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November 2015

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November 2015


Publisher’s Letter... Dear Friend: Remember the book, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway? Written by Susan Jeffers in 1987, it provided us with a chance to acknowledge our fears and learn ways to push through them. I know the title was my mantra many times throughout the years. Even this year, when I went on four separate trips by train, I was petrified upon each departure; yet, I felt that because I experienced my fear and did it anyway, that the simple act of courage was enough. Then in September my appendix ruptured. Searching for some sort of meaning, I read that Louise Hay believes that appendicitis represents a fear of life. My first thought was—what?!—this can’t be me. I love life. And I face it with courage, or so I thought. But Louise’s statement started me thinking. Rather than being proud of having fear and doing it anyway, why not release the fear itself? What is fear, really, but a thought? And if it’s just a thought, it’s something I have the power to change. I may not have control over the future (and isn’t that really what irrational fear is anyway?), but I can control my thoughts. Because what I feared wasn’t a real life-threatening emergency that deserved instant fear and the consequent fight or flight response, it was the thought of “what if”—and not reality. By changing my thoughts, I am able to change my reality of an experience. By now you’re probably wondering what this has to do with our November theme of Gratitude and Abundance. It’s the same thing. Gratitude, and the resulting abundance, is merely a thought that creates a reality. We can choose our thinking—whether it’s about fear, or instead, flip it to gratitude— and create a new, better, more abundant, reality. Instead of feeling the fear, how about we eliminate fear (lack) completely by changing our thoughts? Or as Don Miguel Ruiz said, “Be impeccable with your word,” because a thought is our Word—and the way we speak to ourselves and the Universe has the power to create a joy-filled, abundant, life.

The Importance of Gratitude 10

Seven Keys to Abundance: Simple Practices for Greater Love, Time, Money, and Freedom


Creating Abundance 12

In Gratitude and Abundance…

Heartfelt Gratitude — Even When Letting Go

Jill Dutton


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Morning Ascension Gurudarshan Khalsa’s current series was innovated while she was recovering from a traumatic brain injury. Initially, the creative process was merely a cathartic outlet. The creative process begins by photographing nature. Then, the artist digitally manipulates these images. They become visual meditations that balance the hemispheres of the brain. This brings a state of harmony and inner peace using sacred geometry. The work captures the divine feminine found in nature, and activates the divine masculine by creating symmetry. Visit www.GdkArtist.com.

November 2015


Yoga and Diabetes:Your Guide to Safe and Effective Practice Yoga does more than manage stress. In addition to calming the nervous system, it improves circulation throughout the body, increases muscular tone, improves balance, allows improved breathing, and provides gentle physical activity that nearly anyone can do. Now, research has proven that yoga practice has a significant potential for addressing key lifestyle and behavioral issues with disorders such as type 2 diabetes. Yoga and Diabetes is an accessible guide for individuals with diabetes who are interested in beginning or deepening a yoga practice. It provides tailored guidance to people with type 1, type 2, or gestational diabetes, and features 30 yoga postures and breathing exercises arranged into programs to suit every person’s individual needs. Annie B. Kay, MS, RDN, RYT, lead nutritionist at the Kripalu Center for Yoga Reprinted with permission of the American Diabetes Association (2015) & Health teams up with Lisa B. Nelson, MD, director of medical education at Kripalu, to provide easy-to-read text and Yoga and Diabetes is available at detailed photographs explaining how to ShopDiabetes.org, at bookstores, and also practice yoga safely. by calling 1-800-232-6733.

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The Book of Mastery As a celebrated channeler Paul Selig reveals in The Book of Mastery: The Mastery Trilogy: Book I we often allow our concept of happiness to eclipse the true desires of our inner self. In this first installment of the widely anticipated Mastery Trilogy, Selig imparts practical guidance from nine benevolent guides through clairaudient dictation. These unseen intellects provide surprisingly practical, otherworldly insight to help readers achieve fulfillment and peace by setting healthy boundaries, making lifealtering decisions, and embracing the challenging people they encounter on a daily basis. It is with deep humility and care that Selig, a widely produced, Yale-educated playwright with faculty positions at NYU and Goddard College, presents these dictations. His voice, often interrupting and questioning the revolutionary—and sometimes controversial—statements made by the Guides, helps crystalize their important, transcendental teachings. Documenting twenty-seven supernatural channeling sessions, The Book of Mastery will lead readers on an unprecedented journey of self-development. As the Guides themselves put it: "We will tell you this: No one who reads these books will be left unchanged.” 4

November 2015

The Book of Mastery by Paul Selig ( Tarcher ISBN 978-0-399-1750-1, January 2016)

Multi-Dimensional Mastery

Celebrate the Magic of an Integrated You When Body, Heart, Mind and Soul are Connected and Aligned


any of us have a hunger to live from a more awakened place. One of the quickest ways to live there sustainably is to embrace full integration between our body, heart, mind and soul. But what does that mean? After a recent talk I gave, an elderly woman came up to me and said, “I’ve done a lot of work on myself over the years – heart, mind, and soul – but I think I’ve left out the body piece. I have Parkinson’s and I wonder if my body can actually heal from this.” As you begin to truly heal, you learn to ask questions that will help you move toward a new awareness of integration. The question isn’t: Can my body heal from my Parkinson’s? The question instead becomes: Can my Parkinson’s help heal me? Instead of rejecting what is going on within your body and life, you begin to learn to embrace what is going on, and receive the wisdom conveyed. This doesn’t mean you become passive in your healing. On the contrary, by consciously accepting where you are, you become more powerfully involved. When you accept where you truly are – right here, right now, in the present moment – you are on your way to discovering what choices are available to you as an empowered player in your own healing and well being. What is the cost to not learning what you are made of and who you truly are? What is the cost of not discovering

how to deeply listen no matter what is going on? How is your life expressing that now? Where is your focus? Is it on where you have been, or is it on where you want to go? Is it focused on what is not working, or is it focused on what you want to manifest, how you want to be – to create, express, and dream? In order to move forward, you have to learn to bring all of you along – including the parts of you that have been rejected, traumatized, abused and/or violated. Our body remembers everything that has gone on in our lives. What is stored in the body is precognitive, outside of our conscious awareness. Learning how to access the body’s wisdom – by changing your behavior and making new choices that honor who you truly are – will lead to a profound connection and alignment with all the various parts of you. Gaining this greater and broader perspective will give you the ability to see life from a completely different vantage point. To paraphrase Donald Epstein, from the book, Healing Myths, Healing Magic: “Myth: Being highly evolved means no longer having negative emotions. Magic: You evolve as you become aware of the different parts, energies, and relationships of your bodymind. You heal as all of your parts share their stories with one another without judgment. You transform as you experience the energy and tension that has been isolated

