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Love is Everlasting Better Relationships What if Love Didn’t Have to Be So Hard? The Best Gift This Season is the One Only You Can Give EVOLVING…IN KANSAS CITY


February 2016

Conscious Relationships: An Interview with Tim Freke



February 2016


Publisher’s Letter... Dear Friend: I love myself. I love myself. Years ago I was told to practice these words while looking in the mirror. I admit, it was an uncomfortable feeling at first. Very uncomfortable, actually, and I had a hard time saying it with conviction. But I practiced and repeated the mantra often—sometimes rubbing my chest while I said it aloud and other times consciously breathing in love, while exhaling gratitude. It’s easy to look at another and feel love to the core: a warm, joyful feeling that’s hard to express, yet undeniable that it exists. Why was it so hard to look at myself and express that same deep feeling? Luckily, with practice, I began to believe. And I noticed changes in my life. By loving myself, the love I felt for others took on more depth. Because I could recognize love in myself, I saw it expressed through others more often. I also began seeing people who also loved themselves were mysteriously more drawn to me. It was a subtle shift, but powerful, nonetheless. So with this issue on love, I hope you will start with yourself. As Abraham said, “If we were standing in your physical shoes, that would be our dominant quest: Entertaining Yourself, pleasing Yourself, connecting with Yourself, being Yourself, enjoying Yourself, loving Yourself. Some say, ‘Well, Abraham, you teach selfishness.’ And we say, yes we do, yes we do, yes we do, because unless you are selfish enough to reach for that connection, you don't have anything to give anyone, anyway. And when you are selfish enough to make that connection—you have an enormous gift that you give everywhere you are.”

Love is Everlasting 9

Conscious Relationships An Interview with Tim Freke, Bestselling Author and Spiritual Pioneer 11

What If Love Didn’t Have to Be So Hard? 10

With much love and gratitude for you, our dear reader,

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February 2016



Quantum Love: Use Your Body’s Own Energy to Create the Relationship You Desire Once the initial intense excitement of a new relationship fades, we tend to think there are only two options: chase the impossible dream of recapturing that early magic or settle for a less than fulfilling love life. In Quantum Love, sex and relationship expert Laura Berman, Ph.D., the New York Times best‐selling author of eight books including For Women Only, Real Sex for Real Women, and The Passion Prescription, offers a thrilling alternative—a higher level of love beckoning us to move forward, not backward. Using the essential truth we’ve learned from the study of quantum physics—the fact that at our molecular core, each of us is simply a vessel of energy— she explains how we can use what’s happening in our inner world to create a level of passion, connection, and bliss in our relationships that we never imagined possible. Quantum Love taps the latest scientific and metaphysical research to help you apply the principles of quantum physics to your life in real, sustainable ways. Drawing on her clinical practice and case studies as well as her personal journey,



February 2016

Dr. Berman guides you to:    

Plot your unique energetic frequency of love with her Quantum Lovemap. Work consciously with the energy of your body, heart, and mind. Make four key commitments designed to raise your energetic profile. Bring your frequency into harmony with your partner’s so that you can grow together psychically, emotionally, and sexually.

We can’t go back to the honeymoon phase—and the truth is, we wouldn’t want to. Dr. Berman’s program lets us reach new heights of intimacy as we gain a fuller sense of purpose in life and love. Available: February 9, 2016 Price: $24.99 Format: 6” x 9"; Hardcover ISBN: 978‐1‐4019‐4883‐2

Wisdom Within

Learning New Skills:The 7 C’s BY SUZETTE SCHOLTES


ake a decision and then make it right. There are no wrong decisions. You could go this way or that way, and either way will eventually get you to where you want to be. But in the moment you start complimenting yourself on the decision you are in vibrational alignment with who you really are.” — The Abraham Material When we embrace life with open arms and heart, we are willing to learn new skills. Yet, there are fundamental principles that keep us on track as we explore the new. Years ago I wrote a formula called the 7 C’s. 1. Choose It begins with intent as action follows choice. It helps to understand the “why” of the choice. For example, one may intend to eat more fruits and vegetables. Perhaps you buy a green container to keep them fresh longer and/or make a plan to shop more often to enjoy nutrition that empowers your health.

When stuck on a choice create a pro/con list. Insights blossom when we remain calm. 6. Commit This may be the most important of the 7 C’s. If one commits, for example, to lose weight and falls off the wagon, get back on with conviction and commitment. When commitment wavers we may fall into our ego or sabotage or limited thinking. Commitment helps us to remain in integrity with ourselves and others. 7. Cherish Cherish is one of my favorite concepts. To witness a sunset helps me find beauty and reverence in life. It lifts the spirit, calms the mind, and aligns our whole being to the heart. Give thanks at the day’s end to the Divine love within and all around. Life is a gift to cherish.

Summary: As Abraham wrote, there are no wrong or right decisions (with the caveat to create harm to no one). I 2. Center remember taking the exam for an MBA Daily, before you leave your home, years ago. Ready to pay for classes, I connect to your heart in a moment of realized this choice was not my choice but prayer or meditation. Ask for guidance influenced by another. For me Earth and protection. It does not take long. It is School taught me what I needed to know the intent. If possible, create a longer including four years working for a meditation practice for joyous connection consulting firm to learn all about to love and God. business. Last secret: keep it fun! If there is an element of fun in your day, trust you 3. Create are on the path. To create means to give birth to the new. If you believe you are not that creative, try art, yoga, or read different and inspiriting articles and books. Imagination sets our creativity on fire. A secret to that is your meditation practice. Think of someone like Walt Disney who used his imagination to create whole new worlds. Some thought he was crazy but nothing held him back. Suzette Scholtes’ non-fiction 4. Caution writing won the prestigious When stuck on a new project or skill, “Writers Digest” award. Her be strong enough to ask for help. Find an passions are writing and yoga and expert when a project may be way out of she feels one needs a sense of your league. It is an act of love to ask for humor for both. She founded The help. Yoga School of Therapeutics where she manages one of the 5. Calm region’s prestige teacher training Yoga and meditation teaches us to be programs. 10400 W. 103rd Street, calm at will. Will is yang or action energy Overland while love is yin or heart energy. The Park. www.theyogastudio.com balance is important. Sometimes “not news@theyogastudio.com doing” opens the window to new ideas. 913 492-9594.


