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CONTENTS 07 Editor's letter


Your skin care winter horoscope


What are age spots?


Our age defying product line-up FACIALCOMPANY.COM.AU



Popular Q&A's from our weekly live Facebook Therapy Hour WINTER 2013



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Dull complexion? Dry, flaky patches? Alpha-H has the perfect skincare solutions for you this winter with our top three product picks for fighting winter skin! AGE DELAY CLEANSING OIL


Perfect for dry and delicate skins, this luxurious Sea Buckthorn and Tangerine Oil infused cleansing balm melts away make-up and impurities to leave the skin soft and radiant. EXPERT TIP: Apply during long haul flights as a beauty balm to lock in moisture and keep skin looking and feeling satin soft upon arrival!

ESSENTIAL HYDRATION CREAM Formulated with soothing Evening Primrose Oil, Ylang Ylang, Peppermint and minerals; the Essential Hydration Cream brings immediate relief to parched and irritated skins.

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10% Off Age Delay Cleansing Oil, Essential Hydration Cream and Age Delay Intensive Eye and Lip Treatment Cream for the months of June, July and August 2013.

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EXPERT TIP: Add a few drops of the Age Delay Facial Oil to your Essential Hydration Cream for an added hydration boost!

AGE DELAY INTENSIVE EYE AND LIP TREATMENT CREAM Restore youthful firmness to the eye and lip area with this lightweight, nourishing cream. With each application, signs of stress and dehydration are diminished. EXPERT TIP: Apply using your ring finger as it is the weakest finger, it will not drag the delicate skin around the eye area.


by Thalgo. Because it melts into the skin beautifully and is an ideal moisturiser to comfort dry skin during winter. This intense nourishing cream with Shea Butter will restore skin suppleness and vitality in an instant!

Hyperpigmentation is a word that doesn't usually come to mind until the first signs start to appear. Suddenly, you're on the look out for solutions to problems you didn't think you'd see for years to come. They seem to surface overnight! Thankfully, advances in skin care technology make it possible to lighten or even diminish the appearance of dark spots. Jump to page 10 as we explain the main causes of hyperpigmentation and list our product recommendations. The winter weather can be detrimental to our skin as the cold air easily causes dehydration and dryness. Keeping ourselves warm and cosy in heated environments also adds further stress to our skin. Now is an important time to replenish and shield our face and body from the extreme weather conditions by boosting skin moisture with hydrating serums and nourishing creams. Look out for products that contain hyaluronic acid as this ingredient is particularly good at retaining moisture - think of it a reservoir for skin. For the body, rub in a beautiful dense body butter rich in Cocoa or Shea Butter to soften and comfort the skin. Stay warm, Darren Clark




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Like the pattern of a speckled egg shell, age spots can range in size and colour density of pigmentation.


cientifically referred to as hyperpigmentation, age spots (or brown spots) are deposits on the skin caused by an overproduction of melanin. Melanin is what gives colour to our hair and skin; those with less pigment have lighter skin and hair, and those with more pigment have darker skin and hair.

what are


While melanin is genetically determined, it can be heavily influenced by UV light or hormonal activity. In the past decade, there has been an enormous surge in the desire to lessen the appearance of age spots, as research reveals they contribute as much to the visible signs of ageing as a wrinkle.





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UV Exposure By the time we are sixty, 90% of us will have age spots induced by repeated exposure to UV light. UV rays stimulate the production of melanin in skin; while melanin is produced to absorb harmful UV light (resulting in a tan) abnormally high concentrations of melanin cause damage to melanocyte cells, causing them to “clump” together. They then begin the journey to the outer layer of skin and are deposited as surface spots.

SkinCeuticals C + AHA "A two-in-one antioxidant treatment with 15% pure vitamin C to neutralise free radicals and 10% hydroxy acids to exfoliate and smooth the skin."

Clarins White Plus TOTAL LUMINESCENT All Spots Brightening Corrector "This targeted rollon product has an extra-concentrated formula to combat pigmentation spots and small blemishes in an instant."


Hyperpigmentation often takes time to treat so results should not be expected overnight. In all cases of hyperpigmentation, an effective broad spectrum physical sunscreen must be used every day to lessen the effect of UV radiation. Other active ingredients that should be incorporated into a daily regimen include Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid.

