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Animal Print





GET READY TO PLAY! Fall 2011’s mix of trends is a cheeky retort

to last year’s minimalism and strict neutrals: you’ll be seeing polka dots, animal prints, coral, androgynous dressing, and modern jean jackets parading down Washington Avenue this season. Read on for inspiration to make each trend your own.



Polka Dots

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Polka Dots: This year, our favorite spots are back, thanks to Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney. Jacobs’ show featured oversized dots scattered on furry hats, tights, dresses, skirts, and accessories. There was a mishmash of polka dots in different sizes and colors, worn in an interesting mix. At Stella McCartney, the dots were more artfully composed, placed strategically up the side of a sheer panel on a long-sleeved black evening dress, or varied in concentration, dots multiplying into the center of a white sheer blouse to create an optical allusion. Polka dots are always adorable—it’s hard to do this look wrong, as long as you don’t overdo it. Focus on a skirt or blouse in the pattern and keep the outfit to one or two colors. If you’re daring, mix it up by wearing black tights with small black dots under a black skirt with large white ones! That’s just one example—the rest is for you to discover.



Animal print and animal images: Givenchy’s 2011 men’s and women’s collections featured screen-printed panthers peeking out of bushes filled with purple flowers, and huge portraits of angry Rottweilers. The exhibition immediately stemmed a following. Remember those wolf T-shirts you bought on your family roadtrip to Duluth in third grade? I do. And I rue the day that I discarded them at Salvation Army: little did I know, they would become one of the leading trends of 2011. The other popular animal trend is mixing animal prints. For example, try wearing a pair of leopard print flats to complement your snakeskin Chloé bag! This trend is especially important not to overdo; accessories are your friends. If you try pulling off a zebra print dress with snakeskin leggings, I advise you to stay away from the woods (and maybe dark alleys) and wear some reflectors.

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Photos from:



Coral: This is the most obvious trend of them all this year. Everyone knows that there’s a designated “color of the year;” and this year, it is coral. Cerise and blood orange fall into this color category, as well. Coral was seen on all the runways this spring and fall, and it is incredibly versatile, seen in the form of nail polish, lipstick, silk-faille evening gowns, bags, pants and more. If you’re a lady, I suggest you test out some coral lipstick (Revlon Orange Flip is a great example for cheap)—it’s an easy way to try such a bright color. Essie’s nail polish in Clambake is also a great option—I’ve found that it somehow matches and brightens up all my outfits! Guys, I’m willing to bet that Nike is coming out with some pretty amazing fiery-colored high-tops. Score me a pair?



Androgyny: This trend has been popularized in Europe, and it’s rapidly making its way across the pond. This is great for us ladies who cringe thinking about shoving our legs into skintight jeans and endlessly tugging on our shirt hems. Men, you’re free to wiggle into those skinnies and work it—your legs were made for those pants! We’ll take your tailored blazers and trousers, thanks very much. If you ladies enjoy that freedom of movement but don’t want to feel like you’re having an identity crisis, focus on your makeup and hair and wear feminine jewelry; or just wear a blazer and patent oxfords to top off a minidress. Perfect equation of masculine and feminine: a schoolboy blazer with a satin camisole + heels with trousers = just about the sexiest thing around. Just ask Kate Moss! And guys, why not try a few floral prints on shoes or pants? Fashion is all about irony.


Photos from:


Photos from:



Jeans: The cult classic is back in every way imaginable. This trend is the most creative—you can DIY it all you want, as was seen this year in Dries Van Noten’s dip-dyed pants and jackets, and Balmain’s stud-encrusted jean moto jackets. Try bleaching that blah pair of cutoffs, and wear them over a pair of cool tights. I found that rolling a pair of jeans into a ball and submerging them in a bucket of bleach led to an amazing, underwater-esque pattern on the denim; interesting denim treatments are what make this “that’s-so-nineties” trend so now. And don’t be afraid to layer—wearing a denim jacket over a chambray shirt is great! Just be sure that there are good variances in texture, treatment and shade to keep it interesting. PS Ladies, Savers little girls’ department has quite a selection of jean jackets if you’re not willing to splurge on this trend. Gents, can’t help you with that one.



