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A Guide for Conscious Living

Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin The Most Important Thing You Can Do For Earth Day Spirit in Santa Fe, Our City Different Heal Your Body: Go Green and Alkaline Evolving‌in SANTA FE


April 2016

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April 2016


Publisher’s Letter... Dear Friend:

Spirit in Santa Fe, Our City Different

Each spring, nature calls to me. It is as if, like the dormant plants, I’ve been asleep all winter; for as soon as the first buds sprout from the cold ground, I awaken with an intense desire to reconnect with nature. I start planning: camping trips, kayaking voyages, travel adventures, the garden, new locations to hike-numerous ways to plant my feet in the earth and feel the connection.


What amazes me so much about nature is the incredible, irresistible pull. While sleeping through the winter, I recoup from the previous bountiful fall. That’s possibly part of the glory of spring—finally waking up and planning the coming season’s harvest.

What You Need to Know to Align Your Inner Nature

As spring makes its entrance this year, we celebrate the change of seasons and return of the green with our “Green” issue, focusing on ways to choose environmentalism and make a difference.


One of the single most powerful ways you can affect your environment is to eat locally. There are many ways to do so. You can join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) where you buy a “share” in a farmer’s production and get weekly deliveries of whatever is in season. You can shop your local farmers markets. You can start and grow your own garden. Or, on a smaller scale, I like to grow sprouts. It gives me pleasure to watch these small seeds sprout in just a few days into live, enzymefilled sustenance.

The Most Important Thing You Can Do For Earth Day 11

As nature and our need for connection to it re-awakens, I hope you enjoy this issue on Green Living.

Jill Dutton

Heal Your Body: Go Green and Alkaline

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April 2016

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“Blooming Forth,” depicting the Rose of Sharon blossom, was chosen to illustrate and represent April's inner delicate beauty. The ever-changing climate of Spring, with it’s delicate snow and wind, brings forth renewal. As we listen to this unfolding from winter’s quietude, awakening blooms. “I am grateful for the opportunity to express my creativity as the cover artist. I deeply support Evolving Magazine’s presence in our Santa Fe community and their commitment to their mission.” In Gratitude, in Joy, Jeanine Christman Handell


Revered Santa Fe Institutions Celebrate 2016 Anniversaries

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Hotel Santa Fe The Hacienda & Spa Hotel Santa Fe The Hacienda & Spa celebrates the Silver Anniversary of its pioneering venture with the Picuris Pueblo, twenty-five years after opening the doors on the country’s first Native Santa Fe, known as The City Different American/private hotel collaboration for over a century, presents travelers with located off Native land. From the a range of 2016 anniversaries that provide beginning, the property’s architecture, a choice of special opportunities and décor, staff and cuisine honored the offers: cultural, artistic and spiritual traditions of the Picuris whose New Mexico history goes Santa Fe Opera back to the 13th Century. The world-renowned Santa Fe Opera In 2008 The Spa at Hotel Santa Fe was observes its 60th anniversary by staging established in The Hacienda building five new productions, including two operas offering treatments inspired by Native that have not been performed here before. traditions and using locally indigenous The Opera’s Crosby Theatre, which in 2015 ingredients. The gift shop that was in place was named the #2 Best Outdoor Venue in on opening day features the work of the country by Fodor’s and a Top Ten Picuris Pueblo artisans and remains the Outdoor Venue in the country by USA only tribally owned shop of its kind in the Today 10Best Readers Awards, is famous city. During this anniversary year guests both for its “opera tailgating” and as a can join in the celebration as special stunning home to the vanguard of new savings will be offered starting with opera works, having presented 14 world complimentary continental breakfast premieres and 44 U.S. premieres on its through March. Other anniversary specials stage. can be found throughout the year on the The 2016 season offers 37 performances hotel’s website of five different operas, running from July 1 through August 27, and is filled with Rosewood Inn of the Anasazi some of the world’s most powerful love Rosewood Inn of the Anasazi will be stories. See for hosting a 25th Anniversary party on May details. 19. The celebration will include a spiritual blessing by a local shaman or priest, the The Compound creation of a new time capsule and a The Compound Restaurant has been charity auction in which guests can take known for its distinctive style and elegance home limited edition items from some of since the 1960’s and now celebrates 50 the most famous businesses in Santa Fe. years. James Beard Award winning Chef The Anasazi will also be celebrating the and Owner Mark Kiffin maintains a introduction of new executive chef Edgar heritage rich in history and regional Beas. Guests will have the chance to influences at the gorgeous setting on world experience Chef Beas’ brand new menus. renowned Canyon Road. The Compound is The new dishes will be paired with new a 2015 OpenTable Diner’s Choice winner signature cocktails featuring silver tequila that serves lunch Monday through in honor of the Inn’s silver anniversary. Saturday and dinner nightly. Bar seating is for lighter fare or a full menu. anasazi-santa-fe Menus feature fresh, seasonal ingredients complemented by timeless Compound Turner Carroll Gallery Classic dishes. Turner Carroll Gallery + Art Advisors Visit for celebrates 25 years of representing all the details. important international contemporary art. The vision of the gallery since its inception Eldorado Hotel is to source significant artwork of our era The Eldorado Hotel debuted extensive from diverse areas of the world. The renovations in 2015 that included new gallery is constantly considering the new ballroom, lobby lounge and wedding international art movements/ chapel. 2016 brings a 30th anniversary developments which presuppose historical celebration that includes stay three or significance, and the gallery owners travel more nights and get 30 percent off, enjoy extensively to curate exhibitions for the “30” related discounts in the Old House gallery from other parts of the world. restaurant, and receive a 30 percent Turner Carroll actively pursues museum discount on the signature Spun Gold acquisitions, exhibitions, publishing and Treatment in the award-winning Nidah other opportunities on an international spa. Also, book a wedding for 2016 or 2017 level for their and you’ll get 30 percent off the ceremony rental fee. Stay tuned to the web site for more details: eldorado-30th-anniversary-package.


