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Excel Society Enrichment Will you Enrich a Life?


55 YEARS OF For the past 55 years, the Excel Society has been providing exceptional care through meaningful engagement to multiple clients with disabilities or complex needs in Alberta. With a fresh vision, mission, and value set from 2018, The Excel Society continues to provide the highest level of care in community living and support services. We care about each other, and we do what is right to ensure that our clients, staff, their families, and the greater community all benefit from our services.


2019 Community Report


O ur Story

55 years of Enriching Lives


The Excel Society

Providing Exceptional Care through Meaningful Engagement in Alberta.

In 1923, the Hospital for the Insane in Ponoka (AB) reached its capacity due to the influx of soldiers returning from war. The Province of Alberta responded by building the Alberta Hospital Edmonton, who treated most of those then diagnosed “chronically insane� thereafter, and who also started integrating patients back into the community following a stay in care. Seeking improved patient outcomes, Alberta Hospital Edmonton started a community integration project 55 years ago serving 15 clients out of the basement of the RobertsonWesley United Church. That initial project grew and matured, and eventually became the Excel Society.

In 2019, we care for over 575 people each year in Edmonton and Calgary, and employ approximately 850 people on our team. We look forward to the next 55 years and many more to come in the future. 2019 Community Report


O ur Clients

At the Excel Society, we care for people with disabilities and complex mental health needs.


The Excel Society

Though our clients come from many walks of life, they all seek a safe and supportive living situation within the community. The Excel Society provides them with this opportunity thanks to the support and care from our dedicated team. Many of our clients and residents within the Excel Society live with many different mental health issues and diagnosis. Some of which include developmental disabilities, autism, brain injury, Huntington’s Disease, Schizophrenia, Personality Disorder, and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder to name a few. As we strive to remain at the forefront of everyday excellence and innovation in Community Living and Supportive Services, it is our duty to provide our clients with the highest standards of quality, safety and service excellence. 2019 Community Report


O ur Services




Community Living

Designated Assisted Living

Day Programs & Services

The Excel Society is a Community Living and Supportive Services provider that offers living solutions to people with disabilities and complex mental health needs in their community. We want people who come to the Excel Society to feel accepted, valued, cared for, and connected to a meaningful community of support. We provide these individuals with access to community-based opportunities that facilitate the development of interpersonal relations, occupational and independent living skill sets, personal responsibility and independence. 9

The Excel Society

Edmonton We have a variety of Community Living homes, two Designated Assisted Living (DAL) residences, two Day Program Centers and a prominent Supportive Roommate and Respite Program across the city of Edmonton.

Community Living: Excel Society Group Homes Respite Program

Designated Assisted Living: Excel Society Balwin Villa Excel Society Grand Manor

Day Programs: Excel Society Gerard Raymond Centre Excel Society Club House 55

Calgary Since 2005 the Excel Society has been proudly serving the City of Calgary by providing community living and residential supports in 5 group homes along with our Supportive Roommate Program and Respite Program.

Community Living: Group homes & programs

Community-based Day Programming Our community-based day programing in Calgary is tailored to each individual and their interests and goals.

2019 Community Report


O ur Partners

The Excel Society is fully certified by the QMENTUM Program administered by Accreditation Canada and adheres to the highest standards of quality, safety, and service excellence. 11

The Excel Society

We are a Partner of Choice. At the Excel Society, we value collaboration and we work together with our partners to provide exceptional care through meaningful engagement and adherence to the highest standards of quality, safety, and service excellence. The Excel Society depends on important relationships with the Government of Alberta, the Government of the Northwest Territories, and Alberta Health Services.

Our Donors & Sponsors We’re proud of the incredible people and organizations that give to the Excel Society and our Excel Advantage Enrichment Fund.

2019 Community Report


A Bold New Era


The Excel Society

Our Excel Advantage At the Excel Society, we strive to be at the forefront of everyday excellence and innovation in Community living and Supportive Services. Last year, we launched our new vison for the future: The Excel Advantage. This new strategy recognizes that every staff member within the Excel Society has a role in making a difference to our clients, other staff, and the greater community. The Excel Advantage helps each one of us realize our vision through our mission, and helps guide our behaviours, set our priorities, and align our collaborative efforts. 2019 Community Report


Our Plan

Our Mission Excel Society is committed to providing exceptional care through meaningful engagement and adherence to the highest standards of quality, safety, and service excellence.

