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Getting Techie with NEHA DHUPIA



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Dear Readers, December is a month of festivities and of spreading joy. And the age old way to spread joy and happiness is through gifting. We at Croma understand this and thus offer the best of electronics that will light up the celebrations for you and your loved ones. This month we take a close look at the most-talked about and hyped launches expected in the coming year which are sure to make heads turn and ring in a happy new year. Be it the muchtalked about BB OS 10 or the changes that the new Windows 8 will bring to our lives, you can catch it all in our cover story – ‘Big in 2013’. The last month finally saw the launch of the latest Apple product - iPhone 5 at Croma stores along with many other launches. You can always be sure to catch them first in your nearest Croma store and at the best price. If your New Year Resolution is to stay updated with technology, then Croma is the destination for you. Along with bringing to you the latest technology, we are also committed to serving you to your fullest satisfaction, with our continually growing network of stores. Now, you can also shop at Croma from the comfort of your home by logging on to We hope you like the Croma Exhibit supplement and we would love to hear your feedback on the same. Do write in to and enjoy the festive spirit as you march into 2013. A big Happy New Year from each one of us here.

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Ajit Joshi CEO & MD Infiniti Retail Ltd.

BIG in 2013


2012 may not end the way that doomsayers are saying it will, but 2013 will surely witness some amazing launches that will change the face of the tech industry. We list down some of the most talked about launches that should certainly be BIG in 2013!

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The best gadgets tend to be the one's that sell the most and we've picked some of the very best ones for your reading entertainment.

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Smartphones may be getting faster, brighter and sharper - but some accessories really give them an added dimension that really lets you get the best out of them. Explore the best accessories to pump up your smartphone even more.

Just Arrived


Have a look at some of the newly launched gadgets in the market which are available at a Croma store near you!

Tech Quotient


Get to know the techy side of our cover celebs, featuring the smart and cool Neha Dhupia.




he year is about to end with a bang (pun intended) and we’re all set to see a plethora of gadgets to be launched during the Christmas season. It's not just good marketing strategy by the companies, but that is also the time of the year when most people (especially in the West) plan and complete their shopping. So, it's no surprise that we are back with the ExhibitCroma to give you better insights into what to expect in the New Year. We are betting big on some really cool gadgets and technology to be big in the coming year and I'm sure you will love to read about these as well. Windows 8 powered devices have already started to make their presence felt everywhere and the rage is increasing. Initially we saw smartphones that were 'inspired' by the technology in computers and now the touchscreen-powered smartphones seem to have 'inspired' the computing industry. What a surprising change of events it has been! Coming back to the year-end launches, we now have the beautiful new iPhone 5 ‘officially’ launched in India, with the new Nexus devices to be rolled out some time in December. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has continued to impress with its sales figures all over the world, with HTC One X+ really gathering a lot of steam. The launch of Playstation Vita must have impressed the playful ones and some really impressive cameras like the Nikon D600, the Canon EOS 5D Mark III and a lot of point-n-shoots are surely going to turn many of us into photographers. Newer tablets, hybrid tablets, innovative tablets, educational tablets and cheapest-in-the-world tablets were also introduced lately. It was great to see our own 'Made In India' Aakash 2 tablet being launched at UN; something that every Indian will feel proud about. So, till the next time we come out with our monthly gyaan and dose of gadgetry - I hope you have had as great a year as we've had at Exhibit and Croma, and are looking forward to a brighter future in 2013. Cheers!


JUST ARRIVED @ CROMA STORES Google Nexus 7 Announced during the I/O event by Google earlier this year, the Nexus 7 finally makes it entry to our shores. At that event, Google had showed off 8GB as well as 16GB models of the Nexus 7, which is manufactured by Asus. But, since announcing the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 10, Google has made a tactical decision to phase out the 8GB model. Hence, only the 16GB Wi-Fi only model is currently available for purchase, with a cellular model slated for a New Year launch. As for the specifications, Google’s Eric Schmidt had said last year that the Nexus 7 would be a high quality tablet, and Google has delivered on all counts. This model comes equipped with a 7-inch IPS display that boasts of a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, and is powered by a 1.3GHz quad-core Tegra 3 chip. It has a 1GB RAM, which should be able to match up with the best in the business. This tablet should be a gamer's delight, and Google has touted it to be a serious gaming device as the brand has added a 12-core Nvidia GeForce GPU as well to the fray.

