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2016 Coastal Fashion Week Winners

Emerging Designer Ragan Creel Stretched Thin FREE



Kymberly Soule’

Associate Publisher Mike Soule’

Creative Design Kymberly Soule’ Tish Ellenberg


Crystal Kaufman

Lead Photographer Elle Photography


Alexa Kiss - Hair & Makeup Audra Warren - Writer

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Katherine Thomasson/Katco Beauty

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Photographer: Elle Photography Model: Angelle Rome Hair & Makeup - Katherine Thomasson

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Photograpy: Elle Photography Model: Gabriela Peralta

Editor's Letter Inspiration can come in many forms. It can come from the Bible, people, other books, movies and more. We all want to be inspired to see the good in the world and in people. Many of us look to our parents, teachers, friends, co-workers, bosses and other mentors for inspiration. I recently realized that I too look to be inspired all the time. I believe in hope and dreams with the promise of better tomorrow. This issue has really touched me in many ways. As I become more aware of the impact that different causes can have, I realize how much pain the world and its children are sometimes in. We need inspiration and joy in our lives now more than ever. I challange you all today to be a person who can not only be inspired, but someone who can inspire. It doesn’t take much to be a ray of light in someone’s life. Take the time to be a good person, do good deeds, help others, be happy and make a difference in the world with your light. Find out how you can help serve in your community. God has given you two hands, one for yourself and one for others.

Light the way for someone today.

God Bless You,

Kymberly aned Mike Soule’

God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.

Hebrews 6:10


The Wedding Bell



Shelli Bell

251-661-4660 ROBERTS BROTHERS WEST OFFICE 6721 Grelot Road, Suite A Mobile, Al 36695

Traveling Officiant


Happily Ever After Starts Here

ex·al·té \eg-zäl-tā\:adj, verb (French) 1. emotionally excited or elated : fanatic 2. inspiration/to be inspired 3. the official [fashion + philanthropy] magazine on the Gulf Coast


Exalte’ Magazine


Fashion meets Philanthropy


2016 Coastal Fashion Week Winners

Photographs by Elle Photography Hair and Makeup by Katco Beauty & Alexis Kiss

Diane Wade

Jeromy Adam

Darian Ellis

Quincy Armstrong

Cameron Foster

Orachat Kumbungton

Brie Sutton

Jonathan Taylor

Inspired by... Dee Thomas Dwyanetta Thomas, known as Dee among her friends and family has owned Rock Paper Fitness group exercise studio since July of 2014, but her journey into health and fitness didn’t start there. After experiencing the struggles of being overweight her entire life, Thomas was looking to be the change that so many women and children needed. After traveling the world, from the deep South to Northern Japan, it was evident that obesity was an epidemic and it needed to be tackled. Her journey began in 2005 at the University of South Alabama where she majored in Physical Education, with plans to be and educator for the Department of Defense. While at USA, she began to teach various group exercise classes and found herself to be really good at it. “First it was step aerobics, then cycling, aerobic dance, then Zumba Fitness.” At that point she realized that she had a niche for creating fun, engaging and effective workouts, specifically for women and children. Over the next decade she continued to teach around the State of Alabama, teaching at different gyms, cities, and free-lancing for community organization. “I put my heart and soul into each class, because I want to see a change in the community. I really do believe that I can change the world.” Alabama now has the fifth highest adult obesity rate in the nation, according to The State of Obesity: Better Policies for a Healthier America. Alabama's adult obesity rate is currently 33.5 percent, up from 22.6 percent in 2000 and from 11.2 percent in 1990. “I want to change this statistic. I want to see women and children healthy, happy, and pursing life to their greatest potential. I stepped out on faith to open up this studio. I didn’t have aspirations to become rich or popular, I just wanted to help. So far, it has been a blessing and I have reached over 1000 people alone in almost two years of opening my business. To anyone who has a dream or a goal I say go after it! Do you have an amazing social contribution? Do it!” Motivation speaker, Les Brown once said, “I refuse to live an unlived life.” This is what I live by, what wakes me up, what keeps me going.

