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Thank you to Anne Clews for allowing eYs Magazine – Empowering Your Soul to feature her inspirational story and use her photo for the cover.

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Welcome to the second edition of Magazine



ur wisdom teaches us the art of living and the battle for our final destination. I have known my existence has been a balancing act for substance and survival. My experience touches on events and circumstances in life and appreciating how these fit in with the bigger picture. We have unique qualities stimulated through our use of expendable techniques, natural life skills and the ability to stay true within ourselves. The anecdotes of my life, have now become a time capsule of concordance for guidance and the need of stability, grounding me as an individual, teaching me to distinguish between truth and honor, and learning the importance for cushioning changes and events we all face while taking on life. Some circumstances don’t have any significance, as we all unintentionally take everything at face value. Our minds, scattered across ancient writings and documented history, carrying an understanding that all isn’t what it seems. I challenge you to think more in-depth and overlook illusion. It is our uniqueness that will leave our signature for future generations in encrypted messages through the chronicles of our life, just as our ancestors marked theirs in ours. Times are changing, rig morale and life are all adding uncertainty, cascading individualism. Our substance, and legacies we co-exist by and celebrate are the expressions of freedom and change. Existence becomes a counterintuitive crust in our core. The governance of thoughts, and process debating law over the centuries perking interest within. The most prominent life lesson for me is the beauty of people, culture, mindset and the freedom to encourage others, while challenged by the thousands of different emotions, and a million different visions. In the end, you learn the importance of integration, and belonging to a modern society, as the lessons of the past impede a journey in today’s society and an opportunity to influence tomorrows law. My core defining moment was symbolic as it was engraved in words, through the revelation that a voice is a powerful tool and needs to be used to create further thought and light in many others. As one door closes, another always opens. My inspiring quotes became my enlightenment and the support for a boisterous society. I knew life had a plan and had given me a reason to make change through my signature ‘Empowering Your Soul.’ eYs Magazine – Empowering Your Soul made its mark in the launch of the first edition, in June 2018, with over 52,000 readers worldwide.

Overwhelming, yet emulsifying feelings of joy, delight and shock found its way through the eYs team cementing everything the magazine stood for – a voice to celebrate and connect with people from around the globe. Your continued letters of support, feedback and messages have created a sensationalized buzz through us all, giving us the confidence to challenge our minds and level of creativity to provide our eYs Magazine readers precisely what you all hoped for. What began as my dream to ‘Empower Your Soul’ is now a lifeline for many to be part of. A world first experience where we become the voice of silence. We all live through individual thoughts, however; we attract parallel vibes at different coordinates across the world. The math’s always the foundation for a suitable solution. Our beauty isn’t the routine we are formed by it’s the chaos in life that keeps us on our toes. One person’s smile is another person’s grief. We are in this thing together, and all you need to do is look up as we look down and capture that gaze reminding you we have got this thing called life. Rise above frustration and challenge yourselves to seek deep within a crucial part of you as we celebrate this journey we are walking together. Don’t overthink it just do what makes you happy. In this edition, you will meet accomplished Author Jack Remick and gain insight into his controversial new release ‘Citadel.’ eYs Magazine also features Arnold Kieldgaard from Potts Point Vintage in Sydney, a vintage store that marks its signature from bringing the old with the new. You will also meet our everyday heroes Anne and Clint and read about the magical world they create for our furry friends. eYs REVIEW Authors Melissa Bell and Jordin Thiele talk about the latest and greatest release ‘Essentially Australian Romance Anthology’. First-time contributors Claudine and Pamela will inspire their way into your hearts. Maya and Lidija, in addition to edition one, further take us into their respective worlds, of working with children. Viktor entices us through the lens of love, and finally, life coach Debbie Kemp has an offer you don’t want to miss. We hope you enjoy our second edition, and we love reading your beautiful letters that create magic for all of us. Please don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram or drop us a note at info@eysmag.com.

Jasmina Siderovski Editor-in-Chief Founder and Creative Director

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FASHION ZEN STYLE HOT TRENDS OR NOT? IT’S YOUR CALL! My Passion is Fashion By Elizabeth Simonsen


his month I wanted to talk about the hot trends for this winter. I decided to do some research and read four different Australian fashion sources. Australian Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Instyle. As I started to write a list of what is meant to be on trend now, I noticed that not one publication had the same list. It seems that everyone has a different idea of what is intended to be in fashion right now. So, what is the point of a list if every list is different? The beauty of living in this moment in time is that it seems anything goes if you can pull it off with aplomb. Unlike past decades where everyone wore the same style, think 50’s cinched in waists and big skirts, the 60’s A-line mini’s and blue eyeshadow or the 80’s big shoulder pads and bouffant hairstyles, this decade is hard to pigeonhole. Authenticity has become the biggest fashion trend right now. What matters most is that you love what you are wearing, have


eYs Magazine

the right type of personality to pull it off and are confident in your skin. Nothing makes me not buy an item faster than when I see a hundred people wearing the same thing. I want to be an individual and not someone else’s clone. I wear what I like when I like. Don’t get me wrong. I love trends, but I will only spend my money on them if 1. They suit me and 2. They excite me! I only spend big bucks on clothing and accessories that will stand the test of time and won’t date. I call these my investment pieces. I know trends are replaced quicker than I can walk out the door and the time it takes me to pay off my credit card. So, spend lightly with trends, have fun with them and don’t take them too seriously. So here goes, the top ten trends that you will find in a store and are wearable right now according to Fashion Zen Style. 1. VELVET - Ok, I love velvet because of the way it makes me feel. A bit indulgent, a bit luxurious and very sexy. I already have a velvet dress and top in rich red wine.

2. LEOPARD PRINT - A thing to remember with leopard print is not to wear it head to toe and keep it classy. Leopard mini-skirt probably no but a beautiful blouse with black skirt is perfect 3. PINK OR RED - YES!!!! I love these colors and have already a few dresses in my wardrobe. Choose the right tone of pink for your skin as some can wash you out. If you are afraid of these colors, start small by using them as accessories rather than say a whole dress 4. MONOCHROMATIC SUITS - It’s like the power suit became even more powerful by adding vibrant color. A well-tailored pantsuit will take you to the next level. 5. PLAID/CHECK - So hot right now, this trend won’t date. While the patterns might be classic, team it up with some color to give it an unexpected edge. e.g. plaid skirt with hot pink top. 6. VIBRANT COLORS - Gone are the days when color was solely reserved for the


warmer season thank Goodness. Nothing will get me more depressed than wearing endless grey or black all winter long. Invest in a jacket or coat in a bold color that will make you smile no matter how gloomy the weather is outside. 7. LEATHER - This never goes out of style. If you can afford it then go for the real thing, otherwise, if you don’t do animal skin, faux leather looks are so good these days; it’s hard to tell the difference. There are lots of cute styles out at the moment that will funk up your wardrobe. 8. JUMPSUITS - So convenient. Especially useful when in a hurry. Just throw on, and you are good to go. They are also great at creating the illusion of height. I say a big yes to that. 9. PVC - This trend is strictly for fun. Seethrough bags, boots and coats. Nothing to hide when wearing this trend. 10. WHITE BOOTS - Straight out of the sixties, white boots are having a moment. Brighten up any outfit in winter and oh so cute. Wear with anything as white is a neutral color, go on, have some fun. I know you want to. So, there you go. Have fun with these and remember to put your spin and style with any trend. See you next time. I’m off to get myself a little pair of white booties. Mwah xx

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Jewellery Designed with YOU in mind Welcome to the second edition of the EYS magazine!


his month I am presenting a taste of my bridal and formal collection. I absolutely adore the romance and sophistication that surrounds wedding and formal events and the excitement of my clients as I plan to design jewellery for their special day.

First of all, however, I would like to personally thank all of you for taking the time to download and read the first edition. The interest in the magazine has been overwhelming, and the entire team are incredibly proud and grateful for the opportunity to present ourselves as everyday people who are here to share our passions and creative talents while “keeping it real”. The collection I am sharing in this edition follows a relaxed, bohemian style bridal theme photographed on location at Reid’s Place, Scarborough. The gardens, chapel and surroundings of this beautiful bed and breakfast style ceremony location were perfect for the setting of my very first bridal photo shoot. I hope you enjoy the style and photography by the talented Candyscape Photography and makeup courtesy of Kylee Roe Makeup Artistry.

Austen McDonald

Working with professional and up and coming models is always an absolute pleasure. Not only do they showcase my designs so beautifully, but it gives my clients an idea of how the jewellery will look on the person if they are not able to try the pieces on before purchasing.

Neetz Designz understands that weddings and formal events can be a very expensive time which is why I offer discounted packages for wedding parties and custommade designs to work with your allocated budget. Not everyone can afford the hefty price tag of sparkling diamonds and rare pearls, so this is where Neetz Designz steps in to save the day! Real pearls need not be expensive, and there is always the option of glass pearls, which to be honest, really do look incredible. Neetz Designz jewellery with A - Grade crystals which deliver incredible sparkle, not unlike Swarovski, but more reasonably priced. Should you want to work with a particular branding of crystals, gemstones or pearls, however, I am more than happy to fulfil your request. I love consulting with brides and women who are planning a special event. Finding the perfect jewellery to compliment your gown can be extremely stressful and retail shopping can leave you tired, hot and bothered and way out of pocket. Neetz Designz can consult with you to create the perfect adornment to work in harmony with your outfit, AND I offer obligation FREE quotes. Exquisite jewellery need not cost a fortune, and you don’t need the stress of running around town trying to track down the perfect accessories. Neetz Designz is here to assist you with creating a piece of jewellery which is not only affordable but speaks your individual, unique style and personality. A keepsake you can treasure for a lifetime. Your enquiry is welcomed, and I look forward to connecting with you to discuss creating your very own, personalizedd and individually designed adornments. My mission statement -“Jewellery designed with YOU in mind.”


eYs Magazine


Jewellery: Neetz Designz Photography: Candyscape Photography Makeup artist: Kylee Roe Makeup Artistry Hairstylist: Meleigh Hair and Makeup Location: Reid’s Place Wedding Gardens Bouquet: Redcliffe City Florist Gowns: Bohemian Luxe Models: Jasmin Young and Katherine Vega (Miss Columbia finalist Australia) Website: www.neetzdesignz.com Facebook: www.Facebook.com/NeetzDesignz

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DESIGNED WITH SOUL BLISSFUL BUTTERFLY ACCESSORIES A selection of elegant handmade hair accessories may be customized for all your needs at www.facebook.com/ blissfulbutterfly.a *Postage Australia ONLY

Custom Headband

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eYs Magazine

Hand knitted Child Beanie

Adult Beanie and Headband Set

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Lace Dream Catcher RRP $40 Plus Postage or Local Collect

The perfect gift. A personal diary and a travel book to write about the memories in the making and special experiences close to your heart. Author Cosette Awad brings to life her quotes in a carefully designed diary for you to write in. Beautifully bound in a red ribbon bow.

3 Heart Swag RRP $35 Plus Postage or Local Collect

A Dragonfly Diary RRP $10.00 USD Plus Postage



ART by MAYA APOSTOLOSKA Sunflower Painting size 50 cm x 70 cm, acrylic on canvas € 1500 Available exclusively through Artist Maya Apostoloska Email: majaapostoloska@gmail.com www.mayaapostoloska.daportfolio.com

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THE ART OF LIFE WITH MAYA The joy in the child´s eyes is beautiful


A Passionate Abstract By Maya Apostoloska

live an adventurous life where order and security are (still) present. Taking the time to discover who I am creating art makes me feel confident and positive. No words can describe the wilderness of my colorful intuition. That time zone is a very personal and subjective place where the freedom of thinking, and daydreaming create a comfort zone while I am discovering my world of fantasy. Creativity teaches me to be brave and comfortable with any insecurity. Feeling comfort in uncertainty is a key for creativity and confidence. The conflict of ideas becomes a massive challenge in my creativity. During the creating process, I almost never think about presenting a subject. It’s all about exploring and expressing my condition, experimenting at the particular moment. “Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will see what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will” – George Bernard Shaw. Creativity is the ability to think outside the proverbial box while the process of thinking is the biggest enemy of creativity. That’s why spontaneous sketches are the best. Personally, the first 15 minutes of creating in the session are the most productive ones for me. The drawings are fresh and the colors light and vivid. It looks like an exploded volcano of expressions


eYs Magazine

captured on canvas. On the other hand, there are masterpieces created in a more extended period. Not always is a painting finished immediately. Yes, it can quickly be completed for commercial proposes. The profoundly detailed creations require more time as observation takes precedence over a canvas. Exploring, combining the fine art elements and knowledge is an incredible process of meditation. A rainbow of feelings. It’s capturing the moment when the personal/subjective becomes no secret anymore. Thus, the ability to be creative is vital to success. That’s why art is asked to be present as a practical activity from the very young age. Children start to demonstrate their creativity by exploring objects at the age of one. By the time they are two they invent toys and new tools to use, and by four they are ready to combine ideas and create fantasy stories and create objects. All kids are naturally creative. Gifted, talented and creative kids have special educational needs. Being more curious and thinking abstractly they may learn in ways different from others. They tend to have extensive and varied interests to be emotionally stable, and more selfsufficient. That’s why observation by parents and teachers is one of the most potent ways to identify those who are potentially gifted children. Recognizing that potential by the child we can offer him an environment where it is safe to experiment and create, to

make mistakes and to invent new ways of thinking, which extends well beyond the craft room. When questions are encouraged, and there is free access to the materials the child needs, the joy is there as we are raising children who are confident and comfortable with their creativity in whatever form it takes. Encouraging them to explore art, we allow the children to master themselves. When kids feel secure and feel good while creating we help them boost selfconfidence. We introduce them to their souls and bodies through a variety of tools and techniques. The chance to express themselves in many ways. By providing the children with freedom, we expose them to build the critical attributes for individual success and property: to think creatively, to discover, innovate and be original. eYs Magazine


“Every child is an artist; the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” – Pablo Picasso

Art is essential for its own sake—as a source of beauty and expression, as well as just for the process of creating. Art is an equalizer and helps in self-introspection. Art is naturally linked to creativity. Art is fun activity children enjoy. Besides, the technique improves and encourages fine and gross motor skills; analyzing problemsolving abilities; neural, mentally, socially, and emotionally development. Art is an endless opportunity for making choices, finding conclusions, secondguessing decisions, and evaluating results in many myriad ways, creativity, literacy, connection, and understanding. Art is valuable and very important because it allows children to process their world. Children engage in hands-on art activities learn much better in all disciplines and critical subjects such as reading, writing, by counting pieces and colors. They learn the basics of math, by experimenting and combining materials and techniques. They dabble in science that leads to expanding creativity in different directions, combinations and ideas. Art is a practical activity and experiment that can employ all the senses-sight, 14

eYs Magazine

sound, touch, smell, and taste by squishing paint between their fingers, mixing colors and materials, or drawing from imagination. Children learn creativity and lead by example. Children who watch their parents engage in creative activities are more likely to embrace these activities themselves. Dylan is my first son. He just turned five years old. He is very clever and a creative child. He re-arranges elements and makes unusual associations between seemingly remote ideas to create new ideas. Dylan can notice small and simple things from the objective reality. His ability promotes awareness, curiosity, wonder and joy. At the age of two, while I was painting, Dylan took my brushes to play with them. That moment is now a monumental lifetime memory. I made sure he was safe and provided naturally based colors for him to paint with, and placed a massive canvas in front of Dylan to give him an opportunity to become friends with the art. I am learning a lot of creative possibilities from him. We are painting on the atelier. I am sure he masters the moment. Enjoying himself, not self-conscious about what is he doing nor what it will look like as a finished product. He is only focused on his joy and just simply having fun with art. Trying to be not so demanding and more responsive to my child is what I do in my ordinary life. Always letting my children

be involved in what I am doing no matter what kind of mess they make or if they are doing it wrong. I can step back and allow mess in my house. I am giving them the fundamentals: opportunity, time, encouragement and respect. I am happy to let my children build their imaginations with these incomparable ‘toys’ – art supplies and paint brushes and allow them to enjoy the process of creation which can reap big life rewards. Today, Dylan has different artistic toys: poster colors, crayons, markers, glue, paper, and canvases. I have offered him an environment where it is safe to experiment and create, where questions are encouraged, and he has free access to the materials he needs and enjoys. If the “tools of creativity” are easily accessible, then the child can go with the creativity because children need unstructured time to imagine, build, experiment and explore. Childhood is a period recognized as the most fruitful and creative period of the individual. Children’s art is characterized to be one of the most difficult ones to understand by the average adult. That’s why I am presenting several paintings of my son Dylan Emin.