April 2016

Multi-Dimensional Mastery

Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin on a New Level


here is a saying in our culture most have heard, “to be comfortable in one’s own skin.” The most basic meaning of this is that you feel comfortable being yourself, with nothing to prove to anyone. Some people feel they have achieved this relationship to themselves, others long for this relationship. However, is being “comfortable in your skin” enough? What if you could see the world and yourself from another perspective? What if there is more you? We can only see the world through the lens we have currently adopted. This lens is the consciousness we embrace and live from. The lens of someone who is a member of a street gang would be different than the lens of a classical musician. Individuals could feel as if their perspective and way of living is authentic to them—and they would be correct based on who they are in that moment. They may even feel ‘comfortable in their own skin.’ But are there other lenses of perception beyond our own personal one in the moment? Does it matter? If we imagine for a moment that life is represented as a skyscraper, you would have a different view from the 5th floor than from the 50th floor. With each different view come different perspectives, thoughts, behaviors, actions, and feelings. On each floor what you see as an authentic you is different. So the ‘you’ with the 5thfloor view may even feel comfortable in your own skin. The 50th-floor wisdom would include all previous floor understandings and knowledge, yet it would transcend them. Being comfortable in our own skin at the 50th floor would have an entirely new meaning and we would see how we only had a certain understanding at the 5th floor. With this understanding of lenses and levels, what can we learn about being comfortable in one’s own skin? Whether we are conscious of multiple levels of reality or not, the key here is congruence. Congruence with one’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors would manifest as someone who is not only happy but also vital and full of well- being. Congruence says that how we feel is how we REALLY feel. We are not sweeping anything “under the rug,” so to speak. Congruence is “being comfortable in your skin” of a whole other level. Sometimes, we have adapted to the conditioning of our environment in order to survive and now we think that this adaptation is who we really are. That is like choosing to stay at the 5th-floor lens instead of growing further. It may be comfortable but there are many floors/ lenses above you that will come with expanded perspectives. If you ‘think’ you are comfortable with yourself, but, in reality, you are not and have simply buried

the feelings you have about yourself so deep you are no longer aware of them, life will let you know about this incongruence by creating some sort of crisis. Remember, the symbol for ‘crisis’ in Chinese means opportunity. For those that don’t realize that a crisis is life trying to wake them up, life will often feel hard, challenging, overwhelming, frustrating, and disappointing over and over. There will be cycles of bliss and cycles of deep suffering. For those who can recognize the signs of life wanting to get us more aligned with ourselves, we can see our discomfort as an opportunity to do things differently. The gift of crisis allows us to stretch where we haven’t gone, to feel what we haven’t felt, to see what we haven’t seen. Our willingness to value our discomfort, whether physical or emotional, and our willingness to want more for ourselves, actually brings a source of energy for growth into our life. Our mind registers this as well as our body and perhaps our body registers this experience first. Either way, there is an immediate connection. The way that the body-mind registers this is with good feelings. Feelings of alignment, peace, openness, space, and possibly even joy in the midst of the challenge. Everything doesn’t have to be going great in your life for you to feel aligned. However, when we are aligned and congruent with our experience, life has a way of shifting effortlessly. We learn to ride the waves of life instead of having them crash over us. And just maybe we grow so much we will one day get to 50th floor and say, wow, what an amazing view from up here and how different everything is and how perfect it is to be where I am, comfortable in my own skin.

Connect with Santa Fe’s Holistic Healing and Spiritual Community.

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April 2016

Vitality Foods

Traditional Eating to Make You Energized and Strong


hat is traditional eating? Well, it’s definitely not conventional eating. I learned about traditional eating early on in my childhood when I moved from the coast of Ecuador to inner city Boston, Massachusetts at age 10. Within eight hours of travel, my tropical sunny day quickly changed into a bone-chilling, wintery night. As my brother Leo and I reunited with our parents I found myself feeling perplexed about the iced ground beneath my feet. I kept wondering how are we going to get food when the ground is frozen…? The next day my mother took my brother and me food shopping. She kept referring to the supermarket; we are going to the supermarket. The word itself was intriguing; I thought to myself “I can’t wait to see how super the market is going to be!” The literal translation of words was prevalent in my bilingual brain at that time. So off we went to get food at the supermarket. I recall arriving at this massive parking, which had massive one-story building in the middle of it and I thought…. “Well of course! They have greenhouses here for the winter months! How else will they grow their food…! The Americans are so brilliant.” As we walked into this blindingly bright, isle congested place my heart sunk and I quickly turned to my mother and asked, “Where is the food? I thought this was a supermarket?” She turned and said, “This is the food darling, this is how Americans eat.” And I thought, Americans eat things… Up until that moment I had never seen food in bags, boxes, or cans. The isles were filled with dehydrated, fake-colored and highly processed food; I was shocked… As a 10-year-old child, I was confused that one of the most “progressive” countries in the world offered fake foods as a nutritional source. I literally cried for six months every time I ate. It was heart-shattering that orange juice, so brightly orange could taste like sugared/colored water, that a bright a red tomato can taste so bland and that butter could have a chemical-like aftertaste. Of the many cultural shocks I experienced in

this great country of ours, the food was by far the most shocking. So much so that within months of my arrival I started to get sick and eventually got diagnosed with diabetes. This is when I returned to my traditional way of eating, which means to consume the foods that are offered by mother earth, foods that are available regionally and seasonally. Traditional eating invites us to engage with the cycles of nature and her bounty, giving us what we need. For example, people who live at sea level consume very different foods than those who live at 14,000 feet. I share this story to highlight the way of eating that promotes health and vitality, there are foods that feed you and ignite you and there are foods that deplete you. The foods that support your health are nature based, which have not been treated with chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, hormones or GMO’s. You want to feel energized, strong, vital, and clear minded and healthy then I invite you to visit your local farmer’s market where you will find the bounty of your local harvest. Consuming natural foods grown right here in your backyard not only supports your health, but it also supports the health of our environment and the health of our local economy.

“Traditional eating invites us to engage with the cycles of nature and her bounty, giving us what we need.”

Image Licensed by Ingram Images

Lentil Curry Soup 5 cloves of garlic minced ½ onion chopped 1 teaspoon of turmeric 1 teaspoon of ginger 1 cup of orange lentils (also may use brown or green lentils – soak and rinse - or pre-cooked) ½ of quinoa 1 sweet potato chopped (leave skin on) 4 cups of chicken broth 1 cup of coconut cream In a cooking pot sauté garlic, onion and spices in 2 tablespoons of coconut oil Add lentils and sweet potato, sauté for five minutes Add chicken broth, bring to boil for 10 minutes, cover and simmer for 30 minutes 1. Add the coconut cream, cook for another 10 minutes 2. Enjoy! Serve with a whole grain toast and butter

Valeria Alarcón is an Integrative Nutritionist, Health Educator and Advocate AADP, whose mission is to inspire, empower and educate individuals on how to create fundamental changes for reaching optimum health and vitality.

