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Take a look at how the launch of VR can increase your margins

We take a look into the rising competition between smartphones

AUTUMN issue 5.

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CONTENTS 05 EXERTIS COMMENT Simon Woodman introduces the autumn edition of Future Mobile


20 HAS APPLE LOST ITS SPARKLE? Which competitor has been taking a bite out of Apple

A quick look at what’s happening in the technology market

08 MARKET STATS UPDATE We look at the current technology trends you should be aware of



PC or smartphone, now’s the time to experience the reality of VR

Introducing two new Linx tablets and the all-in-one display station



Spotlight on video advertising and social e-commerces

How the smartphone has changed our modus of communication

34 MUST HAVE ACCESSORIES 24 HOT PICKS A range of best-selling products designed to make you more margin

23 TARGUS USB-C IS SET TO TAKE OFF Take a look at how the launch of VR can increase your margins

Our top 10 recommended accessory products for business



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WELCOME FROM EXERTIS Welcome to the latest edition of Future Mobile. September and October always provide us with new product launches, and this year is no exception, with the launch of the Apple iPhone 7. Will this revive Apple’s fortunes or has it lost some of its sparkle? We discuss this in our article on page 20. Of course, the recent VR launches wouldn't have gone unnoticed, and on page 12 we take a look at their likely impact and the smartphone alternatives. In addition, Exertis has some significant product announcements of its own. You can read about the new 8” and 10” Linx tablets and the unique display station that transforms the tablet into a workstation, gaming machine or media hub. The choice is yours. It wasn’t that long ago that we bought a mobile phone primarily to make telephone calls. The smartphone has certainly changed the way we communicate and we discuss this in our article on page 16 which looks at the many ways we choose to engage with one another brought about by social media platforms.

Address: Shorten Brook Way, Altham Business Park, Altham, Accrington, Lancashire BB5 5YJ To place an order please call 01282 776 776 between 9am – 5:30pm Monday to Friday Following that thread, we take a look at a couple of trends that are having an impact in mobile marketing. Not surprisingly, video content is being widely used to attract consumer interest as it adds excitement and education, leading to increased product sales. So maybe the integration of e-commerce to social media platforms and content to e-commerce sites is an expected outcome. You can read about how social commerce is developing on page 31.


Simplicity, ease of use and convenience are important benefits for customers. So the development of USB-C slots into mobile devices should prove to be a welcome feature. We take a look at this new standard on page 23.

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Finally, don’t forget to take a look at our regular features on what’s happening in the market and our top recommended product accessories.

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Enjoy the read and thank you for your continued support.

Simon Woodman Director Mobile Division

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F U People Peripherals Print DVDs and T U R E Exertis DVDs and Entertainment Exertis Entertainment Professional Services Peripherals Print DVDs and Exertis(VAD) Gadgets DVDs Entertainment Exertis and Gadgets Entertainment Professional Services Print Public Sector (VAD) Exertis Gadgets Games Exertis Gadgets Games Professional Services Public Retail Sector (VAD) Gadgets Gaming Games Gadgets Gaming Games


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Tablet TechnologyServices Professional PHONE HISTORY Peripherals Print Professional Services (VAD) Peripherals Print (VAD) A survey report from the World Economic Forum highlighted some Technology Television Professional Services key tipping point milestones in mobile technology. Amongst a variety Print Public Sector of interesting predictions was one that forecast the first implantable Professional Services (VAD) mobile phonePublic would commercially available by 2023. Spookily PrintbeSector B.I.G Red Book © Exertis (VAD) enough that would be just 50 years since a certain Martin Cooper, an engineer from Motorola, became the first person to make a call Television UC Devices Professional Services on a portable mobile Sector device. The phone weighed as much as a bag Retail Public Professional of sugar, around 2lbs, took 10 hoursServices to charge and gave you about (VAD) Public 35 minutes ofRetail talk time. ItSector cost a mere $3,995. Needless to say we’ve (VAD)alternatives. a lot smarter. orgotdark colour

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Iconography palette Marketing Iconography palette Mobile Services Microsoft Mobile Iconography palette Mobile Services palette Iconography Microsoft Mobile ANDROID TO REACH 1 BILLION SMARTPHONES PER YEAR SAYS CANALYS

Mobile Networks MobileServices Global shipments of smartphones Mobile Servicesreached over 330m units in Q2, Networks Mobile with Samsung leading the market with shipments around 80m units according to analyst Canalys. ‘Samsung’s VR move has proved a wise one, with Gear VR bundles helping boost flagship handset sales’ said Canalys Senior Analyst Tim Coulling.

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A disappointing quarter a year ago for the global market led to favourable annual comparisons, while shipments were flat compared with Q1. However, Canalys expects worldwide smartphone shipments to exceed 1.5bn in 2017 with growth driven by Android operated phones. From total sales of 470m devices in 2012, Canalys forecasts that shipments in 2017 will increase to a massive one billion Android smartphones a year. This would give the operating system 67.1% share of the market.

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For the latest range of Android phones available at Exertis please speak to your Account Manager.


For those of us that have a problem remembering passwords and pins, biometrics might seem the perfect answer. Certainly many believe it could be a way to combat some facets of cybercrime. According to a news report from Business Intelligence, fingerprint scanners, voice verification, retina and vein scans are growing in popularity for unlocking smartphones or accessing apps. The analyst forecasts that 99% of US smartphones will be biometrics enabled by 2021. Indeed, elements of that are already visible (see Samsung snippet to the right) and even more so with certain mobile payment systems. However, BI raises an interesting point. Whilst you can always change your password and PIN if it becomes compromised, you can’t change or replace your biological data in the event of a breach, even if that is a much less likely occurrence. A case of risk versus benefit.

