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INTO THE ZONE Engage the Flow of Life

CALMING THE CHAOS: Help for anxiety and panic attacks


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This month, Evolving Magazine explores a new (to us) topic called, Into the Zone. What is “the zone,” or, as some call it, “the flow”? In Wayne Dyer’s book, Real Magic, he termed the phrase, “Getting to Flow.” The zone, or flow, refers to a point in the creation process when efforts come with ease and spontaneity. It’s that magical moment where an artist or other creative (and we’re all creatives) loses self and becomes fully immersed, absorbed, into the moment—and creates something that almost feels as if it came from outside oneself. Time stands still and concentration is fully engaged. It’s a meditative state, but not necessarily a sedentary one. I experience “zone” moments frequently while writing. I may procrastinate and do everything possible to avoid starting, but once I begin writing (usually with some very low music playing in the background—binaural beats work well, as does Sam Cooke Radio on Pandora, my personal favorite), time slips away and I am absorbed in the project. I mention that even though it’s meditative, it’s not necessarily a sedentary activity. I have felt “in the zone” while gardening, hiking, and numerous other outdoor activities. Knitting, sewing, cooking, and cleaning also invoke a meditative state, a “walking” meditation of sorts. You hear about it with mountain climbers or other athletes who push their bodies past what seems bearable. They break through the conscious realization of pain and the physical body into a place of non-thinking, just being. Into the zone. We’re pleased to offer a variety of articles on this topic. You’ll find advice on calming anxiety (because the zone isn’t achievable while in an anxious state), an introduction to Shamanic Breathwork, the power of Presence, and an essay about one woman’s journey to mindfulness. I hope you enjoy. As Wayne Dyer wrote, “Flow is that kind of an inspiration, one so powerful that all obstacles seem to be removed and we are in love with what we are doing so much that it seems to just flow without any effort from us at all. You can experience flow in virtually anything.”

An Introduction to Shamanic Breathwork


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The Stream Inside of Me

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Journey to Wholeness

Hope, Heart, and Positive Thinking BY JUDE LACLAIRE, PH.D.


he old saying about the glass-half-full or glass-half -empty is taking on new meaning with recent research about hope and positive thoughts affecting our health. Dr. Barbara L. Fredrickson, University of Michigan Department of Psychology, has explored the idea that positive emotions broaden our momentary thought-action repertoire of behavior and build long-lasting personal resources. Negative thoughts have been studied more frequently as it is easier to look at specific stimuli and its effect on us. When we experience something fearful, our body-mind reacts with fight or flight. We respond quickly, perhaps to save our lives. Positive experiences and our reactions to them are harder to measure. Dr. Fredrickson theorized that if positive emotions like joy, interest or contentment were evoked then a person would be more likely to play, to be creative, have the urge to explore, and savor life experiences. People viewing film clips to induce joy or contentment were able to identify more things they would like to do relative to those emotions while those viewing clips of fear or anger could name fewer things. Joy and contentment seemed to broaden their ability to create ideas while fear and anger appeared to shrink those possibilities. When you are experiencing joy, do you see more possibilities for action? When you are fearful or angry, does that tend to stifle your positive response? You may find that having a positive experience makes you feel more joy or contentment in the moment and has the effect or producing a more long-lasting result in how you move forward. There is also evidence that these positive emotions helps us to be more resilient in enduring difficult situations and are better able to move forward after a trauma or crisis. A long term Harvard study with seventy thousand participants has shown that those with a more positive or optimistic outlook (the top quarter) had a 30 percent lower risk of dying from heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease, or infection.


Another long-term study showed that those people who have a more positive and optimistic outlook lived, on average, ten years longer than those with negative views. Think about what you can do to implement this in your life. There is no magic wand to wave or button to press. There are things you can do to change your state of mind and your thought patterns. In a previous Evolving article (Laughter Feeds the Body-Mind, August, 2018) I talked about smiling, laughter and humor as positive tools that can change your outlook and create more joy. Another powerful tool is the practice of reframing. Think of yourself in a traffic jam. You are impatient, angry and stressed. Think appreciation for being able to own a car, listen to music and decide to enjoy the moment as there is nothing you can do at the moment to change the outer situation. There are many ways to help you feel more joy and contentment such as relaxation techniques, mindfulness approaches, guided imagery, and breathing exercises, to mention a few. I teach people how to reduce stress and negative emotions (Neurobehavioral Program) When they are in that calm, relaxed state; I ask them to imagine a searchlight illuminating their problems. People say things like, “They are smaller or more distant or not there at all.” Whether you are by yourself, in a conversation with someone, or working in a group, the positivity to negativity ratio in thoughts, words and behaviors will predict the outcome. The research is in and positive always wins.