Not So Face-Value Blog expert Leslie’s review of three famous blogs in the fashion industry: The Coveteur, Into the Gloss, and The Selby by Leslie Olson

FROM JEN KAO TO JEN BRILL, THE Coveteur showcases the closets of famous or up-and-coming designers, stylists, celebrities, art directors and more, providing beautifully composed photographs supplemented with the interviewee’s own captions, explaining the story behind their amazing handbags, shoes or furniture. I discovered this blog through word of mouth – that’s a very common way to hear about great blogs, so keep your ears open at all times! The other most common way is by clicking links provided by bloggers to blogs that THEY read. Canadian ladies Stephanie and Erin are

Photos from:

the inventors of The Coveteur. Prior to creating their blog, both girls had internships in New York—Stephanie as Elle editor Kate Lanphear’s assistant, Erin as designer Alex White’s right hand. Both are freelance stylists and designers. They started shooting closets of people they knew well, like that of their intern’s mother, and gradually extended their reach to a wide gamut of celebrities and “behind-the-scenes” fashion figures, whose closets, they feel, are most interesting and tasteful. Into The Gloss, similarly to The Coveteur, depicts celebrities, designers, and stylists’ own beauty routines through photos and text. The genius behind the site is Emily Weiss, a 26-year-old former Teen Vogue intern. There are seven categories of the site: The Face, The Top Shelf, and The Makeup, to name a few. In every category is a list of interviews, each supplemented with gorgeous photographs of the woman interviewed and shots of beautifully composed beauty supplies. The interviews are great descriptors of the women’s lifestyles or beauty routines—the writing is concise and always incredibly helpful. The only downside is that the products linked to the site are usually far too expensive for a college student to purchase. One day, we will ALL be rich enough to buy a $150 3 oz. jar of La Mer night crème, though, right? The Selby is primarily photo-based, providing gorgeous photos of the living spaces of people as celebrated as Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld, but there’s a huge variety in size and price of the depicted spaces; there are lots of great apartments shown on The Selby that we humble college students can

aspire to! It’s a great site to inspire young people to decorate their own living space in a lavish, unique way. Todd Selby is a New Zealand native with a gift for taking candid, inviting photographs of living spaces and their inhabitants. He originally started the site to document his ventures into the homes of his friends and family, but the blog gained such a following that he was able to gain access to celebrities, business tycoons and the like. He clearly has a talent for capturing beautiful compositions, along with the energy that makes every space unique.

Leslie is passionate about the inner workings of the fashion industry, and is constantly studying the art of personal style. Leslie is an illustrator at heart, but also loves to design jewelry and accessories, as well as write about fashion and creatively contribute to fashion publications such as TWIN Magazine.

Illustrations by Leslie Olson

Photos and Illustration by Leslie Olson

Arm Parties

IN KEEPING WITH THE ENERGY AND creativity present in Fall Fashion 2011, a hot trend that the gents and ladies can try—and love—is bracelets! Whether layering 20 friendship bracelets and rhinestones on each wrist or showcasing just one giant resin-snake cuff, this trend is incredibly versatile, impossible to mess up, cost-effective, and unfailingly unique to the wearer.

YouTube Gurus Up Close & Personal with YouTube’s Best and Brightest Beauty Gurus by Laura Marrinan

YouTube IS HOME TO MUSIC VIDEO parodies, cooking tips, and hoards of adorable kitten videos, but some girls have discovered the potential of creating YouTube beauty videos and turned their ten minute videos into full blown careers. The beauty community features girls, and a few guys, who fill their channels with makeup tutorials, shopping hauls, product reviews, and outfit of the day videos. The videos allow girls all over the world to share tips and tricks with one another as well as gain inspiration to incorporate into their own styles.

Stephanie Rogers, CityandMakeup on YouTube, is a 19 year old interior design student from Ontario, Canada who has been a part of this beauty community for over 2 years. Throughout those 2 years she’s shared her love of shoes, incredible style, and ever changing hair color with her 91,000 subscribers!

Photos supplied by: Stephanie & Elle

Elle Fowler, otherwise known as

AllThatGlitters21, has moved from Tennessee to Los Angeles and moved the empire she has created on YouTube with her! This 22 year old was nominated in this year’s Teen Choice Awards in the ‘Choice Webstar’ category and has recently launched a new website with blogs for fashion, beauty, and her daily

life adventures. Elle loves all things girly and can’t get enough of sharing her secrets to pampering yourself! Both ladies have discussed their journeys in the fashion and beauty industry with us and are sharing some of their best insider information to get glamified!

was so intrigued. I had never seen anybody make a video about it like that. I kept watching videos similar and basically got addicted ! More and more people started making them and then it just made me want to make a video about what I loved as well. What are your go-to stores when you want to revamp your wardrobe? I feel like less expensive stores such as Forever 21 and H&M are great if you’re wanting to get a lot of new pieces, or pieces that you know will just be in style for the time being. If I’m looking to spend a little bit more money on a piece I know I will wear a lot I love stores like Zara and Urban Outfitters, as well as a bunch of online stores like Shop Nasty Gal, LuLu’s, and ASOS. If you’re feeling creative I also definitely recommend a thrift store because you will find amazing pieces that are unique and other people don’t have for CHEAP!  What items do you tend to splurge on and what items do you like to save on?

