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letter from the editor I’m currently sitting in my room, struggling to write a letter from the editor, or as I like to call it, the “leditor.” You would think this would be an easy task considering I am the editor of a magazine and a public relations major. But let’s face it, everyone has an off night. So instead of trying to convey my thoughts in writing, I have decided to show you them. Because, sometimes, pictures are really worth a thousand words.

xo, e i n a l e M

Have you heard Calvin Harris’ songs with Florence Welch and Ellie Goulding? They are seriously addicting and wonderfully inspiring. Listened to this album a lot while putting together this issue.


This color is so chic that I just had to go out and buy it immediately. Essie Bobbing for Baubles.

Bought these boots yesterday. I love glitter so much. Whoever decided to put glitter on the back of booties should win an award.

Ok, knuckle rings are awesome and unexpected. Not to mention, chevons are super on-trend right now.

He plays Chuck Bass to perfection. He is British. And LOOK AT THAT BONE STRUCTURE. I’m loving Ed Westwick right now.

Totally obsessed with this Arielsimone maxi dress from MN Fashion Week. Check out TWIN’s review of the Shows starting on page 58.

Um, how cute is our model Emmy in this infinity scarf from the Weisman Art Museum Shop? Adorable.

Flesh-toned shoes lengthen the leg. Image from Pinterest.

fashion feng shui what you wear can say a lot about you. By Emmy Ciabattoni I endlessly rummage through my wardrobe trying to find something socially acceptable to wear. How does one go about creating a pleasant visual appearance? What deems fashion from disaster? Why can’t I just wear my black sweatshirt and black sweatpants? (a.k.a the only clean articles of clothing available..) Besides the turn-off of a black jumpsuit debut, I could not come up with an answer. After consulting Google, I had discovered the concept

of Fashion Feng. The new and upcoming philosophy explains how to dress with a careful balance meant to enhance the natural beauty of an individual. Feng Shui, the Chinese practice of influencing destiny by creating a harmonious and balanced environment, can be applied to the ‘intimate environment’ of the human body. The three most basic principles of Fashion Feng Shui address hair color enhancement, eye contact, and visual line agreements. By using the concepts of

Feng Shui, natural hair color can be enhanced. According to the general Chinese practice, a definite beginning and end will define an object as complete. In our case, the object is our body. By matching the color of hair to the color of shoes or bottoms, a ‘complete’ look is created. The repetition of this color within an appearance will enhance hair color. Matching shirt color to eye color allows for a higher percentage of eye contact according to Feng Shui

will naturally draw the glance upwards. Fashion Feng Shui encourages skin colored undergarments; the goal is to make the hidden garments completely disappear so not to disharmonize with outerwear lines. Shoes that are slightly darker than an individual’s skin tone will visually lengthen the legs; shoes are seen as a continuation a person’s natural body color. Not only can this philosophy provide helpful tips, but it can give insight to our personalities and individual life experiences through our subconscious color choices. Fashion Feng Shui deems reasons and appropriate times for various shades of color. If your wardrobe contains a lot of red, it’s possible that you seek attention and have a desire to stand out from the crowd. Orange is ideally worn when harmony needs to be restored; if you’re

While white may portray in a fight with a friend, maybe this lively color will anxiety, it is also encourbrighten up the situation. ages innocence and meticulousness within an appearance. A prominence of yellow may display your current mentality of stability and Fashion Feng Shui entails numerous other principles steadiness. that take into account Green tends to be a stimu- personality type, preferred style, ideal color schemes, lating color that repreand body type; therefore, sents growth and should I have only provided an be worn when acquiring skills and attending class, introduction to harmonious dressing. There’s no to encourage mental deneed to distress over early velopment. morning outfit scrambles any longer; following this The color blue is associstrategy of purposeful apated with tranquility and allows for relaxation when parel will keep you out of the uni-colored jumpsuits communicating and exand ensure you’re looking pressing ideas. good. If you feel out of control, consider wearing grey; the xoxo, Emmy color is said to promote balance and safety. Brown, a grounding and earthy color, is meant to cure insecurity and distress.

