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From the Editor Make 2012 the Year of Giving Back

An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.

an abundance of clothes you no longer wear, you should also make an effort to donate them to organisations such as the Salvation Army.

aybe you’ve always thought about it but never quite had the chance to make it a reality. For 2012, commit to giving back to those around you in whatever way you can. It’s such a great feeling when you know that you are playing your part to uplift the lives of your peers, associates and fellow citizens. As Jamaicans, we have a responsibility not only to ourselves, but each other. Here are four ways in which you can give back of your time, talents and resources:

Volunteer on the weekend - No more talk of being bored. There are many volunteer opportunities that you can take advantage of right now. If you’re proficient in a particular area, then offer your services at a homework centre or even a children’s home. The elderly need your love and assistance too, so find a home or an elderly couple in your community and assist them in any way you can.


Join a service club - All schools have organisations that allow you to get involved. Service clubs build character and encourage an appreciation for meeting the needs of those around us. Whether it’s through the Red Cross, Key Club, Interact, Girl Guides, Scouts, Rangers or any other institution, you should consider doing your part to have an even bigger impact. Start a group with your friends - You’re always hanging out with them anyway, so why not put your free time to good use by establishing a charity organization? If you have a passion for the environment, then consider organising beach cleanups or promoting the benefits of recycling. If you have

Sign up to become a tutor/mentor - This one is very easy to do and you will feel accomplished once you’ve done it. With examinations like GSAT and CXC always on the agenda, there are great ways for you to assist to tutor someone in a particular area. If teaching is not your thing, then join a mentorship programme or start one of your own. There are many young persons who are in need of guidance and advice, so you are in an ideal position to assist. There are many other options available to you, so make 2012 the year you give back to your country. Have a charity-filled day. Keresa teen spirit eZine


Movie Review

by Alana Gardner



ello everyone, I hope you’re all enjoying 2012 so far. Me, not so much. I have one more week of freedom, which I really don’t want to end, but sadly it must. Even with final preparations for school underway, this week I went to see Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Now to tell you the truth, I was torn between being excited and annoyed at the prospect of watching this movie. I had seen the trailers and was really intrigued about this new plot line, but then again so was I about the first.

Watch This!

To be honest, I wasn’t really all that entertained with that one and was somewhat disappointed, and found it better to watch Robert Downey Jr. behaving like a super rich, super smart childish billionaire wearing an iron suit, than him being Sherlock Holmes, probably the greatest detective of all time in the world of fiction.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is the second installment in the series since the original was released in 2009. Sherlock Holmes (Downey Jr.) has always been the smartest man in the room… until now. There is a new criminal mastermind at large, Professor James Moriarty (Jared Harris) and not only is he Holmes’ intellectual equal, but his capacity for evil, coupled with a complete lack of conscience, may actually give him an advantage over the renowned detective.

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To say that the movie was brilliantly executed and succeeded in outshining its predecessor would be a monumental understatement, as it certainly lived up to the expectations and standards set by the books and any movie addict like myself with the perfect combination of humor, mystery, action and adventure at every turn. Director Guy Ritchie certainly made this a heart pounding, mind-boggling experience and I hope that he comes back for another win. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows was definitely a film that I enjoyed and eager to see once more and I guarantee that you will, too.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is a mystery/action-adventure film from Warner Brothers Studios and directed by Guy Ritchie earns itself full five stars. Starring Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Noomi Rapace, Jared Harris, Eddie Marsan and Stephen Fry.

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How to Get BetteR GRades by Justine Powell


f your last term of school was disappointing, you’re not rowing that boat alone. If you failed utterly or just want to improve your grades, Teen Spirit has tips that you can use to help raise your grades. If you don’t, you could probably get academic probation. So follow these tips for academic success!

Say no to Skulling “Go to class” is a phrase I’m sure you may hear from time to time. Going to class is important for so many reasons. You don’t want to upset your instructor, miss lessons or presentations, notes, assignments and tests; all of which are important, and have a large bearing on academic success. Also, if you miss class, you’re going to have to take the time and effort to do the work you were suppose to do in class on your own, which may be even harder and will take up your free time.

Become friends with Mr. Smartypants Don’t have adverse feelings towards the smart guy or girl in your classes. They could actually benefit you. By developing a close academic relationship with them, they can constantly inspire you to do better in school. A little competition wouldn’t hurt you.

