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Learning Through the Stages of the Ageless Womb The Remarkable Power of Connection and Being Home in the Body The Care and Feeding of a Soul How to Live a Vital Life at Any Age Evolving‌in SANTA FE


June 2016

Evolving‌in SANTA FE


June 2016


Publisher’s Letter... Dear Friend: I’m guessing we all know someone who appears ageless: they’re filled with vitality, energy, and a zest for life. A friend of my mom’s, late into her 70s, travels frequently, plays Pickleball, has the energy of a two-year-old, and most importantly, has a youthful glint in her eyes that hides her true age. Agelessness, the theme this month, is synonymous with those whose physical or mental appearance is younger than their chronological age. When I ran into an acquaintance at the gym recently, she told me I was too old for dance classes. “Don’t your knees hurt? Well, they soon will,” she said. It saddens me that people restrict themselves and decide that we can't do things at a certain age. When I need inspiration, I think of Ernestine Shepherd, who started bodybuilding at age 56. Now almost 80, she is the world's oldest bodybuilder. Or Ernie Andrus, who didn't start running until he was 64. Now 93, Ernie participated in a 200-mile overnight race—and plans to run a marathon by the time he turns 100. Or Tao Porchon-Lynch, the world's oldest yoga instructor at 97. Not always, but usually, our limits are self-imposed. I believe the secret to overcoming old age is the same as for overcoming addiction (because aren’t we, in a sense, addicted to our obsessions with age?). We must find what thrills us, keeps our heart racing, fills us with joy— and make plans for fulfilling these dreams. For when we find and pursue our interests, there is no room for stagnation. There is only growth.

Learning Through the Stages of the Ageless Womb 9

Agelessness, Holy Fire Reiki, and Our Divine Eternal Self 10

The Care And Feeding Of A Soul

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Desiree DeMars is an encaustic artist, shamanic practitioner and intuitive coach in Santa Fe. Her transformational sessions are a synthesis of over 30 years of training in the holistic health field, and are intended to restore one's personal power and a return to wholeness. Desiree’s work can be seen at the Encaustic Art Institute, 632 Agua Fria Street, Santa Fe 87501 or at

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Evolving…in SANTA FE

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June 2016

Heart & Business

One Step into Transformational Leadership


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Evolving…in SANTA FE

Transformational leadership is a ransformational leadership is lifelong commitment. The word primarily dedicated to the transformation means change and break inspiration and motivation of up patterns, since this word is involved in institutional and social change. leadership it is nothing less than the This ripples into positive impact with mastery of self that employees, job performance, and “It's the heart, motivation and inevitably spills into our personal and business growth overall. The rising spirit of the leadership that will professional lives. So how does one popularity of create lasting change.” develop this inspiring transformational and motivational type leadership speaks of self-leadership? volumes to the There is only one step outcry for change to begin as this speaks not Commit to inner selfonly to the mind, security with but also to the consistency and your heart and what it leadership will truly means to be transform. of service. It's the How to do this? heart, motivation Begin to take and spirit of the responsibility for all leadership that you materialize and will create lasting you will begin to change. discover your power, From my your energy and your experience focus. Your will to lead transformational will evolve with leadership is harmony, balance and beyond the influence. workplace and for Image licensed by Ingram Images Do this over and over it to be truly again. Treat it as a self-training and you effective and long lasting the will arrive in the land of transformational transformation it’s required to begin and leadership. Upon arrival, explore your end within us. To inspire others, to environment, resources, and purpose for motivate and implement positive change they too must experience an internal shift leading and you will become nothing less than transformational within yourself and otherwise the movement is fleeting. It's for others. often the leader must emanate, without, This is the power of transformational words what they know to be true - the leadership. This is the power that lives motive is born from trust, wisdom, and within you. love. It is void of fear, anger, or worry. To your unyielding leader within, Now, instantly if asked what kind of Heather leader we want to be, it's possible and hopeful, we can lean into the wisdom end of the spectrum, however when stress sets in and, if it's high enough stress, the default can be fear. A transformational Heather Robertson leader does not choose from fear but rather E-RYT, CTC, CF is an inspiration. They are in control of themselves. They are moving within the entrepreneur, facilitator, energy or spirit of the action. They are in and mentor, with endless the flow. They are tapped in. This is where commitment to presence powerful long-lasting results occur. At and purpose within times some leaders are not even aware business and life. She is they are in this flow. It looks and feels owner of Wide Awake by different for everyone, but the results are Design, located in Santa Fe, NM. Need the the same - Inspiration and motivation into more formal version or want to know more: action that ripples and moves others. or email 4

