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46 | LOOKS THAT SLEIGH Ladies, make a splash in these four holiday outfits. 50 | LOOKS TO CELEBRATE Guys, these looks have you covered all season.


58 | GET CHIRPED The offical Senschirp blog shares the top 5 prospects in the Senators organization. 56| THE TRUTH BEHIND BOTOX We explore the line between fact and myth. 62 | CUT TO THE CHASE What your New Years Resolution really says. COVER STORY

6-17 | Meet the Lady Sens

68 | 5 PLACES YOU’LL SEE OCEAN PLASTIC IN 2017 Here’s a’ll be everywhere but the Ocean.

Get to know the Wives and Girlfriends of the Ottawa Senators. features

22-24 | Keanu Reeves 26-29 | Sarah McLachlan


72 | STAY AHEAD OF THE WINTER BLUES We reveal the secrets to staying bright all Winter. 78 | SEASONAL RECIPES The recipes you need to try this month.

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30-35 | The Ottawa Redblacks Go Red and Green Ottawa’s football heroes show you how to style this season’s ugliest staple.


| December 2016


Stay in on December 5th to watch the

Watch Shia LabEOUf survive two hours of post-apocalyptic America with the US release of Man-Down, December 2nd.



See Ryan Gosling fall in crazy, stupid, love with Emma Stone in the release of La La Land, December 16th.


Begin hibernation, on The First Day of Winter, December 20th.



answer the phone like buddy the elf day.

Re-use, reduce, and re-gift with no shame on National

Re-Gifting Day,



Annoy everyone who will ever call you on December 18th, for national

December 22nd.

Don your ugliest holiday sweater on National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, December 16th.


Watch James Franco play a father’s worst nightmare on Dec 23rd, with the release of Why Him?

Survive the Busiest Shopping Day of the Season, on December 23rd.

Nominate a person or place for the Annual Faces Awards, nominations close December 16th



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Victoria’s Secret Annual Fashion Show.


Decide if your still on Iggy Azalea’s ‘Team’ After hearing her new album, Digital Distortion, December 31st. 5

| December 2016


Meet the

Lady Sens 6 | December 2016

On a sunny afternoon in late November, we met the wives and girlfriends of Ottawa’s Professional Hockey heroes – to get more than your average family christmas-card photo. While all very different, these women form a team just as strong as the Sens themselves – and help us to understand that life behind the bench comes with its own challenges. These challenges, and the pressure of building a life around one that is constantly on the road, has taken each of them on a journey to giving back to a community that has supported the Senator’s Organization for decades. While constantly supporting the men in the spotlight, very recently this light has turned on the girls themselves. Now more than ever, these women show us the importance of friendship and family, as they give us an inside look into their lives in the league.



| December 2016


Julie Turris Where is home? I’m from Eagan, Minnesota. I love it there, it’s actually very similar to Ottawa. The winters are cold and long, but the summers are super nice. The people are all down to earth and friendly, much like the people here. How are you enjoying life in Ottawa? I love how nice people are! We live in Westboro, and our neighbors have become some of our best friends. We love that we can walk to little boutiques, coffee shops and restaurants. It’s also centrally located— Toronto, Montreal, and New York are all very close. The city is very family friendly, safe and beautiful. What are your favourite Ottawa spots? Way too many to name! Kyle’s favorite would be Allium, which I love as well. Their banoffee pie is insane. I love Pure Kitchen, Supply & Demand, Gazellig, El Camino, Gastropub, Hintonburger, Eighteen, the Bite This food truck, Wasabi, Two Six Ate...the list is literally endless. That’s one of the best things about this city, there’s no shortage of great restaurants!

Where is home? I’m from Brockville, it’s a very small town an hour outside of Ottawa. I had fun growing up there, I loved my schools and my friends; however it gets to a point where everyone knows everything about everyone because it is so small, so it’s nice to live in a bigger place like Ottawa now. What do you miss most about it? My favourite thing about Brockville is being on the St. Lawrence River, it’s so beautiful, and the summer there is amazing. Tell us how you met Mark? I met Mark through my sister Jamie; he was living with Jamie and Cody for half a year and I was at their house a lot too because I was going to school in Ottawa. Mark and I knew each other for over a year before anything started to happen between us, but my sources tell me he always had a crush on me (laughs). What is something many people do not know about Mark? He has a bigger shoe collection than me. What has been a big accomplishment for you? Qualifying for the Royal Winter Fair with my pony. I have my mom and dad to thank for

8 | December 2016

What are some of your hobbies? I love being with my family, that’s what I enjoy doing most.

We made the kids a special plate and mug for Santa’s cookies we use each year. We also do pancakes on their birthday in the shape of their age on another hand-painted “birthday” plate.

How has parenthood changed your relationship? It has completely changed every single aspect of our lives, from how we view the world, to our priorities, to the kind of example we want to be for our children. It has made me more selfless, more patient, and has given me a new perspective on what’s truly important. It’s also made me very tired, I’ll probably never get a solid nights sleep again. Kyle shines as a dad, he is Beckett & Teddie’s world & vice versa. It’s honestly what he was meant to do in life. What has been a big accomplishment for you? My son and daughter are my proudest accomplishments, I have them and Kyle to thank for that I suppose… Who is the cook at home? Ah, it used to be me, but Kyle has taken over since our daughter was born in July and I literally never feel like cooking. Now that the season has started though, I should probably take over again. I love to make any sort of pasta since that is the kids’ favorite. Your holiday traditions? We do Elf on the Shelf with our son, Beckett, and will do it with Teddie when she’s older.

taking me to all my shows and paying for them, and my coach. Who is the cook at home? Mark and I usually split the cooking – he barbecues and I do the rest.

Hayley Thompson

What is the most challenging part about dating a pro-athlete? He is too judgemental when I eat McDonald’s. What is a career goal for you? I would really like to work in the media, designing promo videos and such, I’ve just always found that to be very interesting, all the emotions and feelings you can make people feel with those videos. What is your favourite holiday movie? My favourite holiday movie is definitely Elf. What are you favourite holiday traditions? I am a Christmas junkie. It’s by far my favourite time of year. I always spend Christmas Eve night watching lots of Christmas movies, and Christmas day with the family.

From left to right : Julie Turris, Hayley Thompson 9

| December 2016


From left to right : Marlee Hammond, Nicholle Anderson

10 | December 2016

Where is home? My hometown is Easton, PA. Life growing up in my hometown was simple. It had a community feeling that supported everyone and looked out for everyone. I still have my high school girlfriends and we all are still close. What is your favourite thing about your hometown? My favorite thing about my hometown would be all the memories that were created there. It was a childhood where social media didn’t rule our world. We were excited about going to local football games, hanging at a local pub having a couple of beers, playing quoits and listening to music together. I miss the traditional Sunday meals cooked by my family. Nothing beats the recipes passed down from generation to generation. How are you enjoying life in Ottawa? What I love most about Ottawa is it reminds me of how I grew up in Pennsylvania. It has a very community oriented, and yet a simple way of living for my boys. What are some of your favourite places to eat in the city?
 Napoli’s, Kal’s Kitchen, Baker Street and Stoneface Dolly’s. Do you play any sports? I was an All-American Cheerleader. I competed nationally in high school and did the open team with CheerTyme in Harrisburg. I spent many years instructing cheerleading camps with the company NCA. I also choreographed routines for teams. Where did you meet Craig? I met Craig when he played for the Florida Panthers. At the time, I was teaching 4th Grade at Fox Trail Elementary School and bartending at Round-Up Country Nightclub. My girlfriend, Reese, introduced us. Craig and the Panther players would come into Round-Up, and for two years I never saved his number. I decided to go out with him on a date, and here I am married with two beautiful boys. I wish I wasn’t so stubborn in those two years and wouldn’t have stereotyped athletes, because Craig is the real deal. What do you and him enjoy doing the most when he has down time away from the rink? We love to spend time with our boys, go out to dinners, watch movies, and just chill. What is something that people would be surprised to learn about Craig? He rearranges the dishwasher after I load it. I always want to say “when you are away they get cleaned just as well!”

Nicholle Anderson What are some of your favourite hobbies and things to do in your spare time? I love to go to the gym, make scrap-books, and go to Disney World. Describe your fashion sense? I typically love to wear my work-out clothes everyday, and no make-up. When I do decide to get fancy, I typically wear black. It always looks good with heals. I do love my shoes. I really don’t get stuck on brand names, I usually buy things that look good on me. Tell us how Craig proposed? Craig proposed to me in Vail, Colorado on the Christmas break when he played for the Colorado Avalanche. He had this whole proposal set up to propose on the top of the mountain. Boy did I throw a monkey wrench into that. I woke up with 101.0 fever and wasn’t able to go outside that day. That night he proposed by the fire roasting marshmallows together. My legs seriously buckled and of course I said yes. How has being a mother changed you? Being a mother changed me in many ways. I am a fly by the seat kind of person and I find myself planning more and trying to be more on schedule. It pushes me to be the best person in life for them. I feel like the boys have changed Craig in such a positive way. Craig takes every game to heart, and the kids help him stay happy and let it go. What sort of music do you like? I really enjoy all types of music. I do have a special place in my heart for country music since I worked in a country bar for 8 years.

Craig loves to grill. I love cooking all of our Italian recipes and putting those traditions into our house like I grew up.

What accomplishment are you proudest of? My biggest accomplishment is having my kids. I am one to fear pain and needles. I thank my husband for helping me overcome all the fears of childbirth and blessing me with the most incredible boys in the world. As I sit here and think that this would of been my biggest accomplishment, now I think it will be battling cancer. I know I have an incredible husband, two awesome boys, family and friends, & the hockey community that will push me everyday to beat this beast. I can’t let anyone down.

What is the most difficult thing about dating a professional athlete? The schedule. It limits your freedom to live a normal life.

Who is the cook at home? I am in the cook in the home, however,

What do you love most about Craig? His patience to love me unconditionally, even when I shake his head back and forth. What are you favourite holiday traditions? Since my family is Italian we love to cook fish on Christmas Eve and attend Mass. We love to bake cookies, hide Elfie, and watch all the Christmas movies. We also love adopting a family to create a great Christmas for them.

11 | December 2016


From left to right: Marlee Hammond, Jamie Thompson, Nicholle Anderson.

12 | December 2016

13 | December 2016


Jess MacArthur

and taught us kids how to ice skate. I was born and raised in the same house, and after Clarke and I were married we bought it from my parents. How is life in Ottawa? Ottawa has so much to offer. I really enjoy living in Westboro, because I’m a major foodie. Clarke and I love to get out and about trying new restaurants around the city. What are your favourite spots in Ottawa? Petite Bills is a family favorite. Not only is the food great, but we can also bring our kids there. We always feel very welcomed by Terry, the owner.

Where is Home? Rochester, NY. I grew up on a pond that most would consider a lake. It froze over in winter, so my dad always shoveled the pond

Where is home? I was born and raised in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. It’s a smaller city with around 16,000 people. I am prairie proud and absolutely loved growing up there. Driving down dirt roads and listening to country music to pass the time is not uncommon. What do you miss most about it? I miss my family and friends back home, but definitely not the winters. I love how when I go back, nothing has changed. How are you enjoying life in Ottawa? I absolutely love Ottawa. Parts of the area remind me of home, just not as flat. It’s very pretty here and it’s a really friendly city. The fishing here is amazing; we don’t have bass back home so I was excited to catch my first one last year. Tell us about how you met Zack? Zack and I met when we were 12 years old. I definitely was not into boys at that age, but we’ve always been close friends. If someone had told me at 12 that I would be marrying Zack, I wouldn’t have believed it (laughs). How did he propose? Zack totally surprised me. I was going to start

Mallory Pyatt Some of your favourite Ottawa spots? My husband and I like going out for ramen and sushi. Our go-to restaurants are currently Ginza and Sansotei Ramen!

