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OUR MISSION STATEMENT Empowering Your Soul are a group of determined individuals, who are inspired and empowered to share kindness, through our positive vibes and support. We encourage, help and motivate others and support local communities and charities to prosper and grow.

THE COVER Thank you to Aimee Dobb for allowing eYs Magazine – Empowering Your Soul feature her inspirational story and use her images for the cover and inside cover story.







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Welcome to the third edition of




“It takes a passionate heart to tell a story, and a special soul to listen with their mind.”


eYs Magazine

ometimes things happen for a reason, and other times, just a transitional stage in our life. Either way, the universe tends to unite people, and stories of hope, challenging times, success, and inspiration, forming, a foundation for direction, and compatibility in an egalitarian world. A congruence of substance, and self-identity, sharing visions, dreams, and aspirations. I am a wife and a mother of two young men. They have taught me how to exist. A ràison dêtre of substance, and indeed comfortable with the choices I have made in life. As a Macedonian migrant, I have redefined ‘nostalgic identity;’ the notion, belonging to a different country at birth, and raised, amongst a fusion of cultures, diversified through a wealth of influence, creating an environment, energized, innovative, and outward looking. Understanding how we connect in a labyrinth of different personalities, and ideas, while pursuing personal growth accustomed by the scope of a diverse society, and the many, yet to find their place in a growing era of aspiration, and inspiration. The foundation for development through the language, custom, and culture of a continent, new in history, and far from the rest of the world. Coexisting within yourself, and an economically, technologically, and innovative, fast-paced country such as Australia, advanced in more ways than one; helped shape my growth. Perhaps, a chronological cliché of real lessons learned, developing with technology, advances in medicine, the growth of an economic savvy political era, and, ergonomic, and environmental innovations rapidly keeping my mind astute. Different circumstances meet different pragmatic aspirations. I like to think time creates you to think outside the square. I have learned with time and knowledge, an understanding, and the importance to cushion changes; deeper appreciate what is happening to all of us, and how we contribute to inner peace. In a whirlwind era, sometimes we forget, that it’s up to us to make things brighter, appreciate smiles more, and listen to others. Sometimes, we tend to just listen to ourselves and slip into a one-sided world. Life can be so tricky, but hey, it honestly doesn’t have to be. Learning to stop, listen, and appreciate the special moments in our lives, gives us the balance we need, to overcome hardship, and remember that blessings come in all shapes and sizes. Get to know how someone else is feeling. It’s not always about you. Kindness begins in your heart, multiplies from your soul and spreads with life through the depths of your smile. Acts of kindness do not cost the world, nor break your back. They live in people’s hearts and embellish a part of who you are. We are all meant to exist, as wealth or stature don’t define beauty. Beauty is determined by our smile and the goodness of our heart. Always make room to smile with another, and you might find that smile becomes a treasured friend in your life. We have all been burned by others, and have reached the heights of stress and tension that shouldn’t have, a place in our life. The reality is

there are so many that just don’t get it, never will, and sadly may never be part of a miracle that lives in all of us. The miracle of life and hope, the strength in love, and faith highlight our growth as a person. Jealousy curses the majority, and all I have to say to that is “don’t fall into it, don’t hold on to it, and don’t live by it.” The most common breakdown in a relationship or friendship is the failure to connect, reciprocate, understand, and remember we were all brought up differently. Hence our characters will always be set in their ways. It’s raising above the stubbornness to appreciate a different upbringing that will help you value other’s thinking and the notion that a positive outcome is stepping out half way. Perhaps the glass is half full, or maybe it’s half empty. Either way, it honestly doesn’t matter. There is always room for more. Goodness starts with you and travels in your children’s smiles. It defines who you are, an enigma to be the individual that will always make a difference, and a strong presence, in people’s lives. The third edition of eYs Magazine touches on a charismatic, and influential culture, our morals, and self-discipline to pursue the never-ending hunger to challenge our limitations, beyond the norm. ‘Empowering Your Soul,’ the training wheel, for goals, success, peace of mind, and substance. Hopefully, guide the new generation to a sassy, and sleek way of thinking. Naturally, the results driven by your interpretation and how they fit in alongside your values. A difference in your life, and the ability to guide others embark on a systemic behaviour of colossal synergy keeping them firm as we realize our dreams. This month we have an exciting feature story as we introduce to the world Aimee Dobb – Mrs Australia Pageant 2018 contender. Read Aimee’s story of determination, love and hope and her surprise arrival of triplets. Get an insight into the exciting author event held in Christchurch, New Zealand Wham Bam Author Jam 2018 and discover the art that will literally create an explosion of your taste buds wanting more as Maya takes us into the secret of artistic food. We are always in awe of our Townsville team members Pamela, Tina and Elizabeth who talk us through their love for fashion, design and upcycle bliss as they revamp and redefine the art of creation. We also take a peak in inspiring stories by Cosette, Deme and Julie who bring out the raw emotions we tend to hide. Finally, Natalie talks to Andrew Taylor from Adventure Co in Sydney as she focuses on business and the secret to success. Thank you to all for helping us achieve 78,000 readers of eYs Magazine since it was first launched in June 2018.

Jasmina Siderovski Editor-in-Chief Founder and Creative Director

Photography by Viktor Boskovski


eYs Magazine



Story by: Lidija Tomevska


here are always moments in our school life that we will find worth remembering. School is the only place where we can experience moments that have actual value. These moments make teaching more than just a profession. I have shared many amazing moments with my students. These precious moments will never fade as they write about our shared history and become milestones for the time we spent together. “We didn’t realize we were making everlasting moments. We knew we were having fun!” THE MOMENTS OF LAUGHTER – Unplanned and spontaneous humour, filling the classroom. Hearing funny things my students say and do; witnessing the glow in their eyes when sharing their stories; and laughing at the unexpected errors or misunderstandings which occur in class. The joyful laughter, celebrating classroom games; when the word “seriousness” does not exist in our dictionary – this spirit of informality is my favourite part of teaching, as it acts as an injection of vitality and enlivens the lesson. THE MOMENTS RECEIVING NOTES AND PICTURES – There is nothing more adorable when your students have taken the time to make a heartfelt thank-you card or a drawing or receiving a flower they have picked on their way to class. These 6

eYs Magazine

playful notes, colourful images and acts of gratitude are reminders of my students’ big hearts. THE MOMENTS OF HUGS AND HIGH FIVES – It is an unbelievable feeling being able to hug my students when they need or want a hug. These moments of love and compassion, while simple, have individual gestures that create a strong bond with my students; making me feel as their guardian, and not just their teacher. THE MOMENTS YOU REALISE THEY HAVE GROWN UP – Teaching is like planting a seed, requires time, nurture and growth. The seed will grow better if given enough

attention – this is the same for my students. The magical moment when you realise that your students have blossomed into beautiful minds. Knowing you have played a part in this growth by setting a rich and fertile learning soil, is a massive sense of delight and overwhelming joy. THE MOMENTS OF FEELING PROUD OF MY STUDENTS – I am proud of many things in my life, but nothing beats being proud of my students. I call my students “my children” because they are not just a name on my class list, they are part of my heart. They work hard and the ‘aha’ moment in their eyes makes me beam with pride. I am a proud teacher of my amazing students.

“It is an unbelievable feeling being able to hug my students when they need or want a hug”.

THE MOMENTS OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM – not all lessons happen in the classroom, experiencing the world beyond the classroom builds a bridge between theory and reality. Countless cinema visits, trips to the zoo,

park excursions, fieldwork activities are all moments that will always make me smile as I witness the excitement in my students’ eyes. I celebrate every priceless moment in the

classroom, no matter good or bad. Every moment is a treasure. I am blessed, with the opportunity to be a teacher and to be part of something rare and these unforgettable moments will live with me for the rest of my life. eYs Magazine



Food Art

THE ART OF LIFE WITH MAYA Image belongs to Maya Apostoloska

“An excellent served dish has to contain the whole universe served on the plate.” -MAYA APOSTOLOSKA


remember the day I went to work at a restaurant in Scheveningen Beach, and as usual, encouraged by my passion and energy I always used to check the reservations. I noticed a reservation under the name “Blije Leven” this caught my attention as it was common to make a reservation under the name of the person who made the booking. Receiving orders for the breakfast and lunch period, it was quite a busy day in the kitchen. Every free second was committed to preparing for the dinner patrons. I was 8

eYs Magazine

improvising at certain moments, but all meals were made with a lot of love, and they were elegant served. Blije Leven ordered. I stopped everything, made some space at the work table, took new gloves, a cutting plate and knife. I used a new technique and concept, unique in the kitchen routine. Happy with the results, I tasted the food and checked if the temperature was right. It was perfectly delicious and ready to be served. I didn’t breathe while serving the

final touch of the meal. I had created a painting of food on the plate especially for Maxima – The Queen of the Netherlands. Looking back, food has always played a significant role in art. Food as a subject matter inspired the artists from the OldWorld Classic Era, through narrative and still life, to Pop Art. Food roots an image in time and place. In the Stone Age, the cave painters’ artists used vegetable juice and animal fats as binding ingredients in their paints. The Egyptians, who were drawing food even inside the Pyramids, were carving pictographs of crops and bread on hieroglyphic tablets. In the Renaissance, Giuseppe Arcimboldo painted puzzle-like portraits composed of fruits, vegetables and flowers. The Post-Impressionist Cezanne’s was painting apples and oranges. The Modern Era, Avant-Garde Futurist Filippo Tommaso Marinetti thinks of the preparation and the consumption of food as art. In the Pop art, food became a social metaphor where Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and James Rosenquist focused on Campbell’s soup cans, the hot dog and the spaghetti. In the 1970 ’s artist Dieter Rot began using real food as an art material, an exhibition in Los Angeles presenting cheese placed in suitcases hung on the walls in the gallery, which later became surrounded by flies and the show is closed down by command of the public health inspectors.

The Dutch Golden Age flourished with big, beautiful still life’s in general mastering the virtuosic skill of observation. The food had depicted symbolic significance often related to biblical texts and characterized with exquisite realism and detail. Luxury and diversity of food were common subjects during that era. Opposite of the “fancy food” still lives was Vermeer’s Milkmaid presenting milk and bread directly. He used extraordinary, perfect lightning and pure, beautiful, expensive pigments. Still life genre began during the 16th-17th Century in The Netherlands. The English term Still Life derives from the Dutch word ‘yet even.’ When I am writing about the Netherlands still life’s, I would like to mention the name of Natasja Sadi living in Amsterdam. She has the ability and talent to create delicate keepsake hyper-realistic sugar flowers. Her passion is reproducing Dutch still life’s paintings three-dimensional. Her experience lays designing wedding dresses for over 20 years. Since 2015 Natasja began baking and designing cakes with unlike real flowers that can be saved forever.

represent mortality, inner contemplation and eternity. A Butterfly in a painting is a symbol of the soul. Flowers present innocence, the rose is love, sunflower is devotion, and the lily is purity. Birds are a symbol of the resurrection of the soul after death and feathers are a symbol of hope and freedom. Presentation of a monkey is a symbol of the chaos, and the cats are mysterious, beautiful and exotica universal symbol of prostitutes. The

animal’s in still-life paint a picture of death in animal art. Food is an essential survival product. It gives the energy and nutrients to grow and develop, be healthy and active, to move, work, play, think and learn. Nowadays, in this post-modern era, to be good is not enough anymore. We are reaching perfection in every product, concept and experience. That’s good indeed, always to go for a better. The arrangement of the table, the dishes and the art of food on the plate are the values of our expectations and the restaurant service.

