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Welcome! Welcome to another issue of Sagicor Wellness. In this issue we highlight the 2013 Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run, which had the highest number of participants since its inception in 1999. More than 20,000 participants came out, raising more than $16 million for charity. Sagicor Wellness is always looking at improving the lifestyle of our readers and as such we’ve filled this issue with content geared towards improving your health. As always, your feedback is invaluable to us, so please feel free to send your questions, comments and suggestions to

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Cover Feature: Sagicor Corporate SIGMA Run Sagicor Q & A’s JTA/Sagicor Championships Client Feature: MBJ Sagicor Helps: Claims reimbursement process Personal Apps to make going healthy easier

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Sigma Run 2013: A Route That Changed Lives


ome 20,534 runners, walkers and wheelcahir participants came out in support of our nation’s children, making it the largest turnout yet, as they embarked on a route that would change the lives of many.

of people to our needs; we expect more attention to the organisation from the hundreds of participants in the Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run. We want people to know what the home does and what more we can do if we get even some of what we need.”

Under the theme ‘Healthy Spaces, Smiling Faces’, this large crowd of patriotic Jamaicans came out to support the 15th annual Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run. The Bustamante Hospital for Children, Jamaica National Children’s Home and the Best Care Lodge were this year’s beneficiaries and collected over $16 million in donation from this initiative. Donovan Perkins, President & CEO of Sagicor Investments said,

Since its inception in 1999, the Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run has earned its position as a marquee event on the nation’s calender. The event has raised in excess of $100 million over its 15 year history and has supported beneficiaries such as the University Hospital of the West Indies, Kingston Public Hospital, Jamaica AIDS for Life Support, Sophie’s Place, Mustard Seed Communities among others, driving this support through the support of corporates and Jamaicans as a whole.

The patrons of the event, Her Excellency the Most Honourable Lady Patricia Allen and Olympic Champion Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce, lauded the support of Jamaicans for the worthy cause. The Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run not only raised funds, but also brought attention to the many challenges facing the facilities that they work to improve. The Director of the Jamaica National Children’s Home, Leroy Anderson said, “We expect a significant spin off based on the sensitisation

In anticipation of the 2014 staging of the Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run, the bar has been raised even higher and the event now encourages even greater support from Jamaicans. Next year, the Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run plans to host 25,000 enthusiastic individuals as they walk, run and wheel in support for the cause on February 15th.


Sagicor Q & A’s

q A q A

I’ve heard the term “dependent” being used by my doctor. What does it mean? Good question. The term “dependent” refers to the eligible persons who are covered under your health plan. These persons include your spouse (legally married or common law), your unmarried children, stepchildren and legally adopted children up to the age of 19 years. If your child is attending a tertiary institution on a full time basis, your policy will cover him or her up to age 23, provided you send us a letter from the institution each year confirming attendance. My plan states that it has a Lifetime Maximum of $2,000,000. What does this mean? The lifetime maximum is the total amount you may access for your health care for the duration of the plan. This benefit, when exhausted, can be reinstated but only after a waiting period of 13 weeks and after providing satisfactory evidence of insurability.


My son fell off his bicycle and broke his leg but our Sagicor health plan only began three months ago. Will he be covered even though there is a 12 month waiting period?


Yes, he will be covered. The waiting period does not apply in circumstances of accidental injury so if you have your claims, please submit them to Sagicor for processing.


Champions made here! JTA/Sagicor Championship


he Jamaica Teachers’ Association / Sagicor National Primary, All-Age and Junior High Schools Championships provides a valuable way to invest in the future of our athletes. Since its inception, the meet has produced many of the nation’s top athletes who have gone on to proudly represent Jamaica internationally. Approximately 75% of Jamaican athletes performing on the national and international scene within the last two decades are products of the JTA/Sagicor National Primary, All Age and Junior High Schools Athletic Championships. Some of these athletes include Usain Bolt, Veronica Campbell-Brown, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Kerron Stewart, Sherone Simpson, Shericka Williams, Aileen Bailey, Brigitte Foster-Hylton, Delloreen Ennis-London, Nesta Carter, Markino Buckley, Marvin Anderson, Yohan Blake, Bert Cameron and Germaine Mason. This year, Sagicor continued its commitment to supporting our nation’s future by investing $4.5m in the 30th staging of championships.

