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umerous times since our last edition of eYs Magazine, I have woken up in the morning only to gaze into my surroundings, asking myself just exactly how did we all get here? We are all facing a Pandemic that has taken +420,000 deaths and counting, infecting more than 7.5 million people worldwide, and yet it seems to be growing by the second. Unbelievable!! The catastrophic fires and the terrifying floods that greeted Australia at the turn of 2020 may be behind us, but whoever imagined yet again we are finding the strength to fight another battle - COVID-19? What I want to know is where can I get my refund because I didn’t sign up for this mess. Each morning I live in the hope that maybe, just maybe, something has changed overnight – a miracle? Holding onto the littlest hope for a new day, sadly, greeted with the news of death, new cases and lockdowns, restrictions, toilet paper and sanitiser all adding to my anxiety levels. History has taught us that mother nature tends to reset herself every 100 years. Reminding us all that life is a gift, nature is fragile, and the quality of life we all live is the progress we have made throughout the centuries of innovation, technology and evolution. After all, earth has witnessed the extinction of dinosaurs, and the ice age,

several killer pandemics, war, disease and climate change. It’s essential to take into account the hidden factors that lead to these events and most certainly inflicted by a revolution of change to enhance the power mother nature has upon us. Change is now the new purpose we should all adopt as individuals toward a better life and healthy environment learning to co-exist with the beauty the universe has to offer us. Each planet, proudly displaying its riches and abundance of natural habitat. As human beings, we are influenced through information platforms to be part of a community, up to date with world events and reminded that we have all accountable to create a better future for our children—a world with no discrimination, racial tension, hate, and bias. Our duty of care is to celebrate others who go above and beyond fulfilling their dreams, passion and purpose and create an impact in our world. In this winter edition of eYs Magazine, we are creating change and impact by celebrating men and women from around the globe. Our front cover story is Austen McDonald from Sydney, Australia – a 16 yo ballet dancer who tackles the world stage and masters the art of expression – Ballet. We also, talk to our locals from Sydney - Jillian Bullock our LinkedIn Ninja, Paula Dunn, and Noel Whelan. Read about our friends from the USA – Author, Marsha Casper Cook, Grace Charrier, Monica Sekhmet Grant, Larissa Miller and Gartel. Author Gemma Smith has just launched her new book and we can’t but feel pride in our eYs Heroine Marija Milenkovic from Serbia. The eYs Team have all been busy creating our winter edition, and you will love their articles filled with love and inspiration. This time last year, eYs Magazine were the WINNERS of the 2019 Altitude Award – Unsung Hero. We are delighted to have been nominated in not one but two categories: Soaring Solo and Best Online/Digital Business Award. Thank you to all our eYs readers for your ongoing support. From all of us, we hope you continue to stay safe and create the change we all want to see!!

Jasmina Siderovski Chief Executive Officer and Editor-in-Chief eYs Magazine

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Emerging Musician and Artist

Story and Interview by Deme McDonald


he KYVA project, is a profound expression of the courage of self-reflection to stand firm in your truth to enact personal growth and societal change. KYVA, Sydney, Australia-based artist invites us to join him on a journey of self-discovery fearlessly encouraging all to stand firm in your truth, embrace and value our differences while inspiring all to reflect on the societal marginalisation and inequalities from culture to sexuality with a call for change.

One writes out of one thing only — one’s own experience. Everything depends on how relentlessly one forces from this experience the last drop, sweet or bitter, it can possibly give. This is the only real concern of the artist, to recreate out of the disorder of life that order which is art. James Baldwin“Autobiographical Notes” from Notes of a Native Son, (1955) Kyle Linahan grew up in Avalon, a small coastal town on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia, and experience which has profoundly shaped his artistry. I had the pleasure of interviewing our Native Son, Australian singer songwriter, Kyle Linahan, with who performs

using the moniker KYVA (pronounced K-eye-Vah) on the Frenchkiss Records label. KYVA’s lyrics are exploding with truths of the human condition with a unique sound that beautifully weaves alternate pop influenced by The Cure with the Funk of Prince and the rich sounds of his Caribbean ancestry which envelops the listener and is a melodic treat for the senses. Tell us about the origin of your name KYVA and how it represents you as an artist. The name KYVA represents my experience as a child growing up in Avalon, Australia. It is multifaceted about identity and place and the feeling of trying to create a home within music. As a person of mixed raced heritage, you are torn between two worlds and how the world perceives you physically and culturally. There are some incredible things that come from that because can see through the experience of different worlds that others would be able to see, but it also leaves you separate from the two places as well. These ideas about identity played into the project and I wanted a name that directly referenced this place where I am going with identity and the journey of the music understanding that this might be a place that is never truly reconciled and might just paint different experiences on a canvas. I split my name Kyle – KY and Avalon -AV to represent this duality. Tell me about your background. I am a singer songwriter based in Sydney. I grew up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, which is a specific group of people, it’s very Anglo and pretty homogeneous and I found it was difficult growing up in an area like that because it’s not an area that champions or looks to celebrate people are different.

eYs Magazine, Winter 2020 | 5

How did you get through that challenge? At the time I found it difficult to make friends because I did not go to school in this area. So, I was a bit of an outsider. I feel that is one of the things that informed a lot of the art that I create now. It is a major point of interest for me for someone who creates music feeling like an alien and that sort of isolation drives many of the central themes of trying to find a home or a connection to culture and identity. When did you begin your music career? I signed to the Warner Music label when I was 16 years old. I started a develop deal, but I really did not know what I was doing. It was an incredible experience to be afforded at such a young age. Through that time, I had an opportunity to flex and learn skills like how to record and refine my vocal technique and style. It was an incredible learning curve and my job at that point was to finish an album while I was finishing high school. As an artist what inspires you to create? I feel like inspiration comes from everywhere all facets of my life. Particularly because this project KYVA, is so much about identity and your place in the world and the lens through which I see the world is extremely specific and that informs the project hugely. Coming of age and discovering myself and my sexuality and also redefining ideas of masculinity and gender roles. These are all the things where I find endless inspiration for the project. 6 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

Previously you stated that just by existing you would feel like an alien in your hometown, country, this world. How do you feel today with regards to feeling alien? I feel like the world is getting easier. It is getting to a place where we can talk about these things more. Obviously, issues about race have been an undercurrent for a lot of people for so long. I think a lot of people were unaware or uneducated about ideas of race and systematic racism that some have been privileged by and where others have been disenfranchised. It is an interesting time to be talking about this particularly in music and I think more and more people are receptive to hearing stories from different people from different experiences. I welcome anyone who is looking to engage in those conversations. How do you feel today with regards to feeling alien as it pertains to your sexuality and being a person of colour? I think for me as a Queer black person in Australia things are changing because it was like you were not on the map before as if you really did not exist. However, the Black Lives Matter movement that is happening in the States and continuing to be digested all around the world and particularly for the indigenous people here in Australia is evidence of the coming change. I went to the Sydney Black Lives Matter rally on the 6th June 2020, and I was so overwhelmed by the incredible show of solidarity from all people

and a lot of Australian young people seem to be in tune with that narrative as it is emerging and really coming on board and ready to embrace change which is amazing. It was nice being in this group of people which was a hugely mixed crowd of all different racial backgrounds and identities. It felt like a nice warm hug after all the horrible things in the news of late. It was nice to feel inspired by it and not heavy. As you are creatively minded you must be bombarded by ideas that can take you to so many places. How do you reset yourself and re-energise your soul? I have been on a journey as I am finishing up the writing for my first album, KYVA. There is never any shortage of inspiration of things to write about and say particularly during this time and where we are in the world. There is some crazy stuff going on in the world. To keep recharged it is important that I look to methods of self-care. It is easy for creatives to feel juiced; you always have a deadline and many creatives can feel like you are only as relevant as the work you are putting out. I feel that to be able to maintain that output of work you really need to look after yourself and I do that through meditation to feel rejuvenated. Tell us about your favourite song to perform? It has been early days for the KYVA project because at this time (during the Covid-19

pandemic) we have not been able to do live shows. Adapting and going on-line and doing shows by webcam and Zoom has been interesting and challenging. It has been nice connecting with people who would not have ordinarily been able to make it to shows because of geographical location. You can open up an audience because there is no set limit on the venue and the show can be accessed anywhere and anytime. However, I am missing that face to face energy reaction that you only get when performing in a venue with people. Please describe that feeling of performing with a live audience. It is one of the best feelings. It is an energy transfer with people vibing off each other

in the room and its why people love live music. I get a feeling of elation. I have spoken with a few musicians about this in my time, about what is and why is it so addictive and drives you to want to keep trying the find it? There are those performances where you may be distracted, your voice isn’t quite right that day or you didn’t hit the notes, but sometimes you have that transcendent experience which is so much bigger than the sum of its parts. You come together with your band and you have a certain energy and you train and rehearse to get to a place where you can lose it all on stage. In those moments where you forget everything and it becomes something otherworldly, it is the most beautiful experience. I have had the pleasure of hearing your new single ‘Dollar Sign’ which you wrote and performed as part of the KYVA project. Please tell us about your motivation being ‘Dollar Sign’. I was feeling trapped and chained to a cycle of work -homework and questioning why am I chained to this capitalistic pattern. I wanted to talk about our relationship with money and the anxiety about not having enough and also enjoying the comforts it affords. Ultimately in writing ‘Dollar Sign’ it was a journey of

self-discovery and the duality within me and my relationship with money which complex. Even on social media it is a tool where influencers are pushing and idea of what we should be ascribing to in our lives, but these things are empty rather than finding the essence of what truly makes you happy rather than this veneer of what happy looks like. What valuable lessons have you learned along the way to help you to grow in this industry. As an artist I think it is fundamental that you build a discipline and work ethic and refine your skill set. The major less that I have learned as an artist over the many years that I have been making music in different projects is to trust your voice because I feel that is what this project is for me. I feel the things that resonate most with people are when there is truth behind it, and something learned or acquired either by adversity or other means in your life experience is your truth and you should stand behind it. KYVA is a truly inspirational artist breaking down the social construct on identity, sexuality, race, and culture while challenging all to do the same to thrive as an enlightened society. ‘Dollar Sign’ Enjoy it here: https://orcd.co/ kyva_dollarsign Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ kyvaworldwide/ Photography: Marcus Coblyn Photography: Mason Bennett

eYs Magazine, Winter 2020 | 7


DR MARIJA MILENKO VIC Heroine of Our Present: Assistant, PhD, Anaesthesiologist and Traumatologist

Story by Bojana Bogojevic


hile our world is still fighting with the pandemic of SARS COV-2 (COVID-19), we’re watching the news hoping for an encouraging story. At the same time, we are frightened, locked down fighting our own anxiety battles. I have a rare opportunity to talk with the hero of modern times, a heroine of humanity. A woman who holds our life in her hands and our future depends on her knowledge and devotion. Serbia, still facing the COVID-19 global pandemic, I have been blessed to meet Assistant, PhD - Dr Marija Milenkovic who works days and nights as the Head of Anaesthesiology section in the ED Clinical Centre of Serbia. Emergency Centre and Assistant, and Medical Faculty, Belgrade University. Maria is our hero on regular days without a pandemic and someone who studied for her PhD in Traumatology. Confronted by the most challenging cases, and she has the added responsibility to make immediate decisions where there is no room for error. As if this isn’t enough 8 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

for this brave doctor when Serbia began to convert hospitals to specialised COVID-19 wards she made the unselfish decision to bravely volunteer her expertise and work with COVID-19 patients as the coordinator in the Centre for Intensive Care in Pulmonology Clinic - Clinical Centre of Serbia. Marija became a hope for many people. The thin line between the last breath and the reward for living, a heroine, celebrates after the battle with COVID-19. She was exhausted, but without second thoughts to retreat, Dr Marija Milenkovic explains what the medical term ‘PRON’ means. It’s a method for treating COVID-19 patients and is used to prevent the placing of patients on respirators, as well on patients who are already on respirators. PRON is the method of turning patients who are not on a ventilator onto their stomach. Patients may suffer from moderate to severe Acute Distress Syndrome. A syndrome caused by damage to the Lung Parenchyma - often caused by Coronavirus and used at the

Clinic of Pulmonology Clinical Centre of Serbia. Doctor Milenkovic says: “It is a very complicated procedure. Patients who do not require mechanical ventilatory support are then fitted with oxygen masks and oxygen support. Then are turned over onto their stomachs. It enables improved breathing for those parts of the lungs that aren’t sufficiently ventilated. For mechanically ventilated patients, it’s a

demanding procedure. They are patients who are asleep, sedated, and their life depends on how you turn them, mechanical ventilation, 24-hour medical supervision and monitored as they can’t be in that position for long.” As a coordinator in the Centre for intensive Care in Pulmonology Clinic - Clinical Centre of Serbia, you have to be alert 24 hours per day. The nature of the work and procedures applied by the Anaesthesiologists in the treatment of COVID-19 patients is a massive risk. I asked Marija to tell me a story that she stood out in her mind. “I had a conversation with a patient. I wanted to encourage him to fight for his life and his family that was waiting for him at home. He looked at me; he told me that his wife had died from COVID-19 the day before, and his children were in the hospital. After that, there were no words, just cold silence.” The real heroes in the fight against COVID-19 aren’t the respirators. They are useless without our brave and devoted frontline medical staff -doctors like Marija Milenkovic. After our conversation with Marija, I don’t worry about the future of medicine and humanity. I appreciate the equipped medical teams such as Marija - Assistant and Doctor who has taught upcoming medical students not just an abundance of knowledge but also human virtues and real values. Professionals such as Dr Marija Milenkovic there is hope for humanity. Thank you, Marija, for your hard work, dedication and efforts to keep us safe. Your selfless act of bravery will be a role model for future generations. eYs Magazine, Winter 2020 | 9



Law and Corporate Governance Lawyer, Post-Grad Specialist for Corporate Governance, UN Climate Teacher, and Author


 1 in 2 women killed in the world was killed by their partners or families in 2017, while only 1 in 20 men were killed under suspicious circumstances;  71% of victims of human trafficking in the world are women, and 3 out of 4 were sexually exploited


ince the dawn of humanity, a woman was always considered as the weakest link of society or as to use modern language weakest gender. From those earliest day’s women have fought for their rights, and unfortunately, that battle is still ongoing. Nowadays, the main question is violence against women. Unfortunately, in some cultures, it is normal behaviour, part of domestic violence and battlefield for gender equality. It has roots in culture, mythology but in modern societies in the year of 2020.main source is in the family. Very often, children will copy acts of their parents, grandparents, and because of that, they won’t see it as something wrong. Here I think about both sides. Often victim believes she should accept violence because her mother lived like that too. Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women was adopted without a vote by the United Nations General Assembly in its resolution 48/104 of 20 December 1993. Global statistics are relentless:  1 in 3 women experience physical or sexual violence during their lifetime, where the perpetrator is in most cases an intimate partner;  Only 52% of women who are in a marital union or other community are free to make their own decisions regarding sexual intercourse, contraceptive use and health care;  Around the world, 750 million females living today were married before their 18th birthday, while 200 Million of them underwent female genital mutilation;

10 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

 Violence against women is a serious cause of death and disability among women of reproductive age, as well as cancer. The number of domestic violence is increasing during the pandemic of COVID – 19, and the number of women calling services to find support has doubled. Forced lockdowns and restrictions of movement mean that women suffering gender-based violence are now trapped at home with their abusers at a time when support services are disrupted or inaccessible. The most common reasons why someone accepts to suffer violence are: lack of knowledge, fear, stigmatization, existential fear and distrust in obtaining adequate protection and assistance. Due to the above, the victims decide for a line of lesser resistance, they choose from two evils the one which is known to them. Domestic violence (intimate partner violence, domestic abuse, dating violence, spousal abuse, and intimate partner abuse) is any form of maltreatment that takes place in a heterosexual or homosexual romantic relationship between adults or adolescents. Domestic violence can manifest itself in various forms:  PHYSICAL;  SEXUAL;  PSYCHIC;  ECONOMIC.

Physical violence is committed in different ways and by various means, and results in a minor bodily injury or, in some cases, a serious bodily injury. This type of violence includes; pushing, slapping, hitting, shooting, throwing, strangling, inflicting burns, throwing objects at, hitting objects, threatening or injuring with a weapon, locking in or throwing out of a house. Sexual violence represents minimizing the importance of a partner’s feelings towards sex, insisting on unwanted and unpleasant touching, coercion into sexual intercourse, coercion into prostitution, use for pornographic purposes. Psychological violence is the most widespread form of abuse. It refers to constant criticism, underestimation, emotional threats and accusations, emotional blackmail, creating insecurity in the victim, possessive behaviour, setting unrealistic and unfulfilled expectations in relation to the victim, verbal abuse, disrespect for the victim, abuse of trust-breaking promises, isolation, shifting the blame for the violence, harassment and harassment. Economic violence: means not giving money for family expenses, full and exclusive disposal of family income, forcing to submit detailed reports on the money spent, banning a family member from getting a job and thus aging their own income. So far, it’s observed that the above forms of violence are most often related to each other and always represent an abuse of some kind of power (physical, social or economic)

of the perpetrator concerning other members of his family. Domestic violence is a significant health problem. It affects millions of people and often results in physical and emotional injuries. In the worstcase scenario, even deaths are a reality of domestic violence. Unfortunately, looking at world statistics with regret, we can conclude that despite all the efforts of society and the activities undertaken globally, even today there is an incomprehensibly high percentage of impunity for perpetrators of sexual violence and

rape. We must not close our eyes and find justification why we overlooked and justified bruises on the face of a neighbour, friend, relative or sister. And if you do not dare to report it, then at least document the physical injuries, gather evidence if you gather the courage soon. Finally, it is important to point out that domestic violence is primarily a violation of human rights. It has its deep roots in the unequal distribution of power. Authorities must prevent domestic violence, provide protection to victims and prosecute perpetrators. eYs Magazine, Winter 2020 | 11


MARSHA CASPER COOK Author, Screenwriter, Entrepreneur

Interview by Jasmina Siderovski


arsha Casper Cook is the host and producer for all the podcasts on Michigan Avenue Media Inc. on Blog Talk Radio for over ten years. Her shows mostly dedicated to writing and the entertainment field, including books and movies. A long list of guests is authors, publishers, directors, screenwriters, actors and marketing consultants. With over 20 years of experience in the writing industry and the founder of Michigan Avenue Media Inc, Marsha has written 14 books, five of which are children’s and 11 featurelength screenplays and several of screenplays optioned by Production Companies. From romance and inspirational to adventure and fiction, Marsha is a seasoned author with an abundance of experience in the industry. Marsha has signatory status from the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and has represented screenwriters and authors. I had the honour to meet Marsha in 2018 introduced by a mutual friend of ours Jack Remick. A novelist, short story writer and not to mention a cherished and dear friend. Marsha invited me to be one of her guests on her famous podcast Michigan Avenue Network. She was an incredible host, receptive, warm and patient - a born people leader and entertainer. Perhaps it was sister code or author to author loyalty, what resonated the most was her soft nature and

ability to listen. Her wealth of knowledge and intellect is extraordinary. The world needs more of Marsha Casper Cook and her talent in the writing/screenplay industry. Achievements / Awards? In 2019 I was a finalist in the first Academy Awards for Books for my book IT’S NEVER TOO LATE FOR LOVE and before that I had several options for my screenplays. It was exciting to have production companies interested in my work and I’m still very hopeful that one of my scripts or books will become a movie. When and why did you decide to become an Author? When I was very young my school advisors thought I would be a good Journalist, but I decided on a career in Medical Technology where I worked in private labs, hospitals and finally Paediatrics. When my son was in school, I decided it might be fun to write so I went to the library every day and read book after book on how to be an author. At first it was difficult because I was teaching myself but as the years went on it became a part of my life and I began to enjoy it much more than I ever imagined. However, without my editor, Jeff Fleischer, who has been with me from the start, and my publisher, Robin Surface, from Fideli Publishing, I doubt my career would have been the same. Can you walk us through your journey, mainly finding the motivation to write? I have always been motivated to write on a daily basis but there are days when I feel my writing isn’t up to par. I try to work through it by writing, writing and doing more writing but on many occasions I just start over again until I’m happy with the story I am about to tell. What are valuable lessons you have learned along the way in the industry? The best lesson for me has been learning

12 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

my craft to the best of my ability and not to compare myself to any other authors or screenwriters. The stories I tell are always ones I create. I love creating new characters because they become my friends and allow me to tell their story and long after they’re gone, I remember them in a fond way. They become my family. What advice would you tell your younger writing self? Never say Never. You never know what you can accomplish. I have shocked myself as to the persistent person I have become. Is there any advice you would like to offer anyone else who may be interested to pursue the same path as an author / screenwriter? I believe in following your dream. I have advised many writers to keep going even if it gets tough. It’s worthwhile if you enjoy something to continue reaching for the stars. If you do that there’s no limit to what mIght happen.

