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OUR MISSION STATEMENT Empowering Your Soul are a group of determined individuals, who are inspired and empowered to share kindness, through our positive vibes and support. We encourage, help and motivate others and support local communities and charities to prosper and grow.

THE COVER Thank you to Cveta and Robert Kolarovski for allowing eYs Magazine – Empowering Your Soul feature Claudia and Jessica’s inspirational story and use their images.







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Photography by Viktor Boskovski

By: Jasmina Siderovski


Editor-in-Chief Founder and Creative Director

Welcome to the fourth edition of eYs Magazine!


e are celebrating the arrival of Spring in Australia and welcoming the sunshine as it disinfects the winter blues and lights up the warmth in our lives. For many, it’s a chance to spring clean and cast away the heavy gear that sheltered our chills. For others, it’s business as usual as we continue to serve those multiplying bills. Whatever the mark this new season brings, it’s up to us to take control of the steering wheel and head for our destinations. This year has left a massive sigh of relief looking back in awe at all the ‘To Do’ that became a big ‘Tick’ of completion in my heart. Along the way, I was honoured to feature live on Michigan Avenue Media with, awardwinning American author, screenplay writer, and writing coach Marsha Casper Cook. She is also the CEO of Michigan Avenue Media, USA and Marcus Maxwell Inc. Co-host Jack Remick, a respected literary intellect and Professor who taught screenwriting and fiction writing at the University of Washington is a very close (award-winning author - Best Sellers USA) friend of mine (served on the Board of Reviewers for New York American Journal of Books and Pig Iron Magazines USA) introduced me to Marsha who invited me on the show. I was excited and nervous to be given this incredible opportunity and to be honest, out of fear, I almost declined. It was totally out of my comfort zone. Following a conversation with my boys James and Joshua I soon reminded myself how important it was to challenge my comfort zone. How am I meant to mentor, encourage and teach the boys that in life we are presented with situations we may or may not be comfortable with? If we don’t challenge these fears, we will never be at peace with the what if’s or tune into our potential! The interview went on for almost two hours, and it was one of the highlights of my empowering your soul journey. Discussing the magazine and the inspirational people I have met along the way gave me a sense of substance and a special kind of achievement. The revelation of how far I have travelled, especially over the past eight months, left me bewildered by my strength how equipped I really was to handle the pressures and swerve balls. As a wife and the mother of two teenage boys, an author and the Director and Editorin-Chief of eYs Magazine, it was an epiphany that success finds you. I want to thank Radio

Host Marsha Casper Cook and Jack Remick for challenging my inner fears and helping me tune into that sense of purpose. If you would like to download a podcast of the interview visit my website www.empoweringyoursoul. com The new season highlights change and the transition of aspirations and goals as our oldest son James (17) is about to be challenged. All Year 12 students will be sitting the High School Certificate, a credential awarded for completing their senior secondary years of school. His aspirations for tertiary studies are dependent on his results, fingers crossed his hard work awards him a place at University for his chosen studies. Watching our son prepare for this journey we can’t but help prepare with him - playing Russian roulette with our anxiety levels. Reminiscing his childhood from the moment he entered this world from his first tooth, first words and first steps, not to mention the first day of school in Kindergarten and now finally the end of secondary school. Now he is almost of legal age and driving a car, ready to vote and a young adult. I often shed a tear as I remember his struggles and the achievements along the way; playing sport, and starting his first after school job. I am proud and quietly smile watching the incredible young man he has become. In this issue, we celebrate children. We introduce a new segment ‘eYs TEENS’ and hoping to branch out to an additional Magazine (eYs TEENS). We welcome our eYs Teen, Adreana Glyptis who talks about her love for dance. Our cover story this month feature Newcastle sisters Claudia and Jessica

Kolarovski, who mesmerised the team by their artistic and skilled moves on the dance floor. Thank you to Rob Eyre Photography for supplying the incredible images capturing the very essence of their talent. You will be touched by Tina Di Bella’s story of their miracle grand baby Madison. Our most powerful and incredibly heartfelt, compelling story of young Ryan Nesbit, our Pizza Assassin promises to send a sense of love down your spine. We capture his bravery and fight to battle Leukaemia. Our very own eYs Super Hero. Focus on Business this month introduces you to Realtor John Irudayaraj, a gentleman and inspiration for those who aspire to set a precedence in this world. Not to mention a full edition of articles that will leave a special place in your heart. Thank you to all of our readers for your continued loyalty and support. Without you, we wouldn’t be celebrating our fourth and very powerful edition. Thank you to all the eYs Team for inspiring so many with your stories of love and hope. Stay true and pay it forward always! Help our children unite in love and light! God Bless! P.s. Good Luck to all the Year 12 students, Australia wide, who will be sitting their exams in October and November... party time awaits!

Jasmina Siderovski Editor-in-Chief Founder and Creative Director eYs Magazine




hat a great day. We were told we were to be grandparents. My daughter Claudia was pregnant with her first child. In her early pregnancy, she had a few issues with abnormal bleeding, but the gynaecologist kept reassuring her that all was well. The baby’s heartbeat was strong, and we could all start spreading the news.


eYs Magazine

As her pregnancy progressed, she had regular scans. At one of these scans, she was told the baby is small but all looking fine. My daughter is very slight in stature so we thought the baby would most likely take after her. At 21 weeks after an abnormal bleed overnight she raced

to the hospital emergency worried that she had miscarried; however, the baby’s heartbeat was still strong, and she was released the next day. I was truly thankful that Claudia invited me to share with her, the baby on the ultrasound at the next appointment. How exciting, watching this tiny precious life wriggling around. I nicknamed the baby, Jellybean. At 23 weeks we were all excited and went shopping for the baby’s cot. This was to be our gift to our grandchild. 24-week scan shows the baby is still very

“Madison captured all the hearts of the hospital staff, and they formed a guard of honour when they left the hospital ward.” small and concerns are raised regarding enough blood flow getting to the baby. An amniocentesis was recommended to identify why the baby’s growth was being affected.

The baby’s estimated weight was 400 grams. Claudia and Scott were advised that the baby would need to be about double this size for a chance at survival.

Of course, Claudia and her husband were very upset. Why was this happening? Claudia ate all the right foods, never smoked or drank and was fit and healthy and was an aerobics instructor.

Pre-eclampsia, causes high blood pressure, leakage of protein into the urine, thinning of the blood and liver dysfunction. We were all so terrified firstly because my daughter’s life was at risk and of course for the little baby she was carrying. She was to stay in the hospital to monitor her organ function and to try to hold on as long as possible to give the baby time to grow and develop. By this time, they had found out it was a little girl.

Another scan was scheduled the next day at the Townsville Hospital with the high-risk pregnancy team where the amniocentesis was conducted. Claudia’s blood pressure was very high, so was immediately admitted to the hospital. Several tests are run, and it is confirmed, Claudia has preeclampsia and that she would have the baby in the coming days.

After about ten days in the hospital, Claudia’s liver function deteriorated and so had the blood flow to the baby. She was given a steroid injection to improve the lung function of the

baby in case the baby had to be delivered urgently. Blood tests are conducted daily to monitor her organ function. Claudia’s blood pressure and liver function worsened, and her organs were failing, and now her own life was in danger. Claudia still wanted to hang on to give the baby more time to grow, but nothing was improving, and there was a risk the baby would die. Doctors advised the baby would be delivered the following morning by caesarean section. She was into her 26th week of pregnancy. The baby would be 14 weeks premature. At this point, a 20% chance of survival was mentioned. On 8 November 2007 at 9.30am, Baby Madison Elise Smith was delivered. Madison meaning “Gift from God”. eYs Magazine


She weighed in at 470 grams (size of a 22 weeker), equivalent to a tub of butter, measured 28cm long and had a head circumference of 22cm, the size of a peach. At the time of her birth, she was Townsville’s smallest surviving premature baby. Doctors were preparing the new parents for the worst. They said Madison would come out with little colour and would likely to not have movement. In other words, she may be born needing to be revived. She came out rosy pink and squealed like a little guinea pig and was born kicking her legs around. The next 48-72 hours were crucial. A flood of emotions washed over us all. I cannot explain to you how tiny she was. She could fit into her father’s hand, and there was still room to move. Claudia was taken to recovery, her blood pressure was still elevated, but she was being monitored closely. When she woke from the anaesthetic, she was so afraid that the news was going to be bad. Once Claudia recovered she was discharged. A bittersweet experience. No parent should ever go home without their baby in their arms. Madison was a feisty little girl, and the doctors in the NICU said she showed a fierce strength and determination to survive – against all the odds. This little miracle was here for a reason. Claudia & Scott spent every waking moment up at the NICU with Madison, talking to her constantly. Feeding her breast milk through her feeding tube, and having lots of skin on skin cuddles. Scott worked during the day and then did the night shift at the hospital. Whenever Claudia was unable to be there, Scott would always fill in. My daughter was always very positive and had a very strong faith in Madison’s progress. The first time I held my baby granddaughter I was so full of emotion. By this time, she

At one of these scans, she was told the baby is small but all looking fine. 8

eYs Magazine

Images in this page: Rosana Kersh Photography

as her first day of School, to bring up a cake and celebrate these special moments with the doctors and nurses who were integral to her survival. A huge thanks must go to the Doctors, Nurses and staff that went above and beyond with Madison’s care. The work they do in the NICU is amazing, and we are forever grateful.

was already three months old. Claudia and Scott were concerned about infection, so did not allow the family to touch or hold her until that time. After spending 107 days of her life in hospital, Madison was allowed to go home with her mummy and daddy weighing in at 2285grams. She passed all her eye and hearing tests and was feeding well. Madison captured all the hearts of the hospital staff, and they formed a guard of honour when they left the hospital ward. They were finally going home as a family. Madison continued to flourish and hit all her milestones the same as a full-term baby. Madison’s first birthday was to be a huge celebration. It was such a devastating time when she was born that there was no

celebrating at her birth. A fairy party was planned so we could all make up for the lost moments of joy when she was born. By this time, she weighed 6kg which was probably the size of a 6 or 7-month-old baby. She was very small, but she made up for it in other ways. Madison has continued to grow beautifully. She is now a gorgeous 10-year-old with a caring and compassionate heart. She plays Netball & Touch Footy and does all the normal things that kids do. She continues to amaze me with how far she has come. She is perfect in every way, strong and healthy. As a family, they make annual trips to NICU on Madison’s birthday and milestones such

Madison is very determined, and if you tell her that something cannot be done, she will work on it until she has figured it out. She now has a younger brother Ethan who is 7. My daughter was very brave to go back and have another baby. This pregnancy went through to full term under the watch of the Townsville Hospital high-risk team. When Claudia returned to work, I was given the honour of babysitting Madison, hence the beginning of a very beautiful relationship with my granddaughter. Madison loves to help me with my sewing, and I try and teach her as much as I can. She loves everything sewing and crafting related and now accompanies me to my Market Stall. I am so honoured and blessed to be her Nanna, and we share a very special bond. She is the light of our lives. I love you to Infinity and Beyond my beautiful Madison. t eYs Magazine




RYAN’S STORY A Real-Life Superhero Ryan Nesbit – The Pizza Assassin


ur cheeky Superhero known to his followers as The Pizza Assassin was a happy and confident child, mingling with his friends. He is known for his cheeky smile and affectionate nature, who loves his cuddles, cries in sad movies, is very sensitive and has a big heart. Like most kids his age, Ryan loved to climb and jump off things but overall a teddy bear with a heart of gold. Ryan is in Year 4 and lives with his parents and sister Lana and their dog Bella and two cats, Callie and Sunny. His favourite subjects are Science and Sports, but due


eYs Magazine

to all the side effects of his treatment, he isn’t able to go to school. Instead he has reverted his strength to fighting T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia after being diagnosed days before his 9th birthday and a much loved first family holiday to Fiji went south. The family were all set to leave on the 22nd of January when Ryan suddenly had fallen ill. A trip to the doctor and the family’s worst nightmare had only just begun. At just three years old Ryan started Hapkido, a form of self-defence in the martial arts. Being the youngest in the group, he was

always nurtured and supported by the older boys who always encouraged Ryan to keep trying and challenge his fear. This helped stimulate Ryan’s confidence and self-discipline. Ryan had just completed the Little Dragons syllabus earning a Little Master belt. He was on his blue belt and well on the way to earning a black belt. Ryan’s story started in 2015 when he was only six years old. He was experiencing constant vomiting episodes, which soon progressed to irritable bowel symptoms, dizziness, joint ache, palpitations, headaches, noise sensitivity, rashes, ulcers/blisters on the mouth/tongue, dark purple below eyes, and recurring temperatures. The symptoms meant many specialist appointments, a naturopath, kinesiologist, and more. As time passed elimination diets, and a very rigid diet called GAPs was even introduced to alleviate the symptoms, and pain Ryan was going through. The naturopath/kinesiologist mix provided much relief thanks to very caring practitioners, however symptoms did not go altogether

Games and is currently obsessed with the Avenger’s Infinity War movie/ comics. Ryan’s favourite past time is GAMING, his favourite games being Fortnite, Roblox and Minecraft. “We, naively, were hoping we’d make VidCon Melbourne, that intensive treatment would be done and central line out hoping we’d meet James from theodd1sout maybe next year.” Tina said. During the first week of January 2018, Ryan had a blocked nose but didn’t present any

signs of infection. He had mentioned sore legs to his mum at the shops, but she put it down to his lack of interest in shopping. The following week, Ryan’s glands had swollen either side of his neck, and a trip to the General Practitioner (GP) was told it was most likely viral, as he hadn’t presented with any other real symptoms. The weekend his neck swelled up as wide as his face, but being a Sunday their GP was closed. On Monday Ryan went to his Doctor who

One of his teachers once described him as having a strong sense of social justice, he is very big on rules, knowing right and wrong and being fair...