Jude LaClaire, Ph.D., LCPC is a counselor and educator at the Heartland Holistic Health Center. She is the author of the “Life Weaving Education Curriculum” that teaches creative, effective, holistic problem solving. For counseling appointments, seminars, speaker’s bureau, or information on Neurobehavioral Programs and Imago Couple’s Therapy, call 913-322-5622 or drjude@heartlandholistic.com; www.heartlandholistic.com

Evolutionary Soul Guide

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Holistic Health

Anxiety and How to Deal with It BY NANCY RUSSELL, M.D.


nxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. It may, however, occur out of the blue without an obvious cause. When you are constantly worried, you may be irritable, impatient, and restless and have a hard time sleeping. Non-stop worrying is hard on your health, causing headaches, tight, painful muscles, and digestive upset. Relationships can suffer as family and friends tire of hearing about your constant concerns. Above is a description of generalized anxiety disorder, or (GAD). Other types of anxiety include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), panic disorder, severe shyness (social anxiety disorder or SAD), and obsessivecompulsive disorder (OCD). Nutrient deficiencies, neurotransmitter imbalances, and hormonal imbalances can cause or make anxiety worse. The most common nutrient deficiencies that can be associated with anxiety are thiamin (vitamin B1), Niacin, vitamin B-6, vitamin B-12, pantothenic acid (vitamin B-5), magnesium, and vitamin D. In high doses, thiamin 500 mg three times a day can be highly effective in treating anxiety. A general B complex can also be helpful. Other nutrients that can be helpful for anxiety are herbal remedies. These include passionflower extract, magnolia officinalis, valerian root, lemon balm, and others. These herbs can be taken in the form of capsules, tinctures, or aromatherapy. Young Living has a new combination roll -on topical aromatherapy called Stress-Away. Essential oils can also be diffused into the air. If you have animals or young children, research which oils are not to be used around them. Neurotransmitter imbalances that are inherited and modified by lifestyle that affect anxiety include high or low GABA, high glutamate, high serotonin, high epinephrine, or norepinephrine (catecholamines). These neurotransmitters can be evaluated by special laboratories using a dehydrated, morning urine sample. When the levels are

“Learning to express your emotions, especially anger and other suppressed feelings, can relieve anxiety.” determined, there are supplements to help balance neurotransmitters that contain specific amino acids, herbs, and co -factors such as B vitamins and magnesium. For example, theanine, an amino acid found in green tea can be a treatment for anxiety. It also can help with mental alertness in doses of 50 to 200 mg. It is calming but not sedating. Hormonal issues that can lead to anxiety can be an overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism), overactive adrenal gland with high cortisol, and low progesterone with (estrogen dominance) or low estrogen. Low testosterone in men can contribute to anxiety. These levels can be evaluated with blood levels or saliva levels and supplemented with bio-identical hormone therapy or herbal treatment. Other avenues to help with anxiety are with counseling to get to the root of the anxiety feelings. Cognitive behavioral therapy, biofeedback, and neuro-feedback are a few types of therapies that can be helpful. A good counselor can teach you relaxation techniques that are very simple to practice while you are doing well,

so when anxiety hits, you will be prepared with some tools to use to combat it. Learning to express your emotions, especially anger and other suppressed feelings, can relieve anxiety. Sugar and caffeine can aggravate anxiety and panic by an imbalance in blood sugar and rattle the nerves. Theaninecontaining green tea is okay because the theanine usually offsets the small amount of caffeine in the green tea. Panic attacks are severe anxiety reactions and often associated with hyperventilation. With hyperventilation, carbon dioxide is blown off which can cause lightheadedness, a feeling of not being able to catch your breath, chest pain, numbness and tingling in the fingers and around the mouth, a spacey or disembodied feeling, or even a impending doom feeling. The reason this serious reaction can happen is often due to buried feelings and usually accompanied with a low magnesium. Repressed anger and other feelings need to be expressed and acknowledged and released without harming others. You can tell when anger is healthy because it feels good to express it.


Also, it’s often a healthy way of standing up for yourself. When it starts feeling bad, release it with deep breathing, prayer time, journaling, using a punching bag or pillow, or ripping up paper, or talking it out with a good friend or therapist. There is a healing power in feeling your feelings and expressing them in an appropriate way. If anxiety, panic attacks, or PTSD are overwhelming and not helped with natural therapies, prescription medication is sometimes necessary. If medication is required, and you would like to explore ways to get off of it slowly and safely, consult your physician or functional medicine practitioner. Nancy Russell, M.D., is a holistic Internal medicine physician, blending traditional and alternative medicine in her Kansas City northland practice for over 30 years. For more information on getting to know Dr. Russell, visit her website, www.nancyrussellmd.com or call her office at Nurturing Optimal Wellness at 816-453-5545.

Eating Well in Kansas City 7

5 Ways to Use Food Energetics to Balance Your Body and Your Mind BY ANGELA WATSON ROBERTSON


ave you ever experienced an afternoon slump at work then felt reenergized from a fresh, green juice? On the other hand- maybe after a long, stressful day you felt comforted by a hearty and warm root vegetable stew. If so, you’ve had direct experience with the nutritional power of food. Now, suppose I told you that choosing foods for their physical nutritional benefits, although important, is just the beginning toward a life of balance and wellness. Call me crazy, but I’d like you to consider that what you eat can affect you on a spiritual and emotional level as well. As a health and life transformation coach, my clients are often concerned about food quality. I’m often asked questions like: “should I be eating organic?,” “where do I get high-quality meat and dairy?,” and “how do I get more variety of greens and vegetables into my daily diet?.” These are great questions, but only part of the equation. In my role as a coach, I guide clients toward their own definition of what is beneficial for their body. To do so is an art, as watching what you eat requires conscious, careful observation. Once you begin to exercise your body awareness muscle in connection with the food you put into it, you’ll most likely begin to notice changes in your mental, emotional, and spiritual state. This is where the energetics of food comes into play.