14 | December 2016

What is something people may not know about Clarke? His first NHL goal was against Ottawa while he was playing for the Sabres. How has parenthood changed your relationship? For the better. The best thing about being a

dropping major hints this year, but luckily, he proposed in August. (Laughs) He told me we were going fishing at the lake, which is where we spend our summers. I changed into my regular fishing attire, which is a flannel shirt and camo leggings and headed out to the lake, a half hour out of town. Needless to say, I was fashionably late. Zack and our dog Charli were waiting for me with a candlelit dinner and my favourite Chinese takeout. I started crying when I saw that he got me Chinese food because I had been wanting a date night all summer. He got down on one knee and popped the question. I was in shock—I couldn’t even eat. Who is the cook at home? Zack is the chef and I’m his sous chef. Zack makes everything from scratch so whatever he prepares is delicious. He’s so inventive with food that it feels like we never eat the same meal twice. What is the most challenging part of dating a professional athlete? Hiding the ketchup chip bags and Kraft dinner boxes before he comes home from road trips. Your holiday traditions?

The best concert you’ve ever seen? We saw Arcade Fire in Nashville and it was by far the best show we’ve seen. What is your favourite holiday movie? The Holiday! Who is the cook at home? I am the cook at home. Tom likes to grill in the summer.

mother is the unconditional love I have for both Emory and Gus. What is your style of music? I love music in general. This summer I saw Ellie Goulding, Beyoncé, Dave Matthews Band and Justin Bieber. Beyoncé has to be the best concert I’ve seen yet, and I’ve been lucky enough to have seen her twice now! Who is the cook at home? With Clarke being injured last year, we both have taken an interest in it and he makes a really great sous chef (laughs). I love to cook Chicken French—which is a Rochester favorite. Clarke and I perfected a Bolognese sauce last season. Your favourite holiday movie? Christmas Vacation. Clarke often refers to us as “The Griswolds”. Your holiday traditions? My mom has always cooked steak and lobster on Christmas! Clarke and I have continued that tradition.

Back home we always go to midnight mass. We have no meat on Christmas Eve (Ukrainian thing), and we ice fish as much as possible. I also make sure to always go curling with my Grandpa.

Brittany Brodziak

Marlee Hammond What is something not many people know about Andrew? Andrew is so quiet and shy to most people. I think people would be surprised to know how much he talks when he is home. He’s actually really funny. Most people think I’m the personality in the relationship but I think he’s hilarious. Where is home? I’m from Maumee, Ohio. It was voted the AllAmerican City when I was growing up. I feel like that’s the best way to describe it... It’s a cute place to live, and most people know each other. Friday night football is big. Where did you meet Andrew? Andrew sat in front of me in Canadian Studies. I copied off of him the first day. I went back to my dorm and told my roommate about him. Later in the semester we started talking and we’ve been together ever since. I would say it was love at first sight for me! It just took a little while for me to win him over!

Where is home? Brockville Ontario, which is an hour south of Ottawa. What do you miss most about it? I miss the river. Its also a small-knit community which was nice to grow up in. What are your favourite Ottawa spots? One of my favourite places to eat is Napoli’s Café in Stittsville. I have grown close with the owner over the last few years of going there on a regular basis. Tell us more about your childhood? I started horse back riding when I was 5 years old and have never given it up. I compete in horse shows during the summer months and have previously qualified for the Royal Winter Fair, which is the most prestigious horse show in Canada. What is something many people don’t know about Cody? Many people would be surprised to learn that Cody plays the piano. What is your style of music? I really enjoy country music. Although… one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to was Kanye West.

How has parenthood changed your relationship? I think being a mother has made me slow down. I think I’ve always wanted to be part of everything that’s going on. Now I have to take more time to slow down and enjoy the little things rather than rushing from place to place. I take more time to enjoy every little thing he enjoys...seeing him smile is just the absolute best thing in the world. What is your style of music? I love every type of music, every genre, every song. Andrew is still amazed after 7 years together that I still come out with new songs that I know every word to. I have playlists

where I go from Notorious BIG to Kenny Chesney to Britney Spears to Kiss and Billy Joel. Billy Joel and Elton John’s Face to Face tour was the best concert I have ever been to. The way they put on a show was amazing. What is the most difficult thing about dating a professional athlete? Time apart is the hardest part of being with a professional athlete. When it comes to long road trips, I just feel sad without my other half. FaceTime only does so much. When our son does something new, I feel guilty I get to see it and he is away. I always remind myself that I’m so lucky we get summers off together. What would be your dream career be? I don’t know what career it would be but I would love to find a way to make saving dogs a career. What do you love most about Andrew? I love Andrew’s thoughtfulness. He really cares about everyone he knows. He never turns it off, that’s just how he functions.

Jamie Thompson

What has been your biggest accomplishment? My proudest accomplishments have been competing in the Royal Winter Fair on 5 different occasions. If I could thank anyone it would be my parents for supporting me. What has been a career goal for you? My dream career is being a veterinarian. Right now I am in school to become a Veterinary Technician and I absolutely love it. Working with animals everyday is my dream. What is the most challenging part about dating a professional athlete? One of the most difficult things is the amount of time he is away on road trips. What do you love most about Cody? What I love most about Cody is his humour. I’ve never had someone make me laugh like he does. I can always rely on him to cheer me up on the hardest days. What is your favourite holiday movie? My favourite holiday movie is The Grinch.

15 | December 2016


Monika Caryk

Where is home? Waterloo is home for me. Growing up was very easy—there were lots of families and other kids in my area. I went to a great school and the city has wonderful neighborhoods. What are your favourite spots? PURE kitchen, EVOO, Tony Capones, STEAK & Sushi. Tell us about how you met Mike? Mike and I grew up on the same street. We actually used to hate each another— he was always throwing me in the pool and I used to hide his scooter on him (laughs). He used to throw rocks at my window to scare me at night. What do you do in your spare time? We always travel right when the season ends - we love Mexico. It has great people and amazing food - always an amazing time. When we’re home,
 we love to see our friends and go to the family cottage in Sauble Beach.

What is your style of music? Mike and I are both fans of progressive tech and house tech music…R&B is great too! Who is the cook at home? I love to cook. I love making roast beef, meatloaf and chilli (all healthy of course). But baking is not my forte! What is the most challenging part about dating a professional athlete? The fact they leave for days—sometimes weeks—on end. Sleeping alone was the hardest transition for me. But once your forced to do it, it gets easier. Even though his schedule is busy, he makes time for everything that is ours— home, cars, dogs…he takes such good care of it all. Your favorite holiday movie? National Lampoons’ Christmas Vacation! Your holiday traditions? Family always comes to visit us in Ottawa.

Describe your style? I’m obsessed with Lululemon—comfy and never disappointing.

Where is home? I grew up in Tustin, California. I loved growing up in Southern California where I could go to the mountains and the beach within hours from home! What do you miss most about it? The greatest thing about being from Tustin is that when I go back, its like I never left. All my close friends and family are there… I miss them the most. How is life in Ottawa? I think we came to a great city! Ottawa is so family oriented and relaxed and we love that. We couldn’t of asked for a better change. What do you do in your spare time? On days off we love to get up and go to breakfast, take a walk, or just relax and watch movies. How did he propose? Bobby and I got engaged on the Eiffel Tower
in Paris. He kind of likes to set the bar
high (laughs). But he planned dinner in the restaurant and then a ferry ride after. Once dinner was over we walked around looking at the city. I had my back to him and he said, “Look at this”. When I turned around he was on one knee. I’ve never seen him so nervous in

16 | December 2016

the 8 years I’ve known him. I was so excited I forgot to say yes. What has been your biggest accomplishment? My biggest accomplishment is becoming a mother – something I had always looked forward to as I got older. I grew up with a single mom, and she showed me everything it took to be a great one. I’d have to thank her for all my motherly instincts. Who is the cook at home? I am! Although Bobby does the grilling… When I really have the time to be in the kitchen, I think my favorite things to make are homemade Bolognese sauce and short ribs. Two of Bobby’s favorites. What is the most challenging part about dating a professional athlete? Probably the time apart. You have to do a lot without them during the season—whether it be family gatherings, holidays, weddings or birthdays. What do you love most about Bobby? Bobby has quite the tough exterior, but I think what I love most about him is that no matter what, he would do anything for our daughter Riley and I.

Danielle Ryan

From left to right : Brittany Brodziak, Monika Caryk, Mallory Pyatt

17 | December 2016


Surviving the Holidays, Single The holidays can turn into a couple’s sport pretty fast. Finding yourself single during the season is no sleigh ride—facing pictures, posts, and parties of people in holiday heaven with their significant other can really put you in a seasonal slump. Here’s how to rock a holiday party while being unforgivingly single. Keep your Holiday Outfits on Point Look your absolute best during the holidays by investing in the perfect party outfit. Nothing sells your single self better than looking like you have your life together. Even if it means buying that over-priced Christmas sweater, its worth feeling your best.

18 | December 2016

Make Sure Your Single-ness is Known This tip is especially important for recently single party-goers. Nothing puts more of a damper on your festivities than people asking about the whereabouts of your significant other.

Plan Some Catch-Up Points To avoid awkward explanations of your love life, know exactly what to say during catch-up conversations by planning a few topics ahead of time. When someone asks what you’ve been up to, you can confidently go into detail about your travel plans for the winter, a new project you are working on, or happenings at work.

Don’t Directly Ask About Relationships You sit down beside a couple who haven’t been apart from each other the entire night …what do you say? Anything—except something pertaining to their relationship. At that point, they pretty much have to ask you about yours, or struggle to change the conversation.

Show Love to the Host/Hostess

Skip Out on the Party

If you’re going to arrive single, make a great entrance. Show up with a bottle and a gift, and go directly to the host/hostess. Since they have a connection to everyone at the party, they can introduce you to their guests…hopefully single ones.

If you know that a party is going to be laced with mistletoe and complete with a couple’s photo booth, take no shame in skipping it. Use the opportunity to hang out with family—do something festive that was a childhood tradition, and enjoy a Christmas with the ones who matter.

THAT’S A WRAP Save paper and save the environment – while looking completely stylish. Try these 10 stylish-yet-savy wrapping paper alternatives. YEAR-END ELEGANCE Best if not written on, your old paper calendars are perfectly re-usable as wrapping during the year’s end.

NOT JUST NEWSPAPER Finished with ribbon and a bow, newspaper makes for the perfect present.

PATCHWORK PRESENTS Recycled gift-wrap can be made stylish by cutting it into equal sections, and creatively wrapping for a patchwork effect.



Keeping your wrapping simple with recycled brown paper and a hint of pine or holly gives a fresh look to your paper’s second life.

Wrapping your gifts in cloth in traditional Japanese style saves paper, relieves you of trying to make perfect corners, and adds an extra gift for your friends and family.



Cut up some old and colourful tights, sewing the back, to create super simple gift-wrap.

Get extra points with your significant other by using the pages from old, cheesy romance novels. For kids, use their favourite comics. If the thought of tearing a page from a well-used book makes you cringe, consider photocopying the page on antiqued paper.



A stylish way to get rid of the maps you haven’t used since you allowed Google to track your location.

Cleaned plastic containers and cans can be saved from the garbage, painted and decorated to make gift boxes of all shapes and sizes.

