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Jude Ediae – Global Youth Mental Health Awareness - GYMHA Kathryn Currow – Taking Peediatrics Abroad (Ltd) Laura Lewis – Inetrenational Day of People with Disability



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Ruby Bakshi Khurdi - Speaker Ashaba Faridah – Bambino Life Foundation


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Claudine Burgess – Define and Shine Maya Apostoloska - The Art of Life with Maya


Wham Bam Author Jam 2019 – Christchurch, New Zealand Perfectly Published Perth 2020 – Perth, Australia Newcastle Book Boyfriend 2020 – Newcastle, Australia

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Debbie Kemp

Interview with Danela Arsovska

Joseph Mosa – Humanitarian


Natalie O’Connor – In My LIfe Cosette Awad – A Cosy Corner Julie Michels – Big Love and Magic


Pamela Dalseno - Lou Lou Living Tina Di Bella – Cover Me Sweet


Bojana Bogojevic – UN Climate Teacher Marco Piemonte - Terra fan Club


OUR COVER: Thank you to Danela Arsovska for allowing eYs Magazine feature her story and publish the professional images of her journey. Note: All images are copyright and credit to Danela Arsovska.

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Keith Kirkwood and Manna Dabholkar – Gift Global Initiative George Guyo – Girls Education Mission – Kenya - GEM-K Raphael Louis – Federal Association for the Advancement of Visible Minorities - FAAVM


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EDITOR’S NOTE itarian story this edition is Joseph Mosa, from Flores Island – Indonesia.


he theme for eYs Magazine this season is Women’s Empowerment and the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. We are proud to announce that we have partnered with the UN SDG’s Action Campaign - Act4SDG’s supporting all 17 SDG’s through the eYs Magazine Campaign Raise Your Voice for Our Planet #ACT4SDG’s. eYs Magazine creates the voice for a sustainable world. We highlight the importance of global awareness for peace and growth. We celebrate and empower individuals, groups and organisations to prosper and grow. Our focus is to contribute toward the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals in all 17 focal areas. We invite everyone to join us and Raise Your Voice for Our Planet by sending in expression of interest with articles supporting our campaign and feature in upcoming editions that support these sustainable goals. Register your interest via or e-mail below. As a leader and representative, in media and publishing, as well as a devoted humanitarian I am a member of the United Nations Association of Australia and the United Nations Women National Committee Australia. It’s an opportunity to be part of a sustainable world, security, climate change and kept in the loop with all humanitarian initiatives worldwide. We are even more excited for the upcoming 2020 UN and Australia Sustainable Partnerships Forum in Melbourne, and closely looking at being a strong voice at this event. eYs Magazine has been the pinnacle for many of our unsung heroes and will continue to recognise and affiliate with global networks. The recent 74th Session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA 74), witnessed some incredible general debates at the UN High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development. It included high-level dialogues on financing for development and the elimination of nuclear weapons. Progress talks in line with Climate Week and the Climate Action Summit, Youth Climate Summit and Essence for Successful Actions toward Achieving SDG’s were the hero topics for the

We are excited to have created a full edition and highlight all these people, foundations and local community who give us hope and faith toward a sustainable world. Gratitude to the eYs Team – Maya, Cosette, Claudine, Pam, Tina, Debbie, Julie, and Bojana for delivering yet again an inspiring group of articles that will keep you reading for hours. Special mention to our guest contributor Marco Piemonte, from Italy - the Founder of Greenden who highlight’s the importance of Terra Fan Club. UNGA 74. Artificial Intelligence Sustainable Development Summit also made headlines as experts spoke about its impact ahead of us.

We have now climbed to just over 200, 000 readers globally and would like to thank all our readers for their continued support.

The next decade focuses on all the 17 SDG’s and will play a major role in all our lives. A responsibility for all of us to help pertain a sustainable world. It affects us, our children and its success are pivotal for our future. On a lighter note, eYs Magazine has been working closely within the community and across Australia, in supporting many humanitarian initiatives, author events and a Fundraiser Gala 2020 for Multiple Sclerosis. There is more information on our website and social media. Be sure to stay in touch with our current and upcoming events. In this edition you will meet many women leaders who respectively, go above-and-beyond for our global economy, education and humanitarian initiatives - to support poverty and human rights. Danela Arsovska – President, Macedonian Chambers of Commerce – is our cover story, an inspiring young woman who is taking the business world by storm. Our supporting features for women’s empowerment include Ashaba Faridah from Uganda, Africa - the Founder of Bambino Life Foundation and Dr. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi, Switzerland – Professor, Speaker and Humanitarian. You will also get an insight to some of the many initiatives abroad such as Gift Global Initiative with Chairman Keith Kirkwood, and CEO, Manna Dablholkar, who introduce us to clean water for all communities. Our heart-warming human-

Jasmina Siderovski CEO and Editor-in-Chief eYs Magazine


EVENTS AND INITIATIVES Global Youth Mental Health Awareness GYMHA The Global Youth Mental Health Awareness (GYMHA) is a global network of professionals whose VISION is to make psychology a household term and to be an advocate for raising awareness and improving youth emotional and mental health outcomes. The GYMHA aimed to empowers anyone, especially those youth experiencing psychological health problems, emotional turmoil, adjustment issues and concerns, with an endeavour to make psychology a household word without any stigma or prejudice.

This is the fundamental principle associated with The Project, i.e. young people who may be affected by mental health issues are usually best placed to drive changes in the methods that health care sectors can adopt or modify their approach for assisting youth in overcoming this issue. The Project is to ensure that unique people with the same agenda (that includes international political leaders, youth activists, community leaders, allied health professionals) are able to discuss the most crucial issues facing the domain of Youth Psychology. The Project focuses on youth psychology, youth mental health outcomes, by amalgamating youths, youth activists, NGO’s, community groups and allied health practitioners from across many diverse backgrounds and nationalities, given youth mental health is not defined to any one nationality. A gendered approach to the mental health of young people is also required that considers help seeking preferences, as well as other social pressures such as gender-based discrimination and ideals of appearance. Community based, recovery orientated supports are needed to complement clinical and acute care services. For more details please visit:

Global Youth Mental Health Awareness (GYMHA) is an international initiative directly supported by the Global Socio - Economic & Financial Evolution Network (GSFEN) and is a key initiative associated with their Sustainable Development Goals. The GLOBAL YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS LIMITED is registered under Australian Securities and Investments Commission of the Corporations Act 2001.The company is a limited by guarantee Not-For-Profit organization. GYMHA became a proud member of United Nations Association of Australia Victoria branch on the 28th of July 2019.

OUR PROGRAMS Global Youth Mental Health Awareness brainstorming new ideas, indulging in discussions to empower the process where Youth and young people are encouraged to take charge of their lives, and they do this by addressing their situation and develop in advancing their access to resources which would transform their perception positively through their beliefs, values, and attitudes, with respect to proper moral as a core value to initiate ethical responsibility as a principle example for the future of others to follow. We anticipate the youth forthcoming journey as an eventful one, so we would put efficient effort towards making the Youth Mental Health Awareness a priority globally harnessing its impact to a sustainable platform.

THE CONFERENCE BACKGROUND: The GYMHA (conference/project) was developed in response to the growing need to communicate and engage with professionals and the youth of the community, to the issues associated with Youth Mental Health and the stigma associated with those individuals who may seek help. One of the key outcomes is to ensure that positive psychology becomes a household term; that ensures the youth of our community are including and not discriminated against. Young people experiencing mental illness should be recognized as experts in their own lives. Given that young people are most comfortable going to friends for help, peer support networks and peer education initiatives may also equip young people with the knowledge and skills to recognize mental health issues and aid to others in need.


Prof. (Dr.) Jude Ediae BA-BEHP, MBA, PhD Founder and Chief Executive Officer of GYMHA

OFFICIAL LAUCHING OF GYMHA Dear Friends and Community Leaders We’re so excited to announce that we will be hosting the National Mental Health Commissioner and many others high profile leaders for official launching of GYMHA Date: 19th October 2019 Time: 10am – 3pm Venue: Chisholm Institute Dandenong Campus Address: 121 Stud Rd Dandenong Ticket is FREE. But booking is essential. Book your FREE ticket today at:

Special Thanks To: GYMHA board of directors, Planning committee members, GSFEN Family, ASEAN University International, International Youth Parliament, Indonesian Melbourne Fellowship of Victoria, eYs Magazine - Empowering Your Soul, A.R.T. for Inner Growth, The BIG Comeback, Zaborn, The Inclusive Kids Initiatives, The Compass Times, Progressive Care Solution For any enquiries, partnerships, and sponsorship please get in touch at or visit : We hope you can join us! Lastly, we’d love you to connect with us:



Taking Paediatrics Abroad: giving forward and bringing back Dr Kathryn Currow Founder “Taking Paediatrics Abroad: giving forward and bringing back� (TPA) is an emerging charitable organisation, based in Sydney, that will facilitate volunteer opportunities for Australian paediatric doctors, nurses and allied health professionals in developing countries and remote underserved Aboriginal communities. Its aim is to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people and save lives. As well, the sharing of knowledge and experience through TPA will generate bidirectional benefits to health professionals who care for them and to health systems in recipient countries in recipient countries and Australia.. A pilot will commence in the Indo-Pacific region in 2020. Consultation undertaken within each country will ensure their specific paediatric clinical and educational needs are best matched with appropriate expertise. Our colleagues in developing countries are keen to engage as the see this as a great opportunity to learn new knowledge, improve services, and especially to help sick children have better outcomes. Australian volunteers will work alongside local paediatric health professionals in each country conducting clinical consultations and providing paediatric education to colleagues as well as to families and communities. Volunteers will benefit from learning new knowledge themselves and will enhance their life experiences and reinvigorate their own sense of purpose.

Dr Kathryn Currow Founder



For further information please contact Laura Lewis on M: 0431 041 023 Instagram: @AutismMentoring EYS MAGAZINE | 7

WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT Award Winning International Inspirational Speaker, Innovative Academic, Social Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker & Trainer Ruby is a highly successful and popular professor teaching courses related to Human Resources Management, Luxury Management, Communication, Business Ethics and Marketing in Swiss Business Management schools. She has received various awards and certificates in the arena of public speaking, teaching and leadership. She has been acclaimed as a very powerful speaker on Emotional Intelligence, Women Empowerment & Cultural sensitivity. As an innovative academician, Ruby’s teaching focuses on learning through team spirit, leadership development and quality management. She has attended cultural tours with international group of students to Turkey, China, France, Prague and within Switzerland.

Professional life It looks like a chapter from a high profile career magazine…totally magical!! But magic didn’t happen in a day…Ruby had to struggle a lot to carve a niche for herself in a foreign country! After marriage like a dutiful Indian wife, she left her flourishing career as a school principal, her adoring parents, her kid sister, her friends to follow her husband in Switzerland. It looked like a dream come true to everyone back home! But she had to start from scratch - the initial few months were very difficult and challenging – language, being a major issue. Cultural shock was evident coming from India….where there are festivities around the year…too many people, traffic, spice in food….social life was almost non-existent. She had to make lots of adjustments in her way of living. It was not easy, but she did it with consistent support of her loving husband.

DR. RUBY BAKSHI KHURDI people to help overcome this issue & make speaking fun!! She wants to help people build confidence, give them voice & create an Impact!!

Her Mission in Life

Professionally, she had to work almost double to be noticed in a male dominated business management teaching industry. She always tried to be innovative in her teaching style, she was the first one in her school to introduce beamers in classrooms. At that time it was just used for important conferences and not everyday teaching…starting at a young age her method of teaching were revolutionary, giving her a edge over her peers. Her sincere efforts got noticed and she was appointed as the Academic Dean of prestigious girls boarding school.

“Education is a continuous mission of life, never stop learning – learn something new every day. And I am not just talking about degrees and diplomas but real life – education. Try to inculcate good values, noble ethics, and cultural sense within yourself and in people around you.” She firmly believes in the institution of Family, if you have a wonderful support of your parents, kids and an understanding husband facing challenges of life becomes easier and you emerge winner!!

Role as a Social Entrepreneur

Role As International Public Speaker And Trainer

In addition, Ruby is the founder of Indo-Swiss Cultural Network - To inculcate values of the rich Indian culture, she is actively involved with cultural education – teaching ‘shlokas’, ‘mantras’ and ‘bhajans’ to kids as well as adults who are interested. Building bridges between people of both communities to integrate and live together. She is the Founder President of Réseau InterculturELLE Des Femmes (RIF), a socio-cultural network for women to connect, share, support and discover each-other in sisterhood! She has the support of local community, she is tirelessly leading and helping women from diverse backgrounds globally… She is actively involved in giving free training sessions about personality development, cross- cultural issues and women empowerment in different associations and clubs. She visits old age homes with her kids every month – where they play board games, sing songs, share stories and just talk to lonely people –to bring smiles on their faces. Public speaking or merely speaking at meetings is difficult for some people, they actually get nervous or develop cold feet... RAY Academy Swiss – Re-Invent the Awesome You, is her latest venture - a humble initiative to reach out


►► Plenary Speaker at GOD Awards at United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland ►► Guest speaker at Management Development Program at prestigious Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow, India ►► Invited as Panel Speaker at Great Women Leaders at Good Festival, Lausanne. ►► Conducted humanitarian online training sessions of Women Empowerment & Emotional Intelligence for 850 people as Global Goodwill Ambassador. ►► Guest speaker at Isabelle Thoburn College, Jaipuria Institute of Management & Loyola International Lucknow ►► Keynote Speaker at World Music Conference, Birmingham, UK ►► Panel Speaker at International conference, Global Developments in achieving Equitable Gender Competi-

tiveness & Women’s participation in Public Life, Policy, Legislation & Decision making under Patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Sabika, Bahrain.

►► Chairperson of All Ladies League, Women Economic Forum, Montreux



Brand Ambassador Delance Swiss Watches


Vice President, Swiss Riviera Toastmaster Club, Vevey


Former General Secretary of Indian Association of Lausanne

Keynote Speaker at 7th Swiss Congress at Zurich.

►► Keynote Speaker at Powerful Business Women’s Network at Zurich ►► Speaker at a gala event organised by Women Inspiring Women at Zurich ►► Panel Speaker as Lady Boss at Swiss Entrepreneurs Festival in Zurich ►►

Woman of Truth Factor Podcast

►► Entrepreneur Mastermind Podcast on “Continuing Education for better future” ►►

Panel Speaker at Lish Tesla Community event in Lausanne

►► “Managing Emotional Intelligence” at Toastmasters Division Conference, Vevey ►► Keynote Speaker, “Education a Continuous mission for better future” at Good Festival 4e at Lausanne. ►► “How Emotional Intelligence can boost your productivity & performance” at Nestle, Switzerland ►► Plenary Speaker at Women Economic Forum, Hague, Amsterdam - March ►► Entrepreneur Mastermind Podcast on “Understanding Communication” -

Awards & Achievements

►► Emotional Intelligence – Winter Leadership Summit, Impact Hub Geneva

►► Awarded Ambassador of Peace by Women’s Federation for World Peace International at Zurich, Switzerland

►► “Communicating through Body Language” at Toastmaster event at EPFL, Lausanne

►► Pride of Education Award in India. ►► First Indian Swiss Professor invited for TEDx Talk

►► Speaker for Communication Master class at Hotel Institute Montreux

►► Appointed Ambassador of Peace by Institute of Peace and Development (INSPAD) an International non-governmental organization; Incorporated in Brussels Belgium with Special Observer Status with United Nations.