Beyond Physical Nutrition Steve Gagne states in his book, Food Energetics: The Spiritual, Emotional and Nutritional Power of What We Eat, “Food energetics is about true knowledge, the knowledge that foods impart to you when you eat and experience them. Not the information and data of lab analysis or nutrition textbooks, but the core experience of food, no fads and no nonsense.” I can relate to this knowledge and have directly experienced it within my own body, mind, and spirit while experimenting with different foods. I’ve found that the foods I desire, and ultimately choose, depend on my mood, current physical health,

Grounding Root Vegetable Stew (Vegetarian + gluten-free) 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 2 tablespoons grass-fed butter or ghee 2 medium yellow onions (peeled and diced) 4 medium carrots (peeled and sliced 1/2-inch thick) 1 bunch celery (chopped) 2 medium sweet potatoes (peeled and chopped) 1 medium turnip (peeled and chopped) 3 sprigs fresh thyme (chopped Image by skeeze from Pixabay leaves) 2 tablespoons curry powder 1 tablespoon tomato paste environment, culture, values, and balanced energetic quality to 1/4 cup almond flour personality, and reaction to fear the eater. 5 cups vegetable stock (s). In turn, a cycle is created as I’ve seen how incorporating the 1/2 cup fresh cilantro leaves (for the foods I choose affect my concept of food energetics into my garnish) mood, current physical health, dietary habits and daily life has Greek yogurt (optional for emotional state, and spiritual enhanced my health and overall garnish) connection which in turn, affect well-being. Below, I’ve outlined 5 lime wedges (for garnish) my food choices in the next ways you can use food energetics kosher salt and black pepper (to moment. to balance your body and your taste) As Steve Gagne goes on to say in mind: his book, “Food affects the quality In a large pot over medium high 5 Ways to Use Food of your blood, which in turn heat, add olive oil and butter. Add Energetics To Balance affects your nervous system, the onions, carrots, celery, sweet which affects your brain- the Your Body and Your Mind potatoes, turnip, and season with organ that manifests thinking and No matter what you eat choose a large pinch of salt. Cook, stirring records your reality.” In short, occasionally until vegetables begin the best quality that you can. food can affect every aspect of to brown and soften, about 8-10 Choose natural unprocessed, your being. minutes. Stir in the thyme, curry organic and biodynamic foods. powder, and tomato paste. Add If you can, eat foods you grow The Energy of Food almond flour, stir in to coat the yourself. According to the theory of food vegetables. Add the vegetable Experiment with a variety of energetics, all types of food have stock, season with salt and different foods and notice how their own energy or vibration and pepper. Simmer for 1 hour, until your body feels afterward. Track it just takes a little thoughtfulness your thoughts and sensations in a the vegetables are completely soft. and attention to see the Serve warm with lime juice, food diary to learn what foods connection. It helps to look at the cilantro, and greek yogurt. work for your body. food in its’ natural state. Mix up your dietary regimen Take carrots for example. They Angela Watson often and keep a wide variety of grow into the ground and thus can Robertson, MBA, vegetables, proteins, fats and oils bring a sense of groundedness CIHC, INHC, a.k.a in your daily diet. into your energy field and your The Reinvention Ensure that most of your diet body. I’ve tested this theory on my Warrior, is a well consists of natural, traditional own body and I realized my body known nutrition foods, or foods that are in their knows this truth already. I’ve blogger and health natural state. Reduce all noticed that when I’m anxious, I coach who teaches you how to “substitute foods” or processed, often crave root vegetables, such transform your life starting with the food-like-substances from your as sweet potatoes, turnips and food you eat. She has created diet (Think, anything with a carrots, (which grow downward label). simple, effective tools to help you into the Earth) as my body is Try the recipe below to help you reinvent every area of your life- from craving balance, calm and a sense feel balanced and grounded. health, career and money to of being grounded. Another relationships, spirituality and sex. example is beans, or legumes. As Find her free wellness tips, nutrition they have the ability to store for courses, and coaching programs at long periods of time (once dried) www.angelawatsonrobertson.com. they can impart a calm, relaxed Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. EVOLVINGMAGAZINE.COM



The Three Rooms: Which room are you in? BY KEVIN MURPHY


Remember, happiness doesn't depend on who you are or what you have, it depends solely on what you think." Although the Buddha is often credited with that quote, its origin doesn't really matter. Few people would dispute its message. So if most people would agree that our thoughts determine how we feel, then why are we not very good at monitoring our thoughts? The analogy of The Three Rooms can help. From The Three Rooms perspective, our thoughts can only be in one of three places: they can be in the past (the Past Room); the future, (the Future Room); or the present (the Present Room); and whichever room our thoughts are in determines our experience of life in that moment. Since our thoughts can move back-and-forth in the linear concept of time, it is imperative that we observe our thoughts. It is that act of observation that separates our awareness from our thoughts so we are no longer at the effect of them. This awareness, or consciousness, is what all the spiritual masters have urged us to connect with. In order to access this Divine Consciousness, we need to know where our thoughts are. That's why the fundamental question that we need to ask ourselves is "Where am I?" In other words, "Where are my thoughts?" If you can ask and answer that simple question, then you have already separated your awareness from your thoughts. Unlike the physical body, our thoughts can be in one of three places, and each place leads to a different experience of life.