June 2016

Multi-Dimensional Mastery

The Remarkable Power of Connection and Being Home in the Body


here is only one dis-ease. What does this mean when I say this? In a world where medical specialists focus exclusively on one organ or one system in the body in order to treat various symptoms, it may be challenging to conceive of the possibility that there is only one dis-ease. Your body expresses a lack of health in the form of illness and symptoms. Typically, these symptoms show up where you already have a weak link in your system. Notice how I’ve spelled dis-ease. The prefix “dis” indicates something negative, in opposition. Dis-ease: no ease, lack of ease. This spelling emphasizes that the effortlessness, the ease of Image licensed by Ingram Images communication that should normally exist between every cell in your body, has been lost. It indicates that there are parts of you that are not expressing the light that you our consciousness that are asking us to truly are, not expressing the truth that you pay attention – those parts that are alienated, injured, violated, and shut are. It emphasizes a lack of wholeness. away. Our culture obliterates this sacred We go to specialists to try and find a way to become healthy, to find wholeness, place of listening and replaces it with the dull edge of comfort. Comfort has its but this is a hopeless task; specialists place, yes, but you will never be fully alive usually can only address one part of you. They treat these parts in isolation from the if you are continually seeking comfort. What it comes down to is rest of your body. If you this: no one knows what don’t address your “If you don’t address your ‘home’ is like for you. No symptoms as a one else knows what manifestation of symptoms as a wholeness is like for you. something systemic You are the only one that and global, health is manifestation of can listen. You are the never really achieved. only one who can bring You will only be able to something systemic and your consciousness to restore yourself to the point you were at global, health is never what needs attention. If this kind of listening before your crisis. This is not true health. hasn’t been practiced for really achieved.” True health is a long time, and you may wholeness. We can only not even know what you find wholeness when all of our parts are need to pay attention to, you may find that you need support to help find those speaking to each other, when every part connections. And that’s okay. As long as recognizes its role and says “hi” to all the you’re on the right road, you’ll get where other parts, when everything knows everything else is there, when everything is you need to be. The real power is in the wholeness that comes from connection, working together in harmony, this is the root of health. synergistically, resonating together. Think of the body as a home: a place of connection and belonging, a community; a place where every part knows how it fits into the whole. The heart cells know how to work together to keep the heart beating; Judy Scher, D.C. is the lung cells know how to work together Director of the Scher Center to pull in oxygen, exhale carbon dioxide; in Santa Fe since 1992. She the stomach cells know how to work is an international teacher, together to begin the digestion process. workshop leader, and And all these larger systems – pulmonary, keynote speaker. The Scher digestive, hormonal, neurological, etc. – Center utilizes cutting edge work together, interact with each other, reorganizational healing tools including resonate with each other. So, achieving Network Spinal Analysis Care. For more info wholeness is like a homecoming. go to When there is a lack of wholeness, how or call 505 989-9373. Live Wild. Live Wise. do you get it back? You must listen. We Celebrate the Magic of an Integrated You. have forgotten how to tune into parts of Evolving…in SANTA FE

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June 2016

Animal Speak

Below: Moo and Boo, 19 year old sibling cats.

Animal Couples: Aging With Grace

Above: Jade and Poncho, sibling Chihuahuas up for adoption at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter.

"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language." -- Martin Buber, 1878-1965

his best interest to refrain from eating the village inhabitants' food source...The wolf complied. His life was saved, and the villagers learned, expanded and practiced have the privilege of living in Santa Fe, compassion for life of a species other than their own" (Jeri Ryan, Ph.D., Assisi a city that has created a blessedness and focus on the sainthood of Francis International)" In honor and appreciation of St. Francis of Assisi. As one of the early animal and his teaching about animals as our communicators, St. Francis knew the amazing loving presence of all animals was spiritual companions, as well as addressing crucial to the balance of this place we call this month's theme of "agelessness," I Earth. St. Frances was not only a would like to share two stories from our animal teachers. They show us their caring proponent of animal rights and the and compassionate nature as St. Francis wellbeing of creatures great and small, he was also actively engaged in raising would have us be, showing us the great language of love they give each other and consciousness regarding the needs and wellbeing of nonhuman animals with their the humans they are on this earthly journey human counterparts. "He honored them as with. The stories involve two wonderful spiritual beings within his Christian belief animal couples who have found wholeness system... frequently sharing sermons with through each other and know the true attentive audiences of birds. It is believed meaning of aging with grace. that he also saved the village food animals The first story comes from my sweet from a hungry wolf by communicating with friends Boo and Moo (19 year old sibling the wolf and convincing him that it was in cats) who live with my friend and neighbor and have shared their gift of aging gracefully. They share their unconditional love for each other and their human, Stefan, as well as any guest that comes to visit. Boo and Moo came to Stefan at 5 months old and as he says over the past two decades, "they have indelibly taught me patience...that love has no boundaries." The lessons they have taught him about aging in grace have been to share a good heart, good head, good health, to stretch and get plenty of rest, and to remember "never give up." When their human is feeling down Boo and Moo know just how to be quiet and comfort, no questions asked. Reiki has helped their aging process, and beyond their neighbor Lynne coming over to share her healing hands with them, their Dad gives them the daily hands-on healing they require to keep all three of them healthy and whole for the remaining years ahead. My journey of friendship with Jade and Pancho, two Chihuahuas who are currently up for adoption together at the


