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fEbruary 2012 Danielle Crosskill: Much more than a pretty face p.13

Trendspotting: Mixing metals p. 5

Get Shellac’d p.6 21st century skills every manager needs p.7 Valentine’s Day gift guide p.9 Three romantic Valentine’s Day getaways p.10 Finding love online p.18 Better with friends p.20

Editor's Note This is the second anniversary issue of Your Style eZine and in celebration, we have put together an exciting mix of stories for you. February is the month of love and we’re sure that our Intimate Escapes feature will help you plan a getaway that you and your other half are sure to enjoy. We also caught up with Miss Jamaica World 2011 Danielle Crosskill, who spoke with us about all the projects she’s been working on since the competition and let us in on her secrets to keeping slim and trim. We will need all the help we can get, because Pan-Caribbean’s Sigma Corporate Run is coming up later this month and our entire team will be taking part! We have included advice from certified fitness and nutrition coach Meloney Martin and We Got The Runs running group to help you prepare to tackle your health and fitness goals or like us, the impending 5k run.

A fit and healthy you p.21 On The Pulse: News and Culture p.24 Black history, Jamaican history, my history p.25 Postcard from Russia p.26


fashion trendspotting:

Mixing metals r

ules abound about fashion. Don’t mix florals with stripes, black shoes go with everything, don’t mix metals when it comes to jewellery, and the list goes on and on. Over time, many of these traditional rules have been revised or thrown out. You can now mix patterns as long as they are in the same shade and you can certainly mix your metals! “I believe that mixing metals is very doable and stylish, if it is done tastefully. It’s not viewed as a fashion faux pas anymore, evident by the emergence of multi-tonal pieces in many styles and worn by many,” said Kemisha Oates of jewellery store Significant Details, which specialises in stainless steel, titanium, fashion and leather accessories for men and women. Oates advises several ways to mix your metals. Try stacking multitonal or coloured bracelets, necklaces of multiple tones or a twotoned watch.

Stacking bangles of different sizes, textures and metals is a chic look.

“You can also do a chunky necklace and chunky earrings of different metals to make an even bigger statement,” she said. “All the major metals and tones can be mixed - gold, silver, copper, bronze, stainless steel, haematite… It should, however, be kept at a minimum if one is trying to obtain that chic, polished, demure type of look.”

Wood and mixed metal dangle earrings

Rose and yellow gold, silver and gunmetal bangles

Gunmetal, gold, silver and rose gold stacking rings Snake chain and gold link bracelet

Your Style eZine



Get Shellac’d


t’s time to bid farewell to embarrassing chipped nails and say hello to a super new formula that stays perfect for weeks. With so many women across the world complaining about smudged and cracked nails, renowned nail care product manufacturers Creative Nail Designs, has released a revolutionary product that lasts for 14 days! Often referred to as a ‘super polish’ because of its unbelievable staying power, Shellac nail polish offers a great alternative to acrylic. According to nail technician Racquel Leslie, it’s applied directly to your natural nail and works best when the Shellac base coat, polish and topcoat are used together. It requires a special UV lamp to dry, after which 99 per cent alcohol is applied to the nail to remove the sticky film associated with the polish. If done properly, Shellac nails will come out shiny and smooth.

Leslie, who has been doing Shellac nails since last June, said many clients are moving towards this trend because it causes no damage to the nail, doesn’t stain and is quick and easy. “It’s more expensive to buy, since there are no suppliers in Jamaica so you have to get it from overseas,” she said. She advises that it’s well worth the cost because apart from the obvious value for money, Shellac nails don’t prevent you from carrying out everyday chores. In fact, the creators encourage you to stick to your schedule. “Go ahead and wash your dishes, wash your clothes, everything you usually do,” said Leslie. Shellac nail polish comes in over 24 exciting colours. If you would like to get ‘Shellac’d’ contact Racquel Leslie at 899-1256.