“The Egyptians, who were drawing food even inside the Pyramids, were carving pictographs of crops and bread on hieroglyphic tablets”.

http://www.cakeatelier.amsterdam/ https://www.facebook.com/Cake-AtelierAmsterdam-1589582458037499/ The food-related symbolism was present as a subject throughout the whole history mostly as an allegory which is the way of communicating a message via symbols and symbolic figures. The symbols of foodrelated items in the art as a part of powerful visual language have many significances. Here are the meanings on some of them: Pomegranate in still-life painting is a symbol of fertility; lemons are symbolized the deceptive allure and peach as the truth hand salvation. Images belong to Lavinia

Triangle arranged still life symbolizes the Holy Spirit while the inverted triangle means feminity and the symbol of the womb. Ivy is eternal life, and the lute is a symbol of the death. Skulls and bones eYs Magazine


The high price of the bill is well-deserved by healthy-lately favourite, organic and vegan food, candle light atmosphere, colourful and original shaped dish services and glasses, natural wood and stone plates, ceramic cups and above all of the perfection and quality served on the plate. Creating a food masterpiece requests cooking knowledge and esthetic sense. It asks above all an artistic feeling. An excellent served dish has to contain the whole universe served on the plate. These days lobsters, avocados, tangles, cauliflower rice, mint and strawberries are very popular products. It is healthy and “IN” being vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian. Nicely covered and an arranged table will help the meals to appear even more eye-catching. An extravagant, exact sized example of a plate for the meal and served aperitive in a unique glass next to it. The food has to be served in odd numbers, well organized by the use of different sized and shaped plugs. Playing with heights in the serving makes the plate even more interesting. Use of a long plate and served several small parties next to each other is an elegant look like a dish. The most essential is the presence of contrast colours, and play with the texture of the food: soft risotto combined with crispy cheese crackers or smooth ball ice-cream next to a coarser texture of jam. When I write about perfection on the plate, I am thinking of Lavinia. Lavinia cakes’ buttons is a cozy and cute cafe established in 2016 in Den Haag, The 10

eYs Magazine

Images belong to Natasja Sadi

The food-related symbolism was present as a subject throughout the whole history mostly as an allegory which is the way of communicating a message via symbols and symbolic figures.

Netherlands. A beautiful, warm welcome place where dreams come true. The attention to detail in the interior and the cakes is genuinely outstanding; everything is exquisitely unique. The tiny artistic cakes and sweets, served next to lovely antique fairytale-like cups, are heavenly delicious. Everything seems to be very charming at the table. Lavinia a genius is creating magic. Her menu contains a variety of healthy raw vegan cakes, sugar-, lactoseand gluten free. It is a real fantasy and symphony of taste. https://www.facebook.com/ cakesnbuttons/ http://www.cakesnbuttons.com/

Creating a food masterpiece requests cooking knowledge and esthetic sense

s u t c a t con: +31614970204 Mobile


Vermiljoenstraat 79 2284 GV Rijswijk, The Netherlands Tel.: +31702115378 | e-mail: z.treumann@gmail.com | www.treumannrenovatie.nl

for all your renovation needs at Treumann eYs Magazine


Story by: Debbie Kemp

LIFE COACH Thinking versus feeling… do we really know the difference? brain to ‘think’ about situations, we will end up making decisions that are not in our best interests, that will not satisfy all of our needs or lead us to fulfilment. The head brain has a wonderful purpose, and that is to think about creative ways to bring into action the information the heart and gut brains feed us. Those who choose to listen to all of their brains live more fulfilled and aligned lives. Thinking and feeling our way is important, but being aware of which is operating when making decisions is the goal in seeking joy and fulfilment.”


recently did the 7-day mindset challenge that I offered in the last edition of EYS magazine. I posted about it on social media and enjoyed some interesting conversations. Some people commented that positive thinking is good but suggested that it’s also good to feel and process negative feelings. I agree, but what interested me is how many people interchanged the words thinking and feeling, and how many people explained their preference for thinking through their feelings or feeling through their thinking. I don’t consider myself an expert on this, I honour everyone’s perspective, and I enjoy and appreciate such open conversations, but I’ve come to see thinking and feeling as two very different things. For me, thinking happens in mind… it can be strategic; it can be analytical, it’s a decision-making tool and working things out tool. In contrast, I experience feeling in my body… in my heart and my stomach and my solar plexus chakra (energy centre). A feeling comes to me as subtle sensations and also as an overwhelmingly powerful awareness of energy. I might experience heaviness or lightness, sadness or happiness, anger or grief, frustration or acceptance, overwhelm or calm, apathy or joy. For me, none of this feeling has a thinking element. The work I’ve done to shift trauma and illness – suffering I guess – and the coaching I’ve done to help other people shift their suffering has helped


eYs Magazine

me become quite a practised energy processor. I know how to suppress a feeling, I know how to tune in to a feeling, and I know how to release a feeling. All of it is a body experience, something that happens in the space between the heart and the gut. When we’re truly feeling, our mind cannot be busy thinking. At least that’s how I see it! One friend weighed into the thinking/feeling conversation with considerable experience. Sharon Van den Broek is an Equine Experiential Learning Facilitator and a Coach in Multiple Brain Integration Technique. She explained that neuroscience research reveals that we actually have three brains! We have the brain in our head, the one we all know about; this brain is responsible for thinking, Strategizing and giving meaning to things. Apparently, we also have complex neural networks – brains – in our heart and our gut! Our heart brain is responsible for values; it tells us what’s deeply important to us and reveals our life’s purpose. Our gut brain is responsible for identity, self-preservation and safety. Sharon also explained this… “Thinking is a prefrontal [head] brain function where the feeling is a function of the heart and gut neural [brain] networks. When we feel our way, we are taking notice of the massive amount of information our body is feeding to us about situations. If we ignore this information and only rely on the head

When I told Sharon how interesting I found this and asked her to explain further, she went on… “There is no such thing as positive and negative feelings or emotions. These are messages we receive through our interception. As soon as we start judging those we know our prefrontal brain is active. Even the use of certain words will tell me what brain a person is accessing. The classic “I THINK I feel sad” tells me the head brain is interpreting the feeling rather than the truth of the feeling. Every felt sense leads to an emotion which is just information. Once a person reaches the point of being able to feel the emotion, know what its message is (e.g. anger tells us boundaries needed to be laid sooner) they can then do what is needed to rectify things for themselves. The e-motion (Energy in Motion) will then shift without them needing to try and shift it.” I like the concept that emotions are not positive or negative; that they’re just messages. Personally, I think of emotion as the way my soul communicates with my body. It’s how my soul tells me what’s important and what I should give more attention to. It’s how my soul tells me when to say yes and when to say no. Listening to our soul, to our feelings, is powerful. But what about thinking? I believe that thinking is a great tool! I also believe that we sometimes overthink. Abraham Hicks has some beautiful thinking and feeling quotes… “No matter what the issue is, don’t try to justify [think about] why you don’t feel good. Also, don’t try to justify [think about] why you should feel differently… All of that is wasted effort. Just try to feel better right now.” So… “As you think thoughts that feel good to you, you will be in harmony with whom you really are.” Isn’t that what we all want? To feel good being an expression of who we are?

Define and Shine Photography Claudine Burgess


eYs Magazine


eYs Magazine

Define and Shine Photography Claudine Burgess

FASHION AND JEWELLERY Story by: Elizabeth Simonsen



love colour. I have a wardrobe full of every colour in the spectrum. My closet is my rainbow which I use to dip into every day and bathe myself in the shade that will best serve me that day. Scientists have found that colour has an emotional effect on our wellbeing. Use it well, and it can enhance your life beyond measure. Our optical nerves pick up colour and then send messages to our brain which have a direct effect on our mood. In the Netherlands where winter days are short, sometimes non-existent for months on end, it is common for households to paint one whole room yellow to mimic the effect of the sun. They will sit in this room for a few hours a day to enhance mood and increase serotonin levels. Colour in clothes can send powerful but subtle messages to those around us. It was found in a survey that when going for an interview to land a job, the colour which most successful job applicants wore was Navy. This colour expressed confidence, intelligence and reliability. Black was deemed as too ambitious and possibly arrogant (the job applicant might have ambitions on the interviewees own job) Brown and Orange were the least successful colours. Brown was seen as boring and bland. Orange was seen as too alternative and loud.

You will have noticed the most common colour of world leaders will be a Navy suit. The message they are sending to their opponents is, “I am the person for the job. I command respect and am confident�. A British survey also found that the most auspicious colour for a woman to wear on a date was Red. Men found this colour irresistible as it conveyed passion, energy and confidence but if you chose to wear this colour to a meeting with a difficult client it could increase aggression, volatility and create a heated environment. So knowing how and when to wear the right colour in different situations in life could definitely give you a subtle advantage and edge over others. I never knew the science of colour and its effects, but I would naturally pick colours to wear according to how I felt and how I wanted to feel. Without realizing, I would naturally gravitate to tones that made me feel less anxious, more energized, less sad. If I was in a playful and happy mood, I could get away with wearing black without it totally depressing me. If I was in a dark mood, black only made me eYs Magazine


Use colour to create the day that you want to have. Look into your wardrobe and try to bring some balance to it by seeing what colours are missing or what colours you have an abundance of. 16

eYs Magazine

feel more crappy and depressed. I know that black is exceptionally chic, flattering and timeless. I have quite a few black dresses in my wardrobe, but when I choose to wear this colour, I will accessorise it with a bright, colourful necklace, bag or shoes to counteract the heaviness of the tone. After my marriage broke up, I subconsciously avoided strong colours and black. I surrounded myself with calming soothing tones that helped me feel cocooned, safe and nurtured. My new favourite colour became soft pink. I wore a Rose quartz and Amethyst Love heart around my neck every day. I felt vulnerable and broken, and these colours in the form of clothes, jewellery and furnishings helped me on my road to recovery. My whole bedroom is now a mixture of rose, purples and greens. I have recently started wearing stronger colours as I feel my energy return and my grief subside. I am now very much attracted to hot pinks, Reds and Black again. This tells me that even if some days I may feel like I am not making much progress, my choice of colour tells me otherwise. Below are a list of colours and their meanings.

love. Soft pink enhances relaxed feelings while hot pink is stimulating and happy. Purple - The colour of wisdom, warmth and spirituality. Purple tends to occur rarely in nature, so it is viewed as rare and intriguing. Purple is often used to help spark creativity as it is a mixture of blue and red. Soft purple Lavender is exceptionally calming and reduces stress. Green - Is a refreshing and tranquil colour that represents nature and the natural world. Very calming on the nervous system, e.g. guests waiting to appear on television programs often wait in the “green room.” Black - The absence of all colour and light so technically it’s not a colour. It enhances

fear and dread if you are already in that state of mind but is also a colour of power, elegance, formality and sophistication. Hello Little Black Dress. White - Whereas Black was the absence of colour, White is all the colours in the spectrum. White is a cooling and fresh shade and can help us feel clean and serene. Use colour to create the day that you want to have. Look into your wardrobe and try to bring some balance to it by seeing what colours are missing or what colours you have an abundance of. What does your wardrobe say about you and where you are in your life at the moment? The most important thing is to have fun with colour and enjoy incorporating it into your life.

“Colour in clothes can send powerful but subtle messages to those around us”.

Blue - The colour of the mind and is essentially soothing. It affects us mentally, rather than the physical reaction of say Red. Strong blues will stimulate clear thought, and lighter blues will calm the mind and aid concentration. Red - This bright, warm colour evokes strong emotions. Red is associated with love, warmth and comfort. Red is considered an intense and even angry colour that creates feelings of excitement or passion. If you are feeling tired, Red is the perfect pick me up. Orange - A robust and energetic colour. It is bright, happy and uplifting but can be overwhelming which is why people tend to either love it or hate it. It is attention grabbing which is why it is often used in advertising Yellow - Bright and sunny it expresses feelings of happiness, warmth and joy. Yellow can quickly grab attention and lead to visual fatigue which is why some prefer this colour in low does. A little goes a long way. Pink - This colour is calming and is associated with kindness, femininity and eYs Magazine




elcome to issue number three of the EYS magazine.

