The Night Photography Collection

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THE EXPOSURE AWARD Night Photography Collection

Photography holds power. The act of taking a photo acts as both a historical marker and a capture of time. Just as archaeologists offer hypotheses about ancient societies based on cave paintings, historians of the future will base their conjectures about us on the photography that is happening at this very moment. As technology makes our world more interconnected, the act of creation has become a universal language. This vital conversation is made vivid by photographers who push the boundaries to capture their vision and share it with the world. The photographs within the Night Photography Collection, represent an important part of a global dialog. It’s an honor to present them here and to the world as part of the Fifth Annual Exposure Award.

The photography presented within this collection was honoured at a private reception at the Louvre Museum, in Paris, July 13th, 2015.

Drew Mistak

Paul Gandy

Arron Hsiao

Kevin Gemala Latumaelissa

Aaron Chen

Bijoy Mishra

Frederick Sharpe

Alexandre Cortinhas

Abdul Waheed Shaikh

Jerad Armij

Nicole McKnight

Anthony Gallo

Baruch Greenberg

Alfonso Garcia Minano-g

Ash Kaprielov

Mark Hill

Marta Berens

Brigitte Schindler

Asher Moyal

Mary Dassau

Michelle Deans Harding

AndrĂŠ Miguel Pedro Pita Groz

Abugay Karen Aisa Lomong

Indrajit Dutta

Julieanne Case


Chris Marquardt

Ian Sufian

Jamie Schellekens

Elizamar Martinez

Juan Aguilar

Rajkumar Kishor

Gloria Restrepo

Michael Oliver

Ewan Arnolda

Anne Benware

Jesus Gomez Espejel

Wojciech Cieslak

John Kosmopoulos

Hing Yiu Chu

James L. Portillo-Sanchez

Guo Cheng

Hector Pelayo

Laetitia Donaghy

Timos Christoforidis

Teresa Hudson

Jos Tontlinger

Joshua B. Freedman


Elaine Hunter

Louise Fowler-Smith

Jorge Lucas

Gibson Cuyler

Maisie Gibb

Joseph Baek

Bob Avakian

April Cooper

Eva Pantaz

Karmel Khuti

Marius Neag

Catherine Vitale

Karyn Stetz

Frederik Van Den Berg

Jacopo Costantini

Dawn Lightgraff

Michaela Sibi

George Soares

Rene’ Colella

Kiefer Hagen

Peter Westling

Ronny K.

Samvida Nanda

Paul North Waters

Rajiv Kohli

Sabine Edrissi

Nadia Markova

Mary Beth Kratsas

Michael Streckbein

Alfonso Garcia Minano

Stian Klo

Sarie Santiago

Fernando Mainero

Tianxing Wang


Simona Lamparelli

Jessica Saldana

Tom Lunt

Michele Buntin

Miriam Tsachi

Jayesh Sharma

Vali Greceanu

Deuel Dealino

Barbara Schaefer

Arnar Bergur Gudjonsson

NeithSa Eagles

Renaud Antoine

Brandi Garrett

Alliyah Wheaton

Alberto Velasquez

Bryne Hobbs

Victor Tsonev

Steph Travers

Kristin Hatland

Andrew Follows

Caique Fellows

Golrokh Keshavarz


James Bennett

Reid Collins

A.David Holloway

Raffaela Scaglietta

Priya Baxter

Will Nunez

John Dessarzin

Michel Godfroid Meding

Michel Cabrie

Roman Kolesov

The photographs of the Exposure Award have been viewed by more than 10 million photography enthusiasts from across the globe. The photographs included in this collection were presented at the Louvre Museum in Paris on July 13th, 2015. Our small team at SeeMe is honored to have the opportunity to present to the world the incredible diversity of images and voices included here. Thank you for purchasing this book and supporting that mission.

This book was produced by: Designers: Emily Malan Serena Reynolds Compiling & Production: Micah Moore John-Mercer Moore Elizabeth Pervorse Production Support: Mandi Wright Wing Lian Curation & Essay: William Etundi Jr. Founder of SeeMe Daria Brit Shapiro Vice President of SCOPE Art Show