How did Michigan Avenue Network become part of your branding? My Publisher Robin Surface suggested that I try to get on a radio show and I immediately said I don’t think that’s for me. Then one day I saw a Facebook post to be a guest on a Radio Show for ten minutes I thought ten minutes wouldn’t be too hard, but I was wrong I was nervous and scared and almost decided not to go on, but I did. And then a few weeks later I did another show on the same network and the interviewer offered me a job on her Network Red River Radio. I surprised myself and said yes. That’s how Michigan Avenue Media started doing podcasts. Who is your inspiration and why? My inspiration is living life every day and enjoying meeting new people and having conversations that make me think. That’s the joy of having a Podcast for the last ten years. My guests have made my life so much better because without my show I would have not met so many wonderful people that have become my very good friends. The enjoyment I get from doing my shows is irreplaceable. Is there a challenge throughout your journey that stands out that may inspire others? The message I give new authors is to find their own style and not to be afraid of exploring new ideas. If the opportunity arises to go one step further don’t be afraid, go for it! What is your favourite pastime when you aren’t working? I love movies and audio books. Lately I find myself watching TV series but sometimes if feels like work trying to get through many of the seasons. I like to finish to find out how the story ends regardless of the hours it takes. That’s the curiosity in me talking. Links https://www.marshacaspercook.com/ https://www.facebook.com/marshacaspercookchicagoauthor/ https://www.instagram.com/marshacaspercook/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/marsha-casper-cook-299b118/ https://twitter.com/michiganavenue3 PODCASTS – I TUNES https://apple.co/2zWzHqH (podcasts.apple.com) https://www.amazon.com/Marsha-Casper-Cook/e/B002JB1PCK/r

eYs Magazine, Winter 2020 | 13




The Light Within You: Transformational Book, a “Jewel”, Empowers Readers to Grab their Infinite Higher Power – and Thrive

ritten by a woman who is the epitome of self-courage and determination, Gemma Smith, ‘The Light Within You’ grabs readers by their own passions and ignites their inner light, to unleash the potential they have always supressed. Everyone has that niggling feeling that something is missing in their life; something that excites them so much they’re unlikely to ever take action to make it real. That’s Smith’s goal – to guide readers toward it, using their inner power, and live a life where anything is possible.


Gemma Smith Email: thelightwithinyou@hotmail.com

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE United Kingdom – Gemma Smith had wanted to write a book since she was a little girl. However, the prospect was so all-consuming and exciting that, ironically, she found it impossible to get off the starting block. This paralysis is something everyone lives through, every day. But Smith has realised her dream, and the result is ‘The Light Within You’, a truly life-changing book that will move anyone through a paradigm shift to operate at their highest potential, with sincerity and love.

Synopsis: ‘The Light Within You’ will show you how to… Discover your life art, your inner passion, that you want to achieve, succeed in and unconditionally love. Learn how to utilise your inner light in a way that empowers you to achieve anything you set out to do. Be aware of the infinite Higher Power that lives within you.

14 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

Use gratitude and the magnetism of attraction to create a happier, more fulfilled you, enriched with love and light. Uncover ways to operate on your highest potential to become the best version of yourself that resonates with your inner truth.


elieve it or not, you have an innate right to operate at your highest potential,” explains the author, an internationally-recognized journalist, writer, teacher and a humanitarian” And we already have the light within us that will set the flames of progress and change alight. This internal warm energy provides a compass for us to navigate ourselves and the world with love, passion and unstoppable potential. But most people live their entire lives without ever finding and using it. With my book, you’ll set this inner light free and start building a new existence where joy and prosperity prevail.” Continuing, “You don’t have to be stuck in darkness. I once was, and since I’ve found my way out, I see it as my duty and calling to help others do the same – through this book, my wisdom and the powerful quotes written throughout. If something makes you feel happy right now, then it’s something you need to pursue. So pick up a copy of my book, because I have the entire blueprint waiting, just for you.” Feedback for the book has been glowing. For example, Robina Tower, writer for the Discovery Channel, says, “Gemma Smith has written a jewel that she wants to share with everyone, that is searching for themselves. She gently takes you by the hand and guides you towards things that you have often thought of but never taken the steps towards doing for yourself. She draws you like a moth to light, finding yourself. And within that discovery, you shine.” To coincide with the first day of Summer Summer Solstice ‘The Light Within You’ will be published on the June 20th, the day of the year that celebrates an abundance of light. As well as that, this book is a significant symbolism of supporting

positive mental health. With mental health being such a global issue, this book has never been needed more. Gemma urges others to read and share her message. The book is available at: https:// thelightwithinyou.co.uk. It can also be purchased on Amazon, KDP Ebook and over 40,000 other global bookdistribution networks. Signed copies are available on pre-order at a special offer rate of £10 before 20th June direct from the author’s website above. After this date the price will be £11.99 on Amazon and all of the other distribution networks. An E-book version will also be available at £2.99

About the Author: Gemma Leigh Smith has an extraordinary passion for writing and words. Her life has been dedicated to lighting up the lives of others with her empathetic and caring nature known to have a positive effect on those around her. The author currently lives in the UK and works as a teacher alongside being a writer. She works extensively to give the children she teaches the best education possible, while inspiring them to shine their light and become the best that they can be. Gemma transformed her life by turning the challenging experiences she had endured into positive life lessons that she could teach others. She believes that there is a positive lesson to be learnt in every

situation, no matter how bad or difficult it may seem. From a very young age, Gemma had a burning desire to travel and see the world and in doing so, this has shaped her to become the woman she is today. Gemma is also a qualified Life Coach, certified in Positive Psychology and Mental Health and is keen to share her expertise by offering coaching sessions to transform people’s way of thinking while encouraging positive mental health and all-round wellbeing Her powerful voice and intention to inspire and lift others is truly infectious and can benefit masses of individuals and groups in society, all over the world. Gemma believes that your purpose is to touch lives through your centred craft. You have a duty to live a happy life. This book is a roadmap for those striving to navigate their way through transitional stages of life, supporting people to find their purpose, and harness it with their inner light, encouraging people to reach their fullest potential. This book is also for those who are on a quest for that glimmer of hope during life’s unexpected challenges. www.thelightwithinyou.co.uk

eYs Magazine, Winter 2020 | 15


AMBASSADOR GRACE CHARRIER Interview by Jasmina Siderovski


hat does it mean to be an ambassador? Is it the level of authority granted to serve your nation, or is it the gift to be a storyteller on behalf of civility of love, hope and faith? Deep within us all, we have a purpose. A passion and experiences that help us grow and give us core value for the truth we speak. Women in sciences have faced long, unfair prejudices and setbacks because of their gender. These obstacles deter our success. However, there are thousands of remarkable women that have triumphed, and their work has inspired globally. Amazing women have defied and broken away from perceptions and proved that with persistence, soul belief, purpose, knowledge and education are the ingredients and breakthrough for progress. Grace B. Charrier is an African, Nigerian Woman of preservation, greatness and value. A fighter part of a global network of organizations such as researchers, scientists, doctors, nurses, oncologists, cancer patients, survivors, patient leaders, pharmaceutical industries. Her fight against cancer is admirable, and Grace has continued to be a lifeline for thousands around the world, supporting patients, survivors and their families. A breast cancer survivor and global ambassador appointed Legislative Ambassador for the American Cancer Society and Global Leadership Panel Member for Fight Cancer Global, Grace continues to make shockwaves creating awareness and research through her voice. I had the pleasure of discovering Grace on LinkedIn almost a year now, and from the moment she caught my attention, I knew she was different. Her voice was warm through her messages of hope, and humble triumphs that have credited her an Ambassador for humanity and most recently the eYs Magazine 2020 International Women’s Day Ambassador. Grace, could you please tell me a little about yourself? My name is Grace B. Charrier. I am African, Nigerian to be precise, although I always mention that I am a global citizen as I do not believe in borders, in boxes, in confinements, or in labels. I believe that my country should 16 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

be yours, yours should be mine, regardless of what part of the world each of us may come from. I had my education in Nigeria, the United Kingdom and in the United States with core competences in Business Administration (Marketing), Project Management, in Nonprofit Leadership and Administration, Public Health Advocacy, and Peace, Conflict and Mediation. Growing up in Lagos, Nigeria as a young girl, I attended top schools such as The Corona School, Victoria Island, St. Mary’s Private School, and Holy Child College, Lagos. I also attended St. Andrew’s Private Tutorial College, Cambridge in the United Kingdom for my ‘A’ levels. My parents, Bassey and Emilia of blessed memory were very well-respected and upright community leaders and distinguished civil servants. They served their fatherland honorably and meritoriously. My Dad was a Chartered Accountant and a career Diplomat and Mum was a Chartered Secretary and Public Administrator. They were a beautiful couple and made a fantastic team who supported each other throughout the years. I traveled the world with my parents and was exposed at an early age to etiquette, conversations, and different cultures. I could confidently hold a conversation in any subject my parents had tutored me in. My parents always maintained that it was not fair to leave all the work to teachers alone. Yes, they did have their own part to play, surely, but parents were responsible for putting the icing on the cake and this they did, of which I am extremely

grateful. Growing up in the mid-70’s was pure innocence and total fun. I had a lot of friends and dear cousins I bonded deeply with, even though as time passed, we all moved on with our lives, and I learned to enjoy my own company which is reflective of how I live as an adult today. My daughter calls me an ambivert. I believe. Could you share some of your greatest achievements and awards?  United Nations Peace Ambassador 2011 (Universal Peace Federation)  United Nations NGO Representative 2013 International Association of Applied Psychologists (IAAP) It was high impact advocacy with Member States, and we worked tirelessly with the former SecGen United Nations Ban Ki Moon and the

present Deputy Sec-General, Dr. Amina Mohammed in ensuring the success of our efforts by ensuring Mental health and Wellbeing became a key target of SDG 3, of which I am extremely proud.  Officiating Team Member, Psychology Coalition at the UN 2013 (PCUN) Same as above only this is a larger body.  Member, Commission of the Status of Women (CSW) 2014  Executive Board Member/Memberat-Large UN NGO Committee of the Family (2015) I was involved in highlevel advocacy with UN member States and diplomatic missions regarding the importance and relevance of the institution of the Family to the attainment and success of the SDGs. The Family is the nucleus of society and everything revolves around it.  Global Goodwill Ambassador 2018  Legislative Ambassador American Cancer Society 2019  Global Nominee WEGO Health Awards 2019  Global Patient Leader WEGO Health 2019  Global Leadership Panel Member 2019  Winner Books for Peace 2019  Global Ambassador eYs Magazine International Women’s Day 2020  Honorary Life Member Women Economic Forum (WEF)  Honorary Life member All Ladies league (ALL) When and why did you become a powerful Global Patient Leader Advocate? I have always been involved in advocating for peace, women’s health, empowerment, and inclusion. As a young girl, I watched as my Mother, a strong voice in women’s issues played hostess to countless meetings in our home with like-minded Nigerian women, wives of diplomats, and other expats who shared ideas and ideals on serving the community and the literary and financial empowerment. She was a strong member of the National Council of Women’s Societies, Lioness, The Soroptimist International, and The Rotary. I guess this experience among so many others have impacted me in more ways than I choose to believe. I believe that healthy women make stronger women and stronger women make healthy nations. I never set out to become a Global Patient Leader, I was discovered just by speaking

my truth and consistently sharing important content about my experience with breast cancer. I had become an ‘expert by experience.’ I was just doing my own bit in my little corner, or so I thought. Now, it has surpassed my expectations. I have been asked to speak on global stages. I have been honored to speak at the UN during the Commission of the Status of Women (CSW) alongside amazing women I have respected and admired from afar. I was nominated by collaborators, friends, and relatives for the WEGO Health Awards last year who believed in me and the impact I was making. Though I did not win, as winning is not everything, the nominations in 4 different categories brought with it many incredible opportunities. The same can be said for being appointed a Legislative Ambassador for the American Cancer Society and being appointed a Global Leadership Panel Member for Fight Cancer Global, the latter which has its tentacles spread in 60 countries and counting. So obviously, I must be doing something right. All of these are rock-solid global cancer platforms. I am immensely humbled to play key roles and be a part of these amazing networks

of researchers, scientists, doctors, nurses, oncologists, cancer patients, survivors, patient leaders, pharmaceutical industries, and other stakeholders, who are making their mark in either trying to eradicate this disease once and for all or making it more bearable. Can you walk us through your journey, mainly finding the motivation to lead, inspire and provide a lifeline for thousands around the world? My arduous challenges with breast cancer began almost three years ago with a terrible fall in my bathroom in the land of my birth, Nigeria. I was there for a highprofile awareness event I had organized for women living with uterine fibroids. Uterine fibroids have been known to morph into cancer. Our event had the Senate, the House of Representatives, the National Medical Association, the Pharmaceutical Society, several Women NGOs, and the media who did an amazing job of covering this highly applauded and successful event. The fall led me to return to the United States earlier than I had planned and where after several tests, I received the shocking diagnosis.

eYs Magazine, Winter 2020 | 17

A Stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis. I say ‘shocking’ because there were no symptoms to warrant there was anything wrong. That ‘divine fall’ saved my life or else, it would have been only a matter of time. I give God all the glory for my life. This traumatic experience began me on a long journey of in-depth research regarding this medical issue. While undergoing those terrible treatments I was researching all the information I could get my hands on to do with cancer. What I discovered in the process strengthened my resolve to start some sort of social media awareness program to advocate, to proffer helpful information and solutions to save lives, and to erase the stigma associated with it. In Nigeria, and Africa as a whole, cancer is considered a death sentence. Many women and men are unwilling to discuss their fears of finding a lump or tumor and they die due to the stigma attached. For the men it is more of a macho thing. Even when medical interventions are available, they are unaffordable. No medical insurance is available for those in the little/no income insurance strata. Those diagnosed are usually in their prime and their chances of survival would have risen if surgery were performed but where is the money? Where is the insurance to support them and to cover such huge bills? I discovered that very few who had cancer were willing to speak about it for the same reasons I have mentioned above. Stigma. The fear of the unknown. Financial limitations. Becoming outcasts. All the stories I heard and read from my brothers and sisters in Nigeria and the rest of Africa brought me to tears and I thought about how I could be a voice. A light. This was the deciding factor. This was my motivation to inspire the world. I refused to allow cancer to drag me into the abyss and leave me there. I clawed my way out of the abyss and got a new lease of life. I wanted the world to see the positivity and hope I was sharing which had propelled me to create awareness on the cancer disease. Therefore, on my sick bed, one early morning about 2 am, I set to work by outlining show scripts, choosing impactful topics I would bring to the table, compiling lists of medical professionals and stakeholders I would interview to answer pertinent questions, and with fingers crossed I eventually launched my YouTube channel. Thankfully, I am a good writer, so this was like a walk in the park. I did not want anyone to go through what I was going through and been through. My show, Cancer Convos with Grace B. seeks to demystify the cancer disease by bringing on experts and stakeholders in the cancer space to give their valid takes. Subjects such as the effects of cancer on the physical and mental psyche, to be prepared way ahead of time, and the foolishness of not speaking out when something does not feel right are all part of the convos (conversations) I have a few male friends diagnosed with prostate cancer who had confessed hiding their cancer from their wives and partners. The same applies to some of my female friends too. “Why?” I asked in shock. “When it comes to cancer, silence is NOT a cure,” I always reiterate. I constantly harp on the fact that if a lump or tumor is caught in time, treatment, healing, and remission is sure. If it does not feel right, then it is not. What are valuable lessons you have learned along the way in the medical industry? In the health space, I wear three hats: patient, survivor, and global patient leader. As a patient and a survivor, I realized early in my journey that there are no hard or fast rules on how to deal with cancer or any other chronic illness. It takes a combination of faith, strength, and determination to hold on. There must first, be acknowledgement, acceptance, and getting battle ready to face the monster. There is no other choice than to pass through the fire to come out on the other side. Make constant affirmations that there will be light at the end of the tunnel, and you must believe it to be so. It is not always a smile and not necessarily a

18 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

frown either, as the experience will change you profoundly. For me, it is still a battle going on in there. Most days good vibes win, the other not too happy days may show face, but they are not welcome to stay, and this is because of my strong mindset. I intentionally push the bad thoughts way back into the recesses of my mind. The mind IS the man and you are what you think. As a global patient leader, I am involved in cancer awareness, advocacy, and public policy. I read and share information on research and clinic trials. The opportunity to share my story, to raise awareness using my YouTube channel, Cancer Convos with Grace B. and the other global panels I am blessed to be a key part of, allows me to be a light and source of inspiration for those going through any tough diagnosis such as cancer. I want someone to say, “If Grace is able to overcome cancer, so will I.” Whatever I can do to make a difference and inspire, I am all in. That is my WHY. Valuable lessons I have learned in the medical industry as a patient leader is that no man is an island. Teamwork helps. You cannot create effective change on your own, you must seek partners and collaborators and not necessarily people who agree with you. Diverse opinions usually lead to successful outcomes, I have seen and experienced firsthand. In addition, I have learned to ignore diversions. If you put your

finger in an ant’s path, what does it do? It walks around your finger and stays on the journey. Your finger does not stop its mission, does it? No, because its goal is paramount. Look at the awesome scientists and their clinical trials. They avoid diversions. They fail at their trials and pick up again until they finally get it right. Their mission and vision of saving humanity is the wind beneath their wings. It is a wonderful thing. Is there any advice you would like to offer anyone else who may be going through cancer or any illness? My advice to anyone who may be going through cancer or any other chronic illness is to acknowledge that there is a problem, accept it as your cross that YOU must bear, and be ready to fight the monster. Be sure to have loyal caregivers because this time is the acid test. It is during this time that you get to know who truly has your back. Mental resilience is also pertinent during this time. Challenge yourself as best as you can. Know that resilience is a muscle, you must work on it like you would work your abdominal muscles. You are vulnerable during this time. Being vulnerable is how you build your mental resilience. Fear and gratitude cannot dwell in the same place. Just like light and darkness. I always choose gratitude. My final advice is that patients who are actively involved in their treatments have better outcomes. I was and so should you. How did you become a UN Ambassador? I was presented with the Ambassador for Peace Award in 2011 by the Universal Peace Federation, an organization accredited with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC ) based on my tireless and passionate involvement in social and community-based activities in peace, governance, and persons living with disabilities in Nigeria. It came as a shock because I am one who loves to operate behind the scenes so when I got the letter informing me of the award, I asked my cousin and friend to collect it on my behalf. They would hear nothing of the sort! Nevertheless, I was mighty pleased and honored to be recognized for my commitment to those key societal issues. In addition, I played key roles in the clamor for the convening of a National Conference through the Nigerian National Summit Group of which I am a founding member. The mission and vision of the initiative was to enable our Nigerian citizens play a participatory role in the continued development and sustainability of the nation.

My advocacy efforts with other committed stakeholders for the total inclusion of persons living with disabilities did not go unnoticed either as the Nigerian government passed the bill into law at that time for the total inclusion of the PWDs. Progress in our societies is meaningful when it provides dignity to all and when it is inclusive. What is your five-year plan? My five-year plan in a nutshell is to continue to use my voice to reiterate on the need for a new public health order in Africa. Healthcare in Africa must be accessible and inclusive, there must be affordable treatments and prescription drugs, underserved communities in the satellite towns and villages must be targeted, and information sharing among healthcare professionals must be strengthened. What are the basic things patients need? The quality of healthcare must be patient-centered, safe, efficient, timely, and equitable. I pray that in the next 5 years and going forward, electricity and broadband interconnectivity will be in most homes and hospitals so that telehealth can be accessed. We cannot afford to be left behind. It is the 21st century. We should constantly be reviewing our goals and going back to the drawing board again and again to re-strategize. Of course, I know this is a tall order but where there is a political will, there is a way. There is a gap between policy making and implementation. Once African governments can bridge this gap, things will fall into place. Nigeria is faring reasonably well in terms of promoting women empowerment, reducing child mortality, improving maternal health, combating HIV/ AIDS, Malaria, and other diseases. The day we can all access Universal Health Coverage, even with our limited financial resources, I will be a happy woman. Who is your inspiration and why? Without being biased, I must confess my Mum was and still is my role model. As

I highlighted earlier, she was an amazing woman. I am still trying to fit into just one of her shoes, and still find it difficult. She dedicated her service to the emancipation of women in Nigeria through several international organizations where she played pivotal roles. I still remember going with her to the houses of wives of 2 past Nigerian presidents for meetings. She was admired for her savviness and humility. As a blueblooded princess on her maternal side she was conspicuous in all palace activities. My parents dedicated their service to God through their support given to the building of the massive Presbyterian Church in Lagos in the 70’s which still stands towering until today. I guess I am a combination of my Dad’s diplomatic skills and my Mum’s demure social activism, no doubt. A stunning woman, she carried herself with respect and grace effortlessly, and did whatever she had to do almost to perfection. What is your favourite pastime when you aren’t working? I love music. I can be without the television for as long as necessary, but music? I do not think I would survive! I am crazy about Jazz, Afrobeat, Classical, and Instrumental music. I enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes with my daughter who is like me. We love food, but we are still slim! I love books! I have been an avid reader since childhood. Books no toys. Music, food, and books. In that order. That is me. Do you support any charities or contribute to the community in any way? I support and donate to the American Cancer Society and to St Jude’s Research Hospital for childhood cancers. I also support and mentor caregivers taking care of their loved ones diagnosed with cancer on what to say and what not to say at a time like this. Emotions are high and a great deal of patience is needed at this point. They love my mentorship program and vice-versa. eYs Magazine, Winter 2020 | 19


PAULA DUNN NO LIMITS CONSULTING PTY LTD CEO, International Award-Winning Speaker, Teenage leadership Strategist and Cognitive Scientist

Interview by Jasmina Siderovski


Be the Change that You Want to See in the World!

aula Dunn is an International AwardWinning Speaker, Teenage Leadership Strategist and Cognitive Scientist. Over her 20 years within the Medical and Scientific industries, she has worked with leaders for some of the biggest brands in the world such as Eli Lilly, Cochlear and Johnson & Johnson just to name a few. Paula’s best known for helping young girls create confidence to conquer life. We are here to serve girls who are in their senior years (912) of High School, who are on a mission to make a difference in the world their way! We do this because we believe that cultivating a leadership mindset in teenage girls will set them up for success in everything they do – Professionally and Personally. After her time in the corporate environment Paula recognised the key problems were bullying and corruption in the workplace as a result of insecurity, fear of failure and 20 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

the uncertainty about the future. Women are still encountering many Biases (both explicit and implicit) within the workplace. This has led Paula to create The Limited-Edition Leadership Academy for girls that sits within her Consulting Practice.

and embrace uncertainty with optimism to succeed in their final High School Year and beyond school life. Making students agile and adaptable in their approach to the future of work.

