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Financial Responsibility


Keys to effectively lead through a crisis

Leader Not Salesperson

Ahmed Al Kiremli

Serial entrepreneur, business advisor, author and efficiency expert

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Customers Must See You As a Leader, Not a Salesperson

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e¡volve /i’ välv/ verb 1.. develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

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from the publisher As I have found with myself and building our brand there are going to come time where in you will find yourself in a crisis situation and how you LEAD through it can and will determine the course of your business. Although the process is the same, the style may change based upon the moment that you may find yourself in. Establish a How: The key to leading through a crisis is to always be ready to respond. A leader should always be prepared to provide the necessary information at a very well targeted time. It should be accurate and timely as to not do so could lead to negative information being made available and you have a PR nightmare on your hands. So creating a action plan and how to execute prior to a crisis will allow you to lead from the front rather than leading the cleanup crew. Take Control: In any given crisis situation a leader MUST take control immediately. Why? If you are not in control someone else is. Having that control allows you to make proactive decisions rather than reactive. In a times of crisis, control of information along with timing is paramount. Being in control of changes the question from--- What do we say? to What do we do? It is that shift in the question that will position you for success in leading though a crisis. Simply put action is always greater than saying. Always be prepared: In my years of playing, we would spend time practicing the same play over and over again. Then we would practice the play based upon different scenarios. When we messed up the coach would say do it again! Then when we did it correctly, the coach would say do it again. Why? He was ensuring we were prepared to run the play correctly no matter the situation.

The same for leading through a crisis; you must be prepared to run the play no matter the situation. You should be ready to answer questions like "Why did this happen? What are you going to do address it? How will you ensure that this will not happen again?" Being prepared as you lead through a crisis will ensure that you are in front of the situation at all times. That could mean the difference between good and bad PR. Always remain flexible: Leading though a crisis could mean that everything may not work according to plan. Many times, not being flexible could be the very thing to take down a leader without his knowledge. The crisis is one thing but not having the ability to shift or change lanes rapidly could be far worse than the crisis itself. If you are to lead through a crisis, you must remain flexible as you may have to do something different in the process. Making that change may mean the

difference in successfully navigating through a crisis. Learn from your mistakes: It will ensure that you are always in control. It will ensure that you prepared to handle ANY crisis that you may find yourself in while giving you the tools to remain flexible enough to see what areas YOU need to change to ensure that it does not happen again. Take a step back and review the situation and determine 2 thing, what you did right and how you can do better the next time around. Crisis is bound to happen in any business and at any given time. However, if you are to lead your team through it, the above steps are essential to successful crisis leadership.

You can promote your services:

• without resorting to hype • without looking or feeling like you’re begging for the sale • without using deception or unethical tricks • without being obnoxious • without being passive, hoping clients will decide to sign up.



from the editor

Customers Must See You As a Positioning yourself as your customers' leader (and speaking with the voice of authority that comes with it) creates one of the biggest opportunities for business growth I can think of. According to John Maxwell, "A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." If that quote describes you, this message is for you. If you have clients and customers that you take good care of, you're already leader. Now you have to work on positioning yourself as their leader. That doesn't always come naturally. Here are a few quick thoughts on business growth through customer leadership.

Ask Not What Your Customers Can Do for You‌

Donnie Bryant Editor-In- Chief 8 Evolution Magazine February 2015

Last January, Simon Sinek published a book called Leaders Eat Last. I haven't read the book yet (shame on me), but I remember how the title instantly caught my attention when I first saw it. Those 3 words flesh out the idea that leadership is all about serving others, not about getting other people to follow your commands. (The term servant leadership is somewhat redundant for that reason.)

a Leader, Not a Salesperson This is part of the burden of leadership — putting others before yourself is the right thing to do. This means: • offering products and services that your customers want and need, not necessarily what you think is cool right now • a strong commitment to quality and • gutsy guarantees and service after the sale These will make you a better leader and they will ultimately make your business more profitable.

