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“Never underestimate the value of ‘Value Deffered’, after all, a diamond was once a lump of coal” ~ Darnell G Davis

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Welcome to Evolution Magazine Welcome to February and Happy Valentine’s Day! As we celebrate this wonderful day of love and relationships I want to invite you to consider falling in love with your business and clients in a new way. The process of getting to know your customer begins well before they have become one, and creating an effective life cycle marketing relationship is imperative to the growth of your company. In this edition you will find tools that will help you develop a lasting customer relationship, from lead to repeat customer. This month, consider dating your leads, marrying your customers, and building relationships with your customers that will lead to your success. Together, let’s Evolve relationship marketing. To Your Success!

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Marketing VS Public Relations

12 Creative Planning Marketing Lessons From The 13 Dating World 3 LinkedIn Moves to Make You 21 Successful MeGs & MaDs 27 Creating Romance on College Hill

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Public Relations

Your brand no longer just existing

Marketing versus Public Relations Yes, There is a Difference

By Danielle Walker Recently, a colleague of mine told a story about how management at his organization had arbitrarily decided to change the title of his department from "Public Relations Department" to "Marketing Communications Department." Surprised? You should be. What's surprising here is that management failed to realize that marketing and public relations are really two very distinct management functions, each ultimately having a significant effect on the organization as a whole. It's a common mistake in today's business environment, and an easy one to make. Both are very similar in structure: They work to identify audiences, segment those audiences, and set objectives. However, unlike marketing, the purpose of public relations is not to promote goods and services or increase sales. This isn't to say that public relations and marketing don't work together. In fact, to achieve organizational goals, organizations should make use of both functions. Each makes its own special contributions to building and maintaining the relationships necessary for an organization to thrive. The Differentiating Factor Marketing always aims at an exchange, usually one that involves money. It is the managerial function that identifies needs and wants (consumer demand). Marketing offers products and services to satisfy those demands and facilitates some kind of transaction that delivers those products and services in exchange for something of value. It is the exchange between two parties that distinguishes this function from public relations.

It's All Relative Public Relations (PR) may assist in this exchange process, but does so in a different way. Effective PR assists the overall marketing effort by maintaining relationships. PR gauges awareness and attitude, mitigates crises, controls damage, and enhances opinions or other specific objectives not directly linked to sales. The Whole Picture Organizationally, marketing is usually a line management function. The first level of management has supervisory or team responsibility for individuals and tasks. Line management operates in real-time and works closely with the workforce to contribute to the goals of the organization. Public Relations, on the other hand, is a staff management function and one that provides counsel and other services to support line functions. Not All PR Practitioners Are Spin Doctors Most PR professionals subscribe to a code of ethics, one that truly values and promotes honesty. What true PR professionals do is work at establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and its audiences. The audience are the folks on which the success or failure of the organization depends. February, 2013


Bus ine ss T r en ds e t t e Evolution Magazine and shows support to small business owners who make an impact and meaningful difference in the small business community. Recently, Evolution Business Network created a partnership with Renee Wilbur of, an innovative business owner who demonstrates many unique, value-oriented aspects of vision. 1. Tell us about yourself and the There was a time when community involvement and a local support background of your company. network were the backbone of My name is Renee Wilbur, creator of American culture. The corner grocer, a new and vibrant offered not only fresh milk, but also online community where members a kind smile. Neighbors provided can connect online or locally to to continual support and community find support. I am a wife and caretaker services to those in need. We are all in of my disabled husband, a mother to need of help now and then. I realized multiple children, a small business that there are countless people in owner, and an entrepreneur. I believe our local communities willing to we all have a purpose in life and my help and offer advice, but many purpose is in ReciProty, which comes people are unaware of with whom to from my personal and professional connect for support. Thus, my vision experiences. I am convinced that my for ReciProty was born. Despite all experiences were meant to occur in odds, and with a small but talented order to relate to and help others in team, I set out to build a community networking platform that provides need. local assistance and resources to I grew up with limited resources anyone and everyone in need. By and support. Many times I found connecting trusted relationships myself relying on nothing but faith, to reliable resources, members ambition, and persistence to make it can build a supportive network for through. The words, “If you want pity, themselves, their businesses, and look it up in the dictionary,� are etched their loved ones. in my memory. My parents are now deceased, along with two brothers is the product of years and a sister. For years, I struggled of patience and relentless pursuit. with their losses; especially the loss Unlike other social networking ReciProty utilizes of my siblings, since they died from platforms, senseless tragedies. Likewise, in 2008, modern technologies to focus my husband was also diagnosed with on local communities and unites four brain abscesses, and survived human connections with available seven brain surgeries. Often, it still resources. feels like there is not enough support, but i know that I am not alone. The site promotes over 1,000 Struggling to find the people and resource categories. Each category trusted resources I needed, especially is user selectable, allowing members in times of tribulation, I set to out to customize their experience to quickly find the business and simplify the process for others. support services they need.


EvolutionMagazine/ February 2013

ReciProty provides a place where members no longer have to search endlessly for the support, resources, information and opportunities they need.

Members can announce local events, notify other members of available services, and share relevant information specific to their needs. Through ReciProty’s built-in messaging system, members may also ask questions, or reach out for help, and expect personal responses. In minutes, members can learn what took years for others to discover. Individuals are able to promote the businesses they value and find recommendations from trusted resources. Members pass on local shopping tips, shop locally, support one another and their respective non-profit organizations, and contribute to a myriad of other causes, which strengthens their communities and themselves.


Renee Wilbur ReciProty's website is organized into four sections that separate personal from business affairs. The My Neighborhood section focuses on personal support and community resources. The Networking Members, Everyday Discounts, and Member Directory sections offer businesses networking, marketing, and financial opportunities.

