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October 2011 ~ Vol. III, Issue 8


X volving A Guide for Conscious Living

Simplify Your Life by Loving Yourself Heal Your Body, Heal the Planet



October 2011

The Power of Positive Thinking



October 2011

publisher’s letter


Dear Friend,


To honor this month’s theme of simplified living, I offer my simple steps for living well:

The Power of Positive Affirmations

1. Love fiercely.


2. Engage natre.

Simplify Your Life by Loving Yourself

3. Stop. And be Present. 4. Find Joy in each moment.


5. Release. Jill Dutton

Life… Simplified

ON THE COVER: “Laughing Buddha,” Digital Painting by John Lenz.

Publisher Jill Dutton 913-944-1298


Editorial Assistant Judy Kirkpatrick

The “Laughing Buddha,” or the Hotei Buddha represents loving generosity and the wisdom of joy and contentment. Legend says that he was a beloved but eccentric monk who lived over 1000 years ago who was known for his acts of kindness. Here he is shown with the energy of love and joy radiating from his throat and heart charkas, and depicted in bright, joyous colors. This is the center-piece of a triptych depicting the “Weeping Buddha,” “Laughing Buddha” and “Serene Buddha.” John Lenz has a BA in interior design, a BFA in sculpture and is currently focusing on mixed media painting and digital design. John lives and works in Midtown Kansas City, MO. For more information or to see more of his work, go to or email him at

Ad Design Maitreya Zohar Contributors Kat Bowie, Isaic Eliaz, Natalie George, Bethany Klug, Jude LaClaire, Aluna Michaels, Stephanie Roth, Nancy Russell, Suzette Scholtes, Jane Van Benthusen, Ricky Yutuc

Karen E. Cowdry

Connie “Crash” Humiston

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October 2011


Naturally Healthcare for Women Opens Oct. 3

Energy Healing School Introducon to Energy Healing Workshop November 5, 2011 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. This is an informa onal and experien al workshop designed for people to expand their knowledge and prac cal capabili es for working with healing energy.

913-831-4422 ~ 6045 Martway, Suite 104, Mission, KS 66202

Organizing Lifestyles Homes  Businesses

Naturally Healthcare for Women, LLC is the offering of Deborah Ann Jantsch, MD, MBA, FACOG, a well-known OB/GYN doc in the community for over twenty years. Recently, she has been studying and practicing in a natural and holistic style and wishes to share her journey with others. Her awakening started about two years ago with the realization of some personal health issues; weight gain, elevated blood sugars, elevated blood pressure, mood imbalances, stress reactions, feeling old and frustrated. Two years later, her diabetes is reversed, her blood pressure has normalized and her weight is back to healthy. Sharing is a big part of any awakening and she looks forward to the opportunity to share with patients and walk with other women on their own healing journey. Recently, her education includes a month long stay at the Tree of Life

Symptoms of Ascension


 Home & Business Organization  Feng Shui  Electronics Productivity—syncing smart phones & apps  Autism, ADD, ADHD Organization  Filing and E-Mail Management  Senior & Disabled Organization  De-Clutter & Hoarding Assistance  Staging Homes for Sale  Green Organizing—composting, recycling, reuse

Be sure and catch Victor James Dougherty's new cd, Symptoms of Ascension, an Evolving favorite! or

1 FREE hour w/purchase of at least 4 hours! Escaping Clutter = Creating Clarity



October 2011

Institute studying with Gabriel Cousens, MD about whole food nutrition and healing lifestyle counseling. Additionally, she completed coursework at the Institute for Functional Medicine. Holistic and Functional Medicine offers solutions to remedy dysfunction, not just treat disease. She is BoardCertified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and a member of the American Holistic Medical Society. Previously, Dr. Deborah practiced Obstetrics and Gynecology in Kansas City since 1990. She is a former President of the Metropolitan Medical Society and served on the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Board for eight years. She was appointed by the Governor to the Missouri Patient Safety Commission and by the Mayor to the Kansas City Health Commission. Call for an appointment: 816-719-1588.

news Call for an appointment: 816-719-1588

Naturally Healthcare for Women, LLC

Higher Brain LivingTM Imagine back to the best day of your life, back to a time when you felt the most alive. Close your eyes and imagine a time when nothing could ruin your day. You were in the moment, on top of the world; everything was just as it should be. Maybe you were getting married or accepting a job promotion; completing some project; creating some artwork; or having your first child. Perhaps you are remembering the feeling of some big dream you had. Feel that feeling of ease, clarity, joy and even invincibility. Nothing can stop you, nothing can ruin your day...feel this for a are empowered. Why can’t you have that feeling more often? Now you can… through Human Emergence And Rapid Transformation (H.E.A.R.T.)! That feeling you remembered is produced by your higher brain, an area called the prefrontal cortex (The newest part of the human brain.). Scientists have discovered that this new brain has salutogenic mechanisms; from the Latin word “salus,” which means health, wellbeing, vitality and salvation. When this new brain is energized, your body’s ability to rejuvenate is accelerated. In fact, salutogenesis is the opposite of the stress response. Stress decreases healing, clarity and focus. It also impacts the quality and value of daily life. The new brain does the opposite. It turns on your body’s ability to rejuvenate and feel that sense of inner calm, power and meaning. That feeling of wellbeing is meant to be your natural state. However, with all the demands of the modern world, we haven’t been able to keep the new brain energized. Research informs us that, thus far, only about five percent of the new brain is being used by humanity! The good news is that your higher brain can be energized and become your new baseline. H.E.A.R.T. is the technique that leads to Higher Brain Living! Pathways in the body have been discovered that lead to the prefrontal cortex (higher new brain). Through very precise touch, on contact points along these pathways, energy is released that travels to and engages the new brain (We have demonstrated this increased higher brain metabolism through EEG study.). Energizing your new brain promotes rejuvenation: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Following a series of H.E.A.R.T. sessions you will have instant access to that higher brain experience and can apply it to all areas of your life. One of the first things noticed during a 45-minute H.E.A.R.T. session is the experience of oxygen pumping to your

higher brain. As metabolism is increased in your higher brain, stress is released through natural salutogenic waves in the body. Through the H.E.A.R.T. and Higher Brain Living TM system, stress is cleared out and a shift from lower brain to higher brain functioning occurs. “Higher Brain Living TM” then is the application of the energized empowered higher brain state to all the areas of your life! Your life has four major dimensions or areas. These four major dimensions are all fundamental and irreducible aspects of who you are and are part of the essential nature of every human being. The great American philosopher, Ken Wilber (Deepak Chopra’s mentor), has demonstrated this in over 20 books. The Higher Brain Living TM approach promotes growth in all four of these essential areas of your life. The four dimensions of your life are; 1) Mind 2) Body 3) Relationships 4) Environment. Note: We use the term “Mind” to represent, ALL inner experience, including emotion, thought, spiritual experience, consciousness and awareness. Higher Brain Living TM is the elimination of your “hot spots” and the promotion of your growth in all four dimensions. The whole of these four dimensions of your life is greater than the sum of their parts. When you energize the higher brain and engage all four dimensions of your life, your life transformations are out of proportion to the amount of time, energy and resources invested. This is quantum change! The fastest way to create a new life is to energize the higher brain and promote growth in all four dimensions, which c r e at e s a n o n - l i n ea r d y n a mi c . 1+1+1+1=100! Energize your higher brain and engage, Mind + Body + Relationships + Environment = Extraordinary New Life!

Deborah Ann Jantsch, MD, MBA, FACOG ……..a holisc and funconal gynecology pracce

Services: Nutrion Counseling Raw Food Nutrion Hormone Balance Mood Stabilizaon Weight Loss Exercise Support Detoxificaon Allergy Evaluaon An-Aging Methods Longevity Planning Support Groups Educaonal Classes Well Women Exams Family Planning/Inferlity Hormone Replacement Bio idencal Hormone Rx Thermography Referral Biological Denst Referral Holisc Services Referral

The Struan Center in Westport 4044 Central Kansas City, MO 64111

NAET Allergy Elimination NAET is a revolutionary new treatment that results in the elimination of allergies/sensitivities. It is painless, non-invasive, drugless and free of long-term side effects.

Dr. Michael Cotton created and developed H.E.A.R.T. and Higher Brain Underlying allergies/sensitivities contribute Living TM. There are currently 5 Awaken higher Brain Living centers in the most chronic health problems. world. Michael resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has immediate plans to expand the Higher Brain Living TM system through licensing and training. Michael is hosting a presentation and live demonstration in Overland Park Kansas, to introduce this new licensing model. The presentation will be held on November 3rdth at 6:30PM. For more 913-432-4477 info and to register visit Dr. J. David Beaulieu, M.S., D.C. trainingKC seating is limited register now to learn about the new discovery 5930 Roe Avenue #102, Mission, KS 66205 that will revolutionize medicine, psychology and spirituality! EVOLVING… A GUIDE FOR CONSCIOUS LIVING 5 October 2011


For additional information, go to


11-11-11 Portal of LoveLight—A Day of Activation Priestess Kim Oursler Macy, and Toby Evans, Keeper of the Circles, invite you to Portal of LoveLight — A Day of Activation. Gather with us at Toby's Labyrinth, located on a geographical power center in the heart of the United States. This sacred land features an international medicine wheel, a sacred geometry garden and a Classical Seven-Circuit Labyrinth mowed into five acres of native prairie grass. Walking the labyrinth is a living prayer that clears the energy centers (chakras) and amplifies our personal vibration to the lightest possible frequency. 11-11-11 is said to be the "most potent singular day of the entire year. Masses of humanity will form the human grid and tie into the cosmic energy that is amassing in the final stages of activating the crystal grid." (James Tyberonn) Coming through the 11-11-11 passageway of multidimensional pillars is pure, unconditional love-

the Light Code of the 5th Dimension and beyond. Those of us who gather together on this day will form a receiving line to anchor and distribute the cosmic transmissions of this galactic attunement. Through sacred ceremony, sacred sound and sacred geometry, we will align with the 11-11-11 portal of LoveLight, connect with thousands of other Earth Wisdom Keepers, Light Workers, medicine men and women to embody the completion of the full cycle of Unity consciousness being birthed across the globe. Cost: $75 before October 31, 2011 $85 October 31 to day of the event. To reserve your space, please register by October 31, 2011. Contact Priestess Kim Macy at 816510-4391 or email her at for registration details.

