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Jan-March 2013

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GETTING to know

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At the start of this year, Grace Kennedy Financial Group (GKFG) experienced a few management changes. These changes were a direct result of GraceKennedy’s robust Executive Leadership Development Programme, while, at the same time, realizing its overarching vision to become a global consumer group. In this edition of Spot On: The GKFG Beat, we wanted you to get to know your newest leaders in a way you might not have know them before. We present to you Andrew Levy, Regional Director of Insurance Services; Grace Burnett, Managing Director of JIIC and Amanda Beepat, General Manager of Allied Insurance Brokers. You know their names and you know their faces, but did you know that one of them secretly believes he is 6 feet tall? Read on to learn more!

What do you like to do in your free time? Gardening and hanging out with my daughters. Do you have a favorite food? Roast ‘turned’ breadfruit with fried salt fish. What type of music do you like to listen to? Everything! From classical to dancehall. Tell us one surprising thing about yourself. I am actually an introvert but have schooled myself to ‘be outgoing.’ Name Grace Angela Lorraine Burnettt Years at Grace 12 years


Do you consider yourself a technology ‘buff?’ Do you tweet, are you on Facebook, or do you just not have the time? I have set up a Twitter account but it is not active. I actually spend a lot of time on Facebook – my girls think I am stalking them :-)

What’s your personal philosophy or what quote would best describe you? I really believe and try to live the Lord’s Prayer, especially the lines that say, “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” I practise forgiveness, as I need a lot of it :-) What would you like to see GKFG accomplish within the next five years? Consistently meeting stakeholders’ expectations – customers, staff and shareholders. Who inspires you and why? My heroes are all people that I have personally interacted with because of the many lessons they have left with me. In addition to my spouse and daughters, I have had great bosses, leaders and colleagues who have helped me to achieve beyond my own personal expectations for myself.

What do you like to do in your free time? Spend time with my family, play squash, watch tennis or cricket. Do you have a favorite food? I enjoy most foods, especially ethnic foods – Chinese, Lebanese, Indian, Greek, Thai… What type of music do you like to listen to? Reggae classics, jazz, songs from musicals.

Name Andrew Charles Hugh Levy Years at Grace 21 years

Tell us one surprising thing about yourself. I think I’m 6ft tall. Do you consider yourself a technology ‘buff?’ Do you tweet, are you on Facebook, or do you just not have the time? Definitely a technology buff. There is such power for improving our lives available in the new tools – I tweet (plus use and post

What do you like to do in your free time? Hang out with my nephew and nieces, walk barefooted on the beach by myself, bond with nature (hang out at the coffee farm). Do you have a favorite food? Sushi and noodles. What type of music do you like to listen to? R&B and pop. Tell us one surprising thing about yourself. I’m a fan of E! TV. In my head, Grace Angela Lorraine Burnett I think I sing like Celine Dion! Name Amanda P Do you consider yourself a technology Beepat ‘buff?’ Do you tweet, are you on Facebook, or do you just not have the Years at Grace time? I participate but I don’t share 20 years pics. What’s your personal philosophy? a) Step forward or you’ll always be in the same place. b) My faith is bigger than my fear.

on Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Google+, and I’m sure I forgot a few. What’s your personal philosophy or what quote would best describe you? I have three that I repeat regularly: a) In theory, practice and theory are the same thing. In practice, they’re not! b) Common sense is NOT common; and c) You can ignore your responsibilities, but you can’t ignore the consequence of ignoring your responsibilities. What would you like to see GKFG accomplish within the next five years? Have successful regional operations in banking and insurance. Who inspires you and why? Nelson Mandela, for his approach to life; Steve Jobs, for his creative genius; and Warren Buffett, for his ability to think counter to conventional wisdom.

What quote would best describe you? ‘Believe you can and you’re halfway there’ by Theodore Roosevelt and “Build your own dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs” by Farrah Gray. What would you like to see GKFG accomplish within the next five years? Become great at execution and acquisition. Who inspires you and why? Quite a few: a) Helen Keller: despite her disabilities, she was a champion for social issues. b) Millicent Fawcett: campaigned for equal rights and votes for women. c) Jack Welch d) Richard Branson; and e) my brother, Peter, for his quiet determination and charitable spirit.