ASAP Moisturising Daily Defence "A must have to moisturise and protect the skin from harmful free radicals and UVB/UVA rays - the leading cause of premature ageing"

Skinstitut Even Blend Serum "Addresses age spots, skin discolouration and brightens uneven skin tone for a more luminous and radiant complexion."

Medik8 White Balance Click "This intense brightening serum targets dark/age spots, sun damage, uneven skin tone and melasma for visibly brighter skin."

Melasma Also known as “the mask of pregnancy”, Melasma is triggered by an increase in hormones from being pregnant or taking oral contraceptives. Melasma can be worsened by UV exposure, can disappear post-pregnancy or after the ceasing of oral contraceptives, and can persist for up to 5 years afterward or even come back if pregnancy re-occurs or contraceptives are taken again.

Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) PIH stems from a melanocyte cells exaggerated response to injury and inflammation, resulting in an increased or abnormal distribution of melanin in the tissues, causing scarring. 12 ~ FACIALCOMPANY.COM.AU

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Radiance "A powerful botanical based brightening lotion for the treatment of pigmentation associated with sun damage, ageing, pregnancy and hormonal changes."

Mesoestetic Melanogel Antispot Cream "A depigmenting cream with a potent cocktail of ingredients, including kojic acid and liquorice extract, which inhibit the enzyme mechanisms that product melanin diminishing hyperpigmentation and limiting the formation of new dark spots."

Guinot NewWhite Instant Brightening Mask "A pre-soaked illuminating mask infused with Melanoxl and stablised vitamin C to instantly brighten the complexion and assist in the reduction of dark spots and uneven skin tone".




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Read some of the beauty questions we have received during the live Therapy Hour Session on our Facebook page in the last couple of months. Q – What’s the best way

to deal with age spots on my hands and to keep them from ageing further? FacialCo - Treat the skin on your hands the same as your face. You can apply a brightening mask to your hands and use a hand cream daily with brighteners and exfoliants such as Lactic Acid to assist with this. Also applying SPF to hands is important especially if you drive a lot. A great hand cream is Priori Advanced AHA Hand & Body Revitalizing Lotion.

Q – I have the new

Dermalogica primer and was wondering if I really need to use a moisturiser before it. I am finding it seems to be fine without one, but I don’t want to dehydrate my skin, which is oily? FacialCo - If you are using this product daily you need to moisturise prior as it does not contain enough hydrating ingredients. I would recommend the Dermalogica Active Moist as it is light weight and oil free and will provide a good base on which to use the primer.

Q – Can you recommend

an Alpha-H skin care regime suitable for oily, congested skin? I am 39 years old and these are my only skin concerns? FacialCo - We recommend that you try a starter kit as this allows you to use an entire regime for under $100. The Alpha-H Renew and Resurface kit is absolutely perfect for an oily/acne prone skin. Having incredible anti-inflammatory benefits, deep cleansing botanicals and anti-red properties, your skin will start to renew itself and fight off unwanted oil and blemishes.

Q – Which ASAP serum

is best for fine lines etcc serum or vitamin a? FacialCo - If it’s for fine lines/ageing Super A Serum is better but the two will always work better than one as their actions are different. Therefore Super C in the morning to stimulate collagen production and Super A at night to repair and rejuvenate.

Q – What is a good product to remove makeup and start a cleanse routine? I hear Dermalogica has one? FacialCo – The Dermalogica product is called

PreCleanse and it is recommended as the first step of the cleansing routine before using your skin appropriate Dermalogica cleanser. It is a water soluble oil great for make-up removal and is really easy to use. 14 ~ FACIALCOMPANY.COM.AU

Q – Just wondering if too

much chocolate really can give you pimples? FacialCo – According to most dermatologists it can’t however, your skin is often a reflection of what you put into it. Some people seem more prone to pimples after over indulging in chocolate or lollies. Also sometimes hormonal drivers cause a craving for chocolate and you eat it, and a spot appears which was going to appear anyway as it was a hormonal breakout but it looks like chocolate is the culprit. If you do indulge have a square or two of good quality dark chocolate which is an antioxidant, gives you the chocolate, caffeine and sugar hit but does not seem to cause an issue as much as a family size milk chocolate bar.

Q – Can you recommend

a good effective Vitamin C product for my daytime skin care routine that is suitable for oily skin. Some serums I’ve tried don’t hold up well on my skin during the humid days? FacialCo – Skinstitut Vitamin C Powder 100% which can be mixed into your serum or moisturiser, so really helpful for the muggy weather where you are.