PRICE: `19,999/-

Apple iPhone 5 Whenever Apple decides to launch their products, it creates a huge wave of excitement the world over. It was no different with the iPhone 5, the first iPhone that was taller (though not wider) and had support for 4G (LTE) as well. The 4” iPhone 5 is powered by the latest A6 chip, which has 2 cores for processing and a GPU which is triple-core. It’s lighter, thinner and faster than the previous iPhone and has some interesting new features like the Panorama capture mode on the ‘iSight’ 8MP rear camera. The front camera gets a HD video quality boost, which lets you enjoy FaceTime calls even more – this time, over the cellular network as well. Apple has also introduced a new connector for the first time, called the ‘Lightening’ connector which replaces the old 30-pin adaptor that was used by a number of iPod/iPhone and iPad accessories as well. There is also a brand new set of earphones in the bundled package, which are called ‘earpods’ – which are far better designed and look like a modern day pair of earphones, fit for a smartphone like the iPhone 5. The App Store gives you unmatched app experience across all smartphones and if you truly want to enjoy the Apple eco-system, you can simply do so using the iCloud feature which is not only present in the iPhone 5, but across all the new generation Apple products.

PRICE: `45,500 for the 16GB model `52,500 for the 32GB model `59,500 for the 64GB model


Asus Vivo Book Marketed as an inexpensive Windows 8 computer, the Asus VivoBook F202 looks to provide decent touch-connectivity for Windows 8 without the high price that other computers will offer. Unlike some of the machines we’re seeing roll out, the VivoBook isn’t an Ultrabook, skipping over the Intel Core processors for something a little less performance intensive, and saving more than a few bucks for the end user. Under the hood, Asus has equipped the F202 with an Intel Celeron processor, an ultra-low voltage chip that delivers 1.1GHz of speed and couples it with 2GB RAM, under the 4 to 8GB of RAM we’re used to seeing on Windows laptops. With a less expensive price tag than its Ultrabook cousins, you can’t expect the super-speedy solid-state storage, and Asus is using a 320GB hard drive in this machine, offering more than enough storage for most needs. You can always add more with three USB ports, one of which is of the new high-speed USB 3.0 variety, as well as an SD card slot.

PRICE: `39,999/-

Bose SoundLink Air Digital Music System Bose recently introduced its first-ever Apple AirPlay-enabled product, the SoundLink Air Digital Music System. The Bose SoundLink Air Digital Music System is a one-piece wireless speaker system that streams audio from an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or a computer's iTunes library via Apple's AirPlay technology and a Wi-Fi network. The only other input that the Bose SoundLink Air Digital Music System supports is a 3.5mm auxiliary input that appears at the back of the unit. Unlike other Bose units, there is no concept of "docking" the iPhone/ iPod/ iPad, as AirPlay involves streaming audio wirelessly from the iOS device to the audio system. AirPlay is Apple's technology that enables iOS (and other) devices to stream music to AirPlay-enabled receivers.

PRICE: `22, 388/`6, 638/- (Optional rechargeable Li-Ion battery)



BEST ACCESSORIES FOR YOUR SMARTPHONE Philips AS111 Docking Speaker with Bluetooth for Android Conveniently dock your Android-powered phone, by using the black Philips AS111 Docking Speaker with Bluetooth for Android. Enjoy listening to your favourite song tracks, via Bluetooth, on this Philips Android speaker dock. Its docking system automatically synchronizes your clock settings, which further add to its appeal. With neodymium construction, the speaker is durable and produces balanced and high-quality sound output. Apart from that, this Philips AS111 Docking Speaker has built-in Shielding technology, which blocks mobile phone interference. Featuring SongBird Android application, you can seamlessly sync music files to your phone. It has good RMS-rated power output of 4 watts.

PRICE: INR 5,995/-

Belkin F8W153QEC00 View Case for Apple iPhone 5 The beauty of black envelops your smart phone as you wrap it with the Belkin F8W153QEC00 View Case Apple iPhone 5 case. This iPhone 5 cover has a fully transparent polycarbonate back that does not block the uber cool looks of your device. It also sports a TPU band around the edges that offers your phone resistance against impacts, scratches and minor damages. The TPU in this case has slight flexibility that makes it comfortable to hold. Other features include slim, form-fitting design, full button protection, beveled edge for screen protection, complete accessibility to ports and controls and camera lens cutout.