Our Vision Excel Society is at the forefront of everyday excellence and innovation in Community Living and Supportive Services.


The Excel Society

Our Values At the Excel Society, we care about the people we serve, our teams and their families, and the broader community. We do what is right and our values help guide us during our important work to ensure our actions reflect the commitments in our mission. We are all connected to something special, and a lot of that has to do with our common values. These values enable us to achieve superior results in providing exceptional care to our clients through meaningful engagement, and by working together, we are able to create innovative ways to bring joy, excitement and meaning to our clients lives each and every day.





Exceptional Care

Our Successes: Exceptional Care. To the Excel Society, Exceptional Care means giving our clients the opportunity to receive the most comprehensive care every day and in every way. By working with our clients directly, collaborating with other staff members and the client’s family members, we are able to create enriching opportunities for our clients. We understand every person is unique, they have their own needs and these opportunities allow our clients to not only develop at their own pace, but also bring them joy, meaning, and connection to their lives.

We partner with our clients, their families, and our funders, to provide the best possible care and to be the Service Provider of Choice.

We know that our staff at the Excel Society does extraordinary things. Though, with our refreshed new strategy, we are able to truly recognize the commitment to everyday excellence each staff member demonstrates. Whether that member is in finance, administration , or direct care, we all play a part in providing our clients with the highest level of care in Community Living and Support Services. At the Excel Society, we are committed to providing Exceptional Care by working together to creatively meet the emerging needs of our clients, while achieving the highest level of client and family satisfaction.

2019 Community Report


Our Successes: Meaningful Engagement. To the Excel Society, Meaningful Engagement means making every single interaction count between all people. Things as simple as a cheerful greeting to working with our clients on their own personal goals for growth are all examples of how we engage meaningfully multiple time a day! We understand that each of us is equally as valuable to our clients, and that in order to participate in Meaningful Engagement, everyone must receive the same level of respect from one another.

We foster a culture of appreciation and recognition that achieves the highest possible employee engagement and satisfaction. We understand that even though we all have different roles, each of us is equally as valuable to our clients, each other, and the Excel Society. By allowing the Excel Advantage to guide our behaviours, priorities, and objectives, we have been able to create opportunities for our entire team to feel supported as individual leaders and empower them to help us all collectively reach our vision. With our commitment to meaningful engagement, we are able to build strong relationships, provide outstanding support and opportunity for our staff, and continuously improve the quality, safety and care we provide on a day to day basis.


The Excel Society

Meaningful Engagement

Being at The Forefront


The Excel Society

Our Successes: Being at the Forefront. To the Excel Society, being at the Forefront of Community Living and Support Services means striving for greatness in everything that we do. Our goal is to one day be the best service provider in Alberta, and we have taken steps towards that goal by growing a culture of creativity and having the right people in the right positions so that we may be recognized as the provider of choice by the communities we reside in.

We are recognized as a partner/ employer of choice and an industry leader in Community Living and Support Services.

Being at the forefront is not an easy task. This is because it is meant to challenge each one of us to continuously grow and acknowledge that we all have a leadership role in identifying, sharing and practicing the many new and innovative processes we impliment. One of which being the Excel Advantage, where our refreshed vision, mission, and values has enabled us to create a culture of innovation, learning and continuous improvement. This shift enables us to achieve the highest standard of quality, safety, and service to our clients, staff, and the greater community.