Evolving‌in SANTA FE


June 2016

Santa Fe Animal Shelter, began in February when they were brought into the clinic with multiple physical issues. Jade seemed quite aged and disabled, physically, emotionally and spiritually. After clinic staff assessed her needs, they worked tirelessly to meet each need, from hip surgeries to proper nutrition and lots of love and attention, realizing that what she needed most was her brother Pancho as her recovery companion. He too had surgery and health requirements but was able to reveal his inner self and purpose when reunited with Jade, immediately showing his protection, love and loyalty to her. With their love and devotion to each other, they have taught the lessons of love, friendship and companionship, an elixir for health and wellbeing. At age 10, Pancho and Jade are beginning the next stage of their lives together, ageless and full of life and light to share and hopefully soon, in their forever home. "When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything" (Thich Nhat Hanh). May our animal companions continue to help us on this journey of deepening awareness and connection and may we honor the true spirit of St. Francis and other greats who have been a light along the path.

Lynne McMahan, Ed.D., En-Light-En Reiki, is a Usui/ Holy Fire Karuna ReikiÂŽ Master and Mind-Body-Spirit Mentor, supporting the healing of each person or animal on their journey of transformation. For more information:,, or 505.400.3168. Santa Fe office: 110 Delgado St.

Vitality Foods

How to Live a Vital Life at Any Age


o you want to feel exuberant • Keep up with proper food combinaenergy at 23, 41, 72 or 90 years tion, add more fiber through leafy of age? Then the time is now to greens and healthy fats. take care of your body, mind • Maintain good vitamin B, vitamin D and spirit so that you can experience a and E, and Omega 3 and CoQ10 levels wealth of health at any age. Every day we for healthy mood and brain function. are given new opportunities to honor our• Digestive enzymes and pro-biotics selves. Every day we are offered with a new are a great addition to support digestion set of cells that have regenerated and with and boosting the immune system. that new choices to make right by our • Consume wholesome foods that are body. Regardless of your current health naturally planted, cultivated or raised. status or age each day you have a new opRemember you are what you eat! portunity to choose how you will feed your vitality. There are several common denomAvocado Salad inators that I have witness in people living fulfilling lives. Passion, purpose and selflove I have found to be the top contributors to living a happy and healthy life no matter what age. Every time I see someone who embodies these three qualities in the most effortless manner I see an individual who is living life to the fullest. Culturally speaking we don’t think of or appreciate the richness that aging brings. Having grown up in Ecuador for part of my childhood I was raised to respect my elders but I was also fascinated Image licensed by Ingram Images by how inclusive and actively engaged all of my elders were. As a five year-old child I 2 ripe avocados listened attentively as my great1 Heirloom tomato grandmother of 99 enjoyed sharing stories 1 ripe mango that imparted so much wisdom. Her pas1 cup of sliced cucumber sion was to connect with her children, ½ cup of thinly cut red onions grandchildren and great-grandchildren, ½ cup of chopped cilantro which brought so much joy to all and in¼ cup of green onions stilled family values that still live on today. ½ cup of freshly squeezed lime juice This is when I recognized passion fuels life. ½ cup of olive oil Having the passion for something that Celtic sea salt and pepper brings joy in ones life, and in others, feeds Choice of protein, preferably grilled or ones soul. I have seen the combination of seared. passion and purpose in close friends who Instructions are in their 70’s living in engaging ways by 1. Cut the avocado, tomatoes and mango living their purpose be it through teaching, in bite size chunks riding horses, cooking and spending time 2. Slice the cucumber and thinly slice with friends and family. Being in commuthe onion nity and having a sense of family (literally 3. In a large bowl mix the lime and olive or figuratively speaking) feeds the soul, oil, season with sea salt and pepper makes you feel loved, cared for and sup4. Add the vegetables and mango, along ported. I know that we can all appreciate with the cilantro and green onions these qualities of life at any age. Last but 5. Mix well and serve as a side dish to a definitely not least self-love is center stage grilled piece of salmon, enjoy! to living a vital life. How you take care of your body, the vessel that carries you through your daily life experiences is to be honored with healthy food choices, suitable fitness, self-care and a loving relationships. Valeria Alarcón is an Here are some tips for living a vital life Integrative Nutritionist, at any age: Health Educator and • Do what you love and love what you Advocate AADP, whose do! mission is to inspire, • Commit to healthy living, clean empower and educate eating and fun physical activity. individuals on how to • Keep hydrated, it will support propcreate fundamental er detoxification, digestion and will keep changes for reaching optimum health and your skin hydrated. vitality. Evolving…in SANTA FE