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February 2016

Journey to Wholeness

Better Relationships


he holiday recovery period is over and we now have time to reflect on the unfolding new year in a calmer light. Our individual experiences of family and friends during the holiday may be a reminder of the good things and, perhaps, some of the areas that need some work. One of the biggest challenges in any family system is working with ‘triangles.’ A triangle is a three-person relationship system that is the building block of larger emotional systems. The two-person system is unstable as it tolerates little tension before involving a third person. The triangle can contain the intensity without involving another person. A common pattern in the triangle, first written about by Dr. Stephen Karpman in 1956, is the ‘drama triangle.’ There are three roles, unconsciously chosen, in the triangle: the Persecutor who blames, disrespects or attacks the Victim, inviting the Rescuer to defend the victim. People can shift roles within the triangle and often develop other interlocking triangles involving other people. The triangle is an arena where we make an effort to assure our emotional attachments to important others, manage our reactions to too much intensity and taking sides in others’ conflicts. Though the triangle is more stable than the dyad, it creates the odd person out, which is a very difficult position for one to tolerate. Anxiety caused by anticipating being or being the odd person out is a powerful force in triangles. You will probably notice these triangles in your every day life. Most interestingly, everyone develops their own ‘inner family’ of Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer. Think about it. You have a voice that puts you down, criticizes you and may blame you for all kinds of things; the Persecutor. Then, of course, there is the part who never feels good enough, full of flaws, or looked down upon; the Victim. The Rescuer voice chimes in to make you feel better, tell you to cheer up or not to pay any attention to the negative voices. Now that is really enough to make your head swim! Where do all these ‘voices’ come from and what are we to do with them? Our inner voices are most likely those of our family of origin or people in our early



February 2016

BY JUDE LACLAIRE, PH.D. experiences. When there is abuse, neglect or trauma, the messages become more deeply imbedded. They may be repeated in school experiences, and into adulthood in our current family and work environment. It is helpful to know the roots of the voices so we can begin the work of separating the voice from our current way of thinking. We are actually changing old neural pathways and developing new ones as we develop a healthier ‘inner family.’ Once we accept and understand both our inner and outer triangles and the roles they play, we can make choices about what we want instead of the triangle roles. We can be more direct with people in our lives, letting others know when we have feedback, appreciations, constructive criticism or support. That means not talking to someone else about how I am upset or angry or hurt by a third person. That rarely does more than release pressure and does not solve the problem. If someone comes to you, listen to them and encourage them to share the feeling or thought with the appropriate person. This will help build more honest, stable relationships that do not exclude anyone. The “Break the Cycle” website, www.sfhelp.org, gives detailed lessons on working with relationships. Lesson four reveals how to “Spot and Dissolve Divisive Relationship Triangles.” I know your new year will be much happier as you develop healthier habits with new inner voices and better relationships.

Jude LaClaire, Ph.D., LCPC, is a counselor, educator and author. For counseling appointments, seminars, training, speaking engagements or information on Neurobehavioral Programs or Imago Couple Therapy call 913-322-5622. For more information about Jude LaClaire or the Kansas City Holistic Centre go to www.kcholistic.com jude@kcholistic.com.

Holistic Health

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?


o you suffer from tiredness, aching all over, and exhaustion? Do you have non-restful or interrupted sleep? Do you have decreased mental clarity, decreased sex drive, and get more than your fair share of infections? If you answered yes to all of these questions, you may have a condition know as Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia can cause a baffling array of symptoms and is frequently misdiagnosed, or even dismissed, by physicians. Fibromyalgia is a musculoskeletal and sleep disorder that cannot be diagnosed with any specific blood test or laboratory testing. It is diagnosed by criteria set forth by the American College of Rheumatology: 1. Widespread pain or achiness, steady or intermittent, for at least 3 months, on both sides of the body and upper and lower body. 2. Pain on pressing at least 11 of 18 spots on the body known as tender points. Other associated problems can be: irritable bowel syndrome, low sex drive, insomnia, nausea, memory problems, headaches, depression, nervousness, hair loss, numbness/tingling, post-exertion malaise, and chronic sinus, bladder or prostate infections. In my experience with diagnosing and treating people with fibromyalgia, I have utilized a researched protocol by Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D. A good resource for someone with fibromyalgia is Dr. Teitelbaum’s book, From Fatigued to Fantastic, 3rd edition. He discusses one of the theories why fibromyalgia may occur: hypothalamus dysfunction in the brain. Some known triggers for this to happen are: a major stressful event or a series of stressful events such as a viral infection, automobile accident, pregnancy, recurrent infections, death of a loved one, and toxic or chemical exposures. The program to getting better is initiated with the S-H-I-N -E protocol. This 5 step protocol begins with Sleep! Getting a restful, uninterrupted 7-9 hours of sleep is the foundation of getting well. A combination of natural and prescription sleep aids may be necessary to achieve this goal. If this sleep goal is not met, and particularly if high blood pressure is also present, an overnight sleep study with a sleep specialist is a must. H is for hormone balance and support. Due to the hypothalamus gland in the brain being affected, that in turn can produce problems with all the endocrine glands. The result can be low level functioning of the thyroid gland as well as the adrenal and sex glands. These glandular systems can be supported with natural or prescription support. I is for infections and inflammation. Because of the immune system being less than optimal with this illness, it is not uncommon to see either recurrent or frequent infections. These are commonly sinus, bladder, prostate or gut infections. When treated with many rounds of antibiotics, this can lead to other infections like yeast or candida or super infections. Appropriate treatment is based on laboratory testing. N is for Nutrition. Nutritional deficiencies are common due to poor diet and/or not absorbing food in the intestine efficiently. The most common deficiencies are vitamin D, vitamin B-12 and magnesium. High doses of these nutrients may be necessary and sometimes injectable nutrients are recommended.


Karen Harrison, Ed.S.

The 5-Step S.H.I.N.E Protocol

Licensed Professional Counselor Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Reiki Master Teacher Usui Tibetan, Karuna & Kundalini Reiki



S leep


H ormone balance and support I nfections and inflammation



N utrition

www.KarenHarrison.net Karen@KarenHarrison.net 8301 State Line Road, Ste 216 Kansas City, MO 64114

E xercise E is for Exercise. Even though strenuous exercise generally can make symptoms worse, many of my patients report good results with stretching exercises, yoga, pilates, swimming or water aerobics. Start out with only 5 - 10 minutes a day and very gradually increase. In your pursuit to improve your health, I highly recommend the organization, Fibromyalgia Coalition International and its local support groups. They are the nation’s most active organization dedicated to the belief that Fibromyalgia is reversible. For more information, go to their website: www.fibrocoalition.org.

Nancy Russell, M.D., is a holistic Internal medicine physician, blending traditional and alternative medicine in her Kansas City northland practice for over 30 years. For more information on getting to know Dr. Russell, visit her website, www.nancyrussellmd.com or call her office at Nurturing Optimal Wellness at 816-453-5545.




February 2016

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Food Gloria’s Food

Food First

Olé! Real Food!


Alphabet Soup


ake a look at this record cover,” Hubby said as he shoved the album “Olé ELO” in front of my face, and declared, “that’s what women used to look like!” “Before high-fructose corn syrup,” I replied. It turns out that indeed, “Olé ELO” was released in 1976 before the widespread use of high-fructose corn syrup. The other day I found myself saying that in my holistic and functional medicine practice, I primarily treat the imbalance between activity and rest. It was a huge realization for me as well as my friends who were looking forward to unplugging from technology and taking a break from being available 24/7 over the holidays. So how does all of this relate to the theme of this column, Food First? Most of us have experienced making poor food choices because we were too busy: to plan meals for the week, to get to the grocer, to prepare breakfast, to pack a lunch or even to stop and eat. That heat-and-eat, fast food or deli meal is likely packed with chemicals such as preservatives, highfructose corn syrup and flavorings as well as genetically modified organisms which require extra effort to digest, assimilate and eliminate. The liver does not recognize these newcomers to the digestive tract. It spends a lot of energy trying to convert them to something benign that it can eliminate or stores them as fat, usually the latter. One way to start restoring the proper balance between activity and rest is to give our digestive system a break by eating real food, preferably prepared by you or someone who loves you. Hubby and I just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. Over those years he has come a long way in the kitchen. Here’s how he is becoming, and how you can become, more comfortable—and even enjoy cooking for yourself and those you love. 1. Choose food or a cuisine you enjoy. Hubby chose seafood and Indian food. 2. Find simple recipes to start. The internet and The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking by Yamuna Devi have provided him with a wealth of options. Many recipes on the internet are accompanied by helpful videos.

