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A Guide for Conscious Living


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5 Essentials for a Conscious Holiday Season 10

Happy Holidays!

The Importance of Creating Your Own Holiday Traditions 12

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Plan a Wellness Getaway to Western Nevada


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"Holiday Lights," acrylic on canvas by Christine Lamb. Happy holidays to all!



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THE EASY AIR FRYER COOKBOOK: Healthy Everyday Recipes for People With Diabetes by Kathy Moore & Roxanne Wyss The Easy Air Fryer Cookbook celebrates one of the most celebrated kitchen inventions in recent memory: the air fryer! Packed with 80 delicious recipes for the handy countertop appliance, the book helps readers make fried favorites healthy. Best of all, every recipe has been customized to meet the nutritional guidelines established by the American Diabetes Association making them all diabetes-friendly! The air fryer has revolutionized home-cooked fried foods. By using up to 75% less fat than traditional frying methods, they’ve made foods once strictly offlimits to use accessible and enjoyable for the whole family. And with THE EASY AIR FRYER COOKBOOK arriving on bookshelves just in time for the holidays, it’s going to be a very happy, healthy, and mouthwateringly good season for all!

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Based on Eckhart Tolle’s beloved classic The Power of Now. The Power of Now Journal, opens up the timeless teachings of this modern-day classic, known as one of the most influential spiritual books of our time. The Power of Now Journal incorporates some of the most loved quotes from The Power of Now with lots of space to write and draw, making room for each reader to create a personal, one-of-a-kind “Power of Now” experience.


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Journey to Wholeness

The Wisest Gifts of All BY JUDE LACLAIRE, PH.D.


.Henry in the beautiful story, The Gift of the Magi, tells us about a couple who loved each other so much they sold their most precious things to buy a gift for the other. I read the story again and more deeply appreciated Jim’s love for Della, selling his beloved watch for her much wanted hair combs. Della sold her long, beautiful hair to buy him a fob chain for his watch. O. Henry ends by saying, “But in the last word to the wise of these days let it be said that of all who give gifts these two were the wisest. Of all who give and receive gifts, such as they are the wisest.” The two parts to this story are giving and receiving. Giving selflessly is highly esteemed and encouraged while receiving is less often viewed as praise-worthy, and is misunderstood. Brene Brown, author of many books on vulnerability, writes about this as an openness to “uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.” This is more of the palm-up receptivity to one’s inner experience, people, and external experiences. Taking in something means we have needs, wants and emotions. She says, “If we want to reclaim the essential emotional part of our lives and reignite our passion and purpose, we have to learn how to own and engage with our vulnerability and how to feel the emotions that come with it.” So often in life, and our description of it in books, TV shows, movies, and music, we hear or see the glorification of being tough, unfeeling and surely, not vulnerable. It is thought of as a weakness. Dr Brown asked many people to say what vulnerability meant to them. In summary of these state-

Image by Peter H from Pixabay

“We know that giving can feel good. Much research indicates that giving activates the brain in very positive ways.” ments she says, “ Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage.” We know that giving can feel good. Much research indicates that giving activates the brain in very positive ways. Positive experiences like touch, complements, and social support also give us a neurochemical fix. There is a catch. Our brains are also wired to take in negative experiences more quickly (zero seconds) than positive ones (15-20 seconds.) This negativity bias of the brain helped our ancestors survive. Recognizing danger quickly could save lives. Today the brain’s negativity bias does not serve us as well. It actually increases our stress level needlessly and impairs our happiness, and general quality of life.

The way to change our brains is training them for positivity. Since it takes a positive experience longer to register in the brain it is important to focus on positive things and recognize them when they are present. For example, think about how many times a day you might receive a complement, encouragement, praise, gratitude, or other forms of love, connection or support. Did you recognize these when they happened? Did you receive them by taking the fifteen to twenty seconds to process the information? It is like a good meal. We think about it, we see it, taste it and savor the flavor. It is the anticipation, the multisensory process, and the act of taking it in and savoring it.