Your response to this magazine has been entirely out of this world, and I sincerely thank each and every one of you who are reading our articles right now. Our editor in chief, Jasmina Siderovski, has done an absolutely fantastic job to bring this fantastic magazine to life once again. This month, I am very excited to announce my rebrand from Neetz Designz to Rachelle Roe Studio. This huge decision took many a sleepless night before I could bring myself to commit to the change which embraced the adoption of incorporating my middle name. I love the sound of the flow, and I am proud of the result. My passion for jewellery designing and photography has now merged, and I honestly feel this will give me the opportunity to focus on both my talents equally. This month I would like to share two very different photo shoots which are very close to my heart. I had not long upgraded my camera to a Nikon, and the incredibly clear Winter skies were calling me to indulge in the beauty that Mother Nature blesses us with. Port Arkwright is located near Coolum Beach in sunny Queensland and is a divine location all year round. The secluded beach was exactly what we needed to make magic happen. This particular collaboration incorporated Chantilly Tutu’s boho range, which my stepdaughter Megan models so beautifully, not to mention it was also the launch of my Meraki Earth Collection and new men’s line of jewellery.

The little township is like taking a step back in time and provides some incredible backdrops. 18

eYs Magazine

I was extremely fortunate to find a male model who could do my jewellery justice, and I would have to say that this particular photo shoot holds a special place in my heart. The spiritual feel of the entire collaboration shines brightly, and I couldn’t have wished for a perfect team of contributors who are now dear friends. Featured also this month are a few images from one of my shoots at Old Petrie Town, which is a favourite location of mine. The little township is like taking a step back in time and provides some incredible backdrops. The beautiful Deepti models’ clothing by a very young fashion designer “Luna and Solis the Label”. To help showcase such a young and upcoming designer was an absolute privilege and another reason why I like to support local designers and businesses. Since my move back home to Toowoomba, I have come across likeminded designers, businesses, models and creatives and I look very forward to collaborating with a fresh group of talented souls

Port Arkwright is located near Coolum Beach in sunny Queensland and is a divine location all year round.

I am very excited to announce my rebrand from Neetz Designz to Rachelle Roe Studio.

very soon. My style of designing continues to evolve since focusing purely from my heart, and I cannot wait to take part in my very first Toowoomba collaborative photo shoot and show you all what I have been working on. You will see my signature Meraki Earth pendant shine in different lights and I have been waiting months to showcase my Havana Collection which is Cuban inspired with colour and cool style for those hot Summer nights (and anytime you please really). I love designing jewellery that can take you from strolling through the markets in the morning to dinner and dancing in the evening. I hope you have enjoyed reading your way through this month’s magazine and have made some new connections along the way.

Credits to these amazing creatives: Port Arkwright Beach Models: Megan Jade Roe Tsun Kit (Ambassador for the Meraki Earth Men’s jewellery line) Megan’s boho maxi skirt and flowing top by Chantilly Tutus Old Petrie Town photo shoot: Models: Deepti Tsun Kit MUA: Jennifer Dhillon Makeup Artistry Label for Deepti - Luna and Solis the Label

EYS Magazine is all about “keeping it real” and bringing you snippets about everyday people who are proud to share a little about themselves, their passion and pure zest for life.

Jewellery and photography by me ~ Rachelle Roe Studio

Keep sparkling my friends, Anita Roe Rachelle Roe Studio

Website: www.neetzdesignz.com

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/RachelleRoeStudio

You will also find Rachelle Roe Studio on Instagram and Twitter eYs Magazine



eYs Magazine

eYs Magazine



MEET AIMEE DOBB MRS AUSTRALIA PAGEANT “I won’t say I haven’t found it hard. It has been life-changing. However, the love and enjoyment that these three boys have given me have taught me how to turn negative perception into a positive reality.”


t is our mission, at eYs Magazine, to feature individuals who inspire others through their struggle, joy and determination to be the best they can be. We search high and low for stories of people who deserve to be recognised, yet somehow manage to fly under the radar - doing what they do naturally. We want to thank Annette Avery, a resident of the great city of Newcastle, NSW Australia. She contacted eYs Magazine and inspired us with her story of love, support, and admiration for a very talented person.

Interview by: Jasmina Siderovski

This month we feature an inspirational individual who has captured the hearts of thousands in her hometown, not to mention a nation. Born and raised in Newcastle, Aimee Dobb an only child, had chronic asthma her entire childhood. In and out of the hospital from the age of one, and a true Novocastrian at heart, Aimee grew up in the same house of over 18 years. The more and more I interviewed Aimee, I couldn’t help but be mesmerised by her humble nature, as she kept it real and spoke with raw emotions from the heart. Her passion and energy shining through her story about her past growing up in a town approximately 160 km from Sydney. Newcastle is known for its ex - Steelworks BHP, which, at its peak, employed over 50,000 workers before it closed down in 1999, after 84 years of operation in the heavy industry. Newcastle is also very known for its coal mines in Stockton, Tighes Hill and Carrington and its Port for exporting and shipping 90 million tonnes of coal each year, through its facility worldwide making Newcastle Port the largest coal port in the world. It is also famous for its most beautiful beaches and harbour, and home to the twotime premiership-winning National Rugby League team the Newcastle Knights, not to mention the mighty A-League Soccer team, the Newcastle Jets FC. Growing up as an only child Aimee was quiet


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and struggled at school, overwhelmed with worry every time exams neared and school reports were distributed. Finally, she decided to leave school and pursue a ten-year career in hairdressing. Aimee’s advice to all students who are struggling at school with exams and ever-so worrying the Year 12 High School Certificate, is: I wish someone had sat me down and made me realise that you don’t have to be the smartest child at school to succeed. I am an artistic individual that loves the art of colour. I have an amazing career that I love without a university degree or great report cards. Aimee loved hairdressing and was blessed to meet her husband, Adam, during this period. Soon after they were married, Aimee and Adam welcomed their eldest son, four years later a beautiful daughter and finally three years after the birth of their daughter, Aimee naturally conceived identical triplet sons. The shock came for the Dobb’s family adjusting from two to five children, and over time, it took its toll on both Aimee and her husband, Adam. Like any parent finding time with two or three children poses its difficulties let alone five, including triplets. A year following their birth, overwhelmed by the change in their lifestyle where everything became so much harder, Aimee knew things needed to change for the better. This would enable her the flexibility she needed as a mother of five as well as her career. My husband didn’t even want a third baby; I never imagined that I would fall pregnant with naturally conceived identical triplet boys. Nor

how much my patience would be put to the test. It’s something I have needed to work on over the last six years. I grew up in a very quiet household being an only child. There isn’t a minute that goes by in my house that doesn’t have much noise, especially with three energetic boys. I think this is the big reason I have gone out into the world and made a career for myself. I love looking after my family, but I also love looking after me and spoiling myself too. I love purchasing new clothes, shoes and bags, getting my hair and nails done. I may be a mother of five, but I also need to be happy and feel amazing about myself, so I can be a strong woman and look after the rest of my family. I want to show my children that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. In an anticipated career change from hairdressing, Aimee enrolled herself in a twoyear Diploma of Interior Design course. The anxiety and commitment to her newfound passion for Interior Design made her determined more than ever to complete her course, by fighting any thoughts of giving up. One of only seven graduates, she felt relieved with a massive sense of achievement. An accomplishment for herself as an artist, an inspiration for her family, and a role model for aspiring artists. Her hard work paid off when she gained full-time employment at McDonald Jones Homes - a building company in Newcastle - as an Interior Designer. As time passed for Aimee, although she loved her new job, she needed even more flexibility, to meet the demands of her career and of course her family. She knew that it was time to branch out on her own. I am an Interior Designer and Resin Artist. The

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Interior Designer and a Resin Artist. She has even set herself a new challenge, taking on the responsibility of the popular and growing Mrs Australia Pageant 2018. Like all Pageants around the world, it also involves a community effort for raising funds to a chosen charity. Aimee is raising awareness and funds for Ovarian Cancer Australia and is an active ambassador for Ovarian Cancer and welcomes any donations big or small. Mrs Australia Pageant is an annual event, with sponsors welcome on all levels – this will help Aimee follow through with her dream to be Mrs Australia 2018. Her predominant passion is to inspire women across Australia, as well as to inspire her daughter and four boys to follow their dreams. Her commitment to encourage men and women, around the world, to shine and remain true to themselves, focusing on their ability and passion to inspire and make a difference. I think many people measure success with money. At the moment, I measure mine on happiness, a healthy household that is running smooth plus a career that I really love getting out of bed for. I still have many more years of raising my children, but it all just seems standard these days, and I know no different. I am so in love with my five children, so I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“The more and more I interviewed Aimee, I couldn’t help but be mesmerised by her humble nature”.

ability to work with a client and help realise their dreams, knowing I have helped them achieve their vision is the most rewarding and enjoyable experience. My business is flexible which allows me to work around a busy and fast paced home life too. Aimee’s passion for style and design sparked her curiosity as an Interior Designer. With the effect that colour has on her, she found it easier to relax in her busy lifestyle once surrounded by the array of different shades and tones. Aimee uses colour in her everyday life especially in Interior Design, by creating amazing contemporary pieces, which are unique and satisfying. Resin Art took over her creative art when she became more mesmerised with the beauty and freedom of expression to create anything she put her mind to. Resin Art is popular amongst 21st Century top creative’s, who use the compound (either naturally or synthetically created) in lustrous designs worldwide on three-dimensional paintings, jewellery and extravagant furniture. This diverse source of crystalline art is renowned for its beauty and versatility paired up with functionality and endless possibility for creating art. After thorough research and experience in Resin Art, Aimee began monthly classes teaching Resin Art from her studio. To Aimee’s surprise, now a successful venture, her popular classes increased due to high demand and are today at full capacity. Aimee loves teaching and meeting new people, also watching them grow, creating and mastering this art form. They reflect her plight to give back to the community and support local charities. Through Aimee’s creations, donating her masterpieces for muchneeded charity events and community services. Now at 34, Aimee is a mother of five, an


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At this year’s Mrs Australia Pageant, on 25 August 2018, Aimee is dedicated to her mission to raise funds and awareness for Ovarian Cancer Australia. I asked Aimee what it was about the pageant that attracted her the most, only to discover that she wasn’t even familiar with the pageant until she recently had crossed paths with another woman. After their brief discussion, Aimee could not stop thinking about it. Although was a little nervous of the exposure, she more-and-more became attracted to the idea. The main attraction being, meeting new people and the challenge of the four separate fashion categories in the Mrs Australia Pageant. She loved the concept of raising money on a National scale for a charity so important to her (Ovarian Cancer Australia). Aimee contributes to this charity by holding raffles, donating all the prizes herself, through her Resin Art masterpieces and her business. No stranger to community support and charity events, Aimee has donated her art pieces to auction for many charity events. Her primary focus in the last few years has been the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service

MY BUSINESS IS FLEXIBLE WHICH ALLOWS ME TO WORK AROUND A BUSY AND FAST PACED HOME LIFE TOO. – we would all agree this being a very worthy service! Aimee has plans to grow her business and to branch out with her Resin Artworks in Sydney. Her mission to create larger pieces with the dream and hope of being displayed in popular art galleries. Her ambitions give her direction and purpose. However, one has to admire the real passion overriding any dreams holding Aimee’s main priorities, being her five children - a full-time job on its own. Also, Aimee’s husband has recently taken ownership of the

“I wish someone had sat me down and made me realise that you don’t have to be the smartest child at school to succeed”.