3. Read the recipe from beginning to end before starting to prepare it. This is key. With an overall picture of the recipe, you’ll make fewer mistakes. 4. Make a shopping list, if needed, and acquire the ingredients. Fresh and organic are almost always tastier. 5. Assemble the ingredients. Good recipes list the ingredients in the order they are used. I encourage newcomers to group the ingredients in the order used. For example, if onions and garlic are sautéed together, chop them and put them on a plate. If three different spices are added together, measure them and put them on another plate. Line up the ingredients in the order used. 6. Finally, prepare the recipe and enjoy! Don’t let the lack of kitchen equipment stop you. Most recipes can be made with a cutting board, chef knife, skillet and a silicone spatula. It really can be that basic; however, economical stainless steel pot and pan sets are available. A lovingly prepared meal of real food makes your entire being say “Olé!” and goes a long way to restoring the balance between activity and rest in our lives.



eet a locavore, vegetarian, and Japanese family – all practicing conscientious eating.


with care. As a result, the simpler the food, the easier it is to maintain the course.

Partners from afar

Mom (Momoyo), husband (Fumiyaki), Kathy Hale thinks food is the answer to and their children: So, Mina and Rika most of our problems. Yanigahara have astute observations about She sprouts a mantra, “Food is the best the American diet. medicine. How it was grown/raised, how it Residents of Leawood for the past 2 years, was processed, how it was prepared – is the this native Japanese family has made the key to good health.” transition to our shores but Makes sense. continues to embrace their So Hale put her thoughts age-old culinary customs. into action and opened “We noticed when we first Canihaveabite, an online site came here the food was very that creates real food she salty, much more so than in gathers locally, prepares and Japan. It was also sweeter,” delivers. says Momoyo. Hale says, “We believe in Perhaps the biggest real food and eat the spectrum surprise, “Portion size… Thai Chicken w/ Vegetable of choices. And, when it comes to "Noodles” One of the delivered enormous compared to food, we never see limitations; options from Canihaveabite.com. Japan,” she adds amusingly. we see new ways of creating. So Eating in instead of out is the we prepare weekly dishes that are gluten free, norm for Momoyo, who likes to cook healthy. dairy free and allergy free. We use local grass “A typical breakfast will consist of rice, miso finished meats and pasture raised chickens. soup, egg or fish. This big breakfast is eaten When catering, we use goat cheese, sheep’s together at the table. Lunch is rice, soup, a milk cheese and raw milk cheese. We use pasture raised eggs and real butter. We talk to protein (such as pork or chicken) all nestled the farmers. We can tell you the story behind in a Bento Box that can be packed and carried—much like your lunch boxes. Rice is every dish, from the raw ingredients to the a staple that fills you up and accompanies final deliciously distinctive product. We dinner: beef, often sliced very thin, pork, joyfully taste and test every dish that is prepared. We love what we do, and it shows.” chicken or fish and two vegetable sides.” Tokyo has as much or more variety in food Hale’s interest began in the l970’s on the as the United States – the difference cusp of the food movement that was gaining according to Momoyo, “We do not snack. We momentum. As her interest continued to use salt and sugar sparingly, and eat rice at blossom, designing recipes and offering every meal to fill us up.” delicious food to likeminded customers That hasn’t prevented the Yanigahara’s eventually became Canihaveabite. from enjoying the occasional trip out for It’s beautiful food prepared with love Barbeque–this time without rice! tailored to the way you eat. www. Canihaveabite.com

Juice Man Bethany Klug, DO created HealthSpan out of a deep wish: for everyone to experience vibrant health. We go beyond the conventional pill-for an-ill approach to educate and inspire you so you can successfully make positive steps toward greater health and wellbeing. HealthSpan is also offering some excellent classes to help you add some quick, easy and delicious dishes to your weekly repertoire. Learn more at www.healthspankc.com or 913-642-1900.

We’re all aware that maintaining a healthy diet isn’t easy. Bill Mathews didn’t fall off the turnip truck when he committed to eating better. He simply had an epiphany while watching a television show on juicing. “I don’t normally pay attention to the talking heads but when the subject turned to juicing I started to pay attention and decided to make a radical shift in the way I eat.” That was 15 years ago and Mathews, a professional photographer, juices daily. He also became a vegetarian. “Not just for the ethical reasons but for the health of it,” he says. “Within two weeks of changing from meat to a plant based diet, I felt better.” He doesn’t cook but chooses his dining out spots



February 2016

Kansas City writer, producer, and photo stylist Gloria Gale is a sleuth when it comes to discovering interesting features for the media. Most recently, Gloria profiled area restaurants as a columnist for 435 Magazine and was on KCUR's Food Critics radio program. Want to know where to find the best tastes in town? Contact Gloria: ggale@everestkc.net


Love is Everlasting


ove. What kind of love are we talking about? Romantic love? Sexual love? Love of a loved-one, be it parent, child, sibling or animal? In my work as a psychic Medium, love equates to the positive, goodness-based side of the soul. In life we hopefully live in a loved-based state, which is what greets us upon death. In this article I’ll be addressing our souls as love. With a Master’s Degree in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration, there have been times, aside from my work as a psychic Medium that I have questioned, “Are all souls Love?” I believe we can accept that not all children are created from the culmination of love. And, not all children become loving adults—either by genetics, learned behavior, or the effects of unwelcome experience. There is so much to argue about here, be it scientific or through the ages. But for the sake of this article, let’s presume that all souls are created equal, and at the moment of conception or birth—wherever you are at with this—a pure soul emerges. And let us further presume that all souls equate to love… pure love. Pure love at best is patient, kind and full-of-goodness. This may surprise you; but as a Medium, I see that all souls pass and continue to live in a thriving environment. “But, but…,” you exclaim? I can only tell you what I’ve seen. I’ve not seen anything that would equate to Hell,

BY TRACI BRAY, BS, MA or to Purgatory or any horrific location. This does not mean that that these places don’t exist. Yet in over 30 years of practicing, and having seen cruel people who have passed, I’ve not seen it. I respect that other Mediums I have encountered, speak of forgiveness and how to achieve it after death, and of hierarchies that exist for our good behavior, beliefs, etc. rewarding us on the Other Side. For me, forgiveness seems to have occurred either automatically upon death, or somewhere on the rapid journey between Earth and the Other Side. What I see is simple. It is without presumption. It is as if arriving at a state of love instantaneously occurs upon death of the body. If we die alone, if our death is tragic or unanticipated, if we are ravaged by illness, or if we lived a life full of hatred, our place in-life seems to make no difference in regard to our soul’s life thereafter. There are many words used to identify the place souls travel upon death of the body, Heaven, Paradise, Eternity, The Hereafter, and the Other Side to name a few. Regardless of the name chosen, across all cultures it is a place full of love. As a snake sheds skin, moving into a new season of life, so does the human body—it leaves behind the impure, the no longer needed, and the soul survives. When I began this work, I saw The Other Side as up-there (as if pointing to heaven), or, down-there (as in pointing to