Towards the end of 2017, the family were finally getting on top of his symptoms by eliminating food chemicals, after finally finding a gastroenterologist and dietician who took their case seriously after many specialists merely put it down to anxiety. Ryan’s battle with leukaemia was brought to our attention by Traci-Maree Hudson who wanted to do something special for Ryan and the family. I was soon in touch with the family and communicated with Ryan’s mother, Tina. Her loving and robust nature was easily adaptive, and her strength going through this incredible journey with Ryan moved the heart of the entire team at eYs Magazine. I was especially moved when Tina explained Ryan’s first day ay Pre-school. “He saw a boy peeking through a gap in the fence and said ‘mum get me in there, my boys are waiting for me.” Ryan loves to read. His mother even made him read a book Ryan desperately wanted to watch at the movies (the IT movie) when it came out. Determined to watch the movie Ryan read 1160 pages happily. He’s read all the Harry Potter books, The Hunger eYs Magazine


“My dream is to become a successful YouTuber like my hero, DanTDM. I love creating videos of my gaming experiences, plus just some other funny and random stuff with my sister or my friends. I’m curious to know if anyone else will find them funny and/or entertaining so I have started my own YouTube page.” RYAN NESBIT https://www.youtube.com/PizzaAssassin immediately ordered blood tests and an ultrasound of his neck. The following day at 4 pm their Doctor called and requested they go back to the clinic. They were told to go to the Children’s Hospital emergency department, and Ryan would be admitted and start treatment immediately.

The biggest blessing for Ryan what helps him get through his days are the love and support of his loving family.


eYs Magazine

By the time Ryan had arrived at the hospital, he couldn’t walk limping and in much pain. As soon as Ryan arrived blood tests were immediately summoned and was admitted, he was in X-ray at 11:30 pm then finally taken to his room, continually waking through the night gasping for air and thrashing about in pain in his legs. Ryan’s parents were informed the next day he had growths in his neck and also at the bottom of the oesophagus around the thymus gland, restricting his airways. Treatment commenced immediately (these were steroids to break down the leukaemia cells). The family were left with the difficult decision debating the risks of urgent surgery after being told, the airways would collapse from the weight of the masses under an anaesthetic. By 4 pm that afternoon Ryan’s specialist said that the risk of doing nothing now far outweighed the risk of dealing with

the collapsed airways and surgery had to go ahead. Had the family not acted when they did the operation wouldn’t have been possible based on the rapid rate the growths were increasing. In less than 24 hours they’d been told the news, admitted to the hospital, had a central line inserted, and started chemotherapy. The highest risk for the first 3 days for Ryan was kidney failure, and what the treatment would do to him that was his immediate threat. Each stage a new set of risks and complications. The first couple of weeks in the hospital weren’t too bad. The lumps decreased very quickly, and his breathing improved.

RYAN’S TREATMENT CONSISTS OF SIX MONTHS INTENSIVE TREATMENT. On 2nd February, this year, Ryan turned nine-years-old. The following week he was in the hospital with severe complications. His liver function was significantly affected and was confused/disoriented as a result of high levels of ammonia in his blood (as

the liver wasn’t doing its job). He suffered nerve damage. A light brush of his arm felt like someone was scratching him with razor blades. He lost all use of his legs and could not move them even a millimetre. The specialist had informed the family that children do die from the complications Ryan was having. He was also neutropenic long enough to develop a severe fungal infection. He has had daily treatment since mid-February. Every day, even the weekends. The family are fortunate to have a great outreach program where the nurse attends Ryan’s home some weekdays (depending on how often the Drs need to see him), but they always go on weekends. “The best advice I was given at the time was that it was like waves. Yes, each time we saw some improvement things again got worse, but each time the wave was less severe and eventually it was smooth again. Then we went home for a while, were able to get some of the chemo at home even. A lot of blood/platelet transfusions, admissions for fevers, some admissions for chemo, more blood/platelets and was in the hospital on his sister’s 11th birthday. Luckily, he was discharged in the evening, so he got to see her!” Explained Tina. Ryan was re-admitted in hospital in August due to a severe bacterial infection in his line. The fever rule for oncology patients that, if they reach 38 Degrees Celsius have to go into hospital, start antibiotics, and stay for the next 48 hours was created for these specific bacteria. “It was luck that he woke in pain (from ongoing mucositis) and asked for pain relief. As I sat him up to take the tablet and touched his back I realised he was extremely hot (39.7 C) we jumped in the car and got to the Emergency Dept at 1 am. He was also treated for fungal pneumonia and cellulitis on his hands, got a second infection on his line 7days later and the fungal infection spread.” Tina Said The Doctors insist Ryan’s past health issues are unrelated. The current diagnosis meant Ryan had to spend three weeks to and from the Doctors, but the symptoms of leukaemia can be quite

He was also neutropenic long enough to develop a severe fungal infection. Photo by: Renee Robertson Make Up and Photography

Ryan loves to read. His mother even made him read a book Ryan desperately wanted to watch at the movies.

Towards the end of 2017, the family were finally getting on top of his symptoms by eliminating food chemicals. eYs Magazine


innocuous, leg pain (perhaps even growing pains). Ryan’s family are surrounded by a great supportive community of friends and school. People are supplying meals, groceries, shaving their hair for research, and more.

The biggest blessing for Ryan what helps him get through his days are the love and support of his loving family are his cousin, friends, playing online and chatting keeps him in touch with his friends and doing something he enjoys. He can’t go in the sun due to treatment and can’t be outside much, as dust and pollen are a risk for further fungal infection. “For us, I find you almost make yourself a bit numb. You’re always living on the razor’s edge if you let yourself feel all the emotions you’d be a wreck. For example, the bacteria Ryan had, I mentioned we were lucky to go in at 1 am but had we slept until morning, the side effects are more severe in children he might have been septic with organs shutting down and a very different story.” Said Tina. “A couple of months ago, in the midst of all this treatment and side effects, he looked at me and was so thankful I was with him in the hospital and said with a big goofy smile “I’m the luckiest boy in the world.” Even now he manages to smile more often than not. He’s had some rough times and can’t always smile, but the smallest improvement and that smile is back.” Tina said. ….. From all us, at eYs Magazine and our readers, we send Ryan and his family our prayers and thoughts for a full recovery. He has won our hearts, and we know he has already won the hearts of our readers and all the kids his age. You are a real superhero Ryan and the best Pizza Assassin. Our shining star. t 14

eYs Magazine

Renee Robertson Make Up and Photography

Ryan’s treatment consists of six months intensive treatment plus delays due to setbacks (currently at 8.5 months and still have a couple of weeks to go, postponed) plus 18 months maintenance treatment which is oral chemotherapy daily. Ryan’s treatment won’t end any time soon and will last until at least January 2020 before he’s finished treatment, and that’s all going well.

Ryan’s story started in 2015 when he was only six years old.

eYs Magazine





he young are our future, and we need to shape and enrich their minds, which is a challenge for all teachers to embrace. As teachers, we make a significant impact on our students’ love of learning, by allowing them to learn in a way that is both educational and creative. Enhancing student creativity offers academic, developmental and emotional benefits. As a teacher, I use a lot of activities and strategies to allow my students’ creative juices to flow. These activities add more colour, creativity and passion to my classroom.


eYs Magazine

I bring art into my classroom by encouraging students to draw and make crafts. This can be brought into almost all lessons, since students, especially the youngest, love drawing and crafting. It is a very motivating tool which boosts creativity. The real purpose of drawing and crafting – in class – is for students to acquire language unconsciously. What follows are some of my favourite and most effective activities which I highly encourage all teachers to use. “Drawing-and-Crafting” Activities



Words are difficult to acquire; however, when I display each word on the board with a drawing my students create mental pictures of vocabulary words in their minds. Furthermore, I get them involved in activities in which they ‘craft-the-words’. I understand that the preparation process may be sometimes hard for teachers when it comes to getting the crafts ready, but it is worth the effort. Also, since arts and crafts cover a wide range, from simple paper activities to complex projects, they are always a perfect way to get away from ‘chalk-and-talk’ teaching. There are some delightful paper activities which are rather simple, incredibly effective and require minimal pre-preparation efforts. For example, paper hand puppets decorated with eyes, eyebrows and ears; pop-up cards; or even mini books with drawings illustrating new vocabulary. These activities are an easy and inexpensive way of inciting creativity in the classroom – and all a teacher needs is some colour paper, glue, crayons and scissors. I find that these activities are particularly useful when introducing, The English Alphabet to the youngest learners. Not only do they develop their writing skills by practising the letters but they also learn new vocabulary.

For this purpose, I use ABC worksheets with pictures (from, https:// bogglesworldesl. com), templates for creating mini alphabet books (itsy bitsy – www.kidzone.ws). Also, I always include crafts representing each alphabet letter. Deciding upon the crafts is a process which can be time-consuming; however, each craft is carefully chosen and adapted to the age and level of learners. I recommend works which are colourful, innovative and amusing, thus sparking creativity and dynamics in the classroom. Some of my favourites are: jumping origami frogs; straw blowing elephants; lollypop ladybirds; shark cootie catcher; and clothespin whale. Moreover, these craft activities provide designs which brighten up the classroom walls, and above all are invaluable revision resources. Students should be provided with the opportunity to create, and the classroom is the place that will foster intellectual curiosity and originality. Teachers need to understand that the fun of drawing and making crafts improves the tone of the classroom, not to mention the students’ engagement. By encouraging creativity in the class, the teachers unveil the students’ desire for exploring the language and motivate their love for learning. t eYs Magazine





am a fun-loving girl who enjoys being able to express myself through Dance. At the age of five, I started Physical Culture (Physie) with two left feet and quickly realized that I had a love for performing on stage. I love all sorts of dance and am currently learning Ballet, Tap, Hip-hop, Musical Theater, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary and am also enjoying Acrobatics as well. I also love modeling and was recently lucky enough to be featured in an international magazine as a Top 25 Model. I genuinely believe that “if you dream it, you can achieve it”. I believe that we all have a little bit of crazy in us and look forward to sharing more of mine with you. By sharing my journey with you it will inspire you to follow your dreams as well. Why Dance? I joined Powerhouse Dance Factory in 2016 and will be forever grateful that I met my teacher Miss Rachael Lawrence, who

believes in me and inspires me. She has taught me that it is not about competing against others but to be the best I can be. “Why fit in when you were born to stand out!” Dancing requires passion and has changed my life in many ways. Not only is it a great form of exercise, but a great way to forget your daily stresses and express yourself through movement. It has helped me become more confident at the same time dancing has also taught me many lessons. Most of all that it’s not about falling over, but about always having the courage to get back up and keep on going – to try and try again! Through dancing, I have met some amazing friends and have met many people who share my love of passion and love for dance. Charity Events – Ronald McDonald House My love of performing has enabled me to be a part of many charity events. My greatest joy is to see others smile and through my performances. Ronald McDonald house recently had their Christmas in July celebration for seriously ill children and their families. The event was on the 25th July 2018 and involved a range of organizations volunteering their time for a good cause.