Sydney Blue Sox Baseball team, meaning life will be even busier for this dynamic duo. I want to be a supportive wife towards my partner who is already running a large Australian company and now a professional baseball team. Aimee’s advice to all future aspiring women, interested in the Mrs Australia Pageant: BE INSPIRED TO BE INSPIRING! ‘If you think you can do it, you can.’– John Burroughs. I want to inspire Mothers to fulfil their life in raising your children, running an ever-so-busy household, be a supportive wife, running a business, travelling and (above-all) looking after yourself. Always ensure YOU are happy with your life. Mrs Australia is an experience, and you get to meet contestants from all over Australia with their inspiring positive attitudes and experiences. You will make lifelong friends, and it is an experience in your life that is for you. Aimee would also like to thank her sponsors for their commitment and ongoing support, for the upcoming Mrs Australia Pageant 2018: Jonathan & Jessica Rothwell from Hunter Specialty Anaesthesia Gorgeous Gowns at Charlestown for donating a formal gown for Mrs Australia. Steph Thornton Belinda Kljajic

On behalf of all the team and myself at eYs Magazine, we would like to congratulate Aimee and Adam Dobb for their inspiring story of love and commitment, raising five children in a dynamic household. We wish Aimee all the very best in the upcoming Mrs Australia Pageant and equally applaud her tremendous work as an ambassador for Ovarian Cancer. Aimee is a unique individual, a passionate soul, an inspiring person and mentor to women all around the world. Her humble nature and love for life, in helping others, by paying it forward, all done through her work as a Resin Artist and Interior Designer are nothing less than exemplary. Congratulations Aimee, you are an inspiration to eYs Magazine and everyone in Australia and the entire world. In our eyes, you are already a true winner of MRS AUSTRALIA PAGEANT 2018. You can find Aimee on: Website: www.aimeedobbinteriordesign.com.au Facebook: Mrs Australia World Finalist Aimee Dobb

Aimee is dedicated to her mission to raise funds and awareness for Ovarian Cancer Australia. eYs Magazine






ne of the most exciting feelings are the ones that give you substance! The notion of achievement, especially when it involves a cause that is close to your heart and gives you a chance to pay it forward. Organizing any event comes with advantages and disadvantages. However, you need to remain focused on what it is that sparked your vision, your dream and purpose in the first place. It is your priority to follow through that inner voice that creates a decorum of love and hope especially when it is so close to your heart. The entire reason for chasing a dream you have yearned for so long. Wham Bam Author Jam (WBAJ) is an author event bringing 31 authors from around New Zealand and Australia to the city of Christchurch to introduce the readers of New Zealand to the many talented authors in their backyard raising money for the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. Stacey Broadbent an author, mother of three and happily married to her husband of eight years lives in Ashburton, New Zealand and is the organizer and founder of WBAJ. Her love of the written word throughout her childhood despite her difficulty writing her own stories prompted a writing love affair and the publication of many books. Her first book - a cookbook, ‘Calamity Jayne My Hit and Miss Guide to Family food’ inspired through her love for experimenting with food in the kitchen. 26

eYs Magazine

Always aspiring to be a writer, Stacey completed her Proofreading Certificate and launched a freelance business with a friend, proofreading novels by authors. Stacey discovered writing was her sanctuary for

books are real stories based on her own life and create great reading for all. When not writing Stacey loves to cook, to experiment in the kitchen as well as to create jewellery. Spreading her time between her part-time


healing old wounds and was encouraged by her friend and business partner to pursue her passion writing books and stories of love, through her stories of pain and struggles. Stacey is now a multigenre author of several books including light-hearted comedies, zombie thrillers to contemporary romance and is also part of the writing duo ‘The Ink Slinging Sisters’ with friend S.K. Lessner.

office job, proofreading for fellow authors, writing, and of course family time can be challenging, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Her first fiction book based on her experience as a salsa dancer represents the ups and downs of her life. The journey of friendship and love, competition and struggles of moving forward: The Dancing Series; ‘Dancing Through the Storm;’ ‘Dancing in Circles;’ and ‘Dancing with Destiny’ became Stacey’s signature series. Stacey finds solace writing about her life experience and creates the characters in her books based on the traits of friends and loved ones. Her famous ‘Super Mum’

Interview by: Jasmina Siderovski

I was curious on what inspired Stacey to take on such a big event, such as Wham Bam Author Jam, only to discover a passionate and warm lady with an extraordinary story that shattered a part of me as she opened up to a raw and emotional side behind founding WBAJ. Why did you decide to organize the WBAJ? Two reasons. I never realized just how many wonderfully talented authors we have in this beautiful country until I started writing myself. I wanted to create an event where readers could get to meet and discover some of these authors while also raising money for charity. The other reason is that we don’t have these events in New Zealand. I constantly see authors and readers travelling around the world for signings, and I wanted to bring that here. How difficult was it starting the process? (Venues, Sponsors, etc.) I actually looked into it a few years ago but didn’t know enough authors to make it viable back then. After attending a signing in Brisbane last year, and the NZ Book Fest two years in a row, I felt I had a better handle on things. Finding authors to participate was the easy part. The venue was a little trickier as cost was a factor. With this being a charity event, I didn’t want to have to charge authors or readers exorbitant prices to attend, and sponsorship hasn’t been easy to come by. I’ve had to put up a lot of my own money to bring it to fruition. Why did you call the event Wham Bam Author Jam? I wanted something catchy and memorable. I was going back and forth with a friend, and this was actually a joke suggestion, but it stuck with me. What is the cause you are supporting and why did you decide to support this particular one? We are supporting the Mental Health Foundation of NZ. A few years ago, I received a call from the school informing me that my child had been talking about suicide, and they were concerned. It shocked me to the core. I had no idea my child was feeling this way. It wasn’t long after that that self-harm became a common occurrence. Through the Mental Health Foundation, we were offered counselling and given tools to help us through this difficult time. I was given numbers to call whenever I needed to talk or ask questions, and not once was I made to feel like I was overreacting. They took everything seriously, explained things so that we could understand, and offered us a lifeline. I chose them as my charity because I feel like it’s time to give back to the ones who offer support in people’s time of need. How many authors will be attending WBAJ? Where are they all from? We have 31 authors attending Wham Bam Author Jam. I’m blown away by the amount of talent we will have in that room! Our authors are from all around New Zealand and Australia. I believe we have almost have an even split, 15-16 of each. Sponsorship of any event is always quite confronting for any organizer. Would you like more sponsors on board this event? How can they contact you if they would like to support WBAJ? eYs Magazine


To be honest, I haven’t really known how to go about sponsorship. I’ve had generous donations of goodies for our VIP bags which is fabulous, but everything else has been from the money I’ve put in. I would love to have some sponsors join the party though! Anyone interested can send me an email at whambamauthorjam@gmail.com or through our Facebook page. Will you be one of the attending authors? I absolutely will be! I tossed up the idea of me being a greeter at the door instead, but I can’t resist being in the mix with my fellow authors. What do you hope to achieve from this event? I hope to connect readers with their new favourite authors! I want to create a conversation and make people aware of just how much talent we have in our backyard. Of course, I want to raise plenty of money for the Mental Health Foundation of NZ. Would you be interested in making this event an ongoing one in the future? I would love to make it a regular event, and all going well, it will be. I’d love to be able to bring authors in from around the world one day too.

We are supporting the Mental Health Foundation of NZ. 28

eYs Magazine

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ StaceyBroadbentAuthor Website: http://www.staceybroadbent. weebly.com Other social media links: https://www. instagram.com/authorstaceybroadbent/ https://www.bookbub.com/authors/staceybroadbent

I never realized just how many wonderfully talented authors we have in this beautiful country until I started writing myself.

Tegan Clark Photography

Stacey Broadbent an author, mother of three and happily married to her husband of eight years lives in Ashburton, New Zealand and is the organizer and founder of WBAJ. eYs Magazine



24 November 2018

The Addington Raceway & Events Centre The Silks Lounge Level 2, Metropolitan Stand 75 Jack Hinton Drive Christchurch, New Zealand 31 authors from Australia and New Zealand in one spot celebrating their readers and followers. An opportunity to meet, greet and jam with your favourite authors and creating new found friends in others.

from discrimination, where all people enjoy positive mental health & wellbeing.

Wham Bam Author Jam is proud to be supporting the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand. Wham Bam Author Jam Ticket sales and raff le proceeds will be donated to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.

GET YOUR TICKETS AT; https://whambamauthorjam.weebly.com/tickets.html or Email: whambamauthorjam@gmail.com

The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand is a charity that works towards creating a society free


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ whambamauthorjam Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ groups/580928788912561/?source_id=156659021723731



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“Believe in yourself, and you will be amazed in the places you’ll go.”

“The first part of a spell is to start with something true. Then you add the madeup bit, the thing you want to happen— the story. The more clearly you can envision it, the more detail it gathers, the more people that know it, the bigger its influence goes. And if the person speaking it has the gift for it, then the story comes true.” - Excerpt From Deep Magic.

Jay G Bee “You’re never fully dressed without a smile. “One day I caught myself smiling for no reason, then I realized I was thinking of you.” “A book is not mere paper and words. It is a door and a key. It is a road and a journey. It is a thousand new sights sensations and sounds. It holds friendships experiences and life lessons. A BOOK IS AN ENTIRE WORLD.”

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“This is her story. Your story. My story. Our story.” - Lissa Carlino, Author of ‘Woman Enough.’

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“She’s like a puzzle you think you’ve got all figured out, but then you realise there’s a piece hidden under the rug you’re yet even to see.”

“I was never one to believe those cliché lines like ‘everything happens for a reason,’ or ‘what goes around comes around,’ that my mother lived by. Fate, destiny, true love. I thought they were all rubbish. Until I met him.”

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WBAJ Sponsors


KATDEEZIGNS KATHRYN DEE Graphic Designer / Blogger Business Owner I’m Kathryn Dee from Sydney Australia, and I’ve been married to my husband for 36 years, raising two wonderful sons and working full time for over 30 years at my childhood primary school in School Administration. My love of graphic design has always been deep seeded, my teenage job of choice, but growing up in the late 70’s meant it was more important or acceptable for a young woman to get a respectable job than to pursue a career in a male-dominated field like 34

eYs Magazine

graphic design. So, after years in administrative roles and completing my Diploma of Business Management, my graphic design fires were rekindled when I discovered the joys of reading romance novels and interacting with the indie author community. Seeing these wonderful authors dedicating their time to writing enthralling tales to entertain me, gave me the drive and motivation I needed to push my creativity. My graphic design business has been built around my love of books and my respect for the hard work of indie authors who I love to work

collaboratively with and to help them present their words with stunning covers, beautiful teasers, video trailers and also to display their work across social media and web platforms. I also love offering them unique custom swag ideas and event setups. I believe strongly in giving back, and I pride myself on providing quality graphic design and creative display and promotion solutions for my clients. The variety of services I offer include custom and premade book covers, teasers, video trailers, author branding & logos, promo posts etc. for social media, event setups including standing display banners, hand made and painted event logo table cloths, website design and other graphic designs for unique and custom swag. I’m also a passionate reader and wanting to promote authors work and share my thoughts and reviews on books I’ve read, and I also co-host CLiK Book Blog with my girls Lizzie and Rebecca. You can find us at https:// www.clikbookblog.wixsite.com/clikbb KatDeezigns is proud to be sponsoring Books In-Sight in Melbourne on Saturday 20th October and also Wham Bam Author Jam in Christchurch New Zealand on Saturday 24th November. In 2019, I’ll be travelling to England for Books on the Beach – Blackpool, where I’m sponsoring as well. So it’s definitely an exciting year ahead for me, and I’m relishing the challenge. Thanks for reading about me and my business and remember... support an indie author by buying their book and leaving a great review. Contact me if you’d like to discuss your graphic design needs. Visit my web page: KatDeezigns.com Email me: kathryndee@katdeezigns. com Facebook: https://www.facebook. com/KatDeezigns/ KatDeezigns YouTube Chanel - Video Productions: https://www.youtube.com/playl ist?list=PL3MFRoi9Ii4kdQfK20ve0MZMw2PPi_0c eYs Magazine


WHITTAKERS Chocolate Factory The wonderful people at the Whittaker’s factory have kindly donated a box of their delicious Milk Chocolate Sante bars for our VIP goodie bags! Be sure to check out their website for their new flavours! https://www.whittakers.co.nz

EMPOWERING YOUR SOUL eYs Empowering Your Soul is a proud sponsor of Wham Bam Author Jam. An event where the proceeds will benefit Mental Health New Zealand. We are giving 20 readers – Free VIP tickets to the event and lots of little surprises in their goodies bags. We are also supporting Wham Bam Author Jam Authors with publicity and exposure and through eYs Magazine. Empowering Your Soul are a group of determined individuals, that are inspired and empowered to share kindness, through our positive vibes and support. We encourage, help and motivate others and support local communities and charities to prosper and grow.