Hell), as if they were separate, far-away locations. But as time continued, what appeared was only Light. I accepted that judgement of the continuation of the soul was not mine to determine, or that of others, and by the time the soul began to move from the physical body, only Love traveled forth. Some of the characteristics common to all beings I’ve seen on the Other Side are:  absence of mental or physical illness or pain equating to impeccable health  freedom from judgement  acceptance of others in contrast to hatred, anger and misunderstanding  negative thinking is gone, with positive thinking replacing it  anger is not an emotion apparent, yet calm understanding prevails  being well-nourished, v. poverty and hunger  eyes are bright, skin is beautiful and bodies are whole, v. ravaged by wounds or illness or malnutrition  no addictions, even when addiction may have been the cause of death Babies and young children appear. The in-vitro come into view, regardless of method of exit from this World. They are cheerful of spirit, and often indicate gratitude to have been created, and

released to move forward. Routinely I’ve seen people who have suffered atrocities that are now whole, comfortable, relaxed and actively participating in a life everlasting. Love that continues is not giddy, sexual, or silly. It feels most peaceful. What becomes of the unkind, the hateful/hurtful? What about those that victimized, maimed or murdered others? All are received in a state of allencompassing love upon passing. Does that mean that the victim must receive the abuser, or that the abuser lurks in-wait of the victim? Not at all. It may mean that neither ever encounter the other on the Other Side, which is an entirely safe place. Concerning animals, I’ve seen them and their keepers reunited. From the dog to the iguana, the goldfish to the pony, animals and other creatures are full-of thriving vibration. Parks exist where people stroll with their pets. Livestock and horses graze in the fields. The lion does lay down with the lamb. Finally, does this all mean that we have full-range to behave in loveless ways, as we wish on Earth, without consequence? Not at all. It is debatable that we would continue to survive as a species without boundaries. Boundaries are created with the concern for goodness. Goodness is love. Love survives. Love is simple, and in weightless simplicity surfaces to the top.

Traci Bray is an “Evidencebased” Medium. She is Certified by The Windbridge Institute of Tucson as Level Five Research Medium, and by the Forever Family Foundation of New York. She earned her Master’s Degree at Western Illinois University. She reads by phone, or in-person from her Kansas City office. Find her at https://tracibray.com, or reach her at 913.940.0754. She posts nearly daily at http:// Facebook.com/ TraciBrayMedium



February 2016


What If Love Didn’t Have to Be So Hard?



met John on a cruise. He had no idea who SARK was or that I had sold millions of books around the world. He told me that he had been deeply in love once before and the honeymoon had never ended. His wife had passed away. And then he told me that he was qualified to adore me. And I thought to myself, “I’m going to marry this man!” A month later, he moved in and we got engaged before our 3-year anniversary.

When I met John, he told me he promised to see me as perfect, and take responsibility for any ways that he didn’t see me that way. I thought this was a really exciting idea until I realized it meant I might have to see him as perfect too! You mean put away all my lists and stop trying to fix him? It turns out that I was making love really hard. I had been carrying around a whole lot of baggage about what it meant to be with someone and what a relationship Love is really hard was supposed to look like. Even in all my wildness I had One of the most wonderful experiences we have in a pretty tame idea of what a relationship was really our lives is loving another human being. Not the supposed to be. storybook kind of love where he always puts the toilet From those pesky inner critics who had been setting seat down and you never fight, but the beautiful love me up to fail from relationship to relationship to the where you share a soul connection that lets you grow rules that I was carrying around (inherited from my and truly expand as human beings. parents and other well meaning people), I really had I wanted that for a really long time but like a lot of been set up to be a relationship disaster. So I set out on us, I had my own pesky inner critics that were telling me a covert love operation to find the love that I was hoping that I wasn’t good was possible for me. From love mentors to support enough. You know groups, I set out on an adventure that would eventually the ones that tell lead me to something more than I had dreamed you are too old, or possible. too fat or too You Can Have More Love More Often skinny, too tall or too short, or too Most people knew me from my National Bestseller whatever to have Succulent Wild Woman where I shared the story of someone really love marrying myself because I knew and promised that I you. Mine seemed would never leave me. And I still stand by that work. to keep whispering But when I dove in deep with John in a relationship that or shouting in my married our souls, I knew that I could be wild and free ear that I would while still being deeply connected to my beloved. probably never find We call the kind of relationship we have created a love anyway so I succulent wild love! We not just our souls married but should probably just give up and stop trying—it just felt also our work, we had the basis for the six powerful too hard. habits that we’ve developed to help people have more love more often. We’ve detailed how to bring these fully What If It Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard? into your life in our new book, Succulent Wild Love: Six Powerful Habits to Feel More Love More Often. If you want to get create more love for yourself, here are four things you can start with right this minute:  Realize no one can complete you. If you want a relationship that feeds your soul, inspires and delights you and invites you to grow - you have to allow both of you to create something bigger than you can alone.  Listen deeply to your own inner wise self. You know more that you think. In fact, you have a very wise internal guidance system that supports you to know what you really want. Sometimes we ignore this system to listen to our head—pick what looks good on paper, do what other people think we should. But you know what you really want. Follow that voice!  Know that inside every conflict is a joyful solution. Every relationship will have fights and disagreements. That’s just part of being human. But when you understand there doesn’t have to be a winner and a loser, one who gets what they want and another who compromises, you can experience conflicts very differently, and that results in deeper connection and joyful solutions.

“If you could begin to fathom all the love that this world holds for you it would break your heart open with joy and delight.”



 See the perfection of your beloved. Sure you’ll do things to annoy each other. Sure you’ll drive each other crazy on occasion. But when you understand that just about everything that drives you crazy is coming out of your own fears you can begin to see your partner as perfect just as they are. It’s not that you don’t have preferences—you do. But those preferences don’t need to result in your feeling and experiencing less love.

More Love Is Available For You With over 25 years of teaching, there is one thing that I know for certain. There is more love available for every single person I have ever met than they realize. If you could begin to fathom all the love that this world holds for you it would break your heart open with joy and delight. So no matter where you have come from, no matter where you are going, no matter what you look like or who your friends are, I want you to remember that there is more love available to you right now. You are beautiful. You are worthy. And you are lovable. Based on the book Succulent Wild Love ©2015 by SARK and Dr. John Waddell. Printed with permission of New World Library. www.newworldlibrary.com

February 2016

SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) and Dr. John Waddell are the authors of Succulent Wild Love. SARK is a best-selling author and artist, with sixteen titles in print and well over two million books sold. Dr. John has been helping individuals and couples lead happier lives for over 30 years through his clinical psychology practice and metaphysical teachings. Visit them online at PlanetSARK.com.