“Education India Vs. Switzerland” - Lucknow, India

►► Featured on the cover page of a UK Based international magazine for a special edition- “The league of Extraordinary women” ►► Ambassador & Speaker for LinkedIn for a woman movement ►► WAW Award at International Women’s Day at London ►► Awarded Exceptional Women of Excellence at Women Economic Forum at Portugal 2017 & India 2019 ►► Plenary Speaker at Women Economic Forum at Hague ►► Received Outstanding Professor Award from American Graduate School of Business, Switzerland
 ►► Received Diploma of Honour for outstanding teaching qualities from American Graduate School of Business, Switzerland ►► Received Competent Communicator Award ►► Received Competent Leadership Award

Leadership Role Ruby Says – “My main aim in life is to serve mankind – empower both women and men. I want to do more significant tasks in life and be a harbinger of change, educating people and spreading happiness.” ►► Vice President Women Empowerment & development, Country Chair Global Goodwill Ambassador for Switzerland ►►

Advisory board, World Youth Summit


Female Wave of Change Ambassador, Switzerland


Member of Counsel General of the Commune of Rennaz.

►► Nominated as Most Inspiring Female Entrepreneur of 2017 by Swiss Entrepreneurs Magazine


LITTLE LORD & LADY AUSTRALIA PROUDLY CREATING EXCEPTIONAL CLOTHING FOR YOUR LITTLE LORD & LADY Little Lord & Lady is a British children’s clothing brand inspired by traditional British style and culture. Arriving in Australia, with all our shared history, was an easy leap. Now with our flagship Australian store - you too can experience our quirky yet classic clothing. ►► We want that heritage to shine through everything we do based on these beliefs: ►► We are unique, just like your children, our seasonal collections feature playful rhythms of colour and texture combinations that allow boys and girls to make their own individual, inimitable statement. ►► We create exclusive collections so your children will stand out from the crowd. Based on a time and place in the UK, each story brings history to life with bespoke design, prints and features mirroring the era. ►► We believe in luxury for little ones. High end fabrics and exclusive prints designed in-house are complemented by distinctive touches and trims, making our

range both distinguished and timeless. ►► We believe all children are different and their differences should be celebrated. Each story includes a range of pieces, so you can choose the item which suits your child’s character and style the best. Pick pieces from the same story and your family still feels like the celebration of unity it is. ►► We hold ourselves to the very highest standards. We go beyond the trend, ensuring that every element of our design and manufacture is second to none. Our products are rigorously tested to ensure their fitness for purpose and quality manufacture. ►► Always looking for feedback, we welcome constructive criticism as we want to be our very best. ►► We want your children to enjoy our collections for many years. Our clothes are designed for fun, made for play, hard wearing and easy to care for. Children will be children after all. Our Exclusive British Designs, Unique Prints Designed In House, Luxury Fabrics And Stylish In Distinctive Outfits Is The Ultimate Statement For Any Young Family.

Credit: My Tiny Universe Photography


Nirvana Diab


ASHABA FARIDAH Written by Jasmina Siderovski

for many young women as they follow pursuit in, Ashaba’s footsteps – a TEDx Speaker, educator, humanitarian and aviation expert. A girl’s rights advocate, Ashaba lived a humble life and had to grow up quickly, learn to be independent, mature and appreciate the things she was privy too as opposed to the many things they lacked. Her love for life and helping others became part of her as she grew with different challenges, experiences and life had served her. She knew from an early age that her future was in aviation the minute she saw a female pilot step out onto the tarmac of her plane. It was enough to kick-start her passion to fly high. And, so she did. She became a role model to thousands as she encouraged women to follow pursuit of their dreams no matter what and in any environment. In her High School years, Ashaba was never into theory and her interest swayed toward the practical functioning of technology and education as she pursued her dream in aviation. Naturally, a male dominated industry being a pilot posed its challenges making it harder for Ashaba having to prove herself in a man’s world. Against all odds, she worked harder, physically and emotionally earning her stripes as she proved that women do belong in this industry and are more than capable mentally to cope with the task of flying a plane.

Pilot And Founder Of Bambino Life Foundation

A young woman raised single-handedly by her mother along with her only sibling in the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda in Africa – Ashaba Faridah follows the journey of her inspiring mentor and mother to become the CEO and Founder of Bambino Life and a Pilot. Her heart belongs to the less fortunate as she works around the clock to create hope for those lacking in basic necessities around her. Her youth belongs to an old soul as a woman wiser than her years, Ashaba is a mentor

Although, Ashaba would like to settle in a Commercial Airline her real passion is flying private jets. She has a commercial pilot license, and a Diploma in Flight Operations and Management. She enjoys the sense of freedom away from congestion and traffic – in a world of her own. Her mantra is spiritual and she strongly believes God is her mentor as they both face challenges at different times in her life. Her positive nature over take any barriers, fear or negativity that may cross her path. She believes in love for every race, colour and socio-economic caste – her motto being that what one puts out the world will give in return. Bambino Life Foundation – is Ashaba’s true passion she founded straight out of high school promoting girl child education, support and empowerment. Amongst many programmes Bambino Life Foundation includes awareness for children living with disabilities and better the life for children living in orphanages. This is done through educating the girls general life skills and motivating them to empower their thoughts to believe in themselves pursuing their dreams to be the best they can be and complete their schooling. Adding to Ashaba’s humanitarian love she is involved in STEM Queens, a partnership between Bambino Life Foundation and Empty Energy. A programme that encourages girls to pursue a career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. She is also the Chair of Uganda, Global Good-


will Ambassadors, GGA – a humanitarian organisation Founded by Richard DiPilla and the leadership of Lisa Jones Executive President and COO that recognises the efforts of humanitarians around the world with 14,000 individuals representing 211 nations and territories. Ashaba Faridah was selected to be 1 of 9 Women innovators to represent the UN Women “Impossible to Ignore” campaign that was displayed around the globe. She Innovates kicked off on International Women’s Day 2019. Some of the figures featured were Dr. Christyl Johnson, The first female African American Deputy Director of NASA, Bestie Wolfe a Singer and Innovator, among others. The campaign appeared all across the world. It was featured across media that was provided by JCDecaux, Facebook, The Economist, Westfield, Nasdaq and Walgreens, with out-of-home sites including Times Square, JFK International Airport, the World Trade Center, Westfield London and train stations across the UK.

An inspiring mentor, woman and leader, Ashaba feels strongly about her roots, remembering where she came from. She firmly encourages people to not let society limit them and to shoot for the stars, to believe in yourself and leave the rest to God. eYs Magazine would like to congratulate Ashaba Faridah and applaud her Genuity and passion for making a real impact in many young girl’s lives. The world needs more people like her and it is these selfless people who remind us that there is good in this world. Thank you, Ashaba.





Claudine Burgess

It’s Much More Than a Blanket! At times I get asked, what is your favourite photo you have taken? My answer to that is I don’t because tomorrow I will have another one! I do have pictures in my library that I value, and tell a confronting story. Like the photo below, I took while traveling through Spain in 2018, of a kind man helping a homeless on that scorching day on one of the famous boulevards in the picturesque city of Barcelona.

It only takes one person being kind to another person. Regardless of who they are, what their story is, and powerful for a community coming together, taking care of the most vulnerable people in our society.

Credit: Photography by Claudine Burgess



was more than happy to help out when the phone call came from a good friend Tricia La Bella. Tricia was asking if I could pick up a few blankets from a business in my neighbourhood. Knowing who the blankets were for, was the moment it got me thinking of that photo I took in Spain. Tricia is the business owner of her wellbeing business; Real Time Enhancements in which Real Time Community projects is part of. One of the several community projects she does is ‘Knit A Care Square’. Squares are knitted and joined by volunteers then distributed to around 15 organizations that help the most vulnerable people in our society. Isn’t it horrible knowing and the fact that Australia, where I live, has 116,427 people homeless on any given night. It includes 43,552 young people under the age of 25, and 18,625 aged 55 and over and each year, more than 123,000 parents and their children don’t have a safe place to call home. I can genuinely imagine, how welcomed and appreciated these blankets would be giving them warmth and comfort I remember myself when I went through my time with breast cancer in 2011 when my friend gave me a self-knitted orange blanket. I still treasure it today, and it keeps reminding me of her kindness and support during that challenging time with MR C (who I called cancer). EYS MAGAZINE | 15



nvisage, a blanket made out of 40 squares from several people who knitted a square. Individuals who design and join squares using a crotchet stitch — while others donate wool and materials to help. It all relies on people, who are often strangers to each other, yet connected by the blankets. As I met Tricia at Flava Food and Coffee on the esplanade of Christie’s beach, South Australia, to deliver the blankets, I could see how things were connecting. It was very evident Flava Food and Coffee was supporting the project, with a basket full of wool and needles, very visual placed where we ordered our coffee. With an inviting sign saying, “Please feel free to help yourself & knit a square or just knit a couple of rows’. 16 | EYS MAGAZINE

leasantly it was when the cafe started filling up, I noticed how many customers picked up the needles and started knitting. A table near us got our attention, a group of women bursting in laughter while one was knitting away! I couldn’t help approaching, the women with that massive smile on her face knitting away on a row somebody else already started. I asked if I could take her photo. Andrea, agreed with great enthusiasm after I explained why it would be great to include her in the story for eYs Magazine. Andrea showed great interest in the project, becoming a volunteer knowing she had more time up her sleeves, after being made redundant from her job that morning. She expressed it would give her something to do and focus while going through a challenging time and finding a new job. People get involved for many reasons and there are so many stories behind each contribution, Tricia said, while we were continuing our conversation over a delicious mug of Latte. Like Andrea, another volunteer Betty from the Resthaven Aged Care Facility, it is giving her and those she sits with, some real purpose. They love how their squares are helping others in need. For others, it combats loneliness and gives them social engagement on a weekly base being part of groups that contributes towards the project. Young people also volunteer as part of school semester projects that start with learning how to knit. We gained valuable feedback from teachers and parents, who mentioned their children were more focussed, persistent, and lessening screen time and improving their relationship, connection time with their families, grandparents at home.


ricia mentioned there were some great stories love from the Knit a Care Square group. that had surfaced over the past years since the Another volunteer personally handed over two blanidea was born unknowingly in 2012, while kets to a homeless man in her community. All he had her husband Steve was going through Non Hodgkin was a thin shirt and didn’t had a lot and was sleeping Lymphoma. rough on the streets. The following day she saw him, It was during his long stints in hospital, knowing her and it made her day knowing he greeted her with a first grandchild was to be born that year in June, she smile, letting her know he hadn’t slept that well for a started knitting squares to make a blanket. It was so long time! well received and loved These are just a few stories by Sidney, that she endof the special things that ed making two more come from sharing kindblankets when his brothness. ers were born. It was The community is building lightbulb moment, when a healthy environment of she realised that so many appreciation, acknowledgpeople love knitting, and ment, kindness, non-judghow wonderful it would ment, creativity, innobe to get the community vation, gratitude and the involved in doing what volunteers often mention they love, while helping the impact of that. From others. A Win Win! the simple act of sending a She began by asking handwritten card of thanks, family and friends to and sharing the appreciknit a few squares and ation and gratitude of all when her good friend, donations, highlights how Kay Mackenzie, who even the smallest contriburuns Community Fitness tion matters. Classes got involved, Where from here was my more blankets were next question before drivformed. ing home after an inspiring They decided to set up a day spent with Tricia. Facebook page (Knit A Her biggest dream is for Care Square) to showKnit a Care Square to weave case the stunning blanits way into more local and kets the volunteer comglobal communities. She munity were creating. sees it more than threads of Tricia La Bella After an article in the wool, rather threads of new Sunday Mail, they where language and new ways of we inundated with peoconnecting and thriving tople wanting to be involved. gether. It is creating a much need community ripple While it started in 2017 with about 40 blankets do- effect, through active engagement and enjoyable opnated, this year 2019 so far, they have delivered over portunities all made visible and available to every270 blankets: meaning around 10.000 squares knitted one. It shows how the community itself can ignite, by volunteers. and organically grow the human spirit. Stories, they have received like the one from a man- And that is the power of what we can do together, one ager of a community centre, where a woman heavily of Tricia’s favourite quotes. pregnant came into the store and went through the second-hand clothes and after chatting with her; he realized she didn’t have much. He went and picked up Photo Credit an armful of blankets and told her to choose one. She became very emotional. Saying to him the blanket Facebook Claudineburgessphotography reminded her of her Grandmother ‘She cuddled the blanket, and he told her, “it was a blanket made with EYS MAGAZINE | 17


MAYA APOSTOLOSKA Talks to Children’s Books Illustrator,

Lisa Van Winsen


Why are the animation drawings in the children books important? Because they introduce to children a love of art in a very unique way.


icture books really help young readers to develop an appreciation for art and writing. Books and stories are multi- sensory: they fill a child’s mind with knowledge and provoke curiosity and discussion. They stimulate imagination and play and provide inspiration, thought and reflection. Reading books exposes children to a wide range of language features and vocabulary. The illustrations of a picture books allow young children to analyse and better understand the story and to anticipate in the reading even if they can’t read yet. Visual books strengthen visual thinking skills as well. Introducing beautiful Lisa Van Winsen from The Netherlands. She is a mother of two girls and an illustrator of children books. She has done the soft, bright colour illustrations of the children books: ‘Idje wil niet naar de kapper!’ from author Michael Middelkoop and of the winterbook ‘De kikkerbilletjes van de koning’ from author Janneke Schotveld. Lisa has started drawing since she was a little child,

founding creating art as an escape of the hard things like math at school or communication with people. Her introvert personality at young age helped her creativity to grown to another dimension: an intimate world where everything is understandable and possible. Today, her wide imagination helps her for her profession. How would you describe yourself? I’ve studied Illustration at the Art Academy and Graphic Design. A few years ago, I worked as a designer and now I can do what I love most; illustrate for children books. Why art? As a child, I was either reading books (or comics) or drawing. I loved books so much I wanted to live in their worlds, and the pictures helped me imagining it. With drawing I could also use my imagination, to create my own stories and worlds. What inspires you? I think if you look at the world in a special way, everything can inspire you. Sometimes when I’m cycling, I see a beautiful tree hanging in the water, or a squirrel crossing the street. Or a person out of the ordinary. That kind of things inspire me, and I come up with a story in my head; what is the squirrel up to? Will he visit a friend? I’ve always had that fantasies, it’s part of my character. My kids can inspire me too, when they say or do something odd or funny. My oldest daughter looks a lot like me, also a bit of a weirdo. How is your art recognized? What does it represent? My illustrations are colourful and full of cute characters. Even the monsters I draw have cuteness. On the other hand, I think it’s important to broaden the horizon of children. To let them take a look in another lives and worlds. And I’m committed to more diversity in children books. Every child wants to recognise itself in the main character. What is your greatest professional achievement? Until now that’s my first children book; ‘Idje wil niet naar de Kapper!’ But there’s more to come, I’m working on a new book, which will be published next year.