3. What is your business’s top valueadded resource?

2. How are you able to assist small and mid-sized businesses? ReciProty is unique in that it provides a way for small businesses and midsized businesses to connect, network, meet, and build relationships with customers and colleagues on a local level. By doing so, a member can not only find a trusted source, but refer one. Within ReciProty, a small or midsized business can now promote their business, advertise their product or services for free, offer discounts, receive customer reviews, and network with other members for referrals and leads.

ReciProty is meant to make the world a better place by taking our current way of finding and generating solutions to a whole new level, one community at a time. • Renewed hope and economic recovery. • New-found strength in our communities, our nation, and world. • Learn from others in minutes what took them years to learn on their own. • Individual support through time and any other means available. • Neighbors helping neighbors for the greater good of others and their community. • People and businesses connecting to the resources and opportunities they need to succeed.

ReciProty provides a place where members no longer have to search endlessly for the support, resources, information and opportunities they need. With consideration, teamwork, and an organized informational system, we can all profit by saving time, sharing resources and working together. By bridging the gap between needs and resources, ReciProty brings people together within minutes so they can support each other online or in person. ReciProty funnels the search for information to a local level, eliminates many wasted hours, and is a powerful tool for personal and business support. 4. What are 3 reasons our readers should become members of ReciProty? 1. Most small to mid-sized business owners conduct business with local members. With ReciProty, they can network, promote and advertise their products or services for free and reach all members within their community, and up to 500 miles from their defined location. 2. ReciProty helps small to midsized businesses increase their revenue by helping customers find them through community. In the ReciProty community, members are customers. 3. We are all in need, in some way, shape, or form. Members can develop a personal and business support network for themselves, and also arrange to get help for their loved ones, across the States. February, 2013



Creative Planning Creativity – When you look into the future to guess what’s going to happen tomorrow you are creating possible future scenarios. Certainly, there is a vast amount of past experience and analysis that goes into the process. However, it also involves visualizing all the moving pieces involved in a scenario and seeing their potential to react to each other in new ways. So by its very nature, looking into the future calls on your creative abilities.

By Karen Jett

Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? It doesn’t even sound like these words are meant to be stuck in the same sentence with one another. Most people cannot plan to be creative; and we rarely think we are being creative when we plan. Despite this, effective planning demands creativity. Ichak Adizes in the book Corporate Lifecycles defines planning as “deciding what to do today in light of what you expect tomorrow to be.” Does that still sound uncreative to you? We can break down this definition into three elements: • Creativity – involved in figuring out “what you expect tomorrow to be” • Planning – “deciding what to do today” • Risk Taking – doing something today while still being uncertain about tomorrow

Planning – Planning simply involves taking knowledge and foresight already gathered in the creative stage and using it to figure out the best response to each of the likely scenarios you created. Planning becomes even more effective when you keep in mind your brand and the strategy you will take. In a way, this is also a very creative process because you are taking several diverse pieces of information and using them to decide the best course of action. Risk Taking – The act of planning necessarily involves an element of risk taking, assuming of course that you act on your plan. Potentially enacting something born entirely out of your creative and planning abilities always requires taking a significant step. Or two. Or three. Then again, doing nothing involves its own level of risk. As the old saying goes “Fortune favors the bold.” So, creative planning is not an oxymoron. It’s a process where you: • Anticipate possible future events • Identify your best courses of action • Act on the appropriate plan based on your conclusions


Strategic ™ Plan-ting Workshops FORMING NOW In this one day, facilitated session you will create a customized strategic plan for your small business. This workshop will help you: • Improve productivity • Increase profitability • Gain more control For dates and locations of upcoming workshops, scan the code below or visit

The Strategic Plan-ting™ Workshop guided me to prioritize one big project – creating my website. What I didn’t foresee or expect was that completing that one project empowered me to leverage it and create additional marketing materials like postcards, post-it notes, and an advertisement in a business journal that sets my small business apart as being professionally run.

– Christina Talucci, CMT Consulting, LLC

Creative planning is a necessary part of strategic thinking and vital to the longterm success of your business. Challenge: how can you leverage creative planning in order to behave more boldly and gain the favor of fortune?

Focus + Strategy = Excellence

Marketing Lessons From The Dat I've been on my share of dates. And as a marketing guy, I've seen my share of unique ways to spread the word about ideas, products, and websites. Now it's time to merge the two and see what I have learned:

12 EvolutionMagazine/ February 2013

A mutual friend introduced me to a girl named Karen. She and I clicked right away. We discussed sushi. She said she "always wanted to try it." I made a mental note and the following week I found out where she worked and stopped by her office with a little card displaying a picture of California Rolls on the cover. On the inside I wrote one word, "Sushi?"

and left my business card. I handed that card to the receptionist, and by the time I returned home there was an email from Karen in my inbox. She was ecstatic. The next night we went on our first date. It was the first of many.

LESSON LEARNED: Unexpected + Unique = Unforgettable.

I stopped by Walgreen’s to pick up a copy of “Soap Digest”, wrapped it up, and had it waiting on the seat of my car when she stepped in. She almost cried when she opened it and told the story to everyone she knew.

LESSON LEARNED: Listen to and remember your target market's needs, then give them what they want. “Wow” them on the first try.

ting World by Scott Ginsberg

I'm big on gifts. Nothing fancy, just something cute to start the first date off on the right foot. Not flowers, candy, or a mixed tape; it has to be something unique, something memorable. I'd been talking to this particular girl for a few weeks, I knew that she loved (more than anything in the world) her soaps; “One Life to Live”, “Days of Our Lives”, and so on.

Dating customers probably isn't a good idea, but when this sassy redhead came into my store to buy a couch, I had to at least try. So, when I packed her order for delivery, I "accidentally" forgot to include her pillow. Two days later she called the store and I explained to Amber that I'd overnight her pillow right away. Attached to the pillow was a note from me that said, "I'm really sorry about the mess up. I'd be happy to make it up to you by taking you out to dinner." We got together the next week and had a blast. Of course, this would have worked out a lot better if she wasn't dating a player for the LA Kings. Oops.

