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Chairman’s Message

Hi Neighbours, As the current board winds up its term, I am pleased to say that the 2010/2011 term was a reasonably good year as we were able to achieve most of our objectives. Many activities were undertaken by the various sub-committees and some of the key initiatives are highlighted below: PR & Communication The Long Mountain Lifestyle eZine was conceptualized as a means of communicating more effectively and on a more regular basis with residents. The first issue was published in July 2011. This is a monthly news and lifestyle electronic magazine highlighting as much information as possible about the LMCC community. Landscaping & Beautification Major work continued at the entrance and on open spaces in the community. The plan is to continue this development programme throughout the LMCC. Once again, we ask residents to support this programme by providing their assistance where possible. Finance t2VBSUFSMZmOBODJBMTUBUFNFOUTGSPN+BOVBSZ UP+VOF  2011 are now available for viewing. t$PVSUBDUJPOXBTUBLFOPOBQQSPYJNBUFMZSFTJEFOUTJOUIFMBUter part of 2010 as a result of non-payment of maintenance fees. The results were favourable. This is the last resort and we hope residents will make their monthly payments, or we will be forced to continue with legal action in 2011. Building & Repairs t"OFXDPNNJTTBSZPQFSBUPSXBTDPOUSBDUFEUPJNQSPWFUIFDPOvenience services to residents. Jimmy’s Mart was opened in July BOEXFFYQFDUUIBUUIFDPNNVOJUZXJMMTVQQPSUJU t$POTUSVDUJPOXBTIBMUFEPOBUMFBTUmWFTJUFTUPFOTVSFUIBUUIF necessary approvals and documentations were in place. t5IFQPPMGBDJMJUZXBTSFGVSCJTIFEUPFOTVSFNBYJNVNVTBHFCZ the residents. Safety & Security t5IFTFDVSJUZDPNNJUUFFDPOEVDUFEJUTBOOVBMBVEJU FOTVSJOHUIBU the highest quality of service was maintained.

LMCC C O M M ITT E E S Residents are encouraged to get involved in the affairs of LMCC by becoming members of the various committees. Below is a list of committees and their Chairpersons. Landscape & Beautifcation Harold Morgan Safety & Security Derrick Tulloch, J.P. Building & Repairs Mark Walters Finance Edward Harper PR & Communications Andrea Adams Youth Development & Civic Affairs Maurice Henry Andrea Parker Legal & Governance Evadney Ramdial, J.P.

Civic Affairs & Fundraising t5IFDPNNVOJUZXBTPODFBHBJOUSFBUFEUPB$ISJTUNBT4IPXDBTF on December 11, 2010. This activity was reasonably supported, but never realized any profits. The plan is to revisit the model and make the necessary improvements. We are imploring all residents to make themselves available to serve on sub-committees as only strong support can see LMCC becoming the best place to live.

Stephen Dawkins Chairman


Long Mountain News

Finance Committee Report

by Edward Harper (Chairman)


he 2010 audited financials for LMCC were presented at the AGM on July 24th 2011 and accepted by residents. The financials showed positive growth with revenue exceeding expenses by approximately $828,000 for the 2010 period. NOTICE! Residents are being reminded to settle any arrears with their maintenance fees. Beginning September 1, 2011, stricter measures will be implemented to encourage settlement of arrears. 1. Access cards will be deactivated if arrears are in excess of 60 days, i.e. over $8,000 2. The reactivation fee for access cards is $500. This will cover the reactivation of more than one card where multiple cards are held by residents. 3. Accounts in arrears will have access cards deactivated for balances in excess of 60 days. Residents are encouraged to visit the Property Office and discuss the possibility of a payment schedule to settle arrears. Payments Residents can pay their maintenance fees at the Property Office from Monday to Friday during office hours. This is due on first of each month and can be done using credit/ debit cards or cheques. Residents can also make payments at any branch of Paymaster. Those residents who pay bills online can make payments using NCB online. This option will soon be available to Scotia Online banking customers as well.