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April 2016

Heart & Business

3 Leaps to a Different Experience in Your Professional Life


ave you ever been so submersed in your work that it feels like every ounce of you is living and breathing your work and the idea of focus upon anything else feels minute? We've all heard of work life balance however this isn't about balance as much as it is about awareness of how all aspects of your life are moving and changing as you realize your goals. The following steps are strategic pillars to having the juiciest professional lifestyle on the planet.

comfortable in the stillness is much easier said than done-as we want to keep moving and progressing. Staying still can sometimes feel like stagnancy. However, this approach is nothing less than a selftraining in your ability to pay attention and slow way down. Instead of constantly thinking about what’s next, allow yourself the opportunity to be in stillness. Go for walks, watch the sun rise, or meditate. Whatever it is, nurture your internal reflective landscape. You’ll be surprised with how the answers you seek will find you Step 1: Realize you are not your profession. You instead of you searching for them. Collect yourself, and reare so much more. enter with a fresh perspective when the timing feels right. It’s true: over-identifying with our career as a vein of The stillness will share everything you need next. With our self-worth and identity in the world can lead to a bit of commitment, your instincts are developed to a place that challenge. It’s one thing to be committed to excellence, moving from moment to moment is smooth, centered, and and another when we hold so tightly to an idea, project, or stable. Allowing yourself to experience stillness will evolve goal that it can’t breathe, and by default, loses its your actions naturally to be in the best interest for your inspiration and impact in the world. Self, and for all. A longtime colleague and mentor of mine gently reminds me every time we’re together that our work is an Step 3: Settle in your Worth extension of our best selves. It is only possible to manifest You’re enough. Have you heard that? Read that? My this best self when we pay attention, remain authentic question is, have you really integrated that with a deep with our gifts, and remain relentless to serve powerfully. knowing it's true? The push to do more, to be more, is Arriving here, you will see that you are much more than a fruitful when you are blended deeply with the knowledge profession or career choice. you are enough. In business, this may look like bouncing back from Step 2: Power of profession lives in the stillness. challenge with more ease, grace, and fearlessness. Knowing what’s next evolves in the stillness of the In career, this may be reflected in experiencing more present moment. But understanding and being joy and success with teams and projects.

Imagine Where Your Freelance Writing Career Would Take You If You Had…

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April 2016

In family, this may be confidence in your decisions even when they disagree. I invite you to practice these three Leaps with patience and practice. Heart and business are infinite and begin with realizing, “We are not humans on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.” Stephen R Covey.

Heather Robertson E-RYT, CTC, CF is an entrepreneur, facilitator, and mentor, with endless commitment to presence and purpose within business and life. She is owner of Wide Awake by Design, located in Santa Fe, NM. Need the more formal version or want to know more:


Spirit in Santa Fe, Our ‘City Different’


e who live in Santa Fe and love living here know the many reasons why our city is called the 'City Different.' The natural beauty is breathtaking. Just look around: the vast sky, the ancient landscape, the sacred mountains. As Maynard Dixon says: "You can't argue with those desert mountains—and if you live among them enough—like the Indian does—you don't want to. They have something for us much more real than some imported art style." We are called the City Different for our mountains, our Southwest cultures, our adobe buildings, great restaurants, shops, and hotels, our hundreds of art galleries. But we are also the city different because of something that drew us here and keeps us here, or has kept us here for generations— a sacred spirit that fills the deepest part of us. Santa Fe: Holy Faith. Living in Santa Fe, we are affected by Spirit's invisible but powerful presence in our everyday lives. Regardless of whether or not we are consciously on a spiritual path, Spirit awakens us to something infinitely beyond our human reach or control. And yet we continue to reach for it. And we're rewarded for our effort. D.H. Lawrence wrote that in New Mexico, a "new part" of his soul "woke up suddenly" and "the old world gave way to the new." During my nineteen years in Santa Fe, I have heard people talk about how Spirit drew them here. The mystical Big Bang Energy of Spirit is often discussed as if it was a protagonist in a mystery novel. Though invisible, we feel Spirit's vibrant, life-shaping presence, perhaps more powerfully in Santa Fe than any place we have lived. What is it that we are feeling? More than two thousand years ago, the Upanishads (Hinduism) offered a bridge to Spirit, depicting universal consciousness as boundary-less, without subject or object, an endless ocean of Atman—primal, pure, transcendental. Twentieth-century physicists researching quantum physics discovered that the Upanishads revealed profound truths. Dualism, the accepted underlying philosophy in the West for thousands of years, is not supported by the cutting-edge-of-the-universe discoveries of quantum physics. We are not separate from anything or anyone in the eternal now that we all share. Our truest identity is not our psychological self, but the Self of all existence and potential existence, an infinity of Divine imagination. What are the implications of quantum physics for our experience of Spirit? If nondualism has replaced dualism as the reality revealed by quantum physics, can experiences of Spirit from a perspective of dualism still be true? Are we experiencing

Spirit any differently in the twenty-first century? I began my quest to find out by asking six seekers and practitioners of the sacred from six religions or spiritual paths—Native American spirituality, Roman Catholicism, Judaism, Sikhism, Islam, and Buddhism— to answer two questions about Spirit: 1. "What is Spirit?" 2. "How do your spiritual practices embrace Spirit, and how does Spirit embrace your daily life?" Their responses:

"Judaism calls Spirit, that which exists but is not material. Spirit is the Soul within us, which is a direct link to the Source of all Souls and life—G-d Himself. Through being in touch with our spirit, we rise above our material "Upon ego and selfishness awakening, I to bond with Photo by Mussi Levertov begin by G-d. Seeing others greeting the as the spirit they day. embody, I find my own spirit and connect I give thanks to the Source Spirit. to our Beloved By joyfully practicing Jewish, spiritual Mother Earth religious practices, like charity, study, below my feet. prayer, Shabbat, Kosher, and tefillin, I I give thanks to imbue my daily life with spirit and our Sacred holiness." — Rabbi Berel Levertov, Judaism, Father rising in Chabad Center for Jewish Life, Santa Fe the East. I exchange thru my breath and "To me, Photo by Scott Seldin receive their Spirit is the nurturance. creative I invite them in, so our hearts may be as expression of one. God's divine This is how I experience the flow from essence, which That which Moves and Touches ALL: deeply Spirit. permeates all I do this throughout my day. Before bed life and infuses I greet the Night..." every molecule — La'ne' Sa'an Moonwalker, Native throughout American spirituality, Moriarty this beautiful universe. That "What is life is a Spirit? Always precious gift Photo by Scott Seldin Spirit is love not to be and acceptance squandered or of others, being taken lightly. As such, I owe it to the spirit for others. That within me to live a life of caliber, complete love excellence, and integrity. As a Sikh, my and acceptance practice and daily discipline are the and being for anchors that keep me rooted so this spirit others happens within can soar in the vastness of infinity." — Guru Kirn Khalsa, Sikhism, consistently when there is a Gurward (Sikh Temple), Espanola spiritual discipline that "In Islam, keeps us clearly Spirit is beyond Photo by Scott Seldin on the path. My the power of own path is human that of Roman Catholicism within a knowledge. It is monastic tradition: much verbal prayer in the command community, much silent prayer alone, of the Lord. The reading of Scriptures of tradition, word ‘spirit’ in confession of failures and amendment of Islam is Ruh, my ways—always nurtured by awareness of meaning the the presence of the Divine." Divine infusion — Abbot Philip Lawrence, Roman by which life Photo by Scott Seldin Catholicism, Christ in the Desert, near takes place. Abiquiu, 13 miles down a rutted dirt Practicing the road five prayers with movement of the day over Evolving…in SANTA FE


April 2016

a lifetime, fasting the month of Ramadan from sunrise to sunset, giving charity and being in a state of remembrance, forgiveness and gratitude are ways of connecting to Spirit, eternal source of life that gives a human being practicing Islam the strength to be consciously content." — Zeinab Benhalim, Islam, Santa Fe "Spirit resides within all of us, connects us, and erases artificial separations. It is both remarkable and totally ordinary, experiential rather than intellectual, beyond dualities, a place of quiet and openPhoto by Hillary Campbell heartedness. In Buddhism, the mind resides in the heart, not the head. Chanting practices use sound and vibration, incense uses smell, and paintings and statues use sight to open the heart. My practice lets me be more awake throughout the day and a little kinder and softer towards others, remembering what is essential. — Marmika Paskiewiez., Buddhism, KSK Buddhist Center, Santa Fe

Scott Seldin taught literature and composition at Baruch College, New York City, and was a freelance photographer. After moving to Santa Fe. he worked as Academic Coordinator for the College of Santa Fe. His book, Mentoring Human Potential (iUniverse) was published in 2011. He is currently a personal development coach (ExplorationsofSpiritandCreativity. com/Coaching), and proprietor of Explorations of Spirit and Creativity.


An Interview with Psychic Medium, John Edward


volving Santa Fe publisher, Jill Dutton, had the opportunity to interview psychic medium John Edward. After polling readers on social media about what questions they would ask John Edward if given the opportunity, Jill sat down with the television, and now social media, psychic to discuss channeling, death, and the afterlife. Read the full interview at

however, think we can stop someone’s transition while they’re here. If someone is sick— they’re terminal—and that person is kind of stuck in their body, we can affect that persons transition. We can totally keep that person from leaving us. All you need to do is sit by that person’s bedside and say please don’t go, please don’t go. And that person might linger or hang out longer. If you tell that person it’s ok to go, that person might make their journey quicker, sooner, and faster. So, we can hold them back while they’re here physically, but once they cross, I don’t believe we can hold them back. I think the human ego wants to think that they can’t be happy without us or can’t go on without me. The reality is they can. They are. They are meeting up with people who have gone before us and will continue to let us know they’re around, if we so choose to allow them to do that and we recognize it. Jill: I’ve heard that people generally wait 80 years to reincarnate, but that eliminates children who might try to get back to a birth family quicker. Is there a general length of time you’ve observed?

John: I guess I like to think we take a while to come back. I’m not subscribed to the concept that we come back quickly, but I know that from things I’ve read and Jill: What role does the energy of the person wishing to research, that we do. I know that people do come back communicate play? Why do some people communicate quickly. I know there are circumstances where people and others do not? reincarnate into a family or come back sooner because it’s John: I think their personality is something that needs to been documented. I guess I’m of the school of thought that we don’t come be looked at. The people who are coming through, their back so quickly, but like my Mom passed in 1989. I don’t personalities are probably a determinant. When myself plan on going anywhere anytime soon. When I leave, if it’s and a couple of other mediums were tested at the 30 or 40 years from now, I’m hoping that she will be there University of Arizona a few years ago, the thing they said and I’ll see her again. I don’t want to get to other side only we all scored very highly on was the actual personalities to find out that she had to come back here. coming through. That was the most consistent thing they I spoke to Dr. Brian Weiss (an American psychiatrist, saw: that the personalities of those who crossed over were hypnotherapist, and author who specializes in past life very very powerful. regression. His research includes reincarnation, past-life Jill: So someone in physical form, who’s very dynamic or regression, future-life progression, and survival of the gregarious…they’re more likely to come through? Is that human soul after death.) about this subject a couple times what you mean? and he said, ‘What if whole soul doesn’t reincarnate? What if a portion of the soul comes back?’ Then you could still John: Yes, someone who has a large personality comes make a connection with that soul on the other side when through, but also their personality traits in general are you get there—and then a portion of the soul could be back known or able to be seen. here, having a simultaneous experience. That’s heavy. But interesting.


Death, Afterlife, Rebirth/ Reincarnation Jill: When someone passes over, do they " go to the light immediately " or not? And if they do, when we communicate with them, does it interfere with their new journey? Are they always available? John: I do not believe we are interrupting anything. I do,

Personal Guidance—Angels, Spirit Guides, etc. Jill: After my father passed, I had a dream where I saw him in an area of gray nothingness. At first I was excited to see him again and I ran to him. But right before I reached him, I realized he was dead—and I pulled back. He looked at me and said, “I’m dead, but I’m still alive.” I