Your Style eZine



Contributed by Meisha-Gay Mattis

21st century skills every manager needs O

rganisational structure has changed dramatically over the past century, becoming more collaborative and less hierarchical. Today’s office is filled with more distractions than ever, but employees still have to find a way to remain focused and get the job done. According to studies in cross-cultural networking and the science of attention, which focuses on the ability to concentrate despite digital distractions, managers need to develop specific skills to adapt to this new work environment. Here are the three skills they came up with: Cultural code-switching As we get older, we realise that people from different cultures have varying values and beliefs and the same holds true for any organisation you become a part of. Due to globalisation, the world is not as big as it once was. An employee in Jamaica can come from as far away as Timbuktu in Africa, hence she might not necessarily be motivated in the same way as her local counterpart. In short, today’s manager has to have what is referred to as ‘the global mind-set’, which incorporates the appreciation of diversity and the ability to manage an international work force. According to Mansour Javidan of the Thunderbird School of Global Management, this process is referred to as “cultural code-switching”, which is the ability of an individual to adapt his or her behaviour to fit the demands of different cultures. Managers have to develop the capacity to manage the psychological challenges that arise when their culture clashes with that of their team members and be able to adjust their behaviour.

Efficient and effective use of online networks is crucial to company success as organisational structures become less hierarchical. According to Thomas Davenport and Bala Iyer, authors of Reverse Engineering: Google’s Innovation Machine, many managers are very good at using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites to build a personal network, but less so at using these tools to the benefit of their organisation. In the virtual world, managers can build a reputation for their companies, but they must ensure that the messages sent in the real world are consistent with those in the virtual sphere. Internal social networking is also a good way to know what your team members are thinking as well as to share resource. Yammer is one such example. Dividing attention There are so many things screaming for your attention: conference calls, emails, reports, Skype conversations and responding to your team members, among other things. As much as these are all part of your tasks as a manager, it can be difficult determining which is more important and which to tackle first. According to science of attention expert Cathy Davidson, the average person has significantly increased the time spent online from 2.7 hours a week online to 18 hours during the last decade. The computer keeps us connected, so finding a way to manage all these distractions is key. You can’t blame technology for not being able to stay on top of things. Focus on your main tasks and learn how to get back to the job at hand after interruptions.

Your Style eZine


Valentine’s Special

Valentine’s Day GIFT GUIDE Give your guy the gift he will really appreciate this Valentine’s Day. Can’t decide what to get the guy that has everything?


FOR THE STYLE ACE: Many men do not do jewellery, but if your guy is as fashion forward as you are, then he will be able to appreciate these bracelets. They are made from sailing paracord and a sailing clip. Simple but stylish. JLK Nautical Clip Bracelets US$28

FOR THE TECHIE: This little wonder will ensure all your guy’s gadgets are charged when he is away from power for longer than a couple hours. The aluminum and steel construction ensure that it can handle the rough roads to be travelled. Morphie Juice Pack Powerstation Pro US$100


FOR THE DRINKER: Some tequilas are better savoured sip by sip and this is the case for Peligroso Anejo Tequila which is aged for 12 to 18 months to ensure a smooth, not the run-of-the-mill tequila. Peligroso Anejo Tequila US$60

FT80 Heart Rate Monitor. It offers more features than your average heart rate monitor such as personal training programmes, condition monitor. Polar FT80 Heart Rate Monitor US$219 Your Style eZine


Valentine’s Special

Intimate escapes



very year Valentine’s Day rolls around and it becomes another guessing game of what to do. Many couples revert to the old dinner and a movie scenario but in truth, there are many ways to spice up the old routine. Do not be afraid to take the reigns this Valentine’s Day and plan something out of the ordinary. After being in a relationship for a long time, the fun and excitement of new love has quite possibly long dwindled. The truth is that people become so complacent in their relationships that new and exciting is no longer at the top of their lists. Work at making what’s old new again and getting back to the feeling of butterflies in your stomach and the exhilaration that most of us feel in the early stages of a relationship.

Jamaica is home to some of the most beautiful and romantic spots in the world. Take advantage of it! There are many options for couples deciding to get away for this special occasion. While many love the option of the all-inclusive hotel, most do not offer a quiet and intimate setting for a lovers’ getaway. The smaller boutique hotels have the amenities and ambience tailored to couples looking for a romantic experience. So spend this special time with your loved one getting a couple’s massage on the cliffs overlooking the ocean or wading in your private infinity pool. The short escape will not only help you forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life but will also provide memories that will last a lifetime.