PRICE: INR 5,995/PRICE: INR 1,699/-


Jabra Halo 2 Bluetooth Headset This all new Jabra Halo 2 Bluetooth Headset is an efficient to use, portable Bluetooth device if you travel a lot and need to use your mobile phone frequently. This Bluetooth headset has several features that make calling and answering hassle-free. It has a call answer button, end call button that are easily accessible. Apart from this , there is also a last number dial button and a volume control button that helps you to control whom you speak to and for how long. It also boasts of an AM3D Bass powered virtual surround sound that provides an exhilarating music listening experience on the go.

PRICE: INR6,499/-

Croma 2600 mAh Portable Power Bank Charge your MP3 and MP4 players conveniently while on the go with this Croma Portable Power Bank. You can charge these players via its Mini USB and Micro USB interfaces. This charging device is lightweight, compact and portable. It has an integrated safety circuitry for short circuits, over-charges and over-discharges. With a high capacity of 2600 mAh, this pocket-sized mobile power bank can charge your gadgets in just six hours. The LED indicator is button operated and displays the battery retention capacity along with the charging status. Other features include the built-in lithium ion battery and an included cable.

PRICE: INR 2,290/-


Getting Techie with NEHA DHUPIA

Neha is also active on her twitter handle @Neha_Dhupia And her official Facebook Fan Page is 12 I EXHIBIT I DECEMBER 2012

A techie by choice and there is a Big Playful side to her which constantly pushes her to use mind of her own . While on the Shoot for our Cover we measured her tech quotient and she came out completely soaked in tech .

The first question we threw at her was about the gadget she always has on her and about 99% people will be in sync with the first part , and wanting to do the second part. Neha: A gadget I can’t do without is my phone. My multi-pin charger is what keeps me going. It may sound funny but I can’t go anywhere without it. And her opinion on a gadget which should be specifically tailored for women? Neha: Most women keep thinking that are always putting on a lot of weight. So there should be a gadget which gives you consultation on the number of calories you have lost or put on or tells one that she’s not fat. I think any gadget that makes a woman fell young and beautiful should be tailor made for women and made available in the market. We took a step ahead and asked her about how she perceives the world to be in 2040? Neha: I think we will be travelling in air space with cars. I see the world more vertical than horizontal. Everything moving upwards. I don’t see people robotic in any manner. Maybe there would be technology which helps people read each others minds.Also one can at the press of a button, get things done with much effort. And of course, there will be a lot of gadgets around. Considering Personal Navigation is much sought after these day, what was her take on them. Neha: One can find navigation even on their smartphone today. I would love to opt for a Tom Tom Navigator. I would definitely have one in my car as well. The navigator is great. And especially we in India need to be well aware of the roads since there multiple routes to reach a single location and definitely a navigation device would help. Also I use a lot of Google maps and navigation. And finally the last question was if not an actor she would have been a…? Neha: I have no idea. I have been a model before an actor and before being a model I again was an actor but in theatre. So all throughout I have always been an actor so I don’t really know what would I have been if not an actor. Current Phones that Neha uses: A Blackberry and An iPhone


BIG IN 2013 It’s always difficult to predict what will be ‘BIG’ in technology, in the coming year. As 2012 comes to a close, we stick our necks out and look at our own crystal ball to give you our predictions for tech and products that will be big in 2013.

WINDOWS 8 POWERED TOUCH DEVICES As 2011 was drawing to its close, Microsoft unveiled their latest OS to the world – the Windows 8. We reckon that as soon as 2013 starts, Windows 8 powered ‘Touch’ devices (which will include traditional desktops with touchscreen monitors, laptop-tablet hybrids, Windows Phone 8 devices and Tablets) will be everywhere! More than 80% of personal computers worldwide use the traditional Windows OS for their everyday needs, and even though the newest version might appear confusing and complex for a few-but, they will eventually get the hang of it. Microsoft is also betting big on ‘touch’ devices to be the next big thing in the field of technology. Hence it has partnered with a lot of computing manufacturers to make the best possible devices for Windows 8 powered machines.

