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A ‘Y.U.T.E.-Ful’ icwi

wellness seminar 2013

Meet the Tcfic family

It is no secret that to be the best and remain relevant in an ever-changing global landscape, one must always bring their ‘A-game’. It is said that the key to creativity and vibrancy is ‘youthful exuberance’ and ICWI, at 45 years, is no exception to this rule.

Health and wellness are important aspects of our lives that improve the overall well-being of persons in every workplace.

Turks & Caicos First Insurance Company Ltd., more commonly known as TCFIC, was registered in Turks and Caicos on 29 December 1993 and became the first indigenous insurance company with its head office on the island.


a ‘Y.U.T.E.-ful’icwi


t is no secret that to be the best and remain relevant in an ever-changing global landscape, one must always bring their ‘A-game’. It is said that the key to creativity and vibrancy is ‘youthful exuberance’ and ICWI, at 45 years, is no exception to this rule. As such, the Company partnered with Youth Upliftment Through Employment to strategically target a key area of concern – youth mentorship, one of YUTE’s primary objectives. On September 9, in a collabortive effort, YUTE and several private sector organisations engaged over 150 students of grades 10 and 11, parents, teachers and community well-wishers at the Kingston Technical High School in a rap session themed ‘Making School

Count’. Despite the torrential rain that persisted, the ICWI volunteers, on their departure from Head Office, remained committed to the task, and upon their arrival, discovered that ICWI had the largest delegation – a total of 10 members. The following departments formed the core of ICWI’s ambassadors: Claims – Patrice Hamilton and Janine Fisher; Broker Marketing – Christian Watt and Marsha Clayton; Customer Service - Marcia Jarrett and Marlon Dixon; Customer Care Centre – Dana Edwards; MIS – Jonelle Alston; Finance – Nichola Findlay and Kirk McGrath.

4 The volunteers were warmly greeted by the School’s Administrative Staff and commended for their initiative and involvement by Mr. Donaldson, Principal of Kingston Technical in his welcome address. The ICWI delegation was divided into groups of twos and threes with each group addressing an audience ranging from ten to twenty participants.The discussions led by the ICWI team focused on the needs of each stakeholder and were centred around effective communication, time management, self-love, motivation, goal planning, preparing for the world of work, the importance of parental involvement and being accountable. A memorable moment was the opening of Christian Watt’s address in which he used the song “This Year mi affi be di Winner” by Konshens as an ice-breaker for an all girl classroom of twenty. Having gained their interest, he further enquired as to who the artiste was, the year the song was written and the year it was first released. Despite easily rec-

ognising the artiste and title, to the students’ surprise and amazement, they realised that song was first played on the radio more than four years after it was written. His fundamental message was that success took hard work and even greater will. The individual interpretations of these sessions varied for each ICWI volunteer, however, as a group, they all left with a greater appreciation and respect for mentorship. They recognised that mentorship, though focused on youth empowerment, plays an influential role in poverty reduction, policy development, sustainable national growth and social integration, particularly as it relates to facilitating opportunities for gainful employment for youths. We applaud the ICWI volunteers for their PRO-fessional execution and delivery, PRO-ductive use of time and PROfound impressions made on the future of tomorrow.


The Jamaica Environment Trust (JET)

20th Annual Beach Cleanup


he Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) hosted its 20th Annual Beach Cleanup of the Palisadoes Strip, in observance of International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) Day. ICC is the largest one day volunteer event in the world with more than 100 countries participating annually. A group of ICWI PROs, mainly comprised of persons from the Finance Department, took part to make a difference.


Wellness Seminar 2013


ealth and wellness is an important aspect of our lives that improves the overall wellbeing of persons in every workplace. A healthy employee is a productive employee; with this in mind a wellness seminar was held on September 11th at Hope Gardens with health and lifestyle coach Kenrese Young. Twenty participants were given tips on maintaining a healthy diet, relieving stress and yoga exercises to focus mind and body.


Scavenger Hunt


n July 1, ICWI Cayman sponsored the ‘Discover Cayman Scavenger Hunt’. Twenty-two teams of four raced across Cayman finding clues and discovering exciting new facts about the country. This was not your typical race as it was an all-day event and the winner was based on points and not timing. For bonus points, teams could guess how many cars are insured with ICWI and the name of an ICWI product. The winning team was especially happy for our ICWI goodie bag, but even more so for the KYD $5,000 cash prize!