Long Mountain News

From The Property Office


esidents, please note the following important information:

is free and is done primarily to manage the security and usage of the facility in accordance with the pool and clubhouse rules.

1. Stray dogs and cats have become a nuisance to the community. Unfortunately, the dog traps have somehow disappeared and, as such, we are unable to catch these animals. The property office is in the process of acquiring new traps. We will, in the meantime, take the necessary steps to control these animals. Once again, we ask that pets be kept on leashes to avoid any nuisance to residents.

6. With the onset of the summer holidays, parents are encouraged to have an adult accompany children when they use the swimming pool and clubhouse facilities. No child under the age of 14 is allowed in the swimming pool without adult supervision.

2. The NSWMA garbage collection has been inconsistent and the Property Office has very little or no control over this. With this in mind, we ask that you continue to secure your garbage in the appropriate containers. Do not put your garbage in the trees.

Maintenance Payments 1. Maintenance payment of $4,000 is due on the first of every month. The annual membership fee of $500 is due in January of each year.

4. All construction plans of any kind must be submitted to the Property Office for approval.

2. Maintenance payments can be made at: a. The Property Office by way of cheque, debit or credit cards. No cash payments are accepted in the Property Office. b. National Commercial Bank (NCB) online. c. Any Paymaster outlet. Ensure that you provide the owner’s name and the Lot Number of the residence. d. Paymaster online. e. Jamaica National Building Society (JNBS) online. f. Any Bill Express outlet. Ensure that you provide the owner’s name and the Lot Number of the residence.

5. Swim coaches are to be registered at the Property Office. Unregistered swim coaches will not be allowed to use the pool. Registration

3. Accounts in arrears will have access cards deactivated for balances in excess of one month.

3. LMCC Ltd. is not responsible for removing construction debris of any kind. The NSWMA does not remove this debris either, so we are asking that rubble be removed on a weekly basis while construction is taking place.



Long Mountain News

Safety and Security Committee


he Board and Management strive to provide quality security for the residents of Long Mountain Country Club; however, each of us has a responsibility to ensure the safety and security of our family and ourselves. Here are some tips to prevent burglary or to prevent your home from becoming a target of burglary:

1. Make sure that there are no dark or concealed areas around your home. Cut shrubs if they are overgrown. 2. Close all windows whenever you leave home, no matter how short your trip. 3. Never leave notes on your doors for deliverymen. 4. Install and use good locks on your doors. 5. Don’t hide keys under doormats or in potted plants.

STAY SAFE WHEN YOU GO OUT 1. It is preferable to go out with family and/or friends rather than on your own. 2. Avoid carrying large amount of cash or valuables. 3. Programme an emergency number into your cell phone. 4. When walking, try to avoid isolated areas. 5. Do not wear extravagant jewellery in public. 6. When leaving your house for long periods, don’t mention it on your answering machine.

by Derrick A. Tulloch, J.P. (Chairman)

4. Gas

If you have a gas line coming into your home, be sure to know where the shut-off valve is and how to operate it. 5. Home Numbering

Make sure that the street number on your house is large, well lit and unobstructed so that emergency personnel can find your home quickly if the need arises. SPECIAL MENTION - FIRST RESPONDERS We salute our Security team, Supervisor Mr. Dalnec Thompson and Team Member, Mr. Theodore Dillon. These gentlemen went beyond the call of duty to rescue the residents of Lot 375, Portlandia Drive, where there was a fire on the night of July 20, 2011. They worked diligently to bring the fire under control and stayed and assisted the emergency fire and police teams. advertisement


1. Electrical Systems

Your wiring and your appliances should be in good working condition. Faulty wiring is one of the leading causes of fire. You need to have an electrical inspector conduct an annual review of your system to ensure safety. Signs of trouble include: . Flickering lights when using big appliances . Warm, inoperable outlets . A blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker 2. Fire extinguishers

Your home should be equipped with a working fire extinguisher. Make sure it is conveniently located in case of an electrical fire. 3. Smoke Detectors

Make sure you have a working smoke detector in your home.