A MOBILE OS FROM FIREFOX Google came out with Chrome and not too long after that, realized the immense potential of introducing an OS for mobile devices, which could later be integrated into netbooks as well. Mozilla can be working on something similar as well, and if they do go ahead with it – it will surely be one of the major talking points of the year ahead. All this is not merely speculation, it is coming out of the Mozilla Blog itself – where they have updated many posts about the support that they have received for a mobile OS from the developer community. The latest news suggests that the OS will be based on HTML 5, the same that is being used as a major component in iOS, Android and Windows Phone as well. There’s also news that the very first device featuring the Firefox OS will be from Alcatel, a brand which has little or no presence in India- but it is a fairly big player in the West. Will this mean that the prices of smartphones will go down everywhere? Possibly – let’s wait n watch!


Blackberry OS 10 RIM (Research In Motion), the parent company of Blackberry, has announced and already started to showcase their latest OS to take on the stiff competition of Android, iOS and Windows. Their last OS was OS 7, so the numbering appears to be a bit strange, but we’re quite impressed with what little we’ve seen of the BB OS 10. It certainly takes on the strong points of OS 7 like the fluid UI, but has a new look to the familiar BB OS, which users were so accustomed to. With BlackBerry 10, RIM has merged homescreens, widgets, app lists and a unified inbox into one slick interface, offering up an easy-to-navigate user experience. The idea behind BB 10 is that it Flows, which is the phrase RIM is using mercilessly to describe the new OS. From the initial look, we can safely say that it’s a much more complex OS than iOS or Windows Phone, but there are only so many ways to re-invent the smartphone wheel; in the case of BB 10, RIM has gone for usable power over rows of easy to use icons. Whether it will be able to beat Windows and catch up with Android devices in the next year itself remains to be seen, but it will certainly make a lot of heads turn.

SMART CAMERAS Move over smartphones, because it is the Smart Cameras that are here. We’ve already seen a few unveiled this season, but they all have been using Google’s Android OS. And only lately have they really made an impression with their overall image quality, functionality and usability. The Samsung Galaxy Ace smart-camera showed us that Android powered cameras can take really good images and still have other features to be easily integrated with the primary function of the device (which is to take great pics, of course). The greatest advantage of such a device is the easy sharing of images – no more data cables or memory card readers required. Simply, click the image – and upload it to the cloud. Or share it on any social networking site where you have an account. That last image wasn’t that great? Well, you can easily play around with the dozens of apps that are available in the Market Place to modify/rectify the images that you’ve clicked.


OLED TV’s / 4K TV’s OLED TV’s were unveiled earlier this year at CES, Las Vegas- and they really took our breath away! The amazingly thin displays had a surreal 4K (twice that of Full HD) resolution, which means that twice as many pixels can be crammed into the same space- something that was never done before. Looking at really high res images taken from pro cameras turned out to be an awesome experience, but we soon realized that there is really no content currently available that will do full justice to such a TV. Even Blu-Ray players will appease the audience with Full HD (1080p) resolution TV set’s – but the coming year will change that. We already have the first movie shot with 4K cameras- James Bonds’ Skyfall, out in theatres. The Blu-Ray for this will surely be in the same resolution (i.e. 4K - 4096 x 2160 pixels) and the quality of the video will be even better than watching it on a big screen. Now that’s something! The asking price? Should be more than ` 7 lakhs, but hey – with a screen like that, who’s counting the money?

CLOUD COMPUTING Traditional storage devices went portable sometime in the last decade, when we had portable Hard Disk Drives with capacities of 250GB to 1TB. But, the only trouble with these devices seemed to be convenience – you can’t imagine yourself carrying a bulky hard drive everywhere for your content. Especially when they are not the most reliable of sources, as rough use might lead to crashing of the hard drive device. So, imagine a scenario where you can take back-up and store all of your data on the internet. Or the ‘Cloud’ to be more accurate. It certainly caught the fancy of a lot of smartphone users, especially since Dropbox started offering bundled 2-25GB bundled packages with various smartphones. But, if you have more data that you are worried about – then there are more services available on the Internet which can give you more space. Cloud Computing is here to stay and its for the long haul.