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Networks Marketing Home Entertainment Retail Services Retail Lighting Public Sector palette Iconography DVDs and Mobile Services Exertis Digital Consumer Microsoft Mobile Entertainment randguide.comPeripherals Office People Software Iconography palette Marketing Retail Revenue / Finance RetailServices Lighting Microsoft DVDs and Exertis Mobile Services Networks Gadgets Digital Mobile Entertainment People Specialist Software Peripherals Print Iconography palette Marketing Security Retail Services Mobile Services Revenue / Finance Microsoft Mobile Office ExertisGames Gadgets Networks People Professional Services Peripherals Print Storage Iconography palette ALCATEL Services TO EXERTIS (VAD) Mobile Security Revenue / Finance Microsoft Mobile Office Gadgets People Games Professional Services Supplies PrintSector Public Exertis has (VAD) announced a distribution agreement with Alcatel to Mobile Services Networks Security Mobile market their full range of mobiles, tablets and wearables to retailers VIRTUALLY THERE and resellers in the UK. Simon Woodman, Exertis mobile director People Peripherals Gaming Growth Games Print Professional said “Alcatel has been building itsServices market share in the UK and is one Retail Supply Chain Public Sector of the strongest challenger brands, offering feature rich devices that (VAD) Office Networks are simple, personal and fun. We have the opportunity to help our People Servers Professional Services target segmentsalternatives. of the market, where other manufacturers GfK has published findings from a 22-country survey showing that of light orcustomers dark colour Growth Peripherals Gaming Print have pulled out, by providing great products at competitive prices just under a quarter (23%) of online consumers agree that virtual (VAD) that particularly appeal to millennial and Gen Z consumers”. Retail Services Retail interactionsTablet with people and places can be as good as being there Public Sector in person. Office People Servers Software Alcatel’s products include a vibrant and robust range of feature-rich, Professional Services but competitively priced, (PIXI 4 and PLUS10), phones (IDOL, “Opportunities for virtual interactions are increasingly common in Growth Print Home Entertainment Heating &tablets Cooling Public Sector POP and PIXI) and wearables (GO WATCH). The company provides (VAD) daily life – whether it's video-conferencing at work, ‘face-timing’ via Technology Retail Services Revenue / Finance Retail bespoke in-store marketing and promotional activities and will a smartphone, instant text chat via Facebook or WhatsApp etc, or work with Exertis to broaden their customer reach into the mobile, People even exploring cities and venues such as restaurants or museums Peripherals Software Print Specialist Software retail and B2B markets. “Continuity style features are becoming Servicessaid the report. using Google Professional Street view or 3D-Panorama”. Entertainment Heating Cooling Public Retail Sector Lighting increasinglyHome important in & today’s mobile market. Alcatel is a well(VAD) recognisedSecurity brand with multi-purpose devices that fit perfectly with Retail Services Revenue / Finance Television our strategy to offer Professional our customers a comprehensive Services mobile ecoPeripherals Print Specialist StorageSoftware system” added Woodman. (VAD) HomeMarketing Entertainment Retail Lighting PublicRetail SectorServices For more information on the Alcatel range please contact your Security Revenue UC Devices Account Manager today. / Finance Professional Services Print Public Sector Supplies Storage (VAD) Marketing Retail Services / Finance RetailRevenue Lighting MOBILEMicrosoft TO REPLACE CASH WITH SOME Security UC Systems Professional Services SECURITY CONCERNS Supplies Public Retail Sector Supply Chain (VAD) Marketing Retail Services Revenue / Finance Microsoft Mobile FIT FOR LIFE A new survey from Prepaid International Forum (PIM) reported that Visual Servers Xbox the majority of UK consumers under 44 years believe mobile will soon replace cashRetail as their main payment method. It found that just under Public Sector Retail Services Tablet Supply Chain a quarter of adults in the 1,000 strong survey have used their mobile Security Revenue / Finance Microsoft Mobile phone to make payments and 12% do so on a regular basis. This Canalys' research of the wearable technology market shows that follows another survey from the Co-op reported in Payment Eye that Servers Xbox Software Fitbit dominated the basic band sector in Q2 2016, with 3.7m predicted mobile payments will account for 65% of all transactions shipments. Total shipments of basic bands, which are mainly health Retail Services Retail Tablet Revenue / Finance Technology by 2025. Not surprisingly, the convenience of just being able to carry and fitness trackers, exceeded 9m units. Xiaomi followed in second their phone was highlighted as a key reason in the PIM survey.

Software Specialist Software Android Pay, Google’s tap and go contactless payment service is set to launch inRevenue the UK. Nearly 60% of the country’s smartphone users Retail Services / Finance

own an Android phone. However, Samsung is also launching its own Samsung Pay service in the UK later this year. Barclays is going alone with its own mobile banking app. It’s a confusing scenario with Apple Pay already out there. However, according to new research by Kaspersky Labs and IDC, many users are still reluctant to engage with banks and credit companies through mobile apps due to security concerns.

Specialist StorageSoftware Security Revenue / Finance Supplies Storage

To find out more about Samsung and Kaspersky Security features please speak to your Account Manager.

Supplies Supply Chain Tablet Supply Chain


place, shipping nearly 3m Mi bands, while Garmin finished off the top three with over 700,000 units.

Technology Television

Fitbit’s basic band shipments managed to grow an impressive 36% year-on-year. However, Canalys believe that pressure on Fitbit’s business from smart watch vendors is mounting, especially if they can achieve lower price points and improve battery life to take a bite out of the basic band market.

B.I.G Red Book © Exertis Television UC Devices

For the lastest wearables and information on fitness trackers please speak to your Account Manager. Sources and Acknowledgements: Tech Target, Canalys, Payment Eye, BBC, Gfk, Business Intelligence, World Economic Forum









$861 MILLION IN REVENUES IN 2016 (SuperData Research)













Find it rude when others use their phones during a meal, yet a third ask for a Wi-Fi code before even ordering a meal.


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Gain a better understanding of the latest sales trends, opportunities and up-to-date release information from the world of Gaming, Consumer Electronics and Gadgets in one bite-size magazine.

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Smart. Powerful. Inspired. Help your customers power their day forward with the Plantronics Voyager® Edge UC. Precision-tuned triple mics cancel noise and wind, responsive features keep your customers moving, and the portable charging case powers your conversations. With Smart sensor technology and intuitive call management, Voyager® Edge UC works hard to make things easy.

A Lightweight comfortable design B Charging case stows adapter C Dedicated on/off switch D Micro-USB charging for headset and case E Mute/voice command button F USB Bluetooth mini-adapter G Three precision-tuned mics

SUPERIOR CALL MANAGEMENT • Manage PC and smartphone or tablet calls from a single headset • Portable Bluetooth® mini USB adapter for always-ready PC connectivity • Use your voice to answer incoming calls and for a host of other commands • Enhanced voice alerts announce caller ID, connection status, talk time remaining and more OUTSTANDING AUDIO QUALITY • Precision tuned triple-mic with enhanced DSP for superior noise and wind cancellation • PC Wideband delivers heightened speech clarity, providing the best possible PC audio quality • Premium audio with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for natural voice sound, and protection against audio spikes with SoundGuard • Integrated A2DP lets you listen to streaming media from your mobile phone or tablet NEXT GENERATION TECHNOLOGY • Smart sensor technology for a seamless and intuitive user experience – Automatically answers calls simply by placing on your ear – Automatically transfers calls between mobile phone and headset – When on a mobile or PC call, softphone presence is automatically updated – Eliminates accidental dialling by locking call button when headset is not worn

For more information about the Voyager® Edge UC or any other Plantronics products, please visit our microsite at © 2016 Plantronics, Inc. Plantronics, SoundGuard and Voyager are trademarks of Plantronics, Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries. The Bluetooth word mark and logo are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., any use of such marks by Plantronics, Inc. is under license.