Leaders Are Architects To a certain extent, leaders define reality for their followers. • They create a vision of what’s possible, painting a mental picture of all that life can be, all that it should be (at least in a given area). • They empower their followers to take action. • the give them the education and/or tools to make it happen.

Leaders Lead Education and inspiration are important, but a leader has to go beyond that stage. He should lead by example. He does everything in his power to get his followers to do what he knows is best for them. He holds them accountable to what they’ve committed to do.

Action Steps

1. Decide to adopt a leadership mindset in your industry, your office, your city. Make a commitment to pursue excellence and use whatever influence you have to help your pack move toward a better result in some area. 2. Remember — it’s not about you! Putting the best interest of your followers ahead of your own interests is the right thing to do.

It’s one thing to teach your followers about eating healthy food. Educating them is definitely a good thing. But what do they Leaders may choose to eat last, gain if they keep eating junk? It’s but good leaders will still have a leader’s job to do everything plenty on their plates. he can to help them make the difficult decision to change. Leaders can’t cower back. They have to keep pressing forward. Even when it’s dark. Even when they’re unsure of their own qualifications. Their followers depend on them!



Quotes That Influence Mark Edward Brown

"The greatest adventure of your life lies in the decision to live in the present moment. Do not stare into the mirror of yesterday nor gaze into the mist of tomorrow. Your time is NOW – take action and live!" ~ Mark Edward Brown

Mark Edward Brown is the founder of www.QuotesThatInfluence.com, the community dedicated to the background, history, and application of how influential quotes contributed to the ultrasuccess of people who became successful as well as the “why” and “how” they did it.

10 Evolution Magazine February 2015

At the time of this quote’s creation, I was in my early 40s. A young man by any measure, yet found the wisdom and knowledge of influential quotes, the people who authored them and the people who applied the knowledge contained within them is simply amazing, entertaining and educational. There was a time in my life when I lived life with a "victim" mentality. I came from a broken home which resulted from my parents’ divorce in my midteenage years. My wayward tendencies and dangerous delinquency almost landed me in jail more times than I care to recount. The first line of the above quote is a realization that I came to after years of study, discipline and personal development. You truly can live a life of adventure if

you are "awake" and living in the present moment. You can also engineer your ultimate success if you make the commitment to begin right now. You don’t have to have all the answers or the complete road map from point A to Z. The important factor is that you start now and begin the journey that will become your adventure. The second sentence harkens back to the days when I would languish away the hours, contemplating what would have happened if I had done "this" or "that" and how daydreaming about a "tomorrow" that never comes is futile to the experience of how I was not living in the moment. Reflect on your life right now. Are you guilty of blaming other people for your circumstances? Take inventory to determine if you are empowering yourself or giving

away your power and inspiration to the “blame game,” which does not serve your best interests in the here and now. The final sentence in the above quote is both a statement and command. Live your life in the here and now, take action towards that which will make you happy, fulfilled, and content. Perhaps you are not adventurous, yet you know you need to make a change in your life in order to move forward or get unstuck from the rut of reactionary living. That is why you must take action now and live the life you know you were meant for…the life you deserve!

www.QuotesThatInfluence.com www.evomag.co


12 Evolution Magazine February 2015

Ahmed Al Kiremli

Serial entrepreneur, business advisor, author and efficiency expert Donnie Bryant The way an individual defines “failure” has an interesting correlation to the level of success he is likely to achieve. Thomas Edison is famously quoted as saying “I have not failed; I’ve just discovered 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Evolution Magazine’s publisher, Darnell Davis, teaches that “Failure is the reward for progress.” Ahmed Al Kiremli embodies this truth to the fullest, as I’ll explain in greater detail in a moment.