Evolving…in SANTA FE


April 2016

felt immense peace from this encounter and still reflect on it. So my question is, how can we know that something like this is real and not wishful thinking—and how can we consciously connect with loved ones who have passed? John: There’s a lot there. First off, I think it’s awesome that you had that experience because I wish more people would recognize stuff like that as being real and I think what’s cool is that you did recognize it and hold it as being a truth for you—and that’s important. Two, they want us to know they’re around and they’re going to do what they can, whether it be dreams or showing us symbols. So look for the patterns, whether it be feathers or change (currency), or dragonflies, or lady bugs. So when your dad passes, and he’s trying to establish a form of communication, he’s trying to figure out what that form is and how he’s going to do it. It depends on the person. People communicate differently in different ways. Jill: What sort of personal guidance is available to us in physical form? In addition to loved ones who have passed over, do we have a spiritual “team” to aid us on our physical journeys—angels, spirit guides, and so forth? John: We do have a team. That’s actually what I refer to it as. That’s what I tell both my kids: that we have a team of energies that they work with. And that team of energies is there to guide them. It doesn’t have to be grandma on the other side, although it could be. We do have a team of energies and I think that team is with us kind of often. So we have people that are with us from the day that we are actually incarnated, which I think is our Master type energy, like a Master Guide, and then we’ll have those who sort of come and go throughout our journey. I let my family and friends know that. On Evolve with John Edward, I talk about our team quite often and let them know they have that team they can tap into—and meditation and prayer is a way to do that. So I think it’s important for people to recognize that they have that. Some folks don’t realize it. If you grew up Catholic, you may have heard of guardian angels. If you’re into metaphysics, you might call them spirit guides. And if you’re extremely spiritual, you might refer to them as your angels.

About John In 2000, John pioneered the psychic phenomena genre with the television program Crossing Over with John Edward on the Syfy network. In 2007, John launched a digital network to deliver real-time content internationally, culminating in the creation of the online community, “Evolve.” Members of “Evolve” have exclusive access to view John’s weekly web series, “Evolve with John Edward,” which features member readings, celebrity interviews, and assorted metaphysical and lifestyle content. Visit for more information on the Evolve community. John Edward will be in Albuquerque on July 13. Tickets are on sale now. Visit or Read the full interview at


What You Need to Know to Align Your Inner Nature

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hat if you had the power to change your relationship with nature? What changes would you make? How then would you live? What would your world look like? If you are ready to make a change then sit comfortably, close your eyes, and take three deep, relaxing breaths. Think silently on the highest relationship you can have with nature and what you can do to bring about a greener life and a greener world. Don’t hold back, think big! Take all the time you need, and when you feel complete with this, open your eyes and make notes about what you thought, felt, and saw. The next exercise is longer. You can perform it one paragraph at a time, or if you are online, you can access the audio file and let me guide you in this healing and rejuvenating journey by visiting and clicking on the audio link. Find a spot on the wall or ceiling to stare at and hold your attention there while you breathe slowly and rhythmically. After a while, your eyes will feel heavy, and then heavier with each breath. Want that to happen, and when you are ready, close your eyes and take a long slow breath and let it out with a sigh and relax even more. Now imagine a wave of relaxing energy washing up over your feet and ankles, all the way up to your knees. As it washes up, the wave removes any stress from your toes, feet, ankles, lower leg muscles, and knees. Then see the wave of energy slowly recede, taking with it any remaining tension. With the next breath, bring the wave of energy up again, into your feet and lower legs and up into your upper legs, hips, and torso, and all the way up to the top of your head. Then with a long exhale, see the wave slowly recede, washing away any remaining tension and stress from your body. Good! Now imagine a sunlike light above you. It shines brightly upon your head, and moves Evolving…in SANTA FE

into your brain, and down into your neck, into your shoulders, chest, heart, and lungs, imbuing your brain, mind, and heart with the soothing warm light of love, creativity, and intelligence. See that light spread into every part of your body—every organ, muscle, nerve, and cell, even into the marrow of your bones. Take all the time you need to allow this light to fill you completely. Now, imagine yourself walking barefoot in a beautiful, grassy meadow. Feel the soft, green grass caressing your feet as you walk. There are flowers, butterflies, birds and other wildlife. See the trees swaying in the gentle breeze. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, and the entrancing joy you feel inside. Spend some time enjoying this beautiful and peaceful place. As you walk along, feeling younger and more vibrant with each step, you notice an ancient rock arch and a low wall of stones. Through the misty opening, you see a beautiful being in white, near a fountain. This being is a Planetary Elder and she will help you take the next step in developing a deeper relationship with nature. You greet each other with a sacred, loving, namaste, and then the Elder leads you to a radiant waterfall beside a river. The Elder looks deeply into your eyes and instructs you by telepathy. She then gives you a bar of magic cleansing soap made of light. Then, removing your clothing by thought, suddenly you are in the sunwarmed waterfall, using the magic soap, and washing away all the limiting beliefs you have adopted or accepted about yourself, about nature, and your relationship with nature. You find that you can see blockages in your body, in your emotional body, and in your mind and neural pathways, and with the magic soap, you remove them all and replace them with the multi-colored, self-aligning energy of the spiritual waterfall. You tear and cry a little at the power of the cleansing, and the relief that it brings, and at the joy that is arising inside of you, realigning every cell in your body and every belief in your subconscious mind. As you continue the cleansing and your cells realign, you notice your body changing shape. You are becoming limber and radiant, leaner with more muscle tone, with glowing eyes and smooth vibrant skin, much like you had as a young adult. You feel like pure energy. Your posture is

perfect and you feel weightless on your feet. Now stepping out of the waterfall, you see that the Elder and her helpers have new clothing for you to wear. Suddenly you are wearing the new clothes and you feel wonderfully centered and at ease in your realigned body of rejuvenated cells, and you know you are forever changed. It's all different now because you are different now. The Elder smiles with knowing approval and walks slowly toward you, a gift in her hands. There's so much light around the gift it seems to be pure light, and as she approaches, you notice the shape. Holding out your hands, you receive the glowing gift. The gift is a symbol of transformation and a sign of your initiation into the circle of nature-aligned beings. As you receive the gift and thank the Elder, you feel the gentle warmth emanating from the gift. Its beautiful radiating waves strengthen and deepen your alignment with nature. And now it's almost time to leave this sacred place. The Elder walks with you back to the stone arch where you entered and you share an embrace, and a deep loving look and the Elder tells you that you can return any time you wish. Walking back the meadow where you began, you feel more completely now the soft, green grass under your feet. You lie down on the grass and gaze at the azure sky, and then fall into a beautiful meditation. When you are ready to return, count slowly from one to five. When you get to five, your eyes will open and you will be back in waking consciousness, with a smile on your radiant face.