: CityandMakeup What is it that drew you into the fashion and beauty world? I’ve just always been interested in fashion and beauty my whole life, so when I came across a youtube video about it I

Items I tend to splurge on are items like a good pair of jeans, shorts, a blazer, boots, heels and a good black dress. These are items that you can mix and match and dress up and down with so many items so it’s good to have a really nice staple piece like that. Also, a black dress because every girl needs a good classic black dress. Items then I would save on are basically everything else, tops in general I don’t like to spend a lot on because I have so many, certain tops come and go based on the trends of that season.

What are your best fashion tips and beauty tricks for college students on a budget? My best fashion tip to students on a budget is to stick to items that are extremely versatile that you can match with a lot of different items. When you have a few items like that you’ve created like 80 different outfits with them so you don’t need a bunch of clothes! Also, trust me, don’t be afraid to go to a thrift store you can find some amazing pieces in there for just a few dollars. What fall fashion and beauty trends are you most excited for this year? Boots, boots, boots. Always. Boots are my favourite trend in the fall because they can make an outfit look so amazing. I personally love the knee high boots and riding boots and they never seem to go out of style so I always look forward to wearing mine out when it starts to get cold out! Also, I’ve been doing this for a while but I’ve heard it’s coming into style, the whole earring on only one ear trend. I love it, because sometimes when you have really busy earrings, I feel like it’s overkill wearing both of them, so wearing one just looks super cute!  What are your favorite cold weather accessories? Scarves! You can still make yourself look super cute and put together with a nice scarf on. It serves two purposes as well which is great, keeping you warm and making your outfit look amazing. You can never have enough scarves. 

: AllThatGlitters21 What is it that drew you into the fashion and beauty world? I have always loved everything girly, and even as a tiny girl I was interested in pretty clothing and my mother’s makeup. I think my mom had a big role in me loving it, as she is incredibly girly herself. I used to watch her apply her makeup and want to wear it myself, and on very special occasions she would put a little blush and lipstick on me and I felt SO grown up.

When I got old enough to wear makeup she taught me how and was always supportive of my passion for it! What are your go-to stores when you want to revamp your wardrobe?       I have a ton of favorites! I love Shop Bop, Express, Abercrombie, Bloomingdales, Guess, and Forever21.   What items do you tend to splurge on and what items do you like to save on?       Beauty wise, I splurge on the things I need to. I spend a little bit more on skin care and foundation, but then I can save on lip products and mascara, because I think those are a bit more generic. 

What are your best fashion tips and beauty tricks for college students on a budget?      Every season, go through your wardrobe and find the holes and gaps that you can then go and fill in. When I do this I end up finding stuff that I didn’t remember having, plus it will remind you not to re buy basics that you already have! Then I recommend splurging on one or two key pieces for the season that you LOVE, and then mix it in with outfits that you already have.  What fall fashion and beauty trends are you most excited for this year?        The thing I love most about fall is being able to pull out the darker lip and nail colors. There are so many fall fashion trends that I am looking forward to! Velvet and furs (faux or real) are going to be huge, plus the color crimson... which I adore. I will probably be rocking crimson everywhere; my clothing, nails, lips, and even my eyes! 

This or That with Stephanie & Elle

Heels or Wedges

Colors or Neutrals

S: Neutrals

S: Heels E: Heels!

E: Depends on my mood... right

Dresses or Skirts

Stripes or Polka Dots

S: Dresses E: Dresses - always! I rarely wear anything else.

Earrings or Necklaces

S: Earrings E: Hmmm, this one is hard! I

guess Earrings if I had to pick, but I probably wear Necklaces more!

Prints or Solids

S: BOTH! Sorry, can’t decide! E: Prints Gold or Silver

S: Gold E: Silver

now, brights (colors)!

S: Stripes E: Polka Dots Feathers or Sequins

S: Feathers E: Sequins High-waisted or Low-rise

S: High-waisted E: Low-rise Flare or Skinny

S: Skinny E: Skinny! Lace or Floral

S: BOTH! They are both my favourite and equally as awesome :)

E: Floral for spring, lace for fall!

Makeover your makeup brushes by Laura Marrinan photographed by Sam Burt

Ingredients • • • • • • •

Magazine cut-outs Wide mouth flower pot Macaroni Noodles Glue Water Paint brush Rhinestones


Makeup Brush Holder With the return of the school year comes the return of new dorm rooms and apartments. Whether you’re organizing a new room or revamping your old dwelling space, it’s essential to be able to personalize your area without spending a fortune. Designing your own makeup brush holder will keep your vanity looking effortlessly chic and keep your morning routine quick and efficient!


Create a paste with a tablespoon of water mixed with glue and coat the flower pot with the adhesive.


Envelop the pot with a generous amount of magazine cut-outs to ensure the pot is fully covered.

3 4 5

Fill in any holes with rhinestones, ribbon, or glitter.

Fill the pot 2/3 of the way with noodles. Place your brushes upright in the pot to keep them ordered and adorable!

Place your brushes upright in the pot to keep them ordered and adorable!