Years ago, someone suggested keeping a file of positive things people had said or events in which I had been successful. Recently a researcher mentioned the same idea as a way to help us take in the positive. It does work. Amanda Owen in her book, The Power of Receiving, outlines three steps to help us be better receivers: accept all compliments, count your blessings (have gratitude) and be spiritually naked. Her third step is a short version of the topics Brene Brown covers in depth in her books about vulnerability. It is probably the hardest. As we approach the season of giving, perhaps we should give equal thought to receiving. Both are such important aspects of good mental, physical and spiritual health. Perhaps we can be the wisest ones of all, like the young couple O.Henry tells us about. Enjoy giving and receiving!

Jude LaClaire, Ph.D., LCPC is a counselor and educator at the Heartland Holistic Health Center. She is the author of the “Life Weaving Education Curriculum” that teaches creative, effective, holistic problem solving. For counseling appointments, seminars, training, speaking engagements or information on Neurobehavioral Programs and Imago Couple’s Therapy call 913-322-5622 or drjude@heartlandholistic.com; www.heartlandholistic.com

Holistic Health


Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Spastic Colon BY NANCY RUSSELL, M.D.


ver 60 million Americans, two thirds of them women, struggle with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or also termed spastic colon. A syndrome is a specific collection of symptoms with no known cause. Conventional medicine treats the symptoms of IBS, whereas Functional/Integrative medicine searches for underlying causes to get to the root of the problem. An accurate description of IBS is when the muscles of the intestines spasm and cramp, causing abdominal pain, bloating, gas and with either constipation or diarrhea, or alternating bowel habits. IBS can be triggered by digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances or emotional distress. Digestive disorders can be triggered by repetitive eating; eating the same foods day after day, antibiotic usage, steroid and hormone usage, and repetitive intake of Ibuprophen type medications and proton pump inhibitors, such as Prilosec. This digestive disorder may be called, “leaky gut” as damage to the one cell gut lining leads to food residues as well as infective organisms to migrate into the body which leads to IBS type symptoms. Leaky gut manifests as food allergies, food sensitivities, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), candida or other yeast overgrowth and occasionally parasite infection. Auto-immune intestinal disorders should also be considered such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease. Colonoscopy is useful for diagnosis of these more serious disorders.

treatments to be effective. Ask your medical provider if you can take magnesium if you have any kidney disorders. Emotional issues, especially “buried feelings”, suppressed and unexpressed feelings about things that a person “can’t stomach” or that are a “pain in the butt” can surface as physical symptoms. Physical symptoms often surface as digestive symptoms, including IBS. Researchers at the University of Washington studied 229 women with and without IBS, tracking their stress levels and IBS symptoms for one month. Among women with the diagnosis of IBS, higher levels of stress were linked to worsening of IBS symptoms. “Emotional issues, especially “buried feelings”, The IBS treatment protocols suppressed and unexpressed feelings about things that incorporate strategies that stress and psychological that a person “can’t stomach” or that are a “pain in decrease distress such as anxiety and depression are likely to reduce GI the butt” can surface as physical symptoms.” symptoms. Strategies may include Blood testing for celiac disease malabsorption and auto-immune meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, should always be ruled out, as this disorders of the intestines. relaxation breathing, prayer and is a very damaging disease where Appropriate natural or massage therapy. gluten and all wheat products are prescription treatments can then If you are suffering from IBS or damaging to the intestinal lining. be determined. similar symptoms, remember to Blood testing or food elimination Hormonal imbalances can also search for underlying factors and diets can be helpful in cause symptoms mimicking IBS. work with a functional/integrative determining if foods are causing Low levels of thyroid hormone can medicine provider for a IBS or other symptoms such as lead to constipation as well as partnership in your health and chronic sinusitis, headaches, overgrowth of bacteria in the well-being. fatigue, skin rashes, etc. Blood small intestine or SIBO. Nancy Russell, M.D., testing can differentiate between a Treatment of thyroid imbalance, is a holistic Internal food allergy versus a food even if it is borderline low, can be medicine physician, sensitivity. When food achieved by natural supplements blending traditional and sensitivities, or celiac disease or with selenium, zinc, guggul lipid alternative medicine in other auto-immune disease is and occasionally iodine or her Kansas City present, comprehensive stool prescription medications. northland practice for testing is helpful to determine if Remember to ask to have the over 30 years. For more information on the leaky gut has led to an free T-3 thyroid hormone assessed getting to know Dr. Russell, visit her overgrowth of bacteria, yeast or in the blood tests as well as TSH website, www.nancyrussellmd.com or parasite. Stool testing can also and free T-4. Magnesium can also call her office at Nurturing Optimal assess the need for digestive help with constipation while Wellness at 816-453-5545. enzymes, probiotics and assess for waiting for more specific EVOLVINGMAGAZINE.COM



The view from above at King’s Canyon Waterfall in Carson City.