eYs Magazine


A rainbow of feelings. It’s capturing the moment when the personal/ subjective becomes no secret anymore.


eYs Magazine

s u t c a t con: +31614970204 Mobile


Vermiljoenstraat 79 2284 GV Rijswijk, The Netherlands Tel.: +31702115378 | e-mail: z.treumann@gmail.com | www.treumannrenovatie.nl

for all your renovation needs at Treumann eYs Magazine






still marvel at the way the universe seems to show us a path to follow… While driven home by my husband from the hospital, nursing a wound and scar, I knew I had to live with for the rest of my life, as we entered the street from our house, it was at that moment out of the blue I said to my husband out loud, “Don’t we live in a beautiful STREET!” It was early August 2011, the world was quickly advancing, and there was no time to think other than taking action towards the long road of treatment that waited for me - fighting an enemy. No one wants to hear from MR C (it was my reference to cancer), who came knocking on my door on the 20th of June and threw my life in a spin. Taking all my secure fences around me and turned the sky into a Tornado. That day I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Only a few days ago, while writing this, it was my beloved mother’s birthday, who I miss every day. She passed away in 2010 and actually she was the one that saved me that day while I was happily typing away reporting to one of my clients. She recognized my right breast was quite swollen (no lump). I remembered as a child; mum would go and see the doctor whenever she had a swollen breast. I didn’t know mum’s grandmother died from cancer at the time. It sure sparked alarm bells within me. I immediately saw my General Practitioner


eYs Magazine

(GP) that day who diagnosed me with breast cancer the next day. If I didn’t go to my GP immediately, I sure wouldn’t be here writing today. I found out after my right breast mastectomy the little bugger behind my nipple was growing very fast at a very rare seen early stage 3. Believe it, that was the good news, but it meant very harsh 18 months of treatment including dealing with all the side effects. It was an early stage 3 all the cancer was taken. Message 1 If it doesn’t feel right, act on it straight away! Whatever it is, only you can change the path in a different direction. Saying this … sure I panicked, and fear crept in and that mind-blowing thought. Life goes on and challenged me to decide at that moment to continue my studies, add more services towards my business in Promotion – Image and- Marketing and pursue my Degree in Life and Business Coaching. Focusing, not on the combined service towards my business, but the value going through these studies for myself. Staying alive and fighting to heal in the best way I could mentally keep me sane and focused on the goals in life. We all want a life. Message 2 My favorite quote is “Fear is frozen fun.”

“Life goes on and challenged me to decide at that moment to continue my studies”. meaning “If you don’t you will never know.” They were long 18 months. I was so happy when it was over and could start my life again. I thought the worst was over for me and there was a long recovery time ahead. Feeling lost after been nursed by my team, supported by friends getting back into normal living. The time to find my feet on the ground again wherein the meantime the whole world changed totally. Leaving my surgeons office, the news, of a final test and hearing the words “go and live your life,” I felt relieved and at the same time questioning “what now? I was feeling weak, had no strength, dealing still with a chemo brain (very frustrating side effect that is). I wanted my life back. I went to the gym, hired a personal trainer recommended by my doctor to do Yoga or Pilates. “It will help you with your mindset, calm you.” He Said. I grabbed my camera instead of Yoga and

Pilates but still chose to do the gym to build up my strength at the same time created a program with a friend helping others going through cancer. Reflecting, it was therapeutic doing so, picking up the camera exploring new places, spending lots of time in nature, and my favorite place time with the animals at the Zoo. It all helped in my healing process. But it also gave me time, to know what I wanted to do in my new world! I knew I didn’t want to go back to my previous business. I had an idea, and a recipe to have these ingredients included, my passion for photography, promoting businesses, helping them shine with the firm knowledge of flavors; life experience, business experience, and global experience. The valuable lesson I learned going on the big adventure in the unknown with Cancer was learning how to ask for help. I couldn’t have done this without my

family, friends and strangers support. So, I hired a business coach who helped me get my idea niched down, and the result and outcome creating Define and Shine – visual marketing imagery for businesses – coming from another angle. Unconsciously it all started from my drive home, seeing that beauty opening my third eye and exploring it in detail. To tell the story through my first images by taking pictures in my neighborhood seven years ago and finally winning awards and founding Define and Shine - serving small to medium businesses to shine in the marketplace. Message 3 Follow your passion, and it will open doors you never imagined. Take notice of the little things they all are part of the big picture. Claudine eYs Magazine




My Voyage


eYs Magazine


have always dreamt of being in education. However, it wasn’t until I had my first class that I realized my true calling, I discovered my right path - teaching. I will always remember the first class I ever taught – the sense of excitement and nervous apprehension getting my heart racing. Could I do the job? Could I connect with the children? Will I build relationships and get the job done, or will I fail? Looking back at it, I was in many respects a typical model of an aspiring teacher. Having encountered more weak teachers than strong ones in my educational years I could hear the words in my mind ‘I would never do that when I enter my classroom!’. I wanted to make a productive and effective environment for my students to feel encouraged to explore the language. I wanted to reach out to them and bring language learning closer. I remember spending hours preparing for my class and thinking of ways to make the learning more comfortable for them, to give a reason and create a feeling of eagerness to attend the next class. I was a magician with a bag full of tricks - my classroom was the stage; my students were the audience sitting in amazement as I revealed my tricks. I particularly enjoyed this process of creating a pleasant and at the same time educational setting. And the moment when

this became a reality was a feeling no words can describe. It was then when I started an amazing journey with passion and hoped to leave my mark in this world – TO INSPIRE GENERATIONS, TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Fifteen years have passed since then, and I still prepare my classes with the same enthusiasm and devotion. Passion never faded, hope remained. I have no regrets whatsoever, and I cannot see myself doing anything else. My teaching travel was not easy, especially when teaching pre-school and primary school students. It was far from perfect. At times it was incredibly chaotic, and this chaos was where I crafted my teaching. The years of painful, continual and hard work have shaped me as an educator creating a sense of gratitude, kindness and sharing. Every class was a new enlightening experience that I took with me to my future destinations. My teaching voyage continues, and I genuinely enjoy it. It is not just a teaching journey it is also a learning journey on which I do not only act as a teacher but as a person and a learner. It is a work of my heart. It is about discovering who I am. I am confident that the years to come will unveil more teaching secrets allowing me to embrace the beauty of them all.

“My teaching travel was not easy, especially when teaching pre-school and primary school students.�.

eYs Magazine



eYs Magazine






hen searching for a cover story for eYs Magazine, one must search within, before they can highlight the extraordinary people in this world. There are so many deserving cover stories and individuals who pay it forward - undetected as they slide under the radar going about their everyday business. They are the people we never meet, the lives we don’t know anything about and the selfless who do so much in the community without even a second thought. They dedicate their lives and heart and soul, to doing what comes naturally to them. I ventured to find the perfect exclusive hoping to recognize individuals or organizations who do make a difference in this world. A part of me knew I had to feature an old friend of mine I have been quietly observing on the sidelines as I admired her courage and selfless

nature over the years. Anne Clews and her husband Clint have dedicated their home fostering furry loyal four-legged friends. An adventure and human gesture as they lend their heart unconditionally every day to a tribe of neglected animals. Rescues who have found themselves in shelters awaiting an uncertain future searching for new homes with families who will hopefully love them. Both Anne and Clint have been creating memories, a haven and nursing rescue animals as they bring them back to life and prepare them for a new caring and loving family. Living in Sydney, Anne has made it her life - welcoming rescue animals into their home as she and her husband provide warm shelter, food, medical aid and most importantly special attention reminding these neglected animals what it means to have a family take care of them while sharing and living in a loving environment

Mission to Rescue Unloved and Neglected Dogs

eYs Magazine


surrounded by children and other pets. Hardly, any time to spare they devote all their free time to rescue and care for dogs while still managing to lead a normal life. Anne loves visiting her grandchildren and family and spending quality time with the ones she loves. Her children her greatest achievement and her reward sharing her joy in fostering dogs and giving them a muchneeded home, and even some have spent their last days spending time in heaven while on earth. When I asked Anne, if she ever had even considered ceasing from being a foster career, her immediate reaction said it all. Anne sadly reminded me about the lack of foster care available to cater for the volume of dogs out there still waiting to find a home. Although, her humor included a normal daily household routine walking ten dogs at a time in the rain – all the extra activities and responsibility that goes into caring for these fur babies. Anne initially applied with a Chihuahua Rescue but hadn’t heard back from them at all after her loved 19-year-old Chihuahua had passed away, what seemed a sensible choice to Anne at the time as she decided her heart belonged to these four-legged friends. Clint shares Anne’s love for these beautiful animals and according to Anne if it were up to him, he would happily home 55 dogs if he had the capacity. The moment Anne looks forward to is when these dogs find a home. Although it is heartbreaking, she insists, “We can’t be so arrogant to believe that someone else won’t care for them as we do or love them as we do. Besides if we don’t let them go, it is less room and resources to rescue more.” The one thing Anne strongly advises anyone interested in caring for rescue animals is to arm yourself with belly bands ( a form of nappy). “I have never had a toilet trained male come through the door. Putting them outside permanently is never an option, but they learn from my existing dogs what to do fairly quickly.” I asked Anne to tell eYs Magazine and our readers the fundamentals behind her plight to provide a loving environment for her rescue’s.


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Anne’s Story This is my story of Animal Rescue, rehabilitating, loving, more loving and eventually re-homing Pugs into their forever home. A chance conversation with a friend who had recently adopted a Pug led me into the world of animal rescue. I had recently retired from paid employment and was looking for something to do to keep busy. Within three days, I had met with the NSW administrator and welcomed into our home the first Pug, Tyson. At the time I didn’t realize what a huge need there was. Over the next four years, 200 plus dogs would come through my home, have all their much-needed vet work done, and go to the most loving of families. I could not have undertaken this phenomenal task without the support of my husband, Clint. We have met so many beautiful people throughout this journey, seeing them with their new fur babies makes it all worthwhile.

There are hundreds of amazing animal foster carers, all around Australia. The work is voluntary, and all monies raised go towards the huge vet bills. The supporters of animal rescue are a very generous bunch of people. Without donations, rescue organizations they simply couldn’t exist. Being involved with animal rescue is like trying to empty the ocean with a teaspoon. We are huge advocates of de-sexing your pets - and no they don’t need to have one litter first. If people just did this one thing, the difference would be immense. You are a real inspiration Anne, your love

and devotion for these animals, with Clint, is nothing short of an everyday hero. It highlights the need for global support for all animals who have been neglected and have suffered cruelty in some way shape or form. The RSPCA centres and shelters worldwide are crowded with rescues - all hoping to find that one loving person/family who will make a difference in their life, as they equally make a difference in ours. If you would like to shelter a rescue, please contact your local animal shelters or RSPCA and create magic for them, as they bring life back in you.

“We can’t be so arrogant to believe that someone else won’t care for them as we do or love them as we do”.

Each and every dog is treated as part of the family. No outside cages for them! The majority of the rescues live solitary lives in backyards, minimal vet work done, or worse, the product of puppy farms. The breeding dogs used to make money in puppy farms and live a life of misery never being socialized - in constant pain from untreated injuries and abhorrent neglect. Those cute puppies you see in pet shops are a product of these puppy farms. #adoptdontshop There are a number of reputable breeders around if you have your heart set on a puppy. Do your homework, and please note: a badly bred dog will cost you much more and above all the heartbreak is unquestionable. Dogs come to us from various places. Regardless of their backgrounds, they thrive in a family environment with loving care and good food. There is never a shortage of grandchildren around to give them plenty of cuddles. Sometimes you need to drop everything and go to pick up a dog. This can be a short 30-minute trip or an 8-hour trip as my husband has done, on a few occasions. The next step is the vet. Usually, this is a matter of urgency. The most common conditions are nails that have never been trimmed growing into their feet, untreated mange causing incessant scratching and misery, eye infections, rotting teeth and respiratory issues. One poor old fellow’s teeth were so bad, my husband found some in the back seat of his car, ouch!

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MINDSET Mindset. It’s the difference between a good day and a bad one, and the difference between being stuck or moving forward. But what is it, really?


ictionaries describe mindset as a fixed and established mental attitude, and they describe attitude as thoughts and feelings. So, if our repeated thoughts and feelings are responsible for our mindset, we must have the power to choose whatever mindset we want right? Do this exercise with me… Imagine yourself going through your day and change my description if a variation works better for you. See yourself getting in the car, ready to leave for work. There’s plenty of time. You notice that you need petrol and you think ‘Grrr, that’s an annoying start to my day’. You get the petrol, and the person serving you says “Have an amazing day!” and you think ‘Well since I’m off to work, probably not’. You drive toward work and are delayed by traffic. You feel yourself getting frustrated and annoyed. Despite the fact that this traffic isn’t making you


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late, your mind races with all the things you could be doing. You arrive at work and immediately notice some things that are out of place, and it irritates you. You fix them with the question in your mind ‘Why is it only me that fixes this stuff’? You walk past a number of people and half smile at them and then get to work. At lunchtime you notice some others going out for a bite, and you feel upset that you didn’t receive an invite. You eat at your desk and keep working. Let’s stop there. That negative mindset isn’t much fun. Let’s run through the same day with a positive mindset… See yourself getting in the car again, ready to leave for work. There’s plenty of time. You notice that you need petrol and you think ‘Great; I’ll grab a coffee while I’m there. You get the petrol, and the person serving you says “Have an amazing day!” and you stop, smile at them and say “Thank you, I will,

Debbie Kemp

you too”! You drive toward work and are delayed by traffic. You check the time and reassure yourself that you won’t be late. You put on some great music and settle into the slower pace, observing and appreciating the world around you. You arrive at work and greet everyone with a happy smile. You notice that a few things are out of place and you engage in some friendly small talk while you fix them. You get productive. At lunchtime you notice some others going out for a bite, so you ask if they’d mind if you joined them. They welcome you with a smile. You enjoy a break from your work and return afterwards, refreshed. That sounds like a much better morning, doesn’t it?! It’s a simplified take on a mindset comparison, but the point is there can be two completely different perspectives of the same sequence of events. And just in case you’re thinking ‘Yes, but we can’t always control the way

we think’, I challenge you. There will always be thoughts that just pop into our heads, and sometimes they are negative thoughts. But we absolutely have power over how long we entertain those thoughts, and whether we act on them. I encourage you to observe your thoughts more closely and to stop any negative thinking as soon as you notice it. Stop the thought process and choose something more positive. Entrepreneur Tony Robbins says “Where focus goes, energy flows”. I agree! If you

focus on what’s going wrong around you, you will notice more going wrong. If you focus on what’s amazing around you, you will see more that is amazing. This is why gratitude is becoming so commonly practiced because it has you take some time to focus on what’s amazing. I want to take you back to that exercise you just did. Try it again but see yourself experiencing a really great day. What’s happening to make your day so great? What are people saying? How do you feel? And perhaps most importantly, what are

you thinking? What is your mindset? Once you have some clarity around that, I challenge you again. Take that thinking into your day tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day. When you notice some negativity in your thinking, just stop, and choose a different, more positive thought. It might be challenging at first, but it’s just like a muscle that needs exercise to be strong. If you’d like some extra support, join me for the 7-day mindset challenge described below!