Model by Day, Ninja by Night FAB Contributor, Taylor Selcke, talks with Raina, her family, and friends about ANTM, her career and Minnesota. by Taylor Selcke

Photographs by Kristof Schaper

SHE PREFERS CHAMPAGNE OVER wine, crunchy peanut butter over creamy, and would take sushi over hamburgers and hot dogs any day. She also has an affinity for raspberries and is afraid of the dark – a fact that would surprise you once you find out that she dreams of being a ninja. This is Raina Hein. Adorned in an all-black ensemble with cascading blonde curls, Hein first waltzed into the hearts of “America’s Next Top Model” viewers on cycle 14 of the CW hit. Her bubbly, Minnesota-nice personality quickly made her a judgeand fan-favorite on the popular show; and although Hein was quick to lose her golden locks to a suave brunette style, her charming innocence and quirky catchphrases (Oh my lanta!) remained, and were an early indication that a reality show phenomenon had arrived. “I do get recognized a lot,” admits the Minnesota-native-turned-local-celebrity. “Some people freak out and go crazy but some people just come up and talk to me. It’s great seeing any kind of a difference I have made in someone’s life.” And with nearly 4,500 friends on Facebook and more than 13,000 followers on Twitter, it is safe to say that Hein makes a difference in the lives of her admirers – or “little ninjas,” as she refers to them – every day, just by accepting their “friend requests” or replying to their “tweets.” “I believe that if you hold some kind of fame, it is your responsibility to be a good influence and do your best to change the world – as everyone should,” says Hein, whom her fans call Mama Ninja.

However, modeling was not something that was always in the cards for Hein. In fact, it wasn’t until she had graduated from high school and left home that the possibility became more of a reality. “She always loved the attention,” says Raina’s brother, Andy. “But my parents didn’t like the fact that she wanted to be a model.” At 18 years old and a freshman at Concordia University in St. Paul, Hein took a chance and sent in her senior pictures to a Minnesota modeling agency. Then a two-time NCAA Championship volleyball player, Hein did not expect what was about to come, but when the agency signed her and she started booking jobs, she was hooked. Soon after, Hein caught the attention of ANTM producers when she was chosen out of the thousands of girls that showed up to audition in Minneapolis. “I was shocked,” Hein says. “I believe I jumped up and down on my bed for at least five minutes before calling anyone.” However, her boyfriend of three years, Kristof Schaper, was not surprised. “I knew she would make it but don’t ask me how,” he says. “I just knew.” Schaper, who was the person who pushed her to go on the original audition says it is her big eyebrows and great personality that made her stand out from the other models. And although her eyebrows aren’t the only reason that she was chosen for the show, they have been a source for conversation ever since Tyra Banks refused to touch them during the makeover session in episode one. “They are lovely,” Banks says on the show.

“I knew she would make it but don’t ask me how,” he says. “I just knew."

“It’s and a shots ing,”

a challenge, an adventure lot of work but when I see afterward, it is so rewardHein says.

Besides her “lovely” and very real eyebrows, those that are close to Hein watched as reality television morphed and distorted other aspects of the young woman they knew as their daughter, friend, sister, and girlfriend. “They did an okay job of accurately representing her,” says best friend Jaime Masur, who has mixed feelings about how Hein was portrayed. “They caught all of her positivity but at some points, they made her look a little two-faced.” Masur remembers talking to Hein about having to get noticed if you wanted to stay in the competition, but in real-life, deceptive is not one of Hein’s qualities. “Even if she wasn’t as beautiful as she is, she has the best heart of anybody I know,” she says. “Her energy is addictive. It’s like following a trail of candles.” Through it all, Hein insists that she would not have done anything differently given the chance to do it all over again. “I was myself the whole time,” Hein says. “I was respectful and kind like I had been raised to be.” While the show was airing, even those closest to Hein did not know the outcome of the show until it was over. And although she didn’t capture the title of America’s Next Top Model, losing to Krista White in the May 12, 2010 finale, that didn’t stop Hein. As she said on the show, “It doesn’t stop here. [Modeling] is my passion, it’s my dream, and I’m taking it there.” Now 24 years old and living in Los Angeles, Hein has had the opportunity to participate in shoots for CoverGirl, Vera Wang, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, and Seventeen magazine among others. Expanding upon her modeling career, Hein has also starred in the Bon Iver music

video for their song, “Calgary,” and the Twin Cities-based independent short film, “Parallels,” slated to come out this fall. Although she claims that nine times out of 10, the photographer she is working with didn’t even know she was on the show, she does admit that ANTM lit the fire under her butt and pushed her to move to California. “It’s a challenge, an adventure and a lot of work but when I see shots afterward, it is so rewarding,” Hein says. However, even under the pressure of being a model, Hein is always optimistic. “Life is short, so have fun,” she says. “You only get one family, so love them. And you only get one body, so love it. Make sure to smile and laugh as much as possible. It’s what keeps you healthy and living forever.” As for her dream of being a ninja? “I don’t know how I learned them, but I can do some pretty epic ninja moves,” says Hein. “[Ninjas] are just so stealth and strong and swift. They defeat the odds by themselves.”