19 | December 2016


CHRISTMAS CLASSICS How old are 2 your favourite holiday movies? 1


Photo: CTCallboard




7 Photo: IMDb

Photo: Roger Ebert



Photo: IMDb

20 | December 2016




Photo: Roger Ebert

Photo: Quotesgram



Hosting Your Holiday Party HOW TO DO IT PERFECTLY! Not all Christmas parties are created equal. Make your seasonal soiree a hit with attention to these details. Don’t Go It Alone Host as a team. Even if the party is at your place, get a few friends on board and host the occasion as a group. This will make the work easier and the clean-up even more so. More importantly, the guest list will be a mix of different friend groups, which will take the pressure off of just you to deliver a good time.

Transform Your Space Into A Social Setting

si as

us rig ic is ht a Id m mu ina oo st d ,b M fo u e nz ry tc L el D ad ou ar an es y r u ols t Ga d in p- an M y’ ga be d s i c at vi an h C N ael hil dT Ch nta ’S B d Ar o ris ge Y H n u i tm cl Ju ana y B ans NC ble 8 as ass B D st G en on ay in ra ne ce ics a M by s o le ju Bi nd t e br st eb e M rr It’s f C at d er W er y C C hr io on r n. ’t Sa int y hr old ist se M nt er Chr istm O ma tt W ist a T ist a uts s o he le el n m s, id to l M de as H e e a e rlan Ba pp d by y H ol id ay s


Let The Lighting Look Inviting


Especially if your space is smaller, move unnecessary furniture into a bedroom and re-arrange your space so that it is party-friendly. Create comfortable sitting areas with lots of chairs that people don’t have to walk through on their way to the food or bathroom. Remove big plants or decorations that block visibility for people socializing.


Take Care Of The Kids

pl ay lis t:

er e’s o


Fe s

tiv e




If your friends have kids, turn a spare room into their play room with activities, movies and games. Hire a sitter to watch them during the party so that your guests are relaxed and unworried for the evening.

Having a food table makes for too much congestion in one area, and puts too much pressure on hungry party-goers to stock up before having to socialize elsewhere. Disperse food and drinks to every room so that no one is left excusing themselves to get a bite.

lid ay

it ch


Plan your decorations to be festive, but with a common theme. Be selective with what you put up—choose a colour scheme and have it recurring throughout the house, if your party features lots of golf wreaths and bells, make sure they are found in the bathroom, too.

Make Your Food and Drinks Accessible



Be A Mix Of Cheer And Style

id ay

Nothing is worse than overhead lighting that brings out every flaw or harsh, cooltoned lights. Put some thought into your feng-shui—use warm lights, accompanied by warm Christmas lights, and candlelight where safe. This combo will create a relaxing atmosphere.

21 | December 2016


Keanu Reeves By Jan Janssen


hen it comes to riding a motorbike, Keanu Reeves is no celebrity dilettante. Like his alter ego Johnny Utah in Point Break, the enigmatic movie star is an admitted speed demon who regularly tests his limits as a fearless motorcyclist racing around L.A. and other parts of the world. As a young boy growing up in Toronto, Canada, where he first aspired to be a hockey goaltender before acting intervened, Reeves was fascinated by bikes. His stepfather owned a yellow Norton Interceptor and to this very day Keanu’s favourite motorcycle remains his 1973 Norton Commando. But it took a pretty German girl to actually get Reeves on his lifelong motorcycle journey: “When I was 22 I was working on a movie in Munich and a girl showed me how to ride her Kawasaki Enduro - ever since then I’ve been addicted to everything about motorcycles,” Reeves says. “Wherever I’ve been in the world, shooting a film or whatever, I’ve always looked for a used bike shop to have something very fast I could ride around for a few months and then sell back afterwards. I get very restless if I don’t get to feel the kind of speed and freedom that riding a bike gives me.”

Photo: Getty Images

Ever since, Reeves has been a fearless renegade rider who cherishes the time and “incredible freedom” he experiences aboard an impressive collection of bikes that include a 1974 BMW 750 (“I bought that while shooting The Matrix”), 1984 Harley Shovelhead, and Moto Guzzi T3.

22 | December 2016

Meanwhile, Reeves still finds time for his day job - acting. His new movie, JOHN WICK 2, sees Keanu return to the role of the reformed hit-man bent on atoning for his past. Not only did the original John Wick blow away critics and prove to be one of the sleeper hits of 2014, but it also gave Reeves his first truly galvanizing role since The Matrix films. In John Wick 2, Keanu’s retired assassin is forced back into action once again in order to foil a plot involving a secret assassins’ guild. Like the original, the sequel sets out

to replicate the same kind of kinetic and brilliantly choreographed fight sequences that showed that Reeves hasn’t lost any of the martial arts techniques that he has honed over his career. Says Reeves: “I can still hack it - I don’t want anyone else to do the fight scenes, and I still do virtually all of (the fighting). The only problem is that you’re very sore and stiff the next day because you’re older and less flexible. I can’t jump as high as I used to, but I think my overall technique and ability to do the choreographed sequences is at a much higher level now and I still get a kick out of doing those scenes. I’ve also had some great teachers to get me to where I needed to be. It’s a lot of fun.” Shot in Rome and New York, the sequel co-stars Ian Ruby Rose (Orange is the New Black), Ian McShane, John Leguizamo, Bridget Moynahan, Laurence Fishburne (Keanu’s former Matrix boss), Common, Lance Reddick, Peter Stormare, and Riccardo Scamarcio. Ironically, the high octane sequel sees Keanu take the wheel of a supercharged Chevrolet Chevelle and mow down a villainous motorbike rider in one particularly thrilling sequence shot in New York’s Time Square. Despite any subconscious misgivings about running over a fellow biker, albeit for the sake of fiction, Keanu Reeves believes that the new Wick movie raises the action bar even higher.Said Reeves: “I love John Wick. We had an amazing time making this story. I can’t say that we’re not geeked about continuing the idea and the character. We have some really cool ideas. We talk about what would be cool to take it to the next level...If the first one was a black belt, then this one is third degree black belt.” Set for release in February, John Wick 2 could well be the kind of monster hit that Reeves needs to recover his Hollywood mojo. Now 51, the ever-handsome and still rather boyish-looking actor has seen his legacy tarnished in a string of critical and box-office flops. But in the guise of John Wick, Keanu is able to infuse his palpable single-minded, melancholy spirit into a

character who, after losing his wife, experiences a profound sense of despair. That underlying sense of rage and danger turns Wick into a ticking time bomb - someone you wouldn’t want to provoke or otherwise cut off in traffic. “One of the things that drew me to Wick was his sense of honour and desire to lead a better life,” explained Reeves. “He’s driven by a firm set of principles and he’s not someone you want to mess around with after he’s lost his wife and simply wants to be left alone...But once he’s set in motion, he’s going to be very hard to stop.” The image of the solitary warrior has been a prevailing theme in Reeve’s screen roles of late. Films like 47 Ronin, Man of Tai Chi, and Henry’s Crime all saw him play laconic, lonely figures railing against an indifferent universe. These kinds of stories have served to fuel the “sad Keanu” meme that took hold after Splash News ran a photo of Reeves sitting by himself on a park bench munching on a sandwich. For a man with a personal fortune of well over $100 million it seemed like a tragic portrait of a suffering artist. Reeves, who has never married and has no children, rejects the notion that he is lonely, much less sad: “I don’t feel lonely. I don’t socialise a lot but I have good friends and I have a very good life. I just don’t do anything to attract any attention to myself and I find it’s much easier to live that way.”

Photo: Getty Images

The Sad Keanu meme itself was simply a case of him taking a break while shooting a film in New York. Explained Reeves: “It was lunch-time, between filming ‘Henry’s Crime.’ I decided to have something to eat during the break and began thinking about something. You know, sometimes you just start thinking during lunch. And that’s exactly what I did, but people seem to have decided that I was very sad. It’s interesting: photos can generate a thousand words, but none of them would be true!” (Laughs)

a black belt, then “ Ifthistheonefirstis onethirdwasdegree black belt.

Motorbiking is what excites Reeves more than anything else in life. He believes that the combination of fear and exhilaration that comes from riding a motorcycle at high speed is a “unique sensation” that has few equivalents. The desire to find “the ultimate ride” is what inspired him to co-found Arch Motorcycle Co. in 2011 together with custom-bike builder Gard Hollinger. The fruit of that collaboration the Arch KRGT1, a bike that most motorcycle experts and enthusiasts consider to be the most elite custom motorcycle on earth, that combines space-age design with state-of-the-art engineering. The KRGT is powered by a Twin Cam 124 cubic-inch (2,032 cc) 45-degree down-draft fuel-injected engine that generates 122 hp and 122 lb-ft of torque.

23 | December 2016

According to Reeves, this is a motorcycle that delivers on every level: “It’s a bike that’s really confident feeling going straight. Our bike has a lot of torque—115 pounds—so whenever you get on the throttle, you really feel the pull and push of the motorcycle. It can turn and handle. We wanted to offer something unique, not only aesthetically, but also about the pleasure of riding.” Added Reeves: “I told Gard: ‘OK, the reason we should do this is because the machine is amazing, and we’re going to die’ (anyway),’” Reeves said, laughing. “Let’s make something.” Keanu was involved in the development process virtually every step of the way and found a kindred spirit in veteran bike builder Hollinger. They set up shop in Hawthorne, Calif, a mere stone’s throw from Elon Musk’s Space-X facility, and set about fashioning their dream machine. Though Reeves tends to downplay his technical input versus aesthetic contribution, Holllinges, his partner in the venture, has suggested otherwise: “He’s being modest. He always has a lot of feedback. I think he has to temper his wishlist a bit, because he doesn’t want to overwhelm me. His thoughtfulness and passion for riding was a huge part of what caused me to commit to do the project. I’ve ridden my whole life, and when we talked about the riding experience, I was struck and impressed by how in tune he was. Man, all the years I’ve been riding, I’ve been taking it for granted.”

First of all, you need to build a a machine that performs at the highest level then you can talk about theaesthetics. But in the end, it’s all about the ride.

gearheads will be blown away by the custom specs alone, ordinary mortals and casual (albeit deep-pocketed) motorbike enthusiasts will be mesmerised by the bike’s otherworldly design. Says Reeves: “When Gard (Hollinger) and I were discussing what we wanted to do with the bike, it was not just about building something that looked unique from a design standpoint but something which offered a very distinct experience for the bike rider. First of all, you need to build a a machine that performs at the highest level - then you can talk about the aesthetics. But in the end, it’s all about the ride!” When he looks at the KRGT, which he classifies as a “performance cruiser,” Reeves’s expression lights up: “It’s a new class of motorcycle. It goes beyond anything we’ve ever seen as far as aesthetics and ergonomics and the way it handles on the road. It’s the

product of a lot of hard work and thought. I think it’s beautiful.” For Reeves, “the ride” is a metaphor for one’s journey in life. For years, Keanu has lived almost like a Ronin - a warrior without a master - and seeking some form of solace amid the constant attention that came with stardom. Almost ethereally beautiful, films such as Point Break, Speed, Little Buddha, and The Matrix films turned him one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Yet he was largely indifferent to fame and fortune. He lived in hotels such as the Chateau Marmont for the first fifteen years he spent living amongst the palms in Los Angeles before buying himself a house. He has little use for his immense fortune and has given much of his wealth to friends, charities, and cancer research (he funded a wing of a hospital that was treating his sister while she was battling leukemia). Though he insists that he’s “not lonely,” motor biking would appear to be his surest means of combating a chronic sense of restlessness and finding peace of mind. He confesses that he’s often “happiest” cruising along Sunset Boulevard late at night where there’s little traffic and he can admire the beauty and spectacle of cruising along the Pacific Coast Highway.“Riding a bike is pure freedom,” Reeves says. “I love the speed and how it clears your mind. When I’m out riding, I just feel like I’m very calm and focused at the same time. One of my favourite rides is taking the PCH through the Santa Monica mountains and Malibu Canyon and then heading back home along Sunset...There’s nothing like it.”