2019 Community Report


Organizational Stewardship

Our Successes: Organizational Stewardship To the Excel Society, Organizational Stewardship keeps every person accountable to our stakeholders. From implementing our mission faithfully to allocating our resources effectively, we all understand that each of us have a role in ensuring the long term success of the Excel Society. We take into consideration our impact on the environment, how to most effectively manage our client’s budgets, and make continuous improvements to our processes to positively enhance the community as a whole. This concept was not new to us, but as our team learned about the Excel Advantage, we were able to recognize the things each of us did to better the organization each day. Enabling us to collaborate, 23

The Excel Society

We are accountable to our stakeholders for executing our mission faithfully and managing our resources effectively. create, and implement new processes and practices that provides enhanced services for our clients, and more effective support for our staff. By having a highly efficient governance, we have been able to manage our risk effectively and prepare ourselves for growth in the coming years. 2019 Community Report


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2019 Community Report


A Message from our President & CEO

In 2019 we celebrated our 55th Birthday. We have much to be proud of from the last 55 years and we have so much to look forward to guided by our new Vision, Mission and Values, the “Excel Advantage”. I am very proud of the Excel Advantage as it is not a traditional plan with a timeline and goals, rather it is a way of being and a philosophy that will provide us with the agility to be adaptative to continuously strive for excellence in the care we provide. Our commitment to excellence was endorsed by Accreditation Canada in 2019. We underwent a series of audits through this organization and we received full accreditation for another 4 years. It is very rewarding to have a third party like Accreditation Canada review all of our operations and confirm our commitments to our clients and their families and guardians. Continuing with our theme of excellence in care, another highlight of note in 2019 is Jennifer Thomas, joined our Senior Leadership team in the role of Director of Care at Excel Society’s Balwin Vila. Jennifer has been a great addition to the Senior Leadership Team and she and Becky Elkew, Director of Care at Grand Manor, combine to give our Supportive Living Facilities outstanding leadership. I would like to thank the Board and the Senior Leadership team at Excel for their dedication, leadership and support. I look forward to 2020 and beyond as we continue our engagement with the Excel Advantage and set the stage of the ongoing excellence of the Excel Society.

Brad Perkins, President & CEO


The Excel Society

A Message from our Board Chair

2019 was again a very positive year for the Excel Society. The 4 year accreditation we received from Accreditation Canada is no small task and demonstrates our commitment to excellence. I would like to thank the team at Excel for the outstanding results and the very hard work that goes into preparing for the audit and implementing the standards required to ensure the services we provide to our clients continue to be at the Forefront. Our commitment to our clients is never ending and this last year I was thrilled we added the Fashion Show to our client events. This was a very unique undertaking that took months of preparation and remarkable artistry and craftsmanship. The pure joy our clients expressed as they were able to walk the runway at City Hall was very special. In 2019, another major event for Excel was the addition of Jennifer Thomas to the Senior Leadership team as the Director of Care at Balwin Villa. We are thrilled to have Jennifer take on this role and we know her combination of experience and commitment will allow Balwin to continue to flourish. Welcome Jennifer to the Senior Leadership Team. I would also like to thank Becky Elkew for all of the hard work she did at Balwin over the last couple of years as she led the team there. It is because of her leadership that Balwin is now setup for unprecedented success and because of her talent that the team at Grand Manor is very excited to have her undivided attention. Thank you to CEO Brad Perkins for his exceptional work in leading the team at Excel and for their passion, commitment and talent. Thank you to my fellow Board Members for your support, leadership and guidance. Excel Society is building the foundation for unprecedented success through its commitment to the Excel Advantage and because of its team and our Board I am confident we will achieve great things.

Collen Scott, Chair, Board of Directors

2019 Community Report


Be the Excel Advantage We want anyone in Alberta, regardless of diagnosis, to be able to express themselves, creating meaning in their life, and feel connected to their community We strive every day to make this a reality for the people who come to the Excel Society by providing Meaningful Engagement programming.

You can be the Excel Advantage and help enrich a life by joining the Excel Society and making a gift to our Enrichment Fund.

Enrich a Life Today. Enriching a life is simple and rewarding when you take the first step and join the Excel Society with a gift to the Excel Society Enrichment Fund:

Artistic Enrichment

Musical Enrichment

Help a client access artistic supplies and experiences.

Help a client access musical instruments and experiences.

Recreational Enrichment

Holiday Enrichment

Help a client access sport, leisure or recreational activities.

Help a client have a simple holiday or celebrate a special occasion. 2019 Community Report


Enriching Lives.




Ledgeview Business Centre Suite 500, 9707 110 Street NW Edmonton, AB T5K 2L9

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2019 Excel Society Community Report  

2019 Excel Society Community Report  

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