Sanders, Simone. “Feng Shui Fashion Guide.” Feng Shui Fashion Guide. N.p., 02 Sept. 2007. Web. 10 Oct. 2012. http://www.slideshare. net/Busqueda/feng-shui-fashionguide.

Wearing black expresses your authoritative command and recognizes strength.

Maggiore, Evana. “Fashion Feng Shui.” Fashion Feng Shui®. Fashion Feng Shui International, LLC, 2004-2008. Web. 10 Oct. 2012. < learn/index.html>.

Karlie Kloss definitely stands out from the crowd in this simple red dress. Image from

An all black, leather ensemble will dominate whatever room you enter. Image from Pinterest.

This comfy, neutral outfit should calm you down and make you feel secure. Image from Pinterest.

We are always trying to be on the cutting edge and looking to the “future of fashion” but the thing about fashion is that it is always repeating itself. Bell bottoms are no longer collecting dust in the seventies, and neon has risen from the eighties and integrated itself into our daily lives. But what is the new old in 2012? It is safe to say the nineties are back and stronger than ever. One trend that has solidified in 2012 is the crop top. Originally, crop tops were made popular by pop princesses like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, and before them, Madonna. However, gone are the days of the full belly baring. The key is to balance it out by pairing it with something high-waisted, such as a pencil skirt or shorts. A little strip of midriff is okay, but please, no bellybuttons. Now, onto grunge. It had to happen, and nothing says grunge like plaid. A constant staple in the nineties grunge movement, plaid shirts, jackets, plaid skirts, even plaid shoes are back. However, keep in mind that although the grunge “anti-fashion” movement inspires us in 2012, it is not identical. It’s grunge 2.0, a glam-grunge if you will. You can make a plaid shirt modern with a sequined skirt and a chunky jeweled necklace.

Let us not forget my personal favorite, the combination of the floral mini-dress and combat boots. This ensemble was made especially popular by Claire Danes in the early nineties teen-drama My So-Called Life (side note: If you have never seen it go watch it. It is on Netflix and it is amazing.) This is probably the easiest outfit because every girl age fifteen to thirty should have a pair of combat boots and a floral dress. Wearing them together is the perfect mix of girly and tough, so you feel good no matter what. So dust off your flannel, break out your jean jackets, and bring them into the future of fashion. Photo Credit: Pinterest &

TIM’S WORLD an article by Katie Sprick

If it weren’t for my mild obsession with Keeping up the with Kardashians I wouldn’t have ended up at the Mall of America on the night of September 16th, 2012 to meet one of my most fabulous idols, Tim Gunn. I’ve always had a not-so secret obsession with celebrities (especially those of the fashion world) but despite many attempts at celebrity watching during trips to New York and California, I had yet to actually meet any of them. When an advertisement for Tim Gunn’s book signing at the Mall of America flashed on E! during a Kardashian Kommerical break, I literally jumped off the couch and at this golden opportunity. The event for Tim’s latest book, Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible, was to be held at MOA Rotunda at 7pm on the next day.

I didn’t care what I had going on; schoolwork or any other commitment could not compare to the chance to meet Tim Gunn. For those of you who may not be completely obsessed with him as I am, Tim Gunn serves as fashion mentor on the popular television show, Project Runway. On the show, he works closely with judges which includes Nina Garcia, fashion director of Marie Claire, supermodel Heidi Klum, and top American designer (and my personal favorite) Michael Kors. He also was the chair of the fashion department at Parsons The New School For Design, which has educated renowned designers such as Marc Jacobs, Jason Wu, and Alexander Wang. Clearly this guy has some serious credibility in the fashion world.

