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EDITOR’S NOTE What a start to 2020! Between the ravaging Australian fires destroying our homes and native wildlife, and an ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 of international magnitude, it has definitely not been a year for the weak hearted. And, it indeed came as no surprise as the United Kingdom, and Gibraltar formally withdraws from the European Union. On a positive note, 2020 is a leap year, and many will finally be able to celebrate a birthday. The World Health Organization designates 2020 the Year of the Nurse and Midwife, and the United Nations declares 2020 as the International Year of Plant Health. I was honoured to participate on behalf of UN Women Australia at the UN Women iconic event, International Women’s Day in Sydney, at the International Convention Centre. Hosting approximately 1600 executives from all levels of government, national and international businesses, the NGO and educational sectors, a broad segment of leaders from politics, and the broker community all supporting this year theme ‘Generation Equality’. UN Women Australia was first established formally in 1989 and has a formal Recognition Agreement with UN Women as its representative mandate to raise funds for and awareness of UN Women’s work in the Pacific and around the world. For me, as a woman, a mother of two teenage sons, IWD is a reminder of the aspirations and ongoing struggles for women around the world. A voice for equality, diversity and inclusion, a fundamental human right to honour women fighting against gender inequality, discrimination, inequities in economics,

and women’s legal rights in society. Hence, the importance to teach my children as a born migrant to Australia the struggles women still encounters today. It is my duty to educate our future generations the importance of generation equality. It starts with us. This year we were joined by a panel of speakers including Sonali Hedditch – Coordinator of UN Women’s Second Chance Education and Vocational Learning Program. Luz Restrepo – Founder and CEO, Sisterworks and Wendy Yarnold – CEO and Chairperson, Real Futures. Our MC was Janice Peterson – Presenter, SBS World News. At eYs Magazine, we have been busy preparing some new and exciting initiatives that will take flight during 2020. A Youth Mentorship Initiative aiming to guide our younger generation and equip them with resources and tools imperative for them to take on as they are faced with life challenges in their career and life path. The team bring you a new edition, and we hope you will enjoy the autumn 2020 eYs Magazine publication. Our theme is Global Women in honour of International Women’s Day. Congratulations to our 2020 eYs IWD Ambassadors and Cover story Manna Dabholkar – CEO of Gift Global Initiative and Commissioner for Sybil Brand Commission for Institutional Inspections.

Jasmina Siderovski Chief Executive Officer and Editor-in-Chief eYs Magazine

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GREATNESS UNIVERSITY LAUNCHES OSCARS FOR THE WORLD’S GREATEST CIVILITY HUMANITARIANS Kings, Queens, Entrepreneurs, Humanitarians, Authors, Teachers, Innovators have received the World Greatness Awards in various categories. Some of the awards include:

ÊÊ Teachers of Greatness for people who have guided students from the darkness of ignorance into the light of knowledge; ÊÊ Authors of Greatness for people who have written and published with Greatness University Publishers ÊÊ Creators of greatness for people who have consistently engaged in positive action and transformed their communities ÊÊ Leading Lights of Greatness for people who have been pathfinders and attracted followers from various parts of the world ÊÊ Icons of Greatness for people who have served humanity and are a living example of selfless service


reatness University has made world history by hosting the first-ever World Greatness Awards in Great Britain. Over 30 awardees jetted in from over 25 countries and spent the wintry evening of 25th January 2020 celebrating greatness in the Glorious Luton Hoo: a hotel tucked away in the outskirts of London. Arriving at the Mansion House where, on 26th June 1948, the wartime British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill addressed over 110,000 people and thanked them for their support during the Second World War; all guests received a VIP welcome. Amongst the guests was His Excellency Professor Clyde Rivers, the World Civility Spokesperson and Founder of iChange Nations. In his speech as the Guest of Honour, Professor Clyde Rivers referred to the World Greatness Awards as ‘the OSCARS for the World’s Greatest Civility Humanitarians’. Seated under the elaborate and magnificent Romanov Chapel, one of the Witnesses of Greatness Mrs Maureen Morgan remarked, ‘There was royalty all over… I was blown away by the prominence. I felt uplifted…’. This was inevitable as Luton Hoo Hotel is a place with a rich British royal, political and cultural history. Since the 16th century, various Kings and Queens of England have stayed at the Hoo including King James I who stayed there under a royal procession and in 1948, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip spent part of their Honeymoon at the Luton Hoo. The World Greatness Awards were created by Professor Patrick Businge and his wife, Dr Julian

6 | eYs Magazine, Autumn 2020

Businge. Born in Uganda, Professor Patrick Businge did not let his circumstances characterised by war and abject poverty become his standard. Following his dreams, while believing that no condition was permanent, he took steps to rise above his circumstances and made greatness his benchmark. After completing his PhD from the Russell Group University of Exeter in Great Britain, Professor Patrick Businge is the Founder of Greatness University; the world’s first institution dedicated to discovering, developing, delivering and celebrating greatness in individuals, organisations, nations and in the world. Professor Patrick Businge recognised that there is a culture of silence around celebrating greatness when people are still alive. People feel unease about it. After noticing that the greatness of people is often talked about during the eulogies and celebrated when people are dead, Professor Patrick Businge and his team at Greatness University look for people who are doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways. These are civility humanitarians: people who help other people and value the people they help. When asked the criteria to be met to receive the Oscars for the World’s Greatest Civility Humanitarians, Professor Patrick Businge said, ‘You need selfless service for there is no greatness without service. So, when faced with the situation, a civility humanitarian does not ask the question, “What will happen to me if I do not help them but what will happen to them if I don’t help them?’.

ÊÊ Legends of Greatness for people who have replicated greatness and their legacy has been documented by Greatness University ÊÊ Voices of Greatness for activists who have used their voice to speak for others and transform their reality. Among the first recipients in January 2020 was the American Entrepreneur, World Civility Ambassador and creator of Every Girl Wins Day Dr Christine Kozaschuk who said, ‘It’s an honour to be part of this… I can never imagine standing here in the greatness of what is going on tonight’. Then the Malawian Founder of Maravi Heritage Foundation Mr Allan Mandindi noted: ‘today has reminded me of that long journey, I never thought I could be amongst such great people’. For more information about the World Greatness Awards, visit www.worldgreatnessawards.com THE WORLD BOOK OF GREATNESS Besides the World Greatness Awards, Dr Patrick Businge spends most of his time doing greatness research. He has researched kings like the Omukama Oyo of Tooro: the World’s Youngest Ruling Monarch as recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. He has researched celebrities like Les Brown, the World’s Number 1 Motivational Speaker. He has also studied businessmen like Mr Antonio T Smith Jr from Texas, United States of America. He has

researched renowned church leaders in the UK like Archbishop Doye T Agama and churches like The City of Refuge in Delaware, USA. Based on his research, Professor Patrick Businge has written peer-reviewed articles, published approximately 12 books, and co-authored with over 200 people. One of the famous pieces of his research is The World Book of Greatness. Also called ‘The Guinness Book of Records for Greatness’, this is a yearly almanac which documents the World’s Greatest Civility Humanitarians of all times. This is the first-ever and only book that documents great people. The first edition was published in January 2020. When you receive a World Greatness Award, you are inducted into World Book of Greatness. Professor Patrick Businge will be launching the World Book of Greatness on 14th August 2020 at the Glorious Luton Hoo Hotel near London, UK. This has been a prevalent location with UK television and has been used by filmmakers for films such as Four Weddings and a Funeral, Enigma, Eyes Wide Shut, Inspector Morse, Nicholas Nickleby, Vanity Fair, Bleak House and now the home for the World Greatness Awards. THE WORLD GREATNESS DAY Professor Patrick Businge’s vision does not just stop at the World Greatness Awards and the World Book of Greatness. It has even led him to create and designate 15th August as World Greatness Day. Given that the world is filled with a lot of unsung heroes and heroines, The World Greatness Day is an occasion for all people to recognise, honour, and celebrate people who have positively changed our lives. It is his hope that this day will be celebrated in all countries around the world through festivals, gatherings, parties, award ceremonies, talks, lectures, visits, and many other ways to express gratitude to all the great people in our lives.

Due to his accomplishments, Professor Patrick Businge has received various accolades including: ÊÊ 2020 European Icon of Civility Award, USA ÊÊ 2020 The Power of Collaboration Lifetime Achievement Award, UK ÊÊ 2019 Distinguished Fellow of the Order of St Hadrian of Canterbury, UK ÊÊ 2019 Honorary Doctorate in Professorship, Kampala, Uganda ÊÊ 2018 Authentic Leadership Award, London, UK In addition to this, the US based and largest culture of honour organisation iChange Nations has selected Professor Businge to have an award in his name. According to its CEO and World Civility Spokesperson Dr Clyde Rivers, ‘The Professor Patrick Businge Greatness Award’ is given to people around the world who exhibit greatness like him. Conferring this award in London, UK; Dr Clyde Rivers said, “Professor Patrick Businge, you have been a blessing to the world to come up with Greatness University”.

A very special thank you to Professor Patrick Businge and Greatness University for the nominating our CEO and Editor-inChief Jasmina Siderovski amongst many deserving humanitarians around the world for the Oscars for The World’s Greatest Civility Humanitarians at Luton Hoo Hotel, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom 15 August 2020.

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Kristina Apostoloska “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” – Albert Einstein


’m Kristina. An ordinary 24-year-old girl who wants to invest in herself and wants to enjoy every single day. By profession an economist, with a Bachelor Degree in Economics. I graduated at the State University in Skopje, majoring in financial management. My diploma thesis was about Bank Insurance in Macedonia, with a focus on the benefits that banks have from insurance. In my opinion, bank insurance is of great importance not only for both banks and insurance companies but also for the whole economy. In that stance, I hope bank insurance will become a customer habit because, in the end, they are the primary consumers. For me personally, it is very interesting and a current topic that is still developing. In Macedonia, most banks work with traditional products (which is not the case with more developed European countries) and need to be developed as soon as possible. Also, I have been part of many training sessions and workshops that contribute a lot to my personal development and knowledge and received many certificates and honours. I love spending my free time with my friends and family but travelling is something I enjoy most. It spreads positivity, joy and makes me feel free and fulfilled. Meeting new people who later become friends, learning about different cultures and visiting new places are the greatest treasure one can have. Every new destination is a unique experience, every new goal is a new friendship. Links: https://www.linkedin.com/mwlite/in/kristina-apostoloska-bb3a221a3 https://instagram.com/apokristina?igshid=w60een3an10r

10 | eYs Magazine, Autumn 2020

Kristina Apostoloska


Reuben Harrison “I had asked for all things that I may enjoy life, I was given life that I may enjoy all things.”


orn in this VUCA World, which seems to be in a state of constant flux can be quite challenging for the young. But not if you’re born to a wonderful set of parent’s, who emptied their reservoir of moral, ethical, and aesthetic values enriched with Christian virtues and unconditional love on me. I consider myself to be a person full of enthusiasm and excellent communication skills. I can relate to people humanely, and it is my winsome smile that gets me a lot of friends. I had the same pressures, frustrations, temptations and dreams as any other ordinary kid would have, perpetually thinking of building a successful life, an option and choice which is open to all, by emphasizing upon personal wholeness. I’m glad I made the right decisions, our altitude and quality of life depend on the choices we make today. We should make sure we make the right “choice”, always. This led to my unfettered growth in terms of integrity, humility and a matured sense of discretion coupled with strokes of motivation and confidence. I demonstrated exceptional talent in Arts and Soccer representing, a 100 years old Heritage Institution in Delhi run by the Irish Brothers, The St. Columbus School in many competitions leading them to several interschool championships for years. Having proved excellence in leadership through sports and discipline while handling responsibility, I became a School Prefect and was awarded the School Colors in soccer. I’m pursuing my graduation from Delhi University. I love travelling, incredibly tech-savvy and am also an aspiring “Model”. My strengths are Time Management, Critical Thinking, Positive Attitude, Strong faith in God, Honesty and Leadership besides being a Smart Worker.

Reuben Harrison

You can find me on instagram @reub3nx

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climber, telemark skier and instructor, paraglider, and the owner of IKAR Hut Hostel in Ohrid. She is a unique adrenaline sports enthusiast and is also the most respected female mountaineer in Macedonia who holds the record in her country for the highest climb and most difficult assent.


lina Arsova, an MSc in Languages, Business and International Trade, and B.Sc. Character Educator, graduated in 2005 from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje, Macedonia. She is a painter and visual artist, passionate and professional mountaineer 12 | eYs Magazine, Autumn 2020

I am honoured to know Ilina for almost 20 years now, since the time we were both members of the scout organization “Galeb,” and later on from the Faculty. Ilina is a beautiful, determined and soft, but strong heroine because of all the achievements she has reached before her 30’s. I am very proud of her solid and rich art and climbing experience through the last decade. She is smart and a balanced person who is spontaneous and open minded, a subtle-mix spirit of strength and serenity. Ilina has a thirst for discoveries and strong sensations.

The narcosis of the high altitude and the adrenaline of the summits have become over the years her true passion. Could you describe your connection to the mountain? On the mountain I feel at home. I feel happy, fulfilled and comfortable. We all belong there, closer to our nature roots. Last 15 years I have discovered that I am seriously disturbed with the fake values promoted in the over consumerist urban world and I admire the simple life and real values dictated by the pace of nature. The 7 Summits project is one of your most significant accomplishments. What is it about? Are your personal limits pushed even further after this success? The 7 Summits project is a world’s

mountaineering project including ascents of the tallest mountains on each continent. According to online statistics there are around 460 people in the world who have completed this project, out of which only 70 are women. To me not only was it a personal challenge to become the first woman from my country to do this task, but also to become a role model for other girls to dream big.

to share happiness but also to discuss doubts about its presence all the way through. It helps me to stay grounded and focused and never forget who is in charge on the mountain.

The highest peaks I have climbed are: Aconcagua, South America 2011, Kilimanjaro, Africa 2012, Denali first attempt 2012, Everest, Asia 2013, Elbrus, European continent 2014, Denali summit 2016, Carstenz Pyramid, Australia and Oceania 2019, Vinson, Antarctica 2019. I am proud that I have made half of these trips self-guided and with no support which is the cleaner and more ethical approach of the mountain.

Many different psychological exercises help your mental stamina which together with strong physical condition and experience are crucial elements for high altitude mountaineering. This year I was struggling with my physics due to injuries caused by years of mountain sports and extremely cold temperatures. Therefore, I chose to train differently in order to have results with less impact on the weak points. I realised that swimming in cold water can help overcoming issues of cold, so I trained in the cool water of Ohrid lake

Meanwhile the list was not only limited to these 7 Summits but also some more beautiful peaks and rock faces around the world. I could highlight the technical ascent of Ama Dablam with my partner Ilija in 2011, one of the most beautiful mountains I have ever seen. In the field of high-altitude skiing and ski alpinism I could also highlight some telemark experiences skiing down from 6 and a half thousand meters which was not on the list of 7 as well as hundreds of rocks in Asia, Europe and South America where I was climbing and training to keep myself in shape all through this 10-year challenge.

How do you prepare yourself (physically and mentally), before any expedition?

What about the fascination and the fear while you are standing on the top of the summit? Are there other feelings? High energy? Love the feeling of being on altitude. As a visual artist, I am stunned by the powerful landscape which is true Inspiration for me. There Is something like an inner force together with strong will and a dose of curiosity that keeps you moving upwards towards the summit and just before you get there, there is a point when you know you have it. That moment is very emotional. Fear is my friend all the way. We have high respect and understanding for each other. We are together

eYs Magazine, Autumn 2020 | 13

It is indeed a great feeling of fluffiness and satisfaction, leading to better self-esteem but also wider empathy for the rest of the world. I truly wish for everyone to aim and reach for their dreams, because when you feel personally satisfied and happy, you spread it around you and make some positive impact in your community. Happiness, love or success are not limited resources that we are afraid to spend all. Contrary they multiply as you share them, try it! You became the first female climber from Macedonia to summit Mount Everest 8.848 meters, climbed on 23 May 2013, at 03:15 a.m. What would you like to emphasise from this experience?

between the months of March through late November. I found breathing exercises were also very helpful so I joined some meditation at the Art of Living Centre.

You have lived and dynamically travelled all around the world, but still you admire Ohrid one of the oldest lakes in Europe and you are basically living in Ikar Hut, your hostel. What is so special about this place? Are you finding an inner peace there? Exactly, after having visited and lived in about 50 countries on all continents, I found my home in Ohrid. It is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, or at least it is on my Top 10 list for living. Weather, climate, nature, food, tradition and culture. I love everything about this place. The only thing that makes me really sad is the fact that local people have completely lost their connection with the environment and they are basically disconnected from their roots. Every day we face new problems of illegal construction and urbanisation of the shore due to greedy appetites of fast profit. Instead of preserving it clean and natural as recommended on the last meeting of UNESCO we are on the way to put this unique place on the list of world heritages in danger. With a group of local, regional and international enthusiasts we are raising awareness about the values of the lake we are gambling with. I find this lake is source of joy and serenity and I recommend everyone to experience swimming, kayaking or just sitting barefoot on the pebble stones and losing your sight with the sunset. I guarantee people would be happier if they learn how to cherish the beautiful nature we have, and the nature will reward you with a blessing.

14 | eYs Magazine, Autumn 2020

The trip to Mt Everest is extremely long. It took 53 days on the mountain or 2 months in total. 53 days you are at altitude of above 3000 meters altitide. which is usually not where we belong and definitely not our comfort zone. Therefore, it is a quite psychological game. To me it was great. I felt really comfortable at high altitude, felt like I was made for that :) During this trip you have plenty of free time in the evenings with no electricity, no heater, no shops, no internet, not many vices, just a head torch, a book or a notebook where you literally undress your soul. I have conquered myself before conquering any mountain which feels so great. You learn who you are, and what you need. You are in the middle of nowhere and with improvised living conditions, to realise that it is all you actually need. Happiness comes from inside not from any materialistic trigger or the senses. Climbing the top of a mountain is a huge personal satisfaction. How is your perception of the life and the wideness landscape at that moment?

