ceremonies as well as corporate and special events, one-night presentations and long running engagements. Thanks to its meticulous restoration, combined with modern technologies and patron amenities, the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre is a perfect venue for any presentation and ensures an enjoyable experience for patrons and performers alike.




Coliseo De Puerto Rico 500 Arterial B Street, Hato Rey, PR 00918 (787) 777-0800; (877) coliseo (265-4736) Fax: (787) 777-0809 General Manager: Wesley Elizabeth Cullen Opening 2005, arena is the premier stage in the Caribbean. Capacities: Concerts End Stage 240 – 15,694; End Stage 180 – 14,730; Boxing or Wrestling - 18,163; Basketball -17,024; Hockey Ice Rink Size 200’x 85’ – 15,635, Half House – 10,959; Theater Style – 3,093; 26 Corporate Suites, 1,000 club seats, 2 party suites, 1 VIP Lounge with private elevator to create a fabulous VIP experience. StageRight 88’ x 48’ max, adjustable from 4’ to 6’ in 2” increments; four stairs units; 80’ StageRight barricade; 16 food concessions stands plus 6 onsite concessions restaurants PAGE and 5 bar concessions. 31

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RISKY BUSINESS BY DAVID KORN Chief Operating Officer, Facilities Media Group


ne of the presenters at the IAVM Venue Connect 86th Annual Trade Show & Convention was Steven Adelman, an attorney specializing in Venue Safety and Security, who delivered a convivial and most informative lecture entitled, “WARNING: This Disclaimer May Have No Effect Whatsoever!” Attendees were educated about the law behind the disclaimers on ticket stubs, as well as the effectiveness that warning signs posted throughout stadiums, arenas and other venues might (not) have.


Mr. Adelman’s speech was packed with useful information from start to finish, and could be the subject of an entire article. One timely idea that struck a chord with me was that even when venues clearly post that something is prohibited, if its employees fail to enforce the rule,

the venue could potentially be subject to liability for negligence, were an unfortunate incident to result in litigation. It being the summer, my thoughts immediately turned to the amusement industry, where parents of shorter children routinely attempt to violate height restrictions, despite signs, cartoon characters or other modes of measurement warning park patrons of height requirements. Facilities is not expressing a legal opinion on this matter, (that can be obtained by contacting Mr. Adelman, whose website is but the idea does lead one to consider further applications in their respective venues.

We hope to share more business perspectives with you in the Facilities Booking Guide later this year.

FACILITIES A-Z 1st Mariner Arena ............................................................... 40 Adler Theatre ...................................................................... 54 Allen County War Memorial Coliseum ............................. 50 Alerus Center ...................................................................... 58 Arie Crown Theater ............................................................ 50 BankUnited Center ............................................................. 43 Beaumont Civic Center ...................................................... 70 Bridgestone Arena ............................................................... 48 Black River Coliseum .......................................................... 58 Burnsville Performing Arts Center ..................................... 56 Cabarrus Arena & Events Center ...................................... 48 Cambria County War Memorial Arena ............................. 35 Charleston Civic Center ..................................................... 40 Chesapeake Energy Center ................................................ 68 Clay County Regional Events Center ................................ 54 Coliseo de Puerto Rico ....................................................... 76 CONSOL Energy Center .................................................. 35 DCU Center ....................................................................... 35 Dunkin’ Donuts Center ...................................................... 36 The Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre ................. 74 Ervin J. Nutter Center ......................................................... 58 Fair Park ............................................................................... 70 Florence Civic Center ......................................................... 48 Grand Canyon University Arena ........................................ 68 Gwinnett Center ................................................................. 45 Halton Arena ....................................................................... 48 Hershey Centre ................................................................... 74 Hoyt Sherman Place ........................................................... 54 i wireless Center .................................................................. 50 Idaho Center ....................................................................... 68 INTRUST Bank Arena ...................................................... 54 Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena ............................... 43