This beachfront property has been ranked one of Jamaica’s top hotels for over 50 years. The hotel offers a range of suites, some of which feature private infinity edge pools or peninsula beaches. Couples can indulge in massages together at the KiYara Spa or request a private table on the beach.

Your Style eZine



These thatch-roofed villas sit on the cliffs of Negril’s West End. Guests can enjoy the lush tropical gardens spread over eight acres, swim in the horizon pool or take stairs down to the sea to snorkel the reefs. Couples can enjoy a cliff edge massage or choose to relax at the garden spa where duo offerings are available for couples to enjoy together.


This lush mountain retreat can be found 3000 feet up in the Blue Mountains where 12 19th century Georgian style cottages are spread amongst the property’s 48 acres. The Aveda Spa offers a full range of spa services as well as yoga and other outdoor activities. Take a plunge in the infinity edge pool and take in a panoramic view of Kingston.

Your Style eZine


Cover Story

Danielle Crosskill

Much more than a pretty face By Kristina Kerr Photographs by Warren Buckle Makeup by Kimberly Patterson

r eigning Miss Jamaica World Danielle Crosskill sat

in the make-up chair sipping her coffee while she was being done up for Your Style TV’s debut episode.This all seemed to run like clockwork for her. After all, since winning the crown last September, Crosskill has completed more than her fair share of public appearances and photo shoots.

Dress: BCBG Max Azria Provided by: Soho Boutique

Top and bottom: Crosskill with kids at the Sandals Foundation’s Read-a-thon

Sagicor Life Jamaica’s President and CEO, Richard Byles with Crosskill at the company’s annual Blast Off event.

During the days she is busy working in the far less glamorous chemical industry at Carichem Products ltd. But being that it is also the family business, the job also provides the 26-year-old Crosskill enough flexibility to meet the obligations of being Miss Jamaica World. “It’s so much better to be busy because you structure your life to accommodate everything. It all comes down to good time management.”

“It’s so much better to be busy because you structure your life to accommodate everything. It all comes down to good time management.”

Since graduating from the University of West Indies in 2007 with a degree in International Relations, she has been doing her part at Carichem but admitted that her time has been stretched thin in recent months. However, support from her family has allowed her to maintain a balance between work life and all that surrounds her title. Being Miss Jamaica World means that everyone wants a piece of you, with various organisations approaching her to partner with on an array of projects. “I welcome these opportunities because the competition has given me a platform to execute a lot of the things that

I am passionate about,” she said, making special mention of her work with the Sandals Foundation, where she visited an inner city community centre in Flankers, Montego Bay. The trip was an immense success especially considering her interest in early childhood education.

“I was able to spend some time with the kids and we had a number of activities planned for them. They took part in reading competitions and there were lots of giveaways,” she said. “It meant a great deal to me to be able to be a part of that initiative.” Most recently, Crosskill participated in Sagicor Life Jamaica’s Blast Off, an annual event that aims to inspire and motivate the company’s employees to increase productivity throughout the year. This year’s event paid homage to Jamaica’s 50th year of independence and involved a number of cultural performances ending with a parade. For those lucky enough to be at the event, they would have seen Crosskill end the parade sitting in a vintage convertible outfitted in a traditional Jamaican folk dress. Your Style eZine 14

An amateur artist, Crosskill said her most exciting project thus far has been with the Kingston-based charity, Animal House, where she donated a piece of her artwork to be auctioned. “My piece went for $35,000. It was the first piece of my artwork that I’ve ever sold, so that was pretty exciting,” she acknowledged. Although it has been a hobby for years, she doesn’t rule out the possibility of it becoming something more in the future. Until then, the former Campion College student is advocating that art become an important part of early childhood education. “There is no structured art curriculum in primary schools. Math and English are important but it doesn’t stop there,” Crosskill shared, while mentioning that she is looking to partner with the Crayon Count initiative to collect art supplies in hopes of introducing art programs into inner city schools. In between all her other commitments, the busy beauty has been finding time to work on her own pageant project to be held in March in aid of the Glenhope Nursery. “I have a longstanding relationship with the home and have gotten to know the kids very well. Now that I have this platform, I want to give back to them,” she said. “There is great need at Glenhope and I know that I cannot tackle everything at once, but the home needs a new roof and I want that to be what we work towards for this fundraiser.” Silk tank, bandage skirt by BCBG Max Azria. Provided by: Soho Boutique

Your Style eZine 15

“It certainly is a lifestyle change – working out and eating right. It’s important to take care of your body. There has to be balance in work life, personal life as well as with food and exercise.”