Record Breakers

With over 1260 athletes from all 14 parishes participating in this two-day meet, the first day of the Championships began with a bang with three records being broken. It started with the boys’ high jump open where Kristoff Darby of St Andrew leaped 1.88m to break the old mark of 1.85m held jointly by Delroy Harrison of Kingston and Laza Wayne also of Kingston since 2007.

10.73m, erasing the previous best of 10.14m set by Kiona Bradshaw of Kingston in 2011. Also breaking the old mark was Juvenette Newton of Kingston, who finished second with 10.31m. This was followed by Tyric Sewell of St. Thomas who threw 14.28m to break the boys’ shot put open record of 13.43m set by Camio Hood of St. Andrew in 2001.

St. Andrew is the 2013 Champions

The 2012 National Champions, Portland, set out to defend their title. However, they faced a stern test by many time champions, St. Andrew, who led the points table at the end of the first day. The well-oiled machine of St. Andrew, coached by Merlene Smith, comfortably won the event, amassing 384.50 points ahead of St. Catherine with 325.75. In third place was the dethroned champions Portland (270), followed by Manchester (196), St. Ann (167.75), Clarendon (134), Westmoreland (119), St. Mary (103.75), St. Elizabeth (97.75), St. Thomas (87.50), Kingston (79), Trelawny (76), St. James (26) and Hanover (2).

Athletes Benefit

The competition for the National Championships also gave individual athletes the opportunity to compete for the coveted title of Champion Boy and Champion Girl, with the winner receiving a trophy and an academic scholarship for their tenure at secondary school courtesy of the title sponsor - Sagicor.

The day’s other record tumbled when Qute-Ann Robb of Kingston won the girls’ shot put open event throwing


The champion boy for 2013 was St. Andrew’s Kristoff Darby. He emerged as the overall star of the two-day meet grabbing all the head lines. The 15 year-old Darby, who attends John Mills Primary and Junior High School, won the boys’ high jump open on the opening day, breaking the previous record. He then returned to win the Class One 400m in 51:00 seconds, beating Manchester’s Timar Barrett (51.30) and Davantay Barrett (51.33). The lankey Darby then returned within an hour to comfortably win the 800m in a smart 2:07.23 beating Shemar Hutchinson of Manchester (2:08.28) and Leon Clarke of St Ann (2:09.22). Mackaela Fraser of Portland broke the 400m Under-13 record on her way to claiming the title of Champion Girl nodding out 2012 Champion Girl Tizadie Johnson. Mackaela also won the girls’ Under-13 200m in 27.22, ahead of Kevona Davis, St. Mary, 27.78. The meet has once again lived up to its reputation and, like Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce before them, has identified some of the nation’s brightest young stars. The future of Jamaica’s athletes looks bright as the nation continues to produce winners.


Wellness takes flight at Sangster International Airport

Client Feature


he value of the MBJ team and the role they play in managing the Sangter International Airport cannot be overstated. That is why it is very important that the MBJ provides the best possible environment for their employees. One way this is done is through its wellness programme. Initially started with only one area of focus, health screening, the programme has since expanded into other areas of health. Under the theme “Mind, body- let’s keep it fit, this is not the time to quit”, MBJ has invested heavily in the wellness programme and, by extension, their staff ’s physical health to ensure wellness and healthy living all around. MBJ’s main wellness calender event is the annual Wellness Fair where MBJ invites a variety of organisations to participate. Booths are set up and presentations planned, and the MBJ staff as well as the wider airport community are invited to attend. Past participants have included the Jamaica Red Cross, Carimed, the Child Development Agency and the Jamaica Cancer Society. Sagicor, as the official insurance provider for MBJ, not only participates in the fair but also helps by recommending other participants and arranging discount rates for the health screenings. Another initiative implemented is the lunch-hour sessions that the Human Resources department through the Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator arrange. These seminars keep staff up to date about various aspects of wellness such as nutrition, religion, stress management and financial wellness.

smooth and hassle free, it ensures its employees are also flying smoothly.