Rhythmic Medicine Goes Solar! October 14 – 17 promises to be exciting at Rhythmic Medicine. A group of students along with renowned instructor, Dan Chiras, are going to install a 3.3kW solar array on the roof of the center. Dan Chiras, Ph.D., is author of numerous books on renewable energy, including Power from the Sun, Solar Electricity Basics, The Homeowner's Guide to Renewable Energy, and The Solar House. Dr. Chiras is a wellrespected educator who specializes in making complex topics easy to understand. Dr. Chiras has taught at the college level for over 35 years and is director and lead instructor of The Evergreen Institute's Center for Renewable Energy and Green Building ( Rhythmic Medicine is a music therapy based business offering classes on therapeutic uses of music, sound healing and holistic health including products like the Amythest BioMat. Owners Janalea Hoffman and Marilyn Miller have been committed to the environment for many years – you can see their battery-powered riding lawn mower at work in their yard, they

nurture their garden from water collected by rain barrels and until this year they drove their Excursion that ran off used vegetable oil - for 180,000 miles! They had their first solar array installed in 2008. After meeting Dan Chiras at a class he was teaching recently in southern, MO, they were fortunate when Dan agreed to come to Rhythmic Medicine and add more solar modules.

Bliss Vibrational Healing ~ Ricky Yutuc Vibrational Healing w/Didgeridoo, Flute, Tuning Forks ~ Etheric Surgery Vibrational Healing & Chakra Clearing Group Rate, with this ad: $20/person suggested. Minimum of 3 persons.

Spirituality does not have to be hard work—All you need is love! •

When the cellular memory of love is reactivated, nothing (physical, emotional, or ethereal) can be off balance. Normally in only 2 sessions, I empower you to release from your HEART, not from your brain.

913.522.1028 ~ Crystal healing ~ Reiki ~ paranormal kid mentoring EVOLVING… A GUIDE FOR CONSCIOUS LIVING


October 2011

food conscious

Beyond Trader Joe’s... Bethany Klug, D.O.


’m glad Trader Joe’s finally made it to Kansas City, but I won’t be shopping there. Trader Joe’s is a step forward for people who still eat packaged, processed food: out of a bag or box, ready- toeat or heat-and-eat. Those seeking the best possible health like me, prepare food from scratch, with real fresh ingredients, just as you would find on the plant or the animal with minimal to no processing. Kelly Hayford, in her book If It’s Not Food…Don’t Eat It suggests switching from processed, prepared foods to natural foods, but only 20 percent of your food intake at a time, that is, small steps. She also suggests switching from national brand processed, packaged food to health food store versions, then finally to making it yourself from raw ingredients. Trader Joes supports the middle step of Kelly’s approach. It’s a point you pass through on your way to eating healthy. Learn more about Kelly at She’s spot on! So where do I shop? If you read Food Conscious each month, you know I sing the praises of CSAs and our local organic farmer’s markets. I’m grateful for Kansas City’s health food stores and grocers with decent natural foods departments, like Hyvee. I shop Asian markets for sea vegetables in quantity at a lower price than health food stores. I buy online, too, primarily for nuts, seeds, dried fruits and smoothie powders like carob and mesquite. I find the nuts and seeds in the bulk bins go rancid very quickly and there are great quantity discounts on the web. RawGuru ( is my source for high quality, unpasteurized, truly raw nuts. Did you know that US grown almonds must be pasteurized before sale or

that most cashews are steamed or cooked to remove the shells? I think this explains why most nuts in local health food stores taste rancid to me. Pasteurization, steaming and cooking eliminates beneficial enzymes, too. I buy goji berries, goldenberries and mulberries in bulk from Rawguru for a better deal than the eight ounce packages sold locally. When they have nut butters, they offer them for a great price. Living Tree Community Foods ( Raw nut butters, like sesame tahini, are notoriously expensive at Kansas City’s local health food stores. Living Tree Community makes raw sesame tahini for 1/3 to 1/2 less. I buy by the case. They also sell wonderfully moist dates, raisins and dried cherries. Their almonds are pasteurized and they are very clear about it, where others aren’t. I respect them for this. Nuts Online ( If I can’t find it at RawGuru or Living Tree Community Foods, I shop here. They often have fresh, tasty pine nuts when the others don’t. Thank goodness for Trader Joes, but keep moving forward on your journey to health.

“I believe that if a company does not have Integrity and Ethics, it has nothing,” Jeff Barefoot, Owner

Plumbing / Drain Cleaning Water Heaters & Sewer Replacement Kansas City~Johnson County~Lawrence~Topeka

10% OFF—mention Evolving Bethany Klug is a physician for whom food is a doorway to personal, community and planetary health. Learn more about her practice of “Restoring Health with Holistic Medicine” at 913-642-1900 and



October 2011

journey to wholeness

Midwest Myofascial Release Center

A Single Moment in Life

A cooperative wellness center

Experience the Calmness of Life Jan Kelly, OTR/LMT—Myofascial Release Therapy—913-706-2294 Grace Lindsay, CT—Akashic Record Reading— Kristen Hanson, LMT, NCTMB—Therapeutic Massage, Myofascial Release Therapy—816-392-2810 Mark Ferguson, LMT, CMT—Sports, Deep Tissue, Trigger pt—913-269-6277 Heather Etzkorn, LMT—Therapeutic Massage, Reflexology—913-244-8207 Stephanie K. Mohr—Ayurvedic Lifestyle Practitioner— Also Available: Sunlighten™ Solocarbon Far Infrared Dry Sauna & Zrii® Liquid Nutrition for Abundant Living 9200 Glenwood Street, Suite 100, Overland Park, KS 66212

• Colon Hydrotherapy; II-ACT Certified • Massage Therapy

9341 West 75th Street Overland Park, KS 913.901.8699

• Far Infrared Sauna • Ion Cleanse Detoxing Footbath • Herb & Supplement Store • Naturopath/Herbalist Services

Dr. Connie's Chiropractic Center Innovative Chiropractic Intuitive treatments without the popping sound

Shamanic Counseling and Healing ♦ ♦ ♦

Free your personal power Move into full Self expression Activate your deepest desires

Diane Davis Reed 6005 Martway, Mission, KS


913-384-5423 “Deep listening for your deepest Self”

When Angels Speak Spiritual Psychic Medium & Channel

Serving as We Are One For individual or group sessions contact: Jackie Mullinax


Elizabeth Hunter-Blank Licensed Clinical Social Worker in MO and KS

Helping Individuals, Couples & Families cope with: Grief and Loss Chronic and Serious Illnesses Relationship Issues Depression and Anxiety 4104 Central, Kansas City, MO Call (816) 582-3877

Jude LaClaire, Ph.D. “Ultimately all phenomena are contained within one’s life, down to the last particle of dust. The nine mountains and the eight seas are encompassed in one’s body, and the sun, moon, and myriad stars are found in one’s life. We, however, are like a blind person who is incapable of seeing the images reflected in a mirror, or like an infant who has no fear of water or fire.” (Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, p. 629) “All the books in the world Will not bring you happiness, But they will quietly lead you Back inside yourself. There you will find all you need, Sun, stars and moon, For the light for which you search Dwells within you.” (Herman Hesse from Bucher, 60) “…enlightenment…is simply your natural state of felt oneness with Being.” (Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment)


he writings of a Buddhist priest in 1275, a German author in the early 20th century and the author of a current best seller all tell us of a belief held by many people throughout history. All of life is in this moment and exists within you. Some would like to call this a new age thought or a pop psychology idea; however, it is rooted in ancient Buddhist traditions beginning with Siddhartha/Shakyamuni Buddha 2,500 years ago. A Chinese Buddhist teacher, T’ienTai 538-597, established a philosophical system on this principle from the Lotus Sutra. He called this principle “a single moment of life comprising three thousand realms.” He explained the theoretical basis for the simultaneous reality of all life conditions, the way they are expressed and the realms in which they exist. This philosophy became the cornerstone for the sects of Buddhism that follow the teachings of the Lotus Sutra. Modern physics also shed light on the idea that everything is interconnected. There is now a scientific notion of oneness. Candace Pert in Molecules of Emotion talks about the role of biochemical messengers that orchestrate conscious and unconscious activities in one moment. What is the implication of this for your mental health and wellness? Just for a moment imagine this truth: all of



October 2011

reality, really eternity, existing in this moment. This would enable you to change the past and create the future all in the moment of now. In this eternal "now" moment, any change — constructive or destructive — can take place. The wounding from past events can be positively reconstructed, transforming pain into peace. Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now, speaks about dealing with the past on the level of the present. He says, “There’s the past in you. If you can be present enough to watch all those things, not critically or analytically but nonjudgementally, then you are dealing with the past and dissolving it through the power of your presence.” The lotus flower is the symbol used by eastern philosophies to represent the simultaneity of all things. It produces the seed and the blossom at the same time just as "cause and effect" are simultaneous. Tolle’s thesis is that if we live in the now, we are not being ruled by the past or escaping into the future — but living a full life in the present, connected to oneself, others and the environment. Try acting as if you believe this and see what difference it begins to make on your mood, your sense of well being and your sense of personal power. If the moment of now is truly all there is, you have the constant possibility of creating your own happiness. You can be engaged each moment in the work of personal transformation. Each moment will be a "present" for you!