I'll never forget my first night in Portland. I'd just moved in, didn't know a soul, and wanted to meet people ASAP. My neighbor and I went to a local karaoke bar. We noticed a table of cute girls in the front. He said he didn't feel like talking to them, so I said I would do it. When one of the girls went up to the bar, I approached her and asked what her friend's name was. "Tammy, her name is Tammy. Are you going to sing to her?" she asked. "You're darn right." I put in a request for "My Girl," and ended up serenading Tammy in front of the entire bar. I was down on one knee, substituting "Tammy" for "My Girl," in the chorus. By the end of the night, I'd made friends with the whole table. Now, I didn't actually end up dating any of them, but we are still friends to this day.

After a long night of striking out with every girl we approached, my friend Aaron decided to call it quits. "No, we're not giving up. Come on, let's try something else," I said. We went onto the floor all by ourselves and started dancing “like no one was watching.” Before we knew it, girls were coming up to us and saying hello. A few hours later we ended up at a 24 hour diner on an impromptu double date.

LESSON LEARNED: Being gutsy wins the day.

LESSON LEARNED: Don't sell--enable people to buy. Don't market--position yourself.

LESSON LEARNED: Recoveries from a messed up sale often come out better than your original plan.


Don’t sell: enable people to buy Don’t market: position yourself February, 2013


Intro to

Venture Capital Companies

By Evo Guest

Venture Capital Companies

Capital Markets

Investing in a business needs an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of risk assessment and knowing how to read the world market. This is the work of venture capitalist firms; they are given the responsibility of taking a company and turning potential into profit. In this article, we'll take a look at venture capital firms, their history, and what they can do for a fledgling business.

Many start-ups that don't have access to capital markets prefer to ask venture capital firms for funding help. Since start-ups have a failure rate of over ninety percent, there is a premium in assessing risk and taking the leap for both parties involved. It is generally held that companies taking a serious calculated risk realize profits much faster than those that decide to play it safe. Venture capitalist firms typically realize a 60 percent return in their investment, making this venture lucrative for them.

The “dot com” bubble of the nineties taught us all some interesting and tough lessons; companies have a shelf life, and sometimes, it might not be easy to predict the outcome of a business decision, especially if this domain is relatively new. Venture capital firms pride themselves in being those kinds of organizations that deal with high risk corporations. They pump in the needed capital, and work hard at helping your company succeed by observing a host of business indicators.

Venture capital investment firms may also choose to go into expansion financing, which is typically the kind of financing that spurs company growth. Expansion financing occurs after the first stage of capital financing and ensures that the company is able to expand and grow its assets to become more profitable.

Venture Capital Investment Firms

Building Relationships Between Clients

Venture capital investment firms rely on what is called “seed money” from interested investors in the daily operation of their affairs. These companies can choose to work exclusively with start-ups, or larger established companies that have a worldwide presence.

Venture capital firms can boost a company profile by building relationships between its clients, given the fact that they deal with more than one firm at any given time. For instance, a venture capital firm who funds both a software company and a distribution company might act as a liaison between them to make the whole system more cost-effective. At the end of the day, venture capital companies are vital in the growth of a company, and feature prominently as co-corporations that help businesses rise and realize a healthier financial outlook in the long run.

One important thing that separates venture capital firms from other companies who offer business funding is that venture capital firms take an active role in running the company. This frequently includes having a seat in board meetings and voting on the implementation of new company projects. All of these stipulations are typically included in a contract that specifically designates the roles that can be assumed by the venture capital firm.

14 EvolutionMagazine/ February 2013



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16 EvolutionMagazine/ February 2013


The Recession Buster!

By J.A. Price

"There's no work out there." "No one is buying at the moment." "It's the recession. You can't do anything about it. Just look on the news."

Phrases like these can be heard almost daily from people in their shops or offices explaining why money is tight and sales are slow. It certainly seems to be a depressing situation that no-one can do anything about. Just look around your town, you’ve probably got empty and boarded up shops. The media regularly reports that X number of pubs or bars close every week and banks are being taken over and going broke. If huge chainstores like HMV, Comet and Blockbuster are being liquidated what chance does the small business have? We must be resigned to ride this out and hope that things won't last too long. But surely, this is a negative view. Why not take the bull by the horns and decide that enough is enough and that you're going to increase your business and your sales? In other words, one should opt to stop being negative, because it's negativity that keeps us in the situation we find ourselves in. Instead, let's get talking to people, let's be positive, let's take action! Let’s network! Even in the best of times, we shouldn't be sitting in our business premises waiting for people to come to us, we should be meeting people.

It doesn’t matter whether you specialize in high value work or sell widgets at £1 per dozen, you need to keep reminding people you are there. If you don't, your competitors will. However, networking is not something one can sell to people. You want to build relationships with them so that, when the time comes, they need your product or service and it’s you they think of. Networking is building relationships with people. You can do this just by picking up the phone or sending an email to catch up. As you build up relationships with people and they gain confidence in you and your abilities or products, they not only are more likely to buy from you but they will recommend you to their friends and relatives.

Even providing excellent customer service is a form of networking. Contacting customers and checking to see if they are happy with what you're providing, taking on board any comments or criticism, and trying to improve the level of service they receive will help build a solid relationship that keeps you in their mind. In my town, with a population of about 17,000 - and easy access to a nearby city - we have an independent record shop that has been around for decades. If larger competitors have liquidated due to people buying music online, why is it that this independent shop has survived? How come one pub shuts down while another only a few blocks down the road is thriving? If you're finding that business is slow and you want to get more sales, then get out and chat with people. Only by taking action can you improve your situation. February, 2013



Network, Build, Achieve

volution Business Network February, 2013



Reasons to Fire Your Web Developer. And Reasons


You Might Actually Still Need One to Develop Your Web Site. By Ramon Ray

Last week I used, a “do it yourself” (DIY) web development service, to build a website. I’ve used these types of web services a few times in the past but was always dissatisfied with either how complicated they were or how they were TOO simple. The other problem I noticed is that the templates they offered were lacking – not at all good looking (or modern)., however, is different and is one of the best web development services I’ve really played with. Here’s what I realized as I was using Wix. com to build a web site: 1. For basic and simple web sites, a web developer is not needed. 2. Most important to a slick and solid web site? A smart professional with an eye for good layout. 3. You don’t need a web developer who is simply adding plain vanilla WordPress widgets to your blog – with the right tools you or your staff can do this.