Plan a Wellness Getaway to Western Nevada PHOTOS AND STORY BY JILL DUTTON


he Sierra Nevada mountains are a focal point in western Nevada, rising from the Great Basin desert floor. In addition to the beauty of the mountain ranges, you’ll find Lake Tahoe with its pristine waters, a myriad of hiking trails and waterfalls, spa treatments, sustainable practices, and a hot springs to discover on a wellness getaway in western Nevada.

North Lake Tahoe


Take a private kayak tour along the shores of Edgewood with Clearly Tahoe Kayak. Clearly Tahoe specializes in offering guided full-service tours and rentals in completely transparent kayaks! You’ll experience depths of up to 65 feet as you paddle along the beautiful Lake Tahoe shoreline.

Carson Valley Just 45 minutes south of Reno and only 12 miles east of South Lake Tahoe, Carson Valley offers an abundance of authentic adventure. Enjoy an easy pace in this valley consisting of four cities nestled near the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains and Douglas County, Nevada. Soak at 1862 David Walley's Hot Springs. 1862 David Walley’s Hot Spring features five mineral hot springs. The geothermally heated groundwater is produced naturally from the earth’s mantle. The swimming pools are heated with geothermal water. Hiking trail at Zephyr Cove.

North Lake Tahoe

North Lake Tahoe spans two states and The author gets a facial at Stillwater Spa. boasts two dozen beaches, 12 ski resorts, hundreds of miles of biking trails, half a dozen Tahoe Resort. Choose from a luxurious communities, and a growing number of nationally recognized human-powered events, massage, facial, body, and salon treatments. races, and festivals. With mindfulness and South Lake Tahoe sustainability at its core, this year-round playground is an ideal setting for the adventure-bound traveler to reconnect with Check-in at Edgewood Tahoe. natural beauty. At Edgewood Tahoe, they’ve crafted new beginnings amongst a storied setting. It’s a Check-in at the Hyatt Regency Lake setting where daydreamers unwind in the Tahoe Resort, Spa And Casino. sand while adventurer-seekers explore the Experience Lake Tahoe from this scenic Sierras. And where both—loungers and waterfront resort, nestled perfectly into the roamers alike—are met with personalized Sierra Nevada. Spend your days exploring the service, unprecedented stewardship, and area’s winding trails, relaxing at the on-site unparalleled accommodations. spa, and dining at the award-winning This award-winning resort is also LEED restaurants before retreating to one of the (Leadership in Energy and Environmental spacious rooms, upscale suites, or private Design) certified that “provides a framework waterfront cottages. to create healthy, highly efficient, and costsaving green buildings, and is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability Indulge in a Stillwater Spa Treatment. Have an unforgettable spa experience at the achievement.” The Lodge at Edgewood Tahoe is a LEED Stillwater Spa, inside the Hyatt Regency Lake silver certified building, with the following achieved projects:  Lake sourced cooling system, by extracting 43-degree water from Lake Tahoe, eliminating use of electrical to cool the water, reducing their carbon footprint.  Use of locally sourced materials, such as the granite sourced from a local quarry, eliminating the impact of long-distance shipping for those materials.

Providing employee bike racks, employee shuttles, and employee locker room showers so that employees can bike and walk to work. Pedestrian and bike-friendly pathways to local commercial areas to reduce vehicle traffic. Significant efficiencies through engineering and landscape design to reduce water usage.