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out!” 18

eYs Magazine

Along with my talented team from the Powerhouse Dance Factory, I was proud to be invited to provide entertainment on the night. It was such a pleasure to not only perform for these amazing children and their families but also spend time with them.

Photography by Fabulous Photos


eYs Magazine



hey love exploring different styles of dance and performing, and are often described as multi-talented, more often even mistaken for twins, but siblings Claudia (13) and Jessica (11) are not your typical teens. Five years ago, sisters, Claudia and Jessica developed a passion for dance inspired by the American reality television series ‘Dance Moms’. Claudia and Jessica were only nine and seven years old, respectively. And, like any normal children, at their age, they loved to run on a field playing competitive soccer. Claudia was even offered to play representative soccer, however she knew it wasn’t her real passion, so she declined the opportunity.


eYs Magazine

Claudia and Jessica Kolarovski, live in the coastal (former steel) city of Newcastle, Australia and are of Macedonian heritage. They both love home-made traditional Macedonian dishes, not to mention Italian

while Claudia enjoys playing the keyboard. The girls aren’t afraid to challenge themselves and enjoy make-up, drama, and soccer. They also love spending time with their brothers, James and Joshua.

STORY by JASMINA SIDEROVSKI Photography by Rob Eyre Photography Winky Pop Media style foods too. Jessica can be found being creative in the kitchen cooking up a storm and indulging in spicy food. She loves her furry friends and to read whenever she can,

Two years older than Jessica, Claudia is self-taught in acrobatics. Her fascination for acrobatics inspired her to teach her younger sister Jessica, who is passionate to

The girls love for life, and the wish to ‘pay-itforward’ has inspired them to one day contribute to charity for autism and epilepsy.

Claudia and Jessica are advocates in the industry for dance, no matter what niche, and their journey on an International scale is indeed one of admiration.

eYs Magazine


Above all, they have won respect from professionals around the globe!

develop her contortionist skills - an interest she is determined to pursue. Their passion for dancing has allowed the girls to create a modern art in performance, where they have continuously wowed the talent scouts and industry influencers. At one stage the girls would train over thirty hours per week, while their friends enjoyed a social life attending parties and outing with friends. The girls are disciplined and committed to their heavy schedule of school and dance in the hope to make it in the World Consortium for dancing, a lifelong dream they work and strive towards with every breath. Since 2013, Claudia and Jessica attended a dance studio in Adamstown (a Newcastle suburb) after watching the reality dance show ‘Dance Moms’. An American series from 2011, following the early training and careers of children in dance, showing business as well as the interactions of the instructor, not to mention the dancers with their bickering mothers. It was initially set in Pennsylvania, and later in Los Angeles, California. The show is primarily filmed at the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) studios. The sister’s curiosity and attraction for


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performance became more-and-more of an interest. Their love for dance created art in their mind and a sense of release that sparked them to attend a series of workshops including, ‘Dance Moms’ and ‘Maddie & Mackenzie’ in Sydney, Australia. On completion, both girls were selected in the Top 10 finalists – two years in a row. Further developing and polishing their dance skills, both girls began to compete over the next four years in different categories including solos and groups,

CVETA’S UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORT TEACHES THE GIRLS THAT PRACTICE-MAKES-PERFECT also known as Troupes. Continuing on the road to success the shining young stars were offered a position in the 2017 Joffrey Ballet School Summer Intensive in Los Angeles West, USA. Their ability and innate gift gained them recognition, as they were talent scouted and discovered by Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance. For anyone who dreams to succeed in this competitive field, this was an incredible opportunity for

Claudia and Jessica both glow as they thank their mother Cveta, who is a successful Real Estate Agent.

Eternally grateful for the support of their parents Robert and Cveta Kolarovski the girls are forever indebted for their love and support helping them pursue their dream.

the girls to be recruited into the ‘Ministry of Dance Stars Program’ for rising stars in Melbourne, Australia. The girls attend this program every few months. Currently, Claudia and Jessica attend the National College of Dance, Australia’s leading full-time, dance performance training centre and Newcastle’s most premium Dance school. The girl’s talent extends to, but not limited to, dance through: jazz, contemporary/lyrical, ballet, acrobatics, hip hop and musical theatre. No strangers to the industry the girls have been offered an array of scholarships across the dance arena and proudly showcase an impressive trophy collection in the family home.

Their dedication and commitment to bring magic into this profession is one that leaves an embedded legacy for all that watch them perform. The flawless smiles, the poised manoeuvres and the story they write are seen through their performance, and their breathtaking and artistic talent that one can only imagine is nothing short of a gift. One the girls have embraced. An embellishment of the legacy they are working towards to redefine the art of performance. At 13 and 11 years of age, these girls have discovered the secret of true love. The love to bring bewilderment and astonishment for the world that will one day encore them as they take the industry to the next level under the guidance of the right mentors.

Claudia and Jessica strive for greatness

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The girls love for life, and the wish to ‘pay-it-forward’ has inspired them to one day contribute to charity for autism and epilepsy, that has especially touched their heart through their eight-year-old brother Joshua. The girls adore Joshua and love to break out a dance with him enjoying their bonding time spinning around trying to do somersaults cherishing the special bond they all share. Eternally grateful for the support of their parents Robert and Cveta Kolarovski the girls are forever indebted for their love and support helping them pursue their dream to dance on a world stage. Claudia and Jessica both glow as they thank their mother Cveta, who is a successful Real Estate Agent in Newcastle always encouraging the girls that anything is possible and dreams will become a reality if they work hard. Cveta’s unconditional support teaches the girls that practice-makes-perfect, and nothing comes easy (in life). Discipline and self-motivation, not to mention passion, will play in their favour if they have a commitment to strive for their goal to be the best they can be.


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Claudia and Jessica strive for greatness, meeting some amazingly inspirational people in the dance world and hoping to inspire others - their age to believe in themselves and reach for the stars. Claudia and Jessica’s motto are: that your body is your temple. Claudia and Jessica are advocates in the industry for dance, no matter what niche, and their journey on an International scale is indeed one of admiration. Above all, they have won respect from professionals around the globe! From everyone here at eYs Magazine, we

HERE GOES A PART OF THE TEXT THAT IS IMPORTANT OR NEED TO BE IMPORTANT would like to pass on a huge congratulations to both Claudia and Jessica for their outstanding achievements and wish them success in their endeavours. You have made Australia proud and we can’t wait to watch you on the world stage. Well done, girls! t

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nce upon a time, there was a dog called Bella…

There was a new sound in the neighbourhood that got my attention, and I was so pleased to hear it that day. It came from my neighbours; there she was with her beautiful aqua new collar and a medallion with her name engraved Bella around her neck. I greeted Bella, with a very exciting Phelan (My Bernese Mountain dog) by my side over the fence. Wagging her tail, I am sure she remembered my voice and barked in a very friendly way. Being a humanitarian of heart and firmly believe women education is important! I started a project taking photos of women in very different professions. The reason for that is to showcase for the future that there are many different occupations young women can do these days, such as following a path being an electrician, a female butcher, etc. It led me asking the question towards my local vet Nina Coulthard at the Adelaide Vet Stirling South Australia, who does take good care of my beautiful Bernese 26

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mountain dog Phelan wellbeing if it would be possible taking some photos while she is operating on a dog, cat or other animals. I was grateful when Nina said yes! That led me meeting Bella when the call came in from Sam G Tiller, the team leader at the practice and said “Nina is going to operate and de-sexing a dog that comes from a death row shelter interstate that has been taken in by a local shelter who rescues them and find them a home. Believe it; my mind was set on the opportunity of taking the photo of Nina in full operation for my project. Never thought, being introduced on the day and looking at her sad eyes through the cage, waiting to be led out, and being checked by Nina (The Vet) and Sam (the team leader). My heart was melting, Bella was so beautiful, very skinny, and her fur felt rough and didn’t shine! Bella’s past story wasn’t a loving one, and it still makes me sick how people can treat animals in such a bad way. Bella, running around freely in the animal

My heart was melting, Bella was so beautiful, very skinny, and her fur felt rough and didn’t shine!

hospital area and ready to undergo a health check. Bella’s behaviour soon let them know; she loved their loving attention, her tummy rubbed, and she wasn’t shy either of me and the camera. That day it didn’t all went to plan, after the check-up, they couldn’t operate. Bella was menstrual, and the photoshoot had to be postponed but all not lost … still took plenty of photos of Bella. Bella kept my mind and heart busy while editing her photos and the weeks leading up to the day of her operation. Was I unconsciously bonding with her? Knowing she deserved truly a loving home. I was very happy and excited about seeing her again and noticed a big difference being cared for and loved at the shelter. Bella added a bit of weight, and her fur was feeling much better, she was engaging and loved greeting everyone at the practice. It was a joy watching her being so active and showing her wagging tail, her eyes sparking contentment, after the sad eyes when I met her for the first time. I had mixed emotions coming home opening my gate, being greeted by my next-door eYs Magazine


neighbour. It was a perfect time for a short chat “telling my neighbours Bella’s story and showing her pictures I took that day. I wasn’t prepared for … I fell in love with Bella; it was just not the right moment for our family to add her to our family. I expressed, feeling sad I couldn’t adopt her… she would be the perfect dog to adopt if we didn’t have Phelan. Magic happened, and the bells were ringing in my ears of hope when my neighbour “it’s a coincidence we were looking for another dog to join our two older dogs, she replied. After a trial time, my neighbour took Bella for walks around the shelter (Hahndorf Interim shelter, South Australia). Who rescued her from a death raw shelter interstate), bringing her home and introducing her to their loving home, a few acres, a pond she loves and looking after the chickens and keeping the older dogs active … Bella is a very happy dog today. Message 1; don’t keep your story to yourself, tell someone you never know where it leads. In this case, I told my story to my neighbour, and it led to finding the perfect home for Bella. When I see Bella or hear her bark, she always reminds me of the power taking pictures that turned a sad story into a happy after one! Claudine www.defineandshine.com.au Thanks to, Adelaide Vet Stirling SA for the generosity and organising the opportunity of taking pictures of the practice that led to a wonderful outcome. “Finding Bella, a new Home.” t

Being a humanitarian of heart and firmly believe women education is important! 28

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or most of my life, I didn’t consider myself to be creative. I didn’t play a musical instrument, and I wasn’t skilled at drawing or painting. It wasn’t until a personal tragedy struck that I had the opportunity to learn photography from a family friend. My husband and Father to our two sons that were only 1 and 3 died from injuries sustained in a car accident, 3 miles from our home. Marilyn Calcagno is a local Photographer and full-time elementary school teacher.