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November 2015

and ignored. There is no such thing as a ‘negative’ emotion; there is only information and energy that is now made available for you to heal.” The alignment of body, mind, heart, and soul doesn’t come from being in a place of perfection; it comes from a place where we are able to see ourselves as we truly are, entering into pure presence with all of our parts. When all of our parts are no longer separated from each other, energy is liberated, and this energy helps springboard us into an awakened knowing. New information flows through us with a perceptual lens that says Aha!

Judy Scher, D.C. is Director of the Scher Center in Santa Fe since 1992. She is an international teacher, workshop leader, and keynote speaker. The Scher Center utilizes cutting-edge reorganizational healing tools including Network Spinal Analysis Care. For more info go to www.HealingWithoutLimits.com or call 505-989-9373

Heart & Business

Anything is Possible


nything is possible; we just have to know it. Meaning, within the blurred lines of business and life having the courage and knowledge established in yourself to say "I'm capable, I'm on track, I'm exactly where I need to be right now" - and trust it relentlessly. This is vital to realizing achievements both small and large within business. To live and move through business as though anything is possible is very real for some and for others seems truly ungrounded and not practical. All perspectives contain value, as life experience is a mosaic of outcomes ultimately leading to the varied beliefs in possibility. The first step to living in the "power of possibility" world is to move as if the answers to questions or challenges have all ready been answered. Lingering in ambivalence waiting for "the sign" or the "right answers" we will suspend growth and movement forward. This holds true personally and professionally. To be clear action with awareness is vital to outcomes that will ensure growth and deep learning's for the path ahead. Those who are truly successful in the world know the risk involved before moving forward. They have a keen awareness of the bigger picture. For example, considering a podcast for a business. It has the infinite possibility of

being fruitful if one has done their homework and made an educated decision with the content and approach. Within the realm of infinite possibility knowledge plays a role in the outcome as it will affect thoughts thus affect action. Doing the homework necessary to make an educated decision about the podcast will enhance the miracles of infinite possibility. The most profound business has knowledge, courage and a significant amount of authenticity (soul) in it. Our life experience includes making the tough choices, risking what we know to be true or valid, and pursing what inspires us with unyielding commitment and stamina. What lives on the other side of a life experience is what I call "the pearl" and pearls live in possibility. Here are few questions to ponder: Where are you being courageous in your life or business? • Where are you doubtful and why? • Where do you have unwavering trust that feels brilliant inside of you? • Where are you holding back?

Remember some examples within your career journey that had the sweet balance of both knowledge and possibility. What did it feel like, look like, and offer as a learning for you? My belief is no duality exists between personal and professional living. Everything is interwoven and that's where the power of possibility lives. We must find the pearls in our true nature and experience more than we thought was possible. Awaken yourself and you awaken the world.

Heather Robertson E-RYT, CTC, CF is an entrepreneur, facilitator, and mentor, with endless commitment to presence and purpose within business and life. She is owner of Wide Awake by Design, located in Santa Fe, NM. Need the more formal version or want to know more: www.wideawakebydesign.com or email info@wideawakebydesign.com

Herbal Wisdom

Trementina Let me touch Your leaves Like golden skin Trembling then sighing Just as mycelia perfume Drifts from your neck Of smooth white bark You take me deep into the forest To open the eternal Womb (“Cancion de Gaia Desesperada”) ave you been to the forest to smell the air? It has changed. The sweet, earthy aroma of falling leaves and fresh humus in symphony with the sealing off of tree barks make for a sensual experience this time of year. As the leaves release their green chlorophyll to the air and metamorphose into red, yellow, and orange it is our annual reminder how much we have in common with trees. Bark also serves to photosynthesize sunlight during the spring and summer, while in the Fall it hardens and seals the outer “skin” for protection and immunity. Place your nose into the undulating bark of a ponderosa pine. What do you smell? Vanilla? Butterscotch? Fresh baked bread? Where the bark has small holes or broken branches is where you will see fresh resin, the golden liquid known in New Mexico as trementina. This precious exudate serves to protect the tree against insects and further degradation


of the outer bark; without it the tree would die from exposure. Trementina has a long history of use in our region by desert dwellers of all cultural backgrounds. The medicinal value is outstanding against pulmonary infections and skin irritations. The resin can be boiled in water for hours into a tea or better yet, dissolved in an alcohol base and taken in drops to clear out lung congestion. Mountain people are notorious for chewing on a small piece of trementina to allay sore throats or swollen gums. Perhaps most well known as a topical remedy, trementina is blended into an oil base and then applied to skin eruptions, rashes, and areas of hyper pigmentation. I have found it to be somewhat heroic in cases of noncontact dermatitis when all else has failed. In addition, trementina is legendary when melted over a fire and applied to micaceous clay pots to water seal them and protect them from chipping. The resulting sheen is dramatic enough but then add in the sweet resinous aroma while cooking frijoles over a wood stove and the experience is out of this world.

Evolving…in SANTA FE


November 2015

This same material is the base for Propolis, the sticky material bees use to seal their hives from water, cold air, and insects. Trementina categorically is antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial. It enhances immunity and increases our ability to fight off infections of all kinds. When collecting trementina from our pine forests I look first around the base of the tree trunk for dried pieces that have fallen off the bark. I store the dried resin in a jar for future use; if you do melt it for any reason be sure to use a metal pot that is dedicated to that only, as it stays on hard after it dries.