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K-Rock Centre .................................................................... 74 The Lakeland Center .......................................................... 43 Laredo Energy Arena .......................................................... 72 Lloyd Noble Center ............................................................ 68 Memorial Auditorium & Tivoli Theater ............................ 48 Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza .................................. 36 Morris Performing Arts Center .......................................... 50 MTS Centre ........................................................................ 74 Ocean Center ...................................................................... 43 Philips Arena ....................................................................... 45 Racine Civic Centre ............................................................ 58 Rogers Arena ........................................................................ 74 Rockford MetroCentre ....................................................... 50 Rushmore Plaza Civic Center ............................................ 58 Sears Centre Arena ............................................................. 50 Sanford Center .................................................................... 56 Show Me Center ................................................................. 58 Show Place Arena ............................................................... 40 St. Pete Times Forum .......................................................... 45 State Farm Arena ................................................................ 72 Straz Center for the Performing Arts ................................. 45 Swiftel Center ...................................................................... 58 Times Union Center ........................................................... 35 Topeka Performing Arts Center ......................................... 56 Toyota Center ...................................................................... 72 U.S. Cellular Arena .............................................................. 58 United Spirit Arena ............................................................. 72 United Wireless Arena ........................................................ 56 Verizon Wireless Arena ...................................................... 35 Vicksburg Convention Center & Auditorium ......................................................... 48 Willett Hall ......................................................................... 40









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Clarin by Hussey Seating Premium Portable Seating Portable Seating Flexibility with Style Bold design and luxurious comfort combine to create a superior level of portable seating. Dress up any facility with the VIP, Club or Contour folding chair models and give your patrons the seating experience they deserve. You’ll find Clarin by Hussey Seating’s premium chairs courtside at most NBA facilities, spanning the floors of theaters and amphitheaters, and in any facility that wants special seating with the added benefit of portability. FEATURES: High Density Foam & Ultraflex Elastic Seat Webbing: provide exceptional comfort

OPTIONS: Arms: choose from permanent or detachable interbracket arms including standard, waterfall and cupholder styles

Tuck Back Design adds a stylish touch

Ganging: allows for quick and secure interlocking of chairs

Uplift Seats allow for more row space when seats are unoccupied

Row & Aisle Identification: magnetic system designed to quickly and easily change out

Steel X-Frame Design provides the most durable and stable folding chair

Weather Fighter Treatment: allows for chairs to withstand the outdoor elements

Double Tube & Channel Frame provides the ultimate in strength

Erect Pitch: reduces front-to-back spacing for increased floor capacity

Duraflex Action Frame: assures level seating, even on uneven surfaces

Wider Seats: for increased patron comfort (not yet available on the VIP model) Designer vinyls & fabrics and embroidered or screen printed


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VenueDataSource, an integrated online portal with quick access to the information venue managers and industry partners need to make strategic business decisions, was introduced by the International Association of Venue Managers at its VenueConnect, 86th Annual Conference & Trade Show. VenueDataSource promises to be a useful resource for venue managers, affording them the ability to compare key data, and benchmark their costs and performance against other venues in the industry, filtering the comparison to areas including but not limited to market/region, occupancy and size. VenueDataSource will be incrementally rolled out through 2014. The first phase of the project will be the initial collection of profile data and operational expenses. As data quantity grows with the distribution of quarterly surveys, new modules and reports will be added and made available. “Without pertinent, reliable business intelligence, managing the bottom line performance can be a trial and error affair,”said Barry J. Strafacci, Chair, IAVM Research and Knowledge Advancement Council. “This ’go-to’ decision-making tool will be the ultimate resource for quality data comparison and analysis, allowing users to benchmark current performance with their peers.” More information about what has the potential to become an invaluable industry tool can be found at:

The next generation advertising and crowd control truly comes alive. AVA is a lifelike AVATAR that delivers a clear and consistent message exactly how and when you want it delivered. • Never takes a break • Doesn’t charge overtime • No background check required Each avatar is uniquely designed to meet the specific needs and objectives of each client and venue. Through digital engineering, a plexiglass figurine is designed and manufactured to the exact shape of the talent that was filmed. A special film is applied to the figurine that enhances and propagates luminescence. Special software and projection equipment projects the digital image onto the figurine, resulting in an incredibly lifelike presentation. Through this complex process of advanced digital imaging, cinematography and vector graphics the AVATAR is rendered and comes alive. EquiCross, Inc. is the largest provider of crowd & traffic control products in North America.