THE CRAFT Photography by Kristen Elida Styled by Kristen Elida & Leslie Olson Model Sarah Nicole

Shirt by Heartbreaker

Shirt from Heartbreaker Jeans from Heartbreaker Necklace by Kristen Elida Rings are vintage from Stylist Bracelets from Primp

Shirt from Heartbreaker, Dress from Heartbreaker, Necklace by Kristen Elida, Rings are vintage from Stylist, Belt by Leslie Olson, Stocking from Nordstrom, Wedges from Heartbreaker,

Bracelets from Primp, Lariat from Primp, Necklace by Kristen Elida, Watch is Vintage from Stylist, Earrings from Primp,

Clutch from Primp

Shirt from Heartbreaker Dress from Heartbreaker Necklace is vintage from Stylist Stockings from Nordstrom Wedges from Heartbreaker

Shirt from Heartbreaker Skirt from Heartbreaker Rings are vintage from Stylist Belts are vintage necklaces from Stylist Stockings from Nordstrom Wedges from Heartbreaker

Dress from Primp Rings are vintage from Stylist Belt is a vintage necklace from Stylist Wedges from Heartbreaker

Shirt from Heartbreaker Jeans from Heartbreaker Rings are vintage from Stylist Wedges from Heartbreaker

Haute hangouts: Northeast Minneapolis With its undeniably artsy vibe and quirky charm, Northeast Minneapolis may just be the new Uptown, minus Lake Calhoun of course. by Stephanie Audette

DESPITE THE IMPRESSIVE ASSORTment of rooftop restaurants and vintage shops, Uptown Minneapolis has lost some of its “hipster” charm to the crowds that flood it every weekend. Let’s face it, the traffic in the Uptown area is horrendous and parking is near impossible. Just the other night when I was meeting friends at Chino Latino, I ended up driving around for a good 30 minutes searching for a spot before I finally gave up and parked in the Lund’s parking lot, praying my car wouldn’t be towed. Frustrated by this and other similar experiences, I was delighted to hear a different part of town crop up more and more in conversation. I decided to check out this new neighborhood for myself and wasn’t disappointed. Northeast Minneapolis Riverfront District offers the same caliber of shopping and dining experiences that Uptown does, with a more relaxed vibe and, more importantly, stress-free parking! Check out this guide for just where to go in the “Arts District”.

Eat: Gardens of Salonica - opened in 1991 by Anna and Lazaros, this restaurant offers traditional and modern Greek cuisine. Make a reservation and go enjoy their tzatziki sauce, fava, or saganaki for an authentic Greek experience without leaving the country. The Red Stag Supper Club – this unpretentious yet sophisticated eatery provides a great atmosphere and speedy service, even on a Friday night I would recommend going for their “fish fry Fridays, featuring freshly prepared and modestly priced local fish

Drink: Psycho Suzi’s – a tiki bar that promises a one-of-a-kind experience. Famous for their delicious but dangerous rum drinks, Psycho Suzi’s is the perfect place to unwind after a long, hard week. Tugg’s Tavern – more about the view than the food, the deck seating is a must here and ideal for those warm summer nights. Enjoy happy hour every night from 4-6 pm, while taking in an amazing view of the Mississippi River and downtown Minneapolis.

Shop: I Like You – the store that offers “small things for a prettier life.” Spend the better part of a day just looking at all the lovely works of art or take a class to make one yourself! Check out their website for more information about classes being offered or how to become one of the local artists they feature. Bella Lana – go here for yarn every bit as beautiful as the store that sells it. Bella Lana is a knitter’s paradise, with every knitting accessory you could possibly imagine and classes for beginners.

Of course these are just a few suggestions to get you started. “Nordeast,” as they call it, boasts a plethora of places to go and experience, for those tired of battling the crowds and traffic of Uptown. For more detail... Bella Lana: 21 4th Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414 (612) 331-3330 Gardens of Salonica: 19 5th Street NE, Minnepolis, MN 55413 I Like You: 501 1st Avenue NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413 (612) 208-0249 Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge: 1900 Marshall Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418 The Red Stage Supper Club: 509 1st Avenue NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413 (612) 676-2288 Tugg’s Tavern: 219 SE Main Street, Minneapolis, MN 55414

The September Issue Editorial spread was made beautiful by Heartbreaker, a fashion-forward and affordable apparel retailer!