Conscious Relationships An Interview with Tim Freke, Best-Selling Author and Spiritual Pioneer


en Buch: Tim, thank you for joining me today from Glastonbury, England. Besides having authored over 30 books, the latest being The Mystery Experience, you run retreats where you help people experience the mystery, firsthand. And this experience fosters conscious relationships, our topic today. Will you describe these retreats and the “Mystery?” Tim Freke: I have the privilege to run these events all around the world and they are constantly developing and changing. I now call them “The Deep Awakening” because they essentially involve waking up to the deeper aspects of life. The starting point is the simple observation that we’re only superficially awake; we experience life superficially. But, if we look deeper into the nature of life and ourselves, we can become “deep awake.” Then there's a shift in consciousness and the first thing we may notice is that we don’t know what life is. We thought we did but suddenly we’re aware that we don’t—life is a mystery—and that feels like we’re waking up from a dream. During these retreats I take people into that big shift where they experience the fundamental oneness which underlies all the many-ness of things, underlies our own sense of separateness. I call this the “deep I.” Once we’re no longer experiencing ourselves as separate individuals we feel connected to others


and to life. So, I can relate just on the surface or I can look deeper and go, oh, hang on, what’s actually connecting is something deeper than that. When you look deeply enough within another human being and within yourself, your “deep I” connects with their “deep I” and you've got a very different relationship. Buch: That sounds like the definition of conscious relationship. Freke: Yes, I think so. Conscious relationship is, well, how conscious am I? If I’m just in the separateness then not very. But, if I’m aware that, oh my goodness, here’s another soul. Here’s someone full of hopes and fears and on a journey with things they like about themselves and things they don’t and dreams and aspirations and fears. If I see into the depths of this person I see, well, God looking back. I see the universe, itself, connecting with me and then there’s a profound sense of how particular and fragile we are on the one hand and how vast and magnificent we are on the other. The paradox is just beautiful.

journey then of necessity having the ability to forgive is the most important thing. That’s the practical aspect of love and relationship. You step out and forgive Buch: This coming out of our story and yourself and the other and start again but entering back into it isn’t something we do now with more wisdom. In the best just once. It’s a cycle we repeat over and relationships you can really support each over, isn’t it? other and be with somebody who's seen Freke: That’s right. And that’s another the worst of you and forgiven it. You’ve side of our stories—through our stories Buch: In your book you talk about people’s we gain wisdom. You know, I’ve been a bit moved on together, you've become wise stories and how being identified with your of a love junkie since my first awakening. together, and that’s a fantastic thing. story is a hinderance to conscious It’s all been about love. But now, I think, That’s what makes relationship very, very relationship. it’s not. It’s actually a composite that I call deep. Freke: Yes, and, what do I mean by “your “love-wisdom” that we’re looking for in Buch: And worth the effort, I think. Thank story?” Part of it is your own past ourselves and in relationship. Love is not you, Tim, for your time and insights. experience through which you view your just fluffy; it’s deep and strong and you present experience. And that’s can say “no” in a loving way. Conscious To find out more about Tim's life and unavoidable because that’s what you have relationship is saying what needs to be work, his books, and "The Deep to think with. Now, I’m not saying your said, doing what needs to be done, with Awakening" please visit story is bad. I think people’s stories are love and connection. Sometimes we think www.timfreke.com. wonderful. I love that we constantly have the loving thing is, for example, staying in to rewrite our stories in order to grow. a bad relationship and putting up with it But, sometimes we get stuck in our and the unloving thing is stepping away. stories. If I’m just Tim in my story it gets The truth is more complex than that. Both very confining; ultimately I start suffering can be loving and both can be unloving. and behaving badly. Then, you know, I don’t like myself and off I go. Instead, can Buch: Paradox seems to be very important I be both engaged with my story and to our lives and our relationships. aware of the depths of my being that are Freke: It’s essential. Seeing the paradox, not in my story? There’s a sense of the ambiguity, in oneself and the other Ken Buch an artist, playwright, transcendence, but not transcendence of person is absolutely key to a conscious poet, and writer. He is the the story to dismiss it. If I can come out of relationship. It allows you to be tolerant president of the Kansas City my story then I can actually enter into it of yourself and the other. None of us can Friends of Jung and sits on the better and there’s more of a chance that live up to being in a conscious executive board for Whispering my story and my relationships become relationship because we are all on a Prairie Press. He presents healthier ones. I can really be in the journey, moving from unconsciousness to lectures and workshops on relationships with all the ups and downs consciousness. We’re constantly making Jungian Psychology and holds a that every relationship always has. And mistakes and discovering things we Ph.D. in aerospace engineering. I’m in Tim’s story which is also full of ups missed. That’s what wisdom is. If we www.kabuch.com; and downs as everyone’s story is. That’s acknowledge that’s the nature of the ken@kabuch.com


why it’s a story. It would be very boring if it wasn’t.


February 2016

Spiritual Horoscope

February 2016 Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) Happy birthday Aquarius! Dreams come true this year, but even more manifests if you still your mind and focus on positive outcomes. Forgive the past and release negative thoughts! Aquarius is about the future, and that can be bad in the sense of chronic worry. Align your will to see bummer thoughts as poison and say “NO” to them, while energetically saying “YES” to good things you can visualize!

Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) The Universe wants to fulfill your desires and bring good into your life. The blocks you encounter are in your subconscious. What sabotages you from receiving? Meditate on whether you feel worthy of deserving unconditional love and blessings. If not, why not? Challenge the old patterns, since they are not truths, just habitual patterns that can destroyed and replaced!

Aries (March 21 – April 19) Early February can bring work frustrations, so keep your cool! A few minutes of breathing or meditation activates the part of your brain that gives solutions and can get you “unstuck”! Actually, better things can come out of this time that would happen if circumstances were smooth. Later this month, you might meet new friends or get involved in a fun activity. You deserve to play so enjoy yourself!

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) Meditate on balancing relationships with work. It’s easy to be frustrated with your spouse/partner early February. If single, don’t get involved with someone at work, since the flame flares up and sputters out quickly, and then it’ll be weird. Later this month, job offers or good paying assignments come up later this month. Solid relationships will be smoother, and if single, you can meet an appropriate person for a love connection!

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) Relationships go to a deep level, and you can uncover causes of your fear of intimacy. Meditation can remove these

roots and help you heal. You’ll feel safe to love and trust! As you’re in this process, you’ll be vulnerable, so beware of starting fights or jumping to conclusions. Get enough rest and eat well, as this work is tiring. Be gentle with yourself and don’t plan too many activities to distract you from your inner journey.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) Why is it so hard for you to have fun? This month can uncover why you worry so much. Open up channels of communication with your partner/ spouse. Also look at financial planning and creating a livable budget. Cancer is about stability and safety. Make sure you aren’t causing unnecessary drama. You might even let go of or set limits with people who drain you or who step over you r boundaries. Serenity is healing and creates happiness!

Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22) Relationships can be bumpy. Meditate on wonderful things about your partner. Then when you talk, you can be in a place of camaraderie, rather than contention. You can plan ways together to improve the connection. If single, visualize your perfect parter and begin to draw him/her to you. Be gentle with yourself and have enough stress reduction techniques in place. Overthinking tires out the body so be nice to it!

Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) Please focus on gratitude for yourself, and acknowledge how hard you work. Even if things aren't perfect, you’re making so much effort! Talk with trusted friends who can give you a loving reality check. It’s also soothing to be with pets and bask in their unconditional acceptance. At your job, take little spiritual “get-aways”, even if it is retreating to the restroom for a few deep centering breaths. Being busy isn’t an excuse not to nurture your spirit.

Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) Meditation and quiet reflection heals deep wounds that keep you from the relationship fulfillment you seek as a Libra. Get in touch with anger and disappointment, and find healthy ways to release those feelings. Write letters and burn them. Short term trauma therapy works wonders. The Universe brings you a new heart connection or heals a present one, so be willing to heal yourself and it will happen! Also, watch out for impulsive spending during this time.



February 2016

Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) Mars is in your sign, giving you energy and enthusiasm! But it can also make you edgy, so meditate and breathe in order to implement your future vision with as much kindness as you can. You’ll have breakthroughs in negative thinking, and see where you’ve held yourself back. You’ll inspire others toward their selfimprovement, making all your relationships awesome, since everyone is growing!

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) You’re a positive thinker and believe you can create your reality. So if you’re having blocks in manifesting your vision, look into your subconscious for worn out “thoughtforms" that sabotage your future. Meditate, journal and release what you find in there! Confide in friends who’ve mastered their own shadow and can talk about what you find in your depths. Ask for help from the Universe to sweep your mind clean so you can live your truth. You’ll quickly notice improvements in prosperity, friendships and your moods!

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) There’s powerful energy this month to break through mental blocks. You can make progress with self-esteem, relationships and prosperity. Journal about negative beliefs to unearth them and say “No!” to them. The first step of affirmations is to deny and destroy the negative belief system in your subconscious. Pulling the weeds in the mind lets your garden blossom! For every “weed” you extract, at least ten “flowers” grow!

Aluna Michaels is a secondgeneration astrologer and soul evolutionist practitioner. She also holds a Masters in Spiritual Counseling and has been teaching and consulting for more than three decades. Her book “Spiritual Gifts of the 12 Astrological Signs” is now on Amazon in Kindle version and as an E-book on her website. Aluna is available for appointments in her home, by phone or Skype. Call (727) 239-7179 or visit www.alunamichaels.com

Around Town

Food and Drinks

Downtown Overland Park

Lemongrass Thai Cuisine 7316 W. 80th St. 913-385-5566 lemongrasskc.com Local, fresh, authentic Thai foods.

Our new Around Town section is a multi-media introduction to local holistic businesses around the Kansas City area. This month we focus on downtown Overland Park, Kansas. Please check our website for video and additional photos of the businesses featured.

Simple Science Juices 8126 Floyd 913-808-0199 simplesciencejuices.com In today’s society, a fast-paced lifestyle compromises the way we live and eat. But being busy shouldn’t affect our ability to be healthy. Cold-pressed and locally made, Simple Science Juices provides Kansas City with nutritional on-the-go options you can trust.

Health and Body Catherine Basse, Licensed Natural Therapist 7802 Conser 913-593-5427 ahealthtrust.com Catherine Basse is a Licensed Natural Therapist and is Nationally Certified in Integrative Bodywork and Massage. Colon Care Center 7925 Floyd 913-962-6721 rosiematchette.com I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist~Certified Body Ecologist, Certified Healing Food Specialist~Cultured Vegetables available for purchase~Massage therapy available~Ionic Foot Bath

The Tasteful Olive 7945 Santa Fe Drive 913-649-7900 thetastefulolive.com The Tasteful Olive provides Kansas City with fresh olive oils from around the world and aged and naturally flavored balsamic vinegars from Italy. The store also carries gourmet accessory items. Located in historic downtown Overland Park, The Tasteful Olive brings to the area an old world feel, a helpful and friendly staff and quality customer service. The Tasteful Olive is independently owned and operated.

Art and Other Goods Art by Avis and Others 8012 Santa Fe Drive 913-549-3105 artbyavis.com Art by Avis & Others comes to you from Kansas City’s pioneer art therapist, Dr. Avis Garrett-Baptist, in her courageous effort to offer a collection of unique, original, and eclectic handcrafted artworks that simply cannot be found anywhere else in the entire world, including a comprehensive selection of Elizabeth Layton posters, cards, and handbags. Crescent Springs 7317 W. 80th St. 913-341-2044 crescentsprings.net Crescent Springs offers a wide selection of metaphysical goods, classes, and services at affordable prices. InterUrban ArtHouse 8001 Conser St., #209 816-589-8469 interurbanarthouse.org

InterUrban ArtHouse is a non-profit providing arts and entrepreneurial programs in a multi-use community arts space. Ten Thousand Villages 7947 Santa Fe Drive 913-642-8368 tenthousandvillages.com/overlandpark Shop Global, Give Local is a program of Ten Thousand Villages Overland Park. Shop Global, Give Local allows us to foster relationships in our local community through fundraising events and to share our global mission.

Fusion Fitness 7134 W. 80th St., #224 913-787-0761 fusionfitness.com Shock Your Body at Fusion Fitness – featured in Shape Magazine, our classes strengthen & tone muscle while building cardio endurance through unique technique combinations. Fusion Fly Spin Studio now open – spin classes interlaced with Fusion alternate on & off the bikes for a high-intensity, lengthening workout. In Touch Therapeutic Massage 7335 W. 80th St. 913-381-3500 intouchtherapeuticmassageop.com The specialized massage therapists at In Touch Therapeutic Massage are committed to your comfort and satisfaction.

Unique Finds 7140 W. 80th St. 913-642-2468 uniquefindsgifts.com Unique Finds brings you one of a kind, handmade item from communities of faith from around the world, local artisans and those donating items to help support organizations or causes that are in need of financial help.



February 2016

Matt Ross Community Center 8101 Marty St. 913-895-6350 www.opkansas.org The Matt Ross Community Center offers state-of-the-art rental facilities, recreation programs and fitness activities that are designed to help you lead a healthier, more well-balanced lifestyle. Milagro Midwestern Spa & Collective 8006 Foster 913-338-0620 milagromidwesternspa.com Milagro Midwestern Spa & Collective believes that a true spa’s focus is feeling good: mentally, physically and spiritually. They offer simple services using simple natural ingredients. We are a comforting place, with friendly and honest people. Physiques 7330 W. 80th St. 913-481-6696 physiqueskc.com Physiques is a studio for alternative fitness dedicated to advancing optimal physical conditioning, overall health, and total wellbeing. Yoga Gallery 7941 Santa Fe Drive 913-432-5568 yogagallery.com The Yoga Gallery is located in historic downtown Overland Park and offers over 30 classes weekly in a beautiful, peaceful studio space.

