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The FuTurISTIC ISSue Will Virtual reality be the Future?

Super bikeS & their gear

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buying guide

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Smart WatcheS -the next revolution in the Watch induStry belieVe it or not!! hair-raiSing StorieS FroM the World oF SCienCe


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The Gamechanging Khiladi! AKSHAY KUMAR

REVIEWED: HTC One Dual Sim|Blackberry Q5|Panasonic P51|Toshiba Laptop|LG optimus G-PRO HOW TO: Save iPhone Battery|USE OS 4.3 Restricted Profile|Doubly Secure Your Android Device|Multitask using YouTube’s updated App 1 I EXHIBIT I SEPTEMBER 2013





[CONTENTS]SEPT 2013 The Futuristic Tech


What can the future of technology hold? We look into our magic prediction orb to find out what can the future be like and how technology will evolve to shape humanity’s existence on this planet.

Virtual Reality: The Future?

Continuing on our Futuristic Theme, we have a close look at Virtual Reality (VR) and try to figure out what the big deal around it, really is. Quite a fascinating topic, even if you feel it might be old.



Roberto Cavalli Vodka

Roberto Cavalli Vodka: Tasting High Success A well-known name in the world of fashion, the Roberto Cavalli brand name has expanded and is also venturing into the world of fine drinks. We take a look at their Vodka brand and map out their success route for your reading enjoyment.


Super Bikes and their Gear

Why drive when you can ride, at exhilarating speeds watching the world go by. Here’s our look at some of the meanest beasts and the gear that goes with it. For all you speed junkies!


Buying Guide: Smart TVs

Do you really know which Smart TV for buy for your exact needs? We have taken a close look at the players and the market dynamics, keeping you, the buyer in mind - the whole time. A perfect guide for those who wanna know exactly what to keep in mind when making such a purchase.


7 Tuesday, January nuary 10, 2014 Ja , through Friday ES2014 • • #C Las Vegas, Nevada


ts s. Here, brands, marke ure gather in Las Vega fut the pe re sha mo s o re’ wh the se , d in 2014 Over four days, tho than a tradeshow. An re mo far s at’ wh u. in e yo now is and economies converg matter. All that’s missing nnect with those who co to er ev n tha y nit opportu Register today at



[CONTENTS]SEPT 2013 Berlin: Our Tech Destination of the Month

With IFA around the corner, we use this opportunity to explore the city of Berlin as our Tech Destination of the Month. Find out how to get there, what to explore, what not to, where to stay and how best to enjoy one of the biggest tech forums of the year.

100 Lensitivity!

Confused by the topic name? Don’t be! All you shutterbugs out there have been asking for it, so here it is. Our look at the complete look on the world of lenses for DSLR as well as mirorrless cameras. and on, and we’ve got their highs, lows and path ahead too.


78 Smart Watches: Next Revolution?

Every day we hear of some or the other major smartphone maker who’s ready to jump ship on the smartwatch bandwagon. But, why are they so eager and is the market really ready for it? Burning questions these, we’ve got our answers ready!

Tech Stunner of the Month

Prachi Mishra sizzles as our Tech Stunner of the Month plus also gives us a peek into her perspective on all things tech. Check her out and also keep an eye on the text!



Power Talk

This month's conversation is a REAL Power Talk, wherein we get candid with the man in-charge of the entire police force of Aamchi Mumbai - The Commissioner of Police himself - Satyapal Singh. Hear him talk about his plans as a young man and the responsibilities that lie on him, plus the implementation of tech in our Police force. 10 I EXHIBIT I SEPTEMBER 2013



From The ediTor’s desk

We are entering turbulent times, where everything else except income is on fire –Dollar, gold, silver and even onions are on a northbound fast train; and there’s no stopping... Soon, every tech product will get expensive along with life, Amazing things keepstory happening the world of technology, but at phase. such a pace it seems over- effect or the corrupted state and the shining of ourin country entering a in reverse Call that itdisheartening the pre-election While many of usisare rejoicing the rains, it is quite to know about the worst drought that whelming to merely keep it up! Thankfully, our smartphones have enough features and apps built of affairs or the stressing it seems everything is wrongthat andswept something needs to of beBadrinath, done NOW! the global countrycues; has ever experienced in Uttarakhand the Holy Shrines Kedarnath and into them in order for us to help ourselves stay updated with what’s going around. left thousands dead. It has essentially put the entire state back by five years.

Coming back our news tech is world, weinare now entering a month willthe certainly filled with big launches by a Even as I write this,tomore flowing from all over the globe. Mostthat notably launch be of the No one canApple escape nature’s wrath, and it ismills at such times that I afeel that the best technological developbunch of major manufacturers. is leading the rumour with word of gold-plated iPhone, a ‘cheaper’ New Nexus 7 running the latest updated Android OS - v4.3, which will still be called Jelly Bean (no mentiPhone would 5C be when we canrounds. accurately predict what’s brewing in Mother Earth’s mind. It is only she who iPhone and of course the doing the We might have to wait till the D-Day itself to find out what Key Lime Pie, yet). There might not be a whole lot of changes in this new upgraded OS, but Google has the weapons of mass destruction in the true sense of the word! With just a click, she can turn the really Tim is Cook-ing, the lidthan is open, it willbig make headlines the world is rolling out more upgradesbut andwhenever newer products any other player around. Apple hasn’tover and Apple’s stock market entire world topsy-turvy. Perhaps, this is one thing that even technology has no control over. My heart will change. IFAsince is also to be glittered launches, notably the Samsung Galaxy Note III. The had a major launch theexpected iPhone 5 last year and the with iOS 7major announced earliermost this year met with goes out to the families of all those affected by this catastrophe and makes me question – ‘Could we have more internet than any of their previous releases. Yes the gossip monger keeps Bigtrolling Daddyaround is alsothe supposedly working on launching a Smartwatch, tentatively called GalaxytoGear. Nokia averted this? Can we not have the best of technology and deploy resources makeApparently, the world ‘calamity theistech busyon with leaked images of iPhone 6, 7, Apple phablet etc., which surely must be alsoblogs working a Windows 8 based tablet, so if they enter the tablet market which they had previously ignored, proof’? Well, I know some of these questions really do not have an answer. But I can hardly help asking amusing guys themselves. Maybe now Apple feel threatened by allduring the updates thingsfor willApple certainly get interesting. HTC also hasdoesn’t something ‘big’ to offer IFA, most likely the code-named them. and products Google against is pushing out, because the highest phablet ‘Max’,up Galaxy Note III.they Westill willhave be atone theofshow floors brand to getloyalties you all in the action and first-hand coverthe world - but it never takes a whole lot forofthat change. Theycats only need look atForeign the example Anyway, talking it is raining and in the Exchange Market. The rupee has rained age updated live on andrains, a to detailed reporting in dogs thetonext issue. of Blackberry, Nokia & Motorola realize that. the 60 mark, which is sure to make all the Smartphones and other high end down to and has touched Though future like the one above is not that hardistosopredict, gadgetsapparent all the more expensive. Since thementioned pace of technological advancement fast thatimagining it makes any There are some incrediblesomething changes taking in athe digital camera industry well.line, Hasselblad that place will happen in 5ofor 10 years down the in for thegadgets ever changing tech world product cheaper within couple weeks, there is aas great chance to maintain their prices. making compact cameraswhere was one news that really took a lot become of people100 by surprise, but maybe newstart-ups like Facebook billion dollar enterprises in less than 10 years is it was just a one-off thing. Better sensors newer processors constantly being And well, taking rains ahead (again), it’sare pouring so much that we decided to flow in a Hot Bod from Cosmuch harder to and predict.The Nanorobotics technology isintroduced evolving as fast as any into new-age digi-cams, which aretomaking people completely forget the good oldGadgets. film days.Now And you can go diving in a pool or get ta Rica shoot with us for our feature on Waterproof fashion trend. Hence we had to be really visionary with powerful binoculars why not? It won’t be long before 4K takes over - and the image andsmartphones video qualityorwill surely getting be so on the wrong side of the water. drenched without cameras literally fixed in ourworrying mind toabout comeyour up with a pulsating ‘Futuristic Technology’ life-like, that we’ll watch it not knowing whether it’s real or just something we’re watching on our high on success with his back-toAnd for the girls, we have our cover boy Aditya Roy Kapur, who’s riding issue.I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as we’ve enjoyed composing it for computing devices. back hits, Aashiqui 2 and Yeh Jawaani Hai Diwani. With his effortless attitude and nonchalant demeanour, you. 3D is now passé, so will Virtual Reality be heading to capture our he surely captivated every girl present on the shoot. imaginations? Turnand to Pg 34processing to find out. That’s exactly why we’ll always need better faster power in our computers and notebooks. Thus, we’ve looked at the best Ultrabooks running Intel’s latest Haswell processors as and change is but obvious, it Just like rains, everything else is flowing, too. Since nothing is constant Besides, this issue covers many important people from diverse areas well as taken a look at new-age ‘ac’ standard Wi-Fi routers, with Cloud Computing features. We makes sense even for the top dogs to smell the staleness that is creeping speaking about tech that matters the most in their sphere of work – in soand we make some changes. call this issue – the Speed Apple issue, had and been in thehappy pageswith you the will look meetand fastest men, machines, cars and experience of their iOS for far too long, have the Commissioner of Police, Mr.Satyapal Singh, India’s only female mostly because the guy who originally designed the software bit and of it,complimenting Scott Forstall, was in is charge. Well,sensation he is still as gadgets the still same the tennis Sania super biker, Alisha Abdullah, Cricketer Robin Uthappa and Miss India Earth influential as he was earlier, and evenMirza. thoughNot he only had impressed Steve Jobs witha the initial launch of is she a tech freak , but gorgeous soul, keeping 2012, Prachi Mishra, our tech adding inman their point and iPhone and further upgrades, Jobsstunner, wasn’t the kind of who likedof toviews rest on laurels. So hein will be With her feet firmly grounded even after achieving so much life. making the issue diverse and colourful. And of course having the most happy to see Apple making the bold all decision to put him on the sidelines andenergetJonny taking more our regulars on Photography, Launches andIve plenty ofaamazing ic prominent ‘Khiladi’ from Akshay Gracing is just having role toBollywood, get the iOS changes. reviews - this our issuecover will have youlike hooked righthot till the last page. Don’t chocolate in monsoon . forget to watch and scan the QR code for the video reviews, to witSpeaking of Jobs, the trailer on his movie also in out with Ashton inand the to lead. Should besexy interestness is Sania the making of Kutcher our cover oogle at the ing! There were some other great announcements at WWDC the trash-can shaped Mac Kristina Akheeva who istoo, ourincluding Tech Stunner of the month. Pro. Did you guys like it? I’m not sure where Apple is going with that kind of design, but on paper it looks incredible! WithControversies so much onapart, platter, rest assured that our next issue Samsung had a great event in London, So,(on tillstands the next we - keep busy and stay Techy! 1sttime Oct) willmeet certainly filled with lots of where they unveiled some morebe exciting products. Best out breaking exciting launches. of the news lot wasand a pixel intense notebook, which will certainly be the centre-piece of any workspace with a gorgeous display that. and enjoy the issue. Staylike techy I’m hoping more such launches and events keep rolling throughout the year. Even if they don’t, we will be here to bring you your quota of tech & gadget updates. So, till we meet again, stay wired! and stay hooked to




Ramesh Somani Chief Editor & Publisher




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Reviewed-Signature Acoustics Earphones | Asus S550CM Ultrabook | vw Polo GT TSi Canon EOS 100D | Xperia Z Tablet | X-mini Speakers | Asus All-in-one PC& more...

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11AC-‘World’S faSTeST Wi-fi TeChNoloGY IS here…’


that money can buy ...

SANIA MIRZA tech behind her...



iBall’s 9.7” 3G Tablet

Sony Cybershot RX 100 II

FUJIFILM India recently announced the launch of the FUJIFILM X-M1, the third premium interchangeable-lens camera from the company. Compact and lightweight, the X-M1 offers enhanced operability whilst bringing the outstanding design, picture quality and performance of the multi-award-winning FUJIFILM X-Pro1 and X-E1 cameras not only to photo enthusiasts but also to a broader scope of users. The FUJIFILM X-M1 is equipped with a large APS-C X-Trans CMOS Sensor, which offers picture quality comparable to that of fullframe sensors. The design draws out the potential of high-performance lenses to the maximum. It delivers clear images with stunningly low noise even in lowlight conditions at night and indoors where high sensitivity would usually be required.The EXR Processor II offers a stress-free photo shoot with a start-up time of 0.5 seconds (*1), shutter time lag of 0.05 seconds and a maximum burst speed of 5.6 frames per second. The camera also features 920,000 dot high definition tiltable 3-inch LCD for creative and multi-angle shots.

In the market full with many Tablet PCs, iBall, known for innovative and latest technology products introduces for the first time in India a 9.7” 3G Tablet below Rs 20,000. The company is all set to create ripples with its newest 3G enabled entrant in its performance series – the iBall Slide 3G-9728. Running on Android 4.1 Jellybean version, the latest Slide 3G-9728 possesses Cortex A9 Dual Core Processor giving power for all your needs and offering ultimate graphic performance. To back it is 1GB DDR RAM that uses less power and transfers the data at twice the rate, hence saving battery and ensuring enhanced performance. The product is built in with gigantic 16GB storage and can be further expanded up to 32GB. Its 3G WCDMA and VGA front camera helps you to interact with your loved ones and friends anytime and anywhere. Also business professionals can attend long distance conferences and business meets alike all thanks to its video calling feature. iBall Slide works on both 3G & 2G networks supporting video calling (on 3G) and voice calling (on 2G) function with bundled hands free earphone with a smooth and seamless connectivity. Navigate; locate places and addresses easily and comfortably with its GPS and A-GPS system.

With tremendous response from RX100, Sony India today launched its successor, Cyber-shot™ RX100 II, the first ever camera from Sony with NFC (Near Field Communication) Technology. The new Cyber-shot™ RX100 II from Sony puts even more shooting power in your pocket with added features like the NFC, Exmor R™ CMOS sensor and Multi Interface Shoe. Sleekly styled in strong, light aluminium, it’s a perfect travel partner for quality-conscious photographers who seek DSLR-style images from a pocket camera with generous control options.Building on the superb picture quality of the multi-award winning RX100, the new camera now delivers even better results whether you’re shooting indoors or at dusk without a flash. The newly developed back-illuminated Exmor R™ 1.0-type CMOS sensor increases sensitivity while reducing picture noise in tricky low-light scenes. Combined with the exceptional f1.8 Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* lens, you’ll see the difference with exceptionally crisp, natural stills and Full HD video in any shooting situation – from parties to nighttime landscapes.


I42,999/(body only)


THE MONTH TP-LINK’s M5350 TP-LINK’s M5350 is at the forefront of wireless 3G sharing. Equipped with a built-in 3G modem, you can instantly established your own Wi-Fi hotspot simply by inserting a 3G SIM card at the back of the device. With up to 21.6Mbps download and 5.76Mbps upload speeds, the M5350 is able to provide 3G wireless sharing to up to 10 users simultaneously. Its pocket-sized design and powerful 2000mAh internal battery make it an ideal travel companion, allowing users to work or play for hours on end. Besides, with its innovative OLED display, users can have a much more intuitive view of the device’s working status, such as signal strength, network type (2G/3G), Wi-Fi status, message, Internet connection status, battery meter, connection mode and traffic statistics.

Asus’ ET2301 AiO PC ASUS recently announced the ET2301, an all-in-one desktop PC that’s perfect for the varied needs of today’s home users, thanks to a 23-inch Full HD display that can be positioned at almost any angle for comfortable 10-point multitouch control. Powered by a 4th generation Intel® Core™ desktop processor, the ET2301 AiO PC features IPS display technology for brilliant colors and wide viewing angles, ASUS Sonic Master Premium technology with a powerful array speaker and desktop Intel Thunderbolt™ connectivity. ET2301 features the latest 4th generation Intel Core i5 and i7 desktop processors with across-theboard improvements in multi-tasking and energy efficiency, for cool, quiet and quick performance with even the most demanding productivity software. NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 740M graphics ensures incredible performance with the latest DirectX 11 games and NVIDIA 3D Vision® technology adds a new dimension of enjoyment to games, movies, photos and YouTube videos.

The new Xperia™ Z Ultra Sony India, earlier this month, introduced the next revolution in premium large-screen Android smartphone entertainment. The new Xperia Z Ultra is waterproof, ultra-slim with a lightweight design so you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere. It’s the first smartphone ever to incorporate a Full HD TRILUMINOS™ Display for mobile powered by Sony’s latest X-Reality™ for mobile picture engine to deliver the most immersive viewing experience imaginable. Additionally, the Xperia Z Ultra will also feature the fully integrated Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 800 processor with 2.2 GHz quad-core CPUsand HD voice to provide a seamless connected entertainment experience, industry-leading battery performance and amazing speed.Xperia™ Z Ultra features a 6.4” touchscreen Full HD display with Sony’s unique TRILUMINOS® Display for mobile, creating a wider palette of rich natural colours thanks to Sony’s BRAVIA TV expertise.






The future of hypersonic missiles craves SPEED–Yes, we are talking 5x the speed of sound Back in August 1998, when Bill Clinton had ordered American warships to fire 60 Tomahawk cruise missiles at suspected terrorist training camps near the town of Khost in eastern Afghanistan, little did we know about the future of hypersonic missiles. Today, after 15 years, when the main target of 1998, Osama Bin Laden is declared dead, hypersonic missiles are in the making which will make it easy for the attacking country to unleash a stealth dominated attack in crushing the opponent. In order to make sure they issue a global strike, American intercontinental ballistic missiles were thought to have replaced the nuclear warheads with explosives. However, in such cases, a lunch would get entirely misconstrued from the very beginning. Hence, superfast or “hypersonic” unmanned vehicles that can strike quickly by flying through the atmosphere, and cannot be mistaken for a nuclear missile is a new approach that America prefers to adopt and is said to inspire many nations which are soon to follow it. These hypersonic vehicles retains the fundamental working principle of ICBM’s and carries their own fuel and oxygen responsible for the combustion in an airless space. With the development of


such hypersonic vehicles, existing treaties on ballistic-missile arsenals would not object on its implementation. Plus, it would also help facilitate “Maneuvering”in space which in turn shall make it more feasible to dodge interceptors or change trajectory when a target is in movement. Russia, America and China are the three major nation to have embarked on the race for hypersonic missiles and if all goes well, this technology will have way too much to be offered and hence can’t be surpassed readily. Well, it’s no denying that we are heading towards a Supersonic phase.


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ThodioiBox XC The original ThodioiBox was nothing short of amazing. It had 5″ speakers, with 70 watts of power behind them that made it sound good. It had a battery that would live longer than iPhone you would use to stream music. Best of all, it looked really damn good. The ThodioiBox XC takes all of those things and expounds on them. 5″ coaxial Kevlar speakers got replaced with 6.5″ coaxial Kevlar speakers. The power now comes from 2 x 100 watts rmsTripath amplifier. There’s an optional Apple Universal dock, integrated Bluetooth receiver as well as guitar bus input. In addition to the already long list of available trim options, it comes in: teak, zebrawood, purpleheart, oak or custom wood. The price tag isn’t for the faint of heart, especially if you opt for the M / AMG / S class options, but you definitely get what you pay for.

iblazr External LED Flash Do you like to take pictures with your mobile device but often have issues taking those pictures at night or in low light with your mobile device’s flash? Do wish there was an external flash that synchronized with the camera apps on your mobile device? The iblazr, a Kickstarter project from VladTislenko, may be the device you are looking for. The iblazr is being touted as “The LED Flash for Smartphones and Tablets” by its designers. It’s a rechargeable 4 LED flash that attaches to your smart device via the audio jack. It’s designed to work with iOS and Android devices, and it can also double as a flashlight

Lomography Konstruktor A kit for tinkerers and photography enthusiasts, the Konstruktor is an analog SLR camera that comes unassembled. You have to put its parts together and – gasp! – load it with a roll of 35mm film.The assembly instruction is much like those of plastic toy models. The set comes with the main body of the camera, mirror glass, back pieces, and two sets of smaller parts that act as the camera mechanics.Many of Lomography’s cameras are ones that we recommend for beginners or for masters of the art–and not really for the middle ground. Beginners will be able to cut their teeth on the camera and learn about critical focusing, exposures, etc. On the contrary, the masters will have some work to do knowing that they are constantly locked into 1/80th, f10, and their current ISO film. And so they’ll have to figure out external hacks like using a variable ND filter, using a handheld light meter due to the lack of electronics in the camera, or using a threaded shutter release with the camera in bulb mode and on a tripod.

Dyson Hard Vacuum + Mop In an effort to keep your hard floors clean, Dyson developed the ‘Hard DC57’ cordless vacuum. The Hard DC57 acts as a both a vacuum and a mop so that you can sanitize your surfaces with a single swipe. The mop’s head sucks up dirt while a wet wipe picks up grime. As a result, you can easily keep your floors clean without the hassle of using more than one device. The cordless vacuum works by using Dyson’s patented ‘Root Cyclone’ technology combined with a fade-free lithium-ion battery. This means that the gadget can maintain a constant suction without the need for a vacuum bag.In addition to being extremely effective, the vacuum is also manoeuvrable. The head of the Hard DC57 swivels while the top of the vacuum has an ergonomic handle.


1 ThodioiBox XC


iblazr External LED Flash

3 Lomography Konstruktor

Dyson Hard Vacuum

4 + Mop


Top apps

Smartphones have evolved and so have their app stores. While the success of these smartphones depends on the quality of apps that come along, we choose the best ones. Idea Growr

Next Browser

Nimbuzz Messenger

Got an idea? Idea Growr gives you the chance to save an idea immediately and improvise on them later. The interface is simple and effective; there’s no visual clutter to get in the way of your thoughts. Simply type in your idea and move on, or even better, take advantage of the built-in tools to develop your thoughts. The app asks you questions designed to jog your brain into pushing your idea in the right direction to be born fully-grown.Simply type in your idea and move on, or even better, take advantage of the built-in tools to develop your thoughts. The app asks you questions designed to jog your brain into pushing your idea in the right direction to be born fully-grown.

Android phones come with a default browser, but not many use it. While Opera Mini, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the most popular mobile browsers, Next Browser got 1 million usersin just few weeks after the release. The user interface is simple. No fancy stuff. The homepage is divided into three screens. The main page gives access to pinned/frequently used websites and bookmarks just like Opera; swipe to your right and you can view the most-visited websites, something found in Chrome, while swiping to your left shows the “Next View”, which contains RSS tiled-feeds.Next to the URL, one will find a number that indicates the tabs that are opened. You can simply click on it and view all the tabs. Here you can add a new tab or even simply delete a tab by swiping it downwards. Swipe left and right to access other tabs and extensions. The support for gestures make navigation very smooth.

This popular app has undergone a makeover. The completely new Nimbuzz for Android is equipped with exciting new features and completely refreshed User Interface that aims to make conversations more convenient and enriching.Nimbuzz Messenger allows you to connect with other Nimbuzz users as well as contacts on Facebook, Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo. In addition to chat, Nimbuzz also offers VoIP calls. You can place voice and video calls for free to other Nimbuzz users, or you can buy NimbuzzOut credits to place calls to mobile phones and landlines. The free calls are useful if you know other Nimbuzz users.

After all, everything begins with an IDEA!


If you want to stay connected with your friends across multiple platforms, then download Nimbuzz Messenger NOW!

THE MONTH Fantasia Painter With Instagram and Pinterest gaining popularity, everyone is now into photography and picture editing. Fantasia Painter is a fantastic app to unleash the artist in you. It is an impressive app for your Windows smartphone. There are lot of tools which may intimidate you. However, once you get the hang of those tools, Fantasia Painter can really make your photos shine. Fantasia Painter is a photo editing app as well as a painting app. There are thirteen brush tools. You have the basic sketch brushes, the more elaborate fairy lights brush, and tint makeup. Each brush has different styles, opacity levels and sizes. Once you select your brush, tap the Brush Button again to hide the settings and start your creativity. When you mess up, remember you have the Undo Button at the bottom of the screen to help fix things. Fantasia Painter also has over forty five effects that can be applied to photographs and paintings. Overall, you can really add life to your pictures.


SayIt Built for BlackBerry

This app allows you to quickly create image, map and Web page annotations to express your ideas. You can also sync it across all your devices using Evernote. The tools can be understood easily. From the Home screen, you can open up a blank canvas, import an image from your gallery, or take a new photo with your mobile device’s camera. You can even pull up and add annotations directly onto a Web page or a Google Map (Map view, not Satellite). The choices here are impressive. The editor interface works well, with its sleek toolbar and tons of white space to accommodate as large a canvas as possible. There are different shapes that can be used. The cropping tool is also available.

Blackberry 10 has a fairly limited voice recognition app. However, SayIt which will give you a ton of voice activated functionality - perfect for when you are feeling lazy or maybe even in the car. Simple interface, does its job well. The grey and red circle at the bottom is what you press to activate the recording and again to tap it to stop. Above that you will see your question in the top box and below that will be the answer. SayIt will also speak the answer to you much like Siri does on the iPhone.

Skitch is simple and all the tools work well. Finally, since Skitch is part of the Evernote family, it comes pretty tightly integrated with the popular note-taking app. In one tap, you can save your work directly to a Notebook on your account, which is perfect for someone who might be keeping track of sources of visual inspiration. Of course, this also means you must have an Evernote account to save any of your work. While this requirement is certainly great for syncing and working across multiple devices, it also creates a hassle for those who don’t necessarily want to sign up for the service.

At the very top of the screen you will constantly see suggested things that you can ask the app. That is really impressive. You can also update your social networking apps by voice if you can’t be bothered to type.


Why does aCOVER Tech Pioneer like Jeff Bezos BACK fancy being a media baron?


remember watching Jeff Bezos a long time ago, on Oprah’s talk show talking about Amazon and his plans about the future. But, more than anything – he seemed more excited a picture he had taken – of pigeon poo on his T-shirt. He seemed a fun-loving kinda guy who wanted to become big in the world of IT Entrepreneurship. And he did. But, it seemed for all this while, Jeffery Bezos was only satisfied with running Amazon and the only new ventures were the Kindle tablets that came out. No diversification of business, no new (significant) take-overs and no talks about creating something entirely different from his core business of selling books and other stuff online. Until now.

You see, Entrepreneurs are seldom happy with just one venture doing very well. Usually they start looking out for more opportunities elsewhere. To diversify. Because they know, if an industry starts facing rough times due to uncontrollable reasons, they have something else to fall back on. But, unlike some of his contemporaries from the tech world, Bezos was quite happy with Amazon all these years. Little did anyone know he was planning a take-over of the Washing Post. But, before we proceed – let’s be clear. The family that owned the Post knew Bezos for a while, and in a letter to the company’s employees he took over he ended by saying he has not known a finer man than Don Graham. In this year alone, they had suffered a loss of about $49.3 million. So the take-over of $250 million might not be read into too much at this point. Especially considering how open Bezos has been about his lack of running a newspaper business in the same letter. So, why did he really buy the Post? The amount he paid is only one percent of his own net-worth, but that’s besides the point. The Post


does have 2 Pulitzer prize winning staff and 2 finalists as well. Since Bezos has himself admitted of not knowing much about the newspaper business, you hardly would peg him as the man to run a distinguished organization like it. Even the editor of the Post wrote in his open letter to Bezos that the staff is wary of the changes to come. And surely there will be changes. But, to what end? One answer could lie in the business mogul who has inspired almost every American entrepreneur for the past 3 decades. Warren Buffet. Buffet realized a long time ago how the business of localized news content for a community can be a strong connecting factor. Something that will never be lost, nor go out of style. But in the world being shaped by technology, can a printed newspaper still have that much of an impact? Or recover from the afore-mentioned losses without major shake-ups in the staff? These will be some of the very hard questions Bezos will be faced with, as soon as he starts running the newly acquired company. But, in lieu of his long-term vision, the man has never compromised. Even if it means falling short of the expected targets, or earning investors ire. Which brings me to another important piece of the puzzle – the acquisition is a personal one for Jeff Bezos. Amazon is not involved. Bezos has said he will run the two companies independent of each other, but we cannot help ourselves from imagining how well a company like the Post can fit into the eco-system of Amazon. And once it does fall into its eventual place, we would’ve possibly seen an unassuming guy who seems to enjoy his own picture with bird poo on it taking over the media and information industry in his own way. Piece by piece. Right before our very eyes.