Photo: Getty Images

At a premium cost of $78,000, the KRGT-1 is a ground-up design incorporating aluminum construction, carbon fiber BST wheels, a futuristic instrument panel from MotoGadget, and a 6-speed Baker transmission. While


24 | December 2016


FACES Magazine is Ottawa’s premier and FREE publication that showcases everything that makes Ottawa GREAT.



High guality, full colour glossy print Full page magazine found online



Coffee shops, restaurants and gyms Salons, barber shops and spas Ottawa Senators, Ottawa Fury and Ottawa Redblack games It has been a great experience between Napoli’s and FACES Magazine. The support between both of us has been wonderful. We share a common goal of making sure out relationship benefits both parties. Bassel Khalil, Napoli’s Café I have been an advertiser with FACES for 2 years. My ads in FACES have generated a lot of new leads and I couldn’t be happier with the way I’m treated by the staff and ownership of the magazine. I recommend any business in Ottawa to advertise in FACES Magazine. Andy Sparks, Real Estate Agent When we took over Allegro Ristorante in 2014 it was hard for us to decide which company to advertise with, who would give us the most support and who we could trust. From helping us with our grand opening to dining at our restaurant, sending us referrals, or even using our private rooms, the team at FACES has been great! It’s not just a work agreement; it’s a partnership and friendship. Toni & Angela Imerti, Allegro Ristorante


Sarah McLachlan When you think of Sarah McLachlan, as she rightly puts it, you think of “peace and love and kumbaya” – but she is so much more than that. In talking with the Canadian singer-songwriter I learned more about her that made me look up to her even more. Though Sarah has won numerous awards, including Grammy’s, it was interesting to learn that she did not always feel as though she deserved it – though millions agree that she definitely did. Sarah McLachlan is a fighter – for herself, what she believes in, communities in need, and for anyone else she can see who needs it. Inspiring millions of young women to follow their dreams, and helping to bring art and music back to thousands of kids who had it taken away are just a couple of Sarah’s passions – and she isn’t even close to being finished. Sarah has a big heart and aims to help the world as much as possible. FACES Magazine had the wonderful opportunity to catch up with Sarah to talk about her whirlwind career, her passions, and her newest Christmas album, Wonderland. It will definitely be a favourite (on repeat) over the holidays!

Photo: Kharen Hill

Were you always surrounded by music growing up, and when did you realize it was more than just something you enjoyed? Both my brothers played guitar and my mom was always a big music fan so I was always surrounded by music and it was always in the house. I first started playing the ukulele because I was too small to play guitar, but when I got older I moved onto guitar and piano lessons. I had 2 academic parents

26 | December 2016

that drilled into me that I was going to go to University and get a real job and that music was just a hobby. It became increasingly obvious to me that that would be a very difficult choice for me especially given my academic standing! (Laughs) All I cared about was music and art, so luckily I petitioned hard and got into the art college. About half a year later I was approached by Terry McBride, who ran Nettwerk Music Group, who wanted me to come

out to Vancouver to make a record. My first instinct was “Yea…what do you really want?” (Laughs) I didn’t actually believe him! He said they were serious and sent me the contract to review and at that moment I thought, “I could really do this?” It is such a huge passion for me and takes up so much of my life, but until that moment I had no idea that I would ever get to do it as a career. I went off to Vancouver and never looked back.

You have just launched your 9th studio album, Wonderland. What can fans expect from this album? It’s half classic Christmas songs and half really traditional hymns like “Angels We Have Heard On High” and “O Come All Ye Faithful”. The first Christmas record I put out in 2006 was definitely easier because I knew exactly what I wanted to do with many obvious choices of songs I loved. This album was a little more work and I had to dig a little deeper and think more about what songs I could lend my voice to that would make them a little bit different because all these songs have been done a million different times in a million different ways. Thinking about Wonderland, is there a song you are particularly excited for fans to hear? “Huron Carol” is one of my very favourites; it is such a beautiful melody and it’s a quintessentially Canadian carol. It has a beautiful string arrangement and a great surprising John Bonham type drum beat that comes through. I just love it. I got to work with this fantastic band, Half Moon Run (based out of Montreal), and I had so much fun working with them, they were really great and such nice guys.

You have had immense success throughout your career. What advice can you give to young artists as they try and make their way? Surrounded yourself with like-minded people who believe in what you are doing, and first and foremost, you’ve got to believe in yourself and love, love, love what you’re doing, because it’s not an easy road. Don’t let anybody deter you or tell you that you can’t do it. If they do, use it to help drive yourself further. Align yourself with people who believe in your vision and will help you reach it, not people who will try and take it away from you or make it something else. You founded Lilith Fair, an allfemale musical tour that achieved great success in the mid-nineties. It influenced an entire generation of young women to follow their dreams. What lessons can you share from orchestrating the event? If you could go back, would you do anything different? I don’t think I would do anything different – I absolutely loved it! It was an amazing time for me and it was really magical because the simple goal was to bring women together and celebrate the fact that we were making beautiful music. I wouldn’t change

a thing. It shows that if you have a dream, don’t let anyone deter you from it – stand by it. We had so many people – so many men – telling us that we couldn’t do it and we couldn’t put 2 women on the same bill because people wouldn’t come. For the previous 4 years I had had female artists opening for me and playing to sold out audiences, so I thought it was quite ridiculous. Yes, we were talking about a larger scale here but it didn’t make sense, so I pushed through. We had so many radio DJ’s and conferences and people would ask, “So why do you hate men?” What in the world does celebrating women have to do with hating men? Just stick to your guns and if you have an idea that you feel in your gut that feels right – you go with it.

Photo: Kharen Hill

“…first and foremost, you’ve got to believe in yourself and love, love, love what you’re doing.”

What was it like to receive the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement in 2015? That was the very first time in my adult life when I finally felt comfortable enough that I actually felt like I deserved it. I have received a lot of accolades and awards over the years and though I’ve been humbled and honoured to receive them, I’ve often felt, “What the hell – why me?” There was always this little punk inside of me

27 | December 2016


“doing what I can to help those in need is my gift back to the universe for all of the good that I have been given.” thinking someone is going to take the proverbial hook and yank me off stage and say “Haha, just kidding!” (Laughs). It was really wonderful to receive that award. It is peer based and I think at that time in my life I was in a place where I finally felt really good about everything and I finally felt “Wow, I am going to enjoy this”, and not think that I don’t deserve this. I’m terribly hard on myself and I finally allowed myself to cut me some slack.

Photo: Kharen Hill

You founded what is now known as the Sarah McLachlan School of Music, which has just expanded from in Alberta earlier this year. What made you want to start this school, and what has been the best thing to come out of it thus far? With the success of Lilith, I really got to spread my wings philanthropically – we raised over $7 million for women’s and children’s charities across North America in the 3 years we did it. I made a lot of money doing it, and I took all of that money and brought it home and put it into a foundation thinking that I wanted to do something important with it – I wanted to continue the legacy of giving. The school became the obvious choice; it was at around the same time that

28 | December 2016

many schools were cutting their music programs. Having gone through the public music system in my school and the ability to have private lessons and having every opportunity to have music in my life, I thought that this was so horrible, the worst possible thing that art and music were being taken away from kids. For many kids, music and art are the only things that keep them going to school – it’s the only thing that kept me going to school. It was such a travesty to me that I wanted to try and fill the gap – so the idea for the school came out of that. It has blossomed – we have over 1,100 kids in the program in Vancouver now and have been going strong for 15 years. We rely 100% on donations from individuals and organizations. I pay for all of the administrative costs so all of the money donated can go directly to the kids every year. Throughout your career you have always been extremely generous to a variety of charities, whether it be for music, animals, children, or world causes. What does it mean to you to be able to give back so much? As a very young adult I discovered how it felt to be able to give back. When I was 22 I went with World

Vision to shoot a documentary they were shooting and I think, for me, it was such an eye-opener coming from a middle-class conservative upbringing. It was the kind of thing that you may see on T.V and just change the channel, but I was immersed in it for 6 weeks. I came back from that trip feeling so incredibly lucky for being born where I was, for having the family I have, the support I have, a roof over my head. I realized that as an individual I have a responsibility to help where I see it is needed and I can do that being a musician with a bigger platform. It feels so good to be able to help and give back – I joke and say it’s selfish because it makes me feel really, really good, like I am living my purpose. I have exceeded my biggest dreams – how lucky is that? So doing what I can to help those in need is my gift back to the universe for all of the good that I have been given. If you had the opportunity to work in the studio with any artist, living or dead, who would you choose and why? I’ve got a long list! This is really obnoxious but Jimi Hendrix would definitely be up there! (Laughs) I’d have loved to be able to have sung with

Photo: Kharen Hill

Simon and Garfunkel, though I doubt that will ever happen (laughs). Ray LaMontagne would also be high on my list – I love his voice, it’s so juicy. What is one of your older songs that you can still relate to today? That changes depending on what is happening in my life, but I think the song that I feel the most connected to no matter what is “Angel”. It is probably an obvious choice but sometimes I wonder to myself, “When am I going to get sick of playing this?”, but I don’t. I love singing it every single time, it moves me every time I sing it, it has been the most consistent song for me and I will always feel something when I sing it. What’s one thing that your fans would be surprised to learn about you? I don’t know! It’s so hard with social media it seems everyone knows everything about everyone else before they even know it! (Laughs) I am

deeply competitive – I hike a lot and I have discovered that I really hate being behind anybody! It really speeds up my time. Everybody assumes I am just peace and love and kumbaya – which I am in every other part of my life – but it turns out, if you put a ball in front of me, I get deeply competitive! Mostly with myself. (Laughs). You are no stranger to Ottawa and have performed here many times throughout your life. What are some of your favourite things to do in the city when you are here? I love walking around the city, because architecturally, it is exquisite. There is a great breakfast place in the little area that used to be Railway that is all brick buildings. I love food – so I try to find the best breakfast in every city I visit. Ottawa is beautiful, the river is gorgeous - aesthetically it is a beautiful, beautiful city.

“Just stick to your guns and if you have an idea that you feel in your gut that feels right – you go with it.”


29 | December 2016


The ottawa redblacks go red and green We’ll admit – recruiting some of the Ottawa Redblacks to be our December issue models didn’t sound like a promising roster for a fashion photoshoot. But, we’re glad we caught these four top players just before they left to play for the Grey Cup – and handed them the ugliest Christmas sweaters we could find.

30 | December 2016

31 | December 2016




What is your favourite food to eat during the holiday season? Without a doubt its Sweet Potato Pie. What do you look forward to most about the upcoming holiday season? Spending time with my family. What is something that you would never leave home without? I always leave home with a positive mindset! How would you describe your fashion style? I just make it all look good haha. What do you put on when you want to feel stylish and well-dressed? For me, I love the feel of being in a nice tailored suit. After a win, is there a song that is played in the locker room every time to celebrate? After a win, most likely we are usually playing a song by Future. Who gets the honours of being the locker room DJ for the Ottawa RedBlacks? Abdul Kanneh is usually our DJ in the locker room. What are some of your favourite places to go out and eat in Ottawa? I would have to say Pili Pili Grill Chicken! What are some of your favourite movies? I love all the Friday movies, the movie ‘Running Scared’ and all the Rocky movies!