Join OUR LIFE COACH Debbie for a 7-day mindset challenge! Right now, the Soul Warrior CleanseTM is available for less than $50. This is a 7-day journey that will see you begin letting go of the negative and embracing the positive! Don’t be fooled… this isn’t an easy challenge! If you focus on something negative for more than 60 seconds on any given day, you need to start the challenge again! The Soul Warrior CleanseTM includes 7 short videos that will challenge and motivate you to enjoy more positivity in your life. Debbie’s free coaching includes posts and videos in a facebook-hosted group as well as a zoom-hosted accountability call.

Debbie has partnered with a global personal growth company to enable her to serve more people. The company is creating a range of online video courses and Debbie is offering free online coaching for anyone keen to uplevel their life!

Visit Debbie’s website to enrol now! www. debbiekemp.com.au

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T H E PA R A D OX O F A N INTROVERT IN AN EXTROVERT WORLD ‘Striking the balance of living vicariously through social media versus using social m e d i a o p e n - h e a r t e d l y w i t h p r i v a c y .’


n the age of social media and internet connectivity, we are opening up more and more. How much of it is reality versus what you want to portray as the good life? Neither is right or wrong simply ask yourself and see if it is in alignment with who you are. I am an introvert by nature, and in this age of many choosing to live life through social media, there is the underlying expectation of bearing all. It just never sat well with me. That feeling that I knew it is not in alignment with my nature, and I was not accepting that part of myself for feeling like that. I thought maybe I need to be more outgoing and make my bookkeeping business seen. When on social media I found that conversations would start in my mind, wondering how this person is feeling, or ‘oh, how awesome they are enjoying that nature walk’, or ‘look what meal plan they are using’ and the conversations would go on and on. I found I needed to take a break, to step back to allow more periods of quiet space. I didn’t feel I was on there that much, but it was enough to make me question why.

I am learning to be ok with the unknown. I accept it is perfectly fine to be an introvert in this world that so much is shared online. 28

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I just found it all too noisy, and I craved the silence within to allow me just to be me. I was distracted by it all and really needed to hone my focus on what is important to me. My family, my personal growth, my business and real connections with those I love or cross my path. As I expand into life the best, I know how at this moment, and trust so many beautiful opportunities can present themselves. The Universe can work its magic in its divine timing. I am learning to be ok with the unknown. I accept it is perfectly fine to be an introvert in this world that so much is shared online. I am learning to be more discerning and to filter out what does not concern me. I am learning to find my voice and let it be a beautiful thing to open up and share the parts of me that may uplift and inspire others. I am feeling into my balance that works for me. When we can stand aside and detach from the ‘should’ of our mind beautiful synchronicity can play out, and then we can expect the unexpected. We can genuinely allow for something to enter our life that is beyond our wildest dreams. To be part of the eYs Magazine is one of those somethings. I had a heartfelt conversation with the Universe, and it was answered with a message from our brilliant founder, Jasmina. To be a part of a wonderful, real and inspiring magazine is a moment of trusting and the divine delivering. I give myself permission to dream big. To welcome the unknown, to trust in the process and to receive the reward for trusting and having faith. ‘As I honor myself I welcome the impossible to become possible’.


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Deme McDonald


lanes, Trains, and Automobiles is more than a classic 80s comedy it’s my life as a single mother working the corporate gig. Floating through yet another airport neither here nor there. I balance business obligations and mother’s guilt on sixinch stilettos and a skim latté with one sugar. I always over pack trying to allow for every potential circumstance; dinner out, a tourist’s adventure, the gym, only to end up in my hotel room after a string of meetings and an audit having a club sandwich, glass of red wine and watching Pretty Woman on loop.

I have designated myself the collector in life. I have tasked myself with gathering the unprocessed and negative historical emotions along the way. 30

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I do enjoy the business travel after all the business is done. I shop in airports picking up magnets for my fridge to represent the places I’ve been but not really seen. I buy local traditional clothing confident that I will find the perfect occasion for a pink Japanese kimono and I dive into local cuisine challenging my palate with sea cucumber and the 1000-year egg always taking recipes home to share with family

and friends and have yet to organize that dinner party. As another trip comes to an end, I scan my hotel room for any forgotten items. I stand in the doorway with multiple overstuffed suitcases and one more bag than when I arrived. I know I will be charged for excess baggage, again. Am I that woman toting too much baggage? Yes, I am. Where and when did I collect all this baggage? I am fully aware of the origins of the handbags, shoes, and racks of clothing, but I do not recall shopping for anger, resentment, and shame. There must have been a two for one sale on depression, and as hard as I looked, I could not find one ounce of joy in the lot. The unresolved relationships, childhood trauma, and other negative residual emotions casting a cloud on my present existence, the Emotional Baggage. Travels through life is where I accrued this mixed lot and collecting the mess of others along the way. Thinking I might be able to use it later, fix it, or save it for a rainy day. The more stuff I collect, the less space I

Illustration by Austen McDonald

have inside for me. I am suffocating and have effectively imprisoned myself with responsibility and guilt and some not rightfully mine. I recognize that I am carting the pain and disappointments of life’s past experiences; heartbreaks lost jobs opportunities and debt along this road. This reality is weighing down my heart, impeding personal development and preventing me from being free and I am paying for it every day. The price is no nominal fee like at the airline counter but is the toll seen in the darkness under my eyes, that lack of laughter in my heart and the heaviness weighing on my soul and hips. As I am now a woman of a particular age and having lived a bit, I am re-evaluating my role in life and beast of burden is not what I intended. I choose to be kind to myself and rediscover that glow of happy which has been a fading memory. I once heard a dhamma talk entitled ‘The Four Ways of Letting Go’ in which the monk, Ajahn Brahm stated, “The past is

like a backpack, and once you have the courage to let go of the past, you feel true freedom.” I have designated myself the collector in life. I have tasked myself with gathering the unprocessed and negative historical emotions along the way, fatigued by the load and suffering the pain of not knowing how to be free. The answer is simple. Let go. A shift in thinking is in order. I will start with baggage claim and request that others kindly retrieve their lost issues and burden to lighten this load. I will graciously give you back your items for free. The airports are charging for even normal quantities of baggage; heaven forbid you to go over. I am refusing to accept items I cannot support; therefore, no fee will be incurred. I can now choose the cargo I wish to pack on my life’s journey. Instead of allowing the baggage to pull me down and anchor my heart I can view it as a gift. Just as when you travel you bring a bit of the adventure with you and it becomes a part of you. The fragrance of the culture which

envelopes you, the tangible atmosphere, the unique music composed by each city, it finds a place in your soul and changes your perspective on life, changing you. All this baggage I have collected, stretch marks, frown lines, heartbreak, debt, stress, memories of past loves, jobs lost and won the highs and lows of life all represents the places I’ve been. It has colored my vision, seasoned my thoughts and made me who I am. I accept that some things in the past cannot be reconciled, but I have absolute power over how I elect to view the experiences. Today I value those events long gone. I have grown as a person and am more enriched by the baggage I choose to carry. I wear it as my badge of honor. I can feel that golden glow of joy building to a crescendo in my soul as I am on the cusp of freedom. Just as you select items to take on a holiday, you can select the baggage you choose to carry in life. Be kind to yourself. Remember, you are stronger than you think. eYs Magazine



FIRST LOVE F Photography By: Omar Adawieh Instagram: Omar Omar_adawieh Instagram: Lilia siberian_traveller 32

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irst Love - A once in a lifetime feeling.

“I see him in strangers’ faces, in every bar, in every song and every poem I read.” First love! Let me tell you about this one. Because I still remember it as it was yesterday. The summer breeze was almost like the cold winter wind. It was slapping my face exactly like the words I was about to hear. “I am leaving.” I was so young to understand the pain, to


understand goodbyes. The first cut is the deepest, or so I heard. I had two choices, to travel with him to another continent or watch him leave and live with the what if’s. I heard once that sometimes we make choices, and choices make us. I thought when we are 18; we can’t make the right ones. Until I met Hana and she told me how lucky she was to marry her first love. Hana 34 years old: I was 10, and I didn’t know what love is. He was the boy next door and the only boy I used to smile back at when he smiled at me. Four years later his sister handed me a letter from him the few words that changed

very first time. We kept seeing each other every holiday after that until I came back to Japan permanently. I finally had the chance to be with him. Then he received a job offer in another city, miles away. We still didn’t give up on each other. I started to work in Lebanon after that and didn’t know for how long I would be there. We stayed in a long-distance relationship that lasted nine years. It wasn’t us; it was always the wrong timing, every time we were close to having our happy ending it drifted away again. He wouldn’t leave Japan to be with me, and that was the end of us. I’d give anything to feel what I felt for him once again. But first love is once in a lifetime. In memory of 51 years of love

my life forever. “Wait for me I’ll be back.” He left to the army. Hana sighed then told me: “Never underestimate the power of words.” I told her, “Of course not, I am a writer, and all I have is my words.” She smiled and continued. We lived in a torn land, a war zone. Families believed in arranged marriages, where love seemed impossible. Three years later, He returned home after hundreds of letters and promises we tended to keep forever. When I turned 18, my parents wanted me to marry my cousin. I refused in front of the whole family. You should have seen the anger in my father’s eyes and the fear in my mother’s and sister’s eyes. My father ordered me to go to my room and didn’t speak to me for weeks until he decided to hear my story. He finally agreed to meet and gave him a chance because he knew he was kind and going to make me happy and treasure me forever. We kept fighting for our love until our parents finally gave in. It was a painful, bitter and a sweet journey. 24 years later, we’re still in love and have two handsome boys and two beautiful princesses. It wasn’t always easy, and it never will be, but the love we have for each other will make

us overcome every obstacle. Yuka 30 years old I left Japan to study in Manchester. I was there for almost one year by the time he came to live with my host family. A beautiful friendship formed. One night, he texted me out of the blue “I’m in love with you.” I thought he was drunk and ignored his text. Since he was going back to Japan in a month, we never mentioned the text. A month later by the time he was leaving, I felt like I should thank him for all the time we spent together as friends and show him some appreciation. I went with him to the airport. At the checking point, he said that he loved me once again. I was mad at him, and it wasn’t fair. He was leaving to Japan for good, and I had to stay three more years in the UK to finish college, but all I could say was “You’re going to be late,” and walked away. I then moved to a new city. One day he called me and said that he couldn’t get me out of his head. I decided to give our long-distance relationship a chance. We started to Skype once a week. After a couple of months, I went to Japan for the Christmas Holi-days, and that’s when I realized that I was in love for the

There is that old man that I used to see every evening, sitting on a bench in front of my house watching the sunset over the valley. And every time I see him I see a man carrying the weight of the universe on his shoulders. One day I had the chance to sit next to him, I thought maybe I could draw a smile on his face, or perhaps he needs someone to talk to. He started telling me about the love of his life, his wife. “I lived with her for 51 years, she was my first and last love, and she was the mother of my only child. The last four years of her life she was sick. She couldn’t walk or speak. She was in pain, and I wished I could take it all away. Sometimes I ask myself, did I love her enough? What if I could have done more? Was I fair with her? Every day I ask myself the same question, what would her last words be if she could only speak. I wish I could hear her tell me I was enough for her. She was a great woman, a fantastic wife and mother. And I was only a man trying to make it through life. I still have her picture on my bedside table and tell her goodnight before I go to sleep. Sometimes I hear her calling my name. I wake up, but she’s not there. When he finished talking to me, my eyes were full of tears. My efforts to encourage him only made me cry. I put my hand on his and smiled in a sad tone. I offered him food, but he politely refused. When I left him there sitting on that bench, I went with hope once again, in this world. I have faith that there is still love in this universe and humanity. I believe there is. Always and forever. Sometimes it’s far beyond than time. Like the man on the bench, although his wife left this world, her love continues to live in him. eYs Magazine


IN MY LIFE Natalie O’Connor

My life just stopped at this point. It was all a blur.


hen my husband and I decided to start trying for a family, we thought we would keep it really chilled, and if it happened, it happened. This paid off, and within a few months, we discovered we were pregnant! It was such a joyous time for us. It was our little secret. Something special that we only knew. Something we created out of the love we shared. Week by week I was growing with excitement with the impending joy of being able to tell my family and friends our exciting news. We decided to wait until the three-month mark as the doctor suggested. In the meantime, we would have our first obstetrician appointment at eight weeks. I had read online that this would be the first time we would hear our baby’s heartbeat, so I made sure my husband was with me for this exciting and momentous occasion. 34

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We were excited as we arrived nice and early for our appointment and waited with the other pregnant women in the waiting room. When finally, my name was called we met our new doctor, and he then proceeded to perform our very first ultrasound. He asked my husband to stand where he could see the monitor to see the little heartbeat for the first time. The doctor moved the ultrasound devise around a fair bit in silence. Our excitement soon turned to confusion when he couldn’t find a heartbeat. I looked up at my husband, looking for reassurance to settle the anxiousness and worry that was growing in my heart and pulsing through my veins. My husband reached out his hand and held mine so tight. Then the doctor stopped talking, and all the anguish was confirmed, it was a failed pregnancy. I was heartbroken and just broke down

and sobbed. What!!?? How could this be? My husband just held me as I cried uncontrollably into his chest. When I finally calmed down, we spoke to the doctor and asked what was next. He said he was fairly sure that this was a failed pregnancy. A scan in 4 days’ time would confirm it, and if it were the case I would need to pass the embryo naturally or need to take tablets to assist; otherwise I would need a curette. My life just stopped at this point. It was all a blur. I remember being on the couch at home just crying and my husband hugging me. Then I would cry by myself when he was at work. The next four days were a LONG wait. Then the day came for the second scan. It was my birthday – what were the chances of that? It was at this appointment that our worst fears were confirmed. This was a failed pregnancy. Our little embryo was not alive. The doctor told us that one in five pregnancies end this way, in a miscarriage. I remember thinking that this was an amazingly high statistic. I had no idea. I set out to take the tablets to dispel all that we lovingly created. I cried as I swallowed each tablet. I cried and cried, my body heaving at the thought of what was to

come. Within one to two hours I had tremendous pain – similar to labor pain. I called my husband to come home from work and be with me. Even after two strong painkillers, the pain was still so strong and so was the bleeding. After two hours of this severe pain, it started subsiding, and the physical pain was over, but still years later the emotional scar is still there. Since then, it has been a very emotional three years of further miscarriages at varying stages of pregnancy. When, at last, my son was born, it was with such great happiness that we celebrated his birth. He was long awaited, and we yearned to welcome him to our family. From those who knew the journey my husband and I took to conceive successfully, they knew how we longed to hold that amazing little miracle in our arms and circle him with love. Children can come easy to some, but not to others. So, asking a childless couple “So when are you having kids?” is not a question to idly ask because you’re curious. This question was asked of us often, even “So are you pregnant yet?” or “Are you pregnant right now?”. These questions would fill me with grief, upset and anger. I often would have to leave places and cry. With each question, it just tore me up. Even in the midst of a miscarriage, I would get these questions, feeling that physical pain of the miscarriage and being confronted by the emotional distress of it happening again. It was a very hard, emotionally crippling time for my husband and me. It was when I started talking to friends and family about my miscarriages, that others began to open up and tell me their stories. I realized that I was not alone. I also realized that had I not opened up, I probably wouldn’t have heard about their stories and that a lot of women suffer in silence. It felt to me like some sort of hidden shame that we couldn’t do what our bodies were designed to do – have a baby. However, to create and nurture life is an amazing feat in and of itself and the fact of the matter is that one in five pregnancies end this way. That’s just the facts. It was common!