Paula utilizes her 20 years of Scientific Research, People Leadership, Project Management, Entrepreneurship and Positive Psychology expertise and has created a program that mitigates the challenges women are facing in the workplace today.

When and why did you decide to become a cognitive scientist/leadership coach/ mentor? I’ve always had a passion for Science and wanting to know the “Why of Things”. So, it made sense to me to move into Medical Science. After a while I became obsessed with understanding “Why I did the things I did”. Being born with a Bilateral Cleft lip and Palate and never quite fitting in at school. Being relentlessly bullied both physically and verbally really traumatised me and impacted my thoughts, feelings, and behaviour as I was growing up. I always compared myself with other girls at school and wondered why they

This is done through her 5-step methodology the “5 C’s” which are: confidence. conscious inclusion, cultivation, congruence, and collaboration. Her Limited Edition Leadership Programs, that range from short online e-courses to an 8-week facilitated program, promises to restore their confidence, instill courage

were more liked and popular than I was, and why it was so hard for me to do anything. I would also compare how confident some of them were (or so they appeared on the outside) and could easily breeze through exams, public speaking, and high school musical performances etc. I noticed that there was a disconnect between who I was and who I wanted to be. As time went on, I discovered my passion for leadership. Not only did I want to create better versions of myself but also in others. I am an accidental Entrepreneur. It was never my intention to ever start a business, I just wanted to make a difference in the world in my own way, through working as a leader in corporate. Unfortunately, due to my Entrepreneurial Spirit within corporate and the innovation I brought to the companies in which I worked. This brought a lot of attention; I was once again subjected to bullying (covert and overt) in the workplace. But this time it wasn’t due to how I looked; it was due to my work performance. As this was going on, I came to the realisation that I spent my whole life chasing the carrot at the end of the stick. I was tired, burned out, stressed out and when you reach the end of your rope you come to some really insightful realisations. I realised for the first time, it wasn’t my career that defined me, it was my values. I recall saying to myself if I were to die tomorrow would this be the life and legacy I would want to leave behind? My answer was NO! I resigned from my Senior Manager Position within the Pharmaceutical industry in August 2016 and Founded No Limits Consulting. I’d never done anything impulsive in my life but knew in my heart that it was the right thing to do. The bullying was the catalyst that pushed me out of the industry to do what I was meant to do for the rest of my adult life. I choose to work with high school girls because after suffering the bullying in corporate and whilst I was growing up at school, made me realise that if I hadn’t developed a leadership mindset I may not have uncovered and realigned my values and true calling. I want to help teens create a leadership mindset whilst their young and that their minds are flexible to learn new insights about themselves before, they become too ingrained. If only I had known of these leadership skills when I was 15 and not 40! How different life could have been, the choices I would have made, the people I would have allowed in my circle who didn’t over step my personal boundaries and the partners I had choose to date who treated me with the respect and dignity I deserved as a human being.

Can you walk us through your journey, mainly finding the motivation to up-skill? And commit to an art that requires patience, understanding, direction and guidance? I’ve always had a passion for self-development. Like I said earlier, I was obsessed with always bettering myself, my internal motivation was to be treated “equal” to everyone else. I didn’t want to be tossed aside as someone who had limitations on their life because of how they looked. I also knew that I had internal beliefs about myself that limited my confidence, courage and certainty about myself. So, I predominantly wanted to work on that side of myself. All I knew was that I knew what I wanted to be, but I had to work on who I needed to be in order to have what I wanted to have in life. I looked at people who were ahead of me in their careers and success in life whom I wanted to emulate. Understanding their thoughts and feelings about themselves and how those impacted their decisions and behaviours in life that gave them the successes that I only dreamed of. What are valuable lessons you have learned along the way in the industry? I’m a huge people pleaser and like to be liked. If you’re thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, the number one rule is that these qualities can make or break your business and your mental health. You want to be liked by the right people, that is the people that believe in you and your product or service. These people are the ones you are going to help. Focus on them, everyone else around that is just white noise. My second piece of advice for those that love to seek out perfection, is to seek proliferation instead. Perfection can be a curse in business as by the time you’ve perfected something and sent it out to the market you may have missed your opportunity both financially or competitively. Is there any advice you would like to offer anyone else who may be interested to pursue the same path? My first advice is to have a passion/idea of

what kind of legacy you want to leave so start with the end in mind. Then find the right people to help you achieve that dream. Friends and Family love, you but not many people decide to become entrepreneurs it’s not a “done thing” and so many people will be fearful for you and want to protect you from failing, so they will try and talk you down. Don’t do it alone especially if you’re in uncharted waters. Seek advice from those that are where you want to be. You will fail many times, and you will want to call it quits many times. Put strategies and obstacles in place so when you are at a point of quitting you can call upon those networks to help you overcome those hiccups, create solutions to the failures and move forward. What is your five-year plan? For me It’s Personal. I want the opportunity to influence and impact teens and young adults across the globe. The feedback I’ve received from Principals, Parents and Students from the work I’ve done to date has been positive and welcoming. They haven’t come across this type of work before at schools and welcome the fresh approach to helping teens develop a leadership mindset. It proves that my business can make a difference despite other companies in the market today working with teens. I don’t want teens to go through what I went through to become successful there are better eYs Magazine, Winter 2020 | 21

and more healthier alternatives. I want to help teens Improve their mental health, wellbeing whilst at the same time striving for success without compromising both. I want to help teens reduce mental health issues, self-harm, suicide rates through creation of leadership skills. I want to help teens gain control of their thoughts, emotions and actions to create confidence to conquer life, their way! I want to help improve the lives for Teens, their families and their communities. Increase employment and study rates across the Globe. Reduce unwanted teen pregnancy, domestic violence and victim mindset. Break the toxic cycles from past experiences and intergenerational anger. Teens will grow up to be self-driven leaders within their communities. They will be role models as adults, partners and parents for future generations. My Dream would be to roll out my leadership program as a cocurricular activity within each school across the globe and become the preferred provider of leadership education for teens. I would love to see this program developed into online learning platform and licensed out to schools to allow other students from regional areas and Internationally to access these courses. Is there a challenge in your journey that stands out that may inspire others? One thing in life that I’ve learned is that anything good doesn’t come easy. In fact, if it’s bloody hard then my recommendation is that you’re on the right track keep going. What are your end goals? Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

My end goal is to ensure that every teenage girl and boy has the opportunity to develop a leadership mindset. I would love to also run leadership programs for low socio-economic students that want to aspire to great heights. What I have to offer is of critical importance to a teenage girl’s development. From the feedback I’ve received from the girls who’ve attended my workshops and leadership development, they have yet to receive this type of leadership development at school, despite the number of companies out there providing “leadership development” workshops. There is a definitely a gap in the market despite Pastoral Care/Counsellors/Psychologists and other health care professionals that aim at the crisis management of teenage mental health. As my background is in Medical Research, I would also like to run a research project looking at high achievers (year 12) in STEAM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) fields across Public and Private Schools and collate this information to better support my clients. This research will also be able to assist future students from year 10 to align and benchmark their attitudes/ motivations to study to the best in their fields. This research will require government funding and/or crowd sourcing to get off the ground. Future programs will also look at implementing leadership programs specifically tailored for teenage boys. Leadership Mindset impacts us across all aspects of our lives. It determines our thoughts, our feelings, our actions in life. The types of career path we take, the partner we choose, how it impacts our community and our future offspring. It will minimise bullying and corruption in the workplace, minimise domestic violence and help young girls recognise what is a loving relationship vs a toxic one. It all starts from within. My business is aligned with the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Global Goals and my focus and motivation in everything I do within my business is based on: Gender Equality, Quality Education and Good Health & Wellbeing. The work I’m doing is not about me, it’s not about prestige and glory, it’s about the influence and impact I’ll have to help others achieve big. These programs have been developed based on what I would have loved to have had at 15 years old. After experiencing as a woman in STEM the challenges we’ve faced, I would love to help girls mitigate those challenges from a younger age. When one girl achieves, we (as a community, a society and globally) achieve. What is your favourite pastime when you aren’t working? My favourite past time is going to the gym and boxing. I love meeting new people, socialising with friends and family, spending time with my husband and chillaxing at home with my fur babies (Ragdoll Cats) Jinxy and Coco Chanel. I love listening to music, shopping, and am a little obsessed with Tik Tok.

22 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

I’m looking for Schools across the globe who are looking to partner/collaborate with me to roll out some leadership programs at their school. Please connect and contact me to learn more. I’m also looking for Industry Partners that share a common vision, mission and values to me that they would like to financially invest in my Company to help expedite this dream into a reality for all. Achievements and Awards  Mar 2020 – Finalist – Illawarra Women in Business Awards – Business Woman of the Year  Mar 2020 – Finalist – Illawarra Women in Business Awards – Best Small Business  May 2019 – Finalist – Local Business Awards Inner West – No Limits Consulting Pty. Ltd.  11-16 April 2019 – Award Winner – Women Economic Forum – Delhi, India Exceptional Women of Excellence for my leadership program for teenage girls.  June 2017 – Finalist – NSW Business Chamber Category – Start-up Super Star Award. Out of 2,500 applicants I was 1 in 4 chosen for my category.  Dec 2017 – Student of the Year (NSW) – The Life Coaching College. Volunteer and Supporting other Organisations – Utilising my Experience & Expertise  Deadly Guardians – Jan 2020 – Supporter and utilise my brand and distribution to assist with raising profile of this initiative to assist indigenous teens with thriving throughout school life.  15 Jan 2020 – STEM Camp for Girls University of Wollongong – Workshop To prepare Girls for career in STEM.

 Inspiring Rare Birds – Mentoring Program (Dec 2019 – present) –Corporate leadership Development.  Advisor/Mentor – Mentoring Program – UOW (August – October 2019) – Assisting students with their career development.  iAccelerate UOW - Mentor & Leadership Expert (Nov 2019 - present) for Startups, to assist with expanding employment opportunities across the Illawarra.  Vice President of CleftPALS NSW – NonExecutive Director Board Role (July 2019 - present) – My role is to support President on Strategic Direction on the NGO board, as well as coordinate the support for teens and parents of teens born with clefts.  Convenor – Young Leaders Interest Area (April-2017 – May 2020) The Association of Regulatory and Clinical Scientists to the Australian Pharmaceutical Industry Limited (ARCS Australia) – To provide leadership expertise and insights to new and emerging leaders within the pharmaceutical industry.  Convenor – Clinical Research Interest Area (May-2016 – Jun2017) (ARCS Australia) - To provide scientific expertise and insights to clinical and medical employees within the pharmaceutical industry, as well as source guest speakers on clinical topics.

 Clinical Monitoring Advisory Panel (CMAP) (September 2016 – May 2020) (ARCS Australia) – To provide leadership and scientific expertise and insights as part of an advisory board. Thank you, Paula for your tremendous dedication and passion for empowering young teenagers. As you once said yourself: “One thing I love about people that have overcome hardships is how they rise above the adversity to help others. We can’t control what others have done to us or their beliefs and biases toward us, it’s what we ultimately believe about ourselves. Be the change that you want to see in the world.” Website: www.nolimitsconsulting.com.au Email: paula@nolimitsconsulting.com.au LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ pauladunn/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/ channel/UCnxJOa8K7CsiWFxAFtWpWYg Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ nolimitsconsulting1 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ no_limits_consulting/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/dunn76paula TikTok: @pauladunn4

eYs Magazine, Winter 2020 | 23



Story and Interview by Jasmina Siderovski


f you want to have a successful career, maintaining an online presence on LinkedIn is crucial. Not only is it an effective way to network with other professionals in your field, but it can get you noticed by others and potentially land you several job opportunities. It’s an invaluable tool for job search, recruitment, engaging content, groups, recommendations and endorsements, boosting and creating a strong online presence of your organisation. LinkedIn has over 660 million in more than 200 countries and territories across the globe. Fifty-seven percent of LinkedIn users are male, and 43 percent are female. Meaning the platform is one of the top social networks today. It’s the world’s most dynamic professional networking platform to build connections in various industries, keep in touch and up to date with the industry news, economy, environment, business, sales, publishing, medicine, technology, innovation and more. As a LinkedIn user myself, building a network and close contacts, I have found the enriching qualities and possibilities LinkedIn has to offer members on all levels. Admittedly, a relatively new addition to the family, I have in a short period built a small but quality empire of contacts, friends and professional advocates in all fields. One of these amazing people is LinkedIn Ninja, Jillian Bullock. Jillian lives in Sydney, Australia and is a LinkedIn icon with a wealth of knowledge, experience and advise at all levels. Her calm and collected nature have a strong online presence and a fan club of thousands of experts in similar fields. Always waving her magic, Jillian weaves through challenges and has integrated LinkedIn engagement in marketing plans and sustainability for numerous organisations. Whether it is her workshops on Linked, or merely gathering diverse women to build community, continuously learn, be involved, and spread the word, Jillian is active and passionate about helping women leaders, and aspiring leaders, find their voice on and offline.

24 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

Jillian is a professional who brings all of the skills and expertise of a specialist. She is one of the best in the industry. An ambassador for Australia and mentor for thousands of professionals around the globe. Her core values are built on growth, great relationships on LinkedIn and time management for organisations building their brand. She has empowered, coached, and facilitated workshops, podcasts, and even has her very own LinkedIn show. Before being in business over the last 18 years, Jillian Bullock’s background was in various Corporate Marketing Positions. She always knew she wanted to run a small business ever since her teenage years. Her corporate days entailed thorough research into how business and management work side by side. In 2002 Jillian felt she was ready to do it solo and commenced as a Marketing Consultant in the Finance Industry, given her years of abundance of experience. As Social Media began to catch on, more and more of her clients approached Jillian about the new trend. Due to popular demand, Jillian knew it was her new career path.

When and why did you become a LinkedIn Ninja? In 2013 my company had increased to 14 staff, and we were managing LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus (remember that one?) accounts for people. One of my outsourced copywriters was Ohio based. The USA based LinkedIn Ninja was a colleague of hers, and she was looking to expand the brand outside of the USA. However, over a dozen Aussie’s had already applied, and they either couldn’t prove ROI, or there wasn’t a synergy with personality and business goals. My copywriter put us together. Once I commenced studying the LinkedIn Ninja Certification, it was a massive wake up call. I realised just how little I knew about LinkedIn. I decided if I was managing LinkedIn accounts for others but knew very little, how much didn’t I know about the other platforms too. It was during that year that I decided to finish the outstanding contracts with my clients and completely change the business to training and consulting instead of managing, as well as becoming exclusive to LinkedIn.

It was always my favourite platform as it was the closest to direct marketing from my Diploma in Marketing days. Can you walk us through the process of developing your brand/ reputation as an entrepreneur? The business name came from the Certification. People seemed to remember the Ninja part so I thought it’s obviously catchy might as well register the name with ASIC. Regarding my branding, I often still to Japanese themes as that’s where the Ninja originated. Visually this is strongest on Instagram. My logo has a sword, adapted from the USA LinkedIn Ninja who also has a Male Ninja on hers. Didn’t like the idea of that, so I simplified it to just the sword with an orange handle and the same blue as LinkedIn uses. One thing I do regarding my personal brand is I also speak on stage with an Asian inspired top or dress. When you have a great theme name like a ‘Ninja’, it can be reflected in what you wear just like Red Balloon CEO Naomi Simson, who always wears red. I didn’t want to be locked into LinkedIn’s blue or a karate type shapeless uniform of white with a black belt. So, I decided to be inspired by traditional Asian clothing such as the Cheongsam. It’s a little more glamourous and doesn’t lock me into one style or colour, yet an Asian look every time (which is not very common in a room full of people). What are the valuable lessons you have learned along the way in the business industry? Number One lesson, surround yourself with people smarter than you, and equally don’t believe someone is an expert just because they say they are. Do your homework; there are a lot of sharks out there. Who is your inspiration, and why? I admire different people for different things. There are famous people like Oprah Winfrey

for being such a pioneer in her field and being one of the wealthiest women in the world. However, there are also people I know personally who have overcome enormous tragedies in their lives, and they are still soldering on beyond it all. What is your favourite pastime when you aren’t working? Watching my kids get super excited when I play with them. Being a part of something they are interested in (no matter how boring I find it) is very bonding. Video games on their Nintendo Switch are the main one. They saved up the money with chores for over six months to purchase it, so they really value it. I’ve played a lot of Mario Cart now! Tell us about your podcast partner Jane Jackson? How did Jack & Jill become a brand in itself? In 2017 LinkedIn Local events were popping up all over the world, and I saw this early on had the potential to become very big. I jumped onto Sydney and was the 23rd location to embrace the concept and organise these events. I knew that if I was giving LinkedIn lead generation advice, many many people have questions about career transition, and it isn’t something I do or have interest in. However, I’d been referring to Jane leads for years, so I asked her to co-host with me. We’ve always had the philosophy ‘if

it isn’t fun, we aren’t doing it’. A year into the monthly events, we realised our names together made Jack & Jill, and we’d been talking about starting a podcast for ages by then. The natural name for the podcast just had to be ‘Linked into Jack & Jill’. Therefore, just like people remembering The LinkedIn Ninja, we figure Jack & Jill was pretty easy to remember also. Jane and I are also very different; she was educated with a tinge of a British Accent, so she speaks a little like the royal family. And me? Well, I’m as Australian as they come so people shouldn’t ever be left guessing which one of us is speaking on the podcast. The podcast is about all things LinkedIn from the lead generation perspective from me and her careers and job-hunting perspective. Our dynamic works well as I don’t hold back with how uninterested I find recruitment. Do you support any charities or contribute to the community in any way? I’ve always been a charitable person. I’ve supported animal charities since my first wage set up automatic deductions. Humanitarian issues are more recent, especially since I became a mother and abuse, homelessness and their welfare are more to the forefront of my mind. When Covid19 hit Australia, I was hearing eYs Magazine, Winter 2020 | 25

more and more humanitarian-based charities were suffering from corporate sponsorship stopping. I felt compelled to do something about this. I figure if I could teach the managers of these charities how to post and manage their LinkedIn activities better, it might soften the blow or create new sponsorship for them. So, I decided to offer a scholarship to my flagship 12-week program. What they didn’t know is that I was going to take up to 30 of them—Yep 30 scholarships valued at more than $3k each. I put out a post on LinkedIn and asked connections to tag CEO’s of charities that might like to apply. Just a one-page application nothing outrageous. But the application was more a test than a deciding factor. After all, how can you choose between domestic violence and cot death, childhood sexual assault and hospice care for children under 16? An impossible decision to deifier who was less deserving. The application was really to gain commitment in a short time frame. After all, if they couldn’t fill in one page in three days, how could they commit to 12 weeks? Twenty-seven people put their hand up in that post but only eight filled in the application. So, all eight scholarships were awarded to a truly inspiring bunch of people who I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with. At the time of print, we are at week seven, so only just halfway through the program, but some participants have already set up meetings with potential sponsors for once Self Isolation lifts. I think having a scholarship participant should become a part of each 12-week program I offer from this point. It could make a big difference to a lot of people over time.

26 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

What do we not know about Jillian Bullock? Married, mother of two beautiful boys, also mother to two fur rescue babies. Fluffy Catso short-haired domestic cat, rescued as a kitten from being thrown into a bin. Herbert my loyal Australian Terrier cross Jack Russell who was on death row at two years old. He was fired from being Head of Security at the LinkedIn Ninja Downunder HQ as my staff recognised, he was more suited to Head of Health and Wellbeing. Achievements/ awards  1998 Completed Diploma in Marketing  1999 Completed a Cert III in Advertising and Communications (PR)  2002 Started Business as Marketing Consultant  2014 Completing the 12 months LinkedIn Ninja Black Belt Certification  2015 USA The LinkedIn Brain Trust Top 200 LinkedIn Trainers Worldwide list  2015 European Top 150 LinkedIn Trainers list (only 8 Aussies made it – only three are still in business).  2017 Worked with LinkedIn HQ in USA on a 12-month project with 11 other LinkedIn Trainers (all the rest in Northern Hemisphere). We are allowed to say we were recognised as ‘Independent LinkedIn Experts’. See Jenae Kaska’s LinkedIn recommendation on my profile on 28 Oct 2019.  2018 Winner ‘Best Use of LinkedIn Australasia’ SMMI Social Media Marketing Institute.

 2019 Finalists ‘Best Use of LinkedIn Australasia’ SMMI  2019 Top 50 USA LinkedIn Rockstar’s Worldwide List. Ranked 24 Oct 2019  2020 February No1 USA LinkedIn Rockstar’s Worldwide List On behalf of all the eYs team – thank you Jillian for being the powerhouse and professional our LinkedIn community deserves. You are an inspiration for men and women everywhere. The eYs Team


NOEL G WHELAN Story by Jasmina Siderovski

International Counter-Terrorism subject-matter expert. Advisor, Speaker, Educator, Trainer, Author. (Govt, Corps, Orgs)

“My mission is to save lives, assets and reputations from catastrophic outcomes.”


oel G Whelan is an International Counter Terrorism Subject Matter Expert – serving 30 years of service in military and counter terrorism. Enriched with a wealth of experience working with Governments, providing critical threat analysis and risk resolution assessments to counter hostile reconnaissance and activities by potential domestic and exterior terrorist groups and individual lone wolf assailants across land, sea and air. Mr. Whelan also provides intricate threat analyses and risk resolution working with corporations to low companies to operate across a multitude of environments, globally, whilst seizing the business initiative and minimising risk, at the same time.