The Moon watches For years, the lunar cycle has been made responsible for mysterious powers that govern the course of crimes committed and other interesting episodes of hospital admissions that deals with cases of fertility. Although, scientists tend to discard the fact as “utterly nonsensical”, some Swiss researcher have landed up some clues which in their opinion links them to moon and its periodic cycles affecting human sleep and sleep patterns.

Sleep Laboratory study 33 healthy men and women forming the age group of 20-74 were examined in a sleep laboratory, where the phases of the moon were also tallied accordingly to match the sleep data of the individuals. A study concerning the research appears in Current Biology which talks about Melatonin levels, the total sleep time and the delta sleep time (wherein a person sleeps in deepest as recorded and reported by EG). The three sleep phases also reached their lowest levels during the full moon phase ad were the highest when it was the time for the moon to wan and wax. Christian Cajochen, who happens to be a professor of neuroscience at the University of Basel led the study and was surprised at the findings; “The only explanation we could come up with is that maybe there is a lunar clock in the brain, as found in other species like fish and other marine animals,” he said. “But we don’t have direct evidence for that.”

Smartphones eating out Digital Camera segment

By Ronnie Ganguly

Traditional Camera makers face tougher times in markets with higher smartphone penetration. As smartphones with better cameras and increasingly sophisticated optics become the de-facto camera for consumers, camera majors such as Canon and Nikon are cutting their forecasts as camera markets entering long term declines. Consumers value the social networking aspect of smartphone cameras, which allow sharing of images immediately. Secondly the key is convergence and having to carry only one device and the convenience of a single terminal. In July 2013, Canon lowered its full year profit forecast by 16%. Nikon followed this by cutting profit forecasts, especially due to slow down in the digital camera segment. Slowly and steadily, Cameras are getting sidelined as specialized devices that cater to specific types of users, such as professionals and advanced amateurs. Worldwide camera shipments fell 29 percent in the first five months of 2013, according to the Camera & Imaging Products Association in Tokyo. IDC mirrors this sentiment and forecasts that the global digital camera market is forecast to shrink 29 percent to 102 million units next year compared with 144 million in 2010. On the other hand, smartphone shipments are expected to rise about 32 percent to 928 million units as per market-research firm TrendForce. Samsung, Nokia, iPhone, Sony and the likes are beginning to take over the casual photography and the digital camera space.


Tech start up of the Month




his month we have an Indian who has made us absolutely proud. Lets straight away get to introducing him to you. He is the Silicon Valley technology entrepreneur and venture capitalist Mr. Karl Mehta. This entrepreneur has launched a unique initiative designed to get techies to volunteer their time to develop software and applications that will benefit people in India and other developing countries. This initiative has been named “Code for India”

Get to know the 'MAN' Lets share with you who exactly is Karl Mehta and what all has been doing. To begin with, Karl Mehta is a serial entrepreneur, investor, engineer, and civil servant with over 20 years of experience in founding, building, and funding technology companies in the U.S. and international markets. He is currently a Venture Partner at Menlo Ventures. Previously, he was the Founder & CEO of PlaySpan Inc., acquired in the March of 2011 by Visa Inc. which is infact the world’s largest payment network. PlaySpan is a global leader in payments and monetization for digital media, mobile apps, social networks, and online games. Karl served as a White House Presidential Innovation Fellow, selected by the Obama Administration during the inaugural 2012-13 term. He was also recently appointed by Governor Brown to the Workforce Investment Board of the State of California. Prior to founding PlaySpan, Karl was part of the founding team at MobileAria Inc. (acquired by Wireless Matrix) based in Mountain View and Co-Founder & CEO of OmniLabs Inc., based in Singapore and India. Previously, he held executive positions at Hughes, leading new business and technology development. In 2010, Karl won the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award for Northern California from Ernst & Young.

Get to know his 'WORK'Okay, that's a lot of hard work and time doing some of the best work around. Getting onto his newest start up, Code for India, which is a non-profit organization based in Mountain View, California has the tag line as, “Think Local, Hack Global”. His basic idea when he initiated this firm was to get all the great techies actually involved and getting their ideas,thoughts and suggestions to help out the technological sector instead of just having a big fat lump of money donated or contributed. Smart move! At the end we just don't need the money, we need the minds to work and help us out. And if all the great minds came together, well, it could definitely do only good! This fresh start up has a real vision to begin with. It is focusing on some really important key areas such as Education, Entrepreneurship, Food and Water & Health and Sanitation. The thought is indeed very inspirational. Educating the masses as much as possible, helping young Indian minds and supporting them for a better future for our country, working towards improving the sanitation conditions and hoping to reduce the food crisis of country are all great and motivated thoughts. At the end of the day we should all be a part for making tomorrow's India even better!

PROJECTs•There are a few projects as well which have been initiated. One of my personal favorites' will have to be Spotter. Spotter is a web application that through which we can report about the civic infrastructure disasters taking place around us. Its as simple as uploading a picture to their website and reporting the problem as simple as a pothole near your locality or even if the footpath is giving you trouble. Great initiative required to improve the infrastructure for the country without a doubt. We can just imagine the response it would get.

•Another sweet project initiated by Code of India is the 'Adopt-ASchool'. The Adopt A School initiative aims to encourage motivated individuals to adopt public schools in their neighborhood which are understaffed and under-resourced. A majority of public schools in India are grappling with poor standards of teaching and an acute lack of facilities. It becomes the responsibility of an individual to help out and participate for the betterment of the education system. Any working or non working citizen can adopt a school. The Right to Education Act requires that all schools maintain good hygiene in and around the school environment, provide adequate furniture for all students, maintain separate toilets for boys and girls, maintain a library, provide science lab equipments, among many others.

•Code of India has thought about our safety too. They are helping out an organization called 'Haiyya' which would enable anyone who is either a victim of a crisis, or witness to someone in a crisis, and reach out to these Bravehearts, and together, help alleviate the crisis. It is an organization that works on the ground to create a sustainable platform for citizens to improve safety across cities in India, starting with Mumbai. Sometimes it just takes the impulse to help some one out In desperate times. They are building an application which would create and enable such a network to act times of crisis. Currently this application is under development.

Expert AdviceOf course, like any start-up, they all need a few helping minds to help them out. Their advisers are Dr. Vijay Pande, who is currently the Director of the Program in Biophysics and a Professor of Chemistry and (by courtesy) of Structural Biology and of Computer Science at Stanford University. Next they have TV Mohandas Pai from Manipal group who is the chairperson of the Board of Manipal Global Education Services Private Limited and Adviser to the Manipal Education and Medical Group. And then they have Vish Mishra who is a Venture Director at Clearstone since March 2002. He is an active member at TiE from inception and now the former president of TiE Silicon Valley. It is great to see an Indian help out his own country in many ways as possible. He, Mr. Karl Mehta, definitely one hundred percent deserves our tittle of 'Tech StartUp of the Month'!

Karl Mehta


Being the tech leader-The Estonian ww 95% percent of Estonians pay taxes online in just about five minutes. 1.3m citizens pay for parking spaces through their cell phones. Don’t be shocked when we tell you Estonia is the smallest Baltic State where the origin codes for Skype and Hotmail were developed and how they parted ways with carbon papers, rubber stamps and long queues. t the ligh nia saw hose to s E , 91.T nion oviet U ar of 19 ee fall of S back in the ye tion of the fr e th g la u p t o s a p ollowin ndence way F . e entire ne line pe of inde times when th ajor telepho chnology and m e te e n th in o were ader only r inspic relied . Estonia is a le ee republic fo pecial republi as e fr to 2013 p to th ist in drafting for ward re looking u s re pe. m to sa of Euro ountrie an’t see many c e at Exhibit, c w tech nation the Ese W n n from founration. o on the ti t r u o ib p re the contr success that laid back in t major r the firs of the codes fa r, ie o rl to a oned e e form ail. It was not me an online ti th n e in m e As am otm s first ti geeks c Kazaa and H e ver y ndmark tonian d for th l elections. La d band ype, e k s s S e f n o a ra dation en Estonia wit s gene d’s fastest bro hich h d for it 2007, w r vice designe pe of the worl p ventures w n Valse ico ha rt-u voting in the s umber of sta r the Sil n 1.3m tion fo n llowed a ti t e fo th s p e n re m o rg o o o s how m utes and d the la in a glories c n u a o y e ic ll v ser row 5 min we te easily th rprised when t about ones. would e in jus ir mobile ph u s n li e n b o ’t s e n e o th x D h ta g . ir y u le ro the Baltic aces th ns pay t of all Estonia eir parking sp malles s ? e th g h t n r did stro pay fo ally so n Earth How o hat is technic ay. : s e li n t estio ure nian w The qu velop a cult the Esto de econoology – n h c haped d priStates te s g t a in fl k c e tra d th ey an Here’s ing fibrillate of mon 992, de de, easy flow be more befitt 1 in r a a a L s tr to t n t r e o u a e ti o fr d tra When M ia witnessed t turne e regis n s. Wha dymad owing the ll my, Esto of enterprise t lined up rea o F ia on sheet. tha d Eston vatisati inesses l class a clean Finland offere which s u b w a e were n parted politic connections, ne exchange ir ne pho f the which im n of telepho ric tele stem o tio re histo d a digital sy il digitisa ess to their p to bu cc ent on a free a d and w ie n e d they ad osaic h own. l ings…M


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How smart are you with your smartphone –5 Cool things to do The suit doesn’t make the man. Likewise, the smartphone doesn’t make you smart enough. Unless, you know how to use it smartly. Now there’s too much lingering around the word “smart” without people really coming to know how they can put their device smartly so as to do justice to its name. Here’s 5 handpicked apps to make the very best out of your smartphone.

1.Instant webcam

Apps like Mobiola transforms your smartphone into acting like a live webcam which can be used effectively as you sync it to Google +, Skype, and across all other platforms. You must turn on the Wi-Fi to make your smartphone behave like a webcam.

2.Brew yourself a cup or switch on the lights as you lay down the bed

AllJyon which happens to be the new cat from Qualcomm’s bag claims itself to be the internet of everything. It helps a single user to keep a track and manage multiple electrical devices through the phone without any hassle. Ain“t that cool?

4.Re-décor your living space with augmented reality

With apps like uDecore, you can use your camera to change the way your living space looks. It uses augmented reality to let you visualise and get a glimpse of your room being changed by incorporating different furniture pieces and associated design elements.

5.For your heart 3.The scale in your camera

Play store is filled with numerous apps that allows your camera to behave like a scale. Measure things around whenever you need to know the length of an object; just point your camera and voila!

Azumios Instant Heart Rate is for smart hearts using smart phones. Just place your finger on the phone and within a few seconds you will able to know how fast you beat it. The app is available cross all major platforms like iOs, Windows Phone and on Android. Azumios Instant Heart Rate has already bagged the Best Health and Fitness App of the year in 2011.


Are Neanderthals the earliest human on the European soil?

The results of a painting sampling in El Castillo cave has formed the center of the argument where Neanderthals are being said to be mentally equal to modern day humans. The oldest of all paintings, a simple red spot, dates to at least 40,800 years ago, roughly when the first modern humans had landed on Western Europe. The word is, the painting might turn out to be even older perhaps by thousands of years and hence believed to be a work by the Neanderthals, the brawny, archaic people who were considered to be the ancient of all European inhabitants. The discovery has led to believe that Neanderthals, who were once caricatured as brute cavemen, might have had their minds like our own, capable of abstract thinking, symbolism and art too. Till date, it remains the most haunting question as ancient researchers tend to dig deeper to unravel the secrets of the ancient lot who had vanished a long time before modern humans set their foot. Joao Zilhao, who is one of the lading leading advocators for the race of Neanderthals, declared the iceage Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies at the University of Barcelona in Spain, believes that other signs of sophisticated Neanderthal culture have already proved his point. “To my mind, we don’t need that evidence,” he says of the paintings. “But I guess for many of my colleagues this would be the smoking gun.” 32 I EXHIBIT I SEPTEMBER 2013

The eternal debate on the discovery of the earliest human beings is once more fuelled with the discovery of mural paintings inside a Spanish cave. If the research findings are cited to be true, Neanderthals might find a place in the history books as the earliest human beings on European soil. Who were the Neanderthals?

Neaderthals were the earliest forms of human beings who were more robustly build than an average human being. They were characterized by: • Lower cranium • Larger, broader ribcage • Larger elbow point along with short forearms • Large ankle joints

The warrior under your skin So, is aggression driving you forward? Is it bogging you down as well? The answers to your queries lies under your skin. Recent DNA studies have revealed the mysterious nature of the “warrior gene” which seems to reside in more than 30 percent of men. Three well known men and their DNA structure recently went under the microscope so as to analyze their outward personalities that contributes to the development of their nature and nurture redefining their cold blooded aggression. Although, only one among the three carried the so called Warrior gene, it was revealed in the study that almost 30 percent of men carry it within their DNA structure.

Genetic defeat is a benefit That’s right. Genetic defeat is a rewarding benefit and comes in various shapes. No matter you are out there in the battlefield for real or you are a super–star rugby player, the warrior gene feels less sympathy for the opponent class as the will to cause more damage takes over the individual in a whim. When ex Richmond Commonwealth’s Attorney and current State Delegate Joe Morrissey, Rev. Andrew Mosley along with longtime pastor of Quioccasin Baptist Church, and WWBT Reporter Curt Autry were examined for DNA at the lab, little did they know of the warrior that was residing within them and they were equally surprised to have close to the fact. Well, the Warrior test is rather a simple one. One needs to scrape off some cells from the inside of the cheek and then mail it over to the lab. After a few weeks, you shall have your results in your hand.

A structure that is outwardly dangerous. At the same time, it befitting to others as well Reverend Mosley who descends from the church from the 1870s have always been known to be a generally good and gentle guy by his congregation. Joe Morrissey who has been hardworking lately and rising up the ladder of popularity as a star delegate from the 74th district has been reported to have several instances where his flash of anger deemed prominent. •In 1992, as Richmond’s top prosecutor, he got into a fist fight with opposing counsel in a criminal trial. •In 1999 he was sued for throwing a contractor through a glass storm door. When asked about it, Joe Morrissey di confess how wise he has grown which has actually helped him to keep the old Joe and violent streaks of behavior severely under control. Kudos to that!


TOUCH THE FUTURE: How Virtual Reality Is Shaping Our Future???

Understanding Virtual Reality How can you be at some place without really being there?

That’s what Virtual Reality (VR) has been trying to achieve for the past several years, in a nutshell. We’ve already seen glimpses of it when we try on ‘virtual tours’ on Google Maps and many such apps, of course. But, what do YOU think of when you hear the words virtual reality (VR)? Do you imagine someone wearing a clunky helmet attached to a computer with a thick cable? Do visions of crudely rendered pterodactyls haunt you? Do you think of Neo and Morpheus traipsing about the Matrix? Or do you wince at the term, wishing it would just go away?


If the last applies to you, you're likely a computer scientist or engineer, many of whom now avoid the words virtual reality even while they work on technologies most of us associate with VR. Today, you're more likely to hear someone use the words virtual environment (VE) to refer to what the public knows as virtual reality. We'll use the terms interchangeably in this article. Naming discrepancies aside, the concept remains the same - using computer technology to create a simulated, three-dimensional world that a user can manipulate and explore while feeling as if he were in that world. Scientists, theorists and engineers have designed dozens of devices and applications to achieve this goal. Opinions differ on what exactly constitutes a true VR experience, but in general it should include: •Three-dimensional images that appear to be life-sized from the perspective of the user •The ability to track a user's motions, particula­rly his head and eye movements, and correspondingly adjust the images on the user's display to reflect the change in perspective.




Virtual Reality Immersion In a virtual reality environment, a user experiences immersion, or the feeling of being inside and a part of that world. He is also able to interact with his environment in meaningful ways. The combination of a sense of immersion and interactivity is called telepresence. Computer scientist Jonathan Steuer defined it as “the extent to which one feels present in the mediated environment, rather than in the immediate physical environment.” In other words, an effective VR experience causes you to become unaware of your real surroundings and focus on your existence inside the virtual environment. Jonathan Steuer proposed two main components of immersion: depth of information and breadth of information. Depth of information refers to the amount and quality of data in the signals a user receives when interacting in a virtual environment. For the user, this could refer to a display’s resolution, the complexity of the environment’s graphics, the sophistication of the system’s audio output, etc. Steuer defines breadth of information as the “number of sensory dimensions simultaneously presented.” A virtual environment experience has a wide breadth of information if it stimulates all your senses. Most virtual environment experiences prioritize visual and audio components over other sensory-stimulating factors, but a growing number of scientists and engineers are looking into ways to incorporate a users’ sense of touch. Systems that give a user force feedback and touch interaction are called haptic systems. For immersion to be effective, a user must be able to explore what appears to be a life-sized virtual environment and be able to change perspectives seamlessly. If the virtual environment consists of a single pedestal in the middle of a room, a user should be able to view the pedestal from any angle and the point of view should shift according to where the user is looking. Dr. Frederick Brooks, a pioneer in VR technology and theory, says that displays must project a frame rate of at least 20 - 30 frames per second in order to create a convincing user experience.

The Virtual Reality Environment Other sensory output from the VE system should adjust in real time as a user explores the environment. If the environment incorporates 3-D sound, the user must be convinced that the sound’s orientation shifts in a natural way as he manoeuvres through the environment. Sensory stimulation must be consistent if a user is to feel immersed within a VE. If the VE shows a perfectly still scene, you wouldn’t expect to feel galeforce winds. Likewise, if the VE puts you in the middle of a hurricane, you wouldn’t expect to feel a gentle breeze or detect the scent of roses. Lag time between when a user acts and when the virtual environment reflects that action is called latency. Latency usually refers to the delay between the time a user turns his head or moves his eyes and the change in the point of view, though the term can also be used for a lag in other sensory outputs. Studies with flight simulators show that humans can detect a latency of more than 50 milliseconds. When a user detects latency, it causes him to become aware of being in an artificial environment and destroys the sense of immersion. An immersive experience suffers if a user becomes aware of the real world around him. Truly immersive experiences make the user forget his real surroundings, effectively causing the computer to become a non-entity. In order to reach the goal of true immersion, developers have to come up with input methods that are more natural for users. As long as a user is aware of the interaction device, he is not truly immersed.

Virtual Reality: Interactivity Immersion within a virtual environment is one thing, but for a user to feel truly involved there must also be an element of interaction. Early applications using the technology common in VE systems today


allowed the user to have a relatively passive experience. Users could watch a pre-recorded film while wearing a head-mounted display (HMD). They would sit in a motion chair and watch the film as the system subjected them to various stimuli, such as blowing air on them to simulate wind. While users felt a sense of immersion, interactivity was limited to shifting their point of view by looking around. Their path was pre-determined and unalterable. Today, you can find virtual roller coasters that use the same sort of technology. DisneyQuest in Orlando, Florida features CyberSpace Mountain, where patrons can design their own roller coaster, then enter a simulator to ride their virtual creation. The system is very immersive, but apart from the initial design phase there isn't any interaction, so it's not an example of a true virtual environment.

Interactivity depends on many factors. Steuer suggests that three of these factors are speed, range and mapping. Steuer defines speed as the rate that a user's actions are incorporated into the computer model and reflected in a way the user can perceive. Range refers to how many possible outcomes could result from any particular user action. Mapping is the system's ability to produce natural results in response to a user's actions. Navigation within a virtual environment is one kind of interactivity. If a user can direct his own movement within the environment, it can be called an interactive experience. Most virtual environments include other forms of interaction, since users can easily become bored after just a few minutes of exploration. Computer Scientist Mary Whitton points out that poorly designed interaction can drastically reduce the sense of immersion, while finding ways to engage users can increase it. When a virtual environment is interesting and engaging, users are more willing to suspend disbelief and become immersed. True interactivity also includes being able to modify the environment. A good virtual environment will respond to the user's actions in a way that makes sense, even if it only makes sense within the realm of the virtual environment. If a virtual environment changes in outlandish and unpredictable ways, it risks disrupting the user's sense of telepresence.

Where & How can VR be used? Our favourite ways to imagine using virtual reality can be a little aspirational. Say, escaping the dull grey of January by using VR goggles to place ourselves on a virtual beach, sipping Mai Tais, pool boys fanning away. Or maybe standing in your backyard, using a VR-enabled video game to envision yourself as a batter in the lineup at Fenway during the World Series. While those uses of virtual reality are, no doubt, going to make you feel pretty good about yourself (assuming you can get a hit off the

pitcher, of course), there's a set of folks who are using virtual reality technology for serious treatment of mental and physical issues. In the next few pages, we'll take a look at some people who are studying ways to use virtual reality for therapeutic benefit and we'll explore some places it's already being used.

Virtual reality gaming is a very popular form of entertainment which is discussed in more detail in a separate section. Visit the virtual reality games section which contains a set of individual articles discussing VR games for Xbox, PC and PS3 as well as virtual worlds.

Pain Treatment

Future of VR?

One of the most interesting ways of treating patients using virtual reality may not meet your typical "therapeutic" ideas. For one, it's actually treating a physical response.

Arthur C. Clarke once said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Utility Fog is one such technology. Not only can UFog be used to replicate any entire environment so as to look convincingly real to human senses, but it can also do things that are otherwise impossible, and would appear completely magical. Apparently 'solid' objects could be made to "appear" out of thin "air", or "liquid." Or, solids could spontaneously turn to liquids or altogether disappear. A person embedded in UFog could alter the behaviour (programming) of the fog through any kind of interface such as a controller, verbal commands, or even a mind machine interface. It would then become possible to create or destroy anything made of UFog, levitate objects, manipulate (hit, bend, pull or squeeze, etc.) real objects at a distance, change your apparent size relative to your environment, or even teleport (virtually) between UFog environments through nearly any combination of telepresence/virtual reality. A library of programs to simulate any material or object could be called up or turned off at will, giving the operator almost godlike powers.

Scientists at the University of Washington have been studying ways for severe burn victims to undergo excruciating grafting operations with less pain. Not only did they find that putting a person in a virtual reality setting resulted in the patient recording their pain as less severe, but they also found that a soothing virtual experience would reduce the anxiety patients felt recalling the pain of their initial burn. By introducing a program called SnowWorld, they put patients in a virtual reality program where they traipsed through a winter wonderland, hanging out with penguins on icebergs and having virtual snowball fights with friendly snowmen as flakes gently drift. Oddly enough, SnowWorld was actually developed on a program called SpiderWorld. On the next page, we'll see what happens in SpiderWorld and how it's used as a therapeutic tool.

SO, can we really get there? Well, with the advancements in tech in the past few years, who says we’re not there already?

Entertainment The entertainment industry is one of the most enthusiastic advocates of virtual reality, most noticeably in games and virtual worlds. But other equally popular areas include: •Virtual Museums, e.g. interactive exhibitions •Galleries •Theatre, e.g. interactive performances •Virtual theme parks •Discovery centres •Many of these areas fall into the category ‘edutainment’ in which the aim is to educate as well as entertain.

Audience engagement These environments enable members of the public to engage with the exhibits in ways which were previously forbidden or unknown. They wear virtual reality glasses with stereoscopic lenses which allow them to see 3D objects and at different angles. And in some cases they can interact with the exhibits by means of an input device such as a data glove. An example of this is a historical building which the member of the public can view at different angles. Plus they are able to walk through this building, visiting different rooms to find out more about how people lived at that particular time in history. They are able to do this by means of a tracking system (built into the glasses) which tracks their movements and feeds this information back to a computer. The computer responds by changing the images in front of the person to match their change in perception and maintain a sense of realism. There are a range of virtual reality systems available for audience entertainment which includes CAVE systems, augmented reality systems, simulators and 3D display platforms.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Arthur C. Clarke 37 I EXHIBIT I SEPTEMBER 2013


I AM THE “BIRD” IN THE SKY! “I am flying. I am not falling anymore, I am flying.” Probably as kids we all wished we had powers like our Super Heroes! Fly around to whichever part of the world we wish, be so strong that we can either break through bricks or get control over buildings. Getting back to reality, we aren’t really superheroes and all this is never going to be possible. But damn, one man thought differently... And wanted to try out something rather which no man attempted to. He is, Mr. Yves Rossy! The 54-year-old pilot from Swizerland, known worldwide as “Jetman”, flies with nothing more than a carbon fiber wing and four tiny jet engines strapped to his back. He’s been doing it for years. He has marvelously flown over the English Channel and across the Grand Canyon, around Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janerio, and parallel with L-39s wing walkers, and a DC-3 in other things. He completely stole the show at Airventure in Oshkosh when he flew in formation with a Boeing B-17, the famous World War II “Flying Fortress. Just imagine flying at almost the same speed at…, just imagine FLYING. It’s one of those futuristic marvels we all we could attain. A man flying at the same speed of an aircraft is not something which we get to witness everyday! “The perspective of seeing a guy off your wing, with a wing on his back — there’s just nothing to prepare you for it,” said B-17 pilot George Daubner. “I don’t think any of us expected the maneuverability he had.” He flies with a carbon fiber wing that is two meters and weighs 55 kilograms when it is fully loaded with jet fuel. It has four engines which produce roughly around 50 pounds of thrust each. To fly in the United States he had to first of all, register himself, and his wings as an aircraft.” Of course, his safety matters. Before he acquired the term “Jetman”, the former Swiss Air Force pilot was a captian flying the Airbus A320 for Swiss International Air Lines. But he always had a vision for freedom. Being able to escape from worldly hassles and feel like a bird is just an awesome feeling! You gotta agree with that! Rossy had been skydiving before too, but that wasn’t quite what he was looking for. Haha. Clearly! This concept hit him in 1993. The first step was to just simply glide. For starters, he strapped on a custom built inflatable wing and learned how to glide. Once he had the basics of that figured out, he built a rigid carbon fiber, kevlar reinforced wing and added a pair of tiny jet engines. That was the breakthrough that allowed him to make level flight. His wing has evolved over the years. He’s built more than a dozen and has sadly destroyed a few too. Though in an emergency, he can drop away from it during flight, and the wing has its own parachute. He is currently training his first Jetman pupil, and imagines a day when a squadron of Jetmen will fly together! Wihout a doubt, he is a man of the future!!!









If we go ahead, really

ahead in the future, maybe around 50 – 100 years, machines would be capable of almost all human activities. So apparently, we can see the next generation of a more advanced technology. Are you ready to experience life as it may be in the future?