VIRTUAL REALITY OCULUS RIFT IS HERE The much anticipated wait in the UK for Oculus Rift from Facebook is over. It arrived in a number of retail stores on 20th September. Initially, VR enthusiasts will be able to buy the product from etailer Amazon and big brand retailers John Lewis, Curry’s PC World, Game and Harrods. Exertis is the preferred distributor for most of these outlets. The price has been set at £549. It is expected that customers will be able to experience the VR in store before making a purchase. So what do you get for spending that kind of money? Besides the headset itself which has built-in headphones and microphone, it

comes with a sensor, an Xbox One controller for playing games and a remote, designed specifically for VR use to make controls easier without being able to see what’s being pressed. It can also be used to access the Oculus store. Oculus will also have its own controllers - Oculus Touch - later this year which many believe will make the VR gaming experience even more exhilarating. Of course, to experience VR you need some software. A library of games already exists in the store but to get you started Lucky’s Tale comes free with the Oculus Rift. It’s expected that over 100 titles will be available by the end of the year including Minecraft. Reviewers have noted that people react differently to an immersive VR experience and an “intensity rating” in the Oculus store for game titles denotes how comfortable an experience that is likely to be.

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Professional esent key technology areas,Services services areasCloud and vertical Mobile Services Networks Securitymarkets. Mobile Channel Peripherals Clearance Print F U T U R E Storage (VAD) 13

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yle for the aProfessional flat, minimal, OCULUS icons SET TO CREATEis UPGRADE OPPORTUNITY Servicesone-colour which uses round Office People

Retail Public Sector (VAD)

Whilst Oculus Rift currently has only designated outlets, it presents opportunities for others. Crucially, it can’t just run on any PC. According to NVIDIA, less than 1% of the PCs expected to be in use globally in 2016 will be powerful enough to run the best virtual reality technology. Oculus recommends owners of its Rift device have a PC with a powerful graphics card, such as the NVIDIA GeForce® 970 or AMD Radeon 290. They also need an Intel® i5-class processor, more than 8GB of memory, and two USB 3.0 ports. This presents upgrade opportunities for resellers which Exertis can fulfil from its best in class components category. It is estimated just 13m would have the required graphics capabilities in 2016, rising to 100m by 2020. However, there will be a number of “Oculus ready” PCs on the market from Asus, Dell and Alienware which are also available from Exertis.

Software Supply C Cloud Servers Components Computing

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Retail Services Retail Public Sector

LOW COST GATEWAY TO VR Software Specialist Components Computing Consumables

Software Tablet

Of course prices vary but many are below £50. For example, the Trust Exos 3D’s case opens at the front to allow you to place your smartphone inside. Download the free Google VR app, look through the padded viewfinder and see 3D landscapes displayed on the screen. A wheel on the top of the chassis allows you to adjust the distance between the two internal lenses, so that they match the pupillary distance of the wearer. The focal distance can also be fine-tuned through two wheels on the sides of the headset, which means that each person using the device is assured of a clear and immersive experience, tailored to their vision.

are e available to download from the brand hub at www.exertisb Professional Services Peripherals Print Retail / Finance RetailServices (VAD) Revenue


Professional Services Print Public Sector Security Accessories Retail Services Revenue / Finance (VAD) However, whilst analysts predict that premium headsets will account for 77% of revenue for the entire market, VR isn’t just confined to expensive PCs. Consumers can also access VR on consoles (Playstation VR announcement) and on smartphones. Indeed the Samsung Gear VR, which works with a Samsung Galaxy S6 or better, has proved to be popular selling over 100m devices, providing VR at a much more affordable price, at just £80. It also boasts a growing library of content. Naturally, there are compromises, with Graphics quality versus price, but it’s a great entry point into VR nevertheless.

Professional Services Public Retail Sector Security Accessories Audio Revenue / Finance (VAD) As 2016 is expected to be the year of VR, other so called gateway products have entered the market. Market analysts predict highend VR headsets like Oculus and Hive to sell around 1.7m units in the next year, with lower budget variants expected to top 10m. There's a good selection of these to choose from now, using your smartphone's hardware and display tech to provide the engine and visuals. LG launched its LG 360 VR, a friend of the LG smartphone some time ago and Zeiss, one of the most respected brands in the fields of optics, recently launched its Zeiss One VR. VR headsets that hold your smartphone don’t tend to have their own onboard sensors like the Samsung Gear VR, instead they rely on the processors and motion sensors of the smartphone, so the better your smartphone, the better your experience. Having QHD or perhaps a 4k display is a plus. There are lots of downloadable 3D experiences available from the app stores.

Retail PublicRetail SectorServices Audio Accessories Security Automation

Specialist StorageSoftware Technol Computing Consumables Consumer

DVDs and Supplies Storage Digital Consumables Consumer Televisio Entertainment

Much like the Trust Exos 3D, the Kaiser Baas VR-X is a headset that holds a smartphone in place while you run VR apps. The device also features a magnetic button for selecting in-game options, alongside a slot for headphones and a phone charger so players can spend as long as they want in the virtual world. The Homido Mini is a foldable pair of glasses with an extendable arm that fastens around the centre of a smartphone. Once attached you can look through the lenses without the need for any other apparatus and explore the 100s of compatible VR apps on offer.

DVDs and Supplies Supply Chain Exertis Digital Consumer UC Dev Entertainment As VR is still a new category for many customers, these great value headsets provide a gateway to this brave new world, and one that could well lead to them upgrading to the premium experience further down the line.

DVDs and Tablet Exertis Supply Chain UC Syst Gadgets Digital Entertainment

For more information on any of the VR devices or gadgets mentioned in this article, please speak to your Account Manager.

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Tablet ExertisGames TechnologyVisual Gadgets Xbox

Retail Services Revenue / Finance Automation Business Channel Servers Software

GadgetsTechnology Television Xbox Games

Security Revenue / Finance Channel Business Clearance Software Specialist Software

B.I.G Red Television Gaming UC Devices Growth Games

Channel Clearance Cloud

Specialist StorageSoftware

Growth Gaming

Cloud Clearance Components

Supplies Storage

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Microsoft Lumia 650. The smart choice for your business. Microsoft Lumia 650 with Windows 10 brings together our feature-rich, beautifully crafted handset. Microsoft Lumia 650. It’s your business. Mobile.

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Lower costs, uncomplicated IT, more empowered employees – from construction to emergency services, the Microsoft Lumia 650 helps every business get more done. Discover the benefits of a seamless cross-device Windows 10 experience in a precision crafted package. With refined performance and premium design, the Lumia 650 is the smart choice for your business1. Built for business With robust built-in security features and one-click Office 365 set up, the Lumia 650 with Windows 10 and a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor works seamlessly with your company’s Microsoft IT platforms. So whether you’re choosing a phone for work or managing an IT department, you get full integration with the Microsoft apps and services that keep you productive, connected and ready for anything2.

See every detail Experience a crisp and bright viewing experience, even in direct sunlight, with a super sharp 5’’ HD OLED display that sits elegantly in a precision crafted, diamond cut metal frame. With lightweight design, a thin 6.9mm profile and 16 GB of internal memory, the Lumia 650 has the perfect combination of premium looks and performance-driven features3.