Al Kiremli is a serial entrepreneur, business advisor, author and efficiency expert who lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Over the past ten years, he has launched several business endeavors, including IRAQI TOUCH, the first Iraqi restaurant franchise, Games Corner, a unique video gaming experience, the Best Movie Ratings mobile app and Be Efficient TV, through which he helps his audience live a life of efficiency and top performance.

Like most successful business people, Al Kiremli’s road to success hasn’t always been smooth. “I have also failed in many other ventures and, of course, received great feedback from those failures and learned a lot from them,” he says. By looking at his missteps as opportunities to learn and improve, he has been able to adjust course and move forward more intelligently. Ahmed is also a scholar, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in science and an MBA. But he says “If I had the car from Back to www.evomag.co


the Future and could go back in time, I would not earn either of those degrees. The path of knowledge and learning that I’m talking about now is different. I think all of us learn from different resources and through different techniques, but I believe the point is to learn more efficiently.” His newfound knowledge concerning the inefficiency of many traditional methods of education has inspired him to the creation of Be Efficient TV. Through Be Efficient TV, Al Kiremli introduces his audience of over 25,000 business people to world-class experts, thought leaders, millionaires and billionaires, authors and athletes. He interviews them to uncover the unique ways they achieve massive efficiency, productivity and happiness.

Efficiency = Happier and Less Stressful Life Efficiency = Faster and Bigger Success Efficiency = Bigger Achievements with Less Time Efficiency = More Value with Less Effort Efficiency = Higher Fulfillment Level Efficiency = Less Risk and Better Outcome Ahmed designs businesses to maintain the ideal work-life balance. He develops innovative methods to managing his ever-increasing workload in ways that allow him to combine his love for life and his love for work. He has streamlined his operations through a combination of outsourcing, delegation among other methodologies, freeing up time to allow him to continue developing new concepts and identifying new opportunities.

Al Kiremli is a firm believer the main keys to success are 1) having a compelling dream, 2) a willingness to learn and keep learning, and 3) take persistent action to make that dream a reality. Staying consistent with his own philosophy of success, Ahmed has developed a sixth sense which has led him to seize many opportunities others have discarded. It is by taking these educated risks that he’s succeeded. Today, he is working on his new book, “Transition from Employee to Efficient Entrepreneur” using his myriad talents and varied experience to deal with the ever-important topic. If you ask Al Kiremli what tomorrow will bring, he’ll tell you he doesn’t know; all he’s sure of is that whatever it is, he will learn from it, grow, and ensure it endures as part of his legacy. After all, for an entrepreneur who managed to find the time to start multiple new businesses, acquire new skills, seek new opportunities all while maintaining balance in his life and becoming a professional squash player, anything’s possible.

Boost The

Efficiency Of Your Life and Business with tips and tricks

From Leading



Your Life, Your Plan

How do you get to a point where you want something badly enough that you will change? It’s a simple, yet very important, question to ponder. So many times, people stay in a state of unrest where they don’t change, yet they constantly are mulling over the idea of moving on to a new job, eating healthier, exercising, spending more quality time with family, and so it goes.… 16 Evolution Magazine February 2015

Life can either take you by the hand, or you can take it by the hand. I’m not saying in times of crisis that you will be taking life by the hand fully. But it is possible to take life by the hand in your day-today existence, and you should. If you are the captain of your ship, you’ll definitely be more prepared

for when a crisis hits. What is a crisis? For every person, it is a little different. It could be a family emergency like your father having a heart attack, or it could appear as outwardly simple as not finding a babysitter when you are supposed to be at a party giving an honorary speech. Life happens; it is how we deal with it!

Let’s talk about change. It is that time of year when people make resolutions, right? Change is the biggest shaker in anyone’s life! But how, pray tell, do you get to a place where you will change? Does it happen overnight? Is procrastination part of change itself? Can change be documented? Is it an observable occurrence, or is it unobservable? I’d say both. There are reasons for people’s actions, and those reasons have had the power of thought behind them. Lots and lots of thought can go into something before a change is noticeable. For instance, I just started walking to work, choosing not to drive. A couple of months down the road, and hurray! Twenty pounds lighter! Yet, let’s get back to the original question: how you get to that point where you do change. You actively choose to stop eating processed foods maybe, or to quit working at a job you makes you numb.