It would be hard to think she has time for anything else in her busy schedule but Crosskill’s physique shows the benefits of her hard work in the gym. “I am definitely big on fitness and maintaining a healthy diet,” she said. A certain amount of training was required of all the pageant contestants and after winning the crown she continued to put in her time for the final preparation before the Miss World competition. Nowadays, her fitness routine isn’t about preparation or pageant requirements, but she has incorporated these healthy habits into her everyday routine.

Crosskill will have a full schedule until she hands over the crown to her successor later this year, and hopefully will have the opportunity to mentor future winners just as she was by those before her. Look out for Crosskill in Your Style TV’s debut episode on February 15, exclusively on advertisment

“It certainly is a lifestyle change – working out and eating right. It’s important to take care of your body. There has to be balance in work life, personal life as well as with food and exercise,” Crosskill said. This is the reason her workouts four to five times a week are welcomed distractions from her busy days. These workouts will definitely benefit her when she takes part in the Sigma Corporate Run in mid-February. This will be Crosskill’s first year participating and she is excited about being part of this initiative. “The Sigma Run is for a great cause. I am happy that the Bustamante Hospital for Children gets great support every year. I am always in for helping organisations with children’s causes.”

Your Style eZine 16





Social networks are great for many things – catching up with long-lost friends, keeping up-to-date with worldwide happenings, planning revolutions (the Arab Spring comes to mind) and quite often, connecting with a really great guy you wouldn’t have ever come across otherwise. We sometimes hear many horror stories about online dating, but every now and then, digital Cupid gets it right, like he did for these two ladies who were brave enough to give internet love a chance. Kathrina Singh*, 27

So intense was his stare, so magical was his touch, I was in heaven! I was wrapped in the arms of a man who treated me like a queen. I was enthralled in our relationship. After all, who would have thought such bliss could ever evolve from two strangers meeting online? Facebook is a networking site for me and it continues to allow me to meet persons who are directly linked to my field. I don’t remember what propelled Phil* to add me, but he did. We had the moments of saying quick hellos to each other on Facebook Chat, which became a means of us gradually learning a little more about each other. Mind you, he was initially secretive and guarded about himself. I got the basic information, you know: country, age, job, etc. We exchanged numbers (on a business basis, of course!), but the more we spoke about every-and-anything was the more our ‘relationship’ evolved. I was hesitant to share this experience with my close friends as I don’t think they could ever appreciate that I was intimately attracted to someone I had never met, and worse, someone who I found on the net! That wasn’t a deterrent. In retrospect, it motivated me to explore where this ‘relationship’ could go. And explore we did! It wasn’t easy due to distance, but we made it work. He was not fond of being in two different countries, but with a little persuasion, constant communication and close to frequent trips, we made it work. We quickly realised that our relationship was worth the sacrifice, determination

and effort. We were both shy on our first official meeting. I think it was the most I’ve ever blushed! But that anxiety soon subsided as we eased into our usual conversations, making each other laugh and just getting familiar with enjoying each other’s physical presence. On that particular trip, we spent literally every moment together. My parents welcomed him and his did the same for me. We enjoyed a year and a half long relationship. Our decision to end it was purely because distance was the ultimate problem and travelling had become more difficult than before. We may not have the title ‘relationship’, but the fondness, the friendship and the love still endures. If anyone asked me whether I would try online dating again, I’d say yes in a heartbeat. Please don’t think I am being too optimistic. I am aware that with any form of interaction, there can and will be problems. There is no guarantee for success in the relationship. But my online experience has taught me the value of interacting more with the person without the physical aspect being involved. This allows for more open conversations about each other and topics that are mutually interesting. And the first meeting is never awkward; you just build on that friendship you have developed! Yes, I hear you muttering to me the dangers of online dating, but come on, I think we know how to protect our personal information, how to meet in safe spaces. Don’t let fear get in the way of a new form of dating! *Names changed Your Style eZine



