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Plan for the weekend, but also check out the novel and exciting happenings that took place on these days in history. If you have any interesting factoids of your own, share them with us by tweeting @thewkndr #wkndhstry.

Jackson 5 makes first appearance on Ed Sullivan show December 14, 1969 The sensational Jackson 5 made their TV debut on the hit variety programme the Ed Sullivan Show. It marked the first time the world would witness the future King of Pop, 10-year-old Michael Jackson, in action. At the end of their set, Sullivan was awed by Michael’s enormous talent and clearly took a liking to him, stating, “The little fella in front is incredible.”

Schindler’s List opens, wins Spielberg his first Oscar December 15, 1993 Based on the 1982 novel Schindler’s Ark, Schindler’s List tells the true story of Oskar Schindler, a German businessman who saved the lives of more than one thousand Polish Jews during the Holocaust by employing them in his factories. It gave legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg his first two Oscars for Best Director and Best Picture. Spielberg considers it the most important movie he’s ever made.

Boston Tea Party December 16, 1773 When a group of Massachusetts colonists disguised as Mohawk Indians boarded three British tea ships docked in the Boston Harbor and dumped 342 chests of tea overboard, it became known as the Boston Tea Party. The midnight raid was in protest of the British Parliament’s Tea Act of 1773, which created a monopoly on the American tea Trade by lowering its tax. The tossed tea was valued at £9,659 (more than US$1.7 million today).

Hidden gem

uncommon experience


hristmas is almost here and with it usually comes a barrage of Christmas fairs and festivals. Conversation Piece offers a Christmas shopping event with a difference. Instead of facing crowds and going to fairs with the same old arts and crafts items, Conversation Piece has hand picked a selection of artists and designers to provide a curated retail shopping experience just for you. Conversation Piece is the brainchild of Stephanie Campbell and Aisha Panton, whose passion for ‘uncommon experiences’ led them to create this unique shopping event. The first edition was held last December. Featuring work from Topp In Designz

Ltd, Baughaus Design Studio and Ayanna Dixon among others, this event highlights emerging and classic local artists whose work stands out from the norm. Their 2012 lookbook gives you a peek into the wonderful work you can expect to find for sale. With a wide range of products, from household items to swimsuits, you’ll be able to find items for yourself and gifts for all your loved ones. Come out to Conversation Piece this Sunday, December 16, 2012 from 10am until 8pm at Spanish Court Hotel.

The Cooking Experience The Holiday Edition


ooking to impress this holiday season? How about preparing a great home cooked meal? So what if you don’t really know how to cook? That’s where Windsor Ridge comes in handy, with its Cooking Experience classes. Join Chef Theo Smith of Greathouse Caterers as he teaches you to prepare a variety of foods, including honey ginger chicken and pineapple stuffed chicken, among others. There will be four sessions in the evening, with demonstrations by the chef in between. Each session lasts approximately 50 minutes and ingredients are provided by the organisers. The instructional, hands-on culinary lesson is great for those just learning to cook, those who enjoy cooking and those looking to improve their repertoire.

Windsor Ridge has combined the love of food, friends and a relaxed atmosphere with this event, which is open to anyone. If you can’t make it to this week’s event, exclusive Cooking Experiences can be arranged, or look out for the next event being held in February. The Cooking Experience will be held at Sadie’s Garden, 9 Crawford Ave, Acadia on Sunday, December 16 from 2pm-7pm. Cocktails start at 2pm and the first session begins at 2:30pm. Cost: $1,000 (spectator); $2,000 (participant); $3,600 (couple). Spectators, feel free to drop in but for those interested in participating, reservations close Saturday, December 15 at 10am; so email to save your space.


Leila Lopes Full Name Leila Luliana da Costa Vieira Lopes Childhood nickname Ant Age 26 Titles Miss Angola Universe 2010, Miss Universe 2011, UN Drylands Ambassador Favourite things to do on a weekend Reading and spending time with family and friends Plan after Miss Universe Finish her degree in Business Management and pursue her dream of opening a cosmetics company in Angola Words to live by Alone, I can’t change the world, but I am sure I can help.

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en on one of myI This shot was tak Fadil Berisha. th wi s oot sh photo him, his photo love working wisthex citing and he’s shoots are alway grapher! oto ph e nic a such

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hen she became the first Angolan woman to win the title of Miss Universe on September 12, 2011, the world fell in love with Leila Lopes. During her reign, she has used her title to champion various causes including HIV/AIDS prevention and was named Drylands Ambassador by the United Nations to raise awareness of land degradation and desertification, which affects not only her country but also the entire continent of Africa. On Wednesday, she will end her reign as the longest serving Miss Universe in history (460 days) and pass on the title to a new queen in the 60-year-old pageant.

ool ldren. While on a sch I love music and chigot a chance to play the I , t visit in Guyana ow how to play it, bu steel pans. I don’t kn lot of fun! a d ha I it ed, tri I when

place. I’d also love to go to back to Jamaica. I went to Montego Bay for New Year’s last year and for the crowning of Miss Universe Jamaica earlier this year and I loved it.

What did you enjoy most about your weekend in Jamaica? The parties (laughs). Jamaicans have a different way of partying; it’s amazing. And then I went to the beach as well. It was good; I really had a great time in Jamaica, that’s why I want to go back.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a weekend? You’ve travelled a lot as Miss Universe. Where would you most like to spend a weekend and why? I’d like to go to Bali in Indonesia. I’ve been to five cities in Indonesia, except there. Everyone says it’s an amazing

It depends. In New York, I go to watch movies with my friends and sometimes we just get together at my friend’s house; we cook, watch TV, gossip (laughs). When I’m home, I go to the beach. Most of the time it’s beach, parties and movies.