EquiCross, Inc. 6628 Dormany Road North, Plant City, FL 33565 (866) 715-6006; Fax: (813) 986-1702; National Sales Manager: Billy Long

DELAWARE NORTH COMPANIES Global Leader in Hospitality and Food Service


Delaware North Companies – Sportservice is one of the nation’s leading food, beverage and retail management companies.

The Premium VIP Folding Chair is perfect for your most important spectator seating areas!

Sportservice provides concessions, catering and fine dining operations at more than 50 professional sporting venues, entertainment complexes and convention centers across North America, serving more than 32 million people.

• Contour seat with elastic webbing and ultra-plush seat back for maximum comfort • Durable steel X-frame folding design for years of use • Add an embroidered or screen printed logo

40 Fountain Plaza, Buffalo, New York 14202 (716) 858-5000; Fax: (716) 858-5424 Vice President/Business Development: Barry Freilicher Director/Business Development: Tim Maloney


Clarin by Hussey Seating (508) 528-9708• VP Sports & Entertainment: Steve Luttazi

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SMG's clients benefit from the company's depth of resources and its unparalleled professionalism, experience, effectiveness, and creative problem-solving. Our successful growth has been built on the many partnerships, relationships, and resources we have developed with our clients — both municipal and private. The SMG story, built during the past three decades, is one of professionalism, expertise and unparalleled success. Beginning in 1977 with its first account, the Louisiana Superdome, SMG has defined a management philosophy and style that has led to its industry-leading position; more than 215 facilities.

Available in Plywood Tops; High Pressure Laminate Tops, and Mayfoam Tops (1/16’’ expanded vinyl sheets permanently bonded to 5/8” plywood); Aluminum Flush Edge; Vinyl Flush Edge; Crimped Aluminum Edge; Metal parts black powder coated; Legs made from 1 1/2” square, 20 gauge steel tubing; Chassis is a self-supporting unit welded and riveted throughout; rectangular stretcher piece, 1 1/2” x 4”, is welded between the legs near the top to provide maximum strength and rigidity. Shape configurations include Round, Rectangles, Square, Half Round, Quarter Round, Peninsula, Race Track, Oval, Crescent, Crescent Riser, Round Riser, Rectangle Riser. Maywood Furniture is the home of the “Original” folding banquet table Since 1930, Maywood Furniture has been the leading manufacturer of quality folding banquet tables.

SMG 300 Conshohocken State Road, Suite 770 West Conshohocken, PA 19428 (800) 964-4764; (610) 729-7920; Fax: (610) 729-1595 Senior Vice President, Business Development: Bob Cavalieri

23 West Howcroft Road, Maywood, NJ 07607 (800) 238-6797; (201) 845-6517; Fax: (201) 845-4586 VP Sales & Marketing: Ken Persson

A recipe for a great event... a Losberger tent!

WELDON, WILLIAMS & LICK, INC. Sports tickets, roll tickets, entertainment tickets, parking stickers and decals, credentials and passes, gift certificates, coupon books, custom tickets, hangtags, ticket security, thermal labels, Lickety-Split Laser Tickets, wristbands and arm bands. “Meeting Your Custom Security Printing Needs Since 1898” Weldon, Williams & Lick, Inc.—Serving our clients since 1898, we have built a strong tradition of quality customer service and cost-effective ticketing solutions. Located in the historic Wild West frontier town of Fort Smith, Arkansas, Weldon, Williams & Lick continues to be a pioneer in setting industry standards for admission ticket security and ticketing services. Our experienced staff can help you with any and all of your custom security printing needs!