Keisha Brown*, 25

My first online relationship started in 2007. I was just graduating from UWI and my college romance had ended. I was on Myspace and this guy kept posting on my wall and sending me messages. We have mutual friends, so they kept telling me to talk to him and give him a chance, so I responded to his messages and we began to communicate through Myspace.

and she saw my number repeatedly and wanted to know what was up. But he and I remained friends after he found out that I knew what was happening, so I got two good friends from the experience. Thinking back, I have to laugh, but the long distance thing helped me because before, I was the clingy-have-to-bearound-the-person-constantly-needy-girl. I became independent, as cliché as it sounds. And I got better at phone sex!

Our ‘romance’ was strictly online. We ‘ended’ before we got a chance to meet. It lasted for seven months. It was good in the beginning but expensive because I had to get on like all the international [phone] plans, so I was walking around with three phones.

I think online dating is a great platform and I did do it again, in some sense, because I connected with my present boyfriend who I’ve been with for three years online. Even though I knew him in passing, it was through Facebook that he actually spoke to me. He is the love of my life!

I think the entire experience was awesome. I wasn’t looking for anything serious and I honestly didn’t think we would have got really serious. We were planning a trip but he couldn’t get off from work at the time when we wanted the trip, and I couldn’t travel at that time.

I knew him from camp days but we never spoke or anything before. I was on MSN messing around when I accidentally merged my Messenger with my Facebook, so I had all my Facebook friends on my Messenger – that was over 1,000 folks, so I had to be going through and deleting everybody! He actually messaged me to ask who I was and I told him the problem and he said I shouldn’t delete him and the rest is history. We live together right now and we hope to reach there (marriage). We are a team. He said he always liked me from back then but was shy because he thought I’d embarrass him.

But it was full of drama because his chicks in New York found out about me. To be honest, his main chick and I became good friends up to this day. He was a player and I found out as the relationship progressed. Myspace has this feature where you can place people on your page in order of importance. On his, he had mostly his family and some of his friends; then all of a sudden I appeared on it, so I got messages from his girls asking me things and then they started posting pictures of themselves in his shirt and in his room – to make me feel bad, I guess. His main chick called me because she was the one paying his bill

I’d recommend online dating to anyone. Just do your research and be careful. *Name changed Your Style eZine


Health & fitness

by Tracey-Ann Wisdom

Better with friends

Several members of We Got the Runs after participating in Training Camp’s 5k.


f you’ve participated in any major running events since last November, you might have noticed a group of young people clad in red t-shirts bearing the hilarious name We Got the Runs.The group, now 40 members strong, has participated in six races since being formed by three friends last year. friends,” said Andrew Walcott, one of the founding trio. Affriends, decided on the show-stopping name, got some t-shirts and the rest is history. Whether you are a seasoned runner or a beginner (or just thinking about it), you can adopt the same principle of ‘the more the merrier’ to help boost your training regime and improve your results. According to online diet journal , exercising with a group can help you “track your progress, maintain your efforts toward your ultimate goals, and have a lot more fun as you train than you would if you exercised by yourself.” You and your running partners can help to motivate and support each other as you share the experience. For instance, if you are falling behind or giving up, the others can rally around to cheer you on. Motivation also comes in the form of friendly competition as you try to outdo each other.

compete against each other and try to get better times,” Walcott said. Just remember not to get so competitive that ill feelings develop. ‘fun’, but you and your group members can still enjoy yourselves. We Got the Runs sparks interest at each event, from race participants laughing at the name to others asking to join the group. Although Walcott said most members train on their own and then meet up at the races, they always have fun unwinding afterwards. Members communicate mainly through their Facebook group, which is open to the public so others can join and see what’s on the agenda. We Got the Runs is currently training for the upcoming Sigma Corporate Run, the High Mountain Coffee 10k and the Jakes Triathlon, all in preparation for the Reggae Marathon in December. And in case you need any more motivation to get going, Walcott had this to say: “Running improves your health generally and since I’ve been running, I’ve found that I am able to deal with stress a lot better and I concentrate better.”