20 EvolutionMagazine/ February 2013

There are also a handful of other valuable DIY web development tools; hats off to Jimdo, Intuit Website Builder, GoDaddy, Network Solutions and others who also have solid web building services. So, you might ask, why then do I still need a web developer? The answer is simple: For their expertise. Here are the things a web developer (or online agency) should be hired for: 1. Ensure Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 2. Web site customization (menus, colors, navigation, speed) once a “simple" web site is outgrown. 3. Consultant services to reach online goals (clicks, sales, tracking). 4. Design, i.e. make your web site truly look great. Sometimes you can only do so much yourself, and it takes a professional web designer to make a web site that looks great. In conclusion, if you’re paying for a web developer who is a glorified typist – save your money and fire your web developer. However, if you want to leverage your web site (and other online content) to GROW YOUR BUSINESS (video, e-commerce, social media, etc.), finding a value-driven, professional web developer can help tremendously.

Solid Advi In order to draw more traffic to your site you must learn which words people use to search for your product of service. Keep in mind that customers tend to prefer broad keywords, as they are easiest to remember. Research the words and phrases are most frequently associated with your line of work and incorporate them into your site. When crafting your website's keyword phrases, try to focus on those made up of two or three words. Research has shown that the majority of keyword searches are comprised of two or three word phrases so the more you include, the more search engine traffic to your site you are likely to see. Don't fall into the SEO trap of believing that links can outweigh good content. Building a site that will appear at the top of the search engine rankings isn't about beating the algorithms. Rather, it is about providing good content. A single link from a high-ranking site will not help you outrank other sites that have relevant and recently updated content regarding your keyword.


LinkedIn Moves to Make You

View Communication as an Investment

Networking is always considered to be something dynamic. However, very few people perceive email communication with colleagues as a networking activity. It is common for someone to ignore an email sent by a colleague, but really emails should be seen as a way for colleagues to help each other out. Communication is a foundation for opportunity. It needs not be time consuming and is always helpful in the long run. When receiving an e-mail or communication from colleagues, use your imagination for immediate objectives to figure out if there are commonalities which will assist either one of you. Though this may not directly benefit your business immediately, it does build value and sets the stage for positive ensuing growth.

By J. H. Lee

Greet New Members in Groups LinkedIn publicizes newly joined group members through various notification options. To continue establishing contacts, utilize the option of receiving all activity updates for a particular group you are focused on. When a new member is announced, jump at the opportunity to introduce yourself, offer some advice, and welcome that person into the group. Start by sending a welcome message then proceed with an ice-breaker conversation starter. Encouraging new members’ group participation strengthens confidence, report, and gives an outlet to share expertise.

Use "Introductions" to Get Yourself a Job

In the business world, it is not only about who you know, but who knows you. People with whom you are already in contact may or may not help with your career goal, but they could be connected to those who do have the correct connections. Enter the value of introductions, and why they are at the very foundation of making networking significant. Without valuable introductions, a large portion of our networking activities would be for nothing. Live networking functions are predicated upon pertinent introductions. The process is similar in LinkedIn, just an online version of it. Scan and contact your network of colleagues for anyone who may know someone who can help you by way of an introduction. The introduction feature is available to all profiles in LinkedIn, although there is a control on how many introductions one can use. Remember, a single introduction to the correct person could land you a position in the career of your dreams.

ice For Using Search Engine Optimization Taking a class on search engine optimization is a great way to take control of your site’s future. Community colleges now offer search engine optimization classes and some colleges will let you sit in on a class provided you are not in it for credit. One thing you will learn is to not use too much JavaScript as Internet bots have a hard time understanding it. Even if your site contains just a small amount of it, there is a chance that an Internet bot will be confused and ignore the whole block of code that contains the JavaScript. To optimize a search engine it must be programmed to recognize multiple word meanings and be capable of identifying which meaning is based on words it is paired with. Setting up your search engine like this will produce more relevant results for the users. Instead of creating several new links every day that will not attract any traffic, spend time building an online network and look for a quality link that will redirect visitors to your website.

You should do your best to get featured guest posts or comment on popular sites. One pitfall to steer clear of when attempting to optimize your site for higher search engine ranking is keyword crowding. Keyword crowding occurs when you create TITLE tags, which is one long string of keywords that lack unity or cohesion. A TITLE tag should only contain one or two of the most important keywords and should be strung together logically.

Whether your page is a simple blog or a corporate business site, you need proper optimization to achieve a high ranking.