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Q – What is a good cream

for the neck and chest area? FacialCo – We love the Guinot Longue Vie Firming Neck Cream and don’t forget to always apply any serums as well as your daily SPF on the neck and décolletage to protect it from sun damage.

Q – What is the light colour that goes underneath your eyes, not concealer and not eye shadow? FacialCo – Perhaps a corrector like the Clarins Instant Light Eye Perfecting Base.

Q - Could you recommend a product that I could apply to combat an oily t-zone please? FacialCo - You would probably be better off with a serum style product under your moisturiser such as Luzern Force De Vie Micro Gel

Q – Recomendations for

hormonal breakouts during pregnancy? FacialCo – You are limited in what you can use as salicylics and Vitamin A’s are generally not recommended. Our top pick for a blemish treatment would be Simplicite Rosemary Blemish Gel.

Q – Would you be able to

suggest a product suitable to treat newly forming fine lines around my mouth and lip area? FacialCo – Dermalogica AGE Smart Renewal Lip Complex is perfect as it contains peptides and other ingredients to help this delicate area.   Q – What’s the scoop on the new ASAP Vitamin B serum? Haven’t heard much about it. FacialCo – We like to say that B is the new C. It is beneficial to all skins, it helps with hydration, is a cell communicator so encourages skin cells to do the job they are designed for, and it helps to increase skin radiance as it also works on pigmentation and tone. There are a few brands that have a B Serum, ASAP Super B Complex, Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 Gel and Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Serum.  

Q – Can you recommend a

good moisturiser for very dry skin due to pregnancy? FacialCo – We would recommend a boost to your current moisturiser by using a Simplicite Face Oil such as the Rosewood Face oil. A couple of drops under your moisturiser helps to alleviate dryness and irritation. Regular gentle

exfoliation is also a must if you are peeling. Also you could try the Dermalogica AGE Smart Super Rich Repair, Alternatively if you prefer the the more natural route Sophyto Omega Daily Moisturiser.  

Q – Hi, can you recommend

a serum for mature skin to use after using derma roller. FacialCo – Anything you use after rolling will be beneficial, however for a mature skin three complementary vitamins would be best. The AlphaH Skin Loving Vitamins Kit would cover all the bases.

Q – How do I get rid

of a pimply rash on my biceps, both my children also have it- I believe it’s a skin condition, any recommendations for a cream? FacialCo – It sounds like keratosis pilaris, body products containing lactic and salicylic acids tend to get the best results, but consistent use is necessary. Pelactiv Body Scrub and Body Lotion would be a good choice of products to help with this or GloTherapeutics Therapeutic Body Exfoliant, which is a chemical and physical exfoliator to smooth and polish the skins surface.

For expert advice, product recommendations or help with your daily skin care routine, join our beauty experts live on Facebook for Q&A every Thursday at 1pm EST. 16 ~ FACIALCOMPANY.COM.AU


ARIES March 21 - April 19

This season you’re feeling restless Aries; maybe you’re eager to complete a task, maybe you just need a fresh start. Take some time to relax and consider what you want, what would make you happy. And while you’re at it, why not try a new range of products to re-introduce life and vitality to your complexion. Product pick of the season: Pelactiv Vita C+ Fresh Gel Cleanser


HOROSCOPE TAURUS April 20 - May 20 Taurus, this season your usual calm demeanour may be somewhat shook up. Maybe there is tension at work, or perhaps you’ve made a decision you’re not sure about; whatever the reason, don’t forget that you are the bull (in a very feminine way!) and you can conquer any challenge. Ease your troubled mind with a pampering experience, whether you go to the spa or DIY at home. Product pick of the season: Ecoya Madison Jar Candle

GEMINI May 21 - June 20

This season is your chance to harness that immense mental energy Gemini, and use it to achieve something great. Whether it’s success in your career or advancement in your social life, now is the time to go for it and get what you want. As you embolden your mind, remember to also embolden your lashes; a striking glance could go a long way. Product pick of the season: gloMinerals Lash Boosting Mascara

CANCER June 21 - July 22

It’s very easy to let your emotions run wild this season Cancer; it seems the stars are aligned to make you crazy. Be sure to take your time making any big decisions and try not to let the little things bother you. Need a balm for that rampant thought turmoil? Try a soothing aromatherapy session to indulge the mind and release some of that tension. Product pick of the season: Alpha-H Skin Boosting Oils