Wouldn’t it be great to change sooner rather than later? Imagine getting out of that bad relationship a year earlier and then found Mr. or Mrs. Right! Here is what I propose. There are simple steps to get you to where you want to be. It is like Peter Drucker’s “managing by objectives”, but applied to managing your life! Be clear on what you want and what changes you’ll need to make in your life. Write it all down. Know why, when, and how you will take action. What are the obstacles? Rewards? What resources will you need? What will your success look like?

Take action: put one step in front of the other, or link one positive thought to another on your way to changes for the better. Last thought: put yourself 30 years ahead in your life and look back. What did you do? Who did you help? Did you take chances and make positive changes? Were you the captain of your ship? We all are unique and gifted. We all have a right to be on this planet and to help make a difference for ourselves and others. This New Years, be realistic, manage yourself, and take the next steps towards your better existence.

Can you make it a reality? (Ask others for support if necessary.) Be honest with the time it will take, as insufficient planning has the power to negate many New Years’ resolutions and personal goals. Crystal Buchan

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5 Simple Steps to Boost your Financial Health in 2015 Paula Onysko 5 Simple Steps to Boost your Financial Health in 2015 Have you ever noticed there is a powerful connection between your financial and physical health? When you have money flowing in your life, many other things flow, too. Conversely, financial stress can take a huge toll on your physical body. It’s also one of the top stressors in relationships and marriages. The state of your finances is often a reflection of your inner 18 Evolution Magazine February 2015

self-worth or confidence. The higher your self-worth, the more attention you pay to how you treat both your body and bank account. The lower your self-worth, the more your body or bank account get ignored or abused.

Let’s get started with 5 simple steps to boost your financial health in 2015. STEP 1 Track Your Spending

For the next two weeks, track everything you spend. Write down the item and amount in a small book you take everywhere. The good news is neither holds Capture every purchase – from grudges, meaning you can the latte and muffin, to groceries, change your reality beginning gifts, utilities and more. Total the today. As you empower a new amount to identify your daily relationship with money, you spending. Then circle items that can bring tremendous peace you didn’t need and add them up daily as well. and healing into your body.

After two weeks, reflect on your spending. Are you surprised how much you spend? Did you purchase things you didn’t need or value? Are you spending money you don’t have? Or are you pleased and empowered with your purchases? STEP 2 Align your Spending with your Values

Begin repaying your debt immediately, even if it’s $10 a month. The amount is not as important as the conscious choice to begin. Choose a repayment amount that feels doable and start paying down the debt that has the highest interest rate. Increase the repayment amount over time as you get a better handle on your spending. I recommend setting up an automatic monthly payment so you aren’t tempted to skip a payment. With every payment, acknowledge yourself for taking control of your finances.

Using the information gained from Step 1, get clear on how you want to spend your money going forward. Often times we are spending money to fill voids in our lives instead of using money to create more peace, fun and STEP 4 Empower Your Savings freedom. Even if you have debt to repay, Remember, you likely worked also begin saving for the future. hard for your money. Align your The amount will depend on spending with your top values – your income, basic expenses whatever is most important to and debt levels. That’s okay. You you. are strengthening your savings habit and saying, “I am worthy of First ensure your basic needs are consciously building my wealth.” met. After that, address any debt So begin today, with even a repayments and begin saving small monthly amount. You’ll be (see Steps 3 and 4). Then the fun surprised at how quickly small begins. What passions do you amounts add up. have? Maybe travel is important, or creative self-expression. How There are many savings vehicles about extra money for your – saving accounts, mutual funds, wellness, including nourishing stocks, bonds and more – each organic food? As you invest in with a different rate of return. If all what’s important, something the options overwhelm you, ask magical happens. More a financial advisor, or start with abundance flows your way. an online saving account such as www.tangerine.ca that you can STEP 3 Build a Debt Repayment set up at no cost. The point is, Plan start saving and keep saving. Some people have shame around their debt. Yet, debt simply reflects past spending habits. It says nothing about what’s possible going forward. You choose that!