By Evo Guest

An excellent program to use for search engine optimization is Google's AdWords tool. With Google AdWords you will be able to look up how popular particular keywords and keyword phrases are thus allowing you to select the best possible keywords for your search engine optimization. To help receive and maintain a higher ranking in search engines when you are on a shared server, you must do a blacklist check to make sure you're not using a proxy with a banned site or spammer. These sites could impact yours negatively and may result in a lower ranking. Internal links can also be very helpful when trying to create search engine optimization for a site. Embedding links in blog posts or articles that use keywords can help visitors find more information based on your blog or article content. This should also translate into an increase in page-clicks. Whether your page is a simple blog or a corporate business site, you need proper optimization to achieve a high ranking. February, 2013


Evolving your Life The realization of how much fashion infuses into our daily lives is almost beyond belief. While the rest of the world is working and/or vacationing, fashionistas, designers, fashion executives, boutiques, and clothing stores are considering their options for the upcoming fashion weeks, fashion events, Autumn/Winter collections, current fashion trends, and what they will wear at the next big event. In the US alone, the fashion business generates an estimated $20 billion annual revenue on over $250 billion spent annually industrywide. If anyone were to think fashion is trivial or frivolous, those two statistics alone should clearly demonstrate that it is a thriving, viable business for many. It is estimated that there will be over 21,000 designers worldwide by 2016. Furthermore, when one thinks about the number of designers showcased in fashion shows, those who are actually successful are a limited few. Those designers who do find success, and a way to not only make a living but also perpetuate their brand and designs, most often do because of the love and passion they have for their craft. The journey they take is not an easy one and is often riddled with many obstacles, challenges, not to mention the complexities of life in general. This path is not for the faint-of-heart, nor those who are not willing to show up day in and day out to participate. Many eat, drink, and sleep the life of fashion.

22 EvolutionMagazine/ February 2013

February is Evolution Magazine's "Romance" issue. And as such, we are bringing you reasons to celebrate the innately beautiful and extrinsically ornate. Yes, there's the lovey-dovey, especially in our recommended travel destination (pg. 32) and our experiential dining review (pg. 26). But we've also thrown in dashes of romanticism in a new exercise routine, luxurious objects of desire, and, of course, chocolate. Whether you find February to be the month of love, downright depressing, or simply the reason for copious November birthdays, we hope you will find the following pages a source of intuitive, mid-winter inspiration. After all, Beauty is the true form of Genius as it needs no explanation. Cheers,

Phillip Hart Managing Editor

For the Love of Fashion

By Eva Louis

One designer who has succeeded in living her dream of fashion is Ofra Aricha, creator of OfraStyle. The designs she creates enable one to see past the limitations of traditional apparel which normally has one purpose and one way to be worn. Ofra loves the casual-by-day, contemporary-by-night philosophy she has infused into her garments, a concept that enables one to have different looks with the same piece, from morning to night. Colors and the different fabrics make her products stand out uniquely, and there is a definite flow and unpredictable nature about their blending that brings her designs to life. For Ofra, the colors in the fabric have energy of their own and represent meanings similar to chakra colors of energy. Her desire is to inspire and coach others to live an unlimited life, a life without impossibility; the designs of OfraStyle are her way to reach your soul. And so we journey from the soul to Valentine’s Day--which is right around the corner. Why not let fashion play an intricate part in reflecting your love through celebration and gifts?

One way to do so is to visit the Biltmore Union, a new type of consortium which encourages support of local business owners and designers. UNION events, taking place currently in Phoenix, AZ, offer shoppers an exciting mix of 18 small, distinctive boutiques, including shops of fashion, food, and art. Information on the following 18 boutiques will be shared in future articles focusing on different types of fashion: Bonafide Goods, Citrine Natural Beauty Bar,, Oils and Olives, For the People, Frances, Frances & Charlie Newsstand, Lilly, British Bicycle Company, Me Myself & Eye, Paris Envy, R & R Surplus, Royal Coffee, Smeeks, Trattoria del Piero, White House Flowers, Whoopie Baking Company, The Willows Home and Garden. This UNION event is hosted by Phoenix Fashion Week whose goal it is to bring awareness of Arizona fashion to the world and to bridge buyers and designers throughout the world of fashion.


Brilliance in Blending

"Will it blend? That is the question." The youtube mini-series has been going strong for years. And in every instance I've seen, yes, it blends. From marbles to rake handles, iPhones to cubic zirconia, this blender powders everything. The BPA-free, square, 2-quart jar sits atop a commercial-quality, 1560 watt, 3 HP, direct-drive motor powering a 2-prong, stainless steel blade at 29,000 rpm. That's right, 3 peak horsepower. This is a serious blender. A blender that puts your weed whacker to shame. A blender you clearly need. Blendtec was born in 1975 out of Tom Dickson using his vacuum to pick up spilled wheat kernels. He kept the motor, added some blades, and revolutionized the wheat milling industry. Take that innovation a few steps and years further and you've got the sleekest, most grotesque, power-house beauty of a blender ever made. VoilĂ . So, really, at the end of the day, there are 2 questions: "Whose kitchen does not need this blender?" and "Once you get your very own, what won't you blend?"


High-Intensity Interval Training Intense Efforts Produce Intense Results High-intensity interval training will be gaining serious ground in 2013 thanks to its aerobic, anaerobic, metabolic, and strength-building characteristics. Workouts are typically broken into repeated efforts of 15 seconds to 3 minutes with a proportionate rest in between. The repeats are in excess of 80% maximum effort and thus occur anaerobically. During the rest period the heart drops into the aerobic state and the body taps into fat stores. Additionally, the neuromuscular energy pathways are recharged and trained to produce greater efforts. The workouts are utilized by athletes of maximum effort and sprint sports, but are gaining popularity across the board as a supplement to cardiovascular exercise and other regimes.

Research evidence consistently suggests being in a healthy longterm relationship increases happiness and longevity. One study concludes married couples experience lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and live longer with a greater subjective degree of happiness. But don't get too blue if you're flying solo; as Oscar Wilde says,

"To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance." February, 2013



The "butcher's fillet" is tender but economical. The new Hanger Steak Au Poivre recipe includes a pepper bourbon cream sauce.

Pearly Baker’s Ale Ho Preserving a Building and Integrating a City Through Burgers.

Built in 1869 as Easton’s first YMCA, 11 Centre Square (across the street from Crayola Crayons museum) has hosted a variety of businesses, each preserving and adding to the character and architectural details currently housing Pearly Baker’s Ale House since 1994. General Electric took a quick turn before the Manhattan Club in the 1940’s, then Charlie’s in the 1980’s. Throughout each transition the original YMCA halfbasketball court, now home to the formal dining room, has been further weathered and various other local artifacts have been brought in: an Art Deco ceiling tray, clamshell chairs, a tin ceiling, and plaster moldings.