Losberger clear span structures create a unique surrounding for high-profile corporate and social events. The unhampered, open interiors will make an unforgettable impression on your guests. ■ Turnkey service: from design through installation ■ Sales and service supported by clear span specialists and an extensive U.S. dealer network ■ Accessories available including: glass sidewalls, floor systems, doors and custom modules

■ Expand your facilities without the construction costs ■ Flexible financing options to purchase, lease or rent ■ Designed for easy transportation and installation Losberger tents... a recipe for a great event!

Weldon, Williams & Lick, Inc. 711 North A Street, Fort Smith, AK 72901 (800) 643-2598 ext. 436 or 329; Fax: (479) 783-7050 • Small Venue Manager: Katie Bunzel

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MTS Seating OMEGA STEEL-FRAMED STACKING CHAIR The Best Seat in the House ® Designed for situations where chairs are stacked frequently, the Omega Series of Steel Stacking Chairs are as dependable on the floor as they are away from it. Standard features include patented leg and seat reinforcement bar, stack bars, silhouettestyle back with no exposed fasteners, and handholds for easier mobility. Omega leg-on-leg stackers were developed using the most advanced engineering technologies – best powdercoat finish available in the industry, robotically welded frame, 12-year structural warranty. MTS is a leading manufacturer of premium quality banquet and foodservice seating for the hospitality market. The company’s wide selection of products includes extensive lines of stackable banquet and convention chairs, folding tables and staging products, guest room task chairs, and foodservice/dining seating and tables. MTS attributes its success to its commitment to continual product improvement and unparalleled customer satisfaction. 100 Industrial Drive Temperance, MI 48182 (734) 847-3875; Fax: (734) 847-4481 National Accounts Manager/Lodging and Convention: Eileen Kulish

StageRight TELEMATIC 100 TELESCOPIC RISER SYSTEM Your Conversions Company The TeleMatic 100 is the first to utilize a laser-guided drive system to provide the ultimate in reliability, performance and durability. Speed changeover times and reduce labor costs as units deploy in the same spot every time. • Dependable Deployment: Industrial grade drive belts ensure unparalleled traction. • Laser guided steering automatically adjusts the riser units for accurate deployment during every conversion – eliminates any unit-to-unit interference or binding that can slow down changeover or require additional people to complete. • Safe and Sturdy: Composite core decks provide a stable walking environment for safe egress for patrons. • No Seating Restrictions: Open deck design accepts beam and nose mounted chairs, along with folding chairs, from any manufacturer – giving you the freedom to chose the best seat for your facility.

StageRight Corporation 495 Pioneer Parkway Clare, Michigan 48617 (800) 438-4499; Fax: (989) 386-3500


If your venue demands cost effective change-over solutions in portable platforms and audience seating systems, contact StageRight today. Regional Sales Manager/East: Matt Widenmier, (989) 386-1820 Regional Sales Manager/West: Rusty Lenners, (928) 774-9190

VenuWorks provides full management services for arenas, theaters, and convention centers. • Professional management • Fiscally responsible stewardship • Food and beverage expertise • Booking and event planning professionals • Facility and event marketing At VenuWorks, we know that every location we serve is unique. That is why we work with community leaders in each of our locations to custom tailor a management plan that will work for them. Behind every theater, arena and convention center ever built, there was a dream and a promise. It is our job to unlock those dreams and fulfill those promises.

VenuWorks 4611 Mortensen Road, Suite 111, Ames, IA 50014 (515) 232-5151; Fax: (515) 663-2022 President: Steve Peters Director of Business Development: Andy Long

FIRST TEAM LED VIDEO DISPLAY, INC. Multi-venue, multi-use video board solutions... Flexibility! First Team LED Video designs, engineers and installs scoreboards with integrated LED video displays that can be easily removed when your facility needs the space for entertainment or other events. First Team Video Display, Inc. specializes in the custom design, engineering, and installation of multi-venue LED display systems. First Team offers one-stop service. We select the perfect match of equipment for your venue from all leading manufacturers. We provide all LED equipment, install and service that equipment and design and install video control rooms to client specifications. We also develop custom logos, animation, and advertisement content, and train staff for a commanding knowledge of their LED investment.