Are you sketching while you are on a climbing project or do you do that afterwards? Is there a space for a sketchbook in your backpack? What are the most necessary objects you take with you? Yes, every gram you take in your bag counts and gets heavier on the way, but there is always a place for a little sketch book. I don’t bring the whole set but only the top of the brush and some pigments that I mix with the snow. The sketches usually turn into paintings afterwards, when back in my studio. Only now after completing the 7th summit, I am experiencing a vice-versa process where the paintings are turning into minimal drawings on the canvas. How do you use your experiences on the mountain to inspire your artistic creations? Visually and aesthetically I admire the landscape where steep mountains are breaking the horizon. It is kind of a food for me that I cannot live without. Then I guess I bring some of the energy mixed with emotions and transfer it to the canvas. It is pretty much spontaneous process as the result is almost never similar to the picture I had in my mind before painting it.

opinion where we continued climbing in alpine style with my friend Filip. The result was having the first Macedonian female at the top of North America, paying the price with some frostbites. It was for sure a really powerful experience about friendship, leadership and team work. How many climbs have you made in your lifetime? Mountain wise I have divided them by altitude and there is one peak of above 8000m, 6 x 6000m, around 10 x 5000m and many lower ones. From the rock-climbing practice the hardest route I have climbed is 6c+. I like all kinds of climbing, short sport routs or long classics too. I have climbed in many places around the world and my favourite training spots are here in Demir Kapija and Matka canyon, but also Greece, Spain, Italy, China, Malaysia and Thailand.

Could you tell us something more about your art projects and exhibitions? Why is “Retromenada ” important to you? “Retromenada” was a project of painting, travelling, climbing and researching between 2008-2012 From the latest works I could say few words about the performance “ZERO”, which might be the favourite one of all times. It took a while for me to understand that I cannot completely express my feelings through painting, but somehow slowly, myself, I became part of the artwork. Zero is a new beginning represented through a foetus position of a female nude, immersed in nature. It is my hope for a better humanity closer and with higher respect for the others and the environment around us. At the same time through video art and photo documentation I am highlighting the powerful mountains and nature in general, where we , humans are nothing but a zero. Tell us more about your project Herstory.pro.

What is the best lesson you have learned from the purity of the nature ? The changes that happen in nature are much slower than the changes we create in the modern world and bring up to our urban consumerist lifestyle. I believe people themselves are not used to this pace and they need to slow down! We need natural resources to live from, but in return we do not show any respect. People are more and more disconnected from the nature and it creates a huge disbalance. Nature is pure source of love, health and peace and those are things we cannot live without. If you don’t love the nature you do not love yourself and therefore you can’t be happy. http://www.ilinaarsova.blogspot.com/p/ilina-arsova-personal-data. html Instagram: @ilina_arsova and @ilina_arsova_art_adventures FB: https://www.facebook.com/ilina.arsova or https://www. facebook.com/artandadventure

Yup, Herstory.pro is our 1-year old baby. A documentary project about inspiring women writing history of sports in their communities. It all started in 2012 when nominated by the US Embassy Skopje, I took part of the inaugural Global Sports Mentoring Program, initiated by the ex-Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, The US State Department and the Centre of Sports Peace and Society of the university of Tennessee. The word Herstory was inspired by my mentor Donna Carpenter (Burton Snowboards), where I spend almost a month learning from the best in the action sports industry. This was a very prestige program and a life changing experience and I am happy and proud to be part of this global growing family of sisters and brothers empowering the world through sports. What was your most memorable climbing trip? And what was your hardest one? I guess this would be Denali. It is the only one I have climbed on the second attempt and it was equally challenging both trips. It was also a non-supported trip which we have organized among friends. The mountain is very hard to predict, the forecast changes rapidly while the terrain is steep and dangerous. My project was to ski down in telemark style, and I succeeded from bellow the fixed lines at around 5000 meters altitide. The upper section was not skiable according my

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Carol Pettersen JP Co- Founder

Deadly Guardians Story and Interview by Jasmina Siderovski ‘We are born to make manifest the glory that is within us – Nelson Mandela’


xtraordinary women lead and mentor a generation for a higher purpose and positive changes that will shape a legacy they leave behind. They reach a community through their vision, passion and experiences to educate the ingredients that have been carefully construed through a masterpiece only true mentors appreciate. They are key influencers of a nation and teach the importance to fight for justice, peace and harmony that stem from an inner eclecticism only few will ever have. Even more enriching and awe-inspiring are the voices that live through generations and the history of their communities and values instilled in a culture of indigenous pride. Stories of struggles, tradition and heritage remain in the heart of our indigenous population, and one such extraordinary women is Carol Pettersen, born in 1941 at Gnowangerup Mission and the daughter of Kathleen Gray (deceased) and granddaughter of Johnny Knapp (deceased). Carol Pettersen is an Elder belonging to the Minung-Gnudju people of the Noongar Nation in the southwest of Western Australia. She now resides in Albany. Carol Pettersen is passionate about Aboriginal issues, particularly in social justice, education and economic development as an empowerment process forward for Noongar Peoples. Experience in public speaking and presentation session, facilitating workshops and now a Social Justice Campaigner. Carol has a background in both State and Federal public service and appointed to many Boards and Committees, including the Australian National Training Authority and National NAIDOC Committees. Carol was appointed to the Western Australian Aboriginal Advisory Committee, along with being a Ministerial Member to the WA Attorney General and Justice of Peace. She is a member of the Royal Justice Association of WA, Children’s Court, and WA Inspectorate of Custodial Service. Her experience includes but not limited to the Mount Lockyer School Council, Albany District Education Advisory 16 | eYs Magazine, Autumn 2020

Committee, Great Southern College of TAFE and Albany District Aboriginal Education Advisory Committee. Carol is a member of the Aboriginal Reference Group to the Curriculum Council of WA, Australian Training Advisory Council (ANTA) – Sydney based and a member of (National) SNAICC. At the Western Australia State level, she was formerly President of the Women’s Advisory Committee to the Premier of Western Australia on Women’s issues. She worked to implement the State Equal Opportunities Act 1984. An elected Councillor of the town of Albany, she was named National NAIDOC Female Elder of the Year 2008/09 as well as Albany NAIDOC Volunteer of the Year. The Albany Lesser Hall has been re-named in her honour for her work in the community. Carol has travelled all over Australia, as well as, overseas and co-presented a Paper to International audiences at the Global Science of Ethnobiology Conference in Montreal in Canada. She was invited and has given a presentation on the Single Noongar Claim at an International Philanthropic Group in Indonesia. Carol is currently actively involved in volunteer work in the area of the Single Noongar Claim;

Land restoration and care and promoting selfempowerment for Noongar Peoples. Noongar Elders and sisters Carol Pettersen and Roni Gray-Forrest. Carol is a Justice of the Peace and Cultural Advisor.

Her current and past experience is: Experience with Directorships and Boards Current WA Justice of Peace (30 years) & Children’s Court Justice WA Minister for Aboriginal Affairs. WA Attorney General – State Aboriginal Justice Congress Member Southwest Land and Sea CouncilWorking Party (SWALASC)

Founding Member of Children Global Hygiene Foundation

1980 – 1983: West Australian Health Department (Senior Liaison Officer)

Founding Member of the WA Indigenous Commerce Hub.

1975- 79: West Australian Health Department (Aboriginal Health Worker)

Member to the Great Southern Natural Resource Management Committee

Carol has an extensive portfolio of achievements.

Honorary Secretary/Treasurer for the Songman Circle of Elders.


Board Member of TFS Indigenous Employment Strategy

National NAIDOC Female Elder of the Year 2008

Member/Author of the ‘Tete Mek’ Stories collection

Albany Lower Town Hall renamed in my honor- first Noongar Councilor Finalist: WA Seniors Week

State/SWALASC Pre-Qualification Board

Director of the Supreme Woodfired Bush Tukka Oven

Finalist: WA Volunteer Week

Founding Director of Children Global Hygiene Foundation

Employment History

Awarded: Albany Inaugural NAIDOC Volunteer

Member of Wargle Kiap/Southern Noongar Advisory Trust Committee

Founding Member of the WA Indigenous Commerce Hub. Member to the Great Southern Natural Resource Management Committee Member of City of Albany Aboriginal Accord. Director of Yarramoup Aboriginal Corporation. Director of Kinjarling Indigenous Corporation. Director of the ‘Carol Pettersen Commercial Scholarship’ Foundation. Board Member of Mt Romance Indigenous Employment Board Carol is involved in numerous Boards and Committees, including Appointment to the Attorney General – State Aboriginal Justice Congress Member Southwest Land and Sea CouncilWorking Party

2004 – 2016: Volunteer/ Social Campaigner/ Philanthropist 2003 – 2004: Home Based Network Marketing 2000 – 2003: Consultancy. (Tenders for State Government’ Social Systems evaluation and management changes) 1997 – 1999: Great Southern Development Commission (Manager, Aboriginal Economic Development projects)

Awarded from Southwest Land and Sea Council for Commitment to Single Noongar Land Claim Volunteer for Great Southern Clontarf College Author of Children Dreamtime Story books Currently Carol has been invited by the Northern Territory Government to work as a consultant on Aboriginal Children’s issues.

1996 – 1997: SRAACC – Executive Officer 1995 - 1996: Department of Aboriginal Affairs- ALT Review 1990 – 1995: Department Social Security (L5 ALO/JET Officer) 1988 – 1989: Premier and Cabinet (Principle Advisor on Women’s Issues.) 1984 – 1987: West Australian Alcohol and Drug Authority (Community Development Officer.

Member of Wargle Kiap/Southern Noongar Advisory Trust Committee Appointment to State/SWALASC InterimNomination Board

eYs Magazine, Autumn 2020 | 17

eYs Magazine is grateful to be given the honour for this interview by the Honourable CAROL PETTERSEN JP.

Where do you find inspiration? Initially, it was to provide for my family, and then I got’ hooked’ on adrenalin and enjoyed the power of being a ‘change agent/Leader. This was about seeing the changes that social and employment program brought to communities and individuals and being part of those changes. It was about utilizing the power of politics and being part of that power base that brought about functional changes.

What have you had to struggle with? The ‘tall-poppy’ syndrome and a maledominated workplace culture – which saw women as either sex object or neurotics. It was about the emergence of an educated Aboriginal Woman in a white –man’s business world. Finding my purpose, finding myself and validating my role. Later it was learning to deal with the oppressive attitude of women in the workplace, who were power-hungry and trod on anyone ‘beneath’ them to feed their power.

Could you please tell our readers a little about yourself! My mother was a Tribal Indigenous Woman from Albany, WA and Father a white-man. Both are now deceased. But we learnt that life does not owe you a living and that we had responsibilities before we had any rights. I am the third of eighteen children and one of 10 girls. I grew up raising children at eight years of age and learnt from that early start to become a ‘leader’ and to coordinate meagre resources. I now have five grown children; all in managerial positions and all homeowners; Thirteen grandchild – all those of working age in employment and finally nine greatgrandchildren – all absolutely adorable. It is at this level when I witness their personal achievements that I know that I have done an excellent job – watching the same family-based values being applied; the same determination and strength – the effort to do what is right!

What path has your career taken to date? I am now retired, but I went down the Public Service pathway and finished my paid working life as a Consultant, specializing in evaluating and designing social systems programs for the government.

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What is your achievement?



Attaining my own level of ‘self-actualization’ going beyond the dreams that I had for myself and revelling in the ‘glory’ of a high achiever. After that, everything I touched turned to gold that helped to me help others.

What recent achievement makes you really proud? Being part of the process of the personal development of my three Granddaughters emerging as strong and powerful but humble women, who want to be part of ensuring we have a peace-loving world. Just as proud of my beautiful grandson achievements as they make their way in like guided by great parents…my children

What’s important to you? Positive Family values that consolidate a value base to raise a family and one that justifies, validate and realizes the ensuring generation’s efforts. This is what Leaders do – they teach these values and place them into perspective for younger people or community people to build a value basis foundation – Children have to learn to know what is it all about – what did our family work for – what does it mean to our family/community. What is my role and how do I fit into all this; what about the changing roles of me for today and tomorrow.

Have you ever mentored/provided support to other women around leadership issues? You don’t get to my age, without influencing someone along the way – It happened for me and each generation will fulfill this role. Sometimes it is an unconscious process, other times it is a formal process – it is about people building on their level Sometimes I have been conscious of my efforts, other time I have not been aware of the influence that I have made on a person. Many years later, I will have someone come up to me and say ‘I will never forget what you told me – what you did for me; what you taught me’. People don’t have to have personal contact with you to be influenced. I have had people say to me, I have watched you in the papers – I have heard about you; I have read about you… and you have made such a change to my life – I want to be like you. So yes, I’m glad that I have been influential to someone…to manifest that glory within us all (NM)

How do you define leadership? What does leadership mean to you? Leadership is about teaching - through imaging and demonstration. It is not about being out in front – it is about leading people through a process of actuality; sometimes getting your hands dirty. Sometimes it is about exercising your political muscles, but mostly it is about showing people how it is done and to illuminate and translate the process in its simple forms. It is about having the ability to identify Strengths; Weakness; Opportunities and Threats and being able to coordinate all of this within the demographic of your project or group, along with identifying resources and having a good understanding of process and systems. It is about being mature enough to not own anything and to ‘plant’ seeds of ideas for other to own. It is ‘community development’ in its purest form.

What’s next on the horizon? Building my younger generation of woman into a force that continues the imaging of leading the way for our family through cultural teachings, based on our family’s time- honored traditions, combined with economic and social influences that will contribute to fulfilling their aspirations.

Deadly Guardians Co- Founded by Carol Peterson and CEO, Keith Gregory are seeking a new pathway in facilitating Indigenous people to create change for themselves. An online rewardsbased program designed to establish habitual hygiene behaviour in children. Engages children through constant reward for hygiene, personal education outcomes and community engagement. Along with Carol Pettersen a web-based program has been developed that will see elite athletes, singers, and celebrities from around the world become avatars as online mentors to children every day at school. The initiative will look to address child sexual abuse, health and education outcomes along with build social an emotional well-being from Grade1 in all schools across Australia.

Mission To reach out to elite sports people, singers and celebrities throughout the world and have them volunteer to become mentors, Deadly Guardians, to 1000’s of children every day at school, as an online avatar.

Goals To empower children, through support of their Deadly Guardian, to become emotionally resilient so that suicide does not become an option in their life.

The Vision Youth suicide can be the culmination of one or many things, that leads a child to take their life.

An Indigenous Children’s Helpline With the development of an Indigenous children’s help line, that will consider all the various Aboriginal cultures and Lores from around Australia and the Torres Strait, will create a means for children to reach out through their online mentor or Deadly Guardian without, fear of retribution nor shame.

Elders and leaders will determine the challenges and the solutions for their people in their clan or community. Initiatives have been developed to be co-designed by each community or clan allowing ownership and direction by the community or clan Elders and leaders themselves. CEO, Keith Gregory is embarking on a journey with many Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to bring about change through having government allow Elders and strong leaders to determine the challenges and the solutions for their community. One of the great challenges with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous children is knowing when they are at risk of self-harm. The Deadly Guardians online club will provide a medium, each morning at school, from which the children can reach out and ask for help through Kids Helpline and an online avatar or guardian. The immediate focus is on Indigenous children in remote communities who suffer many diseases that very few of the broader Australian community suffer and have a greater proportion of youth suicide. Youth crime is the result of many challenges faced within community. Together with Elders Lore men and strong leaders Deadly Guardians are encouraging government to allow a Code of Conduct to be set by the TO’s and Elders within their community along with the development of the Green Skin Academy. A boarding facility run by Ex Indigenous Nor force and ex Indigenous police. School in the morning and Rangers, Nor force and culture in the afternoon. You break the code or don’t go to school and you go before the Elders Council with your parents. A decision is made on sending you to the academy to complete your schooling. A majority owned Indigenous distribution company, for our social enterprise Children’s Global Enterprise Resources, is to be formed to fund our health and education programs Malpa Young Doctors and The Deadly Guardians Club - Community Hygiene warriors protecting family community and country.

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KIRRA MUGGERIDGE 2019 Northern Territory Titans Rugby League Representative Aunty Pamela Mam Chrysalis Award Recipient Kirra has the lived experience of working towards reward, having a mentor and how it can change your life. For the past four years Kirra has worked with young children and seen the need for all children to have that same opportunity. As a young Aboriginal woman, she is on a mission to empower, improve the overall health, education and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. She is passionate about breaking the cycle through mentoring and empowering our future leaders through the Deadly Guardians, boosting self-esteem and confidence.

TRACEY THOMPSON Former Australian Rugby League Representative 16 Test Matches for Australia 2 Rugby League World Cups Former QLD Rugby League Representative Former Inaugural Representative






“I believe if we can empower young people and build up their confidence and self-esteem that it has the power to transform them into becoming strong leaders able to achieve anything they want in life.” Website: https://www.deadlyguardians1.com/

eYs Magazine will be bringing our readers updates of Deadly

Guardians in our next edition and any further progress as it comes to hand. We are proud supporters of the Deadly Guardians and are working closely with Keith and Carol to stimulate interest, support and a voice for the empowered indigenous youth. It is vital we all take a moral duty to our children with the goal to empower children through support of their Deadly Guardians so they can become resilient so that suicide does not become an option in their life. With the development of an indigenous children’s helpline, that will consider all the various Aboriginal cultures and Lore’s from around Australia and the Torres Strait, we will create a means for children to reach out through their online mentor or Deadly Guardian without fear of retribution nor shame. As a Deadly Guardian, Mentor and Supporters I am keen to see the impact it will have with the much-needed growing support of our community.