Jude LaClaire, Ph.D. LCPC, LCSW is a counselor, educator and author. For counseling appointments, seminars, training, speaking engagements or information on Neurobehavioral Programs call 913-322-5622. For more information about Jude LaClaire or the Kansas City Holistic Centre, go to

wisdom within

The Conscious Traveler Suzette Scholtes


n the 10 years since 9/11, my travels through the airways have been smooth and easy. To become a conscious traveler, it helps to be in touch with your attitude and feelings. What I do is try to remain connected to myself, aware of the impact I am creating on others. I offer compassion to the parent of the crying baby, the frustrated attendant or the demanding passenger. Last fall, I sat by a Hollywood producer traveling to LA for Cher’s premier in Burlesque. Pleased I had created the luxury of a free seat between us. we visited while I pulled my homemade sandwich from my carry-on. He eyed my lunch. I offered him half, which he devoured in three bites. The attendant came by and asked where we got the delicious food. “Next time I’ll bring extra to share with the crew,” I joked. The man thanked me for the sandwich and says, “I’m not talking. Need to rest.” I placed my shawl around my shoulders and snuggled down with a great book, more than happy to fall silent.

were only late once. My sister used these tips for her trip to Paris this summer and for the first time enjoyed on-time schedules and NO LOST luggage.

To create more pleasant travel: l. ARRIVE EARLY. Avoid stressing over crowded parking garages and gates. Let someone go ahead of you in line or take a few moments to chat with airline personnel in an amicable way. Trust me, a kind word will create a ripple effect on thousands of travelers.

You may be looking forward to your destination and we know contentment comes from enjoying the journey. If we all check our attitudes when we check our bags, the trip is more pleasant for all.

4. REST BEFORE & AFTER. The body is sensitive to zone changes and air pressure. We try to arrive early before a conference to build a reserve of calm. On returning home, a half day to catch up on laundry and email helps ease the transition to regular routine.

James L. Fleming, M.D. Holistic and Integrative Psychiatry

5. EAT HEALTHY & HYDRATE. Pack healthy food. Fresh fruit digests in 20 minutes and helps keep you hydrated. Drink lots of water.

Combining the best of modern psychiatric treatments with complementary alternative strategies 618 SE 4th St., Lee’s Summit, MO 64063


6. TAKE A FOAM YOGA BRICK. Use it under your feet, behind your lumbar spine, or behind your shoulder blades. Carry an eye mask, a light throw or jacket and an extra pair of socks to keep your feet warm. INDIVIDUALIZED TREATMENT USING: herbs, nutrition, medication (when indicated), detox strategies, meditation instruction, cognitive-behavioral therapies FLEXIBLE RATES: SOME INSURANCES ACCEPTED

22 Years Experience MIND BODY SPIRIT

7. MOVE AROUND. Change your seated posture often and walk around the cabin when permitted.

Shamanic Pathways at White Deer Lodge Daniel Baxley THOTH Endorsed Teacher in The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Offering: Shamanic Healing and Teachings, Spiritual Counseling, Sacred Stone Massage, Reiki, Craniosacral, Vision Quest, Sweat Lodge, and Workshops

2. MAKE IT MEDITATIVE. Where else, than in church or a spa, are you forced to turn off your computer and cell phone and be alone with your thoughts? Focus on your breathing and your posture to allow yourself to relax. An attitude-of-gratitude goes a long way to attract the positive outcome of a smooth and easy journey. 3. PROGRAM YOUR INTENT. Honestly, the last time I lost luggage — and I travel a lot — was 35 years ago before I learned to meditate. I NEVER lose luggage. I close my eyes for a micro moment when the bags are checked and surround them with white light. I ask my unseen friends to deliver them in good order on the other side. One of my doubting friend's eyes grew like saucers to see our bags come off the belt FIRST after a cross-country trip. We also program our on-time departure/arrival. This is a bit tricky with weather and all, but, in 10 years we

816816-769769-7343 email: Website:

Suzette Scholtes has trained 100s of yoga teachers and reached 1000s of yoga students since 1984. The school is approved by the Kansas Board of Education, providing solid credentials and depth of yoga. or or 913-492-9594. EVOLVING… A GUIDE FOR CONSCIOUS LIVING


October 2011

holistic wisdom

Menopause Nancy Russell, M.D.


n her book The Wisdom of Menopause, Christiane Northrup, M.D. challenges conventional medicine. Dr. Northrup says, “The change or menopause is not simply a collection of physical problems to be 'fixed' — whether with hormones or herbs — but a mindbody revolution that brings the greatest opportunity for growth. There is a connection between menopause and a woman’s emotional and spiritual life. The choices a woman makes at this time in her life, from the quality of her relationships to the quality of her diet, either secure her health and well-being for the rest of her life, or put her future at risk.” Menopause is defined as no menstrual periods for 12 months. The time prior to actually stopping your periods and starting to have symptoms of hormonal changes can be 5 to 10 years. This premenopausal time is caused by a decrease in progesterone and therefore the estrogen hormone is dominant. Estrogen dominant symptoms can include: irregular menstrual periods, excessive bleeding with periods, bloating, breast swelling and tenderness, mood swings like irritability and depression, weight gain around the middle

and hips, and premenstrual headaches. Other estrogen-dominant symptoms include ovarian cysts, cystic and lumpy breasts, endometriosis, anxiety and easy to anger. Some women have minimal symptoms of pre-menopause and glide through gracefully. These women handle stress well, have a healthy life style and positive relationships. The next step in the “change” is to stop having menstrual periods while estrogen drops off rapidly over a few weeks to months. Low estrogen symptoms can include: hot flashes, night sweats, non-restful sleep, heart palpitations, fuzzy thinking, vaginal dryness, low sex drive and moodiness. Low testosterone often accompanies or precedes the drop in estrogen and can cause symptoms of decreased sex drive, decreased overall energy and stamina, decreased ability to build muscle and thinning pubic hair. All of these varied symptoms can be caused due to stress on the thyroid and adrenal glands, as well as the brain neurotransmitters during pre and post menopause. With our stressful life styles, many women start into menopause with exhausted resources. The most common

kansas city’s ONLY holistic medical spa October Special! 30% OFF Acupuncture Packages ▪ Weight Loss ▪ Smoking Cessation ▪ Musculoskeletal ▪ Headaches & Migraines ▪ Skin Rejuvenation ▪ Vein Reduction ▪ Infertility

stressors that women may face at this time are: excessive, unremitting worry, anger, guilt, anxiety or fear, depression, excessive or lack of exercise, exposure to toxins, chronic allergies, overwork, late hours, insufficient sleep, surgery, chronic illness or unhealed trauma or injury. Because of the significant impact menopause may bring to women’s lives, there are many and varied treatment possibilities. Start by being proactive and work on lifestyle factors. If you are still experiencing significant symptoms, there are herbs and over the counter natural progesterone creams that can be very effective. Dr. Christiane Northrup’s book The Wisdom of Menopause, has several considerations for menopause, as well as adrenal and thyroid support. If all lifestyle and nutraceutical approaches are not successful, then a balanced approach using individualized bioidentical hormone replacement can be considered. These prescription strength hormones are prescribed by physicians and prepared by compounding pharmacies using extracts from soybeans and yams. The molecular structure of these hormones is designed to be an exact match to the human body. These bio-identical hormones can be given in several forms, including capsules, troches, creams or suppositories. Even though they are natural, monitoring of hormone levels is advised as well as annual gynecology exams. Side effects can occur, so normal precautions and close monitoring by a physician is recommended. When it comes to hormone replacement therapy, the science we look to for answers can be inconsistent, influenced by market forces and confusing to researchers, physicians and patients alike. As Dr. Northrup says, “The blessing is that this dilemma

Sports & Physical Medicine Skin Rejuvenation & Anti-Aging Massage Therapy Private & Group Yoga, Xtend Barre® & Pilates Classes 1:1 Pilates Reformer Training

Physician owned and operated

816.256.4564 6236 Main Street in Brookside ThriveKC



October 2011

forces us to tune in more fully to our inner wisdom, and to make our choices in full partnership with our intuition and intellect. This approach to menopause is the essence of feminine wisdom.” Approaching menopause in not an easy, one-size-fits all answer. Some women may need or want hormone replacement therapy, some simply don’t! In my practice of medicine, I enjoy a partnership with women on their journey through menopause, assessing their individual situations, educating about the details, and guiding them in their choices. The choices may be nutritional and herbal support, thyroid and adrenal support, neurotransmitter support, prescription hormones, emotional and spiritual growth or a combination of these approaches. My recommendations are: educate yourself, add a large dose of intuition, prayer and meditation, feed and exercise your body well. Yes, you can proceed through this transition with boldness, poise and grace. Nancy Russell, M.D. is a holistic Internal medicine physician and has practiced in the Kansas City northland for 28 years. Dr. Russell blends traditional and alternative medicine in her holistic medical practice. Dr Russell has been a member of the Executive Board of the American Holistic Medical Association. For more information, visit her website: or call her office at 816-453-5545.


What is Energy Healing By Kim Meisinger WHO


imply put, an energy healer is someone who acts as a conduit for divine energy that is used to correct blocks in the flow of the patient's energy field. In the Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine systems, the energy field is believed to activate all biochemical processes. THE CALL TO SERVE The energy a healer uses comes from one source, God. Because the energy comes from Source, it is All Intelligent and All Knowing and has the capacity to change anything. The healer's authority is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Each healer receives this gift in

a unique and personal way, often as a profound spiritual experience, that leaves one with a desire to serve and honor the gift. TRAINING: ACCEPTING THE CALL The capacity to act as a conduit is dependent upon, among many things, the healer's clarity of mind and openness of heart. The gift needs to be shaped and so the “training” begins. Techniques are learned, theory is assimilated, various states of consciousness expand, faith deepens and subtle perception of energy develops. What starts as an education in one of the many schools that offer training for energy healers, rapidly expands to and becomes essentially an inner personal

and spiritual journey to clean up “the instrument.” This is a process...a life process for those dedicated to this type of service. We are all works in progress. Human kind has always benefited from spiritual healing. However, in the last 40 years, increasing numbers of scientists have been doing rigorous scientific research that helps us to understand more about the phenomenon of energy healing. Author Lynne McTaggart's compilation of this research can be found in her books: The Field, The Intention Experiment, and The Bond. Kim Meisinger is a Kansas City energy healer. Contact her at or 913-685-9939.