Your mobile office The latest mobile versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook and OneNote are built in and fully-optimised for touch screens. Your Microsoft apps and services are synchronised across your Windows 10 devices via OneDrive, so all your photos and important documents are always with you when you need them4.

Advanced technology from Microsoft Get a personalised snapshot of your day with traffic info, the weather forecast, and your schedule courtesy of Cortana. Take crisp, clear pictures with the 8 MP camera and the Photos app automatically backs up your shots and syncs them across your Windows 10 devices5.

MicroSD card sold separately. 2 Office 365 subscription sold separately. 3 Pre-installed system software and apps use a significant amount of internal memory space. See 4 Features may vary. Some features require Microsoft account, Wi-Fi or data network connection. Skype for Business requires Office 365 subscription, sold separately.









DEVICES? TECHNOLOGY IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE REVOLUTION IN COMMUNICATION Around 32m smartphones are purchased in the UK every year. Collectively we look at our smartphones over a billion times a day, taking every opportunity to use them from the moment we wake up until we go to bed. Those aged 18 -24 years are the most obsessive, with almost half of them checking their smartphone within 15 minutes of waking up, over 80% using them on public transport and almost half checking their phone unprompted to see if any new messages or updates have occurred or simply to find out some information. Of course, these acts aren’t just confined to that age group, with well over 75% of UK adults owning a smartphone, but certainly they are indicative of how it has become the key personal device of today, overtaking the PC, particularly for those born in the millennials. Staggering as those statistics from a Deloitte report may be, they really illustrate how technology continues to change how we communicate. Today, the evolution of communication methods is accelerating at a never-before-seen pace. Clearly, we live in an era where huge changes take place from one generation to the next. We often forget the fact that we use communication methods our grandparents and parents didn't have, take for granted the ones we use today and imagine that inevitably our children will use ones that don't yet exist. Certainly, writing a letter, sending a fax or using a pager are fading into extinction and that’s in less than a generation.

ARE WE LOSING OUR VOICE? However, it seems somewhat surreal to believe that the traditional phone call may well be the next endangered species in terms of communication. Yet Deloitte predicts that 25% of people using smartphones will have stopped making phone calls by the end of 2016 and they aren’t alone in that belief. Not surprisingly, the demographic with the largest proportion of almost data-exclusivity are 18-24 year olds with 29% not making voice calls on a weekly basis according to the analyst. So maybe the smartphone will become a misnomer in future and perhaps be just a smart device. Seems strange that in a relatively short period of just 15 years, the main reason to buy a mobile phone isn’t to make calls. Clearly things have changed and that change is down to the increasing number of ways communication can take place: e-mails, text messages, instant messaging and social media apps. For those of you who like stats, here are some amazing numbers according to DMR and statista: 1bn people use WhatsApp, 70% use it daily sending 42bn messages; there are 1bn Facebook Messenger users and 313m monthly active Twitter users. These numbers, which continually seem to grow, illustrate the point. It may seem an obvious observation, but a key catalyst for the fall in the proportion of people making fewer voice calls using their smartphone has been the proliferation in options to communicate without speaking, and the fact that an immediate response isn’t always required. Indeed, these communication tools offer the opportunity to communicate one to many, at the same time,

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ed to be unique to Exertis. Channel Business Clearance


y areas, services areasCloud and vertical markets. Channel Clearance but with the added-value of being able to add photographs, videos or a hyperlink to further enhance the communication. What’s more, these can also be carried out whilst performing other activities, such as watching a movie or listening to music. Indeed the need to speak personally can be avoided altogether for simple tasks like booking a table at a restaurant or ordering a taxi and even for more complex tasks like searching for and booking a flight, checking-in and showing a boarding pass. All can be done, without speaking, using your smartphone.

Growth Gaming Games 17 Growth Gaming Heating &


tify information about our business that differentiates our brand from Cloud Components Clearance

Home Ente Growth Heating &

Deloitte believes that two technologies, Wi-Fi calling and VoLTE (a service specifically for LTE (4G) networks will continue to fuel the move away from traditional calling. With Wi-Fi calling, you don’t need to fire up an app or connect to a service. It can be set as the default method for calling from your smartphone but the call is carried over the Wi-Fi network and uses your existing phone book. The network operator is able to manage elements of the call resulting in superior call quality than VoIP. VoLTE on the other hand promises better voice call quality, fewer dropped calls, faster call connection, the ability to switch from a voice call to a video call and the ability to maintain data connection whilst being on a call. SNS Research forecasts that VoLTE capable smartphones will grow at a CAGR of 33% between 2015 and 2020, accounting for over 950m unit shipments by the end of 2020.

flat, minimal, one-colour which uses rounded geometry / square form IT'S COMMUNICATION, BUT NOT AS WE KNEW IT! Cloud Components Computing

Of course, voice calls will always be vital in cases of emergency and when an instant response is needed so they won’t disappear entirely. In reality, many spoken conversations have simply migrated to apps and other forms of operator-managed voice services. The transition of voice calls carried out over a dedicated part of the mobile network to using Wi-Fi and the data network has escalated since Facebook launched Messenger in 2014 adding VoIP video and voice calling to the IM app, quickly followed by WhatsApp mobile VoIP just over a year ago. Indeed millions of users around the world have been subscribing to one or many of the over-the-top (OTT) companies offering mobile VoIP apps and services. Juniper Research believe that the total number of mobile VoIP users is expected to be 1bn by the year 2017. Deloitte reported a surge in VoIP usage in the UK, particularly amongst younger age groups, with 14% of smartphone users using VOIP services in 2015, up from 5% the previous year. That trend has likely continued as consumers take advantage of “free calls”. As Wi-Fi bandwidth improves in the home, then the quality of the call becomes greater and the call is less likely to be dropped caused by someone else on the network. Quality of calls is of course more vital for business than the consumer, particularly the younger generation that in reality are communicating more often just differently. Talk time doesn’t relate to an actual twoway verbal communication.

Home Ente Heating & Lighting

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Marketing Home En Lighting

As with IoT devices, consumers will use innovations that add convenience to their lives and the ability to talk whilst showing and sharing a problem with a maintenance engineer, for example, has clear benefits for both the caller and the recipient. Maybe the original intention of the smartphone was to combine voice and data communications on one device and for some that may have changed. The smartphone has become more capable with bigger screens, faster connectivity, better graphics, improved cameras and more powerful processors. It has been described by Deloitte as the most successful CE device ever, globally outselling all tablets, PCs, televisions and video game consoles combined in terms of value and units. Whilst traditional phone calls may be a thing of the past on the smartphone, communication has just moved to a more affordable platform but using the same device.

nload from the brand hub at Iconog Computing Consumables Consumer

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Professiona Print Public (VAD)


Why Samsung for business Samsung uses the best in class security, enterprise solutions, support and product ecosystem to satisfy both your professional and personal needs.