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MAVAYNA MANAV Mavayna Manav is a young and hardworking humanitarian who has dedicated the last three years to an Oscar-winning documentary “Period.end of Sentence”. An award winner of many prestigious Awards for Sustainable Development Goals ’s 3,4,5 and 6, Mayayna is the State Secretary for the National child and Women Development Council and a Brand Ambassador at Carevata. She had been appointed as the Menstrual Hygiene Management Ambassador for Gramalaya and Carevanta Foundation and is an undergraduate student at the Delhi University. Strong and energetic from the inside out she has dedicated her mission empowering women and children. Keen for opportunity in a positive light Mavayna is an unstoppable force mentored by the team “Period.end of Sentence.” Mavayna firmly believes in passing the torch of self-awareness and self-love through positive and encouraging talks on female health and menstrual hygiene. Along with this, Mavayna conceptualised the idea of the world’s first and longest journey (yatra) titled “PAD-YATRA.” She wants to help achieve the target of creating Country Wide awareness about this Demon, for Menstrual Hygiene and women empowerment for the poor, from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari in India and continue the fight for an awareness programme. PADYATRA aims at mainstreaming the talk on menstrual “MAVAYNA MANAV.” manavmavayna@gmail.com https://twitter.com/MavaynaManav https://www.linkedin.com/in/mavayna-manav-1060ab19a

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Allan Connolly Founder

Kommuniti HQ

1. What is Kommuniti HQ Across the world, trust in Democracy is in retreat, and URGENT ACTION is needed to bring together, business, residents, local and state government and to bridge the trust divide. There is also a growing consensus among a wide range of campaigners, academics, policymakers, business leaders and commentators that fundamental changes are needed to our economic model.

cancer. This loss was the beginning of the slippery slide that also led me to become homeless with my teenage daughters. How could this happen? I was a successful businessman turning over a couple of million dollars a year and living the dream at the top of the cul-de-sac, children’s school right across the road and not a care in the world. When Dawn was diagnosed, and the prognosis was she had around 3 months to live, none of that was priority anymore, saving my soulmate was EVERYTHING, and yet Western Medicine gave us NO HOPE that it could be done. We ended up having to travel to Italy for a very controversial and costly treatment and still to this day, I believe if they had provided the treatment in Australia, she would still be alive. (But that is another story for another day)

Kommuniti is a Social Enterprise model that seeks to continue the process of rebuilding trust through sustainable, just and resilient localised economic models within the Local Government Authorities of Western Australia and then across Australia. Globally this process is recognised as Community Wealth Building. 2. Why is Kommuniti HQ so important

to me

In July 2007, I lost my wife, soulmate and mother of our two young daughters to bowel

22 | eYs Magazine, Autumn 2020

The Lived Experience of inconsolable grief and the poor financial decisions made during this very challenging time leading to us becoming homeless, showed me that it can and does happen to anyone. If I can be or provide the support for at least one other to never have to go through, what I went through, it will be worth it. My purpose and social responsibility are to help alleviate Loneliness, Poverty and Homelessness in Australia and around the world. You can learn more about me on LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/bigalconnolly

3. What do you think are the main challenges you are presented with raising awareness for such an important project. This is an easy question to answer, Empathy

and Apathy. The challenges I have discussed pale into insignificance when we consider some of the global challenges experienced by millions and in such an abundant world. Why is it so many still have no clean water, food or proper shelter……. Is it because we are not personally affected and so we empathise with those who are less fortunate but are apathetic to rolling up our sleeves and doing something about it?

4. What milestones have given your organisation hope for sustainability. We have only been officially registered as a Social Enterprise since January 2020 but in our primary research and then implementation we have managed to create a database of over 800 subscribers who we can market our Kommuniti membership, workshops and events to. This is within 1 suburb within 1 Local Council and there are over 530 Local Councils in Australia still to go. Critical Mass and Data are the most sought-after trading commodities in the world at this current time and it is growing exponentially. Lets just take what we have now 800 subscribers and multiply that by the 530 Local Government Authorities in Australia which equates to 424,000 subscribers and each Major Local Council has conservatively over 10 Suburbs…………………………. That is way over 4 million individuals who could be a part of our Kommuniti. We just have to deliver enough value in our memberships, meetups, workshops and events to turn that into multi-millions of dollars to be invested back into Building Community Wealth.

5. Tell us about any recent events Kommuniti HQ has been part of and how this has impacted on many people and communities. On the 28th of February, we held the first of our events, a Humanitarian Aid Event on behalf of the Iglesias Ni Cristo Church of Christ Morley. The congregation were asked to purchase 500 humanitarian aid packs to distribute to those who were less fortunate and/or homeless in the Northern Suburbs of Perth. Through our membership with the Joondalup and Wanneroo Ending Homelessness Group (JWEHG) and it’s members, we were able to source a venue that was sponsored by the City of Joondalup and the congregation came and delivered the 500 Humanitarian Aid Packs for distribution. We had Speeches, Singing and a Mountain of Food for everyone and then all who wanted to, with no questions asked could take home one or more of the Humanitarian Aid Packs. It was a wonderful success that they would like to repeat. We also now have two Kingsley Kommuniti meet and greet coffee mornings every month where neighbours can meet up and say and new members get to meet them. We are in our 3rd month and the groups just keep growing and every member has said that they feel less isolated from the community…. With our single people saying that they had experienced loneliness for far to long before our Kommuniti came along. There are now plans to have a Friday evening group who will have dinner and watch live music together and I have almost finalised a Heart Foundation Walkers Group to get started before April. Planning has also begun on a Kingsley Kommuniti Karnival for Spring or Autumn of 2021.

6. How can we all be part of the journey and donate to Kommuniti HQ and where can we donate.

The real opportunity we have here at Kommuniti HQ is for everybody to be involved, in Australia and Globally in their own local communities……… You can do it on your own OR you can do it alongside Kommuniti HQ utilising our guides and branding by subscribing here.

al@kommuniti.org with your nomination to sponsor.

Goods and Services in kind (Mentoring, Accounting, Legal, Digital Services)

The Rest of the World – Subscribe Here bit.ly/ SubscribeKommunitiWorld

We are a very lean and mean operation that is bootstrapping its growth, so every dollar saved means we can deliver more to the causes and of course, when we use your service, you will receive a shout out to all our members. Please email admin@kommuniti.org with your proposal

Kommuniti HQ is a Profit for Purpose


Australia – Subscribe SubscribeKommunitiOrg



Social Enterprise whose purpose is to;

And to this end, we do not receive Charity Status nor are we a DGR for Tax Purposes

We love Gifts and Cash Gifts are even better as 100% of all cash gifts go to those who are less fortunate and you will see the signed receipt and maybe even a photo of the recipient on our Social Media channels if they are willing to say hi. Please email admin@kommuniti. org with the amount you wish to gift and we will raise a Cash Gift invoice so you can make payment and we will know where to send the receipt.

We are however more than open to receive monies and support for;

Allan ‘Big Al’ Connolly

- Build Community Wealth - Teach Economic Sustainability - Support Community-Led Development - Alleviate Loneliness, Homelessness



Lifetime Founding Sponsorship (1 only) $25,000 Our sponsor will receive Global Recognition on all of our Digital and Offline Collateral as a Lifetime Founding Sponsor. Please email

Changemaker – Speaker – Entrepreneur M: 0411 468 337 E: al@kommuniti.org

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Andrew Hood The Man Who Corrupted Heaven


ward-winning Australian writer of the “The Weekly Tipping Point” blog, Andrew Hood, has released his breakout novel “The Man Who Corrupted Heaven” to rave reviews. The book follows the death of a man, Isaac McGlynn, who gets to see his life flash before his eyes as he crosses over from this life to the next. This gives him a new perspective on the successes and failures of his life and shows him the true nature of those that he cared for. He sees that the lives of those he loved are falling apart without his guidance and he needs to make the ultimate deal with Heaven to save them. “It all started for me when I was driving home and someone on the radio said, ‘When you die, you can’t take anything with you’ and it left me asking ‘why not’ and ‘what if I could?

24 | eYs Magazine, Autumn 2020

And what would I want to take with me?” says author, Andrew Hood. “I pulled over the car and wrote these two lines – ‘They say when you die, you can’t take anything with you. One man, Isaac McGlynn, was determined to prove them wrong.’ These were the first lines of the book and at that point, I had no idea what the story would be about”. When asked what the book was fundamentally about, he replied “Perspective. It is all about perspective. I invite my readers to consider the perspective they have in their own lives and question if they are seeing everything the way they should. Do they consider themselves a victim in life, or are they lucky with the opportunities they have? Sometimes it is all a matter of perspective”. When asked what sparked the move from Blogger to Author, Hood replied “I wanted to tell bigger stories and help more people. With a book, I can do that on a much bigger scale than just telling small anecdotal stories about my battles with work, family life and mental health. I can take on the big issues of life, through the stories of my characters, without mining so much of my own life in the process”. His blog The Weekly Tipping Point was voted No.39 in the Top 101 Best and Most Inspiring

Personal Development Blogs of 2016 before he made the switch to novels. “There is no going back for me now,” he said. The sequel to The Man Who Corrupted Heaven will be called The Man Who Settled the Score and it is due for release early 2021. The Man Who Corrupted Heaven has been published by Peregrino Press and is currently available around the world on Amazon. http://mybook.to/TheManWhoCorruptedH

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he sobs, and shakes, and she clings to me like she will never, ever let go. Her face looks pained, even fearful, and she says to me “It’s just too hard, saying goodbye to you, I just miss you so much, and then I get sad and cry, and I can’t stop”. I’m describing a school drop off. Six hours apart. This is not an interstate visit or a week-long transition between separated parents. My daughter is saying goodbye for a short time, to be in a familiar environment with familiar people, at a small school where almost everyone knows her and likes her. She’s surrounded by support. Her teacher, every other teacher she’s ever had, the librarian, the art teacher, the other teachers who’ve heard about her in their student support meetings, the school chaplain, the office ladies… I’ve seen them all actively love and support and encourage her. She likes school. Last year she loved going, and she reassures me that absolutely nothing has happened this year to make her like this. No trauma. No friend upsets. No cranky teacher. Just change… and the anxiety that change seems to unexpectedly invite. It’s hard to believe that a simple, expected change like a new class and a new teacher can turn my usually confident, vibrant, fun-loving child into a withdrawn, sobbing, shaking mess. It’s so hard to watch. So hard to begin each morning knowing that as soon as she wakes she’ll say “I don’t want to go to school today” and then start her newly resistant routine of repeating that phrase throughout the morning, getting ready as slowly as possible and seeking my touch and affection in every moment she can. As a loving, compassionate, affectionate mum who wants to support my children always, I give her cuddles, reassure her that she can do this, and remind her that she’s been to school approximately 800 times before and she’s always been okay. When she asks if I can walk her in, I oblige. At least I used too. I write this in week 6 of the school term. This pattern has happened every single morning of this new school year, which is about 30 consecutive school days. It’s relentless, time-consuming, exhausting, and sometimes heartbreaking.

26 | eYs Magazine, Autumn 2020

Recently I reached a breaking point. We’ve tried so much; a range of strategies, a bodywork practitioner, a counsellor, incentives and rewards. Recently, we had a particularly emotional drop-off, and I could feel that my depleted adrenals had nothing left to give. Every goodbye hug that she requested would take her back to square one, and I’d watch her move through a repetitive cycle of trying to regulate herself, realising what was about to happen, moving back into full-blown upset, crying, shaking, clinging… trying to regulate, realising what was about to happen, and so on. This had to stop. It wasn’t good for either of us. The protective mama bear within me wanted to pull her out of school and try homeschooling because that would certainly allow her to be by my side all day. Although I feel open to that under the right circumstances, this didn’t feel like the right circumstance or the right time. It felt like I needed to help her get through this so that she can happily enjoy her days with friends like she has before. Someone whose opinion I value suggested I cuddle her less. I thought that sounded so harsh, such tough love. I don’t really do tough love; I do cuddly, affectionate, soft love. But something had to change. I didn’t cuddle her less, but I did request help. It was already clear that this upset happened around saying goodbye to ME. It wasn’t about

anyone else, and it wasn’t even about going to school. It was about how hard it felt to say goodbye to mum and to know that she’d spend the next 6 hours missing me. So I decided that our goodbye wouldn’t happen at school any longer… at least for a few weeks anyway. I arranged for some supportive family members to help me with drop-offs. She would say goodbye to me at my place or theirs and go to school with someone else she felt comfortable with. We’re only a few days in, and it appears to be helping. She seems to take a few moments to regulate herself after my goodbye, but she can do it. In fact, she’s much better at regulating herself when I’m not there. She’s definitely still getting there, there’s still upset in our mornings, and she’s not running off with a smile just yet, but I’m hoping we get there in time. I have to. Until then, I’ll do what I can to give her the best chance at a good, happy day, and I’ll continue to hold myself together through it, patiently waiting for my vibrant, confident, fun-loving girl to crack her way through the shell that anxiety can be. I decided to share this story because parenting can be so tough at times. There are so many parents going through this exact experience, or something like it, and just as many who are dealing with an experience way tougher. It just happens to be part of the journey for some. If I can use this platform to help normalise this

experience and the emotions that come with it, I feel I should. When it’s hard to watch your child go through something, it can be just as hard to share about it, and that inevitably leads to too many parents struggling quietly. Please seek the support you need. Usually, other people are able to offer support in ways you may not have even considered. I can’t describe how supported I felt when my daughter’s former teacher checked in to ask how I was. “Are you really?” she queried when I told her I was good. Another time a friend noticed I was struggling and took me for a chat over coffee. I felt cared for in both moments, and it was nice. I also can’t describe how wonderful it’s been to ask for and receive help around my daughter’s school drop-offs… but we avoid seeking help way too often, don’t we? Please challenge yourself to ask. Please challenge yourself to receive. It really does make a world of difference to your experience of the situation.

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Dr. Rubee Singh Professor, Researcher, Social Worker, Humanitarian, International and National Ambassador of Peace and Human Rights

Dr Rubee Singh is an Assistant Professor in Human Resource, Department of MBA at HIMT Group of Institutions Gr. Noida India affiliated with Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam Technical University. She has also worked at several other prestigious colleges such as RBMI Gr. Noida, HRIT Ghaziabad. Dr Singh has completed B.Sc, MBA in H.R. from Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam Technical University and PhD in H.R. from Noida International University. Awarded Honorary Doctorate (PhD) Degree in Human Rights and Peace from Royal American University, USA for Social Work. She is the Managing Editor of IJIEMR, IJARSH and Management Sentier. The author of many academic books and has published more than 25 research papers including, Scopus Elsevier SSRN, Thomson Reuters, Scientific Journals. Dr. Rubee was a recipient for the Young Scientist Award 2020 – Elsevier SSRN Research Award 2020 in Vijayawada, India. Dr Singh is on the Editorial Board Members of more than 20 reputable journals; such as JAAR USA, Science P.G. Publishers USA, and Asian Journal of Research Japan, IGI Global USA etc. A senior research advisor in many organizations like IMRTC USA, and is a Lifetime Senior Member of organizations, such as Asia Society for Researchers Hong Kong, ISRD U.K. She is a United Nations Volunteer, a social worker and Lifetime Honorary Member of Women Economic Forum. An international and national Ambassador for Peace and Human Rights which include; Global Goodwill Ambassador, USA and My Body

28 | eYs Magazine, Autumn 2020

Is My Body Child Prevention Program U.K. A National Secretary of IATM- International Anti Terrorism of Movement India. Dr Singh has achieved many awards such as the  Iconic Faculty Award, 2019 - Saksham Society Jaipur, Govt. of Rajsthan.  Excellent Research Award 2019 on an International Level by Global Education and Corporate Leadership.  A Certificate of Achievement from TalkLove Africa Foundation, Nigeria for Women Empowerment on International Women’s Day 2020.  Invitation from WEPS Forum of United Nations (U.N. Women) to attend International Women’s Day 2020 in New York USA on the special theme “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights.”