What is your favourite weekend chill spot? In Angola, in the afternoon, there’s the beach and in the evening, it’s karaoke and a little bit of dancing. In New York, there’s a Brazilian place where you can dance samba in Brooklyn. I love it.

What are your weekend must-haves? Really nice food and rest, to be ready for the week.

Where did you spend your most memorable weekend? In my hometown (Benguela, Angola), I went to the beach on a boat-ride; it was beautiful. I could see the three different beaches in one day. I was with my family; it was really fun.

What have your weekends been like since winning the crown? Most of the time travelling and working, like going to events and after parties.

f of the perks o e n O ! n io h s fa ve n I absolutely lo ng great fashio ti e e m is e s r e iv nI being Miss Un I met him whe i. ll a v a C to r e b Ro eek. designers like ork Fashion w Y w e N r fo y a nw walked the ru

How will your weekend activities change once you have handed over the crown? I think I’ll have the chance to do what I used to do, like go to the beach, staying with family, friends, parties. I’ll have more time to enjoy the weekend.

Photo credit to the Miss Universe Organisation.

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@Ms_becky88 Christmas treat in the a.m. w/ the #Kiwanians...highlight of #mywknd @rikipooh En route to the New Mas Camp for @BachannalJa Band Launch Fete! @theWkndr #mywknd !!! @LonelyScrapper Come one come all to National Gallery @natgalleryja Biennial opens today at 11am the art is PHENOMENAL #mywknd #Kingston @nats_palo Bed, robe & night mask #mywknd @Misha_Rei #mywknd church, shopping, preparing fir another week of work, youtube vids and sappy xmas movies

wknd movies

saturday To the Limit Circuit and Drag Racing Old Hope, Little London, Westmoreland 10am ADM: $500

FRIDAY Evolution of Japanese Manga and its Characteristics JAMPRO Business Auditorium 10am-12noon ADM: Free Wine and Roses Pantry Playhouse 8pm ADM: $1,400 Courthouse Drama Olympia Crown Hotel 8:30pm ADM: $1,200 Scandal Stages Theatre 8:30pm ADM: $1,400

Celebrity Children’s Reading with Paula-Anne Porter Jones Bookophilia, 92 Hope Rd 11am-12noon ADM: Bring the kids! Part proceeds from children’s book sales donated to charity MET Opera Live: Verdi’s Aida Carib 5 12:55pm ADM: $2,000 (regular seats); $2,500 (box seats) Curly-Centric End of Year Meet Up Hope Gardens 2pm ADM: Wear comfy clothes to do yoga Norman Manley Law School Students Association presents Silk 2012: Undue Influence Philip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts 7pm ADM: $1,600

Red Dawn (A-18) Carib 5 5:10pm and 8:40pm Palace Cineplex 5:40pm and 8:40pm Palace Multiplex 6:15pm and 9:15pm Odeon Cineplex 5:30pm and 8:30pm

Odeon Cineplex 8:20pm (additional 5:20pm showing on Friday)

Lincoln (A-16) Carib 5 4:40pm Palace Cineplex 5:30pm Palace Multiplex 9:10pm

Tinkerbell: Secret of the Wings in 3D (U) Palace Cineplex (2:50pm showing on Saturday and Sunday only)

Silver Linings Playbook (A-18) Carib 5 8:30pm The Man with the Iron Fists (A-18) Carib 5 8:30pm Palace Multiplex 6pm (on Friday only) Life of Pi in 3D (PG-13) Carib 5 4:45pm Palace Multiplex 6pm The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (A-16) Carib 5 5pm and 8:35pm Palace Cineplex 8:45pm Palace Multiplex 6pm and 9pm

Skyfall (A-16) Carib 5 4:45pm and 8:30pm Palace Multiplex 9pm

Rise of the Guardians in 3D (PG-13) Palace Cineplex 2:45pm (on Saturday and Sunday only) Palace Multiplex 6:10pm (on Saturday and Sunday only) Rise of the Guardians (PG-13) Odeon Cineplex 5:20pm (on Sunday only) Hotel Transylvania (U) Odeon Cineplex 5:20pm (on Saturday

Soca Vs Dancehall Devonshire, Devon House 8pm-2am ADM: Presold - $2,300 (ladies); $2,700 (men); gate - $2,800 (ladies); $3,200 (men)

sunday Conversation Piece- Holiday Edition Spanish Court Hotel 10am-8pm ADM: FREE Market at the Lawn North Lawn, Devon House 10am-6pm ADM: Free To the Limit Circuit & Drag Racing Old Hope, Little London, Westmoreland. 10am ADM: $1,500 (regular); $2,500 (pit pass) MET Opera Encore: Verdi’s Un Ballo in Maschera Palace Cineplex (Sovereign Centre), Palace Multiplex (Montego Bay), Odeon Cineplex (Mandeville) 11:30am ADM: $1,200 (children, students, senior citizens- regular seats); $1,600 (regular); $2,000 (box)

Norman Manley Law School Students Association presents Silk 2012: Undue Influence Philip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts 5pm ADM: $1,400 NDTC’s Young Choreographers’ Showcase NDTC Studios, Little Theatre Complex 6:30pm ADM: $300 (presold); $500 (at the gate) Windsor Ridge, The Cooking Experience Sadie’s Garden, 9 Crawford Ave, Acadia 2pm-7pm ADM: $1,000 (spectator)



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