This is supported by MBJ providing its employees with gym subsidies at the gym of their choice. All first time applicant fees are sponsored but after the first year, renewals are subject to having completed at least two visits weekly for the previous year. Wellness promotes efficiency and, as MBJ strives to ensure its passesngers’ traveling experience is


Improving Your Claims

Reimbursement Experience


by Marva Lee, Claims Manager, Employee Benefits Division

ritical to the customer service experience offered at Sagicor is the handling of the Claims process. Most clients, after a serious medical emergency or an unexpected payout, end up making a claim for monies spent, whether at the doctor, the hospital, a lab or for prescription drugs. How efficiently the reimbursement is made will significantly be impacted by how well you make your claim.


Plan ahead. In the instances where you are preparing for an event which you know will require you to make a claim (for example surgical procedure or the delivery of a child) plan ahead. Request a preauthorization be sent from your doctor to Sagicor at least 48 hours before the procedure. This ensures that you are aware of the payment that will be required by you and clearly states what Sagicor commits to pay to the medical team on your behalf, once the procedure has been completed. The written pre-authorization should be attached to the claim submitted by the doctor for ease of processing.


Collect your claims form immediately after visiting the doctor. Complete the form with all the relevant information and also collect all relevant documents (including your doctor’s information and official stamp). For claims related to doctor’s visits, diagnostic or surgical procedures, ensure that you include on the form: • • • • • • •

Your name and health plan identification number (this information is listed on your Sagicor Health Card) The diagnosis and procedure done The service dates Services and charges Name of referring doctor/Copy of referral if applicable Claim form signed and stamped by provider The original receipt(s) (This may be your credit/debit card slip, a written receipt or one generated from a printer with the provider’s stamp or custom logo)

When seeking reimbursement for drugs, ensure that the claim form is complete with your name and health plan identification number. Attach the pharmacy bill with the name of the drugs received and the original receipt showing proof of payment.


After properly completing your claim form, submit the claim through your broker or personally to: Sagicor Life Jamaica R. Danny Williams Building 28-48 Barbados Avenue Kingston 5.

Sagicor Helps

! Sign Your claim forms Sagicor has a group of doctors who are a part of our Provider Network. There are times when these doctors will make claims for services rendered to you, for which they will be paid directly by us. In these instances it is expected that you would have already paid your portion, and the balance paid to your provider will be determined by your available health benefit. In addition to the required information listed earlier, these claim forms MUST have your signature to serve as proof of the service received. The doctor/ provider will also indicate on the form, how much was paid by you. Electronic funds transfer We encourage our clients to take advantage of our Electronic Funds Transfer facility. This facility allows for the claim payment process to be faster, safer and simpler. The distinct advantages of this method of claims payment are: • Reduces the waiting period to receive payment. • Eliminates the need to visit your bank to encash or lodge claim cheques • Bank Charges for cashing or lodging cheques are avoided • An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement will provide the usual details of the claim payment.

Please make available, your bank account information, so that claims can be paid directly to your bank accounts.

An app a day keeps the doctor away


‘Smart devices’ are changing the way we live our daily lives. For the individual consumer, they are helping us to be more in control of our own lifestyle choices. By using apps that can motivate and remind us to eat right, exercise, schedule doctor’s appointments and even to inform us on how much sleep is enough, allowing individuals to live a more responsible and healthy lifestyle. Below are five apps that can help you to live a healthier lifestyle.

Sleep Cycle and Sleep as Android app Sleep Cycle for iOS and Sleep as Android for Androids know that getting a good night’s rest is the foundation to build other healthy habits. If you’re not sleeping well, then you’ll be cranky, hungry, and miserable. These apps track your sleeping habits and wake you during the lightest phase of your sleep rather than a jarring alarm waking you suddenly out of deep REM sleep.

At Ease app Starting your day right is a crucial part of maintaining good mental health and a more positive attitude throughout the day. Begin with a brief meditation to calm your spirit and get things off your chest. At Ease uses guided breathing meditations, exercises and journaling to relieve anxiety and worry. The app is meant to be used regularly over time for the benefits to be longer lasting.