Tomas Enos studied with Michael Moore in 1990 and then created Milagro Herbs. Erin Galiger has worked with herbs for 10 years. Their philosophy of health and healing is holistic and rooted in the ancient tradition of “Solar Living,” synchronizing our bodies according to the biological time clock, circadian rhythms, and seasonal patterns found on Earth. www.milagroherbs.com 505-820-6321 info@milagroherbs.com 419 Orchard Drive (off Paseo de Peralta next to Kakawa Chocolate House)

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Vitality Foods

Harvest Your Health and Wellness


he fall season has called us to go within, to nurture the self – our loved ones, to give praise for and share the harvest, and to celebrate life. The air is brisk, the days shorter and the anticipation of the holiday season upon us. This offers the opportunity to look at where we can make healthier choices. Get a head start on how you can enjoy the holidays with a sense of wellness. With the many holiday parties, decadent dinners and deserts it’s easy to get lost in the sea of temptation. Think of it this way with every bite you are feeding your health and vitality, or not... So the question is, how do you enjoy your self in conscious way? Here are some health tips to support your continued Coconut Butternut Squash Soup health and vitality during the holiday season Loaded with nutrients and vitamins, the and beyond! squash family is an effective anti-inflammatory and antioxidant source. It improves immune Body function, assists in managing diabetes, Maintain well hydrated, consume at least supports lung and cardiovascular health. Please half of your body weight in ounces of water, note people with low blood pressure or this supports your body’s natural detoxification hypotension should avoid consuming squashes process. Ensuring that 50% of your meal often. Remember, everything in moderation! includes a variety of vegetables, 40% of a good • Bake butternut squash and two red apples at source of protein (animal-based or plant450 for 45 minutes based) and 10% a healthy source of fat, will • Scoop squash flesh and add to blender provide you with a good source of fiber to support your digestion and maintain sugar • Add ½ tsp of cinnamon, ¼ tsp of turmeric levels. As a result, you'll experience increased powder,1 tbs of coconut butter energy and feel satisfied for longer periods of • Add 4 cups of hot chicken/vegetable broth time. It is important to note that specific • Blend away and enjoy a delicious-nutrientnutritional needs are based on your biopacked harvest soup! individuality.

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Mind Stress can rob you from enjoying the sweetness of life; a busy mind can distract you from being present and in the moment. There are so many stress-management techniques from breathing exercises, yoga, dancing, listening to meditative music, journaling, taking a walk, find the stress management outlet that resonates with you and begin practicing it. Remember it takes about 21 days to create a new habit so make the commitment and stick with it, start with a realistic goal (20 minutes per day). An effective tool that works for many is writing your to-do list before going to bed, this “tricks” the brain in thinking you are doing something about the many things that have to get done. This puts your mind at ease and serves a great way to start the next day with a clear list of priorities.

Spirit Creating a morning ritual to connect with your self, your intention, your heart, soul and source of faith will support you in setting the stage for your day. By nurturing your spiritual source you may experience having more patience, objectivity, understanding, compassion and have the ability to respond to life rather than react. This information provided is not to be used or relied on as a diagnostic or treatment source. Please consult with your physician.

Valeria Alarcón is a Holistic Health Coach and Advocate AADP, whose mission is to inspire, educate, and empower individuals who are committed to reclaiming life and vitality through health and wellness. As a cancer survivor Val knows what it takes to reclaim life and vitality, and she is delighted to be of support to her community. For more information visit

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November 2015


Solo in New Orleans


light rain started as I climbed through the window to the balcony of my room at the Hotel Maison de Ville in New Orleans. I felt like a teenager sneaking out after dark for a secret tryst. The air was thick with humidity and the rain broke some of the day’s heat, if only briefly. There was an overhang on the balcony, so I sat outside, feet propped on a table, drinking a café au lait and watching the revelers just one block over on Bourbon Street. The sky lit with fireworks and I sat in awe of this feeling that is New Orleans. Watching the brilliance light up the sky, I chuckled that I had almost passed up NOLA on this trip because I would be by myself. Never having visited New Orleans before, I had images of Mardi Gras, beads, and dancing in the streets. Plus, 10 years after Katrina, I also had thoughts of pain, struggle, and the eventual triumph and rebirth of this ancient, resilient, city. I didn’t want to miss the chance to experience this majestic city, so I went alone. After traveling more than 30 hours via Amtrak, I arrived late afternoon, crossing Lake Pontchartrain on the final leg of the journey. The train tracks cross directly

across this massive body of water and it feels as if you’re floating through. Then there are the marshes and wet lands—and I had arrived. The Hotel Maison de Ville, located in the French Quarter, is only two miles from the train station, so it was a quick taxi ride. I rang the doorbell and was welcomed into this charming, historic townhouse. Built in 1783, the three-story building was at one time home to Tennessee Williams. My room had antique and period furnishings and a full-size canopy bed, topped with a voodoo doll. Tired from the long trip, I wanted a simple evening. I ran next door for a slice of pizza, a salad, and a glass of wine at Little Vic’s, then back to my room to enjoy the rest of the evening listening to music and people-watching from the balcony. The next morning I awoke rested and ready to explore. I wanted to try as many authentic foods as possible, so decided on a Jazz Brunch at Court of Two Sisters. The Jazz Brunch is a feast unlike any I’ve seen, with row upon row of fresh, seasonal, authentic Cajun foods. Of course there were eggs, but I had to try their famous Turtle Soup au Sherry, the chicken and andouille

If You Go... Café du Monde 800 Decatur St., New Orleans, LA 70116 (504) 525-4544 www.cafedumonde.com

Little Vic's 719 Toulouse Street, New Orleans, LA. (504).304.1238 www.littlevics.com

City Sightseeing New Orleans Hop-On Hop-Off 501 Basin St., New Orleans, LA 70112 www.citysightseeingneworleans.com