Radio Frequency Identification Technology Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) is the wireless non-contact use of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data, for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects. The tags contain electronically stored information. Some tags are powered by and read at short ranges via magnetic fields. Phew! Let’s make it a little simple. Basically RFID is a technology similar to a bar code identification. Bar codes are read by a scanner that passes over the code and registers the Universal Product Code. RFID tags can be passive in nature, deriving their power from the very radio frequencies used by a reader to locate them. RFID tags can be made to look like postage stamp sized stickers, and can be attached to any number of things. The US retail giant Walmart has decided to put RFID tags on all of the products it sells. RFID tags are also used for automated payment on highways. In the mobile phone world, RFID tags could be used to load a URL from a poster or advertisement onto the phone's web browser, or to receive contact information from an ID card. Its basic use is to track objects, people or animals using tags that respond to radio waves. They are typically quite small and are not easily noticeable and therefore can be placed on many types of objects. RFID tags are often used to uniquely identify the object they are attached to. However, unlike UPCs, RFID tags don't need to be scanned directly with a laser scanner. Instead, they can be recorded by simply placing the tag within the range of an RFID radio transmitter. This makes it possible to quickly scan several items or to locate a specific product surrounded by many other items. RFID tags have many different uses. Some examples include: 1) Merchandise tags: These tags are attached to clothing, electronics, and other products to prevent theft from retail stores. These tags are typically deactivated at the place of checkout. Tags that have not been deactivated will sound the alarm system near the store's exit. 2) Inventory management: Products stored in warehouses may be given RFID tags so they can be located more easily. 3) Airplane luggage: RFID tags may be placed on checked bags so they can be easily tracked and located. 4) Toll booth passes: E-ZPass and I-Pass receivers may be placed in automobiles, allowing cars and trucks to pass through toll booths without needing to stop. This enables drivers to make toll payments automatically. 5) Credit cards: Some credit cards have built-in RFIDs so they can be "waved" rather than "swiped" near compatible readers. The SpeedPass wand is an example of an RFID-only payment device. 6) Animal tags: RFID tags can be placed pet collars to make help identify pets if they are lost. Tags may also be placed on birds and other animals to help track them for research purposes.

Nanotechnology Giving a basic concept about nanotechnology, it refers to the ability to construct items from the bottom and making its way up. Back in 1980's, the concept was to build machines on the scale of molecules, a few nanometers wide- motors, robot arms, and even whole computers, far smaller than a cell. The next few years went practically describing and analyzing these devices and responding back to the various questions about this initiative. Nanotechnology is really really small. Probably there are as many nanometers in a centimeters, as there are centimeters in 100 kilometers. Generally, when people talk about nanotechnology, they mean structures of the size 100 nanometers or smaller. There are one million nanometers in a millimeter. Nanotechnology tries to make materials or machines of that size. At the moment, work is being done on nano-particles that have special properties, such as the way they scatter light, absorb X-rays, transport electrical currents or heat. We can't really say that it is a complete far-fetched concept. It has clearly made its way into our economy. Nanotechnology is at the moment making its way in the clothing industry. Yes! Currently, Eddie Bauer, for example, is using embedded nano-particles to create stain-repellent khakis. This simple innovation will impact not only khaki-wearers, but dry cleaners, who will find their business declining; detergent makers, who will find less of their product moving off the shelf; and stain-removal makers, who will experience a sharp decrease in customers. Household chores will definitely be made easier and mom and dad won't have to get on your case about cleaning it up! Haha. This application of nanotechnology might bring a lot of changes which no one would ever have thought would be possible. Nanotechnology is definitely one of the emerging technologies which is here to stay. It has a great scope in scientific research and various technological aspects. Computers of the future will indeed be “nano-size�! 41 I EXHIBIT I SEPTEMBER 2013

Artificial intelligence When you think of Artificial Intelligence, the first thing that probably pops into everyone's head is “ROBOTS”. Every day, scientists are trying to figure out more and more about the human brain and they are working towards making smart robots which can in turn help us. It is said that nanobots super tiny robots will be everywhere. Maybe even outnumbering humans all over! AI is already in the process and has made quite a few milestones. One such publicized event was in 1997 when an IBM machine called Deep Blue beat world chess champion Garry Kasparov two wins to one, with three draws. The refrigerator-sized computer could analyze 200 million positions in a second. It had a database of 700,000 grandmaster games to draw upon! It was almost like an historic moment. Is isn't every day that we get to see a machine be more creative than a human. It is safe to say that our machines have come a long way towards achieving human intelligence. They have developed enormous and unimaginable speeds that I doubt any human could have ever even thought of. But to have AI up and running all the time will take a very long time. Could we call it intelligent? Well, we need to give that a little time. A lot of time.

Super intelligence To talk about super intelligence, we really need to go wayyy ahead in time. This concept is to actually make humans super intelligent without even having to study. It’s sad that it couldn't be done during our times. Would have made our life so much easier. If this works out successfully, our grandchildren will never have to go to school, EVER! They could be born with it or, we can simply upload the “intelligence” into their brains by computers or nanobots. By a "super intelligence" we mean an intellect that is much smarter than the best human brains in practically every field, including scientific creativity, general wisdom and social skills. Given that some day in the near future, or probably a distant future, super intelligence would definitely become technologically feasible, but the big question is, would people choose to develop it?! I’m sure we can safely say it is a positive “yes”! The computer industry invests huge sums in the next generation of hardware and software, and it will continue doing so as long as there is a competitive pressure and profits to be made. People want better computers and smarter software, and they want the benefits these machines can help produce. Though we have a doubt. Super intelligence might be seen to pose a threat to the supremacy, and even to the survival, of the human species. Unfortunately we cannot predict that from now itself. Nor do we know if this can cause stagnation in our lives. If there is a way of guaranteeing that superior intellects will never harm human beings then such intellects will be created. If there is no way to have such a guarantee then they will probably be created nevertheless!


Brain-to-Computer Communication Basically, a brain to computer communication sounds crazy but believe it, it is a form of direct communication between the brain and an external device. A brain-computer interface (BCI) repairs human cognitive or sensory-motor functions. The aim of BCI is to restore damaged hearing, vision and movements. The term, “Neural Prosthesis” is basically when a device connects with the nervous system and replaces the function lost by an injury or a possible disease. Those most severely affected may lose all voluntary muscle control, including eye movements and respiration, and may be completely locked in to their bodies, unable to communicate in any way. The goal is to primarily provide the needy who might be completely paralyzed to help communicate using this program. Current BCIs have maximum information transfer rates up to 10-25bits/min. This limited capacity can be valuable for people whose severe disabilities prevent them from using simple communication methods. The future might quite depend on this form of technology. BCI could transform the way communication takes place for the disabled. Apparently, BCI was first demonstrated in severe paralyzed patients, who couldn't benefit from the conventional therapies did in fact recover some communication and motor abilities by learning to use a BCI. Successful BCI operation requires that the user develop and maintain a new skill, a skill that consists not of proper muscle control but rather of proper control of specific signals; and it also requires that the BCI translate that control into output that accomplishes the user’s exact intention. The basic aim here what the greatest minds are trying to achieve is to try to expand the current limits of this technology and show that brain to computer communication is in fact possible!


Phew! That was a lot of "intelligence" we just spoke about. From code identification to tracking objects, from robots to thee relations shared between the brain and a computer and from the fear that machines might out smart us to the possibility of making a million of them. Let’s be honest, man-kind would have to really be quick and a little less lazy to accomplish this even in the next 100 years. Till then, sit back and relax, and just wonder what all the future might do to surprise us!

Surface RT: Writing down Microsoft

By Ronnie Ganguly

Microsoft has been in mobile since Windows CE for PDAs in 1998. Inspite of 15 yrs of presence, the latest reports don’t inspire any much confidence at Microsoft writes down huge losses on its ambitious Surface RT tablets 1.Microsoft’s Surface tablet generated $853million revenues in 8 month period (Launched late October 2012 to End of Q2, 2013). However, Microsoft has written off $900 on the Surface line – thus re-iterating that the whole premium pricing strategy was to no vain. a.To put the $853 million in perspective, Surface revenue equaled about 5.5% of the Windows Division's $16 billion in sales in the last three quarters, and just 3.3% of the $25.8 billion that Apple's iPad generated in the same period. 2.Microsoft cut the price of Surface RT by as much as 30% in July 2013 and given that the number for the $899 Surface Pro have been poorer, there could be another inventory write down of Surface Pro over the next few quarters

3.Surface RT has also seen a huge attrition of OEMs which starts with HP & Toshiba (Committed to Surface RT- but never launched a device), Samsung (Which cited lack of demand for ditching the platform in January 2013), Acer, Lenovo and Asus (Mid July 2013). a.There may be a few backers in terms of Qualcomm, Nvidia and Dell – But the fact remains – Windows RT is challenged and OEMs are simply not interested in RT. b.This could be a spanner in the works of Windows RT 8.1 – It already is out of all momentum. 4.Microsoft has the choice of continuing on the Surface RT Tablets – but it is very highly unlikely that they would be able to turn the platform around. Keeping Surface RT alive would be a game of diminishing returns and would bleed Microsoft. Microsoft may have deep pockets - but that really doesnot justify the undying faith on Windows RT.




We all know of pens that can draw on paper. But a pen that can write in air is definitely something that would fascinate us. The 3Doodler is the world's first and only 3D Printing pen. 3Doodler draws in the air and on surfaces. 3Doodler is a brand new way of creating objects and artistic works. It works on almost any surface, including plastic which makes it very convenient as that way it will work on almost everything. We wouldn't say it is the most practical thing for us but at the moment, it is a cool and futuristic gadget, and that is pretty much it.



Memoto Camera

This one is a tiny tiny camera which is GPS enabled and is very smarty wearable too. It can take two snapshots per minute and tag them with GPS data. Later, when we connect it to our laptop to recharge via USB, it automatically uploads your picture to Memoto's servers. It has a battery life of two days.


Even light bulbs are getting smarter now. This bulb is Wi-Fi enabled, multicolored and is also energy efficient which can be controlled using our smartphones. It looks our typical traditional bulb but it is definitely capable of doing a lot more. The best part, each smart bulb can be controlled individually. Using your phone, you can adjust its brightness, change the light colour, control individual bulbs, rooms or even the entire home. It’s kind of perfect for a romantic evening too.


Pocket TV

Connecting this Pocket TV to the HDMI port of any TV will transform it into a mini computer which will be running on Android -Ice Cream Sandwich and we can surf the net, download music, play games or simply surf on the web. It has a USB port so you can attach an external hard drive, a wireless keyboard and mouse and a video camera. The Pocket TV has a 1GHz processor, 4GB internal storage and uses Wi-Fi to connect to the internet.


Oculus Rift

This toy is a crazy headset which promises to make your gaming experience even crazier. It definitely replaces the typical computer display. The Oculus Rift gives its users a diagonal field of view that's limited to around 40 degrees. Currently there is still a lot of work being done on this device but when it’s done, it’s definitely going to be a treat for the diehard gamers!



We all wish for the Google Glass to arrive quickly so that we can have our hands on it. But there is something equally as good as it. Introducing GlassUp! It has a wearable display where we can check our emails and all our social media conveniently on our spectacles. The eyewear will be equipped with low-power Bluetooth technology so that we can connect it to our smart phones. The awesome feature about it is that it won’t have a camera. So the privacy is safe in our hands. Also, it will have a battery life of 150 hours and 8 hours of constant use.




Smart TVs

The What, Why, Where & When?! Who needs it?

There is still a fair amount of uncertainty among consumers when faced with Smart TV purchases. Queries such as "how do I hook it up to the Internet" are not uncommon with the less savvy crowd, while others are worried that Smart TVs require obligatory accessories which no one mentioned before. Now that we've given you an inkling to what a Smart TV is (on the previous page), here are answers to various scenarios to give you a better understanding on what's required to get that Smart TV up to speed. For what it's worth, we'd rather you hear it from us rather than a disreputable salesman after a quick buck, yes?

How do you get it online?

There are two ways to connect a Smart TV to your home broadband (or fiber) network. You may use the television's Ethernet port, or go wireless with Wi-Fi. Alternatively, you may also purchase a wireless adapter from the TV maker if the display does not carry any integrated options. Some TV makers actually bundle these adapters with the more premium models, so be sure to check the specs list before you purchase one. The Wi-Fi solution is often preferred since a wired Ethernet connection also suggests that your router has to be situated in close proximity to the TV. On that note, ensure that your router's DHCP is enabled in order to "add" the Smart TV to your network. Speed wise, a basic 6Mbps broadband plan should suffice to tackle simple tasks such as web surfing and standard video streams.


Is The Standard Remote Enough?

Quite honestly, the answer is no. If we could use a metaphor, attempting to navigate a web browser on a Smart TV is quite akin to writing with your non-master hand. Fortunately, most of the new Smart TV remotes are now fitted with gesture recognition or touch controls. One example is LG's Magic remote, which made its entrance two years ago with its point-and-click features. Samsung and Panasonic have also augmented their remotes with a touch pad recently, much like the one you use on a notebook. On top of that, how the TV handles text-entry is another component you shouldn't neglect, especially if you love to dabble in social media apps. Although a remote with a QWERTY keyboard is rarely seen on consumer models, it is infinitely easier to point and click at the onscreen keypad or use a remote app compared to a standard remote's alphanumeric keys. Most of the newer Smart TVs also support a USB keyboard and mouse.

What About Those Remote Apps?

Excellent question, dear Watson. Most Smart TVs also support remote apps on mobile operating systems like Apple's iOS and Google's Android. Essentially, you may use your smartphone or tablet as a makeshift remote with added features to boot. Let's use the Sony Media Remote app as an example. While Sony's application offers perks such as a virtual game pad and catch-and-throw features (to replicate content between TV and mobile device), we find the QWERTY touch-screen keyboard and Free Cursor functions to be the most helpful. The former is self-explanatory, while the latter enables you to use the phone or tablet as a touchpad to manage the onscreen cursor. There is a catch, however. In order to use these apps, the Smart TV needs to recognize and interact with your mobile device, and the only way to do so is to 'add' the mobile gadget to your existing network. On the other hand, this usually requires a one-time setup, so everything should be ready to go the next time you fire up your phone's or tablet's Wi-Fi.

How Can I Connect My PC or Notebook To The TV?

The majority of Smart TVs support DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) - an industry standard established by Sony for sharing digital data within the same network. You may connect a DLNA-certified server (like a PC or notebook) to share and stream data over to the Smart TV which acts as a DLNA client. Like the remote app, you'll have to ensure that both the TV and computer are both on the same network. If your system is running on Windows 7, you may use the embedded Windows Media Player 11 to stand in as a DLNA media server. Some brands have created their own spin on the DLNA standard, like 'AllShare' (recently re-badged as 'AllShare Play') by Samsung for instance. If you're unsure if a particular device supports DLNA, do check with the vendor for confirmation, or look out for the DLNA logo in the marketing collateral.


Various Platforms from Brands

Buying Tips

Smart TVs are powered by each brand's own proprietary software. In other words, no two Smart TV platforms are alike, very much like the OS fragmentation on smartphones with diverse operating systems like iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7, among others. Simply put, the web interface you see on a Sony TV won't be the same as the one on a Philips. Interestingly, however, Smart TVs actually share a lot in common with their smaller smartphone siblings. Not only do Smart TVs enable you to access web content and social media services (like smartphones do), but they also provide access to an online app store where you may download apps from. For that matter, each Smart TV model will undoubtedly differ in terms of their interface design and manageability.

•To reiterate - a 3D TV isn't necessarily a Smart TV, though most of the time 3D sets do come equipped with Smart TV features. •Don't assume that apps found on UK or US Smart TV models are available on app stores here as well. This applies to video-on-demand services in particular. If you're keen on a specific service, do check with the manufacturer if it's available locally. •If you foresee yourself spending more time on the web browser rather than multimedia apps, be sure to try out the Smart TV's browser when you're at the store. Some models have less responsive web browsers, while others do not support certain plug-ins like Java or Flash for instance.

What Else Do I Need To Know About Smart TVs?

We've almost come to the end of our Smart TV guide. Before we go, we'd like to leave you with some pointers to supplement what we've shared so far. Also keep in mind that you don't have to upgrade your old TV set in order to enjoy these so-called "smart" bonuses. As mentioned earlier, the current crop of Blu-ray decks in the market are also equipped with Smart TV features, such as LG's BD670 or Sony's BDP-S780 for example. On that note, we hope you'll be able to find a Smart TV which suits your needs. Happy shopping, and remember to shop smart!

•Not everyone has a thing for Wi-Fi. If you prefer a more stable wired LAN connection with a router that's out of reach, you might want to consider getting a pair of Powerline Adapters to extend your LAN network to the Smart TV. •To stream high-definition content, it's best to have a broadband speed of 10Mbps and above to avoid video stutters or intermittent buffering. •For optimal network performance, we'd recommend using a wireless N-router at the very least. •Remember to update the set's firmware periodically to receive new enhancements and to iron out any possible software chinks. •And lastly, do not purchase a Smart TV simply because you feel compelled by consumer trends. Most TV vendors offer a cheaper "non-Smart" alternative under their HDTV line-up if you prefer a more traditional display set.

Only Vu

makes TV with Built-in Computer • Built-in MAC / Windows 8 or 7 / Linux OS • HD 4000 Graphic Card with 500GB Storage capacity • Industry's best A+ Grade Achromatic Panel • Supports up to 16.7 million colors • Comes with Wireless Keyboard and Touchpad • Touch / Gesture / Mira-cast


Also Available Sizes: 3D LED TVs : 50 / 55 / 65 / 84 l LED TVs : 24 / 32 / 40 / 50 / 55



Cricket & Technology! By Robin Uthappa The Challenger trophy, where he made 66 Runs against India A in the year 2005 shot him to fame. In 2008, he joined the Mumbai Indians team and gave a tough fight to the opposing team, while the next year saw him join Royal Challengers Bangalore, which he was a part of for two years. Later, he made a move to Pune Warriors India for 3 years. A top scorer, genial and grounded, Robin Uthappa decodes his side of tech and experiences for Exhibit.


was born to be a Cricketer. My first memory of Cricket is as 2 year old, claiming sixes. I started playing cricket officially from the age of 7 at the BPCA in Bangalore.At the age of 8, I started playing for Karnataka in the U-13 category and have represented the state since then.Anyone who’s passionate about Cricket wants to eventually play for the Indian Cricket Team, and I was no different. In my debut against England, I opened the batting with Rahul Dravid who I extensively admire and who has inspired me through my junior cricketing days and still does. I scored 86 runs in that match and shared a 150 run opening partnership with him, which is very special to me.My T20 debut against Pakistan in the T20 World Cup 2007 in South Africa was also memorable for me as I scored a half century and was also a part of the bowl out where I doffed my cap to the crowd. In addition, opening the batting with Sachin Tendulkar in Commonwealth Bank Series Finals 2008 is also an experience that I sincerely cherish. I consider myself a gadget freak and have always kept myself updated with the latest gadgets and also know my way around any gadget. The Laptop I’m currently using is a Macbook Pro and the iPad 3. I use iPhone 5 and BB Porsche Design. I'm considering getting a Blackberry Q10 as I've just started using the BB again after a 2 year hiatus. I am also considering experimenting with a new phone perhaps the Samsung S4 or the Sony Xperia Z. I drive Mercedes E350 CDI, Honda Amaze and Hyundai i20 as I prefer hatchbacks to sedans and SUVs in Bangalore traffic! I use tons of apps and I really enjoy them. I use apps that keep me up-to-date with cricket and news around the world. I use apps such as Cricbuzz and Cricinfo for cricket updates around the world. I use Zomato and Burrp for food reviews and restaurants as I'm a big foodie. I also use travel apps such Makemytrip and Cleartrip. I also enjoy playinggames. I love playing Dots, Candy Crush,Flow Free, Temple Run, Angry Birds, Guess Brand and Ninjump. I also have some apps where I get inspirational quotes… it helps me stay inspired. If given a chance to invent a gadget, I'd like to invent a bowling machine which can upload the action of any bowler that I would bat against for the most realistic preparation for match time! The work load on bowlers, especially fast bowlers is a lot and sometimes there is a lack of quality fast bowling practice as an opening batsman and such an invention would be so useful and helpful for batsmen for some solid preparation for matches. I have both Twitter as well as a Facebook account. I recently got back on Twitter after a long hiatus and sincerely enjoy being on it as it allows me to keep in touch with my fans when I'm on the move. My twitter handle is RobinUthappa_26.

Earlier cricket scores were just auditory – on the radio. Because of Technology, the number of people who watch Cricket has increased. It has made Cricket more professional and competitive where players fight for every single run, wicket and any opportunity given by the opposition. Especially in T20 cricket, run outs, stumpings and no balls play a big role in the outcome of matches and because of technology matches have become closer and tighter and more enjoyable and exciting for the viewers of the game! In a way, it has made Cricketers answerable and thus, made them want to do better. Besides everything else, I’ve actually just started writing my blog and have come to realize that I enjoy writing much more than I thought I would! My first blogpost went up on 12th August, 2013 and it is the first in the series of four –five posts on my training experiences in Mumbai at the Mumbai Cricket Association, after the IPL 2013. I desire to continue writing and share my experiences with my fans and followers.

Laptop Macbook Pro Tablet iPAD 3 Mobile Phone Iphone 5,BB Porshe design Wheels Mercedes E350 CDI


You could read my blog on



Believe It or Not


which leads to heart failure.If the stem cells are eliminated, the heart is unable to repair after damage. If the cardiac stem cells are replaced the heart repairs itself, leading to complete cellular, anatomical and functional heart recovery, with the heart returning to normal and pumping at a regular rate.Also, if the cardiac stem cells are removed and re-injected, they naturally 'home' to and repair the damaged heart, a discovery that could lead to less-invasive treatments and even early prevention of heart failure in the future. This proves that your body is indeed a wonderland!! Computer chip like your brain: No matter how fast computer chips are, they cannot compete with the human brain. However, that may soon change. Electrical and computer engineering faculty Elisa Barney Smith, Kris Campbell and Vishal Saxena are joining forces on a project titled "CIF: Small: Realizing Chip-scale Bio-inspired Spiking Neural Networks with Monolithically Integrated Nano-scale Memristors."

Science is nothing but developed perception, interpreted intent, common sense rounded out and minutely articulated - George Santayana While Mr. Santayana hit the nail on its head, we take a look at some truly fascinating stories from the world of science.

Glowing Rabbits:

Sounds like we are hallucinating, doesn't it? Believe it or not, real fluorescent rabbits were recently born at the University of Istanbul, Turkey. Rabbits join a growing list of fluorescent fur-bearers. Genetic engineers have created glowing dogs, cats, pigs and mice by inserting a gene from a jellyfish into the mammals’ DNA. The jellyfish gene codes for a protein that emits light when exposed to ultraviolet light. The jellyfish gene adds an obvious physical change to an engineered animal. This allows scientists to know that genetic material successfully transferred into a new organism.The fluorescent rabbits could eventually produce proteins as well. Re-engineered rabbits could manufacture molecules that biologists would then collect from female fluorescent rabbits’ milk. Producing medicines and other chemicals using rabbits could be less expensive than fabricating the materials in factories.

Migration to Mars:

People move to other countries all the time, but people moving to another planet?? Sounds crazy, but Mars One wants to send humans on a one-way trip to the Red Planet in 2022. What sounds crazier is that 100,000 people have applied for a one-way trip to Mars. Only four individuals will be selected out of the 100,000 applicants. The ‘Mars One’ campaign plans to send four people to actually colonize our planetary next-door neighbor. Though it sounds fun, there are some risks involved. Scientists recently analyzed data sent back by NASA's intrepid rover Curiosity's radiation assessment detector during the rover’s nearly 9-month journey through space and found a serious amount of radiation bombarding the spacecraft. How will humans fare in that scenario? Only time will tell.

Your heart is a doctor:

Researchers at King's College London have for the first time highlighted the natural regenerative capacity of a group of stem cells that reside in the heart. This new study shows that these cells are responsible for repairing and regenerating muscle tissue damaged by a heart attack

Team members are experts in machine learning (artificial intelligence), integrated circuit design and memristor devices. Funded by a threeyear, $500,000 National Science Foundation grant, they have taken on the challenge of developing a new kind of computing architecture that works more like a brain than a traditional digital computer.The project's success rests on a memristor -- a resistor that can be programmed to a new resistance by application of electrical pulses and remembers its new resistance value once the power is removed.

Near Death Experiences (NDEs): We have heard a lot of stories and myths about NDEs. Now, scientists have a much clearer picture about NDEs. They observed brain activity in dying rats which may shed light on this mystery. Researchers at the University of Michigan analyzed the electrical signals in the brains of nine anaesthetized rats undergoing an induced cardiac arrest and saw activity patterns they said were associated with “a hyper-alerted state” shortly after clinical death. NDEs are mostly observed by cardiac arrest survivors. But scientists have increasingly been able to attribute people's experiences to physiological processes and now believe they result from unusual brain activity caused by reduced blood flow to the brain.Patients commonly report seeing a tunnel and a light, or a sensation of being outside one's own body, often with a sense of calm and inner peace. This study, performed in animals, is the first dealing with what happens to the neurophysiological state of the dying brain," said the study's lead author Dr. Jimo Borjigin. "We reasoned that if near-death experience stems from brain activity, neural correlates of consciousness should be identifiable in humans or animals even after the cessation of cerebral blood flow." However, the scientists were surprised by the high level of gamma frequency brain activity they observed, noting that "at near death, many known electrical signatures of consciousness exceeded levels found in the waking state, suggesting the brain is capable of well-organized electrical activity during the early stage of clinical death." Fascinating, isn’t it?

Coffee and Tea for a healthy Liver:

All you tea and coffee addicts, your addiction is actually helping your liver. An international team of researchers led by Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School (Duke-NUS) and the Duke University School of Medicine suggest that increased caffeine intake may reduce fatty liver in people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Using cell culture and mouse models, the study authors -- led by Paul Yen, M.D., associate professor and research fellow, and Rohit Sinha, Ph.D of the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School's Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disorders Program in Singapore -- observed that caffeine stimulates the metabolization of lipids stored in liver cells and decreased the fatty liver of mice that were fed a high-fat diet. These findings suggest that consuming the equivalent caffeine intake of four cups of coffee or tea a day may be beneficial in preventing and protecting against the progression of NAFLD in humans. So next time, someone warns you about excessive tea or coffee intake, you know what to say.


BEING AHEAD OF ITS TIME P ractically everyday we hear of how everything around is changing and getting advanced and how it can get even better! Now these would be all our products and gadgets. But moving away from the hardware side for a while, lets look deeper into the scenario of the only thing that connects the world together. If for 1 hour, the world would be without it, it might just crash for that while. We thank the INTERNET for being a part of our life. But can the internet get even more advanced than it already is?

Well, YES! Great minds have a lot to talk about the internet. They expect the internet to be something completely different in maybe the next 50 years. Maybe the common man wouldn't understand it at this point. These changes will definitely change our life for sure. Lets point out that this is more of how we imagine the internet to be. Probably not exactly of how it will be. But the concepts are yet pretty neat.