Carson City, Nevada boasts an array of outdoor adventures, fine restaurants, challenging golf courses, historical attractions, museums, gaming opportunities, and a plethora of events and entertainment. Visitors will find plenty of exciting activities and experiences to choose from. In the heart of the action, Carson City is nestled just minutes from worldfamous Lake Tahoe, electrifying Reno, historic Virginia City, and the majestic Sierra Nevada mountain range. 1862 David Walley’s Hot Spring

Tour the Bently Heritage Distillery where they grow 100 percent of the grains used in their products. Like the original distilleries of the old world, Bently uses only grains grown right on their ranch in Carson Valley — in fact, 80 percent are grown onsite making it one of only five estate distilleries in the United States. Bently Ranch sustainably grows and harvests the winter rye, wheat, and barley which is used to malt in-house on their own malting floor. The distillery’s home is the more than 100year-old Minden flour mill which sits proudly on the National Register of Historic Places. Once the largest operating mill in the area, today it’s restored to modern LEED-certified standards. The goal is not only to set a new standard for sustainable production in the state of Nevada but also in the world.

Hike to the Kings Canyon Waterfall. The King’s Canyon Waterfall is a nice waterfall in the spring, and very easy to reach, making it a popular waterfall. Later in the summer, the creek reduces but still offers respite from the heat. Kings Canyon Falls cascades 25 ft. along the creek. If you scramble further up the creek above the falls, you will find a couple more small cascades. From the parking lot, the trailhead is visible. Follow the trail less than 1 mile to reach the waterfall. Other than the elevation gain, the trail is not technically difficult. To extend the hike, take the loop trail for 1.8 miles of exploring. Jill Dutton is publisher of Evolving Magazine. Five years ago she began traveling North America by train (and plane) writing about local foods, wellness activities, and train travel. Follow her travels at www.USAbyRail.blog.

Hiking path to the King’s Canyon Waterfall.


Kayaking on Lake Tahoe with Clearly Tahoe Kayak.

Carson City



5 Essentials for a Conscious Holiday Season BY SAMI AARON


onscious holiday celebrations and environmental action— how are they connected? In 2019, millions of people realized the impact that global warming and the resulting climate crisis will have on the health of our planet and the quality of our lives. Many people are fearful, anxious, and overwhelmed by the news reports and images of uncontrolled wildfires, severe flooding, and beloved animals on the brink of extinction. The big question is: What can just one person do that will make any difference? The answer: In every season, including the holiday season, we can intentionally make choices that benefit this glorious earth and all its inhabitants. This year, make a pledge to speak your heart to

your family, friends, and coworkers to let them know that you care deeply about your holiday impact on the planet. Ask for their help to make this year one that is environmentally uplifting.

planet is one more aspect of a conscious way of living. The suggestions listed here are to inspire your heart and mind to embody the joy of the season from a sense of a deep connection to Earth and all the living, breathing, nurturing, and supportive aspects Where Do You Start? that it provides for our lives. Every holistic choice we make At The Resilient Activist, we will take us one step closer to a focus on Five Essentials for a fully sustainable future. Resilient World. These concepts So settle into a thoughtful address our individual behaviors mood, take a few deep breaths, from a well-rounded, holistic and as you envision your approach. They can be interpreted upcoming holiday celebrations, externally, as culture shifts in see what manifests in your everyday living, as well as imagination through these Five internally for personal emotional Essentials for a Resilient World. and physical well-being. Step 1: Reconnect to Nature This month’s Evolving Magazine is about conscious Important things happen when holidays, and building our you step outside and give the relationship to a healthy, resilient natural world your attention. You


feel refreshed from inhaling the air and connecting with wildlife, trees, plants, and water. Exterior:  Decorate your home inside and out with natural objects or images from nature.  On Black Friday, instead of shopping, team up with REI’s #OptOutside for a day of volunteerism in nature.  Give gifts for visits to parks and other natural places.  Interior:  Spend time in nature to alleviate stress caused by over -planning and over-spending on the holidays.  Allow your mental and physical health to reap the great benefits of fresh air and nature scenes.

Step 2: Respect all Life

produces clear water and breathable air.