She covered most of the sports and school pictures as well as first communion and many parish-wide weddings. Marilyn was a fantastic teacher to me in teaching me all the basics, and she even took a photography class with me. I soon discovered that creativity was something that could be developed. I give thanks to God for this beautiful soul in my life at a time I so needed a creative outlet. Over the next few years, I would learn so much, and I felt so proud of my work. I also learned that the more I learned about myself as an individual, the more my creative expression enhanced. I would leave my camera on the shelf for many years as I raised my two sons. Once my sons were older I was able to create again. Jewellery design was my passion at that time in my life. The colours of the turquoise, coral, lapis, emeralds all captured my attention. Not to mention the massive array of pearls in various hues. I was like a kid in a candy

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store. I loved it! Designing made me happy and gave me such fulfilment when others admired my work. I can remember several interactions at gas stations, grocery stores, post offices that I gave whatever jewellery I was wearing that was being admired by the admirer. Seeing the surprise of my offer on their faces was priceless and the best feeling deep in my heart. I gave away more than I made in profit. To me, that was the profit. Serving others and bringing smiles to their faces Fast forward many more years and I would once again pick up my camera and start “seeing” the world. This time

also on the heels of personal challenges. I cannot even begin to describe the transformation that took place overnight in relation to me doing photography again. All I can say is that there is most definitely a strong connection to the power of intent and unveiling your most profound, truest creative expressions. Overnight my mind’s eye awoke to a new kind of photography. I was not only taking the pictures, but I also saturated the images with bold, bright colours. Never, ever had I done anything like this before. It was the combination of taking the pictures and bringing them

“to life” that I felt I was accomplishing. Everything I looked at from this moment on was a picture. t “The true path to fulfilment lies not in what we can attract, but in what we can give. We must be willing to look within ourselves, see what we have to offer, and learn how to offer it with love. Only then can we create for ourselves the life of our deepest dreams.” ~The Deeper Secret www.Artmajeur.com/bellabourgeois

Over the next few years, I would learn so much, and I felt so proud of my work. I also learned that the more I learned about myself as an individual, the more my creative expression enhanced.


eYs Magazine

All I can say is that there is most definitely a strong connection to the power of intent and unveiling your most profound, truest creative expressions.

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ur emotions dictate our thoughts, intentions and actions with superior authority to our rational minds. As many other aspects in life and some circumstances control our feelings, the sense of moderation, logical perspective and rationality play a leading role in our gratuity to be able to master these feelings. My melancholic memory of a passionate, glamorous, and uncomplicated love. It was an intuitive process of giving and creating, supercharged with emotions, reflected in a romantic fairytale, which ended because I put my mind beyond my feelings. I was seeking another adventure when the love turned into a stadium of pain and a lack of butterflies in my stomach. I realized there is no such thing as friendship once the hormones calmed down. I didn’t accept any reasoning because I was searching for a boring love. A vision of an old couple enjoying the simplicity of respect, dedication and


eYs Magazine

support. Recognizing symbols of nature, I firmly believe this wasn’t a coincidence. Karma didn’t want us to be the two halves of an apple. 12 years ago, I moved to Holland, entirely out of my comfort zone as I knew no one there. I was feeling afraid, unsettled and uncomfortable. Many unfamiliar systems were confusing my old-fashioned and traditional way of existing. It was a new page of my book, a tabula rasa moment of

rebirth, as I find myself on a deeper level, discovering what I am capable for, gaining a different perspective and challenging myself to the limit. My only belongings were my art in my suitcase of memories, filling my heart and eyes with a sense of wonder. My energy levels dropped and liberating my identity solidified. Art helped me relieve stress, reduce and alleviate anxiety and depression, decreasing any negative emotions. It began a period of “to be” in place of “to do” as I learned a new way of thinking. I was alone. I had my art. A year before I left, there was a bridge where we met. I was wearing a white and red Russian style dress when I gazed into your sunglasses. I was rushing to get to work on time, and you had just received positive news from court, our second (spontaneous) meeting. The first one was at the Old Bazaar, in front of the gallery, where I was arranging an exhibition, and you were outside on the stairs, with a friend as our eyes met quietly. I must admit we were both shy. You asked me for a lighter. We smoked and talked for a few minutes. Later, I wrote a song, and I created paintings about you. You became my real muse. The only one I have ever had. Holding hands, gallery appointments, taxi and yellow coffee, rum and beer, crazy parties and white winter walks, from fancy meetings to cozy underground places painting the short-lasting, tender moments. What was happening were overwhelming feelings,

real magic and an inspiration for me. It was unlimited hallucinogenic travel for the long hours of creating to celebrate the love, our love. A beautiful, dangerous and passionate story. A horizon of butterflies escaping unconditionally, fantasy symbolism paintings made from the unconsciousness. Passion, passion, passion. We started our journey, hiding the real us from each other. Sadly, we were never completely honest. It was something that we just called love, not realising that it was a need an addiction. It was a catharsis, but you were not my fellow creature. Through the crystal kaleidoscope reflecting only yellow flowers, we lost ourselves and our souls. I was missing our deep conservations. I didn’t feel secure. That love was too big of a sacrifice for me feeling like strangers in the room. When our intimate adventure finished precisely on time, there was a flourished darkness and uncertainty. I was feeling cold, the same way as when I had moved to Holland. My ability to visualize art-ing was a powerful, alternate way to express my feelings that were too difficult to put into spoken words. As soon as I touched the brush, I felt relief. It was like art was speaking what I couldn’t. I was more in touch with and aware of my feelings. I could resolve the conflicts and achieve my insight. The creativity was my highest expression of love. The art I was creating was a refuge from the intense emotions and an amazingly strong storm of ideas restoring my emotional balance. Short, pure and very secret lovemaking with the art. I was using the art and the music as therapy. The writing was also a beautiful and secure way for me to explain my thoughts and feelings; to get a clearer picture of the specific situation using the form of rhetorical questions and answers. I achieved the top of the pyramid through my art even when I was hidden deep behind the shadows. I never knew how strong I was until being strong was the only choice I had. I feel elated by the wise decisions I have made in the past. t

Story By Maya Apostoloska eYs Magazine


This is the song I wrote about my muse: I have dedicated these verses to the Pleasure Picker, who emerged from the Spirit in my world, and remained an inspiration in my life, and beyond. Coffee, Sun and Butterfly Shame You are hiding! You are dodging in the wings of the butterflies, forever lurking my mind, like the Sun – You caress me with warmth and walk your fingers along the body. You are ashamed! White lyrics Thousands of orphans stiffened that day on the bridge, like karma, as an eternal destiny, like you and me! Dressed with tones of fragrances killed by droplets - smiles. Yellow lyrics 34

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Then, I stayed to wait for you on the bridge, however, you, went to the meadows for coffee. I was waiting for you, I’m waiting, and I will wait for you, until you pick all the coffee, as long as your fingers do not disappear of pain and blood, collecting magical coffee. Again, you are trying and struggling with the cobwebs of my thoughts. Alive memories bury you of Light and Sun; you fight with corpses of extinct species, and only one butterfly keeps you. In the heart, When you have someone, and you have no one, echoed by the echo of the rumblings/

screaming’s and tears, because the voice is silent, because you are alone and they don’t hear you, because you are here, and I’m not. I would have also gone, again, to collect the sighs from the violins, but, my body recovered from all marks, thoughts already irreversible and I would have stood unnecessarily on the wires ... I would have only felt the pain from the melody. I am experiencing ecstasy, nirvana, orgasms, I hide from you, not to steal my pleasure, Because I am I, and you are you, and all that is mine is yours, however, what is yours will Never be mine!

s u t c a t con: +31614970204 Mobile


Vermiljoenstraat 79 2284 GV Rijswijk, The Netherlands Tel.: +31702115378 | e-mail: z.treumann@gmail.com | www.treumannrenovatie.nl

for all your renovation needs at Treumann eYs Magazine



THE LIFE OF JEAN MARGARET ROBERTS Recently, My Dear Nan Turned 100.


he’s so special to me, and to my children who are so lucky to have such a vibrant Great-Grandmother, and I thought it’d be wonderful to feature her in eYs magazine as a surprise shout out.

Article by: DEBBIE KEMP 36

eYs Magazine

I sat down with her and asked her the questions that aren’t part of our usual conversations. Quite a few times she chuckled and said: “Oh I don’t remember Debbie, that was a long time ago you know”. But what she shared is a lovely snapshot of her 20th-century life and a lovely reminder

(nee Duckett)

that the important things in life are the same now as they were then. This interview is accompanied by some beautiful photos of Nan’s 100th birthday celebrations, taken by my friend Naomi Hardiman. Tell me about your family… I was born on 29th July 1918 in Marrickville [which is in NSW, Australia]. My parents were Emily and Alfred, and we lived in Torrington Road Maroubra. I had 2 older brothers; Alfred Wellesley and Jack Gordon. Alfred died of pneumonia when he was six

“I was born on 29th July 1918 in Marrickville [which is in NSW, Australia]. My parents were Emily and Alfred, and we lived in Torrington Road Maroubra. ” when I was about two. What was your childhood like? Well, I just went to school, and when I wasn’t at school, I played sport. It was just a normal childhood, just like children today! But quite different to today, we didn’t have cars to get around in. We caught a bus or a tram everywhere!

Losing my husband, and our companionship. We did everything together. How did you meet him?

My family. I just love them.

Let me fill in the reader that I never met my Grandfather, but I grew up knowing that he was a Welshman. In my mid-twenties I travelled the world with my now-husband and we spent time with his family. William Leonard Roberts was one of at least 10 children (everyone I ask gives me a different number) and he travelled from Wales to Australia when he was young.

What’s been the hardest?

When the war was on, I was a volunteer at

What’s been the best thing about your life?

the Anzac Buffet in Hyde Park in Sydney. After I would finish work at the Shipping Company I would go there to serve food to the soldiers. After the meal some of the people there would dance. This is where we met and we continued to go out together, until Bill was sent to Brisbane shortly after. When did you marry him? We got married when I was 26. The war was on, and people went away for around 4 years. I didn’t want to get married when the war was on, but it was going for so long. There were many border restrictions, and I would often travel to the Queensland eYs Magazine


“Well, I just went to school, and when I wasn’t at school, I played sport”.

border to see him. I was allowed to cross the border for our wedding. My mum was there, and our witnesses were another soldier and his wife. After the wedding I spent a week in a Brisbane hotel, Bill would work each day and come home to the hotel at night. My mum stayed in Brisbane too. Tell me about the family you went on to have with him… Well, our children are Margaret and Tricia [Patricia].

“Losing my husband, and our companionship. We did everything together”.

After I gave birth to Margaret, I had the chicken pox, so they made me leave the hospital so that I didn’t infect my baby. Every day I would express her breastmilk, and every night my husband would take the milk to the hospital for her. It would take him around an hour on public transport to get there, he would deliver the milk and return home. He didn’t see her during that visit, I guess she was with the nurses somewhere. Tricia was born quite a happy baby. In those days we spent around a fortnight in the hospital, we weren’t in and out like today. Bill came to the hospital in the evening and was able to look at her through the nursery window. The babies would spend a lot of time in the nursery with the nurses, and they’d be


eYs Magazine

brought to the mothers for feeding. When Margaret was 6 and Tricia was 4, they weren’t very well, so we called the Doctor. The Doctor thought Margaret had polio, so he took her to the hospital where she stayed for around 9 weeks. He came back a few days later and said that he thinks Tricia has it too, although not as bad, so she stayed at home. Margaret missed 12 months of school at that time because when she came out of hospital she had treatment 3 days a week, and we had to take public transport to the hospital for the treatment. Everything took a long time back then!

My family. I just love them.

When Margaret was 9 and Tricia was 7 we moved to Maverly Road, South Coogee. My Mum moved nearer to my brother and his wife, and she later died of pneumonia. Can you tell me more about your husband’s passing?

“I went back to work at Email; they made fridges and washing machines. I was pretty independent. Sometime afterwards, I did quite a bit of travel”.

“When the war was on, I was a volunteer at the Anzac Buffet in Hyde Park in Sydney. After I would finish work at the Shipping Company I would go there to serve food to the soldiers”.

He was 68 when he died. We were at home. He wanted to go to the bathroom during the night, and he told me that he didn’t feel well. I suggested that he crawl back to bed because I wouldn’t be able to get him up if he fell. I asked if he wanted me to call the Doctor and he said no, but when he got back to bed he was quite grey. I called the Doctor, but Bill was dead before he arrived. He had suffered a massive heart attack.

You’ve always enjoyed very good health. What’s your secret?

How did you get back on your feet afterwards?

You have 2 children, 4 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren. What message would you like to leave for your great-grandkids?

Well, I guess you just do. I went back to work at Email; they made fridges and washing machines. I was pretty independent. Sometime afterwards, I did quite a bit of travel. Bill and I were going to travel together after he retired and we were going to visit his family in Wales. So, I did that, and I travelled with my friend to many places. Canada was my favourite place, I just love Canada.

I don’t know. I’ve always played sport. I swam in the ocean all my life, and I played Lawn Bowls until I was about 94 years old. I’ve always eaten well too; we ate meat and vegetables every night of our life, and I eat lots of fruit too.