GAMING CONSOLES The gaming industry might just have its most exciting year ahead, with the imminent launch of the next generation gaming consoles from Sony’s Playstation series and Microsoft’s Xbox. We’re sure the naming standard will be the conventional one used in the past as well, so we will see an all-new Sony Playstation 4 and the Xbox 720. Strong rumours have suggested that PS4 dev kits have been issued to developers packing an AMD A10 APU (check out our review of this combo chip here), between 8GB and 16GB of RAM, 256GB of storage and a Blu-ray drive. We can possibly imagine a next-gen PlayStation with a 32nm Cell processor an up to 16 SPEs, double the number in the PlayStation 3. There’s also talk of a greater partnership with Google. Sony’s new fondness for Android on the Xperia Play is an interesting strategy. Blu-ray on the PlayStation 4 is a dead cert. While digital distribution is undoubtedly the way forward, not every PlayStation owner has access to a fast broadband connection. Whereas for the next Xbox, we predict that the console will contain a revision of AMD’s 7000 series graphics, which is based on its 28nm Graphics Core Next (GCN) Southern Islands tech. We’re also hoping the Xbox 720 will come packing 1080p 3D support, Blu-ray player and DVR functionality. This would indicate that Microsoft is trying to position the Xbox 720 as the single does-it-all set-top box in your living room.

MOBILE PAYMENTS NFC (Near Field Communications) is still not picking up everywhere, especially here in India. But, once the potential is realized and 3G rates drop even further – we will see the emergence of this innovative technology. Most likely in 2013, as we will also see more Android 4.2 devices in the market, and iPhone 5 coming with its own version of Mobile Payment systems called ‘Passbook’. The cool thing about Passbook was that not only your payment accounts (like Credit Cards, PayPal accounts etc.) can be integrated here – but you also get updates on daily deals via various 3rd party services like Groupon. Even Windows Phone 8 has gone ahead with such a service and we are sure with the convenience of such a system, people will find carrying cash a thing of the past. Imagine walking into stores and using your smartphones to make all your payments. No more cash, no more hassles of credit cards. Your smartphone is going to become more awesome!


abh no searching... Bid goodbye to searching and asking for directions. With TomTom, Europe’s #1 in-car GPS navigation solutions, finding that new restaurant, getting to your client’s office, or reaching your weekend getaway is now easier than ever before. At TomTom, we believe in making navigation simple and easy. Just enter your destination and get turn by turn directions in 11 Indian languages across 62 Point Of Interest (POI) categories like shopping centres, restaurants, petrol stations, ATMs, places of worship, etc. With frequently updated maps of over 5800 cities and towns, it's like having India on your dashboard.

ATM Hospital Client’s Office


Petrol Station Shopping Centre

TomTom India Pvt. Ltd.


1800 1234 123


TomTom Reps: North: Delhi & NCR - 9953553344, Chandigarh, Punjab, H.P. and J&K - 9779006656. South: Regional Manager - 9620373417. Bengaluru - 7411721742, Chennai - 9894311129, Hyderabad 9908489083. West: Regional Manager - 9158960222. Gujarat - 9173283828, Indore - 9993210706, Mumbai - 9702263001, Nagpur - 9766589684, Pune - 9890703322. Authorised distributor: Supreme Audiotek Pvt. Ltd. - 9958935111 18 I EXHIBIT I DECEMBER 2012

Car GPS Portable Navigation Devices Via Series starts @ F 9999/-

You haven’t seen anything yet! OS

You'll also see great advancement in the user experience and the OS. The time has come for your phone and its OS to fully understand your way of using it and will customize and adopt to your lifestyle, be fully interactive with you, anticipate your needs and adjust to your routine.


oday, with billions in sales and an incredible array of new features – this is a category on fire. But it pales in comparison to what is coming up next.

The Four Pillars

Up ahead is the biggest war in the category that will be fought by 4 different contenders. Apple will continue to dominate, but in an arena where the enemy is smarter, hits harder and moves very swiftly. Samsung is the next and has perfected the art of delivering more than what the customer expects. Taking up position no. 3 is the partnership between Microsoft and Nokia. Great sales and good devices and the upcoming Windows 8 on mobiles will bring them back with a bang. The 4th position is taken up by all others – but don't dismiss this group, as any one from within this could rise - and deliver a crushing blow.