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isappointment comes in all shapes and forms let down by the people we love, the ability to fade in others eyes, holding onto hope that seems only to be a secret wish and the risk we take as hope is the only faith we have. It is a reflection of that emotional pain that seems to bight holding onto that tiny flame left in you as you give life 100 per cent. Do we honestly give life 100 per cent?


We were born to be the best we can be, compete and challenge that inner soul and learn from it the true riches in life. We are raised with the best intentions, as our parents only wanted the best for us. The same way we live and strive for the best in our children and of course, tomorrow

nature only passes those same magnetic feelings, as our children raise children of their own. As toddlers, the end of the world to us was when we were being put to bed at 7 pm, not allowed to stay up with the grown-ups. We would pull cheeky faces as soda drinks and lollies were just a big fat no, and Jack isn’t allowed to come over to play today because we refused to brush our teeth and eat the broccoli. Gosh didn’t we think we had a terrible life? Transitioning from a child to a teenager was a whole new ballgame altogether. Now that was a chaotic mess of its own accord. The mood swings, the rebellious tantrums, the sneaky and cheeky actions and never eYs Magazine


Are you exhausted? You and me both. So we finally tie the knot alluded to our expectations of what marriage should be, that life is bliss and we couldn’t be more blessed if we tried. Just wait until those tiny feet and cheeky smiles join you in the back seat of your car. Grinning back at you, as you suddenly have an epiphany that you have been cloned all over again and that oh sugar (to be polite) moment as you realise life has just set us a new challenge altogether. New rules and new ideas suddenly come into play. Parenthood As your children grow into little people, through their eyes, we take ourselves back to the days where that was us and how we couldn’t be further from the truth as we softly chuckle at all those embarrassing moments we presented as a child. What the hell were we thinking? Our patience as parents become the game of thrones, there should be an award for the ability to learn how to count to 10 and learning to multitask should honestly be a Bachelor Degree in itself don’t you think? So, this is how our parents did it, no wonder they picked up the habit of drinking after 5 pm and chain-smoking every chance they got and visiting the toilet more often than necessary. We were downright rascals, divas, and just spoilt little brats. Bless them. Have we suddenly just stepped into those big shoes, as we become them – our parents? You know the ones who had no idea what we were faced with or going through as we grow up? The Real Deal

“We were born to be the best we can be, compete and challenge that inner soul and learn from it the true riches in life”. being satisfied with just about anything. Wait for it, the best is yet to come – the notion of course that our parents don’t understand us, or appreciate what we were going through? Little did our programmed teenage minds know that our parents knew what they were doing and where we were heading, after all, they were a teenager once too. It’s when you step into the real world that we start to wish we were that toddler again. As we are faced with real-life issues from the very moment, we are given the right to vote, drink at bars, drive a car and forced to join the millions of others around the world in the workforce as we begin to take responsibility for the never-ending bills in life. Who needs that Gucci handbag 38

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when we can’t pay our rent and the concept of owning your own home, well that fairytale belonged to the generations before us. It’s a real struggle getting food on the table and just pretending to lead a healthy life. Whom are we kidding? Once we have got a grip on the routine of our financials, you would think it suddenly stops there right? Wrong! Now we have to master the game of real life psychology, as we face a roller coaster of different emotions, a new sense of responsibility and sensibility and dreams. As we fall in love with our Prince Charming while all else fades into the distance, as we dream about a life of romance, wining and dining, sexual pleasure and before we know it even a family of our very own.

Life is more than the thousands of years of generational deja vu for routine and Brown Hog Day. It becomes more than dealing with the steps we take as we learn to crawl, walk and finally run. Different situations and events in our lifetime present us with unique challenges. As we become those parents dealing with the same issues in a modern world we are met with heartache as we watch our aging parents become more and more fragile as age becomes their trip to even more pain and suffering. Some of us will watch our parents struggle with illness, as we feel helpless and others will visit their parents in an old people home. Many will be fortunate to keep their sanity as they continue to be independent while still having the ability to lead a healthy aging life as per-say, not taking away that it’s not all roses. These new feelings become a part of us as we see our future in the not so far distance. We find ourselves learning to find coping mechanisms that teach and guide us to deal with the past, the present and the future. It is all real and humble; new beginnings become our goals as we learn to appreciate that a blessing is a gift to learn, live, laugh and cry. The gift to teach, mentor and

Our ancestors knew they stumbled on what we all eventually realise. We live in a different timeline along with the innovation of science, engineering, and medicine. dream. It is the ability to spread our wings, as we become the book of life. It is our free ticket for making history, leaving our mark – better than any theme park right? We start to see life and people, animals and technology, nature and world politics, the economy and security in a different light. It is our chance to be a part of the future, we were already here, it’s the aura we leave behind that signifies a difference and substance in our great-grandchildren, perhaps we won’t ever get the opportunity to meet. Our ancestors knew they stumbled on what we all eventually realise. We live in a different timeline along with the innovation of science, engineering, and medicine. However, as advanced as 2017 may be, we have the same goals of our ancestor’s thousands of years ago – to make a difference and to bring world peace for our children as we fight the influential people, the power they enjoy from the people, but not necessarily for the people.

Life is more than the thousands of years of generational deja vu for routine and Brown Hog Day.

In all honesty, you and I have a responsibility to future generations, so pick up that attitude that’s in the all too hard box and make that mark in this lifetime. Hard work reaps fruition; rewards follow and suddenly you are part of a world-changing history as you are content that you have given it your best shot and that’s all that matters. As we watch our children grow into adults with families of their own, thank your parents for persisting to guide, nurture and mentor you into our own children’s heroes as our parents become our quiet heroes. eYs Magazine



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hy does heaven need you more than I do? Grief! I had my share of it, and it’s terrifying, horrible and never easy. When you lose your cousin and are trying to live with the fact that you will never see him again, and deal with the truth that he’s gone, like gone, gone… then all of a sudden you lose your best friend in a motorcycle accident, and a couple of years later you lose your mother. You tell me how to make sense of all this, and I will tell you how I survive my nights and my nightmares. Death is a tragedy that remains eternally. It’s not like you will wake up one day, and you see their faces again, and to be honest,

it never gets easier, but you learn to live with the pain of losing them. Everyone deals with grief; differently. I lived in denial for so long, and I wasn’t that lucky person who reached acceptance. It’s alright though because one day I will be okay. Bassem: 34 years old After Mom was gone, I was meeting with a friend who’d lost her father years earlier. Commiserating, we wondered if it was less horrible losing someone suddenly and quickly like she had, or facing an impending loss for months or years, as in my case. I’d grieved my mother long before she was gone. Hers was a long, drawn-out disease, and while she fought bravely, it was a losing

“Commiserating, we wondered if it was less horrible losing someone suddenly and quickly like she had, or facing an impending loss for months or years, as in my case”. battle. I told myself I’d be ready. I’d already cried my eyes out, having previously confided in friends about the daily mundane of a long sickness had seemingly left me numb. However, the truth is, you never, ever want to lose the people you love. There’s no such thing as being ready, no matter how much you think otherwise and that’s okay. It’s okay to grieve; it’s okay to feel a person-shaped vacuum inside you. The more substantial a presence in your life, the bigger the emptiness it leaves when it’s gone. Don’t deny it; just as you would be glad when meeting a loved one, you should grieve their absence. Both are an

expression of your love. Does it get better? Does that vacuum fill up? For the first while, it’s filled with pain, and it feels like that’s all you’ll ever feel. The pain decreases, and happy memories trickle in, and eventually, it’s a bittersweet blend. In the end, you smile as you remember them, and you miss them, and you wish you could share moments with them, big or small. You wish you could make new memories. That, too, is an expression of your love. Tania: 29 years old I woke up that morning with a pain in my stomach; we had a huge fight the night before.

Then I had a phone call early in the morning from my best friend, “Tania? Are you fully awake? Stand still. I need to tell you something.” “Yeah? Tell me.” I replied. “Jad had a car accident last night and… umm, he didn’t make it.” She continued. “Okay. Talk to you later.” I hung up the phone. That was it; I continued my day as though nothing had happened. I had my coffee, showered, and then I opened my closet, aware I had to wear black. It was the only sane thing I did according to the circumstances and went to work as nothing happened. When I walked in the door, my best friend looked at me, obviously thinking, “What the hell is she doing here, her boyfriend just passed away!” As our eyes met, I broke down. She ran toward and escorted me to a private room. On the day of the funeral, I didn’t go to see his parents or talk to his friends. I did text my best friend though to ask her what time I should be at the memorial service. Most of the people blamed me, why I haven’t been there for them. No one understood how shocking it was for me and that I needed to process it all. I bought new clothes for the funeral that I haven’t wear again ever. I felt completely numb… like the world was paused around me. I lived in denial, anger, and suffering but eventually reached acceptance. I allowed myself to work through these stages. It’s the first time I have opened up to talk about him. Fearful of reliving it all. The pain doesn’t just disappear you have to be patient with yourself. I realized that if you love someone, you should try to be happy with them all the time. Make good memories instead of the bad ones because no matter what happens those are the ones you’ll want to look back on. eYs Magazine


BIG LOVE AND MAGIC The Story of the Perfectionist

Sharing my inner world through writing is challenging me to go beyond my comfort zone. I feel so triggered, yet it feels so safe to keep going. 42

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thought I could control my life. I thought I could control those nearest and dearest. I didn’t know I was disempowering them and me. I wanted safe and predictable. MY predictable.


myself down and hide my true self. If I strived for perfect on the outside, then I wouldn’t have to face what I was feeling on the inside. There was an underlying feeling of not being good enough, and I constantly kept moving the goal posts that kept me in a state of striving, pushing and controlling.

I wanted to hide my true self behind the guise of perfectionism. When I was so unsure of myself, I wanted to be sure of my circumstances. Gosh, didn’t the Universe push back, giving me lessons and opportunities to learn, grow, expand and let go. Why perfectionism? It was a way to dull

Sharing my inner world through writing is challenging me to go beyond my comfort zone. I feel so triggered, yet it feels so safe to keep going. It prompts and nudges me to go deep within, to shine light on the dark and buried aspects and to ask myself those questions that I am now ready to

Written by: Julie Michels

explore the answers from within. Why are there aspects of ourselves that can feel so scary, so we bury them, but once the light is shone to reveal it for what it is, it can be almost ridiculously simple? I am amazed at how the mind can play out in a tug of war of inner dialogue. What was I really afraid of? I was afraid of my voice to find the words to express my feelings. I was afraid to open up. I was afraid of being embarrassed and feeling exposed. I was afraid of the power I know that resides within me. I was afraid of feeling absolutely everything. Fear can be so immobilising. There is a choice between hiding behind fear with perfectionism or feel into the fullness of the love that I am

I did choose, and that choice was to give up the fight.

The fight to be perfect. The fight to be good enough. The fight to hold it together. The fight to be right and do right. The fight to prove myself. The fight to have all the answers. The fight to rescue or fix it. The fight to be everything to everyone.

With giving up the fight, I found a spacious vulnerability. A shift in my heart as it started to crack open. It’s much kinder to feel my emotions and surrender the fight.

