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affordable and customizable video options

Signs are pointing towards the fact that users are increasingly looking for engaging experiences online and the more personal, the better. Clearly, video can be used as an extension of engagement, but crucially, this goes much further than simply posting to YouTube or having static homepage players. It is no secret that media consumption has drastically changed in the last five years, shifting from mass market print and broadcast outlets to highly fragmented and self-selected communities of interest across websites, social networks and devices. As the Internet gets increasingly crowded, brands are searching for new methods to differentiate themselves and increase consumer awareness of, and engagement with, their offerings. The most important and fastest growing of these media is online video. What is required is content that achieves engagement with the viewer on a deep level. We call this ‘intelligent content’, because it contains data that allows information to be delivered over a variety of sites and platforms and has built in calls-to-action that generate a response from the viewer. There are three layers of intelligent content: - The Acknowledgement Layer with content aimed primarily at brand building - The Engagement Layer with content aimed primarily at customer engagement - The Conversion Layer with content aimed at driving sales

Corporate video

Content that is specifically about brand building can be used on a marketer’s own site, but can also be easily syndicated to third parties. Designed to build brand equity online, this layer seeks to connect with the consumer on an introductory level. It is also the closest to a traditional television advertisement; however, the production process can be quite different. The content consists of a range of short films, usually about two to four minutes long, which, over time, develop a conversation with the consumer. It is possible to shoot as many as 10 short films around a particular theme for the price of a single 30-second TV ad. And, by distributing online, the media costs are significantly lower or even free.

The Acknowledgement Layer

At this point, the user recognises the importance of the brand to their daily life and, through involvement, they gain recognition from their peers. This layer involves both building audiences and creating enough influence to start the process of directly connecting those audiences with a purchase. Popular videos found in this layer include ‘how to guides’. This type of content works extremely well online as it imparts information of value, which, in turn, increases the likelihood of people sharing it with others in their network.

The Engagement Layer

The Conversion Layer is the point at which the consumer actually gets involved in the video-commerce process by clicking through to product-specific content that is highly focused on showing the it in the best possible light. This provides only one function, which is to allow customers to make an informed purchase decision. These videos are the cheapest to produce, the shortest in length and, for most major retailers, the largest in volume.

The Conversion Layer

Some objectives that can be met by doing corporate videos • Raise the level of customer engagement • Illustrate the hidden stories beyond the shop floor. For example, interviewing the people responsible for making the products • Provide an elevated customer experience • Raise awareness of the brand Creating intelligent content In order to produce impactful video content, there are a number of considerations to be taken into account, not just in the creative execution, but technically as well. The main areas of consideration when producing intelligent content are as follows:

The creative treatment

The technical environment

The production quality

The metrics to be measured

The distribution pathways

Online video provides a host of other benefits for retailers:

Increased site traffic

Improved customer satisfaction

Improves the chances your customers will find you online

Decreased merchandising and support cost

Greater prospect and customer engagement

Advertising cost savings

Video commerce gives you economies of scale – you can reach more people with more engaging communications. It is cheaper than tv and yet the editorial and production values are just as high. Its an innovative, non-intrusive way or marketing, and because it doesn’t feel like advertising, people are more responsive. All this coupled with the fact that v-commerce provides measurable ROI, makes a compelling case. Where can I make all of this available? This is how you can benefit from the eMedia eco-system. Not only are we able to produce these media inventories, but we are able to host them on first world platforms such as our online tv network – iVu tv (www.ivutv. com) and our eMagazine website ( We are the ONLY media company in Jamaica that has such an interactive platform and no other company can provide such a 360-degree approach towards solving your advertising needs. eMedia Interactive Limited, the only digital media company in Jamaica, has found ways to enable local businesses to tell their stories and advertise their brands using online tools in more innovative and cost effective ways. Video production is our latest offering, through our in-house production arm, iVu Studios. Because of eMedia Interactive’s in-house experise, our production services cost substantially less than advertising agencies and traditional video production companies and the best part is that you can do all this without breaking the bank.

A Range of Packages for Ads & Branded Videos from eMedia.

Signature GO $100,000 - $500,000 • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

15-30 seconds No talent fees No location fees Half day shoot One camera (HD camera) Minimal lighting Basic audio equipment (boom mic, lavalier mic) No wardrobe No props provided Basic make-up Basic graphics Basic production crew (videographer, light and sound technician) Limited creative input Administrative tasks done by

Signature PLUS $501,000 - $1,000,000 • 15-45 seconds • Basic Talent (1-3 persons); sourced by client • 2 Locations; sourced by client • One day shoot • One camera • Advanced lighting (outdoors and indoors) • Advanced audio • Basic wardrobe • Minimal props • Make-up • Basic graphics • Production crew (director, producer, videographer, light and sound technician) • Creative input • Administrative tasks done by eMedia

Signature PRO $1,000,000+ • 15- 45 seconds • Multiple talent (4+); sourced by eMedia • Multiple locations; sourced by eMedia • Multiple-day shoot (2-4) • Multiple cameras • Advanced lighting • Audio equipment • Wardrobe • Multiple props • Make-up artist • Advanced graphics • Production crew (director, producer, videographer, light and sound technician, production assistant, stylist, specialized equipment operator) • Administrative tasks done by eMedia • Legal documents handled by eMedia


Signature GO $100,000 - $250,000 • • • • • • •

60-90 seconds No talent fees - voice over No location fees One camera Minimal lighting Advanced graphics Limited creative input

Signature PLUS $251,000 - $750,000 • 5 - 10 minutes • Multiple locations; sourced by client • Multiple camera • Advanced lighting (outdoors and indoors) • Advanced audio • Make-up • Advanced graphics • Production crew (3-5 persons) • Creative input and script by eMedia • Administrative tasks done by eMedia

Signature PRO $751,000 - $1,500,000 • 15 - 45 minutes • Multiple locations; sourced by client • Multiple camera • Advanced lighting (outdoors and indoors) • Advanced audio • Make-up • Advanced graphics • Production crew (3-5 persons) • Research • Creative input and script by eMedia • Administrative tasks done by eMedia


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eMedia's Video Packages  

The rise of online video and eMedia Interactive's package costing.

eMedia's Video Packages  

The rise of online video and eMedia Interactive's package costing.