10441 S. Regal Boulevard, Suite 290, Tulsa, OK 74133 (918) 808-6602 • President: Terry Phipps

2011 Facilities SuperBook

Losberger U.S. Clear Span Tent Structures The clear choice to span the future • Turnkey service: from design through installation • Sales and service supported by clear span specialists and an extensive U.S. dealer network • Accessories available including: glass sidewalls, floor systems, doors and custom modules • Expand your facilities without the construction costs • Flexible financing options to purchase, lease or rent • Designed for easy transportation and installation Losberger U.S. distributes its products to end-user markets. These market segments consist of sports teams and their arenas or stadiums; golf clubs, hotels and resorts, catering facilities; airports and seaports; exhibition centers, convention halls, museums and conference centers; federal, state and municipal government agencies.

Losberger U.S. 200 Monroe Avenue, Suite 2A Frederick, MD 21701 (800) 964-8368; Fax: (301) 682-8005 National Sales Manager: Dave MacArthur

HAVE YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE REACH KEY DECISION MAKERS Buyer’s Guide – “Your Product & Services Resource,” is a special section in each of our publications. Our marketing programs are customized to meet your needs and sales objectives. 2011-2012 Facilities Booking Guide/2012 Facilities SuperBook: 10,000 Event Bookers, including Booking Agents, Promoters, Talent Buyers, Business/ Personal Managers, College Concert Buyers & Owners/Managers of Entertainment Firms. 2011-2012 Facilities & Destinations Planner Guide/2012 Facilities & Destinations SuperBook: 51,000 Association and Corporate Meeting & Event Planners. 2011-2012 Facilities & Destinations CONFERENCE: 30,000 Association and Corporate Meeting & Event Planners. Discount Pricing • Multiple-Issue & Multi-Media Packages Value-Added Programs • Target Marketing Real Time Results

The Facilities Media Group Michael Caffin Associate Publisher (212) 532-4150 ext 103 •

2011 Facilities SuperBook

SAVOR… SAVOR… creates connections by marshaling our creativity, experience, and love of good food into every meal we serve. Our clients come to us for our commitment to quality and a seamless customer experience. As part of SMG, the global leader in public facilities management, SAVOR… has been providing food and beverage services since 1983. A hallmark of SAVOR… is our emphasis on flexibility as the means to be responsive to specific facility needs, special requests, and culinary trends. SAVOR… is committed to making food and beverage services an important revenue source for your facility. The desire to connect over food is universal. We create the reality.

300 Conshohocken State Road, Suite 770 West Conshohocken, PA 19428 (800) 964-4764; (610) 729-7916; Fax: (610) 729-1595 Senior Vice President: Shaun Beard

XLERATOR HIGH SPEED ENERGY EFFICIENT HAND DRYER Time To Throw In The Towel The Official hand dryer of the New England Patriots! XLERATOR dries hands in 10 seconds, uses 80% less energy, saves 95% vs. paper towels and qualifies for LEED Credits. • 3 Times Faster! Dries hands completely in 10 Seconds • Uses 80% Less Energy than other dryers • 95% Cost Savings vs. Paper Towels • Qualifies for LEED Credits and GreenSpec Listed • MADE IN USA Certified • Lowers a facilities Carbon Footprint Excel Dryer, Inc. manufactures the industry’s finest quality hand dryers. For more than 40 years, Excel’s full line of American-made dryers has provided costeffective hand dryers for schools, hospitals, airports, service stations, correctional facilities, restaurants, stadiums, movie theaters, health clubs, office buildings, factories, hotels and many other commercial facilities.

Excel Dryer Inc. 357 Chestnut Street East Longmeadow, MA 01028 (800) 255-9235; Fax: (413) 525-2853 Director of Marketing: William Gagnon



IAVM VENUE CONNECT The Venue Management industry came together in July for the annual meeting of the International Association of Venue Managers. The IAVM Venue Connect 86th Annual Trade Show & Convention was held at the Phoenix Convention Center. The event also marked the debut of the 2011 Facilities & Event Management IAVM Buyerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Guide, a Facilities Media Group publication. Here are some exclusive photographs of the action from the Facilities Media Group. For more IAVM coverage and additional pictures and news, visit:

Larry Gawronski, CFE, Vice President/ Executive Director of the Vicksburg Convention Center and Auditorium in Vicksburg, MS.