The ones that cared and really, genuinely loved me during this time, I will never forget. From my brother asking me if I was ok, to my Dad making me something to eat and checking on me, and to my mum’s warm embrace, her unwavering love, kindness and constant non-judgmental listening of me, this all made such a rough time in my life calmer and easier to deal with. I will, however, never, ever forget the unconditional love of my husband. The way

he would listen to me, hold me as I wept and told me it would all be ok. He would shield me from people and situations he knew would upset me and cocooned me with love. He was and is my rock. He never wavered in his commitment to our future family and me. Everyone has a different journey to becoming a parent, and it took me a while to be comfortable with mine and to know there is no “right way” to do it.

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Jasmina Siderovski

EMPOWERING YOUR SOUL “We seem to adopt a self-defence mechanism, as we believe we are all perfect and in no means ever at fault for anyone’s quivers. “It’s their problem” attitude only sensationalizes a nuclear time warp waiting to react”.


ne of the most challenging emotions to deal with in life are the ones political red tape binds you. It’s the thought of the chain reaction or even implosion of passion, political incorrectness, and false assumptions. Even harder is being restricted the freedom of speech by life’s heartache, complicated feelings, and explosive emotions. Everyone will have at some point come across the feelings of rut and despair as you quietly relate to those awful and destructive feelings of chaotic emotions strongly correlated with love, loyalty, and trust. Families and friendships majority of the time a time bomb, the heart of all misunderstandings waiting to explode. Understanding how this affects each of you not only emotionally, but physically and mentally may be the core defining moment for a little peace in your life. Day in day out you convince yourself that it will get better and somehow, somewhere, a more significant power - God, the Universe or Karma will make things right. You convince yourself to believe in goodness and hope the pieces of the puzzle will eventually sort themselves out. The truth is time overrules all sensibility. In the meantime, we are encouraged to speak our mind and taught that the best way to deal with specific issues is face to face. Is it?! Not always!! Different personalities bring different understanding levels and most of the time, only listed to a particular mindset, blowing


eYs Magazine

away the realness and the history of good times, love and loyalty. We seem to adopt a self-defence mechanism, as we believe we are all perfect and in no means ever at fault for anyone’s quivers. “It’s their problem” attitude only sensationalizes a nuclear time warp waiting to react. To some extent – you can’t always chase others to justify your pain, and you can’t expect others even to feel a tad of guilt that somehow, it takes two to tango at the centre of all brain snaps. We are perfect; we know everything right? We regularly read self-improvement books, follow quotes, seek to understand who we are and try and make light for inner peace or calm in our lives. It does work to some degree, hence why I have relayed the recipe of everyday events in the words of one’s soul – mine, empowering your soul. I am thankful I have managed to reach many around the world who have found peace, light and more than anything love and goodness in many hearts to try and make this world a better place. My only concern is as much as this seems to be a short-term solution, we will somehow manage at some point to get back to right where we started and forced to build a new

bridge all over again – stepping stones. It’s at this stage we are taught to “Never Give Up!” The theory is an excellent tool for building a journey; it’s the complicated reality of practising virtues that we face with this trip that is the epitome of depression, illness and even a downward spiral for hope and goodness. The easiest method to deal with pain is anger, hate, vengeance, and detox. Too simple to flick the ones we love and way too easy to rule out hope. With violence follows darkness and suddenly you start to forget the reason life has blessed you. The art to create, lead, write, design and so forth. We adopt a robotic mentality; you know the one the routine of life!! We wake up, go to work/school/home duties or whatever, your daily routine, and we retire at the end of the day with no reason for amending our goals to strive for a genuine smile – happiness and carefree. How can anyone possibly strive for success if the foundations of your existence are based on misery? We are all guilty of this! YOU – ME – THEM!!! All of us are.

Perfection is forgiveness, light-heartedness and being at peace with yourself to appreciate the ones that encouraged you to smile at some stage in your life. Perfection is the quality of inner light and reaching out to an outer glow. Achievement is finding a glim of hope in a world of darkness, the candles of the soul – it’s the love and light for a better and much broader peace in society, and soul. Next time you choose to hold a grudge do it with Core value and think about the misery inflicted. Appreciating that pain isn’t governed to you alone, a chain effect that doesn’t deserve the pettiness creating unnecessary tension. Either way - life is a blessing, and until a walking angel touches you, you will never appreciate the reason we are on this Earth together.

Next time you choose to hold a grudge do it with core values and think about the misery inflicted. eYs Magazine



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COVER ME SWEET How Cover Me Sweet was Born


Tina Di Bella

ll of my married life, which I might add has notched up to a little over 42 years; I have been helping others. I worked alongside my husband Sam in his Accountancy Practise for 35 years. A feat, which is not easy to do. Work together all day and then go home together at night. We offered the complete personal service to all of our clients and had an excellent business. Until one day the bottom fell out of our world. Sam had started to feel unwell and was prescribed medication which did not agree with him. He struggled with medication changes for almost four years. It was a rollercoaster ride for our entire family. Sam became ill we had to make a painful decision to sell our business and focus on getting his life back on track. All throughout this time and for many years later, I was the primary Carer. A job that took a lot of patience, reassurance, support and love. I have never been a confident and take-charge person, but when my husband was unwell, I had to step up and put my big girl pants on. Slowly, slowly, over the next 4-5 years with the ditching of all medication (which he never needed in the first place) dietary changes, clean living, eliminating toxins, stress-free, exercise, love and support, his health and our lives improved tenfold. I was doing the usual Home duties, babysitting my grandchildren, helping my elderly parents and my family whenever I

was needed. My daughter, Claudia asked me if I could make her some Cushions for her new couch. When I visited the local haberdashery store, I was mesmerizedd by all the beautiful fabrics. My passion for sewing was reignited. Being the daughter of a Sicilian migrant mother, I was sent to sewing classes as a teenager. I was taught to sew with the utmost care and perfection was always expected. I never realized at the time that this skill would come in handy in my later life. I sewed for my daughter when she was little and when I returned to fulltime work, my sewing time was reduced and only amounted to mending. Claudia mentioned that my Cushions were very well made and would sell at the Local Markets. She encouraged me and was my greatest supporter. I had finally started doing something for ME. I didn’t even know at the time that I needed this or even wanted this. This was all mine. My Baby. They say things happen for a reason and it is so true. I literally fell into this and from here “Cover Me Sweet” was born. The name was also Claudia’s idea. I loved it, and it was perfect. The name didn’t only limit me to Cushions. eYs Magazine



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I could expand my business to other areas and products. The business was a great distraction for me as I had been a Carer for many years and now had something else to focus my attention on. For me, crafting is my therapy. I can go into my Craft Room, and all my worries instantly disappear. I can honestly say my mind is clear and I am at my happiest when I sew. I am so passionate about my new-found love, and it has made me more confident and given me a purpose. My Handmade Business has grown, and I have loved every minute of it. I specialize in Cushions and am forever thinking of new designs and styles to make. I follow the trends and colors that are fashionable and for each season and sometimes I buy the fabric because I just fall in love with it. I have also branched out into personalizing products. From cushions to kitchen towels, BBQ Aprons, Tote Bags, Pillowcases and much more. This new direction has seen

my business flourish, as customers can design and add a personal touch to their products. I have designed some beautiful keepsakes such as Birth Announcement Cushions and Cushions that merely share lovely sentimental messages that have a special meaning to the recipients. As much as I have enjoyed its growth, I still want to enjoy my life, my family and my retirement. I want to be able to give my customers my full attention. I have met the most amazing people through my love of Handmade. Special people that I consider my lifelong friends. I enjoy interacting with my customers, and I know that I am on the right track when I continually have repeat customers. People still have the notion that a Handmade product means that is an inferior product, but truth be known, handmaidens spend an enormous amount of time. We source the fabrics, design your product and then proceed to make it with

the utmost care and attention to detail. Our products are not made on an assembly line in third world working conditions but in our own homes where at times we sacrifice our time with family to finish an Order on time. Most importantly a lot of love, pride and hard work has gone into all of our products. The price that is attached ensures that you receive the best quality. It is very humbling to have an idea for a design and slowly make it come to life. What I have learnt from this endeavour, is that it is never too late to dream or to achieve. Pursue your dreams or have a goal to strive for. Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle and tell you that it is unachievable. Find your courage and strength and follow your heart. You will be surprised where it may take you. If I can do it, you can too. Tina

My passion for sewing was reignited. Being the daughter of a Sicilian migrant mother eYs Magazine



i, I introduce myself as Pam. January 2016 is when Lou Lou LIving began after I closed a previous small business named Lacey Lou Lou. Some information of Lacey Lou Lou leads to where and what I am now doing. It’s a story also of my creative background. Previous LLL was all about pretty lace, gorgeous vintageinspired fabrics and delicate trims created and handmade by myself into Gifts, Decor items and Pretty Vintage inspired clothing especially for the 1 – 8 years ‘Little Miss’ but did include some lovely ladies’ garments. I set up a pop-up store at markets, opened a Facebook page and I was off to sell my creations, all while I was employed elsewhere. It’s always been a hobby business, still is, but I loved it more than that and dreamed of the day I could create at my leisure. Many late nights of creation were spent to build my stock to do this as it was all handmade and created by myself. Before this time of markets and FB, I’d always loved sewing and creating and made my fashion as well as my children and sometimes my husband’s. I gained certification in teaching in this field which I trained for when my children were young as I had the hunger to learn more. I loved teaching classes in basic clothing, design, swimwear and lingerie. This went on for many years prior and being



WHAT IS LOU LOU LIVING AND WHAT IS IT ABOUT! employed in the fashion industry creating with beautiful fabrics and forming designs and also participating in fashion parades where the designer made and modelled. That was such an exciting experience and was where I was required to modify basic patterns to create new designs and my thirst extended to further qualify at night studies in doing Pattern Design and Construction of which I qualified with distinctions. It was challenging and fed my creative desire while still caring for my family; however, they always came first, but I had become a great juggler (I think we all do as Mums) and there I went forth. However, through all these many years of being a Wife and Mum, I also loved designing and styling our Home Interiors. This was always a challenge as we were basic wage earners and the needs of our children came first so it was very much a part of champagne tastes on a beer income with decorating and I would often hunt out garage sales etc. and make it into something quite beautiful that looked 42

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amazingly prestige. I furthered my interest with Interior Styling Classes, learning much about color, design, and styling etc. and all I could soak up, learning as much from every magazine I could get my hands on, all while working full time. Everyone loved our home haven, but most of all because our home was very individual, created with love, relaxing and livable. I felt proud our home did, however, style as quite luxurious even with the limited funding to create such. This was a skill I had proudly mastered. My gift of Interior Styling led me to be chosen in employment within a large company as their window dresser, store stylist in all departments and merchandiser advisor and here I trained staff and was in my element and won many awards for the store in the chain owned by the company. Forward in time saw me return to fashion in a different role as a Fashion Sales Advisor for a Boutique as I had the qualifications to advise on not only color suitability but also figure types etc. The ladies loved and appreciated finding just the special garment

suited to them. As I was now working parttime hours, it is when Lacey Lou Lou grew as more time allowed volume. At that time, I was a proud Narnee as my grandchildren called me and those granddaughters inspired me to keep needle and thread stitching as they were so gorgeous. As I loved Home interior Decorating I also began introducing Home Decor items which were uniquely individual and handmade. Without warning the unthinkable happened. Tragedy struck as my son, and my beautiful daughter’s son was killed in an accident. Life shattered into a million pieces. Everything changed and was never to be the same again. I could barely breathe or function normally for a long time, I deeply grieved as it was the second son I had lost and to also have lost my beautiful daughter’s son was almost more than I could bear. I never returned to work, I am still mourning to this day, but my creativeness eventually became a reason to live each day forward, and my Lacey Lou Lou likes supported me to step forward slowly. I was grateful

Pamela Dalseno

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for that support, and I slowly approached my Facebook page again and returned to markets. So many tears fell, day after day and yet creating gave me a reason to breathe forward to create when I could and helped me cleanse. Tears are cleansing I feel and are part of the process to take the next breath. To create beauty when I was going through such darkness helped. I just wanted to make everything beautiful, and to this day I still do. Sometimes it was in the wee hours when the world was quiet, and I could not find sleep it gave me the strength to yet make it to another day by creating. I’d think of my family and felt blessed that I had previously had given them love with all my heart and soul and so I stitched that Love within those items I created. It was during this time I found Jasmina (our founder of this magazine) as her quotes were so inspirational and I related to them. Jasmina’s words in quote and her beautiful messages so resonated with my pain and found me smiles. I also love writing my quotes at times. We connected, and our heart and souls became friends, we often communicated sometimes into the late of many evenings. The clock never stops ticking in life, yet we have to be grateful no matter what happens during each and every day and have gratitude for whose hearts we have found or have touched ours. My grief was still so raw, and I was feeling empty and broken, and the smiles of my clients somehow lifted me like no other, souls can be amazing to each if you find that through your seeking. Their hugs gave me hope for another day. This time bought me, new friends which I would never have met otherwise, they never judged, they showed Love. I am so grateful of so much from them, many who don’t know of the numerous times I no longer wished to be here, and their hug or smile so held me. I had to step forward, and it 44

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was during this time that I began adding Up styled items to my range of items and my creative business began growing and gave further purpose. I first started with smaller pieces, trays, shelves, little tables, vintage cases etc. and made them all beautiful with a Shabby Chic/ French /Vintage Charm and popularity increased. I repurposed, I painted and decorated them to be gorgeous, and it is how I further developed my signature styling which has indeed led by my client’s desires to fill their own needs of their contemporary homes in a modern lifestyle. This passion now filled my days and nights limped me through some considerable health problems which were probably caused by stress and grief and which I still am overcoming, but all I could see was the smiles on the client’s faces that kept me going forward and even do to this very day. I’d found my way of self-counselling with using my gift and talent as therapy, bringing others smiles while in turn with them unknowingly giving me that gift right back. Moving on to 2016 saw me do something rather drastic when I actually closed down my Lacey Lou Lou Facebook page which had gained thousands of likes and nervously started afresh with opening a Brand-New Page and called it Lou Lou Living. I didn’t just want to change the name, I wanted a new beginning, and perhaps if I am honest, I wanted to leave some of the pain behind of the impact my grief had there, so it was time to find a new beginning and direction forward as the Up styling was indeed leading me there. It is said if you visualize a new door opening then walk right on through it. New steps were being stepped, well that was the message my heart and soul told me, and so here I am with my loving (Mr. Fixit) beside me and now both of us in retirement he assists me to be able to help others, style alike as we have done in our life. They may also have the champagne taste on a beer income or see the practicality and value of vintage and stronger constructed items of furniture to being repurposed knowing we now live in a throwaway society of flat pack and such flimsy world of furniture. LLL still offers some unique handmade Gifts and Decor items also for those who love having the OOAK. I don’t think I will ever truly be able to stop my mind creating, and it has been my saviour through so much. I was indeed born to use this gift in my life. So, if you saw the June issue of eYs – Empowering Your Soul magazine that’s hubby and me on the cover with our Love story Golden Jubilee. We have weathered many ups and downs of life, but withholding each other, together we find smiles and have hope for the future as unfortunately, the loss of our loved ones tore our family apart. Hope and Faith keep us strong along with Smiles knowing that life may never be the same as it was, but it in time will almost be just as beautiful. I invite you to visit Lou Lou Living it’s where smiles are made as well as beautiful items created with LOVE. I look forward to being a regular contributor to eYs – Empowering your soul, so till soon. Hugs Pam (LLL)