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/dr-ruby-r2bb0a7128


DEFINE AND SHINE Claudine Burgess

Imagine getting up in the morning going on with the daily routine, and by the evening, you are Homeless!


hat is what happened to Max and Ron on the 20th of December 2019 during the Adelaide Hills Bushfires in South Australia – as I learned visiting them at their temporary home, a retirement village in Lobethal, and their two beautiful, loving Petite Basset Griffon Vendeen (PBGV) dogs Pepper and Ralph. Max and Ron’s most precious possessions.” Ron was showing me the before shots, of their stunning fourbedroom blue stone federation home, with French doors that opened towards their beautiful flower gardens, orchards and led to spectacular views over the Valley on the 26½ acre property. Max explained, our day started knowing it was going to be a catastrophic fire danger day, at sunrise we commenced hand watering gardens. All 13 sprinklers on for larger areas. I then left for my 9.00am physician appointment approximately 30 minutes from home. Ron continued to prepare for the day ahead. At 10.30 am Ron called, telling me ”there is a fire at Cudlee Creek”. I told him, “I would pick up a few things before returning. With a second call, I became very anxious, hearing

the urgency in Ron’s voice to get home immediately! Driving the long way home from town to avoid road closures, the closer I got to home, the more I became concerned this fire was different from the Sampson Flat fire in 2015. Feeling very nervous, I arrived home around 1.30 pm, finding Ron frantically packing the car with essential items, such as computers, hard drives, clothes etc. I gathered some framed photos, clothing items, photo albums, and the dog’s beds. After the last check that the sprinklers were in place, the gutters filled with water and the pumps going, we evacuated at 5.15 pm, to stay with friends at Victor Harbour. I had a strange feeling that day, remembering driving out our property down the lane of trees that belong to the local government I said to Ron before we turned on to the road, “We have just said goodbye to our house”. At about six pm that day, our house exploded! Looking back, lucky we left our home 45 min earlier. It gave me shivers up my spine thinking about what Max said that could have happened if they had not left before the fire arrived!

eYs Magazine, Autumn 2020 | 29

It was hard to swallow when the next day, I phoned our neighbour who lived at the bottom of the driveway and luckily only sustained fence damage. I can still hear his words saying, “Max your house is gone”. All I could hear, on the other end of the phone, the voice of my neighbour shouting, “Max, are you there”. I must have gone silent and straight into shock, I screamed uncontrollably! It became clear when we drove to our property on Saturday morning after having been stopped by the police and showing our identification as proof we were residents, that the lane of burnt trees leading to our home was the first vision of the disaster before approaching our house and seeing it totally flattened to the ground like a house of cards by the rapid, severely hot and wild firestorm.


on and I were numb, It was as if we were staring at a graveyard, hauntingly silent, no birds singing, in shocked disbelief and speechless, standing on our blackened land amongst the rubble. After what seemed an eternity we left. It was a horrible feeling of instant grief that crept over us, realising we lost everything and were homeless. All the hard work of thirty years building our dream house went up in smoke. We were both so much in shock; we still don’t know how we drove safely to the Oakbank High school for a community meeting. We needed to formally register our loss. It was overwhelming to see so many people gathered, affected by the fires. People mean well, saying, “you got out OK, you will rebuild, you are strong, you can replace things”! These words aren’t helpful, all you need is the comfort of someone; somebody listening to you. Experiencing so many different emotions, you can’t think clearly at that moment of impact. All you need is a shoulder knowing you are not going through this alone. The many volunteers were an enormous support, those we met helped us get through the shock we endured through those early days. We were grateful; when we evacuated we had friends in Victor Harbour who provided accommodation. We made the tiring journey back to Lobethal every day, returning to Victor Harbour in the evening. Being in our home town allowed us to connect with the community relief centre, supporters and to search for local accommodation. Feeling numb we needed time for what had just happened 30 | eYs Magazine, Autumn 2020

to sink in. For several weeks it was an emotional rollercoaster, but with the support we gained from our community every day, every day it got a little better. We never thought that one day we would be paying rent. We were so pleased the emergency relief centre arranged a unit at the Retirement Village in Lobethal. We can stay for a year, ‘it’s a small unit but a roof above our head’, Max said. Still, it’s traumatic knowing their changed circumstances as I looked toward the door, their gorgeous Ralph sitting at the open doorway staring out on the tiny garden. While talking with Max, I could only imagine what a considerable adjustment is necessary to cope with knowing you once had a spacious fourbedroom home on 26½ acres of land where their precious dogs had all the freedom to play in their magical gardens. Thinking about it was making me have watery eyes at that moment. We are coping the best we can each day, taking care of the endless paperwork that comes with it, organising for the ruins to be cleared keeps us busy. Our dogs mean everything to us and help us get out for walks, even on the not so good days. We are lucky living in such a beautiful community that supports each other. Through this tragedy, we made many new friends that once were strangers to us. That all helps to cope every day, just to talk to someone and be listened to, “is a massive part of our healing process.” I felt speechless when Max and Ron showed me around later that afternoon, that once was their home - surrounded by beautiful plants - flower - vegetable gardens, and an established orchard. Among the rubble, the pieces of window frames made out of A-Grade Western Red Cedar timber, burned silk Persian rugs, pieces of imported Mezista Silver Blue slate, and Max’s most exquisite dinnerware, collected over many years, scattered, broken in the ruins. The severity of the firestorm heat was evident in the window glass being melted and curled up in the rubble. It takes between 1400 °C to 1600 °C to melt. I could feel their pain and grief, seeing the aftermath that stayed with me for days.


was so pleased to hear when I called up the following week, that they received much physical and emotional support from “Team Rubicon” who provides

disaster relief. “Team Rubicon” helped them with the next stage towards recovery, sifting through the house ashes for valuables, clearing fence lines, stacking paving in readiness for the large earth moving machinery to begin demolishing the remains of their house. In summary, 30 years of work was reduced to a large pile of scrap metal and a large pile of rubble. Profoundly heartbreaking to see. Max’s voice sounded so much brighter since I met her the first time. Telling me of her gratitude for the support gained, and new friends! It sparked Max to lend a helping hand with Rhonda the coordinator for Team Rubicon, washing the daily clothing of the volunteers at a local launderette then hanging the washing to dry at the Bushland Park where the volunteers were based showing appreciation for their work and support!

It is not always by giving money when disaster happens, just being there, giving your time and have a listening ear, you don’t know how much you are making a difference in people’s journey of recovery. Thank you, Max and Ron, for trusting me to share your story. Claudine Photo credit: Before shots / Max and Ron After shots / Claudine Burgess Photography www.defineandshine.com.au

Facebook : Claudineburgessphotography

Max is already planning; she would like to start a support group within her community for all who have lost everything. I have no doubt she will become an inspiration for many to follow towards the long road of recovery, the community helping each other. I look forward to having further conversations with Max and Ron and visit them to see how they are going and give my support, and “it’s so true when I asked her, how can we help” she answered. “Always be a good listener, do your best to place yourself in someone ease’s shoes”.

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ove. Poets, philosophers and songwriters have all written about it for centuries. Wars have been waged, won and lost in the name of it. Magazines write about it and have developed “scientific” pop quizzes to determine the compatibility of you and your potential partner. Love is something that can make or break a person. It is powerful as well as a fickle thing. Love is everywhere, and big businesses know this. It sells. People want and yearn for it. Over the years, there have been numerous dating shows, reality shows, dating apps and romantic movies, and of course, there is porn. We also have a whole day devoted to it – Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate falling in love, finding love, cherishing love, and being in love. I remember even as a girl writing my name on a piece of paper, writing the word “loves” under my name, and then writing the name of a boy I liked under that. Then seeing how many ‘l’, ‘o’, ‘v’, ‘e’ and’s’ are in our respective names, adding these numbers up until they came up with a single-digit number. That number would be the percentage score of our compatibility. A very simplistic/childlike way of viewing love and there is something so beautiful and innocent about it too. In our society, we are faced with a whole gamut of all things love related. It’s a warm and fuzzy feeling, something that a lot of people aspire for – to love and to be loved in return, but no

32 | eYs Magazine, Autumn 2020

one ever asks or writes a movie or songs about what it takes to keep love in your life, that once you meet that prince charming and have your fairy tale wedding, what happens then? When all the pheromones and rose coloured glasses come off after the honeymoon period ends and you are left with a man who you don’t really know how to talk to because sometimes they seem like they are speaking a different language. Love is important but so too is a partnership that is built on love and nurtured and cherished through kindness, understanding and amicable communication.

So where do we go to get a greater understanding of our partner? To understand how they operate? How best interact with them? To ensure there can be open and productive conversations that don’t end in arguments? This is where Elissa Lippett, dating and relationship coach from Embracing Partnerships comes in. She specialises in understanding the way men and women communicate differently and knowing the right way to communicate to each other to avoid the

yelling, name-calling, nagging, upset, tears, ignoring, controlling or manipulation. Men and women are biologically different and approach things very differently. It stands to reason that we also communicate differently. We see this from when we are little kids – the little boy pulling the pigtails of the girl he likes, to the way adults read text messages. Men are taking the message at face value, while women often get their best friend or tribe of experts to decipher what that one emoji means and the tone in which it was sent.

just went, “Wow, I want more of this. I obviously don’t know anything about men.” And then I took on the next couple of years studying. I wish I had this information 30 years ago. I don’t know what my life would look like. So it made such a huge difference to me, and I’ve now experienced what it’s like to be in an extraordinary partnership, and I want other people to have that. Your vision states that Embracing Partnership is “enabling you to create your own unique happily ever after”. What does that look like for you and for your clients?

Elissa is here to help translate it all for us and to develop strategies to

Well, I get everyone has their own version of their relationship. Some

foster compassion and understanding and a deeper connection to the partnerships we have or the ones we long to have.

people want to get married, some people want to get married and have children, and some people have been married and don’t want to do that again. So it’s more about getting really clear on what your individual happily ever after is. Some people may only want a friend to go travelling with a couple of times a year. If that’s what your happily ever after is, great, let’s make that happen.

Welcome and thank you very much, Elissa, for being a part of our magazine and sharing your story. It’s my absolute pleasure. Thank you, Natalie. What made you create Embracing Partnerships? Well, that’s a really good question. I had been really unlucky in love, and over the years, I tried different things, and I got to the point that I thought I just didn’t have whatever it took to make a relationship work. I got really resigned and really cynical when all my friends were starting to get married off and have kids, and I was still single and dating, and another relationship would end. I focused on my work and my sport. I hit huge highs in them, but it was really superficial. I was really missing that connection and being appreciated and having someone there, but I didn’t know how to create that. So I just kept on focusing on all these other areas of my life. But really underneath it all, I was craving being seen and loved. Then I was very lucky, I came across some information that once I started applying, it literally changed how men were showing up around me. I

My happily ever after is creating a partnership, a true partnership, based on where we’re accountable for supporting each other, and we have accountabilities. One of the things that I’ve taken on is not only for my partner but for everybody that I come across is that I want their life to be better because of them knowing me. I want to contribute. When you have a partner that you’re both trying to make each other’s life better, it’s unbelievable. It really is extraordinary. Like how good can it get? There’s no limit. I’ve read through your testimonials, and a lot of them state that you’ve helped people understand their partner better and developed more intimacy and a deeper connection. How is this achieved? I know there’s over 40-50,000 people around the world that have used this same information and it’s made incredible differences.

eYs Magazine, Autumn 2020 | 33

What if all the information that we’ve learned and seen about men and women and relating to the opposite sex is just setting us up for failure? It’s actually causing the opposite of what we want to cause. From my experience, most men and most women are really, really different. Nobody tells you how different we are. We each have a different instruction manual that you wish you had when you were growing up. That’s how I look at this information. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an intimate relationship, whether it’s a family and your kids or siblings or extended family, or even in the workplace, this information is so valuable for everybody. I use the analogy that it’s like an iPhone versus an Android phone. They both look the same, are very similar. They both have the same functionalities, they’ve both got apps, they both make calls, you can look at the internet and listen to music etc., but there are certain things that iPhones have and that the way they operate is different to Android and they don’t work across the platforms. What if men and women are like that? No one tells us that we’re not. So it’s no one’s fault that we don’t know this stuff, but what if by shining a light on it, it’s like, “Oh wow. He just did that, but it’s not personal to me.” Is there an example that stands out on how your coaching or programs has made an impact on someone? So my previous partner and I were bike riding. I’ve been riding for a long time, he was quite new to bike riding. One day we’re going into what was quite a challenging uphill, and I hadn’t seen him all week. He’d been away for work, and I was so excited, I rode up next to him and said, “Oh, can I ride next to you?” He turned around and went, “No.”, and I got like ... The instant word was “Asshole.” So I get really upset, even knowing this stuff. I know it, but at that moment, it was like, “Ah.” Because as a woman, I feel, in that mode, I feel really safe by talking and connecting. Talking and just having him next to me has me feel safe. He didn’t want that. So looking from my viewpoint, that would be so rude for me to do that to somebody. But I’m not looking from his viewpoint as a man. So I ride off in a huff, and he learned to just let me go, I’ll eventually get over it, or exhaust myself. When we got further down where our halfway point was, then I got my beautiful partner back. He then said, “Do you want a cup of tea? Do you something to eat? Do you want some water?” I was just still in that, “Asshole” mode. I was completely pissed. Then I said, “One moment you’re saying no 34 | eYs Magazine, Autumn 2020

to me, and now you’re being really nice. I’m still pissed off at you. You’ve got no idea what you’ve done.” This is with the training! So I believe it’s all instinct, it’s so automatic. When we were riding back, and we had to go down and back up the hill, I was thinking, “Gosh, maybe he’s collecting his power. He’s never done this ride before.” What that means is somebody, mostly men, but when women can be in producing results mode, we can need this as well, that you just need time and space. It’s almost like the plugin and gets your energy so that you can do this goal that’s coming up. Or it could be a presentation at work, or it could be preparing to go on a trip away, a car trip, and you need to just distance yourself. But we don’t understand that it’s not personal. At that moment when he said no to me about riding next to him, I was so hurt because that’s what I needed in the mode that I was in, was to feel safe and talk and connect with him, because I hadn’t been able to do that because he’d been away. So what I believe is that all our instincts, as men and women, communicate differently, and so that’s why there’s so much upset between us. Most women need to talk to feel safe. While most men, barely reveal anything. These differences can cause such a huge upset. It’s all these little things that cause hurt. When I actually caught up with him, and I said, “Oh, were you collecting your power?” And he said, “Yeah.” Then we had a conversation about it, and we’ve got to laugh about it. I said, “Oh, how could I be pissed off with him when he was just doing what men were doing?” Because then I had the insight. And he’s like, “Yeah, you were like this pressure, and I just needed space”. It wasn’t personal; it’s just what he needed.

So it sounds to me like your coaching is like the instruction manual for the iPhone and the instruction manual for the Android, and you’re swapping them over and letting the other person read the instructions. Yes, and also for iPhone and Android users to read their own manuals too because we don’t even know how we operate. Men just go, “Women are too hard and so confusing,” but we don’t even know how we operate. Men don’t know how they operate either. So nobody knows. It’s just like illuminating what might be, and then it’s incredible when you realise, “Oh, it wasn’t personal. They’re just doing what they do.” When you’re not upset with somebody, then you can have the intimacy and the connection. Thank you for being so vulnerable about that. I understand that a lot of your work is shining a light on our vulnerability, and I can appreciate that it’s hard for a lot of people. By going through all this training, it must’ve been very challenging for you as well. Well, I definitely had to transform myself a lot. A lot! I had to let go and do a lot of healing work. But to me, it’s worth it, because how men show up around me now and creating a partnership in all areas of my life is just extraordinary. What type of partnerships are you aimed at? I work with men and women that have been highly successful in their careers, and I help them have that same level of success in their intimate life. Whether it’s if they’re dating, finding their forever partner; however, that looks like. Or if they’re married, how to up-

we don’t want it to escalate. So please, if you’re angry, sleep on it. Have a conversation with them when you’re not going to explode. I know from my own experience, angry, hurtful words I’ve said in the moment can’t be taken back. Have a conversation when you’re not about to explode with anger. I understand that’s one of the hardest things for us as women to do because often times we tend to wait until we’re about to explode before we’ll have that conversation. So I also teach people how to have those partnership conversations and hold your boundaries, and how to honour yourself in what you actually need to try and prevent those explosions between you. What has been the most rewarding thing about what you do? level their marriage and have that greater connection, have that greater intimacy and reignite those sparks between them. Is it for anyone, even if you don’t have a career? Or if you are a student? Or just starting out in the dating scene? Anybody. Absolutely anybody can benefit from this information. Just bringing intentionality, mindfulness and consciousness to dating and relationships and the partners you choose and how to choose the best people for you that bring out the best in you. I take it that it’s not just for romantic partnerships. Could it be for friendships or better interactions with coworkers? Oh, definitely. One of the testimonials from the creating connection course I did, one of the women is one of seven children. I think she’s got six brothers. From the workshop, she learned how her communication impacted her brothers. She said “the workshop revealed to me how men see the world and helped me understand why they do the things that they do, and it all makes perfect sense! As a result, I no longer need to nag or strategise to get things done – they do things for me willingly and joyfully, and it makes me happy to see them so happy…. I wish ALL women could do this workshop – they would fall in love with their men all over again!” So it really doesn’t matter if it’s a relationship with another person. If you want it to be better, whether it’s a woman or a man. Anybody can benefit from it. If you’re are willing to try looking from new perspectives and want to blow the cap off your relationship, I invite you to find out more. And would you say that would be your unique offering then, for men and women? Information and insight. I’m not aware of anybody in the southern hemisphere that has done the amount of study and reached certification I have regarding dating, empowering women, empowering men, sex and intimacy and partnership. Could you provide a little insight that our readers could gain right now that could assist in their relationships or future relationship? Sure. Just taking onboard the, “What if there’s a good reason?” Like I was giving that example of the bike ride and the, “Oh, that hurt, how could he be so horrible -asshole.” If at that moment we could stop and just go, “What if there’s a good reason?” and be curious. One thing that I’m a big advocate for is when you’re really angry, don’t speak to that person. If it means going away for 24 hours, go do that. And then come back when you’re calm and rational because