“Think silently on the highest relationship you can have with nature and what you can do to bring about a greener life and a greener world. ”


April 2016

Robert Funkhauser is a writer and hypnotherapist. He lives offgrid in a solar home outside of Santa Fe. For more information go to,


The Most Important Thing You Can Do For Earth Day “Beauty Raises Our Energy…When we become aware of the unique and beautiful qualities of nature…we have, in effect, raised our vibration on the continuum of consciousness.” —James Redfield, The Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide

or meditate by a lake or pond or unusual rock. And then immerse yourself into the deep essence of your surroundings while you soften and expand your five senses:  Using your sense of sight, notice the colors, shadows, forms, shapes, and dimensions of objects all around you.  Touch something nearby—a branch f you take time to reflect deeply, you or blossom or the soil—and notice the know that the most important truths textures and gradients of its surfaces come directly from the heart. against your skin. As springtime wakes up around you this year and you begin to see  Inhale its fragrance while you tap announcements for upcoming Earth Day into its heady sense of earthiness. events, ask yourself what the concept of  Imagine that you could taste the “Earth Day” really means to you, to your item you touched and ask yourself, what own heart. In fact, what does it mean to all would its texture feel like on your of us—to all living beings on this glorious tongue? What might its flavor be? planet?  Expand your sense of hearing—what This year, intentionally make time to sounds are near you? Which are far step away from your everyday activities and away? Which noises give you an go outside to be in nature. awareness of movement or motion? Find some place that is especially attractive to you—meander through the Our 54 Remarkable Senses woods, nap by your favorite tree or shrub, Then expand your awareness to


Recognizing Your 54 Senses Find a quiet place in nature and see if you can open your awareness to your innate senses of:

Vision, light, sight Color & related moods Visibility/invisibility Temperature, season, time of

day, weather Hearing, sounds, vibrations Pressure, gravity Touch, weight, balance Smell, taste, appetite Colonizing, horticultural sense Community, play Courting, love, procreation Hormones, pheromones Motion, space, place Time, rhythm, patterns Reason, mind, intuition Language & articulation Form & design Electromagnetic resonance Reason & emotions Pain, fear, stress, capitulation Aesthetic sense, creativity Spiritual sense, sublime love Sense of unity and natural attractions as the singular essence and source of all our other senses Source: The Nature Process by Tabitha Jayne

encompass the area around you and as you take a deep, settling, cleansing breath, begin to magnify those five senses into all of your 54 Senses! According to research in the field of Ecopsychology, and outlined in her books The Nature Process and 54 Days: 54 Senses, Transpersonal Ecopsychologist Tabitha Jayne explains that we humans have no fewer than 54 distinct senses that range from chemical, electromagnetic, light, and polarization to senses of community and love and interconnected spirit. We are all born with these 54 remarkable senses available to us, but we learn to close them (or at the very least, ignore them) as we develop into “civilized” human beings. Internationally revered herbalist Stephen Harrod Buhner, in his book, Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm, explains that “…the habitual narrowing of sensory-gating channels that most of us experience…[allows us to] only perceive a very small part of the world around us. Only a tiny bit of the radiance of the world can shine in through the narrow aperture that is left.” Yet developing the ability to enhance and expand Buhner’s “doors of perception” gives us the opportunity to also expand our neural networks for what Buhner calls “the feeling sense…the heart-field perception”. This heart-field perception, explored in more depth in his book, The Secret Teachings of Plants, is our primary cognitive approach to the world. “The more sensitivity we cultivate to sensory flows, the Evolving…in SANTA FE

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more directly we perceive with our senses and the wider the door opens.”

Our Intrinsic Nature If you pause to think about it, we are, after all, as much pure animal as the next mammal is—so our intrinsic nature is to be in direct connection to the natural world around us. We humans also have the sense of need for sunlight and the healing release we crave as we rest in the shelter of a beloved old tree. We have the ability to orient ourselves according to our awareness of place and location, to be cognizant of the time and temperature and season and humidity and wind. We were designed with all these innate tools to help us feel safe, confident, and at home on this planet. As Buhner explains, “to use your senses most productively, you must go out from the cities…you must find a place where Nature is not buried under concrete and asphalt…Sensing takes the place of thinking...consciousness begins to move out of the brain, leaving the analytical mind behind. You begin to find the world that our ancient ancestors knew so well.” When we witness or experience addiction, hoarding, self-harm, depression, and violence, we are witnessing a human who has lost this connection to their true nature—a soul whose senses have been battered and bolted shut so that there is no peace in belonging, no sure-footedness on the soils of our earth. So this Earth Day, if you truly want to honor the earth, do so from the inside— reconnect to it in each moment, with every 11

April 2016

breath, every sight and smell and sound and taste and touch—and then notice how it makes you feel. As you set your Earth Day resolution to plant trees, restore native gardens, recycle more, and consume less, commit to taking time every single day to come into the natural presence that you always have available, through all your senses, and reconnect to your own true Earth Self. Buhner’s advice? “Take a walk some place wild, where the civilized do not go.” Welcome yourself home with a deep remembrance of your very essence.

Meditation teacher Sami Aaron is a Kansas Master Naturalist and Master Trainer/Certified Facilitator of The Nature Process®. She leads workshops and retreats in The Nature Process via 913-915-1971 Her company, BeingOntoSomething LLC, is a member of 1% for the Planet: using business as the engine of positive environmental change.


Heal Your Body: Go Green and Alkaline


pring is around the corner and everything is turning green. Spring rains, longer days and the rays from the sun provide the energy to allow plants and trees to come back to life. As plants and trees green up, the process called “photosynthesis” goes about its work to produce oxygen and is unarguably one of the natural wonders of creation. This amazing process uses the sun to help plants produce pure oxygen which eliminates volatile organic compounds harmful to our health and aids in cleaning up our environment. Like plants, our bodies need lots of water and oxygen. Without them, we can’t exist. Photosynthesis isn't just important to plants; it's also essential to most other living things on Earth. Through photosynthesis, plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen back into the air, which is the oxygen required to breathe. Photosynthesis is also important because plant-eating animals use the energy that has been converted from the sun to fuel their own bodies. Essentially humans do the same—provided we are eating our greens! The chlorophyll produced by plants is excellent for human bodies and provides many health benefits. Chlorophyll is very alkalizing and aids in detoxifying our bodies which are very similar to plants because we need lots of nutrients, oxygen, and the energy from the sun to keep us healthy. If we don't take in enough nutrients and oxygen our body can become