Hoping for the future … 1)Video wristwatches which will allow us to see and talk to anyone, anywhere. Companies like Apple, Samsung are already working on Smartwatches. So this is something we can definitely see happening in the near future. 2)Virtual reality will actually no longer just be something we see in movies. It will be like the new instant messenger and that will be all we need! 3)Smart technology might actually become so advanced that it can be incorporated into almost any fabric such as our coat sleeve or even a shoe. Damn that would be a lot of fun for sure! 4)Microchips implanted in your arm will serve as library cards, a driver's license and emergency medical records. 5)ROBOTS! Lets not forget about them. Who knows, in the next 50 years, robots might just out number humans, umm, “just might”. Instead of kids wanting iPads and smartphones for their birthdays, they might start asking for Robots instead. Too bad we aren't born in the next generation. Robots will be able to recognize our thoughts and respond to our commands as well. It has predicted that they might be invisible too. How is technology going to pick that that speed in 50 years, lets hope to be around to find out. Haha!

Guessing for the future... Researchers and people who study the future, so called the "futurists" - have predicted that a technological "Singularity" is


coming in the next 40 to 100 years. This is also known as "the Spike." These experts say this Singularity might happen because our machines and tools are getting so smart they will soon become smarter than us. Well that is something which really confuses us. We made it!Can they really become smarter than us!? We really have to wait for another 100 years to know about that. If humans know how to reproduce, than so will the machines. They will know how to built themselves without human help. Okay so the probability that they might out number us does become a possibility. Scary! If a Singularity does infact happen, it could bring changes so fast, it could be like they are bringing us all on a superfast rocket ride and taking us straight into space! Singularity or not, developing technological advances are already having a huge impact on our lives. The Spike will be marked by a point in which technical progress will be moving so fast that some human intelligence won't be able to keep up with it. Just the way we would function would be so different. Things around us would change so much that adapting to them would be the only option. Hope it just brings us some positivity!

Toshiba P50 Series Laptop Page No. 56


Enter, BB’s Q5 Page No. 64

Videocon A55HD Panasonic P51 simmtronics xpad LG optimus G-PRO Radarcan Photo fast i-FLASH DRIVE wickedleak phone


BEAUTY AND.. ALMOST EVERYTHING! Toshiba P50 Series Laptop R39,831/Reviewed By: Karishma Mody

Specifications •Windows 8 •15.6 HD LED display •Intel Pentium Processor i3 1.9 GHz Processor •4GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM •750GB SATA HDD •8x DVD-RW •4-Cell Lithium Ion Prismatic Battery •2 x harman/kardon speakers with dts sound, 24-bit Stereo with Intel® High Definition Audio

First Impressions

At first sight, when the laptop arrived, it was wrapped in a nice sleek box and I was pretty keen and rather curious to know what the Japanese multinational has thought about this time. It was an absolute delight to begin with! This gorgeous model was pretty thin, came in a metallic silver which was oh so smooth and sleek. It gave it a very polished and neat attire. They had their logo on the corner below on the side which I liked. It wasn’t In the middle making it look boring like the other laptops. Probably a little heavy, but not so heavy that we would have to whine about it. We don’t expect it to be super light anyway. On opening the flap, the well placed black keys stole the attention. They were perfectly well spaced, making it very easy and convenient to type. Again, below the keys was the metallic finish which made it look very appealing. On top was the horizontal speaker panel with the power button the right. The white LED below it was quite fancy. The track pad was darkish grey with the usual 2 soft keys. The 15 inch screen was nice and typically designed.



The design is great and it looks really good, The display is indeed very polished. The music quality is brilliant to begin with! The speakers really give you an added benefit. The slim design makes it very attractive. Not being very heavy, it can be easily carried around. The keypad looks great and feels great too. In all, Toshiba has provided us with a good piece we can love! For the price, the P50 series would be a good deal. It is affordable which makes it through the top list for consumers.

Review The tag line goes, “looks polished, and sounds charming”, and it couldn’t be more apt. The design is super elegant and comes in a premium brushed Metallic Smart Silver finish with chrome accents on the lid. Being thinner than 24mm, the P Series adopts a great slim profile. It operates on Intel® Core ™ i3-3227U 1.9 GHz Processor with a 3MB Cache. The P50 series comes equipped with a 4GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM (expandable up to 16GB), a 750GB SATA HDD with 3D Motion Sensor protection and host of connectivity options including 2 x USB 3.0 (1 port supports USB sleep-n-charge), 2 x USB2.0 and HDMI port. If we had to talk about the sound quality of the laptop, it has been one of the best ones I have come across in a long time. The two harman/kardon speakers are embedded in a dedicated metal-mesh speaker grill placed above the frame-less tile keyboard along with a built-in slim 8X DVD super multi-drive and a 39.6 cm (15.6 inch) HD clear SuperView LED backlit display, with

an aspect ratio of 16:9, making the Satellite P50 series ideal for working on documents, watching movies, and even enjoying some serious gaming. Toshiba weren’t kidding when they mentioned the sound to be charming!! Our laptops are with us almost wherever we go. Having a stylish one definitely sets a style statement. The P series is perfect for the fashion conscious consumer making work and play, both stylish. The display is pretty crisp and it comes in Full HD and a TruBrite display. This Windows 8 P50 Laptop has a 15.6-inch display. It has a strong body, quite easy to hold and doesn’t keep slipping off. It is definitely easy to type on this one and you will quite enjoy it as well. When tested, the battery life was good. Lasted for a good 6-7 working hours even if the music on. We didn’t have much to complain about. What was a little uncomfortable wound be the trackpad. We found it a little fragile. Not strong solid as it should be. The soft pad keys on it were a little

wobbly. You might take a second more to find the right click. Might be a little frustrating. Another feature which was really disappointing was that it isn’t have a touch screen display. We cannot sadly enjoy the Windows 8 OS as it was intended to be. In other features, it comes with Bluetooth, Wifi, built in camera which is integrated with face recognition feature and a microphone. No blu-ray drive too.


Leaving A Finger-printed Mark The Videocon A55HD R13,499/Reviewed By: Chaitanya Tapase


5” 720p OGS capacitive touchscreen 1.2 GHz quad-core processor Android v4.2.1 (Jelly Bean) 8 MP rear cam with LED flash, 720p video 3.2MP front cam, 480p video 1 GB RAM, 4GB internal ROM microSD card slot


With a few improvements here and there, this could have been a great phone in the mid-range of Android smartphones, but even so – it’s rather enticing for an asking price that has already fallen below 13K on the streets. If you can live with the slightly pink tinge on the camera images, or can manually adjust it to your liking – this phone can be your daily driver. Of course, at this price, there are barely any phones that will meet all your expectations, anyway.

First Impressions

Budget smartphones seem to be getting a whole lot better, largely due to the much improved OS experience of Android, and also because manufacturers are now paying more attention to the build quality. Even though we’ve seen some great phones from the Chinese, our Indian counterparts are not far behind. Videocon hopes to join that league with the A55HD – a quad-core powered, HD screen equipped smartphone for the average buyer. Plastic feel aside, the device did remind me a lot of the HTC Butterfly, in terms of sheer design. But, is it worth the dough?


The A55 HD is made completely of plastic and even the OGS (One Glass Solution) is no Gorilla Glass – hence the need for a screen protector. But, that does leave fingerprints galore on the screen as well as the glossy


plastic back, which is a big turn off. The slightly concave-ish design does make it comfortable to hold, though, especially with some metallic grilles on the side panels. The top panel houses an awkwardly placed power/lock button which is rather close to the micro-USB port and on the corner is a standard 3.5mm jack. The phone runs on Android v4.2.1 with a powerful 1.2 GHz quad-core ARM v7 processor, ably supported by 1GB of RAM. There is also 4GB of internal storage, of which only 1GB is available to the user – which can be expanded with the use of a microSD card. All this doesn’t mean that the phone benchmarks like a boss, but considering the competition at the price point, it’s not shabby at all. Fluidity of use, nice clean stock Android experience and well managed hardware makes the phone a compelling buy. But after fidgeting a bit more, I noticed how the Auto-brightness of the display kept correcting itself unnecessar-

ily and the slight ‘pink’ tinge of the display. That got worst when clicking images with the camera using default settings, which included video capture as well. Ignoring these glitches, however, the phone was quite good and rather enjoyable to use. The screen brightness might not give the sharpest colour reproductions, but it is pleasant and natural looking. I tried the phone for the first week as a social media addict and the next week as a gaming junkie. Of course, the experience with SM was great, but gaming wasn’t mind-blowing. Also, some of the more demanding games heated the phone up and drained the battery quite a bit. Voice quality and video-calling was also a pleasure to use, but the big brownie points go to the speakers that are loud and clear without feeling overbearing.

Off target

Panasonic P51 R19,990/-


Reviewed By: Allwyn D’souza

Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean), Google Play Store. Dual-SIM (GSM), Quad-band. 5” multi-touch capacitive IPS panel with pixel dimensions of 1280x720. Display protected by scratch-resistant Asahi Dragontrail glass. MediaTek MT6589 SOC with 1.2 GHz quadcore CPU, PowerVR 544 GPU. 1 GB RAM, 4 GB internal storage, MicroSD card slot. 8 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash, 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera. Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth 4.0, A-GPS, FM radio, 3.5 mm stereo jack. 2500 mAh battery


Overall, the phone does a decent job considering this is Panasonic’s first smart-phone in India. The internal memory is really low, especially for the price that you pay. The phone’s competitors are offering better phones at a lower price. However, Panasonic is a brand which is recognized worldwide. That may just tilt the odds in Panasonic’s favour.

First Impressions

Suddenly, there is a surge of big screened smart-phones in the market. The Panasonic P51 is one of them. This is Panasonic’s first and only smart-phone for the Indian market. You would expect the P51 to be a low end phone, but Panasonic has priced it at 19,990 INR. Hence, it slots straight into the mid-range category. The build and design is impressive but the competition is fierce in the smart-phone market. The Panasonic P51s main competitors are phones from Micromax, Karbonn, Lava, iBall, Spice and Intex.


The design is decent. The Panasonic P51 has a unibody design, which means you can’t remove the battery. It has rounded corners and a big screen. The body looks neat, devoid of

the usual physical buttons. The Power button and the volume rocker are the only exception. The phone feels a bit wider than most other smart-phones that size.

to start-up. You get 1 GB of RAM. The phone comes with 4 GB of internal storage, of which only 1.22 GB is user accessible. Thankfully, the phone packs in a microSD card slot.

The Panasonic P51 has a 5 inch screen with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels. The display is quite sharp. For scratch resistance, Panasonic has used Asahi Dragontrail glass, which is claimed to be better than the popular Gorilla Glass. While the display looks good, we have seen better displays than this.

Panasonic P51 has an auto focus 8 megapixel rear facing camera and a 1.3 megapixel front facing camera. The camera does a good job. The results were good in well-lit as well as low-lit conditions. Auto focus also does a decent job. Panasonic has not overlaid a unique user interface over the camera app and it comes in standard modes like panorama, smile detect and HDR, but not multi-angle, which is a sweeping panorama made of multiple angles of a picture stitched into a single snap. The phone is supported by a 2500 mAh battery. Surprisingly, the battery lasted for over a day. I browsed internet, played a few games, music, Whatsapp and used it for calling. I didn’t need the charger for more than a day. Good job, Panasonic.

The phone runs on Android Jelly Bean 4.2.1. The interface is neat. Panasonic hasn’t made any changes to stock Android (version 4.2.1). It feels like using a Nexus device. The phone also supports landscape mode throughout the UI. The phone supports Quick start feature that lets you boot the phone in just 10 seconds. However, once the battery has been entirely drained, the phone takes around 40 seconds


SUCCESSOR TO THE “ONE” THE HTC ONE DUAL SIM Price-`46,495/Reviewed By: Karishma Mody

Specifications Dual SIM Cards 4.7” Full HD Super LCD3 screen Android OS v4.1.2 Jelly Bean 1.7 GHz quad-core processor 4 Ultra-pixel Camera, 1080p video 2.1MP secondary camera, 1080p video 32GB internal storage, microSD card slot up to 64 GB 2GB RAM

When the HTC One was about to release, people could hardly wait to get their hands on it after just having one look at its magnificent design. It was simply gorgeous! It was the full package of brilliant mechanism and body. Soon enough, HTC announced its successor which was the HTC One Dual SIM. Now the main question which many of us wondered was... WHY SWITCH TO A DUAL SIM SMARTPHONE? Does it even make a difference? Firstly, it’s so much easier than carrying two phones. That is the main purpose why someone would even opt for it in the first place.. Makes life a little more convenient. Separating your hard-core working life with your personal space is a bliss. If the network on one SIM is low, you can always depend on the other one to give you a good network coverage. You will always be connected to matter what! Now you might think that using two SIM cards will seem a bit more expensive, it’s actually the other way round! Using two separate SIM Cards with different tariffs falls cheaper. Another reason why Dual SIM makes sense. If you are a frequent traveler, maybe a Dual SIM phone would be even more convenient for you. When overseas, pop in a local SIM card and pay the same rates as the local people and when you need to, you can use your main SIM card for those urgent calls back to the motherland. So clearly, we have given you quite a few reasons to opt for this beauty!

First Impressions

To begin with, it really isn’t really your typical ohso-heavy phone. Having a good or rather a brilliant aluminium finish, it feels just right in your hand. The smooth panel and the perfect screen does in fact kill it. The first look as we open the back panel is of course, the Dual SIM Slot which supports Micro-SIM and dual stand by. It’s a different change to have the dual speakers in the front and divided into the top and bottom. Not many phones have thought of this positioning. And yes, we do still love the way it just looks. You can also call the best looking Android Phone. A tag bit bigger than the previous One but the dimensions aren’t really going to make a big difference. Not satisfied reading it ,watch it live.


Verdict We thought that the HTC One has set the highest standard for Android Smartphones in the market but damn, they proved that even they can get better with the HTC One Dual SIM. For all those who want to own the best, you cannot get a better and a super gorgeous phone like this! It gives you the best user experience you can ask for. NO ARGUMENTS!

Call Options: you can choose which sim to dial from, you can also rename the slots for example- sim-1 could be pers (personal) and sim-2 could be offi (for office use),only catch is 4 letters will show.Which dosent make the call charges any cheaper, so we can live with that!


If we had to move from just the superficial aspect of the smartphone, in indeed has a lot to offer just like the HTC One. Making its mark across Apple and Samsung isn’t really easy. But they managed it beautifully. HTC was the first manufacturer to bring 1080p display with the HTC Butterfly and once again it has taken it a step ahead by cramping 1080p resolution into beautiful full HD screen fitted in a 4.7� display. The advantage of this it that the HTC One has the highest pixel per inch density of 468 which blows away all its competitors. Weighing at about 143g, it almost has the same features as the HTC One. It is still as slim as before and does have the HTC BoomSound with Beats Audio. It has BlinkFeed, Zoe and other new features which was brought by Sense UI 5.0. It runs on Android v4.1.2 which is very soon planning to get its 4.2.2 update. Apart from dual-SIM capabilities in this variant, it has also removable micro-SD card

slot, which makes it another selling point in favor of HTC One, as many users including me, do prefer micro-SD card slot. Rest of the specifications are the same as the single SIM model of HTC One. Since the dual SIM variant has removable micro-SD card slot up to 64GB, it comes with downgraded internal memory of 16GB, in comparison to the currently selling 32GB HTC One single SIM variant in India. It has the 1.7 GHz processor with a 2GB RAM. The much talked about 4 Ultra-pixel Camera comes with HTC Zoe and has a 2.1 MP front facing camera. It gives a great result and the pictures feel super smooth and crisp. It has been made better as the flash is now more efficient. Though I wish there was a power button on the side rather than on the top. It would have made the phone a lot easier to maneuver. A few other minor changes from the HTC One would be the fact that the original flip clock is replaced with a cleaner digital one. One

main screen is now permanently used for BlinkFeed. The lock screen has also undergone some major changes with an introduction of a small lock icon which needs to be dragged up instead of the tradition ring like one before. Well these would just be a few minor changes which that would have made it a better user experience for the consumer.


Lava Iris 504Q:

Jelly Bean Delight R13,499/Reviewed By: Allwyn D’souza


1.2 GHz Quad Core Processor 1GB RAM 5 Inch 720p Display Dual SIM Support 8 MP Camera with LED Flash 2MP Front Facing Camera 4 GB On-Board Storage Micro SD Slot 2000 MAh Battery


Apart from the camera, this phone is really impressive. Especially, for the money that you spend on it. The screen and the interface is top notch. As I said, Jelly Bean has really improved Android phones, specially the low end ones. If you are on a limited budget, then look no further. The Iris 504Q is the one for you.

First Impressions

Not satisfied with this review, watch the video review

‘Motion’ and ‘Gesture’ control is the future of smart-phones. Samsung Galaxy S4 started that trend and now Indian phone makers are following it. The Lava Iris 504Q is one the first phones to have that feature. It responds to hand gestures without the need to touch the phone’s screen. The Lava Iris 504Q offers you this and so much more for less than 14k.


The Lava Iris 504Q looks like any other Android phone from a distance. Only when you hold it on your hand, you will realize how classy the phone is. This device is slim with a really premium look. It is a light weight phone and fits well in your hand. The 5 inch screen IPS screen is powered with OGS Technology and HD Resolution (1280 × 720). The phone also has accelerometer, light, proximity,


magnetic and Gyro sensors. What will really impress you is the touch. It is quite smooth and responsive. The power button is on the right, volume rockers on the left and 3.5mm audio jack on the top along with micro USB port. The intelligent flip cover is another attraction. When you flip open the cover the handset automatically wakes up (you still need to unlock). The Iris 504Q is powered by 1.2 GHz Quad Core Processor and when you are using heavy apps, it shows. The phone comes with pre-installed Mortal Combat 2, while you can download other games from the Google PlayStore. One feature that really stands out is the Android version. The Lava Iris 504Q runs on Jelly Bean 4.2.1. I have to admit, Android Jelly Bean has really improved smartphone experience. According to latest Google statistics, Jelly Bean is now the most used version on smartphones, overtaking the popular Gingerbread and with

the Iris 504Q, it isn’t hard to see why. The interface is really smooth and makes the user experiencepleasurable. You can perform actions such as clicking photos, changing tracks on the music player and video player, tuning FM channels and browsing the gallery using gesture controls. The gesture controls looked a bit shaky. Rather than waving your hand in front of the smartphone you can simply swipe your finger in front of the front facing camera to perform the action. This was not only easier to do, but was a lot more accurate as well, without any touch-induced shake. The 8MP camera is average at best. The performance is decent in daylight and well-lit conditions. However, the images, when viewed in their actual size show loss of detail. So if you are looking for a phone with the camera as its main attraction, then look elsewhere.

XPad Mini SuperTab Super Indeed R9,999/Reviewed By: Allwyn D’souza


7.85” IPS panel Screen with Capacitive Touch Panel 3G Support, USB Dongle 5MP rear camera with 2MP front camera Dimension – 8.0* 134*200mm 3 axle load sensors with automatic four directions display. Battery 3.7V/4000Mah, Li-ion Polymer 3D-G SENSOR Memory – Internal NAND Flash 8GB with 32GB external RAM 1GB DDR3


From the XPad X722 to the XPad SuperTab, Simmtronics has shown massive improvement. While there isn’t a SIM card slot, the overall performance makes up for it. The SuperTab offers you a lot more than just a good screen. At less than 10k, very few tablets offer you the quality that the XPad Mini SuperTab does. So if you are on a limited budget and do not require the calling option, then the XPad SuperTab is a good buy.

First Impressions

Simmtronics. Does that name ring a bell? We reviewed the Simmtronics XPad X722 in our July issue. While the display didn’t impress us then, I can say that Simmtronics has turned the tables now. The SuperTab’s IPS HD display is fantastic.Once you get over the display, the other features do not disappoint you either. A tablet with a quad core processor and 1GB RAM for under 10k will certainly turn a few heads.


As I said, the most impressive feature is the 7.8 inch IPS HD display. The screen resolution is good. The colours are bright and do full justice to any image or video. Using social media websites like Instagram and Pinterest

is a real joy on the IPS HD screen. The tablet is powered by a quad core processor and a 1GB RAM. Temple Run 2 comes preinstalled on it and the game runs really smoothly. The game did not lag at any point. Credit goes to the processor and the RAM. I also tried a few other games and the result was the same. No complains while using heavy apps either. The XPad Mini SuperTab runs on Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean). I have to admit, Android Jelly Bean has really improved user experience. According to latest Google statistics, Jelly Bean is now the most used version on smartphones, overtaking the popular Gingerbread. The interface is really smooth. You can scroll through the screens without any lag. The SuperTab comes with 8GB inbuilt and up to 32GB external memory. So you have plenty of room to

download your favorite apps. The XPad Mini SuperTab comes with a 5MP camera. The pictures taken both indoor and outdoor were disappointing. But then again, camera isn’t the main feature of the SuperTab. There is a 2MP front facing camera which can be used for video calls. The tablet has HDMI support which enables you to share photos and videos on your TV or computer monitor. One thing that may put you off is that the XPad Mini SuperTab does not enable calling. A lot of other low end tablets are available which support calling. However, you can connect to the internet using WiFi and a 3G dongle. Browsing using WiFi seemed stable. Web text and images look good on this rich IPS HD display. Instagram and Pinterest will keep you glued to the SuperTab.


The Smaller Sibling Enter, BB’s Q5 R24,990/-

Reviewed By: Chaitanya Tapase


3.1” TFT IPS LCD touchscreen + keypad 1.2 GHz Snapdragon dual-core CPUs BlacBerry OS 10.1 2GB RAM 5 MP primary camera with LED flash, 720p video 2MP front cam, 720p video 8 GB internal storage, microSD card slot


For BB fanboys, the Q5 is the most affordable smartphones based on their newest OS – the 10.1. It’s got the same design qualities as the Q10, but inferior materials which leave a lot of smudges on the glass and the glossy plastic back panel. Multimedia experience is expectedly lacklustre and the selling point is the Enterprise level features and security built into the device like so many BB’s. With great battery life and a poor multimedia experience, it is no surprise to note who this device is primarily created for..


Not satisfied with this review, watch the video review

First Impressions

Making good on their intention of releasing a more ‘affordable’ QWERTY styled smartphone, BB launched the Q5 for almost half the asking price of the Q10. Yes, it does have a plastic body which loves your fingerprints on it, but it certainly feels worth the dough as it is much lighter on your pocket. It is as similar to the Q10 as it tries to be different. It feels a lot lighter in the hand, but the quality has taken a hit to accommodate the cheaper price tag. Is it really worth, thought? Read on.


Gone is the Super AMOLED of the Q10 and in comes the trusted IPS LCD, on the same 1:1 aspect ratio ‘box’ screen on the Q5. That does make visibility in bright light that bit better, but does compromise on colour saturation. On paper, there is really not that much differ-


ence between the Q5 and Q10, but once you start digging deeper the differences really start coming out. There is only 8GB of in-built storage compared to the 16 in the Q10, but the microSD card can support up to 64GB, up from 32GB for the Q10. The chipset is different too, but overall the BB OS 10 performs just as fluidly and without any stutter, with the 3.1” touch screen being fairly decent to work with. There is a downgraded 5MP cam on the back of the Q5, however the image quality feels just the same. Not a strong point of the BB enterprise-minded operations, multimedia is a disappointing experience – largely due to the 1:1 aspect ratio which is neither enjoyable nor immersive. Where the Q5 does shine through, though, is the ease with which it can handle all your work-related activities. Be it setting appointments, replying to mails, or syncing

Surprisingly the smaller sibling has been given a bigger battery – coming in at 2180 mAh, which certainly lasts longer than a day, which is definitely more than any Android smartphone in the market. There aren’t too many modes to customize the level of battery consumed, but the product does charge quickly and discharges slowly – which is good news for people who want just that.

various accounts. BB fan-boys will feel right at home with these, though others (like me) would need a little time figuring out the nittygritties. Design-wise, it just felt like a smaller sibling of the Q10, with the micro-HDMI port missing on the left side being the biggest difference. It does have 8 GB of internal storage for all your multimedia and work files, plus a microSD card slot to support expansion up to 64GB. The dual-core processor in conjunction with the the 2GB of RAM ensure a smooth and flawless performance, but not one that can be enjoyed with too many apps. There just aren’t that many on the BlackBerry World – something that will need to be kept in mind while making the purchase. The call quality and 3G functionality was excellent, but you have to wonder how BB can survive in this highly competitive market.

Everything you need to create anything. Adobe® Creative Cloud™ gives you all-new versions of your favorite apps like Photoshop® and Illustrator and ongoing access to new features and products as soon as they’re released. Store and sync your es, share folders, and plug in to the world’s leading creative community. It’s your entire creative world. All in one place.

Plans for individuals Single App


1,000Per Month

2,700Per Month



• A full version of selected apps • 20 GB of cloud storage • Limited access to services

• Full versions of every app • 20 GB of cloud storage • Full access to services

For more information contact us at +91 8088928856 or email us at © 2013 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved. Adobe, the Adobe logo, Creative Cloud, the Creative Cloud logo, Creative Suite, Photoshop, and Illustrator are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. 65 I EXHIBIT I SEPTEMBER 2013

Give Me More

Of The LG Optimus G Pro R42,500/-

Reviewed By: Chaitanya Tapase


5.5” Full HD IPS Plus LCD screen Android OS v4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) 1.7 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 Processor 2 GB RAM 16GB internal storage, microSD card slot support up to 64GB 13MP primary camera with LED flash, 1080p video 2.1MP secondary camera, 1080p video 3140 mAh battery


The great build quality, amazingly beautiful IPS Plus LCD screen and a powerhouse of a performer – all make the Optimus G Pro a whole lot stronger in the high-end market than the Optimus G. But, it does face really stiff competition and you can’t blame us for being spoilt for options by the likes of HTC and Samsung. It’s got a good package rolled into one solid performing quad-core smartphone, with a great camera and good battery life too. If you can afford it, you certainly won’t be disappointed with it.

First Impressions

LG have had a great year, but surprisingly haven’t seemingly capitalized on it. They got a chance to make the Nexus 4 phone last year, which is still one of the best ‘droids out there, and this newest Optimus G Pro looks like it can hit the nail in the head where the Optimus G missed out on. Yes, it’s got excellent hardware, some intriguing software and also the backing of the entire R&D unit of LG. But, with its shimmering looks and nice metal band edges, is facing rather uphill battles with the likes of HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4.


Right from the shimmering box and the back panel (reminiscent of the Nexus 4) we clearly see the intent into making the Optimus G Pro the flagship device for LG. The build quality certainly improves over the Optimus G with



The 13MP snapper is a stellar performer, especially for all those who love taking quick pictures and sharing on your social networking sites. It does have a customized UI with plenty of interesting features including the intelligent auto mode and a VR panorama mode too. The only gripe I had was with the HDR video not living up to the mark.

more rounded corners, bevelled screen glass and even the camera bumping nicely out of the back panel. It feels great to hold and use but is on the heavier side (172 gms) compared to the only 130 gms of the Galaxy S4, but is still lighter than the Note II (183gms) which is of the same size. Once you unlock and start fiddling around the highly customized Optimus UI which lets you make use of the large screen estate with the ‘Q’ apps, namely QuickMemo& Q-slide that lets you multi-task as efficiently as anyone can, on a smartphone. Though some of these seem inspired by Samsung, it’s not hard to see why they’ll be useful for every device. The Android 4.1.2 experience is buttery smooth as you’d expect, with Project Butter really providing the smoothness and the LG Optimus UI providing the embellishment. On benchmarks, this thing is a beast – it

Not satisfied with this review, watch the video review

really destroys competition provided by most 5” 1080p display quad-core powered phones – like a boss! We threw tons of different multimedia at it, pushed its limits by playing dozens of high-end graphics consuming games, but the Optimus G Pro was prepared for more. Always. The only down-side proved to be the slightly heavier weight, especially for all those who don’t work out at all, it feels heavy after 3 stages of intense Dead Trigger. There are also HTC One-inspired ‘IR’ functionalities, but they are being side-lined by more and more apps turning up on Google Play. Battery life is rather good too, with the device lasting us a day easily with average use and almost till night with very heavy use.