24 EvolutionMagazine/ February 2013

Each step of the building’s evolution has likewise been part of the city’s social economy, eventually culminating in Pearly’s “Localize It!” culture, which prioritizes sustainable and organic local products sources from local farmers. Burgers of near mythic local status, available year-round, come from local grass-fed cattle, and the duck confit originates from the Jurgielwics family, a nationally respected farm an hour drive due West. But the seasonal flair really shines as executive chef Peter Felton, N.Y. Culinary Institute of America, changes menu items with the calendar. Current specials include a Stryker Farms Pork Schnitzel and a short rib flatbread, whose balance of sweet, savory, bitter, and spice is another appropriate metaphor for Pearly’s culture and community integration.

Since coming aboard 4 years ago, restaurant manager Josh Vogel has steered the business with a longterm strategy of growing organically with the local landscape. “We want to have something for everyone: Crayola families, the college crowd, date night, the guy who lives down the street. And while we do that, we also focus on maintaining and supporting local business relationships.” Also in the facet of community involvement, the restaurant hosts its Annual Chili Cook-Off every year on the morning of the Super Bowl. The event features various local chefs’ chili and a variety of locally brewed craft beers. “Every year we have rave reviews and a line out the door.” This year’s proceeds go to support the Easton Ambassadors (a local beautification and crime watch initiative) and the Center for Animal Health and Welfare.

Pearly’s combines pork belly and tacos, which have independently become industry-wide trends.

The iconic skylight has been preserved since the original construction in 1869.


In the 1940's, the Easton Lighting Company fabricated the chandelier from 2,400 hand-cut lead Czech crystals.

The classic Smoke House Burger is one of the longest standing staple menu items.

Restaurant manager, Josh Vogel, has built value into the restaurant: The "Localize It!" culture has evolved Pearly Baker's fit into the community and the community's fit into Pearly Baker's.

The region is known for its artists and artisans: New management has cultivated Pearly's music and craft beer selections accordingly.

For More Infomation Visit: February, 2013



MeGs & MaDs

Creating Romance on College Hill Just us, and occasionally Steve's soothing voice, amidst rain pattering, branches scraping, and all rest of the shrieking havoc breaking loose outside. We ran to get here, in the sideways rain. 7:00 PM and a bottle of 'zin. (She had some sexy, dainty, French umbrella, but it broke.) Dried off, laughed, shivered. "It's nice to finally see you across the table." Specials: delicious, maritime, carnivorous all-thetime. Glass poured, "Thank you," I'm warming up now. Oysters great, beet salad beautiful--Any questions? "Yes, I'm vegetarian," she said, "(though I wish I could not be). Chef's recommendation?" "For your risotto, I can make it entrĂŠe size. Even add a few things." The Brussels sprouts: Not charred, bitter, caramelized, or robust but clean, luscious, soft, and sweet. I dislike Brussels sprouts--and even more that I love these Brussels sprouts.

I eat too much, drink too little, and am intoxicated by the palette of this scene, let alone the culinary art I'm consuming. I'm a confident man, but sound stupid to myself when I realize this moment would happen only here. She excuses herself. Steve and I talk a minute about a day-in-the-life. Real life. Real people. Good people. The candle bows to my breath, in the wake of her weightless presence. Frank Sinatra flickers with the lights five times, but only in the background because her eyeshadow is giving me tunnel vision and pulling me across the table. I don't remember the rest, except paying as if I'd robbed a bank, screaming two blocks through that crazy wind and rain, and thinking--knowing--somehow my history was altered for the better this night. I didn't tell her that, but she agrees; she floated all the way home. Re-heated the leftover rice and boar a day later. 250F, 20min. Delicious. And awesome. Because it is not that night, but it brought back this memory.

26 EvolutionMagazine/ February 2013

MeGs and MaDs is located at 325 Cattell Street in Easton, Pennsylvania. We endorse this restaurant.


Evolving Tradition, Oh-So-Sweet in Belgium Originally a tea-room in Ghent, Leonidas has evolved the tradition of Belgian chocolate into a globally recognized premium brand now headquartered in Brussels. Leonidas has shops in 50 countries and services the entire globe through their distribution channel, which is focused on quality and speed of delivery; due to the quality of freshness, Leonidas chocolates must be eaten within 49 days of production. The company maintains their premier chocolatier prestige by preserving age-old traditional techniques and meshing them with modern introductions. All technicalities aside, their Ganaches with fresh cream will make a man weak in the knees, and the Pralines a tear to your eye as your jaw drops ecstatically. The bottom line: This chocolate tastes really good. And nothing says romance like Belgian chocolate.

Giving homage to the GreekCypriot heritage of founder, Leonidas Kestekides, the Spartan branded logo gand was designed after the marble statue 'Leonidas' in the Sparta Museum.


Stoking the Fire in Stockholm Widely regarded as one of the world's hottest new restaurant openings, Ekstedt brings the heat by romancing its Swedish geography: Chefs Niklas Ekstedt and Gustav Otterberg prepares traditional local ingredients by way of primitive cooking methods--they literally cook your food over a customary Scandinavian open flame. While wearing leather aprons and furnace gloves. No word yet on whether they sing like the Muppets' Swedish Chef while tossing back shots of dill schnapps. Their ancient culinary method matches the range of ingredients with appropriate choices of Scandinavian wood to burn based on characteristics of heat, smoke, and other subtle nuances, and makes for a great show. "I want to challenge myself by exercising our ancestors' art of cooking and also dare to take it a step further, namely to the kitchen of a restaurant full of anticipating guests. Reservations are currently in very high demand, but if you can get into the place, you get all that ancient tradition deliciousness in the convenience of a warm, cozy, "stone-age chic" restaurant. No more need to build your bonfire in the woods outside of Ă…kersberga. SkĂĽl! February, 2013


Design: Odense Chair Holly Hunt’s Sleek Design Raises Eyebrows, Pulses Holly Hunt began her career in interior design in 1983 when she bought and filled a small Chicago showroom with luxury designer collections. Since, she's expanded. Her own line, receiving a barrage of accolades and awards. "Today, the company designs, produces, and presents collections of furniture, lighting, textiles, leather, and continues to represent the best of designer collections."