Western Union Gives $10M Boost to Primary Schools ingredient not just for basic survival, but for success. Western Union is committing to both the survival and the success of Jamaica’s youth.” Also in attendance at the occasion was Minister of State in the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining, Julian Robinson who applauded Western Union for taking the lead and being one step ahead of the government. Allen commented, “The world is changing faster that we can understand and classrooms need to keep up with that pace. GKMS and Western Union are aware of just how much cash it takes to care, so this year alone, we have contributed over $10 million dollars to the computerization programme.”

One of our objectives at GraceKennedy Financial Group (GKFG) is service to our communities. Through the Western Union brand, the company recently handed over one of 13 sets of computers to the students of Rousseau Primary. The initiative forms part of the company’s I-PLEDGE programme, geared at improving literacy at the primary school level. Finance and Planning Minister and Member of Parliament, Peter Phillips, was on hand for the occasion. “What is available in the national budget is not enough to educate all of our children to the highest possible standard. Western Union is accepting that it is part of their responsibility as good corporate citizens to do their bit to meet the educational challenge,” he said. Chief Operating Officer of GKMS, Michelle Allen, echoed the Minister’s statement: “The ability to express yourself and to comprehend – to communicate, is a critical


I-PLEDGE stands for ‘I Promise to Lend Encouragement to Develop Growth in Education.’ The programme, established by GKMS through its Western Union brand in 2009, was designed to support community development with an emphasis on primary education. The computers installed this year will positively impact the lives of more than 4,000 students. In addition to Rousseau Primary, 12 other institutions are to benefit from Western Union’s generosity this year. • • • • • • • • • • • •

Mona Primary Swallowfield Primary & Junior High Holy Rosary Primary Top Jackson Basic & Primary Crescent All Age School Mt. Carmel Primary Balaclava Primary Robin’s Hall Primary Porus Primary Geneva Primary Pedro Plains Primary Grace & Staff Community Development Foundation (NGO)

First Global Bank and First Global Financial Services are continuing their partnership with the Ministry of Education to use music to improve literacy and numeracy levels in primary schools across the island. The programme, titled Music – Perfect Pitch for a Sound Education, was launched in 2011 with six primary schools in Kingston, Montego Bay and Mandeville. The pilot programme, which ran for an initial period of one year, saw music being introduced into the Grade 3 curriculum in these schools in a bid to improve literacy and numeracy.

Based on these results, First Global has decided to continue and expand the original project. Five of the six original schools will continue in the programme, which will now be expanded to include Grade 4 students. In addition, four new schools will be added to the programme, bringing the total to nine schools. First Global Bank and First Global Financial Services will provide the necessary musical instruments, equipment and materials needed to drive this initiative. The companies will also sponsor training workshops to hone the teachers’ musical skills to effectively deliver this curriculum. In addition, songstress Alaine has According to Courtney Campbell, CEO, GraceKennedy agreed to continue her partnership with First Global Financial Group, “These students were taught a as the face of the programme. curriculum with the focus on using music as the main tool to drive integration, and to teach literacy and The schools participating in the programme are Villa numeracy skills in particular. Our aim was to see a Road Primary and Junior High, Mandeville Primary and marked improvement in the literacy and numeracy Junior High, and McIntosh Memorial Primary School skills of these 480 students by the end of the first in Mandeville; Tarrant Primary and All Age School, year.” At the end of the 2011/2012 school year, 90 Seaward Primary School, Duhaney Park Primary per cent of students from five of the six pilot schools School, and Pembroke Hall Primary School in Kingston; had seen a marked improvement in their literacy and and John Rollins Success Primary and Bickersteth numeracy skills. In addition, each student involved Primary and Infant School in Montego Bay. in the programme is now able to play at least one musical instrument.


Bon Voyage Claudette! Saying farewell to a Grace Kennedy stalwart In February 2013, the GraceKennedy Financial Group bid farewell to a stalwart of the company, as Claudette White, Senior Business Partner, Human Resources, took early retirement. As she closed the pages of her GraceKennedy chapter, her colleagues, friends and family gathered at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel to wish her all the best, and thank her for her over 20 years of service to the company. We have the highlights below:

Bon Voyage Claudette! 6


Allied Insurance Brokers visits the Jamaica Christian Boys Home For the past eight years, staff members of Allied Insurance Brokers have maintained a relationship with the Jamaica Christian Boys Home and this year was no different. More than 30 Allied team members visited the home on Sunday, February 9 for ‘Pre-Valentines Lyme with the Boys’ and feted the youngsters and staff members there. As usual, the team also brought along a gift for the home. This year, it was an 18 cubic ft stainless steel refrigerator, which was received with gratitude. We have highlights of the visit below:



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