New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau 3030 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans, LA (800) 672-6124, (504) 566-5011 www.neworleanscvb.com

Court of Two Sisters 613 Royal St., New Orleans, LA 70130 (504) 522-7261 www.courtoftwosisters.com Free Tours by Foot The Old Coffeepot Restaurant 714 St Peter St, , New Orleans, LA 70116 (504) 524-3500 www.theoldcoffeepot.com Hotel Maison de Ville 727 Toulouse St., New Orleans, LA 70130 (504) 324-4888 www.maisondeville.com Evolving…in SANTA FE

gumbo, the etouffee, and a crawfish pasta salad. The atmosphere combined with an exquisite combination of authentic New Orleans cooking made for a delightful brunch. Needing to walk off some of the food from brunch, I took a walking tour of the French Quarter, including an afternoon café au lait and beignets at Café du Monde. I had planned on taking a ghost tour in the afternoon, but instead returned to my room for some air conditioning and then a few hours spent in the shade of the courtyard at the hotel. As evening fell, I could hear the city coming alive again, so I took off on foot to find dinner. I walked a few blocks until I discovered a charming place called The Old Coffeepot Restaurant. It was a leisurely dinner, and even though I was by myself, my waiter didn’t rush me. To the contrary, he was flirty, informative, and a delight. He recommended and I ordered the Triple D. The Triple D is named after the three items featured on The Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives when Guy Fieri visited the restaurant. The plate consists of Jambalaya, a green bean casserole, and the Fleur de Lis Chicken. The Fleur de Lis Chicken was heaven on a plate: a tower consisting of a grilled chicken breast, topped with a crab cake, and one shrimp on top, and beurre blanc. The next morning, departing for an early train, I checked out of the Hotel Maison de Ville before first light. Partiers were still wandering the streets and it was a surreal feeling to see them still celebrating. My taxi 8

November 2015

driver was a woman with a thick accent. When I told her about my dinner at The Old Coffeepot, I mentioned that the shrimp on top was the largest I’ve seen. She said, “We have oysters (she pronounced it, “ersters”) when they’re in season and we have shrimp when they’re in season. The shrimp you had was a small one. We save the big ones for ourselves.” And from our delightful conversation in the early morning light, I loved this city and its resilient people even more. Traveling solo gave me the opportunity to see New Orleans in a different light and more intimately than if I was with a group of friends. Whether solo or with friends, though, I know the city will call to me and I’ll return.

Jill Dutton is publisher of Evolving Magazine. Follow Jill’s travel adventures, Wanderlust: One Woman’s Journey of the USA by Rail at www.jilldutton.wordpress.com.

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November 2015


The Importance of Gratitude “If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice.” – Meister Eckhart ow grateful are you feeling right now? How often are you consciously giving thanks? Do you take things for granted or are you grateful for everything that you have and do in your life? For over a decade I have kept a small journal next to my bed where I jot down at least 5 things that I'm grateful for that day, my challenge is that I can't repeat whatever I wrote the day before (if not, that's cheating). It's easy to be grateful when things are going your way, but how about when things aren't flowing in your life or you're moving too fast to even acknowledge all the wonders and beauty taking place? What do you do? At the beginning of this week I felt very rushed with things. When you're feeling rushed, it's a huge sign that you might be taking things for granted, which is what happened in my case. I was taking for granted the fact that my husband had just watched my daughter for 5 days straight, while I got to travel and go work on my business. After having a conversation with him I became very present to this fact and wanted to switch the


pesticides, and for the sun and the water energies. I sat down and wrote what I was that made that apple grow.... You get the thankful for on approximately 30 different post idea. There's a ripple effect of gratitude -its and then I proceeded to put them all in his when you truly want to dig deeper. car (back seat and trunk) so that he didn't 4. Gratitude when someone is upsetting you. think I don't see all that he does. I don't ever If you're feeling jealous or upset at someone want him to feel like I take him for granted instead of justifying why this person is bad plus it was fun writing out all the post-its, it or evil, I challenge you to pull out a piece of immediately changed my energy. Why do I tell paper and write down at least 5 things you're you this story? Well, when things aren't going grateful for because of this the way you want them to, I person. You'll start seeing highly recommend you “It's easy to be grateful them with different eyes. shifting your energy into a place of gratitude. It will do when things are going your 5. Gratitude towards It's easier to miracles for you! way, but how about when yourself. criticize ourselves than to 5 WAYS TO things aren't flowing in your give thanks for what we do. PRACTICE that little night journal life or you're moving too fast In that I mentioned before I GRATITUDE to even acknowledge all the also jot down at least 3 1. Daily Gratitude. Say things I acknowledge your 'thank you's' daily. wonders and beauty taking myself for (it can be as Set a time to do it and small as eating a piece of commit to it. I suggest place?” fruit that day to making a writing your "thank dreaded phone call). Start you's" down, (they gain more power) but if acknowledging yourself and being thankful you don't have the time to write them down, for who you are. then just say them out loud or in your head I'm grateful for our connection and I'm (while driving to work, when you first wake thankful for you reading this article. Wishing up or when you're going to you a fantastic week! sleep). 2. Gratitude when feeling bad. When you're feeling off or things aren't flowing for you, pull out a piece of paper and write down all that you're thankful for. Here are some examples to start with: your health, your life, your family, your friends, your hot water, the roof over your head, etc 3. Gratitude ripple effect. When you feel like you can't come up with enough "Thank you's" think about all the different layers of gratitude. Here's an example: I'm not only thankful for the organic apple that I ate, but for the grocery store that supplied me the apple, I'm thankful for the people that picked the apple, and for the person that carried the apple from the field to the store, and I'm thankful for the farmer that grew the apple with out harmful

Evolving…in SANTA FE


November 2015

Tania Vasallo is the founder of The Courage To Be Happy a supportive community that empowers passionate, heart centered female entrepreneurs all over the world. Tania provides high-end training, coaching and mentoring for women to discover more about themselves, about what they want to create in their life and business. You can find more information at www.TheCourageToBeHappy.com or email at info@TheCourageTo