Well, there is. It is the same Field of Potential Probabilities (FoPP). Your wishes are just thoughts from your imagination. They are stored in the FoPP until your vibrational frequency lines up with them, even if you forget them. If you feel negative emotions about something you are wishing for, the manifestation of that wish will sit patiently in the FoPP waiting for you to align with the feeling of the wish being fulfilled. Since your wish is just a thought, it will manifest if you will align with it. The only way to be in alignment with your wish is to feel as if it has already come true. The feeling is everything. When your thoughts are stuck in the Past or Future Room, you cannot align vibrationally with your wish called Divine consciousness, because your thoughts are in a The Future Room: prana, or the Akashic field. Other room that doesn't bring you joy. This is when we think about all times it is called the quantum There is always a gap between the things that can go wrong and vacuum, ether, or the zero-point when we make a wish and when it we focus on the worst-case manifests. You must enjoy the scenarios. We look around at what field. No matter what name you apply to it, it is the Source energy gap, otherwise the manifestation is, and we project the image of that makes up all there is. won't come. what we don't have into the All of the inspired ideas we The doubt caused by our own future. The feeling of stress and receive, as well as the negative negative emotions is the very anxiety that this creates is what thoughts we produce, are stored in substance that prevents our actually pushes away the very the same Field of Potential wishes from being fulfilled. The things we desire. Probabilities. It is up to us to irony is that if you don't feel the When our thoughts are stuck determine which ones we access joy as if your desire is already in the Past or Future Room, we fulfilled, then it can't come to are constantly seeing the world as based on the vibrations we are producing in any moment. pass. But if you feel the joy of it separate from us, so we feel the When our emotions resonate manifesting before you can see it, separation from our own Higher with the same vibrational then you will feel the joy again Self. That is the singular cause of frequency as our Higher Self, we once it does manifest. That is what the negative emotions we feel in are able to interpret those is meant by "twice-felt." In the the Past and Future Rooms. vibrations in the form of inspired Past and Future Rooms, you don't The Present Room: ideas. This is what happens when feel the joy and your wish never our thoughts are in the Present comes true. In the Present Room, Instead of looking at what is, you get to feel it twice and it does this is when we focus on what can Room. When our emotions are not in come true. It's your choice. be. There is an absence of negative alignment with our Higher Self, thought, so there is nothing Kevin Murphy is a we are interpreting vibrations preventing us from feeling our connection to our Source. The love based on what we see and hear in former Wall Street managing director, high the form of resistant thoughts. that we feel when we are in The Past Room: school and collegiate communion with our Higher Self This is what happens when our When our thoughts are in the thoughts are in the Past and wrestling champion, is the feeling that allows us to Past Room, we continuously think attract into our lives that which we Future Room. community activist, of events that have caused us to In the movie The Greatest speaker, coach, and desire. feel negative emotions based on Showman, P.T. Barnum, played by author. His book The If we are going to observe what we perceive others to have Hugh Jackman, makes a birthday Three Rooms, invites you to start the which room our thoughts are in, said or done to us...or us to them. we need to better understand the present for his daughter. He tells process of better monitoring your We tend to dwell on those her, "This is a wishing machine. thoughts that we are observing: thoughts--while providing you the keys to thoughts which further A thought is a vibration that is You tell it your wishes and it keeps transform your life by doing so. Since perpetuates the negative emotions stored as energy in a Field of them safe until they come true. our thoughts affect our health, our they generate. Resentment, guilt, Potential Probabilities, waiting to Even if you forget them, they are wealth and our relationships, observing anger and shame are a few of the always there." manifest. which room your thoughts are in can emotions we feel when our Wouldn't that be amazing if This field of energy has had change your experience of life. For more thoughts are in the Past Room. there was a real wishing machine? info, visit: www.thethreerooms.com many names. Sometimes it is EVOLVINGMAGAZINE.COM

Feature 9

An Introduction to Shamanic Breathwork™ BY STEPHANIE RED FEATHER


reath is one of the powerful tools we possess. There are endless ways to use breath to achieve altered states of consciousness, move energy, release and clear tension, meditate, or shift your state of being. And, it costs us nothing! For anyone on a journey of awakening consciousness, breath is the key that can unlock the door to greater awareness and mastery over the multiple dimensions in which we live and play. Shamanic Breathwork™ (SBW) is a dynamic technique that uses breath, chakraattuned music, art and energetic bodywork to enter a naturally induced altered state of consciousness and invoke a personal journey. From this space of non-ordinary reality, your higher self (or inner shaman) will help you access your own innate wisdom and lead you through whatever experiences you need for your highest growth and healing.