The Journey ahead

Apple will become more aggressive – the time to rest on its laurels and play safe is over. Expect every device released from hereon to have serious game changers. Samsung will bring in killer devices to follow up on its Galaxy S series and the Note. Also expect a new unnamed series of high end smart phones from Samsung – that will blow your socks off. Nokia also has a phone that is now counted in every single smart phone shootout as top dog. The

Critical Nokia Lumia 920. But its in the lower end that Nokia will really make a difference. The economy Lumia series will be expanded and the amazing Asha series will have some startling announcements shortly. And I expect HTC, Sony, LG and Blackberry to make some serious inroads into trying to get into the top 3 slot. Anyone one of them can,could if they can get their act together.

The FutureNow!

All of this will translate into great new features, fantastic new advancement in hardware and amazing changes in Mobile operating systems. And all of this will happen in an environment where the upward rise in mobile phone prices will be arrested. Yes, awesome new phones at awesome newamazingly cheaper prices. What more can we ask for?


Some of the big changes will come in hardware where thinner and lighter will become the norm but this will come with great new designs and styling. It’s the only differentiator left in a sea of similar looking phones. Form factor, ergonomics and the introduction of colour will become the hall mark of all new phones.

The Heart

Next is going to be serious advancement on the heart of the phone – the processor. Most companies will realise that all that

a customer wants is an OS that is perfectly optimized to give them a smooth experience, never shows lag and never freezes on them. Thus, a processor that is perfect for that mated with battery life that just goes on and on and on.

The Display

Phone screens will become awesomely amazingly clearer. Expect full HD 1080P-1920x1080 phones very soon. Also coming up are phones with dual screens. Expect this second smaller screen to have paper white e-book technology (low power consumption and readable anywhere) and to deliver secondary information from widgets as well as news, weather, SMS text as well as alerts and alarms.

The Storage

Read the next two numbers128GB and 256GB phones! That’s going to happen. No more running out of internal memory space due to too many apps and videos!

The big one of course, will be Wireless charging as both Nokia and Samsung seem to have thrown down that gauntlet. Every company will have to match or better that and the problem of chargers and cables will be over forever. The best part – this isn’t about technology that will come in the distant future. This is going to be in phones that are out this upcoming season. The phone market needs innovation, it needs an over haul, it needs to reinvent itself. At stake is a market of 2.3 billion new phones that will be sold in the next 12 months. This is history in the making and each company is going to do everything in its powers to make sure it can get you to buy their device. Rejoice – as you are going to get the most advanced, incredible, state of the art and outstanding technology at a price that will shock you. Pleasantly!


Each phone will also now have direct wireless connectivity to your TV screen in the most idiot proof manner possible. Just walk into a room and your phone and TV will know each other. Start a video or show off your photos on a big screen. You can even a play a game on the large screen with your phone being a motion activated controller. Also, cloud computing will become easy and transparent while NFC will finally become a reality.

by Rajiv Makhani Gadget Guru Post your questions and queries directly to me at rajivmakhni 19 I EXHIBIT I DECEMBER 2012


The Samsuung UA40EH5000 LED TV has a 40 inch screen to give you an amazing widescreen experience be it while watching your favourite TV shows or while playing high-definition games. With a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, you can enjoy Full HD entertainment. The Samsung UA40EH5000 also comes with a host of great audio technologies like SRS TheatreSound, Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Pulse technologies. They will give you a cinema-like experience at home. Featuring an eco sensor, the Samsung UA40EH5000 is an energy efficient LED TV. It comes with the Wide Colour Enhancer Plus technology to provide you with amazing colours when you watch TV shows. This Samsung LED TV also features Clear Motion Rate technology, a noise reduction filter and a high quality graphics engine.

Key Features* Super splendid technology * 100Hz clear motion rate technology * DTS v2.0 audio output * Noise reduction digital noise filter * Liang core graphics engine


Samsung LED 102 cm (40�)

An updated tablet is always a great tool to have, but the Croma Tab is also stylish and has sufficient power for everyday needs. The 800 x 480 pixel resolution along with Jelly Bean OS delivers sharp and crisp images and video. It also is the only budget tablet with the latest Jelly Bean OS pre-installed on it. It includes a superior 5 touch point capacitive Touchscreen for fast and smooth response. Internet access is enabled through built -in Wifi (802.11 b/g/ n) and Tata Photon CDMA and 3G USB modem. This tablet also consists of a LED charging indicator to indicate completion of charging. The latest Jelly Bean OS provides a very fast response to the input action commands and brilliant GUI.