#9 32 | December 2016

33 | December 2016



DEFENSIVE LINESMAN Do you live in Ottawa in the off-season? I’m from Texas, and this is my first Off-season—and winter—in Ottawa. I’m excited and nervous. What are your hobbies during the off-season? Training and fitness are obviously a huge part of the off-season, and probably my favorite hobby. Christmas movie? Gotta be A Christmas Story. Holiday Party Drink? EggNog, for sure. Holiday Party Outfit? I go with a cardigan and a pair of jeans. Why Christmas? Time with family and friends is everything. Your Christmas list? A new lens for my Canon T5i would be nice! Your Ottawa Spots? I have a few: Yalla Yalla Bakery, Fatboys BBQ, Jack Astor’s, Ten Sushi, and Crust & Crate.

#95 34 | December 2016



Do you live in Ottawa in the off-season? I live in Tampa, Florida. That’s my hometown. Besides my family and friends, I miss the white sandy beaches the most. What are your hobbies during the off-season? I usually take trip to Costa Rica after the season. I love surfing! I hit the water once or twice a day if the tide allows it. Christmas movie? I watch Elf and the The Grinch every year. Flip a coin—that’s my favorite. Holiday party drink? Eggnog. If it’s Christmas, I have to have one. Holiday Party Outfit? Definitely the Christmas sweater… Why Christmas? Just the Christmas spirit! Everyone really takes the time to think about the people around them and do something special for those people. It’s great to see that happening all around you. Worst gift you’ve ever received? When I was young, my dad gave me one shoe on Christmas and the other on my Birthday, five days later…he thought he was funny. Your Ottawa spots? Vittoria Trattoria or Brothers Bistro are my dinner spots. Stoneface Dolly’s is the best brunch on the weekend!

#82 35 | December 2016


Designer Holiday Looks Photos By Alex Nazarov Styled By Elena Shishkina Makeup/Hair By Alena Brillar


36 | December 2016


37 | December 2016



38 | December 2016

39 | December 2016



40 | December 2016


41 | December 2016






Sparkle. Shimmer. Shine.







1. La Laque Couture’ Nail Lacquer, Yves Saint Laurent, $39.30; 2. Lip Tint, Kjaer Weis, $49.00; 3. Sculpting EyeShadow 5-Color Palette, Estée Lauder, $52.00; 4. Juicy Tubes’ Ultra Shiny Lip Gloss Set, LANCÔME, $44.92; 5. La Laque Couture’ Nail Lacquer, Yves Saint Laurent, $39.30; 6. Makeup Palettes, Sephora; 7. Splendor - Limited Edition, Dior; 8. Amber Haze, Charlotte Tilbury, $32.00; 9. Mascara & Liner Duo, Too Faced, $28.00; 10. Lip & Cheek Velvet Colour, Dior; 11. Eye Shadow, Kjaer Weis, $45.00.

42 | December 2016


Mind Your Warmer Hues... Photo: Nik Christian Williams


AFFORDABLE, STYLISH TOWNS & DETACHED DESIGNS Summerside West is our thriving new community in Orléans. Ideal for energetic, modern families, your community is centred around a 27-acre park & pond complex. You’re also conveniently close to great recreation, entertainment and shopping. Make your best choice, visit our Sales Centre today.

ELEV. ‘A1’

VILLAGE HOME, THE APPLEBY ‘A1’ 1,100 SQ.FT. $224,990


Monday - Thursday 1 pm-8 pm; Friday 1 pm-6 pm; Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 11 am-6 pm


Monday - Thursday 1 pm-7:30 pm; Friday 1 pm-5:30 pm; Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 11 am-5:30 pm

The Walnut Model Home in Summerside West, Orléans


From 224,990 $

Detached Homes

SALES CENTRE 2496 Tenth Line Rd 613-837-5056

From 322,990 $

Proud Partner of the Canadian National Track Cycling Team

30' HOME, THE PRIMROSE II ‘A’ 1,864 SQ.FT. $349,990

36' HOME, THE PARKSIDE ‘A’ 2,669 SQ.FT. $451,990

43' HOME, THE WALNUT ‘A’ 3,218 SQ.FT. $524,990

All illustrations are artist’s concept. All dimensions are approximate. Prices, specifications, terms and conditions subject to change without notice. E.&O.E.


Looks That Sleigh Ladies, make a splash in these four holiday outfits.






Make it Metallic

Shimmer with Style

Dresses that say sophistication with metallic accessories complete holiday glamour.

Shimmery bodycon with a bold black creates a look that cuts to the point.

46 | December 2016







Elegance and Edge

Graced with Grey

A look that uses bold textures commands attention and creates detail.

A wrap dress and sock boots becomes a look that completes the season.

47 | December 2016


STEP IT UP Bold Ankle Boots Are Your Next Move








48 | December 2016


Using your Business to “Do Good” As consumers we may often look for products that align with our views on how food should be produced or goods traded, such as those labelled “fair trade” or “organic”. If purchasing from businesses that are conscious of their social and environmental impact is also important to you, or – if as a business owner – being recognized for this positive impact is essential, you can now look for – or become – a business that is certified as a “B Corp”. B Corps are the corporate world’s version of certified organic. They are for-profit companies, certified by B Lab (a third-party, not-for-profit organization), that have met high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Today, there are approximately 1,929 Certified B Corps in 50 countries. Wellknown companies like Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Etsy and Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company Ltd. are Certified B Corps.

HOW CAN MY COMPANY BECOME A CERTIFIED B CORP? If you have an existing business or are about to incorporate a new one, there are two main steps you will have to take to become a Certified B Corp. The company must meet: 1) performance requirements; and 2) legal requirements.

differentiate your company from the rest, attract these consumers, and as a bonus, belong to an international community of businesses who are using the market to positively impact our planet and those living within it.

First, a company has to prioritize its impact on employees, suppliers, the community and the environment and will have to demonstrate this by taking a B Impact Assessment where a score of 80 out of 200 points is required to gain B Corp certification. Second, a company must include language in its governing documents that makes directors legally obligated to consider the interests of its workers, suppliers, consumers, the local community and the environment, and not only the interests of its owners. By making this a legal obligation, it will be possible to hold directors and executives accountable to this higher standard of conduct. Once B Corp certification is granted a company will sign the B Corp term sheet and a declaration of independence and pay an annual fee based on the company’s annual sales. To maintain its B Corp status, a company will have to update its B Impact Assessment every two years. WHY BECOME A CERTIFIED B CORP? After reading this you might think, why bother getting B Corp certified since there are fees to be paid and various steps that a company must take to gain this status? First, with B Corp Certification, your business will be able to attract a new and growing class of investors, known as impact investors. Impact Investing – investments in companies that will offer a financial return while generating a positive social and environmental impact – has gained significant popularity in the past years. Finally, now more than ever, consumers are aligning their purchases with their values and are demanding increased corporate accountability and transparency. Having B Corp status will enable you to


Maria-Cristina Harris is a corporate law lawyer practicing with Mann Lawyers LLP. Mann Lawyers LLP is an Ottawa-based full service law firm with offices in Hintonburg area and downtown. Should you require more information or assistance regarding corporate (business) law matters, please contact call 613.722.1500 and ask to speak with Maria-Cristina or any other member of our business team.

DISCLAIMER: This article provides general information and should not be construed as legal advice or establish a solicitor-client relationship by way of the information contained herein. You should seek qualified legal advice before acting on any of the information provided herein.

49 | December 2016


An easy look that fits every occasion this month.



Colourblock becomes a man’s best friend.

LOOKS TO CELEBRATE 50 | December 2016



Graphic Sweaters and Chelsea boots become inseparable.

Stay classy with a jacket-sweater combo.

51 | December 2016

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Wo rks hop


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$18 7,



9, $43 $10



Shi n


New Watch, NEW YOU.




, Tw


iste Me 35,





52 | December 2016


rsin ger


d iste




tee G-S

Give the gift of this holiday season!

Transat Travel Orléans Place D'Orléans 110 Place d'Orléans Drive Orléans, ON, K1C 2L9 Phone: 613-834-0548 Email:

TICO# 50015104


Why ring in a new year without feeling like a new you? The 365th night of the year calls for some glamour—but if your like me, getting that perfect look can be stressful.

Let me help solve your what-to-wear dilemma. Top: Urban Outfitters Pants: Zara Earrings: H&M If comfort will always be your resolution, make a statement with some shiny pleated culottes— you won’t regret it. These trendy pants are super comfortable and definitely eye-catching. They can be paired with a simple silk tank and some over-sized earrings. Don’t forget to take a warm statement coat with you!

H&M Long earrings $29.99

54 | December 2016

Dress: Zara top: Urban Outfitters Velvet top: Windsor Store If your reading this…is it too late? This look is perfect for those of us who always let NYE sneak up. Don’t panic—dress up your little black dress by layering it with some of your favorite trendy pieces. Here, I am wearing a sequin tube top directly over the dress. I’ve paired it with a black long-sleeved velvet zip-up top for that added je ne sais quoi. Play around with some of those trendy pieces you collected in 2016 and get creative with your LBD for the New Year!

Dress: Windsor Store Shoes: Ego Official Why not sparkle up your evening with sequins? Find a dress that does the talking, and pair your look with some neutral sock boots to create balance. Pssst— major tip! Aim for a glam-evening party dress with long sleeves to keep warm. Written by Emilie Gignac, Ottawa fashion blogger at @paremilie

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Before being indicated for cosmetic use in 2002, Botox has been used for other medical purposes since 1989. The most important part of the process is making sure you are in the hands of a qualified professional with the experience and expertise to give you the best possible outcome.


Botox relaxes the muscles which produce wrinkles. This in turn softens the deep lines and wrinkles, such as forehead and smile lines, and crow’s feet. Your face will still be able to create expressions without the wrinkle. The key here is moderation and frequency.


Although everyone’s pain tolerance is different, most people find the treatment to be relatively comfortable. You will probably find tweezing a stray brow hair to be more uncomfortable. Botox is injected through a very small gauge needle. The treatment itself takes only a few minutes and is done before you know it.


Trust us when we say women are not the only people who want to look younger. Like women, men are just as keen to look for ways to soften lines and create a naturally younger look. Although some men are tight lipped, there are more men clicking on “Brotox” ads than you think.


Botox not only helps to soften the lines already created, it also prevents them from forming. With the treatment heavily growing in popularity, it is not uncommon for both men and women in their mid-twenties to begin treatment. At a younger age, you may require a lower dosage and less frequent appointments to keep lines and wrinkles away in the future. If your muscle is unable to create that wrinkle, it cannot get worse. Think of it as slowing down the aging process; the earlier you start, the easier it is to maintain.


Clinics receive many calls asking how much they charge for Botox. Although price is important for budgeting, it is not worth the potential sacrifice in skill of your Botox professional. What sets injectors apart is their time in the profession, their frequency of clients, and their proactivity in staying current in today’s techniques and trends? These questions will be much more valuable to you, and your end results, in the long run. Written by Alexis Trolly

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Quick Fixes for Facial Acne

Between your Brows (Linked to your Liver) Get Tested For Food Allergies Avoid Over-Exercising Stop Eating After 8pm

Forehead (Linked to Digestive System)

Cheeks (Linked to the Lungs)

Chew Your Food Better Eat Less Sugar Try Synthetic-Free Hair Products

Use A Detoxifying Facial Cleanser Clean Cellphone Screens Regularly Exercise Regularly

Eyes and Ears (Linked to Kidneys)

Lower Cheek (Link to the Mouth and Teeth) Improve Your Dental Hygiene Routine Wash Makeup Brushes Eat Less Greasy Foods

Drink More Water Avoid Salt Change Pillow Cases Regularly

Chin (Linked to Hormonal Imbalances)

Nose (Linked to Your Heart and Blood Pressure)

Get Regular Sleep Get Tested For Hormonal Imbalances Cut Out Your Bed-Time Snack.