Rock Paper Fitness 251 . 459 . 0308

House of Rhea

Photographs by Elle Photography Hair and Makeup by Katco Beauty & Alexis Kiss





2016 Coastal Fashion Week Emerging Designer Winner


agan Creel, Designer of House of Rhea, grew up in a small town right outside of Meridian, MS. As a young girl, Ragan designed and made clothes for her Barbie’s using scraps from her grandmother’s quilting. A little more than a decade later, she moved to Mobile, Al with her mother and sister. After years of pursuing her modeling career, Ragan decided to follow her dreams by majoring in Apparel Design at The University of Alabama. She recently moved to Nashville, TN and is working as a freelance fashion designer and a professional clothier for The Tom James Company.

Ragan’s hope is to empower women in that they feel confident in their own skin and embrace every perfect imperfection. Thus, her designs are influenced by the strength of women throughout time. Her main focus is to create classic formal and social occassion pieces in a different light. She believes that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication and that the Rhea customer should feel unburdened and boundless; yet make a memorable impression as she walks into a room

House of Rhea’s Spring Summer 2016 collection was inspired by the original Cleopatra movie starring Elizabeth Taylor. Usually inspired by nature, Ragan was inspired by the beautiful colors, jewels and styling featured in the movie. This collection presents mixed metals, a variety of textures, and movement.

Stretche “Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” -Dolly Pardon

Photographer: Katco Photography Model: Rhena Baxter

ed Thin By Audra Warren

There are a ton of reasons our schedules stay so jammed packed. For some people, saying no is a hard thing to do, for others FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) keeps their calendar full, and then there are those who just have to stay busy at all times in order to say sane…you know a few. But for the majority of people the demands of everyday life are more than enough to keep anyone busy. And if that’s not enough you can bank on unexpected delays…You get held up on an important phone call while rushing out the door, your car won’t start just as you are headed to a mandatory meeting, you realize you are all out of milk when you go to fix breakfast, you wake up to a sick child, or maybe you spill coffee on your clean work shirt after already running late. These are just a few examples of “minor” everyday occurrences that may happen and disrupt our natural flow, throwing us completely off balance. Do you often feel like you have a tight rope tied to all four of your limbs pulling you in several different directions? Do you find that even though technology has improved to help with the fast-paced demands of society you still have trouble keeping up? If you answered yes to both of these questions then you are not alone. Most everyone you know is struggling in some area of life. Between work, kids, spouses, meetings, grocery shopping, meal planning, bills, household chores, and extracurricular activities…How does anyone have time to fit it all in? Sometimes just checking email alone can be overwhelming. There is no real way to avoid unexpected events, but you can start trying to minimize your stress load by creating more balance in your life. Know when you are experiencing an imbalance in your life…. You are irritable and easily frustrated with yourself and with others You lack energy, motivation, and focus You feel stressed, overwhelmed, and worrisome You are getting very little physical activity You are eating the majority of your meals on the go You lack joy and fulfillment in your life You are sleep deprived and your general health has taken a nose dive

How do we find balance in an unbalanced world? How do we juggle it all and still get that “ME” time we all so desperately crave? Figure out what matters most and eliminate unnecessary activities De-clutter every area of your life, including people who do not serve you Clean up your diet and consume whole foods that support your body’s every need Find an activity that you love and let that be your go-to form of exercise Carve out time for at least one of your favorite hobbies Shut down all of your electronic devices and enjoy some quality time Get in bed 30 minutes earlier than normal Tips to remember… Recognize that nobody can get everything done on their to do list at the same time Beating yourself up over what you cannot do will only create more anxiety Once you find your balance make it a priority for it to be the routine that sticks Cheers to finding balance…

Proverbs 11:1 A false balance is an abomination to the LORD, but a just weight is His delight.