“I was afraid of my voice to find the words to express my feelings”. There is power in forgiveness. There is power in the live and let live. There is power in letting go and opening my heart to the unknown. To allow the Universe to work its magic. To relinquish the control. Beauty lies within the letting go of rigid beliefs as I surrender, exhale and choose simplicity, ease and grace, flow and softness, vulnerability and raw emotion. It is time to shift gears and expand perception as I come back to myself, to my most inner core. I choose to open myself up to fully love and accept myself with compassion and kindness. eYs Magazine


Illustration by Austen McDonald

RISE Story by: Deme McDonald


ise and shine. This is what I tell myself as I drag through the morning routine. As the steam clears from the bathroom mirror a face hiding in the mist materialises. I find it difficult to recognise the woman staring back at me. Her eyes with a lacklustre gaze pregnant, longing and questioning. How did I get here? Feeling empty and exhausted, I toss my hair together, throw on my corporate costume, apply make-up and a smile to complete the façade. Off to another day of doing a job to which I no longer feel connected.

The moment I drove away from the office a weight was lifted from my shoulders.

Earlier in life, this was my chosen path. As a young woman searching through the university brochure, I selected a profession that would pull me straight out of Compton, California to escape generational poverty and offer a new life of choice. I had not yet met myself and was in a time of discovery allowing others to define me. I was committed to the business and the sacrifice required to ascend in my career. I became accustomed to the travel and late nights, often stealing hours in the early morning working until the choir of Australian native birds begin their first song at dawn. However, unlike the glorious symphony presented by the native fauna I was suffering disharmony.


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I am torn. I am grateful for the career I have developed over the years, but there is a force within my soul which has always been present, a chrysalis lying dormant, quietly evolving preparing to break free. My mind has long deviated from the path set for me aligning with my heart in the direction of my purpose, yet I stayed the course. Langston Hughes, Harlem Renaissance author, asked in the poem Harlem, “What happens to a dream deferred?”. As a young girl, I memorised every word of this poem and recited it with power and flare determined not to allow my dreams to fester like a sore and suffer as presented by Hughes. My awareness of who I am and of the dreams directing me to my purpose

I BELIEVED FOR TOO LONG THAT I COULD NOT START OVER, AND YET I WAS STAGNANT IN SPIRIT. has gradually become clear through time, personal growth and mindfulness. I found myself existing in a state of turmoil, cognitive dissonance, where my soul was directing me to follow my purpose, but obligations to my partner, kids, and

parental expectations shackled me to this distressing reality. I was dedicated to all yet disloyal to myself as I never learned to put myself first. Each day that I walked through the office doors and took my position at my workstation would bring a greater depth of resentment for this tangent my life had taken. I was angry that I had to continue on this path as it was not practical to let go but it was not reasonable to stay. I believe the universe has a definite plan for each of us in which our natural gifts and talents find harmony with the world. It’s that beautiful rhythm of connection with others, a cause or a task creating joy and satisfaction that transcends the self. I had heard a faint whisper, barely audible tied to the tornado in my gut. This was my purpose calling. I had dismissed it for years making excuses to stay still. I believed for too long that I could not start over, and yet I was stagnant in spirit. I asked, “What happens to ones’ purpose unfulfilled?”

I believe the universe has a definite plan for each of us in which our natural gifts and talents find harmony with the world.

I received the answer. As the years moved on the whisper rolled to a roar, a cacophony of madness which would no longer could be ignored. My soul erupts under the deafening pressure of answering the call I was too afraid to pick up. At this moment I decide to do the unthinkable. That morning I played dress up for the last time. This would be my final corporate curtain call. I gathered all my strength and walked into my boss’ office. I raised back onto my heels, cleared my throat and said, “ I quit!” I walked out of my job and a career which had defined me for twenty years to run to my purpose, my dream. The moment I drove away from the office a weight was lifted from my shoulders. My head finally uplifted to the sky as I felt my soul ascending to greater heights finally in tune with my heart. I have no contingency plan. I burned the ship, so there is no going back. I have only a plan to succeed and an unyielding desire to live my best life. Listen to your soul calling you, and do not fear to answer the call. Rise to your purpose. Remember, you are stronger than you think.

Langston Hughes, Harlem Renaissance author, asked in the poem Harlem, “What happens to a dream deferred?”.

My head finally uplifted to the sky as I felt my soul ascending to greater heights finally in tune with my heart. eYs Magazine



Pamela Dalseno | A SIGNATURE STYLE

LOU LOU LIVING T I adore living here and having the most amazing hobby business in retirement while living a fabulous lifestyle in relaxed, beautiful surrounds. 46

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ime seems to evolve in making its own way in some respects, and I believe it has happened with Lou Lou Living in finding its signature in Upstyling. I am of retired age, and this is a hobby business and time has seen me smile by opening my heart to step each day forward in creating happiness, not only for myself but many others. I also have my lovely hubby by my side (Mr Fixit), and he is my go to so often and makes it all transform smoothly. The truth is I’m not so talented with the fixing of items, but the beautification is my forte, so we make a great team together when need be. Almost daily this is my challenge. I love making the tired, worn pieces of furniture look fabulous once again and breathe

new love and life into perhaps discarded pieces and other home items. Yes, I paint and detail these pieces to new beauty. It’s my therapy and helped me through some of my darkest moments of life. It’s rewarding to make others happy. Nothing beats seeing the smiles, even more, the feeling the hugs and friendships formed. When you put your heart and soul into your passion, it is gratifying to know others will get pleasure from it. It’s the personal customer service contact that I love and which is becoming less and less within our world and to understand I can make that small difference is a wonderful feeling. To do this, what is amazing and rewarding is rescuing a piece of furniture that may have ended perhaps as landfill in time if I didn’t have the vision to know how stunning it

answer to create balance and provide much in your thinking by feeling nurtured and at peace. French/Vintage styling is so classic and timeless, and it seems that my clients of Lou Lou Living have decided it works well for the many of them, and from this, it has grown in popularity. It also does suit the tropical lifestyle we lead in this location. I live and create in North Queensland, Australia where our climate is very tropically warm most of the year, and in fact, we have most of the year in the sunshine, it is beautiful one day and next day perfect. I adore living here and having the most amazing hobby business in retirement while living a fabulous lifestyle in relaxed, beautiful surrounds. In a future magazine issue ahead I will show you some of my tropical garden. It’s an inspiring space in my view and creates flow in creating by being near such. So it is actually preference of demand by clients that lighter more neutral colours are popular in Upstyling furniture pieces by Lou Lou LIving in this location and with this, a signature styling has been created. Occasionally, I splash out with the paintbrush and use some depth of colour and greens have shown themselves as they also work well in the tropics. I do love the French - Provincial look, but I do however prefer a contemporary styling so that it fits well with a modern lifestyle as this location is still a relatively very modern City.

“I love making the tired, worn pieces of furniture look fabulous once again.”

could appear ahead. I don’t follow trends, and as soon as I set sight on a piece of furniture, I know in my mind’s eye how it will reveal when completed. Lou Lou Living thinks stunning, classic and timeless elegance. Items that will fit into the modern contemporary homes of now. Does my personal view on styling influence what I do? Well, perhaps just a little. My personal preference in home decor and styling is very eclectic however I do love anything French inspired. I also do love and use neutral colours for my living spaces with the inclusion of black iron in features which is quite dramatic yet styles comfortable and works well with my collection of treasure which tells the story in my cottage. Your Home should tell a

Story and reflect who you are and what you love and believe in to make it truly a space for you. Your home is your haven, a feeling created by your personality, not what you copied off somewhere else and isn’t really about you. You could have the most amazing showcase display home styling and be totally unhappy living with it as it was not really about you. Home is where you need to be completely yourself and enjoy each moment of time. Time is such a precious gift and to enjoy it in your beautiful surroundings is a wonderful Blessing. It doesn’t matter if your space is owned or rented you can always create this Feeling. Our life is fast and brings so much into our days and just as quickly passes and having the comfort styled for you can be the

WHITE is ever so popular in the transformation of the many furniture pieces, and it does add the illusion of space when decorating and styling. My preference is to use a more murky white which I feel results much better than clear and bright. It just works nicely with the surrounds and inclusion of other items of decor. The addition of grey, linen, latte, pastel French pink, French cream and black too give a range to choose from and this group of colours being the most chosen and also signature to Lou Lou Living. By using natural colours as a foundation, you can introduce other colours to blend in decor accessories, which can be changed easily and as often as desired. I also like to use colours with more diluted strengths. If a client requests a custom order, it is generally WHITE that is chosen. Lou Lou Living’s preference in Upstyling is a matt painted finish so that the light is absorbed and gives it that classic finish. Most items are finished with a light distressing of the painted item creating a timeworn styling. It’s the perfect or imperfect finish that looks amazing before the sealing which then further gives durability of wear. I think it is the Ooh in the la la! What never ceases to amaze is the difference of transformation in an item Upstyled, and perhaps that will be a share in a future issue of the magazine. Welcoming you to come by my Facebook page and share some love with me too. Pam www.facebook.com/louloulivingcreations

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Tina Di Bella

COVER ME SWEET M You want your display to look inviting and enticing and not messy and cluttered. 48

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arket Days are a fun and social event but are not an easy process for the stallholder to prepare for. You have to ensure that all your products are priced, and pressed ready for display. Presentation and an excellent display are crucial and the key to your market stall’s success. Your product must look appealing to customers by matching colours and trends together as best you can. Creating layers on your display table will make your products accessible to both hands and eyes. You will find that customers like to touch and feel items so easy access is vital. A variety of items and different price points are also beneficial.

A few days before the market set up, I like to set up a mock display on my balcony with my stall Items. I can mix and match at my leisure, change styles and use new props if need be. Once I am happy with my display, I photograph it all so I may replicate it at the actual market setup. Our market setup usually occurs the day before which is very helpful and enables you to tweak any changes if you are not completely satisfied. It is always a challenge fitting everything into your vehicle to bring to set up. There are trestle tables, shelving, baskets, hanging racks, props and of course all the cushions. These take up a lot of space, so you need to select carefully. Signage is also

necessary as you want your customers to find you easily. At times you want to bring so much, but sometimes less is more. You want your display to look inviting and enticing and not messy and cluttered. Tablecloths that touch the floor are essential. There is nothing worse than having all your crates and boxes in full view under your table. It does not look very professional at all. How your products are packaged when they are sold can make all the difference. The majority of stallholders offer paper bags with their promotional logo. Shoppers can then see your business logo and may be interested in visiting your stall also. Being well groomed, courteous and knowing your product very well goes a long way in making sales. Paying in cash is the most popular mode of payment at markets but having a Point of Sale Terminal (POS) can be the difference between making a sale and not making a purchase. You may be surprised how much people will spend if they can use their credit cards. Many markets now have a Mobile ATM on-site which ensures that cash is easily accessible and is a lifesaver for those stalls that do not have a POS terminal. Having enough change on hand is a must as you do not want to be disturbing your stall neighbours for change. Most shoppers are browsers so having items at different price points will attract potential customers. A good market day is not necessarily whether you sell many products but if you have handed out flyers, business cards and interacted with customers. Shoppers do not like to be rushed or pressured into purchasing but may go home and visit your business page online at a later time. Social Media is a great platform to advise potential market-goers of the products you will be showcasing, the date and location. This can give them a glimpse of some of your items and gives them time to think about what they would like to purchase on market day. Until next time. Tina