Nina Simmons, Director, Halton Arena in Charlotte, N.C.

Steve Luttazi (left), Clarin by Hussey Seating, and Jack Rogers, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Hussey Seating. The two companies merged only a few weeks before the IAVM event.

Michael Taormina (left), CFE, Managing Director of the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, Atlanta with Bill Waldo of Irwin Seating.

Dean Dennis (left), Vice President Business Development, Global Spectrum and General Manager of the Global-managed Pueblo Convention Center, and Frank Russo, Senior Vice President of Global.

Rhonda Eaton (left), CMP, Event Services Manager for the Reno-Sparks Convention Center, and Susan Crane, Associate Director of the Events Center at Binghamton (NY) University, in Binghamton, N.Y.

Oscar McGaskey, Executive Director of the Kansas City (MO) Convention & Entertainment Centers.

Phillip R. Blaisdell, Director of Project Management, StageRight, Rusty Lenners, Regional Sales Manager, Sean McElhinney, Assistant General Manager, Save Mart Center, Fresno, CA; and Matt Widenmier, Regional Sales Manager, StageRight.


2011 Facilities SuperBook

From Left: Michael Godoy, Executive Director of Operations – SMG; Gary Desjardins, SMG Regional G.M. – G.M. of Oklahoma City’s Cox Convention Center and newly-renamed Chesapeake Energy Arena; Ted Faulkinberry, Director of Operations of both Oklahoma City venues.

Randy Ziegler, Executive Vice President of O,R&L Facility Services (right), with Matthew Cronin, Corporate Regional Manager and Sheri Valaitis, Director Marketing & Business Development Support.

Mark Haley (left), President of Smart City Networks, with Laureen Boykin, Senior Director, Operations, and David Langford, Vice President, Technology.

From left: Bob Curry, Sandy Henderson and Ken Curry of Covermaster, “Masters in the Art of Sports Surface Covers."

Eileen Kulish, National Accounts Manager Lodging & Convention, MTS Seating.

Mark Gatley, SMG Regional General Manager/Director of Fort Lauderdale’s Broward County Convention Center.

David Macarthur, National Sales Manager for Losberger and Karen Totaro, CFE, Assistant Executive Director of the Oregon Convention Center.

Douglas S. Archibald, Vice President of Sales & Services, Ungerboeck Software International.

Ken Persson (right) and John Castleberry with Maywood Furniture Corp.

David Ross (left), CFE, Director, Show Me Center in Cape Girardeau, MO, and industry veteran and consultant Rex Post.

Gurmit Dhaliwal of Vancouver-based Celayix Software.

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MIDWEST Adler Theatre ....................................................................... 51 Alerus Center ....................................................................... 52 Allen County War Memorial Coliseum ............................... 7 Black River Coliseum .......................................................... 10 Burnsville Performing Arts Center ..................................... 55 Clay County Regional Events Center................................. 57 Ervin J. Nutter Center ......................................................... 29 Hoyt Sherman Place ............................................................ 59 i wireless Center ................................................................... 12

CANADA/PUERTO RICO The Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre ................. 75 Hershey Centre .................................................................... 76 MTS Centre ......................................................................... 15 Coliseo de Puerto Rico ........................................................ 31

NORTHEAST CONSOL Energy Center..................................................... 3 Dunkin’ Donuts Center ....................................................... 17 Times Union Center ............................................................ 38 Verizon Wireless Arena ....................................................... 13


OTHER/FACILITIES & EVENT MANAGEMENT SMG ............................................................................... 26-27 Clarin by Hussey Seating ................................................... 81 Losberger .............................................................................. 83

2011 Facilities SuperBook

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