The ABCs of Auto Maintenance Air Filter

With a clogged air filter, your engine won’t be able to suck enough air into the combustion chambers, causing it to use more gas – costing you more money. Replace your air filter every 15,000 miles and clean between changes with a vacuum or a soap and water solution.

when you turn the steering wheel indicates that your pump is about to fail. Check any leaks and ensure that you keep the fluid topped up.

Spark Plug

Old spark plugs will cause your engine to misfire and run poorly, making your car more difficult to start.


Worn-out brakes lead to accidents. If you notice a flashing brake warning light, squealing or grinding noises, a shaky steering wheel, longer stopping distances or your car pulls to one side when you stop, check with your mechanic immediately.

Drive Belt

On most modern cars, all major components are driven by a serpentine belt. Inspect your belts for cracks between service intervals. Screeching noises coming from under the hood could indicate a loose belt.

Timing Belt

Your mechanic will look for signs of wear, like cracks, shredding or excessive slack as well as oil leaks from the adjacent seals, which can damage the belt and considerably shorten its life.


Rotating your tyres increases their life because they’ll wear more evenly. Also check your tyre pressure regularly. Too high pressure causes your car to bounce around; too low pressure increased friction between the road and the tyre, causing excessive wear and thread separation.

Oil Changes

Check the oil level every few hundred miles. With your car parked on a level surface, remove the oil dipstick, wipe it on a clean cloth, then reinsert it. Remove it again, and check the oil level. Without a good lubricant, the engine parts rub together and wear each other out.

Power-Steering Fluid

Replacing your power-steering fluid can help to prolong the life of other, more expensive power-steering components such as the pump and the rack. A whining or moaning noise

Transmission Fluid

Manual transmission fluid can be contaminated as the synchronizers, bearings and gears in the transmission wear out. More heat is generated in an automatic transmission, causing the fluid to degrade and break down. It can also become contaminated with worn bits of the transmission.


Lunch Is Served! Fresh Back to School Recipes


Jell-O Fruit Bars

Ham Turkey Tumbles

Make fruits more fun with this recipe. Mix gelatins in a medium bowl. Add boiling water and stir for two minutes. Pour into a 13x9-inch pan sprayed with cooking spray. Stir in fruits. Then, refrigerate for three hours or until firm and cut into bars.

timely and cost-effective way to ensure that both you and your children eat a healthy lunch at work and at school, is to prepare meals that everyone can enjoy. Here are five quick and easy lunch recipes that require very little preparation before and minimal cleanup after. The best part is that they don’t necessarily need to be reheated at lunchtime.

4 flour tortillas (6 inch) ½ cup mayonnaise ½ cup shredded cheddar cheese 12 slices smoked ham 12 slices oven roasted turkey breast

Spread tortillas with mayonnaise and sprinkle with cheese. Top with meat, roll up tightly. Cut in half. Tumbles can be made ahead of time. Wrap tumbles tightly in plastic wrap and refrigerate up to 24 hours before carrying them for lunch.

Mini Crescent Burgers

1 pound ground beef 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese 1 envelope onion soup mix 3 tubes (8 ounces each) refrigerated crescent rolls In a large skillet, cook beef over medium heat until no longer pink. Stir in cheese and soup mix; set aside. Separate crescent dough into triangle; cut each triangle in half lengthwise, forming two triangles. Place one tablespoon of the beef mixture along the wide end of each triangle. Roll up, place pointed side down. Then, place on ungreased baking sheets and bake at 350° for 15 minutes, or until golden brown. Mini Crescent Burgers can be assembled up to two hours in advance. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready to bake.