The company has opened showrooms all across the United States, from Minneapolis to Miami. HH has also built an international presence with showrooms in New York City, Moscow, and Taipei. The company has recently enlisted Christophe Pillet for furniture design, and world-renown architect, Jean-Michel Wilmotte, for new furniture and lighting designs. For more info visit:

Holly Hunt's Odense chair was awarded an Interior Design Magazine "Best of Year" award.

Luxury: Mont Blanc, Hermés This month’s luxury showcase is simple: Two tried and true brands, laden with history, built upon quality, brands which embody modern, classic, and idyllic beauty. Mont Blanc: Because instead of ten thousand Bic’s, you can choose one Mont Blanc. Hermés: Because the only thing better than Tiffany blue is Hermés orange. For more info visit:

28 EvolutionMagazine/ February 2013

Lives Setting



Everyday people evolving the comunities they love. How are you evolving Easton? By being active and involved in whatever I can do. How are you evolving the world? By trying to be a better person and teaching my son the same. We're trying to lose our egos. Any additional thoughts? After my son was born, I stopped labeling things and people. I taught him to look into someone's eyes to know who they are. Don't judge a book by its cover--look inside. My son will talk to anyone about anything and asks a lot of questions. My son talks to me about things. I am involved in his life.

Steve Flowers, 44, Hair Stylist, Easton,PA Where are you now? Returning to reality in old-school ways. At the house we have no internet or cable. Learning how to parent. Spending quality time with my son. In 5 years? I learned a few years ago to not project my future. Each day I wake up and take it from there. Life is a journey. How is Easton evolving? In leaps and bounds. I was thinking of leaving town a few years ago, but instead moved into the Grand Eastonian. I see so much good progress. There’s a great sense of community in Easton. How is the world evolving? I’m slowly seeing people become more compassionate. As disconnected as culture has become, people are starting to get back to basics.

Steve has been a hair stylist for 26 years. He and his son live in Lower Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania where they've become friends with the wild ducks along the Delaware River and feed them from their laps. Due to unprecedented flooding, Steve lost and rebuilt his home 3 times in 19 months. To get through it, he began kayaking, for perspective and for his work commute. He attributes that time as being the major milestone in his life for interpersonal development. "Maybe you can't change the world, but you can make a difference in one person's life. If someone else sees that, maybe they'll do the same, and then collectively, we all can change the world." Steve works at Suddenly Samantha located 140 Northampton Street Suite E in Easton, PA, and gives free haircuts to anyone unemployed who has a job interview. We endorse this business.


Thirty-Second Spot Author: Eunice McGhonnannonnh (pronounced "Mc-on-and-on." Yes, this is a pseudonym.)

Well, here it is, once again: Valentine's Day, approaching faster than the British on Bank Street, or something like that. I don't mind Valentine's Day so much, because my birthday is the following day. For me, I have a totally different perspective. I get a kick out of seeing all the stores decorated with little hearts, lips, chocolate and angels ushering in my birthday. Every relationship with which I've lived through February 14th had a one-sided strain to it. It was like "Well, this day doesn't really matter, this is just a friendly reminder." Valentine's Day is just a nice way for me to say, "You know what tomorrow is, don't you?" But for the rest of you unfortunate fools (in love), I can see what an annoying holiday it is. I can hear the sound of couples everywhere saying, lovingly: "Didn't we just do this? "We just bought each other stuff and did the whole 'I love you' bit." "It was called, Christmas, remember?" "Yeah, just a few weeks ago." For me its like Easter, then Christmas, and of course, let's make it a three day holiday, usually for Presidents' Day. So, we choose our level of involvement and try to make the most of it with the rest of the world. It's a fine time; a time to stress out the couples and aggravate the singles, right in the dead of winter. I've had experiences over the years when, as the day approaches, I'm feeling so confident an in love . . . all snuggled up on the couch with the beau, watching Seinfeld reruns on my brand new IKEA couch that I heroically assembled all by myself in 1.25 hours . . . and suddenly a Victoria's Secret commercial comes on. Yay. Lots of drums, bass, symbol crashes as Sverlinka or whomever, shows us the product. Who can, making matters worse, put her IKEA sofa together faster than I can. The close-ups and long shots are getting to be a little much and I'm starting to almost feel the couch getting warmer from where he's sitting. Now that's enough. He's ruining my couch, pride and impending birthday, all in a 30 second spot. Everything's changed, in my mind, suddenly. I'm re-thinking this whole relationship. So, he's watching and I'm watching and I want to say "Why are you watching this??!" Of course, I can't--that would be ridiculous. We've been watching the screen for the past hour. That's how it works. "Could you please not look at the TV for a minute while we're watching TV?" Exactly my request, but one that just can't be made without consequences, but still . . . Now would be a perfect time to turn to me and tell me something. Or ask me how my day was, or how long it took me to put that awesome new bookcase together. That's all right. I understand.