Lisa Van Winsen

Why does your art give you thrills? When I make an illustration, I want it to be a great image, but I also want to put some feeling in it. I EYS MAGAZINE | 19

want it to make people happy, or sad, or excited. I know I’ve made a good one, when it makes me giggle for example. What are you really proud of? A few years ago, I had a huge writer’s block. I had no inspiration and wasn’t confident with my drawing style. It was at a time when my life was really busy and I had no space in my head for creativity. But after 2 years I started drawing again, did a children book workshop and used every free hour to improve my techniques. And now I’m really making children books, it is a dream come true. I’ve worked hard to establish this, but I was lucky too. When do you know an illustration is finished? I’m a perfectionist, I always found it hard to accept a work is finished. But I know so when it ‘feels right’, balanced in shape and colour, and telling what it needs to tell. Please submit your most loved illustration and explain to us what


the story is about? I’m working on a story for a children book, I always wanted to write and illustrate my own book. Last year I had an idea about a girl who discovers a whole new world, -behind the one we normally seeby using her imagination. The idea is giving kids the opportunity to a new view at the world. The first illustration I made from that idea was the girl standing in a forest of sleeping cacti. I was then still experimenting with my hand-drawing style, and this illustration was one I felt It’s a long-term project because I’m just too busy now with other assignments, but I’m

very eager to make this book for real. What are you dreaming of? Making children books for the rest of my life. This is what I love, and I hope that I will make a change by bringing more diversity in books, and that kids will hear the message I want to give them; that it’s ok to be yourself, who or what you are. Please submit few illustrations of Idje wil niet naar de kapper and tell us shortly the story of the book? Idje is a curious and bald little boy who likes to do things in his own

use of the warm/cold palette and the contrast. It comes naturally her children to be interested in drawing and colouring since Lisa is daily busy sketching her illustrations. Lisa’s daughters are aged 6 and 4. When her oldest daughter began to draw, Lisa was enthusiastic. At first there were scratches and later shapes. To her great disappointment, she only drew crosses, mostly in black and white. At 4 she draws figures already. In one she drew a figure with a scared face in lots of green and black. She explained that it was her in a storm. Lisa was intrigued, was it a dream, or did she experience something scary? It keeps guessing why a child draws what they draw, but surely, we learn/analyse from the colours they use. Her other daughter was earlier with drawing figures. She uses al kind of different, brighter colours and more experimental shapes. There you can see the difway. He has really long curly magical hair which he ference in character, she is more extravert and bald can form in all kinds of ways and shapes. He’s totalthan her sister, which is reflected it in drawings as ly happy with himself, but his mom wants him to be well. neater. She wants to cut his curls off so she tells him that he has to go to the hairdresser. Surely that’s the last thing he wants. So, he’s trying to avoid it in any way; he hides himself in the closet, tries to trick his mom, and finally hides himself in his own hair. But mom finds him and he must accept his faith. But at the end Idje’s curls will save their dog, as he was falling down the stairs, so his mom sees that his hair is not only a mess, but is also handy. Idje is relieved that he can keep his beloved hair. What role do you have as an artist in the society? As a children book artist, you have an exemplary role, for kids and adults. Kids will learn how the world could be like, and how they can manage themselves in it. I believe -and so do more- that with books can form them, to be better persons as adults. And that’s what we need for the future. Adults who read the books to their kids can connect to their inner child, and you can create a wider horizon for both. Why are you original? I want to put more emotion in children books, I want to make things negotiable. And I want to let go of the social standards of how girls and boys should behave, what they should like. I want kids to know that they’re equal. Lisa as an illustrator would say that she exactly knows what colours can do in a picture: magickly they can reflect a bundle of joy, a cold landscape, a heating moment. Each colour has its character and its meaning. The ambiance in the picture is influenced by the EYS MAGAZINE | 21




WHAM BAM AUTHOR JAM Christchurch, New Zealand

Author Stacey Broadbent 24 | EYS MAGAZINE

Event Information Date: Saturday 26th of October 2019 Location: Papa Hou Stadium 12 Hereford Street Christchurch, Canterbury 8013 New Zealand


fter a successful event last year, Stacey Broadbent, multi-genre author from New Zealand, decided to bring Wham Bam Author Jam back to Christchurch for round two! The event will be held in the Papa Hou Stadium on Hereford Street (part of the YMCA) on October 26th, and once again, authors will be travelling from all over New Zealand and Australia to be a part of this charity event. As well as 23 authors, there will also be a few vendors joining us this year, as well as members from the Christchurch Writers’ Guild - so for those budding authors out there, it’s the place to be to get some inspiration! Each year the ticket and raffle proceeds go to a different charity. Last year the team managed to raise $585 for Mental Health New Zealand, and this year we’re hoping to raise even more for CanInspire. Tickets can be purchased online through Eventbrite, or through the website




Event Information Date: Saturday 18th of July 2020 Location: Perth Town Hall 601 Hay St, Perth WA 6000

Email: Event Website: Instagram:



NEWCASTLE BOOK BOYFRIEND 2020 Newcastle, Australia

Event Information Date: Saturday 26th of September 2020 Location: Wests ~ Starlight Room 88 Hobart Road, New Lambton, NSW 2305

Email: Event Website: Instagram: Twitter:




Swapping Busy and Rushed For Relaxed and Calm, Presence and Spaciousness


t’s a little strange that I feel like writing about this for this issue, because I’m not particularly practiced at being relaxed and calm. Still, I feel that there’s a message about to roll onto the paper for me and people like me… What I mean by that is people who are beyond busy and often exhausted, yet not making any changes significant enough to calm life down. Are you one of those people? How do you feel about the pace of your life and how would you love to feel about life in-


stead? I have a pretty great life and nothing really to complain about, but my answer to these questions would be something like Yes, I am one of those people; I almost always feel rushed, like I am running from one thing to the next; I would love to feel more relaxed, more calm, more present, more spacious. I would love to create time to potter in my garden, to walk my dog more, to read and to meditate and to ‘hang’ with my kids more.

That said, I’m a mum and a business owner and a helper and healer at heart. That usually means that if I’m not busy with mum stuff (you know, sporting commitments and dance performances, helping with homework, school carnivals and special assemblies, shopping, washing, cleaning, lunches, dinners, and bedtime cuddles) or busy with my business (supporting and training and managing people, liaising with customers, meeting regulations and fulfilling my administrative requirements), then I’m somehow, and some-

shine is such an important component of wellbeing. Again, I don’t do this enough for myself, because there’s always something to do! But more time walking the dog would be good for us all, park play is good for so many reasons, and I always enjoy being part of the kids’ fun and happiness.

times accidentally, making myself busy by helping with anything from a school fete to a sporting committee, or I’m helping people get through something or find clarity on something or coaching them to transform a desired area of their life. I guess you could say that now I’m coaching me. Helping myself transform from busy and rushed to more relaxed, more calm, more present and more spacious. One of the challenges is that I take it all in my stride pretty well. I juggle more than I should pretty well. I mostly appear relaxed and calm and present. But I am in a body that shows signs of stress and adrenal fatigue, and I do at times feel utterly exhausted.

I can sense some people who don’t fully relate suggesting that all of this is simply part of adulting, that its how increased responsibility shapes our lives. I’m not sure when we created the collective social agreement that adults should always be busy and rushing, but I’m unsigning. Instead I’m creating a personal agreement with myself for feeling better. I’m swapping busy and rushed for relaxed and calm, for presence and spaciousness, and I’m getting started with a focus on a regular bedtime, better nutrition, and more play in the fresh air and sunshine. It has been said that the best doctors are rest, good nutrition, fresh air, sunshine and exercise… and if you do exercise that you enjoy you can absolutely call it play. Does this sound appealing to you too? You can join me if you like. Please know that it’s not as easy as it sounds in that paragraph above. This is about breaking habits and forming new ones, and that takes consistent action over a period of time. It means putting a regular bedtime before an outstanding task, slowing your day down so there’s more time to prepare and eat nutritious food, and leaving some things

Are you still with me? Do you relate? I had a little ah ha moment recently. I was just pondering some things about self-care and/or self-love. They’re such buzz topics at the moment, and I would say that there are definitely ways that I exercise self-care, and I definitely have self-love. But if I’m honest, I’m probably too busy to do either of those things well. It’s interesting to compare my own acts of love and care to my acts of love and care for my children… Because I want my children to be well and feel well, ensuring they get sufficient sleep is something I’m always on top of. They might have a late night here or there, but their routine includes a regular bedtime and if we have a busy weekend then it’s early to bed on Sunday night. I don’t do that for myself, I use late nights and early mornings to get on top of things. I also make sure that my children eat well. Whilst I do this for myself intermittently, and whilst I love a health kick and a juice fast, I could certainly be more consistent about fuelling my body with nutritious food. Something else I ensure for my children, is lots of play in the fresh air and sunshine. They don’t often have to be asked twice to get outside and play, and not only is play great for their nervous system and brain development, but fresh air and sun-

undone to create time to play outside. It means always adjusting to make time for your new commitments, and looking for anything you can remove from your schedule, so that you’re not just adding more in. Remember, no-one is responsible for you having too much on your plate but you. It’ll feel uncomfortable at times, there’s no doubt about that. You’ll want to stop it at times, and just get busy to get on top of as much as you can. Whether or not you commit and recommit is a personal choice, related only to how much you’re willing to settle for what is, versus how much you want to create a life that feels better. It’s up to you, I dare not try to add any more pressure to what I imagine is an already busy and rushed life… no-one needs more of that! What I’ve learned over the years, is that the only way to have things be different, is to make them that way. It’s not effective to think ‘after that thing happens everything will be easier’ because the reality is that there will be something else. The other thing I’ve learned is that nothing is transformed without a little discomfort, a lot of tweaking, and an ongoing process of committing and recommitting to what’s desired. If you’re up for this transformation, let me know, I’d love to hear your stories!




President, Macedonian Chambers of Commerce

“She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.” -Elizabeth Edwards

Interview by




omen’s empowerment is a global topic that has been given focus by many rising career women around the world. In a man’s world women everywhere continue to work harder, and smarter earning their stripes in this vicious cycle that men do it better. The greats of our time Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Malala Yousafzai and more prove time and time again that women everywhere practice their freedom in decision making. Regardless of groups of social, economic, political, caste and gender-based discrimination it’s about the right to make life choices in social rights, political and economic stability, and judicial presence. The inclusion of women is measured by the growing number of women in key leadership positions. A place to lead, mentor and be a role model for the future generations. Diversity creates a huge opportunity for working ecosystems, different perspectives that individuals can bring in an organisation enhancing performance and success. Despite the ongoing challenges women are faced there are a high-profile of women achievers across the board from many sectors who prompt upcoming empowered women to follow in their footsteps. Amongst these women is Danela Arsovska. Danela Arsovska, is a born leader and devoted mother and wife! She is also a devoted President at the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce – which is the union of national chambers and the largest national business organisation. Danela is committed to creating opportunities and improving conditions for


investment in all sectors, through policy creation, to enhancement of the public-private dialogue across the Macedonian business sector. On a professional level, Danela has over 15 years of management experience in the private sector and over ten years in International Investment Law. She is dedicated advocate for women’s rights as well as a founder of Corporate Social Responsibility across the Macedonian business sector. Danela is the Macedonian representative within the International Chamber of Commerce and is the General Council member of the World Chamber Federation. As you can see, on a professional front Danela is well established and connected across the world. Danela is the new woman of the 21st Century kicking goals as she rises to the top through hard work, commitment and her onus on leaving a legacy in the world of business. One of her biggest milestones in Beijing four years ago, Danela managed to sign an agreement on behalf of the Balkans. The agreement allowed direct access to the Chinese market and an opportunity to export to over one billion consumers. A successful initiative for strengthening the growth of the economy. More recently, Danela attended the Opening Ceremony of the Major Projects on Belts and Road Initiative in Ningbo, China and Import Market Promotion Meeting of Ningbo Free Trade Zone solidifying relations between the MCC and China. Danela was a valued tender representing the MCC at the World Chambers Federation (WCF) with the General Council meeting in Moscow, Russia. The International Chamber of Commerce issued a declaration setting out a vision to shape the future of global business in the next century. And, on her home turf for the first time the MCC launched Digital

Certificates of Origin. Outlining the new process Danela isn’t a stranger to implementing innovation and change educating a new digital generation keeping the business chamber aligned with world progress. Admired by all over the world, Danela facets the perfect role model for women everywhere continuing to prove that joint actions are important for integration and economics. Her gracious attitude and persistence are a positive step forward for any economy as she exemplifies can-do and an over achiever. Danela’s work reflects depth of understanding, rigour of thinking, commitment and achievement, strength of leadership and willingness to take well-argued positions under high pressure environments with a forward-thinking mindset. A global role model for women’s empowerment, Danela has earned the respect and admiration from the Chambers of Commerce and aspiring women. She is a natural leader without the ego or need for recognition. Her humility can certainly teach us a lesson or two as to what it means to radiate self-understanding. On a personal front, Danela enjoys travelling, spending time with family and friends as well as getting some well-deserved rest given her

busy professional life. She is an animal lover and has a passion for fashion and helping others. Her mind is filled with ideas and strategies for a better world. eYs Magazine was fortunate to closely interview Danela recently. What is MCC’s primary purpose? Danela Arsovska: Macedonian Chambers of Commerce is the union of national chambers of commerce and the largest national business organization, with main role and responsibilities to continuously and in a professional manner contribute to the improvement of the economy, advocating and representing the interests of the private sector. Being actively involved in creating opportunities and better conditions for investments in different sectors and through everyday activities we improve and enhance the public-private dialogue, while being dedicated to international collaboration and promotion of national and international trade based on principles of free trade and fair competition. What are the major benefits for the members of the Chamber? Danela Arsovska: Guided by the goal of increasing the competitiveness of companies and improving the business environment, the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce is known for its significant achievements inproposing and implementation of strategic economic policies. MCC is constantly investing in its wide network of associates with professors, academics, entrepreneurs, students aimed at unifying the relevant links in society which should bring economic development and progress to the private sector and sustainable economic growth. Through our business centres, we provide business information regarding opportunities for cooperation and development. Additionally, we enable networking and new business contacts through B2B meetings,




participation in fairs, global forums, promoting members on national, regional and international level. What are some of the most important events organized by MCC? Danela Arsovska: MCC has several annual signature events, such as the Recognition for Macedonian Quality organized under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Macedonia. According to strictly determined criteria, 10 national economic ambassador brands are awarded with the Recognition for Macedonian Quality. Jointly with the Ministry of Economy annually we recognize the best entrepreneurs in the country with the national awards “Entrepreneur of the Year”. We hosted the 2017 Global Women Leaders’ Summit, with over 300 prominent women leaders’ participants from 5 continents, creators of public policies, diplomats and journalists. We also organize numerous high-level forums each year and participate in international events which promote trade and competitiveness on national, regional and global level. Achievements / Awards Danela Arsovska: As one of the Macedonian Women Entrepreneurs Association founders, as well as the initiator of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the national business sector, I am devoted to advocating for human rights but especially for women’s rights in the private sector. There are many things we have achieved with my team through the years, and putting our extensive experience in use, as well as our commitment to the implementation of the national structural economic reforms which can

be achieved through partnership with the Government, I signed Agreement for co-operation on public private dialogue and partnership platform between the chambers of commerce and the Government in 2018 as its Chair.

outside the box in every direction and often as a result has the best possible solutions.