2934 WEST 66TH STREET RICHFIELD, MINNESOTA 55423 PHONE: 612.869.3327 MONDAY - THURSDAY: 10:00 A.M. - 9:00 P.M. FRIDAY - SATURDAY: 10:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M. SUNDAY: 10:00 A.M. - 9:00 P.M.

fashion &



September Issue Grace Coddington steals the show in this ‘Zine-Scene documentary. by Libby Huber

When school seems lame and the sweatpants worn to lecture hall begin to depress you, head to your Netflix account for some stylish escapism. The September Issue (2009) is a documentary profiling the harsh, hedonistic and hellishly stylish world of Vogue. While the Devil Wears Prada was a not-sodisguised satire of Vogue corporate culture that turned out saccharine sweet, this true glimpse into Vogue’s offices is sharp and irresistible. Many flocked to this movie in an effort to psychoanalyze the Cruella DeVile of New York, Anna Wintour editor-in-chief and Bitch-In-Large of Vogue magazine. However, her tight-lipped interviews and veiled expressions do little to reveal much of her true nature. Regardless, viewing the likes of Galliano, Gaultier, Lagerfeld, Phillip Lim, and Vera Wang speak and work in their studios is a treat for any fashion plate.

Photo Credit:




Finally, perhaps the most interesting, dynamic, emphatic, and truly creative individual profiled throughout the September Issue (designers included) was the lovely Grace Coddington. As Creative Director, Miss Coddington contributes the irreverency and romanticism the magazine is known for. While Wintour’s rigidity and ambition have upheld the Vogue standard, Coddington’s vision has kept it iconic. Anyone at all interested in design, the magazine industry, or just the bizarroo world of haute couture will adore this doc. Four/Five Stars.

Back-To-School Blues Busters Campus Guide by Libby Huber There’s a bittersweet feeling in your throat. You find yourself buying overpriced jeans from stores where fake leaves cover floors of window displays. You need a haircut and suddenly desire to whiten your teeth and buy lots of new pencils- even though you hate writing with anything other than ballpoint. Yeah, it’s September. If you were lucky, you spent your summer at a lake. Preferably in sheer t-shirts reaping free foot exfoliation services from a sandy beach. We all have to head back to courses and back to campus. While school is certainly not a day at the beach, here are three reasons you shouldn’t say “boo” after labor day. One, new clothes; two,

new shoes; and three, the FAB Magazine Back to School Guide. There are lots of fun, thrifty, creative places where you can eat, shop, and play for cheap. This guide is for anyone looking for some new campus haunts to shake up the monotony of another fall semester. The East Bank is to the U of M as Kate Moss was to Calvin Klein campaigns in the nineties. The ubiqiutous face of college life in Minneapolis, East Bank is the cash cow of prospective student advertising. And why shouldn’t it be? It’s the main artery of campus and where most of the activity is centralized. Between TCF Bank stadium and frenetic dinkytown, there is no shortage of things to do. Photographs by Rachel Mosey

k n a B t Eas Looking for somewhere to eat other than Sally’s for the same burger and malt? Bring your friends (or a casual date) to Camdi Vietnamese Bistro (1325 4th Street Southeast. Minneapolis, MN 55414. 612.331.4194. )This small Dinkytown fixture has the best vegan and vegetarian options around. Their sauteed eggplant and basil stir fry is fantastic. This intimate, casual place has great first date appeal. Cozy and unique without the intimidation factor or price shocker. And when it’s this healthy, who has to worry about finishing the whole thing in front of a boy? Just across the street from Camdi, the Loring Pasta Bar (327 14th Avenue Southeast Minneapolis, MN 55414 612.378.4849) offers both awesome interior design and gratis salsa dancing Thursday nights. Bring your UCard to take advantage of their thirty percent discount for students. Almost as important as ID, don’t leave without a trusted opposite-sex dancing partner if you wish to avoid offers from slightly older, more forward men! Sticking around 14th and 4th Street, pop into the Varsity Theater (1308 4th Street Southeast Minneapolis, MN 55414 612.604.0222) on a school night to catch an intimate music performance. One of the most luxe and unique venues in town, the Varsity is high on visual appeal, but perhaps low on acoustic quality. However, this is easily forgotten when you can see a favorite artist on a Wednesday night, and even more so when you can enjoy their super debonair bathroom facilities in between sets.

If the University Rec Center’s staid dress code is getting you down (What? No sleeveless tops on ellipticals?) then try your hand at Core Power Yoga (825 Washington Ave. SE Minneapolis, MINNESOTA 55414p 612.331.3861) They offer membership discounts to students. If you’re unsure whether hot bikram poses in a 105 degree room will be your bag, they do have beginner classes and one week of free yoga upon your first month.

West Bank The arty WEST BANK The intersection of Cedar and Riverside has always had tons of great performance art, cheap eats, and quirky locales. Must be all those theater students at Rarig Center. For whatever the reason, you’ll find plenty of reasons to avoid Wilson library on the weekends. Midwest Mountaineering has been a trusted Minneapolis outdoor outfitter since the seventies. However, if you haven’t gone upstairs to Thrifty Outfitter’s (309 Cedar Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55454-1030 612.339.6290), you’ve sorely missed out. This is where factory overstocks, one-offs, and deeply discounted technical gear from brands like Marmot and Patagonia come to rest. Buying a backpack here ensures two things- one, you’ll be the only one on campus carrying it, and two- you’ll have landed a sweet deal. Perfect. Their fall expo coming up in November is something to check out as well.

