The Microphotography Collection

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THE EXPOSURE AWARD Microphotography Collection

Photography holds power. The act of taking a photo acts as both a historical marker and a capture of time. Just as archaeologists offer hypotheses about ancient societies based on cave paintings, historians of the future will base their conjectures about us on the photography that is happening at this very moment. As technology makes our world more interconnected, the act of creation has become a universal language. This vital conversation is made vivid by photographers who push the boundaries to capture their vision and share it with the world. The photographs within the Microphotography Collection, represent an important part of a global dialog. It’s an honor to present them here and to the world as part of the Fifth Annual Exposure Award.

The photography presented within this collection was honoured at a private reception at the Louvre Museum, in Paris, July 13th, 2015.

Anat Van Cleef Shamai

Cristina Binstok

Beverly Northcutt

Ako Gecko

Cesca Veo

Bree Castillau

Ashleigh Mabilia

Massimo Di Stefano

Ajesh Janardanan

Carolyn Landis

Agnieszka Zabawa

Dora Korzuchowska

Simone Scott

Charlotte Therese Bjornstrom

Dale Spiry

jerome laute

Trish Image & Fashion Stylist

Phil DeSantis

Marc Lynch

Gerard Azar

Ed Botsko

Clara Pimstein

Karen Chase

Bob Francis

Giada Randaccio Skouras-Sweeny

Carolyn McDonald

Brett Forsyth

Martina Rammerstorfer

Michael Kunzinger

Lukas Cravo

Carolina Amigo

Franco Cavalleri

Home Home

Gloria Restrepo

Mohamed Moshrif

Emily Stoen

Hilde Ketels

Hannah Hough

Gero Verheyen

Michael J. Citak

Artica Arta

Al Phemister

Benjamin Vasserman

Mathews Lynley

Ricardo Frezza

Linda Kunik

Mandl Odegaard O’Connor

luigia Cardarelli

Lourie Davis

millicent cummings

Michal Ashkenasi

Deb Della Piana

Narasimhan Narayanan

Mark Smith

David Arbitman

Vinko Pernek

mary sue weinstein

Violeta Ignatovic

Rezaul Kabir

Nathalie callenaere


Natalya Kuzmina

Rosae Novichenko

JON Lanbroa

Pam Dauth

Jean Mason

Peter Daniels

Dex Hannon

Debra Bowers

Melissa Salas

Hugh Waller

Yochi Zwilling

Sara Roche

kai van vliet

Karim Shokair

Cathy Cheshin

Louise Ruelland

Paul Camhi

Yuki Nakamura

eva breitfuss

blo0py unome

Tony Banks

nikita chand

Priya Chander

Michelle Shine

Galina Todorova

Maurine Dodge

Jessica Lin

Yulia Altas

Erika Gleed

Raymond Litschgy

evelyn caesar munroe

Ateet Tuli

Laurel Smith

Larssa Larsson

Leanne Gater

Lucia Ureche

Randi Shenkman, Belchertown Photos

Sue McQueen

michele Buntin

MA Sentient

Ruth Edward Anderson

Byron Maldonado

Gene Tomilko

Charlene Chittenden

maite trabadelo

Dolores Kiriacon

Vanesa Barrantes

Christian Stangl

joSon joSon

Olga Nekrasova

Mylinh Pham

Bart Dumont

Sofie Nerucci

Patricia Bonilla

Steffen Faisst

Jason Boehm

Deb Chojnacki

Paula Sćiuk

Peter Schumacher

Shivaraman Aiyer

Christie Helm

Paola Scharberg

Daniela Alarcon

Gaby Lawson

Kelly Wilkinson

Phillip Simpson

Pamela Young

Tina Lennholm

Alexandria Donovan

Anayantzin Contreras


Garry Dosa

Do Chi

Debbie Lucas

The photographs of the Exposure Award have been viewed by more than 10 million photography enthusiasts from across the globe. The photographs included in this collection were presented at the Louvre Museum in Paris on July 13th, 2015. Our small team at SeeMe is honored to have the opportunity to present to the world the incredible diversity of images and voices included here. Thank you for purchasing this book and supporting that mission.

This book was produced by: Designers: Emily Malan Serena Reynolds Compiling & Production: Micah Moore John-Mercer Moore Elizabeth Pervorse Production Support: Mandi Wright Wing Lian Curation & Essay: William Etundi Jr. Founder of SeeMe Daria Brit Shapiro Vice President of SCOPE Art Show