My friend, a fellow Tim Gunn admirer, and my cousin said they wanted to come with me and get their books signed. We did some quick math and realized that we had been watching Tim and the designers “gather ‘round” for eight years on Project Runway. We arrived three hours early to secure our place in line to meet and take a photo with Tim since everyone wasn’t guaranteed to meet him. There was no way that we were going to get so close to meeting our idol and then miss out because of a long line. As we sat on the floor of the Rotunda in line, we paged through the book and discussed our favorite parts. At first I had thought that Tim’s new book was more of a guide to personal style, like Nina Garcia’s Little Black Book of Style. It actually pushes so much deeper to the history of clothing and how everything we wear today is slightly modified, but ultimately originated from a previous era. One of my favorite chapters was the one on t-shirts. Tim tells us how white t-shirts were originally worn strictly as an undergarment. In schools t-shirts were not allowed to be worn on their own and was considered taboo. Tim gives examples of how the t-shirt was transformed to a wardrobe staple, by movie icons like Marlon Brando when he sported a super fitted t-shirt in A Streetcar Named Desire. This transformed the way society felt about tshirts and it became more acceptable to let them stand-alone. Obviously people everywhere today are wearing just t-shirts on top and it’s socially acceptable.

Tim inevitably adds his personality flair and writes that wearing just a t-shirt is tragic unless the rest of the outfit dresses it up. Gunn’s witty comments and fabulous personality is so consistent throughout the entire book that you feel as if he is sitting right next to you through each chapter. With 7 o’clock quickly approaching and the Rotunda becoming fuller with anxious Tim Gunn fans, I became more anxious and excited myself. What would I say to him? Will Tim like my outfit? Whoever is taking this picture better get a good one or I’m demanding a re-shoot. I had imagined myself talking to Tim with ease as old friends do. I’ve been watching him for the past eight years... I felt like I knew him! As I watched my friend ahead of me walk onstage to meet Tim I could feel my hands start to get grossly clammy and my leg start to shake. Tim Gunn was right in front of me and I was about to go meet him. There was no calming down.

I can vaguely remember what I actually said to him when it was my turn to meet him. I’m pretty sure I said something like I was so thrilled to be here and it has been a dream come true to meet him. Other than that, I was in complete and total awe and was the textbook definition of star struck. I couldn’t formulate words and just stared while he signed my book. So much for ease. I have my treasured book with the signed title page proudly on display in my apartment along with pictures of our meeting. As usual, I tuned into Project Runway last Thursday to see which designer Heidi would say “Auf Wiedersehen” to this week and out came Tim Gunn to reveal this week’s challenge. It was a surreal experience and easy to say that is was one of the greatest, most inspiring experiences so far.

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By: Marion Renault


Walking around Walker Art Center on a brisk Sunday afternoon, all I could think was “I do no belong here.” Amongst a throng of definition hipsters I strolled from room to room, from one shocking piece of art to the next utterly confusing one (a stuffed animal sculpture? thirties pornography flickering at nauseating speeds?—I mean, really?). If life imitates art, then I must be living the wrong lifestyle. But at a second attempt at culturing myself, this time to the Walker Art Museum on campus, things

fell into place. Under high-vaulted ceilings with pure autumn light filtering through, I began to see just how inspiring even the most outlandish piece of art can be. Whether it’s a painting or statues color palettes, textures or form, it’s not as hard or impressive as you might think to translate your favorite masterpieces into your favorite outfits of the season. So take a chance, visit your nearest museum, and bring art back on the streets with you. Winter in Minnesota is bleak, to say the least. But that doesn’t have to be all bad. In this piece, “Cygne Sauvage de Nimes” by Mary Abbott,“white

black and emerald green all battle for the spotlight”, while streaks of the palest

dust pink and fern green highlight the chaos. The effect of the almost clinical color palette is stark but refined. Take it in a crisp, clean direction with tailored clothes and minimal accessories, or warm it up with muted jeans and sweaters.

“minimalist pieces with unusual silhouettes...” Barbara Hepworth’s “Two Figures”’ natural lines and smooth oaky color translates into organic clothing. No, we’re not talking hemp here, but rather clothes with lines that follow the natural curve of a body with muted wood, white and black tones. Try finding minimalist pieces with unusual silhouettes and let your body speak for its self.