RESOURCE DIRECTORY ALTERNATIVE HEALING Dr. Marga Birmingham - Human & Animal Energy/Spiritual/Shamanic Healing; SelfEmpowerment; Consciousness; drmarga.org (808) 429-3064; healing@drmarga.org At the Healing Place ~ Massage, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Astrology, Tarot, Shamanic Healing, Intuitive Readings 816-415-2607 ~ www.atthehealingplace.com Centered Spirit ~ The Holistic solution for chronic and acute health conditions ~ Medical Massage, Maya Abdominal Massage, Cupping, Infrared sauna. 816-225-9393 or visit centeredspirit.com Regina Compernolle, Home Herbalist Courses, Apprenticeships, Women’s Sacred Studies, Astrology, Tarot, Consults, Women Drumming 816-547-0266; SacredEarthArts.com Integrative Therapies by Sarah P. Chapman Aromatherapy Massage, Raindrop Treatment, Vitaflex, Pressure Point Therapy 913-549-0280 www.sarahpchapman.com

COUNSELING Dr. Jay Peters Marriage & Addictions Counselor. Smoking/ Weight Mgmt. Hypnosis. Regression/Past Life Hypnosis 913-339-9591 www.drjaypeters.com Martha Childers, LPC EdS; 816.892.0803 Women, Couples, 50+, LGBT, Aging in Place End of Life Preparations, Financial, Career www.ChildersCounselingService.com Barb Hoffman, MA, LPC, LCSW, in KCMO; 816.561.1116 Indiv./Couples/Family Therapy, Depression & anxiety, abuse & trauma, grief & loss, addictions, relationships. Most insurance. Jennifer Elliott, LPC Collaborative care for adults, couples, & children, depression & anxiety, stress mngmt, divorce, grief & loss. 7501 College Blvd. OP, KS 913-703-3183

ENTERTAINMENT Laura Packer, storyteller, writer, coach Storytelling for families, adults, corp/private events. B-days, weddings, funerals, holidays, classes 781-526-7255 www.laurapacker.com Karen Elise - Psychic Entertainer & Coach Tarot / astrology - corporate / private events Fun for weddings, birthdays & graduations 913-636-9502 - www.KarenElise.com



Maya's Oasis Energy Healing Institute Classes & sessions in Reiki, energy healing, intuitive development, and more. NCBTMB approved courses. www.MayaZahira.com BODY-WISDOM BOOT-CAMP, 21-Day Virtual Cleanse Retreat. For more info or to sign up, contact Kathy Daugherty at 785-633-2424 or www.bodywisdombykathy.com/body-wisdom-boot-camp Holos University Graduate Seminary Studies in Spirituality & Health. Graduate degrees grounded in scholarship, self-development & Research: www.holosuniversity.org

FITNESS AKKA Karate Westport, Midtown/Downtown Teaching Martial Arts for almost 50 years: Kenpo Karate, Tai Chi, and Self-Defense. Free intro class 816-756-1340; www.akkawestport.com

GOURMET FOODS The Tasteful Olive, New rich & thick balsamic in store! Along with 65 other oils & vinegars. Gourmet products galore. 7945 Santa Fe Dr, OP, KS. www.thetastefulolive.com “Friend That Cooks Personal Chefs” offer weekly meal prep for families with busy schedules, food allergies or special diets. 913-660-0790; www.kcmealprep.com

HYPNOSIS/EFT New Day Hypnotherapy, LLC Carol Henderson, CH. Stress, Fears, Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Grief & more. www.newdayhypno.com 913-908-6907 Advanced Quantum Healing Hypnosis Expand your awareness, receive healing Karen Marie, MS, www.co-createnow.com 913-954-9701 intendingmiracles@yahoo.com

Healing Thru Music and Life Coaching For more info. Contact Kathleen (913)206-2151 or Klmamuric@yahoo.com $25.00 per session. Laura Wolf, Transformational Life Coach Unlock Your PASSION, POWER & PURPOSE Counseling, Breathwork, Yoga, Shamanic Journeys www.shamansheartsanctuary.org 913-721-6655 Stephanie Red Feather, the Healer's Healer Transformational life/business/$ coaching, shamanic healing, energy therapies, Reiki classes, women's circles. 913-515-3271, redfeatherconnections.com


NUTRITION & WELLNESS Ayurveda Practitioner Stephanie Kieltyka Mohr works to find health & relieve disease with recommendations for diet, exercise and lifestyle. www.GoWithSteph.com Kimberlin Hypnosis, LLC Kathleen Kimberlin, CHt Smoking/weight loss/childbirth/past life/behavior www.HYPNOSISEMPOWERS.com Call for free consultation (816) 305-8418

PETS N2paws Offering Doga (doggie yoga) An integrated approach to balance & relaxation for you and your canine companion! www.n2paws.com 816-522-7005

REAL ESTATE Chartwell Realty, Soraya Jennings Office: 816-877-8200 Cell: 816-213-7089 www.cashflowrealestateinvestments.com 4141 Pennsylvania Suite 105 Kansas City, MO

SHAMANISM Daniel Baxley Shamanic Healing and Teachings, Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. Sweat Lodges, Workshops. 816-769-7343, www.shamanicpathways.net

SPIRITUAL GROWTH Stephanie Forcier, CT/CAP, Classes, Akashic Record, Source, and Angel Sessions: connect with your infinite nature, 816-260-2438, www.facebook.com/innerwisdomevolution




Kansas City Meditation Group of Self-Realization Fellowship Sunday Service 10AM 10819 Wornall Rd, KCMO http://kcmeditation.com/ 816-799-5544

February 2016

The Yoga School of Therapeutics Kansas State Education Board Approved School 10400 W. 103rd Street, #14 Overland Park, KS (913) 492-9594; www.theyogastudio.com Leavenworth Yoga Co-op Join us at Leavenworth's only yoga studio. Daily yoga classes, massage therapy, and Tai Chi. 913-933-9595 ~ www.LvnYogaCoop.com

WEDDINGS Unity Temple Offering Free Simple Wedding Ceremonies Register at www.simpleceremonieskc.com 707 West 47th Street Kansas City, MO

FEBRUARY 2 C-R-E-A-T-E 12-MONTH WOMEN'S COURSE Tuesday from 6:30-8:30 p.m. (1st Tues. monthly) Transformational women's circle and energy healing education *Members only.* www.MayaZahira.com

FEBRUARY 13 COUPLES MASSAGE Anyone can take this! Give yourself and your sweetie the gift of learning to give each other a massage. $97 per couple. Register 816-523-9140 ext 111. http://wellspring.edu/continuingeducation

FEBRUARY 2 CLEARING AND TRANSFORMING YOUR ENERGY AROUND MONEY Begin shifting your energy around money, freeing you to be more purposeful and prosperous. 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. $25 Vivian Faulkner, Money Coach and Energy Healer (913) 735-3183 Core Star Energy Healing School, 6045 Martway, Mission, KS