The choices you make as you go through your everyday life can Exterior: have a valuable impact on others—  Give gifts of plants, trees, or people, pets, and wildlife, as well gift certificates to native plant as our forests and prairies. You’ll nurseries. notice an uplift in your mood  Cut down your holiday tree at when you set an intention to act a local prairie restoration with compassion for all living site—check with your local beings. parks department.  Purchase a real tree, root ball Exterior: and all, then plant it as part of  Donate money or volunteer the holiday celebration. time and talent for  Switch your internet browser underserved populations, to Ecosia.org, and plant trees human and non-human alike. while you surf.  Purchase compassionately Interior: raised food, such as locally “Important things happen when you step outside  Visualize next year’s grown turkey or ham from a pollinator garden and start to small farmer. and give the natural world your attention.You feel gather native plant lists and  Interior: design ideas. Ask for gifts to refreshed from inhaling the air and connecting with  Respect your own life as you help bring this garden to evaluate what your heart and wildlife, trees, plants, and water.” fruition. mind truly want for the holiday season.  Purchase locally to support  Interior: Steph 4: Revamp our  Schedule time to share old Spending artisans and growers while  Start a daily home meditation family stories and encourage you reduce the carbon practice for clarity on the true each person to bring their How do you spend your money, footprint of overseas meaning of the holidays for favorite. time, energy, and effort? Set an manufacturing, shipping, and yourself and your family. intention to consider the impact delivery.  Make memories﹘crafts, Download the Insight Timer on healthy ecosystems and photographs, or plan shared  Search for eco-friendly gift app or connect with a compassion for others. Look for time with those you love. wrap ideas. meditation teacher. fair trade, sustainably sourced,  Interior:  Practice mindfulness to and cruelty-free products. Step 3: Re-Green the Planet notice what stresses you out  Create homemade gifts that and what makes your heart come from the heart. Exterior: Notice the amount of cement, sing.  Create gratitude gifts to share rooftop, and mowed lawn around  Refuse, reduce, reuse,  Create a gratitude board as a with others—what gift did your house and reflect on what reimagine, re-gift, and then reset to the onslaught from they give you over the last wildlife habitat was there before. recycle. media and advertising. year that touched your heart? When you replenish natural,  Use real napkins, dishes,  Give gifts of time and native outdoor spaces, you glasses, and cutlery rather Celebrating the holidays attention. provide an environment that than paper or plastic. consciously and mindfully can jump start the shifts you’ll make Step 5: Replenish our in your everyday choices Resources throughout the year. You’ll know you’re making a This amazing planet gives us so vital difference to the health of the much: air, water, food, and planet with each simple, conscious shelter. What do you habitually change you make this holiday throw away that could be given season! back to the Earth?

“This amazing planet gives us so much: air, water, food, and shelter.What do you habitually throw away that could be given back to the Earth?”

Exterior:  Take your evergreens to a local tree drop-off site for use as mulch or fish habitat.  Reduce food waste by careful purchasing.  Reduce or eliminate air travel—one of the prime emitters of carbon dioxide— and if you have to travel by air, consider purchasing carbon credits to offset some of your impact.  Compost your food waste either at home or through a residential compost collection company.


Sami Aaron is the founder of the nonprofit, The Resilient Activist, a community resource for those who are fearful, anxious, fatigued or overwhelmed about the climate crisis. Join us for Climate Conversations and more at www.TheResilientActivist.org.



Holiday Seasons: The Importance of Creating Your Own Traditions BY EMILIE JACKSON


ere we are, at that special time of year, when Holiday cheer is contagious for some and depressing for others. While for a lot of people, sliding into Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays brings joy and excitement for others this time of the year can bring stress and anxiety. Although everyone can agree the magic of the Holidays was never about gifts, but rather a celebration of life and family; over the last twenty years and especially over the last decade it is harder to tune out the ads and social pressure of buying gifts over family time. We all want a good deal on a purchase, but at what sacrifice to our soul and culture. For me who has been living abroad for over 15 years, the Holiday Season brings mixed feelings. Being away from my family and my culture have brought nostalgia to its celebration. Since I was a child, I have been curious in learning about traditions and cultures around the world. I had the chance to travel in many countries and this opened my horizon to experience different customs and habits. After College, I decided to live abroad so I could be in full immersion and experience new cultures through a different angle than just vacationing. One thing that I really like about living abroad is the insights you gain into another culture. Once you understand the nuances behind a culture, you begin to understand its meaning to the people who come from there. You may read or hear about another country but learning to interact successfully is key. This experience doesn’t come with great sacrifice though. You leave behind your family; your friends and you often lose your bearings. When I moved to Mexico and then to the United States, I experienced a real culture shock in both countries. The first things that really impacted me when living in another country other than the language barriers are simple things like going to the grocery store. I always say that to introduce someone to a new culture, start with food. While both of those countries celebrate Christmas, the way to celebrate this holiday is very different than we do in France. And the food is a big part of it. When living in the United States, I felt a real connection with Thanksgiving traditions. In some regards and through my very own lens, this holiday felt more family oriented and more spiritual than Christmas in the United States for me. Thanksgiving seemed to be more about sharing a good home-made meal with your family and your friends and being thankful for where you are at in life. In some ways, Thanksgiving felt more like Christmas In France (at least in my family) where everything revolves around family, friends and food. Gifts are also present, but they are not the focus of the celebration.