2 packages (3 oz. each) JELL-O Strawberry Flavor Gelatin 2 envelopes unflavored gelatin 1-½ cups boiling water 4 cups mixed fresh fruit

Pizza Bagels

8 bagels, split, toasted ½ cup pizza sauce 1 cup mozzarella cheese This makes pizza a lot less messy. Toast sliced bagels. Spread cut sides of bagels with sauce then top with cheese. Place in a heated oven for two to three minutes, or until cheese is melted. By separating your bagels from the kids’, this will allow you to put on your favourite toppings and vegetables that your kids may not usually like.

Simple Strawberry Smoothie

8-10 fresh or frozen strawberries (stems and leaves removed) ½ cup skimmed milk 1 cup strawberry flavoured yogurt (fat-free or reduced fat) 1-2 cups crushed ice This is one of the best recipes to get a fruit into your kid’s daily diet, deliciously and fast! Pour crushed ice in a blender, add remaining ingredients and blend until smooth.



Jimmy’s Mart :

‘Always Serving You’



t has been a hectic work day, you just want to come home and relax in front of the TV, not wrestle with heavy bags of groceries or haggle with other overwrought shoppers for parking space. But you really need those snacks for the kids and you could really use some headache pills, so you do what you have to do. Well, not anymore! Now you can come home to the convenience of Jimmy’s Mart, which stocks a wide range of products that can meet virtually every need, from food items to basic toiletries to over-thecounter drugs. The mini-mart, owned and operated by Smith and Stewart, proprietors of Crazy Jim, was opened on July 2 this year. Jimmy’s Mart, located beside the clubhouse and Property Office, boasts a new, more spacious layout. Prices are set at reasonable supermarket rates. The store is open seven days a week: Mondays to Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Fridays 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.; Saturdays 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Sundays 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. We accept all major debit and credit cards for your convenience. The management team is open to resident suggestions on how to continue meeting their needs. Stop by Jimmy’s Mart during opening hours or call store manager, Nicole Masters at 630-0017.



Pool Renovation: Fun In The Sun

Pool Rules: t1FSTPOTVTJOHUIFQPPMPSTQBTIBMMEPTPBUUIFJSPXOSJTL No lifeguard will be provided by the Association. t5IF"TTPDJBUJPOXJMMOPUCFSFTQPOTJCMFGPS injuries sustained by persons in or around the pool or spa areas.

tNo pool toys or flotation devices, except float aides that attach to the person’s body, are permitted in the pool or spa. tRunning in the pool and spa areas is prohibited.

t "OZPOF VTJOH UIF QPPM JT SFRVJSFE UP EP TP JO B NBOOFS considerate of others and to comply with the following rules for safety, hygiene and prevention of added repair and maintenance costs.

tTowels shall be placed on patio furniture to protect them from the residue left by suntan oils and lotions.

t *O PSEFS UP QSPUFDU UIF health and safety of children under 14, no child under this age may use the pool or spa unless accompanied by an adult who shall be responsible for his/her safety.

t"MMQFSTPOT shall remove personal items when leaving the pool or spa areas.

t "MM WJTJUPST NVTU CF BDDPNQBOJFE CZ BO Owner or Occupant. tNo person wearing diapers is permitted in the pool or spa. tPets are prohibited in the pool and spa areas. t Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the pool and spa areas.

t"MMQFSTPOTTIBMM shower before entering the pool or spa.

tThe pool and spa cannot be reserved for private functions or closed to Owner or Occupant use. tNo loud music or amplified sound is permitted in the pool or spa areas at any time. t"OZDPTUPSFYQFOTFJODVSSFEGSPNEBNBHFTCZBO0DDVpant or visitor shall be assessed against the Unit Owner. t Pregnant women should not use the spa without consulting their physicians.

t No smoking, tobacco chewing or gum chewing is permitted in the pool and spa areas.

t Elderly persons or persons suffering from heart disease, diabetes or high blood pressure or taking prescription drugs should consult their physicians before using the spa.

t Glassware of any kind is prohibited in the pool and spa areas.

t No person should be in the spa for more than 15 minutes at any one time.

tAll persons using the pool and spa areas must wear swimwear.

tNo person with open cuts or abrasions shall use the pool or spa.

t"MMQFSTPOTNVTU obey all posted signs regarding the use of the pool and spa areas.

t1PPMBOETQBIPVSTBSF daily, 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.