Improved battery endurance, fast and wireless charging and expandable storage, allows us to deliver/allows delivery of enterprise performance that satisfies even the most demanding customers.

Samsung devices are beautifully designed, fit comfortably in the hand and many provide water and dust resistance.

Services and support

Cloud business apps

Alongside monthly security patch releases, KNOX software updates and specialised technical support, provide guaranteed two year support through our Enterprise Device Program.

From Microsoft Office to Google Apps for Business, Samsung devices contain all the apps built for cloud to help you stay in sync with all that matters to you and your business. Our advanced ecosystem also allows you to swiftly switch from your phone to tablet to laptop.

For more information contact your Account Manager today



Samsung mobile devices are at the heart of the Samsung ecosystem, giving you access to the most innovative devices on the market including Gear VR and Gear S2.

Samsung KNOX comes as standard on Samsung premium devices, providing heightened hardware and software security that guarantees the work-life balance you desire. KNOX protects your sensitive data and keeps your work and personal apps separate and secure. -

Most secure Android Platform Proactive partnerships with all major MDM providers Knox chipset provides in-built security and allows ‘Dual Persona’ on the device






SPARKLE? MARKET SHARE TELLS A STORY Even with the emergence of some new Chinese mobile vendors, the battle for supremacy remains largely between Samsung and Apple, both in terms of market share for phones and operating system. The latter is clearly dominated by the plethora of Android devices, of which Samsung is a key one of many. If results are anything to go by then Samsung seems to have stolen a march on its rival. Second quarter results for 2016, revealed by Gartner, show that Samsung had nearly 10% more market share in global sales. Worldwide Smartphone Sales to End Users by Vendor in 2Q16 (Thousands of Units) Company

2Q16 Units

2Q16 Market Share (%)

2Q15 2Q15 Market Units Share (%)




































Source: Gartner (August 2016)

More interestingly and perhaps more pertinent is that the analyst pointed out that Apple had now had three consecutive quarters of slowing demand with sales declining by 7.7%. The chart to the left also shows that Samsung, Huawei and Oppo had all increased their share year on year.

MUCH WILL DEPEND ON REACTION TO THE IPHONE 7 However, product launches clearly have an impact on unit sales and sales of Apple’s iPhone 6 were buoyant in 2015. Samsung has had the upper hand this year with its successful Galaxy 7 launch. The question is whether the launch of Apple’s iPhone 7 will enable it to return to growth. Many observers believe that there may not be enough new features to stimulate huge interest apart from die-hard iPhone users who want the latest product. Certainly, The Samsung Galaxy 7 is a hard act to follow with many industry reviewers claiming it to be the best smartphone ever. Comparing the Samsung Galaxy 7 to the recent iPhone 7, may not seem fair but verdicts have seemed to favour the Samsung device in terms of processing power, memory, camera, display and battery life. Bringing back some fan favourite features to the new model, such as water resistance and a slot for a MicroSD card to expand memory, also helped. However, Apple users are traditionally loyal so moving them away from a familiar ecosystem is no easy task.

Altham: 01282 776 776 | Basingstoke: 01256 707 070 | Stoke: 01782 648 300 |

DVDs areas and and vertical areas, services Exertis Channel Cloud Clearance FU TUR E Entertainment THE

ons represent key technology Audio Accessories To buy online:


are used to help visually identify information about DVDs and our business Audio Exertis Gadgets Automation Accessories Cloud Components Clearance


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Audio Business Automation

Of course sales differ by markets and by devices. Although Gartner shows that the smartphone market as a whole was up by 4.3%, over the same period in 2015, with over 344m units shipped, the sales of feature phones declined by 14%. Emerging markets tend to hide what is a static market elsewhere. In the second quarter of this year, Samsung had almost 10% more market share than Apple whose sales declined in its biggest market, North America, as well as Western Europe and more markedly in Greater China and mature Asia Pacific regions reported Gartner. However, it managed significant growth in Euroasia, parts of Africa and Eastern Europe. Both brands remain hot favourites in the UK where they each have a 36% share of sales according to the Kantar World Panel with both accounting for 3 out of every 4 phones sold. Gartner research director Anshul Gupta believes that despite the launch of the iPhone 7 “…it will be difficult to recreate the interest it (Apple) generated with the iPhone 6”. Of course that remains to be seen yet Samsung has also enhanced its eco-system making some successful inroads into the virtual reality market when it launched its Gear VR last year which works with Galaxy smartphones and has already passed the 1m sales mark.

Exertis Gadgets Games

Cloud Components Computing

using icons in designs, the colour should remain consistent acr

Channel Business Automation

Gadgets Consumables Gaming Games Components Computing

mplates are available to download from the brand hub at www xertis. Channel Growth Business Gaming Clearance Games Consumer Computing Consumables SAMSUNG V APPLE MAY BE A DISTRACTION

Of course there is history between Samsung and Apple with some of the rivalry spilling over into the courts relating to various alleged infringements in design, features and technology. They are clearly the main competitors to each other in the mobile market and Samsung remains the biggest threat in terms of operating system with Android to Apple’s proprietary iOS. However, respected consumer analysts Kantar World Panel believe that we should be concerned about other rivals and not just the battle between Samsung and Apple. Anyone still focusing on these two giant competitors, however, is missing the bigger picture. With Huawei aiming to overtake Apple as the second-largest smartphone vendor by 2020, and rumours swirling about Google entering the handset market on its own, Apple and Samsung should stop worrying so much about each other and take a look around them. In the three months ending May 2016, Samsung accounted for 37% of smartphone sales and Apple 29%. However, sales of their respective flagship models reveal a much closer competition, with the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge accounting for 16% of sales and the iPhone 6s/6s Plus at 14.6%.

sClearance and vertical Accessories markets. Channel Cloud

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Cloud Components ClearanceAccessories Audio

Home Entertainment Growth Heating & Cooling Exertis Digital Consumer Entertainment Competition also exists in related product areas. Apple Watch leads

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Cloud Components Computing Audio Accessories Automation

the way in smartwatches but Samsung also competes with its own Gear S2. The next model, S3, is set to launch imminently to take on the market leader. “Building on its circular-screen-hosting, smartbezel-packing, fitness-tracking predecessor, the Samsung Gear S3 looks set to boast a new, high-end design, advanced smart skills and a whole host of new Android and iPhone-loving tricks” according to DigitalSpy. Besides the computing and tablet markets, Apple and Samsung have also gone head to head in mobile payment systems. As with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay works by storing a digital copy of your credit or debit card on your phone. It doesn’t store the actual credit card details, but a secure unique digital token. Payments can be made at shops and other outlets simply by swiping up from the bottom of the screen to launch the app, authenticating with a fingerprint, and holding the phone near the payment point. Competition is fierce in this new market with Android Pay also on the scene but it highlights the continued rivalry between the technology giants and their growing eco-systems. Opinions differ on who might eventually turn out to be the winner: ZDnet believes “Mobile users seeking the most innovative spectrum of products that all work together at a lower price need to look to Samsung”. At the end of the day, if the technology remains similar, it will be down to personal preference but by the time this goes to print we may know a little more about whether Apple has indeed lost some of its sparkle.