Enjoy yourselves. Work hard, and do well at school so you can get a nice job and earn big money. How did you enjoy your 100th birthday party?

my birthday was lovely. It all went so well. I loved seeing all the people

It was lovely. It all went so well. I loved seeing all the people. t eYs Magazine




Story by: Elizabeth Simonsen

THE JOY OF RECYCLING CLOTHES Clothes tell a journey of empowerment for women from the restrictive corsets of the 50’s to the bra-burning and sexual freedom of the 70’s.


s an addict of fashion and clothes, I am not snobbish when it comes to finding my next clothing piece. I like to dress originally and try not to follow trends slavishly. I get bored easily, so I am always on the lookout for pieces that excite me. Over the years I have found the best places to unearth hidden treasures are the recyclable/ second-hand shops. Once upon a time, there used to be a stigma attached to shopping at these places. They were there for those who couldn’t afford new clothes and were financially strapped, but now they have become the hunting ground for the fashion savvy. It’s not uncommon to hear stories of people finding high fashion labels such as Chanel or Dior, hidden amongst the racks waiting for that lucky person to find them and bring them back to life. Nowadays a lot of second-hand stores such as Vinnies and Lifeline have cottoned on to this lucrative market and have scouts looking out for high-end labels to marked them up accordingly, so to find something unmarked and undiscovered has become harder, but it’s still possible. Of course, just because a piece of clothing is not a highclass label doesn’t mean it’s not worthy as a treasure. If the fit, cut and fabric are perfect for you then it doesn’t matter what the label say’s, as long as you love it then you have struck gold.


eYs Magazine

For me it’s not so much the high-end labels but the vintage labels that I lust after. The designs of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s that I hunger after. Today a lot of recycled stores will have a dedicated section to vintage or retro. I always love to daydream when I am in these sections. As my fingers touch the fabric and my eyes take in the designs I dream of who may have worn these dresses and what might their lives have been like. My mind imagines the perfect housewife dressed to impress in ladylike restraint in the 50’s, the sexy young woman starting out in life in the G0- Go era of the 60’s or the freedom loving, university educated woman fighting for human rights in the

if you haven’t had the pleasure of op shopping (as we say in Australia) do yourself a favour and take a friend along and have some fun.

hippy era of the 70’s. Clothes tell a journey of empowerment for women from the restrictive corsets of the 50’s to the bra-burning and sexual freedom of the 70’s. I imagine the type of woman who might have worn these dresses. A dress that once was loved but now is waiting to be reborn and loved by a new owner. Waiting to live again through a new woman and her new story. Vintage clothes aren’t just clothes, they are a lesson in history and are a testament of the way women have evolved from their main role as housewives too educated, career women where there are no limits.

I love the thrill of walking into a store and not knowing what you will find. It’s a lottery. Some days you will leave empty handed and others you are jumping for joy because you have hit the jackpot. I can’t tell you the times people have complimented me on what I am wearing and the surprise look on their faces when I tell them I purchased it from Vinnies and it only cost me $10. I tell them this with pride. If it is a vintage piece I will tell them about the history of the era it came from, and usually, they are fascinated and excited. It’s not the cost of an outfit that creates a style; it’s the special collaboration between you

and the fabric that creates magic and style. In today’s world where cheap fashion is everywhere, it’s nice to stand out with something unique and different. It’s also great to know that my purchase is going to a worthwhile charity and is helping those in need. I donate all my clothes to local charities, and I rotate the stores to which I drop them off too. I view this as my annual donation to charity as these bags are worth a small fortune. I choose not to resell them but to pay it forward and donate them. Hopefully, some other women will find joy in my donations and also dream as to who the eYs Magazine


previous owner might have been. In this modern world where natural resources are under strain, it makes sense to recycle our clothing giving them a second life once we are done with them thus helping reduce the strain of energy resources used to create more and more. Every little bit helps. So, if you haven’t had the pleasure of op shopping (as we say in Australia) do yourself a favour and take a friend along and have some fun. You can laugh at each other when you try over the top 80’s dresses with their massive shoulder pads and overpowering frills, marvel at how tiny sizes where in the 50’s. How on earth did those women have such tiny waists and Ooh and Aah over the bargains that you both have just scored? “Really? Only $2 for that top. WOW!!! You scored today.” Then head off to lunch and share and discuss all the wonderful buys you have and set a new date to do it all over again. Try it if you dare. It might just become your favourite new hobby. Not only will it be good for your wallet but also good for our planet. t

I donate all my clothes to local charities 42

eYs Magazine

Of course, just because a piece of clothing is not a high-class label doesn’t mean it’s not worthy as a treasure.

it doesn’t matter what the label says eYs Magazine






fter completing my first photography education course, which focused on portraiture, it was time to bring my home studio to life. I had been procrastinating for weeks yet after seeing the results. I really don’t know why. It was an overcast and very rainy day, so the idea of any natural light that I could possibly work within the studio was out of the question, so let there be light! What better way to create magic than working yet again with model Deepti, my sister-in-law and makeup artist Kylee Roe and of course my very own jewellery 44

eYs Magazine

brand…. all in the comfort of my own home. It really doesn’t get much better than that. My studio lights, hand-painted backdrops and props had been set up for weeks, so all I was waiting for was the perfect opportunity to bring it all to life. After concentrating as a natural light photographer, the idea of studio light photography felt a little daunting, however after adjusting a few settings on my Nikon camera and knowing I had a relaxed team to work with, everything fell into place just nicely, and I absolutely love the magical results. It was around this time that I decided to

take a different direction with my jewellery designs. I had created my signature pendant, with copyright protection. I also decided to stray away from factory manufactured pendants and design my own. When you see your jewellery pieces being replicated, almost identically, it is time to change direction. I had to back myself up as a unique and original jewellery designer, which meant stepping it up and paying extra attention to detail. I do a lot of research within the “handmade” jewellery industry, and I see

so much repetition with designs. I want my designs to be unmistakably mine, a Rachelle Roe original. The jewellery I designed for this particular shoot focused on sparkling crystals, silver tones and After Five themes pieces. I wanted the “Hollywood look”, and I think we pulled it off! The red, black and white theme was classic and added to that was Kylee’s desire to include bright red butterflies in various poses similar to a high fashion photo shoot

I decided to take a different direction with my jewellery designs.

that we found fascinating and artistic. The style of jewellery that features in this particular collection was an absolute pleasure to design. I found myself lost in the designs and as usual, I was so excited to bring my pencil to paper sketches to life and sparkling right in front of my eyes. It is almost a year since this magical and memorable shoot. My designs and styling continue to evolve, and I have been saving up some incredible pieces waiting for the perfect opportunity to photograph, along with an imaginative team to bounce off each other and produce a magical and visual spectacular for all. Once again, I will say “WATCH THIS SPACE” as you will NOT be disappointed. t Credits for my Studio Spectacular go to these amazing artists: Model: Deepti Dialani Hair and Makeup: Kylee Roe Makeup Artistry Jewellery and Photography by me: Rachelle Roe Studio Rachelle Roe Studio - Jewellery Designer www.neetzdesignz.com www.Facebook.com/RachelleRoeStudio www.instagram.com/rachelleroestudio/ Kylee Roe Makeup Artist: www.facebook.com/kyleemakeupartist/ https://kyleeonline.com/

eYs Magazine



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Photography by Viktor Boskovski



ecently I went for a long weekend in the NSW snowfields. My husband and I took our young children, and we were travelling with my husband’s family. I was equal parts excited and petrified as this would be the first time we took our kids away, anywhere, let alone in freezing temperatures. I was manic in my preparation. How many outfits for each kid? How many nappies for each day? Which toys have the best fun to packed space ratio? I was up to 2 am the night before, still packing and finalising all the things we needed to take, while also trying to keep the number of suitcases to a minimum. Finally, the day came, and we loaded the kids into the car and set off on our 6-hour car ride. It actually went quite well. We

stopped twice as our daughter is teething and she was not at all happy to be in the car for long stretches at a time. The first night at the snow was hell. That’s when on top of teething, our daughter developed a fever. To make matters worse, our heating wasn’t working, so our room temperature dropped below 8 degrees Celsius, while my daughter’s temp was soaring above 38 degrees. Not to be out-done, our son swung full kilter into the terrible twos that very weekend. He even pushed the envelope further by refusing to eat most of the weekend. So, he survived on hot chips, some sultans, a muesli bar, three apples, a bread roll, a handful of grapes and half a bowl of watermelon.



“I was manic in my preparation. How many outfits for each kid? How many nappies for each day?� The night I really hit rock bottom was the second night. I was sitting in the bedroom while the kids slept. I was propped up on the bed, while my husband was down at dinner with his family. I felt defeated, emotionless and numb. I had just spent the day trying to get my toddler to listen to me while nurturing my 11-month-old. It all got the better of me. After an accumulation of no sleep, multiple temper tantrums and outbursts, I just cracked and started crying. It became all too much. My heart was 48

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heavy, I felt physically sick, my head was pounding, and I felt that all my life force was drained from my body. I felt like an empty shell. My husband helped as much as he could, but there was no point in both of us missing dinner with his family, so I told him to go and eat, and I would take care of the kids. It was fair enough; given it was a weekend away with his family. He is also not a light sleeper and can fall asleep at the drop of

a hat, and has the incredible knack of not hearing kids crying. I suspect a lot of mums out there can relate! The next day, still exhausted, shattered and fragile, we were walking down the stairs of the lodge we were staying at. My husband holding our daughter walked ahead and I held my son, who was ramping up for another epic tantrum when we spotted a tall, kind looking man at the top of the staircase. He saw us (or probably heard

us coming) and just turned to my son and said: “how you going there, fella?”. His voice was so kind and reassuring, and it stopped my son, and he just looked at the man. To my surprise, the man was Ernie Dingo! He kindly talked to us for a while, and my son really enjoyed the conversation – well let’s face it, we both did! I’m not sure exactly what it was about the interaction, but it really changed my mental state. I really felt a lot better because of this simple gesture. Maybe it’s because I felt familiar with him from his shows; maybe because he is a sincere and lovely person. Whatever the case, his presence came at the most opportune time and just calmed both my son and me down. I don’t know if he did it because he sensed the mental and physical anguish I was going through that felt like it was tattooed on my face or if he was just a friendly person that would talk to people whether they were happy or holding a toddler mid-tantrum. I’m sure many mum’s and dads can relate to this experience and quite possibly have been in this experience too. What’s coming up for me as I write this is that not many people like hearing about the ins and outs of people’s hard times. This is ever more prevalent when “how are you?” is asked. If the requisite “I’m good thanks” is not offered back, the other person seems quite let down, sometimes annoyed that you have not kept up your side of the game with keeping to superficial conversion mores that seem to be in our society. I just want you to know, that yes, it’s ok to be not ok. Pretending I’m ok is exhausting. Sometimes just saying, you know what, no, I’m not ok, can be so liberating. In retrospect, having written out all the upset the night before, I feel like I was able to be open to others being able to help me. Normally, I would just shut myself off, from external conversations and just struggle through the situation at hand on my own. So, I’m pleased that I seem to be growing as a person. Learning new ways to deal with upsets. Even though it wasn’t a picnic and it was challenging, being able to deal with the situations as they arose and not paste over them by pretending they didn’t exist or masquerading like I had it all together, this I feel made it shall I say, easier to deal with. t eYs Magazine


BIG LOVE AND MAGIC listened to the nudge of my instinct and that I followed through plus I was rewarded with the best outcome. The customer service assistant was just so lovely, helpful AND she made my day with her kindness that while I was running some errands waiting for the glasses I felt compelled to buy her a bunch of flowers, so I did. I was so happy and grateful that she could help me that it was such a small act of kindness to give her flowers. Her reaction was priceless. She hugged me and told me it made her day. My heart swelled with joy, and my eyes welled up. (They always well up when I am filled with joy).


s kindness sometimes forgotten? It doesn’t have to be. It is a conscious choice.