Cut Out Salty And Spicy Foods Increase Your Vitamin B Intake Improve Circulation With Massage



Injected in the glabella, between brows, for frown lines

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Injected in the frontalis to soften forehead lines


season l Hockey League While the Nationa rk and ma y wa the halfquickly approaches ff spot yo pla a for s fight the Ottawa Senator e to tim t rence, it’s a grea in the Eastern Confe the in cts pe of the top pros check in on some organization. entire n Murray and the Pierre Dorion, Brya cking sto job e done a nic scouting staff have that cts pe os pr ty ali th qu the cupboards wi the in n rious impressio could make a se otw a it’s er ure. Wheth not too distant fut 6’6 a e, sid up e siv offen way forward with ng or a smooth-skati e, ntr ce ing ak playm be to rs ye pla are plenty of defenceman, there w. no ht rig m ste sy team’s excited about in the


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FILIP CHLAPIK ck 2015 2nd Round pi

(48th overall)

n, partly because t is often forgotte Chlapik is a guy tha for the Senators. s such a busy one the 2015 Draft wa on with the as se explosive third But thanks to an L, Chlapik has JH QM the of anders Charlottetown Isl uing prospects in rig int e of the most on me co be ly ick qu the organization. ay game during ting Chlapik’s two-w There was no doub ’s shown a bit of he t th the Islanders bu wi on as se st fir his and a willingness ch as a 19 year old a goal scoring tou He could be with from everywhere. to shoot the puck year. xt ne m as early as the Sens’ AHL tea


N O R R E P S I C N A FR 90th overall)

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LOGAN BROWN 2016 1st Round pick

(11th overall)

scouts liked see why Ottawa’s It’s pretty easy to own was the 6’6 and 215 lbs, Br Logan Brown. At but it’s not aft Dr n in the 2016 biggest player take Brown has kes him special. just his size that ma the power on nt skills, is domina elite play-making a big guy. rprisingly well for play and moves su to that of compared his game Some scouts have own is well Br star Joe Thornton. th the San Jose Sharks wi on as se rd in his thi ague. over a point a game Le ey ck of the Ontario Ho Windsor Spitfires


E T I H W N I L O C nd (21st overall)

2015 Draft- 1st Rou

round in 2015, er pick in the first The Senators oth t during his ne nuing to fill the Colin White is conti rding to people co Ac . ge lle Boston Co second season at NHL-ready is e y regularly, Whit that watch him pla tient with his pa ing be e ar Senators right now but the development. th a surprisingly two-way centre wi White is a smart mpared to Bruins co en be g that has high offensive ceilin ints in 37 games eron. He had 43 po star Patrice Berg a similar pace on ’s last year and he at Boston College games with He might play some again this season. a regular spot for sh year and will pu the in e lat a taw Ot in 2017.


T O B A H C S A M THO d (18th overall)

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try Draft, Thomas the 2015 NHL En of d un ro st fir d possibly top two Drafted in the to be a top four an ls too the all s ough to crack the ha Chabot He actually did en el. lev L ed NH the organization decid defenceman at mp this year but the Ca his ing for ain st Tr be s of t roster ou the QMJHL wa with Saint John of one more season development. puck well, has a ceman, moves the fen de ng ati player you sk th He’s a smoo e. He’s the kind of dible hockey sens re Canada’s inc on d le an ro ot sh big good ice. He’ll play a the on ’s he as the e on tim notice every L regular as so d could be an NH an am Te r nio Ju World . 2017/2018 season

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Do you have a Healthy Home? Your home has a direct impact on your health, and your family. Real estate author Matt Parker tells us how:

Your Health

The most important thing to consider in your home for your health? Your neighbourhood. Houses surrounded by greener, walk-able neighborhoods are proven to increase life length while boosting home value. Choosing a healthy neighbourhood will make you 15% more likely to exercise.

Your Family

The best home to choose for your family? The same type of neighbourhood. Drivers are proven to slow down on tree lined streets. Inside the house, an open concept floor plan allows for better control of what your children are consuming on media. In houses in which televisions and computers are visible from the kitchen, parents report having a much greater confidence in what thier children are watching. Noise is something serious to consider—persistent background noise is proven to cause birth defects. Noise produces long-term stress that influences the onset of chronic diseases. When choosing your home don’t compromise on train tracks, plane paths, or freeways.

Tips for Choosing a Healthy Home CREATE A LIFESTYLE CHART

Create a spreadsheet and commit to recording each hour of your day: what your doing, how you feel when your doing it. Identifying what part of your home causes your negative feelings and how you can mitigate that. Is a long commute hurting your back? Does it affect how much time you have for your children when you get home? Sometimes moving is more than switching homes, it is a necessary for a lifestyle change.


It is proven that on average, we don’t spend enough time per square footage in our homes to warrant paying for its size, for cleaning it, and for maintaining it. Most people are proven to be happy with 500 square feet per person.


We shop for homes like we shop for cars (in about the same amount of time), but we spend about ten years in our homes. They are harder to resell immediately. Take... your... time... shop for a car in 20 hours, and a home over several months.

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Captive Pacific Heat On December 2nd, this animated sitcom is one to keep an eye out for. It surrounds the life of a group of dysfunctional undercover cops in Australia as they deal with all different levels of criminals, from drug dealers to terrorists.

Reggie Watts: Spatial Netflix is bringing another stand-up comedy set to its list on December 2nd. From a set filmed live in Los Angeles, this show pulls his short stories together for a handful of good laughs.

For those of you who enjoyed the show “Making A Murderer”, make sure to check this documentary out on December 9th. It’s a crime documentary series with award winning producers Simon Chinn and cousin Jonathan Chinn, as this documentary investigates various hostage situations around the world, and all of the negotiating that comes with it.

White Rabbit Project Mythbusters creators are back with this series airing on December 9th! It includes Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara, as this team works together to conduct various types of experiments, all in a similar fashion as they did with Mythbusters.


Chasing Cameron

Barry Picked up from The Toronto Film Festival, this movie focuses on the early life of Barack Obama when he was 20 years old, focusing on his challenges faced with race, culture and identity. With the elections just over, this film couldn’t be released at a better time, coming to Netflix on December 16th.

Gabriel Iglesias: I’m Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry Coming to Netflix on December 20th, this standup comedy show is one to keep an eye out for. Gabriel Iglesias returns with this live set filmed in Chicago. The title say’s it all!

Trollhunters On December 23rd, this series from Dreamwork Animation stars Anton Yelchin, Ron Perlman and Kelsey Grammer as they come together for this incredible animated series. Not to be confused with the recently released movie, Trolls.

On December 27th, a new wave hits Netflix. As many of you know, Vine has come to an end and with so many stars left high and dry, this series focuses on one specific star, Cameron Dallas. In this series, it explains the road Cameron took to becoming an internet superstar with his 9.4 million followers. Although it’s not for everyone, it certainly has a huge target audience, giving this series lots of potential.

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What your New Years Resolution really says.

The Goal What You Really Want Your Real Resolution

To make or save more money To get more out of work hours

To work the same amount, but to save more money. • Write down everything you spend for a complete month—look for where most of your money is going, and cut back where you can. • Ask for a raise if you think it is due. • Start a savings account that gives you bonus interest for each month you put in a set amount. This will motivate you to put away monthly.

The Goal What You Really Want Your Real Resolution

62 | December 2016

To be more social To feel less guilty about not being social To see your friends more without having to change your interests. • Commit to dinner once a week or every two weeks with your circle of friends. • Start watching the same TV shows as your friends to have something to talk and text about. • Comment and engage more on Facebook.

To cut out distractions and have more time to work with a clear mind. Your Real Resolution

• Replace bad-habit foods with healthy alternatives. • Change one thing about your daily routine to psychologically commit to your new and active lifestyle. By changing the route you take home from work, you will be more aligned with your goal to go for a run when you get home.

To focus on achieving your goals

A healthier lifestyle by committing to eating better and integrating exercise into your routine.

What You Really Want

Your Real Resolution

To feel and look better

To accomplish more

What You Really Want

To be more active

The Goal

The Goal

• Wake up one hour earlier, easily. Start your day by scrolling through social media. Try to post or comment on social media while you first wake up—having to think about what you are seeing and saying will help your mind to wake up. • Cut down on time spent on your phone. Time your hours spent perusing your phone for a week, and cut that time by 70%. • Map out all of the goals you wish to accomplish during the year and tell them to a friend, detailing how you will accomplish them. Having to put your goals into words will help you to set them achievably, and practically.

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Ottawa Blogger Review

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MARKETS Winter wonderlands of all things festive in Munich and Budapest! There is no feeling in the world quite like the one that comes from holding a mug of hot spiced wine, known as Gluhwein (pronounced Gloo-vine), while gazing at traditionally decorated Christmas trees and listening to timehonoured classic carols. Close your eyes and picture a quintessential Currier & Ives scene— now, add carols, beautiful handicrafts, twinkling lights, and the smell of traditional foods. While the image you’ve just imagined may seem like a storybook, it is in fact the experience one meets while touring the historic

Christmas markets of Europe during the month of December. With a deep and rich history of Christmas Markets (also known as Christkindlmarkt, Marché de Noël, Christkindlesmarkt, Christkindlmarket, and Weihnachtsmarkt) dating back to the Late Middle Ages, it is no wonder that these festive street markets have perfected themselves to become the postcard images that they are today. With hundreds of markets all over Europe, small towns and large cities alike can delight in the joys of the season.

By: Andrew Arcello

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Justin’s entertainment

This busting metropolis in Southern Germany is transformed into a cacophony of all things that ring and twinkle. With roots dating back to the so-called Nicholaus Markets of the 14th century, town records first mention a Nikolaidult that took place near the beautiful tower in Kaufingerstrasse in 1642. The main city market overflows from Marienplatz and up the pedestrian shopping street towards the Christmas crib market and over into the Rindermarkt and out to the Cathedral.


25.11.16 – 24.12.16


Monday to Saturday: 10.00 – 21.00 Sunday : 10.00 – 20.00 (Christmas Eve : 10.00 – 14.00)


On Marienplatz and the main shopping centre streets


Remember to walk around, explore side streets, and ask locals for help. There are many smaller markets that are scattered around the city. That special piece for which you have been waiting or the mouth-watering German meal that your senses crave may be only a short metro stop away.

Unique crafts and tantalizing part foods are ney of the jour markets the historic

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Be sure uda B re both to explo t to make es and P ur t of yo s o m e th he ound t time ar ies. festivit

Housed in Vörösmarty Tér, this main market in Budapest is characterized by the hundreds of wooden chalets filling the square with a variety of Hungarian handicrafts, artisan food, and clothing. The large Advent calendar on the façade of the glamorous Gerbaud building is a focal point of the market. Every day, between December 1st and 23rd, a new window is opened in the calendar, accompanied by light and music shows. Younger visitors will be enthralled by the puppet shows and Christmas sing-along that accompanies the calendar ceremony. If shopping and entertainment are not exactly your idea of a great time, perhaps a hearty bread bowl full of authentic goulash, accompanied by mulled wine or Hungarian beer is more your style. Either way, the Transylvanian kürtös kalács (hollow, cylindershaped pastry with different toppings: caramelized sugar, ground walnut, coconut or chocolate) is a wonderful end to a delightful stroll through the market.