Croma Tab


Key Features* Android Jelly Bean OS v4.1 * Cortex A8, 1.0 GHz Processor * PowerVx SGX531 GPU * 4 GB Flash Memory * Expandable memory


The Nikon's D5100 Digital SLR Camera, with a lens of 18-55mm lens delivers a range of professional features in a consumer digital camera. This incredible Nikon DSLR D5100 KIT offers a high-resolution 16.2MP DX format CMOS sensor and an EXPEED 2 image processing engine to guarantee superb quality and high performance. The 3" vari-angle tilting LCD monitor allows you full freedom in composition with sparkling 921,000-dot resolution. The Full 1920 x 1080p video with full-time autofocus (for tracking subjects in motion) and stereo sound (using optional microphone) is always available with in-camera editing and creative controls to bring out your inner director.

Key Features *16.2 MP Resolution *Vari-angle LCD Monitor *1920 x 1080 pixels Video Display Resolution

Nikon D5100 Camera with Kit Price-`33,902/-

Featuring an exquisite design enhanced by a beautiful grey tone, the HTC One X offers great value for money. Enjoy superior quality images on the crystal clear display of this mobile handset. This Super LCD touchscreen lets you navigate the various menu options conveniently. The HTC One X comes with an 8 MP Camera for capturing images of exceptional quality. You will get a fun experience using this phone as it uses HTC ImageSense technology that enables you to capture still photos even while recording HD videos of amazing quality. This HTC One X S720E GSM phone offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for your convenience. The Android v4.0 operating system ensures lightning quick results and several other smart features. Experience crystal clear sound output thanks to the wonderful Beats Technology.

HTC One X Price-`36,599/-

Key Features * Android v4.0 OS * 8 MP Camera * 1.5 GHz Quad Core processor * Full HD Recording * 4.7-inch Super LCD 2 touchscreen * Wi-Fi Enabled with hotspot



Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook


ltrabooks are all the rage these days, it would seem. The Asipre S3 has lived up to its expectations and performed exceptionally well as a product. The sales of this ultrabook have proved to be just that and hence it is our Gadget of the month. Let us look at the product in further detail. This one is the second closest we have seen an ultrabook come to the form factor of a Macbook Air, after the efforts of the Dell XPS 13. Just to compare, the Aspire S3 is 17.5mm thick at its thickest point, while the XPS 13 tips the scales at 18mm! Yes, the Acer Aspire S3 has the updated Ivy Bridge processor range – Intel Core i7 – 3517U clocking at 1.9GHz, with the Turbo Boost taking it up to 2.5GHz. There is 4GB


of RAM to help it along. While this is technically a Core i7 processor, it is the ULV one, whereby the power delivery is not as draining as the less battery friendly version. Just like its siblings from the M and V series, this one also has the Intel HM77 chipset. The 13.3-inch display brings some order back to the proceedings, after the 15.6-inch ultrabooks – the Acer Aspire V5 and the Acer Aspire M3 seemed to have sparked off a new trend. The native resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels, but the real impressive bit is the dual goodness of adequate colour depth and crispness. Acer Aspire S3 features a hybrid drive - there is a 500GB hard drive for all your data, but critically, a 20GB flash storage that is used for the bits like caching data and for quick resume. In this slim form

factor selling at this price, we would have actually appreciated a SSD, which would have acted as an antidote to the slightly lesser power grunt of the processor. The PC Mark Vantage score of 7098, points straight at performance that will not disappoint. The more stressful PC Mark 07 score of 2383 is also amidst the upper mid-range scores. All this is put into perspective when Cinebench tags this processor with a score very close to 3. Seeing the specs on paper, you would have expected a faster ultrabook. However, what the Aspire S3 offers is stable performance along with the most critical element – good battery life. It has been put together well, and feels worth the price you pay for.


Exhibit Croma - December issue  
Exhibit Croma - December issue  

Exhibit Croma - December issue