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Evolving…in SANTA FE

very acidic, making it hard to fight off the disease process. Studies suggest it’s very hard if not impossible for disease and bacteria to flourish in our body if we are alkaline and oxygenated. We want our internal body clean, green and alkaline. Have you ever done a pH test to check the alkalinity of your body? It might be an eye opening experience and might make you think about your health if you see how acidic your body is. I refer to it as “Dirty Blood” and it can stem from hundreds of reasons; but the bottom line is your body is toxic and needs to be cleaned up. Much like a hot tub that gets chemically out of balance, as the pH is altered it will become cloudy and smelly. That's exactly what goes on inside our body when our pH gets out of balance. The longer you let it go the more likely your health will decline and the harder you will have to work to reverse the problem. When our body’s become acidic we use huge amounts of mineral (which our bodies need to rebalance and repair at the cellular level) to buffer the pH which can lead to mineral deficiencies. Eating dark leafy greens rich in chlorophyll or adding mineral rich green powders to your foods are an excellent way to help improve pH levels. I use several green powders of which my favorite is an organic blend that's derived from extracts of many different sprouts. It packs a serious punch and even has broccoli sprouts extracts which have been shown to kill mutated cells. Don't get me wrong, you can be very healthy and still be very acidic. I’ve coached many high-level athletes who find it hard to keep their pH in normal range because the body produces large amounts of waste products (lactic acid) during high-intensity exercise. Mineral supplementation and eating chlorophyll rich foods or juicing can help alkalize and keep your pH within normal range. Most Americans eat way too many processed foods, sugars and animal products which are mostly acidic foods. On top of that, most people drink acidic drinks that have to be buffered by minerals robbed from other places in your body. Have you heard of osteoporosis and weak brittle bones? The bones are one of the last places your body tries to rob nutrients from when the nutrients are lacking in your daily diet. When not replenished your bones can

become brittle and break. My favorite mentor coaches Olympic and professional athletes and he once said most people are 1000 percent deficient in minerals. When the basic health of your body is largely determined by how many nutrients you are getting on a daily basis it’s easy to see how we get deficient. That's why you want nutrient rich dark leafy greens in your diet and lots of green powders. One of my favorite ways to get my power nutrition is to eat sprouts. ( My favorite sprouts are black lentils and buckwheat groats. It only takes a couple of days to sprout them which turns them into superfoods by increasing the nutrient density many times over. The sprouting process already helps predigest the foods and provides many more nutrients than eating the foods in their natural state. I love throwing a handful into my protein shake in the morning along with about 25 other power foods. Sprouting is very easy, doesn't take up much room and you can do it year round. I hope by now you’re asking yourself: “How green and alkaline is my body"?

“The chlorophyll produced by plants is excellent for human bodies and provides many health benefits.”


April 2016

Todd Borron is a Functional Health Coach and Kinesiology Specialist. He evaluates every part of the body for stress and checks the functioning. Dysfunction can be structural, neurological, nutritional, emotional, electrical or increasing toxicity levels, which affect the body. Todd can be reached at or 573692-0000 and has offices in Lee’s Summit and Overland Park.

Spiritual Horoscope

April 2016 Aries (March 21 – April 19) Happy birthday Aries! Venus in your sign helps you feel more loving and brings a new relationship or improves a current one. Forgive old hurts since Mars is retrograde which allows new “good stuff” to flow in! Set financial goals and also visualize what makes you happy. Keep focusing on future imagery and don’t give up since it might not manifest until mid-May. Taurus (April 20 – May 20) Both Saturn and Mars are retrograde, asking you to look at old debts. Perhaps you need to re-budget and ponder what’s truly necessary. You might need to be direct with anyone who you’ve lent money to. More importantly, it’s time to clear out emotional issues. “Keeping tabs” with partners blocks intimacy. Also, forgive long-ago problems with others in your past that inhibit joy today! Gemini (May 21 – June 20) Be patient in relationships. As a Gemini, it’s vital to have good communication. Are there any misunderstandings to clear up? Are you assuming things and then running with false conclusions in your head? Or maybe you need to have good communication with yourself by focusing in meditation about the kind of person you want to be involved with . . . and also, what kind of

person you truly wish to be. Breakthroughs will be slow but worth it! Cancer (June 21 – July 22) Mars and Saturn retrograde want to help you meet work goals—and also, make sure you work in a positive environment. Meditate to forgive coworkers or supervisors and ask for insights about how to navigate tough personalities. Don’t let others live rent free in your head! Let go of inner tension to pave the way for new job offers if current conditions don’t improve. You’ll have the energy to focus and be successful which can lead to a raise or promotion! Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22) Even if you’re having relationship challenges, don’t lose faith in love! Meditate to see how you’re being stubborn (Leo pride!) and open your mind to forgive. If single, instead of focusing on discouragement, seek out others with fulfilling bonds and see them as hopeful models for your future! Gently work to eliminate parts of yourself in order to be a better partner. Do something joyful daily—dance, visit museums, play with pets, laugh—to draw more joy! Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22)

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You’re on the verge of prosperity breakthroughs! Meditate on inherited ideas from your family or society that block the flow of abundance. Choose to not let them dictate your reality! Evolving…in SANTA FE

In a similar way, limited beliefs about intimate relationships can be tossed out now, so your heart opens to trust and love. You can even heal sexual shame and other issues that inhibit bonding to others and keep you from appreciating your body as a sacred temple! Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) Mars and Saturn want you to heal negative thinking! As a Libra, it’s as easy to be up as to be down—so choose to be up! Even though negativity feels more “real”, it’s only because it’s a habit. Surround yourself with people who believe in greater possibilities for their life and for yours! You need support like an alcoholic needs sober pals, not friends who hang out in the bar! When your thoughts change, everything will change to mirror your mind! Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) Mars and Saturn retrograde bring financial help. The key for you as a Scorpio is developing self-worth. Meditate to find the root of why you believe you need to suffer and struggle. You deserve to thrive, not just survive! Dote on yourself — a massage once a month; buy organic food; say loving thoughts to yourself throughout the day. Gentleness breeds self-love, which attracts health, wealth and joy!