Seven Keys to Abundance Simple Practices for Greater Love, Time, Money, and Freedom resources increase, your friendships deepen, and you feel much love and connection. 4. Believe in Abundance What we receive in life is directly related to our beliefs and expectations. If you believe that you are abundant and deserving, this will reflect in your life. After you give, when you feel your heart open and the elation of impacting someone in a positive way, expect that you will receive 10 times more! Trust, relax, and allow abundance to flow in from any area of your life. 5. Acknowledge your Accomplishments Daily hanksgiving can be a powerful Time (which is a function of attention) progenitor of anything we lack. A creative time to reflect on the blessings thinker directs the attention toward what is is a construct of our own thinking. If you that have brought us to where we desired. The first step is to be aware of ever find yourself thinking about what you are today. It is from gratitude and what you are thinking about! haven’t done throughout the day, it is time appreciation that abundance is born. I 2. Find the Good in Every Situation to change an unproductive pattern! Try know this to be true from my own journey. The Universe only brings blessings. creating a list of your accomplishments In the span of four years, an hourly wage Choosing to find the good is key to before bed. Build self-appreciation by became an abundant bank account, and I gratitude, which is the foundation of focusing on what you have accomplished, slept peacefully instead of battling abundance. Slipping into negative thinking rather than on what you didn’t! happens when our attention is so focused insomnia. My heart expanded daily in the 6. Fill Your Mind With What You on one piece of the puzzle that we cannot loving connection I felt with new friends. Want I had earned my abundance through the see a different perspective. When you are Give yourself permission to dream big! daily practice of concentration, meditation, reacting to something in a Anything we desire to and visualization in the School of negative way, ask yourself, create first begins with an Metaphysics coursework. I had used my “What is the good here?” idea. If you don’t know own will to bring about new results in every Continue to open your what you want, that’s ok! area of my life. mind until you can see at Set yourself up for success There are seven keys to a prosperous least three good things. Since all thoughts by evaluating the things that you love to do. life that I have found to be universally true. have creative potential. We must hold If you find yourself stuck in a rut, create a ourselves accountable for choosing highWhen practiced daily, they can produce list of things you don’t want and transform minded thoughts and perspectives! powerful shifts in who we are and our it into the most desirable image you can connection to infinite abundance and 3. Cultivate a Generous Heart fathom. Create a list of the things you gratitude! Giving time, love, attention, and desire and allow yourself to play with the resources opens the heart and connects us images in your mind. Focus on your list 1. Know Where Your Attention Is Attention is our most precious with others. People, places, and things every day, and take steps daily until you commodity. What we give attention to will become better because of our presence and have manifested what you want. grow whether we are aware of it or not. our sense of self-value skyrockets! Giving 7. Invest in Yourself Become aware of the thoughts that are with a pure heart magnetizes the giver. A Every choice we make (in thought and moving through your mind. You may find loving intention activates Universal Laws action) is an investment. It is important to that your mind is undisciplined and moves to draw to you exactly what you need at the invest in personal growth and to create quickly from past situations to future right time. Look for opportunities to give space for contemplation and evaluation. everywhere you go. You will find that your Our lives are shaped by our minds. Invest outcomes. An undisciplined mind is the


in the mind you have through the daily practice of concentration, meditation, and visualization. Take care of yourself by creating space for the things you love. Pay attention to your choices, ask yourself what they produce, and give to yourself in greater ways. The most important creation is you. A life with meaning is abundant. Love, freedom, joy, and the thrill of creation is known by one who can consciously choose a positive perspective and understand themselves in the process of any creation. When practiced daily, these simple keys will produce abundance in any area. Remember to be consistent! Practice with a joyful heart and you will certainly understand yourself and creation in new ways. Who you become; the understandings you add to yourself is the most important part. Since our lives are shaped by our minds, we have the power to create anything we can fathom. Now, that’s something to be grateful for!

“A life with meaning is abundant.”

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November 2015

Leah Morris has served as a student, teacher, and director at the School of Metaphysics for seven years. She is currently completing her Doctorate of Divinity and Psi Counseling degree. Leah specializes in teaching dreams, unlocking creative potential, love and relationships, visualization, mindfulness, concentration, and communication. School of Metaphysics Kansas City: 913236-9292, kansascity@som.org


Creating Abundance “When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.” ― Anthony Robbins

actually blocking it. Maybe shifting to an attitude of gratitude might get things moving. This exchange prompted me to volunteered to write this article almost contemplate the concept of abundance. Clearly, it means different things to a year ago. I had recently heard a friend and colleague lamenting about different people. Most commonly, in her lack of abundance. She commented America, it seems to mean money. There that she was saying an abundance prayer seems to be an abundance competition. every day and spraying her feet with While there is an awareness that “money can’t buy you love,” or happiness, there still abundance oil every night, but it seemed that money only trickled in, no matter what seems to be a perception that somehow if you have enough of the right things they she did. I listened sympathetically, but noted that she was reasonably well dressed, will give us access to that love and and that she had a reliable car. I had not happiness. If we are not happy, we assume that “more” is the solution. been to her home, but I knew she had her business there so I assumed it was at least Abundance is defined as plentitude; more than sufficient quantity. Clearly what moderately comfortable. Ignoring my Capricornian urge to be judgmental, I my friend already had was sufficient; she pointed out that since everything is energy, lamented not having more. At the time, it perhaps the energy of worrying so much caused me to lament the social expectations about this perceived lack of abundance was in America. I knew that a young African woman being provided the education that my friend had, and the same clothing, car, and shelter would feel quite blessed and abundantly fulfilled. I knew that here in America, the children on Pine Ridge Reservation who go cold and hungry would consider her situation to be one of privilege. And I knew that right here in Kansas City, huddling under the overpasses in the winter for warmth, were homeless families that would greet similar material blessings with great gratitude. Stories abound of the unhappy rich and grateful poor. Clearly