My first client, who was really unsuccessful in dating, and she was never really sure if she was in a relationship or not. Even if they were in a relationship and these “relationships” wouldn’t last much longer than a couple of weeks or months. To having her meet this amazing guy that I think is fabulous, and then getting married, buying their dream family home. And then there it was on my phone a picture of the ultrasound announcing that they are pregnant. Even right now, that moves me. I was able to help her go from not knowing how, to have what she really wanted, nothing beats that for me. That makes me so happy. And you helped her on that journey, which is amazing. She did the work. I just gave her guidance on how to get there and supported her along the way. What do you wish partners would know going into a relationship? I believe that you have to know what it is that you want from the partnership, and if that other person is wanting and happy for the same things. That you’re both on the same side and you both heading towards the same goals or at least open to achieving them. What I find is the biggest obstacle is expectations. Generally, we have so many expectations of people, and we don’t voice them. We just presume that they’ll be looking from my viewpoint. Not long ago, I interviewed some men about Valentine’s Day. That was really enlightening, because how often they experience being tested, that “you should know if you really loved me”. However, neither of us men or women are mind readers, and unless we talk about it, we can’t expect others to know what we want. And even then, sometimes we don’t. Worse still someone can change their mind or today I feel like this not that. As one man said, “It’s like going into McDonald’s and standing there and expecting them to know what food you want. And then delivering it to you without saying a word.” Whether you’re in an intimate relationship, a business relationship, family relationship, whatever relationship, it would be exactly like that. Being in the restaurant and expecting them to know exactly what you wanted, exactly how you liked it, and just automatically bring it to you. Then you have the right to change your mind at any given moment because today you feel like something different, and not telling anybody. Communication is vital, and there’s an empowered way of communicating. Coming from a place of, “I know you would if you could, and this is what I need.” Rather than what our survival brain, our primal brain does, is look for everything that’s wrong. And when

eYs Magazine, Autumn 2020 | 35

somebody has given you 99% of what you asked for, or 90% or even 70%, even 50% of what you’ve asked for, that what we automatically tend to do is look for all things that they haven’t given us, how heartbreaking that is for the person providing. I know I’ve experienced that. I remember cleaning a friend’s flat, and I didn’t clean the sink drain. I cleaned everything else but miss the drain, the house was spotless. She walked in and only pointed out that I missed cleaning the drain. I had spent a couple of hours cleaning everything else. I was just devastated. I know in that moment I didn’t want to do it again, because if all you can see is what I haven’t done, it’s not worth the effort of doing everything that I did. No one tells us this way of communicating doesn’t work, and it’s so automatic. When you have a partnership, and when you learn these skills, asking for what you want and having these needs met in a way that’s kind and considerate it’s amazing. It brings out the best in you and your partner. It’s like, “Oh my, can relationships, be are this good?” Yeah, they can be, we just need to know the skills how. You offer programs, and you do coaching. Could you just describe a little bit about each of them and what people could expect from each? I have online group workshops where I teach looking from other perspectives. It’s for people that are willing and wanting to try new things and to look at things newly and see what else is possible. It’s amazing how just one person from a couple can cause a change in the relationship. The Online Creating Connections Workshop is an introduction to what I have seen from my studies are the common differences between most men and most women. It’s a start and introduction to my other programs – Delving into the minds of men and my premium program that I am working out that will be out at the end of the year. I also do personal coaching. So it really depends, where a person’s at and what their goals are and what they want. I talk about intentional dating, how to find a really great man that’s really a good match that you could spend whatever period of your life that you want to spend with them. Some of the topics I coach about are intentional dating, sex and intimacy, understanding men and understanding women. How to bring up those really tricky subjects and how to speak with your partner in an empowering way, because it’s the hardest thing to be so open and vulnerable with the people we love because it hurts the most. But again, for most of us as women, it’s the hardest thing for us to do because it’s our instinct not to do that, to look after everybody else and put ourselves last. From what I’ve experienced for myself and what I see with the people I coached, it’s one of the worst things that we can do is withhold what we really want and expect them to know, and it just doesn’t tend to end very well. I also talk about partnership. I help identify what your blind spot is and help to remove any blocks. If we get hooked by the same thing, time and time again, we develop a pattern of dating the wrong type of guys or the guys that don’t want to commit, or you’re still in love with your ex, or you’ve had a nasty marriage breakdown, and you just can’t seem to get over it. I can help with healing work. Or I’ve got some other healers as well if I’m not the one, I can send people to other people that I know that are amazing healers as well. So it really depends on what someone wants. I offer a free discovery call with me, and it’s finding out where somebody is and where they want to get to and are whether or not we are a good fit?

36 | eYs Magazine, Autumn 2020

Who is best suited to come and see you? Men, women, single, married? Anyone single, or in a relationship, dating or married. It really depends more on what they want to get out of the coaching. What I require is somebody that’s willing to be open to new concepts and perspectives. If that’s not something you’re prepared to do, then I probably may not be the person that you want to work with. And if you are willing to think and say, “Okay, maybe if I did see it from a different way, how would that look? Or what could that illuminate or open up for me?” Then yeah, definitely. How is it different from something like counselling? It’s more like being a relationship strategist. Rather than delving into everything that’s not working, we move forward. “Okay, what’s the goal? What do we have to do to get you to your goal? This is the information that will make a difference to you. Let’s try this. Let’s try that. Where are you at?” So it’s more like creating a strategy to get to where you want to. So I’m definitely not a counsellor, I’m not a psychologist, I don’t have any training like that. What I do have is this research that I’ve done and qualifications with my mentor in understanding men and understanding women. Knowing this information, I know it totally transformed me and my life. I believe it can make a huge difference if you’re open to it. And how can people find you? Several ways. My website is embracingpartnership.com. Or if they want to come to find me on social media and friend me on social media, I’m on Embracing Partnership Group, on Facebook. If people want more information on the partnership, or if you’re single, I’ve got a Facebook group for single women called Heart’s Desires Dating. So they can come to find me there. And I’m also on Instagram at Embracing Partnership. Was there anything else you’d like to add? I want people to have hope. I really was the most resigned, and if I can change like this, my belief is if you’re willing and open, anything really is possible. Having experienced extraordinary relationships, it really is possible to achieve that if you’re open to it and open to doing the work and trying new things.

Thank you very much for your time. You’re welcome. To find out more, visit www.embracingpartnership.com or please contact Elissa at: elissa@embracingpartnership.com or phone: 0403 472 234

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COVER STORY eYs Magazine 2020 International Women’s Day Ambassador


“There are those who look at things the way they are, and as why…. I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?” – Robert Kennedy


ith over a decade of leadership experience in the profit and non-profit sectors and a unique educational background, Amb. Dabholkar stands at the intersection of Purpose and Profit. Her passion for public service inspired her to study International Human Rights Law and Business. She spearheaded Operations for the American Red Cross as the Director of Regional Operations. During the same time, she also served as the Red Cross Director of Round It Up America® (RIUA) – a partnership between the American Red Cross and RIUA, a non-profit initiative by leaders in the restaurant industry to end world hunger by engaging the restaurant, food and beverage industry in giving back. After leading one of the most prestigious organizations, her desire to be in the trenches and the zest to bring humanitarian relief to socially disadvantaged families and make the planet a safer place for our children led her to GIFT Global Initiative - a powerful tool to serve children and families affected by violence, trafficking and exploitation. Today under her vision and leadership, GIFT helps over 10000 children every year. GIFT launched several programs such as Pop-Up Schools, Mobile Health Clinics, Solar Lights, Clean Water, Sanitation, GGI Works (jobs and entrepreneurship initiative), Mental Health Therapy through Music, Urban Agriculture lessons to children from lowerincome neighbourhoods and more. Her work in prison reform and mental health led to a confirmation vote by the Los Angeles County 38 | eYs Magazine, Autumn 2020

Board of Supervisors to formally appoint her as a Commissioner on the esteemed Sybil Brand Commission for Institutional Inspections to oversee Human Rights Violations in the Prison System. In 2019, Amb. Dabholkar was nominated for the prestigious Raoul Wallenberg Prize for extraordinary humanitarian achievements followed by a Global Icon Award by the World Peace and Diplomacy Organization. GIFT Global Initiative has become a global icon for less fortunate children, women and men. A not for profit that changes the lives of disadvantaged people and communities around the world. When did you realize this was your calling and your purpose? When did you begin this successful journey? My journey, a decision to commit my life to public service started well before I landed in the United States as an immigrant 12 years ago. Born and raised by parents who were lifelong public servants - Papa was in politics, a lawmaker advocating for the poorest neighbourhoods and slums in India and Mom was a homemaker supporting his aspirations

and crazy ideas to create a better world. While other kids were out playing and making friends, we were accompanying my Papa on his election rallies, holding his hand and walking through some of the most dangerous slums of India. The people who lived in these slums had no food on their tables, no running water, no sanitation or electricity, but they welcomed us with open arms. I would see him sit on dirt floors and eat with these families. Children in shabby old clothes with snot running down their noses, greasy, dirty fingers would hug him. As a child, I cringed that he didn’t mind the unhygienic conditions around him, often spending hours in these places.

Years later, I found myself standing in a small, cold, congested dirty brothel, as it poured outside, trying to rescue those little babies to safety from their traffickers. I couldn’t turn my back on so many others who are still living in environments that make them easy targets of the darker underbelly of our society. My journey is a lifelong commitment to speaking up against injustice and giving a voice to the vulnerable children, women & men and sharing their stories of perseverance and success. In many ways, my life has come full circle. Today I find myself following in my Papa’s footsteps, loving every minute of this journey. How did you meet Keith Kirkwood, the Chairman of GIFT Global Initiative? When did the partnership start? Tell us a bit about his character. Keith and I met years ago bringing Cancer Care for a 2-year-old child named Yamileth in the Mexican slums. Keith was taking regular trips down to the Mexican slums to provide humanitarian aid to the families, and he met Yamileth’s family. Yamileth was abandoned by her biological mother when she was diagnosed with Brain Cancer at the age of 2. Her father had passed away, and she was being raised by her old grandmother. They relied on the local church groups that would bring donations to these slums. However, the child needed Cancer treatment more than anything else. Keith made an online appeal for her to arrange donations and medical aide. I happened to come across his post and reached out to him, offering my connections with the American Cancer Society. Two weeks later, I was visiting Yamileth in the slums and ever since Keith and I have been inseparable in our zest to empower children like Yamileth who are born in the grips of poverty. These children are vulnerable to exploitation. Keith and I made a pact that no child under our watchful eyes will ever be subjected to exploitation. What is Initiative?



GIFT Global Initiative is a global humanitarian organization that serves children and families from some of the poorest places on our planet in Asia, Africa, South, Central and North America. GIFT was founded on a simple philosophy ‘Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.’ In my 15 years of working in underserved areas, poverty-stricken, drug-infested, controlled by the cartels, affected by violence, abuse and exploitation, I recognized the stark absence of efforts geared towards prevention. It became clear I must make it a priority to educate governments, individuals and corporations about mindful sustainable charity, bringing a hand up, not a handout. GIFT was founded to protect families and

their children by preventing situations that lead to the exploitation of these people. Prevent is a big word for us at GIFT. I never understood why anyone must go through a traumatic episode to get the help they deserve. We must be proactive with humanitarian aid and mindful with the nature of aid we provide to people in need. Transitional aid such as free food, free blankets, free shelter, free medical, etc. is great but only for so long. That’s not what GIFT is about. Our goal is to uplift these children, strengthen their family unit so it can provide and protect their own and do not have to rely on outside entities for simple necessities in life. Our goal is to bring them a hand up in life, not a handout. We do so by 1) identifying areas that require support 2) implementing programs that are preventive in nature and scope such as Education for All, Renewable Energy, Clean Water Initiative, Medical Fund, Mobile Clinics, Pop Up Schools, and more. We recently launched a Soccer for Solar Initiative that invites individuals and corporations to help us bring solar power to about 50000 families in Africa, Asia and Mexico because solar power is education power. You can donate as many books as you want, sponsor as many kids as you want to school, but if these children don’t have light, how do you think they will study? Think about it for a minute and then come join us in this effort. How successful has GIFT Global Initiative been? Give examples of the impact it has had for many. GIFT Global Initiative is a global humanitarian organization that empowers about 10000 children and families from some of the poorest places on our planet in Asia, Africa, South, Central and North America. GIFT was founded on a simple philosophy ‘Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.’ Here are some of my favourite programs focused around Education, Health and Job Creation. Our School Sponsorship is a unique kind of empowerment program that connects a child in need with one compassionate donor who agrees to pay School Tuition Expenses for a year for the child! Becoming a sponsor means giving children the chance to grow up safe, educated and empowered – forever changing their life and future.

eYs Magazine, Autumn 2020 | 39

Our Pop-Up schools bring empowerment curriculum to women who cannot attend school. These pop-up events are meant to build vocational skills that would ultimately allow them to find employment. As the name suggests, the GIFT Pop Up Schools are makeshift schools that pop up every month across the globe in some of the poorest neighbourhoods to bring education to the children who cannot afford to go to school. The idea is to bring education to the kids who don’t have access to educational infrastructure. Our volunteers teach Arts, Crafts, Language, Grammar, Math, History and Science. The Medical Fund operates in partnership with Children’s Hospitals to provide free medical services to all children under the age of 18. Our Mobile clinics bring simple medical aid to smaller slums and villages. GGIworks is Guided by our philosophy “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”, the aim of GGI Works is to create full employment across the countries 40 | eYs Magazine, Autumn 2020

we serve. It plans on reducing entitlements from both Social Security and welfare, instead of focusing on putting people into full-time work. We believe that the collective power of economic development, food security and nutrition, can empower families on the path to living incomes. When those components are multiplied by the positive impacts of gender equality and social capital, communities achieve greater resilience and a sustainable reduction in hunger and poverty. Achieving a living income means that all the income of a household earned/generated or transferred, whether cash or in-kind, is enough to enable all members of the household to afford a decent standard of living. Additionally, families can educate all their children and feed themselves nutritious food every day, and have proper housing, water, hygiene and all other essential resources. Sports for Solar Initiative Because Solar Power is Education Power, GIFT has adopted the Sports for Solar Energy Initiative that aims at providing 50,000 households in Africa, Asia, Mexico and the USA access to low-cost portable solar energy in the next two years. Our clean energy initiative will expand access to low-cost, durable solar tops, solar Jars and solar lanterns to low-income communities in 10 African countries (South Africa, Cape Verde, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Botswana, Côte d’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Uganda, Ghana and Zimbabwe); four South Asian countries (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Nepal); Mexico and the USA. I expand on this initiative further in the article below. We hope other futuristic companies, governments and individuals will consider partnering with

GIFT to bring Solar Lights to underserved communities. If interested in our Solar Initiative, they can email us at Kim@GGIUSA. org What were your main challenges in the beginning as a not for profit and how did you overcome these? The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. I learnt that early on from my father, who has always advocated for people who were marginalized by systematic oppression or stuck in a generational cycle of poverty. Humanitarian work can be very exhausting. It is easy to lose sight when there are so many who need help. Knowing and understanding your end goal(s) can help you avoid getting sucked into the sinkhole of depression. You need to know what you’re fighting for, so you remain focused and driven to keep pushing without getting overwhelmed by the demands. Clarity of the end goal is the biggest motivating factor because a clear vision will help you go beyond the realm of fuzzy. Let me explain. I work with families who have no food on their table for days, and most of them use water from a nearby gutter. They don’t have toilets, electricity, cable, internet and all the simple pleasures of life. I work with children who are abandoned by their families because they are HIV positive or have cancer or such other medical condition that the family either doesn’t understand or does not have the funds to treat or both. I serve children who are at risk of being sex trafficked at the tender age of 4 and 5. What is my end goal? What keeps me going is the clarity of my vision for these families and their children. We are not in this

just to provide transitional aid. I am fighting for Uplifting these people, I am fighting to improve their financial condition, not to keep them poor, I am fighting to bring them a Hand up in Life and Not a Handout. I am fighting to educate the world about mindful sustainable giving. I am encouraged to keep fighting by the success stories I get to share with you all.

rooted in sexism or old-fashioned, irrelevant, expectations about women’s lives, not just to score a point, but to change a mind. Remember positive change does happen but not overnight. 100 years ago, women couldn’t vote in the United States, but thanks to hundreds of women before me today, I have the right to vote and run for public office if I wanted to.