Don’t procrastinate I’m almost positive that this is a disease that many of us suffer and struggle with, and unfortunately, there’s only one remedy for it – Ourselves. You need to decide to not procrastinate studying, readings, and assignments, in order to achieve academic success. The earlier you put the effort in your work, the better you will do in school. Don’t let procrastination hinder you.

Take your notes Note taking is super important. Learning your lessons is very important too, but note taking is I believe, the foundation of academic success. This is because if you happen to question something that you’ve learnt, you are going to check your notes to verify its factuality, which may agree or contradict what you learnt. Learning to take good notes too is a skill and will have to take practice. Also, be very careful of who and where you take your notes from.

Set a goal The person who always plans, is always prepared. Set realistic goals for what grades you would like. This way, you can outline a plan and know the amount of work you have to put in to achieve such academic success.

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Cover Story

douBle take: twin Models Mai-laing & Nucklin Chuck by Ava Gardner


eet 19-year-old twin models, Mai-Laing & Nucklin Chuck, who are steadily creating a name for themselves in local modelling circles.

TS: How tall are each of you? ML: 5ft 1inch N: 5ft 2inches TS: What are your favourite types of shoots? ML: Any type of shoot is my favourite, I just love taking pictures overall. N: Bikini shoots are my favourite, just because I adore the beach. TS: Who are your favourite photographers to work with? ML: I love to work with all my photographers because they’re awesome in different ways. N: All my photographers are amazing to work with. I enjoy my shoots with each and every one of them because they each have amazing and unique ideas. TS: Whose idea was it to begin modelling? ML & N:It was both of us idea to start modelling, because we are both fascinated about clothes and fashion.

TS: What is it like to model with your twin sister? ML: It is amazing working with my twin sister. She boosts my confidence and makes the shoot more exciting. N: It is the most amazing thing to work with my sister, she is an amazing individual and I love her with my all. TS: Do you prefer modelling together or separately? ML: I love modelling with my twin sister, I think without her, the shoots would be boring and not unique, seeing that we look alike makes it so different. N: Together. Whenever I am tense on a shoot my sister is always there to make me feel better. TS: Do you ever get nervous before photoshoots? ML: Nope, never. More like excited. N: Most times no, but if I am with my sister is always there to make me smile.

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Cover Story

TS: Do you have plans on expanding your modelling portfolio, such as doing advertisements and campaigns? ML: Well, I do have a modelling portfolio and yes I would love to expand it a little more with different photographers, locations and new themes. I would also love to do advertisements and campaigns. N: We both do have modelling portfolios and yes, yes, yes I would love to do advertisements and campaigns. TS: Is modelling something you both want to do in the long-run? ML: I would love to do modelling in the long run, travel the world and meet new people and represent my beautiful country, Jamaica. N: Yes, I would love to do modelling in the long run and put my beauty to use, but I would also love to help less fortunate children. TS: Have you ever participated in modelling competitions? If so, describe the experience(s). ML: Yes I have participated in the 2011 petite pulse modelling competition. I came in the top 20. It was a great

experience; I learnt so many things about the industry and also to cope with different personalities. It also made me gain confidence in myself, which was something amazing. N: No. TS: Are you competitive with each other? ML: Nope, I’m not competitive with my twin sister. I would rather help her than see her falling in a specific area. N: No, I am not competitive with my sister. Seeing my sister succeed is my dream come through. TS: What advice do you have for teens who want to model too? ML: Follow your dreams; as long as its something you love to do, do it! Don’t let anyone tell you you cant reach far in the modelling industry because anything is possible. God bless. N: It doesn’t matter what people think of you; you’re never too short or toofat to become a model. Believe in yourself because you’re unique and beautiful in your own little way. Love Nucksi.

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Health seveN Foods to add to YouR dIet by Justine Powell

It’s a brand new year. The Christmas eating season is behind us, and the belly rolls are in front of us. Luckily, you can put your best body forward with a better diet. Here are a few key items to include in your diet this year:

water This is the cure for everything. Reduce sugary drinks and sodas for water and you might be surprised at the results!

avocados This creamy, green fruit is rich in essential oils and B-complex vitamins that nourish your skin, inside and out. It contains niacin which helps to soothe irritated and blotchy skin. Mangoes Mangoes contain a tonne of vitamin A, which maintains and repairs skin cells. It also fights free radical damage that can cause premature ageing. And there’s more; it has less than 70 calories per serving!

eggs This protein contains vitamin B12 which your body needs to metabolise fat. A research done at Louisiana State University showed that persons who ate eggs for breakfast lost more weight than those who ate bagels. Yogurt Its richness in calcium, vitamin D and vitamin A causes it to have many healthy properties, especially for the skin. Make sure to choose a low or non-fat yogurt that isn’t high in sugar.