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June 2016

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Learning Through the Stages of the Ageless Womb


n our culture, we are taught that our wombs become dried up and lifeless with age. We are taught that with our deteriorating fertility, our wombs fail to thrive and are no longer useful. We are taught that as women, so much of our sexual identity and appeal is tied up in our ability to conceive and reproduce. We are taught to unconsciously identify with the ways in which our wombs define us: childless, with child, mother of two, infertile and so on. There are so many labels that we take on from our culture, our peers and ones that we even give to ourselves. We use these labels to define our capabilities and successes as women— we even tend to compare ourselves to others based on the success or failures of our wombs. Our wombs offer us gifts at many different moments in our lives, full of vast and varying messages. It is up to us to decide if we want to decipher these messages. The womb sometimes speaks in ways that we would not expect her to. She may use the language of disease or discomfort to communicate with us; she may use the language of sensation or emotion; she may use the language of image or creativity. There are endless ways that our womb can offer us the opportunity for connection. The journey of our womb does not need to be defined solely by the process of conception, pregnancy or the reproductive cycle. While this is a vibrant and powerful part of what our womb is capable of, it is not everything. The womb is capable of many different seasons and cycles and there is medicine in every womb season from menses, to menopause and beyond. When we remove the conditions of what a “good womb” and a “bad womb” looks and feels like, we give ourselves the freedom to let our wombs change and shift as they need to. In a sense, we can adopt a “womb acceptance” model, where the changes in our wombs

are thoroughly considered, deeply thought about and responded to in a holistic way. In each stage of life, the womb may call us to a new way of responding and working with her. And in each stage, there is wisdom and learning to be found. Let’s take a look at the basic stages in a woman’s life and how each stage can call us to a different relationship with our womb. All stages can be uniquely valid and Image licensed by Ingram Images inspiring. We can learn to find balance with our womb at any age. guidance to be able to find her true Even if we no longer have a physical womb, balance. we can still tap in to the gifts of the energy Stage 2: The Mother: our womb has left behind. In this stage of our lives, we may or may Stage 1: The Maiden: not be an actual mother. We may still be In this stage of our lives, our wombs are finding our way with what we truly want to finding their way—they are finding their create. In this stage, the womb has created footing in the world—they may be new to patterns that she is comfortable with. They the menstruation process and the feeling of may be helpful, or they may be harmful a blooming sexuality. In this stage, patterns. These may be patterns that keep nurturing the womb by way of emotional us stuck or move us forward. In this stage, release, diet and information is essential. we learn how to take care of our wombs or The womb may need guidance and support how to stay in survival mode—we choose to along her maturation process. The womb shut the messages of the feminine out, or may want and need access to accurate we let them in. In this stage, we can be education and preoccupied with many other things like information, or the our careers, money, children, spouses and more. We may not give ourselves the time womb may need outlets to express, ask we need to tend to ourselves—we may stay questions, scream and busy and stressed. Our wombs may be rant. The womb may calling to us to reconnect with them. We need time to grow in to have the opportunity to mother ourselves what she really wants first and foremost amidst the busy lives we to create and be. If the may have chosen. womb does not receive Stage 3: The Crone: enough nourishment In this stage, it seems that we must at this stage in her life, she can shut down and listen to our wombs. In this stage, we make the choice and we become clear: are we remove herself from going to give ourselves what we truly need? life altogether. If the womb learns that she is not safe during this Is it finally time to make sure that we feel first stage, she may learn hide her creativity safe and nurtured in our feminine center? indefinitely. In this stage, the womb needs Are we going to fully embody the wisdom to feel safe, loved, cared for and supported. that we have the power to access? In this stage, we may finally feel free to claim our The womb needs the resources and

“In each stage of life, the womb may call us to a new way of responding and working with her. And in each stage, there is wisdom and learning to be found.”

Evolving…in SANTA FE


June 2016

power. We may feel that we have learned through experience what power means. We may feel that we can share our knowledge and power with other young women who are just beginning their journey. Whatever stage you may find yourself in, there is no doubt that at any age, the womb has valuable teachings for us. The womb holds an energy that does not age. She will never grow tired of sharing her information and wisdom with us. We can have a lifelong, active and intriguing relationship with her if we are abundantly open to it.