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Books 816-523-4440 CREATIVE THINKERING Putting Your Imagination to Work by Michael Michalko

ventional thinking. This is an example of conceptual blending, which is the act of combining, or relating, unrelated items in order to solve problems, create new ideas, and even rework old ideas. It succeeds because it is not possible to think of two subjects, no matter how remote, without making connections between the two. It is no coincidence that the most creative and innovative people throughout history have been experts at forcing new mental connections via the conceptual blending of unrelated subjects.


e are educated to be analytical, logical thinkers. Consequently, we have the ability to make common associations between subjects that are related or at least remotely related. We are far better at associating two things (for example, apples and bananas are both fruits) than we are at forcing ourselves to see connections between things that seem to have no association (for example, a can opener and a pea pod). Jeff Hawkins, in his book On Intelligence, explains how our ability to associate related concepts limits our ability to be creative. We form mental walls between associations of related concepts and concepts that are not related. For example, if asked to improve the can opener, we will make connections between all our common experiences and associations with can openers. Our fixation with our common associations will produce ideas for can openers that are very similar to the can openers that exist. Developing the skill of forcing connections between unrelated things will tear down the walls between related and unrelated concepts. What connections, for example, can you force yourself to see between a can opener and a pea pod?

The function of a can opener is “opening.” How do things in other domains open? For example, in nature a pea pod opens when a seam weakens as the pod ripens. Thinking simultaneously about a pea pod and a can opener in the same mental space will force a mental connection between the pea pod seam and a can opener. This inspires the idea of opening a can by pulling a weak seam (like the one in a pea pod). Instead of an idea to improve the can opener, we’ve produced an idea for a new can design. This idea is one you would never get using con-

MICHAEL MICHALKO is the author of Creative Thinkering, Thinkertoys, Cracking Creativity, and ThinkPak. While an army officer, he organized a team of NATO intelligence specialists and international academics to find the best inventive thinking method. He has expanded and taught these techniques to numerous Fortune 500 companies and organizations. He lives in Rochester, New York. Visit him online at http:// Excerpted from the book Creative Thinkering: Putting Your Imagination to Work ©2011 by Michael Michalko. Printed with permission of New World Library, Novato, CA. 8301 State Line Road, Ste 216 Kansas City, MO 64114

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October 2011

Healing Journeys

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October 2011

Eating Well in Kansas City Healing Foods—by Jane Van Benthusen Heal Your Body, Heal the Planet


cientists once believed we were separate from everything else on earth. We now know that couldn’t be further from the truth. We humans are made of the same stuff as the stars upon which we gaze, the grass we walk on and the very food we eat. With this in mind, how we think about ourselves, treat ourselves and feed ourselves becomes a whole new ball game: every negative thought we hold and reaffirm is also reaffirmed to the universe. Every bad diet choice directly affects the health of the universe, every unkind action or thought towards another has a direct affect on the universe and so on. Making conscious, educated choices every day is the first and most important step in healing the earth and healing ourselves. Making healthier choices in my diet led me to start making healthier choices in many other ways including increased recycling efforts, buying more local, more organic and growing more of my own food. As I moved to a vegan or plant based diet, for the health benefits, I learned that most animal products are detrimental to our environment as well as to our bodies. A UN report concludes that animal agriculture is responsible for 18 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions, more than all transportation in the world combined. But because this is the most under-reported cause of global warming, according to other information; it is possibly responsible for 50 percent or more of the current emissions in the atmosphere. Lowering emissions by eliminating animal products from your life is one of the fastest, cheapest and most effective methods one can take to not only lower global emissions, but to bring about planetary cooling. This is easy for the individual to implement. Eating a plant-based diet to lower emissions requires no infrastructure investments or government rebates. Lowers your monthly costs. Plantbased diets end up reducing monthly costs for consumers immediately. Improves health, lowers weight. A well-planned vegan diet is likely to improve your health and result in a reduction in weight. Cools the planet faster. Reducing emissions through a shift from a meat and dairy-laden diet will bring about more rapid cooling than a reduction of CO2 emissions from any other option.

It tastes great. Often times, upon hearing that I choose to eat a high raw vegan diet people will say, “No meat, dairy or eggs? What do you eat?” My answer is that I eat everything else! My family and I have found there to be an endless variety of foods available and recipes to make all kinds of tasty meals. But what if you don't want to give up meat completely? You can become a more caring carnivore. •

Elect to eat one or two organic, locally produced cuts of meat a week rather than eating cheap processed meat every day. Roast a chicken and live off it for a week, making stock from the bones and eating the leftovers to avoid wastage. Buy organic milk, or try almond, oat, hazelnut, rice or hemp milk. You can easily make your own! Chicken and pork are more carbonefficient and produce less methane than beef. Be aware of other good sources of bioavailable plant based proteins. These include leafy greens, beans, nuts and seeds.

You can heal yourself and help to heal our planet — and you can begin with your very next meal.

Jane Van Benthusen is an alternative cancer thriver. She, along with her husband and youngest son,raw food classes, hosts a monthly potluck dinner in Lee's Summit, MO and offers alternative health support. You can learn more about her and her family at and



October 2011

Eating Well in Kansas City Food… A Path of Awakening—by Natalie George

Eating Live, Becoming Whole — by Kat Bowie

Healthy Weight-Loss Adventure

Living a Juicy Life — Part II



o you gain weight over the holidays? Most studies report that people gain weight over the last few months of the year due to holiday parties and reduced physical activity.

o last month I introduced you to the glories (and fears) of JuiceFasting. I noted how it is great for detoxing and healing the body, mind, emotions and spirit. So now what? What to do with that? Juice-Fasting is a way of giving our bodies all the nutrition and nourishment it needs without asking it to stop its repair work to digest even more food. Ann Wigmore, a pioneer in the Live and Whole Food movement says, “The two causes for all disease are toxicity and deficiency.”

It is October and with Halloween at the end of this month, we are beginning the season of indulgence. I am taking on a new challenge and I hope you will come along with me. I am quite excited about this! My goal is to weigh a healthy 128 lbs by the end of 2011. What is your goal? What is the purpose for this challenge? While exploring what to write this month, I asked myself, “What wants to be expressed? What do I want to communicate?” This weight loss challenge was the answer that came to me.

“When cells are degenerating faster than new cells are regenerating, we experience aging and disease.” Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D., author of Spiritual Nutrition says.

I will stay committed to my health.

I am excited about this because it seems that for the first time in my life, I am not losing weight because: something is wrong with me, I need to fix myself, I want to get someone’s approval, I need to prove something or because someone else told me to. My revealed truth is that I am doing it from a true sense of inspiration.

There is no “cheating” or failing. There are, however, opportunities for me to learn.

I have this sense that my true inner self is encouraging me to take this on and it feels really cool.

This will be an adventure. I do not know how it is going to go or what the next few months will look like, but, I am looking forward to finding out. I will be updating you about progress, pitfalls and challenges in the next few months.

So how am I going to lose the weight? I don’t have a specific diet or exercise plan that I have created for myself but I do have some guiding principles. •

My commitment is to be light about this weight loss challenge; it is an exploration. I am not attached to the outcome of weighing 128 lbs. I am freely exploring this goal. I will not suffer. I am responsible for my experience of this challenge. I intend to bring fun and enjoyment along the way.

I will listen to my body and what it needs.

I will not starve myself. If I’m truly hungry, I will nourish myself in the best way.

This weight loss challenge is a self expression of me and I will keep this thought present for myself as a source of my inspiration.

Natalie George is a Fitness and Nutrition Visionary. She is a certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor and holistic nutrition consultant. She is passionate about empowering people to integrate exercise, nutrition and powerful thinking into their lives. She founded GratitudeKC and is in the midst of bringing Cafe Gratitude to Kansas City. She teaches a new kind of exercise class utilizing spoken affirmations called intenSati and is currently being offered at Unity on the Plaza.

Fasting is NOT starving! More than any other topic, this one tends to generate fears, questions, more fears and more questions. Dr. Kat, you’ve introduced us to some pretty weird things! I have questions! Bring them on…I have some answers for you. Okay, so it’s gaining popularity… but really, though…is it safe? Yes, it is. It is also not to be undertaken lightly. An old adage goes, “Any fool can fast, but it takes a wise person to know how to break a fast.” Going off a fast of any kind requires half the amount of time that you were on the fast for safety and so as not to shock the body. If you are under a physician’s care it is important to consult with that physician, particularly since it is common for medication needs to be reduced due to Juice-Fasting. But I like food! Most people do. You are not going to stop eating forever. It is a vacation for the body. And it is a vacation from having to cook. The flavors of a juice can be as varied as what one might cook. Sweet, savory, tart, tangy, yummy! Won’t I miss eating, chewing? Yes, that can be the case for some people. It is a habitual response. I “chew” my juice which increases saliva flow and gets the digestion process ready for my liquid food. So, okay, does this really work? It depends upon why you are Juice



October 2011

Fasting in the first place. Some people choose to Juice-Fast to heal, to lose weight, as a spiritual practice or to break addictions. It can help with all of these reasons. The level of its “working” depends upon how lightly or deeply you wish to go, what you have to heal, your intention for doing this. And, yes, it can “work.” Remember, Juice-Fasting or any other kind of fasting is not a new concept. It can be safely, effectively and pleasantly done. It has been experienced by millions and is being done by people every day here and around the world. Because it is foreign to our modern-society mind, it needs to be considered carefully and done with an experienced person as a guide. My suggestions are: • Educate Yourself - There are many books out there on the subject of Juice-Fasting – notable authors are Gabriel Cousens, M.D., Steve Meyerowitz, Dr. Airola Paavo, Jay Kordich (remember The Juiceman?), Dr. Ann Wigmore. • Borrow or buy a quality juicer – top brands include, Hurom/Omega, Breville, Greenstar, Champion and others. • Use only organic produce – why put more toxins back into the body during this time? • Talk with someone who is an experienced Juice-Faster. • Attend a class or support group if this is your first time to Juice-Fast or if you are just wanting more details about Juice-Fasting. There are classes and groups here in the Kansas City area. Hope to see you soon. Kat Bowie, Psy.D., is a Clinical Psychologist specializing in Live & Whole Nutrition and the Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit. She is the coorganizer of the Kansas City Raw Food Union Meetup group and co-owner of The Struan Center, LLC located at 4044 Central St. KCMO. For info on her current class, Juicy-Living: Juice-Fasting with the Living Cook or to contact her please go to