Coastal Kids Fashion W


Models Presley Williams Braston Eubanks

Photographs by Elle Photography Hair and Makeup by Alexis Kiss


Dawn Gaston - Independent Distributor 251-348-9743

Southern Soul Food Truck and Catering 251-321-5650

Chris Wolfe

Business Development The Taylor Agency

13765 County Road 32 - Summerdale, Al 36580 Southern food that feeds your soul!

Allstate Insurance Company 8531 Spanish Fort Blvd, Ste 2 Spanish Fort, Al 36527

Log on to Facebook to check out upcoming crawfish boils, live music or special events!

Phone: 251-725-5505 Fax 251-725-5506 Cell 251-776-4479

Call ahead for Large To Go Orders for lunch or dinner! Southern Soul is a scratch kitchen specializing in locally grown produce and fresh Gulf seafood,



June 25, 2016 8:00 AM Westside Baseball Park

Preregistration online $20 adults/$15 kids Day of Registration $25 adults/$20 kids

Benefiting the Shriners & their wish for a NEW Van to transport the kids!

FAMILY FUN DAY Abba Shrine 7701 Hitt Road - Mobile, AL


For more information visit




arty 21+

June 25, 2

8:00PM - Midnight

Live Music featuring Fortag

$25 per person

Abba Shrine 7701 Hitt Road - Mobile, AL



2016 Coastal Kids Fashion Week Emerging Designer Winner

ordan Hobbs has always had an interest in fashion. She thinks texture, color, and fit of clothing are all very important elements to a unique look. At the age of 9, Jordan felt the best way to get the looks she desired, was to make her own clothing. Youtube videos and special sewing sessions with her Grandma Ora helped Jordan create J. Alise Designs. Her signature circle skirt encompasses everything she loves-sassiness, sweet, girly and glam. She uses everything she encounters for design inspiration. Her love of polka dots and music has been her muse for her 1st and 2nd collection. This little fashionista is not only interested in design, she also feels its important to perfect her technique. Karen Mosow has been a big help in developing her sewing skills. According to the 11 year old designer, what you wear should enhance your inner beauty.

Photographs by Elle Photography Hair and Makeup by Alexis Kiss




Corsets by G

Photographs by Elle Photography Models Chrissy Flynn & Anna Maria Mazzarella-Norwood

Bridal Show

June 12, 2016 Riverview Plaza Hotel Ohr-O'Keefe Museum Of Art February 22,Biloxi, 2015MS from 1 - 4 pm CORPORATE 64 S Water Street June 26, 2016 Mobile, Alabama Daphne Civic Center

$10 entry Daphne, fee/$7 if Alpre-register Enjoy an afternoon of getting to know local wedding professionals who can make all of your dreams come true! There will be plenty of door prizes given throughout the event and a Grand Prize at the end of the event that you will want to WIN!

4508 Schillinger Rd obile, l

Pre-Register ahead of time and enter to win a Special Grand Prize and receive discounted tickets

Vendors contact for more information


Accepting donations of women's professional & casual clothing to provide interview/workplace attire.

Shoes, purses, jewelry, coats & other accessories. Gowns & after-5 are accepted for our Cheap Chic Fundraising Sales.

251.423.2001 Terri Kearns

Success Ability Services "Outfitting In-crisis Jobseekers with the Tools for Job-Search Success"

Visit our website for more information re donation drop-offs and to register your email for our Cheap Chic Sales (March/Sept/January).

Sponsored Bridal Shows are 1:00 by: PM - 4:00 PM Entry $10 per person/Kids Free $7 discounted online The Bridal Directories

Aairius DJ Entertainment (850) 212-5083

Living by Faith...