Recently I was reminded of the powerful ripple effect that an act of kindness can have. My dear friend had her family visiting, and by accident, her family member ended up with broken prescription glasses. When I saw that both arms of her glasses were broken my heart went out to her. Before having laser eye surgery, I had worn prescription glasses for many years, so I immediately empathized. I knew how I would feel if I was on holidays and lost or broke my glasses. I offered to help by taking the glasses and set out the next day to see if I could get the arms replaced. I went to a couple of optometrists which tried to help but weren’t successful and then I felt a nudge by my instinct to try a shop that sold sunglasses. My instincts proved correct, and miraculously there was one set of arms in a box of spare parts, and they were the right colour, right type, and they FIT! Imagine my excitement! I was so excited that I had 50

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Meanwhile, my husband was to meet me at the shop and at that moment had witnessed the exchange. There was then a further ripple effect of a beautiful moment shared between us. The high vibes continued to ripple when I was able to deliver the great news that the glasses were fixed. The smiles and happiness I witnessed filled my soul cup. It really brought home to me that trusting my instinct and acting on that wisdom with kindness in my heart had a beautiful ripple effect and who knows how much farther that effect went from the whole exchange. On that day and in those moments, I chose kindness, and I am so grateful I did. We may not always know the impact of our actions however when we align with our values (kindness is one of mine) beautiful moments happen and people’s lives can be positively uplifted. To me, that is big love and magic in motion. t


Photography by Viktor Boskovski


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t’s what my MAMA used to tell me. I was the weird teenager, wearing oversized pants, shirts and hoodies. While girls my age used to collect dresses, shoes and bags, I used to collect skateboards, boxing gloves and rollerblades. There is no right and wrong, everyone is entitled to live their life the way they want. No one can tell you how to dress, what music to listen to if you want tattoos or not, nothing is too much or not enough, don’t let anyone force you to be anything you don’t want to. I used to struggle with society, I was shy around people, and I always felt different, lived between the walls of my room, and had nothing but my poetry, my books and music. Until I decided that life is not the bubble I live in. I started skateboarding and met Rudy, my best friend, he was a skater and taught me everything I know about the extreme sport. I knew that there are people like me, that I am not alone in this world and everyone is struggling to find their place in society. Then I grew up but never grew old, and I understood that life is bigger than high school, labels and the walls of my room. I lost people along the way, but their memories stayed with me. Some people stayed, others - we crossed paths again. Life is too short to fake who you are to please others. You are what you decide to be, you are unique, and because you are different you are a work of art.

you are what you decide to be 52

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Myriam 38 Years Old: Since I was 6 years old, I had a tough life full of unfortunate events. All those painful experiences left a massive impact on me, playing somewhat a partial role in me being ‘different’. But all the way through, I never surrendered, and I tried to overcome everything and move forward. At University, I was kind of considered the “weirdo” because I always kept to myself, because I was unlike them; never in my life I adhered to the system, never adapted to mainstream; society made me a castaway. I was the black sheep. What made things ‘worse’ was my diagnosis as being Bipolar, which resulted from all the hardships I endured, adding to my daily struggles and driving society

to label me ‘mad,’ pushing me further away. I’ve always cherished my loneliness, was the perfect example of an introvert. Secluded myself in my own little world, my room, full of books, paintings and painting materials, everything related to arts. Yes, I am a painter, and I write poetry. Artists were not all made to easily fit in society because of their unconventional way of thinking, character, mindset, depth, imagination, creativity, soul, perspectives, emotions, passion, intensity, crave, commitment, sensitivity, and for some - the huge amount of empathy. They stand out, and yet, they prefer their retreat because sometimes toxicity devours the surrounding world. Yet, I learned with time and experience not to make the world an ‘enemy,’ and although I still have this mysterious side in the eyes of many, I became more open to people, meeting friends, going out sometimes, exhibiting my paintings, sharing my poetry, spreading art and knowledge. Although many failed still to understand me, few others appreciated my works and loved me for what I am. I learned that some people resemble me a lot, and others

gladly adopt the notion of acceptance and diversity. In my family, no one accepted me fully for the unusual being I am except my late father. There’s nothing wrong with that though. Each one of us functions in different mentalities, views, waves, vibes and energies. It’s hard to be different sometimes, but it’s the most beautiful thing on earth, especially when you have so much to give through your pure raw uniqueness.

Nour 23 Years Old: I can sum up my social incompatibility in a few sentences! You know? You think it’s hard to blend into society? You should experience not fitting in your own family. The feeling that you don’t belong to the place you were born in is the worst feeling ever. Family, they describe it as the first and best association that raises us to face the world, and life itself, while in my case family wasn’t the best place to be raised in. In my family my abilities were compared to my big brothers, they were always smarter and kinder, and I was always the lonely child who’s left behind. My childhood and teenage years

were the most depressing stages of my life until I built my own abilities, personality, stood for myself, and chose to study what I love at university, my major helped me a lot in loving myself and accepting my weaknesses. I realised that family is not everything but believing in yourself is the only power you need to fit in your own self before fitting in family or society or any place you want to be a part of. You come to an understanding that when you have the power to take decisions on your own, you can be whatever you want to be. No matter what, be you and believe you can make it through life, strong and committed to yourself despite what anyone could tell you. t Models Credits Instagram: Mahmoud Beshtawi @mahmoudbeshtawi Joyce Asmar @Joyce_asmar Moemen Lawah @Moemenlawah Photography by: @omar_adawieh https:// www.instagram.com/omar_adawieh/ My Instagram: @cosetteawad.author h t t p s : // w w w . f a c e b o o k . c o m / adragonflydiary/

“It’s Okay to be a different baby. That’s what makes you special my love.” eYs Magazine


By: Deme McDonald Illustration By: Austen McDonald

SOUL IN BLOOM Spring is a benevolent season bringing a welcomed warmth, new life, renewed energy, and optimism.


y icy bones are beginning to thaw as winter has departed and spring has leaped into the Southern Hemisphere here is Australia bringing a world of possibilities into bloom. I welcome this temperate season with arms opened wide catching the soft sun gently warming my heart and so kindly introducing a regeneration of life and hope as I enter the spring of my experiences. The winter of my life was harsh, the devastation of divorce and single motherhood which left my heart bitter cold and barren as loss made a home in my soul and prepared for a long hibernation. While this frigid time was long and dark I have come to realise that there is a purpose in the seasons, even winter. The acrimonious winter provided an opportunity to pause and to focus on the development of my children, reflect on past decisions and cultivate ideas and dreams for tomorrow. Like the acorn that lies dormant for years awaiting the most opportune moment to germinate, my soul was asleep anticipating the moment when circumstances tilted in my favour so that I may grow to my full potential in mind and spirit. I lived in the cold for what felt like an ice age as a fulltime working mother balancing the roles of nurturer and disciplinarian as all parents do who are doing it alone. I was in survival mode not daring to come out of my shell as the job was so far from done. Anne Bradstreet, the first American Colonial poet, held many titles including Puritan, wife, and mother of eight. In 54

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my youth, I happened upon the works of Bradstreet and the heartfelt way in which she so elegantly shared the challenges and beauty of motherhood and wifedom in her poetry. Having walked this path, I can only now fully realise her wisdom as she wrote, “if we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.� Life is a series of seasons bringing unforeseen challenges but there are beauty and purpose in each moment. After much mindfulness and thought I can appreciate the harshest of days past because it is in these experiences where we receive our greatest gift; the realisation of our true strength and a glimpse into our greater purpose. It is because I know the struggle that I rejoice unapologetically in the sweetness of all triumphs. This Aussie spring season marks a significate life transition as I prepare my two sons for graduation. My eldest is embarking on a journey into University life and my youngest a fulltime career in the creative arts and both relocating overseas. This moment marks the commencement of a new life for them and a new season for me. My soul is in bloom and the opportunities are endless as I and am introduced to my

renewed self. Spring is a benevolent season bringing a welcomed warmth, new life, renewed energy, and optimism. Break from that shell, pour some sunshine on those ideas that have been dormant, clean out the old hurt and self-doubt and dust off those past goals and dreams. Spring is here, loud and in full colour. Bask in the warmth of renewed life and possibilities. Remember, you are stronger than you think. t

Life is a series of seasons bringing unforeseen challenges but there are beauty and purpose in each moment. eYs Magazine





ometimes we are lost and caught up in the routine of life, family and friends, work and never-ending bills. Goals are a choice and happiness a gift to have faith that will always glow. Some say we need to work hard rewarding us with the luxuries of life. Others don’t have the knowledge or support for any guidance. Then there are the many who struggle with their health.

got this, people. Anger, frustrations, anxiety, wishes, sadness, love and laughter, smiles, faith and hope they all belong together because without each of these - we don’t exist! We are encouraged to be positive and keep it light, be it a world of confidence, self-belief, dignity, religion or the law of attraction, it’s your story, and you have the key to make it as powerful and as beautiful or satisfying to you as you want it.

Of course, some have figured it out and make it all look flawless while the rest of us chase our tails. Of course, there are the disillusioned, the new fetish of lifestyle, because that is who they believe they are until time teaches them how to love and be loved in return.

There is no success or failure. It is all life experience. The chance to live and to learn. Take your time to watch and absorb, process in our mind the miracle of life, as we watch our children grow, and reminded by that part of ourselves in each new lesson they learn. I am certainly not one to follow the rules. They are just a guide, nor do I teach my children that rules are gospel in life. Instead, I encourage them to shape their path and feel each step with appropriate emotion and learn to trust their intuition. I do ask them though to make sure they

We all have demons that haunt us quietly. Perhaps some on a lighter note and others more profound. Some stem from our childhood and our lack of closure, while others are innate and don’t know how to deal with them as yet. There will always be those who work hard and aim for the stars, and the many who are at peace. It’s when you question your life; perhaps destiny lays within yourself.

Success is the life we behold; it is a miracle to wake up today as someone else is given their angel wings. 56

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We live in an era advanced and progressing by the second. Very soon we will be holidaying on the moon. We have been raised by our ancestors that have taught us about values and morals, security and rules. Our beliefs and origins will always vary as our signature will belong to history. Understand that without the footsteps we have left behind there are no footsteps to follow. No one was born to have all the answers, centuries of ancient civilisation and this life we currently belong are all entwined, and all connect as we build tomorrow. The purpose of my voice is to say - you’ve

THERE IS NO SUCCESS OR FAILURE. IT IS ALL LIFE EXPERIENCE. appreciate the choices they have made, in the hope they can gift this to their children as they become us. Our voice is what makes us unique and has the power to reach many as we all walk together with the lessons we learn from each other. As long as our heart is in the right place, we will always have the chance to gift tomorrow as our ancestors gifted us today. There will always be a storm, and there will still be light. Spring, summer, autumn and winter, they are guaranteed the same as the rainbows after the shower, cleansing the

dust away so that we can all breathe fresh air again. Whatever your pain, whatever keeps you from being at peace remember it’s okay to be going through this. We all are. There is no perfect life out there. Success is the life we behold; it is a miracle to wake up today as someone else is given their angel wings. When you are given yours make sure my friends from my heart to you-you are content and at peace that you have loved and you have smiled, you have cried, and you have laughed from the heart. Make sure you have appreciated how it feels to be angry, upset, sad and betrayed. Remember the life we were once taught. Ensure you learned along the way and pay it forward always. We are in this together and don’t forget those cheeky little eyes watching us too. Trust your strength to give this life the life you and our future deserve! t Stay Blessed! www.empoweringyoursoul.com WHAM BAM AUTHOR JAM Your Chance to Meet Jasmina Siderovski in CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND 24 November 2018 The Addington Raceway & Events Centre Christchurch, New Zealand

10am-4pm Tickets on Sale NOW! [ INSERT IMAGE JAS6.JPEG ] and [ INSERT IMAGE JAS7.JPEG ] A Romantic Rendezvous 2019 Your Chance to Meet Jasmina Siderovski in SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA 24 March 2019 Bankstown Sports Club, Bankstown 10am to 4pm Tickets on Sale in October!