“When I am in partnership with a client working towards a common goal, their part of the world is, a safer place!” Mr. Whelan works with some of the best technology innovators to protect their products and services from hostile intellectual property theft. He provides guidance which assists them to confidently, efficiently and profitably research and develop new products. Advising on key areas such as; cyber-terrorism and cyber-incursion as well as cyber-threat technology and cyber-threat specialists.

“There is more to cyber-terrorism threats than just the technological elements!” His expertise extends to Working with Professional Services Firms and professional services firms and their clients to enable them to meet the specialised needs of their customers and consumers while being protected from a multitude of invasive and non-invasive attacks on their brand, technology, services and reputation.

“I never tire of advising people of the risks and threats that are out there and never mind, if, at first, my role is to educate and inform.” Mr. Whelan also works with individuals to allow them to safely explore the difference between management and leadership. Managers have their eye on the ball while leaders have an eye on the horizon. This allows them to develop necessary leadership skills whilst building on their natural management foundations.

Mr. Whelan provides:  Life coaching;  Private ‘understanding terrorism’ tuition and tutoring;  Private ‘anti-terrorism and counter-terrorism’ tuition and training;  Leadership training;  Strategic planning training; and  Weapons training. His commitment to individual development and training saw him establish an on-line training academy; International Counter Terrorism Training UK. Working as a Movie Military advisor, Mr. Whelan has worked on various movies from Hollywood blockbusters to documentary movies. He provides advice to directors on military protocols to make scenes look realistic and have been asked to make cameo appearances.

eYs Magazine, Winter 2020 | 27


world-renown International CounterTerrorism Expert and Author specialising in Islamic Extremism, European and US Defence Policy, and Nuclear Defence Strategy, Noel G Whelan started his journey as a trainer to various international governments and royalties. He continued his career as an International Security Operator working on various transnational missions for more than 25 years, being commissioned by different governmental agencies from the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. His missions have taken him to countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Bulgaria, Poland, UAE Turkey, Greece, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Tunisia, Libya, Borneo, and Lebanon. He has worked with and advised leading organisations and agencies like the Department of Homeland Security United States, British Armed Forces, United States Federal Agencies, HM Prisons, and British Airways to name but a few. Being a successful author of two books including Where Demons Dread, Mr. Whelan has also been numerously interviewed in magazines and leading international TV networks such as BBC, Sky TV, and ITV. He was awarded a Degree of MA in Terrorism and Security from the University of Leeds in 2007. He has been a lecturer at Park Lane College, Leeds on risk management and higher education programs, and also a guest lecturer at the Department of Homeland Security and Criminal Justice Programs at Lamar Institute of Technology Beaumont Texas. Utilising his extensive international experience dealing with anti – and counterterrorism issues Mr. Whelan currently focuses on teaching and training internationally on subjects like Combating Radicalisation Leading to Terrorism and Violence, Countering Lone Wolf Terrorists, Countering Explosive Devices, Critical Infrastructure Protection. In 2020 Mr. Whelan is launching an E-learning Training Academy, International Counter-Terrorism Training (ICCT) focusing on educating people on anti- and counterterrorism techniques tactics and strategies globally. Mr. Whelan has also worked on and consulted movie productions such as 13 Hours in Benghazi directed by Michael Bay and A Terrible Beauty by Tile Films Dublin, Ireland. Below is an extract from my Autobiography that I have just finished working on. It’s the reason why I was drawn to my profession and life’s mission to protect people globally. I had been a victim of a severe armed robbery and a gun was put to my head at 9 years old. I promised myself I would do whatever it takes to protect people and fight evil.

28 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

Then it happened. My faithful four-legged friend, and an only real friend in my little world, decided to do what a true friend would do - protect his best pal. He started barking.

“Suddenly one of the men walked over, stretched out his arm, and pulled something from under his jacket. The other peeled off into the corner on the other side of the shop. I knew even then that something bad was going down; I felt an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. Then the man closest to me pointed the object at Mary behind the cash register. It was a long gun, a sawed-off shotgun. “Give me the money or I’ll blow your head off!” To this day I can still hear and see it so clearly in my mind’s eye. Everything just slowed down to a nine-year-olds heartbeat as the man with the black mask demanded the money. His arm was stretched wildly out with the barrels of the shotgun pointing at Mary’s face. I thought for a moment about kicking him in the balls and punching him in the eye for shouting at her like that, but I couldn’t see his face well under the black balaclava. What I saw was the armed robber’s hand which was shaking with his gloved finger clearly on the trigger. I know today via my training, that it was his adrenaline pumping through his thieving veins in his fluxed out body.

Oh, great! I thought to myself. Mad Max was barking, which immediately drew the attention of the armed robber towards me. Now the robber had no choice, the clock was ticking. He had to take control of the situation, as eventually, his actions would draw attention from outside. He looked down at me for a brief moment and all I could see was a dark face and the crazy whites of his eyes. Then quick as a flash he stuck the barrels of the gun to the side of my head and shouted again. “Give me the money bitch or I’ll shoot the kid!” At this point, Mighty Max, the have-a-go terrier who thought he was an Irish wolfhound in disguise, decided that enough was enough. He sunk his bared aged teeth into the leather leg boots of the armed robber who still had a loaded shotgun pointed at my head while trying to extract money from a now-terrified, hysterical Mary. I could now feel the pressure of the two shotgun barrels firmly pressing against the right side of my head. Mary! My Mary! I’ll never forget the shock and terror in her eyes, collapsed on the ground roaring crying with fear. Sometimes days just go from bad to worse. Now the armed robber’s situation had changed yet again. He was losing control. In my future training such turning points, as

I remember his voice was placid yet strong and reassuring. As soon as Francis opened the cash register the other thief darted over holding a carrier bag he’d pulled out from under his black jacket and held it nervously open. Francis serenely accommodated their demands and filled the bag with money. The thief, with his hand on the trigger, lowered his firearm from my head and pointed it at Francis. Relieved I quickly reached down, pulled a weary Max off the thief’s half-gnawed boot, and lifted him into my arms. I so wanted to do the same for Mary. I now had the £20 secured in my left hand and was protecting my brave little friend in the other. After the armed robber was handed his easy pickings he turned to the other and nodded. They both shouted collectively at Francis, “You and the girl to the back of the fucking shop now! Pronto! Pronto!” I didn’t know until later that the back of the shop held the post office safe and luckily those clowns were only snap and grabbers. I guess I didn’t move fast enough because the gun-wielding robber grabbed and dragged me and a whimpering Max towards the back of the store, bashing my shoulder off the side of the refrigerator unit on the way. I braved up to him and yelled, “You’re hurting me!” The thief glared callously down at me, with his eyes now bulging in his sockets. “That’s fucking life kid.” had taken place in this robbery, would intimately be examined. The first rule of attack, fear, and dominance over submission is not to lose control. He had a shotgun embedded into the head of a nine-year-old, who unbeknownst to him was protecting consciously his mother’s £20 note. Her words: On her very life, don’t lose this… kept playing over and over in my mind. I continued to clench my fist even tighter. Now the armed robber had a brave little dog chomping at his motorcycle boots and a cashier, who was by now curled up in a corner, wholly terrified, unable to give him what he was insisting on - the cash. Suddenly with all the commotion Francis, the store owner, came running out from the back, and events went into a different gear. Francis very bravely, without hesitation, put both hands above his head and walked to the back of the counter. There he gently lifted Mary onto a high stool while quietly reassuring the manic armed robbers that everything would be okay and to calm down. It was only afterward that I learned Francis was an army veteran. He served with the Irish Army in the Peace Corps in the Congo in 1962.

Then he threw Max and me to the ground beside Francis and Mary. As they backed out of the storeroom, the gun-wielding thug shouted back, “Don’t fucking move or I’ll blow your heads off!” After a few moments looking at Mary crying while being consoled by Francis, I started wondering, Why are you crying? What’s the problem? We didn’t die. I heard the motorbike revving and tearing off. Then silence, a long silence. The robbers were well gone when Francis phoned the Guards. Mary was still crying as new customers started flooding into the store. Suddenly I started to panic and dashed to the front of the counter and there they were. Thank God, I thought to myself. They only took the shop’s money and not my mother’s highly valuable cigarettes. I quickly grabbed the ten John Players Blue and banged them into my pocket along with the £20 note. Objective met, mission accomplished a job well done. Mum will be happy”. Email: noelgwhelanct@gmail.com Mob: +61 4337 01835 https://www.linkedin.com/in/noelgwhelan/ eYs Magazine, Winter 2020 | 29

ART & PHOTOGRAPHY Interview by Lisa Bella Bourgeois

LAURENCE GARTEL - THE VISIONARY “FATHER OF DIGITAL ART” “I saw what the future would be. How Digital Media was going to take over the world as a communicative vehicle.”

Lifetime Achievement Award ~ Harajuku section of Tokyo, Japan

Tell us about your childhood and how it has influenced your Art… realizing we are all products of our environments We are definitely all products of our environment. You asked about my childhood. I grew up in a middle-class neighborhood in the Bronx across the street from Joyce Kilmer Park on the Grand Concourse. The park across the street was where I learned everything about life. Old people who used to take their “lawn chairs” from my building to sit comfortably on their own chairs vs. the hard-wooden benches they have a frontrow seat to my building. To the left of my apartment building was an all-boys Catholic School called All Hallows. In the evenings, we used to play stickball or punchball in their courtyard. The park is where I played baseball, football, hide and go seek, and ride my bike till it got dark. My mother would yell to me from the 8th-floor window to come inside for dinner. 30 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

The building adjacent to mine had four times time the number of apartments than my building, and when it was time to trick or treat, I came home with three bags of candy. It literally lasted a whole year till the following season. My dad, a commercial residential and commercial painter was a hard worker that got up at 5AM every day and went to work. He always said, “the roller has to hit the wall by 10 to 7.” He and his workers would quit at 3PM. By the time he got home from his assignments, it was 5PM, and by 8PM, he was in bed fast asleep. His work ethic was very much instilled into my psyche. Hard work always brought a good quality of life. He had his work car and then he worked his way up to having a Cadillac Sedan DeVille. The world was very innocent and different than it is now. On my mother’s side of the family, she had three sisters and one brother. All the sisters (my aunts) were all in competition trying to outdo each other in their own ways. One aunt was a very talented leather designer, and her three children (my cousins) were all talented in their own ways: two dancers and one sculptor. Another aunt was an OffBroadway actress. Her three children were equally talented: A photographer, a folk singer/ producer and my male cousin went into his father’s business as a jeweler who to this day designs some magnificent highend pieces that sell at Sotheby’s. Her third and eldest sister was a homemaker who raised three sons: one a policeman, the other a salesman, and the eldest son had a PhD in education. *(Very diverse). My mother’s brother had two children: two girls that I was not close with at all. I was an only child born ten years after my parents were married, so I came as a surprise to everyone. My parents exalted me like I was a prince. *(Who was I to argue?) My mom bought me a Beatle wig from the local candy store and bought me a guitar. Then she made a sign out of cray paper, and wrote, “Laurence G, the Star.” I never forgot it and actually have a photo of

this somewhere! This line took me through my entire life: “If my mother told me I was great; how could I disagree with my mother? My mother would never lie to me. I then went into the world and told everyone I was great. If they asked, “Why or who told you, I would say, “My mother told me so.” There really was no come back for this. It has been authenticated and validated my entire life. Another very important aspect of my childhood is the fact that my father was sick and had his first heart attack when I was just 9-years old. I recall having an ambulance come to the house with a stretcher, and I was so upset I didn’t know what to do. I took out my bag of crayons and just starting drawing. I couldn’t lookup. I just kept my head down to my piece of paper. I found solace in my Artwork. That was truly the start of everything. When my dad recovered, I recall my parents having a series of books on the living room coffee table. They came from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They were pristine in plastic sleeves to protect the covers. Why I mention, that is because I felt that they were very important and treated them as such. Van Gogh, Matisse, Renoir fascinated me, as did Monet, Manet and Picasso. I wondered to myself if there was ever a chance I could ever be as good. Could I become a master? – I thought to myself, even at a young age, this was a very lofty goal; nearly impossible. - But it was surely worth a try. And with that conviction, I set out to be a very important Artist. I ingrained this concept in my head for all times, never to look back. How I was going to get there, I did not know. Art brought me so much comfort and joy. As an only child, Art spoke to me as if I had a brother or sister to talk to. Art had its own voice. I heard it. I could respond by making my own pictures. By ten years old, my mother enrolled me in the Pels School of Art, which was in the old Ansonia Hotel. *(Worth googling). My mother used to take me by subway on the number 4 train and get out at 72nd Street and

Broadway. My uncle had a jewelry store there, and I recall visiting on several occasions. Sadly, he was shot and killed one day in a hold up at the store. My aunt was in tremendous grief with her three children. I went to visit her with my mother shortly after. I was only at her apartment once in my life, and that was the time. My cousin Brad had a friend over, and he was tripping on LSD. It was so surreal. They did not want me to know they were doing drugs and thus attempted to get the other kid out of the apartment before I would tell my mother. This made a deep impression on me, and in 1997 I created a work of Art titled, “Lies of Aunt Ruth.” It described this incident 30-years prior. This work of Art was the feature of my special exhibition at the “Editions of Art Fair” in Innsbruck, Austria in 1998 where the Chancellor of Austria, Viktor Klima, honored me. The work “Lies of Aunt Ruth” were published in dozens of newspapers around the world. How incredible that such a moment would gain such notoriety and praise. The year prior, “Lies of Aunt Ruth” was translated into a poster for my exhibition at The Amerika Haus” in Frankfurt. The discovery of Computer Art came when I followed my High School girlfriend up to Buffalo, where she was enrolled in sociology courses at the University of Buffalo. I took a semester off from the School of Visual Arts, where I was a junior and took transferable credits at Buffalo State University. There I was in a Film Appreciation course watching a Charlie Chaplin movie, “Modern Times.” I was in the last row and had a camera with a long lens taking pictures and wondering if I could freeze a frame and make a still picture. A fellow classmate came up to me and asked me what I was doing, and I explain to him what I was attempting. He told me that they had a center to do some “very interesting things.” I should meet him there on Friday night at 8PM in what would be considered a bad neighborhood in Buffalo. My curiosity got the best of me, and my girlfriend and I went to investigate. The place was called “Media Study/Buffalo” on Main Street and I further learned it was started by a guy named Gerry O’ Grady. There I met Video Artist Nam June Paik at Media Study, and I was taking pictures off the screen of images I was creating. I believed that an electronic image could replace a painting on the wall.” This was such a unique and novel concept. Nobody ever thought that, or even mentioned it. I was a 19-year old Artist who saw the future. Paik called me a “crazy man” for my ideas, and I took that as a compliment. I never looked back after that. But now the challenge was on I was not a technical person. Nor did I know what any machine did…or why. Or even how. Imagine staring at a piano (times 1000) and knowing you wanted to make compelling music. It was indeed a tall order and something that an Artist would hardly want to confront. Coming from a background learning Art history and studying the masters along with contemporary Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, and Minimalism, this was a completely different animal, never tried, never qualified or quantified, it was an open road of pure experimentation. – I wholeheartedly embraced it.

“I come from a family of eccentrics. I’m the one though that took it down a serious path to truth.” What motivated a 19-year-old to “keep swimming” in light of always being told no & having so many people saying you were crazy for your vision? When asked about how did I keep going against adversity and negativity, I can only say, “I saw what the future would be. How Digital Media was going to take over the world as a communicative vehicle.” Visionaries can see into the future. They have insight and intuition. Most of the world follows trends and stay with the status quo. All pioneers suffer ridicule and doubt. It is easy to dismiss something

that has not had a proven track record. We see this with technology all the time. I recall being interviewed by NBC Nightly News at the Computer Electronic Publishing Show (CEPS) at McCormick Place in Chicago, and they had a counterpoint from the director of the NYU Gray Gallery say, “Computer Art has no long-term validity and value.” – Boy did he look dumb after that. Especially for the fact that I was on the front page of the Chicago Tribune Business Section (1990) and recently was the Front Cover of Forbes (1989). It also shows that people who have high positions are short on the global scope. They only know their narrow field, whatever that might be. “Other people’s doubts should never become your own.” Why would one person know more than you do? I always asked myself this question. As a matter of fact, I presented my Polaroid SX-70 Mural titled, “Moz Ocean” on the floor of the Museum of Modern Art Photography Director John Szarkowski in 1982. He was showing Cartier-Bresson at the time. My work was so far advanced he could not make out what it was or how this was a bellwether artwork right in front of him. Shortly after this experience, the work was shown at the Long Beach Museum of Art in California for an exhibition titled, “The Artist and the Computer.” It received critical acclaim as well as being the cover of a periodical called “INFO WORLD.” Years later, MoMA showed this work in an exhibition titled “Exchange of Information.” You cannot take someone’s opinion as gospel when you know better than him or her regardless of who or what they are. Intuition and knowingness are innate. The determination was based on sheer fortitude, building one success after another. My Art has been shown in institutions such as the Bibliotheque Nationale Paris, Smithsonian Institute Museum of American History, Victoria & Albert Museum London, Amerika Haus Germany, along with inclusion in art history books: La Storia Dell Arte, Leggere D’ Art, published by Edizioni Giunti, Florence, Art of the Digital Age, published by Thames and Hudson, UK and The World of Digital Art published by HF Ullman, Germany. All of this has contributed greatly to establishing the legitimacy of my career and the Digital Art medium at large. Having the most important Art Critic Pierre Restany write the Introduction to my personal monograph book, “GARTEL: Arte e Tecnologia” published by Edizioni Mazzotta, Italy was a great mark of acknowledgement.

First State of Art Car I understand you worked with a group of students creating the First State of Art Car… I am sure it was a learning experience of their life for the students to assist in pioneering the First State of Art Car… what did you take away from that collaboration with our youth? YES. I did an Art Car with Franklin High School in New Hampshire. And you are right; it was a highlight of the student’s experience at that school, maybe their lives. The school chose the top senior Art students to work with. I had them create Artworks and then translated it for use on the front bumper of the car. When the entire vehicle was completed, we had a big party at the school inviting the entire community, parents, grandparents, local politicians as well as having a police eYs Magazine, Winter 2020 | 31

escort with the car around the neighborhood with lights flashing. It was a very, very big deal. The car was also unveiled at the Capital Building in Concord with the State Governor Maggie Hassan who gave a speech and read proclamations. It was the first State Art Car ever produced. It surely was a great thrill to the entire state. It’s not often a Governor gets behind an Art project, and an entire state embraces aesthetics instead of business. Art brings enjoyment and enrichment to a community. The students took so much pride in their individual creations, being part of something so noteworthy.

Grammy Fashion

57th Annual Grammy Awards Poster Congratulations on being chosen as the Official Grammy Artist for the 57th Grammy Awards! You showcased your fashion on the Red Carpet… Which came first your Art or your Fashion? My days of fashion go way back. I started making tie-dye t-shirts when I was 15-years old during the 70s. Years later, I got more serious with this and started embroidering on them and improved the product. When I was married in the 80s, my wife and I created unique hand-painted one of a kind earrings. They were all sorts of shapes and very attractive. They were very different, and nothing like anything else on the market. We sold to Bloomingdales and did very well with them. In 2010 I was commissioned to create the first Electric Art Roadster for Elon Musk. I unveiled it during Art Basel at Nikki Beach. I held a fashion show whereby the models wore clothing that matched the car. There was a kind of fantastic synergy. My designer Bonnie McCabe made leggings, hoodies, shorts, scarves, long-sleeved shirts and other items. The Art Car went viral on the internet to over 25,000 websites. For me, a new industry was born creating Art Cars. 32 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

The following year I produced several cars in the form of a 1957 Lincoln Premiere Convertible, a1959 Cadillac Limousine for SX-Liquors as well as a 1989 Rolls Royce Spirit decorated in the events of 1989 inclusive Tiananmen Square, Steve Job’s NeXT computer and the passing of Salvador Dali. We unveiled these cars the following year Art Basel 2011 with Swedish company Bang & Olufsen. By 2013 I was the Feature of the 113th New York International Auto Show with my own Pavilion of 30,000 square feet. It was filled with Art Cars and Motorcycles. Always being original nobody ever saw a display like this before. The Daily News reported on the collection, and we had hundreds of thousands of people coming to check out the vehicles through a four-day period. This all leads up to 2014 when I again revealed an Art Car at exclusive Fisher Island in the form of a Renntech Mercedes SL65 V-12. It was a special event for the Fisher Island Club Members Only and sponsored by Graff Diamonds. While only 150 attendees, this event went viral around the world to tens of thousands of media outlets. The car was then shipped out to Los Angeles to be part

of the 57th Annual Grammy Awards Red Carpet. I created a dress for my girlfriend as well as accessorize her in shoes and purse. My tuxedo was trimmed with my Art along with my bow tie. All of it mirrored the Art on the Grammy Statue, which I designed. It was both a tremendous moment for The Grammys and me. Moreover, it was seen by over 2-million people. Why is Art so Important? To some, it’s not important at all. To others, it is a necessity: Like Air! How do you live without it? I’ve spent my entire life immersed in Art. It is food for the soul. Whether it is going to a museum or listening to a Symphony Orchestra, or a Rock Concert, human creativity is intoxicating. We have witnessed through the Coronavirus people are bored without engaging in some sort of cultural activity. At any age, be it a young child who takes dance or gymnastic classes or teens that enrol in Arts and Crafts classes, Art is very important. People can forget their immediate problems and lose themselves into a creative project. I am always looking to excel and top my latest creations.