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Beattie, author of perspective is a factor in the “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of Make Miracles in Forty Days. consideration of life. It turns what we have into abundance. It sounds easy, but George Moon in practice it’s not enough, and more. It turns denial of Relaxation always so easy. We into acceptance, chaos to order, have been Station in Excelsior Springs conditioned to confusion to clarity. It can turn a believe recently in scarcity, commented to meal into a feast, a house into a so we have to make the bank teller as a real effort to shift home, a stranger into a friend,” this perception, he made a withdrawal that — Melody Beattie and gratitude is our “it’s not about guide. “The one how much who offers money we have in the bank, it’s about the thanksgiving as his sacrifice glorifies value we have for this world . . . Donald me.” (Psalm 50:23). I think that it is Trump, with all he has, could not buy the interesting to think of “thanksgiving” as a value I have in my life.” sacrifice. The word “sacrifice” reminds us We live in a universe of limitless supply. that effort is required to shift perspective; it Michael Beckwith, founder of the Agape doesn’t just happen. When we have little, International Spiritual Center in Culver our gratitude can become our sacrifice. City, California, informs us that My favorite Native American prayer There is a lie that acts like a virus within opens with “This woman comes with a the mind of humanity. And that lie is, grateful heart.” Before anything else ‘There’s not enough good to go around. happens, gratitude happens. Alexandra There’s lack and there’s limitation and Katehakis, in Mirror of Intimacy, affirms there’s just not enough.’ The truth is that that “Summoning gratitude is a sure way to there’s more than enough good to go get our life back on track. Opening our eyes around. There is more than enough creative to affirm gratitude grows the garden of our ideas. There is more than enough power. inner abundance, just as standing close to a There is more than enough love. There’s fire eventually warms our heart.” more than enough joy. All of this begins to come through a mind that is aware of its own infinite nature. There is enough for everyone. If you believe it, if you can see it, if you act from it, it will show up for you. That's the truth. Not enough: this is our reality when we come from a place of lack rather than from a place of plenty. And if we buy into this scarcity perception of reality, we feel a need Linda VanBibber is the owner of to compete, to scramble to get whatever we Harmony Energetics LLC, can before the next guy gets it. providing classes, workshops and But when we create our reality based on vibrational therapies using the idea that there is “more than enough to sound, color and form. She has go around,” we can relax. We can love and studied and continues to study a share our creativity for the betterment and broad range of indigenous fulfillment of all. “If we can believe it. If cultures and religions. A we can act from it.” How do we get there? member of Women of the Drum, How do we access this belief in plenty? It’s she has arranged to have the all in that “attitude of gratitude.” World Drum in Kansas City four “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It times and is in the process of turns what we have into enough, and more. arranging to have the World It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to Drum here for World Sound order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a Healing Day in February. For meal into a feast, a house into a home, a more information go to stranger into a friend,” says Melody www.harmonyenergeticsllc.com. 12

November 2015


Heartfelt Gratitude — Even When Letting Go


ratitude is energy, an embodied feeling that flows from the inside out. The giving of gratitude opens space for generously receiving the gifts being shared. Gratitude touches everyone and everything involved directly in the exchange, while waves of appreciation ripple out far beyond. What are you grateful for? When we feel genuine gratitude, this is much more than a “thank you” spoken robotically, devoid of feeling and connectedness. Gratitude is a sharing of respect and appreciation. When we awaken and experience gratitude fully on the inside, we weave gratitude, appreciation, and heartfelt respect into our own bodies and beings, into our relationships, and into the vast web of life. Words don’t necessarily have to be spoken for appreciation to be felt and shared. The more often and fully we feel gratitude on the inside and allow this to openly flow, the more readily thanksgiving becomes part of our everyday lives.

Gratitude can even be brought into endings and the process of letting go. Fall is a beautiful guide to the natural movement through completions of cycles. When the Aspens and Cottonwood trees drop their leaves, they’re not shaking them off with frustration. The leaves were created by the trees, and are essential for the trees’ existence during a particular cycle and season of life. There comes a time when the leaves have served their purpose. A transformation in the relationship between tree and leaves is necessary for the continuance of life. With natural ease, the trees let the leaves go, not with despair or disregard, but with a spectacular colorful celebration. This change is a passage into a new cycle for everyone and everything involved. As humans, we are often taught to fear change, to fight against death, to avoid and resist letting go. We tend to fuel endings with disappointment, anger, resentment, judgments of what is better than or less than, who is worthy of love or not. Gratitude and

appreciation get left far behind. It doesn’t have to be this way. During the process of an ending, we can purposefully choose to seek out, find, and bring alive inside us the feelings of acceptance, respect, and gratefulness for ourselves and for whatever has come to completion. The changes we’re navigating may involve relationships, finances, beliefs about self and others, home, the death of a beloved, or an addictive pattern. In all of these circumstances, gratitude and respect – for yourself, others, the circumstances – allow the completion of the cycle to be navigated with more ease and loving care. The dying-away of something that has served its purpose is a sacred process, an organic unfolding in the natural cycles of life. Endings and completions are passages into new cycles, filled with potentials for growth, healing, awakening, and transformation. Gratitude opens space for receiving gifts in the here and now while honoring all that has been. Respect and appreciation generate equity and create balance. Gratitude brings clarity and freedom to the letting go, opening a universe of possibilities for what now can be manifested, created, understood, and shared.