The Cedar Cultural Center (416 Cedar Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55454-1033 612.338.2674) offers yet another chance to catch great live music on campus. Walk in to the Cedar in November and you’ll know you’re in Minnesota. Here, hordes of smart, sweatered Midwesterners listen to folk-rock as it snows outside. The student discount on all event tickets is a rare and gratuitous offer all should take advantage of. Photo Courtesy:

The Hub Bicycle Coop (301 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55454-1030 612.238.3592) knows how to treat cyclists right. All matters of maintenance, repairs, and questions are easily remedied in their greasy and caring hands. Underneath their surly exterior, the employees are kind and knowledgeable. The Hub also hosts free women’s rides, one open to all skill levels. If you want to focus on gaining riding skills, traffic confidence, and repair know-how, these Monday and Thursday women- only events are helpful and fun. Avoid rolling up in a Huffy with nubby tires and you will be accepted. For two-dollar hot dogs and a heavy dose of nostalgia and novelty, eat at the Wienery (414 Cedar Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55451033 612.333.5798) for a change of pace. Featured on Diner’s, Drive-in’s and Dives, this place is fun and cheap. Pick from a slew of vienna beef hot dogs with names like the Hairy Brain (mayonnaise, cheese, sauerkraut), Mr. Sunshine (spicy gardiniera, cheese), and the Tasmanian Devil (super spicy chili dog). You won’t be sorry. Vegan or veggie dogs can be substituted, and breakfast is served all day.

Saint paul Finally, The pleasing yet often overlooked SAINT PAUL CAMPUS The slower pace and bucolic streets are a welcome change from East and West’s hustle. Make sure you find yourself here at least once during the spring or early fall. One would be remiss if they missed out on the University of Minnesota’s Department of Horticultural Science Display and Trial Garden on the corner of Gortner and Folwell. Here all of the plants are lovingly tended as well as classified by their Latin names over 120,000 square feet! Relax during midterms by taking a time out near the prairie grasses and flowering shrubs. There is a water pond as well as a path through Mullins woods. For lunch in between design classes, Mim’s Middle Eastern Cafe (1435 Cleveland Ave N. Saint Paul, MN 55108 651.646.0456) is a just convenient walk down Buford. Chicken schwarma is hard to find in the Midwest, but the two men who work here make the best. Stop in often enough and you will become a recognized regular. The village salad and hummus platter are also highly recommended as well as insanely affordable. A recently added patio gave much-needed additional seating last spring. On your way home, make a point to stop in at Succotash (781 Raymond Ave Saint Paul, MN 55114 651. 603.8787) a miniscule vintage shop located just off highway 280. Here, a variety of novel housewares and funky blouses co-mingle with old records and a few kitschy collectibles. The tiny store is perfect for an off-the-cuff purchase or one-of-a-kind apron. The University of Minnesota’s expansive and semi-disjointed campus means plenty of nooks and crannies to explore. Hopefully this guide can energize and entertain throughout a semester-long search for cheap thrills!

What’s Hot, What’s Not (And We’re Not Talking Weather) Do’s and don’ts of fall fashion. by Libby Huber As the venerable Heidi Klum said in all nine fabulous seasons of Project Runway, “In fashion, you’re either in- or you’re out.” While the FAB staff is certainly not claiming to be the same tastemaking and catty triumvirate of Michel Kors, Nina Garcia, or the intimidating Miss Klum, we do consider ourselves sartorial aesthetes of a certain order. Here are five things we are more than happy to say “Auf Wiedersehen!” to this fall.

Photographs by Rachel Mosey

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Contributor Laura Marrinan gives us her personal take on her visit to the famed Alexander McQueen exhibit, straight from NYC. by Laura Marrinan After a 2 hour wait in an anxious line that snaked throughout the entire Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, I entered Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty exhibit to a silently stunned crowd. The moments that followed were filled with McQueen’s most outrageous works and breathtaking displays of innovation and intuition. Including his well-known fashions that feature a rich combination of romanticism and gothic influence, the seven exhibit rooms also displayed natural and primordial approaches to fashion that typically take a backseat to his darker works. The air in each room was filled with music perfectly tailored to reciprocate the feelings behind the garments and, on occasion, clips of memorable moments from McQueen’s fashion shows. The room that stood out amongst the rest for me was the “Cabinet of Curiosities.’ It was filled with the bizarre shoes and headpieces that could have only come from the mind of someone as dexterous and eccentric as McQueen.