“Financials” are not as rewarding as “experiences.” I am very blessed to follow my artistic and creative dreams all my life. I never compromised. That is a very wealthy man.”

Charity Contributions Thank you so much for all of the Art Contributions you have made to various

charities. I am excited to share a few images with our readers below:

Commissioned to create for IlluminArt to prevent bullying and promote tolerance in children. It is always in the best interest to promote positivity.

Art commissioned to help fight LYME Disease

Art to support the Leukemia Society in San Francisco.

The Maserati Art Car to raise money for charity. Beyond the funds personally raised, the awareness of the charities involved, lead

to much more philanthropic giving to each of the entities. It would be appropriate

to say the awareness of the charities connected to this car gave way to much more giving.

eYs Magazine, Winter 2020 | 33

The Artworks for each of the Not-for-profit 501(c)3 charities:

Polo by Twilight - Skidmore College Scholarship Fund

Saratoga Hospital Foundation

Equine Advocates - Saving and caring for horses discarded and abused.

Saratoga Auto Museum

National Racing Museum & Hall of Fame 34 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

Laurence Gartel Final Statement: The last year has been rather prolific. I produced “Welcome to Miami for Richard Branson’s Miami Central Rail Station in the form of large metal letters adorned with my Art. People arriving and leaving the station are greeted by this bright and positive “MIAMI” structure. Not that invasive in size but approachable to take a picture with. I also created “Legends of Rock and Roll” for the all-new Seminole Hard Rock Guitar Hotel Lobby. This commission consists of four (4) large metal panels based on the greatest musicians of “Vocal,” “Strings,” Percussion,” and “Keyboards.” While one often thinks of metal as “solid” the Artwork is printed with a great deal of “translucency.” The hallway that the Art is permanently displayed leads to the pool area, and thus the Art mirrors the concept of water with transparency. It is the perfect synergy between Art & Design, Art and Reality.

We always look at “What’s next.” In my case, I have created an Art Puzzle like a Rubik’s cube but even better. It is a piece of Art that every single person can change, alter and most important touch. Art is usually reserved for a wall or free-standing with a sign that says, “Don’t Touch.” In this case, I want you to touch and feel the Art. Combining multiple cubes leads to more possibilities, and the forms themselves become sculptural. The process can become addictive, but then again, that is the sign of something good! Look for #Shashibo by Laurence Gartel


eYs Magazine, Winter 2020 | 35

LAURENCE GARTEL is known to the world as the “FATHER” of Digital Art for over 40-years. His career started working side by side with video guru Nam June Paik at Media Study/Buffalo in upstate New York. He taught Andy Warhol how to use the Amiga Computer to produce the album cover for Debbie Harry (Blondie). Growing up in New York City during the Punk Rock era he was friends with Stiv Bators, Sid Vicious, Joey Ramone, Wendy O. Williams, and exhibited his work with Robert Mapplethorpe. Creating Digital Art before the birth of the personal computer his work has been exhibited with the Museum of Modern Art, Long Beach Museum of Art, Princeton Art Museum, Norton Museum of Art as well as included in the permanent collections of the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of American History, Bibliothque Nationale Paris and Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum, London. Gartel received the FotoMentor Lifetime Achievement Award from the Palm Beach Photographic Center in 2009.

The year 2015 could have been its own book. Gartel was the Official Artist of the 57th Annual Grammy Awards, Los Angeles. He “wrapped” the large-scale, one of a kind Grammy Statue with his Digital Art printed to vinyl right here in South Florida. He was the Artist of the NASA MMS Mission, at Kennedy Space Center, as well as being the Artist of the Newport Jazz Festival wrapping a one of a kind Trumpet to honor the career of Miles Davis. Gartel unveiled the First National State Art Car at the Capital

building in Concord with Governor Maggie Hassan, reading letters of Commendation from the House of Representatives, Senate, and Congress. Gartel participated in the Los Angeles Street Art Fair creating a commissioned Dodge Viper Art Car and was the Visionary of the 3D Print Conference in Santa Clara. Gartel showcased his 1978 groundbreaking “Self Portrait” film at the 7th Annual Cairo International Video Festival. He finished the year creating the Official Artwork for the Monaco International Film Festival.

NASA MMS Mission

Britney Spears Gartel has traveled the world exhibiting and projecting his work in Australia, Spain, Germany, Italy, as well as going to India, creating a Bollywood Music/Video for Universal Entertainment. He has been commissioned to produce Artwork on Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Red Hot Chili Peppers, as well as for corporations such as Coca Cola, Philip Morris, Walt Disney, National Basketball Association, Gibson Guitars, Bang & Olufsen, and known to most for his ABSOLUT GARTEL ad for Absolut Vodka.

36 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

Dodge Viper Art Car

His concentration the last several years has been focused on Art Cars, the first commission being the TESLA Electric Art Roadster during Art Basel Miami Beach in 2010. He was the “FEATURE” of the 113th New York International Auto Show with his own 30,000 square foot Pavilion in 2013. Mercedes Benz commissioned Gartel to create a very special Art Car to celebrate their “13th Million Friend on Facebook. Gartel unveiled a $250,000 Renntech Mercedes SL65 V-12 Art Car at Fisher Island Club during Art Basel Miami, December 2014, an Award Winner “Best of Class” at Amelia Island 2015. His “Care-Connect” VW Amarok represents the First Solar Satellite Art Truck. Gartel branded the Oslo Motor Show and produced a BMW Mini LIVE for the Norwegian public in October 2016. Gartel unveiled an Alfa Romeo “Giulia” Art Car to America in March 2017. His current museum show: “WARHOL vs. GARTEL HYP POP” was


shown at Palazzo Bufalini, Spoleto, Lucca Center of Contemporary Art and Art & Co, Lecce, MomArt in Liguria on the Italian Riviera, as well as book signings with Galerie Zum Harnisch during Art Basel Switzerland. Gartel’s Art graced the Front Cover of Boca Magazine, January 2018, and Pompano Magazine February 2018 issues respectively. Gartel produced a Maserati Car Art which opened and closed racing season in Saratoga Springs, NY commissioned by the #DePaulaDriveForCharity. GARTEL’s recent exhibition “Digital Titan” was held at the Palm Beach Photographic Museum, West Palm Beach. Gartel’s permanent Miami installation is located at the Overtown Courthouse Lobby along with his “Welcome to Miami” installation at Richard Branson’s Virgin Miami Central Rail station. His latest commission “Legends of Rock and Roll” is on permanent display at the new Seminole Hard Rock Guitar Hotel.

In memory of Melody & Her Beloved Nikko

Thank Ya’ll

“You cannot take someone’s opinion as gospel when you know better than him or her regardless of who or what they are. Intuition and knowingness are innate.” - Laurence Gartel

Visit the Artist’s website: www.gartelmuseum.weebly.com ©All Rights Reserved and Photo’s are Copyright by Laurence Gartel My Grandson Michael Vilardo and My Son Cuyler Bourgeois eYs Magazine, Winter 2020 | 37



Mother, Artist, and Children-vs-Art


rt is a serious job which has been characterized by extreme ambition, discipline, and self-control while the success in the art is sort of a doubleedged sword because it is querying a lot of sacrificing. The biggest sacrifice of all is either being a great artist and a mediocre parent, or the reverse. Synchronously, motherhood and being a great profitable artist is impossible, because both art and parenthood take all one’s time and focus. In my opinion, artwork feels limitless because anything can be art: behaving, dressing, talking, cooking, living. Art shows a perspective of things we may not be used to or which we do not have easy access to. Art signals expression in a pure form and pulls our minds into a different point of time, a different location and story or existence. Often in that subjective interpretation, we are looking for judgment if the piece of art is inspirational and valuable or not to us. What matters is that the creative sacrificed almost all convention and comfortable in the name of art. They sacrificed the approval from others for support of themselves. The freedom of the artist’s currency is recognizing and accepting the uncertain space between what success looks like to others and 38 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

what success feels like to themselves-the artists. When it comes to creative inspiration (limited in relation art-motherchildren), the unique and valuable art creates things to see differently as an alternate paradox of our regular lives. Inspiration comes from action and experimentation. I have never been ambivalent about having children and ever worried that motherhood will affect my art vocation. Still, I agree with Marina Abramovich, who says that having children would have been a disaster for her work – knowing how talented she is and what art genuinely means to her. Her existence is pure art by itself. She, just as other “childless” woman artist, have chosen to not compromise in art. They are all accomplished woman artists. They are a synonym of what art has to be, an authentic and legitimate, pure art. Understandable, I haven’t lost anything choosing to be a mother. Indeed, I gain much more: Love, Family and three beautiful children. For sure, my life became more complicated and more precious.

My lifestyle as a mother artist changed dramatically what naturally affected and diminished my productive time of creating art. Now that I have children, the time is “more significant” and has “more weight”. Being a parent made my need to explore issues of personal identity even stronger. My thoughts opened wildly to world observation. Balancing passion and motherhood are exceptionally heavy. I always relax by the idea that being productive and creative has many different modifications, so the one I use now is conducted from the needs of my children. They will be contingent on me just for a few more years, and once they are grown up and became physically independent, I will have more time to be romanticized and subjective to myself and my art again. Alone in my studio where the freedom from rules and rigid constrains, free to pursue my ideas and dreams into one wild,

imaginative art seemingly crafted from a place where only art can come from-my hearth. I firmly believe that some women can be obsessed with two things simultaneouslyart and her child. The presence of the child is intense and affects creativity, but also is an extraordinary gift for the art. It increases the complexity of the artwork invention, and it intensifies the perspectives and refers to those mothers-artists who are already having independency from the children’s needs. It could be possibly easier for some photographer to work and seriously succeed with the photos (maybe even of her child) because shooting with a camera is happening fast. My opinion is that photography as a medium and digital media might be more open to mothers-artists rather than painting and sculpture-mothers because photography’s rise in the marketplace coincided with the rise of feminism and needs less effort to be created. Oppositely, as a painter and graphic artist are experiencing adversity and dilemmas because besides the required inspiration and idea, mostly am in a lack of time and energy. Colouring on canvas or drawing precisely is an abstract action with three small children. I am connected to practising middleaged methods and technics, where the whole process of creating and performing art becomes a very ambitious, challenging and unsafe even fatal activity because of the acids used in the process of old-fashioned printing graphics. Running toddlers around would destruct my concentration and made me even frustrated; that’s why at this stage of my career being restricted and limited to undertake art seriously. In this break of my creative course, I am considering myself still as an artist, because an artist never ceases to create art! Art, in any form, demands that I turned myself inside out because obligatory am obsessed for it to be any good. By any means, the presence of my children is only helping me to enter at any moment into that-alikewalking dream modified reality. It is undoubtedly controversial harmonizing of escape into a different time-mentality transport and reality-where not even temporarily I shift my perspective. My beautiful children are generating one particularly rare nirvana where old versions of myself are shed, while I am in a state of “selfgrowth” being and enduring the entire spectrum of emotions to evolve new releases of art truly. eYs Magazine, Winter 2020 | 39


DEFINE AND SHINE Claudine Burgess

Credit: Photography by Claudine Burgess

The Time When the World Changed Forever!


riting this article is quite therapeutic, and I hope it will inspire you to do the same. It was great to hear the other day that the government lowered restrictions. It is giving us a tiny window to be social and connect with some friends and loved ones again. Although crucial in keeping our distance from each other, whatever the activity we enjoy together out and about.


ife was pretty busy before the Corona Virus came dancing like a flower under our noses, looking after my family, and taking care and building up my photography business.

40 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020


certainly was delighted to be in lockdown; we still could go out for walks outside where I would enjoy spending time in Nature and taking lots of very different photos of my usual being a creative Commercial Photographer. I very much enjoyed doing so, having time, and space to be creative, which sparked my review of my own business positively. I firmly believe that the world will be very different when we get back and regain our freedom; we have so much missed and how we will live and doing business in the future.

W we knew.

What I missed the most and hopefully very soon I can visit them is the zoo’s animals, often my place to go to when I wanted a break from my daily routines. e all so need after the past months been so isolated, from our one’s healthy life of living,

This crisis has impacted us all. Hearing stories the past months through the technology of friends by zoom or talking from a distance when going out for essentials. Reflecting about six weeks ago, it affected me very mentally going out for my weekly shopping, seeing people’s behaviour was devastating. It was how people were desperate for TOILET PAPER and were panic food buying and left nothing on the shelves for others. It was draining and exhausting forced to change my weekly shop into a daily shop that week and go hunting in place to shop for food. All because of people’s attitude being selfish! It is quite a feeling losing control of what you can’t do and what you can do. Devastating, seeing some of my clients shutting their businesses and knowing of people, friends losing their jobs. It’s heartbreaking! Throughout this challenging destruction forced time out, it has shown many people, what is essential in life. It has created new pathways towards reinventing, discover, learning new skills, and that is positive within the waiting for all restrictions to uplifted for everyone in a very much changed world to come towards some normality in our life’s. For everyone, it will be a very different experience.

I am reflecting over the past few months with being grateful given that time to spend more time with my family, upskilling my photography knowledge, and involvement in a few community projects.

Take care of you! Claudine www.defineandshine.com.au Facebook: Claudineburgessphotography

I got to do somethings never done before but always wanted to do! Such as; presenting a radio show for my local community radio station “88.9 FM Lofty radio” every Tuesday mornings called - Discover the World Through Music with Claudine. Another passion of mine is music! Wednesday weekly session on zoom, showing people how to take better photos mindfully. My article “It’s much more than a blanket – Issue eYs Magazine Spring 2019 – it inspired me to join the group and connect and knitting squares to turn into blankets for the homeless. It is so rewarding giving back and helps the most vulnerable people in our community.

eYs Magazine, Winter 2020 | 41


A COSY CORNER by Cosette Awad Happiness? When It Comes, What Would I Do with It?


he questions we ask ourselves, “When is my turn to be happy?” “Do I deserve what’s happening to me?” “What is happiness anyway?” Have you ever asked yourself what if we were living in the dark ages instead, and we’re on this scary lockdown, and there is no way to communicate with our loved ones? Yes, please close your eyes and imagine that. See! “We’re blessed.” I know you are tired, not physically these days, but mentally, and the word “Breathe” seems like a clichés quote saved in your phone gallery for no specific reason. Nothing makes sense now, I know, I know. But one day it will, I promise. Happiness is in our little details that smile when we receive a text from someone we love; it’s when we ask the universe for things that matter, and the universe responds. In knowing that the people we love are safe, recovering, or in good health. Happiness for me is when I put a smile on the face of someone I love; there is nothing more rewarding than seeing that what you did change someone’s mood. It’s when you know that you are making it easier for someone you love who is getting through hard times. Happiness sometimes is just watching the sunset, is in a cup of coffee in that place you love, a piece of chocolate cake, maybe. A family gathering, a child’s laughter, the blessings we have in our lives that we don’t sometimes know their worth unless we lose them, but It doesn’t have to be that way, you know? Please don’t ruin the joy of the small things you already have, the little things that mean so much, by the dark thoughts of an uncertain tomorrow. Your loved ones are just a phone call away. Pick up the phone and tell them you miss them, tell them you love them. We need to remember that the things we have, some people are praying every night to have them. “The roof we have over our head, the warmth of a blanket, the food on our table.” 42 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

that we DECIDE to think is lasting is always within reach. Layla 27 y/o

We need to know that if we search between the details of our days, with every sunrise and every sunset we witnesses, there is a blessing, “We slept and woke up breathing.” Happiness is when my son answers a supersmart answer on a foolish question and makes me wonder what I’ve done so well in my life to deserve Him. Magz, 35 y/o What makes me happy is to be able to create from each day a great opportunity to grow even more. Jennifer, 27 y/o When I left my parents’ house, my mother told me that those who can’t find happiness in small everyday things are doomed to misery, and I believe her. Those who live putting off being happy until they graduate, until they marry, until they make more money, seldom experience happiness as it can only be felt in the present moment. The happiness that we wait for is a fleeting state. The happiness

Happiness is to come home from work, shower while our beloved one prepares dinner for both of us, and have a glass of wine while talking about our day. Tiya 20 y/o Happiness is undefined. Yet it can be translated as an indescribable state after the struggle towards self-fulfilment and is an infectious feeling we ought to bring to others. David, 25 y/o  Happiness is a beautiful feeling. There is always a reason to smile because, without happiness, you will not complete your day successfully, so start from today to strive for happiness. Edmund, 13 y/o  Happiness is to light yourself to illuminate the path for others! Precisely like a seed, it needs a hand to plant it, take care of it, and finally, the ultimate beauty when happiness is shared. Jihad, 29 y/o  Happiness comes from within, not from material things, not from money or the stuff you own. It’s when someone puts

your happiness before his. Happiness is kindness. I read once, “make happiness a habit.” Nathaly 26 y/o  Happiness is a unicorn. But someone told me once that things will happen and fairytales are just tales waiting to happen. Just believe. The MadShad, 39 y/o  Happiness, for me, is when you realize what you love after facing all the obstacles. I am learning to be happy during the realization process because each stage is a mini victory. Rita 23 y/o  Don’t you ever wait for someone to make you happy because it will bring you disappointment someday? Always work on yourself and believe in yourself so you can create your own beautiful happy mindset, and so you can spread it magically. Yara 22 y/o  It’s in the little things in life. I remember once I was on a hike and I saw a little ladybug. It made me smile in ways I can’t really explain. Ryan 22 y/o  • Happiness is, knowing that the sun will rise in the morning, the stars at night. Smelling the ocean, the wind blows, and hearing the birds singing around trees. happiness is knowing that God made all this for you to make you happy. Roy Rash 26 y/o  For me, happiness can’t be defined by something specific; it depends on what you feel at the moment you’re in, maybe if we put you again in that moment, you won’t feel the same, but it doesn’t mean your feeling wasn’t real when you felt happy. Aya 21 y/o

Photographer: Tino Bechara Instagram: @tinobechara Website: www.estephanbechara.com/ Models: Walid Rajjab

Instagram: @walidrajjab

Zack Koenig

Instagram: @zack.koenig

Kassy Tannous Instagram: @kassytannous Jude Al Badawi Instagram: @judalbadawi

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’ve never seen photos that speak thousands of languages, like his. Hidden gems are not only “unseen places,” they’re people ready to shine, to send magical sparks of hope to the world. “I can never take photos if I don’t feel a soul inside my models,” Tino said. He falls in love every day with every model he shoots and falls out of love once he’s out of the set. So basically, he’s just a beautiful disaster falling in and out of love just so he can take pictures to take your breath away. He’s not your cliché photographer, he has an eye for beauty, but he looks well into chaos and creates fascinating pictures. “People look at the sunset itself, I look at its reflection on the buildings.” He said. Tino struggles with words, but he was gifted with something more significant, the ability to express on visuals and art. Do you think that anything can stop Tino from moving forward, shining, and giving this world what it really needs “MAGIC.” Nothing, not even being bipolar, and struggling every day with the fact that he’s different, but what he doesn’t know is that every flaw, every scar, and every struggle he’s been through shaped him into this incredible human being he is now. This exceptional boy who started his career and opened his studio at the age of 18 and his mom helped paid the rent and has been the endless support he needed. That boy who held his camera and wandered around to capture the breathtaking photos that you can’t take your eyes off since he was 15. You can tell a lot when you look at Tino’s, he’s a walking poem. When he smiles, talks, and tells you 44 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

his stories, all you want is to know more. I think I can write a book about him, but I will stop and let you read what everyone in Tino’s life says about him. It was the first time and my only time that a photographer got out the real me on camera. It was when Tino did my first photoshoot - Walid The two personalities of Cezar:  When I first met Tino I wanted to slit his throat, but after 6 years of knowing him, I still want to slit his throat.  Who would have thought that after 6 years of meeting my mortal enemy I would call him family. It’s hard to translate what a mother feels about her boy, Tino is our blessing, and I don’t think I will have words to describe how much he means to me. - Nathalie Tino is not only my brother, he’s my life, and also my best friend; our relationship is the best thing that ever happened to me. If I want to start talking about him, I will never stop. - Joane I’ve known Tino for a very very long time, probably since he was a teenager. He morphed into this incredible human being, and I cannot be any prouder! Though he might seem the opposite, Tino has an amazingly huge heart and a beautiful soul! He tries to hide behind a tough shell, but people who know him, know how much he cares about those who matter! He’s been through a lot but always came out fighting. Even though we might go long periods without speaking, he knows how much I love

and appreciate him, he knows that I am only a call away, he knows that I will always be there to lecture him out of his (many) bad decisions ha-ha. What an incredible human being. - Sarah Lead by his own passion with so much love but can be poisonous if messed with. ***Laughing*** He’s a living onion, got too many layers to him. A sensitive, tough person, who wants nothing but affection but would never say it. He loves attention, and he does it by putting smiles into everyone’s face. - Omar Well, Tino... I could write so much about him. Free-spirited, hungry for life and living in a world of his own, he has always been a hard worker ever since I met him, he was so young yet already carving the path to his future, his passion for photography got him to start his career super early, and I could tell how talented he is even back then. He helped me with all of my projects, and together we made a great team, so I always hope to work with him again. Also, he is super fun on set! - Chelsea he has the purest heart, energetic, kind, always loving, and seeking to help others. - Jack Tino is a breath of fresh air in this world. He’s always there for you, and this is something rare to find these days. He finds happiness and joy in helping others. All that other than being a talented photographer who loves people and can capture his truth. - Lara Tino’s one of the few people of whom I would drop anything to help out. It is mainly because he is one of my closest friends, it is also because he is a blast to work with, always

professional but never dull. He is one of the most hardworking people I know, going from working odd jobs in a small town to handling some of Dubai’s most important projects. Working with him is always fun, and being his friend is even better. He is caring and always knows how to have fun. He has been a massive support in both my personal and professional lives, and I am beyond proud of everything he has achieved and am sure that he will continue to do great things throughout the rest of his life. - Stephanie How can I describe a friend I’ve known and loved for more than 20 years now J He is one of the most talented people I know! Soo ambitious works really hard to reach his goals, and you just can’t meet him and forget about him! He is a ball of energy and laughter and kindness and unconditional love!! Being loved by him is a blessing he sacrifices his own happiness for the people he loves, you can count on him anytime and anywhere! I’m sorry I know you just needed one sentence, but he is the kind of person that deserves all the attention that some1 can give him! - Antonella I met Tino in a really odd situation, honestly! 10 years We were both seeing the same psychologist and saw each other! Since then, we started talking, and we had an instant connection that didn’t make any sense! We connected on many levels. We became each other “go-to person” when we needed to vent. He’s such a great friend that he can change your mood and make your day better. He’s a good listener and put everyone first without thinking about himself! Whenever we had nothing to do, he used to dress me up and take crazy pictures of me and create art! Life obliged us to grow apart. He had to move to Dubai, and I moved to Canada but still with all this distance, and with all the time zone differences our friendship is always the same because that’s the kind of friend he is, he’s more like a family to me! I know I talked more than 2 sentences, but honestly, I can speak about Tino nonstop, he’s a great friend, brother, and such a talented person not to forget his kind soul! - Lourdes Tino is a sweetheart, an artist, a giver, and a great friend. He’s helpful, caring, and very loving. Creative and passionate about everything in life, his thoughts are eye-openers to things I never saw or thought about before. I’m grateful to have him as a friend in my life. - Myriam Honestly, if I wanted to describe Tino, I would say: he’s a waterfall of love and generosity, he just showers the ones that he holds dear with so much positivity and care: you can’t be around him and not be in a complete state of madness and joy, either by laughing at his sarcastic comments and stories / or by snapping into a dance routine or car karaoke. It honestly amazes me how passionate he is not only about his loved ones but his artwork. - Marya