JoAnne Dodgson is a healer, seer, and teacher in the kala keh nah seh lineage of Ka Ta See, a tradition from the Eastern Andes. For more information, please visit www.pathwaysforhealing.net or joanne@pathwaysforhealing.net

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November 2015

Spiritual Horoscope

November 2015 Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) Happy birthday Scorpio! It doesn’t sound exciting, but clearing heart and mind of old resentments and frustrations allows so much joy to pour into your life! Write, meditate and share about stuff you’ve bottled up, and you’ll feel optimistic — almost innocent. By believing in the best, you draw the best to you. New relationships come in, or old ones get renewed. Also, money channels open that you’d forgotten about! Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) Give yourself a break this month! Although fun-loving, you might have become too navel-gazing since Saturn entered your sign. Make plans with friends, or try a new activity that interests you. You’ll discover more about yourself playing than you will from self-examination. Even at work, get up and move around after sitting awhile. Breathing deeply renews your energy, and you’ll be re-inspired.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) Meditation, or even creative brainstorming, gives great problem-solving ideas. Let possibilities float into your mind without struggling to figure things out. Ask your intuition for an affirmation, almost like a private mantra, to use to keep your empowerment going. Positive energy is always stronger than negative thoughts! Awesome career options show up and you’ll have the confidence to say yes!

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) Aquarians struggle with feelings of belonging. You want to be avant-garde and distinctive, yet also crave connection. Meditate and journal about rejection experiences. Release old issues, since you’re interpreting present circumstances with past glasses on! You give off protective aloofness, so people back away, and then you feel lonely. Healing your heart creates inclusion, and you’ll also feel closer to the Universe and your spirituality.

Aries (March 21 – April 19) Even if you find meditation boring, or have felt spiritually disconnected lately, reach out to your intuition anyway. Pay attention to dreams, hunches, or at least sit quietly and see what ideas come to you. If your partner meditates, ask to sit in. If single, you can start a relationship that sparks your spirit, or at least a sense of hope and excitement. Exercise can also be a way to bond with the soul within your body.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) Meditate on your deepest dreams and desires. Ask yourself what stands in your way. Do you have supportive friends? Do you need to challenge your own negative and limited thinking? Do your actions put you on the path to fulfillment, or do they lead you down a road that doesn’t resonate with the results you crave? Have the courage to make choices that clearly take you to your goals!

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) It’s possible to have success in both relationships and work! Meditate on ways to balance both avenues. If partnered, together you can come up with a plan that supports both of you professionally and romantically. If single, you can meet someone who aligns with your life vision. Also, de-stress by dancing, laughing, making art, playing with kids or pets and enjoying nature.

Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22) Use meditation if you feel defensive about relationships. Doors to intimacy are opening, and fears from old hurts can be triggered. Don’t cause problems where none exist in order to gain breathing room. Get reality checks from friends who know your love history. Release the past and trust the present! You can also get good advice about finances. In general, be more gentle with yourself and others.

Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22)

If you’ve had relationship confusion, things clear up this month. Have a level-headed conversation with your partner to make plans for the future that incorporate both of Cancer (June 21 – July 22) your visions for fulfillment. If single, You’re breaking old patterns, maybe even Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) meditate and write a wish list of what you childhood ones. When you make a big want to manifest — about romance, selfNeptune moves direct in your sign, declaration of emotional freedom, it’s esteem, or finances. It’s such a creative clearing up confusion in relationships, and common that “the second force” comes in also with career. You’ll be surer about what and tries to hold you back. It’s like gravity’s time for you and infinite possibilities are at your fingertips, so take advantage of how you have to bring to romantic and pull when a rocket goes toward outer space. easy it is to create a life you love! professional partnerships. You could also Don’t get discouraged or fall back. Use get a raise at work or surprising praise from affirmations, talk with supportive people a critic. If single, you can draw a new and declare this new reality is the truth you Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) person who is magnetized by your dreamy will now live from! Mars, the planet of energy and energy. Either way, it is a sexy time, so decisiveness is in your sign, helping enjoy having your fantasies come true! manifest your dreams! You can start a new relationship, be offered a job, or feel so empowered that you make bold moves that Evolving…in SANTA FE

bring you even more confidence and joy. You can also have health breakthroughs — for instance, you could uncover a food allergy that’s been depleting you. Or you might begin a yoga practice that lifts your vitality!


November 2015

Aluna Michaels is a secondgeneration astrologer and soul evolutionist practitioner. She also holds a Masters in Spiritual Counseling and has been teaching and consulting for more than three decades. Her book “Spiritual Gifts of the 12 Astrological Signs” is now on Amazon in Kindle version and as an E-book on her website. Aluna is available for appointments in her home, by phone or Skype. Call (727) 239-7179 or visit www.alunamichaels.com


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John Holmes, Numerologist Confirm your Pre-Intended Life Story. Three-part reading, two-hour consultation by phone or in my Santa Fe office. Contact John with inquiries or to schedule a reading: jrholmes@gmx.com or call 505-466-4297.

ALTERNATIVE HEALING New Mexico Hypnotherapy helps you reach your goals, remove blockages to growth, and resolve limiting beliefs. From body image to clearing traumas and phobias to growing younger to natal and past-life regressions, we help people improve their life experience by understanding themselves. NewMexicoHypnotherapy.com.

SELF CARE Beth Budesheim, Artist, LMT, RN, ATP® Your Goddess Energy Portrait™, therapeutic massage and energy medicine, chakra work, Art Rituals™, paintings. www.BethBudesheim.com

COACHING LIBIDO COACHING. Somatic coaching for people who wish to change/expand the relationship with their body/intimacy/sexuality. Isa Magdalena has taught conscious sexuality since '92, in the US and Europe. Her book is called A Map of Full Spectrum Sex. http://isamagdalena.com.

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SPIRITUALITY Heart of the Mother Healing by Gwendolyn Hill Individual spiritual sessions and classes on ascension topics both remotely via teleseminars and in person in Albuquerque, NM. For more information: http://gwendolynhill.com, 505-864-4084, gwendolyn@gwendolynhill.com.

METAPHYSICS Natural Kingdoms Oracle Readings by Gale Litvak Thurs., Fri. and most Sat. afternoons, noon-4 p.m. In a sacred space of nature’s energies, receive support for areas of concern in your life. Sugg. donation: $20/15 minutes. Drop-ins welcome. 505-984-8009. Hillside, 86 Old Las Vegas Highway, Santa Fe. www.santafehillside.com.