Your Style eZine


a & healthy you


anCaribbean Sigma Corporate Run is nearing and there is no better time to choose to make healthy life changes.

tant to understand that healthy eating habits are vital to your Whether it’s a new year’s resolution or for overall health reasons, taking charge of your health is a key step in achieving your goals. Living a healthy life means breaking bad eating plements your lifestyle. The biggest mistake many people make when deciding on changes is that they are unrealistic.They choose a diet that is extreme and only sustainable for a period of time. There is no need to turn your life upside down overnight, but working in small changes will make the difference in helping you develop good habits.

your diet by making adjustments in quantity or the way in which they are prepared. So if you love fried chicken then substitute regular breadcrumbs with whole-wheat and bake in the oven. Changes like these can reduce the calories and fat of the dishes you love and still be delicious. For years people believed that eating one big meal a day would help them to achieve their weight loss goals, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Studies have shown that eating smaller meals more frefor weight loss and maintenance. Start snacking! You should be eating every two to three hours. In between major meals, include snacks such as raw nuts or fruit. Never skip meals because you will be prone to overeating.

Once you can make these adjustments to your lifestyle and stick to them, you will be well on You can contact her at 579-6222 or your way to a healthier you. Remember to plan ahead to ensure you don’t make the wrong food choices. Include the foods that you love because if you like what you are eating then you will stick to your plan. Martin, planning meals is an important way to create healthy Lastly, don’t skip meals because it’s hurting you more than it’s habits. On a Saturday or a Sunday, try to plan all your meals for helping you. Keep track of your progress because you have to the week (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks), check what you know where you are coming from to know where you are going. have on hand and then make a list for the grocery store. PlanThis doesn’t mean stepping on the scale every day, but notice ning ahead helps to prevent you from making bad meal choices. small changes such as the extra room in your jeans or being able Once you have a good grasp on eating the right foods in the to run a mile without getting winded. Apply all or some of these right proportions, then it will be easier for you when you eat to your life and you will notice big changes not only in how you out or on the go. look but how you feel. Eating healthy might take some getting used to, but it does not mean eating boring! You can incorporate foods you love into

RUNNING THE 5K? MELONEY’S TIPS & TRICKS er you will be running or walking. As long as you have a small breakfast, your body will be able to complete the task, since you already have stores of glycogen to use as energy.

fore your event. You can have sports drinks and or water along the way; even if you don’t feel like it you should have a sip. After loupe to rehydrate.

or any other event that will have you in the sun for longer than the distance you will be doing and practice at least a few weeks before the event. It is also very important to ensure that you are adequately hydrated, therefore, preventing any injuries that can occur if you are not prepared.

should be broken in. that means, you shouldn’t purchase new shoes right before the event. Walking or running sneakers are best. Wear a cap, and use sun block to prevent sunburn. Lastly, do not push yourself beyond what your body isn’t capable of. If you feel faint, just slow down and work at your own pace. Your Style eZine


A fit & healthy you To start you off on your journey to a healthy lifestyle, we’ve included a sample menu and various food items to include in your diet and those to avoid like the plague.


to process all at once)


Your Style eZine


News & Culture

by Keresa Arnold

On the pulse

Aloun Assamba

ALOUN ASSAMBA IS NEW HIGH COMMISSIONER TO THE UK Former tourism minister Aloun Assamba will replace Anthony Johnson as Jamaica’s high commissioner to London. Assamba, who held a number of ministerial positions in parliament between the years 2002 and 2007, is scheduled to take up the post in April. CARNIVAL AGAIN! Jamaica yet, but our Trinidadian neighbours are gearing up for a grand time of ‘palancing’ on February 20 and 21. Here in Jamaica, get ready for the start of bacchanal season, which begins this month with a schedule of events in April. Soca lovers rushed to get their hands on costumes as soon as they were unveiled on Saturday January 28 at the National Stadium, Bacchanal Jamaica’s new home.