Jen Antill works as a reproductive health therapist in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Jen works to help women realign their wombs and heal reproductive issues by way of Mayan Abdominal Massage. Jen also offers reproductive counseling and online classes that are available to people all over the world. Jen holds a degree in Holistic Midiwfery, Massage Therapy and Shamanic Counseling, and incorporates all three knowledge systems throughout her work. To read more about Jen and her work, you can visit her blog and website at


Agelessness, Holy Fire Reiki, and Our Divine Eternal Self


gently place my hand on Aaron’s shoulder and let him know he can get up, signaling the end of our session. I quietly hold space while he slowly stirs and returns from his journey. As he sits up, he rests his hands on the table and his feet hover just above the floor. He is breathing deeply and slowly, different from when he walked in. The tightness around his stomach and sides seems to have relaxed and his shoulders have dropped, creating more space between them and his ears. Just sitting casually on the table’s edge, he already appears more balanced and comfortable in his body, and calmer. The Energy working is visible, even his becoming aware of changes that took place during the hour. I continue to wait and hold the space, witnessing his coming back. Another few moments pass before he looks up. And there, it really shows. A particular glow shines out through his eyes and from his face, softening his wrinkles, releasing stress. His face looks youthful. His eyes are open and clear. His third eye is bright. Years have suddenly disappeared. As we look at each other, I bow my head and we both smile. It is the only word needed. I hand him some water. He is still somewhere else, still coming into body again. But with greater presence. Greater peace. More aware. And his energy, timeless. It is a frequent occurrence in a Reiki or Holy Fire® session, the shedding of “age”. Whether in a private session or group share, it is common to witness a client sit up from a session and see the timelessness of their being looking out at the world, as if just awakened. And no matter how many

times it is observed, it is remarkable. It is a refreshing of spirit. A rejuvenation of mind, body and soul. A moment when there is nothing missing, nothing diminished, nothing lost, nothing burdened. When everything that is true is present, and everything present is true. But there is a question: what accounts for this? What is the relationship between Reiki, Holy Fire and agelessness? When we look at agelessness through the lens of Reiki or now, Holy Fire®, we see it is about connecting with our higher self and awareness; with our clearer, lighter energy, our Divinity, our eternal self. Agelessness is not an aesthetic or anything related to a counting of years, but has to do with our ability to access an essence that is our truest expression and filter. When someone opens to and works with these higher energies, they’re actively engaging a timeless wisdom and open themselves to healing their separation from this state of true, boundless existence. They return to and re-mind themselves of a state of knowing that doesn’t know age, doesn’t follow a calendar, and doesn’t diminish with the daily stresses we are prone to. When we experience ourselves as our eternal self, for which Reiki and Holy Fire® are conduits, we step out of the limitations that suppress, depress and age us - or, pull us out of our timeless self knowing and awareness. The human aspects that piecemeal and locate us on a finite timeline momentarily cease to have their ongoing impact of taking us out of our agelessness. Whatever we think our physical, emotional, spiritual or other states are, we are fully alive and well. We

Evolving…in SANTA FE

are whole. We are complete. We are eternal. When we connect here, it is like a deep, full breath, fresh as if the day were our very first again. But knowing this asks us to go even further in our understanding. Why is the feeling so prevalent or more easily seen and felt at the time of a session? Why the fall back into what always seems untimely woes that add extra wrinkles, cause stress based physical or emotional conditions, and challenge our perception of wholeness and well-being? What can be done to grow our sense of agelessness in our day to day experience, outside of sessions, with no special tables? How does Aaron maintain that easy, peaceful, whole feeling when he leaves the studio? Will he have to come back to feel eternal again? Whether attuned or not, studying or not, new or veteran to the Energy, there are principles in action that empower anyone to know and affirm their eternal aspect, their agelessness. This idea is present in the recent evolution of the Reiki energy itself. Reiki has always supported the individual as well as all beings - four legged, winged, slithering or other, in their relationship with Source Energy. Now Holy Fire®, the Flame of Christ or God Consciousness coming from the Third Heaven, operating with even greater refinement and subtly yet tremendously potent, opens the Energy to each person and being even more clearly and directly with true, unconditional love. Connecting with and holding this Divine Love is one of the highest vibrations we can hold on earth. It is the love that heals all. And, while a practitioner is part of a session, 9

June 2016

Divine Love is based in a person’s own agency with Source and themselves. Healing comes from stepping into the light and flame of healing as the healer. This only requires showing up and a willingness to be present and honest. Independent of a session, one can use the principles of Reiki and Divine Love in Holy Fire® to grow and affirm their own connection to their eternal self in areas where we most often take ourselves out of our ageless awareness: be willing to let go of what wants to leave, allow change to happen; openly accept and love all aspects of yourself without judgment; try witnessing life events as much as you experience them; do and speak with love and compassion. If you have had contact with the Energy, you can invite the Energy to assist you. And if you haven't, still invite it in, and feel your agelessness take root.