Currently as representative of the private sector I have a regular consultative status for the implementation of strategic economic policies, consultation made by the International monetary fund, The World Bank Group, EBRD, as well as by all national strategic partners.

Danela Arsovska: Unlike the quotas that exist in politics and the public sector, there are no guaranteed quotas in the private sector. There the battle is continuous in all fields. In a society where meritocracy is just an idea and not reality, the challenges we face are even greater. Some values have no gender and can define a person and its success, like character and having the courage to stand your ground and principles. That is what I believe in, so I team up and work with people who have credibility and integrity.

In 2018 I was appointed as general council member of the World Chambers Federation WCF the only global forum which unites over 12.000 chambers of commerce worldwide, as first Macedonian representative to serve on this position since its establishing in 1919. This position is an achievement I am especially proud of since it’s a unique recognition of one’s quality and competence on global level. I am proud that in 2018 I was awarded with the recognition “Best role model for business women in South Eastern Europe” by the World Business Angel Investment Forum and in 2019 at the 6th Regional Summit of Entrepreneurs of Central and South Eastern Europe awarded the high recognition for special contribution to the development of entrepreneurship. Is there any advice you would like to offer anyone else who would like to pursue a career in business?

What are valuable lessons you have learned along the way as a woman?

Who is your inspiration and why? Danela Arsovska: Inspiration is the source of innovation and progress, creation of works of art in all fields. One of the best ways to keep continuous progress is to find your motivation in worthy causes in which you believe in, in the simple and beautiful things, in making the world a better place by doing something good and kind every day.The source of my inspiration I find in the people around me, my family and friends, my team, every day people I meet that want to help make life better for self and others.

Danela Arsovska: Surround yourselves with smart and great people in your work, which will offer experience, challenge ideas and bring new perspectives thus you will reach success. Different opinions initiate thinking



Joseph Mosa Founder of Innovative Community Creativity Granary Foundation I was born in Kekanggoe, Flores Islands. The third child of seven siblings to parents Mr. Antonius Ago and Mrs. Agustina Nina. More familiarly known as Yomos, a village boy born from a very simple family. I was born with a physical disability, where my legs were paralysed for five years. My mother also experienced a very serious illness for three years and I was raised by my grandmother Ester Bai. As a baby, I never felt the sweetness of my mother’s milk. I only enjoyed tea water and water-drained rice when my grandmother cooked it on pots and pans. I never felt the warmth and love of a mother. As is the custom of all children to play, I couldn’t play like them. I can only see them playing. I was born different from the others. When I was six years old, in the front yard of Grandma’s house, a miracle happened where I could stand alone and step forward three times and fall back. I tried to get up again and tried to walk carefully. I called my grandmother to let her know that I could stand and walk. We were all very surprised. For one year I practiced walking and running and even kicked the ball with my friends. In the seventh year, I was taken by my grandmother to my parents so that I could go to elementary school. After finishing junior high school, I told my father that I aspired to become a priest. Finally, my father took me to the Sinar Buana Intermediary St. Francis Asiss Weebetula Seminary in Southwest Sumba. After I finished completing the Seminary, I met my parents to say goodbye because they want-


ed me to continue my schooling at the High Seminary in the Philippines. My intention to go to the Philippines failed because my father was ill for one year while I was still living in Seminary. In 2001, my father passed away. We really feel lost. He left us seven siblings and my mother. Due to this reason I was unable to continue my aspirations because our economic conditions were limited and lacking. Because of this difficulty, I decided to work as an honorary staff at the Ngada District Health Office. In 2009 I was appointed as a Civil Servant. In 2011, I applied for a study permit to continue my studies at the College of Community Development St. Ursula Ende, Flores Islands. In accordance with the field of science that I studied and remembering my past which was very bitter and destitute, then in 2015, my wife and I founded an NGO named: NGO Innovative Community Creativity Granary. Given that NGO legal entities are not accommodated in Indonesia’s positive law, in 2017, I re-established a foundation legal entity with the same name, namely: The Innovative Community Creativity Granary Foundation (YLKMI) through a Decree of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia. My motivation to establish this foundation is only to help others with the strength of the resources that I have because community life in the Flores Islands is very difficult. I am committed to doing what I think is possible through my foundation. Of all the civil

servants in Indonesia who have a calling of conscience to establish a foundation is only me. This consistency is clear because I want to maintain a good social bureaucratic balance. I am a state civil apparatus but I dare to be without activists to defend truth and justice to the last drop of blood. In July 2019, from the results of the discussion room that I had built with stakeholders at the local level, I formed the legal entity of the Indonesian Association of Peasants Partners Norbert which aims to strengthen the capacity of community groups and farmers.

Achievements: --

Best graduate while studying in elementary school, Junior High School, Senior High School and achieving Cum Laude achievement index in college.


Received a certificate of appreciation as an Indonesian Humanitarian at Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA).


Received a certificate of appreciation as Executive Director of Global Ambassadors Human Rights and Peace Indonesia (GAHRP).

Humanitarian work. As Chairman Founder of the NGO Innovative Community Creativity Granary, I have initiated to form communities and empower Mementomori groups to realize social solidarity for community members who have died. In

addition, we assist the community in pursuing handicrafts and home industries and conducting training. As Chairman Founder of the Innovative

Community Creativity Granary Foundation, I and a team of volunteers improve human resources through non-formal education efforts through courses and training in entrepreneurship, applications, computer technicians,

network engineering and the introduction of website-based applications and music art. I also with my volunteer friends implemented a public information disclosure system program by providing a website-based application for villages in the Flores Islands. In addition, I formed and empowered the pottery community in the Flores Islands, which until now we continue to empower. I have also provided input and opened a discussion room with local stakeholders to partner during the foundation’s programs and activities and to oversee the implementation of government and community empowerment. To advocate casual daily laborers who are dismissed by the government in disrespect in their demonstration activities. they have lost their jobs. In addition, we also advocate several cases of violence against women and children. I am currently conducting a fundraiser to establish the Zef Smeets Community Development School in Flores with the hope that everyone can support and help me in this humanitarian work. Vision of the Innovative Society Creative Granary Foundation “Being an agent of change that acts as a motivator and dynamist of the community so that they can reach creative and innovative resources in realizing sustainable development and achieving global goals in 2030 as a form of transformation of the values of social justice and human rights”. The Vision of the Innovative Society Creative Granary Foundation was established as a guide to implementing the strategy and setting the direction and policies for the implementation of the foundation’s programs and activities. The Mission of the Innovative Society Creative Granary Foundation --

Implement an inclusive and innovative approach to deliver tangible results and measurable impacts from the programs and activities implemented.


Eradicate poverty, whatever its form and causes, whenever and wherever it occurs.


Improving the ability of human resources through quality education efforts for children, young people and society.


Achieve justice and Gender Equality, Empower Women and protect children by ensuring the placement of their rights.


Improve the degree of public health by ensuring that everyone has the same right to quality health services and medical care.


Ensuring environmental sustainability through efforts to take swift actions in combating climate change, water supply and sanitation.





Build a strong infrastructure and continuous innovation to access science and technology by implementing website-based applications in the administration of government, development and empowerment of rural communities. Encourage continuous creativity and innovation through strengthening the organizational capacity o f young people. Establish global partnerships and expand cooperation with government agencies, funding agencies, and other parties as observers of social problems that are in line with the Foundation’s vision.


Raise awareness, care and sensitivity to other social problems in society with a spirit of love and brotherhood.


Facilitating the community to bring their needs and problems closer to the reach of observers of social problems.

Goals We Instil Values as our Guideline in Achieving Goals Integrity Integrity is formed when there is concrete action based on values that results from the trust of partners and sponsors. We will maintain integrity by fulfilling our commitment to deliver quality programs and maintain financial transparency. Resilient We always give our best and try as much as possible to achieve our goals by continuing to strive to find solutions to every problem. We accept every challenge to learn and practice


solving problems in a creative way. Excellence We set high standards on the program because we do not want to be easily satisfied with the results achieved but rather a process that promises results satisfaction. Our satisfaction is there when we reach the objective and we will not stop before that happens. Adaptivity Our main focus is those who should be considered. We are always eager to adjust methods and strategies to deliver the desired impact and results. Passionate We love work as a vocation and want to continue to be loyal to the issues we live in. We want to present the best performance, by keeping abreast of developments in the field and widening perspectives, skills and talents. As the founding Chair of The Indonesian Farmers Association Norbert Partners, I strengthen the capacity of community groups and farmers. In addition, we have reorganized the farmer groups which have been inactive so far and have broken the chain of agricultural commodity price policies that have been controlled by loan sharks and middlemen. Accommodating 1046 freelance daily workers as members of the Indonesian Farmers Association Norbert Partners. Life on Flores Islands. The name Flores comes from the Portuguese language “Cabo de Flores” which means “Tanjung Bunga”. The name was originally given by S.M. Cabot to refer to the eastern region of the island of Flores. Finally, in use officially since 1636 by the Dutch Governor General Hendrik Brouwer. A quite in-depth study by Orinbao (1969) revealed that the

real name of the island of Flores is Nusa Nipa (snake island), which from an anthropological perspective, this term is more useful because it contains various philosophical, Cultural, and Ritual Traditions of the Flores people. Flores is part of the province of East Nusa Tenggara. The island is divided into 8 districts; from west to east as follows: --

West Manggarai with the capital city of Labuan Bajo,


Manggarai with the capital city of Ruteng,


East Manggarai with the capital city of Borong,


With the capital city Bajawa,


Nagekeo with the capital city of Mbay,


Ende with the capital city Ende,


Sikka with the capital city of Maumere,


East Flores with the capital city of Larantuka.

Flores people have embraced several modern religious teachings, such as Catholicism, Islam, Christianity and so on. But there are still ancestral traditions that are maintained. One of them is the megalithic tradition in several sub-ethnic Flores. For example, the tradition of erecting and maintaining worship buildings for ancestral spirits as a form of respect (cult) for the ancestors and their spirits dates from around 2500 - 3000 years ago and some of them are still ongoing today. Living Conditions Experienced by Flores Islanders Economics: --

The availability of transportation infrastructure and facilities such as road,

bridge and port infrastructure has not fully supported community economic development, especially in potential production areas in villages. --


The limited amount and quality of water that can meet the needs of the community and to meet agricultural needs. The condition of housing and settlements that are not liveable (emergency) is still quite a lot.


The availability of electrical energy is still limited.


The development of cooperatives and SMEs has not yet had an impact on the significant improvement and economic growth of the community.



political institutions and social institutions in increasing public participation in the decision-making process or public policy. --

Socio-Cultural Sector: Field of Education: --

The quality of education is relatively low and has not been able to meet the competencies of students.


The level of education of the population is still relatively low.


Facilities for basic education services specifically SDLB and secondary education both general (SMU) and vocational (SMK) and Higher Education are still limited and not evenly available.

Regionally Owned Enterprises (BUMD) have not yet made a meaningful contribution to the d e velopment of the people’s economy. Still low productivity of the agricultural sector which includes food crops, plantations, livestock, fisheries and forestry.

Politics and Bureaucracy: --

The government service system that has not been running effectively, efficiently, transparently a n d accountably.


Still limited and low capacity of the local government apparatus.


Still limited regional financial capacity in meeting the demands of development needs.


Not yet optimal role and function of the State administration institutions,

The still low enforcement of Law and Human Rights in the context of providing a sense of justice a n d legal certainty in society.

Environmental Sector: Lack of understanding of the function of environmental preservation of the community. Lack of conservation and rehabilitation of natural resources. Limited quality and quantity of human resources in the field of environmental management. Field of Religion: --

The appreciation and practice of religious teachings have not been expressed through mental attitudes, behaviour, community actions and government officials.


The lack of conducive dialogue be-

tween religious people. --

Religious life services are inadequate because of the lack of infrastructure and facilities for worship and the use of places of worship is not optimal.

Health Sector: --

The still high infant mortality rate (IMR).


The still high maternal mortality rate (MMR).


The ratio between health workers and population is not balanced.


The ratio between health facilities and the total population has not been balanced.


The height of a toddler is undernourished.

Cultural Sector: Declining values of social solidarity, kinship, equality, strengthening of maternal values, crisis of identity and weak cultural resilience as a result of globalization and the rapid advancement of communication technology. Field of People’s Welfare: The high number of people with social problems and the low quality of handling people with social problems.




Keith Kirkwood and Manna Dabholkar

Presidential Appointee, Diplomat, Chairman and CEO of GIFT Global Initiative and Global Goodwill Ambassadors, United States of America


IFT is a Non-Profit Charitable Organization advocating and serving the needs of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable families with a special 40 | EYS MAGAZINE

focus on children, in some of dren to have a healthy start in the poorest areas of the planet. life, the opportunity to learn and We believe in Preventive Mea- protection from harm. sures to Strengthen the family unit that further allows the chil-

prepared mentally, emotionally and physically for later life. A global nonprofit charitable organization that provides Humanitarian Aid and Economic Development in Asia, Africa, South, Central and North America. Manna spearheaded Operations for the American Red Cross in Southern California as the Director of Regional Operations. During the same time, she also served as the Red Cross Managing Director of Round It Up America® (RIUA) – a partnership between the American Red Cross and RIUA, a nonprofit initiative by leaders in the restaurant industry. Under her leadership, GIFT serves at risk children who live in some of the poorest areas of the planet and often fall victim to sex trafficking, physical and emotional abuse, psychosocial distress, sexual harm, exploitation, violence, drugs and neglect. She believes that strengthening of the family unit allows the children to have a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. With her expertise in Human Rights Law and Non-Profit Management she considers it her honor to be able to serve children, share their stories and raise awareness about preventive measures to stop abuse of children, men and women.


Outstanding Humanitarian Work Congresswomen Karen Bass Congressional Recognition for Public Service Senator Ben Allen Recognition for Leadership of a Civic Program Assemblymember Richard Bloom City Leadership Award Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti Outstanding Public Service Award K-9 Magazine Animal Humanitarian Award

Chairman Keith L. Kirkwood is a Diplomat and the Chairman of Gift Global Initiative, a global non-profit charitable organization that provides Humanitarian Aid and Economic Development in Asia, Africa, South, Central and North America. Keith was appointed by California Governor and confirmed by The President of the United States to The Selective Service System. He also serves as the Global Goodwill Ambassador for United States. His latest appointment as the PSC Ambassador representing The United States by the Pakistan Safety Council should come as no surprise given the scope and nature of work GIFT does in some of the poorest areas of the planet.