A simple white splatter paint dress caught my immediate attention in this room. When I glanced at the shelf above the gown, I caught sight of a video featuring the creation of the dress. When the model stepped onto stage in the Spring/Summer 1999 dress, it was solid white, but as the show proceeded the dress was sprayed with yellow and black paint while the model stood rotating looking vulnerable and eerily unhinged.

The exhibit also included some of McQueen’s most unforgettable quotes as simple reminders of his message along the walls, the infamous shoes from his Atlantis collections, and an intimate look at the holograph of Kate Moss wearing the white ruffled organza dress that brought many people to tears. For me, this exhibit validated how Alexander McQueen’s talent is not only irrefutably one of the most pure and moving in all fashion, it is also talent the world was lucky to witness.

Intern Chic by Stephanie Audette

So you finally landed that internship of your dreams. Now what? If you’re anything like me, one of the first thoughts running through your head (okay, maybe THE first!) was something like “what the heck am I going to wear??” Dressing for that new job isn’t always easy, especially if it’s your first “real” job. But taking your wardrobe from college to corporate doesn’t have to be as complicated as it may seem. Even if you don’t find yourself in a traditional office setting, knowing how to “dress the part” can be a valuable skill to add to that already packed résumé of yours.

Dress to Impress It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Yes, you’ve heard it before, but it’s true. Until you get a really good feel for what everyone else at your work is wearing, it’s always a good idea to play it on the safe side. Good or bad, your attire is one of the first non-verbal messages you send to others. Appearance isn’t everything, but it does count for something, especially when it comes to first impressions. If you show up to a meeting in jeans and you find everyone else is in slacks and a button down, it can really throw off your confidence, even if it is technically “casual Friday.”

Mix & Match Don’t feel like you have to run out to the Limited or Banana Republic to buy yourself a whole new “business casual” wardrobe. In fact, working with what you have is the key to injecting your own personal style into a work outfit. Some of my favorite office-friendKeep your style ly combinations that can transi- …but keep it appropriate tion from summer to fall: I’m not saying you have to dress like you’re in your mid-forties, just don’t forget you’re at work, not a • Summery dress paired with a club. That means pairing a shorter structured blazer (not too short!) hem with flats or • Crisp button down with sleeves a more form-fitting top with widerolled up and tucked into highleg trousers. Have a professional waisted pants mindset when it comes to select• Blousy tank top paired with a ing your work clothes and save colorful cardigan the more risqué ensembles for • Platform heels and a pencil happy hour. skirt

London Fabulistas An interview with FAB President, Rah Riley, on London Street Style

What was a major difference between London and Minneapolis street fashion?

Fearlessness. Street Fashion in London was progressive, collaborative, and unapologetic. Trend colors burst out in jean garments, fabulous hats bobbed through crowds, ensembles deserved attention down to stacked rings and printed socks. Of course there is the same mediocrity in ‘style’ that unfortunately is drowning too many of our own population, but the locations I visited had both subtle and unavoidable, attention-worthy fashion inspiration everywhere. Like the city itself, London fashion was effortlessly confident, beautiful, and individualistic while still being runway trendy.

What was the goal of your UROP project? The goal of my research is to trace the inspiration sources of trends by analyzing street fashion. I traveled to London for a week to do street fashion photography and am now researching a threeyear timeline to find possible traces of the inspiration for current trends.

Explain UROP. The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) is for students to create a proposal for a Creative Activity or Research project and, if approved, get financial support from the University to carry out the project. Though research is typically associated with the Sciences, any major, with some creativity and passion, can develop exciting and relevant research.

What or who inspires our style? Real rock stars from the 70s and 80s inspire my personal style. I am also constantly inspired by lyrical and hiphop dance movements, collaboration, and thrown together ensembles that are edgy and effortless. My tumblr is bursting with variety that, to me, all relate back to the essence of fashion. “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.� - Coco Chanel

Rah Riley

President of FAB: Fashion & Business Major: Professional Journalism with an emphasis in PR and Marketing Minor: Fashion Studies I grew up in an obscenely small town and relocated to the University for the skyline to begin as a pre-graphic design student. I am now a Professional Strategic Communications Journalism major with a minor in Fashion Studies.

I studied street fashion in London and Paris this summer to source the inspiration sources of trends. My personal style conglomerates rock and classic and I am currently directing my career path towards event planning - though, if you would have asked me two yeas ago and six months ago, you would have received different answers. I believe in my own ambition, vanishing boundaries, open minds, authenticity, and capability. I think fashion is internal

and makes up the fiber of our composition and definition. I think the risks we take throw us into a state of uncertainty, vulnerability, and the opportunity to defy conformity. I think an extended inhale will organize the mind. I want to see the subtleties world. I think one day I will look back, and know I was exactly where I wanted to be. I also personify everything, want a cat with a haircut like a lion, and recently drowned my pet plant, Dave, again.

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Friday, October 7th

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