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Written By Jasmina Siderovski 46

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ifferent stages in our lifetime adapt to a mindset we seem to prequel as we move with time, social mentality, the flavor of the month and algorithms that provoke ongoing questions we never appear to qualify. We place day to day jargon in our mastery of the highlights that surround us at the time of individual events, milestones, and eye-opening circumstances that kickstart that inner voice we tend to ignore on a daily basis. We are brainwashed emotionally and unethically of the bazaar keynotes that greet us as we fail to recognize their underpinning factors or worse misunderstand the truth of what seems to be happening in the world. We carry with sentiment as each of us stems from an offset of different pathways

that somehow all meet at a local meeting point as we meet and greet unknowingly even though our worlds apart find ethos as we rub a stranger’s arm. I call it the navigation of logical consequences that deem our uniqueness, although somewhat original, yet slightly relatable as we connect through each and everyone’s story of life experience, lessons learned and new dreams. We are unwittingly swayed to integrate this knowledge as we reform in different stages unknowingly shaping our future and fate. I am a firm believer that every person on earth plays a pivotal role in the direction of our world and our universe as there are no rules that define juxtaposition or empirical evidence the future. Truth is, although many would disagree, our creation and

“I didn’t want to operate a common, standard shop... I wanted a special, one off, magic shop... full of history and fascinating stories! It had to be the best place ever! “

destination shape the energy we attract – a layer of light that impounds majestically within us, some call it our soul. I believe our soul lights our path and it carries us as we re-energize its strength to stay alive and bountiful towards each significant leap during our short stay on earth. We can trace our ancestors, and historical footsteps as the philosophers of the world recreate heaven on earth or wisdom and soul purpose as each of us believe in our chosen miracles we decide to surrender our heart and soul emphasizing our very existence as the reason we walk on this earth. We can recruit, teach, develop, lead, and opt to fly, but to genuinely claim a sound understanding of the magnetic fields we are magnified by - as we each follow a

direction created by choice to support ourselves. I have so much to say, yet few will ever grasp the depth of the reality that question who we are. It’s not even about religion, the universe or the choice to be a quiescent soul. It’s about the way we all fit in and shapes our world and the energy we leave. We have set footprints on the moon and created harvest on earth. We embraced history and embarked on innovation yielding the power governed. We are somewhat a generational lesson as knowledge empowers the next generation of men, women, and children that become the elite vital influences for life. We are a pure race as the notes of laziness to think, the effort to build and rebuild, let alone create as our insecurities overrule the truth of who we are.

Some will drive their energy to be the best they can be, and others will host on manifestation as empaths find their soliloquy. The Devine wisdom of the past finds its place in our plight to repair the diversion set upon modern challenges and the growth of greed. One thing we know is that the choices of our methodology recreated by each of us will always determine the gift only recognized by those who find that energy as they feel their uniqueness in this world and our time we are here. Believe in your aspirations and don’t stop now! You can be whoever you choose to be. Make sure you do it from the heart. Empowering your senses to challenge your ethics is the start of a journey that only you will ever have the power to make eYs Magazine


a difference in your destination and the legacy you leave. We all go through different emotions and feelings that teach us strength when all we want is to fade away somehow. It sheds the meaning of a quote chanted by the beautiful Bob Marley about being strong when it’s all you have. It teaches you endurance, stamina and the balance of versatility, but it also enlightens those who support us unconditionally. The rest find it hard to understand how they can gel or are too afraid of the domino effect perceived in their minds. Potts Point Vintage was a small business finalist in the 2017 City of Sydney Business Awards found by Arnold Kieldgaard, located a short distance from the inner-city business district in Sydney. Initially, Arnold’s collaboration of vintage collectables began in Katoomba - acquiring pre-loved clothes, paintings and antiques over time. His passion and appreciation from the 1930’s created Arnold’s niche business skills in an exclusive environment of vintage antique. Today, Potts Point Vintage has a stocklist for much pre-loved high-end vintage designer wear crafted by the elite fashion houses ranging from Dior, Gucci, Dolce Gabbana, Chanel to his newly acquired Bob Down Collection of quality vintage men’s suits and pants. A lover of quality vintage decors such as English China, art deco, oil paintings, vintage wedding dresses from the 1920’s to the 1970’s, and all highend labels, women’s and men’s clothing, shoes and accessories attract customers to Arnold’s Potts point Store from all over the world. Arnold is regularly visited by the greats of the industry such as: USA Showman Dandy Wellington; Actor and Author Stephen Gouriet Ryan; Musician Kyle Biefield; and even former Socceroo Ljubo Milicevic who Arnold describes as a well-dressed fashionista. Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore and local models, authors, movie producers all appreciate Potts Point unique design and atmosphere that transport you through a period of enchanting music, love of fashion, quality art and décor, craft and tailoring while the 21st Century embarks and celebrates advancing technology and innovation and takes the knowledge and learnings of the past. eYs Magazine was fortunate to get an exclusive interview with Arnold Kieldgaard and gain an insight on the secret for success of small business. What is your background Arnold? I worked as an auditor for many years and about ten years ago, I began my vintage journey by trading in the Blue Mountains, the spiritual home of vintage in NSW! I was there for a few years and learnt plenty, so it was a natural progression that I opened my own store in Potts Point! Choosing this area was simple, it’s one of the best areas in NSW for boutique shopping, densely populated and full of life, so I sold all my possessions and moved into the area. I had admired antiques, vintage films and vintage cars, but it took a while to get into 48

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vintage clothes! Once I did though, things progressed rapidly and now I live a truly vintage lifestyle! Why did you decide to open Potts Point Vintage? I opened Potts Point Vintage because I always wanted my own shop and the freedom of being my own boss! It’s my way of self-expressing! I didn’t want to operate a common, standard shop... I wanted a special, one off, magic shop...full of history and fascinating stories! It had to be the best place ever! I like to think I have achieved that, but I’m not complacent...I’m always asking difficult questions of myself because I’m aware you can never stay still in this business! Having said that, I could never operate a common business...or a franchise for example! That wouldn’t satisfy me! I need more than that....so I decided I would source my own stock (a lot of hard work but this allows me to be totally independent) and that way I have full control of my business! I make my own business contacts and hand pick each item in my shop! I also have creative needs that are met by having my own business! I enjoy decorating the shopfront display, I enjoy outfitting the mannequins etc.!

find fascinating to hear about! They love Australia! How long have you been in this business? I have been in this business for ten years now...and I can’t imagine my life without a vintage aspect to it! I consider myself blessed because I truly love my job! I had been collecting antiques for several years before I began trading, so I didn’t just appear overnight...I guess it could said that I’ve turned my hobby into a career! How did you get started in this business? I worked as an auditor for many years, but I reached the point where I needed a change! I wanted to do something that made me happy and fashion was it! So, I decided to have a go selling vintage items! After being rejected at several places, I was given a chance at a famous antique centre in the Blue Mountains! The owner showed faith in me, we had a handshake deal to begin with, so that lessened the pressure on me....and to be honest I never looked back from that moment on! From there the business grew, he gave me a better location in the centre (as a reward for performing) and I enjoyed my time there! I look at that time as an apprenticeship and

I had admired antiques, vintage films and vintage cars, but it took a while to get into vintage clothes! Once I did though, things progressed rapidly and now I live a truly vintage lifestyle! Fashion has always been my true passion (along with soccer and tennis at other points of my life)! I love all fashion, but I am passionate about Vintage fashion! Can you provide me with a description of your business? A description of my business...Sourcing and selling the best vintage clothing and accessories for both men and women (from the 1880s to 1980). Apart from the quality of my merchandise, the other factor that sets me apart from others, is that I cater to both men and women! Most vintage shops only sell items for women, because that is the main market! I am a 50/50 split for men and women stock! The reason very few operators don’t have a large range for men, is that it is much harder to source! Even when you do source it, it is often in need of repair or is damaged beyond repair! I put this down to men (in the past) not caring for their items as much as women. This is changing rapidly though, so I’m guessing the future vintage items for men will be in better condition! I also have a small range of antiques in the store, smaller items like 100-year old cameras, an oil lamp from 1880 etc... historic items that the international travelers to Potts Point

a time of great learning...the early years! Without my time in the mountains, the chances are that I may have ended up as one of the 80% of businesses that fail within five years (ATO stats)! I know of

Arnold Kieldgaard

three vintage shops around me that have closed their doors recently, so spending a few years at an antique centre is a great way to equip yourself with the necessary skills to avoid that situation! Also my years as an auditor exposed me to businessmen and businesswomen....and I was able to learn many things from these successful people! I was also exposed on ‘what not to do’...which is just as important as knowing the correct things! Do you know who your competitors are? I know who my competition is although I have only met with a few of them! They tend to be in nearby Newtown and Surry Hill ...and when I have a spare moment, I plan to meet them properly! How do you market your business? How are people aware of your business? I market my business in several ways! I have a modern website that showcases my stock and tells the reader a bit about me (including a professional video)! They very quickly get a picture of what I’m about! This is my chief tool to connect with customers, along with my other social media outlets like Instagram and Facebook! I have been featured in credible publications like GQ, Time Out, The Daily Telegraph etc...so this gives customers confidence shopping with me! Social media is so important for the modern businessperson and I have had to learn and embrace it! It’s the new way to advertise and it works (if you apply yourself and are smart). From time to time I have placed ads in the paper and used local publications to advertise my business! This also works at the right time and place! Word of mouth is still a good way of marketing! A lot of customers tell me that “such and such” told them about my shop! Where do you see your business in the next five years? I see continued growth for my business in the next five years! Lately I have been targeting my advertising towards the international traveler, many of whom stay in local hotels near PPV! I’ve been featured in magazines on board international flights into Sydney, and this has proven a successful strategy! Why is your business located at this site? I specifically chose Potts Point because it is one of the top five most visited areas in NSW! That means I get a lot of good foot traffic from the right type of customer...i.e. one who appreciate vintage! That is important because vintage is popular in the inner city and regional Australia....not so much in the suburbs! Also, the film people are nearby, public transport is great and there is also off-street parking for cars! Whom do you seek advice from for your business? I have formed a small network with other eYs Magazine


business people and we get together regularly to discuss business matters! This is usually done in an informal manner over a few drinks or meal! I’m also a member of the chamber of commerce and other business networks...so I have a few contacts to call upon! I also have a close working relationship with Clover Moore and her team. I try to attend workshops with her to discuss ways in keeping Sydney moving forward! She is a fantastic leader and we could do with more like her in politics! Overall though, I trust in myself and go with what feels right! Nothing is ever achieved without some risk, so inevitably I find myself taking calculated risks when the moment is right! Can you describe your customers? I have two types of customers! They are: - the film industry and other professionals (theatre people, stylists etc.) - Retail which is mainly comprised of creative types and alternatives. These people are usually singers, actors, artists, performers etc.! My customers come from all age groups (15-80). Some are very affluent whilst others live week to week! What they have in common is an appreciation of quality! Most have jobs that require specific skills and they are very intelligent! A high number believe in the ethical side of vintage, which means many are vegetarians due to their support against animal cruelty. Many also choose vintage as they believe that recycling helps save the planet and cut down on waste! So, there is a lot of emotion with vintage and it’s largely ethically based! Why do your customers select you over your competitors? They choose me for several reasons: a. My stock usually has had only one owner and therefore in excellent condition b. I have a great central location and easy to find c. I provide personal service of a very high order d. Very competitive prices...always fair! e. I was a business award finalist last year and this gives my customers confidence What are the biggest issues for running this business? The biggest issues are the rising costs (expenses) of running the business! Not much can be done about this as these are fixed costs (insurance, electricity etc.). Sourcing quality stock is another issue, simply because it is much harder to find these days! Then there is the expense of traveling to inspect it and perhaps buy it! Also, because I supply to the film industry... the industry relies on government funding in order to produce a mini-series! Most of these mini-series (underbelly, Molly Meldrum, etc.) are being made interstate, because the other state governments are supporting and funding the projects! The NSW government should be doing more 50

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to snare these jobs...it has a trickle-down effect to specialists like myself! What is the future for this type of business? There will always be a future for a business like this, even allowing for the recent closure of three local vintage shops! The specialists will survive, and the others will be forced to close or go online! Anything can happen in a niche market (like vintage) but as long as you source quality merchandise and have a good location & keep work hard then that should be enough! If anything, I would like to expand and have a bigger shop, but I’ll take one step at a time. Any community initiatives that Potts Point Vintage supports? Dog ownership is popular in Potts Point, and I have supported a few initiatives associated with the local dog club (with voucher cards etc.). Other facts a. I was a business finalist in 2017, category “excellence in business” ... as judged by the NSW Chamber of Commerce and City of Sydney NSW government. b. I supplied the wardrobe to a wardrobe stylist for the Peter Allen mini-series “The boy next door” which won five ACTAA awards (including for best wardrobe). This is perhaps my biggest achievement, and one I’m very proud of because it is equivalent to the American Academy Awards! Of course, the wardrobe stylist officially gets the credit but a lot of people know I supplied it and it helped spread the word about PPV!