My Fitness Pal app My Fitness Pal is likely to become your new best friend in tracking your way to a physically healthier you. This app lets you chronicle the foods you’re consuming and the exercise you get done. The app is available on multiple platforms and syncs with the website which means you have almost no excuse not to be on top of things.

Nike+ Running app Workout Trainer app So maybe running isn’t for you but that doesn’t mean there’s no hope. With Workout Trainer’s thousands of workouts you are bound to find a workout that suits you. Whether you are working out at the gym or at home this app is perfect for guiding you in the right direction.

Get in shape for Sagicor Sigma Run by brushing up on your running skills. Nike+ Running is the perfect app to help you do just that. With the app you can map your runs, track your times, race against yourself, and have power tunes spur you on to greatness. The social media integration also means that you can have your own little squad cheering you on whenever people like or comment on your posts.


Family health

Healthy lunch options for the whole family


ccording to a research by Duke University, having a healthy lunch that combines complex carbohydrates, lean protein, dairy, fruits, and vegetables is the only way to get the energy you need to make it through the busy days. This best way you monitor exactly what goes into your body during this crucial time of the day is to pack your own lunches.

Here are some useful healthy lunch options:

Roast Chicken with Spring Vegetables 3½ pound skin-on, bone-in chicken quarters Salt and pepper 1 lemon, halved 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 1 pound small potatoes 2 bunches radishes 1 bunch scallions 1 bunch baby carrots ¼ cup chopped fresh dill Preheat the oven to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Rinse the chicken and pat dry. Season with salt and pepper, then place skin-side up on a rimmed baking sheet. Squeeze ½ lemon over the chicken and drizzle with 1 tablespoon olive oil. Roast 15 minutes. Meanwhile, cut the potatoes and radishes in half and cut the scallions into thirds. Toss the potatoes, radishes, carrots and the remaining 2 tablespoons olive oil in a bowl; season with salt and pepper. Remove the chicken from the oven and scatter the vegetables around it. Continue to roast until the vegetables are tender and the chicken is golden and cooked through, about 20 more minutes. Squeeze the remaining ½ lemon over the chicken and vegetables. Top with the dill and season with salt. Recipe courtesy of


Gourmet Trail Mix 2 cups salted, roasted peanuts 1 cup whole salted, roasted almonds 1 cup whole salted, roasted cashews 1 cup milk chocolate chips 1 cup dried blueberries 1 cup dried cherries ¼ cup crystallized ginger, finely chopped ½ cup unsweetened, flaked coconut

Barbeque Chicken Sandwich Ingredients ½ cup shredded cooked chicken ¼ cup shredded carrot 2 tablespoons barbecue sauce 2 teaspoons light ranch dressing 1 small whole-wheat sandwich bun 1 leaf lettuce Preparation Combine chicken, carrots and barbecue sauce in a bowl. Spread light ranch dressing on the bun. Top with the chicken mixture and lettuce. Recipe courtesy of

Combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl, mixing until everything is evenly distributed. Recipe courtesy of





Call 937-2180 or visit us for further details. *Conditions apply.

MangoCoconut Water Smoothie 2 cups ripe mango chunks (from 1-2 mangos) 2-3 tablespoons fresh lime juice 2 cups unsweetened coconut water Pinch of cayenne powder Combine all ingredients in a blender, and blend until smooth. Picture courtesy of Recipe courtesy of



Fitness for the entire family


t’s 2013 and technology makes many tasks easier than ever. We look at it as efficiency but while we may be able to accomplish more, physically we seem to be doing less. This sedentary lifestyle coupled with the rise in the prominence of fast food has led to an overall unhealthy attitude towards living. Since the home is the first environment that most are exposed to, it is advisable to instill and encourage the importance of health and fitness from within the family. Start by getting the whole family educated about the benefits of exercise and eating healthy. This does not have to be a boring lecture that will have the younger members yawning or filtering most of their attention into their smartphones, but can be done by relaying short hints about healthy eating and food choices while fixing a meal together, or while grocery shopping.

Low intensity fitness solutions:

Medium intensity fitness activities: Taking a family walk around your community or local parks and recreational centres after dinner or on the weekends. Do a quick-paced walk or a light jog around the community, park or centre depending on the collective capability of your family members.