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t’s all about finding the calm as we all need our own spaces or perhaps that one special place that we can truly decorate in a very personal way. The space where we can be ourself. Upstyling in my Lou Lou Living styling business has found such a style not only for me but also for others. I have always followed my heart, but I’ve also noticed the increasing desire of many clients. It is like a new awakening. I can proudly say that many have found their way with creating loved spaces with a little assistance from Lou Lou Living and nothing makes me happier in guiding many to have selfdiscovery about truly having their home space a place that is personal and nurturing as we all need to feel relaxed and escape in our private surrounds. At times we all load way too much on ourselves and it is not a 58

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holiday we need but to simply feel secure, slow down and relax in our personal space, so it’s up to us to create and appreciate just that. You may already have that space and perhaps just need to be reminded of it. If you haven’t, this change may happen quickly and quite easily by adding some special items you truly love to your decor or the discovery that a whole personal revamp of styling will give an entirely different new way of lifestyle in living. One can immerse in feeling the joy and harmony away from the hustle and bustle of each day of life which seems to be getting busier and perhaps more intense. So it is ALL about the heart and to MAKE IT PERSONAL instead of following a trend or the latest out there in styling land that maybe isn’t at all about you. What you really need is to feel the comfort.

By Pamela Dalseno My own favourite space is my bedroom. It’s my escape from the world, and yes it is decorated with style to MAKE IT PERSONAL. We are generally spending a third of our life within that area with an average of eight hours a day sleeping and also more time added to that to enjoy it. It’s where some of us wake and enjoys sipping a start the day coffee, dress, makeup and if we are a lucky one sometimes sneak in an afternoon nap or comfortably read your latest copy of eYs Magazine so why not style this space all about you and what you love. Our time is a gift and so enjoy it. I guess my first styling came from my bedroom as a little girl. I lived with my mother in many rentals but I can remember arranging my dollies on my little bedspread, and that was my personal space wherever we lived. I’d dream and time did pass, and

marriage and children came along, and so did a tight budget and all the stress that went with a mortgage etc. and bringing up children. I loved linen and even if a bedcover wasn’t afforded it was the crisp, fresh linen that made the bedroom beautiful. The bedroom was my escape from the world and where my children would snuggle with me and where my grandchildren in time would too. We had that personal time of love and nurturing that could never come near to being replaced. To this day, I genuinely love my bedroom and as time has gone by it is the most comfortable space and has been my personal haven. When I could not face the world after the loss of both my sons and my gorgeous grandson where some days I just stayed in bed grieving in depth and my tears soaked my pillow. I have always MADE IT PERSONAL in many ways, and the styling is perhaps described as ‘Romantic New Country,’ it has a softness and gives the feeling of love. I adore my furniture being white and French cream, with colours and accessories of mostly white/cream and French pastel pink and a lovely strong colour called ‘Wine and Roses’ on one wall. I do have the addition of a gorgeous black/ silver bedroom chair but it still combines well, and as I love it then it is my personal choice. Accessories are pretty bed cushions, and one is specially styled, and custom made by Cover Me Sweet and embellished R & P (the initials of my hubby and me), my handmade lace fabric trimmed lampshades are just some of what makes it all personal. Besides wearing my costume jewellery, I use it as decor, and I use items for purposes other than what they were designed for as my wall water feature is filled with faux cream roses and lavender and some of my jewellery stands are tiered plate stands that are usually used for serving sweet treats. It is about thinking outside of the square to style with your personality and desires and to create somewhere you love retreating to be nurtured. Have I had you thinking of creating some empowering space of your own if you haven’t already done such for yourself? It can be a wonderful feeling of comfort for your soul. Till next issue, wishing you happiness and above all love, Pam xx. t www.facebook.com/louloulivingcreations eYs Magazine




“I think what you can give people is yourself and if you give them yourself without expecting anything in return then that’s usually when good things happened.”


uccess means many different things to many people. To some it’s about asking the right questions, learning from experience and lessons learned. To others, it’s the peace in our life and the freedom to be who we are. It’s a world of mystery and a mission, so many seek day in day out not entirely certain what it is that success stands for. John Irudayaraj is a man that exhumes success in all its glory. The minute you step into his home you are greeted with the smiles by his son and daughter and their little furry friend Oreo and can’t help but to instantly feel the aura that surrounds their modest home. Their tiny smiles magnetize a feeling of warmth as you greet the Irudayaraj family, John, Sabina, Joshua and Evangeline. John’s friendly nature is instantly adaptive, his hospitality for appreciating every person for who they are and what they represent are qualities not many of us are commonly acquainted with. His professional charisma and drive for success aren’t based on wealth or the riches, instead of a unique kind of humbleness that highlights John’s passion for making others smile. For John success is achieving satisfaction within yourself first and the vision that makes other people’s dreams a reality and for some perhaps a means for an end.


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A Realtor with LJ Hooker at Stanhope Gardens, Sydney, John is a valued team member that prides his services with the utmost integrity. Beyond his ability to sell our most valued assets he has qualities that many of us don’t always witness in everyday life. John is a perfectionist in the sense he understands or at least endeavours to appreciate our story when we finally make that difficult decision to sell our homes. His ability to see within the reservations, the worries and questions we all are challenged by is nothing less than a priority of focus to serve and achieve satisfaction for both the vendor and customer. A mutually solid outcome

that disciple John’s end goals. I met John a few years ago and was quietly impressed by his humble nature and softly spoken mannerism. I knew instantly that John wasn’t anyone I had ever had the pleasure to come across. Intrigued by John’s journey, this is his story!

When and why did you become a real estate agent? I have been in the sale industry for the last 28 years. I started as a door to door salesman’s and have been in various

sectors ranging from household appliances, engineering products, third-party logistics etc. I came to Australia in the year 2000 and have been in multiple roles and industries, the latest as a business development manager in the corporate world. I was a keen and an astute investor, and when I met some of the real estate agents, I felt that they lacked knowledge and empathy a vital quality to have as a real estate agent. Thus, I joined the industry in June 2014 to date. Can you walk us through the process of developing your brand/reputation as an agent? After leaving the corporate world where I had all the luxuries of a great remuneration, company cars, credit cards etc. I got into the real world as a licensed real estate agent who worked only on a commission basis. I had many sleepless nights, but I was ready to take on the challenge, I am disciplined, hardworking and have a genuine passion for sales which is all about building relationships and I guess I have mastered the art as I always put my customer needs before mine. I work as an AM / PM agent which means that I do all my follow-up’s, prospecting and admin work from morning to midday, followed by my core strength which is door knocking and meeting clientele in my core and farm areas in the Hills district. I do all my market appraisals meeting my prospective clients and vendors in the evening. This has given me the opportunity to build and develop my reputation and brand as an agent in my area. What are the valuable lessons you have learned along the way in the real estate industry? 1. Be a good listener than just a talker as most salespeople do. 2. Listen to your customer’s needs and requirements. 3. Be empathetic 4. Remember the customer is king and always respect and fulfil their obligations before your own. 5. Owing Real-estate is the next biggest thing after your family so as an agent do everything you can to make their dreams come true and memorable for both the eYs Magazine


This is a great industry to be in as you become an integral part of a family whether it is a seller or a buyer. buyer and the seller. Is there any advice you would like to offer anyone else who would like to pursue a career as a real estate agent? This is a great industry to be in as you become an integral part of a family whether it is a seller or a buyer. Most people enter this industry thinking that it is a very glamorous industry and you can earn a lot of money. My advice would be that this is a great career path which has no limitations, but you need to be disciplined and be a gogetter. You need to be prepared to put in hours of hard work and have the business acumen to make things happen at the right time to be a successful agent. If you are passionate, you will be successful, and you can afford all the finer things that life can offer you. Why did you choose to work L.J Hooker at Stanhope Gardens? L J hooker is the biggest brand in Australia, and it is always a privilege to be working for the market leaders in the industry, I also choose L J Hooker in Stanhope Gardens as 62

eYs Magazine

I reside in the area and this is my core area which I work in. What is your five-year plan? I am proud of being in the industry for about four years. In this short period, I have achieved being one of the most preferred agents in the area’s I work in. I want to be a household name, have my own team and be a Million-dollar agent and help younger agents coming into the industry. Who is your inspiration and why? I genuinely believe that we learn every day of our lives. Some people inspire and leave a mark on you when you meet them, and I am privileged to have made great friendships with such people, my biggest inspiration is Mother Theresa because of great and humble contribution to the world, I do listen to a lot of motivational speakers, one of my favourites being Eric Thomas and Les Brown who inspire me. What is your favourite pastime when you aren’t working? Family and friends are paramount to me,

I came to this privileged country Australia in the year 2000 and have been in a job from the second day I landed here. I am married to my gorgeous Sabina for 18 years

and I love spending time with them, so when I am not working, I do socialise a lot, go on short trips and try to have quality family time. What do you offer your customers that put your branding/name as an agent above everyone else? The best thing that I can offer my customers which separates me from other agents is my honesty, delivering the service I promise and my never say die attitude, I have also come up with a new marketing package with different companies that promote me to give back $500 back to the vendor if they sell with me exclusively. Do you support any charities or contribute to the community in any way? I am a firm believer of this and support many charitable organizations such as breast cancer foundation and NSW firefighters, I have also been an MC for many fundraising programs. Other? I would also like to add a little bit about myself. I came to this privileged country Australia in the year 2000 and have been in a job from the second day I landed here. I am married to my gorgeous Sabina for 18 years and have known her for seven years before that. I have two amazing kids, Joshua who is 15 years old, Evangeline is 11 years old, and my third son my little Dog OREO who is going to be one year old this September. My greatest strength is my Dad, Mum and my Brothers family. t www.stanhopegardens.ljhooker.com.au/ Facebook: John Irudayaraj – L J Hooker Stanhope Gardens eYs Magazine


Some people inspire and leave a mark on you when you meet them, and I am privileged to have made great friendships with such people. 64

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Graphic Artist - Conservation and Restoration, and Business Owner I am 34 and a proud mother of three boys. My passion is art and creating beautiful artwork, while adjusting to the needs of my children aged: five, two, and two-months-old. At age 11, I won a State Award for creating realistic pop art, best described as human arms in the foreground one of them holding a syringe, and a needle. The background of-the-art piece highlighted a desert. I remember spending hours to achieve perfection creating my masterpiece. I called it: “The drug can make a desert of your life”. It’s now a special memory in my heart. Receiving the award was the beginning of my future and newfound confidence as an artist.

“I love cooking and creating art with food. I was honored to cook and inspire artistic food visuals for the King and Queen of The Netherlands”. www.mayaapostoloska.daportfolio.com www.mayaapostoloska.deviantart www.truemannrenovatie.nl

I continued to receive recognition in the art industry and was honored with prestige awards throughout Europe. I moved from Macedonia, my home to further explore the world. I was fortunate to host a ‘One-Woman Exhibition’, in Belgrade and be a part of a group hosted exhibition in Kyoto, Japan. My art showcased in exhibitions throughout Serbia, Macedonia, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Romania, and The Netherlands. I also worked as a graphic designer in three Cultural Houses in Skopje, Macedonia and have a vast amount of experience in theatre scenography - working at Universal Hall. The opportunity to conserve a 16th Century Icon - Ss. Atanas - The Murals from Leshok, and a Dutch sculpture of Ss. Nike were significant honors throughout my life. I now own and operate a company, with my dear husband Zihni.


Author, Color Consultant, and Thai Boxer Welcome to Cosy’s world. I am a writer, color consultant, Thai Boxer and former snowboarder. The author of “A Dragonfly Diary,” and in the process of publishing my first ‘Contemporary Romance Fiction’ novel as a trilogy. Valentine’s Day was the day my mum passed away, after a horrible car accident. She was in a coma fighting for her life for six long months. She was a warrior. A brave one too who only had one dream. Her dream was to see my book published and succeed as a writer. Since I was 14, I knew all I wanted was to be a writer. I promised myself, one day, I would write a novel. Now, I am writing two. I have worked hard and never gave up to be where I am now. As they say, “We are writers, my love. We don’t cry. We bleed on paper.” 14 February 2018 was the day I vowed to myself, I will make my mama proud. Thanks to ‘eYs Magazine’ I now can describe a glimpse of how I see the world.