Shamanic Breathwork Basics Shamanic Breathwork can be conducted in several formats: one-on-one with a private facilitator and the “breather”; in a group, where everyone breathes at the same time and one or more facilitators walk the floor; or with co-journeyers, where two people pair up and one breathes while the other supports and a facilitator walks the floor. SBW is most often conducted on a pallet on the floor, and you, the breather, are watched

over by either a co-journeyer or a group facilitator. This gives your psyche permission to drop below the level of ego and everyday awareness, made possible by knowing your physical needs and safety are safeguarded. The co-journeyer’s job is to hold space, keep you safe, and be the sacred witness. You are in charge of whether you want to be touched. The co-journeyer or facilitator will hold energetic space. If you permit touch, they can assist your process by doing energy work, supporting your body in certain positions, facilitating a symbolic birthing, or any number of safe and nurturing forms of physical support.

The Shamanic Breathwork Session The breathwork session begins when the music starts (usually lasting between 60-75 minutes). This carefully selected group of songs is designed to take you on a journey through the chakras, beginning with the root chakra. The music begins with primal beats, including drumming, indigenous instruments and sounds. This helps drive the experience and “stir up” the person’s energy field. The music is purposefully loud, which allows the vibration to penetrate the body and loosen and activate trapped energies. The volume acts like a safe container, inviting the breather to surrender more deeply and to encouraging vocalization without feeling conspicuous. As the music progresses, it changes in intensity, delivering an array of instruments, sounds and energetic focus to shift what is elicited in the breather’s journey. The music is like a river, flowing continually from one chakra to the next, supporting the breather in their journey, and eventually ending with the seventh, or crown, chakra. Breathers are encouraged to ask for support as needed and to give themselves full permission to make noises, express emotions and move their bodies as they feel led. During SBW, a person might wiggle, dance, hit pillows, move like an animal, or any number of physical expressions as their body permits. Vocalizations–crying, screaming, growling, cussing, hissing, or laughing–depend on what a person is acting out from their journey. Some people stay perfectly still the entire time. The body has its own intelligence and knows what it needs to do to purge itself of stuck or unhealthy energy if given the chance, which is why Shamanic Breathwork is such a powerful tool for clearing, healing and transformation. After the music and your journey have completed, the first step in integration is the creation of an art piece to capture your experience on paper. Keep this “mandala” where you can see and interact with it regularly in the months following your breathwork, because the visual representation continues to transmit information and energy from the breathwork session. Finally, you and your facilitator or group will process the experience by talking about your journey and sharing your mandala. All these activities are designed to facilitate the integration process. There is no limit to what can occur during SBW, but common experiences include physical movement, emotional releases, vocalization, reviewing past lives (or earlier sequences of the current life), encounters with angels, guides or deceased loved ones, receiving messages, or anything one might experience in dreamtime.


Who Created Shamanic Breathwork? Linda Star Wolf is the founder and director of Venus Rising Association for Transformation and the founder and President of Venus Rising University. After studying for many years with the likes of Jacqueline Small, Stan Grof, and Seneca Wolf Clan elder Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, Star Wolf synthesized her personal exploration and direct healing experiences with breathwork, shamanic wisdom, depth psychology and addictions recovery methods into a unique blend: Shamanic Breathwork. Shamanic Breathwork facilitators are either trained by Star Wolf, or by her certified teachers.

How Do I Know if Shamanic Breathwork Can Help Me? First and foremost, SBW honors your sovereign experience and knowing. The technique creates a physical and energetic space where you can connect with your own inner wisdom, clarity and guidance. Facilitators are not there to tell you what you should do, though they can help provide perspective and support. They are there to create the best possible environment for you to know yourself as your own master, guide or spiritual authority. Shamanic Breathwork can help with any number of circumstances, such as:  Being blocked by anxiety, stress, fear, anger, addictions, limiting beliefs and old patterns from this life or past lives  Seeking to live in greater alignment with your life’s purpose  Needing clarity or an energetic push to make positive change  Desiring transformation in a specific area of your life  Clearing trapped, stagnant or stuck energy from your field  Finding yourself at a crossroad and seeking soul guidance and direction  Reclaiming life force energy, passion or motivation Rev. Dr. Stephanie Red Feather is a certified Shamanic Breathwork facilitator and offers private and group facilitation. Through a variety of workshops, trainings and products, Stephanie support deep transformation and spiritual growth. Her specialties include shamanism, divine feminine mysteries, thriving as an empath and embodiment. Her first book, The Evolutionary Empath, is due out this November. Visit her website: www.bluestartemple.org.