FEBRUARY 14 FREE VALENTINE'S DAY WEDDINGS, HOLY UNIONS & VOW RENEWALS AT UNITY TEMPLE ON THE PLAZA Unity Temple on the Plaza will once again offer couples free weddings, holy unions and vow renewals ceremonies on Valentine's Day. Let this once-a-year gift from Unity Temple help make FEBRUARY 4 your special day with that special someone OPEN MIC NIGHT irresistibly convenient and affordable. To reserve 5-9 p.m. every first Thursday. Share your talents your time and chapel or for more information with a warm, accepting audience. Beer and wine contact Christine Garvey (816) 561-4466, available. Unity Village Bookstore and Coffee Shop. email christine@unitytemple.com or come by unityvillage.org/bookstore Unity Temple on the Plaza, 707 West 47th St., KCMO, Mondays-Thursdays from 10:00am to FEBRUARY 6 4:00pm for an on site visit. HOW TO CLEAR YOURSELF & YOUR HOME SPACE FEBRUARY 15 – MARCH 21 Learn to use smoke, sound, liquids, stones, NEUROMUSCULAR MASSAGE symbols, and more to keep your personal and For massage therapists. An evening class. Another home energy fields clean! Offered by Stephanie daytime class begins Feb 22. WellSpring School of Red Feather www.redfeatherconnections.com. Allied Health. $408. Register 816-523-9140 ext 111. http://wellspring.edu/continuing-education FEBRUARY 7 & 13 THE ECSTATIC EMPATHIC ENTREPRENEUR FEBRUARY 16 If you are highly sensitive, feel everything around WEIGHT LOSS WITHOUT WILLPOWER you, and take on other people's emotions, you 6:30PM Learn how you can lose the weight, need this class! Facilitated by Stephanie Red reduce stress, gain energy, instill new behaviors, Feather www.redfeatherconnections.com. improve your life. WITHOUT WILLPOWER—Love Donation FEBRUARY 9 Transcendence ww.transcendencekc.com or (913) CORE STAR ENERGY HEALING CLINIC 387-4631. Experience the benefits of energy healing. 6045 Martway, Suite 104, Mission, KS Reservations 913- FEBRUARY 19 831-4422 7:15 p.m. $20 SPECIAL CONCERT — ELLIS www.CoreStarEnergyHealing.com Friday at 7:30 pm at Unity Village Spend an evening with the award-winning folkFEBRUARY 9 indie singer-songwriter Ellis! She was a featured LOVING YOURSELF: BELIEVE IN DESERVING performer on the Prairie Home Companion this BETTER past December. Ellis’ performances are Join Sharon McGloin and Denise Mills as we transformational and inspiring. Join us in the explore what limits your belief system of intimacy of the Acoustic Alcove, on the campus of worthiness and learn strategies for overcoming Unity Village, 1901 NW Blue Parkway, Unity these limitations. 6-9 p.m. (networking @ 5:30) in Village, MO. For more info and tickets ($15) OP. Only $49; save 20% w/2 or more workshops: AcousticAlcove@gmail.com www.igniteyourlifekc.com. FEBRUARY 19 February 11-14 PSI: STEFFANY BARTON Learn how energy works with your life, body, “Angels Among Us: Connecting to the Other Side”: emotions and spirit. Further, awareness of how Steffany will deliver messages to random audience energy impacts you personally and professionally. members, 7 p.m. at Unity on the Plaza, $10 cash or The presentation of this class is well balanced check. More info: between discussion, lecture and hands on www.PsychicStudiesInstitute.org. experiences. All experience levels will benefit and be enriched by the experience. The intensive is FEBRUARY 20 priced at $300.00, please let us know if you will PRS: ESSENTIAL OILS need to make payments. Learn the power of essential oils. 7 p.m. at Westwood Community Center, 4700 Rainbow Blvd., Westwood, KS. Members free, guests $5. More info: www.prskc.org.


Events FEBRUARY 20 SERAPHIM HEALING TRANSMISSION & CHANNELING 6-8:30PM The Seraphim transmission will allow you to return to your original, energetic blueprint which will support your healing & spiritual awakening. Transcendence ww.transcendencekc.com or (913) 387-4631. FEBRUARY 23 CORE STAR ENERGY HEALING CLINIC Experience the benefits of energy healing. 6045 Martway, Suite 104, Mission, KS Reservations 913831-4422 7:15 p.m. $20 www.CoreStarEnergyHealing.com FEBRUARY 23 FREE CLARITY BREAKTHROUGH CIRCLE FOR WOMEN Tuesday 6:30-8:30 p.m., Maya's Oasis For spiritually-conscious women ready for quantum breakthroughs! Claim your spot! www.MayaZahira.com. FEBRUARY 27 THE GODDESS IN YOUR ASTROLOGY CHART WITH PRIESTESS KIM MACY Discover how the Divine Feminine energy influences your personal Soul Map as seen through the lens of your unique astrology chart. 1pm-5pm Pre-register at www.GoodEarthGatherings.com. $55 Kim@KimMacy.com FEBRUARY 28 REIKI II CERTIFICATION COURSE Sunday all day.Take your Reiki skills to the next level with master teacher, Maya Zahira! CEU's for massage therapists. www.MayaZahira.com FEBRUARY 28 KEYNOTE CONCERT — FREEBO Sunday at 1:30 pm at Unity Village Come for an afternoon of music with awardwinning songwriter and musician Freebo! To folk, rock and blues lovers, Freebo is an icon who has provided the solid bass foundation for Bonnie Raitt, John Mayall, Ringo Starr, and many others. Join us in the intimacy of the Acoustic Alcove, on the campus of Unity Village, 1901 NW Blue Parkway, Unity Village, MO. For more info and tickets ($15) - AcousticAlcove@gmail.com MARCH 1 CLEARING AND TRANSFORMING YOUR ENERGY AROUND MONEY Begin shifting your energy around money, freeing you to be more purposeful and prosperous. 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. $25 Vivian Faulkner, Money Coach and Energy Healer (913) 735-3183 Core Star Energy Healing School, 6045 Martway, Mission, KS


February 2016

MARCH 4-6 MASSAGE FOR PEOPLE LIVING WITH CANCER For massage therapists. A rare opportunity to learn to work with a specialized but large population. $408. Register 816-523-9140 ext 111. http://wellspring.edu/continuing-education MARCH 12 MOTHER EARTH MEDICINE BUNDLES WITH PRIESTESS KIM MACY Make a deep, personal connection with Mother Earth by creating a Medicine Bundle offering to Pachamama. We will also make a personal medicine bag for self or loved ones. 1pm-5pm Preregister at www.GoodEarthGatherings.com. $55 Kim@KimMacy.com ONGOING INDIGO SUPPORT GROUP FREE EVENT Every Wednesday 7-8pm Connect with other Indigo's who are struggling with life, & or addictions who want to learn more about themselves or about Indigos! Love donation. Transcendence ww.transcendencekc.com or (913) 387-4631. THE TASTEFUL OLIVE - 3RD FRIDAY NITES Open until 9 p.m. Food samples, 65 oils and vinegars to taste, music and wine. 7945 Santa Fe Dr., OP, KS. 913-649-7900. www.thetastefulolive.com REIKI CIRCLE Unity Church of Overland Park – 10300 Antioch, OPKS. 2nd and 4th Mondays 7-9pm. Love offering. All welcome. Receive a Reiki treatment. For flier email karen@ karenharrison.net. 816-5234440 ENERGY HEALING SESSIONS FOR CANCER PATIENTS AND VETERANS By Appointment. The Kansas City Healing Project provides energy healing sessions for cancer patients and veterans. Our clients have been experiencing a reduction of their stress, anxiety and pain levels. These sessions are provided at NO COST to the client. Contact John Hoefer at 816-718 -6358 for details. KansasCityHealingProject.org MONDAY ONENESS BLESSINGS 6:30 p.m. at Don and Jessica Palmer’s in Lee’s Summit: theharbor@sbcglobal.net or 816-8061838. Love Offering. Open to all faiths, belief systems, and spiritual practices. SACRED CHAMBERS Free, profound 5-hour process for Transformation, Awakening, and Healing. Dates available for Lee’s Summit or Olathe locations: www.SacredChambersKC.com.



February 2016