~ 19


VIRGO August 23 - September 22 The stars are shining on you this season Virgo; it seems you can do no wrong. Natural solutions to problems will appear, nagging worries will fade away and you’ll receive recognition for your achievements. Now is the time to act on that impulse, whether it be a new hairstyle or a fresh, bold lipcolour. Product pick of the season: ASAP Pure Mineral Lip Colour



[shown right]


November 22 - December 21 Now is the season to consider what you want, and what you need to do to get it. Remember Sagittarius, it is possible to look out for yourself without being selfish; no one can deny you deserve some time just for you. Finding the key to happiness may be no simple task, but it’s certainly a lot easier with a calming, indulging bath treatment. Product pick of the season: Elemis Aching Muscle Super Soak

December 22 - January 19 Capricorns won’t take no for an answer; strong, dedicated, and yes, maybe a little bit stubborn. Someone this determined should demand their skin care work just as hard as they do, for maximum results in optimum time. Explore cosmeceutical ranges to find the products with proven results supported by clinical trials and research. Product pick of the season: Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control [shown above]



July 23 - August 22 You’ve never looked this good Leo, never felt this fierce, never been this in demand. This season is your time to shine, to take your rightful place in the spotlight and be your very best. Every lion needs a mane, so be sure to unleash some bountiful curls to really make a statement. Product pick of the season: Cloud Nine Wand


September 23 - October 22 Are you tired of being overlooked Libra? With your sweet, natural charm and uncomplicated outlook it can sometimes be easy for people to take you for granted. Show everyone you’re a force to be reckoned with! Stand up for yourself and learn to appreciate your own merits; you are talented, you are personable and you are worth noticing. A refining, exfoliating treatment will slough away dull skin to reveal a fresher, smoother, brighter you. Product pick of the season: Simplicite Rosehip & Lavender Complexion Refiner


October 23 - November 21 You’re a go-getter Scorpio, a vibrant, pro-active force of nature. This season may be time to give yourself a break; know that you will still achieve your goals even if you occasionally let yourself chill out. Soothe away the stress with a calming mask and find inner peace before you re-ignite your natural vigour and go, go, go! Product pick of the season: Mesoestetic Anti-Stress Face Mask

AQUARIUS January 20 - Febuary 18

Feeling a little bored Aquarius? Maybe you’re lacking creative pursuits to keep that active mind of yours entertained. Now is the season to broaden your horizons, find something new to pursue. Try your hand at writing; submit reviews of your favourite products to earn loyalty reward points at! Product pick of the season: Aura by SWAROVSKI Eau de Parfum

ENJOY THE SEASON WITH OUR STAR PICKED PRODUCTS PISCES Febuary 19 - March 20 Though it can be comforting to cocoon yourself away in a dreamworld, now and then you need to snap out of it Pisces. The real world has lots to offer, you just need to be brave enough to look. Protect yourself against harsh environmental stresses with a moisturiser that combats free radical damage, so you can protect yourself while you make life happen. Product pick of the season: Thalgo Oxygen 3 Defence Fluid SPF15




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NEW NEW NEW Pro-Intense Lift Effect * Pro-Intense Clinically Proven Lift Effect Key Actives AnClinically ageing skin is aProven thinning skin. As skin matures it loses its support PAPILACTYL D® Key Actives An ageing skin is a thinning skin. As structure of collagen and elastin. The A high-tech natural extract from skin matures it loses its support ® result is sagging and slackened skin PAPILACTYL African Tiger Nut D which helps structure of collagen and elastin. by The that looks tired. This is accelerated reinforce skin’snatural structure. Helps A high-tech extract from result choices is sagging slackened skin to African preventTiger the flNut attening ofhelps the which lifestyle suchand as sun exposure, dermal-epidermal junction Helps that looks tired. This is accelerated by reinforce skin’s structure. rapid weight loss and smoking. which can lead slackened, to prevent thetoflattening of the lifestyle choices such as sun exposure, sagging skin. dermal-epidermal junction weight lossbrand and smoking. Asrapid a professional our therapists which can lead to slackened, Lupin nationwide are in constant communication sagging skin. As our a professional brand therapists Clinically proven to reduce the with customers and oneour of the main Lupinof the jowls and sagging volume nationwide arehear in constant concerns we aboutcommunication is sagging of Clinically the facial proven contours. Also protects to reduce the with our customers and one of the main skin. As a result our clinical scientists and encourages the production of volume of the jowls and sagging concerns we hear about is sagging collagen helping improveAlso elasticity, focused their research on our Pro-Intense of the facial contours. protects skin. As a result our clinical scientists resulting in a fi rmer, tighter look. and encourages the production of range and over three years developed collagen helping improve elasticity, focused their research our Pro-Intense Lift Effect on which has been Pro-Intense Edelweiss resulting in a firmer, tighter look. overtothree years range and clinically proven* reduce facialdeveloped contour A natural plant stem cell that helps Pro-Intense Lift Effect which has been Edelweiss inhibit the enzyme Collagense sagging. clinically proven* to reduce facial contour which breaks down peptide bonds A natural plant stem cell that helps in the skins bres. Pro-Intense Lift Effect contains a powerful inhibit thecollagen enzyme fiCollagense sagging.