Sleep Tips by THERAPEDIC t Your bedroom should be a place of rest and relaxation.

t A relaxing bedtime ritual like reading or listening to music prepares your body for total relaxation.

t A quiet dark room contributes to a good night’s sleep.

t The body’s metabolic system slows down when at rest. Have a light meal only, avoiding oily, spicy foods for the evening meal. Make it easy for the digestive process, then retire in comfort.

t Good air quality and the right humidity levels ensure a clean healthy sleep. Jeep too room. t Buy good quality mattress, base, pillow and linen.

t After a good night’s sleep you should feel energized next day. Ensure that you always have a good day. SLEEP ADVICE FROM THE SLEEP EXPERTS AT THERAPEDIC

t Average daily sleep requirement for an adult is seven to eight hours. Others, especially in the over 50 age group may require less. Ensure your full sleep requirement.


Memory foam   Comfort  Topper am

Memory  Fo

ic Visco-­elast


Therapedic Caribbean    |    68  Lady  Musgrave  Road,  Kingston  10    |    927-­7307    |


GSAT Scholars

The Brilliant Young Minds of Long Mountain

Rajini Coore: A Campion Tradition


ajini Coore, at only 10 years old, has a self-possession that belies her age. Seemingly quiet and introspective, she was initially shy until our conversation turned to books. Rajini is an avid reader who has read all seven Harry Potter books several times over and has already ‘outgrown’ the beloved tween classic Nancy Drew series! With her wise-beyond-her-years demeanour, it is no surprise that she aced the GSAT and walked away from Mona Preparatory School with a coveted Government scholarship. She will be heading to Campion College come September. “I was really happy and I actually screamed,” Rajini said of her reaction to the news that she would be attending her parents’ alma mater. “A lot of my friends are going there, so there will be a lot of people I know. And it’s a really good school, so I feel excited to go there and do very well.” Rajini’s parents rewarded her excellent performance by taking her out to dinner. She will also be receiving a computer. True to form, she has spent the summer immersed in her favourite books, including the Percy Jackson and The Sisters Grimm series. “I like to read books with mysteries and sometimes magic,” she said, naming J.K. Rowling and Trenton Lee Stewart, author of the The Mysterious Benedict Society series, as two of her favourite authors. Rajini’s career goal is to be either a veterinarian or a writer, but she is also open to the possibility of pursuing both dreams.

Jordan-Alexander Dawkins : Going “True Blue”


s a student of Wolmer’s Preparatory School, Jordan-Alexander Dawkins was looking forward to being able to make the short trip from Wolmer’s Boys School back to his old stomping grounds to see his friends. Alas, this wasn’t meant to be as he will be attending high school at Jamaica College, his father’s alma mater, come September. Nonetheless, Jordan-Alexander is excited about high school and is looking forward to his JC days. In addition to the usual academics, he is eager to take part in football, which the school is well known for. In fact, he had been playing football with a small group of friends just before our chat. Jordan-Alexander’s parents have also rewarded his outstanding results with special gifts and his father is especially proud that he will be attending JC. “I have an iPod,” he said, proudly displaying the gadget, “and I’m going to go abroad for the rest of the summer.” So far, Jordan has spent his holidays relaxing, playing video games, surfing the internet and hanging out with his friends. He too was initially shy, but warmed up when he got back to showing off his gaming skills on his iPod with our other GSAT scholars. Jordan’s ambition is to be a paediatrician. “I like to help people and I don’t want them to pass away,” he said.