CEO, Manna Dabholkar has over a decade of leadership experience in International Human Rights, Humanitarian Relief, and Children’s Rights. She consider’s herself blessed and grateful for the opportunity to serve socially disadvantaged families and children across the globe. Currently proudly serving as the CEO of GIFT Global Initiative a 501(c)3 charitable organization with one mission – to meet the needs of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable families with a special focus on children. To expand their opportunities to reach their full potential through a comprehensive developmental program. The developmental program ensures that children are

He recognizes the need to empower children and young adults who form the future of our planet. His creative out of the box leadership and advocacy for protecting global human rights has earned him the name “California’s Kennedy” in his home state of California where he serves on Los Angeles City Council. -----

Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA) United States of America Hope Ambassador Award for Outstanding Global Philanthropy and Humanitarian Work Gandhi Peace Ambassador Award for




Ambition for Children 2030 and 20192020 Strategic Plan


“GIFT believes in preventive measures; no child should ever die of causes we can prevent with just a tiny bit of effort from each one of us. We will continue to advocate for and serve all children no matter where they are born, which nationality, race, religion, ethnicity they belong to. If a Child needs us, we will find a way to be there for that child” – Manna Dabholkar CEO, GIFT Global Initiative “ We start with a ripple of hope and turn that into a beacon of progress “ – Keith Kirkwood, Chairman GIFT Global Initiative Millions of children are being left behind and denied the opportunity to grow, learn, and fulfil their potential. GIFT philosophy comes from the age-old social wisdom “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” This document outlines the change we want to inspire by 2030, as well as the approach we will take over the next two years to get there. WHO WE ARE? GIFT is a Non-Profit Charitable Organization advocating and serving the needs of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable families with a special focus on children, in some of the poorest areas of the planet. OUR MOST RECENT ACHEIVEMENTS


Family Resource Fair reaching 500 underprivileged children Special Needs Medical fair reached 1500 Families Partnership with Hospital Infantil to bring free surgeries for children from US, Mexico and Canada 1000 Backpacks for 1000 Children GIFT Pop up Schools in Asia, Africa, South, Central and North America Reached and served 2500 Children in 2018 OUR PHILOSOPHY “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” GIFT believes in Strengthening of the family unit that allows the children to have a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. We believe in the importance of preventive

measures to stop abuse of children, men and women. A CONSTANTLY CHANGING WORLD? -- Food shortages -- Drug wars -- Civil unrest -- Trafficking of underage children and women -- Literacy -- Lack of Medical Care -- No access to hospitals -- 1 in 3 billion people around the world lack safe drinking water -- Female Genital Mutilation -- Child Marriages -- Immigration and refugees -- Inadequate educational infrastructure -- Climate change -- 20 out of 5 people or 3 billion people around the world lack basic handwashing facilities -- Children on the move: migration flows and refugees -- Approximately 1.6 million Africans die of malaria, tuberculosis and HIV-related illnesses -- 50% of children under five who die of pneumonia, diarrhea, measles, HIV, tuberculosis and malaria are in Africa -- 2 in 3 children in the developing countries do not have access to computers WE DEVELOP STRATEGY TO CHANGES


WHO WILL WE REACH GIFT will advocate for and serve all children, but we will put the At-Risk Children and their families first and encourage others to do the same. We will measure our success against our ability to identify, reach and serve these marginalized children from poor neighborhoods across the globe. We define At-Risk Children as the ones who live in environments with intense and/or chronic risk factor which makes them highly susceptible to exploitation, diseases, poverty, illiteracy, drugs, trafficking, violence. Often it is a combination of risk factors that deny children the right to grow, learn, flourish and succeed. The only way to ensure that ALL children get a hand up in life is by identifying and reaching those children who live in some of the poorest, vulnerable and most marginalized areas of our planet. WHERE WILL WE REACH? GIFT will continue to respond to humanitarian relief needs globally and respond to changing environments with the single mission of serving children and families in need. Our priority for the next 2 years is to improve our reach and the quality of programs in the 5 continents in which we work. yAfrica Asia yCentral America ySouth America yNorth America


OUR GLOBAL PROGRAMS We draw on the following broad areas of work ]Education -- Family Resource Fair -- Yearly School Sponsorships -- Monthly Vocational Training through GIFT Pop Up Schools -- Studentpreneur ]Health and Nutrition -- Medical Fund -- Special Needs Podcast with Gilda Evans ]Life Skills -- Self Defense Classes -- Urban Agriculture Classes ]Global Economic Development -- Jobs, Water, Sanitation, Hygiene, Humanitarian Aid ]Children and Women’s Rights Advocacy The story of one of many children we work with Yamileth is 5 years old and lives in a slum by a border town at the San Ysidro US-Mexico border. She was diagnosed with a rare form of Brain Cancer at the age of 2. Soon after the diagnosis, she was abandoned by her biological mother. Yamileth’s biological father


has passed away. Her primary caregiver is her old grandmother and her family is GIFT volunteers and generous donors. The GIFT medical fund under Health and Nutrition pays for medical treatments, procedures, minor and major surgeries, pre and post medical care and follow ups. Today, Yamileth is in remission and growing up fast ready to be enrolled in school. We will continue to work with children like Yamileth to turn that little ripple of hope into a beacon of success. It takes one child like her to succeed, give back and change the face of her little town for future generations to come. ]EDUCATION -- Family Resource Fair We started Family Resource Fair to provide underserved children with the tools essential for school success including Free Physical Exams, Free Dental Exams, Free Haircuts, Educational Workshops, Backpack Giveaways, School Supply Give Away, Free Self-Defense Music therapy and more. Children attending the Family Resource Fair come from some of the poorest areas of the city. Many students show up at schools with empty backpacks because their families simply can’t afford to purchase everyday school supplies. Everyday items that we believe to be easy to come by are much harder for low income families to purchase every year for their children.

Program, we combine your donation with the support of other sponsors to help support educational projects in your sponsored child’s community. -- GIFT Pop Up Schools/Vocational Training As the name suggests the GIFT Pop Up Schools are make shift schools that pop up every month across the globe in some of the poorest neighborhoods to bring education to the children who cannot afford to go to school. The idea is to bring education to the kids who don’t have access to educational infrastructure. Our volunteers teach Arts, Crafts, Language, Grammar, Math, History and Science. One of the Children in Our Studentpreneur Program being introduced to Gregory Goldstein, President of World Trade Centre Tijuana -- Studentpreneur The Studentpreneur program teaches and inspires young people to take control of their

future by creating companies that provide long-lasting employment through ambitious and creative thinking. This program has students graduate high school “innovation ready” -- with critical-thinking, communication and collaboration skills that help them invent their careers. GIFT’s engagement with community leaders provides monthly mentoring opportunities with business leaders such as real-estate developer Rick Caruso, music mogul Steve Lobel, president of the Chamber of Commerce Steve Kramer and President of World Trade Centre Tijuana Gregory Goldstein. Through this program students can write business plans to earn a potential internship with the speaker’s company. Children attend annual field trips to explore, learn and grow. ]HEALTH AND NUTRITION -- Medical Fund The GIFT medical fund exists to raise financial aid and assistance to children from low income families with specific unmet needs such as medical, dental, mental health, or any other conditions for which other resources are insufficient or non-existent. Donation

The Family Resource Fair aims at reducing the burden of school expenses to these low-income families. Our non-profit and government partners set up counters to educate the parents about crucial services needed throughout the school year and how and where to find these services at discounted rates. Back-Packs, School Supplies, Clothes, Diapers, Dental Kits (Tooth Brush, Paste, Floss, Mouthwash, etc.), Grooming Kits (Body Wash, Face Wash, Soap, etc.), Sanitary Napkins, Medical Supplies, Socks, Blankets You get the idea. If you’ve got it, there’s a chance that we need it. -- Yearly School Sponsorships School Sponsorship is a unique kind of empowerment program that connects one child in need with one compassionate donor who agrees to pay School Tuition Expenses for a year for the child! Becoming a sponsor means giving children the chance to grow up safe, educated and empowered – forever changing their life and future. When you become a sponsor, GIFT does not give your donation directly to your sponsored child. If you pay School Sponsorship for the entire year, the money is paid to the school for the sponsored child. If you chose to make a partial payment or a smaller amount towards our School Sponsorship


received in the medical fund are pumped right back into providing medical treatment such as Cancer Care, MRI Scanning, Mental Health Screenings, Dental Exams, Physical Exams, Medical supplies, Dietary needs of patients, etc. Current cases funded by the GIFT Medical fund include Cancer, Spina Bfida and Psychiatric Care. -- Special Needs Podcast with Gilda Evans Gilda Evans, an award-nominated producer and author, and mother of a son with special needs, created a comprehensive resource library of podcasts for the special needs’ community. Its purpose is to disseminate important and useful information to those who work with or care for anyone with special needs, as well as PWSN themselves. One of the biggest problems faced by this group is not only a lack of certain resources, but also the lack of a knowledge base on how to access and use the resources that are out there. Most parents and caretakers of PWSN are forced to reinvent the wheel every time they seek answers about where to look or who to contact to resolve a particular need or problem they have. These podcasts deal with a full spectrum of topics and issues, from education, to government benefits to housing, social skills, emotional support and almost everything in-between. ]LIFE SKILLS



Self Defense and Life Skills Classes

Body Defense Self-Defense, Nutrition and Basic Strengthening Assessing and Responding to Danger is improved by maintaining your best health at any age. Basic intuitive self-defense techniques and essentials for your internal strength. Mind Defense Personal and Community Mental Health and Trauma Resilience Tools. Every human being is unique, yet part of a community. A personalized mental health routine is as critical for resilience as support from one’s defined “family.” Simple conscious process and redirection tools work to reduce suffering while building resilience, and work best when they are practiced with support partners. -- Urban Agriculture Close to one billion people in the world do not have enough food for a healthy and active life. The world’s population is expected to reach 8.5 billion by 2025. However, our longterm ability to meet growing demands for food often seems uncertain. One of our greatest challenges is increasing food production in a sustainable manner so that everyone can be adequately and nutritiously fed without over-exploiting the Earth’s ecosystems. The purpose of The Urban Agriculture program is very simple - Give every child the opportuni-

ty to become an expert free-range farmer and connect them to the mother earth. The children learn to respect the soil and get access to easy nutrition education and lessons on how to grow their own vegetable garden in different soils, weathers, water, and environments. We have developed a teaching system where every child is given their own bucket (their farm), and a set up based on turning children into free-range farmers. With this method, they learn nature’s way of growing organic, chemical-free food. The children are taught about nutrition, soil and water. Our learning system is easy to understand and is delivered via visuals, a movie, and actual field work. We teach above-ground growing since most kids we work with are from low-income neighborhoods, slums and have no place to grow a vegetable garden. HOW CAN YOU HELP? FOR OUR INDIVIDUAL DONORS yDonate Money yBecome a School Sponsor yDonate Supplies (In-Kind) yVolunteer Time yVolunteer Services yRun a Fundraiser for GIFT yMatching GIFT Program yFor Financial Donations to GIFT ]Visit ]Click DONATE to donate money Or ]Mail a Check to GIFT Global Initia-

tive P.O.Box5444,ShermanOaks,California91413,USA For School Sponsorships , Donating Supplies, Donating Your Services, Creating a Fundraiser -- Email For Volunteer Application -- Visit -- Submit a Volunteer Application For Matching GIFT Program -- Speak with your HR about your company’s matching Gifts Program to double the impact of your giving to GIFT. Many companies have matching gift programs that will double or even triple charitable contributions made by their employees. Some companies will match your Volunteer Hours to GIFT. FOR OUR CORPORATE PARTNERS Partnerships between the private sector and GIFT can transform your business and have a positive, social impact. In partnership, we generate breakthrough solutions to drive economic development and sustainable impact for the world’s most marginalized children and their families. We can work with you to create a shared value partnership, compelling marketing initiatives and engage employees. Our partners benefit from improved brand lift, increased sales, engaged employees, a boost in customer loyalty and access to key global market knowledge and expertise. Employee Engagement -- GIFT Offers Employee experience opportunities to complement corporate values, advance our partnership aspirations and ultimately, achieve maximum impact for children. Cause Marketing -- GIFT partners with some of the world’s leading corporations to create global and domestic cause marketing programs that yield powerful results. Together, we not only achieve our partners’ business objectives through a meaningful connection with our mission, we ultimately transform children’s lives around the globe. Charitable endeavors by corporations successfully drive consumer engagement and loyalty. Corporate Skills Based Volunteering -- We welcome specialized skills and talents of corporate volunteers to help grow our mission delivery capacity. In turn, our corporate partners benefit from increased visibility in the com-

munity and increased employee retention and leadership development. Product Donation -- Our corporate partners can strategically provide supplies and resources for kids and families in need. All inkind donations are to be shipped to the GIFT storage facility in Los Angeles, California Employee Engagement -- Matching GIFTs Programs - Many companies double their employee’s support, volunteer time and incentivize employee giving through a matching gift program. -- Lunch with GIFT - Our staff and program experts are available to visit corporate offices to host tailored and interactive presentations, as well as conference calls/web-ex discussions for employees in multiple office locations. -- Fundraisers for School Sponsorships - Through our sponsorship program, employees can sponsor children in the U.S. or around the world and provide resources that empower entire communities — breaking the cycle of poverty for generations to come.. Cause Marketing -- GIFT partners with some of the world’s leading corporations to create global and domestic cause marketing programs that yield powerful results. Together, we not only achieve our partners’ business objectives through a meaningful connection with our mission, we ultimately transform children’s lives around the globe. Charitable endeavors by corporations successfully drive consumer engagement and loyalty. --

Access Global Markets by traveling with us as our Corporate Sponsors to Events, Conferences around the globe such as the Global Health Conference in Africa, the Humanitarian General Assembly in Paris, The Asian Women’s Health Conference in India and more.

