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njoy the sights, sounds and spectacle of synchronised swimming at the Annual Jamaica International Synchronised Swimming Championships this Friday and Saturday. The championships serve as development for the growing movement of local swimmers who lack competition against other countries. It also improves Jamaica’s hopes of a stronger swimming presence in the contingent for the 2016 Olympic Games. Now in its fourth year, challenges in solos, duets, trios, and teams and will feature overseas atheletes as competition, including swimmers from the United States. Action started yesterday at the National Stadium pool and continues tonight at the YMCA at 2pm and costs $200 for the general public. Children in uniform will enter free. On Saturday, the championships moves to the Bournemouth Bath Swim Complex in East Kingston, starting at 8am and costs $200.

Jamaica International Synchronised Swimming Championships

Jack Daniel’s B7 at JoJo’s Jerk Pit


ojo’s Jerk Pit is known as one of Kingston’s Best Kept Secrets. Come this Sunday, it will come alive with the smells of jerk as it hosts the Jack Daniels “Big Birthday Backyard BBQ Bonanza”. Now in its second year, the competition promises something for everyone. For the foodies, bring your wallets and dive into the savoury aromas of sweet meat and sauces. Watch as judges taste meats from the BBQ competition and crown the Jack Daniels ‘King of BBQ’. Music lovers can jam to the sounds of a live band, Black

Zebra and dance to the music of Richard Clarke while children enjoy bull riding and games such as limbo, dance and freeze and a treasure hunt. It happens this Sunday at Jojo’s Jerk Pit, 12 Waterloo Road and starts at noon. Admission: $500 general; children under 12: $300 Check out the event on Facebook and Twitter

1-888-NCB-FIRST |

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How much ‘burn’ did you eat? Your weekend exercise estimator


by Selena Deleon

ver wondered how much exercise it takes to burn off specific foods? Your road to the table is paved with good intentions, but what you are not aware of is how much physical output it really takes to match the caloric input. Last week, I decided to venture into my daily caloric log and do the conversion of how much exercise it would take to burn off what I ate. I logged onto AOL Health and used their online Food - Exercise Estimator. The results that I got were… well, let’s just say, surprising! Here is a guide based on the activity of a 145-pound person to estimate your workout goals based on your daily calorie intake or on the occasional splurge: One slice of cheesecake renders 33 minutes of circuit training or 22 minutes of vigorous cycling or running at a moderate 12-minute mile pace for 29 minutes. If you have half a cup of chocolate ice cream, you will need to use the stationary bicycle (vigorous effort) for 12 minutes to burn those calories. You can also try general circuit weight training for 16 minutes to do the trick, or you can walk at 3.5 miles per hour for 34 minutes. But the worst offender just so happens to be my favourite in the whole world pecan pie! Check it out: If you eat one slice of pecan pie, you would have to run at 5 miles per hour for 57 minutes straight or run at 10 mph for 29 minutes, if you can. Otherwise, you would need 44 minutes of vigorous cycling, 51 minutes on the stair machine, or 57 minutes of circuit training. It takes me exactly two minutes to polish off a piece of pecan pie, so you do the math. That’s something that will surely pick up the pace in your stroll.

fitness brought to you by

What does it really take to be an entrepreneur? Come and find out from innovator and inventor, Joe Kiani, as he gives tips on ‘What it means to be an entrepreneur’, this Saturday at the University of the West Indies’ (UWI) Regional Headquarters (opposite UWI, Mona main gate). Kiani runs one of the world’s most admired medical technological companies, Masino Corporation and is credited with inventing the world’s first non-invasive patient monitoring devices. Known globally as a businessman, innovator, convention-breaking maverick and beacon for patient safety and innovation in healthcare for more than 20 years, Kinani is well aware of the struggles, strategies, and eventual success that entrepreneurship can bring. The event starts at 11 am and has limited seating. To RSVP, email

Joe Kiani

PJ Wright

Creative Director, Dream Entertainment and Managing Director, GetIt Couriers Tell us a little about yourself. I would say I’m a pretty reserved person, but in terms of my work, I have to put on an outgoing personality somewhat. I’m very creative, very event-oriented but at the same time, very serious about business – very self-motivated and self-driven. I’m just a very fun-loving person; I love to laugh, once I can laugh every day, I’m good.