Having this experience abroad made me think about my own identity, of who I am at the core. After living in different countries, I had to go back to my roots and ask myself what I wanted to keep from the old me the one that left France 15 years ago and the one I have become. I had to redefine simple concepts like “home” and “holiday traditions”. To tell you the truth, you do not need to travel the world to create your own holiday traditions you can do that at any time. Since life is not a constant, these traditions may evolve with time, new additions or changes in your family. Below are some examples on how I re-created my own. A story behind each ornament: this tradition comes from my husband’s family. During his childhood, his mother started to purchase an ornament wherever they were going on vacation for him and his sister. When I moved in with my husband and we decorated our first tree together he showed me the ornaments and told me the story of each one. I liked this so much that we decided to pursue this tradition and buy or create an ornament that represents a place we’ve been together. A culinary experience into my holidays: in France and in Mexico, Christmas Eve is the most important day of celebration of the Holidays. Every year I prepare the typical French dishes that I use to have with my family in France to celebrate the occasion. Because in the US, Christmas day is more important, we eat the traditional meal from New Mexico where my husband is from. When starting the process of creating your own Holiday rituals, you might want to ask EVOLVINGMAGAZINE.COM

yourself the following questions: What would you like to keep or leave from the past? Are there any cultural rituals or ceremonies you may be drawn to, that you did or did not grow up with? If you have a spouse/partner/boyfriend and/ or kids, ask them for input. Think about what you’ve seen around you, at a friend’s house or in movies, is there anything you would like to integrate into your ritual? Remember it’s okay to break the mold and do different and unique things. It can often feel like a lot of pressure to participate in rituals and traditions that don’t feel fulfilling or meaningful for you during the holiday season. The idea of creating your own ceremonies that feels more in harmony with your own value might be another opportunity for you to create the life you’ve always dreamed of. At the end you only have one shot at this life and it’s up to you to design it with meaning and beauty. Happy Holidays!

Emilie Jackson, MS – Born in France and having lived in four different countries before settling in the US, Emilie has a passion for cultures, traditions, and rituals from around the world — especially tea rituals. Emilie is the co-owner of Emilie’s French Teas – a French Tea Room located inside Centered Spirit Cultural and Holistic Center,8131 Wornall Road, KCMO 64114, 816.225.9393, emilie@centeredspirit.com.

Spiritual Horoscope 13

December Horoscope Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21) Happy birthday, Sagittarius! Abundant Jupiter blesses you financially all of this birth year! As money flows in, please budget well. You’ll feel so much more secure, as your careless spending comes from hidden anxiety. When there’s a plan, you’ll have a deep serenity. Mercury is in your sign most of the month, allowing for wonderful common sense, as well as amazing intuitive insights. Take actions when the time is right to manifest your ideas instead of merely leaving them on the abstract plane! Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) Jupiter moves into your sign for a 12 month stay! It’s the planet of abundance, joy, “good karma,” and contentment. Meditate on allowing yourself to receive, since Jupiter wants to bring you gifts and to fulfill your wishes! Let go of the habit of feeling unworthy. Also set goals for the upcoming year. Stretch your imagination and write down “impossible” things! The Universe is full of amazing surprises, and it’s your time to be blessed! Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) If your faith has been challenged, Jupiter’s shift of signs will help you re-connect with the beauty of the Universe. You’ll find new meaning in life and have a lifting of depression. Meditate on forgiveness for yourself, others, or circumstances. Write gratitude lists and read them throughout the day. Surround yourself with friends who cultivate positive thinking. You’ll also feel motivated when it comes to career and with hobbies that you’re passionate about! Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20) Trust your instincts in career. You can have amazing insightful solutions to work problems. These can come in meditation, or during the day as a result of quiet reflection. Remember you have a wise and powerful soul. Don’t underestimate yourself! Make effort to make new friends, or plan time with current pals who have hearts and spirits as big as yours. If an ex-

