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GRENARDI Group shop concept

GRENARDI Group shop concept

Beautiful Jewellery! Being close to the life’s most beautiful moments • A variety of medium class jewellery, from Eur 100-2000; • In these shops you have exclusive opportunity to buy the world famous Czech jewellery made of silver and gold with precious stone garnet; • The shops are in average ~25 - 100 sqm, located in shopping malls with the high flow of the clients; • Grenardi shops can be positioned accordingly the infrastructure, customer demand, taste and buying power by different product range, services and sguare meters.

GRENARDI visual style 1

GRENARDI visual style 2

GRENARDI visual style 3

GRENARDI Group shop concept

Jewellery Fashion World • The first high class and design jewellery shop in Latvia; • Medium and high price range jewellery items from the word known brands, average price Eur 300 - 6000; • The only jewellery fashion saloon for women being active in the social city fashion life; • The shops are in average 45 – 80 sqm, located in the most prestigious shopping malls.

SHINE visual style

GRENARDI Group shop concept

Jewellery and Accessories for Men • The first in Europe jewellery and accessory shop concept for men; • World known brands, average price Eur 50 – 5000; • Wide assortment; • The shops are in averahe 30 – 50 sqm, located in the most prestigious shopping malls.

VAN REIN visual style

GRENARDI Group shop concept

Islands in shopping malls 9 sqm

Riga Airport concept


• Unite shop visualization, 20 shops in Baltics - biggest retailer; • Clear shop concepts for different target customers; • World famous brands - Giorgio Visconti, Antonini Milano, Baraka, Zancan, Comete, Meister, Marco Bicego, Nanis, Rivoir, Cerrutti 1881; • Wide jewellery assortment for the different target groups; • GRENARDI GROUP – expert in the field: • shop assistances – professionals, • own jewelers, • Gold Expert project – gold exchange, repairs, consultations; • Regular Marketing campaigns and strong Client’s Loyalty Program; • Professional team and regular team building and studying possibilities.

Our ruquirements

• We are searching for the accomodation in the shopping malls in Europe with space starting from 30 – 100 sqm; • We are ready to develop any of our shop concepts in appropriate environment for targeted customer segments; • We are offering clear, attractive and innovative approach to jewellery retail business will serve any particular customer and bring add value to the whole shopping mall as such.

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Grenardi Group

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