Of Innovations & Repellents The Radarcan SC-12R

TBA Euro 99 (International) Reviewed By: Chaitanya Tapase


Ultrasound Emitter 110 V / 240 V feeding 8 W power consumption 15.5 x 15.5 x 7 cm. dimensions


For a solution that comes without the ill-effects mentioned above, the SC-12R from Radarcan is certainly an innovative device. The less power consumption and ease of use as well as portability of use, it is certainly worth the current (international) asking price of 99 Euros. The only down-side is that it will emit the waves in a single direction (though it does have 2 outward facing holes), it still might not cover a very large warehouse where we see most rodent problems.

First Impressions

Innovations exist in almost corners of the world, but only some are really good and even fewer are intriguing and fascinating. So, when we heard of a company trying to pitch itself as an electronic rodent repellent, we naturally took it with a pinch of salt. But, then again, if we aren’t open to all possible types of innovations, then what good are we? So, here’s a look at the SC-12R from Radarcan.


Primarily a Spanish company, Radarcan has several intriguing products that makes use of technology to repel the peskiest bugs that are part of our daily lives. The SC-12R is targeted at rats (rather, all rodents) and can protect you up to a range of 500 square meters indoor and about 100 outdoors. How does it really work?

Quite simple, really – all you have to do is plug in the adapter to a wall socket and voila – the box-shaped device will start emitting ultrasonic waves which we humans are unable to hear, but are certainly audible to rodents. It’s that irritating high pitch frequency that we all stay away from, and since it’s so high that humans can’t hear it- rodents stay as far from it as they can. We tested it overnight at a premise we knew was infested with a few rodent friends (!) and we were happy to note that none of them created any havoc in the morning. Of course, the only down-side is that the emitting panel is only at the front, so the area directly behind in any room might not be as protected. Hence, placing of the device becomes utmost importance. But, it does save you the trouble of inhaling vicious fumes from bug sprays

that cause various breathing anomalies. At the same time, there is no chance of your hearing getting affected in any way, as these ultrasonic waves are completely inaudible to the human ear. The other great thing is, since the device consumes only 8W of power, even if you have it running the whole night – it won’t hike your electricity bills. It’s a nominal price to pay for being rodent-free, in any settlement which is meant for humans. Plus, it’s also more humane as you don’t need to deal with dead rodents all over the place, the rodents will simply scurry away from any place which has the SC-12R implanted.

Fast & Useful For iDevices

The PhotoFasti-FlashDrive HD R13,000 (approx.) Reviewed By: Chaitanya Tapase


USB Storage device 16 GB internal storage 30 and 9-pin connector for Apple devices 2 x 1 x 0.3 inches 17 gms approx. weight


The PhotoFasti-Flash Drive makes it fairly easy to transfer files to and from your iPhone or iPad and PC. With a standard thumb drive, you’ll miss out on the intuitive and fluid user experience of managing files that PhotoFast’s app offers. It’s up to you to decide if this convenience is worth the high price tag and middling transfer speeds.

To Buy the same visit or call +91 9833122253

First Impressions

Apple products are usually great, but they do leave a lot to be desired when it comes to moving data from one place to another. Not everyone can get access to Wi-Fi networks to make full use of the iCloud functionality, but we all need to move our files around no matter how large they are. Since tablets are smartphones don’t support USB functionality and Apple devices don’t have ‘Mass Storage’ mode, it’s been a problem for iUsers. Not anymore, with the PhotoFasti-FlashDrive HD which lets you use it like a pen drive for your iDevices. Anytime. Anywhere. But is it really good?


The PhotoFasti-FlashDrive sports a sleek design with a white, glossy plastic body. It features the same shiny white exterior that’s become the staple of Apple’s accessories and chargers. On one end you’ll find a USB 2.0 plug and on the other is a removable Light-


ning dock connector compatible with Apple’s iPhone 5, iPad 3 and iPad 4. The 9-pin connector acts as a cap that comes off to reveal the 30-pin dock connector for previous generation Apple products.Measuring 2 x 1 x 0.3 inches and weighing only 0.6 ounces, the PhotoFasti-Flash Drive fits into the palm of your hand with ease.Although the PhotoFasti-Flash Drive impressed us with its user-friendly app, it performs slowly compared to USB 3.0 drives. After plugging the PhotoFasti-Flash Drive into your iPhone or iPad, it prompts you to download its accompanying app. After the installation, you can begin transferring and managing files immediately.PhotoFast’s utility app is smooth, intuitive and organized, resembling the interface you would find in an iOS Settings menu. When opening the app you’re greeted with four options: You can choose to back up your contacts, view files on your iOS device, add files to the flash drive, or use the cloud to

interact with your Dropbox account.However, we found the Dropbox integration to be sluggish and buggy when we tried to connect our account. Pressing the “Dropbox” button directs users to a screen where they are asked to enter their email address and password, but the app froze on multiple occasions when we tried to do this.The PhotoFast app makes it easy to create folders and port photos from your device. A “+” symbol at the bottom of the screen launches a sub-menu of actions. Clicking the “From Library” option automatically breaks down your photo gallery into three neat options: Camera Roll, Instagram and My Photo Stream. After choosing a photo, the app lets you customize the image quality and photo size before transferring it to the drive. The i-Flash Drive took no time to copy a 1.09 MB photo at the highest image quality from our iPad4.

Makes you passionate Wammy Passion Z+ R15,990/Reviewed By: Allwyn D’souza


5 inches FHD IPS display with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS 1.5 GHz Quad-Core MediaTek MT6589 Turbo processor 1 GB RAM, 4 GB internal storage, expandable up to 64 GB 13 Megapixel rear camera with 2 Megapixel front camera Dual-SIM 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS 2500 mAh battery


The Wammy Passion Z+ does the basics right. For `15,990, it offers you value for your money. You get the taste of a good display, fast processor and decent camera. One disadvantage is that brand isn’t really popular right now. So maybe that will add to your hesitation. But we certainly expect the phone to provide tough competition to the likes of Micromax and Lava.

First Impressions

The Wammy Passion Z+ is WickedLeak’s latest Android smartphone. It is the successor to the previously launched Wammy Passion Z. This phone provides direct competition to many low end Android smartphones from Indian and Chinese manufacturers. The Passion Z+ offers good features for a low price. Thanks to phones like Wammy Passion Z+, even people on a limited budget can enjoy the prowess of a big screen, good display, fast processor and latest Android platform. Once thing that we can say, WickedLeak has not compromised when it comes to the design. The phone looks good, though it has a plastic body.


The phone comes with an impressive 5 inch FHD IPS display, which offers 1920 × 1080 pixels resolution. When you put the phone on, the introductory graphics will disappoint you. But that is the only time, the display will leave

you disappointed. What follows next is a rich display of vibrant colors. Yes, it gave me a feeling that I had a high end phone in my hand. The viewing angles are good and the display does a good job outdoors. The phone runs on Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean). Android has taken the user experience to another level with Jelly Bean. The interface is smooth. No complains about that. However, there were times when the phone did lag a bit. The Wammy Passion Z Plus gets a camera upgrade from the Passion Z’s 12MP unit. The device carries a 13MP camera which is quite impressive for a device costing under 20,000 INR. The camera performed quite well in both indoor and outdoor conditions. Video recording on the Wammy Passion Z+ is decent, though it isn’t the best available low end camera phone in the market. D The phone is powered by a 1.5 GHz QuadCore MediaTek MT6589 Turbo processor.

The MT6589T is the current flagship of the Taiwanese low-cost chipset manufacturer, and is powerful enough to rival many mainstream and international chipset brands, and beat them at times. Being based on the Cortex A7 platform, not only is it one of the most advanced processors, but is highly power-efficient. The chipset packs 1GB of RAM which allows for smooth multitasking, and will be enough for most users out there, from intermediate to advance. Only users with heavy multi-tasking will feel the need for more RAM. This phone supports up to 64GB micro SD cards. That should help if you want to save a lot of media files on your device. Wammy Passion Z+ is supported by a 2500 mAh battery which should keep you away from your charger for almost an entire day. But I am only a moderate user.


When I say teleportation, I am serious! Although, it isn’t exactly Star Trek where things move from A to B with easy teleportation, quantum computing experiments might help scientists to transfer information in a much more subtle fashion.


wo experiments are bringing scientists closer to devise a tool and a way to faster computation and an encryption that will pave the way smooth for quantum teleportation. Quantum teleportation involves quantum entanglement, which involves two separate particles effecting one another. For instance, if particle A is measured to be spinning up, it will cause particle B to assume a state where it is spinning down. If you know the state of particle A or B, you can infer the state of the other particle. This in turn would allow the communication of information without actually physically transferring it through the air or a cable. The particles remain in place while influencing one another. Different particle states can represent the 1s or 0s of binary code, known as bits, which is used today in computing and telecommunication to encode information. String lots of them together and you can form words, commands and other data. Unlike traditional bits, quantum bits, or qubits, can carry a 1 and a 0 instead of just one or the other. This allows them to store more information more efficiently. The first experiment which comes out of the University of Tokyo and Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, transferred four qubits at a time with an accuracy of 79 to 82 percent. The qubits were sent more than 70 I EXHIBIT I SEPTEMBER 2013

6,500 miles between Japan and Germany. Qubits have been transferred on-demand before, but at shorter distances and with a low success rate. The researchers entangled big groups of photons, or light particles, instead of just two. This allowed more information to be sent at once. The second experiment sent qubits over a much smaller distance: 6 millimeters. Researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich sent the information across a device that resembles a computer chip. It is the first time teleportation has been achieved within an electronic circuit. It is also the fastest teleportation system ever, as it is able to send 10,000 qubits a second. “This is interesting, because such circuits are an important element for the construction of future quantum computers,” study lead Andreas Wallraff said in a release.The Zurich researchers will now focus on increasing the distance over which the qubits are sent, potentially allowing communication between chips. Teleportation is also more secure, as there is no signal being sent between two locations that could be intercepted. Quantum computers would also make better encryption possible because they can factor incredibly large numbers–an accomplishment out of reach for the average computer today.


The aluminium shield for iPhone 5

Highway Pro™

The twin-slot in-car charger


Things To Put The Zing Back In 7Your Smartphone’s Battery Life Tired with losing battery life ever so often on your smartphone? Well, there are some ways in which you can certainly maintain some of the juice and really make the most of the power supplied by your smartphones battery. Here are our quick tips.

1. Location Services, be gone!

Many apps on iPhone and Android use "location services" to, say, tag status updates with GPS data ("We're at Essel World!") or find good deals in your immediate area. This can reduce battery life, so always keep track of it. You can tell if an app is using location services by looking out for a small arrow on the top of your menu bar.

2.Screen Brightness, not just hurting your eyes.

Screen brightness need not be full, especially when the ambient light is sufficient to read a book easily. If your phone uses an AMOLED display—many popular Android devices do, though the iPhone notably does not—each pixel on the screen takes a little bit of power to "light up." As such, the more black pixels you can get on your screen, the better. Set a dark wallpaper as your default, and try using dark themes on apps when possible

3.Airplane Mode, not just while flying

Your iPhone or Android device will always try to connect to a cellular network when possible, which can put a strain on your battery if you're in an area with limited (or no) service. Switching on Airplane Mode in Settings will stop this from happening—just know that you won't be able to make or receive calls while it's toggled on.

4.What the App!

Even if you're not using an app, it can run in the background and sap battery life from your smartphone. Android devices allow you to "multitask" with apps running behind the scenes—to close them quickly, go to "Applications" within your settings, then tap either the "Manage Applications" or "Running" option. Go down the list and tap any you're not using, then "Force Stop" or "Stop." Apps don't "multitask" on iPhones in the same way they do on Android phones, but the principle's the same: Unused apps slowly but surely eat away at your battery life. Quickly push the home button on the bottom of your iPhone twice to bring up a row of apps currently open on your device, then hold your finger on one until they all start jiggling: Simply tap the red "minus" icon to close the apps completely.

5.Keep It Cool, bro.

If your phone's Lithium-Ion battery gets too hot, it'll discharge its energy faster, and could even degrade the battery's maximum life over time. Don't carry it in your pocket if you can avoid it (especially if your pants are tight), and never leave your device sitting in direct sunlight or in a toasty car.

6.Why-fi? Wi-fi only when necessary.

Another simple-but-forgettable tip: If you're not using your smartphone to connect to wireless internet, switch the wi-fi settings to "off." This will stop your phone from sniffing out networks—even when you think it's not—thereby saving resources.

7.When All Else Fails, There Is External Help.

Wireless charging is not a solution, you would still need the unit (perhaps with an additional accessory too) to keep your smartphone from draining out. An extra pack of battery just does not make sense, but the 2nd best option would be to purchase a ‘power bank’ that can basically get your smartphone charged on-the-go. Eveready has recently launched one such range of product that provide complete power back up for your mobile devices and ensures that you are never out of touch with the world and your near and dear ones.


The ‘Ultima’ series has some amazing products that everyone ought to check out, including the three mentioned below which are compatible with all major manufacturers, so all of you will be at ease when charging your different tablets & smartphones from different manufacturers.

The UM 52, is a 5,200 mAh power bank,is a handy portable device that can charge two smartphones at a same time.It can also charge the tablet. It has enough power to charge most smartphones twice over and a tablet once completely.

The UM 22 is an even sleeker power bank that easily fits in your pocket and has a capacity of 2,200 mAh. This device can easily charge any smartphone. To prevent self-discharge, the power pack also has an auto shutdown feature which gives it an incredible standby time of over 30 days on a single charge.

The UM 08 Multipack is a universal portable power pack for cellphones, mp3/mp4 players, Bluetooth headsets and PDAs. It can charge any mobile phone up to 75% capacity and fully charge smaller devices. Owing to its Li-poly battery, it is extremely lightweight and portable; no bigger than a matchbox. Like the other products in this range, it can also be charged from any AC wall outlet or a computer USB port.This product comes with 1A usb charger.


The Iceman Project –Building the alternate glacier

Glaciers and summers have always drawn in crayons. As it warms, glaciers starts shrinking which poses a huge problem for people who rely on melt waters for their crops, the valley people like the ones residing in Leh, Jammu and Kashmir have reported of their distress as glaciers turned to shrink and grow shorter throwing stiff challenges in their way.

The low-lying glaciers at the higher altitudes have already retreated by as much 10km (6 miles) and the staring April when the water should have reached the valley for irrigation, depicted no signs of improvement. Come September, Chewang Norphel, a retired civil engineer residing in the area thinks he can do a lot to help the farmers and alter the otherwise dire situation. He claims to have done the same in the past as he is known to have found ways to build alternate glaciers all around the globe which have contributed to the necessities of melting water from time to time.

Here comes the Iceman Taking its cue from Newton’s law, Chewang Norphel noticed how a stream in his garden had frozen under the shade of a poplar grove, though elsewhere it flowed freely. He quickly realised the essence of the happening and gathered his team of engineers to build glaciers along the same line. What have done is to go ahead with diverting several streams into canals that pass through shady regions. Such a topography have encouraged them in their pursuit to construct stone weirs across these canals at regular gaps thus intending to put brakes on the current which in turn will lead the water to spill over the banks. As spring heralds, this region will have turned into a thin layer of ice which will gradually increase thus thickening it profusely.

Chewang Norphel

Norphel the Iceman is bringing hope to all valley people Norphel and team have already built a dozen of such artificial glaciers. The largest among them is a kilometre and a half long and about two metres thick. Some glaciologists have argued that Norphel and his team have been building aren’t glaciers in the true sense of the term. If one goes by the book, for a body to qualify as a glacier, it must be made of must and should undergo repeated freezing until it metamorphoses into a solid block of granular ice. However, the argument seems to fall shallow when valley people and their dependency of melt waters is being taken into consideration. Mr Norphel has identified several other places which might benefit from his technique, including Spiti in Himachal Pradesh, Gilgit-Baltistan over the border in Pakistan, and a number of valleys in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. While we are still dwindling on diplomatic relations and their melting nature ( just like glaciers), Iceman Norphel has already touched upon something nobler in a positive manner.



Why bedtime stories are good for your children

Bedtime stories have been known to boost and foster parent-children bond as it works to induce sleep for a baby. Additionally, researchers have figured out how this night time routine contributes the development of a child’s brain right from the stages of infancy. G. Reid Lyon who happens Ph.D., chief of the child development and behavior branch of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in Bethesda, opines “Neural research shows that when parents and caregivers interact verbally with children -- which includes reading to them -- kids learn a great deal more than we ever thought possible. There’s a clear indication of a neurological difference between kids who have been regularly read to and kids who have not,” Dr. Lyon says. The discrepancies that Lyon is pointing at is nothing of a permanent nature. In NICHD studies under way at Yale University in New Haven, CT, and the University of Texas in Austin, researchers have found that electronic images of the brains of children considered poor readers show little activity in the verbal-processing areas. But after the researchers spent one to two hours a day for eight weeks reading to the poor readers and performing other literacy exercises with them, their brain activity had changed to look like that of the good readers. According to the research fellows, this is how the rewiring works–When you read Margaret Wise Brown’s classic bedtime story Goodnight Moon to your baby, exaggerating the oo sound in moon and drawing out the word hush, you’re stimulating connections in the part of her brain that handles language sounds (the auditory cortex). In English, there are 44 of these sounds, called phonemes, ranging from ee to ss. The more frequently a baby hears these sounds, the faster he becomes at processing them. However, Dr. Eliot cautions parents not to continually correct their child’s speech errors. “My own toddler is always

saying him’s, as in ‘That’s him’s hat,” she says. “But I don’t say, ‘No, you should say his hat,’ because I don’t want to discourage him. Instead I just model the proper speech by repeating his sentence correctly: ‘Yes! It is his hat!” In time, reading with a child will expand her vocabulary even more than just talking with her will. That’s because books can introduce kids to ideas and objects -- such as porridge or kangaroos -- that are out of their direct environment and therefore not a part of their daily conversation. Look for stories that contain particularly rich or colorful language, like the works of Caldecott-winner William Steig, who often drops four-star words such as discombobulated and sinuous into his books.

The Best of bed time stories

Meeting the language and emotional needs of all target groups, these well known and most sought after bedtime stories are a perfect instrument to usher in sleep for your kids.

Age 3-7 •Big Fat Hen by Keith Baker (Harcourt) •The Everything Book by Denise Fleming (Henry Holt) •“More, More, More,” Said the Baby by Vera B. Williams (William Morrow) •Where’s Spot? by Eric Hill (Putnam) •Frog and Toad Together by Arnold Lobel (HarperCollins) •Good Night, Good Knight by Shelley Moore Thomas (Dutton) •Pass the Celery, Ellery! by Jeffrey Fisher Gaga (Stewart Tabori & Chang) •The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats (Viking)

Age 8-12 • Grandfather’s Journey by Allen Say (Walter Lorraine) • More Stories Julian Tells by Ann Cameron (Knopf) • A Poke in the I by Paul Janeczko (Candlewick) • Ramona Quimby, Age 8 , Age 8 by Beverly Cleary (William Morrow)



Peek into the future–An App that cures blindness The Problem

Peek is a smartphone app that is currently being tested in Kenya to treat blindness and vision problems. If successful, PEEK or the Portable Eye Examination Kit will emerge as the most revolutionary app ever.

A Solutions

Our Vision

With more than 285 million people in the world suffering from blindness, (as reported by WHO), there are less than 17 percent who can actually afford a surgery. There are also more unfortunate ones who lose out on surgery opportunities as well due to the fact that there aren’t able medical professionals where these people reside–the remote towns and village are the places where majority of cases are being reported. Dr. Andrew Bastawrous of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine thinks alike, and they are currently testing a smartphone app called Peek (Portable Eye Examination Kit) on 5,000 people in Kenya. In his statement to BBC, Dr. Bastawrous points out: “Patients who need it most will never be able to reach hospital because they’re the ones beyond the end of the road, they don’t have income to find transport so we needed a way to find them.”

Why Peek is a revolutionary app?? The Peek app, is mobile and can be used by anyone who have had firsthand training in handling medical instruments. The Peek make use of the smartphones camera to scan the lens of the eyes for ailments like cataract and suggests solutions to treat the disorder. For basic eye testing, it uses a shrinking letter that appears on the phones screen and the flash light is being used to brighten up the retina. Following the basic test, the findings of the treatment are recorded and the location data along with the patient information is mailed to the doctors for assessment using GPS. According to Dr Bastawrous, the smartphone in question is relatively cheap to own at 300 pounds, rather than owning a dedicated eye equipment. “What we hope is that it will provide eye care for those who are the poorest of the poor,” Dr Bastawrous told BBC. The images captured during the course of the test in Nakuru, Kenya are being sent back to Moorfield’s Eye Hospital in London. The pictures will be compared to those captured using the conventional eye equipment. While the study isn’t complete, the research team currently working on this says the early results “are promising”. 77 I EXHIBIT I SEPTEMBER 2013


For what is a camera, without its lens? Chaitanya Tapase

Symbiotic Relationship From the time that photographers have been clicking pictures using DSLR cameras, they have been wary of the lenses that they were using. There are several different kinds of lenses, with different glass elements that make up the true nature of each of these lenses. For every kind of need, there is a special kind of lens. Of course, let us clarify that lenses are not only made for DSLR cameras these days. Ever since mirorrless (or micro four third) cameras hit the shelves we have seen some amazing lenses for this format of cameras too. But, perhaps not as many as there are for DSLRs. And certainly not as popular. So, for the sake of simplifying this article we shall look at DSLR lenses and educate you, our readers, about the wide world of lenses out there.

UNDERSTAND YOUR GEAR Before you even purchase (or think of purchasing) different type of lenses for your beloved camera, you need to first fully understand your own camera. What kind of camera is it, and what lenses will work on it? The beauty of DSLR is that you can attach a different lens to your camera depending on what and where you're planning to photograph. Julie Kim casts an eye over your lens choices.Let’s start with two fundamentals: focal length and sensor size. Every lens is defined in millimetres, and this measure is called its focal length. This measurement is the distance between the sensor and the optical centre of the lens when the lens is focused on infinity. Without getting into the technicalities: A short focal length allows you to stand close to your subject so that they fill the frame and things in the background seem farther away than normal. Examples of short focal lengths are 15mm, 20mm, 35mm.


A long focal length allows you to stand far away from the subject so that it still fills the frame, but that things in the background seem closer than normal. Examples are 85mm, 105mm, 300mm. The focal length range is printed on the lens, in this case 18-200mm, for example, and the most commonly used focal lengths are indicated on the lens barrel - you can see 18, 24, 35, 50 and 70.

Sensor sensibility Now we need to go back to the camera, and specifically the image sensor. Some of the more expensive DSLRs come with a ‘full-frame’ sensor which is equivalent in size to a 35mm film negative. Most entry-level DSLRs are equipped with less than full-frame sensors (called ‘cropped’ sensors) because they are easier and cheaper to manufacture. You’ll need to take this into account when choosing a lens. For example, a ‘standard’ 50mm lens has about the same focal length as our eyes, but when attached to cameras with smaller sensors, this shrinks to around 35mm. Put a 50mm lens on a DSLR with a full-frame sensor and it’ll act closer to an 80mm. If all of thissounds a bit confusing, then you can skip this part for now. It’s all a bit too technical anyway!

Types of Lenses Some lenses are best suited for portraits while others are better for landscapes. There are no hard and fast rules and creative photography is all about breaking them. Generally speaking, portraits are best suited at longer focal lengths: 105mm, 85mm are traditionally known as portrait lenses, while landscapes have more impact with wide-angle lenses.

Lenses are usually grouped into different types: Wide angle: 28mm or less, good for interiors and landscapes Standard: from 35mm and 85mm, good for general use and portraits Telephoto: from 100mm to 300mm, good for sports, portraits and wildlife

Wide Angle lenses allow you to fit a lot into an image. They are useful for landscapes and are great for documentary photography where you’d like to include a lot of foreground and background. One thing to be aware of when using wide angles is that there is some distortion at the edges, especially at the widest setting. Be sure to keep people in the centre of the frame otherwise they may look stretched. Of course, there are very wide angle lenses available too – known as ‘fisheye’ – but these are highly specialised lenses used by very few pros and enthusiasts alike.

Standard lenses are great for portraits as they give a pretty accurate image that’s natural looking and free from distortion.

Telephoto lenses are ideal when you can’t get close to your subject like in a sports arena or on a safari. It’s also great for taking candid shots of people without making them aware that they’re being photographed. Pictures taken on telephotos tend to look 'flat', and a bit more two-dimensional. They compress the background and foreground so that it’s hard to tell how far distances are between objects.

Macro lenses allow you to get very close to your subject to

produce images that are life size or larger. Think of close up shots of jewellery and flowers.


Zoom versus Prime Zoom lenses have variable focal lengths, which you select by twisting the lens barrel. Most people are familiar with zoom lenses and you probably got one included when you bought your DSLR. They’re great for re-composing images without having to change lenses and the flexibility makes them convenient to use for all kinds of situations. Typical focal length ranges are given as the minimum and maximum focal length, e.g. 14-24mm, 18-55mm and 70-200mm. A prime lens has one focal length only. Common ones are 50mm (also known as a Standard lens), 85mm, 35mm and 300mm. They’re not as convenient to use as zooms because the focal length is fixed, but the quality of them is high as the mechanics of producing them are a lot less complicated than zoom lenses. They’re often considered 'fast', meaning that the apertures on them are large, for example f2.8, f1.8, f1.4, even f1.2, are wonderful for taking pictures in low light. A fantastic fast lens that won’t break the bank is a standard 50mm f1.8 lens, and it's worth having one in your kitbag.

Arguments for Prime Lenses Let’s explore some of the common arguments for Prime lenses. Keep in mind that there are many prime lenses out there and that what follows are unashamedly generalizations. 1. Quality – while zoom lenses are improving considerably in the quality that they offer their users, prime lenses are known for being high quality and having the ability to produce clean, crisp and precise shots. This is an argument that often comes out in the prime vs zoom lens debate but it’s worth remembering that in every manufacturers range that there are some lenses (both zoom and prime) that are known for being exceptionally sharp and there are some that are known as being a little muddy. While it might be true that in general prime lenses are pretty high quality it shouldn’t be an assumption you make of every prime lens. 2. Price – prime lenses are generally simpler lenses in terms of construction. By the fact that they don’t need to zoom they generally have less moving parts and as a result they are generally cheaper to buy. Once again – there are many factors that determine the price of a lens (including quality) so not all prime lenses are ‘cheap’ (in fact some can be incredibly expensive at the Pro end of the spectrum) but do some searching around and you’ll find some that are definitely value for money. Renowned as usually being the cheapest lenses (but still not bad in quality) are ‘nifty 50′ lenses – or 50mm prime lenses, particularly from Nikon or Canon. 3. Weight – because of their simple construction you often find that prime lenses are smaller and particularly lighter lenses than zoom lenses in similar focal lengths. 4. Speed – in general prime lenses are faster (in terms of aperture) than zoom lenses. This is slowly changing as zoom lens improvements continue to be made by manufacturers but in the Canon range if you want extra fast lenses you’ll start with prime lenses (for example the 85mm and 50mm lenses for example). This allows you to shoot in lower light without the need for a flash. 5. Technique – one argument that gets pulled out against zoom lenses is that they make the


photographer lazy. Instead of having to move around to find the best angle for the focal length they allow the photographer to stay in the one place and just zoom in and out. Some believe this sucks the creativity out of the process. I’m not sure about this one – while I do enjoy the challenge of using a prime lens (it definitely does mean you have to work harder and think about your shots a little more) you can still be a creative and hardworking photographer with a zoom lens on your camera if you are aware of the temptation just to shoot from the one position all the time.