Once I am happy with my display, I photograph it all so I may replicate it at the actual market setup. eYs Magazine




y path to creating “NeTTies KniTs” began long before I knew it. As the first born granddaughter, it was I guess expected that I would inherit my Nan’s wealth of knowledge and creative skills. There isn’t a time where I can’t remember watching her create, whether that be in the kitchen, garden or with a crochet hook or knitting needles. It was at age 12 that I would make the trek after school to her little flat, and she would teach me how to crochet and later the finer skills of knitting. At the time I felt this a burden and the pressure to please but oh how I now cherish those memories and will be forever grateful that I was lucky enough to be the first born. My name is Lynette. My family call me Nettie and my dear Nan called me Lynny. My Nan’s teachings of the subtler skills of crochet and knitting have held me in good stead for what lay ahead. Unlike my Nan, my early years of knitting and crochet were done for the joy of creating for others. I then took so much joy in

knitting for my children. Today I knit as a way of life. It has become my career, my path to a different life. I now take joy in knitting for the children of my customers. Baby knits are what I enjoy the most; however, when I do knit for Adults, I get an incredible response also. My Nan didn’t follow a written pattern; she would create from her mind. For most of my creative journey, I have thought it only possible to knit from a printed pattern. I am just now realising that I too can create my designs and I am taking joy from this. However, I do wish Nan had written down some of her patterns as I would love to be able to knit from them now. Even though Nan created in her early years to clothe and feed her children, her later years were spent creating for her grandchildren with such joy. I hope that everyone can see the love in my knits and the time it takes to create something so special. I will leave you with a special memory that I have of my Nan every time we talked on the phone she would say “Ok Lynny I am going to make a cuppa for my friends now” and my response was always “Who are they, Nan?” She would reply “Me, myself and I”. So it is now time for me to pick up my knitting needles and complete my next project and make my friends a cuppa. “Who are they you may ask?” Well, of course, they are “Me, myself and I. Lynette ~ Creator and Founder of NeTTies KniTs

Today I knit as a way of life. It has become my career, my path to a different life. 50

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by Natalie O’Connor

ANDREW TAYLOR FROM ADVENTURE CO. “I think what you can give people is yourself and if you give them yourself without expecting anything in return then that’s usually when good things happened.”


few months ago, I was walking down the street in a new neighbourhood, when I stumbled across an outdoor/adventure shop. I was intrigued by it. It had the trappings of a modern adventure/outdoor shop, but was rustic, warm and inviting, like a general store in an old country town. The equipment and stock that adorned the outside (and from what I could see on the inside) was fascinating. When I entered, I heard what seemed like two friends talking about a holiday. I felt like the new kid on their first day of school, who knew no one. However, these two people just opened up their conversation to me and made me feel right at home and welcome. I was instantly at ease and meandered about the shop looking at all the gadgets and clothing. I later found out that one of those people who had been so kind was Andrew Taylor or Andy as his friends call him, he was the owner of Adventure Co. in Oatley, NSW. The other was

a customer, who came in to buy hiking boots. From that very first meeting with Andy, what struck me most about him was his passion for what he does. He knows the story of his suppliers; he hand-selected them because they shared the same values as him – sustainable goods, locally made and ethically sourced. He has integrity in the way he runs his business. He is passionate about helping people achieve their dreams, and he loves helping the community. Small businesses such as these are popping up all over Australia. Australia is made up of small businesses. It is the backbone of our society. We are the innovators, creators, workers and dreamers. We “have a go”. We are straightforward, say it like it is. Australians are entrepreneurial. It is therefore not surprising that according to the Australian Bureau of statistics the number of businesses that are actively trading has increased year on year for the last four years. Australian consumers are also gravitating

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Australia is made up of small businesses. It is the backbone of our society.


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toward the growing movement to buy local and support our local shops and farmers. This can be seen through the growth of farmer’s markets, food miles, organic and seasonal food, sustainably sourced and fair trade goods which are now more prevalent than ever before. Our supermarket giants – Coles and Woolworths, are taking heed and have eliminated single-use plastic bags. Reducing waste, recycling and reusability are at the forefront of many shoppers. Shows such as ABC’s “War on Waste” also shed light on this topic and speak to a market that is clearly crying out for change. It appears that the Australian shoppers are ready and some are demanding for greater accountability of our retailers to ensure that the goods that they buy are made sustainably and ethically. Sustainable credentials are becoming a competitive advantage with more and more small to medium enterprises (SMEs) being able to use their agility in the marketplace to compete on this platform with many of the larger retailers. There are many business forerunners, innovators and visionaries who see the need to limit their impact on the environment to preserve its majestic beauty for future generations. Many do this from an ethical standpoint. Some do this as a cost-saving initiative. Any which way it is done, it has a positive impact on our planet. Decades before sustainability was a hot topic, one such visionary was the late Ray Anderson, founder of Interface (a carpet flooring company). Forbes magazine named him a “green business pioneer”. His commitment to the environment comes through the very way he ran his business. Ray committed to zero impact on the environment by 2020. His legacy lives on, and Interface is making incredible strides through the innovation of their supply chain and business practices, and they are well on their way to achieving Ray’s vision. Sustainable business products and practices and a strong link to the community are the very tenants that are close to Andy’s heart and the ones that have helped shape his business and the way he runs it. It’s at his very core and runs through the fabric of his company. In today’s age of digital shop fronts or live chat customer service, the idea that retail outlets are keeping their customers at arm’s length, to save money is ever present. This is not the case for Andy. Having a good customer experience is vital for his customers. It is at the forefront of all that he does and all that his store stands for. Andy is the owner and operator of Adventure Co. in Oatley, NSW, an outdoor/adventure store with soul.

hiker. So I try and put all those things together in my business. I am a bit unique, so I try and have brands that represent my values, such as being sustainably made. There is also not a lot of education around that for people, so I try and explain things, so people are more mindful and understand their options for buying. Taking a little more care to fit all those things together.

Can you tell me how Adventure Co. came about?


I’ve been in retail for over 20 years, and I’ve had a couple of businesses previously. I’ve spent a lot of time travelling for work and got to experience a lot of different type of businesses. But I tend to thrive more around people, and I want to add value to people’s lives, so having products in a store allows me to fulfil people’s needs. In the outdoor space particularly there are lots of different types of retailers, but not so many specialized. With my background in fitting shoes for 20 years and in sports science, I have an understanding of how the body works. I also get outdoors as I am a

Adventure Co. is linked to numerous charities, and other organizations such as Terracycle, Boomerang Bags, Shoes for Planet Earth and you have also developed school programs for the local schools and fundraise for them. Giving back is a high priority for you. Where did this stem from and why is it so important to you? I think one of the really important things is having integrity in retail and I guess in retail there’s not that much integrity because you’re dealing with people’s money. However, integrity is a crucial aspect of my business. I think there are a couple of different parts to having a link to the community. Firstly, I get enormous personal satisfaction from it. Second, there is a business side to it. By being involved in the community, it builds trust in the community and loyalty through developing relationships. Relationships are the underlining reason for doing things. So I can become front of mind for people when they need things as well. What stands out for me is that you know the back story of most, if not all your suppliers. You also really try and help people, not just sell to them or “rip them off”. I have even heard you recommend another store because the store had something more in line with what the customer wanted. I think people often think, especially in retail, that I’m going to be driven by money, but that’s not my motivation. I’m more interested in adding value to people’s lives, whether it be through advice or knowledge of products. I hope that whenever they need something, they might think of me. I love the description of what your company stands for, that at “Adventure Co, we love adventures. Why? On adventures – whether big or small, we always learn something new. We learn new things about our community, about our world – and about ourselves”. What has been the most important lesson you have learnt in life?

I think what you can give people is yourself and if you give them yourself without expecting anything in return, then that’s usually when good things happened. Who’s been one of your biggest influences? Certainly, my wife, she helps give me perspective and balance. She challenges me

and will often encourage me and allow me to do things that I’m passionate about and encourage me to pursue those things. What’s one thing that not many people know about you? I’m quite an introverted person. I’m actually quite quiet. I like time by myself, and in the retail industry, when you need to be a bit more extroverted, it wasn’t always easy for me. As I’ve matured, I’ve become a better communicator and more clear with my direction and purpose. What inspires you? I’m passionate about helping people, so through other people’s successes, I get a kick out of it, particularly if I can help somebody that comes into the store. If they leave with more than they came in with that’s great. We are so busy getting through the day that we never really get to scratch the surface with people in conversations, and it’s not often that we get to the real things that matter, but when we do, that’s when we get that connection, and it can be an amazing thing. It’s nice to see you receive community awards. Having that recognition must be a nice thing? Yes, very much so. It’s particularly really important to me that people understand the substance of what we are trying to do, so to have recognition for our efforts in that way and not that we’re just trying to sell stuff, but we are about delivering something that’s more meaningful to people, is important. From a business aspect it’s about developing long-term relationships, and from a personal one, it’s about connecting with people. What are your hopes for the future? From a personal aspect, it’s to continue to grow, strive for things that are better, look for new opportunities and look for ways to add value to people’s lives. From a business aspect, I’m always thinking about how to actively listening to people, to understand people’s needs and sometimes you have to think about what they need before they need it and continue to do what we are doing. Lastly, when you became a parent did that play a big factor in where you’re going and what you’re doing?

I think one of the really important things is having integrity in retail

Yes, absolutely in particular until you become a parent you often don’t think so much about the future, and so I think a lot about ways to create opportunities for others and our kids so that they can have a better world. As more things complicate our lives like technology and social media, we need to get back to basics, to things that really matter. Looking after yourself and looking after your family is ultimately the most important thing and hopefully, if everyone is healthy and happy the other things in life blend into the background. Thank you so much for your time, Andy. To learn more about what Andy does, please visit: www.adventureco.com.au

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Photography by Viktor Boskovski


Graphic Artist - Conservation and Restoration, and Business Owner I am 34 and a proud mother of three boys. My passion is art and creating beautiful artwork, while adjusting to the needs of my children aged: five, two, and two-months-old. At age 11, I won a State Award for creating realistic pop art, best described as human arms in the foreground one of them holding a syringe, and a needle. The background of-the-art piece highlighted a desert. I remember spending hours to achieve perfection creating my masterpiece. I called it: “The drug can make a desert of your life.” It’s now a special memory in my heart. Receiving the award was the beginning of my future and newfound confidence as an artist.

“I love cooking and creating art with food. I was honored to cook and inspire artistic food visuals for the King and Queen of The Netherlands.” www.mayaapostoloska.daportfolio.com www.mayaapostoloska.deviantart www.truemannrenovatie.nl

I continued to receive recognition in the art industry and was honored with prestige awards throughout Europe. I moved from Macedonia, my home to further explore the world. I was fortunate to host a ‘One-Woman Exhibition’, in Belgrade and be a part of a group hosted exhibition in Kyoto, Japan. My art showcased in exhibitions throughout Serbia, Macedonia, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Romania, and The Netherlands. I also worked as a graphic designer in three Cultural Houses in Skopje, Macedonia and have a vast amount of experience in theatre scenography - working at Universal Hall. The opportunity to conserve a 16th Century Icon - Ss. Atanas - The Murals from Leshok, and a Dutch sculpture of Ss. Nike were significant honors throughout my life. I now own and operate a company, with my dear husband Zihni.


Author, Color Consultant, and Thai Boxer Welcome to Cosy’s world. I am a writer, color consultant, Thai Boxer and former snowboarder. The author of “A Dragonfly Diary,” and in the process of publishing my first ‘Contemporary Romance Fiction’ novel as a trilogy. Valentine’s Day was the day my mum passed away, after a horrible car accident. She was in a coma fighting for her life for six long months. She was a warrior. A brave one too who only had one dream. Her dream was to see my book published and succeed as a writer. Since I was 14, I knew all I wanted was to be a writer. I promised myself, one day, I would write a novel. Now, I am writing two. I have worked hard and never gave up to be where I am now. As they say, “We are writers, my love. We don’t cry. We bleed on paper.” 14 February 2018 was the day I vowed to myself, I will make my mama proud. Thanks to ‘eYs Magazine’ I now can describe a glimpse of how I see the world.