-- Launch a Social Media Joint Campaign with GIFT Global Initiative to support GIFT’s fundraising efforts Corporate Skills Based Volunteering Employee participants in Skills-Based Volunteering and Pro- Bono Consulting projects have provided support in areas such as: -- Marketing and Communications -- Supply Chain Management -- Legal Services

-- Public Relations -- Press and Media -- Writing -- Content Creation Product Donation We are always in need of the following high-demand items for our Global Programs (new items only) : -- Classroom supplies: books, diapers, educational games, hand sanitizer, STEM materials, arts and crafts items, smart tables -- School supplies: Pencils, Pink Easers, Crayons, Glue Sticks, Sharpeners, Rulers, Two Pocket Folders, Wide ruled notebooks, Kids Scissors, Highlighters, Colored Pencils, USB -- Backpacks -- Technology items: Computers, Smart Boards, iPads -- Toys: games, puzzles, craft sets, dramatic play supplies, outdoor toys, balls -- Blankets -- Socks, Apparel -- Diapers, Baby Wipes, Diaper Cream, Pediasure -- Hygiene products (including adult, child and infant shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrushes and Hand Sanitizers -- Air-Travel for Mission Work -- Hotel Sponsorships for Mission Work CONTACT US Facebook: GIFTORG.US/ Instagram: Twitter: E-mail: Website: Telephone: (001) 310 614 9962 / (001) 508 858 6265 OUR PHILOSOPHY “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” THANK YOU A huge thank you to everyone who works for or with GIFT Global Initiative – Staff, Donors, Volunteers, and Partners. A Hand Up in Life; Not A Handout Registered Charity EIN# 82-5485291

-- Website Development




by George Guyo

Organizational Information The project started as a youth organization in the year 2012. It had 30 members drawn from University, secondary and primary students and also school leavers. The members played an important role in the community and their surroundings. The main activities done during the school holidays were: Mentorship of secondary and primary students Litter collection and burning Planting trees Building houses using locally available materials for the aged people. These group of the aged were not so much cared for because of the nomadic nature of the community. They move with their livestock hence leaving the aged unattended. The youth organization was later registered in 2017 as a community-based organization and it was called Girls Education Mission. The project also changed its objectives to a more complex issues which affect the community. The Samburu and the Rendille which are the target communities have a culture of neglecting the girl child and young mothers. G.E.M CBO therefore helps in strengthening and empowering these vulnerable group in the society. The community practice beading of girls. This is a culture where young men are allowed to befriend non-school girls by beading them and therefore the girl becomes his girlfriend till the warriorhood tenure which lasts for 10 years is over. Since most girls are not educated and have very little knowledge on sexual reproductive health, they succumb to diseases, pregnancy and even death as a result of abortion. G.E.M’S main objectives is to empower them to overcome this by conducting workshops and seminars for non-school youths who are more affected. Due to this culture there is a rising cases of teenage pregnancies thus so many single mothers in the villages. It’s for this reason that the CBO was formed to address the following issues: Literacy of girls and young mothers


Life skills

long-term strategy to end conflict, poverty, ignorance, fear and neglect, and to establish peace, stability, and prosperity among the warring tribes.

Poverty Eradication

Organizations Strengths/Expertise

Organizations Name: Girls Education Mission

Although GEM is a relatively small organization with only two paid staffs and four volunteer staff. The team have been extremely helpful in effectively carrying out our mission by:

Education on FGM/HIV and AIDS

Mission To empower girls and young mothers among the pastoral children community. We accomplish this by working with supporting partners to establish model community-based schools in different regions of Samburu and Marsabit counties by: providing training to local educators to enhance their professional capacities, and by developing and introducing innovative learning programs. Objectives of G.E.M To empower non-school youths especially the girls in the villages in Sambaru.

Problems, Challenges Organization is Addressing GEM believes that investing in children, providing them with education, and empowering them with knowledge is the most effective,

Focusing on what we do best; mentoring school children in primary, middle and high school levels on the carrier paths. Developing and delivering innovative learning programs that address some of the emerging, but unmet educational needs of the pastoralists’ children. Investing in local communities where we operate schools to promote community participation and ownership of their children’s educational welfare. A highly skilled team of volunteers who are professionals and who speak the language, live in the communities where our work is done and understand the culture. Organizations Program Establishing Model Schools: GEM intends to establish model schools in safe regions where

Co-Founder Priscilla Lengila there is strong local community support for quality education. These schools are distinguished by an invigorating educational curriculum, innovative learning programs, highly-trained, qualified teachers and a safe and secure learning environment for boys and girls to flourish. Peace and Environmental Education: This is a new highly innovative programs introduced to cater for the needs of the warring tribes which are the Samburu and the Turkana. GEM intends to have a Peace Ambassadors program where school leavers from the warring tribes can volunteer as teachers. This will help them develop a community where Peace will prevail. Our schools are equipped. Literacy: Under GEM program, children gain basic reading skills with our uniquely customized, illustrated bi-lingual storybooks while learning valuable life lessons that promote important values. Since their introduction into selected schools, literacy scores have improved over 80% among participants. School Fees for needy: The project wishes to support poor children by providing them with school supplies and school fees.

Categories of schools supported are: 1.Boarding schools: This is for bright children who have no-where to stay, so boarding facilities is ideal for them. School fees differs from one school to another. This range up-to 900 USD per year for one student. 2.Day secondary school for extremely needy children who cannot afford school fees. The project wishes to assist them with 150 USD for their three months upkeep in school which caters for their lunch and books. Project Founder George Guyo Co - Founder Priscilah Lengila Girls Education Mission CBO C/O P.O Box 82-60300 Isiolo, Kenya

The picture below shows young children who were given school uniforms.



FEDERAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF VISIBLE MINORITIES FAAVM Asia - Africa - America – Caribbean - Europe -Oceania - Middle East efforts to promote human rights, development and stability. In the planning and implementation of programmes of work, minority issues can also be considered to ensure that minorities are consulted, and are able to participate effectively in decisions that affect them.

Raphael Louis Our Mandate: The FAAVM is a non-profit, charitable organization. Our major focus involves using various multifunctional civil rights programs to help our mostly disadvantaged, underprivileged minorities as men, women and children. Via the FAAVM multilateral humanitarian systems, and activities, we’re able to reach out to these people who are very difficult to reach via more traditional-type programs. We then use these activities to help improve the quality of life of these disadvantaged communities. nationwide and worldwide. Securing minority rights assists in achieving stable and prosperous societies, in which human rights, development and security are achieved by all, and shared by all. Within this wider context of minority issues, the normative framework provided by minority rights should be understood as a necessary element to ensure integrated societies and to promote social inclusion and cohesion. Our mission: To promote the implementation of the Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities, including through consultations with Governments, taking into account existing international standards and national legislation concerning minorities. Attention to minority issues has been demonstrated to be essential to


Justice: Every person should have sufficient access to the goods and resources of society so that they can completely and easily live fulfilling lives. The rights of the individual to personal possessions and community resources must be balanced with the needs of the disadvantaged and dispossessed. The common good is reached when we work together to improve the wellbeing of people in our society and the wider world. Solidarity: Unity or Solidarity among individuals with a common interest and mutual support. Everyone belongs to one human family, regardless of their national, religious, ethnic, economic, political and ideological differences. Everyone has an obligation to promote the rights and development of all peoples across communities, and the world, irrespective of national boundaries. Freedom: All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. We all have the power or right to act, speak, or think as we want without hindrance or restraint. Freedom also stands for securing equal opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, wealth and prosperity. Peace: Peace is a concept of societal friendship and universal harmony in the absence of hostility and violence. In a social sense, and a

spiritual state. True peace requires standing up for the human rights of all the people of all nations. Peace is when people are able to resolve their conflicts without violence to improve the quality of their lives. World peace, or peace on Earth, is the concept of an ideal state of happiness and peace within and among all people and nations. Working Together for the Greater Good of Humanity and the World As humanitarian leaders, we think beyond our own interests to the interests of those we lead and serve, and the interests of communities and the world. We take a long-term view, keeping in mind the broad impact of our dayto-day decisions. We embrace and believe in a world with healthy children, strong families, good schools, decent housing, and work that dignifies, all in the cohesive, inclusive society that cares about all of its people. Our Core Corporate Leadership & Governing Council FAAVM Corporate Governance is the system of rules, practices, and processes by which our firm is directed and controlled. Corporate governance essentially involves balancing the interests of a company’s many stakeholders, such as shareholders, senior management executives, customers, suppliers, financiers, the government, and the community. Since corporate governance also provides the framework for attaining a company’s objectives, it encompasses practically every sphere of management, from action plans and internal controls to performance measurement and corporate disclosure.

INSPIRE A Message Called Forth from Within Oh, how I applaud you for taking the deep dive into self. What a journey! Your light is beautiful and so bright. It shines the way for those on a similar journey. You dug deep. You persevered through the resistance. You acknowledged those parts you deemed awkward. You were brave to let go of all you knew and faced the fear of the unknown with unshakeable faith and trust. With gratitude you have called in those likeminded souls to hold you as you grow beyond what you have known to this point and blossomed into the pure essence of your truth. Your guides have been with you all the way and they celebrate. The ripples of their celebration can be felt as pure bliss and joy. Dearest One. You have been courageous in your vision and have dared to live your life your own quiet way. You have come to understand the beauty in the now. The pinpoint of which is great love. May you anchor this great love and beam it into all that you are, every cell and share it. It is of great comfort and healing. Yes, you will still question your path as you continue to dwell on Mother Earth, however the difference being you will remember to come back to love as fear will still speak its language. With that you have responded with love. It is a dance and a most beautiful one at that. Quite simply it is magic!

Big Love and Magic by






Fog I remember the daunting feeling coming home after my son was born. He was so dependent on me – physically to feed him (as I was breast feeding), and emotionally. As bizarre as it seems, it took me a while to get my head around that. That my ability to just get up and leave the house at a moment’s notice, or do anything for myself was now not that easy. It was so daunting at the time. It was not until I thought about it clearly and accepted it for what it was, that it got easier for me. Acceptance was the key. The life that I knew before having kids seem to have gone – the worker, achiever, photographer, student, educator, adventurer, traveler and sleeper! In the moment I accepted that change within me, was the moment I feel like I became a mum. It’s now three and a half years since that time and I have another little one and a lot has changed. I suffered depression when baby


number two arrived and I am still mindful of this. For me, to get to where I am today has been a journey of self discovery. There have been times that I have not felt like myself; instead I have felt like a milk vessel a nappy changing machine, a referee, a cook, a comforter, a washing machine, an entertainer and a slave. This winter has been a time of contemplation for me, a time of self discovery. Thinking about all that is and all that could be. For a large part of this year I have felt like I’ve been in a fog. I have had a lot going on with my own health and wellbeing, that of my family and other things that have crept up – as they inevitably do. At times I have felt so overwhelmed I could not function. It has been a hard year. In a moment of shear despair and tears, I took to writing all my feelings out, just to get it off my chest. This is what came out:

Fog Have you ever felt like you are living with fog around your head? Not knowing where you are going or what you are thinking about? Not being able to focus and get a thought together, let alone a coherent sentence out? Feeling so low, that you have a constant frown and the sides of your lips feel like they have weights on them and are pulling you to the ground? When the pit of your stomach is so tied up in knots that you just don’t know how to untie. You feel so apathetic, numb, not knowing how to function. What is it like to feel human? What is it like to feel joy? Just a strong sense of tiredness and heaviness around. You feel like just lying down. Sleep. This will pass. You know the fog will clear. It will clear.

I have felt lost. I have lost myself in motherhood – because it is all encompassing, all hours on call that there is often no time to think outside of that. When I started to see my self esteem decrease and my ability to converse with others diminish and my weight increase, that’s when the little fire in my belly started to ignite. It was the right time for me to start looking at me.

After much soul searching and talking with others, writing down all that I was passionate about and all my hopes and dreams, I then just let it go. I thought, ok, I’m getting this all off my chest and I’m just letting it all go. I will let the cards fall however they will fall. It sounds a little depressing, but I had nothing to hold onto. I seemed to have lost myself. So letting go of that and not being attached to where I was, was easy. I had faith; I just trusted that it will all work out. I kept doing the things that I enjoyed (reading, talking to people, meeting people) and then slowly, slowly, slowly opportunities started to present themselves. I started finding myself again and feeling a lot more like my old self. I still have a long way to go, but I’m on the journey, taking one step at a time. Being the primary care giver is not without its challenges. Spending 24/7 with the babies is both one of the most challenging and rewarding things I have ever done. It gives my life meaning and I struggle. Some days I cry at the immense responsibility on my shoulders and often wonder how I got through the day. But then there are the other days when I see both my children playing and giggling together, or when they look at me and smile or give me a hug. It warms my heart and I absolutely love it. I’m learning to accept and appreciate both “good” and “bad” moments of my day. My children are my life, they give my life meaning and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am grateful for this winter, as it has allowed me this time of introspection and I’m now looking forward to spring and moving on to the next chapter and seeing what it will bring. I can feel spring approaching and it feels me with anticipation. I can feel the warmth, see the regeneration of plants and the flowers start to poke through. If nature can regenerate, change and adapt – so can I! Note: I know I “suffered in silence” for quite some time, but things started turning around for me when I reached out and started talking to others. There is no shame in talking about your problems or reaching out for help. If you are in Australia, there are many people right now that can help. Here are a few: Life Line: 13 11 14: Beyond Blue: 1300 22 4636: , Pregnancy and new parents (Beyond Blue): Black Dog Institute:




COSETTE AWAD Chasing Dreams Every day you hear people telling you: “Don’t waste your time on art, you’ll die starving.” “You’re writing a book? Who reads nowadays?” “You’re going to live your life singing in bars? Where will that lead you?” Some people are meant to work behind desks from 8 to 5 and others are meant to make art and make you see life in colors, some people sing and take you to places you never knew existed. And, some people like me; they write novels and give people the happy endings they miss in the real world. Meet the MadShad, Gaelle & Christophe… three exceptional artists that will blow you away. Each one of them is blessed with many talents not only one, it will make you wonder what else they’re good at. They didn’t just sleep and wake up like this; they chased their dreams, worked hard and bloomed. I will let their art speaks about themselves.


THE MADSHAD GRAPHIC.FASHION.DESIGNER. PAINTER.ARTIST.WRITER You don’t get to decide when words and art blow you away. Before I have seen his face, even talked to him or linked his art to a person, he was just a thought, words. And a fusion of colors like an abstract painting that you’re drawn to, you gaze to understand the meaning behind that, the soul put in, to draw it, you flip your head left and right and say to yourself “That’s… that’s what art is made of (WONDERS). People like him are rare, compassionate, loving and he’s the kindness you miss in the world. The love he puts into his art and into the people he loves… is unbelievable. He’s a world of his own shared with the ones who appreciate it. Artist instagram: @themadmadshad Photo Credit: @bernardnkhalil


GAELLE SINGER.SONGWRITER.SKATEBOARDER You know those people who wore their hearts upon their sleeves, Gaia is one of them. She’s always smiling, spreading love wherever she goes. I told her once “You can’t make everyone happy.” And she smiled and said to me “I will keep trying, even I am carrying all the burdens of the world, I will spread happiness, and I like to make people smile.” She fosters cats from the street and she has empathy on all creators. She’s daring, crazy, the good kind of crazy, she did overcome obstacles, and she’s unstoppable. You can have a talent but to have it all is almost impossible, she has it all. Her angelic voice and the words she writes and being human in the most intense sense of the word, that’s what made her very special, you can’t but love her. Artist’s instagram: @gaellelahoudmusic Photo Credit: @kayybarraj


Christophe, let me tell you about him, it’s easy to talk to him, the curl of his smile steals hearts, his shyness when you compliment him, the passion, and the light, the glow in his eyes when he talks about music and art is indescribable. And with all the storms that he’s been through he gives you peace, People fit in a box; he created a world outside it. He draws, he sings… he plays piano, ukulele and guitar, he writes songs and music… and his voice, just takes you to another world. He’s a fashion model too, beautiful inside out! No one meets Christophe and forgets him, he leaves an impression whenever he walks in a room, he is wonderful and wonder-fill. Artist instagram: @christox-


phe christoxphe/

I call him Mr. Sweet Face. His heart is like a compass and every direction is love. From tragedies art is born, from not having an easy life he transformed his pain, fear and struggles into something very exquisite, a synthesis of everything called ART.