“be good” or to “get things done”. Make time for play, relaxation and silliness, which are all healing medicines for you! Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) Your sign is one of humanity, but paradoxically, you can struggle with social isolation. It’s time to release past experiences of expulsion by groups, which most Aquarians have in their emotional history. Clinging to the identity of an outsider is painful. Meditate to release those old traumas so it feels safe to share yourself with friends and with the world. If you’re currently around people who are rejecting, let them go, no matter how long they’ve been in your life to make room for supportive comrades! Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) There can be temporary delays in job changes or career advancement since Mars and Saturn are retrograde. These planets ask to reflect on your true talents and what avenues are best for them. Meditate about breaking your slave mentality at work. You can take so much “crap” from supervisors and become victimized. Your new empowerment will attract better circumstances than just making a quick shift right now.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) As a Sag, you’re all about freedom, yet Saturn has retrograded in your sign until August. It wants to help you create disciplines that allow ease of selfexpression! Without clarity, Sagittarius can flail around and waste energy being “free.” Focusing in a direction will be satisfying. Your identity and self-esteem will strengthen. You can commit to relationships and jobs that fulfill you. You can also set limits with people who disrespect you! Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) Unlike your Sagittarius pals, you often have too many restrictions on yourself. Saturn retrograde wants you to loosen up unnecessary self-criticism, harmful rituals, and outmoded beliefs! Meditate on self-love and gentleness. Trust that you are earnest and don’t need rules to 13

April 2016

Aluna Michaels is a secondgeneration astrologer and soul evolutionist practitioner. She also holds a Masters in Spiritual Counseling and has been teaching and consulting for more than three decades. Her book Spiritual Gifts of the 12 Astrological Signs is now on Amazon in Kindle version and as an E-book on her website. Aluna is available for appointments in her home, by phone or Skype. Call 727-239-7179 or visit



New Mexico Hypnotherapy helps you reach your goals, remove blockages to growth, and resolve limiting beliefs. From body image to clearing traumas and phobias to growing younger to natal and past-life regressions, we help people improve their life experience by understanding themselves.

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En-Light-En Reiki, Lynne McMahan, Ed.D. Usui/Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master . As a conduit for Reiki healing energy, Lynne builds a mentoring relationship, supporting and coaching her clients (people and their animals) to increased mind-body-spirit balance and harmony on their journey of transformation. 505.400.3168 * * 110 Delgado St., SF

NUMEROLOGY John Holmes, Numerologist Confirm your Pre-Intended Life Story. Three-part reading, two-hour consultation by phone or in my Santa Fe office. Contact John with inquiries or to schedule a reading: or call 505-466-4297.

Wellness by Design, Rick Bastine, CHt. N.L.P., Shamanic Healing, Sound/ Frequency Healing, Energy Work, Coaching For Change. Rick assists and facilitates the processing of thoughts and emotions to create positive shifts and positive change. Allowing clients to return to a state of homeostasis, a state of inner wellness and inner healing. 505-690-3997

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Integrative Healing and Massage. Beth Budesheim, LMT, RN, Intuitive, Energy Medicine Practitioner. Feel your peace and radiance with combination sessions blending therapeutic massage, energy medicine, intuitive guidance, pure essential oils and flower essences. or call/text 816-305-4670.

LIBIDO COACHING. Somatic coaching for people who wish to change/expand the relationship with their body/intimacy/sexuality. Isa Magdalena has taught conscious sexuality since '92, in the US and Europe. Her book is called A Map of Full Spectrum Sex.

Thai Foot Massage with Julie Bastine. Experience a relaxing yet rejuvenating form of massage and point work, promoting balance within the body. Benefits include energy movement, circulation and immune system support. Includes a foot bath and organic essential oils. 505-670-1106


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Laurie Pryor, MA, LMHC, consciousness-oriented psychotherapist, selfactualization coach and EMDR practitioner. With her down-to-earth optimism, humor and focus on self-care, Laurie helps clients realize authentic and heartfelt transformation in their lives. 505-695-8223

Santa Fe Center for Spiritual Living is a trans-denominational community that explores our lives though music, the arts, prayer and the teachings of Ernest Holmes. Sundays services at 10:15 am. and/or can also be shared via Livestream at 505 Camino de los Marquez, Santa Fe, NM 87507, 505-983-5022

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April 2016

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Evolving…in SANTA FE


April 2016

VITALITY HOUR AT INNER RHYTHM WELLNESS CENTER Mondays from 5pm - 6pm Join Val Alarcón, Holistic Health Coach and Advocate AADP for an inspiring, educational and interactive workshop on how to address your bio-individual nutritional needs, life/work balance and many more health related topics. For more information and other events visit WIDE AWAKE BY DESIGN Specialized trainings, seminars, and retreats. Check out the latest 2016 calendar of events! MILAGRO SCHOOL OF HERBAL MEDICINE Enrollment is open for the online herb program. Study herbs at home with experts. VITALITY WITH VAL For Vitality with Val Events and Radio/TV segments please visit

PICK UP A COPY NEAR YOU View the complete list of locations, searchable by zip code, at DOWNTOWN Hotel Santa Fe The Golden Eye The Lensic Performing Arts Center Santa Fe Oxygen Bar Downtown Visitor Info Center at Plaza Galeria Main Library Santa Fe Convention Visitor Center La Posada de Santa Fe High Desert Healthcare & Massage Absolute Nirvana Spa and Gardens/The Madeleine Video Library Amethyst Santa Fe: A Healing Space Garrett's Desert Inn Milagro Herbs (419 Orchard Dr)

NORTH OF SANTA FE Unity Church Santa Fe Center of Light NORTH & WEST OF DOWNTOWN Light and Love Naturopathic Center Christus/ DeVargas Health Center/Urgent Care Santa Fe Spa The Lodge Ohori's Coffee The Betterday Coffee Shop Southwest Care/ Women's Health Services La Montanita Coop Thrive Santa Fe-Yoga-Dance-Spinning Barrio Brinery The Ark Bookstore Evolving‌in SANTA FE


April 2016

SOUTHSIDE The Montecito Santa Fe Soul Center For Optimal Health Java Joe's Cloud 9 Divine Healing Center @ SF Fitness Genoveva Chavez Community Center Santa Fe Community College Main Entrance SFCC Fitness Education Center Rancho Viejo Village Market Christus Rodeo Family Medicine Corazon Family Health Center Heart of the Lotus / Santa Fe Place Christus Entrada Contenta Health Center The Inn at Santa Fe Fashion Outlet Visitor Info Center La Bajada NM Visitors Center Aspen Medical Center Urgent & Primary Care

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