What are some of your major achievements you are proud of as a Woman? Did you experience any challenges toward generation equality along the way, and how did you overcome these? GIFT serves over 10000 children every year. More than half of that constitutes young moms who are between the age of 14-17 years old. Empowering these young girls to blossom into powerful women with a vision is what we do every day, and I am proud of how our team handles this meaningful work despite the gender inequality on our planet. Although women have played a crucial part in raising families, they are often marginalized in the subsequent peacebuilding and political processes. This is part of a broader global problem. Per the World Bank, while most governments acknowledge that empowering women and girls is a key contributor to economic development, the fertility transition ─ an important factor in sustained economic growth ─ has been much slower. Access to family planning and maternal health services – as well as education for girls – typically results in improved economic opportunity for women and lower fertility. While Africa and Asia have one of the highest rates of female labour participation, vulnerable employment (such as unpaid family work) remains the norm. These women work longer hours than men and perform most of the (unpaid) household work. Gender gaps in education are just as pervasive. Although there has been a significant increase in enrollment rates for girls at the primary level, boys

International Women’s Day although has been strong and loud for over 75 years there are many women around the globe who still experience the hurdles in everyday especially in their growth for success in the workplace and more. As a global woman, what are your tips for our younger female generations climbing the ladder for success?

are still 1.55 times more likely to complete secondary education. The bottom line is very simple. In 2017 the share of women in the world was 49.6%. Meaning most countries have a female share of the population between 49 and 51 per cent. If 50% of your population is marginalized, illiterate and exploited, your economy is doomed. Women are essential to ending poverty around the world. Nowhere is that truer than in the countries we serve. Strengthening women’s roles as leaders, entrepreneurs, consumers and economic stakeholders will transform the continent. But that is also our biggest challenge. Breaking the stereotypes about women empowerment and educating men and women that real women empowerment lies inequitable share of responsibilities and reward. While men must adapt to the changing role of women in the society, women must be fair and treat their blossoming rights with a great sense of responsibility for the women and men who will come after them. The way to overcome these challenges is by continually educating people about these issues which are truly

I’ve experienced talking about women’s issues and seeing the eyes just glaze over, and the mind is just wandering. I would like both young men and women to remember that change is inevitable, but sustainable change is never achieved overnight, change is scary for most and never happens without resistance. 100 years ago, women couldn’t vote in the United States, today we had more women running for public office ever before. My advice to younger changemakers is to be patient and be yourself. Do not allow the society to define your thinking. Question old ways and pave the way for a futuristic society that is rooted in social giving and empowerment of the less fortunate. And most importantly, stand up for a cause that is bigger than yourself. I love Robert Kennedy’s words “There are those who look at things the way they are, and as to why…. I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?” On behalf of eYs Magazine, we would like to congratulate you on your recent appointment as a Commissioner on The Sybil Commission for Institutional Inspections. What exactly does this mean for you?

eYs Magazine, Autumn 2020 | 41

I am so thrilled and quite frankly honoured to be able to serve beautiful Los Angeles that welcomed me with open arms when I first moved to the United States a decade ago. As an immigrant, I have a deep sense of acknowledgement of the debt of gratitude which I owe to this country, and I am sure this is just the beginning. My work on prison reform, expertise in international human rights law, and understanding the importance of the Sybil Brand Commission in the larger scheme of things motivated me to accept the appointed. With 2.3 million people in its jails and prisons, the United States incarcerates more people than any other nation. At 716 per 100 000 people, the US per capita incarceration rate is more than 7 times the average in European Union countries. With only 5% of the world’s population, the United States now accounts for one-quarter of its prisoners. The United States not only incarcerates the most people but also exposes more of its citizens to solitary confinement than any other nation. The best available data suggest that about 84 000 individuals endure extreme conditions of isolation, sensory deprivation, and idleness in US correctional facilities. From 2008 through 2013, the number of people in solitary confinement in federal prisons grew by 17%— from 10 659 to 12 460 prisoners––almost triple the 6% rise in the total prison population for that same period. As I said before, what happens behind those prison doors will ultimately affect each one of us. We must do better for the safety of our communities. We must make sure that our prisons, jails and juvenile detention facilities aren’t creating more criminals. I am hoping my role on this commission will be enlightening for me in many ways. I hope to educate myself and others about what could possibly be done better to improve our prisons. I would like to push for better rehabilitation and reintegration process than what exists today. The Sybil Brand Commission for Institutional Inspections was founded in 1959 by Sybil

42 | eYs Magazine, Autumn 2020

Brand who saw the necessity to improve the overcrowded conditions of incarcerated juveniles, men, and in particular women. The Sybil Brand Commissioner inspects and oversees Human Rights Concerns at the jails, lockups, probation and correctional facilities. They will conduct inspections of jails, lockups, probation and correctional facilities involving a complete evaluation of the condition of each facility’s effective and economical administration, cleanliness, discipline and comfort of its inmates and Juveniles at Probation camps. Additionally, the commission may call for and inspect the permit and registration of such jail and lockup, whether the institution is located within and without the corporate limits of any incorporated city. The commission also inspects group home facilities to ascertain its condition. What do you do in your free time? Do you have any hobbies etc.? My work involves dealing with the sad realities of our world - children suffering from hunger, poverty, drugs, young teen moms being exploited, families struggling to meet ends meet, etc. To be of service to others, we must share from a full cup, not a drained and depleted one. Women are often so little aware of the self. When women work outside the home, their work inside doesn’t magically go away! Most women continue to bear the ‘double burden’ of two jobs – resulting in immense stress as well as lost opportunities. Then we have societal pressures that often blur the line between being selfish and self-caring. No matter how busy my days are, I find the time and sustainable ways to take care of my health – both physical and mental. There are a few things I incorporate in my self-care regimen. Daily Meditation, Workouts in the Gym and Tennis. Let me share a little about each one of these three things. Meditation – I take weekly classes in Meditation and Intuitive Healing with Kathryn

Schiff, who has been teaching Meditation, Clairvoyance, and Energy tools, privately and in classes for over 20 something years. Meditation allows you to be more centred and achieve clarity of thinking. Workouts – I started working out when I was 16 and have never stopped. I will show up in the gym at 11 pm if I must to get the daily workout in. A healthy combination of weights, cardio should keep your blood pumping and energy levels high. Tennis – Tennis has been a lifelong passion, and I find time to be on the courts at least a few times a week. In 2016, Babolat launched our Babolove Ambassador Program in the US. These individuals serve as brand ambassadors for Babolat, and they have a deep passion for the game. Just like me, tennis runs in their blood! I was welcomed by the Babolat family as a Brand Ambassador to take the message of Peace through Tennis on all our diplomatic tours and speaking tours. I believe there are three things that should be incorporated in high-level diplomatic settings – Sport, Music and Food. These three things are universal and have great power to unite people across borders. I am fortunate that Babolat supports our vision of Peace through Sports Diplomacy. Who is your biggest inspiration? I have always struggled with this question because I don’t have a single source of inspiration. I take my inspiration from people who go against all the odds to defy the world and become successful at whatever their path is. These are individuals who did not allow societal pressures to dictate how they live and designed their own destiny, their own life and moulded their own character. The biggest struggle in life is not to be rich and successful, many have done that, and many continue to be that every day but the biggest struggle in life is to do so without losing our softness, without losing our humanity and without losing compassion.

I have been greatly inspired by Bobby Kennedy because that man had an overbearing sense of compassion for people of all colours and races. He stood up for causes which didn’t particularly affect him in any way other than the mere fact that those causes were the “right thing to do”. I often find my inspiration in women who were vilified as she-wolves of their times because they dared to be different like Belva Ann Lockwood, Victoria Woodhull, Catherine the Great of Russia, Hilary Clinton and more. You may not agree with their actions, but you certainly can’t deny them a place in history as the women who paved the path for women like me. Are there any new initiatives being planned that you would like to see to fruition? GIFT Global Initiative has adopted the Sports for Solar Energy Initiative that aims at providing 50,000 households in Africa, Asia, Mexico and USA access to low-cost portable solar energy in the next two years. Our clean energy initiative will expand access to low-cost, durable solar tops, solar Jars and solar lanterns to low-income communities in 10 African countries (South Africa, Cape Verde, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Botswana, Côte d’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Ethiopia, Uganda, Ghana and Zimbabwe); four South Asian countries (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Nepal); Mexico and the USA. Solar Power is Education Power. The population we serve faces complex barriers to accessing ladders of opportunity. Those same barriers are what keep them off of teams, out of leagues, and unable to access programs that could support them to reach their full potential. Addressing one barrier alone is a band-aid. Barriers stack upon one another and feel insurmountable. As you know, there isn’t a better way to inspire children and create positive role models than to get them engaged in sport. GIFT’s partnership with sporting brands such as Babolat allows us to bring tennis to underserved children in the US. In Africa, Latin America and Asia, we are tapping into the local love for Soccer and create a semi-yearly tournament. At the end of the tournament, all participants will receive Solar Lanterns instead of trophies thereby bringing solar lights to their homes in the settlement/slums. We estimate that some $520 million will be saved by consumers by switching from kerosene or biomass fuel to solar energy. Also, carbon emissions will be reduced considerably. To deliver these clean energy products, we rely on our strong network of volunteers, non-profit partners funded by GIFT and the For-Profit sector to provide the cash and technology influx needed for a project of this scale.

In South Africa, for instance, we teamed up with the United Arab Emirates Embassy in Pretoria and UAE Ambassador to South Africa Mahash Alhameli to deliver Solar Lights to a 3000-household shantytown in the heart of Soweto. We hope other futuristic companies, governments and individuals will consider partnering with GIFT to bring Solar Lights to communities like the one in Soweto. If interested in our Solar Initiative, they can email us at Kim@GGIUSA.org . How can we help GIFT Global Initiative, where can we donate? There are several ways to help GIFT Global Initiative and the children we empower. GIFT is a 501 c 3 under United States tax code meaning any US taxpayers who donate to GIFT get a tax write off. We are also in the process of registering as a non-profit in Mexico, South Africa, Australia and India. If our work appeals to you, you can join us by:

1. Donating Money – even a dollar

goes a long way. To put that into perspective, $10/- can feed 60 children a day in Africa; $20 can provide solar light to a family that will last for 2-3 years

2. Donating Time – Volunteers are

the lifeblood of any humanitarian organization. If you can join us on one of our trips to the areas we serve, go to the GIFT website and fill out a volunteer application form

3. Donate Services – The website

development and mobile application super company called Team Tweaks from India donated their web development services to GIFT, thereby saving us thousands of donor dollars in website development and maintenance. You could do the same with your services.

4. Donate

Supplies (in-Kind) – Companies such as Costco (Backpacks), Babolat (Tennis Rackets for our sports initiative), Sleep and Beyond (Bedding), Snugglepedic (Pillows), Office Depot (School supplies), etc. donate thousands of dollars’ worth of product to GIFT missions. You can do the same if you have a business that can provide product useful for the children we empower.

5. Individuals

donors who are donating money or time from their own pockets can reach out to their companies and set up a matching gift to double or triple the power of their donation through employer gift match.

6. You can run Facebook Fundraisers

and involve your family and friends in raising donations for GIFT 7) Last but not the least, you could invite GIFT executive team to come to speak at an event you are hosting or to your employees or school or university to raise awareness about our mission.

Website: https://ggiusa.org Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/mannadabholkar-265296a5 (Manna personal) FB: https://www.facebook.com/ GIFTGlobalInitiative (GIFT) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ mannadabholkar/ (Manna personal) https://www.instagram.com/ giftglobalinitiative/ (GIFT)

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eYs Magazine

International Women’s Day Ambassadors MARIJA MUSTRIK I was born in Bitola, in a family with a long tradition and legacy of honest doctors, engineers and professors. I completed my primary and secondary education in one of the oldest educational institutions, the first secondary school with a distinguished reputation in the Republic of Macedonia, which in 1945, started with classes in the Macedonian language. I studied at the Faculty of Law Justinian Prima in Skopje, majoring in journalism, after which I completed my Masters in European Integration Studies and Communications on the subject: Integration of Immigrants in England, France and Germany During my study, I perfected my communication skills in the European and regional cities, through various study visits with a group of journalists from the Balkans to France, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, and Austria, where we had the opportunity to follow the work of renowned media companies. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, I attended training for Investigative Journalism on the French Media Plan Institute, where we worked with life stories of different topics. I also attended seminars on current sociological topics at the Institute for International Sociology in Gorizia, Italy, for two consecutive years. Professionally, as a journalist, I have worked in almost all types of media, radio, television, electronic and printed. My greatest experience was working in the first private television A1 in Macedonia, where I had the opportunity to work with established professionals in journalism in the area of economy and agriculture. We worked on creating valuable reports from all the parts of Macedonia, Serbia, and Turkey, which ensured a significant coverage and had excellent ratings and trust.

I continued my professional career as the person in charge of public relations in the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, where I have been working for 8 years. During this time, I specialized in several areas, attending training on protocol at the Protocol and Etiquette Training, at the Protocol Academy of Macedonia, Certification Authority Protocol School of Washington, acquiring additional skills in communication and marketing. I organize and report about the participation of MCC on worldwide summits, such as the World Chamber Congress in Doha, Turin, and Sydney, high-level fora, and press conferences that the business community holds. My domain of work is Media Relations, Event Management, Public Speaking, Crisis Communications, Press Releases, Strategic Planning, Market Research, Social Networking, Journalism, Strategic Communications, Protocol.

I am married to a wonderful husband, and our greatest happiness is our four-year-old daughter Darija, who is making sure that our precious time with the family is filled with dynamic activities. My family is my pillar when it comes to my work. My favourite motto is to keep it simple, keep it honest, keep it real. I am a true proponent of Albert Einstein’s saying: If you cannot explain it simply, you do not understand it well enough. Amid high hyperproduction of goods and services, and lack of care about nature, development of the technology, which on the one hand makes our life easy, but on the other hand, complicates it. If it is not used rationally, it is necessary not to forget the basics: love, understanding, respect and support. This trust in human values should be brought back on the pedestal if we want to win in the race with technology with its promise of a seemingly better future.

“We often forget that we are nature. Nature is not something separate from us. So, when we say that we have lost our connection to nature, we’ve lost our connection to ourselves.” – Andy Goldsworthy 44 | eYs Magazine, Autumn 2020

“What greater wealth is there than to own your life and spend it on growing? Every living thing must grow. It can’t stand still. It must grow or perish.” – Ayn Rand

GRACE B. CHARRIER Ambassador Grace B. Charrier is a Nigerian social entrepreneur, advocate, and activist who lives in New York City, USA. Born to a Foreign Affairs Diplomat-cumChartered Accountant father and a Chartered Secretary-cum-Public Administrator mother, the international exposure, social, diplomatic and administrative skills and strengths of both parents naturally prepared Grace for her present endeavours. An all-rounder, having schooled in Nigeria, the United Kingdom, and the United States in Business Administration, Marketing, Project Management, Nonprofit Leadership Administration, and in Peace, Conflict, and Mediation, Grace’s strengths and her passion for the Sustainable Development Goals cut across all board: in health: cancer awareness, advocacy, and research, mental health and issues of persons living with disabilities. Her love for humanity is evident when dealing with others. As a Stage 3 breast cancer survivor, her lifealtering cancer journey led her to launch her Youtube Channel: Cancer Convos with Grace B. while undergoing radiation and to keep the bouts of depression at bay. It was a decision that she will never regret as the positive feedback and engagements are phenomenal and have ultimately led her to several speaking engagements on the global stage and most importantly, giving hope to the helpless by letting cancer patients know that cancer is not a death sentence.

Regarding her passion for mental health, she served as an NGO representative of the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP). With the total support of this organization accredited at the United Nations, Grace initiated and developed diverse projects that have absolute relevance to the overall UN agenda. She and the team worked assiduously to ensure that Mental Health was integrated into SDG 3 during the transition from the MDGs to the SDGs in the post-2015 global agenda. The committed and persistent lobbying of UN Member States brought about this huge success and Nigeria, among others, played a huge role here as a result of her advocacy. Persons living with disabilities is a matter very close to Grace’s heart as it affected a very dear family member. This has led her to initiate and partner with private sector organizations and NGOs in Nigeria, especially in the grassroots areas, where there is a deficit in terms of their political, economic and empowerment inclusion. She has organized awareness programs to encourage this disenfranchised demographic to use their single vote to create the change they dream of, underscoring continuously that is their civic and human right and that just one vote could bring them nearer to the change they hope for. She has also played pivotal roles in advocacy efforts and was one of the strong voices that called for the Nigerian Government to pass the Bill into law for the total inclusion of persons living with disabilities. As an Ambassador for Peace which was awarded her in 2011 by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) accredited at the ECOSOC in the United Nations, she has participated and contributed to several Town Hall meetings, roundtable sessions, and conferences to ensure that Nigeria remains peaceful and devoid of tribal and religious sentiments, at all times. She has contributed to and worked on several position statements for the SDGs towards UN General Assembly meetings and Commission of the Status of Women. (CSW) Ambassador Grace Charrier worked tirelessly advocating for the convening of a National Conference in Nigeria through the Nigerian

National Summit Group (NNSG), of which she is a Founding member to enable the citizens to play a participatory role in the development and the sustainability of the country. Fondly called ‘Lady G’, if she doesn’t make things happen then, she is a catalyst for making them happen, and her passion for societal issues makes her strive to remain the awesome change-agent that she is. Ambassador Grace Charrier is an avid reader, jazz and concert lover who loves travelling and playing strategy board games such as backgammon, Her cultured disposition is conspicuously manifest in her general carriage and comportment at all times and is admired when interacting with others. An amiable, tenacious and hard-working lady, she is a loving and devoted mother, aunt, friend, and associate. Affiliations ÊÊ UN Peace Ambassador UPF (United Nations) ÊÊ UN NGO Representative, International Association of Applied Psychologists (IAAP) ÊÊ Officiating Team Member, Psychology Coalition at the United Nations (PCUN) ÊÊ Member, Commission of the Status of Women ÊÊ Executive Board Member/ Member-AtLarge, UN Committee of the Family ÊÊ Global Goodwill Ambassador ÊÊ Legislative Ambassador American Cancer Society ÊÊ Global Nominee WEGO Health Awards ÊÊ Global Patient Leader Advocate WEGO Health ÊÊ Global Leadership Panel Member Fight Cancer Global ÊÊ Winner- Books for Peace ÊÊ Global Ambassador eYs Magazine IWD 2020 (International Women’s Day) Cancer Advocacy & Research ÊÊ Honorary Life Member Women Economic Forum (WEF) ÊÊ Honorary Life Member All Ladies League (ALL)

eYs Magazine, Autumn 2020 | 45

SIMI NARAYANA Mother of two boys, a customer service professional and an accomplished homemaker, is well known in her circle of friends for her ability to plan and organise.

I have captured a few golden rules that Simi lives by (in my words and based on my observations and how she tells me to live my life!!)

Growing up in New Delhi as the only child of her parents, Simi was a quiet student known among her friends for never shying away from a dare. She made friends easily and was known to be loyal, helpful and fun, a trait that served her well as she moved to Sydney after marriage.

1. A place for everything and you will never have to organise anything for the rest of your life

Two young boys occupied her time for the first few years, but then she found herself taking on a challenging role as a Tupperware dealer out of sheer love for the product. In this role, she found success, achieving her targets and even enjoying an overseas trip as a reward, and realised that her passion lay in customer service and that she could talk till the proverbial cows came home! She has since moved through roles in retail and banking, and her circle of friends includes customers she has served along the way! Along the way, she moved from Sydney to Melbourne. For someone who lived in one house in the same city till she married and moved out, moving continents, three cities and nine homes since then has probably been something that she had not bargained for but has taken in her stride.