Arguments for Zoom Lenses 1. Portability (another perspective) – when prime lens proponents pull out the ‘weight/portability’ argument zoom lens lovers often argue that a point in favour of the zoom is that you only need to carry one lens instead of a range of lenses to have the same focal length range. Instead of carrying around a 14mm, 50mm and 85mm lens you could carry one lens that covers the full (or close to) range of focal lengths. You’ll also never have to change your lens and risk getting dust on your image sensor. 2. Price (another perspective) – similarly – while zoom lenses might be more expensive than prime lenses the cost of one lens in comparison to multiple lenses can often be comparable. 3. Flexibility – perhaps the biggest argument for Zoom lenses is the flexibility that the offer a photographer. They allow someone wanting to shoot at a variety of focal lengths the ability to quickly change perspective and add variety into their shots within a second (or a fraction of one if you’re a quick zoomer). This is ideal for many types of photography including weddings or sports where you have to constantly be looking for random shots and may not have the time (or ability) to physically move closer or further away from you subject.

So are Prime or Zoom lenses best? Obviously there is a range of factors to consider and ultimately the decision will come down to a number of factors including the type and style of photography that you do, your budget, the need for portability, how often you’re willing to change lenses, the quality you’re after and the shooting conditions you’ll be shooting in.

KEEP BRANDS IN MIND! Of course, let’s not forget that all kinds of lenses work in all cameras. You will need to ensure that the lens you are buying will actually work with the camera you own. Sony’s lenses for their Alpha series SLT cameras will not work for Nikon cameras and vice versa. Yes, there are certain brands that make lenses only (not cameras) like Tamron and Sigma to name just a couple. But, then again, keep in mind the format of your camera’s sensor (full frame or cropped) and also the type of ‘mount’ your camera has for lenses. Make your decisions based on research that you do yourself, it will also help you in the long-term when being more creative with a variety of lenses.

It’s your turn Take a portrait at various focal lengths without you or the subject moving. Notice the changes in perspective between the objects in the picture and how the subject’s face changes with each different focal length. Don’t be lazy and use a zoom lens all the time. If you have one, take pictures with a prime lens (or just shoot at the same focal length if you’ve only got a zoom) and force yourself to move your feet. Try different angles.


Carter Road in Mumbai, Connaught Place in Delhi and M.G Road in Bangalore. That is where you usually find these fast, mean superbikes zooming past you. But then, we always wonder, why do people spend money on this two wheeled machine when there are four wheelers available for cheaper. Nothing compares to the comfort that a sedan or a SUV can offer. So, what do these super bikes offer? Why choose them over cars? Convenience:According to a study, a human being spends around 10-15 years of his life in traffic. Damn!! Spending 10-15 years and staring at other car drivers. Not the ideal way to spend such a long period in an already short life. We all want to reduce that number, don’t we? Bikes have always been more convenient than cars. Sitting in your car, stuck in traffic and watchinga bike glide past you using those little spaces on the road, while you sit and swear at others. We all have been there before. Bikes can take you past these traffic snarls with ease. Add to it, a bike with 1000cc power. Style:Nothing can catch you on the road. You can make it all your meetings on time. And make it in style!! Imagine yourself wearing a suit on a Ducati or a Hayabusa. That would be some style statement.


Fun:Riding a sports bike is fun. Yes, a lot of people will agree with that. When the cool wind hits your face, it is one of the most pleasurable experiences. After a few months, you can also try a few ‘Valentino Rossi’ stunts. You also get a chance to meet people who share similar interests as there are different biker groups around. Some of them also go on bike trips. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Choose what you need Getting the right sports bike is as important as getting the right wife. After all, the sports bike can be your lifetime companion too. One common mistake among newbies is to purchase a bike with more power than they can handle. Stay away from speed rockets, especially anything with an engine larger than 800cc. Learn the skills on a slower bike first. Once you have the ability to handle that, only then will you be able to truly enjoy the experience of a faster bike. Long rides or just a weekend toy. Decide what you need the bike for. Once that is in place, choosing the right machine will be easy. If you need the bike for a ride to office every day, then comfort should be your priority. If you're looking for a weekend toy, you might be more tolerant of a sexy bike that happens to be uncomfortable. There is nothing that Google can’t find. So, while your budget may be really big, make sure that you do a lot of research. When committing to buy a motorcycle, don't forget to estimate all the added expenses associated with riding. Before choosing a bike, be sure to check insurance rates with several carriers, and pick a plan that works with your budget; in general, the higher the deductible, the lower and the premium. You'll want to budget the cost of safety gear. A quality helmet is a must buy. Most importantly, choose a bike which you will be excited to ride. Once you do that, the joys on a ride will be endless.


Important stuff Paperwork: This is of utmost importance, especially if you are buying a used bike. Make sure you approach the dealer or seller through the right sources. 99% of import bikes in India are brought down via the “transfer of residence” route, wherein an Indian, living abroad for a certain period of time, is allowed to bring back the vehicle that he was using there (for a reduced percentage of duty). Under the “Transfer or residence” route, the vehicle cannot be sold for 2 years from the time of registering it in India. Therefore, the first step is to verify the age of the bike and ensure that it is more than 2 years since it has been brought into the country. Remember, it doesn't matter how old the bike is; it is the date of registration in India that is to be considered. This important step ensures that the superbike can be registered in your name. Inspection: In case of a used one, take a trustworthy mechanic who can inspect the bike. For a new bike, consult Google. After all, there are too many conmen operating around. ‘It is just a minor issue’ assurance from the seller should ring warning bells. Window Shopping: Maybe you can ask your girlfriend for advice. Looking around, especially while spending a huge sum of money, does help. Check the price with multiple dealers. Be inquisitive. Window shopping is good.

The best from the rest We take a look at 3 of the best superbikes which can make you go zip, zap, zoom... Triumph Daytona 675:

The Triumph Daytona 675 is one of the meanest machines around. It is a 675 cc sport bike built by Triumph Motorcycles. It is completely designed for a race track but is an absolute beast on roads too. Even before the initial launch, it was not unusual to see waiting lists of three months in the US and UK (many customers in the UK had to wait for six months), and even longer in several other parts of the world. The bike has been revised almost every year.

MV Agusta F3 675:

675cc four-stroke inline three engine with counter-rotating crankshaft, 126 hp, dry weight of 381 lbs., fully adjustable Marzocchi fork and Sachs shock. This bike accelerates very well, and packs some reasonably smoothly distributed power up to its 15,000 RPM redline. But the F3 will never let you forget the reason MV uses "Motorcycle Art" as its tagline -- no matter how fast you accelerate.

BMW S1000RR HP4:

BMW made 1,000 S1000RRs in 2009 to satisfy World Superbike homologation requirements, but expanded production for commercial sale of the bike in 2010. This one can zip past you at the speed of 305 km per hour. Woah!! That is some speed. This baby from the German makers is powered by a 999 cc (61.0 cu in) inline-4 engine redlined at 14,200 rpm.


The Expert’s view While we are talking about sports bikes, it is difficult to not take the opinion of an expert. Alisha Abdullah has the unique distinction of being India’s only woman super bike racer. While she thanks her dad for her passion for bikes, Alisha has been fascinated by racing since she was a kid. As a nine-year-old, Alisha was drawn to go-karting. She was winning go-karting races by the time she was eleven. When she was just 13-yearsold, she won the MRF National Go-Karting Championship and the Best Novice Award in the National level Formula Car Racing in the open class. Alisha then moved on to formula car racing and managed to come fifth in the JK Tyre National Championship, 2004. She made the switch from four wheels to bikes in the same year. Here she is talking about bikes and their future in this country... On the best available bikes: Ducati Monster is really good. Augusta is also good for racing. These bikes have powerful engines. But then again, it depends on the rider. Machines always have pros and cons. But it depends on the rider handles it. Personally, I like Honda bikes. They make good bikes. If an amateur rider wants to buy a bike, which one do you recommend? That depends on your budget. If you have a big budget, I would certainly recommend the BMW 1000 RR. It is one my most loved bikes. I rode it and the experience was fantastic. It is a bike worth buying. In terms of looks, I would recommend Ducati Monster. Bikes for Indian roads: Sometimes, people buy bikes just to impress. But honestly, I have tried these super bikes on Indian roads and I feel that roads in the city aren’t good enough. You have to ride these bikes over 60km per hour. Otherwise, you may end up damaging the radiator. If affects the performance of these bikes. How easy is it to get a sports bike in India? It is easier now. People who want to invest shouldn’t face any issues. Earlier, it was really tough. Paying DRI, import duties created a lot of hassle. Different bike makers have set up showrooms here. Anything that you want to achieve: Bikes and racing is not too popular in India. Not many know about the key aspects of bike racing. I want to make a change. I want to compete at international level and win things. Hope this dream comes true. We hope too Alisha.




UpcomingCars BMW 1-Series Mercedes-Benz has upped the game in the premium entry-level segment with the launch of the A-Class hatchback and the B-Class tourer. In fact the numbers have been so astounding that they have already snatched the No.1 position (in premium segment) from Audi in July 2013. Audi has now hit back with the stripped-down CKD version of the Q3 with the frontwheel-drive setup that slots-in even below the BMW X1. Now the Bavarian manufacture will further heat-up the competition with the launch of the new 1 Series hatchback on 3 September. The 1-Series hatchback is available in both petrol and diesel guise and is based on the new 3-Series platform. It is available in both three-door and five-door variants, but only the latter one will be launched here.

Hyundai Grand i10 Hyundai has unveiled the next generation hatchback for India, christened as the Grand i10. The new model will be built in India and will also be exported to the European markets, where it is expected to debut at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. Hyundai has released the first images of the car along with a confirmation that this model will be powered by a new diesel engine. The all-new Grand i10 follows Hyundai’s fluidic design philosophy. The front of the car is dominated by a standard hexagonal grille and well sculpted headlamps that resemble the design of the i20. The fog lamps are big with bold black surrounds adding more aggression to the fascia. The Grand resembles the current i10 from the side, but it is noticeably wider, longer and taller than the current model. This car has side mouldings – but these are not standard puny strips, but shapely wide black belts that add character to the car along with roof rails. The rear of the car looks like a shrunk version of the i20 and the overall design makes it evident that the car will slot in between the i10 and the i20.

Expected Launch Sep 2013 | Expected Price I18-`20 Lacs

Expected Launch Sep 2013 | Expected Price I4.7 - I7 lacs

Nissan Terrano The Terrano is the Nissan’s version of the Renault Duster. The Franco-Japanese alliance share more than just the facility in India and this is yet another product from Chennai with simple badge engineering.The Terrano will share more than a few components with its French sibling. It will be based on the same platform as the Duster, it will offer same engine / transmission options, will have very similar dimensions and cabin space, same wheel size and possibly exact same interior trims.The Nissan Terrano will be powered by the same 1.5-litre dCi engine that powers the Duster. Like the Duster it will available in two different grades – the 85bhp base variant and 110bhp for the top spec version. There might also be a petrol version powered by the same 1.6-litre four-cylinder unit churing out 102bhp and 145Nm of torque.


Expected Launch : Sept end, or early Oct 2013 | Expected Price I8.25 lacs – I12.75 Lacs

Contest- September Photographs are captured moments that are gone forever, impossible to reproduce. Send us photos captured by you and the best photo will get fabulous prizes from Inter Foto!

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To be eligible to participate Like us on / Subscribe to / 89 I EXHIBIT I SEPTEMBER 2013

Twins Of German Descent The Audi Q3’s: Petrol & Diesel Variants Driven By: Chaitanya /Nirav

First Impressions

The luxury C-segment is heating up with newer entrants coming through faster than ViratKohli’s average scoring rate. Ok, maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration, but the battle to dominate this segment has never been hotter and German car-maker Audi has revamped the Q3 and launched the 2013 model of the Q3. There is also a cheaper ‘S’ model that has been released at about 25 lacs, but we had our eyes on the Quattro models. The German car-maker has also decided to launch Petrol as well as Diesel variants (2.0 TFSI petrol or 2.0 TDI engines), and we decided to take both the ladies out for a spin.


From the looks of it, not much has changed in the interiors of the new Q3, but overall certain things have been trimmed down to keep the price in check. The SUV still retains the leather-covered multi-function steering wheel and sufficient legroom and the standard 6.5-inch media screen with parking assist technology that we’re so used to (and love) in all Audi cars. The dashboard, gearbox and overall leather fitted upholstery is excellent and the Multimedia interface works excellent with direct pairing of Bluetooth devices, no need for additional accessories! The back didn’t seem to have as much legroom, but it 90 I EXHIBIT I SEPTEMBER 2013

certainly is more than what you will get on the BMW X1. There are also nice touches with the LED lights being right above the rear-view mirror, which helps when searching for stuff you might want to read in poor light or in the dark. The speakers of the Q3 are good, but not topnotch. The air-conditioning is great and the car seemed like it could go on for hundreds of kms without complaining of us wanting to stay cool the whole time.

The Engine

The petrol engine is a 4-cylinder in-line variant with direct fuel injection and exhaust gas turbocharging. It produces 1984cc of power, or 208 bhp @ 5000 RPM. The diesel engine on the other hand, has common rail injection and exhaust gas turbocharging. It also has 4 cylinders with DOHC configuration and produces 1968 cc of power, or 174 bhp @ 4200 RPM. In real-world performance however, there is hardly anything that really separates the tow, though the extra power of the petrol engine is certainly capable of grinding out more power during demanding runs on the Expressways.

The Drive

The Q3 is basically a Volkswagen Tiguan underneath, which is not a bad thing to be, really. It has an excellent throughput though not as powerful as the previous version. It can still accelerate at a very decent rate, but the braking at times felt just a tad soft. Or maybe that’s just me! The automatic gearbox that we had at our disposal has 7 gear transmission with a nice throttle to power ratio, which lets you push the car hard in almost any type of roads. As luck would have it, most of our drive was done in the famed Mumbai monsoon, but that is also where you realize the stability of the patented 4-wheel drive technology that Audi likes to call ‘Quattro’. More importantly, no matter how many pot-holes you encounter during a speedy dash to your home on our desi roads, the Q3 seems unfazed. What seemed a bit strange, though, was the viper wasn’t able to wash off the entire area of the windshield, and since we were mostly driving during the rains it seemed a bit off-putting. Not totally, but it did affect the drive quality. Though it must be said that the McPherson spring strut type axle with lower wishbones and aluminium subframe can well and truly handle all kinds of terrain you want to throw at the new Q3. 91 I EXHIBIT I SEPTEMBER 2013

Petrol or Diesel?

It’s not a question of simple math, though when you think about it, it does affect your overall equation. If you save ‘x’ amount of money spending on diesel instead of petrol, that will help you have 12x that amount a year, multiply that amount by 5 (considering most people like changing such cars every 5 year or so) and that’s where you will find yourself wondering which car you really ought to buy. Though we ourselves were quite impressed with both, the buyer does have a dilemma at hand when making that final call. Needless to say, the cars on their part are great. Both the petrol as well as the diesel. There isn’t much to separate the two, except the math.


So, it all boils down to whether the new Q3 has all the bells and whistles to make it a must-buy. Well, considering the competition there is no denying that Audi has done its bit to ensure it stands ahead in almost all fronts. The car has better room compared to the BMW X1 and the performance is just as good as any C-segment car. So, why should anyone shy away from buying it? We can’t think of any good reason!

SPECS DIESEL 4 cylinder, DOHC engine 1968 cc, 174 bhp @ 4200 RPM 7-speed Automatic Gearbox 460 litres bootspace, 64 litres fuel tank capacity

PETROL 4 cylinder, DOHC engine 1984 cc, 208 bhp @ 5000 RPM 7-speed Automatic Gearbox 460 litres bootspace, 64 litres fuel tank capacity

Price: `34 lacs – Diesel engine (Approx, ex-showroom, Delhi) `30 lacs – Petrol engine (Approx, ex-showroom, Delhi)

Not satisfied with this review, watch the video review 92 I EXHIBIT I SEPTEMBER 2013



Smart enough to see a stable future? Garvita Sharma

While we were too busy checking time on our cellphones thereby replacing our watches, they thought of bettering themselves and doubling up as Smartwatches and instead doing some good to Cellphones. Quite ahead of its time, Smartwatches come with amazing downloadable watchfaces and internet-connected apps that make your life easier. But how convenient are they for everyday operations? Does everyone want one? How affordable is it? How much more would people want to pay for it and what’s does future hold for them? Exhibit decodes for you what are Smartwatches and whether the Indian audience is game for it! What are Smartwatches? As the name goes, Smartwatches not only look smart, they act smart. Built essentially for the super busy ones, Smartwatches have been a new addition for watch aficionados. With apps that connect to Android and/or iPhone using Bluetooth thereby alerting the user about incoming calls and messages with a silent vibration, Smartwatches can easily be termed as miniature Smartphones and some may also be classified as a hybrid gadget between a Smartphone and a Smartwatch. But then the question arises. Why does one opt for a dual SIM phone? To avoid unnecessary baggage that comes along with carrying two cellphones. That’s exactly the reason why anyone would want to avoid a watch that keeps on unnecessarily vibrating at short intervals, let alone the woes added up by discount related pesky mails popping up every time. But then, to each his own.

Types of SmartWatches Available in market: While the Sixth generation iPod nanos became wearable devices, Apple discontinued its square designs for the following models. Ever since, there have been speculations if Apple will ever come up with a Smartwatch. Handful of leading watch companies like Casio, Sony, Nike, Citizen have come up with their own Smartwatches, while there are many others that are lesser known but possessing the same features as any of these.


Let’s have a look at the features these watches come with: Most Smartwatches have Bluetooth technology which helps them connect to their Smartphones (Android and/or iPhones) and consume around 5-10% of the phone’s battery. Most of the watches alert the user about incoming calls, emails, Facebook messages, Emails, SMS-es Twitter updates, all of which can be seen and ‘felt’. In addition to these basic features, there are many add-ons, too. Essentially a Bluetooth device, like a Bluetooth handset,Smartwatches can be recharged using a USB cable through your computer or any wall USB charger.

Watchfaces: Pebblecan be customized with stunning watchfaces with the help of which one can choose and change outdoor-readable electronic-paper (e-paper) display. Metawatch, too, comes with customizable watch faces with various useful widgets like that of weather and calendar updates.

GPS: Nike+ Smartwatch has a full integration of TomTom’s functionality (TomTom is a leading supplier of in-car location and navigation products). The Z1SmartAndroidWatch-Phone has an internal GPS antenna that supports satellite navigation and can be used in conjunction with a Bluetooth headset to operate in a hands free manner. Bulkier than most of its competitors, the AndroidlySmartwatch too comes with a GPS, an internal 8GB storage and GSM network. Similar function can be seen in the Android powered module, WIMM One Watch.


Fitness: Especially built for athletes, Nike+ Smartwatch measures your heartrate and tracks progress of all health-related evaluations. In competition with the same is MOTOACTV by Motorola, which keeps a check on your fitness, monitors heart rate with a chest strap, an accessory that comes along with the watch. It tracks your workout data like time, distance, calories burnt and so on. Androidly comes with an accelerometer. The WIMM One Watch, which can work as an extension for your smartphone once it has a watchstrap comes with an accelerometer and a magnetometer. With a tiny OLED display, Martian comes in four different colors and has a normal accelerometer with 7 days battery on standby, Bluetooth 4.0 and noise canceling microphone. Kreyos’Meteor has an in-built pedometer that can read data from a wireless heart monitor.

Music Control App: Sony’s MN2SW has a touchscreen that helpsusers in checking applications and listening to music. Metawatch comes with an in-built playback control with the help of which one can show tracks and artist info along with playback controls. Users may also play/pause or forward for music control and even volume can be adjusted. MOTOACTV has an MP3 Player and can also play FM Radio. It has a 3.5mm audio jack that can be used to connect headphones and sync data via a microUSB connector or Wi-Fi. Z1 has a multimedia player, supports Stereo Bluetooth for wireless music playback and has a recorder for music and video (MP4).Pebble’s music control app helps one play, pause or skip tracks with a touch of button. The 1.6 inch thinnest Smart Watch, Tw810 is a step ahead. It helps play both, music and video.

Gesture and Voice control: Kreyos’Smartwatch ‘Meteor’, has a hands-free communication with voice and gesture control, all thanks to the 3-axis gyroscope. Until now, it’s the only one that has both these features.


Phone tracker: CooKooWatch alerts you when your Smartphoneis out of range and helps you locate it or when it has low battery. Similarly, packed with Bluetooth 4.0 is Citizen’s Eco-DriveProximity that notifies the user when the phone is lost. Casio’s G-Shock has a Bluetooth 4.0 and can easily locate your phone when you’re away from it via an alarm. Its only drawback is that it is only compatible iOS.

Rangefinder for Golfers: FreeCaddie, the official golf app for the Pebble smartwatch helps golfers create golf rangefinder.

Colour display: Sony’s Smartwatch2 comes with a 1.6 inch screen and a color display. GSMQuadband’s Voice Dialing watch isn’t too flashy, except that it has a color display ($60)and so does the Tw810.

Water-resistant: Watches like Casio G-Shock and Pebble have scratch and shatter resistant lens with an anti-glare optical coating and are water resistant enough to swim with. The yet to launch SonySmartwatch2 will work only with Android phones and is splash proof, you can’t exactly call it waterproof. Having said this, the MOTOACTV can stand so much water, that it is termed “rain-resistant”. Slightly different from its contemporaries, MW08 is a stainless steel watch especially designed for the underwater. CooKoo Watch and Metawatch both have a 5 ATM waterproof rating.

Battery life: Sony Smartwatch2 claims to have the longest battery time for a smartwatch. G-Shock has a 2 year battery life and i’M Watch has a poor battery life, as per reports. While every smart watch struggles to retain its battery, Cookoo Watch this one is different from the lot. It is an analog watch that needs no charging. Standing out from the lot is Citizen’s Eco-Drive Proximity that needs no battery replacement and there’s no need to charge it as it uses the surrounding light (both natural and artificial) to charge itself; meaning? It is solar powered. The sad part? It only supports iPhone 4S and 5 and though it is cheaper than most Citizen Watches, it is expensive when compared to other smartwatches.


Make calls: E4World’sI3Watch comes with a 1.8 inch touch screen and users can also make calls over GSM Networks.GSM Quadband’s Voice Dialing does full justice to its name. It is easy for those who want to make calls with its physical keyboards. Another Smartwatch by Sony, the Live View Bluetooth Phone Remote connects wirelessly to Android-based devices via Bluetooth technology that helps you make calls, send out text messages and all other functions of a Smartphone. Tw810 and MW08, too can help make calls. Burg’s watch has an in-built SIM card slot that helps make and receive calls. Low end Burg has speaker phone to make and receive calls or one may plug in an earphone for the higher end and use Bluetooth headset. There are number keys to dial; space to save 200-500 contactsand the feature to sendtext messages.

Camera: E4 World’s I3 Watch comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera. Z1 Smart Android WatchPhone comes with a 2MP camera and G-Sensor. The CooKoo watch comes with features like a customizable command one-button Facebook check-in, location tagging, remote trigger phone’s camera.Androidly has a 2.0 megapixel camera.Slightly different is Burg that has a front facing camera with 3X zoom. Web Browser: Z1 Smart Android Watch-Phone has a Wi-Fi web browser. Similar to this is the Androidly, which too has a Wi-Fi.

Microphone: Martian, largely picked up from CooKoo, added a microphone to the watch and became its own type. The Z1 Smart Android Watch-Phone has a built-in microphone and speakers. Based mostly on features, GSM Quadband’s Voice Dialing costs `3700 (Approx), and at a price of `20,270 (Approx)i’M Watch is the most expensive of the lot. What the future of these Smartwatches hold remains to be seen… We conducted a research among 50 Professionals in the age group of 20 to 50 regarding their awareness on Smartwatches and more… Following are the results of the survey: Awareness: Most people associated SmartWatches with ‘Smart Looking Watches’. When asked if they were aware of Smartwatches and if they could name any, 42% answered correctly, naming Sony, Pebble, Metawatch amongst others; 48% named high-end and ‘smart-looking’ watches like Fastrack, Omega, Rado, Tag Heuer , Mont Blanc, Fossil, Giordano amongst others. 10% honestly confessed that they weren’t aware about it. Yay or Nay?:When asked if they would opt for Smartwatches, 77.55% said Yes, while 22.45% said a No. How much for?:Maximum people are ready to pay anywhere up to 10,000 for a Smartwatch. 9% of the ones who voted are okay paying above 10,000 rupees for the same. What more?: On being asked as to what additional features they would want in a Smartwatch, many of them stated features that already exist in several Smartwatches – Camera, GPS, features that help them measure their heart-rate and BP, touchscreen and so on. Some of them said they would prefer easy to operate Smartwatches, a rarity with small screens. Given also that most Smartwatches look sporty, some demanded that there need to be classier ones that reveal their fashionable side; after all, watches are an important accessory! Easy or queasy?:When asked if they Smartwatches are hassle free and convenient, 82% thought that they are, while 18% they aren’t. Some went to extremes by saying that Smartwatches need to be a replacement to Smartphones, someone like SiddharthMehra, a media professional,doesn’t care about it. “I feel there is no need of a Smartwatch. The smartest watches are automatics which wind themselves through a mechanical movement. If a watch needs to be charged through a USB cable to keep running, it's a dumb watch.”


Futurelaunches: Samsung is about to launch its new Smartwatch, which will be called as the Samsung Galaxy Gearthat will have a bendable screen that will wrap around the wristwith keys similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Android handset. Expected to release at our Tech DestinationOf the Month, Berlin’s IFA, it will see a release around the same time when Sony’s Smartwatch2 with a 1.6 inch display and NFC will be launched. Microsoft’s Surface Smartwatch that will be constructed from aluminum oxynitride, also known as the transparent aluminum will launch in 2013. Apple’s long awaited and longer rumored iWatch will not be seen before the second half of 2014, if the reports are anything to go by. While a Smartwatch has its own share of perks – smart looking, updating you on the incoming calls, messages, keeping a check on your health and even making calls, one may equally measure the cons. What if you lose the watch? Does the phone notify that? Smart enough?, discomfort in operating touchscreen Smartwatches, charging the watch, problems in reading text messages, there’s no classy looking Smartwatch, and most importantly, it makes one socially all the more aloof. But if it suits your need, go for it! They’re the future… grab it!