Looking from the side - you’ll think that this is a cheerful guy .... but everything is deeper... He is sensual, vulnerable ... and the seriousness of his actions doesn’t correspond to his age .... his life experience is visible. Who is he to me???? He is my best friend - although I think the word friend doesn’t contain the meaning of how I really relate to him, I can talk for hours - about everything and nothing. I just love him. - Snejana It’s hard for me to come up with something to say about someone I care about if I’m asked to do so. It’s just won’t come out as genuine. But I just want to say that Tino is one of a kind, amazing human being, I love him so much. He already knows everything. – Ray Tino’s a very compassionate, loving person, and his work truly reflects his ideals and ethics. - Diab Tino is truly a unique individual who approaches any task with love and passion. He is always cheerful and radiates joy to everyone around him. We are very glad to have Tino as a friend and I know that he will always support us in the hardest of times. – Dasha Photographer: Tino Bechara

Tino is a beautiful person inside out with a warm soul and limitless creativity. - Martin

Instagram: @tinobechara

Tino is that one person you meet and instantly makes you feel comfortable as if you’ve known each other for years. Heart of gold wants the best for people he loves, always wants to see them succeed, and help them grow. A true gem. - Val

Model: Zack Koenig

website: www.estephanbechara.com/

Instagram: @zack.koenig eYs Magazine, Winter 2020 | 45


JOHN KEEN Orchestra and Choir Director, Pianist, Music Educator, Intological Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Therapist


ohn Keen (artistic name), also known as Juan Keen from Argentina is an orchestra and choir director, pianist, music educator, ontological coach, and neurolinguistic programming therapist (NLP). He specializes in Brain Integration Technique, scenic panic and oratory fear, among other disciplines. John received and pre-selected of more than fifteen scholarships awarded by different national and international institutions. During 2005 and 2006, he was awarded a scholarship from (teacher) Bruno Gelber, after being evaluated by Ligia Amadio, teacher director, and Brazilian Symphony Orchestra Director. One of three prestigious in the world. He continued orchestral direction studies with Guillermo Scarabino, in the Buenos Aires Province (events published in the newspaper: La Nación, de Buenos Aires, Río Negro, radio and television media). During the same year, he was a director in the music cathedra to the Instrumental Assemble - Amadeus. Currently, after more than fifteen years of uninterrupted work in various Christian regional communities, training musicians in choirs and instrumental assembles. John

46 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

dedicates his work as the president, founder, musical, artistic director, choir and orchestra for the non-profit civil organization director - Amadeus, Solidary and Community Art. At the same, he guides all his professional activity to cultural developing for integration and social inclusion, as well as social values on solidarity bases and community work. In the year 2016 he created a municipal ordinance project, and in 2017 the province law to the “Solidary Bank of musical instruments”, (both approved and in current validity), in co-participation with the legislative state, business and people, being accepted in unanimity by the Honourable Legislature of Neuquén Province. In November 2018, he was distinguished by the Honourable Deliberative Council of Neuquén Province as a distinguished neighbour, for his contribution in art, culture and education. In December 2018 he was named - Honourable Member - in the United Nations International Art Council. July 2019, he was distinguished as Peace Ambassador in Argentina - INSPAD Peace and Development Institute (the same centred with the United Nations Organization and the Europe Union). In the same way, he

was named Humanitarian Ambassador by the Global Goodwill Ambassadors - GGA. Subsequently, he was nominated before The Norwegian Nobel Institute to the Nobel Peace Prize 2020. In April 2020 he was noticed by Gandy Peace Foundation Nepal, for the service of social contribution before the COVID-19 pandemic. In the same year, afterwards the creation of a video-production with musicians from Italy and Argentina in favour of peace, he founded the INSPAD, (International Orchestra for Peace) to integrate and include different voluntary artists from different cultures and branches of art. John Keen: It is my passion for being able to share this noble activity that is to multiply what God lends us. It is a tremendous job to be able to carry out an orchestra school with limited economic resources, which are produced by collecting from those who can help with basic expenses. Mostly I absorb the expenses by myself. But the most precious thing is to be able to build a space that takes more than fifteen years producing musicians of all ages and social classes—people with disabilities that are integrated to provide further scope

for inclusion. My thoughts are that the world needs more power to show the art that emerges in each individual on the planet and be part of an essential change. In my 32 years as a musician, I was never financially benefited by a concert; everything has been for community benefit... for this reason, from a very young age, eight years old, I’ve worked in the streets and studied piano in secret. Then, music became a part of my life and a tool for share and work resilience. When I founded Amadeus, I felt that it was time to leave a legacy to different areas opened in that institution. Such as healthcare with medical university students, a music school and benefit concerts to collect non-perishable food and collaborate with other NGO’s that worked humanely like us. Another activity that greatly nourishes the soul is reaching out to each of the beneficiaries after a humanitarian concert, is going to the deprived neighbourhoods and giving them food, clothing or toys on hand. The expression on their faces of “thank you” imprinted on their eyes is a gift for the soul. The biggest challenge is, I think that ̈you have to believe in the future to create the present ̈ and from there, forge new generations living together in peace and harmony. Today I hope to continue with this new project that allows uniting cultures and ethnic groups showing off its art. I’m not looking to do shows but to be able to bring different cultures art, so together we can know each other and learn from each one, sharing for a world that points at a coexistence between human beings and Mother Earth. I’m enormously grateful to each organization in favour of peace that accompanies me, and to Jasmina Siderovski, who has been very supportive in sharing my work with everyone.

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COVER STORY International Award-Winning Ballet Rising Star



ome of the Ballet Great’s like; Rudolf Nureyev, Vaslav Nijinsky, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Roshon Fegan, Benjamin Millepied, Sergei Vladimirovich, Ivan Vasilev, Steven McRae, Tyler Nelson and more have taken the world by storm as global role models inspiring young and upcoming 21st Century male ballet dancers. In the sublime of all the costumes, scenery, music, stage design and poetry to create a dramatic storyline, originating from aristocratic influence, ballet is a formalised form of dance developed from the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th and 16th Centuries. Ballet spread from Italy to France and founded throughout ballet stages such as the Royal Danish Ballet, Imperial Ballet of the Russian Empire, The Royal Ballet in London, the San Francisco Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, The Australian Ballet, The New York City Ballet, and The National Ballet of Canada etc. In the 19th century, female ballet dancers were more popular. Ballerinas played male roles in the story. Ballet moved away from the just aristocratic audience. Some famous ballerinas experimented with a new formal element of a ballet called pointe technique. In that way, ballerina got the ideal stage figure. Boxed ballet shoes were developed and stayed as an official part of ballet code. In romantic movement, ballet choreography became free, light, airy, and ballerinas appeared as fragile beings who could be lifted effortlessly, creating the feeling of floating in the air. In the 20th century, Russian ballet was brought back to Paris because of exile after the Revolution. In Russia, there was a stagnation on the ballet scene. The ideological pressure made socialist pieces. However, there were stunning virtuosity, technical perfection, and strength. In America, the ballet adapted to new media, television and movies. The theme somewhat dramatised than a plot. There was more freethinking than a traditional narrative. Traditional tutu was changed by bias cut to give dancer more freedom of movement. Neo-classical ballet developed a style between classical and contemporary ballet. Ballet returned to a more simplistic style, against overly dramatised form. The large sets and props were removed, allowing the dancers to become the primary artistic medium. Contemporary Ballet mixed elements of classical ballet and modern dance. It is not strictly traditional. It has use pointe technique, as well as floor work and turnin of the legs. A great influence on this genre had Mikhail Baryshnikov, Director of American Ballet Theatre in 1980. Our up and coming era of male ballet dancers are young men rising at the International Royal Ballet level and some of the most exciting in dance right now is Australia’s very own 16-year-old, Austen McDonald. Austen recently returned as a Finalist on the World Stage at the 2020 48th Annual Prix de Lausanne held in February. The distinguished jury of the Prix de Lausanne, all professionals of the dance world, selected 84 candidates to participate in the annual prestigious ballet competition held in Montreux, Switzerland just recently. 77 of which that took part in the Prix de Lausanne 2020. Of these 21 48 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

Puredynamics Photography were chosen for the finals at the Auditorium Stravinsky in Montreux. To attend the Prix de Lausanne is an experience of a lifetime, and those who participate walk away far more enriched than one could ever anticipate. It is a pivotal point for many and experiencing a week of classes and coaching with the world’s best teachers and choreographers, while simultaneously being assessed by jurors, streamed live and exposed to new opportunities, is beyond compare. Austen McDonald was born In Newport Beach, California on September 29, 2003, to an American mother and Australian father. They moved to Australia in 2004. Austen enjoyed sports and started playing Rugby Union for the local community and school at five years old.

Gregory Batardon Austen celebrates a long list of achievements and awards, including:  Prix de Lausanne 2020 Finalist  Isobel Anderson Memorial Awards 2nd Overall  Sydney Eisteddfod Scholarship Finalist Committed to his passion for dancing and expressing his gift in artistic form, Austen is admired by thousands and thousands of teenagers from around the globe. I was fortunate to interview Austen and get a little insight into what it takes to be a performer on the world stage. When and why did you decide to become a ballet dancer? I decided at 12 years old to leave rugby to start classical ballet, and I fell in love with it. I chose to do ballet because I was looking for an art form that was physically demanding and required the ability to act and portray a character. Can you walk us through your journey, mainly finding the motivation to train and commit to an art that requires skill and focus? I stay motivated by watching and studying professional ballet dancers on stage performing for an audience and enjoying

every moment of it. I stay focused because I would also one day like to be a professional ballet dancer performing on a world-renowned stage for audiences that appreciate the art form and those just introduced where both will gain a deeper knowledge of the ballet, a personal connection, or simply experience joy from watching my performance. What are the valuable lessons you have learned along the way in the dancing industry? Some valuable lessons I have learned along the way in my ballet journey is that the ballet world is very tough and to survive such an intense environment you have to mature faster than the people around you because you have to commit to a full-time profession leaving your home as early as 15 years old when your counterparts are experiencing high school and self-discovery. I have also learned that hard work and dedication is the key point to success in the ballet world because although there are people in the world that a born with amazing physical attributes that ballet dancer is required to have, if they lack dedication and the drive to continue to grow they may not travel as far in their career as those who display an unwavering dedication and continued determination to grow in the art. Is there any advice you would like to offer anyone else who may want to do the same?

Everline Imagery The advice that I would give to anyone looking at pursuing ballet as a career is that this art form is extremely challenging mentally and physically, but if you have a passion for the art form it is worth all the hard work.

eYs Magazine, Winter 2020 | 49

Puredynamics Photography

Rodrigo Buas

What is your five-year plan? My five-year plan is to move to Zurich, Switzerland in August 2020 as a full-time ballet dancer and international boarder at the Tanz Academy Zurich for the next three years and then to audition for companies around Europe and the world to start my professional career as a ballet dancer.

Does ballet affect your education at school? Ballet does not affect my education, although it is not the traditional school experience. Most ballet dancers in training are either homeschooled or do distance education. This is because to advance your physical ability and technique requires rigorous training of at least seven hours per day, six days a week. In my case, I started dancing at the age of 12, so I had a traditional education until the age of 13 when I started full time at the ballet academy. This age was considered extremely late to start, but I was willing to work extremely hard to catch up to those who had been dancing almost all their lives which required many late nights of dance training, technique development and even later nights and weekends of academic study.

Who is your inspiration, and why? My inspiration does not come from just one individual it comes from multiple dancers; this is because each ballet dancer is different, with unique backstories, body shapes, goals in life, and so much more. I am inspired by the journeys of many artists, young and old, in their pursuit of excellence in the art of dance. What is your favourite pastime when you aren’t dancing/training? One of my favourite pastimes, when I am not dancing, is drawing. I enjoy this because it is another great way for me to display my emotions through art. Have your friends been supportive of your chosen art? I am quite lucky to have very supportive parents, family, and friends when it comes to ballet. Many of my friends follow my performances and my journey through social media.

50 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

What are your end goals? Where do you see yourself ten years from now? My long-term goal is to become a Ballet Master to continue the preservation of the art by extending the repertoire through educating future generations of ballet dancers. Instagram: @austen.mcdonald Congratulations, Austen your success and motivation is an inspiration for dancers everywhere. We look forward to following your journey and success.

Everline Imagery

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LARISA B. MILLER, CEO of Phoenix Global

LLC interview with eYs By Jules Lavallee


n February 2020, you were named Ambassador of the State of the African Diaspora, by Prime Minister Louis-Georges Tin. What are the realities today for women and children in Africa and what are your expectations for the coming years? As an Ambassador to the African diaspora, and a businesswoman with clients and projects in several African nations, I am fortunate to meet and interact with people across the continent. I am especially drawn to the women and children, as I see both as being critical to the future growth and development of Africa. There is a pride, resiliency and fierce tenacity that I see in African women and youth, and when you combine these qualities with education, skills-building and opportunity, they essentially become unstoppable.

encouraging one another so that we can collectively have the support, tools and knowledge to allow us to make an impact on our families, communities and to one another.

Of course, we all have a responsibility to foster curiosity, make education accessible and give youth – regardless of where they live – regardless of ethnicity, socioeconomics, or gender the confidence to pursue their dreams. However, as women, must also embrace an unspoken mandate of empowerment, uplifting, mentoring and

To have the opportunity to serve Africa as an ambassador is an honor and privilege that I don’t take lightly. I recognize that I have unique access to decision-makers, government and industry leaders who have the power to architect and create the future, and a responsibility to be an advocate for the unheard voices. These people have a right to have

52 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

Did you always want to be an Ambassador? I never set out to be an Ambassador…in fact, my life path has been an unexpected adventure. When people say that I am lucky, or that I have an exciting life, that’s not really a fair observation. I am always curious, I spend my life learning, and most importantly, I pay attention. When you combine these three habits, you open yourself up to experiences and opportunities that guide you down interesting and meaningful – yet unexpected pathways.

The youth are our future. We are handing them a very fractured planet, environmentally, socially and economically. We owe it to our young people to prepare them to assume the roles of teachers, innovators, entrepreneurs… we owe it to them to help them be inclusionary and tolerant, embracing a global mentality. We can only begin to heal our damaged planet if we cease the ‘us against them’ mentality and commit to working together against the problems. Youth will be the ones charged with driving the future, and how successful they are will depend on the skills, tools, resources and examples that we provide and set for them.

their needs met, and they deserve an advocate for their rights. As an ambassador, I am committed to be the voice for these unheard and often unseen people who are the backbone of society. How is your company, Phoenix Global, LLC impacting lives? What are a few initiatives in Africa? As CEO of Phoenix Global, I am committed to making sure our business ventures, investments and projects make a measurable impact to the Sustainable Development Goals. We prioritize technology, agriculture and energy, which are essential to building a strong and resilient future for Africa. As the rest of the world has urban-sprawled itself out of food security, more and more, we will have to turn to Africa for our survival. With arable and plentiful farmland, abundant human assets, and the resources necessary for global survival, we must now recognize Africa as critical to a sustainable future. Therefore, we have a responsibility to help Africa to develop and progress in a strong, transparent and responsible manner.

Thank you for leaving a positive footprint. What are some of your expectations in 2020? This year…2020, the inaugural year in the UN-declared Decade of Action, is one of the most disruptive years in our modern history. As we navigate the challenges associated with COVID-19, we must recognize that we are global citizens, all in this fight together. How healthy we stay, how quickly we recover, and how resilient we are in the future depends on us working together. While life as we knew it is unlikely to return, this is a wonderful time to embrace change on both a macro- and micro-level. We have a blank canvas, and the future we choose to paint on that canvas is up to us. Businesses will need out-of-the-box strategies, schools will need to engage and empower students using alternative resources, and new entrepreneurs will emerge out of the gaps, needs and opportunities which will arise from this new global dynamic. We must be brave enough to embrace this change. While this will be a learning experience for each of us, we must remember that if we make a mess of today, we must forgive ourselves and start fresh with the sunrise.

What are the main reasons people come to Phoenix Global, LLC? We have a unique strategy where we work one-on-one with clients to customize our consulting solutions for their individual needs rather than simply tailoring a plug-and-play cookie-cutter solution, forcing it to ‘fit’ the needs. I spend a great deal of time crafting unique strategies, business models and ways-forward for our clients to build their growth, resiliency and profitability, while making them leaders in the market space. What is the biggest challenge you have faced as an Ambassador? For me as an Ambassador and proponent for the Sustainable Development Goals, it is a challenge to advocate for responsible and sustainable business and investment in Africa when the challenges of infrastructure and energy make this prohibitive. As Africa generates their national development plans, it is essential that they do so with a mind to the future, using accelerated plans of integration, incorporating disruptive technologies, prioritizing universal connectivity and embracing sustainable innovation. Tell us about your mentorship to young people. Why does it move your soul?

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CEO of Young Boss Media, TV Personality, Producer, Educator, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian and Author

Interview by Jasmina Siderovski


rant is an energetic activist and businesswoman determined to make a long-lasting social impact through media and entrepreneurship. She is also the author of Mind Your Business and Prosper: A Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Being Successful. Young Boss Media Inc Incorporated in New York City and based in Chelsea, Young Boss Media exists to produce and distribute high-quality media content that has a positive and long-term socio-economic impact on people from underrepresented communities. They specialize in Television Production, Public Relations, CommunityBased Press and Training Young Boss Media Inc 601 W 26th Street #325-289 New York, NY 10001 info@youngboss.tv Social Sites www.YoungBoss.TV www.YoungBossMBA.com www.YoungBossAfrica.com Instagram.com/YoungBossBrand Instagram.com/youngboss.tv Facebook.com/YoungBossMedia Youtube.com/YoungBossMedia Linkedin.com/in/monicasekhmet/ ROLES  President and CEO of the Young Boss Media.  President, Reocomm Foundation USA  President, Reocomm Group USA  Chief Executive Officer, Never Enough Coffee  Director of Media, The International Institute of Family Development, Inc USA  Chief Executive Officer, Young Boss Media Activist Institute  Chief Executive Officer, Young Boss Sustainable Development Corp

54 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

MONICA SEKHMET GRANT Interview by Jasmina Siderovski

Could you please tell us about your background? Born in Ypsilanti Michigan, grew up in the Deep South of the United States. As a young person, I moved around frequently until graduating from Delaware State University in 2008. In my life, I have experienced many interesting and strange people who have taught me the secrets of life, business and activism. What are your greatest achievements? Being born and still being alive is a great achievement for us all. I’m grateful that God has a plan for me. When and why did you decide to become a humanitarian? According to my natal chart, I was destined to be a humanitarian. I always believed in service and began volunteering in my community as a teenager. Being a servant to humanity feels really good to me. I love it. Being a Media Educator emerged from a need for more young people to have the skills necessary to advocate for themselves and their community using social media and their mobile phone. My goal is not to produce movie stars but rather to train women and the youth how to use media to fundraise, communicate, educate and advocate.