Walking to purchase lunch while at work or at school. Leave the car parked!



If you have a staircase in your home, you possess a fitness goldmine. Instead of walking up and down the stairs, do a light jog every time you ascend or descend your staircase.


Go on a family picnic or excursion with sporting activities planned. A game of catch, baseball, football or even skipping can help jump start metabolism and will burn more calories than low intensity fitness activities.


A soft workout from interactive games on video game consoles, such as the Nintendo Wii or Microsoft Xbox Kinect. There are video games for these consoles that require full body movement such as Grand Slam Tennis, Just Dance, and Dance Central.


Swimming is a great way to shed calories and maintain fitness while having fun with the family. Find a nearby pool or beach to practice a few laps with your family.

1 2 3

High intensity fitness routines: Turn family chores into fitness challenges. Create sweeping or mopping competitions, and tag team competitions when cleaning rooms or the garage, or when raking. No more boring weekend chores! Dedicate one night each week to a family friendly workout. Burn some serious calories and stay fit with a few easy-to-do routines such as squats, sit ups, lunges, jumping jacks, jogging in place or even kickboxing moves. Yoga! Yoga simply involves stretching, deep breathing and core stimulating exercises. Just like overall fitness, yoga has different intensity levels that suit each age group and fitness capability. You can easily find yoga routines online. Yoga with Tara Stiles on Youtube is a great option for practitioners of every level.

By the end of a month of fun fitness activities, regardless of the intensity level, each member of the family should feel a little lighter and a lot healthier. Being healthy and staying fit contributes towards living longer and spending more time together as a family.


Healthy home When it’s time to clean the house, we tend to depend on quick, easy-to-use retail chemicals. However, it’s time to think about going green! There are all natural, do-it-yourself cleaning recipes that get the job done just as well. Vinegar and baking soda, which are conveniently found in our kitchens, form the foundation of most of these DIY home recipes. Toss the toxic, potentially harmful household chemicals and provide a safer, clean home for your family.

DIY all-natural home cleaning recipes Living Room


Fresh or stubborn stains or dirt marks remover (carpet/rugs)



Recipe Vinegar Water Preparation Mix equal parts of vinegar and water, apply to area then scrub using a cloth.


Furniture polish (wooden) Recipe ½ cup white vinegar 4 cups water Preparation Mix together in a bowl or basin and wipe with a dry, non-abrasive cloth.


Soap scum and mould build up vinegar-based remover


Soap scum and mould build up baking soda based remover

Recipe Pure, undiluted white vinegar

Recipe 1 tablespoon baking soda warm water

Preparation Spray vinegar onto walls, faucet and taps and leave for 20 minutes. After, scrub with a brush.

Preparation Mix together until the mixture becomes a thick paste. Apply paste to faucets and taps and leave for 10 minutes, then scrub.

Drain unclogging solution Recipe ½ cup baking soda boiling water Preparation Pour baking soda down the drain then slowly pour boiling water into it. (For heavier clogged drains, add ½ cup of vinegar into the drain after pouring in baking soda then cover drain to protect yourself from the fizzle that will occur when the two react. When the sizzle becomes milder, pour in boiling water.)

Healthy home


1 2


Remover for grease build up on countertops or cabinets Recipe Pure white vinegar Preparation Spray vinegar onto surface, let sit for 10 minutes then wipe clean with a dry cloth. Remover for grease build up on stove tops Recipe â…“ cup baking soda water


Flooring Ceramic tile cleaner Recipe Vinegar Water Preparation Mix equal parts of both ingredients then mop floors. It is advisable to rinse mop and wipe again with clean water, so as to remove streaks left by vinegar. Wooden floor cleaner Recipe Âź cup vinegar 1 quart warm water Preparation Mix together and mop floor in one direction.

Preparation Mix together until the mixture becomes a thick paste. Apply paste to a sponge or mediumhard bristle brush and scrub surface.

Recipe 2 tablespoons of white vinegar 1 gallon of warm water

Windows and Mirrors

Preparation Mix ingredients together then use newspaper to wipe glass. Tip: Diluted lemon juice or a few drops of scented essential can be added to mixtures with water to boost scent after cleaning.

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