10 Feature

Calming the Chaos: Help for panic attacks and anxiety BY KAT BOWIE


hough I would never wish trauma on anyone, having had Panic Attacks and a diagnosis of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for many decades has helped me in understanding the experiences of my patients and aided me in teaching coping skills to hundreds of students and patients throughout my career. I attended my first yoga class at around age 15 or 16 and shortly thereafter began using meditation techniques to aid my Chronic Anxiety and Panic Attacks. Though formal, seated meditation is extremely helpful for anxiety conditions, in a world that is so fast-paced it is difficult for people to carve out the time to do either meditation or yoga. I am going to give you a technique that costs nothing, takes very little time, and can be used anywhere and at any time. The newest research is validating that yoga actually rewires the neural pathways effected by PTSD, Trauma, Chronic Stress/

Abuse, and Anxiety. Taking the time to calm, listen, and attend to one’s mind, body, and internal needs heals the varied and pervasive effects of trauma. It all starts with a breath. The very first thing I teach my students and patients is how to breathe. Though this may sound easy, certain types of breathing lead to different results. For the purposes of calming the effects of trauma, breathwork focusing on the extended exhale calms the symptoms and effects of anxiety. It does this by engaging the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS). This part of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) informs the entire body/mind/spirit complex that it is time to become calm. It lets the body know that it is safe in this moment. You are going to take another breath anyway (hopefully!), so let’s learn to make it one that is calming, nurturing and healing. Often when we are engaged in a panic reaction we become confused, angry, and upset. We

have difficulty making decisions. We may suffer difficult and uncomfortable physical sensations such as shortness of breath, flushing, sweating, increased heart rate, and tingling sensations. Focusing on the exhale helps to engage the PNS and decrease these sensations and their consequences in the body and mind. It is very easy to learn the breathwork technique focusing on the exhale specific to calming anxiety symptoms. ~ To begin, bring your hand to your abdomen. (All of this breath is done through the nostrils with the mouth closed.) ~ Briefly be aware of the tension and sensations of the body, the anxious qualities of the mind. Simply take notice without any mental commentary. ~ Feel your breath begin to move into the body, filling up the abdomen and chest. It is alright if you are not able to fill your lungs up completely. As the breathing

“The newest research is validating that yoga actually re-wires the neural pathways effected by PTSD, Trauma, Chronic Stress/Abuse, and Anxiety.”


continues, the expansion will increase. ~ Close your eyes. ~ Imagine that your exhale begins at your tailbone and releases up the spine, with the sensation of elongating each and every vertebra. ~ Allow your exhale to lengthen the spine all the way up and through the neck and head. Keep your head level and chin parallel with the ground, releasing the back of the neck. ~ Breathe in again and experience the exhale moving throughout the entire back of the body, gently being released through each vertebra, elongating the spine, the neck, and the head. ~ Allow the tension to release as this breath continues. ~ Open your eyes. ~ Check back in with the sensations of the body and the fluctuations of the mind. Perhaps they have calmed some. As this breathwork is practiced it becomes more and more effective and helpful.

It is not necessary to close your eyes each and every time. You may practice frequently, as I do, throughout the day. This breath can be done each and every time you breathe. It is not anything that anyone else even needs to know about. It is not a prescription, a medication, and does not cost anything. It can be done in the car, at work, in the grocery store, in conversations with others, while watching TV, while doing the dishes, and while writing articles on breathwork (smile). Extending the exhale specifically activates the PNS which in turn tells the rest of the body systems to “stand down”. Focusing on the back of the body brings the back into consciousness. The back of the body represents the unconscious mind and its processes. Breathing in this way helps to reconnect our conscious and unconscious self. In our world where we are constantly being pulled forward by computer screens, televisions, and smart phones, the simple act of breathing consciously helps us to reconnect with our whole self. People frequently think of the term “Yoga” to mean a physical exercise practice, often full of contortions. However, yoga is a life system of reconnecting those parts of ourselves shattered by trauma or simply every day stressors. It involves breathing, self-care, movement, and most importantly paying attention to the parts of ourselves that we have neglected for far too long. In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali the 2nd and 3rd versus tell us that we do yoga to still the chaos and fluctuations of the mind, and that when we have done that that we will become aware of our True Self. All it takes is one simple breath. Namaste.

Dr. Kat Bowie is a Clinical Psychologist, Reiki Master, and Yoga Teacher. She is the founder and director of Forward Movement, LLC., a Holistic Health facility/ Yoga Studio in Kansas City, MO. Dr. Bowie developed, and teaches The Trauma Release Yoga Wellness Program. This extensive and unique course combines yoga, psychology, nutrition, and meditation to heal the varied and pervasive effects of Trauma, Chronic Stress, and Anxiety. For information or to sign up for this and other classes please go to www.DrKatBowie.com. EVOLVINGMAGAZINE.COM

12 Feature

The Stream Inside of Me BY MARIA HUNT


’m a clinical psychologist who has practiced mindfulness since graduate school, thanks to my Zen-focused mentor Dr. Donald Glad. I make a game of catching myself engaging in unwise reactions and experiment with crafting healthier responses. Buddhist psychology has been so significant to me that I had to laugh when I learned, in hindsight, there was a vital lesson I had missed for 40 years. April 5, 2016 was an auspicious day. My husband was fly-fishing following a total hip replacement, and I was hiking after a four-month hiatus. All was going well as I sat in contemplation at the headwaters of the Arkansas River. I allowed myself to be absorbed in the moment, memorizing its sights, sounds and feel so I could return to it in times of stress. Over the course of the morning, we relocated to different spots. At the last site, Ralph warned, “Be careful when you step out. There’s a washout.” Because the river had a steeper incline where we were, I decided to stay in the vehicle to act as a lifeguard. I thought Ralph’s muscles might be tired, and the 12-foot bank troubled me. When I saw him suddenly drop to a sitting position, I stood on the bumper to get a better view. Then, when he lowered his head, I stepped down... not to land on solid ground. It was all over in seconds. I slid on my back until stopped by a boulder. The pain was instantaneous, extreme and penetrating. This is what registered in my consciousness: Waves of throbbing pain and nausea. You should have looked where you were going. Now what? Did you break your ankle? I want it to be sprained. That won’t make it sprained. But it has to be sprained. [I believe I actually rolled my eyes in response to this statement.] I am breathing fast and shallow. Can I slow it down? [I slow my breathing to avoid