11.11.16 – 1.1.17


Monday to Thursday: 10.00 – 22.00 Friday to Sunday: 10.00 – 21.00 (Christmas Eve : 10.00 – 15.00; Christmas: 10.00 – 18.00)


Vörösmarty Tér


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FIVE PLACES YOU’LL SEE OCEAN PLASTIC IN 2017 It’s no small problem to our oceans—the amount of plastic drifting out to sea is expected to double in the next ten years. If that stresses you out, you’re not alone—and not everyone is able to bottle it up—plastic is making a splash into fashion and technology, as many designers begin to ride the eco-friendly wave.


G-Star Raw Get used to the word Bionic Yarn, created by Pharrel William’s company Raw for the Oceans. The yarn is created by heating recovered plastic and spinning it into synthetic fibres, allowing it to become a material with endless possibilities— including jeans. The company teamed up with denim designers G-Star to create a Raw Denim collection made from Bionic thread. Photo:



Launched this year in honour of World Oceans Day, sports-wear mogul Adidas has teamed up with environmental design team Parley to create a shoe made out of recycled ocean plastic. The shoe is created by processing plastic into thread used to replace the synthetic fibres in a traditional running shoe. Recovered gill-net is used to create the wave design on the shoe, and the plastic comes from the waters around the Maldives.

The Booq Bionic Collection features bags and totes that are made from Bionic recycled PET yarn. These trendy cases and carriers use recovered plastic to create durable, high quality and waterrepellent designs for everyday products that are a step in the right direction to reducing plastic waste.

Adidas x Parley


Photo: Hypebeast




To raise awareness for the growing amount of ocean plastic drifting each year, the Plastiki Expedition made a splash by building a full-sized catamaran from 12,500 2-litre plastic bottles. They named the boat after the team, and sailed it from San-Francisco to Sydney. The team is using their concept to raise awareness for cleaner oceans.

Using this Bionic Thread, Hunter Douglas has started to bring plastic into the home. The company has created a roller-blind system that makes metalized window-shades that work to reduce the amount of solar reflection on windows by over 50%. These blinds are uniquely threaded with material made from recovered plastic.


Hunter Douglas

Photo: Gizmodo

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Photo: Hunter Douglas

Apps You Can Bank On Do you have the courage to lose your wallet, forever? If so, these 5 apps have you covered. CREDIT CARDS

Google Wallet Send money to friends quickly and easily from your phone or desktop. Lunch time at the office? No problem—the app lets you split the bill.



Upload all of your discount, loyalty and membership cards in a place that will never let them get buried again. This app stores scan-able versions of all your cards, and notifies you of sales and promotions for your favourite places.


Expensify Scan it and forget it with the Expensify app that organizes all of those little white papers, and helps you to fill out your expense claims. Never again will you be left wondering what you bought for $51.91 those three weeks ago.



Choose from over 40 card designs, and become a collector. When another user types in your Snapdat name, they will have instant access to your contact information, including a high-quality mobile business card stored in their Snapdat wallet.



Never leave home without em? Think again. Install Lockitron on your door and use a protective password to easily unlock your house from your phone.


Beyond Selfies and Ussies Spice up your Instagram page with some fun alternatives! #Delfie

Selfie with your cooler-than-cool dog.


When your hairdo is the main star.


Another step forward for drone photography— aerial selfies by drones.


A selfie of you doing something healthy, like going to the gym or munching on a salad.


A selfie non-awkwardly outstretching your arm to fit a really large group.

Look Good in Every Photo In the month of rushing from Christmas party to holiday dinner, posing for Christmas cards and family photos, the endless photo-ops can leave you at risk for some cringe-worthy Facebook posts. Because shying away from the camera is never an option when your aunt is in town, use these 6 tips to make sure you look camera-ready in every photo.






Everyone has their better side. If you’re in doubt, science says to go with the left side. (On average, people find this side more attractive). If your sitting in the picture, make sure your photographer is above you—when you look up towards the camera, your features will appear more defined. Always tilt your face to a slight angle to make it appear more slim.

This is an old trick that many red-carpet rock stars swear by. Just before the camera flashes, elongate your neck and push your face slightly forward. It will feel completely unnatural, but you’ll be happy with the photo-finish.

There are two things to remember to create the perfect photo smile. If you’re the type who goes expression overboard, try to always place your tongue behind your front teeth, to give your smile a less tooth-y look. If your one who can’t seem to master the natural grin, say the word “money” before the flash. This will create a smile that says a little less “cheese”, but has the same idea.

Be weary of the lighting you choose for your photos. Posing under direct light is a death sentence for you and your features. Instead, find natural light or side lighting to help softly define your face structure. If there is a light in front of you, look directly into it for brighter eyes in your photo.

If you and your friends have successfully flagged down a photographer and are searching for the perfect corner of the room for your photo, make sure that the backdrop is white. This will help to make you look slimmer, and create a more even skin tone in your photo.

LOOK ALIVE If someone takes out their camera hours into the event, chances are you don’t look as photo-ready as you were when you made your entrance. If your hair is long, shake it over once to quickly add some volume. Pinch your cheeks slightly to create a natural rosy glow and make your face appear more endearing.

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Stay Ahead of the Winter Blues While a closed door is known to keep the cold out, it may be guilty of letting irritability, fatigue and other symptoms associated with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in. Use this checklist to help beat the heat of the Winter Blues.

EAT YOUR SUNSHINE The vitamins we get from nice, sunny weather can be made up for by changing your diet. To combat the dark days of winter, eat like a summer’s day— increase your Omega 3-6-9 intake and your Vitamin D (think fish). Try to eat colourfully—the more colour a vegetable has, the richer it is in phytonutrients—which are essential for healthy organs and tissue.

FILL YOUR CUP CAREFULLY Take hydration seriously in winter—because we are constantly colder, catching up with some ice water seems to fall on our priority list. Instead, we tend to grab a coffee or hot chocolate—which is caffeine and sugar rich, and dehydrating. Avoid alcohol as much as you can, as it too zaps you of your energy and acts as a depressant.

CATCH A MID-SUMMER’S NIGHT SLEEP But not actually, because in the summer months, we tend to get less sleep due to the extra sunlight. The reason why we feel comparatively more energized on less sleep is because of our internal clocks responding to the sun cycle—waking up with sunlight will leave us feeling more well rested regardless of how much sleep we were able to clock. For this reason, dark winter mornings can leave you feeling bogged down all day. Beat this with a Dawn Simulator, a lighting system that programs your lights to turn on slowly, like a sun rise, even on the darkest of mornings.

SPRING INTO WINTER When it comes to fitness, don’t fall behind. This season is the perfect time to amp up your fitness routines and push your limits. Fitness experts suggest spending more time at the gym to make up for the lack of every-day walking and activity that you would do during the warmer months. In winter, exercise becomes the key to energy and a positive outlook.

PREPARE FOR THE BEST These tips are simple solutions, but putting them into practise takes work. Make time to prep your meals to ensure you’re getting all of your nutrients. Fill-and-fridge your re-usable water bottles for the week to make hydration a timeless task. Commit to better sleep by creating a fool-proof night time routine. Leave winter outside by taking care of yourself inside-out.

Model wears Axa Jacket made of SMART Fabric Active, Pyrates Smart Fabrics

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PRIVATE PERSONAL TRAINING STUDIO 1-On-1 Training Nutritional Councelling Total Body Conditioning (Small Group Classes)

give d n a tm a s s i e r t h a C r Celeb lth this Hea f o t f i the G PERSO GI NALISE FT CER T D RFECT IFICATES MA KE CHRIST MAS G IFT


(613) 400-2809 1489 Merivale Road , Suite 101, Ottawa, ON

HEALTH & FITNESS WORKOUT FIRST THING IN THE MORNING: We all know how easy it is to skip a workout after a long day at work, or having to deal with unexpected events, like being stuck in traffic due to a winter blizzard. Starting your day off with exercise, will not only give you more energy and focus throughout your day, but will also help you avoid your own excuses to forgo a workout later on, like being stuck in a snow bank or having to shovel your driveway. You can warm up before your workout with a hot shower or cup of tea or coffee. If you need to eat something before your workout, have a light snack like a piece of fruit or plain yogurt. GET ENOUGH SLEEP: It’s hard enough getting up in the morning after too little sleep anytime during the year, but even harder when it’s still dark outside and minus 30 degrees. Keeping a consistent sleep schedule and getting enough hours of sleep (usually between 7-9 hours for most people), will make it easier to spring out of bed even when it’s cold and dark outside. Advantages of getting adequate sleep are two-fold: sleep is essential for muscle recovery, so you will have more energy for your workouts and be more likely stick to your healthy eating plan. When we’re tired, we tend to crave processed carbohydrate and fatty foods, like donuts and cookies, as quick ‘pick-me-ups’ throughout the day. If you want to stay healthy, make sure to get your Zzzs! BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE: Self-motivation for exercise is challenging for many people. This can be especially challenging during the winter months when you’d rather stay at home curled up on the couch sipping hot cocoa and binge-watching reruns of Friends on Netflix. Planning to meet a buddy or personal trainer at the gym can give you that extra drive you need to get out of the house. We can easily say ‘no’ to ourselves, but are less likely to turn down a friend or our trainer. Also, being able to socialize with your workout buddy or trainer can make your workout more fun and time will fly by. Getting some good laughs inbetween sets is always a good thing. COOK AT HOME: During the summer, people want to be outside, enjoying the patio weather, often going out to eat and drink. In the winter, people usually feel more house-bound—so take advantage! Being at home more means you can spend more time cooking and trying new tasty and healthy recipes. Slow-cooked stews and soups are great choices for easy meals and don’t require gourmet chef skills. GET OUTDOORS: Waking up before the sun comes up and coming home after the sun has set can sometimes lead to winter blues. Restlessness, fatigue, low energy, lack of motivation, and even mild depression can be signs that you’re not getting enough sunlight. Take advantage of those sunny winter days and get outside as often as possible. Going for a walk during your lunch hour could give you that energy boost you need and can help you sleep better at night. Have fun with winter sports like skating, snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding, or tobogganing---exercise does not always have to be in the gym. Being outside in nature can be revitalizing and joyful.

FIVE WAYS TO WINTER FITNESS By Free Form Fitness Trainer Danielle Lithwick

74 | December 2016

Its Complicated We all have our vices—do we have our complexes, too? Phycologists suggest so… these three complexes are found to be some of the most common to walk amongst us.

If you hide your talents in order to fit in, you may have a JONAH COMPLEX. This makes people unwilling to strive towards achievements due to the fear of success—that their talents will make them noticed, when they would rather fit in. If you feel unable to catch a break from the injustices in life, you may have a MARTYR COMPLEX. Martyrs portray themselves as the heroes amongst the rest, continuously blaming others for their hardships, and considering everyone around them to be selfish in comparison. If you are always apologizing when things go wrong, you may have a GUILT COMPLEX, which creates a constant sense of guilt, magnified in times of strife. People with this complex tend to be obsessed with the rights and wrongs of the world, and feel an overwhelming sense of responsibility to outcomes they cannot control.






ANXIOUS? Effectively utilizing your mindbody connection to reconnect and relax is essential to your well-being. Consider these simple exercises for those moments when you need to step away from the craziness. Making these moments part of your daily routine is a simple and effective way to reconnect with yourself.