Interview and Written by Jasmina Siderovski

he toughest challenges interviewing another author, particularly one who is accomplished and seasoned as Jack Remick, were formulating questions that would add value to my curiosity and at the same time create an insightful journey for the readers of eYs Magazine through the mind of a writer. I met Jack Remick several years ago through LinkedIn - a professional networking platform that unites art, passion, education, ideas, innovation, business and intellect as the masters of our chosen professions. It introduced me to Jack’s intense and compelling selection of eye-opening novels. Jack Remick’s contemporary award-winning women’s literary novel ‘Gabriela and The Widow’ was the first novel that caught my attention. I knew then Jack Remick was unlike any other author I had ever come across. His

ability to tell a story excited feeling I didn’t know existed in me. I knew I had to read more to understand Jack’s world. The world of mystery and art, of the forbidden reality we face every minute across the globe, of genius crafting words, and of psychological curiosity and thoughts. Intrigued with his mind, I hungered for more as I read his famous ‘The California Quartet’ (Coffeetown Press), forever seeking to understand what wasn’t overtly said but conjured as images and metaphor. The Deification, Valley Boy, The Book of Changes and Trio of Lost Souls prodded me to ask questions, to think deeper, and appreciate a society caught up in a vicious circle of acceptance, drugs, music, love, war, secrets and politics. By now I was hooked, and it wasn’t his novels that lured me–it was the way Jack became the voice of the struggles of men and women. Struggles he builds on in Citadel. Tying eYs Magazine


There are no men in Citadel except for one strong character, Caleb, the sibling of the publisher, Clara. In Citadel, the XY (the male) is referred to as Exo, Gland, or Mutant. different experiences together through his characters, he tells stories that society often sweeps under the rug. Jack Remick is the author of twenty-two books, a selection of novels, short stories, non-fiction, poetry and screenplays. Jack Co-authored ‘The Weekend Novelist Writes a Mystery’ (Dell) with Robert T. Ray. His novel ‘Gabriela and the Widow’ (Coffeetown Press) was a finalist for the Montaigne Medal and finalist in the Foreword Book of The Year Award. In his younger years, an idealistic Jack working as a bus driver, house painter, social worker and retail clerk also waited tables and chased rainbows. Yes–Jack loved to chase rainbows. Education seemed to be the right thing for Jack as he earned degrees from the 52

eYs Magazine

University of California-Berkeley, San Francisco State University, and UC Davis specializing in romance linguistics and French literature. Jack also reads French and Spanish. Jack’s curiosity followed his passion for psycholinguistics revamped his writing style and mind. He has taught screenwriting and fiction writing at the University of Washington and is a respected intellect, and a literary ambassador having served on the board of Pig Iron Magazine as an editor. Citadel by Jack Remick Jack’s new release ‘Citadel’ has stirred up some controversy. Jack allowed me the honor to read Citadel before it was launched. It left an impact and aroused my

sense of being a woman because Citadel is a brilliantly written novel based on the idea— “What if Women Ran Everything?” Just when you think you have read it all, here comes Citadel. Remick’s mind in this novel rocket your world into a different galaxy. Citadel brings out feelings and questions of uncertainty in both women and men as it asks who we are and what we will become. This novel is a real attempt to shine light on the fear women face every minute while trying to empower ourselves in a world molded by the past and limited by modern society gender and role models. This is a complex vision that questions our place in the 21st Century then pushes the story into a technological future that might not be so far away. Citadel is a novel within a novel. The outer

Photography by Jerry Jaz / Jerry@writingpractice.com

novel takes the reader into the mindset and relationship of author and editor. Tracking the growth of their relationship and the challenging debate over what exactly constitutes a novel, Remick depicts for us the life of a writer whose work is being molded by the editor. This act alone, in the novel, gives the reader insight into the code of ethics and editorial practice of publishing while questioning everything writers have been taught about form and structure. The inner novel in Citadel is a horrific, postapocalyptic war zone combining history and violence against women. The story shows us how women deal with violence, how women through choice become warriors or mothers. Choice, female choice drives this story as women, vowing not to return to the past, combat for control of the culture set by religion and society. The progress of women overcoming the limits imposed on them in today’s world leads to the rejection of the Old Society (Remick’s words) where women are ‘Living in the Niche. In The Niche, women control destiny, lives and procreation. They master choices and freedom as the Y Chromosomes are genetically mutated and become extinct. A new generation of daughters in a femalerun world. There are no men in Citadel except for one strong character, Caleb, the sibling of the publisher, Clara. In Citadel, the XY (the male) is referred to as Exo, Gland, or Mutant. This triad really asks the deeper question in the novel: Are men and women on divergent evolutionary paths as women now choose mates based on wealth, position, and power while in the past, they chose for speed, size, and aggression?

As an author, I have had the pleasure being interviewed for works of my own. As an author I have learned that readers want to see the author behind the writing. But do authors write for an audience, or do we write to tell a story? Understand that difference, and you discover the art behind a genius mind. As a reader, however, I appreciate the open-book question and answer forum authors engage in with readers, journalists, reviewers, and the media, so I felt it was only fair that we allow Jack to talk us through his art. You’re the author of several novels. How did you get started as a writer? Like so many young writers, I wanted to be a poet. I worked with Thom Gunn, an English poet who was living in Berkeley while I was in school. Through Thom Gunn, I got into English writers and learned to read Gerard Manley Hopkins who still lives in my mind as one of the greatest language poets ever. My personal mentor was J.S. Moodey. He taught me the truth about compression one day when I asked him if he had written an epic. He said, “Six lines or eight.” From that day I understood that every act of writing was dangerous, revolutionary, and powerful. From Gunn and Moodey, I learned the power of the image, and the importance of rhythm. From that I got to the “poetry of prose,” and that’s what you see and hear in Citadel. Did you ever consider writing under a pseudonym?

Some writers change names when they switch genres. For a while I tried using J. L. Remick, and then I started using the names of characters in my novels as pseudonyms. For example, I write reviews of other writers under the pen name Eddie Iturbi which is the name of the protagonist in The Deification, second generation Beat novel, first of the California Quartet. I now prefer to be one person writing different styles and genres. I use my own name for poetry, novels, memoirs, essays, and non-fiction. As Jack Remick, I co-wrote The Weekend Novelist Writes a Mystery with Robert J. Ray. How did publishing your first book change your process of writing? My first book was an experimental novel called The Stolen House. I sent it to a publisher, Jim Villani, in Youngstown, Ohio. He was running a magazine called Pig Iron, one in the flood of the small press experimental magazines that were popular then. Jim liked The Stolen House so much he agreed to publish it and asked me to join the staff of PI. I wrote a series for eight years for the magazine. I also wrote introductions. My favorite from that time is the introduction titled The World Out of Whack that was the intro to Pig Iron’s environmental issue. From my association with Pig Iron, I connected with another publisher, Jerry Gold, who ran Black Heron Press. Jerry then published my first collection of short stories—Terminal Weird. You can see that the result of the publication of that first book changed my life and it changed my process. After Stolen House, my writing process continued to evolve. I quit composing at the computer and began writing everything long hand. For me, the feel of the ink, flowing from the end of the fountain pen, is a trigger to go deep. By going deep, I mean letting the emotion that drives the words out of the pen have control. I let go and instead of trying to construct a story, I let the story that needs to be told emerge. There is a certain amount of unconscious reality here. Later, I either type up what I have written, or I dictate it using a voice recognition program. Two advantages here—one you get to hear the words and that is very important. Writers tend to live in solitary huts in the quiet of their transported existence. For me, hearing words lets me get into the rhythm and poetry of prose. Only later do I look at the entire manuscript. At that time, I do a lot of rewriting. By rewriting I don’t mean ‘editing’ or changing a few words. I mean rewriting. Take the first sentence and push-write letting the story or scene reshape itself under the pull of the words coming again. What happens for me is that the long hand write begins to shorten as I ‘recreate’ rather than ‘remember’ what I have written. The process is an ever changing, evolving one that includes incorporation of all the reading I do that is not fiction. I spend a lot of time reading in the neurosciences, genetics, anthropology, archaeology, and art. I just finished books on The Architecture of the

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Brain, Metamorphoses in Rodin’s Studio, The Age of Insight—Eric Kandel’s tome on Viennese art and mind, Adam’s Curse, a fine book on the fate of the Y Chromosome by Bryan Sykes. What was the best money you ever spent as a writer? This is a hard question to answer because, as a writer starting out, you have to pay your dues. Paying your dues means you spend money on editors, copy editors, submission fees, books. All of that eventually leads to some kind of finished product and that’s where you can end up spending a bundle. For example, these days, you have to live in cyberspace which means that you have to push out videos and trailers. Which I do. In fact, I have one right here for Citadel that Cortex 86’d Productions put out. We live in a capitalist culture where the rule is—it takes money to make money. http://jackremick.wordpress.com/citadelthe-video-trailer/ What did you do with your first advance? The first real advance—remember that in 54

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the early days, most writers write for free just to get the work out and the name in print—came with the publication of The Weekend Novelist Writes a Mystery. That book, which is still in print, and still sells well, let me buy a new computer. If you could tell your younger writing selfanything what would it be? Oh, this is a big deal. There are two things here. When we’re young, we’re impatient. We send work out way before it’s ready and it always comes back and that comeback just chews you up. I now tell young writers—those who take a chance that I might know something—to be patient. Take your time. Don’t let it go until it’s ready. How do you know it’s ready? You don’t until your pen stops moving when you read it and your friends—if they’re honest tell you, “Hey, this is pretty good.” My goal as a writer is to be able to pick up a piece I wrote ten years ago and not let the squirm factor overwhelm me. The SF is that moment when you read your old stuff and you say, ‘That’s awful, how could I have let that go?’ We change through time— technique, style, insight, wisdom, so some of what we write early is going to be pretty

sad. The second thing is to understand that often the ideas you get are stronger than your technique for handling them. I know this first hand. I wrote the inner novel of Citadel a while back. I knew even then that I did not have the technique to realize the full power of the novel, so I set it aside. As my technique grew, I went back to the novel with more insight, more wisdom, and a much better control of the process. To all writers—be patient, develop your techniques, let other people read your work and this—listen to what they say. You start with a readership of one. Do you view writing as a kind of spiritual practice? Again, Jasmina, you ask a hard question. Writing to me is salvation. Writing to me is a dance with the unconscious where all the good stuff really lives. Writing is a method of learning what you don’t know and how to learn it. Writing is always, for me, an emotional exploration of character and language, an investigation into the myth and ritual dwelling in our minds. I think I’m telling you that without using the word ‘spiritual’, I see writing as the perfect way to leave your Ego. Ego is the killer for a writer.

better. All of that, of course, is exhausting. If you didn’t write what would you do for work? I have worked at all kinds of jobs. It took the years of labor to understand what hard work meant. Coming to the discipline of writing for me has a long history. I am working on a set of essays titled What Do I Know? Wisdom in the 21st Century. In those essays I write about stone masons and turkey debeakers. I write about working in tunnels in Ecuador. I write about picking grapes and ploughing the wheat fields on my Uncle’s farm. I write about driving a bus for the local Metro. To me, writing is work and it is pleasure and it pushes me to understand more of who I am

I wrote with Natalie Goldberg a couple of times in Taos, New Mexico. She told us to get out of the way and let the story tell itself. As you know, Natalie Goldberg is a Zen mind connecting to other Minds. That’s her definition of writing—mind connecting to mind. When the Ego drives the story, it will be a sterile, cold corpse. When you slay the Ego, which the Acid Culture worked on in the ‘60s, you open up to the myth bases and find the rituals of our paleolithic mind which you then bring into the world as something very new cloaked in something very ancient. Does writing energize or exhaust you? Writing is salvation. Art is salvation. Art civilizes us. Without art, we are a tribe of very efficient killers. I don’t like being a member of that tribe. I find the energy of the ‘floating high,’ which my psychiatrist friends call mania, liberating. In those moments when the Ego is pushed aside, the pure energy works you, but you don’t know it yet. Here I have to tell you about the effects of Timed Writing as a tool for liberating the mind from the Gatekeeper. I go back to Natalie G. Art is in the hand as

much as in the mind. If you do Timed Writing, which means that you set a timer—stop watch, kitchen timer, cell phone clock—for, say 10 minutes, then let go. Write what comes. Take first words. Open the channel from mind to hand. Some people call it free writing, but it’s only free writing when you don’t know what you’re doing. If you follow the hand and the mind, you pull things out of the unconscious that you didn’t know were in you and that is liberating. If you do that every day for forty-five minutes, you can knock out a novel pretty fast. Because that novel comes from a deep place, it is true and pure. There is this, however, it’s not perfect. True and pure are not perfect. As a writer, your obligation to the gift from the unconscious is Discipline with a capital D. That means you learn so much about writing you become expert and you apply it. You practice writing dialogue for hours. You spend days describing places. You take the time to listen to what the characters are saying. But there is also this—as you finish each work, you go back to the blank page and you start again. As Natalie G says, you go back to beginner’s mind, but you have this platform of completion and discipline, so the next work isn’t easier, it is

Do you hide any secrets in your books that only a few people will find? Always. I don’t write romans à clef but if my friends find portraits in my novels, I hope they find them accurate. This question also raises the issue of what you do as writer if you write about people you know. In The Book of Changes, I took some liberties with reality using a method I learned from RS Coburn—if you write about people you know, change them. The portrait I drew of this one character was exact, so I did two things—I shrank him from six feet five inches down to four feet two and had him ride a motorcycle that was twice his size. I dare the original to sue me. Citadel is a very powerful write. An unordinary mash of words depicting the reversal of stories by women and the issues they face on a daily basis. Representing the XY chromosomes you are telling a story from a woman’s point of view. How difficult was it for you to capture the gruesome story that will shock men women all over the world? Jasmina, the hardest thing was convincing myself to be honest as a man looking at what men are doing to women and letting

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the horror of that drive the story. Before the novel becomes a novel, before I ever write a scene or a scene sequence, I write about the writing. That is, I ask questions of the writing—what are you about? What do you want to say? What is hurting you? Where is the pain in you and what caused it? I’ll give you an example of writing about the writing of Citadel, the outer novel, before it became a novel. In the early days, the writing was called Biology of Desire (BofD): What do I know about Trisha and her personal habits? Trisha likes wine. All kinds of wine. When BofD opens, Trisha is well on her way to two bottles of wine a night. She can’t seem to sustain a relationship with a man but has a strong libido. She has no friends, and so she is alone. I can’t seem to break through to her right here. She’s wearing a mask of some kind. I know nothing about her early life except the chronology. What does she look like? What does she wear? Hair color? Does she

wax her body hair? Is she vain? She is very smart. She can read people fast, cut to the core quick. So, I do know this—she likes the sun, likes the beach, likes the hunt, and she knows what to do, what to do with her prey, but she’s got a backstory problem—she can’t orgasm. The origin of that problem has to be worked out. Trisha isn’t all about sex and beach meat. She’s a serious woman now, looking for wisdom and a path. She has found the way to Clara Nash. All she has to do is perform. What does she see when she looks in the mirror? The problem is that she is the narrator of BofD and the self-portrait is not easy in that Point of View, so I have to step outside the limitations and lift the mask so I can see her. There came a point just after I started writing and I’m not sure when, the narrative shifted from Third Person to First Person and I was in. From that point on, there was no question—this story had to be told

REVIEWS Novelist Nicole Disney wrote; “Citadel is a much needed, unforgiving and unapologetic evisceration of the idea of female inferiority that we have primitively accepted today and throughout history. Remick never shies away from the atrocious acts of violence against women. Citadel is an honest, sometimes savage look at the relationship between men and women, and what the world could be like if women were in control. (Author of Hers to Protect; Dissonance in A Minor)”. Evolutionary biologist Irven DeVore tells us that “Males are a breeding experiment run by females.” What if, in fact, women ran everything? Citadel is a metafictional, apocalyptic story braided into a contemporary post-lesbian novel built on the science of genetics. In Citadel, we see a world where women don’t need men at all. Jac Seery, designer of the cover for Citadel, wrote this after reading the novel: I feel enlightened--as a woman--ironic to have misdeeds against my gender pointed out by a man. I feel changed—the way a great journey changes you. I feel empowered by the reading. I feel cheated by society. I feel hungry for all of Citadel, the novel inside the novel.

from the inside and so, as I say later, I let my XX out and she told me what to write. I call that ‘taking dictation.’ What’s the most difficult thing writing about characters from the opposite sex? Another of your difficult questions, Jasmina. Citadel is the third novel I’ve written in an XX point of view. When I wrote Lemon Custard, I chose to write about a character abandoning her husband and children to find herself. When I wrote Gabriela and The Widow, I chose to make the protagonist a young Mixteca who migrates to El Norte where she becomes the assistant to an old woman. In each of these stories, I put to use a technique that I learned from the screenwriters and actors. An actor has to be only one character. A writer has to be all the characters. What this means is you have to find them in you, write them as though they are you. If you do that, you get what you need into and from the character. Almost every reviewer of Gabriela chime in 56

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with ‘I don’t know how a man can write this from a woman’s point of view…’ In Citadel, I knew from the first words that it had to be in the XX point of view. Everything about the novel had to be XX. The cover had to be designed by an XX, and I found a very good artist in Jac Seery who understood what the novel was about and why it had to be XX all the way. As you know, we are all, embryologically female. In utero some of us become male, some of us remain female. I like to think, and I might be joking, that I have gotten in touch with my XX without ever having read Women are From Venus, Men are from Mars. What was the hardest scene to write? Some of the inner scenes were hard because of the thinking behind them and the violence that forces the Daughters’ decision to separate. The novel is what I call an apocalyptic novel braided into a contemporary story about women taking control of everything. The apocalyptic, inner

novel is Citadel. We live in a world where the Paleolithic Residue shows itself in the stupidity of men who tattoo their bodies with swastikas and who tote AR 15s as emblematic of their manhood problems. In that world, women are abused, murdered, abandoned with children, kidnapped, turned into sex-slaves, sold as prostitutes. Somebody had to put that in perspective. There is no way to sugar coat what is happening to women in the 21st Century. In the US, in Europe, in Africa, in Asia women are losing much of the ground they gained in the last century. I had to write this novel to project a future in which the abasement of women continued to its logical end. If men won’t stop killing, women have to find another way. Margaret Atwood is crediting with saying, “Men are afraid women will laugh at them, women are afraid men will kill them.” Every XY in the world benefits from the existence of the violent ones, the killers because—you never know. Is that guy coming down the street going to pull out an AR 15 and slaughter me? In

Citadel, the Daughters—every cell in your body is a daughter cell—rebel, not because they hate men, but because the men hate them. The misogyny shows up in the US in legislation stripping women of their lifecontrol. It shows up in the misogyny that demeans a woman when she walks down the street. Most men forget that they are sons of mothers, and too many mothers don’t socialize their sons. The story line in Citadel runs along these lines—We have a choice. We can choose to let the race go extinct if the killers keep killing. We can choose to separate completely and let the technology give us birth without the Y chromosome. We can choose to reintegrate and let evolution determine if the race is worth saving. What do you hope Citadel will achieve for our readers? Hopes, aspirations etc. It is my hope that by fearlessly bringing the substance of this novel to the forefront, without ascribing any blame, I can tell a morality tale and can introduce our readers to a world that needs to be changed if we are to survive on this planet. I mentioned that for Pig Iron, I wrote the introduction called “The World Out of Whack.” I wrote that years ago, but the problems still remain—men beat women, they kill them, women are sometimes complicit in their own abasement, the water is fouled, the air is polluted, the animals are dead, the forests are pillaged. We have to do something to change the paradigm. I hope that Citadel will support women as they continue to resist and say “No More Killing. No More Victims.” Those words drive Citadel and I hope they become a mantra for modern women living in the Niche**.