hyperventilating and quickly stop. I have more energy and am better able to tolerate pain when breathing rapidly.] Interesting. You’re breathing like Leonardo DiCaprio in Revenant. I pull up my leg to look at my ankle. Floppy, bulging, a funny color. Yes, it’s broken. Now you’ve done it! How do you plan to fix it? I realize my phone is in our vehicle. I figure there’s no sense in calling out because Ralph won’t hear above the water’s roar. Don’t make an assumption. Yell. “I need help. My ankle is broken” I shout three times. I sense my mouth form the words and my throat project them. River sounds linger when I quit. Now what? Do it again! Yell. I twist my head to see how far I need to climb to reach the top. The movement causes my lame leg to drop into a crevice. Not a good idea. I experiment with finding the best way to position myself. All movement hurts. I can’t bear this! You “can’t bear it”? Like you have a choice! Of course, you want it to be different, but you have a very broken ankle and you’ll feel pain until it’s fixed. Accept it and get up that bank. NOW. Ground level is further than I can see. I don’t have whatever it takes to move, so I make time to

with you,” he stated periodically, as if the most natural thing in the world. I’m not sure why, but I looked to my right to see if someone could assess my sanity, and there was my BFF, Dr. Amie Jew, sitting by me unperturbed. Just like her, she smiled at me with her eyes. When I heard “The stream is inside of you” again, she nodded in agreement. Am I hallucinating?! I didn’t wait for an answer. It was hard work, but we butt -climbed the slope together, Chu, Amie and me. I stopped to rest, change my breathing patterns, and BE with my companions, but recall my morning’s “Peaceful we made it to the truck. [Now, my Stream” interlude. rational mind knows that my Feeling proud of yourself? [I friends were not physically sense another self-directed present, but I’d fail a lie detector smirk.] test if I said they were not with I breathe a little slower and me.] intentionally toggle between An hour passed between my experiencing and witnessing. I injury and admission to the wonder if I feel the slightest shift hospital, yet while my pain was in intensity for a micro-moment, unyielding, I can’t say that I or if I’m fooling myself. suffered. I felt connected to I can’t believe you’re something bigger, and that experimenting at a time like this! “something bigger” gave me a I need to get to the truck and boost. have no one to help me, so here I You see, though he died in go. No time to waste. 1979, I think Don Glad returned This is not good comes to that day to help me experience mind as I hoist and drag my body Oneness, the stream inside all of using my good leg, arms and hips. us, our source of warmth, You might reach the surface, strength, wisdom and inner peace. but how are you going to get Ever present, it beckons and I’m inside the truck? You’re not good here to testify: Its influence is at math. [Yes, that stray thought extra-ordinary. came to mind AND I happen to be pretty good at math.] My inner chatter was chaotic, frightening and unrelenting when, Maria Hunt, as if coming from elsewhere, I Ph.D. is Director heard a calm voice say, “The of MeWe stream is inside of you.” Mindfulness LLC, Unbidden, a scene came to which is based in mind of a social gathering I’d Nederland, CO. participated in a year earlier. It She is currently involved my teacher, Br. Chu working on a Chan-Huy, and others I barely book, “Wander Woman ~ Life knew but felt an affinity to. Guardian” with Regina Adams, inspired Without mental manipulation on by this experience. She teaches at my part, he left the context of my MeWe Mindfulness and Mindful memory to join me in my current Momentum in Kansas City. situation. www.mewemindfulness.com “I’m breathing with you,” he www.mewemindfulness.org said, facing me. “I’m breathing


Spiritual Horoscope 13

April Horoscope ARIES (MARCH 21 – APRIL 19) Happy birthday Aries! You’re so passionate and alive! This birth year, turn your attention toward your spiritual visions for the future. You can be impulsive and easily bored, so meditation can be frustrating. Think of your time looking within yourself as a vast adventure! Explore ideas of the quantum universe inside of you (authors like Joe Dispenza or Bruce Lipton). Focus on feeling wonder and expectation so you can stick with your spiritual goals. Also observe your choice of words. Change what you say to empower your life, and others around you! TAURUS (APRIL 20 – MAY 20) When you’re financially stable, you feel spiritually secure. By creating a budget, having investments or paying down debt, you’re creating a foundation for spiritual growth. With a plan in place, expand your life by spending time with friends who meditate, practice yoga or value personal growth. Ponder ideas of the Universe as an abundant source of unending supply; love, money, health, happiness. Practice gratitude for things you haven’t received yet. You’ll be amazed at what is magnetized to you! GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 20) Energetic Mars moves into your sign for six weeks, encouraging you to put action and traction under your great ideas! You’re a great thinker, but not as good of a do-er. Meditate on your ideal life circumstances., then make a list of priorities. Create an action plan for your top desire and get started! Next, add in steps for the next dream on your list. Don’t get overwhelmed but stay motivated by the results you’re getting. Be patient with work changes, which unfold over a few months. In relationships, be aware of when you’re critical and you’ll see vast improvements. CANCER (JUNE 21 – JULY 22) Feel frustrated with getting your needs met at work or in relationships? Instead of lashing out, or the opposite, (slinking away in shame and discouragement), recenter yourself. Even five or ten minutes of meditation each day reconnects you with your intuitive guidance. Don’t take action until you feel there’s a clear path that