Contest - September

sTORE LIKE A KING CONTEST THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER JUST GOT BETTER WITH THESE INNOVATIVE GADGETS UP FOR GRABS! Participate in this fun contest, answer some simple questions and you could be a winner! 1) Do you prefer 'Cloud' storage or 'Physical' storage? Also, give us a reason. 2) Which of these are Kingston USB 3.0 drives? Data Traveler 100 G3 Data Traveler 111 Data Traveler Hyper X Predator All of the above 3) Which of these is a unique feature of a Kingston Solid-State Drive? More power consumption Boasts speed 10X Data cloning Heats up the system 4) Which of these is featured on Page 99 in Exhibit's September issue? Kingston Drives Tech Stunner Exhibit Subscription Offer 5) Which of these stars have featured on Exhibit magazine's cover page? Arjun Rampal Bipasha Basu Sania Mirza All of the above To be eligible to participate Like us on /exhibit /kingstontechnologyindia

Kindly mail us99your answers at I EXHIBIT I SEPTEMBER 2013 All winners will be notified by E-mail.

Tech Destination - Berlin!

The Berlin Desire…


hile we had a look at the Silicon Valley last month, this time Tech Destination brings to you the techy side of Berlin.

Capital of Germany, Berlin became a major world city due to its key role in Science, Humanities, Music, Museums and military affairs. Berlin entrepreneurs pioneered the use of steam engines after 1815 and by 1850, Germany’s fast railway network helped improve the supply of raw materials and distribution of manufacturers. A popular tourist spot, Berlin’s economy is still largely based on high-tech industries and service sector. Biotechnology, IT, Communications, Electronics are some of its major industries. Historically rich with urban settings, it has many well-known Universities, museums and also hosts several tech and media art festivals and sporting events. The city has a rich history of discovery in the world of innovations in health and technology. While the German Heart Center is one of the most renowned transplantation centers, the Max-Delbruck Center for Molecular Medicine and the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics are some other institutions complemented by companies like Siemens, Schering and Debis. A mix of cutting-edge technologies and traditional industries that are undergoing a huge transformation via modernization, Berlin is the place to look out for when it comes to seeking jobs and new businesses. Berlin is gradually becoming one of Europe’s hottest destinations for Tech Startups. Tech mammoths like Google and Twitter have also setup their offices and employed close to 30,000 people.

What to see? 100 I EXHIBIT I SEPTEMBER 2013


The WISTA Science and Technology Park Adlershof is one of the most successful high-tech projects in Germany. Founded in 1991 after the dissolution of Academy of Sciences of the German Democratic Republic, it covers an area of 4.2 sq.kms and is the biggest Science Park in Germany. Besides it is in the list of 15 biggest science parks in the world and is the most important science, business and media site in Berlin. With 10 non-university research institutes, six institutes of the Humboldt University and around 1000 businesses and organizations, it has a Solar filling station, here.

Siemens With Siemens’ largest manufacturing site throughout the world located in Berlin, it is the company’s largest employing office with strength of over 12,000 people. The multinational engineering and electronic conglomerate that was founded in Berlin in the year 1847 is close to the city’s Tegel Airport.

Berlin Institute of Technology One of the most prestigious research and education institutions in Germany, it was founded in 1879 and has winners of Nobel Prize as its alumni and Professors including Carl Bosch, Konrad Zuse amongst others. Ranked 45th in the world of in the field of Engineering and Technology and 1st in Germany, it is known for its high ranked engineering programmes. It has a vast campus of 600,000 m2.

The Chaos Computer Club Founded in 1981 in Berlin, this is Europe’s biggest association of hackers. It advocates more transparency in government, freedom of information and the right to communication. The club fights for free universal access to computers and technological infrastructure. The club also conducts the Chaos Communication Congress, which is the biggest tech event of the year and is attended by people from all over the world. Besides many bars out here double up as hacker clubs. C Base and Eschschloraque are some of them, where people work on joint projects. 102 I EXHIBIT I SEPTEMBER 2013

German Museum of Technology Also known as Deutsches Technikmuseum, this is located in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin and is 21 year old now. With a vast collection of historical technical artifacts, its main focus is on railways and also features exhibits of various types of Industrial Technology. The museum also has a Science Center called Spectrum and a maritime and a large aircraft section that houses a Messerschmitt Bf 110, Flak Cannon, a V-1 flying bomb aviation exhibition hall. The Cessna, which flew to Moscow during the cold war, too, is present here. Its famous ‘C-47 Raisinbomber Skytrain’ can be easily seen from the top of the Fernsehturm, the television tower and from a descending aircraft landing at Tempelhof Airport.

Fernsehturm Standing tall as the symbol of Berlin, this Television Tower is in Berlin’s city centre. With a height of 368 meters, it is the tallest structure in Germany. Being the fourth tallest freestanding structure in Europe, there is a revolving restaurant called Telecafé in the middle of the sphere that rotates once every thirty minutes and a visitor platform, which is also called as the panoramic floor. The sphere was decorated as a football with magenta colored pentagons during 2006 FIFA World Cup’s final match that was held in the Berlin Olympic Stadium.

IFA Currently in its 53rd year, the Internationale Funkausstellung, Berlin is one of the oldest Industrial Exhibitions in Germany. Organized by the German Association for Entertainment and Communications Electronics in association with the Messe Berlin, it is the world’s leading trade event for consumer electronics and home appliances. Leading international brands launch their latest innovations here and its focus is more on digital products – right from Smart TVs to Tablet Home Computers and Smartphones, it’s all here. It also keeps in mind the environmental concerns and tackling issues on energy efficiency, smart homes and social media; this year the event will be held between 6th and 11th September, 2013.

Museum für Naturkunde A natural History museum it has more than 30 million zoological, paleontological and mineralogical specimens with more than ten thousand type specimens. Having the largest mounted dinosaur in the world along with an exquisitely preserved specimen of the earliest known bird Archaeopteryx it is more than 200 years old now. Besides there are also exhibits of a mineral collection representing 75% of the minerals in the world, a large meteor collection, largest piece of amber in the world, quagga (an extinct subspecies of the plains zebra), huia (largest species of wattlebird) and Tasmanian tiger and “Bobby” the Gorilla who was a Berlin Zoo celebrity around the 1930s. Germany’s market is quite conducive for the flourishing of the automobile companies like Rolls-Royce, BMW’s motorcycle unit, Daimler AG, Volkswagen amongst others, as it has around 80 manufacturing and supply operations along with engineering firm employing around 19,000 people. Excellent standards of technical studies, subsidies and incentives for capital investments, research development projects and quick access to automobile manufacturers make it a huge market for automobile companies. 103 I EXHIBIT I SEPTEMBER 2013

Apps for Regular Globetrotters While on a sojourn, most of us want to switch off completely; including our cellphones. But if you’re traveling to very many places quite often, you might want to rethink. Here’s a list of apps that help you pack, travel and enjoy your trip even when you’re lost.


Packing (+ To Do)




4 Tipulator

When in India, you can, on many occasions get away without tipping or tipping nominal amounts when at a restaurant. But as they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. And so, you need to know exactly how much you should be tipping without offending anyone or being termed as a miser. Avoid embarrassments, go ahead and enjoy the meal… Availability: iOS devices Price:-`42

Word Lens

Language is what distinguishes places across the world. And it is that same thing, which connects people. Sci-fi to the hilt, Word Lens translates text in different languages with the help of the phone’s camera. Though you might think it is pricey, it is still nothing when compared to the unthinkable losses that happen out of nowhere due to language constraints – monetary, non-monetary, both. Availability: iOS devices, Android Price:- Free download, -560 for the language packs.


XE Currency Converter

With the recent regular fluctuation in the value of Rupee against dollar, it’s a lot better if you have this app, which helps you keep a track of different exchange rates. Handy in keeping a track of your spending and personal finances, all that one needs to do is set a default currency and the app will remember recently updated rates to help you calculate your budget even when you’re without an internet connection. Availability: Android, iOS, Windows Price: Free

Clothes, Toothpaste, medicines, chargers, bag locks, emergency lights, cosmetics, camera with charger, shampoo, tissue papers, ticket printouts, warm clothes… ummm… are you forgetting something? We’re sure there are many things that remain to be packed. So what do we do? Download the Packing (+To Do) app to create customizable packing lists, build lists with multi-item selection, edit them, get suggestions, sort items, filter and edit details like weight, value, number of items and remain tension free. There are also customized lists depending on who you travel with – friends, family, your partner, campers and so on. It comes with a huge catalog of items for babies, pets, kids, cooking amongst others. Availability: iOS devices Price: `60

Perfect World Clock

Even while mentally you’re in your country, times change. At least on the world Clocks that keep ticking differently. Perfect World Clock helps you figure out time at different locations without stressing you to do your mathematics when you’re just not getting it right. Get to know when to call your friends and family based in different countries without disturbing them. Availability: Android Price: Free


Google Goggles


Great looking place and no one to communicate to you as to what it exactly is? Direct your phone’s camera at the object of your curiosity, and if famous enough, you get all the relevant information about the place right on your phone. Put your Google goggles on! Availability: iOS devices and Android Price: Free




Suggestions, recommendations and tips by experts make this app worth the download. An app that helps you create your own guide for sight-seeing, hotels and bars in cities all across the world, it allows for you to have your entire city maps offline with a quick download so as to avoid heavy data roaming charges. Free to download, it is available on iOS and Android. Availability: iOS devices and Android Price: Free


Better Translator Pro

Functionally, an extended version of Word Lens, it translates 50 languages in text-to-text mode, out of which, 11 work with the help of the App’s voice recognition function. Plugged in to both Google and Bing’s translation services, it is as accurate as it gets. Availability: Android

TravelSafe Pro

This has everything you need to feel safe. With a database of emergency service numbers in every country, there are details about the embassy in case passports go missing and the option to pin certain services as widgets on your screen for one touch access to police, ambulance and fire engines. Available on Android for Rs. 80. Availability: Android Price: `80

PinPin ATM Finder

While it is horrible to get lost in one’s own country without any money, it is all the more dreadful to get lost in another country without money in an area where you can see no ATM around. With this App, which lists almost 220 countries, you can easily find an ATM just around the corner without getting too worked up. Availability: Windows Price: Free


of the month

Prachi Mishra

Photogapher|Kaustub Kamble Stylist|Pranav Hamal Venue|Yellow Boots Studio by Pearl Entertainment Hair Stylist|Jayshree Shah Makeup Artist|Pearl Gomes 106 I EXHIBIT I SEPTEMBER 2013



How has winning the pageant changed your life? Before becoming Miss India, I would always dream about the crown, so after winning the pageant, it’s more like living your dream. From a normal banker, I’m a Miss India and once a Miss India, always a Miss India! The way people look at you and react towards you changes completely. I’ve met so many beautiful people in this industry because of it, and also got the opportunity to work in a movie because of the same reason. Most stunning personality you’ve ever come across… That has to be Rekha. I met her at Filmfare Awards and I was simply staring at her. She still looks fab! What kind of futuristic gadget would you like to invent? There should be some gadget that can park our carsby flying them and parking it without any hassles. That will save so much time and trouble… How does technology help you out in your profession? I believe 90% of our work is dependent on gadgets nowadays. I can’t, for sure, do without my cellphone;my iPhone replaces my camera and I also use it to click pictures. I keep myself updated with what’s new when it comes to makeup via YouTube. Everything today heavily relies on gadgets– be it checking movie shows, or planning something. I like being aware about the latest technological developments and enjoy learning new things. Any gadget that you bought and immediately regretted? I was quite attracted towards iPad but after getting my iPhone 5, I realized that I didn’t need the iPad. Apps that you use the most… I love editing my pictures, so I love Instagram. I also love making collages of pictures so I love any app that helps me do that along with helping me enhance my beauty by editing my pictures. Besides, I use Google Maps a lot, too. Most of the times I find myself lost and this is when Google Maps come to my aid. Twitter or Facebook? I still enjoy Facebook more as it is more interactive, you can like pictures and posts. Twitter is good to spread messages and news. Also, Twitter is faster than the news channels;whatever happens even in some other part of the world, it is out there on it.

What if?: You weren’t in the glam industry? I would have been working in the bank I was working before winning the pageant, would have been planning to get married and have kids post that. You weren’t born in India? I would’ve missed out on this feeling of patriotism You had three wishes… First, my family should stay with me forever. Next, I’d like to become India’s and World’s most famous actress and win all the awards and lastly, I would like to travel to all the beautiful destinations in the world like a Princess. You are given a free ticket to Mars? I would give it to my biggest enemy and ask him/her to go away from this planet forever. You accidentally meet Akshay Kumar someday? (Akshay being her most favorite celebrity) Depends on the situation. I don’t want to disclose it right now!

What is your fashion quotient? Fashion means two things for me – one, when the designer wants to see me the way he/she wants and the second is wearing something that I feel comfortable in. I feel most comfortable in a Sari, or Punjabi suit, or maybe a nice bikini, which makes me look hot. It just depends on my mood and what I want to feel and look like. A common fashion faux pasmade by people that you absolutely dislike I hate girls wearing wrong innerwear therebymaking your clothes look tacky. A mismatch, like wearing a white top over a black innerwear, is a very basic example. Future projects I’ve done a movie called ‘ZaalimDilli’ and now that I’ve done this one, I’m meeting many people and have an option to say a Yes or a No. It’s a nice sitcom whereI’m opposite Divyendu Sharma and the cast also includes Ira Dubey, Jackie Shroff. I shot for a song with YoYo Honey Singh in Dubai, which will be going viral in some time; we also did a song with Jazzy B and Hard Kaur. I’m playing the role of a girl named Sakshi who works in a Corporate Company and the story is about how the guy falls in love with her.

Watch Miss India Earth 2012 Prachi Mishra's Tech Stunner Video



Doubly Secure Your Android Device 5 tips to maintain to avoid some common Android pitfalls


Do not “bring your own disaster” • Do not prefer your Android phone for work. • Encrypt your phone and external SD card by Menu<Set tings<Security<Encryption.




Do not forget to double-lock

Don’t fall for text scams

• Put PIN codes on individual apps such as Gmail, or Face book by adding an extra layer of security along with the phone lock.

• Some trojan-ized apps will post a SMS as Security app to scam you. It might send you on wild chase through rogue websites.

Don’t forget where you put your stuff • If your device is lost, use Gmail’s PC-based security system to sign the attacker out, under Account Activity on the main Gmail page, then select “Sign out All Other Sessions”. • Dropbox is a particular risk, PIN lock it if possible. Do not save passwords in web browser, do not keep email addresses, or banking details in any note-taking app and lock your Google Drive. Educate employees, executives and vendors.



Always have a backup plan • Track your phone and always have a back-up by adding the apps like My back up Pro and Super back up.

HOW TO See What Web Sites Your Computer is Secretly Connecting To


as your internet connection become slower than it should be? There may be a chance that you have some malware, spyware, or adware that is using your internet connection in the background without your knowledge. Here’s how to see what’s going on under the hood.

How to Check What Your Computer is Connecting To

So, how do you find out what the problem is? There is an easy method using the netstat command from a command prompt window. This works with all Windows OS’ post the XP-era, and if you are using XP then ensure it’s SP2 or higher. We will use the netstat command to generate a list of everything that has made an internet connection in a specified amount of time. To use the netstat command, you must run the command prompt window as administrator. Open the Start menu and enter “cmd.exe” in the Search box. When the results display, right-click on cmd.exe and select Run as administrator from the popup menu. If the User Account Control dialog box displays, click Yes to continue. Note: You may not see this dialog box, depending on your User Account Control settings. At the command prompt, type the following command and press Enter. netstat -abf 5 > activity.txt

is (name of unknown process)” in Google and see what it is. It may be a system function you don’t know about or a function of one of your running programs. However, if it seems like a bad site, you can use Google again to find out how to get rid of it.

Using CurrPorts to Check What Your PC is Connecting To

You can also use a free tool, called CurrPorts, to display a list of all currently opened TCP/IP and UDP ports on your local computer. It is a portable program and doesn’t need to be installed. To use it, extract the .zip file you downloaded (see the link at the end of this article) and run cports.exe. For each port that CurrPorts lists, information about the process that opened the port is displayed. You can select connections and close them, copy a port’s information to the clipboard or save it to an HTML file, an XML file, or a tab-delimited text file. You can reorder the columns displayed on the CurrPorts main window and in the files you save. To sort the list by a specific column, simply click on the header of that column. CurrPorts runs under Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. There is a separate download of CurrPorts for 64-bit versions of Windows.

The –a option shows all connections and listening ports, the –b option shows you what application is making the connection, and the –f option displays the full DNS name for each connection option for easier understanding of where the connections are being made to. You can also use the –n option if you wish to only display the IP address. The 5 option will poll every 5 seconds for connections to make it easier to track what is going on, and the results are then piped into the activity.txt file. Wait about two minutes and then press Ctrl + C to stop the recording of data. Once you’ve finished recording data, you can simply open the activity.txt file in your favorite editor to see the results, or you can type activity.txt at the command line to open it in Notepad. The resulting file will list all processes on your computer (browsers, IM clients, email programs, etc.) that have made an internet connection in the last two minutes, or however long you waited before pressing Ctrl + C. It also lists which processes connected to which websites. If you see process names or website addresses with which you are not familiar, you can search for “what


How to

make the best use of Facebook’s Graph Search


very time you log in on Facebook, you see a new added feature. The latest is Facebook’s graph search. It does not appear to be anything more than a search bar. However, the graph search can be used for some unique searches.

Facebook is the best place to search for friends with similar interests as you. While it wasn’t easy earlier, the graph search has made it really simple. If you want to find friends who love playing football, graph search will make that easy. With Graph Search you can enter "Friends who play football" (or replace "play" with "like") to find some teammates. Similarly, you can find friends who love reading the same books, watch the same movies and love the same cuisines as you. Finding an old college roommate, or high school classmate you've had on your mind and feel like you have to talk with has been made fairly easy with Google. It's now even easier with Graph Search.Using Graph Search you're able to search for people by the area they live in or used to live in, where they attended school, or even where they work. So if you’re looking for a classmate from college or school, “People who graduated in 2006 from ‘Name of the college’”, is all that you need to type. This particular search will provide a list of your friends' friends


who you graduated with, but haven't connected with on Facebook. Alternatively, if you just know a name and a city, you can search for that person's name and the city you believe them to be in. Trying to find a photo of a friend or family member from a specific trip can be a pain. So many photos are shared on the social networking site every day. The new Graph Search makes it so easy. To try out the photo search type something simple like "Photos I like" and you'll see all of the photos you've ever liked on Facebook. To narrow the list down, you can add a year to the end of the query. Now to find photos of a friend or family member, you enter "Photos of [friend]." The photo results can also be narrowed down producing more specific results. Try searching for "Photos of [friend] from Goa in 2011". Really simple, isn't it? Facebook is best place to find jobs. Don’t believe us? Type “People who work in Social Media and live in Mumbai”. Not only can you find single people, but you can also find those individuals who make the hiring decisions at local businesses. You may not be direct friends with the person, but odds are you know someone who knows someone.Narrow the people it picks from by adding "friends" or "friends of friends" and ask for an introduction if you find a company you'd like to work for.

How To

Save your iPhone battery life


herever we might be, our smart phones are always with us. And for no reason whatsoever sometimes, we just want to keep fidgeting with it. Now the only thing we hate about that is our battery just dies. We'll have to agree itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a pain to keep charging your phone all the time. Now till technology picks up, we'll have to a few simple solutions. Reminder: They are just some simple steps you can follow for saving your battery life. These steps are for your iPhone 5 exclusively. Sorry Android fans! Take care of your battery's life Not many people know this but the best way to actually increase the capacity of your battery is by draining it completely and then recharge it fully. In fact, Apple itself tells us "For proper maintenance of a lithium-based battery, it's important to keep the electrons in it moving occasionally. The battery life runs for a longer and better time if it is charged to a 100% and then completely drained out. Not too bright please! If the brightness is too high for your iPhone, it takes up a lot of the power. By reducing the brightness, not only does it consume less battery, but is also good for the eyes. Shut it all You will just have to keep shutting all your applications as and when you're not using them. They keep running behind and just hog up your battery. Leaving applications active when not in use on the contrary drains your battery more even if it is in the standby mode. During Travel We cannot keep searching for a charging point when we are traveling. Turing off your mobile data/3G or even the Wi-Fi for just a while saves a lot of your battery as all the applications are also shut and you can attain a little

peace. Skip the equalizer Switch off the equalizer for song play-lists. Yeah, surprisingly it does in fact save your battery. Just go to Settings > iPod > EQ. Plug into the port Hook your iPhone 5 into the USB port when you're at your computer to conserve your battery power. While you're doing this, you can even sync your device and download new versions of iTunes or iPhone software, or upload any data from your phone to iCloud.


How To

Multitask using YouTube’s new picture-in-picture update


t looks like Google never ceases to innovate, even though some of their innovations might not last that long. (Yes Google Wave, I’m looking at you!)

But for those who can’t get enough of YouTube, Google has granted your wish. You can get more YouTube in YouTube. Yes, that’s right – in its latest update, an entirely overhauled UI includes a multitasking feature, letting users shrink a video while browsing the app. Call it picture-in-picture. YouTube isn't the first to do this, however. Last year Samsung introduced this concept with a feature exclusive to its Galaxy line, letting users "pop out" a video while browsing the phone as usual. Soon after, a third-party developer mimicked the feature with an Android app. With the greater screen real estate of today's phones, the feature fits right in.


To give multitasking a try, launch YouTube on your Android phone or tablet (the iOS app will be updated soon), and begin playing a video. Then: •Swipe the video down with one finger to minimize it, or tap the arrow in the upper-left corner. You can now browse YouTube as usual. •To maximize the video, tap it, or swipe up. •To quickly close a minimized video, swipe it to the left or right. You'll notice the audio fades in tune with the motion -- nice touch. Note that on phones, the multitasking feature only works in portrait mode. On tablets, it works in both portrait and landscape.

How To

Use the Restricted Profile on 4.3 Jelly Bean


e all are yet very happy with the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean version but there is no doubt that we are eagerly waiting for it to come to enter into all our Android devices. When we could add just another profile into our Tablets, we were quite content with the concept. And to top it off, 4.3 came in with its “restricted profile”. It’s great for those people who don't want their private stuff to be shared with the rest of the inquisitive world! 1) New User identity To create a new user, head into the settings menu and go into "Users." Then choose "Add user or profile." You'll get a new pop-up where you'll choose either "User" or "Restricted Profile." The former is the typical one with all the apps and data from before itself. Add the Restricted User profile and please don't forget to add a password to it. What use will it be off if even the restricted profile can be visited by all, right?

a check-box for location access. You can uncheck it and the apps in the restricted profile won't be able to tell where you are. You can pull down the quick setting menu and tap the current profile picture to simply switch to another user. 3) Settings Mix-up The settings might have been scaled a little bit. Adding accounts is a problem and to get into the developers setting is another drawback. You can still clear data or flat-out uninstall an app from the app settings section— or you can just long-press and drag to uninstall from the home screen. Developers have full control over of whether or not their app features can be restricted from users. We have full faith in Android and they will get better and give us the best user-interface experience as always. We will be waiting!

2) Using Toggle There is, of course, an on/off toggle for each app. There's a settings toggle as well, but you can't switch it off. Instead, tapping it opens up


Lifestyle changing styles Montblanc’s Capsule Collection for men Montblanc brings to its patrons a capsule collection of double gusset briefcases, sleek document case, neat zippered portfolios and small leather goods assortment such as Smartphone and tablet cases alongside classic items like wallets, notebooks and business card holders. The Meisterstück Selection men’s leather goods line comes in new colors and new leather skin expressing men’s individuality in their everyday business essentials. Its inimitable design that is typical of Montblanc and perfect craftsmanship is available in a single finish – alligator-printed calfskin – in mocha. With the new fine-quality leather, saffiano printed calfskin and variety of colors, including elegant flannel, warm cognac, rich burgundy and classic navy, it is tailored to match the needs of the contemporary, cosmopolitan businessman. It’s just that thing accessory you always wanted to flaunt.


Dvine Watches

Dvine Watches’ Urban Series for Men is one that you can wear daily to work and team it up to contrast it with the formal party look. The one in the picture has a white background with blue dials that stands out with a black leather strap and round dial. Water resistant up to 30 metres, it has dual hour, minutes and seconds analogue display, with Japanese movements.

Carrie Underwood’s nail polish line American music sensation Carrie Underwood joined forces with nail-care brand OPI and launched her own nail polish collection that will include the signature item Carrie’d Away, a gold shade nail paint. The collection will include 14 different colors, including the signature shade. The nail paints will be available in stores from January 2014. Carrie had earlier expressed a desire to create her own fashion line; this is just relevant yet different. Formerly, many others like Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Mariah Carey have worked in coordination with the company.

Launches of the Month Lindsay Lohan launches lifestyle website

Perry Ellis launches new fragrances for Men

American star Lindsay Lohan launched her own lifestyle website, earlier in August. The website includes Lindsay’s personal picks from the world of fashion, self-affirming proverbs, and videos of her interviews, movie trailers and behind the scenes of her magazine shoots. Back from rehab, probably this is Lindsay’s way of saying, “I’m back”. Though the website is more about Lindsay’s lifestyle than lifestyle itself, what remains to be seen is who all subscribe to its daily posts for the right reasons.

Perry Ellis announced the launch of its new fragrances for Men by the same name. Fresh, with an aroma that hints of the woods, the fragrance represents the Perry Ellis man’s wit and confidence. The bottle’s design is inspired by the signature Perry Ellis dot and its ink-colored metal case encircles the teal glass bottle through which one can see the fragrance. With an exotic fragrance, elegant design and the Perry Ellis aura, one can expect lots from this one!

Victorinox DIVE MASTER 500

Designed for adventure, its ruggedness is of the authentic Swiss Army grade. Sleek with strong and immediate identity, it combines resolute Swiss Army reliability and robustness with a contemporary versatility. Stainless Steel case, genuine rubber strap and water resistant to 50 ATM, it is scratch-resistant, triple-coated, anti-reflective sapphire crystal and has mechanical self-winding movement. The uncluttered dial design, fine vertical lines and unidirectional bezel with oversized Arabic numerals in varied colors gives these watches a fresh and modern look.


i l l a v a C o t r e b Ro a k d o V


An Italian Designer from Florence, Roberto Cavalli’s exotic prints and detailed designing has enamored fashionistas all across the world. It furthered its class by widening its horizons and entering relevant yet new space of lifestyle, homes and fashion for Kids, too.RC pushed its boundaries and entered the Wine & Vodka segment, doing what it does best, best! Here’s RC’s high-spirited success story…



History: After enrolling at a Local Art Institute that concentrated in textile print, Roberto started making a series of flower prints on knit and attracted major Italian hosiery factories even while he was studying.He was hugely inspired by his grandfather Giuseppe Rossi, a member of an Italian group of painters named Macchiaioli. What started as a hobby finally started taking shapein 1970, when he patented a revolutionary method of printing on leather. It was him who came up with the idea and thereon, he started creating patchworks of varied materials. Thus, at 30, he presented his first namesake collection in Paris and opened his first boutique in 1972 in Saint-Tropez. Probably the first to present the sandblasted jeans, there was no looking back from here. The mainline that sells in almost 50 countries, it launched the youth aimed line ‘Just Cavalli’ in 1998, and comprised not just clothes but also accessories, eyewear, beachwear, perfumes, watches and more. Furthering his penchant for optimism and exuberant inclination towards life, Roberto Cavalli decided on coming up with Roberto Cavalli Vodka in the US of A in October 2005. Ever since, it has become a symbol of his love and passion for nightlife and entertainment.