THE ‘X’ FACTOR Close your eyes and visualize the letter X (if it helps, draw a large X on a piece of paper). Imagining or looking at an 'X' strengthens the neural connections between the left and right hemispheres of the brain which helps us understand details and the big picture. Strengthening neurons also induces relaxation clear thinking. BELLY BREATHING Stand or sit comfortably. Place your hands gently on your belly, right around your navel. Take a long deep breath into your belly. Imagine your belly filling up, bottom first, all the way up to the top. You can imagine a pitcher being filled up with water. Exhale for a count of eight. Imagine all of the air slowly being expelled. Repeat as desired. This exercise improves expressive communication and attention span. Greater breathing and therefore greater oxygen flow increase energy level. THINKING CAP Stand or sit comfortably. Starting at the top of the ears, gently grab both ears between the thumb and pointer fingers. With just enough pressure to feel good, let the thumb slide up and out off of the ear before grabbing the next piece of ear directly below what was pulled. Slide the thumb off of the ear all the way down to the last part of the lobe, giving the whole outer ear a nice massage. Repeat as desired. Thinking Cap helps improve breathing, energy, focusing attention, hearing, peripheral vision, and equilibrium. The jaw, tongue, and facial muscles relax.

5816 Hazeldean Road, Ottawa, ON, K2S 1B9 (613) 592-3097

seasonal shopping list What’s in season in Ontario? Buy local…buy fresh


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seasonal COOKIES


What would our holiday season feel like without wonderful spreads of mouth-watering cookies around every corner? For many, the idea of a cookie-less Christmas season is a completely foreign concept. How and why did cookies become synonymous with Christmas and good cheer? It is largely believed that cookies first appeared as droppings of grain paste (primitive bread dough) onto the hot rocks of the fire ovens in which breads were baked. However, the association of the tantalizing treats with Christmas did not emerge until the mid1500s. A very basic version of gingerbread was a special treat that was protected by law and only allowed to be baked by guildsmen. The laws were relaxed during the Christmas season, allowing the treat to be prepared in home kitchens. As time went on, the dough evolved into more of what we know today. It was pressed into the early ancestor of our modern cookie cutter in order to serve as an edible treat and a seasonal decoration. Germans are also responsible for associating Christmas trees with Christmas cookies. As early as 1597, Alsatians hung oblaten (decorated communion wafers) on their tannenbaums. Americans hung Barnum’s Animal Cracker boxes on trees in the 1800s (the boxes were designed for this purpose). Today some people hang faux gingerbread men on their trees, continuing the tradition. A quick internet search for “Christmas cookie recipes” will yield hundreds of thousands of results. Cookies can be time-consuming and tedious, so it is important to choose a recipe that you know will be worth the work. When it comes to Christmas cookies, I am a staunch supporter of tradition. Whether you choose to follow a cultural tradition, family tradition, or start your own tradition. Of course, borrowing from one another’s traditions evokes a new set of emotions. The recipes featured here are traditions from my life, prepared lovingly by Gram—an avid cook, gardener, herb enthusiast, and all-around Renaissance woman. You’ll find some time-honoured classics, and some sweet treats made with savoury herbs. Each cookie is prepared and placed in antique tins to fill the dining room table throughout the season.

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Traditional Snickerdoodles

Russian Tea Cookies

Lemon Basil Cookies

1 C. soft butter 1 ½ C. sugar 2 eggs 2 ¾ C. sifted flour 2 t. cream of tartar 1 t. baking soda ½ t. salt

2 C. sifted flour ¼ C. sugar 1 C. butter 2 t. vanilla extract ½ t. salt 2 C. chopped nuts

¼ C. butter 230 grams cream cheese 1 egg yolk 1 t. lemon juice ½ t. grated lemon zest 1 box lemon cake mix 1 ¼ C. currants ¼ C. coconut ¼ C. chopped walnuts 1 T. dried basil, crumbled

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Cream butter, sugar, and eggs in a medium-sized mixing bowl. In a separate bowl, sift flour, cream of tartar, baking soda, and salt together. Stir flour mixture into creamed mixture and mix well. Roll the dough into balls the size of small walnuts. Roll balls in a mixture of 3 T. sugar and 3 t. cinnamon.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Combine all ingredients and mix well. Roll into 1/2 inch ball and roll in powdered sugar. Bake for about 10 minutes. After removing from the oven, roll the cookies a second time in powdered sugar.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cream butter, cream cheese, egg yolk, and lemon juice until fluffy. Blend in lemon peel, dry cake mix, currants, coconut, walnuts, and basil. Mix well. Drop by rounded teaspoon onto greased cookie sheet.

Place the dough balls 5cm apart from each other on ungreased cookie sheet.

Thyme Cookies

Bake 10-15 minutes or until lightly brown.

Bake for about 7 minutes, or until light brown and still soft.

1 ½ C. flour 1 t. baking soda ½ t. salt ¼ t. clove ½ t. ginger ¾ C. butter 1 C. sugar 1 egg, lightly beaten 4 T. molasses 2 t. dried thyme, crumbled

Cherry Winks

Makes 5-6 dozen cookies.

Teiglach Cookies 8 oz. pitted dates, finely chopped ¼ lb. butter 2/3 C. sugar 1 egg 2 C. Crisped Rice Cereal 1 ½ C. Angel flake coconut Combine the first four ingredients in medium-sized saucepan. Cook over medium-high heat for about 8 minutes, until the mixture pulls from the side of the pan. Remove from heat and cool for 3-5 minutes. Stir in crisped rice cereal and roll into small logs. Roll the cookies in coconut.

Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Sift the first 5 ingredients together in a large bowl and set aside. Mix the remaining ingredients together and add to the dry mixture. Drop by rounded teaspoon full on greased cookie sheet, leaving space between each cookie. Bake for 10-12 minutes until brown and crispy.

low speed, beat in flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt, scraping bowl occasionally, until dough forms. Stir in pecans, dates and 1/3 cup chopped cherries. If necessary, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate 15 minutes for easier handling. Heat oven to 375°F. Spray cookie sheets with cooking spray. Drop dough by rounded teaspoonfuls into cereal; coat thoroughly. Shape into balls. Place 2 inches apart on cookie sheets. Lightly press maraschino cherry quarter into top of each ball. Bake 10 to 15 minutes or until light golden brown. Cool 1 minute; remove from cookie sheets to cooling racks.

1 C. sugar ¾ C. shortening 2 T. milk 1 t. vanilla 2 eggs 2 ¼ C. all-purpose flour 1 t. baking powder ½ t. baking soda ½ t. salt 1 C. chopped pecans 1 C. chopped dates 1/3 C. chopped maraschino cherries, patted dry with paper towels 1½ C. coarsely crushed corn flakes cereal 15 maraschino cherries, quartered In large bowl, beat sugar and shortening with electric mixer on medium speed, scraping bowl occasionally, until well blended. Beat in milk, vanilla and eggs. On

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8 cups unpasteurized apple cider

1/3 cup well-chilled heavy cream

One 3-inch cinnamon stick

1 tablespoon sugar

10 whole cloves

4 ounces fine-quality bittersweet chocolate (not unsweetened)

1 navel orange, peeled and sliced crosswise



One 2-inch piece of peeled fresh ginger, cut into 6 slices In a large saucepan combine the cider, the cinnamon stick, the cloves, the orange and the ginger and simmer the mixture for 20 minutes. Strain the mixture through a fine sieve into a heat-proof pitcher and serve the mulled cider warm.

2 cups whole milk In a bowl with an electric mixer, beat cream with sugar until it just holds stiff peaks. Chop chocolate and reserve 2 teaspoons. In a small saucepan, heat milk with remaining chocolate over moderate heat, stirring, until it just comes to a simmer. Pour hot chocolate into 2 large mugs and top with whipped cream and reserved chocolate.

NUTELLA HOT CHOCOLATE Mix in 1/3 cup of Nutella to 1 1/2 cups milk and bring to a simmer, whisking until smooth. Serve with whipped cream and/or mini marshmallows. Cinnamon stick stirrers add a bit of Christmas spice flavour too.

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SOME LIKE IT WINTER FRUIT PUNCH 2 1/2 Cups Apple Juice 1 1/2 Cups Sparkling Water


1 pear chopped (or 1/2 each green + red anjous) 1/2 Cup cranberries 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1 cinnamon stick Chop fruit and combine with cranberries and cinnamon stick in bottom of pitcher. Combine liquid and cinnamon. Pour over fruit. Stir well. Chill for a few hours or overnight. Stir again. Enjoy!



1/2 gal. apple cider (8 c.)

1 cup sugar

3/4 c. dark molasses

1/2 cup pomegranate juice

3 c. orange juice

Club soda, for serving

1/4 c. lemon juice

Maraschino cherries, for garnish (optional)

1 orange, sliced 1/2 lemon, sliced Orange juice - can use frozen juice - if so, use 1 (6 ounce) can of frozen juice plus 2 1/4 cups water. In large punch bowl, whisk together the 1/2 gallon apple cider and 3/4 cup molasses until well blended. Stir in orange and lemon juices. Chill until serving time. Garnish with orange and lemon slices. Makes 12 cups or 24 (1/2 cup) servings.

In a small saucepan, combine sugar and juice; bring to a boil over high, stirring until sugar has dissolved. Reduce to a simmer; cook, without stirring, until mixture is syrupy, about 2 minutes. (To store, refrigerate syrup up to 1 week; adjust consistency with water, if necessary.) To serve: Fill 8 glasses with ice. Pour 2 tablespoons syrup in each glass, and top with club soda. Garnish with cherries, if desired.

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Resolutions for a Better I will stop using social media to compare myself

If I can’t let it go, I will at least let it pass

No matter how long you spend scrolling, changing the way you look at others is key— knowing that their pictures are nothing more than a highlight reel, will help you to feel fulfilled with everything that you are.

Sometimes, focusing on letting something go does just the opposite. Focus on doing things that will help you to move in that direction instead. Even if at first it feels like rubbing salt in your wounds, taking action will help to broaden your perspective on an issue to see the other things in life you’ve been missing.

I will work at a relationship And whether that relationship is with a parent, a lost friend, a lover or yourself— focusing on improving the way you treat others helps your sense of self-worth intrinsically.

I will sign up for it The Spin Class, the seminar, or the night class—your no longer afraid to be a beginner in something new.

I will let my passions be known We sometimes hide what we are interested in because it doesn’t fit our current image, and this can make us feel the need to ignore our passions. Allowing these interests to be known, despite what others may say, will help you to feel like a better version of yourself.


New Year’s Resolutions We All Should Make, All The Time.

I will stop seeing money as more than a means When you allow money to become an object of desire itself, you deprive yourself of the valuables in life that money can’t buy—so, make sure to spend on the weekend getaway with friends, or the shirt that makes you feel like the best version of yourself— because when done right, money can help to bring the objects into your life that represent the achievements and people that are most important.

I will stop saying there is no time When we have a more positive perspective of time, we find more of it. The trick is to cut out the hours in between that we lose being distracted. Staying focused on the things you truly want to do will help you to move quickly towards them.

I will stop putting things off, and say yes or no For those things that sound fun for tomorrow but not for today, its time to let them go. For the people who are waiting to catch up with you, its time to catch up, maybe for the last time. Having these plans constantly on our plate eventually begins to weigh us down.

I will rule my closet with an iron fist There is no point to In With the New without committing to Out With the Old. Even for those of us who swear by our staple outfits, your clothes can help to shape your sense of self and reflect your mindset in life. Keeping clothes that don’t feel like you only does detriment to that. Having less that continuously make you feel like a better version of yourself is the most important thing you can do with your closet.

I will seek out the things I can’t stop thinking about Whether your curious about a new religion, a new health-food diet, or a new art class beginning, its time to make those things that are hovering in your mind a reality. Not because you need to or even will take them up, but because it will allow your mind to find other inspirations.



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