By Audra Warren

God doesn’t call the qualified. God qualifies the called. As a successful entrepreneur, life coach, and mentor it would appear that Shawna Whitsett has it all. She is currently a top leader at Rodan + Fields, has earned herself a brand new Lexus, and is living in a big beautiful home. If you thought Shawna is living the life of her dreams you’d be right. But much like social media often only highlights the happiest times in our lives; people rarely get to see the journey of a caterpillar into a butterfly. While our eyes are instantly focused on the beauty and vibrancy of a butterfly soaring by, not many people will have a second thought about the 180 degree transformation it took to get to there. In 2003, during the most trying time of her life Shawna’s world was turned upside down after experiencing the loss of her father and being involved in a horrific car accident that left her face lacerated in 33 different places. As you can only begin to imagine Shawna was devastated by her new reflection in the mirror. Life continued to take a downward spiral after losing her job, becoming $100k in debt, and being denied credit. Having no money, a dwindling support system, as well as hearing the laughs and seeing the stares of others built a mass amount of insecurities. Shawna’s confidence was shattered. She knew she had a choice… she could give up or rise up, so she chose to surrender to God. Since her outward appearance seemed to have failed her, she began to take a closer look inward. Much of the superficial things that were previously of such importance did not hold as much weight now. Shawna knew that God had a purpose and a plan for her life, and living in fear was not a part of it. Even though she could not see how things could get any better she chose to believe that they would. Like all life transformations this did not happen overnight. In 2009, after having major surgery and several procedures to improve her appearance Shawna was left still feeling discouraged and scarred; which is what ultimately led her to the business she is in today. She says, “I felt like I could have been voted Most Unlikely to Succeed.” Shawna had to change her mindset first; from fear to faith, selfishness to selflessness…she became humble and willing. In changing her thought process she changed her life. She began to surround herself with positive people and continuously fed her mind with positive things. Shawna began to put her focus on helping others and in doing so she found her passion and became successful in the process. Making lots of money and being a huge success was never the ultimate goal; it just ended up being a great bonus in the pursuit of her passion to help others. Throughout her journey it was indeed these life-altering experiences that forced Shawna into her own personal growth and development. It truly was during the darkest period of her life that she acquired a tremendous amount of empathy for others. She thought her life was over after her car accident, but now realizes that it was only the beginning. And every hard speed bump and stop sign she hit along the way was a necessary part of the path to get to where she is today. Shawna says, “I’m not a victim of anything.” I couldn’t agree with her more because believing so would be living in fear, and that my friends she is not. Remember that God will never give you a purpose that he has not fully prepared you for. If Shawna can turn hopelessness into helpfulness you can too.

*To connect with Shawna Whitsett Email –



“ The well dressed man never stands out in a crowd; his elegance sets him apart.� Oscar de la Renta

Fit is King. The most dramatic improvement you can make in your style is to make sure everything fits impeccably.

Continually cultivate your image Invest more time and money into your image. Cultivate your fashion sense. Your style is a huge mode of communication, and is worth caring for as much as your education, career, and relationships.

Fashion Tees with logos a NO. Lose the logo and go for a classic tee or something artsy instead.

Stay a notch above. Don’t overdo it to a fault, but dare to take some risks. It’s always better to be a little bit overdressed than underdressed in any setting.

Belly Dan

It is hard to say exactly when bellydance really began. There are many different forms and a variety of birth places. Some believe the oldest form originated around India over 2000 BC performed in temples, others say it began in the Middle East as a fertility ritual. There are ancient sculptures and writings depicting both of these theories. It is also believed this dance form was spread all throughout the Middle East by Gypsy tribes. A common theme I have found is that it was typically performed by women for women, celebrating the source of creation. There is a huge misconception that bellydance was created for the pleasure of men. This is false. Back in those times, it was either performed in the temple, or purely for other women, as it was indecent for men and women to socialize together in that way and were typically segregated. The misconception dates back pretty far too, as curious male artists depicted their fantasies of what they thought women did behind walls they were not allowed. The dance form eventually made its way to America, and other varieties of the dance form were born.