Baked Potatoes Goodbye greasy french fries! By eating one baked potato, you can receive 75 per cent of daily copper needed. It helps to support skin structure. Green tea This is a great fat burning beverage since it contains EGCG which stimulates the brain and nervous system, resulting in more calories being burnt. Also, the presence of many powerful antioxidants may even reduce the risk of some cancers as well as improve cholesterol levels.

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Entertainment aN oPeN letteR to daNCeHall aRtIstes by Dervin Osbourne

PLEASING POPCAAN PERFORMANCE I was extremely pleased with Popcaan’s performance last year, with his chart-topping, catchy songs. His voice blends perfectly with whatever song he sings and it’s clear that he chooses his rhythms wisely. I hope he continues on the same path this year. I’m glad that 2011 ended and his name was not mentioned in the Empire murder saga, so clearly he’s smart too. However, I do hope he decides to comb his hair this year. I-OCTANE AND “SOME BWOY” I’m concerned about I-Octane. To be honest, he was one of my favorites at the beginning of 2011. I was drawn to his unique voice and his words of encouragement. But then I noticed a trend: Why is he always singing about “some bwoy”? What did “some bwoy” do to him? In 2012, I hope he deals with his issues with Some Bwoy so he can move on. We need to hear some fun songs from him now, more songs for the ladies. MAVADO’S EGO I was always a fan of his and he started the year on a good note with Delilah and being featured on the international stage. He was on a high and then his ego apparently took over. Mavado, stick to making hit songs and stay out of trouble, please. THE LURE OF PRISON And speaking of trouble, why are so many artistes visiting jail cells so often? What’s happening there? Didn’t they listen to Jah Cure when he said prison a nuh bed a rose? This year, I hope they stay on the stage and not in jail.


ear Dancehall Massive, I am writing this letter to congratulate you on keeping Dancehall exciting last year and also to express some concerns I have. It’s a new year and instead of jumping on the ‘New Year, New Me’ wagon that people seem to hop on every year, I’m going to write about something that I think needs addressing New Year, New Music. 2011 was a year of musical success for most, and failure for others. We saw the rise of young, fresh faces and the fall of Dancehall giants. Last year, Dancehall was fascinating and fun and proved that its survival is not determined by one individual. I’m hoping that you all keep the trend going but first, let’s talk about some things that need to be fixed.

DANCEHALL CLOWNS These are persons who aren’t entertainers but they do entertain by being nonsensical and “colorful”, with songs and taglines that are fun and catchy, like ‘Canna cross it’ and ‘Fresh with 7 H’. However, they are becoming far to plenty. We only need about two per year. And in closing, why have the female entertainers left Tifa to do all the work? We need to hear more from our ladies. We also need people to pay more attention to our females! I do hope to see these changes come into effect. Yours truly, Concerned Dancehall Listener

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Five things I've learned From 'Fallen' by Alana Gardner

Title: Fallen Author: Lauren Kate


ooks are quite likely the greatest invention since before television. I love to read; not necessarily school books, but I do, however, enjoy a good fantasy or a thriller. The great thing about books is that they can take you to worlds that you never would have even imagined and take you on unforgettable adventures and teach you lessons that you won’t soon forget. I recently read such a novel, Fallen by Lauren Kate. It revolves around a young girl named Lucinda Price, who is sent to Sword and Cross Reform School in Savannah, Georgia, after she is accused of murdering a boy by starting a fire. At the reform school, where cell phones are forbidden and cameras watch your every move, Luce, as she is called, meets Daniel, a handsome boy whom she feels inexplicably drawn to and believes she has met before. Except, Daniel wants nothing to do with her, going out of his way to make that fact clear. The novel not only took me on a thrilling adventure, but also taught me a few things along the way that almost make the world of fiction seem not so far from our world. t 1FSTFWFSF VOUJM UIF FOE Although you may face hard times, keep on going and don’t give up. After the fire, people distanced themselves from Luce, believing that she truly took a life but she held her head high and endured it all, despite the fact that it was very hard. There were also times when Daniel would be cold to her, but she would endure it all even though it broke her heart. tBe courageous and do great things in spite of fear. Although many warned her not to and many stood in her way, Luce still wanted answers not only from Daniel but also to the question of why things happened the way they did. She was strong enough to pursue the truth, moving beyond her fear of the unknown and what could be revealed. tBe vigilant and mindful of whom you surround yourself with and who you trust. Luce trusted and confided in someone that she thought was her friend, only for that friend