2. If you have not used something for a year, you don’t need it. 3. If you are going to do it, do it now. No one remembers any task after ‘just a minute’. 4. Stop living in the past and don’t worry about the future. 5. Finish a task first before starting on another one. 6. Listen to music (and the sounds around you) 7. Slow down, there is no rush. You don’t want to get to your final destination too quickly 8. Argue, if you have a valid point (in other words, never argue with me!) 9. If they don’t have time for you, they are not your friends. 10. Smile

Passionate about fitness, she maintains a rigorous gym routine and balances healthy eating with comfort food. While she loves eating out and trying different cuisines, Simi is an accomplished cook who loves to try new dishes.

“This too shall pass.” - Unknown

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SHALINI HARRISON Born on August 27 in Uttar Pradesh, a state in North India in a middleclass Christian family she was christened as Shalini, which means a beautiful girl with a smile that shines as brightly as the sun. She lost her father at a very early age when she was only six years old and raised by her doted mother, single-handed. Living a life, without a father not knowing what it has in store for you can be quite menacing. But not if God Himself comforts you and gets you married to a Prince Charming, who very willingly and lovingly emptied his reservoir of love, care, affection on her to make and mould her into a woman which she is today. Independent, Vibrant, Responsible, Loving, Caring, Beautiful, and extremely Humane, Shalini married Dr John Harrison, an Educationist from India on October 20, 1999. In the two decades, they raised three children, a 19-year-old son Reuben, an aspiring Model who is pursuing his graduation from Delhi (India), and twin daughter’s, Sana and Shireen who are studying in grade 7 in a Top IB International Boarding School in India. Shalini has a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality from India and her forte lies in Public Relations. Her heart is where her treasure is, in serving kids. Shalini is a primary teacher by profession who loves to be with kids. She is known for her enthusiasm and winsome smile, which gets her a lot of friends. She relates to people in a humane way. She had asked for all the things that she might enjoy life, she was given life that she might enjoy all things. She loves being a homemaker, is a brilliant cook who is very fond of interior designing and decoration. Shalini used to run her own Play School, “Sweet Pebbles” in Delhi where she was taking care of nearly 55 children from the lower cadre of society giving them free education and also a free midday nutritious meal before she shifted to another city along with her husband and family. She is a gifted singer who has been an integral part of several top choirs in Delhi performing in various churches. She has been a volunteer in several community and Youth Camps, counselling kids, and taking care of them. She has a deep yearning to be a blessing to children around the world as long as she can, as much as she can, as many times as she can.

“The Fear of The Lord is the beginning of all Knowledge.” – Proverbs 9:10

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RHONDA McKENZIE I was raised in the northern suburbs of Melbourne in the early 1950s. I think the ’50s was a great time as life was very simple back then. I don’t believe my parents ever had to teach me to be kind to animals. I have always loved any living thing with a passion. We were taught from an early age that animals must be fed first, so they were always given priority status. I have always detested cruelty of any sort. When a pet died, there were always tears. From a very early age, I had a great love of birds and animals, but especially horses. We had a cat, a dog, a rabbit, an aviary of budgies and my grandparents had a pet duck. I used to cart around a chicken in my doll’s pram, and the poor suffering dog and cat were often in fancy dress. When a chicken vanished, I would ask where it had gone. I was always told they had gone for a holiday and accepted the story. At 12 years of age, I was fortunate to be given a broken downex pacer called Flingo. I was so excited to have a horse. I loved owning and looking after him. Much later, I got a second horse called Revel. I loved horse riding. Sadly, my horse-riding days ceased following a car accident 42 years ago. I am an animal rights advocate. I cry when I hear of cruelty to animals, yet other people don’t bat an eyelid. I can’t believe how baby calves are treated at Rodeos – they are babies. I am an empath type which feels pain for all animals which are mistreated. I detest live animal exports and wish it could be stopped. I do not like the way the pigs are put into tiny stalls and cannot move. I find it hard to accept our national wildlife animals are not revered. Habitats are destroyed to make way for development. The koalas are either shot or knocked down when trees are toppled. The ones who are alive cling helplessly to anything. I genuinely wish I could do more, but feel we are fighting a losing battle. All I can do is keep going and do my best in this very cruel world. I am honoured to be named an Animal Advocate for 2019 by eYs Magazine.

“Life looks kindly on those who love and bestows special blessings on those who join their hearts.” – Unknown

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Denisa Gokovi The Power of Art Denisa Gokovi and Geraldine Gyrka Ms Gokovi has studied piano since the age of six and has prospered as an artist in Albania featured at various art events. Denisa Gokovi: I have participated in some national competitions such as Peter Gaci, Songs of the Earth, Little Pianist, and Genius. In three national piano competitions, I was awarded second and third places. I perform live concerts as a singer across Albania, playing songs that I have composed. I devote much of my personal time in social and cultural musical, film and social programs. I have donated my time performing for benefits that support orphans and the poor. I devote my talent to organizing holiday programs and helping organizations dedicated to making changes that make a social contribution. The scene is set for the future, and on every street, in every house, in every corner of the world will come new music, and you can join me so that you might be inspired to lead yourself into your own art and soul. I think about the concept, for progress and proper development and intellectual activity, educational, competitive and designers for any campaign in business, humanism, the basis of conceptual success criteria for human life! I am convinced that rivalry ahead and change from the past deserves the same price for new and growing trend concrete plans!


enisa Gokovi Collaborates through her talent and creativity with professionals, musicians and good Albanian music. An artistic role model as a writer in philosophy, an actress, composer, pianist, singer, model and a Global Goodwill Ambassador for Albania! A philosophical writer for world peace, Ms Denisa is an Ambassador for Arts and Culture in the not for profit organization, FAAVM. She is an Ambassador for the institute, “Olympia Art” – Los Angeles, CA. And, an Honoured Member of the International Royal Academy of the United Nations. Ambassador for social-cultural-Arts and Humanity in the Royal Society Group. Ambassador for African Child projects. And, Ambassador of Culture and Art for “World Peace Committee”. 50 | eYs Magazine, Autumn 2020

The leading cause of protagonist to lead the world contains the secret of the universe. Determination morality, suffering by reason and human rebellion, encouragement and the arrogant incident that join anger, jealousy causes and variations interim happiness to people! Modern methods and related essential options simultaneously with curiosity and passivity insist on a degree of independence in particular in the game but at the same time destined to be a political protagonist and beyond! Today there is a need for change. A result or contest the opinion and possession of individual moral values, injected under specific interests. I think there is more than strong points to name. Still, positive news and tempting, the fact that people win immunity for their rights tend to manage current entrepreneurship and cooperation to offer a price of reliable and living the modest development in society. The world today has problems caused by social observation, cultural, including religious activity, and gender rights,

Intellectual Law on the concept of equality, tolerance and spiritual reflection! Admittedly, any label welldisposed to the facts in truth contains guidance from above, destination and intuition high programming standards and communication for the people! Fear is another element of weakness, the principal institution for valid selection of personality and political transparency and crowns attacks but the progress, purpose, hope and motivation to go forward! The world is not divided, but people imagine obedience, shares in the form of profit, contradictory system, taste and say nicknames fundamental approach to assessing under the evil and the good, to an action to follow another plan for the target! The cause of misfortune for immorality and ignorance, are two strong reasons for human destruction and uncertainty until the end of anything, without the promised everything! Today we have everything, absolutely everything. I have related above more and psychological side, possibility, cooperation, tolerance, conviction

and confidence! I am convinced of an engine start-up, the charge from the past, history in the event, secret after secret, iron play, solution, strong alliances and destiny dignity for all people! I am convinced that we should, in the right direction! My conviction refers thoroughly principled and for spiritual identity to underpin any shareholder as safe in gaining curiosity, taste and position to serve Humanity! Music is the first element for a required breakthrough. As a species, we tend to be graceful and affirm the moral condition, and its choice to describe each landscape, as necessary to form a brilliant track record we thought was inside! Music possesses more element necessary for everything to complete and according to the most crucial position or encouraging choice and for politic, diplomacy including any character entrepreneurs, confidence and vital station! As a songwriter, I work with young artists in their professional development and training with the art academy. Currently, I am writing a book

on philosophy entitled, Deception of Truth. My goals are to share the world perspective as someone who speaks out for justice, equality and freedom from persecution for everyone. In my professional experience, science and philosophy play essential roles. My work and experience have, so far, allowed me to realize the dream of presenting my humble experience as an example to others through my music. My goal is to touch everyone with love, creativity and hope. Today, as citizens, proposed to appoint a powerful programming statement as a result of political positivity remains silent! To start would not be lacking anything in the form ticking as abstract and therefore hospitality is to articulate destination temporary incident reform for justice! We crossroads to accept as contrary to reject any option containing always occurs as ex officio incredible obsession! When we all are, it is likely not to have no importance, but in particular the ability to obtain revenge awareness, one can’t immediately approve the change! Praying always with a joke and remember this is due

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as well as artistic confidentiality, selecting young talents with a great perspective. In Tirana, this large-scale national event will take place, as well as a genuine commitment to public and social space. This artistic impact is necessary, will bring about certain changes in the social and economic field.

to the acquisition of the individual but eliminated as the materialization of understanding others just so it would be double rejection! The truth is a beautiful coincidence that evokes hope and motivation to pursue constructive ungodliness and plays an unusual act of faith by complex passivity to us! It is painful to endure, but disability is being safe while you’re nominated! Price is a great value, and the day will get back to us, so let’s celebrate! I want to highlight an excellent collaboration that will continue for a long time presenting new musical projects, classical through ballet and piano instrument. In this respect, the intertwined ability to show art prevails in specific study orientations and to a high degree. Geraldine Gryka, In my journey and as a music director, I was amazed by a new talent, called Geraldine Gryka, with her innate ability in artistic reflection, dynamic positioning, above all the passion and concretization of the success of national and international awards. Good achievement, for an 18 years old girl who has started her career with much effort and difficulty, cultivating her talent. In this journey, he has participated in several academic competitions, committed to the achievement and quality of participation from around the world. 52 | eYs Magazine, Autumn 2020

She continues her studies in France and is very involved with both study responsibilities and professional ballet practice. She manages to create choreographed, instrumentalbased, recruiting knowledge and balancing artistic tastes. She lives with her family, with her brother and sister, parents. Her desire and creative journey were born without understanding but took a significant advantage in various disciplines of ballet, but mostly in a classical way. Rebellion in art is a specific context, as it is expressed through the language of the body in a ballet-stage setting. It nourishes this activity with much work and rich experience, at such a young age but with great passion. Courage and perseverance from its scenic character. She has some shows this year, as well as mutual engagements with her hometown, such as Albania. Even though she has left the country for a long time, she has always been able to convey the news to the Albanian audience. Her biggest dream is to work and achieve the best in the field of ballet. Her highly creative tendencies, mark her competitions and the media as a great opportunity. Despite its many possibilities, its highly selected prospect will soon have an impact on new international developments. On February 13th, Geraldine Gryka will be represented as a ballerina in a concert and conference which exchanges different phenomena

The Association for the “Benefit of the Albanian Woman” in collaboration with the “Sounds of Peace” participate and offer mutual selective opportunities over visible success. This will highlight the style, the most socially vulnerable topics, the credibility and identity of the Albanian woman who seeks to exalt through her skills in various professional fields. Ideas processing and claims are efficiently handled at the event. Moreover, Geraldine will tell her story, the pleasures she has brought to the public, and/or the dissatisfaction as an artist with the insight as a young talent to reach and make the difference in engagement, experience and relevant opportunities in an international arena. 1. Hometown: Shkoder (Albania) 2. Location: Tirana (Albania) 3. Our Passion: Love for others 4. Our Hobbies: Love for yourself We do not want to let the trace being ‘whistled’ coins! We are caught lying and not allowed to make noise, silence is part of success. Rivalry silence is contrary to the clear objective to ask strong responsibility, in the same statement for the view of human rights! I am in good faith conflicted with Albania system created by professional and private reasons imposed by some permanent reaches tendency to repeat certain things in exchange for anyone as effectively and sense of change or binding! Therefore, the primary contact individual conviction has a condition and some claim to be definitely back in action, no errors! Propaganda versus competitive market filled with enemies and friends

dedicated, the obligation to achieve the correct mode is Auto accepting! I’m not everything, but I can assure you I come to believe something strong and especially summary closeness and courage with others! Necessity is the culmination of delivery as a clearinghouse for some wicked act and the immediate inauguration, hanging compelling tactics and lost the truth that does not change any lie behind it! Therefore, in and with myself, I have not refused anything but simply did not allow my time to dispose of preference desire to reach as should be after a simple life, where monotony is the reason the cultivation of imagination in real-time! I’m not a nobody to compare the instinct to play but am not claiming to reveal the remains of someone else! I have such spirit and fantasy based on the reality that they will like to see everything differently according to others and not by the love that can feel for yourself! I think about the happiness of, my people and if I do not by the end of my joy, I am convinced that will eliminate anger and consequences as an insignificant in this world! Believe me who I am because it will achieve breath-taking smile, my main threat double act to accept and politics and Humanity remain the culmination of my personality!

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Anita Roe From Humble Beginnings We Learn How to Fly


have spent quite some time reminiscing about past designs, collaborations and where my journey has taken me thus far. My styling has changed and evolved over the years, however, I still fondly look back to where it all began. My original designs consisted mainly of bohemian or bridal styles. In this edition, I would like to share with you a particular photoshoot that holds a special place in my heart. Three beautiful young models and two local fashion designers joined me to create a spectacle of colour and to showcase their handmade fashion labels. Blossom Betty and Hippyboho couldn’t be more different in style, and it was creatively enjoyable to produce a collaboration of fashion fusion. Leearna Saunders is an Indigenous Textile Artist and fashion designer, known as “Blossom Betty”, Leearna designs eccentric femme attire with a vintage heart. Deborah Burgin, designer and owner of “Hippyboho,” offers unique designs and one-off styles. The fusion of lace, denim and handmade doilies are personally hand sewn to create one of a kind designs you will love for a lifetime. I personally love Deborah’s “Stevie Nicks”, “Fleetwood Mac” inspired collection in particular. I recall the very first point of contact I had with Deborah. We were on our way out the door to go furniture shopping when I received a message via Facebook inviting me to collaborate my jewellery designs with Deborah’s clothing range. Since that very day, we have joined in several collaborative events both locally and interstate. I believe that clothing and jewellery tells a personal story about who we all are as individuals and provides a window to your heart and soul. Supporting local business and designers not only helps our artists provide a lifestyle for their families, but it also helps their business grow and evolve so we can continue to enjoy the production of their craft for many years to come. When I get asked where I bought the pair of earrings or necklace I am wearing, I am proud to say that I, created the design. There is no better feeling than having your designs and creative flair acknowledged by complete strangers, and when the notification of a website sale rings on my mobile phone, I honestly do a happy dance. It is so easy to follow the trend designers these days, but it also comes with the expense and short-lived satisfaction. You are also pretty much assured that by next season, the hundreds of dollars you paid for the latest fashion trend will be very much out of date moving forward. Not so with many of our handmaidens and unique designers. I believe that handmade is an investment of quality and satisfaction that can last a lifetime. These images are just a few of Leearna and Deborah’s beautiful handmade, unique designs. I hope you enjoy them just as much as they enjoy creating them. Remember to support handmade, small business and help make our dreams a reality. Special thanks to these amazing contributors:

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Models: Tracey Maxwell Emma-Leigh Jordan Emily Gonthier Hair and Makeup artist: Chelsea Brown Hair and Makeup Photography: Candyscape Photography Fashion labels: Blossom Betty Hippyboho Jewellery by Rachelle Roe Studio - Jewellery Designer

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…That’s how I call him, not only for his golden hair. But because he reminds me of Freddie Mercury’s song “The Golden Boy.” “His rise was irresistible; he grew into a part. His explanation simply that he suffered for his art.” Freddie Mercury. Let me tell you something about Youssef. Youssef is living proof that despite what life throws at us, if we want to succeed and achieve our goals, we will. His childhood wasn’t carefree, and from nothing, he became everything. Living in a big family of 9 brothers and sisters, this situation itself is hard enough. Our family is not from here originally, but this is the only home I ever knew. I was born, raised, and studied here. Even though life was not fair to me, and I lived in a radical community, where being 56 | eYs Magazine, Autumn 2020

different is the hardest battle I fought. I didn’t give up on my dream. Growing up, I used to watch my father playing music and singing; that’s when I discovered what I want to do for the rest of my life. But when I confronted him and my brother with my ambition and plans, a no was stroked. We all know that the majority of people think that a music career won’t pay bills, and that’s when they chose the easy way. It meant the world to me that my mother supported me, and I believed in myself too, and I did it regardless of what anyone could think. So I decided to depend on myself to study musicology and pay my tuition.” Youssef’s childhood was taken away from him. While other kids were playing and having a normal life, Youssef was working after school and summer jobs, and he got responsibilities, but nothing ceased from

pursuing his dreams. He gave goosebumps to my goosebumps when I first heard his voice; his only passion is music! All he worked for since he was 13 is what lead him to where he is now. When he plays the oriental flute, he takes you to a world, I promise, you thought it didn’t exist. He discovered and mastered other musical instruments, too, the “Oud” (an oriental instrument), percussions, guitar, Buzeq, and the keyboard. He had his first performance at school when he was 13 when his friend pushed him to sing. Can you imagine a 13 years old friend believing in his friend’s talent! While his school promised him to help him and they broke their promise, and despite all the obstacles and lake of support, years later he participated in a competition, he was the only boy who knew all the oriental music scales, and he won the golden prize.