What are some of the things you enjoy doing? Touring my country. I love my country and I love going all over it, discovering new nooks and crannies; beaches in Portland, Frenchman’s Cove, wherever. Just take a trip to one of our beaches.

Favourite weekend drink? That would be Grey Goose and lemonade. PJ and Tiger

PJ and Rajea Forrest and the Dream Girls

What’s the most interesting place you’ve found touring Jamaica? I found this little river and it wasn’t new to the world, but it was new to us. It was like a little lagoon area, that a river had made up in St Ann. Nobody around anywhere and we just went through this little track and it was just like our own little piece of paradise. That was kind of interesting and that was just by driving and just hoping to buck up on something.

What’s a typical weekend for you like? If not going to work/parties and supporting different entertainment events in Kingston, then I would more than likely be in St Ann, here (Kingston), or Montego Bay.

What do you do when you’re out of town? Definitely a lot of water sports – jet skiing, without a doubt; just looking for different and new activities, you know, going to St Thomas to go paintballing.

FRIDAY Jamaica International Synchronized Swimming Championships

YMCA, 21 Hope Road Starts at 2pm Adm: $200

Bluetini Fridays

CafĂŠ Blue (Sovereign Centre and Fontana Locations) 6pm-9pm Adm: Free

Altitude: Black & White

Casa Loma, Jacks Hill 10pm-4am Adm: $1,500 ladies; $2,000 men

Ăœber: First Fridays

Club Privilege 10pm-4am Adm: Ladies $1,000; men $2,000 First 10 ladies enter free and first group of five ladies get their own table with a bottle of Appleton Special, Appleton Genesis or Absolut Vodka.

5iv3: Shockwave

Top Floor, QUAD 10pm-4am Adm: Ladies $1,500; men $2,000 Guestlist specials: Men $1,500 (before 1am); ladies $1,000 (all night) Ladies 5-4-3: $3,000 (before 1am) (RSVP to to be added to the guest list)

saturday Jamaica International Synchronized Swimming Championships

Bournemouth Bath Complex Starts at 8am Adm: $200

What it takes to be an entrepreneur with Joe Kiani

UWI Regional Headquarters (opposite main entrance) Starts at 11am Limited seating available. RSVP

Beach Volleyball League Barbican Beach

1pm-7pm Adm: $300; children: free

Father Ho Lung and Friends: The Messiah

National Arena 2pm & 7pm Adm: $2,000 (reserved); $1,200 adults; $1,000 children (centre, roll-away seats); and $800 adults; $600 children (side roll-away seats)

Crunk! The Ultimate Bikini Beach

Rave Party Cable Hut Beach, Bull Bay 5pm-2am Adm: $800 (with invitation); general $1,000

The University Players present: Whiplash! (also on sunday at 6pm)

Philip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts 7:30pm-9:30pm ADM: $1,000 Students $500


Club Privilege 10pm-4am Adm: Ladies $1,500; men: $2,000

Pass the Alcohol

Moretown Plaza 10pm-2am Adm: free

Blue Jeans Reloaded

Village Blues Bar Starts at 9pm Adm: $1,000

Seduction Satdaze

Club White Dragon 10pm-4am Adm: Ladies $500; men $800

Skylife - Luxury Drink Inclusive

QUAD Night Club 10pm-4am Adm: Ladies $1,500; men $2,000


Fiction Lounge, 10:30pm-4am Adm: $1,500 women; $2000 men

sunday Raw Food for Beginners class with Bena Nakawuki

ManPower Centre, 1 Eureka Road 12-4pm Adm: $4,000 (e-mail thelotusline@

Beach Volleyball League

Barbican Beach 1pm-7pm Adm: $300; children: free

Father Ho Lung and Friends: The Messiah

National Arena 2pm & 6:30pm Adm: Same as Saturday

Recovery Sundays Pool Party

The Jamaica Pegasus Pool 2pm-9pm Adm: $1,000 (guest list only) (Email to be listed)

Seaview All-stars Band & Friends in Concert

Stella Marris Church Hall, 5pm-8pm Adm: $600



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