30 EvolutionMagazine/ February 2013

So now I'm finding it ironic, as these ads air right around my birthday every year, that the models get two years younger for every one year I get older. Still, again, I don't mind. I've been so young for so long that it's starting to get old. So the commercial is almost over and I'm watching and this girl is blonde and beautiful and she's telling us all about the "Five Ways in One" Bra. She's counting them off splendidly with the music and without her clothes. And, okay, I can admit it, I believe a girl like that really can count to five. I did hear they had cue cards for her on the set. "Action . . . And Cut! It's three before four. Would you like to use the wooden blocks again?" No, I'm kidding. I think it was more of a language barrier. She kept counting in Swedish. Shows you how much I know. I actually feel sorry for the Victoria's Secret Models. That's a lot of pressure. Imagine, too, what they must go through with their boyfriends when they watch TV together, Sverlinka and Nick. God forbid she comes to bed wearing her awesome Sears double-knit, microfiber whatever, wind, bullet and romance-proof sweatpants one freezing January night. Nick is like, "Yo, babe . . . What page is 'that' on?! The world gets you in a French-cut lace demi-push up and I get 'Hane's, Her Way'? I think I'm going to just go back to my place tonight, but great job on the bookcase. Looks good." That's why I don't mind so much when I get their catalogues in the mail every three to six hours around Valentine's Day. I take respite in the fact that I have a lot of cotton in my top drawer and I count real good. So enjoy your chocolate and expensive dinner, and hope you get a big rush or two of vasoactive intestinal polypeptide. That's the drug, the natural chemical your brain releases when you're in love. How romantic! Have fun and good luck with all of that. Just don't forget my birthday. Erin McGuirk is a humor columnist and performer for Noumenon Theatre Company, a non-profit organization in Easton, PA.

When it is cold By Rachel LeWitt

It’s your eyes that wake me, & I am returned to night groves swallowed whole by that blue. Black sky licking across the lake of them, my face, the moon stirring halos. When I am alone with your eyes, they are two snowglobes. I want to make them snow. I want to powder shoulders and plastic heads walking immovable down the streets of Manhattan or Seattle. Somewhere the world can be pale when it is cold. You & I moving along the sidewalks of cities, watching storefronts change for seasons, the mannequins donning scarves or beach balls looking a little less human, a little less like something we wish to be. Your eyes are blue suede couches, I could sleep there all day. They are the blue of postage stamps, Chinese tiles with sheaves of wheat stacked neatly into a pile, waiting for a laborer and his back breaking for them. It’s the blue I remember lining Greek islands, touching coasts together, hiding darkness in its ink arms. Your blue eyes, something beautiful borrowed from the world, something old, something new. February, 2013


The City of Verona

This story is not about Ve segment in time. This There were six of us, waiting. Lost--in the seemingly endless line to check in. It was Philly, or Newark, or some other “not sure which it was.” The girls behind the counter were our age, and as we were talking, my best-friend-growing-up said. “I just got bumped up to business.” “Really?” “Don’t worry, you’ll get it, too.” Chimed in the greatest airline employees ever, our guardian angels.

Debarked Frankfurt, suffered the “Ugh... Really?” interchange therein, one of us smoked a cigarette, a Camel in the company of Gauloises.

We waltzed through security, onto the 747 en route to Frankfurt. It was easy, nonchalant: Coat check, orange juice, Champagne. Yes, it was posh, and it was privileged--we paid 1/10th the market price of said tickets--and we loved it, with no regrets.

The mechanics of the language never really leave, even after leaving the country for 15 years, he said. Case-in-point, our autobus blu: The usual price, the usual interaction, the usual dialetto veneto. Bags-in-hand we then caught the southern train. Prosecco, prolific pictures, and “I’m just taking it all in.” It was beautiful, it was quirky.

There were mini salt and pepper shakers, La-Z-Boy-esque reclining seats, and lovely Bavarian steward(esse)s, bitte schön. We spent six hours reveling, incredulously (much to the delight of our newly found flight attendant friends). “All lights are green,” said Hartzler. We agreed, all.

32 EvolutionMagazine/ February 2013

Arrivati Venezia--ciao! Goodness, we’d made it. Bags, to our amazement, and applause, and the imaginary table, which was the customs booth. Done.

They were waiting for us, of course they were. “All lights are green.” Settled in. Home. Home for a week. Didn’t matter-home. Exhausted. Homemade pasta. Rejoiced. Rejuvenated. Anna Gaggiofatto is the best cook, and we all knew she didn’t know it.

erona, not directly. Rather, ironically, poetically, this story is about a very personal and specific s is a story about an experience, which would not be complete without the city of Verona. We woke up, stupefied, as if we knew what we were doing, giving the “Hey...!” Oriented, having tasted the pasta and grappa, we set out. Loaned bicycles, cranking, creaking, looking sexy--doing exactly what they should--we halfpedaled through the intimate, nostalgic fog into town. “On a good day, you can see your hand; on a clear day, across the street.” The obscurity, the fog--la nebbia--is endearing, invigorating. It actually is, but it’s “blah, blah” considering how cold our hands are without gloves. Long-lost, long-awaiting friends; long awaiting infamous friends. Foggy cobbles, in an unknown town. Familiar boulevards, gelaterie, and sycamores reminding of...#*!?-almost hit by a Fiat 500--did you see that?! The next 3 days, 4 days, forever days, we were all in a daze. Because the rest of the trip was great beyond explanation. We got lost in the back streets of Venezia. We shot fireworks at midnight. We played discoteca tourists in Ferrara. We don’t really care about the pictures because we have stories.

All in all, this was a short account of the epic recount of that trip, and its enduring impression. It was quite the trip, quite the time, through and through. There was no part that it could have done without--and no part which could have done without it. And Verona was a beautifully integral part of it all.

What to Know: Airports: Verona Villafranca Airport (VRN), 3.5m passengers/year; Direct flights from Rome (FCO), Frankfurt (FRA), Paris (CDG), London Gatwick (LGW) Train Station: Verona Porta Nuova, 25m passengers/year (68k/day) UNSECO World Heritage Site, out of 962 globally Via Mazzini: Marble carriage-way, Premier shopping site Arena: 3rd Largest, Founded 30 AD, 25k Seating capacity, Interior intact-active shows, opera, etc. Casa di Giulietta: For good luck, couples post their names on slips of paper, and touch the right hand and breast of the statue of Shakespeare’s Juliet. February, 2013


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