“Life never ceases to amaze me, and I am a firm believer that there is still magic in this world”. Facebook: @Author Cosette Awad – a dragonfly diary Instagram: @cosetteawad.author eYs Magazine


LYNN BEAUMONT BEAU LA DIGITALS Graphic Designer and Business Owner

Lynn Beaumont is a self-taught graphic designer who has more than 15 years, experience. She has worked with computers and as a systems officer/retail for over 30 years in two different jobs both govt and retail. But she needed to expand her horizons and start her own business. So, she quit her job of 15 years to embark on a new business venture. She started her own business almost 6 years ago and works from home as a full time online graphic designer. She also completed small business management course that really helped her understand the structure side of business as well as her many years of retail experience. She has also incorporated a small printing business so not only does she design for the customer but can print off their order. Her husband also works from home and has his own business, so between the two of them they are kept quite busy. Her graphic design business takes her to all corners of the world and meets some very interesting people along the way. Her designs vary from vintage to modern and she loves to talk to all her customers from around the world. She dreams her designs and almost always uses them in her work for customers and her own creations.

“I dream my designs and almost always use them in my work for customers and my creations”. www.etsy.com/au/shop/Beauladigitals www.etsy.com/au/shop/BeaulaPrintables Facebook: @BeauLaDigitals Instagram: @beauladigitals


Financial Analyst and Photographer Viktor Boskovski, born and living in Macedonia, married to his wife Ole and both have a gorgeous three-year-old son, named Stefan. Educated at the State University - Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje, gaining a Bachelor of Economics Degree. He works as a Financial Analyst, in the Risk Department, of NLB Bank in Skopje. His main hobbies include Photography and Nature Hiking. Viktor’s main passion is to capture the beauty that surrounds us all! Viktor’s motto: Everything happens for a reason, so be positive even in a negative situation.

“My passion is to capture the beauty that surrounds us in our everyday lives and remind the world how beautiful life is. Everything happens for a reason just remember to remain positive, even in a negative situation”.


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Photographer and Global Artist for Planetary Peace The truth is, I have a poet/philosopher’s heart and tend to process life in metaphors and fires in the belly, more than data and numbers. While I’m ambitious and logical, I’m also part rebel, gypsy and lightning bolt bearer. I am fiercely passionate about children that have been abused at the hands of another. I teach photography as Art therapy ~ Bringing the Inner Gold Out ~ A Gift that keeps on Giving. I firmly believe that within each and every one of us, there is a reservoir of extreme beauty and grace that deserves to see the light of day. Sadly, it is too often hidden under insecurity, responsibility and fear. It is my heartbeat to shine a light so brightly into another’s soul so that they can see their truth and then bring it to the fore. This is Me Living My Life On Purpose ~ Not By Accident Junoon State Of Mind

“Art is not art until you put your soul into it”. - Bella Bourgeois www.Artmajeur.com/bellabourgeois


Life Coach and Photographer Do you have trouble finding new ways to promote your business? Do your promotional images perfectly depict your business as individual, innovative and dynamic? Hi, I’m Claudine Burgess and I know how difficult it can be to effectively promote a business and stand out from the masses. With a varied international background, I understand marketing and what a business like yours needs to be an individual. Which is why my photography business, Define and Shine, is very different. After moving to Australia, I became a wife, mother, businesswoman, communicator, connector, speaker, marketer, and strategist while continuing to pursue my love of photography. Working with small and medium sized businesses in a variety of industries showed me the many ways marketing can be successful and not so successful. I was stopped in my tracks with a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2011. It was an overwhelming time. Determined to overcome what was happening to me, I focused on becoming a Life and Business Coach gaining a Masters in NLP. Together, my illness and study led me to develop an innovative on-line program for people going through cancer. During this time, I used my photography as a source of comfort but to also challenge myself to keep moving forward. Combined with my international and local marketing career, I have created a business that combines marketing knowhow with vivid photography that personally depicts YOUR business.

“Define and Shine uncovers the unique story of your business and enables it to shine”. www.defineandshine.com.au Facebook: @claudineburgessphotography Instagram @claudineburgess

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I am known to many as Pam or Pammie. I live in Townsville Australia which is my Home town, it’s paradise to me living in my gorgeous Cottage (Home Sweet Home) surrounded by tropical landscaping, giving privacy with a mini resort ambience. I Love living Coastal in North Qld where it is beautiful one day and perfect the next most of the year. I started my working life as a receptionist all those years ago, however my creative juices flowed through and my further employment found me in creative roles. I am now retired with time being more my own and my gift of creation now fills many of my days and sometimes evenings. I met my husband at an early age and this 2018 is our Golden Jubilee. Love, Honesty and Loyalty are important ingredients in my recipe of Life.

“I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds around my neck.” Facebook: @louloulivingcreations Instagram: @loulouliving_townsville


Owner and Operator, Business Woman and Designer’ A Fabric Decor Business Specializing in Cushions Born in Ingham, a small sugarcane growing town in North Queensland, I am the youngest of two daughters’. Following Sicilian tradition, I was named after my grandmother, Santa. My Christian name is Santina, but I prefer being called Tina. I left high school mid-year of Grade 10 and worked in a pharmacy during the school holidays and offered a full-time position in a dispensary. That I spoke a second language helped.

“I love travelling, music, movies, having coffee catch-ups with friends, and most of all, spending time with family”. Facebook: @CoverMeSweetCushions Instagram: @cover_me_sweet

At a young age, I married my husband Sam, and we have two beautiful children. Our first born is Paul, followed by my daughter Claudia, whom I am very proud of my children’s achievements. Paul represented Australia at the Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 Olympic Games, in the 4x100M relay. He is now a PE Teacher. My daughter Claudia works in Business Banking and has achieved many awards in her career. She is also a successful Wedding Photographer and the mother of two beautiful children, Madison and Ethan. Married for 42 years, of those 35 years was working with my husband Sam in his Accountancy practice. A family run business, where I worked as a receptionist, computer operator, and manager. We sold our practice due to Sam’s ill health and moved to Townsville. We are a close-knit family, and I am blessed to have my children and grandchildren living close by.


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My name is Elizabeth Simonsen. I am a 53-year-old mother of two beautiful grown-up adults. I live in beautiful Townsville, North Queensland where the sun always shines. I have a Degree in Education and Art and am the proud owner of Fashion Zen Style, a place of fashion, style, soul, and self where I help empower women to embrace and be the best version of themselves. As a fashion stylist, my passion is to make every woman and mum feel beautiful and special.

“You never know what treasure you are going to unearth!”

Facebook: Fashion Zen Style Instagram: @elizabeth_simonsen


Life Coach, Speaker and Business Woman Debbie Kemp is passionate about supporting people to create a more amazing life than they ever realized possible. An intuitive life coach, personal development coach, speaker and business owner, Debbie loves doing business in a way that’s tuned in to heart and soul and playing with amazing people who aren’t willing to settle for anything less than their heart’s greatest desires. Debbie is a mum and a wife, and she’s lived a fascinating health journey that led to an empowering exploration of self. She’s out to impact the planet in the most loving, compassionate and transformative way possible!

“Be intentional with your thoughts and feelings, and with how you spend your time, for this will create your life!” www.debbiekemp.com.au Facebook: @DebbieKemp1111 Instagram: @debbiekemp1111

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Scientist, Business Woman and Motivational Speaker Deme McDonald was born and raised in Compton, California during the height of the urban crisis in the 1980s. Immersed in a city of civil, social, and spiritual unrest she identified a resilience, hope and joy within herself and the community in the midst of the turbulence. Deme currently lives in the northern suburbs of Sydney, Australia with her two sons and partner. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from the University of California, Irvine and is a Certified Manager of Quality for Operational Excellence through the American Society of Quality. Deme has focused on that inner strength often masked by circumstance and celebrates the unrelenting courage born from being in harmony with your true spirit which resonates in her writing.

“I use mindfulness, being in the moment, and listening to my true spirit to guide me through life’s challenges, divinely orchestrated to propel me forward to live the life designed for me with compassion, joy, and passion.” www.maxaus.com.au


‘Bookkeeper, Reiki Practitioner, and Business Owner A seeker, and lover of light, an introvert, and a complex creature with a vivid curiosity for exploring my inner Universe. My passion for uplifting and inspiring others, seeing people become the best versions of themselves through compassion, nature, laughter, and warmth, embrace all of who I am. The symbol of love, faith and hope, align my purpose of sharing the joy and connecting with the truth as we find the light that shines within. I hope to discover my path and trust the process with love and kindness in my heart. My story unfolds as divine love flows, and ‘Big Love and Magic,’ a novel yet to be written. Sharing my inner whispers and inspire others to find their truth and shine too, along with your stories and experiences. Join me on this journey of ‘Big Love and Magic’ to uplift and inspire, as you inspire me. I call Newcastle home with my husband, son and pooch soulfriend, Lola.

“I come into alignment with who I really am, my true self, the love that I am.” www.solutionhub.com.au Instagram: @hands_on_energy


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Photographer, Business Woman, Author and Traveller My name is Natalie O’Connor and I am a wife, mother, photographer, business woman, traveller and writer. I enjoy expressing my creativity and making a difference. I love spending time with my family and friends and being in nature. I am passionate about education. While studying for my Bachelor of Arts from Sydney University, I also studied photography and martial arts. After my first degree, I completed a Master in Business Administration at the University of Technology, Sydney, followed by a Graduate Diploma in Environmental Science at the University of New South Wales. I have worked as a business consultant for top tier companies, developing skills in strategic management. I have also worked as an environmental consultant and run my own company as a professional photographer. I am now facing my most challenging and rewarding role to date – mother to my two gorgeous children.

“Someone once told me that it was really important to focus on the ordinary things in life and find wonder in them, because if you don’t you will always seek out extraordinary things in order to be impressed by.” Instagram @natalieoconnorphotography


Jewellery Designer, Business Woman, and Photographer The Rachelle Roe Studio was established in 2003 as a jewellery design studio in my hometown Toowoomba, Queensland, the sunshine state of Australia. According to my Mother, I was stringing beads at the age of five and taking photographs with my Grandfather’s old “Box Brownie” camera, so I guess you could say I have followed my lifelong passions. My designs are definitive, signature pieces designed with a purpose and created with quality materials to ensure you have a “one-off”, original piece of jewellery. Collaborating with local businesses and like-minded creatives for fashion photo shoots is a favourite past time. I love the view down the lens of a camera and capturing memorable moments that last a lifetime. Since partaking in a Sue Bryce Photography Education Program in portrait photography, I haven’t looked back.

“Creativity feeds my heart and soul and inspires me to pay it forward and make my clients happy.” www.neetzdesignz.com Facebook: @RachelleRoeStudio69 Instagram: @rachelleroestudio

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Author, Founder/Director, Business Woman and Influencer I am a mum of two beautiful boys, soul mate to an amazing man of 27 years, and blessed to live in beautiful Sydney, Australia. My lessons learned, experience, and social etiquette have enabled me to found “Empowering Your Soul.” Known for my motivating, and inspiring original quotes, and recognized by social media, and corporate giants, supporting my mission to inspire, through words we can relate, staying true to ourselves. Anne Geddes, published one of my quotes in her 2014 release, ‘Little Blessings.’ Alaska Airlines, highlighted one of my quotes, in their official ‘Brand Guidelines’ manual and Highpoint University, USA, featured one of my quotes on the front cover of the University Legacy Brochure as their Legacy.

“Be remembered for the right reasons. Leave a legacy and a smile in your heart beyond life.” www.empoweringyoursoul.com www.eysmag,com Facebook: @Author Jasmina Siderovski - Empowering Your Soul Anecdotes, and Quotes Instagram: @jasmina_siderovski_author_eys Amazon: www.amazon.com/Jasmina-Siderovski/

LIDIJA TOMEVSKA INSPIRATIONAL TEACHING WITH LIDIJA English Teacher, Translator and Second Language Teacher

A passionate English language teacher who uses her experience and knowledge to provide creative and original approach in the field of EFL teaching. Her interest is second language acquisition pedagogy with focus on pre-school and early school second language skill development.

“By sharing my thoughts on learning English as a second language, hopefully, I would be able to bring my teaching world closer to all enthusiastic learners and thus introduce amazing new ways to learn a foreign language.” www.herc.com.mk 72

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