Photo courtesy of

TALKING TREES LITERARY FEST If you’re still sad about the cancellation of Calabash Literary Festival, then you should cheer up at the announcement of the second staging of Talking Trees Literary Fest, which will be held on February 25 at the Two Season Guest House in Treasure Beach, St Elizabeth. The festival will be headlined by famed playwright Aston Cooke and will also feature Michael Abrahams and Fabian Thomas, with a special panel discussion on writing for children. AT THE MOVIES: IRON LADY It’s Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher in a role that got her a 17th Academy Award nomination. Can it get any better? In Iron Lady Meryl Streep brings to life on the big screen the indomitable former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. It’s the story of a woman who shattered the glass spect in a male-dominated society. The movie charts her rise to power and the price she paid for success.

Your Style eZine


by Keresa Arnold

black history, Jamaican history, my history


et’s get one thing clear. Any celebration of Black History ered’ the Americas. You can’t discover something that existed

Also, while it is always good to use one month to bring attention to a particular issue, Black History for us is ongoing. We are constantly being faced with issues that stem from our

non-native to venture here, that too, is not particularly true. Firstly, Columbus didn’t even know he had accidentally sailed to the Caribbean. Also, evidence shows that there were Africans here way before he ever stepped foot on the Pinta, Niña, Santa María or any other dingy sea vessel he convinced Queen Isabella to lend him for his exploitations. And that’s the real issue.

progress we’ve made.The offensive titles we place on each other and how we address our brothers and sisters is a testament

To truly celebrate Black History Month we would have to take an honest look at our history, culture and the present idiosyncrasies that keep us tied to a system of beliefs that stagnate instead of push us forward as a people. Honesty is what we need.While it’s good to highlight the contributions of American greats such as Martin Luther King, Jr, Malcolm X, and Rosa Parks to black people everywhere, it is important that we recognise the history of those individuals isn’t necessarily the black history of Jamaica. Yes, there may have been intersects and some

in order to put a stop to the resulting bleaching syndrome that plagues so many of our countrymen. To truly understand black history within the Jamaican context, we should begin by encouraging an appreciation of the strides made here and where we Jamaicans intend to go. We must understand that the colour of our skin is a badge of honour and not shame. That’s what black history means to me. The struggles and spirit of our ancestors, the indomitable will of our heroes, and the everyday steps we take towards acceptance, dismissing years of abuse which planted in our minds the idea that we are not good enough as a people.

to acknowledge our own journey to freedom and self-acceptance. And I’m not talking about the dated documentaries that have been played and replayed on local TV since the devil was a boy. No. It is time that we focus on the present realities and highlight the ‘black’ issues that we are now facing as a country.

girl”, “anything too black nuh good” and “too black” – these all give a clear picture of the mentality that still exists.

Black history is pride; it is the understanding that my black skin is beautiful and it represents me. Your Style eZine



Contributed by Joelle Salkey

from russia,

with cold Scenes from St Petersburg


very year the Russian government gives out scholarships with the help of the Ministry of Finance to help Jamaicans study their desired nally saving to go to Prague (their architecture and preservation of their artistic culture drove me mad- I had to see it), but I found the Russian scholarship online and applied and here I am. is located close by, so this is almost art heaven! I’ve been in Russia for three months. I came at the end of October, so I missed about two months of classes. I’m studying museology and conservation of cultural and natural heritage sites. The group of us who won the scholarships got word about them quite late so the planning was a bit rushed! What’s the best thing about Russia? The art! I’m a student here; that means I can get into museums cheaply and they are everywhere! Every weekend I can travel and cheap transport system. I love that! people are not always so patient. The language is a killer. And the weather... But that one’s a given. St Petersburg is in the north, so naturally it is freezing. I plan to return to Jamaica as soon as possible. I miss the warmth so much. Not just the weather but from the people – here it’s simply too cold to stand outside and laugh and chat with friends. But this place treasures their artistic heritage so much. It would be awesome if I could bring some of that pride home to help our artistic and cultural heritage bloom like it should.

Your Style eZine


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February 2012

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