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Events NOVEMBER 9 FREE COMMUNITY WELLNESS DINNER WORKSHOP 6:30p given by the Scher Center for Well Being. Take your health and your life to the next level! Increase your energy and improve your immune system. Go beyond managing pain into thriving. To reserve your space and find out the location call 505 989-9373. NOVEMBER 22 GRATITUDE & THANKSGIVING: THROWING OF THE BONES CEREMONY WITH JOANNE DODGSON Bone Throwing in the ways of Ka Ta See is a Peruvian divination ceremony and healing art which offers guidance and doctoring from the sixty-plus Spirits in the bone bundle. Experience the exquisite beauty and power of this

ancient healing ceremony during our gathering. For more information, visit: www.pathwaysforhealing.net Menla Center for Yoga and the Healing Arts 7 Avenida Vista Grande, Suite B-10, Santa Fe, NM 87508 1-3pm $20/at the door BEGINS DEC. 1 THE 12 DAYS OF WELLNESS Scher Center for Well Being. It is fun to get into the holiday spirit and participate in all the festive activities that abound this time of year, but the added demands of the season can also stress the capacities of our bodies. Discover how you can support yourself into optimum wellness this time of year. Call and see how you can receive a complimentary stress assessment and experiential session as well as supportive Evolving…in SANTA FE

classes. www.schercenter.com 505 989-9373 DECEMBER 7 FREE COMMUNITY WELLNESS DINNER WORKSHOP 6:30p given by the Scher Center for Well Being. Take your health and your life to the next level! Increase your energy and improve your immune system. Go beyond managing pain into thriving. To reserve your space and find out the location call 505 989-9373. ONGOING HATHA SOUL YOGA Join Heather Robertson in her Hatha Soul Yoga class to awaken your inner strength for less stress and more freedom. WideAwakebyDesign.com for more details. 15

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ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS CERTIFIED BARS EXCHANGE Wednesday nights, Santa Fe, get your bars run! Huge savings to a private session! Kathy White CFMW@ 505.366.9120 VITALITY HOUR AT INNER RHYTHM WELLNESS CENTER Mondays from 5pm - 6pm Join Val Alarcón, Holistic Health Coach and Advocate AADP for an inspiring, educational and interactive workshop on how to address your bio-individual nutritional needs, life/work balance and many more health related topics. For more information visit www.VitalityWithVal.us


The Scher Center for Well Being connects you to your body’s genius! Bridging the gap between where you are and where you must be to live the extraordinary.


ave you ever wondered if you could heal beyond what you’ve experienced before? Are you red of going round and round, trying to change, but finding yourself in the same situa on over and over again? Have you ever wanted to feel more at home with your body and heart? Do you feel there may be a missing link to having vibrant health? The Scher Center for Well Being in Santa Fe, is a world-renowned center that will help you discover a new way of crea ng the change in your life that you’ve been looking for. The Scher Center offers a range of evidence-based techniques and tools for wellbeing, including Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and Somato Respiratory Integra on (SRI). NSA is a prac ce that uses gentle touch to signal the brain and nervous system to develop new, coherent neural pathways. SRI works with breath and the body through a set of exercises that allow you to more fully connect to your own unique healing rhythms. Through these and other reorganiza onal healing tools, you learn how to sustainably integrate your body wisdom with your conscious awareness and find your unique formula for living your life in an effortless and resourceful way. Healing happens through connec on-by connec on to every cell in your body; to your feelings, to others, to all of life. Too o3en, as a result of stress and trauma, our bodies lose their natural state of connectedness, which creates energy demands on your body and life that are not available, so you go into “survival mode”. We hold tension pa6erns that shut us off from our own healing poten al and from the world around us. To heal, grow and transform, you need new available energy sources for your body. At the Scher Center for Well Being, we not only help you move out of “survival mode”, but help you go beyond what you’ve been able to experience in your life through a more energe cally resourceful body. When the energy of what is unconsciously held in the body becomes present, then the journey to wholeness is well underway. “A renaissance in cellular biology has led to a new understanding of the mechanism of the mind body connec on. Dr. Judy Scher’s contribu on on wellness strategies, based upon this cu"ng edge science, provides empowering insight into the process by which our

Live Wild. Live Wise. Celebrate the Magic of an Integrated You.

thought, a"tudes and beliefs create the condi ons of our bodies and our exterior world.” – Bruce Lipton (cellular and developmental biologist and author) If you feel that there is more to your life – there is! The Scher Center is dedicated to inspiring, educa ng, and delivering a blend of cu9ng-edge reorganiza onal healing tools, state-of-the-art nervous system and life assessments and meless wisdom, to support sustainable healing and transforma onal change for you. Come journey with us and connect with your body’s wisdom and freedom. Feel, be and live empowered through and with your body’s genius. “A(er many years of seeking professional help to alleviate my pain and related fa gue, I decided to try one more doctor, one more approach. With skep cism, I began Care at the Scher Center for Well Being. The work is unlike anything else I've experienced to date. It is gentle and subtle, yet powerful and deep. I have greatly benefited physically—and to my surprise—mentally and emo onally, as well, because their prac ce philosophy has posi vely impacted all areas of my life.” – Jake Eagle, licensed psychotherapist “A(er 38 years of experiencing chronic pain from a spinal injury, I started care at the Scher Center for Well Being. With the very first session, I felt a profound sense of hope that I had found the help that I need to enhance my physical wellbeing. All these years I have felt alone in this journey. I now have less pain and feel more confident in my body. The doctors and staff are extremely caring and professional and with new tools and support, I have the resources to con nue an ac ve life.” – Becky Stamm, Montessori teacher “I began care at the Scher Center approximately 5 months ago. What got me there was a health issue that was not addressed through a number of modali es that I tried over a two year period. What I have gained is relief, an increase in vitality, a greater understanding of who I am, and a new found excitement about being all I can be.” – Hannah Eagle, Classical Homeopath If you would like more informa on or would like to see how to a6end one of our Dinner with the Doc’s, our free community well being dinners, please call the Center at 505 9899373 and speak with our staff.


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