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Components Computing Consumables Audiomore, Automation Business “What’s when we look at where

these purchases are coming from, just 5% of Samsung purchases came from those switching away from Apple, while 14% of Apple purchasers came from those switching away from Samsung. In both cases, the majority of sales came from customers repurchasing and upgrading within their preferred brand. Among those intending to change devices within the next year, 88% of current Apple users and 86% of current Samsung users intend to stay loyal.”

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Iconography palette Marketing MobileGaming Services Microsoft Mobile Growth Games

Sources and acknowledgements: Gartner, Computer Weekly, Kantar Worldpanel, ZDNet

Iconography palette Mobile Services Microsoft Mobile Growth Gaming

Mobile Networks MobileServices Growth Home Entert Heating & Cooling

USB-C is set to take off

Hot and bothered

Any new standard takes time to mature but USB-C ports have been appearing in new devices from Lenovo, Dell, Apple, Google and Samsung. That trend is going to continue. So what are the key benefits? The most obvious feature is that the cable is reversible. You no longer need to get the plug or the cable the right way around. USB-C can deliver power, data and video through a single port so using the right adapters it can replace Displayport, HDMI, USB and VGA connections. But it’s the fact that USB-C can support the latest USB 3.1 data transfer and charging speeds that really stands out. USB 3.1 can deliver up to 100W at 20V enabling you to power a huge range of devices from phones and tablets to 4k monitors and printers. It’s also super speedy with data transfer rates of up to 10Gps meaning a 2GB video could take as little as 1 second to transfer.

USB-C supports or replaces a huge range of connectors

er USB-C

deo Vi

What’s all the fuss about?



USB-C is the new USB connector type that is going to radically simplify how we connect and power our devices. Extremely versatile, you will no longer need different cables and plug sizes for your key devices, like laptops, tablets and smartphones. As more manufacturers continue to adopt USB-C, it will completely replace all other types of USB on both host and client devices, becoming commonplace in the home and office. It will enable manufacturers, businesses and consumers to take advantage of even thinner and lighter devices. So it’s certainly hot news but equally users should also be bothered about the USB-C solutions they choose. Some cables and adapters on the market don’t meet the power delivery specifications set by the “USB Implementors Forum”, a body of well-known IT brands, meaning they aren’t certified. USB-C cables lacking the necessary circuitry and USB power delivery compliance can’t handle electric currents correctly - not only will they damage your device but they can also lead to serious accidents. A suspiciously cheap or unknown brand should be avoided.


It can deliver power, video and data through a single cable

Take advantage of the opportunity with Targus There are already 10 billion USB devices around the world. USB-C is set to replace them all as companies upgrade their equipment to this new standard. Who better to work with than an industry leader like Targus, a company that is already delivering crucial USB-C advice and workspace solutions to some of the world’s largest organisations. Of course, their range of docks, adapters, cables, chargers and hubs are all rigorously tested to ensure complete safety and peace of mind. That’s why Targus should be your trusted partner as resellers and retailers take advantage of a new era in USB connectors and start to deploy USB-C as the new standard in this marketplace. You can find out more about the Targus USB-C range from your Exertis account manager

10 billion

USB devices in use around the world




22 4




SAMSUNG GALAXY J5 (2016) Strong enough to support its good looks. Its beautifully uniform, all-metal integrated frame protects against peeling for the peace of mind you need to admire your device for a very long time. SRP £185

LINX VISION The Linx Vision combines the power of Windows 10 with blockbuster gaming and puts them at your fingertips. From casual games to intense multiplayer scenarios, the immersive 8” display and 64-Bit Quad-Core Intel® Atom™ chipset delivers high-intensity gaming experiences. Linx Vision Drone coming soon. SRP £149.99



Access all the essentials, including incoming calls and music playback, without lifting the lid. Thanks to its highly efficient fingerprint resistant coating you enjoy the cleanest screen possible for ultimate legibility, keeping your phone as spotless as the first day you bought it. SRP £35.60

SONY XPERIA XA ULTRA Xperia XA Ultra boasts an advanced selfie cam for perfect poses, day or night. With 16-megapixels and Sony’s renowned low-light sensors you get sharp, bright, blur-free shots every time. SRP £329.99

SAMSUNG WIRELESS CHARGING STAND Can't see the screen when your device is charging? Well now you can as this charger holds your device (portrait or landscape) at the best angle and charges it at the same time. SRP £31.99

LG 360 CAM The LG 360 CAM captures the moment in the middle of a huge crowd, an epic cruise, a killer ski slope, or your favourite spot in the whole world. SRP £198.99

Altham: 01282 776 776 | Stoke: Basingstoke: 01782 01256 648 300 707| Basingstoke: 070 | Stoke: 01782 01256 648 707 300 070 |


To buy online:


25 3



Best For Style. The beauty of what Samsung has engineered is to give you the slimmest feel in your hand without compromising the big screen size. The elegantly curved front and back fit in your palm just right. It's as beautiful to look at as it is to use. SRP £549

LG STYLUS 2 Best For Business. Big ideas need a big workspace! Write or draw on the expansive screen for creations that are bright, vivid and on point with a fibre tip pin that is thinner than rubber, for a more accurate and sensitive touch. SRP £227

KAZAM LIFE R6 The KAZAM Life R6 is tough and practical. This hard-wearing device is water and dust resistant with an IP67 rating, an easy-to navigate menu that is displayed on the clear 2" screen, and its 3G capabilities allows users to easily stay connected.

MEDION E5001 Best For Price. This is a robust smartphone that can survive a drop or two. With a powerful quad core processor, 1 GB RAM and 8 GB internal memory plus a micro SD slot to allow you to capture every moment, with the 8MP rear camera.

SRP £60

SRP £89.95

WILEYFOX SPARK Go wild with Spark. A formidable combination of cool, urban design, enviable good looks, kickass experience and the most evolved and advanced version of Android, powered by Cyanogen. SRP £89.99

SAMSUNG GALAXY A3 (2016) Best All-Rounder. Be ready for anything that life throws at you with a fusion of solid, premium-feel metal and robust Gorilla Glass. At 4.7", the A3 is compact enough to fit perfectly into your life.


SRP £169

LG HIFI PLUS Immerse yourself in the signature sound of B&O PLAY with a 32 bit DA converter and amp. Powerful audio features co-designed by B&O PLAY. SRP £148.99

MICROSOFT CONTINUUM DOCK Connect your Lumia 950 or 950 XL to a Display Dock and do more. Office apps and Outlook scale up to create a big screen-optimised work environment that makes you more productive. It’s a PC-like experience that’s powered by your phone. SRP £59.99

LG X CAM Best For Camera. Capture photos that spread as wide as what your eyes can see, at an impressive 120° wide angle. The dual rear camera shoots 78° regular angle photos at an astounding 13MP resolution. Get it wide, get it in detail. SRP £229


Switch your customers from an iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry device to a new Samsung Galaxy with ease.