love wants to get back together, or if you’re thinking of re-connecting with someone, make sure it’ll be a heathy relationship and not a “rescue mission”! Aries (March 21 – April 19) You’re beginning a career high point of a 12 year cycle! Projects or goals you’ve been painstakingly moving toward (especially for the past two years) come to fruition. Keep working with meditation to visualize and feel your success and joy! Explore ideas about tithing to increase your prosperity. Also contemplate volunteering in areas that are deeply meaningful to you. In this way the Universe’s blessings that you’re receiving flow through you toward others and then allow for even more “good stuff” to pour into your life! Taurus (April 20 – May 20) Open your mind to new ways of connecting with spirit. Your mind will be especially peaceful in meditation. You’ll also have waves of deep inner poise that flood you with gratitude. Trust your intuition, since you often see those ideas as “common sense”, but truly they are uncommon and divinely brilliant! Also, relationships will be sizzling and sexy! This can be from physical attraction, but also your capacity for intimate and healthy communication enhances the passion.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) Like your Sag pals, it’s a time of abundance, so revel in the blessings that are coming to you! They can emotional and spiritual as well as financial. Meditate on forgiving old hurts so your heart and mind are fully open to receive everything life offers you now. Seek wise counsel about how to save/invest money and how to pay off debts. Also, start health protocols designed for longevity and not just “quick fix” diets or whatever. If single, you can meet a great new love who’s very smart and funny! Cancer (June 21 – July 22) You can start an amazing, passionate relationship that is also intellectually stimulating! Be open to types of people you normally don’t “go for” — you can be pleasantly surprised. If partnered, issues between the two of you can be resolved with breakthrough solutions. It’s great to meditate together, or at least talk about spiritual or philosophical concepts to create a deeper bond. Healthwise, have fun being physical and don’t obsess about “exercising” — just have a good time enjoying your embodiment and delight in how powerful your body is! Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22) Being healthy can be fun! Explore cool types of yoga, sports, breathing exercises, and the like. Experiment with various vegetables, spices and recipes. Ethnic foods could be especially exciting! Seeking out a great bodyworker can do wonders for your overall health. Repeat positive affirmations about your body. Praise is healing! You can also have a bonus at work, or get a new project/position that renews your enthusiasm. Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22) Jupiter’s change of sign gets you off your own case and helps you have fun! Be aware of the sacredness of play and enjoyment. Be with people who make you laugh. Be silly with kids and pets. Maybe start an art or dance class. Relationships also flourish because of releasing your perfectionism. Your heart is more open for others to love you when


you like yourself! You can also have healing conversations with siblings that clear the air so you feel comfortable together again. Meditation helps you to trust your intuition and to take actions based on inner wisdom.

Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22) Holidays can be bumpy with family issues, but this year is healing and soothing. Meditation helps you feel compassion for them, and for yourself. It’s easy to bring up a positive memory for each person and see their divine self, no matter how covered up it seems to be. Extended family can even become “new friends”. You can also have amazing abundance! You might get a big bonus at work, or just unexpected income in other ways. Let love flow through you and you’ll have wonderful people and circumstances drawn into your orbit! Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21) Energetic Mars stays in your sign, filling you with enthusiasm and passion! You won’t want to wait until January to treat your body well, since you feel good when you eat healthy. You can also start a new relationship. Make commitments to yourself to set fun goals, like traveling to a place you’ve craved going to and set a date! Jupiter’s change of signs helps you feel the energy of affirmations. You won’t just think them or say them. Manifesting your dreams is easy when you have a zest for life! Aluna Michaels is a second-generation astrologer. She also holds a Masters in Spiritual Counseling and has been teaching and consulting for more than three decades. Her book “Spiritual Gifts of the 12 Astrological Signs” is now on Amazon in Kindle version and as an E -book on her website. Aluna is available for appointments in her home, by phone or Skype. Call (727) 239-7179 (no texting please), or text (248) 583-1663 or visit www.alunamichaels.com




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