Being on a big stage in front of a huge crowd is every artist’s dream, Youssef had achieved it when he was only 16. He’s good with words, he wrote his first song lyric at the age of 14, and he sold his first composed melody and lyric at the age of 17. Becoming a music producer at a very young age is one of his most significant achievements and learning music scales in 6 months; this is beyond any one’s expectations. And when you think this is all, you discover that he does even more than that, he does music workshops and sound design for movies and documentaries. For this passion for becoming more real he’s studying musicology now in college. He inspired people with a speech in the Ted-X conference about music, and the impact it makes on the new generation. As a teenager who struggled through all his childhood and teenage life, you can say that music saved him, it was his only haven, especially rap music, because it translated all his feelings into words. Along the path, Youssef found a group of talented people with the same dreams as his, they have passion, talent, they sing and write songs, they completed each other, and they created a band, and they are locally well known. Their songs talk about (Governmental corruption, humanity, society criticism, revolution, life, friendship, love, and family) they made their debut album in 2015. Youssef finally opened his production house because he wanted to help talented people grow. The main reason why he created his studio is that he wanted to allow those young boys to pursue their dreams just like he did. And that is what I find fascinating about him because he’s been through all this. —that why he wanted to be there for the ones who needed him. And you know? Youssef did all this, and he’s only 24. That’s when you believe that out of tragedies and struggles, art is born. Photographer: Omar Adawiyeh Instagram: @Omar_Adawiyeh https://www.instagram.com/omar_adawieh/ Artist: Youssef Sayouf Instagram: @Youssefsayouf https://www.instagram.com/youssefsayouf/

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ver the past number of weeks since our last edition eYs magazine and during the Christmas New Year period I’ve spent many days and weeks at my home, and I’ve also had a break from my creative hobby of Upstyling. Unfortunately, I endured a massive flare-up of my Auto-Immune disorder which saw me in Emergency in horrific pain, and it’s been a slow and steady recovery of rest and relaxation and balancing medications that have me beginning the 2020 year cautiously and seeking a way forward now beyond after a strong possibility my flareup was caused by the stress of this time. Love is very powerful, and when it’s been lost, it’s difficult. The truth is I so adored and miss my family, and without them, life is difficult. During the festive time, I was spending much time in my home and loving the protection of it as I made my steps forward to recovery of this latest flare. Our home should represent to us, love, comfort, and where we can truly relax and above all feel safe and protected. It needs to be nurturing as life is so fast-paced in the world of today, and we are faced with such differing pressures of life, and we also wish others to feel comfortable when visiting. Living in the tropics is my chosen place and my experience with Decor has always created a happy, relaxed, uniquely decorated home for all who visits and for us (husband and myself) to live within. What I have noticed over the years is the lack of WELCOME from the outside of the majority of homes. Many homes are now built with the sameness in modern styling, and nothing is showing a WELCOME. Mostly the outside entry is very small and actually quite clinical, but I feel personally it should be the greeting to your home. An easy thing to see and feel is to step back and take a view of how your guest would see your WELCOME. If you don’t have space, then even a wall decor hanging may be just the added extra that could make all the difference. If you have a space large enough, add a chair or two or a lovely bench, make sure it is the right scale. You may even have space for a small table. Don’t purchase the first thing you see, choose it with heart. As it WELCOMES to what is beyond ON THE OTHER SIDE.

58 | eYs Magazine, Autumn 2020

It seems the Botanicals are now making their way back into homes again and that could be the perfect answer to your welcom space. Potted plants are so beautiful, and they are living, and the changes are interesting, you can now choose colours that work for your surrounds. Our home has the combination of the greens, whites and pinks of botanicals. Pots come in all shapes and sizes and can enhance your outdoor colour scheme. I’m a huge terracotta fan, but it works for our home and the surrounds. I also cheat and have faux flowers (they are amazing and look so real) in vases on tables and stands that make them perfect for that space. Whatever you choose if you now have a new thought to change your external entry, make sure it represents you and is very welcoming to your home that you wish to convey. Hope there have been some inspiration ideas ahead for you and if you do make any changes, you will love the feeling for it, after all your House should be your home from the outside and in. Next issue will see Lou Lou Living sharing creative upstyling once again, so till then, happy homemaking and always remember – Your Home is not a place It’s a feeling. Pam xx – Lou Lou Living

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What You Were Never Taught at School by

Bojana Bogojevic

Law and Corporate Governance Lawyer, Post-Grad Specialist for Corporate Governance, and UN Climate Teacher Author

INTRODUCTION TO CLIMATE CHANGE Climate Change and Power Society


nce our world was full of wonders, but it belongs to humans now. Are we proud of what we did? Just a couple of months back we were witnesses of the incredible force of nature. Unfortunately, I am talking about the recent fires in Australia. Every day, I was checking networks and the news in hope to hear information. I was only able to cry. I cried because of the animals that lost their lives, burned-out homes and any hope buried in dust. I felt connected with people in Australia because I was a refugee of the war in ex-Yugoslavia. I lost my home, my childhood, my dog and even more sad I lost my belief in humanity. Every single koala and kangaroo opened old wounds in my soul. I saw a younger child

60 | eYs Magazine, Autumn 2020

crying, holding my mother’s hand. They weren’t ordinary tears. They were tears of fear, hopelessness and despair. I felt the pain many felt. And, I hope as a country and society, you will have the strength and courage to continue your life journey. Trust me, it won’t be easy. You will still feel the after effect, dream about your home, trying to find the things you once had but remember the most precious things are in your heart and soul. After we saw what kind of weapon nature has, I am praying we will cherish what we have. We will start to respect Her Majesty Earth because her soldiers aren’t easy to handle. We can’t easily run away. We can’t just find what measures we can apply in the future not to provoke forces of nature anymore

and learn how to stop the devastation, which leads to future attacks. Because our neglect of nature is like gasoline to Earth’s incredible power of nature. It is her own way of warning us about our future. In that future, I don’t want to exist. I don’t want to walk with a mask due to air pollution, watch movies about lost wildlife, cry over the memories of great people who lost their life to climate change. Do you? Now when you are still in bandages, remember it is essential to open your eyes and stop taking what we have for granted. Our planet and the known world are incredibly fragile. It is like a beautiful crystal, rare, expensive and unrepairable. Very often, big disasters are a wake-up call to remind us about the value of first neighbours, some invisible people who have magical powers of saving lives. Practice kindness. Practice

providing help without a second thought. Be a real humanitarian. You never know when someone’s unknown hand and eyes would be the only things we are going to see in the dark. The light in those eyes might be the single sign of life and future in a catastrophe. Close your eyes and feel the beauty of nature’s biodiversity around you. One day it can all be lost. Strengthen connections in society and let that be the starting point of re-establishing lost connections. If we join forces, we can protect our world and repair that is destroyed. Forget mobiles and networks, open the doors to your balcony and talk, hug, feel. Networking is a powerful tool but can’t be a replacement for a hug, a cup of coffee and words. Our power is useless if we use it to accomplish selfish interests. Nature reminds us of these disasters. Unfortunately, very often we have a short-term memory span which must be changed. Changed for our sake and future of others. Be brave and devoted and remember kindness is free!

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Graphic Artist - Conservation and Restoration, and Business Owner

“I love cooking and creating art with food. I was honoured to cook and inspire artistic food visuals for the King and Queen of The Netherlands”. www.mayaapostoloska.daportfolio.com www.mayaapostoloska.deviantart www.truemannrenovatie.nl

I am 35 and a proud mother of three boys. My passion is art and creating beautiful artwork, while adjusting to the needs of my children aged: six, three, and one-year-old. At age 11, I won a State Award for creating realistic pop art, best described as human arms in the foreground one of them holding a syringe, and a needle. The background of-the-art piece highlighted a desert. I remember spending hours to achieve perfection creating my masterpiece. I called it: “The drug can make a desert of your life”. It’s now a special memory in my heart. Receiving the award was the beginning of my future and newfound confidence as an artist. I continued to receive recognition in the art industry and was honoured with prestige awards throughout Europe. I moved from Macedonia, my home to further explore the world. I was fortunate to host a ‘One-Woman Exhibition’, in Belgrade and be a part of a group hosted exhibition in Kyoto, Japan. My art showcased in exhibitions throughout Serbia, Macedonia, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Romania, and The Netherlands. I also worked as a graphic designer in three Cultural Houses in Skopje, Macedonia and have a vast amount of experience in theatre scenography - working at Universal Hall. The opportunity to conserve a 16th Century Icon - Ss. Atanas - The Murals from Leshok, and a Dutch sculpture of Ss. Nike were significant honours throughout my life. I now own and operate a company, with my dear husband Zihni.


Author, Colour Consultant, and Thai Boxer Welcome to Cosy’s world. I am a writer, colour consultant, Thai Boxer and former snowboarder. The author of “A Dragonfly Diary,” and in the process of publishing my first ‘Contemporary Romance Fiction’ novel as a trilogy. Valentine’s Day was the day my mum passed away, after a horrible car accident. She was in a coma fighting for her life for six long months. She was a warrior. A brave one too who only had one dream. Her dream was to see my book published and succeed as a writer. Since I was 14, I knew all I wanted was to be a writer. I promised myself, one day, I would write a novel. Now, I am writing two. I have worked hard and never gave up to be where I am now. As they say, “We are writers, my love. We don’t cry. We bleed on paper.” 14 February 2018 was the day I vowed to myself, I will make my mama proud. Thanks to ‘eYs Magazine’ I now can describe a glimpse of how I see the world.

“Life never ceases to amaze me, and I am a firm believer that there is still magic in this world”. Facebook: @Author Cosette Awad – a dragonfly diary Instagram: @cosetteawad.author

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Law and Corporate Governance Lawyer, Post-Grad Specialist for Corporate Governance, and UN Climate Teacher Author Ms. Bogojević is a Lawyer, Post-Graduate Specialist for Corporate Governance (officially, confirmed by World Bank Group - Washington D.C.). A UN Accredited Climate Change Teacher. Bojana co- authored two professional legal books, about Law and Corporate Governance. She is the founder of a blog about Law and Corporate Governance and has published over 50 legal articles in 37 web portals and media in Serbia, Western Balkans, Italy, USA and that number is getting bigger each day. Bojana has given a large number of interviews, and is often invited to be a guest on tv shows, and conducts legal lectures. Ms. Bogojević has been a corporate and legal advisor for many leading companies in both the public and private sectors, as well as universities. She is innovative and pragmatic in her efforts to ensures the protection of clients’ interests. She actively participates in numerous national and international scientific meetings, and graduated, from a number of prestigious international schools in the. fields of Economy and Law (F.A. v. Hayek Institute; Hellenic Observatory of London School of Economics etc.) She was chosen to be a member of the working group for drafting the Law on gender equality in the Republic of Serbia, the National strategy on gender equality, and subsequent action plan 2016 – 2018. Additionally, Ms. Bogojevic participated in the drafting of the Republic of Serbia Economic Reform Program, and drafting National Action Plan on Resolution 1325 SC. Member of UN Women, Peace and Security for time period 2016 – 2020.

“Never, but never stop dreaming and chasing your goals. Remember, someone, somewhere is counting on you.” Blog: https://bojanabogojevic.wordpress.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bojana-bogojevic

PAMELA DALSENO Owner and Creator

I am known to many as Pam or Pammie. I live in Townsville Australia which is my Home town, it’s paradise to me living in my gorgeous Cottage (Home Sweet Home) surrounded by tropical landscaping, giving privacy with a mini resort ambience. I Love living Coastal in North Qld where it is beautiful one day and perfect the next most of the year. I started my working life as a receptionist all those years ago, however my creative juices flowed through and my further employment found me in creative roles. I am now retired with time being more my own and my gift of creation now fills many of my days and sometimes evenings. I met my husband at an early age and we have spent the years together because of our Trust, Love, Honesty and Loyalty which has seen us Celebrating our Golden Jubilee in 2018. Together we focus on those treasured ingredients for our recipe of Life. I met my husband at an early age and we have spent the years together because of our Trust, Love, Honesty and Loyalty which has seen us Celebrating our Golden Jubilee in 2018. Together we focus on those treasured ingredients for our recipe of Life.

“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds around my neck”. Facebook: @louloulivingcreations Instagram: @loulouliving_townsville

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Life Coach and Photographer

“Define and Shine uncovers the unique story of your business and enables it to shine”. www.defineandshine.com.au Facebook: @claudineburgessphotography Instagram: @claudineburgess

Do you have trouble finding new ways to promote your business? Do your promotional images perfectly depict your business as individual, innovative and dynamic? Hi, I’m Claudine Burgess and I know how difficult it can be to effectively promote a business and stand out from the masses. With a varied international background, I understand marketing and what a business like yours needs to be an individual. Which is why my photography business, Define and Shine, is very different. After moving to Australia, I became a wife, mother, businesswoman, communicator, connector, speaker, marketer, and strategist while continuing to pursue my love of photography. Working with small and medium sized businesses in a variety of industries showed me the many ways marketing can be successful and not so successful. I was stopped in my tracks with a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2011. It was an overwhelming time. Determined to overcome what was happening to me, I focused on becoming a Life and Business Coach gaining a Masters in NLP. Together, my illness and study led me to develop an innovative on-line program for people going through cancer. During this time, I used my photography as a source of comfort but to also challenge myself to keep moving forward. Combined with my international and local marketing career, I have created a business that combines marketing know-how with vivid photography that personally depicts YOUR business.


Intuitive Life Coach, Speaker and Business Woman

Debbie Kemp is an intuitive life coach who helps women create lives and families that are happier, more present and connected, and more abundant in all ways. She has coached a wide range of women who simply want more from life, facilitated workplace training and presented at industry conferences. Coaching is Debbie’s ‘genius zone’; she describes her ability to tune in, hold space and ask powerful questions by saying “we have a chat and magic happens”. Personally, Debbie is a mum and a wife who loves to explore nature’s beauty and enjoys watching and playing sport with her family. She turned to a range of holistic and energetic therapies to help her through a challenging health journey and the transition of motherhood. These experiences transformed her and she emerged more loving and trusting than ever, passionate about supporting women to create their version of an amazing life. Professionally, Debbie has worked in not-for-profits and government organisations. She’s been a business owner and CEO, she’s advised Ministers and has been a finalist in the Telstra Business Women’s Awards. These days, she loves doing business in a way that’s tuned in to heart and soul and playing with amazing people who are out to create whatever it is their heart desires.

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“We have a chat and magic happens” www.debbiekemp.com.au Facebook: @DebbieKemp1111 Instagram: @debbiekemp1111


Photographer, Business Woman, Author and Traveller My name is Natalie O’Connor and I am a wife, mother, photographer, business woman, traveller and writer. I enjoy expressing my creativity and making a difference. I love spending time with my family and friends and being in nature. I am passionate about education. While studying for my Bachelor of Arts from Sydney University, I also studied photography and martial arts. After my first degree, I completed a Master in Business Administration at the University of Technology, Sydney, followed by a Graduate Diploma in Environmental Science at the University of New South Wales. I have worked as a business consultant for a top tier companies, developing skills in strategic management. I have also worked as an environmental consultant and run my own company as a professional photographer. I am now facing my most challenging and rewarding role to date mother to my two gorgeous children.

“Someone once told me that it was really important to focus on the ordinary things in life and find wonder in them, because if you don’t you will always seek out extraordinary things in order to be impressed by.” Instagram @natalieoconnorphotography


RACHELLE ROE STUDIO Jewellery Designer, Business Woman, and Photographer

The Rachelle Roe Studio was established in 2003 as a jewellery design studio in my hometown Toowoomba, Queensland, the sunshine state of Australia. According to my Mother, I was stringing beads at the age of five and taking photographs with my Grandfather’s old “Box Brownie” camera, so I guess you could say I have followed my lifelong passions. My designs are definitive, signature pieces designed with a purpose and created with quality materials to ensure you have a “one-off”, original piece of jewellery. Collaborating with local businesses and like-minded creatives for fashion photo shoots is a favourite past time. I love the view down the lens of a camera and capturing memorable moments that last a lifetime. Since partaking in a Sue Bryce Photography Education Program in portrait photography, I haven’t looked back.

“Creativity feeds my heart and soul and inspires me to pay it forward and make my clients happy” www.rachelleroe.com Facebook: @RachelleRoeStudio69 Instagram: @rachelleroestudio

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Author, UNAA, UN Women and UN Volunteer, Regional Executive Director for Oceania, FAAVM Humanitarian and Philanthropist

I am a mum of two beautiful boys, soul mate to an amazing man of 28 years, and blessed to live in beautiful Sydney, Australia. My lessons learned, experience, and social etiquette have enabled me to found “Empowering Your Soul”. Known for my motivating, and inspiring original quotes, and recognized by media, and corporate giants, supporting my mission to inspire. Anne Geddes, published one of my quotes in her 2014 release, ‘Little Blessings.’ Alaska Airlines, highlighted one of my quotes, in their official ‘Brand Guidelines’ manual and Highpoint University, USA, featured one of my quotes on the front cover of the University Legacy Brochure as their Legacy. Women with Altitude – Unsung Hero 2019 Award. A regular guest on Michigan Avenue Network with Host Marsha Casper Cook. Humanitarian and philanthropist. World peace advocate.

“Be remembered for the right reasons. Leave a legacy and a smile in your heart beyond life”. www.empoweringyoursoul.com www.eys-magazine.com Facebook: @Author Jasmina Siderovski - Empowering Your Soul Anecdotes, and Quotes Instagram: @jasmina_siderovski_author_eys Amazon: www.amazon.com/Jasmina-Siderovski/

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eYs Magazine Autumn 2020  

Our Autumn 2020 edition celebrates global women from around the world in honour of International Women's Day. Find out who our six IWD Ambas...

eYs Magazine Autumn 2020  

Our Autumn 2020 edition celebrates global women from around the world in honour of International Women's Day. Find out who our six IWD Ambas...