Power of Positive Affirmations


o positive affirmations and positive thoughts really work? Does thinking positively about yourself, your external environment and your reality actually produce positive effects and create noticeable change? Can you cure yourself of disease simply by affirming yourself to be healthy and whole? Having a positive outlook can alter your perception of reality which can be beneficial; but, does it actually alter reality per se? This may be the most profound question in the age-old contemplation of consciousness within spirituality, philosophy and even science. What role does consciousness play in the establishment of reality? There are many extreme views on this topic. Western science has traditionally clung to the dualistic concept that subject and object are separate, and there is no room for subjective (i.e., consciousness-based) experience in the scientific “rational” observation of the material world. Taken experientially, this interpretation states that the mind of the human being is simply a passive observer of a reality that is imposed by a totally deterministic external world, i.e. by forces of nature that we have no internal control over. The opposite view, held by many mystics and spiritual practitioners across the ages, is that all experience in this world is created by consciousness; and, that all tangible elements of physical reality are therefore ultimately an illusion. Then there are many beliefs, spiritual, philosophical, and scientific, that place themselves in the middle ground, existing as flexible mediums between these two extremes. One such belief system, celebrated especially by the New Age Movement, is the belief in the “Power of Affirmations” or the power of “positive thinking.” When we make an affirmation, we generate a positive thought, but unfortunately it often doesn’t result in a real difference. Why? More

So what is the deepest core of our being and how do we access it? often than not, the thought is generated in a contrived way and is not genuine. We may tell ourselves that “we are healthy and happy,” but deep down, we might not really believe it. Often, our positive thoughts are just a few thin layers covering a multitude of suppressed negative beliefs generated by fear, aversion, attachments and the like. These negative beliefs can be both conscious and unconscious; but regardless of their specific location in our psyche, they are clearly the obstructing force in any real effect of positive affirmation on our reality. So, positive affirmations can work, but only to the degree that they are truly genuine – that you generate them and sustain your belief in them from the deepest core of your being possible. This means being in touch with yourself, experiencing the true potential of your existence, and then being genuine to that experience.



So what is the deepest core of our being and how do we access it? This is the difficult part. We can use the metaphor of the onion and its many layers. Our deepest core is our true essence, and it is in no way separable from the essence of the Universe. When we peel back the layers of the onion, the layers of negative beliefs, distractions, fears, etc., we can actually reach this core essence and rest in it, naturally and effortlessly radiating energies of love, compassion and healing. The deeper we go, the more layers we peel, the more access we have to our true essence and the more genuine our affirmations can be, for this essence is simply pure openness, love: the true essence of positive affirmation. Often, and especially in moments of crisis, we can become more genuine to ourselves, to our experience of existence. This is the true opportunity presented by crisis. If we keep going deeper, we can start peeling into the depth of our experience, peeling back the layers that obstruct our essence. Then, when the openness is there, love and compassion flow effortlessly as a natural expression of our true nature, and anything can happen.

Dr. Isaac Eliaz is a respected author, lecturer, researcher, product formulator, and clinical practitioner. He has been a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine since the early 1980s. Dr. Eliaz is a frequent guest lecturer on integrative medical approaches to health, immune enhancement, cancer prevention and treatment. Read about the lifestyle changes that are truly valuable to your health and well-being at

October 2011

Simplify Your Life by Loving Yourself By Ricky Yutuc, with Meagan Legler


n the beginning, our true essence was one with all of existence; and, all of existence was pure consciousness, born of love. We are still one with all of existence, and all of existence is still pure love and consciousness. However, many of us have hidden ourselves from our true essence and from the source of all existence — love. Before our brain formed during gestation, our heart beat love throughout our being; our hearts long to re-align with the one-ness of love that creates all that is. Since our souls have danced upon this planet for thousands of years, we have had plenty of opportunities to slowly deviate from being an open channel for source. When we are not properly connected, it is easy to forget that the glory of God lives in everything around us. Forgetting to acknowledge and honor the divinity that surrounds us can produce karmic debts within ourselves as well as karmic ties to other souls in order to teach us a lesson in remembrance of what the true meaning of life is all about (LOVE). Before we arrived on the Earth into this body, our soul made universal contracts; contracts between ourselves and creator, and contracts between ourselves and the souls of others. These contracts help us through the obstacles that we must overcome with unconditional love so that we may be the vessel of love and light that our home needs us to be.

We experience the world through our own perception; in turn, our reality is literally a mirrored material manifestation of the intentions of our conscious or unconscious self — depending on our level of awareness. We experience the world through our own perception; in turn, our reality is literally a mirrored material manifestation of the intentions of our conscious or unconscious self — depending on our level of awareness. From the time of conception, our higher selves utilize every moment to attract wisdom and love to our energetic field. Every issue that we will ever be faced with, lifetime after lifetime until it is healed, will be presented to us in childhood and adolescence, beginning with core issues in our family of origin. Meticulously chosen by our higher selves, the members in our family of origin will present us bountiful opportunities to form good or bad judgments about ourselves and others, emotional responses and behavior patterns. Often people wonder why the same scenarios or outcomes repeat themselves, either with a job, a partner, their health, etc. Coincidence? Absolutely not. These are environ-



ments that you created for yourself in order to make you pay attention. Take a step back, observe these patterns objectively. What aspect, quality or mindset is your subconscious reflecting back to you in such a way that you are required to remedy it? When you find yourself feeling angry, shameful, judgmental, guilty or in a position of blaming or victim-hood, realize this is a gift from your higher self to allow room for compassion, forgiveness and growth. The most important thing to remember is that if you see issues with other people, the issue is with your self; relationships always act as mirrors and we are magnetic. This can be hard to accept; but, once you embrace this truth and are grateful for it, you can make the commitment to forgive and love yourself and watch your life begin to shift. The positive changes will amaze you. The first step to raise our vibration and break free of the negativity that has been holding us down is to decode the message behind our "dramas." Then, release the dramas! With conscious intention, verbalize that you release all emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that do not serve you. Ask that anything less than love and light will transform or leave your energy field. Release all attachment to toxic thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Remember that your ego uses fear to try and trick you into believing that you need them in order to survive. This is a false sense of power. When you are aligned with the

October 2011


We have accumulated dense energy throughout our lives, and this energy dwells in our field blocking the light.

divine love of the universe, your needs will always be met. Repeat the affirmations that you are gently releasing negativity from your field. When you think you have released enough, release some more. We have accumulated dense energy throughout our lives, and this energy dwells in our field blocking the light. Continue to release attachments to your own issues and those of others. Attachment creates expectation, and in doing this work you will find it is necessary to be able to flow with the change as it comes. Align your will with love and with the higher self, and let your will remain only within the integrity of your own energy field to support your own evolution. Set the intention to manifest love and healing in your life; energy always follows intention. It is advisable that you always ask for gentle and easy transition. The work you are doing here is extremely powerful and will begin to show in your life right away. There may be shifts that appear chaotic or confusing; remember that you are "cleaning out" your field for the highest good; and, anything that holds a low vibration unsustainable for future happiness, will find a way out of your life. Be open and willing to allow change to come in, as these changes hold the vibration of love and light. If they don’t make sense now, they will later. “When something evolves, everything around it evolves too.” Sometimes past issues will re-surface; do not be discouraged, they are only occurring because they need to be healed. Your spirit knows that you are now

Laugh at yourself. Laughing releases all that you think is serious and transforms it to nothing but silliness.

Activate the body. Take the time to use the vibrational energies of your physical senses — they are directly connected to all your chakras. When feeling chaotic, smell a rose, the highest vibration of all senses. Taste chocolate.

Still the mind. Listen to music in the key of F, the vibration of the heart chakra, songs that repeat the word LOVE, instrumental music that has recordings of birds and flutes. The high frequencies of songbirds create harmonics that were used in ancient times to heal the body.

Heighten your awareness of the word love. List the things you feel and think love is and you will discover the many different perceptions, creating vibrations that are not in harmony. Simplify these to one or two and eventually you will be living in the one vibration of unconditional love.

Create and manifest your simplified life at this moment, that’s all you have — no past/ no future. Realizing and understanding this core concept will give you purpose to live a simply beautiful life.

equipped to deal with those issues, once and for all. The path to simplifying your life and achieving one-ness begins and ends with loving your self. You are a divine being, a magnificent reflection of Creator. Live in this space of splendor. Do not allow yourself to live in other’s judgments; because, if they see something they don’t like, it is merely their own issue reflected that they have not forgiven and chosen to replace with love. Above all, be present. Enjoy and offer gratitude for every step of your journey to ascension. Ricky Yutuc helps to reactivate, then maintain, the cellular memory of love through vibrational healing and etheric surgery, as well as deepening self-love through crystal healing, Reiki and intuitive counseling—two sessions are usually sufficient. Ricky also teaches these modalities and offers indigo/crystal generation mentoring and hand-crafted bamboo flutes. See the ad in this issue, or contact him at 913.522.1028 or



October 2011

Life… Simplified

By Stephanie Roth


iving a simplified life is a conscious choice, a way of engaging the people, things and activities that make up your daily life. To embody this concept is to face your life newly each day, own your choices and take responsibility for your quality of life. I’d like to offer five suggestions to immediately begin experiencing a simpler life:

Check in with Yourself Every Morning This self check-in gives you the opportunity to decide, and therefore take responsibility for, the events and activities of your day. Living a simplified life is about living your choices powerfully and deliberately, understanding that you have a choice in each and every moment how you react to what is present and what you choose to engage in. Otherwise, your life lives you, often creating victimized feelings of “I have to” or “I don’t have a choice.” Action item:

Life is so full of distractions, technology and noise that we lose our ability to deeply listen and perceive what really matters. When you tune out, you can tune into what is meaningful, juicy and essential in your life.