Priscilla Schmidt is a Holy Fire/Karuna ® & Usui Reiki Master & Teacher. With compassion and humor, Priscilla helps you embrace change, connect with your inner knowing, and heal your life. Offering in-person and distance healing, cert., advanced training, mentorships. People and animals. Santa Fe Reiki and Energy Healing Meet Up. 949-6483468.


The Care And Feeding Of A Soul


our soul is the refined essence of who you are. When you peel away all of the insecurities, disappointments, expectations, attachments, fears, and those inner worries of what others may think of you, what remains is pure soul. “Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul.” Wayne Dyer As a soul living on this planet, you reside in a physical body. Part of the care and feeding of your soul is caring for your body. Be conscious of the gifts that you give your body on a daily basis - the food you take in, how much movement you get, the amount of rest and sleep you allow yourself, and your level of attentiveness in listening to what your body needs at any given moment. A well-cared-for body makes a happy place for your soul to reside and thrive. All these elements of self-care are an important part of tending to your soul’s needs. However, one of the most potent ways to feed and nourish your soul is by doing the things that you truly love to do. That might mean reading a book, riding horses, walking your dog, boating on the lake, gardening, creating art, making music, or baking a batch of cookies from

grandma’s secret recipe. It might also different lists? (This may be a clue to an mean learning something new, something area you can focus on.) that you always wanted to do. •Did any of the items on your lists tug When it comes to hobbies and at your heart? Maybe there is an instant extracurricular activities, there is a pattern feeling of joy, or a fond memory that of resistance that shows up for many floats up when you think about doing a people. Often they don’t allow themselves particular item. (Happiness, joy, and to engage in and enjoy the activities they excitement are clues to areas that will most long for because, feed your heart and on some level, they feel soul.) they don’t deserve it. As • Of all the items you a result, doing the listed, are there some things they love that feel more becomes a sort of doable? Like they reward—something they would be easy to can only enjoy after accomplish because they’ve completed tasks you already have what you need, or you that are more “important.” know exactly when you have time to put By putting the things you most crave on it on your schedule. (Easy is not the back burner—or placing them in a overrated—easy is often a clue!) position of less importance—you dampen Based on the clues you’ve discovered, your capacity to fully enjoy life, expand choose one item on your list that you can your talents, and free your creativity. do this week and plan a specific time to do it. If you can’t set aside time this week, What would happen if… instead of that’s okay—the idea is to start thinking feeling like you had to earn the right to about how and where these soul-feeding spend time on those activities that make activities can fit into your life. This way you your heart sing, you simply allowed what can make them part of your normal you love doing to become part of your routine. normal routine? “Doing what you love is the cornerstone “I've been singing Shakira songs in of having abundance in your life.” - Wayne front of my bathroom mirror into my Dyer hairbrush forever. It's like a daily routine.” Spending time doing things you love - Taylor Swift can reveal hidden paths and open doors to Explore the things you love to do. Do adventures you never even thought were the things you love. possible. Grab a pen and paper. Then divide Because when you do things you love, it your piece of paper into three columns. feeds your soul in ways nothing else can. Column 1- List those things you love to do. The things that make you feel really happy, energized, heart filled, or whole. Column 2- List the things you are really Trish Elting is an Artist, good at. The ones that make you feel Mentor, and Yoga confident and like you really know your Therapist. She specializes stuff. in helping women Column 3- List some of things you have incorporate supportive and always wanted to try out or learn but never transformational self-care got around to doing. practices into their daily Now that you’ve listed all these items, routine. When she’s not how do you know which ones to focus on? working with clients you can find her painting, Let’s take a look at your lists and see if we playing her cello, and hosting photo retreats can find any clues. and painting shindigs. Learn more at • Do any of the items on your lists overlap? Did similar items show up on

“A well-cared-for body makes a happy place for your soul to reside and thrive.”

Image licensed by Ingram Images

Evolving…in SANTA FE


June 2016

Spiritual Horoscope

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) Like your Gemini friends meditate to clear old resentments in either current or past relationships either. This opens the door to new love and also to new friendships. Also visualize your body moving past any health issues, no matter how longstanding. You can have breakthroughs in problems related to stress, food allergies or other hard to solve body situations. Release your identity as someone who struggles!

Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22) As Mars gets ready to go direct, let go of old family anger that could interfere with your work life. It's easy to project parental issues onto superiors. Career breakthroughs happen as you heal those internal struggles. Meditation gives insights about how you hold back emotions in relationships. Why withhold abundance from yourself and the one you love? By late June emotional and financial prosperity will flow!

Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) You could get a raise, promotion or even a better job offer and be welcomed with open arms! You deserve to work in a harmonious environment that appreciates you and pays you well! Also, don’t be be overly sensitive with relationship partners, since you both want the same ideal relationship. Meditate together to heal small problems that create big drama! Lastly, observe internal conversations. Stop being mean to

yourself! Be with loving friends who reflect how loving you are.

Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) Observing and the eradicating negative thinking heals your body, and also your ability to handle stress. Many thoughts traumatize you in tiny ways and wear down your nervous system. Stop this selfbullying once and for all! You’ll be blessed with serenity, more trust in relationships and greater prosperity, since positive channels open for you to receive. Meditate on positive outcomes and watch them happen!

Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) Your heart wants to open to love and trust but that big shift can be sabotaged by your ego whispering suspicions in your ear. Beware of picking dumb fights with your partner to get breathing space so you can run to your “comfort zone” which is a negative, lonely place! Instead say, “I feel vulnerable” and stay present. Meditation can bring overwhelming spiritual awakenings — stay present there too, because you are worthy of such intimacy with the Universe!

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) You hate discipline, yet you’ve been focusing and setting goals since Saturn moved into your sign last fall. This month, you’re rewarded for hard work! Breakthroughs happen with relationships and money issues that have their limiting roots in family patterns. You’ll also have an increase in selfesteem and a deep sense of belonging. One small caution, don’t push past strains while exercising. Nurture the muscle while it’s a small issue, ok?

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)

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Revise life goals and see if they’re still relevant to you. Did you set them out of your own passion? Or to please someone else or even society in general? You could be “failing” because it’s not your true path. Evolving…in SANTA FE

Align with your bliss, and the good karma “red carpet” will be laid out for you and success will happen effortlessly! Also, set aside more time for your partner or for dating is single. Love blossoms if given the attention!

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) You have a strong rebel consciousness and it’s hard to blend with others. But is your pride so strong that you block love and prosperity?! Meditate to open your heart and receive. It’s not weak to flow with life. You won’t become dependent, but interdependent, and that’s your spiritual goal! Release your overindependence and you also let go of a deep lonely separateness. You can also have health breakthroughs with stubborn issues!

Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) Neptune is your planet and as it turns retrograde, it bring insights into hidden parts f your personality so you heal and flourish! It could be a bumpy road, with verbal clashes with others, and you might have to draw clear limits with some people. But you can also have breakthrough conversations that open the door to self-love and allow you to love others at a new depth. Work-wise, wait until July when mercury is direct to make changes.

June 2016 Gemini (May 21 – June 20) Happy birthday Gemini! Relationships improve if you meditate to release old hurts that color your view of the present. As you clear away built-up negative beliefs you’ll be open for new love even with a current partner! If single you can draw a wonderful person who fits your fresh “template”. Wait until early July (after Mars moves direct) to make any moves or decisions about work.

Aries (March 21 – April 19) Forgiving yourself and others for past mistakes is always a vital spiritual practice, but right now it’s crucial! Your life can change 180 degrees in terms of becoming fabulously happy and prosperous! By removing old blocks, new love and energy flow in and you’ll be effortlessly blessed by the Universe. Look for guidance in dreams and meditation, and don’t be afraid to fully experience old emotions as they flush out of your consciousness. Once felt, they’re completed and you’re healed!

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) If you’re having relationship issues, don’t listen to friends’ wonky advice. Meditate to find the truth for you. Old patterns within yourself and your bond come to a crisis point and can be corrected. Peace is right behind this dust storm of emotion! Practice affirmations, not in a surface way, but as a scientific strategy to change your brain chemistry and habitual ways of perceiving “reality”! 11

June 2016

Aluna Michaels is a second-generation astrologer and soul evolutionist practitioner. She also holds a Masters in Spiritual Counseling and has been teaching and consulting for more than three decades. Her book “Spiritual Gifts of the 12 Astrological Signs” is now on Amazon in Kindle version and as an E-book on her website. Aluna is available for appointments in her home, by phone or Skype. Call (727) 239-7179 or visit



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EDUCATION Southwestern College/New Earth Institute: Consciousness-Centered Graduate School for Counseling and Art Therapy 3960 San Felipe Road, Santa Fe, NM 87507 toll free: 877-471-5756 direct: 505-471-5756 email: Evolving…in SANTA FE