“feel just how powerful volume can be.” “#4, Diaz” (Charles Biederman) was a simple reminder of the power of shape. Take advantage of coat season to experiment with bold silhouettes and three-dimensional clothing. Not ready to take the jump into fully sculptural outfits? Try out some asymmetrically collared jackets or peplum tops and feel just how powerful volume can be.

“Gold never gets old.” Gold never gets old. Whether it’s ornating a wooden chest in the WMA’s Korean Furniture collection or buzzing in the form of bees on Alexander McQueen’s newest ready-to-wear collection, it never fails to add a touch of opulence. Dressing up your winter whites and solid blacks with baroque or oriental-inspired gold is a guaranteed luxe look.

images from Pinterest

7 days

of boots By Melanie Richtman

Living in Minnesota, boots have become somewhat of a necessity. They are really the only type of shoe that can adequately protect your feet from the elements once November hits. And this necessity often turns into an obsession. I personally own fourteen pairs of boots. They vary in color, material, height, and functionality but I love them all the same. Yet, I continue to look for more. Riding boots, combat boots, and ankle booties are all big right now, and here are a week’s worth of shoes that will make you stand out this winter (if you can walk in them). Jeffery Campbell “Lita Claw” Boots

Images from Polyvore.

Vince Camuto Glitter Booties


Ankle boots are casual enough to wear during the day, but the glitter makes them glam enough for the evening.

who doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t love glitter? The tribal fabric on these Zara booties is a mix of rustic and hipster, in the best possible way.

Zara Ethnic Ankle Boot

LOFT Leopard Print “Skylar” Suede Booties

Although these may look like something Snooki would wear, don’t be afraid. Worn with toned-down pieces, these booties will look chic and French, I swear.

After all of the patriotism displayed at the summer Olympics, why not rock American Flag booties?

USA! USA! USA! fashion

rockstars wear these

Vince Camuto Flavian Two-tone Leather Boots

Riding boots are classic. Wear these with a white button-down and you will feel like you are on the equestrian team. If Minnesota had an equestrian team...

Steve has done it again. These studded combat boots will make youi feel tough no matter the situation.


what men should wear (a femaleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s perspective)

Gentlemen, it is time to step it up. Add these four trends to your closet, and you will have the attention of females everywhere. (Or at least, you will get my attention, and hey, one out of three billion isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t too terrible, right?)

By Melanie Richtman images from and pinterest

Ok, let’s face it: Men don’t dress to their full potential. Even the most fabulous male dressers could probably use a little female advice (except you Karl Lagerfeld, you know it all) or, if they don’t need the advice, they probably have a really good stylist. However, most college males do not have stylists; in fact, most of them are probably still wearing clothes their mothers picked out for them. Obviously, I am not expecting these guys to wear suits like Chuck Bass every day (although I don’t think anyone would complain), but a little extra effort before going to class or a party would be refreshing.


leather Have you ever seen a guy look bad in a leather motorcycle jacket? The answer to that question is probably no. I could talk about leather for eternity. Beginning in the 1950s, black leather jackets became a symbol of cool and rebellion. Even though they have become much more mainstream since the fifties, leather still has a bad-ass connotation. Worn by rock stars and bikers, leather jackets are the epitome of cool. Throw one over a plain white t-shirt like Zayn Malik and you will have girls falling at your feet. Because deep down, every girl wants a bad boy.


beanies Normally, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m not really into hats. But beanies are just so cute on guys. A beanie requires little effort and you look like you care enough about yourself to accessorize. And, an added bonus, it might just keep your head warm. The secret to wearing a beanie is that you still have to see some of your hair and you want the top of the beanie to casually slouch. Otherwise it will stand straight up, which pretty much invalidates the coolness of the beanie. I mean, come on, how adorable is Harry Styles here?