Desktop Smart Switch & iTunes

Using Smart Switch and iTunes data can be moved from an old iOS device to a new Samsung Galaxy. **

*Please note that the Micro USB connector is only supported on select Samsung mobile devices. **The setup is simple, with easy to follow steps.





Linx ViewHub Display on the big screen. From tablet to monitor.


Gaming machine.

Media hub.

Linx Connector.

Add a keyboard and mouse to create the perfect office environment.

In-Home streaming and gamepad support for blockbuster gaming with Xbox One or PC.

Full-size USB ports, put your own files and content on the big screen.

From tablet to a full desktop setup by docking your Linx 1020 or 820 tablet. TV / Monitor for Linx ViewHub sold separately. Linx Tablets also sold separately, always check compatibility of TV / Monitor with Linx ViewHub before purchase. Linx Tablet and ViewHub images are simulated. Images not representative of actual footage. Office Mobile apps pre-installed with Linx 1020 and 820 Tablets. Forza Horizon 2 sold separately. Always check compatibility of games and software before purchasing from the Windows Store or digital content stores. In-house streaming supported over home Wi-Fi network only. Xbox One console or Windows PC must be using the same Wi-Fi network and Login/User Name as the Linx tablet. Broadband internet required for some features (ISP fees apply). Xbox Live features only available with supported games in Xbox Live-supported countries, see Stream to one device at a time; streaming with multiplayer from Xbox One requires home network connection and Xbox Live Gold membership (sold separately); Gold also required for multiplayer play on Xbox One.

Altham: 01282 776 776 | Stoke: 01782 648 300 | Basingstoke: 01256 707 070 |

ViewHub Ad.indd 1

26/08/2016 17:26


xture of light or dark colour alternatives. Retail Services Retail Public Sector Audio Automation Accessories FUTURE To buy online:


DVDs and Exertis Retail Revenue / Finance RetailServices Audio Business Automation Entertainment

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DVDs and Exertis Gadgets Security Retail Services Revenue / Finance Channel Business Automation Entertainment


Exertis Gadgets een designed Games to be unique to/ Exertis. Security Revenue Finance Channel Business Clearance




Mobile Serv Networks Tec


Office MobileTele Se Networks

Office People Networks UC


technology areas, services areasCloud and vertical markets. Peripherals Office UC People Gadgets Gaming Security Games Channel Clearance

sually identify Growth information about our business that differentiate People Vis Peripherals Gaming Print Games Servers Linx, the innovative Windows tablet from Exertis, has launched a new generation of 8” and 10” tablets and a ground breaking display station designed exclusively for use with these products. Linx has established itself as a successful brand in both the consumer and business markets with a range of high spec, affordable Windows tablets. Its reputation was further enhanced when the brand was recognised for its quality, winning the Microsoft OEM Partner of the Year 2016, a significant achievement for a relative newcomer but a reflection of its market share and customer acceptance.

Cloud Components Clearance

e icons is a flat, minimal, one-colour which uses rounded geom Professional Growth Gaming Heating & Cooling Servers Software Computing Cloud Components

Peripheral Print Xbo (VAD)

GET POWER, PORTABILITY AND FEATURES FROM THE signs, the colour remain consistent theHUBwhole des WORKSTATION, GAMINGacross MACHINE OR MEDIA ntiates our brand from competitors. NEW LINX TABLETS should Professiona

Home Entertainment Growth PrintSecto Heating & Cooling Public Best of all, you can transform your Linx 820 and 1020 by adding Software Specialist Software Components Computing Consumables the Linx all-in-one display station, designed exclusively for the (VAD) Linx tablets and compatible with most TV and monitor models. Using the

The new Linx 820 builds on its predecessor. Powerful and portable, whether it's entertainment or work, media and documents come to life on the beautifully precise 8” display powered by a 64-bit Quad-Core Intel® processor. Great apps come as standard with the preinstalled Office Mobile apps and the new Windows Store that brings a unified shopping experience across all Windows 10 devices so that you can easily purchase great digital content including apps, games, music, movies, and TV programmes. With Windows 10, everything is familiar and easy to use. Its unique 13-pin connector lets you expand its capabilities with compatible peripherals and accessories.

ble to download from the brand hub at www.exertisbrandguid geometry / square format. Profession es industry standard fixing bracket, you can select and mount a wide variety of TVs and monitors that connect using HDMI for a simple, no hassle setup solution that transforms the consumer or business user experience. With features like tablet charging, extended display and additional full-size USB ports, you can create the environment you want, anywhere.

Home Entertainment Heating &Storage Cooling Lighting Specialist Software Computing Consumables Consumer

Retail Public Secto (VAD)

le design and should not be a mixture of light or dark colour al


The display station gives you endless options. In the home or work office, you can seamlessly continue your personal or business projects by adding a keyboard and mouse and using the extended display for the perfect desktop environment, yet having the flexibility to detach-and-go when you need to. Turn the Linx tablets into a gaming machine with gamepad support. Hook up a gamepad and get ready for blockbuster gaming with hundreds of thousands of titles available to play natively through the Windows Store and Steam downloads or use in-home streaming to play AAA games seamlessly over the home network from an Xbox One console or high-powered PC rig. Turn it into a media hub by docking the tablet to make any TV Smart and connect to all of your favourite streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Sky Go. Two full-size, high-speed USB 3.0 ports let you easily plug in your own external hard drives, enabling you to put your own files and content on the big screen.

DVDs and Marketing Home Storage Entertainment Lighting Supplies Digital Consumables Consumer Entertainment

Retail Servic Retail Public Sec

DVDs and Marketing Lighting Microsoft Supplies Supply ChainDigital Exertis Consumer Entertainment

Retail Revenue / Fi RetailServi

Likewise the Linx 1020 gives you all the great features of Windows 10 with access to your favourite apps and connectivity. Two full-size USB ports let you connect all your external peripherals and devices without the need for additional hubs or cables, while dual-band WiFi provides better and more stable wireless connectivity. Ideal if you need files from your external HDD, prefer to use a mouse when working, or just want to plug in your Windows gamepad and stream from your Xbox One or gaming PC using in-home streaming. What’s more, you can quickly change your tablet into a powerful 2-in-1 device by connecting it to the Linx keyboard dock. Iconography palette



6 17:26

Iconography palette

The Linx 820 comes without a keyboard (RRP £129.99), the Linx DVDs and 1020 including keyboard (RRP £189.99) and the display station Marketing Security Retail Serv Mobile Services Revenue /F Microsoft Mobile Tablet Supply Chain Exertis Gadgets Digital (£79.99) are all available now from Exertis. Please contact your Entertainment account manager for more information.