DÉCOR THE SEASON OF SPRING Hi everyone. Since my last article for EYS Magazine was written, time saw me requiring major surgery so it’s slowed down the creativeness of Lou Lou Living however I just can’t wait to get back to it in capacity with energy. Instead I’ve been very much in recovery mode and still presently having exercise sessions of rehab to bring me with hope to returned mobility. Life does present us with ups and downs and we handle them the best we can but time and the seasons of our year just keep progressing and it made me realise that a new season was upon all of us. Here is Australia we are to welcome .... THE SEASON OF SPRING. The practice of thoroughly cleaning your home in the season of spring has long been known as spring cleaning. Some of us may take the opportunity of doing this or simply enjoy other pursuits that the season offers. Spring Cleaning is almost likened to creating a new fresh feeling after the chill of winter and celebrating a new season ahead. I have always thought of it as a romantic season as well. Many weddings are celebrated in Springtime too as the weather is mild and so refreshing.



Depending where you live the difference can be noticed with your complete home surrounds with the changes even in your own garden. It certainly is noticed in our wonderful parks we have in Australia. The new growth peeping out from the gardens and the tree tops conveys the feeling of new hope and Fresh flowers also add instant appeal to Decor. many carry that through and into their home styling Never overlook the appeal that faux flowers or the greenery of plants can produce. We have so many with Decor. wonderful choices available in abundance. To completely restyle or refurnish for a new sea- I have found in offering upstyled furniture by Lou sonal look can be very costly, however it can be Lou Living that the choices of clients have reeasily achieved by creating a different layout with mained popular by keeping with neutral colours, your furniture or to upstyle pieces of furniture for which then allows for the smaller changes of Decor an immediate change with a fresh new Decor pal- in accessories to be the main changes to adapt to ette for a reasonable outlay of cost. This can bring lifestyle and season. It’s amazing what new accesin new colours and spring time happiness with an sories can create to bring a room/area to life. amazing visual difference. The lighter hues of colour bring a lifting effect and a change of acces- In North Queensland, Australia the home of Lou sories bring an instant appeal. You may like to use Lou Living it’s very much were the outdoors are floral or soft pastels for a total change. I feel spring intertwined with indoors. My own home spills out always evokes a pretty styling and certainly appears from indoors to combine with outdoor where relaxation is a focus. The original Queenslander home lighter. 58 | EYS MAGAZINE

offers this and I am fortunate enough to enjoy a modern low set version of home where styling offers this too. I get to enjoy wide veranda areas that meet landscaped gardens. Garden rooms become part of Lifestyle and the colours of the season can be adapted. Pots and garden plants can create a highlight of areas. Pops of colours can burst out and totally enhance a previous dull spot into a vibrant happy space. This can set the mood for El Fresco dining and entertainment and new-found enjoyment. The joy of new spring flowers in the garden can make an amazing addition to a table setting. I love using my frangipani to create instant appeal or some beautiful hibiscus. It’s all part of creating a beautiful space that creates happy memories and can be achieved at any level of budget. To each of us our home is our Castle, whether it is unit, cottage or grand scale, so we can make it perfect for each of us for our style and how we decorate. To all of you enjoy the special season of SPRING and the changes that it brings to your lifestyle. Allow the new growth of SPRING to bring forth happiness with the romance of lifestyle. Enjoy this gorgeous season. Cheers till next time, Pam


DÉCOR SPRING TIME Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! How wonderful, Spring is in the air and it is the season for new and fresh beginnings. It is a happy time and is definitely my favourite. The season after Winter and before Summer. The days become longer and the weather gets warmer which I love. You notice that the plants and vegetables flourish and flowers are blooming everywhere. The season seems to breathe clean and new life into our surroundings and raises our spirits. You will even notice our bird life chirping and enjoying this change of season. We tend to enjoy more outdoor activities and enjoy the sunshine on our bodies which is a welcome relief from the winter chills. Store away your coats, jeans and boots and bring out the T-Shirts, Shorts and Sandals. Away with the Coughs and Colds and bring on clean healthy outdoor living. Picnics and outdoor activities are a great excuse to get out in the fresh air instead of being stuck inside on our electronic devices. Walking barefoot on the grass also has great health benefits. Earthing or sometimes referred to as grounding lowers stress and improves your quality of sleep. Spring, is more than a change of season, it is also a change of attitude. Unfortunately, the Spring season brings on bouts of sneezing and hay fever for some.



Your spirits are lifted in Spring and we get the urge to strip and clean everything. When you declutter and clean, it gives you the feeling of accomplishment and this is also great for our minds. Throw away the old and make room for the new. Hence the term Spring clean. Our decorating also changes with Spring. Our colour schemes are neutral and light. Say goodbye to dark rooms and let the sunshine in. I love white or cream coloured walls which gives you a blank canvas to work with. Replace the heavy drapes with sheer curtains which allows the light in while still your home a lift and it brings the feel of the outdoors giving you privacy. into your home. Coordinating light weight Throw Add vibrant pops of colour with bright furnishings blankets, Lamps and Rugs also compliment your desuch as Floral, Tropical themed or even brightly co- cor items. Light and brightly coloured Table Runners loured plain Cushions. These will definitely give on your Table, Coffee Table or Buffet can make a difference even if your furniture pieces are dark in 60 | EYS MAGAZINE

colour. As well as festive looking Why not treat yourself to a beautiartwork, Mirrors are also a stun- ful bunch of flowers next time you ning addition to your home. go shopping? I guarantee they will make you smile whenever With the sunshine creating reflec- you walk past. tions on these, your room creates an illusion of light and space. Until next time. Wicker baskets add character and Tina are a great source for storage as well as decorating. These come in so many shapes, sizes and colours and can easily make a statement piece in your home. Nothing says Springtime more than freshly cut flowers. These beauties create a bright and cheerful feel to any living area. And the fragrance of fresh flowers is amazing.




INTRODUCTION TO CLIMATE CHANGE If I start this article according to the present situation in Climate Change, it would be written in red and you would probably hear an emergency alarm. I don’t want to frighten you, but the situation isn’t naive. Believe me it is far from naive, far from the global trick of politicians, or another fashion trendy movement called Climate change.

Why it is like that ?

Because more than a half of population thinks Climate Change is connected just with global warming or weather conditions. Yes, they are right but those are just the most visible consequences which you can’t see - only if you are blind or you turn a blind eye, but even so you have sense of hearing and are capable to feel the heat, smell the smoke in the air, polution etc....

Population isn’t guilty . Nobody educated us about this . I remembered I had Ecology Law in my last year at Belgrade Faculty of Law. But, unfortunately, I see we are still dealing with the same problem. I had hoped 10 years later we wouldn’t be fighting over emissions.

We have come to the conclusion - knowledge is the most important thing if we want to survive, and stop climate change. But we can’t share our knowledge if we don’t educate ourselves, and


others. I won’t frighten you, but Climate Change is a long term battlefield - a championship we must win together. Single acts aren’t enough, we all have to take a serious part, or we will loose our home and we only have one Earth .

The best leaders lead by example, the best Professors teach by example, and our leaders and professors are our parents, after that the society we live in. We are already shaped as people and can further continue to educate what we have learned and achieved through our knowledge and behaviour.

So if we want to act globally, because this must be a globally coordinated action, we must start to educate at all levels;, schools, companies, societies how can avoid the consequences in the future

through the earliest stage approach we will be able to focus more on prevention.

Yes it is a Global battlefield! Yes it must be coordinated! Yes we must act immediately!

But to avoid answers like :”I can’t do anything you forbid no single act .” The battle can’t be won by a single heroic act, but we all can be a Joan of’Arc in society, in our homes, on networks and more. Every single acts counts. Yes, it will be hard. You will hear a lot of “ can’t “, “ don’t know”, “stop”, etc. Any excuse, avoiding actions and not accept responsibility.

But remember, we all cleaning our homes. And, now Earth needs a big cleaning.

celsius could pose climate-related risks to health, livelihoods, food security, water supply, human security, and economic growth. According to this we are seeing how important Climate Change is. A big complex theme and how all creatures on Earth can suffer and be affected with it’s consequences. If we don’t do something about it soon such as Climate Change Education the consequences will be even more deadlier then those we are witnessing now. Are you ready to see life disappearing in front your eyes because you weren’t ready to take responsibility and act?

What is Climate Change ?

It is for sure one of the biggest crisis facing humanity .

Why is this a major concern?

Because someone needs to activate the alarm button . Earth Overshoot Day was on 31st August 2019 and this year’s date was the earliest since monitoring began in 1986.

NASA ( Global Climate Change Home ) defines climate change as: “a broad range of global phenomena created predominantly by burning fossil fuels, which add heat-trapping gases to Earth’s atmosphere. These phenomena include the increased temperature trends described by global warming, but also encompass changes such as sea level rise; ice mass loss in Greenland, Antarctica, the Arctic and mountain glaciers worldwide; shifts in flower/plant blooming; and extreme weather events.”

What is Earth Overshoot Day ? Who is or what is the biggest cause of climate change ? Earth Overshoot Day is a day when humanity have used more from nature than our planet can renew in the entire year. Are you afraid? If not, what about the fact this year’s, June and July were the hottest months ever to be recorded on Earth. Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change said that global warming of 1.5 degrees

You are! Well let’s be more precise, humanity with human activities. Some of the activities are: burning fossil fuels like; gas, oil, and coal which release CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere; deforestation which also release CO2 in the atmosphere and reduces number of forests and trees capable to absorb excess CO2. This brings us to increasing


CO2 and other greenhouse gases , too much of greenhouse gases due to human activities cause Earth’s overheating . And, we have all heard the term - enhanced greenhouse effect. Imagine Global emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) have increased by almost 50% since 1990.

the Paris Agreement and 10 developing countries had submitted their first iteration of their national adaptation plans for responding to climate change.

8) Refill and Reuse;

All of us must be involved; societies, corporate sector, government, NGOs ...

As I mentiones earler, education about Climate Change and Climate Action is among the most important thing we should adopt and tackle the alarm bells in the future. If we don’t take co-ordinated action, our average global temperatures will increase beyond 3 degrees celsius, if you were reading carefully - is a road to disaster.

What are the impacts of Climate Change?

1) Melting ice and rising sea levels; 2) Extreme weather ; 3) Extreme consequences in developing countries; 4) Risks for human health;

United Nation’s Secretary-General António Guterres called all leaders to come to New York on 23.09.2019 with their concrete and realistic plans to enhance their nationally determined contributions by 2020. In line with reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 45% over the next decade, and to net zero emissions by 2050.

5) Society and Economic costs; 6) Wildlife risks .

What humanity can do?

According to Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs) also known as Global Goals , global call to Climate Action is Sustainable development goal No.13.

Before you claim to learn about Climate Change like school class or important life’s education courses, United Nation’s has identified and propose 10 individual actions that we can take in our daily life. Yes, we all can contribute, by changing our existing harmful habits and actions and choose less harmful ones.

Those actions are : 1) 5 - Minute Showers;

To strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change, countries adopted the Paris Agreement at the Paris Climate Change Conference known as COP21 in Paris, which went into force in November of 2016. In the Paris Agreement, all countries agreed to work to limit global temperature rise to well below 2 degrees celsius. As of April 2018, 175 parties had ratified


2) Drive Less; 3) Meat - free Meals; 4) Local Produce; 5) Recycle; 6) Lights Off; 7) Unplug;

9) Zero - Waste Fashion; 10) Bring your Own Bag.

It is important to teach others to care about nature, and understand the cost of Climate Change. Knowledge is our most powerful weapon in the battle for humanity, and the reason I decided to become a UN Accredited Climate Change Teacher – the first and only one in Serbia . I achieved my mission to become a Teacher in Climate Change and now I have a new one - to educate others and spread knowledge about the complex topic on the difference between innovation and intervention, exploration and extermination.

Please remember, history of humanity was always re-written by natural disasters. Facing the biggest Climate Change ever question is: are we capable to survive the next one?


Marco Piemonte Terra Fan Club The Terra Fan Club will become an effective way to involve people (from first in social media channels and then in the appropriate social club) in the conversation about the growing climate crisis and the need for an emergency response. The place: The Terra Fan Club was born in Italy in harmony with the Greenden Company Mission and is recognized by the same for its purposes and therefore authorized to use its own name and logo. Greenden for those who still do not know its history is an innovative company founded in 2017 and is planning an economic system to support small producers present in the food industry who espouse the principles of eco-sustainability and will decide to sign a contract with it to for reinvest part of the turnover deriving from greater income in innovative equipment with zero impact for the maximum protection of the environment and people. A system to implement a change of responsibility that will be implemented through actions, combined with feelings of gratitude, empathy, respect, tolerance and proactivity on the part of all citizens, a process that interacts, integrates and shapes sustainable business through

targeted partnerships. Greenden is creating an algorithm and a patent in contrast with the current conflicting, aggressive and devastating economy. The innovative algorithm materializes in the digital platform, an advanced ad hoc technological tool, which connects, organizes, guides and supports the entire agro-food chain Ethics. At present, evaluating the sustainability programs of companies and declarations of social responsibility is like observing cells in the laboratory without the microscope, for this the Terra Fan Club is born. Given that companies do not make public the information relating to their production chain, it is very difficult to verify the real impact of the declared environmental and social improvements. To this end, the Terra Fan Club will develop in the coming months the sustainable report card, a tool that will be used by Greenden to measure the social and environmental performance of local producers based on some key criteria that we will reveal in due course and will be transmitted by the Fans from all over the world. The goal is to trigger a competition between companies, a mechanism by which each is driven to improve and improve their environmental footprint. The ranking will allow companies to be selected and participate in the “Bio locker” pilot project. The key contents of the Terra Fan Club are the following: 1. Urgency and Courage The Earth is already too hot: we are in danger now, not just in the future.