Check in with yourself at least once a day (several times throughout the day is ideal) to stay conscious with your activities and keep choosing powerfully.

It takes the same amount of time to drive your child to soccer practice whether you’re angry or happy. When you’re in the mindset of “have to,” you are squarely in the throes of victimhood. Instead of grumbling “I have to take my child to practice,” how about trying on “I GET TO take my 18

Action items: •

Every time you think “I have to,” stop. Make a choice, instead, to experience the honor of “I get to” instead of the labor of “I have to.” Don’t just say the words; allow your energy to shift from victimhood to gratitude so you mean what you say.





child to practice.” And really feel into all that statement implies. You get to spend time with your precious child. Make transforming your “have to’s” into “get to’s” a conscious choice that you make newly each and every time.

Life is so full of distractions, technology and noise that we lose our ability to deeply listen and perceive what really matters. When you tune out, you can tune into what is meaningful, juicy and essential in your life. Be discerning in what you give your precious energy, time and attention to. All the guidance you need is waiting for

October 2011

you in the wisdom of your own spirit, if you will only take a moment to still yourself and listen.

Own Your Stuff; Don’t Let Your Stuff Own You

Simply Put:

Action items: •

Create a daily “no technology” period where you don’t make or accept any phone calls (texts, e-mails, etc.) or engage with any electronic devices, including the TV! (I recommend 10 p.m. to 8 a.m.) Create 15 minutes (or more) of quiet time every day where no one will interrupt you, when you will allow no distractions, and you can simply be with yourself and breathe.

Take Your Foot off the Accelerator

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak. ~Hans Hoffman

Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists of the elimination of nonessentials.

Action items: •

Go through your garage, basement and closets. Give stuff away or have a garage sale.

Every time you go to purchase something, ask yourself if you really need it. Imagine life with that new item — do you feel the weight of one more thing? Or does this thing bring you joy and lightness?

~Lin Yutang

You don’t have to live at society’s demanding pace — you create the pace and structure of your life. And by the way, multi-tasking is over-rated! Especially when it takes you out of the present moment and causes you to do six things poorly instead of even one thing well. Slow down. Be present with each task you undertake. The people in your life deserve your full attention. And, remember structure serves a purpose, but only when in balance with its opposite. Too much structure dampens the life force and squelches creativity.

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction. ~E.F. Schumacher

Action items: •

It is so easy to become slaves to our homes, electronic devices and all of the things we accumulate over our lifespan. Take a moment to think about just how much stuff you own. Then think about how much time you spend cleaning, maintaining, organizing and rearranging your stuff. Can you feel the energetic weight of it all? Do you really want to carry that weight around every day? Free up your energy by being very deliberate in choosing what you purchase and what you keep.

Be present with every single person you engage in conversation. This means no texting, no looking at your phone, no checking e-mail, no multi-tasking.

Practice doing one thing at a time.

Schedule unstructured blocks of time for yourself where you get to do whatever you want.

Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. ~William Morris

You don’t have to live at society’s demanding pace — you create the pace and structure of your life. ~Stephanie Roth



If you do these five things, will your life be instantly simple? Not necessarily. But remember, living a simplified life is a choice — just the same as living a complex one is a choice, too. Don’t spend your life waiting for some external condition to be met for you to then be happy, successful or fulfilled. The power lies within you — in your ability to choose. Stephanie Roth is a Priestess, Reiki Master/Teacher, Ordained Minister, Spiritual Counselor and Shamanic Adept. She expresses her sacred work in the world by sourcing and leading workshops, conducting ceremonies, working with clients on emotional/energetic issues, and facilitating the exploration of women’s mysteries, including the Harmonic Priestess Process™. She is gifted in creating sacred space and making esoteric concepts accessible and practical. She uses a unique blend of intuition and mastery in multiple healing and counseling techniques to facilitate those who seek her guidance.

October 2011

fitness directory

spiritual horoscope

October 2011 Aluna Michaels Aluna Michaels is a second-generation astrologer and soul evolutionist practitioner. She also holds a Masters in Spiritual Counseling and has been teaching and consulting for more than two decades. Aluna is available for appointments in her home or by phone. Call (248) 583-1663 or visit

Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) Happy birthday Libra! This will be a month of financial abundance, and also a time of high self esteem. Give yourself a nice gift by looking around your life and drawing limits with people who don’t treat you well. If they won’t change, move them out of your life! Also be on watch for negative inner voices that creep in and try to spoil your good mood. You’ll be able to stop bad trains of thought immediately. This is another step toward continual spiritual bliss!

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N2Paws Offering Doga (doggie yoga): an integrated approach to balance and relaxation for you and your canine companion! Plaza Wellspring Yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonic Meditation and more. 1900 W. 47th Pl, Suite 328, Westwood, KS 816.931.6533; The Yoga School of Therapeutics Kansas State Education Board Approved School 10400 W. 103rd Street, #14 Overland Park, KS 66214 (913) 492-9594; Your Wellness Connection Wellness Club Unlimited Movement & Nutrition Classes, Discounted Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage, Consultations.7410 Switzer, Shawnee; 913.962.7408 Zona Yoga Zona Rosa’s Premiere Yoga Studio, ZONA YOGA, is currently offering Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Restorative, and more! 8741 Dixson, Zona Rosa, KC, MO 64153 816.876.5516;; Element Wellness Daily Group Classes including Yoga, Mat Pilates and XTend Barre. Private Pilates & Group Reformer Sessions. Personal Training. Schedule and online booking: or 816-256-4564. Brookside.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) October is a great relationship month for you! As a Scorpio, it’s always important to completely release the old in order to draw fresh, clean energy into your life. This can mean letting go of past heartaches and starting a wonderful new relationship. Or you could improve your current partnership because you’ve done the spiritual release work and have created an energetic beginning with the same soul. Either way, you’ll be happy and fulfilled! Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) How can you take relationships to the next level? Intimacy can be challenging because you start to feel trapped. Meditate to realize that profound bonding creates new opportunities to explore your soul – and that soul knowledge will give you lots more freedom! This intensifying relationship could be romantic, business, friendship, or it could even be your spiritual bond with God or the Universe. Make a deeper commitment and you’ll be greatly rewarded! Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) You’re always working too hard! If not working, you’re worrying about stuff. This is a good month to start a spiritual discipline of having fun! Play is very spiritually enriching. Spend more time pursuing your hobbies, being with pets, walking in nature, visiting art galleries, laughing with friends. Fun is a form of meditation that will tune you into your intuition. When it’s time to solve problems, you’ll have the solution. When it’s time to work, you’ll be focused and successful! Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) This will be a great business and personal month! You could get a new job, make prosperous associates at work, or get a raise. You’ll also feel peaceful in your home. Be sure to have a place for quiet meditation, so you can stay balanced with all your life excitement. And speaking of excitement, your relationship life will spark with passion! A new connection could begin, or a current partnership will reignite in an unexpected way! Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) Work will be very busy and it’s important to keep your spiritual center. Please meditate



October 2011

each day, even if only for a few minutes. When you feel hectic or stressed during the day, take a few deep breaths and feel your connection with your soul. You’ll be able to get everything done with ease, and it will even be fun! You might also try a more vigorous exercise plan to challenge your body and empower your mind! Aries (March 21 – April 19) Get ready for financial abundance! Meditate on prosperity, remembering that the energy of the Universe is your source for prosperity -not a company, the government or any other person. The Universe has no shortage, so just relax and open to the flow! Make sure you have playtime to soothe your spirit. You might also be starting a new relationship. Put worries aside and have fun! Taurus (April 20 – May 20) Jupiter is blessing you with positive feelings. You’re sending out a light that is blessing others. People will be very cooperative with you – family issues will be smooth, romantic energy will be flowing, work people will praise you. Don’t be afraid to let go of anything that seems to be drifting away, because so much more good stuff will swoop in to replace it! Gemini (May 21 – June 20) You have such snappy comebacks and a great sense of humor, but watch out this month that you’re not too sharp, or even mean! You’ll be irritable, so it’s important to meditate each day so you can flush resentments out of your subconscious. That way you won’t blurt out things you regret. It will also help to get a massage, take extra yoga classes, or find some other form of physical stress reduction. Cancer (June 21 – July 22) Yea! This will be a great month for you in terms of finances, fun and friends! The only thing that could be a challenge is talking with your romantic partner about money. It would be great if you could meditate together and approach the best budget for you both. You’ll be able to pay the necessary stuff, while also being able to play! If single, you could meet a new love interest who shares your goals and values. Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22) You’re feeling confident and strong. Meditate on what changes you’d like to make in your life. It could be about job, family connections, romantic relationships, fitness or emotional outlook. Take time to visualize the way you’d like things to be. Affirm that you can achieve this new reality. Next, ask for guidance about the steps to take. Connect with your intuition each day and you’ll know exactly what to do and when to do it! Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) If you’re having trouble staying positive, or believing things can be great in your life, meditate and see if you’re holding any resentments. Think back over the past two years, and work to release old “junk” that could be cluttering your subconscious. This inner work will free you to attract positive circumstances. You’ll also be able to envision optimistic outcomes since you’ll feel deserving of good karma! The Universe can only give you what you feel worthy to accept!