Can you walk us through your journey, mainly finding the motivation to dedicate your work to humanity? I loved reading about African American and African history as a child. I was always interested in Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Maya Angelou and Mansa Musa. I wanted to be like them. I wanted to move my people forward like they have. I began noticing racism in elementary school. Racism within the education system became more blatant and harmful to myself and my peers as some of us matriculated and others did not. I wanted to do something to change this. Before I knew what, an anti-oppression organizer was, I was taking action to mobilize my peers to fight against internalized selfhatred that was created by systemic racism and passed down from one generation to the next. I was an activist as a young teenager, doing what I thought Malcolm, Marcus, Maya or Musa would do. What are valuable lessons you have learned along the way in the not for profit industry? Delegating tasks and giving people their roses while they are here.

What advice would you tell your younger self? Chill Out, you’ll be fine! Is there any advice you would like to offer anyone else who may be interested to pursue the same path? Go out and make a lot of mistakes, have fun, meet people, create memorable stories and then when you are ready… take all of those experiences and use them to help other people live a better life. Who is your inspiration and why? Single Mothers, when I don’t want to get out of bed, I think about how selfless you must be for the rest of your life when you are a single parent. Is there a challenge throughout your journey that stands out that may inspire others? Being a people pleaser. When I stopped worrying about what people thought of me or how they would react to my actions I gained a superpower. What is your favourite pastime when you aren’t working? Family time, working out and planning.

Thank you, Monica for sharing your personal values and your journey with our readers.

eYs Magazine, Winter 2020 | 55



A Request for More Love and Acceptance


oes anyone else smell the judgement in the air? It seems to start as passionate opinions, and it gets expressed in a way that is designed to make people feel ‘less than’. In recent months I’ve seen people called stupid, idiotic, and other words I can’t bring myself to type. I feel so distant to all of that, and I want to offer you a moment of reflection. We currently live in a world of some very polarising thinking… Do you think that people are stupid because of what they believe? Do you think that anyone isn’t as good as you because they don’t have the same understanding or perspective that you have? There’s been something about the last few months that has brought to the surface a collective interest in what everyone else is doing, saying and thinking. Once upon a time I heard the phrase “What you think 56 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

of me is none of my business”, and I liked it. It communicated a sense of detachment from the judgment of others. In these times however, I feel like it’s harder to detach from such judgement than it has been in the past. We’re being told how to live by Governments, media, workplaces, and strangers. I want to be careful here, not to make this article about the specifics of public health or Government legislation, because I want to focus on the love and acceptance that is so needed in the world at a time like this, and always. As a community, we’re not familiar with the concept of

keeping social distance, or going into isolation. Some people are heavily supportive of these measures, no doubt because of fear that’s related to a potential outcome. Others believe that it’s an unnecessary restriction, causing more harm than infectious disease. Rather than weigh in on that, I want to ask…

Can we all come to a place where we respect each other’s perspectives, have compassion for each other’s fears, and hold space for each other’s needs? Can we put down the ‘word weapons’ at a time when love and acceptance are so needed? People are losing loved ones for all sorts of reasons, and some people haven’t seen those loved ones for months. Can we collectively have some compassion for those who are craving one of our most basic human needs? Can we collectively have some compassion for those who are truly suffering from a lack of connection? I think, that as a community, it’s high time we got more compassionate and more accepting. None of us are the same. None of us have lived the same life. None of us have endured the same traumas. None

of us can ever truly understand what is going on for another. How dare we have the audacity to judge each other? Why don’t we just choose love? Stepping aside from recent ‘public health strategies’, I want to make sure that this article isn’t just applicable to this unusual time, or this specific health crisis. I see people using their social media to share their views on a wide range of topics, and I see judgement there too. People are told that they don’t know what they’re talking about, that they’re putting others at risk by sharing their views, and sometimes they’re told some really heartbreaking things that I won’t repeat. Could we just choose to hold space for what others are so desperate to share with us? Could we choose to be open-

minded to a range of possibilities? Could we choose to be okay with a world where many of us see things differently? I see many people holding an attachment to everyone thinking the same way, only accepting specific information as true or possible, and expecting everyone to ‘fall into line’. I’m not sure that’s possible in a world of so much difference, and I also acknowledge that some of the most amazing discoveries of all time have been made because a person dared to go against the grain, dared to think differently to the norm. Do we really want to ‘slap people down’ for that? Do we really think it’s necessary to criticize people for their differing perspective, which was of course born from their own unique experiences in life? Imagine a world where we so embraced difference, that we eagerly listened to each other tell our stories. Imagine a world where we didn’t make any of the stories, or any of the story-tellers, wrong. Imagine a world where our collective acceptance of each other expressed a sentiment of “You do you and I’ll do me”. Maybe all we have, as a tool for meaningful connection, is love and acceptance. What if we could all find a place of connection, despite dramatic difference, because love and acceptance flowed through all interactions? It’s kind of mind blowing, isn’t it? Yet drastically simple. It’s a choice, and a behaviour. I wonder, what can you do, to bring more love and acceptance to the world? Imagine the impact and the ripple effect that would occur, if we all committed to that outcome. eYs Magazine, Winter 2020 | 57

FOCUS ON BUSINESS Story and Interview by


Business in Uncertain Times A Sales and Performance Coach Perspective


ur world has changed drastically within a few months. Our way of life is completely different. We do not go out unless we work in essential services, and we must socially isolate and keep to social distancing. What does this mean for business? How will this affect the economy – locally and globally? These are the questions that many economists and politicians are now asking. No one knows the answer to these questions as we are in uncharted territory right now. We don’t know how long we are to socially isolate. We don’t know the impact. We do know; however, businesses are changing or needing to change (if possible) to adapt as much as they can if they are to survive. With all that is going on in the world with COVID-19, the business world has been in a huge upheaval and is in the process of adjusting to this new world. Technology is enabling many businesses to adjust, pivot their focus or completely change direction. The agility of business to respond will likely make or break them. It is also sadly a time that many businesses have had to close their doors if other options were not available. This then has flow-on effects of people losing 58 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

jobs and people losing livelihoods. In approaching this month’s piece, I was torn. Who should I interview? Would the business I interview close its doors? How hard would businesses be hit? The more I thought about it; one woman kept coming to my mind. She wears many hats. She is a respected and world-renowned sales, marketing and business coach. She prides herself on being of service for most of her adult life as an entrepreneur and coach. She is deeply honest, is on your side and shoots from the hip with honest and tack that you don’t get to see much these days. She is a dynamic and empowering person who is an advocate to promote and support women in business. Her name is Georgiana Kovell. Who better to ask about the business climate right now than one who coaches entrepreneurs, salespeople and empowers women with a group called “Millions of Women Strong.” Welcome, Georgiana. Thank you for being a part of this interview for our magazine. Thank you.

You’re a woman of many talents. Could you briefly tell our readers a bit about your background and what made you start your consulting business as well as Millions of Women Strong? Yeah. I’ve been a serial entrepreneur. I started my first business when I was 16 years old. I show jumped horses, and with horses comes all the bells and whistles that everybody wants, it’s all the fad. And my dad said, “I’m paying for your horses. I’m paying for your shows. You want all the bells and whistles, get a job.” So as soon as I turned 16 and could drive, I created a business. Horse’s manes and tails needed to be braided for horse shows. And so, I learned how to braid the horse’s manes and tails, and I would go out at three o’clock in the morning and go braid all the horses’ manes and tails before the show, just to make some extra money. That was my first sales business or my first business that I had to sell myself. And it kind of went on from there.

particular aspect of whom I had become for myself that I didn’t like, and I was a high producer, and I could make stuff happen. But it was kind of like, at what cost? So, when I left and started my own company, then it was about that feminine energy and that win-win kind of listening, interested in one another and that just felt so good. It was like I had lost an aspect of myself that was important. I was just arrogant enough when I first left to think that I had found this whole feminine/masculine energy thing, which was hysterical. I mean, looking back at it now, I really thought I’d come across something, but of course, it was already out there, but at the time it was like, “Oh, I learned something big!” and for me, it was something big. What do you wish all women would do or learn in business? They’re worthy. They deserve it. There’s nothing that they don’t have that they need to find, nothing is missing. Nothing wrong with who they are, anyway, they are. Business owners, entrepreneurs, come in all shapes, sizes, sounds, technical knowledge or simplicity of things. I spent a good time of my career in this instant coming into all the available technology. I’d never had an online business prior to this. I spent a good amount of time just making myself wrong for not knowing all this technology, which was, again, in hindsight, ludicrous. Because, why would I? But I see that a lot in women business owners that there’s always something they “should be” or they “should know”. Worthiness is so important. With Millions of Women Strong, we do a fundraiser every year with organisations that help women or girls. Last year we did a fundraiser for ‘Girls on the Run’, which I think they’re only here in the States. But you think it’s about running, and they do use some running, but it’s really about teaching young girls in a summer camp that they can do anything. And I’m just thinking, gosh, now what would it be like? Who would we be if we got that message at that time of our life? That’s amazing, isn’t it?

So, I’ve done a lot of different things in my life, but the one thing that I knew for sure was I don’t like to be told what to do. I’m 55 now, and throughout my whole career, from the time I was 16, I’ve either been a 100% commission or have had my own business. So, I’ve always had a say. And that’s kind of led me to start my own business to be able to bring forth to other entrepreneurs my experience and my commitment to entrepreneurs to thrive. Listen, I’m on a mission to have women thrive. I think that we are the change in this world and everything I do is in service of that. From my sales coaching business to Millions of Women Strong, all of it is about empowering women.

You have two business arms, your consulting arm and your Millions of Women Strongarm. Could you briefly just tell us a bit about Millions of Women Strong? Millions of Women Strong I started about seven years ago. I had just moved to a town that I didn’t know anybody, and I wanted to meet some like-minded women. Of course, there’s all the traditional networking and stuff like that, which mostly I’d rather stick a needle in my eye than go to. I wanted to create something where I can just connect with people, not have people throwing their business card at me or anything like that. So, it started out as women connecting, and I did that, and it was amazing. I met some amazing women. There were about 25 of us that just started it up in Meetup.

One of the goals of your clients is that they are running a heart-led business that heals, inspires, and improves lives. What does that mean for you? Well, we talk about a conscious society, maybe a spiritual society and especially during this time with COVID-19, I mean things are changing where people are getting connected to what’s important. Working with so many other coaches, healers, entrepreneurs who are in the service-based industries, they didn’t get into business to sell a car. They got into business because they have a passion about something that they’re doing that makes a difference for another. So that’s that conscious heart-led business owner is committed to something bigger than themselves, not just the almighty dollar. That’s what I mean by that.

It was just amazing. I met some brilliant women doing all sorts of things; some even retired, some philanthropists. It was awesome. Then I found myself, moving again, did a different kind of iteration of it and it became A Thousand Women Strong. Part of it was that I was going to give away a thousand hours of coaching, free coaching. So, an hour of coaching to any woman, no strings attached, no pitch. It was just designed to empower them, but then it felt too small. So, then it became Millions of Women Strong, and it just kind of went dormant for a little bit until I found myself moving yet again to somewhere that I didn’t know anybody. I thought this is the time because again, there was a lot of the traditional kind of networking. I call it the masculine driven scarcity conversation. So, I started again to meet like-minded women, but this time it had legs.

Why is it important for women to connect and empower each other in business? Well, I think we’re in it together, and it goes back to believing that we are going to be the change in this world. When I left my corporate job, which was a very masculine driven kind of business, there was a

Somebody came up and said, “I like your idea. Have you ever thought about having another chapter?” So, I started one here in Eugene, Oregon, where I am, and then somebody started one in Corvallis, Oregon, and now we have an online global chapter that we meet online. And then I have three more chapters that are starting. But that kind of started because it got you out of that traditional networking eYs Magazine, Winter 2020 | 59

and into building relationships, which is what it’s all about. People do business with people they know, like and trust. And if you don’t take the time to get to know somebody, they’re not going to trust you. One of my clients says, and this is so brilliant, she says, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” That is kind of the whole relationship building. We all know that men do this too, by the way, right? It’s the poker games. It’s the golf clubs. They do it in that very different way than women. And for many, it’s just so uncomfortable, or they have to shape themselves to be that kind of masculine kind of way to fit in. This is why I think it’s going to take the women being different to change things. Our ethos in Millions of Women Strong is connection, collaboration, education, giving and celebration. We do a lot of celebrating and having fun, and yeah, it’s a good time. And a lot of business gets done, too. What do people come to you most for? Certainly, for sales. I do a lot of work with people for sales, and that’s something that I’m super passionate about, but Millions of Women Strong is tugging at my heartstrings. It’s really about connecting people. I think that’s a lot of what people come to me is for to be connected, whether it be through education or with the coaching or whether it be connecting to other people and how they can grow their business and kind of take it to the next level. So, I guess that’s one way to put it. Connection. What do you love most about what you do? Oh boy. I got this email from a client just recently, actually in February and we had worked together in December. And I got this email, and it says, ‘I just closed the biggest deal of my life’. And I love getting emails like that. Working with entrepreneurs who have been struggling or are just not clear, or they have concerns and considerations. And they just hate the sales, but it’s a necessary thing. And that same client in that same email told me that she was, 30% on her way to her stretch goal, in February. It’s hearing the successes of not just clients, but any entrepreneur, female entrepreneur who has this big success, who has gone beyond their own limiting beliefs. I mean, there’s just nothing better than hearing those stories. You have many success stories of people landing their dream jobs to others, doubling their sales. What has been your most memorable success story with someone you’ve coached? There’s a lot. I think the one I just shared with you is probably the most recent. 60 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

I’ve had a lot of clients that have doubled and tripled their revenue, but the overarching besides the revenue is they’ve gone beyond what they ever thought was possible. I saw one of your testimonials from a lady that said through your coaching, she got clear on what she wanted and then landed her dream job. I think a lot of people in business do get caught up in making money, and never actually asked, what is it that makes them happy? This is such a magical gift of yours that you do get to the heart of what makes people happy. Thank you. Yeah. There’s got to be something else that we deal with in the world. And Simon Sinek talks about it in our why. What is it about our jobs that we love so much? It’s generally, at the end of the day, we’re not going, “Oh, I love my job because I make so much money.” I love my job because I get to make a difference, or I get to do this or whatever it is. Although you’re based in the U.S., you work with people all over the world. Given that we are living through uncertain times with COVID-19, are you noticing any differences locally or globally with regard to how businesses are adapting? That’s a big question. I mean, on the smaller side of business owners, I mean it’s sad that there’s a lot of people that are losing their businesses and will probably not recover from this, at least not in that business. I think once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur. I have a client in Hong Kong, and for a while, all that we were talking about was the riots that were going on earlier in the year and last year. And it was something I could have compassion for, but I couldn’t understand it. I couldn’t get it because I’ve never had to live in a city that was full of riots. So, I think for the first time for business owners and people alike, this is the first time that as a global community, we have ever had to deal with the same thing. I’m in lockdown. It’s like the first time everybody around the world is dealing with the same thing. And there’s another level of understanding that we can bring into our conversations with one another that we can now get. Like we’re not separate. We’re not different. In the end, there’s no difference between what we’re all dealing with, anywhere. I think that’s the biggest thing, is being able to be compassionate and understanding and bring a level of listening that probably wasn’t there before. And honestly, that’s everywhere, not just globally, but even here in the States, people are going to have to deal with themselves and others in a whole new way.

You’ve said in one of your Facebook Lives that businesses must be creative and not give too much away for free even during these times. Could you elaborate a little on that? Yeah. Of course, the very first part of the response to COVID, there was a lot of people going, “Oh, here’s this, use this. I’m going to get this out, and I’ve got all these free things, I want to give to people that need it right now.” And then it became, I feel bad charging for stuff because so many people are struggling financially, or they’ve lost their jobs or their business. I had clients coming to me, saying, “I don’t know what to do.” And I said, “You know what? You’ve got to know it’s absolutely okay to make money right now.” As a matter of fact, it’s important to continue making money right now and spending money right now. That’s how our economy goes.

the standout lesson that came from that workshop? The standout was first how you’re speaking to people in your marketing, it’s got to be sensitive to what’s happening, and getting creative about how you’re going to serve to the highest good for people—and then getting creative about your packages and your pricing and what you want to do and who you serve and all of that. I’m running it again because it’s important to keep people going. Could you provide some advice to our readers who may have a business that has either closed, needs to adapt or to expand quickly? Would you say that would be the same advice? Yeah. I’m a certified Fix This Next coach as well, through Mike Michalowicz. We have the hierarchy of needs as human beings, but then there’s also a business hierarchy of needs. When we start a business, we don’t have a business until there’s some kind of money exchanging hands. Right? Sales and marketing are always the very low, basic part of owning a business that has to happen; otherwise, you don’t have a business; you just have some great ideas. Focusing on sales and marketing is the thing. And listen, there’s going to be new industries, new businesses that arise out of this. I’m just clear about that. Again, that’s part of that getting creative. Like how can you completely pivot what you’ve been doing?

It’s so important to charge for what you’re doing and keep it going. So, you may offer something that is high value and maybe less time of yours at a cheaper rate. I saw so many coaches wanting to lower their pricing of what they do. It’s like, no, don’t do that. Create something new. Get creative about what you can do and how you can serve and how you can bring super high value so that you’re still able to contribute to people and serve people but not give away the farm. Your freebies are your freebies. Your offerings are not. So it’s really important to get creative and find new ways to serve the people that you want to serve that maybe can’t afford your full price, but you know what, that is all the time, every day, COVID-19 or not. You’ve also run an online workshop about selling in turbulent times. What was

The restaurants had to get creative about how they were going to continue. We can’t eat in restaurants, but we can get takeout. So, there’s a whole new way. And then there were these conglomerates that kind of, I don’t know if that’s the right word, but restaurants that came together and they offered specials. And then I was driving somewhere, and there was a brewery that had the big tent out front, that you can go fill up your growlers with their beer and get food. The table was out on the street. So, People are getting creative to how to just get by, and it’s kind of like you got to get scrappy again. When you were starting out and getting your business going, you got scrappy and figure it out and try different things. And by the way, I’m making a difference for people, oh, that worked. Oh, that didn’t work. Oh, that was well received. Oh, that one wasn’t. Okay. Stop, shift, go. It’s always like getting scrappy, getting in there and figure it out. And that’s the beginning part. If no sales are coming in, there’s no money coming in, and you don’t have that stuff figured out, you don’t have a business. With regard to your own business, what are your service offerings? I do private coaching, and I’ve currently gotten

creative so that I can serve the customers that are dealing with stuff right now. So, I have a group program, a very small group program that I’m doing for a very low cost that is giving them my private coaching but in a small group. We’re going to be starting that in May. So, I’ll have different groups going because they’ll be maxed out at five people. So, it’s coaching and obviously Million Women Strong as well. Yeah, Millions of Women Strong, we have our free public group and our paid memberships. So please join our Millions of Women Strong Facebook group. It’s an amazing way to connect. We have many people, and it’s growing globally, which is my intent. We had some people from India, which was amazing. I was so excited to see that. There was another gal who joined who was from a country I’d never even heard of. So, I love that. And so, people all over the world and it’s heavy here in Oregon, but what can I say. So how could people find you? Oh, well, I think the easiest way is LinkedIn or Facebook, and of course, my website is georgianakovell.com and also millionsofwomenstrong.com. I’m pretty easy to reach. Is there anything else that you’d like to add? The only thing I want to add is a great big thank you to your readers that are business owners that are out there. They have families, they have employees, and they have customers and then themselves that they’re putting themselves out there, whatever they need to do to get through this time. People are resilient, and it’s amazing, and sometimes we don’t just say thank you for what you do. So, thank you to all the business owners, all your readers, for everything that you’re doing right now. Thank you so much for your time and generosity today, Georgiana. Thank you. To connect with Georgiana, please visit: Websites: georgianakovell.com and millionsofwomenstrong.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ georgiana-kovell/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ gkovell Millions of Women Strong Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ millionsofwomenstrong/

eYs Magazine, Winter 2020 | 61

CREATE Rachelle Roe Studio by Anita Roe



elcome to the latest edition of eYs Magazine.

I was truly hoping to showcase my new collection; however, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I had to postpone my scheduled photo shoot. It’s not all bad news; however, as this means more time than ever to source some beautiful findings and embellishments. As they say, good things come to those who wait. Who would have thought we would be experiencing the current climate and faced with this pandemic which has literally stopped the world in its tracks? On a positive note, I have found myself reflecting and focusing on what truly matters in life. Thankfully, I have been able to keep my job, while many have not been so fortunate. I have also had the opportunity to spend time planning and designing my new jewellery studio and tidying up my inventory. My family is safe and well, and to be honest, my initial fears of how life during Covid-19 would be, have diminished. Looking back and reflecting on my designing journey is always a pleasurable experience and the collection I am sharing with you this season is a dear favourite. I will be honest in saying that my designing style has taken quite a change in direction since this particular collaboration; however, it is always important to look back at how far you have come. The seaside village of Scarborough Beach was a place where I often enjoyed spending my time before moving back to my hometown, Toowoomba. The beaches were calm and picturesque and quite often deserted—the perfect place to relax and unwind.

62 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

I had a desire to plan a wedding collaboration with a relaxed, bohemian feel. During the initial planning, an enthusiastic designer reached out to me with the invitation of collaborating with her unique fashion designs. Not only did Bohemian Luxe have wedding gowns, but they also designed some very unique clothing. Without hesitation, I accepted the invitation and began working on jewellery designs to marry with their amazing label.