layers Layers, layers, layers. Where do I begin? Layers showcase your ability to match one article of clothing to another. I am not convinced that all males have this skill. Layers allow you to show off an interesting t-shirt while also staying warm with a cool jacket. The more layers, the better. Make this trend work for you by placing a cool graphic tee under an open flannel shirt. The one above is perfectly grunge. Add a jacket like Robert Pattinson, too complete the look. Please note that TWIN is not endorsing Obama due to the fact that we chose a shirt saying “Romney can’t dunk.” It is just simply a funny shirt.



suits Ok, fine, I lied. Guys should wear suits. Obviously it would be extremely unnecessary to wear a suit every day, but I would love to see men dress up a little more. Instead of only breaking out your suit to attend a career fair, why don’t you dress up a little bit when you take your girl (or guy) out to dinner? The key to pulling off a suit is to ensure that it fits well. Make sure the shoulders fit you appropriately and that the pants are not neither too long nor too baggy. You don’t want it to look like you are a child borrowing his father’s suit. If you are concerned about looking too uptight, make it more casual and replace the dress shirt with a tee, or switch out the jacket for a cardigan. And ALWAYS accessorize with nice shoes. Pair your dressed-up ensemble with some nice loafers for a classic look, fresh sneakers to look urban cool, or rugged boots to give your look an edge.

Photography by Emily Chang and Kara Harms Styling by Melanie Richtman

This season, it is all about statement pieces. Big necklaces, chunky scarves, huge rings, and giant earrings.

go big or go home

Sunglasses, Primp Boutique.

Ring, WAM Shop; Necklace, Primp; Bracelets, WAM Shop; Watch, Primp.

Necklace, Primp Boutique; Ear Cuff, H&M

Bracelets, WAM Shop; Headband, WAM Shop; Necklace, Primp.

Necklace, Primp Boutique.

Earrings, WAM Shop. Scarf, WAM Shop.

Infinity Scarf, WAM Shop; Fingerless Gloves, WAM Shop.

Necklace, Primp Boutique

A special thank you to the Weisman Art Museum Shop and Primp Boutique

Backs are the focus at MAI by Melanie Richtman

From the front, MAI’s collection of active wear appears to be regular active wear featuring simple silhouettes and rich jewel tones. However, what sets the MAI collection apart from its competitors is the incredible emphasis the designers, Emma Holcomb and Sarah McArdle, placed on the backs of the garments. When the models walked out from backstage, they appeared to be wearing just normal sports bras and tank tops, but when they rounded the corner at the end of the runway,

the crowd was blown away by the intricate detailing on the backs of each one of the items. Crossing straps, carefully placed zippers, and draping were just some of the techniques used to create interesting views from the back of MAI’s Spring 2013 collection. My personal favorite was one of the first looks to debut on the runway: the combination of a color blocked maxi skirt and the criss cross bralette. The criss crossing of straps in the back added visual interest

to a piece that might typically be overlooked due to simplicity. The bralette isn’t the only top sporting a unique back. The zipper tank gives the illusion of layers, combining a mustard-colored racer back underneath a simple black tank. The hardware going straight down the model’s spine provides an edgy touch, making me wonder if the zipper is actually functional, or just strictly fashionable. Another interesting touch to MAI’s

line was the addition of hoods to several pieces. I was pleasantly surprised when the model, wearing a simple black bra, turned around to reveal a dark purple hood resting gently on her back. And finally, the collection could not be complete without the long-sleeved dark gray dress. This dress, flaunting a phenomenal black hood that boasted the slouchiness of an infinity scarf combined with the glamour of a head scarf, elevated each piece in the collection. Simply stunning.

MAI Zipper Tank and Two-toned Capri

MAI executes hoods to perfection.

Stand-outs at Marissa Bridges Marissa Bridges creates interest with ombre, patterns, and tough accents.

Marissa Bridges makes an impression with prints, slits, and studs.

Other favorites

Arielsimone multi-colored maxi dress

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TWIN Magazine: Fall Issue 2012  

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