Include photo or logo, name, brief description and contact info. Will be edited to fit four lines. Due by the 15th of the month. $75 for three months, $120 for six months or $180 for a full year— or 1/2 price with a current display ad. Must be prepaid. Contact

ALTERNATIVE HEALING At the Healing Place, Massage, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Reiki, ChanRi, Chakra Balancing, Astrology, Tarot, Past Life Regression, Intuitive Bodywork (816) 415-2607 Nature Spirit Holistics Energy Medicine expert Author Cathleen Miller—Intuitive therapies, Conscious life counseling, Spa events, seminars 913-499-8514 Justin & Sharon Orth - Spring Forest Qigong Practitioners/Healers and Certified Qigong Level 1 Instructors. EFT (BAS/ADV) -Qigong-Meetup-Group/ (913) 244-0167 for info.

Natural High Wellness Center: Center Colon Therapy, Massage Therapy, Ion Cleanse, Far-infrared Sauna, and more. We are here to help; call us at (913) 901.8699



PAIN RELIEF Learn Bowenwork. Effective manual therapy for pain relief. Easy on the practitioner’s body. Leverage income—work on multiple clients. Ongoing classes. Nancy Pierson 512-750-4012.

LIZ BROWN, Feng Shui expert since 1996

"Inspired Guidance for Great Change" Consultations, clearings/blessings, classes, workbooks. 816-444-2725 SHIFT your House; Change your LIFE! Five-Element Classical Style: Consult/Clearing Ronda Reinke gets Powerful Effective Results! 831-521-0861

PSYCHIC Jackie Mullinax, Mullinax Spiritual Psychic Medium. Channeled readings by phone or in person. $45 for one hour, CD included. 913-206-1294

HOLISTIC RETREATS w/ Author, Holistic Intuitive Cathleen Miller Balancing Hormones & Holistic Life Mastery Colorado - Hawaii - Canada

SHAMANISM Daniel Baxley, Shamanic Healing and Teachings, Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. Sweat Lodges, Workshops. 816-769-7343,

HYPNOSIS/EFT Shelly Wilson, Reiki Master ~ Intuitive, Intuitive offers loving guidance enabling you to heal and grow. Live an authentic life and LOVE yourself in the process! 918-782-4778


New Day Hypnotherapy, LLC Smoking, weight, stress and more 913-908-6907

Diane Davis Reed, Reed Pathfinders Consulting Shamanic Counseling, Bioenergetic Integrative Healing, Psychosynthesis, Red Moon Lodge,, 816-741-0820


Dr. Jay Peters Marriage & Addictions Counselor. Smoking/ Weight Mgmt. Hypnosis. Regression/Past Life Hypnosis 913-339-9591

Teri Higbee, Radiant Living Expert: Expert Weight Loss, Energy Therapies, Prosperity, Empowerment Processes, Clarity of Purpose, Shamanic Astrol.; 913-219-6788.

Raphael Smith, PsyD – Clinical Psychologist specializing in Grief and Pet Loss Counseling, Depression, Anxiety, GLBT & Relationship issues. (816) 960-4525 or

Annola M. Charity. Certified. Louise Hay, “Heal Your Life” teacher, inspirational speaker, author, and Life transformation coach. For more info, or

ENERGY WORK Ronnie Wilson, Energy Healer, CranioSacral Therapist Creator of Quantum Shift Energetix 913-906-9986

ENTERTAINMENT Karen Elise - Psychic Entertainer & Coach Tarot / astrology - corporate / private events Fun for weddings, birthdays & graduations 913-636-9502 -

classified Want to be a part of a holistic health center? 2 Offices for rent full and/or part time. Looking for holistic health professionals; therapists, massage therapists, body-workers, energy workers, Doctors, etc. to view the facility go to to contact us please call Dr. Kat Bowie 816-812-2364 or Dr. Raphael Smith 816-560-6003.

THERMOGRAPHY BRAS-BRAS--Thermography, --Thermography, Linda Bamber: Breast Research Awareness and Support. Safe, painfree, no radiation. Overland Park. Linda at (417) 770-0451.

NUTRITION & WELLNESS Tamara Creighton, Holistic Nutrition Coach, Cleanse With Friends, and Hawaiian LomiLomi, 913-232-6419 Harness the Purifying Power of Ayurveda— Ayurveda—Chopra Center Endorsed. 3-step purify program provides all natural detox system. Jan Kelly, OTR/LMT 913-706-2284 Ayurveda Practitioner, Stephanie Kieltyka Mohr works to find health & relieve disease with recommendations for diet, exercise and lifestyle.

TRAVEL AMBASSADOR TRAVEL Your full service travel planners 816-554-2300 Lee's Summit or 322-6336 Raymore

YOGA Yoga ~ over 20 years experience. Emphasis on alignment & safety. New and ongoing students. Seeking Solace Yoga Studio, 7501 Mission, PV, KS 913-302-2439

X volving A Guide for Conscious Living

Read Back Issues ~ View Distribution Locations Leave a Comment/Suggestion ~ See Upcoming Themes EVOLVING… A GUIDE FOR CONSCIOUS LIVING


October 2011

events September 30 Elemental Forces of Nature (2nd Class) Connect with the Element of Water and learn to u lize its power. Teachings anchored in Peruvian Shamanism. Second class in 12-month series at Red Moon Lodge in Parkville, 7-10 p.m. Presented by Diane Davis Reed and Lynn Johnson Soulier. Info: Diane at Pathfinders Consul ng, 816.741.0820. October 2 Men's Spirit Gathering w/ Rich Fine For men (18 and up) on their spiritual journeys, 5 p.m. It is non-religious/discipline specific. 816.420.0820. Mys c Treasures, 7711 N Oak Trafficway, KCMO. October 2 Dr. Michel Ulm’s Healing Miracles Service 7:00 pm October 3 & October 8 1:30pm and 7:00 pm Unity Hotel and Conference Center, Unity Village, for more info 941932-3673 October 4 Tuning Forks Learn to use tuning forks to balance the brain hemispheres and clear chakras. Bonus: How to Live in the Heart Space. 7-9 p.m. in Leawood. $20. RSVP: Ricky Yutuc at 913.522.1028 or October 5 Guided Self Healing Meditaon 7:00 PM Experience the ability of each of us to heal using a self healing medita on Core Star Energy Healing 6045 Martway Suite 104 Mission, KS 913-831-4422

Include date, title, text and contact info. Events are due by the 15th of the month. $18 for up to 25 words; $.25 a word after that. Featured events include a boxed frame with a graphic: $33 per column inch. All events are prepaid. Contact October 7-8 Oct 7th, 6-9 PM, Opening of Painngs, Drawings & Photographs, New Work, Joe Bussell, Mary Ann Coonrod & Fred Trease Oct 8th, 8:00 PM, Jerry Dowell Songwiter's Showcase with special guest Forrest Whitlow, ckets suggested dona on of $10 or 913-787-7899 October 8 The Art of Feminine Presence When your Feminine Essence is turned on, you will feel grounded, luminous and juicy while feeling more comfortable with your sensuality and personal power...every day! One-Day Workshop: Saturday 9:00 a.m. 5:30 p.m. Midwest Myofascial Release Center 9200 Glenwood #100 Overland Park, KS. Fee: $150.00 Facilitated by Carol LaRue and Sharon Bowman 913.341.6607 or October 9 Daniel Moler’s Booksigning—Red Mass At Aquarius Books, 3936 Broadway, KCMO, 2-5 p.m.; 816-931-6303. October 9 Tarot 101 part 2 w/ Urban Crone From one of the area's best tarot teachers! $5. Noon-3 p.m. at Mys c Treasures, 7711 N Oak Trafficway, KCMO. 816.420.0820. October 10 America's Intuion Coach Joanna Garzilli herself explains 5 Shocking Reasons why you sabotage Your Own SUCCESS! Join in, at the Stop Wai ng, Start Living Now - Global TeleSummit!

October 13 Mei Zen Cosmec Acupuncture Presentaon Based on Tradi onal Chinese Medicine, Mei Zen is simply the best an -aging medicine around. 6 p.m. No charge, but call 816.256.4564 to reserve your space. Element Wellness in Brookside: October 14 Introductory Teachings in the Pachaku Mesa Tradion At Red Moon Lodge in Parkville, 7-10 p.m. Learn the basic principles and elements of this syncre c spiritual tradi on grounded in ancient Peruvian lineage and offered to you for your own prac ce. Call for direc ons and what to bring: Diane Davis Reed, 816.741.0820. October 14 Enlightened Fun - Psychic Readings Stone Spirit Lodge 309 Westport Road 59pm Kaya Hewi' will be offering Tarot, Aura Brushings & Intui ve Body Readings for $5 - $25. Private readings available: 816-217-3359. More Info: www.KayaHewi'.com October 14-17 Going Clear Weekend Event! Special Guest: Swami Stone, Author Oct.14th/6-9pm &15th/9-6pm North-KC Hospital. 816-912-7494 Reserva ons, Pricing & Books. Readings with Swami 16th/17th-Reserve spot. Tickets/books sold at Mys c Treasure's Gladstone, MO

October 14-17 Solar Installaon Workshop Instructor: Dan Chiras, PhD. You will install a 3.3kW solar array on the roof of Rhythmic Medicine in Olathe, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day. 3 days for $300. Ques ons or registra on: 913-851-5100

October 6 & 20 Jesus, the Gnoscs, and Essenes Discover the story of Jesus and the spiritual tradi ons of his me with Steffany Barton ( 1-3:30 p.m. at Unity of Overland Park. $65/class or $120/session. 913 451-4567 to register.

October 11 Pilates Reformer Jump Board Class 30-minute cardio blast, easy on the body, lots of fun! $15 for new clients, 6:30 p.m. Call to reserve: 816-256-4564. Element Wellness in Brookside:

October 7 Diva Night Sample all of our services for breast health: thermogram demo, reflexology, BioMat detox, ionCleanse foot detox, nutri onal Q&A, DIY Massage Oil or Bach Remedy. Prizes and refreshments. 6-10 p.m. $25 ($100 value) at BRAS in OP; RVSP 785.817.8703.

