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D E S I G N I N S P I R AT I O N two distinct spaces featuring Fabricut’s newest collections

timeless traditional

This high-end, luxurious sitting room was designed with a fresh pastel palette – soft blues, blush pinks and cool metallics – and graceful details – tailored cornices and mixed material finishes. Our design team juxtaposed abstract patterns on the table skirt and ottomans with more elegant, traditional drapery treatments and furniture profiles for this timeless traditional space.

SHAL LUX - Frost (Draperies) CONCORD - Sky (Devon Wing Chairs) . ARASHI - Frost (Ottomans)

BOUTIQUE - Cameo (Duke Sofa) . TAKE FIVE - Quartz (Back Pillows) HELIUM - Rose Gold (Pillow) . BALDUCCI - Blush (Pillow Fringe) MONZONITE - Cream Sheen (Pillow) . MOSSO - Thunder (Table Skirt)

BONA FIDE - Frost (Pillow) . CROSSHATCH - Silver Pearl (Square Inset Trim)


modern classic

Against the dark matte wallcoverings, this crisp neutral grey palette makes a bold statement in our traditional-meets-modern den. The upholstered chair’s cut out details, modernized plaid draperies and distinctive trimming placements update this space’s traditional elements to achieve a modern classic aesthetic.

SWANKY PLAID - Slate (Draperies) GRANITE TWEED - Ash (Helga Chairs) . GRAPHIC STRIPE - Silver (Small Pillow) PHARAOH - Metal (Large Pillow) . INLAY - Silver Pearl (Pillow Trim)


Fabricut Design Inspiration II  
Fabricut Design Inspiration II