Key Benefits - Facial Sagging KeyContour Benefi ts is significantly reduced - Facial Contour Sagging - Cheeks and jowls appear is significantly reduced tighter and resculpted - Cheeks and jowls appear - Skin is visibly smoother tighter and resculpted and firmer - Skin is visibly smoother and firmer

breakthrough formula that works with the Pro-Intense Effect contains powerful skin’s natural Lift function at the a‘dermalbreakthrough formula that Combining works with athe epidermal junction’ level. skin’s natural function at the ‘dermalhigh-tech bio-complex of PAPILACTYL D® epidermal junction’ and Lupin, with activelevel. plant Combining stem cells a high-tech bio-complex of PAPILACTYL from Edelweiss and Tiger Grass, thisD® and Lupin, with clinically active plant stem cells formulation delivers proven* results. from Edelweiss and Tiger Grass, this formulation delivers clinically proven* results. Noella Gabriel, Director of

Product and Treatment Noella Gabriel, Director of Development explains… Product and Treatment “As skin ages, we know there Development explains… is a need to target the dermal“As skin junction ages, wewhere knowskin there epidermal is a density need toand target the to dermalloses starts sag whereare skin around the cheeksepidermal and jowls.junction We at Elemis loses density to sag targeting this specifi c skin need and withstarts a serious around theutilising cheeks high-tech and jowls. natural We at Elemis formulation extractare targeting thisclinically specific proven skin need a serious Lupin that is to with reduce the formulation high-tech natural extract depth of jowls utilising and tighten the skin.” Lupin that is clinically proven to reduce the depth of jowls and tighten the skin.”

Available from  For more information, expert interviews, product samples or photography please contact:   Elemis spas and salons nationally. Call 1300 820 430 for a full list of stockists.  Belinda Andrade at PR Chicks:    T: (02) 9700 7107 M: 0425 252 822  For more information, expert interviews, product samples or photography please contact:   E: / / Belinda Andrade at PR Chicks: 

• Moisturises


• ConCeals

Independent ResultsUser Trials

71% of users stated Pro-Intense Lift Independent User Trials Effect visually improved the tautness of users stated Pro-Intense Lift of 71% their facial contours*. Effect visually tautness *Consumer test on 60improved women overthe 28 days of their facial contours*. *Clinical Trial *Consumer test on 60 women over 28 days

• enhanCes • sPF 15

63% of women measured a significant *Clinical Trial remodelling effect in cheek sagging*. 63% oftest women measured significant *Consumer on 33 women over 56adays remodelling effect in cheek sagging*. *Consumer test on 33 women over 56 days

remodel. reshape. redefine. remodel. reshape. redefine.

Pro-Intense Lift Effect 30ml LAUNCHES APRIL 2013, RRP $159.00 Pro-Intense Lift Effect 30ml Available from  LAUNCHES APRIL 2013, RRP $159.00 Elemis spas and salons nationally. Call 1300 820 430 for a full list of stockists. 

The first perfect glow BB cream

which breaks down peptide bonds Tiger Grass in the skins collagen fibres. A nutrient-rich plant stem cell Tiger Grass that helps defend skin and prevent further damage. Deeply firming A nutrient-rich plant stem cell active that helps improve skinprevent tone that helps defend skin and and elasticity. further damage. Deeply firming active that helps improve skin tone and elasticity.

breathes new

radiance into the skin Training guide ThalgoAustralia




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