October 11-16 Healing Miracle Seminar Ordinaon Intensive, Dr. Michael Ulm and Rev. Dell Cates Lee’s Summit loca on, for more informa on or to register: 941-3673 or

October 15 Channeling w/ Katrina & Phil Informa on from Ascended Master Babaji, 6-8 p.m. $10+ Love Offering. Limit 10/ Please RSVP and PRE PAY: Mys c Treasures, 7711 N Oak Trafficway, KCMO. 816-4200820.

October 11 & 25 Core Star Energy Healing Clinic 7:15 pm $20 Experience the benefits of energy healing.6045 Martway, Suite 104, Mission, KS Reserva ons 913-831-4422

October 15 Didgeridoo 101 With Ricky Yutuc at Stone Spirit Lodge in Westport, h'p://, 1-3 p.m. More info: Ricky Yutuc: 913.522.1028 or



October 2011

October 16 Energy and Chakra Healing Rocky and Sara Emily do amazing energy healing with real results. No charge. 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Aquarius Books, 3936 Broadway, KCMO, 7-9 p.m.; 816-931-6303. October 19 America’s Wealth Mentor Linda P Jones says it's me to Be Wealthy & Smart in any economy! Learn from her, at the Start Living Now - Global TeleSummit! October 20 Kirtan With Ricky Yutuc at Stone Spirit Lodge in Westport, h'p://, 79:30 p.m. More info: Ricky Yutuc: 913.522.1028 or October 21 Xtend Barre Boot Camp Developed from a dance/Pilates background, followed by wine and appe zers. 5:30-7:30 p.m. $20 for non-members and $10 for members. Pre-register: 816.256.4564. Element Wellness in Brookside: October 21-23 PRS Psychic Fair All things metaphysical—books, music, crystals, incense, jewelry, artwork, & so much more. Get a Reading. Shop the Vendors’ booths. A'end Lectures. October 22 The Goddess Meengs : Make friends & have fun all while discovering your divine giXs! Live your most beau ful and empowered life. 12-3pm $20. Details: www.KayaHewi'.com 816-217-3359 October 22, 2011 Are You Toxic? 3-5 pm Midwest Myofascial Release Center Introduces: Zrii PURIFY-the total cleanse/ weight loss system; Chopra Center Endorsed. The following are possible symptoms of a toxic body: Fa gue or lack of energy; Overweight; Cravings for sugar, caffeine, alcohol, nico ne, fast food; Thick white coat on the tongue, or bad breath; Diges ve problems; Headaches; Skin disorders; Allergies; Frequent illness (weakened immune system); Anxiety, depression, or other mood disorders; and Mood swings, irritability

Advanced scien fic formula ons, 100% all-natural, gentle ingredients, cellular level cleansing and ancient ayurvedic wisdom. Our 3 step Purify program provides you with an allnatural detox system that cleanses your body. For more informa on: Jan Kelly, OTR/LMT 913-706-2294 9200 Glenwood #100 Overland Park, KS October 23 Red Moon Lodge Sweat Pathfinders Consul ng at Gardens of Delight, 4-9 p.m. Sacred ceremony to pray, cleanse, heal and vision. Reserve your place: 816-308-5450 October 24 Smart Women’s Success Strategies Sheri McConnell teaches women how to achieve financial independence through passionate entrepreneurship. Indulge your passion at the Start Living Now - Global TeleSummit! Oct 28 Tarot Card Night with Jenny Ash 6 PM Suggested Dona on of $25m or 913-787-7899 October 28-30 Weekend Intensive Friday 6:00-8:30 pm Saturday 9:004:30 Sunday 9:00-3:30 Cost for the Weekend: $345.00 The Art of Feminine Presence™ is a series of bodycentered prac ces that will expand your physical and energe c presence and increase your personal magne sm immediately. Join Carol LaRue and Sharon Bowman and enjoy the power of your Feminine Essence! Loca on for Classes: Midwest Myofascial Release Center 9200 Glenwood, #100 Overland Park, KS Carol LaRue: 913-341-6607 or October 28 or 29 Wring from the Body Increase your crea vity and writers blocks thru’ body awareness. Instructor: Professor, writer, dancer Cheryl Pallant. $85 includes lunch. 7 CEUs. 9:30-4:30 at Rhythmic Medicine Studio in Olathe. 913-851-5100 or to register. October 29 & November 5 EFFORTLESS MEDITATION with Dr Jim Fleming 1:30-3:00PM at Core Balance Yoga Center 929 NE Woods Chapel Rd., Lee's Summit, MO For info: 816-2131885 Love Offering


October 30 (3rd Class) Elemental Forces of NatureN Connect with the Element of Water and learn to u lize its power. Teachings anchored in Peruvian Shamanism. Second class in 12-month series at Red Moon Lodge in Parkville, 7-10 p.m. Presented by Diane Davis Reed and Lynn Johnson Soulier. Info: Diane at Pathfinders Consul ng, 816.741.0820.

LIFE OF PRAYER Five Tuesdays 6:30-8:30 p.m. beginning Oct. 25, Unity Temple on the Plaza. To register or for more informa on, call Rev. Eleanor Fleming: 816-353-4080 or email Love offering requested.

November 3 You can be trained in Higher Brain Living™ A'end this presenta on by Dr. Michael Co'on, the creator of H.E.A.R.T. and Higher Brain Living™. Discover how you can become licensed in Higher Brain Living™. 6:30-8:30 in Overland Park. Complimentary if registered before Oct. 27th. More info and to register: h'p:// trainingKC.php.

KIRTAN—A JOY-FILLED, HEART ENERGY EXPERIENCE 2nd Fridays with Mark Gossman, Ricky Yutuc, Gina-nina Namaste, and John Mark Aladeen, 7:30 p..m. at Mark Blanchard's Yoga, Ranch Mart South Shopping Center, 3665 West 95h Street, OP. $10 suggested dona on.

November 4-6 Oracles of Aquarius Psychic Fair Free at Aquarius Books, 3936 Broadway, KCMO,; 816-9316303. Nov. 4: 5-9 p.m. Nov. 5: 10 a.m. –7 p.m. Nov. 6: 11 a.m.–6 p.m. November 11 New Chrisanity for a New World 7 p.m. with Bishop John Shelby Spong. Disillusioned by Religion? Noted author and speaker Bishop Spong will challenge tradi onal Chris anity at this evening lecture. Unity Village, MO. $15. rescuingchris anity

KANSAS CITY RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL September 3 – October 16 Weekends & Labor Day 10am-7pm Plus Columbus Day 10am-5pm

HERBS STUDY GROUP: An informal group mee ng monthly in Lawrence to study HERBS. We will learn about the aspects of each herb: culinary uses, aromatherapy applica ons, medicinal proper es, historical lore, growing and craXing. This group is open to anyone wan ng to learn more about the herbs grown in the garden and in the wild. We meet at 7pm the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Unitarian Fellowship of Lawrence (1263 N. 1100 Rd., Lawrence). $2 fee to cover costs. To sign up to receive updates, email or join our Facebook page (search Good Earth Herbs) ENERGY HEALING SESSIONS FOR CANCER PATIENTS By Appointment. Since 2005 the Kansas City Healing Project has been providing energy healing sessions for cancer pa ents. Our clients have been experiencing a reduc on of their stress, anxiety and pain levels from their treatment and disease. Dona on basis. Contact John Hoefer at 816-718-6358 for details. HEARTLAND COMMUNITY OF MINDFUL LIVING Prac cing mindfulness in the tradi on of Thich Nhat Hanh since 1997, every Monday except holidays at Unity Temple on the Plaza, Classroom C, 7 - 9 pm. Info at or THE CUTTING EDGE - REGISTER NOW! Four 1-2 hour Almine Interac ve Events in April, 2011 (now online) Learn cu]ng-edge cosmic informa on, per nent to your daily life. WOMEN'S WEB An evolving group of down-to-earth, real women of all ages exploring, honoring, and celebra ng Goddess energy through ritual.



October 2011

We meet twice a month in Lawrence. For more informa on, LINK UP AT WHITE DEER LODGE 1st Wed. of every month, 7 p.m. Prayer, medita on and healing in the Pachaku Mesa Tradi on. Free. No experience necessary. Daniel Baxley: 816.769.7343. 4 DAY BIOENERGY HEALING CLINIC First Tues of the month 7-9 PM, Fee: Dona on. Reserva ons: Kim Meisinger 913-685-9939 h'p:// HealingBioenergy/Movies_BLP.html MUSICAL SOUL PORTRAIT Have the ‘divine music of your soul’ channeled, to support you to go gracefully to your next level. A beau ful birthday giX for a loved one! Contact Rama: (603) 731-7676 or SPIRIT SHOW-UP 7 p.m. on the 1st Tuesday of every month in OP to share the energy and joy as Spirit guides us. Love offering. Maitreya: 913.839.8745, h'p:// REIKI CIRCLE Unity Church of Overland Park 10300 An och, OPKS. 2nd and 4th Mondays 7-9 p.m. Love offering. All welcome. Receive a Reiki treatment. For flier: 816-523-4440 WORKSHOPS OF HEALTH AND HEALING With Art Therapist, Dr. Avis Garre'-Bap st. Informa on for yourself or groups: www.avisgarre'.com SACRED RELATIONSHIP 2nd or 3rd Saturday monthly A beginning tantra class for singles and couples to experience the Divine. 7-9pm. Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga teacher. Leawood 816-5234440, For flier with topic and date, LEARN BOWENWORK Manual therapy for pain relief, repe

ve strain, chronic condi ons, athle cs. Works when nothing else does. Ongoing classes OP area: Nancy Pierson 512-750-4012. NCBTMB SACRED WOMAN BELLY DANCE 1st & 4th Thursdays, 7:30-9:00 p.m. with Maya Zahira. Sacred aspects of belly dance class. Aquarius, 3936 Broadway, 816-931-6303,



October 2011

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The October issue of Evolving is about Simplifying Your Life.

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