GSAT Scholars

The Brilliant Young Minds of Long Mountain

Kymon Naar : Meet Your Future Pilot

Jemarc Walters : Future Lawyer and Businessman



ome September, Kymon Naar will be a student at Jamaica College after scoring top grades in the GSAT. At just 12 years old, he knows exactly what he wants to become and has already started taking steps to get there. The future pilot, who will be making the transition to high school from Hopefield Preparatory School, says he is excited to attend Jamaica College because of its aviation programme. “I’m looking forward to the sports and the academics, learning new stuff in high school. They have aviation and I want to be a pilot so I’m looking forward to that too,” he says, with a confidence that belies his age. He is also hoping to participate in sports, having played football and participated in swimming at prep school. Badminton, track and field and chess are also on his list of extra-curricular activities. It’s not every day that you find a 12-year-old with such a firm knowledge of where he wants to take his life. He’s fascinated by the possibility of visiting new countries and experiencing new cultures as a pilot and has already started attending summer school at the Caribbean Aviation Training Centre. With all this, he still finds time to play with his friends and explore his new iPad 2, which was a congratulatory gift from his parents. Playing Wii is also a favorite hobby. He enjoys playing Mario Galaxy 2 and Super Mario Bros.

ovial and outgoing, 11-year-old Jemarc Walters is sure to make friends easily when he starts high school at Campion College in September. A past student of Sts. Peter and Paul Preparatory School, Jemarc is also the recipient of a government scholarship for his outstanding achievement in the GSAT. Jemarc is a lawyer and businessman in the making and he is already on the path to making his dreams a reality. He was awarded top debater in the 2011 Junior Debating International Competition, which Sts. Peter and Paul also won. “I like to debate points and prove that my point of view is correct,” he said. Jemarc, who said he “likes making money” is also cutting his business teeth by getting paid to do chores around the house. He is excited about high school and shared some of the advice he’s been given about what to expect, including how to take care of himself when dealing with mean people. He is also aware that high school is “no joking place” and he must take it seriously. Naturally, he will be joining the Campion Debating Society, but he also plans to participate in swimming and football. Jemarc has also had an exciting summer, visiting several attractions across the island, such as Kool Runnings. He too has received gifts from his parents for his success in the GSAT. “I got my blackberry, finally, and my mom bought me a new laptop and in addition to the scholarship, I got $15, 000,” he said with obvious excitement.



GSAT Scholars

The Brilliant Young Minds of Long Mountain


Personal Finance

Back To School Shopping Equipping Your Young Scholars


elieve it or not, it’s back-to-school time again and your children will have a laundry list of needs for the next academic year. Here are some of the things your young scholars will need to be equipped for school:

education classes or after-school sports, so purchase good quality sneakers as well.


Give your children spacious book bags to carry all their belongings. The bags should be comfortable and appealing. Some children will insist on specific brands and/or colours, so decide which ones meet your price point and quality standards but are still stylish.

The wearing of accessories and jewellery is prohibited at most schools, so kids try to push their luck within the boundaries they’re given. Generally, they are allowed to wear a simple watch and girls are allowed to wear simple knobs and hair accessories, but they like to keep it trendy. When getting watches for young children, it’s advised that you go analogue rather than digital so they can develop clock reading skills.

Cellular Phones

School Materials


Generally, children will run to select colourful, trendy school materials, but these are more expensive than standard items. So save a few bucks and negotiate with your children so you are both satisfied with your purchases.

School Bags

If your children’s peers have cellular phones, it’s safe to assume that they will want cell phones too. You may be concerned that a cell phone is a distraction, but it can come in handy should there be any emergencies. Again, children will insist on style and the newest, ‘hottest’ models, so compromise is key.

It’s important that you purchase a durable pair of school shoes that can be worn for at least an entire school year. Your children will also need appropriate footwear for physical

Give your children the best chance for academic success by ensuring that they have all the materials they need. It’s important that you purchase the items on the lists provided by the schools, along with any additional items you believe they may need to excel in and out of the classroom.


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