“Life never ceases to amaze me, and I am a firm believer that there is still magic in this world.” Facebook: @Author Cosette Awad – a dragonfly diary Instagram: @cosetteawad.author eYs Magazine


LYNN BEAUMONT BEAU LA DIGITALS Graphic Designer and Business Owner

Lynn Beaumont is a self-taught graphic designer who has more than 15 years, experience. She has worked with computers and as a systems officer/retail for over 30 years in two different jobs both govt and retail. But she needed to expand her horizons and start her own business. So, she quit her job of 15 years to embark on a new business venture. She started her own business almost 6 years ago and works from home as a full time online graphic designer. She also completed small business management course that really helped her understand the structure side of business as well as her many years of retail experience. She has also incorporated a small printing business so not only does she design for the customer but can print off their order. Her husband also works from home and has his own business, so between the two of them they are kept quite busy. Her graphic design business takes her to all corners of the world and meets some very interesting people along the way. Her designs vary from vintage to modern and she loves to talk to all her customers from around the world. She dreams her designs and almost always uses them in her work for customers and her own creations.

“I dream my designs and almost always use them in my work for customers and my creations.” www.etsy.com/au/shop/Beauladigitals www.etsy.com/au/shop/BeaulaPrintables Facebook: @BeauLaDigitals Instagram: @beauladigitals


Financial Analyst and Photographer Viktor Boshkovski, born and living in Macedonia, married to his wife Ole and both have a gorgeous three-year-old son, named Stefan. Educated at the State University - Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje, gaining a Bachelor of Economics Degree. He works as a Financial Analyst, in the Risk Department, of NLB Bank in Skopje. His main hobbies include Photography and Nature Hiking. Viktor’s main passion is to capture the beauty that surrounds us all! Viktor’s motto: Everything happens for a reason, so be positive even in a negative situation.

“My passion is to capture the beauty that surrounds us in our everyday lives and remind the world how beautiful life is. Everything happens for a reason just remember to remain positive, even in a negative situation.”


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Life Coach and Photographer Do you have trouble finding new ways to promote your business? Do your promotional images perfectly depict your business as individual, innovative and dynamic? Hi, I’m Claudine Burgess and I know how difficult it can be to effectively promote a business and stand out from the masses. With a varied international background, I understand marketing and what a business like yours needs to be an individual. Which is why my photography business, Define and Shine, is very different. After moving to Australia, I became a wife, mother, businesswoman, communicator, connector, speaker, marketer, and strategist while continuing to pursue my love of photography. Working with small and medium sized businesses in a variety of industries showed me the many ways marketing can be successful and not so successful. I was stopped in my tracks with a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2011. It was an overwhelming time. Determined to overcome what was happening to me, I focused on becoming a Life and Business Coach gaining a Masters in NLP.

Define and Shine uncovers the unique story of your business and enables it to shine.

Together, my illness and study led me to develop an innovative on-line program for people going through cancer. During this time, I used my photography as a source of comfort but to also challenge myself to keep moving forward.

www.defineandshine.com.au Facebook: @claudineburgessphotography Instagram @claudineburgess

Combined with my international and local marketing career, I have created a business that combines marketing knowhow with vivid photography that personally depicts YOUR business.


I am known to many as Pam or Pammie. I live in Townsville Australia which is my Home town, it’s paradise to me living in my gorgeous Cottage (Home Sweet Home) surrounded by tropical landscaping, giving privacy with a mini resort ambience. I Love living Coastal in North Qld where it is beautiful one day and perfect the next most of the year. I started my working life as a receptionist all those years ago, however my creative juices flowed through and my further employment found me in creative roles. I am now retired with time being more my own and my gift of creation now fills many of my days and sometimes evenings. I met my husband at an early age and this 2018 is our Golden Jubilee. Love, Honesty and Loyalty are important ingredients in my recipe of Life.

“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds around my neck.” Facebook: @louloulivingcreations Instagram: @loulouliving_townsville

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Owner and Operator, Business Woman and Designer’ A Fabric Decor Business Specializing in Cushions Born in Ingham, a small sugarcane growing town in North Queensland, I am the youngest of two daughters’. Following Sicilian tradition, I was named after my grandmother, Santa. My Christian name is Santina, but I prefer being called Tina. I left high school mid-year of Grade 10 and worked in a pharmacy during the school holidays and offered a full-time position in a dispensary. That I spoke a second language helped. At a young age, I married my husband Sam, and we have two beautiful children. Our first born is Paul, followed by my daughter Claudia, whom I am very proud of my children’s achievements. Paul represented Australia at the Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 Olympic Games, in the 4x100M relay. He is now a PE Teacher. My daughter Claudia works in Business Banking and has achieved many awards in her career. She is also a successful Wedding Photographer and the mother of two beautiful children, Madison and Ethan. Married for 42 years, of those 35 years was working with my husband Sam in his Accountancy practice. A family run business, where I worked as a receptionist, computer operator, and manager. We sold our practice due to Sam’s ill health and moved to Townsville. We are a close-knit family, and I am blessed to have my children and grandchildren living close by.

“I love travelling, music, movies, having coffee catch-ups with friends, and most of all, spending time with family.”

Facebook: @CoverMeSweetCushions Instagram: @cover_me_sweet

LYN HEARD NETTIE’S KNITS Creator and Founder

I am the proud mother of four children and now the proudest grandmother to six. Having married young and then becoming a mother at a young age meant that I put my career on the back burner. By the time I was ready to re-enter the work force it was too late for me to take up where I left off. Luckily for me I had been given the gift of being taught how to create. My grandmother taught me everything from knitting, crochet and sewing. So that is where NeTTies KniTs comes in to my life. I pride myself on good old fashioned knits. The kind that grandma used to knit. I love to liaise with my clients to best serve their needs. My favourite knitting patterns are those I knitted some 40 years ago. My children and now my grandchildren are my reason for pursuing my passion. It is my hope that I can pass on to them to always follow your dream. Through my knitting I am doing just that.

“Creativity feeds my soul and gives me peace.”

Facebook: @NeTTies.KniTs Instagram: @netties_knits 58

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Life Coach, Speaker and Business Woman Debbie Kemp is passionate about supporting people to create a more amazing life than they ever realized possible. An intuitive life coach, personal development coach, speaker and business owner, Debbie loves doing business in a way that’s tuned in to heart and soul and playing with amazing people who aren’t willing to settle for anything less than their heart’s greatest desires. Debbie is a mum and a wife, and she’s lived a fascinating health journey that led to an empowering exploration of self. She’s out to impact the planet in the most loving, compassionate and transformative way possible!

“Be intentional with your thoughts and feelings, and with how you spend your time, for this will create your life!.” www.debbiekemp.com.au Facebook: @DebbieKemp1111 Instagram: @debbiekemp1111


Scientist, Business Woman and Motivational Speaker Deme McDonald was born and raised in Compton, California during the height of the urban crisis in the 1980s. Immersed in a city of civil, social, and spiritual unrest she identified a resilience, hope and joy within herself and the community in the midst of the turbulence. Deme currently lives in the northern suburbs of Sydney, Australia with her two sons and partner. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from the University of California, Irvine and is a Certified Manager of Quality for Operational Excellence through the American Society of Quality. Deme has focused on that inner strength often masked by circumstance and celebrates the unrelenting courage born from being in harmony with your true spirit which resonates in her writing.

“I use mindfulness, being in the moment, and listening to my true spirit to guide me through life’s challenges, divinely orchestrated to propel me forward to live the life designed for me with compassion, joy, and passion.” www.maxaus.com.au eYs Magazine



‘Bookkeeper, Reiki Practitioner, and Business Owner A seeker, and lover of light, an introvert, and a complex creature with a vivid curiosity for exploring my inner Universe. My passion for uplifting and inspiring others, seeing people become the best versions of themselves through compassion, nature, laughter, and warmth, embrace all of who I am. The symbol of love, faith and hope, align my purpose of sharing the joy and connecting with the truth as we find the light that shines within. I hope to discover my path and trust the process with love and kindness in my heart. My story unfolds as divine love flows, and ‘Big Love and Magic,’ a novel yet to be written. Sharing my inner whispers and inspire others to find their truth and shine too, along with your stories and experiences. Join me on this journey of ‘Big Love and Magic’ to uplift and inspire, as you inspire me. I call Newcastle home with my husband, son and pooch soulfriend, Lola.

“I come into alignment with who I really am, my true self, the love that I am.” www.solutionhub.com.au Instagram: @hands_on_energy


Photographer, Business Woman, Author and Traveller My name is Natalie O’Connor and I am a wife, mother, photographer, business woman, traveller and writer. I enjoy expressing my creativity and making a difference. I love spending time with my family and friends and being in nature. I am passionate about education. While studying for my Bachelor of Arts from Sydney University, I also studied photography and martial arts. After my first degree, I completed a Master in Business Administration at the University of Technology, Sydney, followed by a Graduate Diploma in Environmental Science at the University of New South Wales. I have worked as a business consultant for top tier companies, developing skills in strategic management. I have also worked as an environmental consultant and run my own company as a professional photographer. I am now facing my most challenging and rewarding role to date – mother to my two gorgeous children.

“Someone once told me that it was really important to focus on the ordinary things in life and find wonder in them, because if you don’t you will always seek out extraordinary things in order to be impressed by.” Instagram @natalieoconnorphotography 60

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Jewellery Designer, Business Woman, and Photographer The Rachelle Roe Studio was established in 2003 as a jewellery design studio in my hometown Toowoomba, Queensland, the sunshine state of Australia. According to my Mother, I was stringing beads at the age of five and taking photographs with my Grandfather’s old “Box Brownie” camera, so I guess you could say I have followed my lifelong passions. My designs are definitive, signature pieces designed with a purpose and created with quality materials to ensure you have a “one-off”, original piece of jewellery. Collaborating with local businesses and like-minded creatives for fashion photo shoots is a favourite past time. I love the view down the lens of a camera and capturing memorable moments that last a lifetime. Since partaking in a Sue Bryce Photography Education Program in portrait photography, I haven’t looked back.

“Creativity feeds my heart and soul and inspires me to pay it forward and make my clients happy.” www.neetzdesignz.com Facebook: @RachelleRoeStudio69 Instagram: @rachelleroestudio


Author, Founder/Director, Business Woman and Influencer I am a mum of two beautiful boys, soul mate to an amazing man of 27 years, and blessed to live in beautiful Sydney, Australia. My lessons learned, experience, and social etiquette have enabled me to found “Empowering Your Soul.” Known for my motivating, and inspiring original quotes, and recognized by social media, and corporate giants, supporting my mission to inspire, through words we can relate, staying true to ourselves. Anne Geddes, published one of my quotes in her 2014 release, ‘Little Blessings.’ Alaska Airlines, highlighted one of my quotes, in their official ‘Brand Guidelines’ manual and Highpoint University, USA, featured one of my quotes on the front cover of the University Legacy Brochure as their Legacy.

“Be remembered for the right reasons. Leave a legacy and a smile in your heart beyond life.” www.empoweringyoursoul.com www.eysmag,com Facebook: @Author Jasmina Siderovski - Empowering Your Soul Anecdotes, and Quotes Instagram: @jasmina_siderovski_author_eys Amazon: www.amazon.com/Jasmina-Siderovski/ eYs Magazine



My name is Elizabeth Simonsen. I am a 53-year-old mother of two beautiful grown-up adults. I live in beautiful Townsville, North Queensland where the sun always shines. I have a Degree in Education and Art and am the proud owner of Fashion Zen Style, a place of fashion, style, soul, and self where I help empower women to embrace and be the best version of themselves. As a fashion stylist, my passion is to make every woman and mum feel beautiful and special.

“You never know what treasure you are going to unearth!”

Facebook: Fashion Zen Style Instagram: @elizabeth_simonsen

LIDIJA TOMEVSKA INSPIRATIONAL TEACHING WITH LIDIJA English Teacher, Translator and Second Language Teacher

A passionate English language teacher who uses her experience and knowledge to provide creative and original approach in the field of EFL teaching. Her interest is second language acquisition pedagogy with focus on pre-school and early school second language skill development.

“By sharing my thoughts on learning English as a second language, hopefully, I would be able to bring my teaching world closer to all enthusiastic learners and thus introduce amazing new ways to learn a foreign language.” www.herc.com.mk 62

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