The Health Benefits of Belly Dancing Improved posture and muscle toning Weight loss Preparation for childbirth Stress reduction Many people are surprised to learn that Middle-Eastern Dance, commonly known as "belly-dance," involves much more than the belly! In fact, belly-dance can benefit many parts of the body. Here are some of the health benefits of Middle-Eastern Dance: Exercising the carrying muscles without impact. Building the back muscles evenly. Exercising the arms. Aiding digestion. For more information on classes or to inquire about hiring bellydancers for your next event, please check out or


Photographer: Elle Photography




Friday April 15 7:00-9:30pm

Discounted blowouts for $20. Bring a friend and its two for $30! Live Acoustic Music from Andy Morrow Silent Auction All Proceeds from the night will go to Aveda Global Green Grants 5400 COTTAGE HILL RD MOBILE, AL 36609 WWW.WEST54HUNDRED.COM 251.662.8370



Who are we?

MOBILE, AL 36609


We are an elegant Aveda concept salon that opened in 2004 in the heart of Mobile. With outstanding customer service and a relaxing upbeat environment we offer an experience like no other.

What sets us apart?

During each service our guest will receive a therapeutic scalp massage and/or a relaxing hand treatment. It is our goal to provide an unintimidating atmosphere in which our guests can comfortably connect with our stylists.Through team work and collaboration we will ensure the best possible service each and every time you return to the salon. Our consistency in hair dressing techniques and dedication to customer service allows you to leave the salon looking beautiful and feeling great as well. Our customer service goes beyond our salon doors. We are passionate about our community. We strive to be involved in different volunteer opportunities that arise throughout Mobile. Each year we are committed to raising funds for clean water throughout the world. Our recent projects include raising money for childhood cancer research, packing shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child, collecting canned goods for Mobile Area Food Bank, involvement in St Jude, and many more . We believe that with our devotion for service we can be the change in the world around us.

What is our new blow-out bar?

The latest addition to our salon is a new blow-out bar. Because of the hiring structure of Salon West, we needed a place and a beginning for our new talent. Being that, the first thing we teach is finishing and styling, we thought "what a great way to utilize assistants and train leaders. The creation of the style bar was also a way to give the guest a competitive price point, so having your styled regularly is now an affordable luxury. With the bar, we can fulfill our mission to offer the best and most consistent customer service at a affordable price.

Shawna Whitsett

Premier Level V Lexus Achiever



60 DAY CHALLENGE Try Rodan + Fields for 60 days - if you don’t love it, send it back for a FULL REFUND! IF I ASKED YOU TO BE A





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Queens with Dreams Ladies Social PhilanthropyOrganization For more information visit us on Facebook - Queens with Dreams or @

Domestic Violence

Warning Signs and Red Flags

It’s not always easy to tell at the beginning of a relationship if it will become abusive. In fact, many abusive partners may seem absolutely perfect in the early stages of a relationship. Possessive and controlling behaviors don’t always appear overnight, but rather emerge and intensify as the relationship grows. Domestic violence doesn’t look the same in every relationship because every relationship is different. But one thing most abusive relationships have in common is that the abusive partner does many different kinds of things to have more power and control over their partners. If you’re beginning to feel as if your partner or a loved one’s partner is becoming abusive, there are a few behaviors that you can look out for. Watch out for these red flags and if you’re experiencing one or more of them in your relationship, call or chat online with an advocate to talk about what’s going on. *Telling you that you can never do anything right *Showing jealousy of your friends and time spent away *Keeping you or discouraging you from seeing friends or family members *Embarrassing or shaming you with put-downs *Controlling every penny spent in the household *Taking your money or refusing to give you money for expenses *Looking at you or acting in ways that scare you *Controlling who you see, where you go, or what you do *Preventing you from making your own decisions *Telling you that you are a bad parent or threatening to harm or take away your children *Preventing you from working or attending school *Destroying your property or threatening to hurt or kill your pets *Intimidating you with guns, knives or other weapons *Pressuring you to have sex when you don’t want to or do things sexually you’re not comfortable with *Pressuring you to use drugs or alcohol

IF YOU NEED HELP ... Please call Penelope House 24 hour Crisis Line 251-342-8994 Elle Photography Makeup/Hair - Eman Saad

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