Iconography palette

Mobile Services Microsoft Mobile Tablet ExertisGames TechnologyGadgets

Security Revenue /

The Sony smartphone that makes every day easier Forget about slow connections, or a smartphone that runs out of steam before you do. Xperia E5 delivers long-lasting, smooth performance and that all important “it just works� experience.

Available in black and white. SONYXPE5BLK, SONYXPE5WHT

Contact your Account Manager to find out more.


To buy online:



HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OF MOBILE MARKETING: FOLLOW THE TRENDS Some trends can’t be ignored if companies want to make the most of mobile marketing. Let’s start with a few well-documented statistics. Last year comScore, an American global media measurement and analytics company, reported that, for the first time, the number of mobile users exceeded the number of desktop users. Ofcom also reported last year that, for the first time, smartphones were the most popular device for getting online in the UK and KPCB, in their internet trends report, showed that in the US, adults were increasingly spending more time on the internet via their phones at the expense of other devices.

VIDEO ADS IN THE SPOTLIGHT In a previous issue of sister publication, Future Business, we talked about the importance of video in content marketing. Well mobile video is already beyond a trend, thanks to the user increase in 4G, and mobile advertising has mushroomed as a result. This growing trend has been due in part to Facebook enabling autoplay video ads in Newsfeeds and according to Mashable this is about to go one step further by automatically enabling sound. According to a recent survey by Trusted Media Brands, video ad responses have been overwhelming in helping to increase brand awareness and importantly lead generation. Native advertising, which although labelled as “sponsored” or “promoted” has the advantage of not looking like an ad, matching the look and feel of the platform in which it resides and therefore more likely to be read or watched, has been estimated to quadruple in size reaching over $20 billion by 2018. Increases in click through rates are also reported with native ads having the advantage of not being bypassed by ad blockers. A great example below of a native ad promoting the use of video was posted in a recent Instapage blog.

RISE OF SOCIAL COMMERCE Another trend that is clearly emerging is something termed social commerce. This is coming from two different sources. E-tailers looking to add social features to their e-commerce sites and social media platforms looking to add an e-commerce feature. Business Insider reported on how Taobao, from Alibaba, had added social features within its e-commerce app in order to motivate consumers to visit the app more frequently and for longer periods of time with the objective of converting more visits into sales. It claimed that as a result, it had visitors staying longer, and more frequent visits per day than Amazon with a 39% YOY increase in monthly active users in Q2 2016 and mobile revenue growing to $2.6 billion. At the same time, social media sites like Facebook have begun to invest in promoting social commerce on their platforms and it seems that shoppers are looking to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter to make an online purchase. Last October, Facebook enabled visitors to buy items from their platform instead of having to be redirected to a retailer’s site. Shop now and buy buttons are appearing. This must be good news for brands as loyalty analytics company Aimia, stated that more than half of consumers who follow brands on social media sites do so to view products. Nearly a third of online shoppers (31%) say they use these channels to browse for new items. Facebook (26%) is the most popular followed by Instagram (8%) and Pinterest (6%) according to the research. Purchasing is the next logical step and the same research indicated that Facebook at 19% is the most popular site for direct purchasing, followed by Twitter (10%). However, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat followers are also in the spotlight. Already, there is Instagram’s “Shop Now” and Pinterest’s “Buyable Pins”. It seems inevitable that social media and e-commerce will become more integrated enabling browsers to become purchasers more easily. Social commerce looks like being the fastest growing trend in 2016 and that promises to be a significant opportunity for mobile marketing. Sources and acknowledgements: Instapage, Thinking aloud, Business Intelligence, Marketing week, Visual CapitalistForget

Exclusive bundle offer

For a limited time only, receive a FREE Samsung 32GB MicroSD EVO+ Memory Card and FREE McAfee Mobile Security when you purchase the new S7 or S7 Edge from Exertis.

FREE MicroSD EVO+ Memory Card

FREE McAfee Mobile Security

Additional 32GB memory gives:

Simple, powerful, and comprehensive security for your Smartphone


2,500 more photos


4 hours more video footage


Or 7,000 more songs

For more details contact your account manager today. Terms and Conditions apply

LED View Cover

Help your customer choose the right accessories to go with their Samsung Galaxy S7 | S7 edge smartphone.

Complete control in a single swipe Touch interaction enables users to accept, reject, or control certain features, like the alarm – without lifting the cover.

View it in a flash Check notifications in an instant thanks to its hidden LED display, better yet, customise your contact list with distinctive icons for a much more interactive experience.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge cover

Samsung Galaxy S7 Flat cover





TOP 10





The USB-C Cable + Home Charger makes it easy to charge your USB-C Smartphone or tablet. RRP: £24.99 Colour: Black Part Code: BELF7U001UK06-BLK



Elegance in simplicity. Its fluid, harmonious design blends in seamlessly to protect your device, whilst keeping it as spotless as the first day you bought it. RRP: £44.99 Colour: Black, Gold, Silver Part Code: SAMEF-ZG930CBEGWWBLK




Ideal for answering calls without having to open the case, the LG G5 Mesh Folio case offers excellent protection and convenience in a sophisticated package. RRP: £29.99 Colour: Black, Gold, Silver, Pink Part Code: LGCFV-160.AGEUTBBLK



LG 360 CAM

The LG 360 CAM captures the moment in the middle of a huge crowd, an epic cruise, a killer ski slope or your favourite spot in the whole world. RRP: £199.00 Colour: Silver Part Code: LGE360CAM



By connecting your Lumia 950 or 950XL to a Microsoft Display Dock, Continuum for phones lets you use your phone like a PC. RRP: £79.99 Colour: Black Part Code: MICROSOFTDOCKHD-500



Charge your phone using both wired and wireless connections. RRP: £39.99 Colour: Black, White Part Code: SAMEPPN920BBEGWWBLK



Featuring an ultra-slim profile and OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection, the Symmetry Series stays true to your phone’s sleek design.

The LG Hi-Fi Plus is perfectly fitted to the LG G5’s exterior, but can also be used separately with other Android OS, iOS, Mac OS and Windows OS devices.

RRP: £29.99 Colour: Black Part Code: OTT77-53947@OTT

RRP: £149.00 Colour: Black Part code: LGEHIFIPLUS



With the Samsung Gear VR, you can play amazing games, watch the best movies in your own private cinema, and so much more.



RRP: £79.99 Colour: White Part Code: SAMSM-R322NZWABTU



Otterbox stays true to its promise of protection, with the ultra slim, ultra protective Symmetry Series. RRP: £29.99 Colour: Clear Part Code:OTT77-53957@OTT

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Dell Latitude Laptops and 2-in-1s The world’s most secure, manageable and reliable business-class laptops and 2-in-1s are beautifully designed. With 6th Gen Intel ® Core™ i processors and outstanding support.

Get your business future-ready. Intel Inside®. Powerful Solution Outside.


Capture without blur

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Exertis Future Mobile Magazine  

Issue 5 2016

Exertis Future Mobile Magazine  

Issue 5 2016