Heating will accelerate and 1.5 ° C is only a decade away, but annual emissions continue to grow and the current post-Paris emission trajectory will result in catastrophic warming. We are greatly exceeding the limits of the Earth and the shortage of food and water is contributing to conflicts and forced migration. Based on current trends, following the Paris agreement, we could face catastrophic warming during the lives of our children, with large parts of the world uninhabitable and the main food-growing regions ruined by drought (such as the Australian Murray-Darling Basin, in the southwestern United States) or rising seas (such as Vietnam, Bangladesh, Egypt). Climate warming is an existential risk for human civilization, and on the current warming path we are heading towards absolute chaos. The inability of the community and political leaders to talk about such concerns leaves unspoken fears lurking just below the surface of public life, weakening our strength. Fear and alarm should be welcomed as healthy reactions that show that we have noticed something dangerous. The response of the Terra Fan Club to the climate crisis is the courage to combine the actions (Greenden) of a sustainable economy with the dimension of the problem. 2. Emergency Response Many people realize that we are moving towards a social and planetary crisis. Three quarters of Australians consider climate change a “global catastrophic risk”. Many people have had emergencies such as fires, floods or cyclones. In these times, let’s move on to the emergency mode. In emergency mode, we stop “normal business” because nothing else matters as much as the crisis. We at the Terra Fan Club do not rush without thinking, but we focus on an action plan (Sustainable Company Traceability System thanks to reports from fans who will act as guarantors) that we support and disseminate to protect the planet and save ourselves. Global warming is now a crisis or a planetary emergency, which requires


courageous leadership and a coordinated response never before seen in peacetime and Greenden can do it. We are all aware that it is now too late for gradual and incremental steps to protect what we care about. The Titanic didn’t just have to slow down, but had to run at emergency speed. It’s the same for global warming. When you are about to get off a cliff, you need to get out of the danger zone quickly, not just slow down the speed. 3. Mobilization of the Fans The inability to recognize and adequately communicate the extent of the climate crisis has produced a dangerous complacency, it is the result of decisions made by people with vested interests who run the world’s largest corporations, most of the media and their political colleagues. People have created this problem, not nature, and people can solve it. We have the ability to solve this problem and live in a safe climate. Terra Fan Club in addition to content supports a concrete project that can quickly become a successful social movement stimulated by the strength of the purpose that comes from working together for a just cause. The Terra Fan Clubs could stop tyrannical governments, obtain civil rights and better working conditions as well as improve services and health costs, stem obsolete energy sources such as coal and gas extraction, replacing them with reuse practices. The change is already happening: wind and solar are cheaper than coal, it is our intention to bring together in


the Terra Fan Club the companies that have stopped supplying from of old energy industries for example. 4. Fast Solutions The planet is already too hot, so we have to stop emitting gases that heat the climate such as carbon dioxide and methane. We are already in the dangerous zone for the climate, therefore we have to reduce or “absorb” some of the gases that warm the climate in the air. Is not enough, we must support areas in a state of neglect to repopulate them through young people (Fans) eager to become producers of native agricultural products and therefore maintainers of the vegetation on the territory, to make the most of productive resources and to increase food production than carbon absorption. The rapid achievement of these objectives is essential if we want to stop further “points of no return” in the climate system that would lead to many meters of sea level rise, city drowning and rich coastal lands. Greenden has the know-how to make changes quick and we plan to support the communities most directly affected by the changes. Through the project architecture Greenden, people can start a rapid change by applying a process: from the fight against natural emergencies and the reconstruction of abandoned areas, supported by a digital economy. Steps towards a safe climate will also build a better and more liveable world: clean energy, healthier food, less waste, regenerative agriculture and recovery of the natural world.

5. Responsibility of Consumers It is not uncommon for some food companies to justify their choices, arguing that they are a direct consequence of consumer demands: does the consumer want cheap snacks? It is possible but on condition that the production costs are kept low, the only way to remain competitive. While guaranteeing subsistence wages and monitoring “how and where” is produced is expensive, companies say, and would result in an unacceptable drop in profits for shareholders. Yet this thesis that companies are a hostage to consumers is misleading: the industry is well able to direct consumer demand and hides the impact it produces on communities just as well. Every year millions are spent to disguise sourcing activities, and engage in sophisticated lobbying, marketing, promotional campaigns, in order to influence public opinion on food and how it is produced. In this sense, the companies themselves are the engines and generators of consumer demand. It is now clear that consumers prefer companies with higher standards of social and environmental responsibility, and that they are willing to pay more for goods that benefit small producers and the environment. With informed and informed consumers, it is difficult for companies to avoid their responsibilities. Instead of using huge investments to hide the impact of their business, companies can and must use some of those huge resources to develop products and practices that are the basis of a fairer food system. And in this context the need arises to create “Terra Fan Club” circles in the territories to disseminate correct information from reliable sources and at the same time experiment with pesticide-free foods, monitored by Greenden laboratories and declared healthy through the emerging blockchain technology (the notary of the future) If you want to contribute to the Terra Fan Club project, please write to terra or subscribe to our group on Facebook and you will always be up to date.


Graphic Artist - Conservation and Restoration, and Business Owner

“I love cooking and creating art with food. I was honoured to cook and inspire artistic food visuals for the King and Queen of The Netherlands”. www.mayaapostoloska.deviantart

I am 35 and a proud mother of three boys. My passion is art and creating beautiful artwork, while adjusting to the needs of my children aged: six, three, and one-year-old. At age 11, I won a State Award for creating realistic pop art, best described as human arms in the foreground one of them holding a syringe, and a needle. The background of-the-art piece highlighted a desert. I remember spending hours to achieve perfection creating my masterpiece. I called it: “The drug can make a desert of your life”. It’s now a special memory in my heart. Receiving the award was the beginning of my future and newfound confidence as an artist. I continued to receive recognition in the art industry and was honoured with prestige awards throughout Europe. I moved from Macedonia, my home to further explore the world. I was fortunate to host a ‘One-Woman Exhibition’, in Belgrade and be a part of a group hosted exhibition in Kyoto, Japan. My art showcased in exhibitions throughout Serbia, Macedonia, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Romania, and The Netherlands. I also worked as a graphic designer in three Cultural Houses in Skopje, Macedonia and have a vast amount of experience in theatre scenography - working at Universal Hall. The opportunity to conserve a 16th Century Icon - Ss. Atanas The Murals from Leshok, and a Dutch sculpture of Ss. Nike were significant honours throughout my life. I now own and operate a company, with my dear husband Zihni.


Author, Colour Consultant, and Thai Boxer Welcome to Cosy’s world. I am a writer, colour consultant, Thai Boxer and former snowboarder. The author of “A Dragonfly Diary,” and in the process of publishing my first ‘Contemporary Romance Fiction’ novel as a trilogy. Valentine’s Day was the day my mum passed away, after a horrible car accident. She was in a coma fighting for her life for six long months. She was a warrior. A brave one too who only had one dream. Her dream was to see my book published and succeed as a writer. Since I was 14, I knew all I wanted was to be a writer. I promised myself, one day, I would write a novel. Now, I am writing two. I have worked hard and never gave up to be where I am now. As they say, “We are writers, my love. We don’t cry. We bleed on paper.” 14 February 2018 was the day I vowed to myself, I will make my mama proud. Thanks to ‘eYs Magazine’ I now can describe a glimpse of how I see the world.

“Life never ceases to amaze me, and I am a firm believer that there is still magic in this world”. Facebook: @Author Cosette Awad – a dragonfly diary Instagram:



Law and Corporate Governance Lawyer, Post-Grad Specialist for Corporate Governance, and UN Climate Teacher Author

“Never, but never stop dreaming and chasing your goals. Remember, someone, somewhere is counting on you.” Blog: LinkedIn:

Ms. Bogojević is a Lawyer, Post-Graduate Specialist for Corporate Governance (officially, confirmed by World Bank Group - Washington D.C.). A UN Accredited Climate Change Teacher. Bojana co- authored two professional legal books, about Law and Corporate Governance. She is the founder of a blog about Law and Corporate Governance and has published over 50 legal articles in 37 web portals and media in Serbia, Western Balkans, Italy, USA and that number is getting bigger each day. Bojana has given a large number of interviews, and is often invited to be a guest on tv shows, and conducts legal lectures. Ms. Bogojević has been a corporate and legal advisor for many leading companies in both the public and private sectors, as well as universities. She is innovative and pragmatic in her efforts to ensures the protection of clients’ interests. She actively participates in numerous national and international scientific meetings, and graduated, from a number of prestigious international schools in the. fields of Economy and Law (F.A. v. Hayek Institute; Hellenic Observatory of London School of Economics etc.) She was chosen to be a member of the working group for drafting the Law on gender equality in the Republic of Serbia, the National strategy on gender equality, and subsequent action plan 2016 – 2018. Additionally, Ms. Bogojevic participated in the drafting of the Republic of Serbia Economic Reform Program, and drafting National Action Plan on Resolution 1325 SC. Member of UN Women, Peace and Security for time period 2016 – 2020.


Life Coach and Photographer Do you have trouble finding new ways to promote your business? Do your promotional images perfectly depict your business as individual, innovative and dynamic? Hi, I’m Claudine Burgess and I know how difficult it can be to effectively promote a business and stand out from the masses. With a varied international background, I understand marketing and what a business like yours needs to be an individual. Which is why my photography business, Define and Shine, is very different. After moving to Australia, I became a wife, mother, businesswoman, communicator, connector, speaker, marketer, and strategist while continuing to pursue my love of photography. Working with small and medium sized businesses in a variety of industries showed me the many ways marketing can be successful and not so successful. I was stopped in my tracks with a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2011. It was an overwhelming time. Determined to overcome what was happening to me, I focused on becoming a Life and Business Coach gaining a Masters in NLP. Together, my illness and study led me to develop an innovative on-line program for people going through cancer. During this time, I used my photography as a source of comfort but to also challenge myself to keep moving forward. Combined with my international and local marketing career, I have created a business that combines marketing know-how with vivid photography that personally depicts YOUR business.


“Define and Shine uncovers the unique story of your business and enables it to shine”. Facebook: @claudineburgessphotography Instagram: @claudineburgess

eYs TEAM PAMELA DALSENO Owner and Creator

I am known to many as Pam or Pammie. I live in Townsville Australia which is my Home town, it’s paradise to me living in my gorgeous Cottage (Home Sweet Home) surrounded by tropical landscaping, giving privacy with a mini resort ambience. I Love living Coastal in North Qld where it is beautiful one day and perfect the next most of the year. I started my working life as a receptionist all those years ago, however my creative juices flowed through and my further employment found me in creative roles. I am now retired with time being more my own and my gift of creation now fills many of my days and sometimes evenings. I met my husband at an early age and we have spent the years together because of our Trust, Love, Honesty and Loyalty which has seen us Celebrating our Golden Jubilee in 2018. Together we focus on those treasured ingredients for our recipe of Life. I met my husband at an early age and we have spent the years together because of our Trust, Love, Honesty and Loyalty which has seen us Celebrating our Golden Jubilee in 2018. Together we focus on those treasured ingredients for our recipe of Life.

“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds around my neck”. Facebook: @louloulivingcreations Instagram: @loulouliving_townsville


Owner and Operator, Business Woman and Designer A Fabric Decor Business Specializing in Cushions

“I love cooking and creating art with food. I was honoured to cook and inspire artistic food visuals for the King and Queen of The Netherlands”.

Born in Ingham, a small sugarcane growing town in North Queensland, I am the youngest of two daughters. Following Sicilian tradition, I was named after my grandmother, Santa. My Christian name is Santina, but I prefer being called Tina. I left high school mid-year of Grade 10 and worked in a pharmacy during the school holidays and offered a full-time position in a dispensary. That I spoke a second language helped. At a young age, I married my husband Sam, and we have two beautiful children. Our first born is Paul, followed by my daughter Claudia, whom I am very proud of my children’s achievements. Paul represented Australia at the Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 Olympic Games, in the 4x100M relay. He is now a PE Teacher. My daughter Claudia works in Business Banking and has achieved many awards in her career. She is also a successful Wedding Photographer and the mother of two beautiful children, Madison and Ethan. Married for 42 years, of those 35 years was working with my husband Sam in his Accountancy practice. A family run business, where I worked as a receptionist, computer operator, and manager. We sold our practice due to Sam’s ill health and moved to Townsville. We are a close-knit family, and I am blessed to have my children and grandchildren living close by.

Facebook: @CoverMeSweetCushions Instagram: @cover_me_sweet



Intuitive Life Coach, Speaker and Business Woman

“We have a chat and magic happens.” Facebook: @DebbieKemp1111 Instagram: @debbiekemp1111

Debbie Kemp is an intuitive life coach who helps women create lives and families that are happier, more present and connected, and more abundant in all ways. She has coached a wide range of women who simply want more from life, facilitated workplace training and presented at industry conferences. Coaching is Debbie’s ‘genius zone’; she describes her ability to tune in, hold space and ask powerful questions by saying “we have a chat and magic happens”. Personally, Debbie is a mum and a wife who loves to explore nature’s beauty and enjoys watching and playing sport with her family. She turned to a range of holistic and energetic therapies to help her through a challenging health journey and the transition of motherhood. These experiences transformed her and she emerged more loving and trusting than ever, passionate about supporting women to create their version of an amazing life. Professionally, Debbie has worked in not-for-profits and government organisations. She’s been a business owner and CEO, she’s advised Ministers and has been a finalist in the Telstra Business Women’s Awards. These days, she loves doing business in a way that’s tuned in to heart and soul and playing with amazing people who are out to create whatever it is their heart desires.


Bookkeeper, Reiki Practitioner, and Business Owner A seeker, and lover of light, an introvert, and a complex creature with a vivid curiosity for exploring my inner Universe. My passion for uplifting and inspiring others, seeing people become the best versions of themselves through compassion, nature, laughter, and warmth, embrace all of who I am. The symbol of love, faith and hope, align my purpose of sharing the joy and connecting with the truth as we find the light that shines within. I hope to discover my path and trust the process with love and kindness in my heart. My story unfolds as divine love flows, and ‘Big Love and Magic,’ a novel yet to be written. Sharing my inner whispers and inspire others to find their truth and shine too, along with your stories and experiences. Join me on this journey of ‘Big Love and Magic’ to uplift and inspire, as you inspire me. I call Newcastle home with my husband, son and pooch soulfriend, Lola.

“I come into alignment with who I really am, my true self, the love that I am.” Instagram: @hands_on_energy



Photographer, Business Woman, Author and Traveller My name is Natalie O’Connor and I am a wife, mother, photographer, business woman, traveller and writer. I enjoy expressing my creativity and making a difference. I love spending time with my family and friends and being in nature. I am passionate about education. While studying for my Bachelor of Arts from Sydney University, I also studied photography and martial arts. After my first degree, I completed a Master in Business Administration at the University of Technology, Sydney, followed by a Graduate Diploma in Environmental Science at the University of New South Wales. I have worked as a business consultant for a top tier companies, developing skills in strategic management. I have also worked as an environmental consultant and run my own company as a professional photographer. I am now facing my most challenging and rewarding role to date - mother to my two gorgeous children.

“Someone once told me that it was really important to focus on the ordinary things in life and find wonder in them, because if you don’t you will always seek out extraordinary things in order to be impressed by.” Instagram: @natalieoconnorphotography


Author, UNAA, UN Women and UN Volunteer, Vice President of Oceania, Global Goodwill Ambassadors, Regional Executive Director for Oceania, and Humanitarian

I am a mum of two beautiful boys, soul mate to an amazing man of 28 years, and blessed to live in beautiful Sydney, Australia. My lessons learned, experience, and social etiquette have enabled me to found “Empowering Your Soul”. Known for my motivating, and inspiring original quotes, and recognized by media, and corporate giants, supporting my mission to inspire. Anne Geddes, published one of my quotes in her 2014 release, ‘Little Blessings.’ Alaska Airlines, highlighted one of my quotes, in their official ‘Brand Guidelines’ manual and Highpoint University, USA, featured one of my quotes on the front cover of the University Legacy Brochure as their Legacy. Women with Altitude – Unsung Hero 2019 Award. A regular guest on Michigan Avenue Network with Host Marsha Casper Cook.

“Be remembered for the right reasons. Leave a legacy and a smile in your heart beyond life”. Facebook: @Author Jasmina Siderovski - Empowering Your Soul Anecdotes, and Quotes Instagram: @jasmina_siderovski_author_eys Amazon:



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