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Impressum Consultancy Picnic is a FabAgit (Christina Kral) initiative commissioned and supported by Several Pursuits (Valeska B端hrer & Pauline Hanson) and was hosted at FIT, freie internationale tankstelle. Illustrations by Kira Kohnen

What is a Consultancy Picnic Consultancy picnic is a thematic picnic and a consultancy session in one. The combination of food with thorough and friendly conversation at a picnic table will establish a temporary platform of liberated thought exchange. Different individuals are encouraged to share their ideas and get sincere and absurd feedback from invited consultants. The set up provides a feeling of openness and intimacy. This picnic will research the possibility to generate new concepts and make fresh associations across disciplines when unlike minded people share the same table. The picnic will encourage the guests as well as the consultants to share and receive, to switch roles, to learn and to teach, to listen and consult. Consultancy Picnic is a tasty and nutritious way to share knowledge.

location FIT, freie international tankstelle

How to Consultancy Picnic FabAgit and Several Pursuits will host and facilitate the Picnic. Our task is to make new guests feel instantly welcome and to help out when conversations get stuck. Each picnic table will be seated with one consultant. Thematic food will be placed on the tables to help facilitate the appetite for exchange. A consultancy tool kit will be available for each consultant to document the sessions and visualize ideas. Consultants will lead an anamnesis to encourage conversation and to find out what will be the subject of the consultancy session. Guests can pick between topics and tables and also try several diffenrent tables during the picnic. The consultancy itself is an open format and can change dynamics throughout the course of the picnic depending on the people sharing one table, the food offered and the grade of intoxication.

Be a Consultant We ask every invited consultant to determine a field of interest - you can either be an expert on this or just always have wanted to talk about that particular subject. Then think of a thematic snack (could be a drink as well) that best matches or accompanies your field of interest and bring it to the picnic. If you need help with the preparation of your snack Several Pursuits and Fabagit are happy to assist. Your thematic snack will be placed with you on your table. You can think of it as a tool to engage guests into a conversation about your snack/theme and break the ice. FabAgit and Several Pursuits will be serving modular snacks to complement the picnic. Consultants will have to be socially skilled and ready for free and open association and be able to listen and ask questions. As a consultant we ask you to be hungry for food and conversation and to be sincerely curious about the visitors at your table. Consultants will share their designated blanket with up to two other consultants. This event will not be documented from the outside apart from a few photographs. We want to secure intimacy and individualize the documentation from within. As a consultant we would like to ask you to capture what you deem capture-worthy in your own ways. Scribbles, illustration, notes, audio, etc. - anything goes as long as you feel comfortable and not intrusive.

Calorie Bombs

Peaches, Basil, Berries, rote Gr端tze, Finger Food

Consultants & Snacks


Jana Blockschokolade, Pro-Yoghurt, Studentenfutter, etc.

Banoffee Pie

Hidden Coconut Pancakes

Everyday Creativity


Homemade Berry Cake

Rezept & Illustration

Rezept & Illustration

Rezept & Illustration

Rezept & Illustration

Rezept & Illustration

Rezept & Illustration


Summer Series 2011 #2 Consultancy Picnic FabAgit & Several Pursuits, Berlin

Consultancy Picnic  

Consultancy picnic is a thematic picnic and a consultancy session in one.The combination of food with thorough and friendly conversation at...

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