**THE NICHE, FROM CITADEL “Western women are in the Niche, Rose. We’re pretty little Madonna’s living in a pretty little Niche. We have a tiny window of freedom. It’s barely two hundred years wide and we think it will go on forever. You’re educated. You have a career. You have clients. You’re independent. You control your money. You own property. You vote. You’re free. Two hundred years ago, you couldn’t have any of that. And now they’re taking it away from you one piece at a time.”

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ESSENTIALLY AUSTRALIAN ROMANCE ANTHOLOGY You can call this whatever you want but I’m happy to identify it as ‘Shameless Promotions.’ Late last year Jordin Thiele and myself decided we wanted to put together an anthology that show cased some of Australia’s Romance writers. We wanted the world to meet these awesome authors as they either stretched their own talents or expanded on their dreams to be part of an anthology. Some of the authors are up and coming first time published and others are simply proud to be part of an all Australian Anthology. On the 1st of July 2018, this venture becomes a reality. We graciously introduce to you, no matter where in the world you are, the wonderful group of authors that contributed their talents to make our dream come true.




Paranormal Romance

Contemporary Romance

Historical Romance

A young woman goes missing and is presumed dead, then turns up weeks later with no memory of what happened. Only she’s different, making everyone question exactly who came back from the dead. She teams up with her younger sister, her best friend and the brooding new kid in town, to seek the truth. As they peel back the cloak of mystery surrounding her disappearance it reveals an evil underbelly that’s best left hidden. But some things can never be unseen.

Nothing in life lasts forever... not even friendships forged in stone. How do you simply move on, erase a guy from your brain? How do you delete a person who means the world to you? It’s easier said than done. Meet Leo and Brooke, best friends from the instant they met, but friendships don’t last forever. Theirs ended the moment he decided to skip town. When he comes back, Brooke is shocked to see him. It’s almost dreamlike and she wonders if her eyes are playing cruel tricks on her. But he’s very much real and Leo is in town to ask Brooke for a favor... a monumental one. Unable to refuse Leo anything, it doesn’t take much to convince her into helping him because the appeal of faking her life alongside Leo is bound to be far more enjoyable than Faking It alone.

A young woman is pushed into a marriage with a man that she doesn’t know. Finding herself on a ship amongst the First Fleet crossing the ocean to a promise land. When she arrives, she finds life is nothing like what she expected. The land is harsh and unforgiving very much like the man she married. Joshua Blake was convicted and sentenced to seven years for stealing a fur coat and a loaf of bread. He was boarded onto a ship and was transported to the New England Colonies. Grateful to survive the journey he is given to man as a convict (slave) in hopes of one day earning his freedom. Can the wife of an abuser save the abused?




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Epic Romance

Contemporary Romance

Contemporary Romance

From the day she was born, Luana was different. With her blonde hair and blue eyes, she stood out from the rest. This is a journey that takes you back in time where being different is not something you want to be. Although sometimes it can be being something more that makes history.

Kate’s story is one that takes you through the courage of those who live on the land. She refuses to admit that she’s struggling to save her father’s sheep farm. With a number of mishaps and with some unexpected help she wonders if she can achieve the impossible?

Josie is lost. She can’t even imagine there being a light at the end of the tunnel. Until she lays eyes on Nico. She knows she should run but she’s too weak to even try, because something tells her that he may just be able to lead the way home. Nico doesn’t need anything in his life. He’s got his brothers who stand beside him. And more women than he can count at his beck and call. He’s not looking for love but the moment he locks eyes with Josie he feels the earth beneath him shift. He wants what is his and he’ll fight every one of her demons to have her. (Mine Series - 3.5)




Contemporary Romance

Contemporary Romance

Intergalactic Romance

Jenn and Brett Davis have been focused on their goals their entire adult lives. To date everything they’ve set out to achieve has gone to plan. With impressive University results they landed positions that allowed them to climb to the tops of their respective career ladders. With both their daughters recently married, it’s time to move on to the next stage of their lives. Or is it? Waking up on the first day of their long-service leave vacation, Jenn glances over at a stillsleeping Brett. She’s confronted by the realisation that despite all their hard work raising a family and building a future, they’d forgotten to work on their relationship – they’re virtually strangers. Is it possible to recapture what they had when they were young or is this how it was destined to be? The next ten weeks spent alone will answer that question, one way or the other.

You know those guys that are complete and total jackasses? Well that’s my neighbour. He’s a manwhore, playboy, ass-face… all of the above really. It’s been nearly a year since I left my husband and I still haven’t got any action – and not for the lack of trying either. I have an itch that needs to be scratched and not ashamed to say I’m getting desperate. So, I have decided to play the player and beat him at his own game.

In a universe, far away there is a multinational corporation which runs the ultimate intergalactic base station. It’s where every single male in the Rougan Galaxy, goes to in order to find a suitable bedder. They work to earn their credits and the amount of their credits determines their ability to provide for the bedder. They must sign a contract stating that they will not abuse the bedder, they will provide suitable sustenance and medical assistance if required and the they must also ensure their safety. cout works for the multinational corporations – Maroon #5 and it is his responsibility to discover new galaxies and to provide the bedder’s for the brokerage. Ruby has had to fight her entire life, she refuses to be treated like a helpless female. She’s a great mechanic and a reasonably fair boss. Although her younger sister Willow who works in the office probably only says that because she’s chasing a pay rise. When two worlds collide can Scout trust Ruby to repair Goliath and can Ruby trust Scout to keep her and her sister safe if she helps him fix his broken throttle?

Is available at any of these digital stores

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Contemporary Romance

Contemporary Romance

Contemporary Romance

When secrets from Chantele’s past resurface after she accidentally discovers an email on her father’s computer. She remembers making a promise, to her grandfather, which makes Chantele more determined than ever to keep her identity safe. As a respected journalist living in Kensington – London, Chantele has suppressed her immeasurable wealth along with her real identity from her husband, family, and friends. But it never stopped her from living in fear that one day the truth may cost her the life she had built. Vincent Mancini, a government official comes from a working-class Italian family and is very much set in his ways. He does however find enjoyment in living a simple life. He’s a great father raising teenage daughters’ and a love child who is smarter than any normal nine-year-old. Vincent is happily married to Chantele, the woman of his dreams. But what happens when Vincent finds himself drawn into Chantele’s world of secrets, espionage, and conspiracies, as he begins to seek the answers about who his wife really is? Chantele’s husband is on a mission to decipher the words in a hidden diary she has ingeniously used to alert Vincent of the danger they are about to face. He vows to himself that he will get his family back. He’s willing to do whatever it takes. Even if it includes breaking all the rules of love and everything life has ever taught him not to do. The grey areas keep his mind hostage, while his obsessive-compulsivedisorder struggles with an imperfect reality that revamps his entire existence.

Leeman Forester is a self-made billionaire who is trapped in a loveless marriage but when he serves divorce papers on his estranged wife and she refuses to sign them, is it just a coincidence that she winds up dead? Emily has been infatuated with her boss since she interviewed for the position and subsequently started working for Mr Leeman Forester. She fantasizes about him whenever she isn’t focused on her work. Will the death of Leeman’s soon to be ex-wife draw them together or will it push them apart? Is Emily’s boss and fantasy lover capable of murder and is it safe to get close enough to find out?

Callum west works at his father-in-law’s shipping company, trouble is, his wife has been dead for four years. Now his secretary and lifelong friend Courtney is about to resign and start a family. His parents are both deceased and he’s been estranged from his drug addicted brother for years. Everybody in Callum’s life either leaves or dies. So, he’s learned not to rely on anyone sticking around. The only thing that he knows he can still count on being there when he wakes up every morning is his job. That is, until he meets his new assistant Mercy. Now he can’t even trust himself, as his emotions start to flounder and he finds himself replacing his deceased wife in his dreams with face and body of his new secretary, Mercy. Mercy always has a hard time trusting people after her long-term boyfriend Ryan was discovered cheating on her. Where she confined in her best friend Lisa, she found out that she too had betrayed her by sleeping with the sleaze ball. After Callum and Mercy get off to a tense beginning they realise just how much absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Can Callum put his guilt aside to make room for Mercy and will Mercy learn to trust again?

Available Now! In eBook & Paperback

https://www.amazon.com/Essentially-Australian-Romance-Anthology-Melissaebook/dp/B07BTLJB96/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1529158585&sr=8-1&keyword s=essentially+australian+romance+anthology All other links - https://www.books2read.com/u/3L97WM


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By Melissa Bell And Jordin Thiele


his month we look into one of the major players in the world of fiction. Just as there are people who like to read every other type of literature, there are those who read ‘Romance Novels’ exclusively. For those who are wondering, as some people might be new to the sub-genres of romance available, they are heavy hitters. Without them, Amazon wouldn’t have the catalogue they boast of to their readers all around the world. Growing up, some of you might remember seeing your mothers reading from a ‘Mills & Boon’ or perhaps one of Jacki Collins’ classics – who were some of the forwardthinking founders of the romance genre, both our mothers did. Although the industry has experienced a number of spontaneous liberations over the years, from the ‘Coming of Age Romances’ such as the ‘Hunger Games,’ all the way through to the heavy hitters in the industry that produce saucy erotic novels like the ‘Masters of the Shadowland Series’ by Cherise Sinclair. We recently surveyed a number of Romance Readers to find out - ‘How Hot is Too Hot?’ - when it comes to their preferred Romance Literature. We were somewhat surprised by the results. We asked them to score what

they liked in a romance novel rating it on a scale of one (as pure as snow) and five (hotter than the deepest pits of hell). The results were a staggering sixty out of ninety women wanting their daily or weekly dose of romance to be so hot that it burns their fingertips with every turn of the page, while only two out of ninety wanted their romance to be as pure and innocent as a young adult book with a chased kiss being the only contact if any. Although we probably shouldn’t have been so shocked with the incredible reception of E.L. James’ - ‘Fifty Shades Trilogy.’ Which still leaves us wondering, if women all around the world were busy reading about the Grey empire, and the books are instantly recognizable by their covers, then why are women so reluctant to admit to reading them? Initially, we believed it might have something to do with being seen reading in public with a cover that displays a scantily clad male torso. Which pretty much screams romance or erotica, but nowadays it’s much easier to read discretely in anywhere with today’s ever developing world of technology. To the average passer-by, it would merely appear as though you are reading whatever you wish to tell them you’re reading just to avoid the embarrassment

of admitting it’s the latest romance novel from their favorite author. So why do women read romance novels? The women we surveyed also provided the information which shows that they not only liked the various sub-genres attached to Romance literature, but that they find the stories contain elements that they can only read about within the romance world. Large numbers of fresh new readers were recruited when HBO adapted Charlene Harris’ – ‘Sookie Stackhouse Series’ for television, creating a cult following from her fifteen published titles in the series which reigned from 2001 -2014. ‘True Blood’ was one of those spontaneous liberations that started a feeding frenzy amongst readers. Whether you are a regular reader of romance or not, without them, you wouldn’t have the selection of movies or TV shows which are adaptations of romance novels. Netflix is now one of the biggest competitors for original productions stemming from this genre, so while ever there is demand, there will always be those ready to provide what the people are searching for. Therefore, there is forever going to be a King or Queen looking for their prince or princess between the pages of a well written romance novel. eYs Magazine


Often, we are asked about what some of the acronyms mean or how a genre is defined and unless you have heard of them before you may not be familiar with them. The following is a brief section to provide some random trivial information that you may find helpful. PNR – Paranormal Romance – Vampires or Shape-Shifters combined with romance. Science meets folklore and mythology to create a hidden world of others. Sci-Fi – Science Fiction – Outer worlds and intergalactic universes. Fantasy – Traditional Fantasy is set in imaginary worlds or locations. Urban Fantasy – Components of either supernatural or magical elements. Dystopian – Indicates an alternate reality or universe.

Y.A. – Young Adult - Catering for the ages of 12 – 18 years. N.A. – New Adult - Caters for the ages of 18 – 30 years. Like all the categories of any literature young adult and new adult can be combined with all genres and subgenres. E.g., Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Dark Fantasy (Horror), Paranormal, Dystopian, are just some examples. We hope the next time you pick up a book and read the back of it that the above information helps you decide on whether the one in your hand is better than the one on the shelf.