Journey: The sexy and inspired woman who is the eternal muse for Cavalli style, Roberto Cavalli Vodka is the first one to be entirely produced in Italy. Roberto’s son from his first marriage, Tommaso, spent two years at West Palm Beach, Florida. While here, he worked in a horse breeding company and that aroused his interest in the activity. When he returned from the States at the age of 21, Tommaso decided to live at TenutaDegli Dei, the estate that his father bought at the end of 70’s in Panzano in Chianti, as he wanted to keep away from the pressures of the world. But gradually, he transformed the country by raising competitive trotter horses and in the year 2000, he took to winemaking. Love for the land combined with companionship with the renowned consulting agronomist and enologist Carlo Ferrini helped him take up the ambitious winemaking project. Since 2006,

Tommaso has also been managing the Worldwide distribution of Roberto Cavalli Vodka. The bottle’s unique design is all thanks for Roberto Cavalli’s expertise. He described the Vodka and its design as “Crystal clear, captivating and intense like the women who are my muses. I played around with the bottle design: from the moment the idea of Cavalli vodka first emerged I started to think about what its outer appearance should be like so as to attract the attention of fashionistas around the world.” Produced in line with the Italian tradition, it is sophisticated and elegant. It is dedicated to the most discerning palates and a perfect example of Italian tradition and heritage of one of the top distillers. Monta Rosa’s spring water that has a naturally low mineral content, best quality of wheat grown in the valleys in the “Granda” area in Piedmont and careful distillation combine to become the secret and perfect ingredients that give RC Vodka its special flavor. The filtering process uses marble powder along with the typical cellulose panels to guarantee the correct pH levels for the finished product. The final result is unique, clean with neutral aromas and just a hint of cream and citrus rind. The final stage comprises bottling in small batches thereby giving it an identity of its own. Stacked in the top trendy clubs in London like Boujis, Mo*vida, Jalouse, Cuckoo Club, and in Ibiza, like Pacha, Nassau Beach Club, Blue Marlin and Km5 Lounge, it is quite obvious that it is successful. When launched in Kolkata, in February 2012, here is what Mr.TommasoCavalli had to say, “I am very excited to attend the launching of Roberto Cavalli Vodka in Kolkata. It will be my first time in such a fascinating city and a tremendous privilege to meet the people and share with them the superior quality of our vodka. We have entered the Indian market since almost four years and still receiving a growing success.”

Crystal clear, captivating and intense like the women who are my muses. I played around with the bottle design: from the moment the idea of Cavalli vodka first emerged I started to think about what its outer appearance should be like so as to attract the attention of fashionistas around the world.” “I am very excited to attend the launching of Roberto Cavalli Vodka in Kolkata. It will be my first time in such a fascinating city and a tremendous privilege to meet the people and share with them the superior quality of our vodka. We have entered the Indian market since almost four years and still receiving a growing success.” 120 I EXHIBIT I SEPTEMBER 2013

Roberto Cavalli

Highlights: •In the year 2006, it was awarded Gold Medal at San Francisco World Spirits Competition •In 2006, it received another Gold Medal with 90 points and special mention ‘exceptional’ by the 2006International Review of Spirits. •Ever since April 2007, when Dubai, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany and Spain received their first deliveries of RC Vodka, the reactions seem to be postive from all across •Since 2008, the introduction of the 1.5 litre Roberto Cavalli Vodka MAGNUM and since 2010, the 3 and 6 litre Roberto Cavalli Vodka, too, is available. •In the American continent, it is already present in Canada, Uruguay, Venezuela, Colombia, Brasil Puerto Rico, Curacao and many other places. Since 2010, the brand has been present in Bulgaria, Vietnam, Nigeria, South Africa and since 2011 in Singapore, Austria and Norway, thereby giving it a universal liking among audiences far across. •Its Limited Night Edition that was launched in November 2012 is well, especially designed for the night life. First of a series of personalized limited edition bottles, it is a perfect combo of joy and delight with streaks of elegance, charisma and seduction!





‘I love the energy and the passion of people in India when it comes to music.’

DJ Miss P.M. is a world traveler! Having experienced the underground scene in Europe first hand, she instantly fell in love with Techno. Thus, when she was in Mumbai to give a dose of her tunes at Aurus, Exhibit caught up with her just hours before the mad techno night…

How did you start off your career? Was being a DJ always the plan? It was never planned. I started DJ-ing in 2008. It’s just a hobby which panned out to be an alternative career option. I always was into music as a child so DJ-ing happened naturally… That was no surprise. Which changing trend in the world of music has caught your attention the most? I’ve always been into minimal techno, however these days, the genre has changed a lot and incorporates a lot of deep house elements into it or vice versa. It’s a good change as I think now you get a lot of groovy and melodic minimal tracks. Keeping in mind your profession, how helpful is technology and how does it blend into the picture? Which headphones and mixer do you use? Technology definitely plays a big part! I buy my music online and compared to how it used to be a long time ago, when you had to go through vinyls one by one, now you can hear samples online and pick the music that you like. A good pair of headphones is a must for every DJ and one must really invest on a good one. I use Sennheiser HD 25. I still own a pair of Technics turntables at home and will keep that for the rest of my life. I also have a Pioneer Traktor Kontroller at home. I plan to get a pair of Pioneer CDJ’s 2000, too. How is it coming to India? Have you visited India before? Which is the best place you’ve visited here? I’ve been to India a few times, twice in Mumbai and I absolutely love the colors, the action and the energy of the city. I wish I could explore it more as I only had a few days in Mumbai during my first gig at Aurus last February 2012. I’ve been to Goa and I just love the place to bits as you get to party like crazy one day and then relax in a quiet resort the next. I really want to go to Rajasthan and Kerala someday. I wish I can take a few months off work and just go backpacking in India, as you really need a lot of time to explore it. What are the qualities essential for being a good DJ? Any tips to budding DJs for the same? A good ear for music is important as well as the ability to read and interact with the crowd. Keep on practicing; don’t be afraid to ask for help from professional DJs that you know as you always learn from their experience. Get to know your music and always inject your unique style in your sets. What’s your perspective on Indian music? I do love the classical music with a lot of sitar and tabla elements. What do you think of the scene of DJing in India? It’s crazy! I love the energy and the passion of the people when it comes to music. They listen to all genres and are very open-minded. I particularly like the techno crowd; they just love a banging set! Which Camera and laptop do you personally use? I have a point and shoot Canon and for laptop I have a Macbook. How do you connect with your fans? Are you a social media fan? To be honest, I think I am the laziest when it comes to social media. But I have just recently opened a Facebook page ( and I try my best to keep it updated. I don’t have any twitter account and I have just started using Instagram too. This year, my goal is to update and be active with all these sites (including updating my Soundcloud and Mixcloud pages).



The X Factor: Moto X When Google acquired Motorola in 2012, it immediately created a buzz in the smartphone market. Their first offspring was eagerly awaited. Fast forward to 2013 and the Moto X was finally launched in San Francisco. Does it offer anything different than the herd of Android smartphones available in the market today?

We take a look:- The latest trend is big screened phones and Moto X doesnot deviate from that. It has an impressive4.7 inch screen. The screen is 316 pixels per inch, and offers 720p video, a step below the 1080p (or “true HD”) now common on newer highend phones. Motorola’s CEO Dennis Woodside has said that “beyond 720p— unless you have the vision of a hawk—you aren’t going to notice much of a difference.” The Moto X is the narrowest flagship Android phone available today. The Google and Motorola duo has got it spot on in terms of the design. The Moto X has a plastic body but it is more impressive than the body of the S4. Motorola has advertised the Moto X as a ‘long life battery’ phone. With a 2200 mAH battery, those claims don’t seem too realistic.

feature is not as advanced as Siri, it is still quite handful. Most people wake their phones multiple times just to check the time and other notifications. The Moto X displays the time and an icon for a missed event, every time you move it. No need to press any button; just pull it out of your pocket. If that screen shows an icon (text, e-mail or call, for example), you can hold down your finger on it to view the details. Or swipe upward to open the corresponding app to reply. Sadly, this feature shows you only one notification — the most recent.

The Good: Customizable color scheme, sleek design, smart features. The Not So Good: Phones with bigger and better screens are available The Bad: The phone is only available in North America. So we can only lay our hands on it, if we are in good terms with our relatives in the US or Canada.

What makes Moto X different than other Android phones is the feature to design your own color scheme. You’re offered a choice of 18 colors for the back panel, black or white for the front, and seven colors for the accents (the buttons and ring around the camera lens). The color choices are excellent; the odds of you and your frenemy showing up at a party with an identical Moto X phone are one in 252. So you can customize your phone the way you want. The Moto X also has a feature that is similar to the Siri on the iPhone. You can command the phone to dial a number, send a text, open an app, and set your alarm, look up a fact on the Web, and so on. But unlike Siri, you don’t hold down a button to speak. The phone is always listening, even when it’s in your car’s cup holder. The Moto X has a special chip whose sole purpose is to listen to the user all day. If you’ve password-protected your phone, this feature loses much of its power. It won’t execute most commands until you first pick it up and unlock it. Though the


Graphene-A wonder material or just another way to flush out money at spare With Chancellor of Exchequer, George Osborne allotting £50m for grapheme research, the worth of the so called wonder materials does receive an impetus. That brings us to argue whether it is really worth the enormous research or is it just another overpriced and over hyped material that would be discarded anyway and would limit its use to particular industries. When Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov of Manchester University had won the Nobel Prize for Physics for their pioneering work on the“miracle material”, the initial funding was nothing more than a vote of faith that has made it possible to back a new arena of research. However, the story went on with a further inflow of funds during Christmas when another £11m was granted to prolong the research. The object that was found to have been composed of a single layer of carbon atoms, extracted from graphite, with astonishing properties: the stuff is stronger than diamond, more conductive than copper and more flexible than rubber was named “Graphene”– the wonder- material. What’s interesting to note, is how more than £60m has already been spent in a particular area of research with results less befitting than other research works.

The Concorde Syndrome

Public money being hosed at a single project gave rise to Concorde Syndrome which is a just saying for Graphene that has caught the eye of the British Government owing to its endless potential as a material. One of them being the end of rust formation. Professor Novoselov and his colleagues had outlined earlier a “road map” for possible applications of graphene, exploring whether it could become “the next disruptive technology, replacing some of the currently used materials and leading to new markets?”

Possible areas where Graphene might be put to use •Owing to the fact that Graphene is thin, it could be used to put an end to all sorts of “Rust” problems. •It could be used to enhance solar cells and to improve the working lifeof batteries. •Graphene could act as a sensor with a single device measuring strain,gas, magnetism or pressure.

What is Graphene? Graphene is a form of carbon that exists as a sheet, one atom thick. Atoms are arranged into a two-dimensional honeycomb structure. Discovery of graphene announced in 2004 by the journal Science. About 100 times stronger than steel; conducts electricity better than copper. Touted as possible replacement for silicon in electronics about 1% of graphene mixed into plastics could make them conductive.


•The purity and large surface area of Graphene makes it suitable for medical uses too: from aiding drug delivery to building new tissue for regenerative medicine. •From a standing start with the Manchester work in 2004, there are now more than 7,000 patents on graphene, with the largest number - more than 2000 - held by China. Samsung alone holds more than 400.


Suunto launch two new Core Crush models


Two new members to the Suunto Core Crush family have been added — the Core Violet Crush and the Core Green Crush. These two new models perfectly complement the youthful set of colours in the Core Crush range. The dial is nice and big which would certainly appeal to the more youthful crowd out there. The Suunto Core Violet Crush is an intense, contemporary hue inspired by outdoor apparel design, while the Suunto Core Green Crush is a fresh and luminous color inspired by nature and the seasons of spring and summer. The Suunto Core Crushis recognizable by its striking and fun silicone rubber straps. They are comfortable on the wrist yet also extremely durable thanks to the robust black aluminium lugs on which it’s attached. The addition of the Core Green Crush and the Core Violet Crush add two more striking colors to the Core Crush range, which already features models in red, blue and yellow. During the launch even,SimoSoini, Suunto ProductManager said “This is a fun and youthful outdoor watch but at the same time offers full functionality in the outdoors.”

About Suunto cORE:The Suunto Core is the essential outdoor watch of choice for adventurers, explorers and anyone driven by a desire to discover their own limits in the outdoors. It comes with all the features needed to explore your boundaries — altimeter, compass and accurate weather information. Plus it’s extremely rugged and reliable. The best-selling Suunto watch is also simple and easy to understand. Dynamic by design, powered by adrenaline, it is packed with the spirit of adventure.


The Real POWER Talk!

Mr. Satyapal Singh, Commisioner of Police, Mumbai-On Technology & lots more... We believe you wanted to become a Scientist. How did you then drift your path and get into IPS? There’s a long story. I’d scored two scholarships from American Universities to pursue my PhD and do my research work there. But at that time, my father was fond of the uniform life and had many friends who were Colonel and Brigadiers. There was an incident in our neighborhood that changed things for me. An Engineer who stayed next to our house went to USA for Research work and got married there itself and never returned. When my father heard this, he thought this could happen with me, too. That’s when he asked me to join the IAS or IPS. When I joined the IPS, I was pursuing my PhD research work in Chemistry from Delhi University. I was selected for IPS in the first attempt itself. That’s the story… But I have no regrets. What has been the highlight of your career? I’ve enjoyed my posting wherever I’ve been. I was against the Naxalites in Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh; I’ve worked as a Teacher in the Maharashtra Police Academy for two and a half years. This is my third stint as a Commissioner and believe me, it’s a rarity. Generally, this is how I put it - I’ve been the Police Commissioner of the Central Capital of India, Nagpur; I’ve been the Police Commissioner of the Cultural Capital of India, Pune and I’ve been the Police Commissioner of the Financial Capital of India, Mumbai! Any difficult phase that you came across? There’s an incident that I vividly remember. On the 12th April, 1984, Western India Bank was looted in Nashik City by terrorists from Punjab. At that time I was at Vinchur, a place 65 kms away from Nashik. I was an ASP at that time. I received a wireless message saying that there were six terrorists who had looted the Bank and had moved towards Vinchur in their car, carrying AK 47. Two Sub-Inspectors and one constable accompanied me at the time and I didn’t have my revolver. One of the Sub-Inspectors was very old, married and about to retire and didn’t have a Revolver and the other Sub-Inspector had just one revolver. Four men with just one revolver against six terrorists with AK-47! I asked my Officers to block the road, put some truck and tempo and started checking each vehicle that cameour way. Both my Sub-Inspectors told me that it was fatal and that we shouldn’t do it. I told them, “If I’ve donned the Uniform, I have to do it.” Everyone was astonished at this surprise check.I speculated that they might leave the car and board another vehicle; somewhere inside, even I was


scared. But as luck would have it just one and a half kms away from where we were, there was a diversion of road. I assume they must have received the news that we’re on security check and thus, they diverted. We’d informed the Gujarat Police; once they reached the Gujarat border three of them were killed and the remaining three escaped in Jungle. What kind of gadgets does every officer from the Police Department needs, for sure? Latest state-of-art Wireless Communication, Mobile Phones, Non-Lethal Weapons are all a must, today. Many Police Forces in other countries use non-lethal weapons with the help of which one can control the accused without even touching them. There’s no need to use a gun for it; these weapons make them unconscious and helps in stabilizing the situation. Being the author of two books yourself, what kind of books do you like reading? Also, having dealt some very notorious names from the Crime World, do you intend to write a book that reveals it all? Something like an ‘Inside Story’… I would love writing about some incidents that took place during my tenure. But my apprehension is till I’m in this Department, I shouldn’t as there are certain things which aren’t favorable for the Police and I have to give priority to the nation’s security. I have a collection of around 4,500 books in my personal library. I’m very fond of books pertaining to Philosophy, Culture, History and Applied Sciences. I like reading biographies, too. SwamiDayanandSaraswati’s ‘Light of Truth’ and ‘Wisdom of the Rishis’by PanditGuruDattaVidyarthi are my all time favorite books.I started writing books, but you need peace of mind and enough time to complete it. But still, I manage giving lectures in some or the other college and keep on noting down my thoughts. In the field of crime, technology has been used both, for the better and worse. Cyber crime, too, is on the rise, and fake ids and hacking bank accounts is no new news. How do you think this can be effectively managed? We have quite an effective surveillance system, which helps us in many ways in keeping a tab on Criminals. Not many people know about it, but I would also like to share with you that we are also the first Police force in the country to have our own Social Cyber Lab. We are monitoring and trying to understand the trends people follow, their pulse, what they’re writing about on Social Media. Since everyone has access to technology, all kinds of Cyber

Crimes are going on. There are some stringent norms, but not without loopholes. There need to be amendments but as of now we can say it is quite adequate. There were plans to install CCTVs all across Mumbai. But do you think that will help? What can be done to avoid pilferage, the most expected outcome of it? I don’t foresee that. CCTVs are certainly of great advantage to maintain public order, avert terrorist attacks as it will give a psychological deterrence; it will also help in the Post-incident investigation. Suppose there’s an accident or some theft, the vehicle and the person involved will be easily traced. We’d given the contract to a company, but due to certain glitches, it couldn’t be finalized. The technical part is sorted; we just have to look at its commercial side. It’s going to happen soon. A statement by you – ‘English education triggers suicides, murders’ – was wrongly interpreted. Would you like to justify that or make clear as to what it exactly meant? I did not mention that. I only said that many people, due to stress, are missing out on some things in life as the significance of human life isn’t taught to them. I didn’t mean the language. How can a language provoke people to commit suicide? Do you think the advent of technology and media has worked towards the advantage of your department? Definitely. But it has worked in favorof the criminals, too! Is there any app that you plan to develop for the Police Department? We are in discussion with IIT Mumbai to work in coordination with them on something very simple. It’s like wearing goggle or specs that have CCTV built in; without anybody’s knowledge, it will record every activity and that will be relayed in our Control Room. Some of our officers who are in the Business of Intelligence are the ones who will use it; it will also be helpful during riots. We’ve already developed an App for women with the help of which they can store up to ten numbers and call in times of emergency. Mr. Amitabh Bachchan launched the app for us. Which gadgets do you use? I use my computer, Blackberry and its BBM service, iPad. Whenever I’m in my car, I use the iPad to check my emails and reply to them, read books that I’ve downloaded on Newsstand.

“I use my computer, Blackberry and its BBM service, iPad. Whenever I’m in my car, I use the iPad to check my emails and reply to them, read books that I’ve downloaded on Newsstand.“

Enough of serious questions, what are your hobbies like?

How do you plan to retire and wish to be remembered as?

Reading, writing and travelling. I’ve travelled all over the world – somewhere around 30-35 countries. I used to play sports, too, but not anymore. I used to play volleyball and badminton.

I give a lot of importance to this question. Everything in this universe has a purpose; nothing is useless. Even a stone or a blade of grass is very useful in its own way. Having said that, it implies that the human life has a greater purpose. If you’re working for your own self and your own family, animals and birds do the same thing, too. What’s the difference, then? If

you work for the society and nation, humankind will remember you, otherwise thousands of people die every day… I wonder how many of these are remembered. You should leave something for the coming generations. Your work should speak to generations and work towards the betterment of the society. My core interest is to write something that generations will remember. And for all you know, I might land up in a political party.


The Gamechanging Khiladi!


hen Romance was brewing in Bollywood and people were only too happy soaking themselves deep into it, inebriated in it since years, he broke some bones, some records and emerged as the actual “Hero” in Bollywood. Unshackling the audience of the stereotypical image of the Bollywood hero and furthering it was AkshayKumar, aptly nicknamed ‘Khiladi’ because of his back-to-back Khiladi releases and his expertise in the action department,who took everyone by storm. It was a given then, that India had found its own action hero who could manage romancing the heroine and at the same time could be evil, wild, nasty, comical and handleeach emotion with the same intensity as the other one.



Actor, Martial Arts expert, dancer, singer, chef, father, husband and most importantly, a charmer, Akshayhas performed varied roles. Honored with a Doctorate Degree by Windsor University for his contribution to the Indian Cinema, having scored a Padma Shri along with winning umpteen number of awards, he still gives a tough run to the chocolate boys in the Industry. Looked upon by men for determination, he has donned several hats in his 22 year old career of acting and continuesto be a heartthrob for many (Including our last month’s cover girl SaniaMirza and this month’s tech stunner, Prachi Mishra. Always on the move, Akshay confesses that he is more of a “Go play in the Garden kinda guy” rather than sitting back and playing on a gadget kinda man. But is there a conceptual idea that fascinates him? What if he had to invent a gadget? “Since I’m an Action Adrenaline junkie, I would love someone to invent in a pair of trainers that could allow me to walk up a wall rather than just on top of it”, he winks.Akshaywho was always inclined toward fitness even before he was a part of the Industry is quite old school when it comes to his fitness regime. He treats his body like a treasure giving utmost importance to his rigorous workout schedule and not relying on any protein supplements to do that bit for him. It is a known fact that he is up for a workout at 4.30 in the morningand would climb 75 floors while shooting for Singh Is Kinng in Singapore since he couldn’t follow his daily fitness schedule. Fitness, and especially martial arts, as he puts it, is a way of life for him. This is how he has set a precedent for his contemporaries. Recently, a resort, where his latest release ‘Once Upon A Time in Mumbai Dobaara’ was shot, dedicated a cocktail to his onscreen character name. Thus, Shoaibtini is a Cocktail with a concoction of Tia Maria, Crème de Cacao and Vodka Absolut Vanilla. This is how his fame speaks volumes.

Photographer|Dabboo Ratnani


Doting father to son Aarav (ten years old) and daughter Nitara (will turn a year old), both of who share their birthday month with Papa Akshay, he is a dedicated family man now. “I’m a hands on father. I’m still living in the era of ‘do it yourself generation’. Nowadays there are not enough outdoor activities available for kids, so they live on their laptops, iPads, Tabs & Phones. For me that’s useful but extremely heart breaking.” So is Aarav tech savvy? “I love the fact that he is very tech savvy. It is kids like him who are ruling this generation with all things tech; on my part, I’ll take care of the sport orientated hours.” So given that his birthday is close at hand, what would he like to gift him? “He’d love a remote controlled fighter chopper to fly on the beach with his friends and I’d like to surprise him by gifting that. Nothing like a good set of batteries to keep him going for the rest of the day… Eveready I hope you have some batteries to give me & my son. I would like a lifetime supply if you please.” So how dependent is the ‘Khiladi’ on technology? “In today’s times, I think everyone is extremely dependent on it. A meeting or an appointment is fixed with the help of a call and the same can be cancelled by simply dropping a message. You don’t need to remember a particular number, birthday, event as there’s your physical memory that stores everything for you thereby preventing friends from becoming your foes. Even entertainment is highly tech oriented. Playing games, listening to songs, booking tickets for a movie or a flight are all just a click away. I think knowingly or unknowingly, we’ve surrendered ourselves to technology.” And which apps does he use the most? “I’d have to say as a dedicated fan follower my most used App would be ‘WHOSAY’ to post all my Twitter & Facebook info.” Four years back, in 2009, the actor added another feather to his Oh-so-full cap again. He founded Hari Om Productions along with wife Twinkle Khanna and Co-Produced movies like Singh Is Kinng, Action Replayy, Patiala House, Khiladi 786 amongst others. Recently, he, along with AshviniYardi produced a regional movie titled ’72 Miles, EkPravas’, which was showcased at London Indian Film Festival. Akshay’s current lineup of movie includes Boss, an Action-Comedy that is up for release in October, followed by Holiday, It’s Entertainment, Gabbar and Gutka in 2014. Since Eveready has been a part of every Indian’s life in many ways, what are his earliest ‘Eveready memories’? “Going back to my childhood, I visualize my toys and immediately I connect with Eveready batteries. I also remember the big batteries and the everlasting torches. Back to the present I can identify with their values; trust, stability and reliability. These are the values I grew up with. I am proud to be associated with this brand which has been constantly evolving and has been at the forefront of innovation with cutting edge, experimental products.” As a parting shot, we ask him as to what he thinks of the cover gadget - the Portable Charger by Eveready?“The Eveready portable charger is indeed a blessing. It actually saves me from worrying about my phone battery dying. I feel more relaxed now that there is always a backup to ensure that I am not bothered due to the phone battery dying twice a day.”

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Why does everyone except Google want to build a reader?


have been baffled by Google’s decision in March to euthanize the Google Reader instead of trying to reinvent it for the mobile/tablet age and use its strong (if small) community of users to build a new news reading experience. It is ironic because everyone seems to be getting into the reader business. Digg. Feedly. AOL. Even Facebook thinks it can be a player in the news reader game. The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday that this rumoured reader is:

It’s not just about personalization… it’s about how media is consumed now. In the old days, you could just go to the New York Times and get all your news, or whatever. But that’s not the case anymore, and it will likely never be the case again. The news is all distributed now, to a thousand different places. We want to be like the daily newspaper for our generation, and so we wanted to see people visiting multiple times a day and hopefully about six days a week at least — and we are definitely seeing that, which really shows our concept is working.

A year old and centered on mobile reading experience.

“Google won’t get this right, Twitter won’t get this right, Facebook won’t get this quite right, Amazon won’t even get this right — the company that gets it right needs to have it in its DNA. We think this is a Trojan horse into a much bigger thing… in five years’ time or 10 years’ time, AI will be all over our daily lives, everything we interact with will be intelligent, and the interfaces to it will be completely different. Backtracking from that very distant kind of vision led us to start in this place.”

An attempt by Facebook to go after Flipboard experience. The work of Michael Matas, a well-known designer who previously worked for Apple and Nest Labs and is project lead. I wonder if this is yet another proof of Facebook’s Twitter envy! Jokes aside, as far as I am concerned, unless Facebook can figure out a way to work with Twitter and generally embrace RSS, any Facebook reader experience is going to be fairly limited. More importantly, Facebook has yet to show that it can actually build a new type of social behaviour inside its walled garden. Facebook is following in the footsteps of LinkedIn, which recently acquired Pulse, a news reader app that allows them to keep a closer engagement with their social network. Reading news is still one of the daily essential activities — just ask Yahoo, which has benefited from Yahoo News and Sports, allowing the company to make money from advertising and at the same time, push other Yahoo services to their customers. If LinkedIn and Facebook can keep the people reading inside their apps, they can boost their engagement with their community.

Google executives, obviously, missed that part about engagement and I don’t blame them. Google’s DNA as a company is to send people somewhere else from Google’s search bar. In order to be an engagement-centric company, it needs to think like Facebook and keep people constantly locked into its ecosystem. If Google was thinking along those lines, it could see that with Google Reader, Google News and Google+, it could have built a truly interesting and highly social reader experience that could be addictive, and yes, a good place for selling advertising. Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised – creator Chris Wetherell told us that Google Reader was living on borrowed time even before it was launched to the world.

Social (and web) platforms become more useful if people keep coming back to them, again and again. After you have poked, liked and LOL-ed about people’s dogs, photos of their kids and responded to dinner party invitations, you quickly run out of things to do. So, you leave and try new things on the web. On the mobile, you leave faster, as something new is just merely an app away. Reading news is something that can bring people back into an application multiple times a day. In order to understand the importance of a reader, one doesn’t have to look further than Bradford Cross’ Prismatic, which uses social signals from networks such as Twitter and creates a constantly changing newspaper. And while it isn’t the prettiest, it is a much more intelligent “reader” application than even Flipboard. Here is what he told my colleague Mathew Ingram last year:

By-Om Malik Om is an International Blogger of repute who writes the well known tech blog site Gigaom.




Exhibit Magazine Sept 2013  
Exhibit Magazine Sept 2013