to betray her. t It’s OK to take a leap of faith. Although Luce was somewhat doubtful of her friend Cam and his intentions, she just had to take a leap of faith and believe that he meant well; and he did, most of the time. tBe selfless and make a sacrifice that may hurt you, but will save someone else. Daniel wants to be with Luce, but he knows if he does he puts her in danger. So he pushes her away so that he can keep her safe.

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Balancing Boyfriends & Books by Justine Powell


o it’s a Wednesday night. Should I study for that Chemistry test or talk to Paul on free nights at 11? Decisions, decisions.

And this is what you decide to do. You say to yourself, “OK, I’ll study from 9 to12 and talk to Paul until three. Who needs sleep right? Because school is important, but so is my relationship.” Sorry, ladies, but in the battle of books versus boyfriend, the books have to win. There will always be days when you actually have to spend every waking hour on school work, and if your significant other doesn’t understand that, he might need a reality check. He should only want the best for you and if not, he’s not deserving of the time you don’t have. On the bright side, the time you spend away from him while getting some work done can just be considered as the space he deserves. After all, he will have days where his studying has to come first, and you’ll have to understand then.

1. Manage your time well. If your boyfriend and school are important to you, eliminate the things that aren’t in order to ensure balance. Idling on Facbeook is something you can certainly do without. Yes you can! 2. Relationships thrive on spending time together, both physically and emotionally so never leave him hanging. No matter how busy you are, try to always make some time for him. 3. Try getting the school work out of the way and use speaking to/spending time with your boyfriend as a reward. Books come first, so you can motivate yourself to complete all your assignments with the knowledge that you will get to speak to him afterwards. 4.Here’s another bright idea! Study together. Things are even better if your boyfriend is just as interested in school as you are. Now you can kill two birds with one stone. Use this opportunity to spend time together while motivating each other to learn.

The key to balancing is to ensure that neither is neglected. Avoid the battle, here are some great tips on how to balance:

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Cool Stuff BRIllIaNt ModeRN INveNtIoNs by Najique Gayle

elevision shows like The Jetsons have given us very high expectations for scientific inventions. Science has not been able to spawn creations such as the time machine, antigravity shoes and teleportation devices as yet, but while browsing the internet, Teen Spirit found some devices that we think are exceptionally cool and ingenious. Some modern inventions tend to be extremely ridiculous, but others are quite remarkable. I’ve found four modern devices that will have you thinking, “Who was the genius who invented this, and where in the world can I find one to buy!?”


Infinite usB Designed by Gonglue Jiang, the Infinite USB is an alternative plug on device that’s similar to carts on a train. While laptops get smaller and smaller, users may find that they are granted less and less USB ports. I honestly doubt it will actually allow the connection of an “infinite” number of USB plugs, but if you do create a large link of USB plugs, the colour coded design will help users to organize their devices more easily.

Pillow Remote Control Pillow Remote Control is a couch pillow which doubles as a universal remote control. Not only would the Pillow Remote Control be comfy to rest your head on, it also has a database filled with codes of over 500 remote control devices. You’re

probably wondering, “Well, if I lay my head on it, wont I accidentally press the easy-to-click fabric buttons?” The answer is no. It has an auto shutoff feature which prevents this.

Mogees Mogees is a downright ingenious invention. It uses a contact microphone to turn any surface into an interactive instrument, which links various gestures with different sounds. The contact microphone is connected to a system that processes sound from distinct gestures and then it produces the appropriate instrument sound located in its database. This might just grow and become a ground-breaking device which adds a new dynamic to the way music is made.

light touch Light Touch is an interactive projector that instantly transforms any plain surface into a touchscreen interface. It utililises multitouch technology to allow users to interact with the content, in the same way they would on other devices in collaboration with Holographic Laser Projection technology which creates high quality, well-lit video imagery in WVGA resolution. Combined sensors detect motion and transform the projected image into a 10.1” virtual touch screen, making it possible for users to control the projector and use applications simply by touching the image. teen spirit eZine

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