STEP 5 Claim your Worth Whether you are self-employed or contribute as an employee, I invite you to claim and grow

your sense of worth. Your soul came here to expand and live the riches this life has to offer. And you have gifts that are incredibly valuable to others. Don’t sell yourself short. Perhaps it’s time to raise your rates or, if you are an employee, ask for a raise. Imagine the good you can do in your life and the world with more money. The more money flow coming in, the sooner you can care for your basic needs, repay debt, grow your savings, and fuel your passions. And that is a beautiful world to live in.

Paula Onysko is a success coach and business strategist with 11 years of experience as a thriving entrepreneur. She works privately with women business leaders to ensure they are well-supported and aligned as they make their impact in their business, bank account and the world. Visit www.paulaonysko.com for more mindset and momentum to fuel your money flow.



Nicole Newman | www.newmannetworks.com

Financial Responsibility

Seven Tips for Spending Money Wisely in 2015


iving in abundance means that we accept that all our needs are fulfilled using the right knowledge to increase others, which increases ourselves! The PlantingMoneySeeds.com wrote "Before you can reach your lifestyle goals, you need to master the basics. One of those basics is the practice of financial discipline." In my view, before you can get more, you have to learn to make do with less. In other words, spend less to get more. My mother would say "live within your means" and "money gives you opportunity." I took it to mean "live beneath your means" so I could have "more opportunities." I believe that sharing is caring; all the new opportunities

20 Evolution Magazine February 2015

you discover by living beneath our means are meant to be shared. I am sharing the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) tips that we used to create opportunities for others by spending less. My accountability partner is Tara Colquitt also known as The Credit Woman. She tells me not to use the word “budget,” which indicates "a diet," but to call it a "spending plan." Now this is an opportunity to use technology as it was intended – to help people! PlantingMoneySeeds. com writes "Budgeting software is not only inexpensive (there are many programs available free of charge), but it can have an immense impact on how well you’re able to

stay disciplined about handling your finances. Because this software often requires you to manually enter transactions, you’ll be forced to pay close attention to exactly what you’re spending your money on. You can categorize your purchases and set limits, which is a great way to ensure that you don’t go overboard at any point throughout a given month." Know what you are going to spend (with a ceiling price and a floor price) before you spend it. A spending plan, forces people to write down the numbers, so people are likely to be more mindful and less reckless with the money.

In that regard, knowing that business is cyclical, in addition to developing a spending plan also have to develop a savings plan. Business has highs and business has lows. The savings account is there to keep the business operational while the business is in a low period. The Grow Wise Money website instructs readers to use these tools for financial discipline: 1. Set up an automated transfer into your savings account each pay period 2. Cut up your credit cards, or freeze them in a large chunk of ice 3. Get a financial mentor or

4. 5. 6. 7.

someone you trust (i.e. accountability partner) who would have to approve every time you wanted to withdraw money from the bank Keep a record of everything you buy, (i.e. develop a spending plan) Train your mind to say NO to instant gratifications through meditation Make A Dream Board Carry very little cash - Only carry what you need to get buy and keep a prepaid debit card that is used for emergencies. When you carry lots of cash, you feel urged more to impulsively buy things.

The idea is to minimize temptation, making it as easy as possible to stay disciplined. Make a firm resolution to use these tools and focus on spending less to get more. In twelve months, you will be able to look back and celebrate 2015 as a financially strong and healthy trip around the sun. For more information: subscribe to the Newman Networks Newsletter, follow Newman Networks on Facebook



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