Photoshoot locations are such an important part of any project, and I was thrilled when Beth from Reid’s Place Wedding Gardens and Cottages welcomed us to hold our photoshoot on their beautiful premises. This gorgeous setting is settled in Scarborough and is the perfect venue for wedding ceremonies and accommodation. My two gorgeous models were Jasmin Young and Katherine Vega. This dynamic duo is an absolute pleasure to work with, and I feel so honoured that they accepted my invitation to take part in my collaboration. Redcliffe City Florist designed the beautiful Boho styled bouquets, and I have since included their floral artistry in another collaborative event. Makeup artist Kylee Roe weaved her magic and transformed the girls into blushing brides for the occasion. Hairstylist, Gosh Hair and Beauty did an amazing job with both models, and Katherine’s Boho styled plait was perfect for the bohemian vibes we were trying to present. Our photographer for this day was Mike from Candyscape Photography, who I also featured in the last EYS edition. Mike knows precisely how to capture the mood with his photography, and I love the colour pop and clarity that he achieves. It’s not every day that you get such a perfect team of talented artists that work so harmoniously together, however, on this occasion, every little piece of magic came together to deliver everything I wanted to achieve and more. I always feel blessed and accomplished when all the planning comes together, and I can honestly say that I am proud of each and every team member in this particular collaboration. With positive devotion, dreams and enthusiasm, we can accomplish anything our hearts desire. One of my favourite phrases is “Fall asleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose”. Follow this mantra, and you will never be met with disappointment. Above all, never give up on your dreams.

Thank you for continuing to follow my journey. Models: Jasmin Young and Katherine Vega Makeup: Kylee Roe Hairstylist: Gosh Hair & Beauty Fashion Label: Bohemian Luxe Wedding bouquets: Redcliffe City Florist Location: Reid’s Place Wedding Gardens Photographer: Candyscape Photography Jewellery: Rachelle Roe Studio

eYs Magazine, Winter 2020 | 63



well. We all have had to live our life with the ups and downs regardless of a pandemic. Always I have said that time is our gift.


ife changed for everyone around the world since our last edition of eYs Magazine. The pandemic of the Corona Virus has touched all our lives in some form or other. Some of us watched on from the safety of our own homes whilst many worked as essential. No one has been spared really, especially with our emotions being in turmoil perhaps with fear of the unknown and yes that one thing that we all had and did not realise that meant so much in our life, being the freedom taken that we had grown to know and value in our life becoming something that was taboo and regulated. Restrictions slowly are being lifted with guidance in place and hope that all would be controlled with a great outcome. It perhaps will be the unknown for quite some time of how life will continue to function around our country Australia where I live and the world. It’s important for my husband and me to STAY HOME being immune compromised. I have been struggling with an autoimmune disorder since 2017 and have endured the highs and lows of this and know what it is like to strive in keeping as well as can be. At times my husband became the person to take care of me when I had massive flare-ups that allowed me to do little, so he had also experienced the STAY HOME. In the midst of learning to deal with the changes of organising living and doing things differently like Telehealth and shopping for essentials online etc., my husband took ill and very quickly tests revealed he needed an emergency operation. It was a shock. Thankfully I am back to driving, and I could only take him to the hospital and drop him off as I am too compromised with my health to have been there. Such concern grew, but thankfully all went well, and he has been recovering 64 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

Time has certainly been a gift, especially when it’s known many have lost life during this present pandemic journey. The sadness of loss is heartbreaking, especially when loved ones can’t be together. So, the hours turn into days and weeks here at my home, and I’ve appreciated more than ever my humble surrounds. I must admit though I have missed simple things we take for granted like enjoying coffee and chat catchups with friends and feeling those real hugs. So, these days have been spent knowing and feeling compassionate of the emotions of those that have been affected in health, work and a new way of living to truly appreciate my home and surrounds more than ever. My outdoors at home has been so valued. How the Decor has been applied with furnishings and pots laden with botanicals has been welcoming as my daily escape ritual from the indoors, so Decor is not only for the internals of your home and external rooms or spaces can be an addition to your lifestyle and play a huge part of living. I know I am blessed with living in a North Queensland, Australian tropical paradise. I while away time when I have needed to rest from the days of troubled pain from my immune disorder with a coffee and at times imagine I am anywhere in the world in the haven we have created. I have never been to Paris, but now and again I do play that game of imagination and sometimes take to adding items of Decor to include such of that location. In these many weeks, it’s been a time to catch up and enjoy the feel of what is surrounding in the outdoors as we are blessed with weather beautiful one day and perfect the next. The blue of the sky, the green of the botanicals and watching the sway in the breeze, butterflies fluttering about and the birdsong have been magic. Do you feel

and imagine the picture I have painted in words? It’s been real and beautiful. So, STAY HOME has been of much healing benefit away from the crowds and just living the simple life and staying safe in ISO. Creating has always been a release for me. It’s like a coping mechanism and very therapeutic. As well as upcycling furniture during this time at home, I have taken up the challenge after a long break to once again paint on canvas. The last art I had completed was two large canvasses that I had created for my son’s home, but after he died in an accident, I had no heart to do such again. That part of my soul had no feel to do such, but during this pandemic, I took to my paints again. One day I just realised it was time to do such again and I was on my way with easel, paint, brushes and canvas. I was thrilled when a client bought the first one, I had painted as soon as I showed it and am very proud that she is hanging it in her new home. There was so much love and feeling painted into it, so I am immensely happy with that outcome. My style is my own truth of love, that feeling that gets captured to canvas as it flows with the strokes happening. It’s a creation from my heart and soul, and perhaps

it now will be another healing in my own journey. My son loved the large art that had graced the walls of his home, and it was like he had sent me the message “It’s time to do this again, Mum”, so I’ve set myself a new direction and challenge to enjoy the freedom of expression that comes along with the days I choose to utilise it. As I write this, our mild change in weather has begun. Tropical weather does have a cool patch and the paint does need different drying times on the furniture, so maybe there have been more coffee breaks than usual and perhaps an extra few minutes to sit in the sun basking and imagining one is somewhere else but then realising that this is the best place to be. For that, I am so grateful. There is still the love of taking a piece of neglected furniture and transforming it into a new piece with glamour and knowing I’ve saved it from landfill is the reward. There will be more to share in further editions. We all wonder how and when this new journey is going to continue long term and for now, it is keep safe, keep well, continue to be grateful and show kindness. Love is so important in our unsettled world. Allow the lessons of this time to show us a kinder future. Till next time, Pam xx

eYs Magazine, Winter 2020 | 65


GABRIELA ARSOVSKA REVOLUTIONISES JEWELLERY ART! GLORY ART Handmake Crafts and Jewellery Story by Jasmina Siderovski

“There is no more sense of happiness than the moment you realise that others can feel the love and the energy that you put into every piece of artwork, which is unique in its own way.”


abriela Arsovska lives in Macedonia, a dentist, and a Master’s in Human Resources. Little did Gabriela know forty years ago, after winning an award at six years old in her city, Skopje for the best Art Drawing that in her later years, she would reconnect with her artistic abilities. A burning desire to create was born within as her interest in learning to paint on glass began to develop. Gabriela: “That desire was so powerful, that I couldn’t push it away, so I started to explore glass painting and so started my art story. I used every kind of glass to draw and paint something. When I have finished art, I’ve already had an idea of what I will do the next. I feel that colours are my passion. I like to play with colours, and combinate them in different ways. I liked the bright, fresh colours which give life and positive energy of the artwork.” Gabriela’s desire doesn’t stop there. It was growing so fast, so 66 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

became the moment when she discovered that making jewellery from Clay-Fimo was her next step in her odyssey for art creations. Gabriela: “Fimo is a kind of clay that is coloured, and there is a big colour palette. I had so many ideas for making new pieces of Fimo jewellery. I played with colours, design, and in the end, I created a unique piece of jewellery.” Once again, Gabriela’s passion for art exploration didn’t stop here, she wanted more and to learn something new. Thinking outside the square, Gabriela became entranced in making ‘Vitrage Lamps,’ and other Vitrage Artworks from Tiffany stained glass. She also learnt how to use epoxy resin in her jewellery creations and how to combinate it with Fimo Clay. Gabriela: “I love nature a lot. Every free time I used to go to the mountain, while I am walking, I collected flowers I found on my way. Suddenly it dawned on me; I could combine these flowers with my epoxy resin so I can make pieces of jewellery which will be unique and special. As a Doctor, I pay a lot of attention to health. I read and explore everything connected to healthy organic food without pesticides, freshwater, and radiation from mobiles and electricity.

Two years ago, I focused on one idea; how we can protect ourselves from any form of radiation exposure - which is all around us. So, I found myself reading a lot and discovered Orgonites. Orgonites can defend us from radiations from WI-FI, computers, mobile phones and also from any other radiation and negative energy. They are a combination of natural crystals, copper wire, metal shavings and epoxy resin. They can be used to convert water to living Orgon water which has a lot of benefits. This water is full of oxygen and supply every cell of the body with this gas and collected toxins from the body. You should only put a bottle of water or a jug on the Orgonite pad for a minimum of two hours and enjoy orgonite live water. This live water is full of bubbles and has a different taste from ordinary water. A bottle of water or a jug should be opened on the top and covered with napkin or gauze. Already working with epoxy resin, I decided to make my first Orgonite Pyramid for myself and an orgonite pad for live orgonite water. After that, I designed orgonites as pendants which can be worn as jewellery around the neck. I also designed unique orgonite keyrings as an accessory we can access all the time and be protected from radiation and negative energy.” Twenty years ago, when Gabriela discovered her artistic passion, she questioned herself the origin from where her talent started. A conversation with her mum Gabriela found that when she was six years old, she used to love to draw and received an award for

the best drawing by all kindergarten children in her town. Also, her uncle, who is an electro engineer, is a self –taught painter and is very successful. Dentistry, and working with art may undoubtedly be very different professions. However, they both have one thing in common as they both work with hands and require focus and precision. Her motivation and inspiration to create these masterpieces stem from her nature walks in the mountains, inspired by all the different colours and vegetation that fill Gabriela with positive energy, every time. Her biggest motivation comes from the reaction of people when they see her artwork. Gabriela: “Their smile and comments radiate the energy and passion, my love for creating in my work is the biggest motivation that affirms I am on the right path and that I should do continue to create. There is no more sense of happiness than the moment you realise that others can feel the love and the energy that you put into every piece of artwork, which is unique in its own way.” Gabriela’s enthusiasm and energy continue to thrive already, focusing on a new idea. A project, acquiring several new techniques of the art which she will realise soon. You can follow Gabriela’s journey and see her inspiring pieces and creations on her Facebook Page. Facebook: GLORY ART Handmade crafts and jewellery

eYs Magazine, Winter 2020 | 67


ARC RAPHAEL ELUEMUNO AJALIE Architect, and Co-Founder Reocomm Group / Foundation

Interview by Jasmina Siderovski


rc Raphael Eluemuno Ajalie, is a dynamic man with a vision to succeed through honest means. An Architect with Executive Masters in Project Management and Master’s Degree in Telecommunications.

 Microwave Wireless Services Deployment

Arc Ralph is a Professional Member of the British Computer Society (BCS), Member of International Association of Engineers (IAENG), Certified Fiber Specialist-Outside Plan/Design (CFOS/D/O), GVF Certified Examiner (510,520,521,HOST).

Above all, he is a team player in a reputable organization with a good business focus providing relevant exposure and challenges in his field, encouraging development, acquisition of skills and achieving organizational goals.

Nigerian born, trained in USA, India, Dubai, Nigeria, Tanzania, Liberia and Ghana and a long list of achievements along the way including:

Arc Raphael Eluemuno Ajalie, is also:

 Mentorship - Youth Empowerment (Women and Health Awareness Trainings)  Fiber Optics Deployment (OSP, FTTH)*Fiber Capacity Provisions.  VSAT Services Deployment  Security Solutions - ICT Firewalling (Mikrotik, Cisco), CCTV, Access Control, Biometric  Architectural Designs, Building Construction and Interior Designs (2D, 3D)  Geological Services - Borehole Services  Renewable Energy Solutions - Solar, Wind and Biomass

68 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

 Trainings (Fiber FOA, Solar and Inverters, CAD)  Medical Solutions (Medical ERM for Hospitals)

ÊÊ Co-Founder/ Group CTO Reocomm Group of Companies and Reocomm Foundation Global. ÊÊ Member - The International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN), USA - Vice President and Chief of Operations, Young Boss Media USA. ÊÊ Regional Director West Africa of the US.Africa Trade Council, Atlanta, USA. ÊÊ Member of the Parliament of the State of the African Diaspora. ÊÊ Chair Person of the ADHA Board, Africa Diabetes and Hypertension Association, Liberia. ÊÊ 2nd Best Instrumental Soloist Trombone, Musical society of Nigeria.

When and why did you decide to become a humanitarian? The Humanitarian journey began from my Father Sir Richard Ajalie I, he is one who believes in giving. At that time, I made up my mind to think of people and put smiles on their faces. Today I’m an Advocate for Women Empowerment and believe that Women have the Right to Live and Achieve.

Can you walk us through your journey, mainly finding the motivation to dedicate your work to humanity? I began my Journey with my Foundation Partner Madam Thelma Togba Ajalie, as we drew a plan to Mentor Women going through Gender Based Violence and distributing free Sanitary pads. We streamlined War Thorn countries like Liberia and Sierra Leone. I have been able to build successfully a chain of young professionals in ICT as well as bring up young Women in Business. Then I replicated in Malawi and Tanzania. In few weeks we will be start Training for Women in Agriculture with emphasis on Poultry farming across Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Namibia. What are valuable lessons you have learned along the way in the not for profit industry? Non-Profit is my Joy as I love to see people happy. I adore Single Mothers and give them hope that the kids will have the Brightest Future. What advice would you tell your younger self? If I could get younger today, I would give more and never count the cost which is the basis of my existence. Is there any advice you would like to offer anyone else who may be interested to pursue the same path? A True Humanitarian should have passion for the less privileged, as no one was born with Gold in his Hands. I handle projects of all sorts and give a larger portion to Humanity. Who is your inspiration and why? Prof Adebayo O. Ogunlesi, a Nigerian lawyer and investment banker is my Inspiration, his life is a Path of Lessons for me as I live daily with his Quotes running down my mind; “Professional success is about ability, hard work, and relationships. Who you know, and how you connect to them is an incredible determinant of how you would succeed?” “Poor infrastructure not only inhibits economic growth but quite frankly, it stands in the way and affects the quality of the lives of the people in the continent.” “Each generation of Africans faces a unique set of challenges that defines it.” “...Use your entrepreneurial drive, uncompromising integrity, and a passion for excellence in everything you do, and apply all of those skills, talents and capabilities to address the challenges the continent faces.” “Ordinary people can effect change if they want it badly enough.” Is there a challenge throughout your journey that stands out that may inspire others? The day I was invited to pitch about the CUTE System for the Roberts International Airport Liberia. I was a young man who faced several professionals with similar knowledge, but But God saw me through especially remembering the Quotes from Prof Adebayo O. Ogunlesi. Since that day I never stop achieving my set goals. What is your favourite pastime when you aren’t working? Meeting Children and making them laugh with my Voice Changing. I love Children because they are so innocent.

Drafting Plans with The President and CEO of Young Boss Media, Madam Monica Grant, as she brings a lot of ideas on Mentoring Women in Capacity Building. What are some interesting things our readers don’t know about you? Martial Arts - Taekwondo, being an Undisputed Champion for Years, the Tenets of Taekwondo is my guiding Principle (Humility, Modesty, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit. Playing the Trombone, as Music is the Food for the Soul. Thank you, Arc Raphael Eluemuno Ajalie, for sharing your journey with our readers. eYs Magazine wishes you and your organization an abundance of success.

eYs Magazine, Winter 2020 | 69




t is in the nature of Greenden and its international “Green Hearts Dignity” community to intercept entrepreneurial realities such as this that we are about to present, people who make sustainability their reason for living and this is how we want to introduce you to Malga Priu Marco Piemonte CEO & Founder Greenden “Live like we were ants ... inside a pine cone” The “Puanina Tour” path is located in Ugovizza in the Municipality of Malborghetto in the province of Udine. It is a path that leads to the majestic resonant spruce trees, an extremely poetic and evocative image, a romantic and fascinating trekking, which leads to enchanted places where the magic gives rise to fantastic stories like this that I am going to tell you and in the meantime we arrived on the natural terrace of Malga Priu here as in a phrase by Nelson Mandela “nothing like in a place that has remained unchanged makes us discover how much we have changed” still here we can say with firm determination “that when nature and man decide to work together, great things happen” and still here observing the majestic pine cones “tree houses” anyone lucky enough to observe them feels within themselves how deep the bond is with the nature that surrounds us and observes us like a mother with her children and from here comes the feeling of identifying ourselves in skilled worker ants ... very able architects, able to build objects, houses in our case, that do not deface our wonderful planet. Suddenly we are ants, we feel part of their world and we perceive their valid and undeterred efforts that largely reflect what this enchanted place can awaken, after the experience of Malga Priu we will feel inside us how it is possible to build our life side by side with nature and becoming its architects, showing us how we can transform dreams into reality and revealing that the greatest success is achieved with constancy, that constancy and that desire to remain faithful to environmental sustainability as taught by “Tributsch-Della Mea family” effectual example of zero-impact habitability. Any of us in this place can examine their industriousness, sufficiently disciplined to be able to complete tasks in which we are committed or called to fulfil towards a more ethical and respectful world for the next generations. Why did I choose the title “live like we were ants ... inside a pine

70 | eYs Magazine, Winter 2020

cone”? Because it is known to all of us that in the world of ants, moving a drop of water may seem like an impossible undertaking. «Yet this tiny insect does everything it can, showing us that, if we work hard, we can get what we want. “Symbol of the energy that circulates in the bowels of the earth, the ant represents our deepest resources, inner strength and tenacity. With his behaviour he teaches us that, instead of being frightened by difficulties and big goals, we should get to work with a positive spirit. As founder of the international group “green hearts dignity” I am happy to be able to give this reality the right attention through this article and I turn to you ... that you are perhaps looking for (you or the people around you) the fastest and easiest way to a more sustainable world .. to you who are neglecting some important activities in your daily routine to achieve this goal, to you who are laying good foundations, to you who are adding new cultures to your life, with each passing, cultivating them through work, hobbies and so on. I would like to ask you some questions; Are you patient through your efforts? With yourself? With the others? Are you making things more complex and difficult than they really are? Are you missing an opportunity to start new creations and attempts to get closer to the world of sustainability? The ant can teach you to make the most of your power to design and recreate life and situations from the ground up, it will show you how to work together with others for the good of all and will teach you how, if the commitment is sincere, the reward follow in any case, in time and in the most appropriate way, regardless of the circumstances. The ant represents the promise of success through commitment, trusting that, at that point, the whole world will agree to our efforts and help us “. and for this reason that I personally wanted to make a strong synaesthesia with this type of entrepreneurship and reward the coowners Cristina Della Mea and Manuel Della Mea sons of the founder of this enchanted place Renata Tributsch. Greenden Greenden’s story belongs to the power of belief, to the vision and sentiment of two passionate young entrepreneurs who, some years ago, developed a powerful yet revolutionary design idea: a new ecological Business Code “Design Dignity”, a gentle Revolution. Greenden

opens a new economic-social business model declined in the agri-food sector, a paradigm that produces an evolution in the quality of life by becoming eco-conscious, reversing the effect of a conflictual, aggressive and devastating economy. The ambitious and innovative dream of an ecological economy and sustainable development take shape and becomes concrete in the Greenden digital platform (under construction) and in the architecture of projects using advanced interdependent technology (Greenden X under construction). The contemporary crisis afflicting all humanity is not an environmental, political or financial crisis, it is essentially a crisis of values. Every crisis, whether individual, social or worldwide, is a sign of the obsolescence of the times. This can represent both a danger and an opportunity. The opportunity is given by the understanding that the real solution comes only from a new way of thinking and acting “. In the “double-sided” economic reality, it is honourable to note how many forces, ethical undertakings, individuals of good will and belief, of science, young start uppers, data scientists, maître à penser, who believe, develop solutions, creations, ideas, proposals, possibilities.

While not holding institutional roles, Greenden feels the duty to ideally act as a social and not exclusively commercial actor, dialoguing with governance, sustainable economy, climate change, nutrition biology and anything else connected. Green Heart Dignity In recent years there has been a gradual attention and awareness on the part of the market and businesses towards issues related to environmental, social and corporate governance sustainability. The financial crisis of 2008 (Europe) and the devastating global economic crisis that we are experiencing and that will surely accompany us for a long period caused by the coronavirus, in particular has lit a new beacon on these issues, which for years had been demoted to a role second level, behind the more traditional business objectives essentially focused on maximizing profits in a short-term perspective. Greenden in this regard creates an international group “Green Hearts Dignity”, this initiative is marked by a hashtag “#sustainably”, through this abbreviation we will identify on all social networks the will of companies and professionals to integrate on a converging line of thought on social and ecological

problems. An initiative that aims to stimulate global reflection on a particular “sustainable economy” theme. People accredited with the title of Green Hearts invite interested parties (businessmen, businesses and individuals) to express their closeness with an encouraging video message to address this moment of socio-economic uncertainty. This leads to a consultation and debate process based on the proposals presented below to discuss the guiding principles for ethical leadership in the sustainable economy. The result? The first sustainable showcase in the world ever created for sustainable businesses supported by Greenden. Are you an entrepreneur sensitive to the theme “Sustainable economy”? Participate through a video message (maximum 1 minute) Greenden offers you a showcase where you can express a concept on how to deal with the socio-economic uncertainty of the post-Coronavirus. Search our channel You Tube “Green Hearts Dignity” the showcase for entrepreneurs’ sustainability. Send your video to info@greenden.it and introduced to the world.

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