gives a sense of peace. You may not need to make radical changes in your outer life, you might just reframe your mind. Then you can set good boundaries and ask for needs to be met. You’ll also feel inspiration that leads to feeling a part of others rather than feeling apart from them. LEO (JULY 23 – AUG. 22) New job prospects can come in this month, or an infusion of excitement for your current position! Create a balance between work and health. Make sure you’re taking lunch and eating nourishing food. Practice stress reduction like deep breathing during the day. In relationships, remember your spirit. If partnered, meditate together, or explore sacred sexuality. If single, ponder your soul qualities and core values. Believe and feel the truth that people are out there who resonate with your heart. Live from that space and romantic options will flock to you! VIRGO (AUG. 23 – SEPT. 22) Work victories that you may have given up on transpire this month! There could be a promotion or raise, or acknowledgment from a superior. You’ll be more confident about your value. Emotionally, allow yourself to cultivate your romantic and vulnerable side. If single, you can attract someone who is very heart-centered. If partnered, you’ll rediscover a sweetness together that help you breath a sigh of contented relief. There’s a foundation of joy and gratitude so love can flourish. Create a space in your home for meditation and quiet reflection.

LIBRA (SEPT. 23 – OCT. 22) Re-invigorate your spiritual path! Try something new like chanting, a different yoga teacher, a new church, qigong. Maybe travel to a fun workshop . . . or just travel anywhere (even a day trip) for an intriguing shift of perspective. Observe the words and phrases that you commonly say and think. What can you change to create more internal empowerment? It’s a great time for a physical cleanse, perhaps with green drinks, or even just deep breathing. Massage and other bodywork is especially soothing and effective now. SCORPIO (OCT. 23 – NOV. 21) Don’t be afraid to fall in love, Scorpio! You guard your heart, but that also cuts you off from personal and spiritual power. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and you’ll tap into an inner strength you haven’t felt for a long time. Even in a long-term partnership, letting go of past “issues” and resentments refreshes the energy together. Meditate and see the two of you under a gentle waterfall being cleansed. Try it for challenges with children, as well. Also, finances flow as your heart opens! SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 22 – DEC. 21) Meditate on your values. Be sure your relationships align with who you are at your core. If single, you can attract someone who is passionate romantically, but also on fire to accomplish their goals. You’ll be able to support and inspire each other. If partnered, you can reconnect in new ways that spark your hearts. Since you can be messy, sweet Sagittarius, make time to clean your home. Organize “good stuff" and toss the “junk”! You’ll feel so much more peaceful and centered. You’ll even have clear intuition and can open doors for prosperity. Be sure to have a little “sacred space” for your spiritual practice so you find it an inviting place to be each day. CAPRICORN (DEC. 22 – JAN. 19) Insights come easily in meditation or in dreams. Ponder the questions you have and allow your soul to speak to you during your mind’s quiet time. Focus on forgiveness, extending compassion while


retaining healthy boundaries when needed. Please practice speaking kindly to yourself in your head and about yourself when talking with others! Also, Mars brings you a busy work month and you can get a lot accomplished while retaining your inner poise!

AQUARIUS (JAN. 20 – FEB. 18) You can begin an exciting new relationship this month! Or you can rekindle the passion in a longer partnership. Be sure to have fun in your life. Be creative and expressive. Dance, act, make art, play sports. Enjoying yourself is spiritually healing! Also meditate on prosperity since you’re able to tap into a flow of abundance quite easily right now. Write out financial goals and read the list each day. Really feel what it will be like to be in those circumstances. Stay connected with open-minded and open-hearted friends for encouragement and support! PISCES (FEB. 19 – MARCH 20) Practice self-love and selfforgiveness this month! You extend so much compassion toward others, yet often beat yourself up. Harshly judging yourself usually means you’ve suppressed anger. Where have your boundaries been violated? Where have you not clearly set limits so people aren’t aware of your boundaries? You’re allowed to have limits and uphold them with grace. Daily meditation keeps you connected to your inner wisdom, so prioritize your sacred time. If wanting to make a work shift, wait until June if possible when more details are clear. Aluna Michaels is a secondgeneration astrologer. She also holds a Masters in Spiritual Counseling and has been teaching and consulting for more than three decades. Her book “Spiritual Gifts of the 12 Astrological Signs” is now on Amazon in Kindle version and as an E-book on her website. Aluna is available for appointments in her home, by phone or Skype. Call (727) 239-7179 (no texting please), or text (248) 583-1663 or visit www.alunamichaels.com


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