TEMPTING FATE: A CANCER RESEARCH ANTHOLOGY Sometimes in life, something happens that will not only affect you, it will create a ripple effect, encompassing your family and friends. Hope will help you to overcome and survive, but your life and outlook are forever changed. This collection of stories is about overcoming obstacles, surviving when it seemed hard or impossible, and dealing with life-changing events. **All proceeds will benefit Cancer Research Institute. Link for the Anthology Amazon Link - https://www.amazon.com/default/e/B07BV72TQC?redirectedFromKindleDbs=true


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Graphic Artist - Conservation and Restoration, and Business Owner

“I love cooking and creating art with food. I was honored to cook and inspire artistic food visuals for the King and Queen of The Netherlands.” www.mayaapostoloska.daportfolio.com www.mayaapostoloska.deviantart

Maya Apostoloska, 34. I am a proud mother of three boys. My passion is art and creating beautiful artwork, while adjusting to the needs of my children aged: five, two, and twomonths-old. At age 11, I won a State Award for creating realistic pop art (back then I didn’t understand that art can be ‘pop-art’). The art piece that won me the prestigious State Award, best described as human arms in the foreground with one of them holding a syringe, and a needle. The background of-the-art piece highlighted a well-painted desert. I remember spending hours to achieve perfection creating my masterpiece. I called it: “The drug can make a desert of your life.” It’s now a special memory in my heart. Receiving the award was to be the beginning of my future and newfound confidence as an artist. Between the years of 2004 to 2006, I continued to receive recognition in the art industry and was honored with more prestige awards throughout Europe. I was fortunate to host a ‘One-Woman Exhibition’, in Belgrade. I also moved from my home country of Macedonia to further explore the world. Further, I was fortunate to be a part of a group hosted exhibition in Kyoto, Japan. From there my art was celebrated with exhibitions throughout Serbia, Macedonia, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Romania, and The Netherlands. I also worked as a graphic designer in three Cultural Houses in Skopje, Macedonia and have a vast amount of experience in theatre scenography - working at the Universal Hall. Lastly, a significant honor for me was the opportunity to conserve a 16th Century Icon - Ss. Atanas - The Murals from Leshok, and a Dutch sculpture of Ss. Nike. I now own and operate a company, with my dear husband Zihni.


Author, Color Consultant, and Thai Boxer Welcome to Cosy’s world. I am a writer, color consultant, Thai Boxer and former snowboarder. The author of “A Dragonfly Diary,” and in the process of publishing my first ‘Contemporary Romance Fiction’ novel as a trilogy. Valentine’s Day was the day my mum passed away, after a horrible car accident. She was in a coma fighting for her life for six long months. She was a warrior. A brave one too who only had one dream. Her dream was to see my book published and succeed as a writer. Since I was 14, I knew all I wanted was to be a writer. I promised myself, one day, I would write a novel. Now, I am writing two. I have worked hard and never gave up to be where I am now. As they say, “We are writers, my love. We don’t cry. We bleed on paper.” 14 February 2018 was the day I vowed to myself, I will make my mama proud. Thanks to ‘eYs Magazine’ I now can describe a glimpse of how I see the world.

“Life never ceases to amaze me, and I am a firm believer that there is still magic in this world.” Instagram: @adragonflydiary Facebook: Author Cosette Awad – a dragonflydiary eYs Magazine


LYNN BEAUMONT BEAU LA DIGITALS Graphic Designer and Business Owner

Lynn Beaumont is a self-taught graphic designer who has more than 15 years, experience. She has worked with computers and as a systems officer/retail for over 30 years in two different jobs both govt and retail. But she needed to expand her horizons and start her own business. So, she quit her job of 15 years to embark on a new business venture. She started her own business almost 6 years ago and works from home as a full time online graphic designer. She also completed small business management course that really helped her understand the structure side of business as well as her many years of retail experience. She has also incorporated a small printing business so not only does she design for the customer but can print off their order. Her husband also works from home and has his own business, so between the two of them they are kept quite busy. Her graphic design business takes her to all corners of the world and meets some very interesting people along the way. Her designs vary from vintage to modern and she loves to talk to all her customers from around the world. She dreams her designs and almost always uses them in her work for customers and her own creations.

“I dream my designs and almost always use them in my work for customers and my creations.” www.etsy.com/au/shop/Beauladigitals www.etsy.com/au/shop/BeaulaPrintables Facebook – Beau La Digitals Instagram - @beauladigitals


International Best Selling Author Melissa Bell lives in Brisbane, Australia. At a point in her life where she felt she needed something just for herself, she discovered the pleasures of writing. Her most frequently used comment to herself is there’s not enough time in a day. She enjoys good food and good company, when she’s not trying to concentrate on her writing. She also loves to laugh and most of the time, she cracks herself up. She is hoping that this is the start of something amazing and one day aspires to be listed amongst those blessed with the title of being on the New York Times and USA Today Best Seller.

“My world revolves around words and I see words in vibrant colors as they play together inside my head.” www.melissabellauthor.com Facebook: Melissa Bell Author Goodreads: goodreads.com/MelissaBellAuthor Amazon: amazon.com/Melissa-Bell/ Twitter: twitter.com/Peekaboo2u2 BookBub https://www.bookbub.com/authors/ melissa-bell 64

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Financial Analyst and Photographer Viktor Boshkovski, born and living in Macedonia, married to his wife Ole and both have a gorgeous three-year-old son, named Stefan. Educated at the State University - Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje, gaining a Bachelor of Economics Degree. He works as a Financial Analyst, in the Risk Department, of NLB Bank in Skopje. His main hobbies include Photography and Nature Hiking. Viktor’s main passion is to capture the beauty that surrounds us all! Viktor’s motto: Everything happens for a reason, so be positive even in a negative situation.

“My passion is to capture the beauty that surrounds us in our everyday lives and remind the world how beautiful life is. Everything happens for a reason just remember to remain positive, even in a negative situation.”


Life Coach and Photographer Do you have trouble finding new ways to promote your business? Do your promotional images perfectly depict your business as individual, innovative and dynamic? Hi, I’m Claudine Burgess and I know how difficult it can be to effectively promote a business and stand out from the masses. With a varied international background, I understand marketing and what a business like yours needs to be an individual. Which is why my photography business, Define and Shine, is very different. After moving to Australia, I became a wife, mother, businesswoman, communicator, connector, speaker, marketer, and strategist while continuing to pursue my love of photography. Working with small and medium sized businesses in a variety of industries showed me the many ways marketing can be successful and not so successful. I was stopped in my tracks with a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2011. It was an overwhelming time. Determined to overcome what was happening to me, I focused on becoming a Life and Business Coach gaining a Masters in NLP. Together, my illness and study led me to develop an innovative on-line program for people going through cancer. During this time, I used my photography as a source of comfort but to also challenge myself to keep moving forward. Combined with my international and local marketing career, I have created a business that combines marketing knowhow with vivid photography that personally depicts YOUR business.

Define and Shine uncovers the unique story of your business and enables it to shine. www.defineandshine.com.au Facebook: claudineburgessphotography Instagram @claudineburgess eYs Magazine



I am known to many as Pam or Pammie. I live in Townsville Australia which is my Home town, it’s paradise to me living in my gorgeous Cottage (Home Sweet Home) surrounded by tropical landscaping, giving privacy with a mini resort ambience. I Love living Coastal in Nth Qld where it is beautiful one day and perfect the next most of the year. I started my working life as a receptionist all those years ago, however my creative juices flowed through and my further employment found me in creative roles. I am now retired with time being more my own and my gift of creation now fills many of my days and sometimes evenings. I met my husband at an early age and this 2018 is our Golden Jubilee. Love, Honesty and Loyalty are important ingredients in my recipe of Life.

“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds around my neck.” Facebook: @louloulivingcreations Instagram: @loulouliving_townsville


Owner and Operator, Business Woman and Designer’ A Fabric Decor Business Specializing in Cushions

“I love travelling, music, movies, having coffee catch-ups with friends, and most of all, spending time with family.”

Facebook: @CoverMeSweetCushions Instagram: @cover_me_sweet 66

eYs Magazine

Born in Ingham, a small sugarcane growing town in North Queensland, I am the youngest of two daughters’. Following Sicilian tradition, I was named after my grandmother, Santa. My Christian name is Santina, but I prefer being called Tina. I left high school mid-year of Grade 10 and worked in a pharmacy during the school holidays and offered a full-time position in a dispensary. That I spoke a second language helped. At a young age, I married my husband Sam, and we have two beautiful children. Our first born is Paul, followed by my daughter Claudia, whom I am very proud of my children’s achievements. Paul represented Australia at the Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 Olympic Games, in the 4x100M relay. He is now a PE Teacher. My daughter Claudia works in Business Banking and has achieved many awards in her career. She is also a successful Wedding Photographer and the mother of two beautiful children, Madison and Ethan. Married for 42 years, of those 35 years was working with my husband Sam in his Accountancy practice. A family run business, where I worked as a receptionist, computer operator, and manager. We sold our practice due to Sam’s ill health and moved to Townsville. We are a close-knit family, and I am blessed to have my children and grandchildren living close by.


Life Coach, Speaker and Business Woman Debbie Kemp is passionate about supporting people to create a more amazing life than they ever realized possible. An intuitive life coach, personal development coach, speaker and business owner, Debbie loves doing business in a way that’s tuned in to heart and soul and playing with amazing people who aren’t willing to settle for anything less than their heart’s greatest desires. Debbie is a mum and a wife, and she’s lived a fascinating health journey that led to an empowering exploration of self. She’s out to impact the planet in the most loving, compassionate and transformative way possible!

“Be intentional with your thoughts and feelings, and with how you spend your time, for this will create your life!.” www.debbiekemp.com.au Facebook: DebbieKemp1111 Instagram: @debbiekemp1111


Scientist, Business Woman and Motivational Speaker Deme McDonald was born and raised in Compton, California during the height of the urban crisis in the 1980s. Immersed in a city of civil, social, and spiritual unrest she identified a resilience, hope and joy within herself and the community in the midst of the turbulence. Deme currently lives in the northern suburbs of Sydney, Australia with her two sons and partner. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from the University of California, Irvine and is a Certified Manager of Quality for Operational Excellence through the American Society of Quality. Deme has focused on that inner strength often masked by circumstance and celebrates the unrelenting courage born from being in harmony with your true spirit which resonates in her writing.

“I use mindfulness, being in the moment, and listening to my true spirit to guide me through life’s challenges, divinely orchestrated to propel me forward to live the life designed for me with compassion, joy, and passion.” www.maxaus.com.au eYs Magazine



‘Bookkeeper, Reiki Practitioner, and Business Owner A seeker, and lover of light, an introvert, and a complex creature with a vivid curiosity for exploring my inner Universe. My passion for uplifting and inspiring others, seeing people become the best versions of themselves through compassion, nature, laughter, and warmth, embrace all of who I am. The symbol of love, faith and hope, align my purpose of sharing the joy and connecting with the truth as we find the light that shines within. I hope to discover my path and trust the process with love and kindness in my heart. My story unfolds as divine love flows, and ‘Big Love and Magic,’ a novel yet to be written. Sharing my inner whispers and inspire others to find their truth and shine too, along with your stories and experiences. Join me on this journey of ‘Big Love and Magic’ to uplift and inspire, as you inspire me. I call Newcastle home with my husband, son and pooch soulfriend, Lola.

“I come into alignment with who I really am, my true self, the love that I am.” www.solutionhub.com.au Instagram: @hands_on_energy


Photographer, Business Woman, Author and Traveller My name is Natalie O’Connor and I am a wife, mother, photographer, business woman, traveller and writer. I enjoy expressing my creativity and making a difference. I love spending time with my family and friends and being in nature. I am passionate about education. While studying for my Bachelor of Arts from Sydney University, I also studied photography and martial arts. After my first degree, I completed a Master in Business Administration at the University of Technology, Sydney, followed by a Graduate Diploma in Environmental Science at the University of New South Wales. I have worked as a business consultant for top tier companies, developing skills in strategic management. I have also worked as an environmental consultant and run my own company as a professional photographer. I am now facing my most challenging and rewarding role to date – mother to my two gorgeous children.

“Someone once told me that it was really important to focus on the ordinary things in life and find wonder in them, because if you don’t you will always seek out extraordinary things in order to be impressed by.” Instagram @natalieoconnorphotography 68

eYs Magazine


Jewellery Designer, Business Woman, and Photographer

“Creativity feeds my heart and soul and inspires me to pay it forward and make my clients happy.”

The Neetz Designz handmade jewellery studio was established in 2003 in my hometown Toowoomba, Queensland, the sunshine state of Australia. According to my Mother, I was stringing beads at the age of five, so I guess you could say jewellery designing is my calling. My promise to my clients is to produce definitive, signature jewellery with a purpose. Created with quality materials and keeping with my Meraki Earth mantra, my jewellery contains a reflection of myself, my heart and my soul, in every piece of jewellery. When you purchase Neetz Designz, be assured that you will be wearing a unique, signature piece of jewellery like no other. My commitment to my clients is to design original, one of a kind jewellery rather than following the “trend designer” crowd. I have also followed my passion for photography and nowadays, nearly all the images featured on my website and social media are proudly created by me. Sue Bryce, a world-renowned portrait photographer, was my mentor and being involved in her photography learning workshop is the best decision I ever made. To me, being creative is a gift and an art that should be shared with the world.

www.neetzdesignz.com Facebook: Neetz Designz Instagram: @neetz_designz_jewellery


Author, Founder/Director, Business Woman and Influencer I am a mum of two beautiful boys, soul mate to an amazing man of 27 years, and blessed to live in beautiful Sydney, Australia. My lessons learned, experience, and social etiquette have enabled me to Found “Empowering Your Soul.” Known for my motivating, and inspiring original quotes, and recognized by social media, and corporate giants, supporting my mission to inspire, through words we can relate, staying true to ourselves. Anne Geddes, published one of my quotes in her 2014 release, ‘Little Blessings.’ Alaska Airlines, highlighted one of my quotes, in their official ‘Brand Guidelines’ manual and Highpoint University, USA, featured one of my quotes on the front cover of the University Legacy Brochure as their Legacy. I am proud to be the Founder/Director and Editor in Chief of our new inspiring monthly publication ‘eYs Magazine – Empowering Your Soul.’

“Be remembered for the right reasons. Leave a legacy and a smile in your heart beyond life.” www.empoweringyoursoul.com www.eysmag,com Facebook: Author Jasmina Siderovski - Empowering Your Soul Anecdotes, and Quotes Instagram: @jasmina_siderovski_author_eys Amazon: www.amazon.com/Jasmina-Siderovski/ eYs Magazine



My name is Elizabeth Simonsen. I am a 53-year-old mother of two beautiful grown-up adults. I live in beautiful Townsville, North Queensland where the sun always shines. I have a Degree in Education and Art and am the proud owner of Fashion Zen Style, a place of fashion, style, soul, and self where I help empower women to embrace and be the best version of themselves. As a fashion stylist, my passion is to make every woman and mum feel beautiful and special.

“You never know what treasure you are going to unearth!” Facebook: Fashion Zen Style Instagram: @elizabeth_simonsen


J. Thiele lives in Brisbane, Australia. She writes in a variety of genres, ranging from paranormal romance, old fashioned who did it – Detective novels and most recently has broadened her scope with the addition of writing horror. She finds writing therapeutic and centering which tends to balance out her energetic personality, and the occasional bout of insomnia. Although she has realized that writing horror at night can raise your blood pressure when you see a movement out of the corner of the eye. It’s all too easy to scare oneself half to death.

“Sometimes the best stories start at the beginning and sometimes they start at the end.” www.authorjthiele.com Facebook: AuthorJ.Thiele Goodreads: J_Thiele Amazon www.amazon.com/J.-Thiele/ 70

eYs Magazine

LIDIJA TOMEVSKA INSPIRATIONAL TEACHING WITH LIDIJA English Teacher, Translator and Second Language Teacher

A passionate English language teacher who uses her experience and knowledge to provide creative and original approach in the field of EFL teaching. Her interest is second language acquisition pedagogy with focus on pre-school and early school second language skill development.

“By sharing my thoughts on learning English as a second language, hopefully, I would be able to bring my teaching world closer to all enthusiastic learners and thus introduce amazing new ways to learn a foreign language.” www.herc.com.mk

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eYs Magazine - July 2018 - Issue 2  

eYs Magazine is your must-read magazine celebrating everyday people, from fashion to home decor, business and inspiring stories that will le...

eYs Magazine - July 2018 - Issue 2  

eYs Magazine is your must-read magazine celebrating everyday people, from fashion to home decor, business and inspiring stories that will le...


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