June 2016

Events JUNE 2 AND 27 INTRODUCTION TO SOMATORESPIRATORY INTEGRATION (SRI) 6:30p – learn how simple body awareness exercises can help you be more present, connected and at peace no ma er what is going on in your life and body. Call Scher Center for Well Being to reserve your space 505 9899373. $20 for an 1 ½ hr class. JUNE 6 FREE COMMUNITY WELLNESS DINNER WORKSHOP 6:30p given by the Scher Center for Well Being.Take your health and your life to the next level! Increase your energy and improve your immune system.Go beyond managing pain into thriving. To reserve your space and ďŹ nd out the loca3on call 505 989-9373. Let us know you saw this in Evolving Santa Fe! JUNE 9 AND 20 INTRODUCTION TO NETWORK CARE A revolu3onizing and revolu3onizing leading edge body. mind. spirit. method. Come hear how accessing your nervous system in a way releases defense and overwhelm stressors and that op3mizes can enhance, accelerate and help you experience empowered sustainable integrated healing. Call Scher Center at 505 989-9373 to reserve your seat. JUNE 10 USUI/ HOLY FIRE REIKI I & II CLASS IN SANTA FE 3pm-6pm, 11, 9am-5pm & Follow-up Friday TBD On comple3on of this comprehensive beginning training (combina3on of Western style, Japanese style & Holy Fire Energies) you will be able to give Reiki treatments to yourself and others. For course objec3ves and cost, contact Lynne McMahan or 505.400.3168 JUNE 13 ABUNDANCE GROUP 6-7:30pm Deepen your connec3on to the bounty of life. $15 Bethany MooreGarrison, LMHC. 926 Baca St. #5 505-252-2215

JUNE 18-22 AMMA Meet Mata Amritananda, renowned spiritual leader and humanitarian. Millions worldwide have been inspired by her message of service and love. You are warmly invited to meet Amma and receive her individual, loving embrace.Three free Public Programs: June 18, 7:00pm, June 19, 11:00am, June 22, 7:00pm. Numbered tokens available 1 1/2 hours prior to program. June 2022, Retreat*. Pre-registra3on required. Hilton Bualo Thunder Resort, 20 Bualo Thunder Trail, Santa Fe, NM 87506 Visit • www.amritapuri .org JUNE 24 FREE WORKSHOP " TAKE YOUR MEDITATION PRACTICE TO THE NEXT LEVEL IN THREE SIMPLE STEPS." Make your medita3on prac3ce a powerful and transforma3ve experience. Join us on Friday June 24th at 7pm at "Center of Light" 13 Plaza Nueva . JUNE 25 BEYOND BELIEF: HOW TO BECOME A MYSTIC, COMPLEMENTARY WORKSHOP with master teacher Mother Clare Wa s at the Center of Light, 13 Plaza Nueva 505 467 8336. Saturday 7pm JUNE 25 GENTLE WAYS TO DETOX 11am to 1pm Join Val Alarcon, integra3ve nutri3onist and health educator for an educa3onal workshop on the health beneďŹ ts of juicing. You will learn how juicing can support diges3ve health, improve metabolism, balance sugar levels, increase energy and support gentle detoxiďŹ ca3on. Registra3on is $50. Eligible for UNM employee tui3on remission under Health, Fitness and Personal Enrichment. To pay online, please click here. For other registra3ons, please contact Michelle at or (505) 925-4551 JUNE 27 INFERTILITY SUPPORT GROUP 6-7:30pm. Reclaim your crea3vity in a suppor3ve group. $15 Bethany MooreGarrison, LMHC. 926 Baca St. #5, Santa Fe. 505-252-2215 Evolving‌in SANTA FE

ONGOING SELF-COMPASSION GROUP FOR WOMEN Tuesdays– 6-8pm. Deepen into rela3onship with yourself, learn self-love and self-care. Sliding scale. Bethany Moore-Garrison, LMHC. 926 Baca St. #5. 505-252-2215 REIKI ENERGY SHARE Every ďŹ rst Monday and third Wednesday of the month, partake in a Reiki Energy share, 6:00 to 8:30 pm.. All schools of Reiki are welcome, as are people new to the energy. Enjoy and experience a safe, welcoming environment where each person can pass and receive the Energy and meet others. Light snacks provided. Please RSVP. Led by Holy Fire 1/11 Karuna Reiki Master Teacher Priscilla Schmidt. Santa Fe Reiki Share and Energy Healing on Meetup. 949 648 3468 ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS CERTIFIED BARS EXCHANGE Wednesday nights, Santa Fe, get your bars run! Huge savings to a private session! Kathy White CFMW@ 505.366.9120 VITALITY HOUR AT INNER RHYTHM WELLNESS CENTER Mondays from 5pm - 6pm Join Val AlarcĂłn, Holis3c Health Coach and Advocate AADP for an inspiring, educa3onal and interac3ve workshop on how to address your bio-individual nutri3onal needs, life/work balance and many more health related topics. For more informa3on and other events visit WIDE AWAKE BY DESIGN Specialized trainings, seminars, and retreats. Check out the latest 2016 calendar of events! MILAGRO SCHOOL OF HERBAL MEDICINE Enrollment is open for the online herb program. Study herbs at home with experts. VITALITY WITH VAL For Vitality with Val Events and Radio/TV segments please visit 13

June 2016

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June 2016

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