Blue Lounge Boat Cruise


CWI Cayman had its fun day on the water! It was an enjoyable and interactive atmosphere that afternoon, with representatives from the brokers joining the ICWI staff. Food, drinks, music and dancing were the order of the day. What a great way to spend a hot and sunny afternoon! Everyone was amused by Stinky the dolphin who trailed the boat the entire afternoon and got up close and personal with the guests. The Captain and crew fit right in with their great sense of humour, and with all the style and fashion out there on the water, it was a much better way to spend the day than being in the office.


icwi funday 2013


fter fifteen sporting events, with four teams participating over a three month period, the final events of the ICWI Olympics took place at the Company’s Annual Fun Day at James Bond Beach on July 13. Staff members and marketing agents from all eleven branches came out in their team colours to show support for their teams; Dynamites, Golden Warriors, Silent Assassins and Renegades, who came energised and anxious to take home the trophy and the title of ICWI Olympic Champions 2013. Staff members were taken to the beach by JUTC buses which left from various points all across the island. By 9:30 a.m., staff and their family members enjoyed a breakfast of ackee and saltfish, callaloo, fried dumpling and boiled provisions, which were provided by the catering staff of the James Bond Beach. After breakfast, staff members posed for pictures, introduced family members and changed their clothing in preparation for the activities ahead. The sun shining brightly overhead motivated the teams to bring their best in the competitions which included the 4 x 100 metre relay, 60 meter dash and 100 metre sprint. Also forming part of the day’s activities were the carrot race, three-legged race and singing competition. A memorable moment for all was during the “market memory game” where team members had to give names of items that could be found at the market in alphabetical order. One Dynamite team member, when asked to provide a market item that began with the letter “q” was quick to say “cucumber”. Lunch time provided a welcome break from the sporting activities and allowed persons, after eating, to see what other activities James Bond Beach had to offer. These included the water trampoline, volleyball and glass-bottom boat rides. Others were content with taking a cool swim or a relaxing nap under the trees. The second half of the day was just as exciting as the first with the final races taking place. Teams quickly organized themselves to get as many points as possible as the Olympics began to wind down. The Dynamites seemed to be giving the Renegades a challenge in almost every event and the Warriors, who entered the day’s activities with the most points, struggled to keep up.The Silent Assassins gave their best but had difficulties in finding representatives to participate in various events. As the saying goes, “the race is not for the swift but for those who can endure to the end”; the Renegades proved their endurance by coming out on top, becoming the first team to be awarded with the ICWI Olympics trophy.


(L-R: Ingrid Thompson, Dario Stubbs, Lucille Jones, Margaret Smith, Shavar Cooper, Monique McIntosh, Kiko Hamilton, Olivia Delancy)



urks & Caicos First Insurance Company Ltd., more commonly known as TCFIC, was registered in Turks and Caicos on 29 December 1993 and became the first indigenous insurance company with its head office on the island.

In 2007, ICWI acquired a controlling number of shares and entered into a management relationship with TCFIC, thereby strengthening its technical insurance expertise and its ability to serve its clients.

What sets them apart from the competition? Continued focus on strong underwriting, appropriate pricing and differentiating based on service. Turks & Caicos First Insurance prides itself on its highly trained, customer service oriented, friendly and professional staff members. According to Margaret Smith, Financial Controller, “We believe it is one of the things that sets us apart from other insurance providers in the Turks & Caicos Islands.” The staff compliment consists of eight, with a combined 102 years of insurance experience. At twelve years of service, TCFIC’s longest serving employee is Monique McIntosh. Monique was born in Middle Caicos which is the largest of the Turks & Caicos Islands,

but has a tiny population of only 200. Monique attended Mico Teachers’ College in Jamaica, but left the bright lights of Kingston to return to her beloved Islands. At ten years of service is Lucille Jones, Account Executive. Lucille is from Nassau, Bahamas and is very active in the community; in fact, she is an ordained Deacon at the Community Fellowship Centre Assemblies of God and President of the Women’s Ministry. Lucille has been in the insurance industry since 1986. With nine years of service, Shavar Cooper is from Freeport, Bahamas, though he is also closely tied to the Island having a mother who was born in Providenciales. Shavar is the Claims Controller and TCFIC’s Motor insurance expert; he takes care of all large fleet accounts. Shavar is currently enrolled in the ACII program and will write his first exam in October.


Almost nine years ago, Margaret Smith joined the TCFIC team from Toronto, Canada although she was born and lived in Glasgow, Scotland in her early years. Margaret is an accountant with a CGA designation and is the Financial Controller. She is also the Treasurer of the Turks & Caicos Insurance Association and the Treasurer of the TCI Children’s Chorale. Margaret loves the island lifestyle and has embraced the Turks and Caicos Islands, and wants nothing to do with the icy, cold winters in Canada. A familiar face to ICWI in the TCFIC office is Ingrid Thompson, Underwriting Manager, who was once the Customer Service Manager at ICWI’s Head Office in Kingston, Jamaica. Ingrid joined the TCFIC team in 2007. She brought with her a wealth of insurance knowledge and an insight into the ICWI culture which has been invaluable to the Company. Although Ingrid visits Jamaica often, it appears her new home is in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Olivia Delancy joined the Company in 2007 to help with the IGIS conversion and has been there ever since. Olivia is from North Caicos and attended Turks and Caicos Islands Community College in the nation’s capital, Grand

Turk. She is the face behind the front desk and the voice on the telephone. Olivia is one of TCFIC’s marketers, traveling to North Caicos once a month to service existing clients and garner new ones. Dario Stubbs, who grew up in the BIG South! (South Caicos) joined the team in the summer of 2008. Two years later, after enjoying the TCFIC work environment, he personally recommended Kiko Hamilton to join the Company. Both Dario and Kiko graduated from Florida International University and are now enrolled in the ACII program, and will write their first exams in October of this year. Turks & Caicos First Insurance is dedicated to becoming the TCI’s largest Motor insurer; in fact, they already provide coverage to many large corporate fleets, including three of the largest car rental agencies on the island. Earlier this year,TCFIC celebrated their 20th anniversary by hosting a party to which their large clients were all invited. Members of the Board of Directors, including Paul Lalor and Patrick Williams, were on hand to present awards to clients who have been with the Company for over fifteen years.




n July 29, 2013 ICWI Old Harbour relocated to Shop #11, 35 East Street, Old Harbour. Their new home has now been modeled in ICWI brand colours. Staff and clients have expressed their gratitude and delight with their new home.

(L-R Latoya Mclean , Kayon Dallas, Dermaine Da’Silva and Loretta McKenzie)


ICWI Mandeville, playing their part in the community


laying their part in the Mandeville community, ICWI donated funds to the refurbishing of the male barracks at the Mandeville Police Station, which was in need of work. The Company’s donation was handed over Friday September 6, 2013, to Minister of National Security, Hon. Peter Bunting. Staff participation in the Manchester Chamber of Commerce September meeting.

Angelene Rhone won a prize for remembering the names and descriptions of fifteen members present

Janelle Stewart makes a presentation to Guest Speaker, Minister of Education Hon. Ronald Thwaites, at the Manchester Chamber of Commerce Meeting.




CWI made its first attempt at an internal social website in 2011 when it introduced Blue Lounge. Blue Lounge was a social website on which staff would be able to access information relating to the Company’s Departments and Branches, training material, the Employee Handbook, staff events, newsletters, notice board posts and it allowed staff to comment and post as they pleased. The purpose of Blue Lounge was to encourage interaction between staff members throughout all of ICWI’s local and regional branches, and while it was a good first attempt, it unfortunately did not yield the desired response.

communication and engage staff, encouraging them to freely express their views in a fun way, resulting in the flow of ideas and innovation. It is used for the posting of blogs, taking staff polls, instant updates and generally results in improved communication all around.

Yammer has assisted in integrating staff members across the region by keeping everyone in touch through the use of posts which highlight the happenings at each branch. It also boosts employee morale when outstanding staff performance is shared on Yammer and seen by all. Fortunately, Yammer lightens the work mood and allows for a little time for fun and On August 8th, Blue Lounge was officially replaced casual interaction between staff, which creates a more with Yammer, a modern enterprise social networking relaxed and productive work environment. site designed for companies. Yammer was founded in 2008 and is used by thousands of companies around To date, 184 members of staff have joined Yammer the world – including 85% of Fortune 500 companies. and it certainly is buzzing! Conversations and posts The layout is very much like Facebook, but from a are happening each day; from birthday shout-outs corporate perspective and it brings together people, and exam grade praises, to polls on when and where conversations, content and business data into a single this year’s Christmas Party should be held. Random prizes are also given away periodically on Yammer, so location. if you haven’t already joined, don’t be left out, join the The purpose of Yammer is to facilitate friendly fun today!


Recipients of the Staff Education Fund Awards for 2013

Kahlil Walker, son of Dawn Raynor-Walker, received the Jennifer Cox Award at the Primary Level.

Vanessa Moo-Young, daughter of Wilma Moo-Young, received the Jennifer Cox Award at the Secondary Level.

Deandra Reynolds, daughter of Valerie Khani-Reynolds.

Kieyan Grant, daughter of Keisha Mcken.

Breanna Burke, daughter of Samara Smith.


staff movements Promotions:

Welcome: A warm welcome is extended to the following employees who joined the ICWI family during the period July to September 2013.

Shaneek Findlay - Claims

Shanaine Stephens Finance

Bruce Kelly - Trinidad

Vaughn Thompson - MIS

Congratulations to the following staff members who were promoted in July 2013.

Tawny Hylton - Claims

Judiane Spencer Portmore Branch

Samantha Henry - Claims


Birthday Greetings: upcoming events:

It is with regret that we bid goodbye to Andre Lawrence of the Finance Department and wish him prosperity in his future undertakings

Happy Birthday to all members of staff who celebrated birthdays during the third quarter of 2013.

• Staff Social - Karaoke • Christmas Party

2 St. Lucia Avenue Kingston 5 Jamaica W.I. Tel: (876) 926-9040-7 Fax: (876) 960-6918

Suites 11-13 Technology Innovation Centre University of Technology 237 Old Hope Road Kingston 6 (876) 970 5657

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