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s we celebrate the finally god-given weather, we embrace all the great community events that have taken place! From Out of Space concerts at Temperance Beer or on the greens at Canal Shores, Evanston is continually creating space for a good time!

Ladies, you’re invited to indulge yourself with a facial treatment. Taking care of your skin isn't just vanity. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and the most exposed. With the advancements in the cosmetic industry there has been new facial treatments introduced to enhance your beauty and delay the aging effects. ¥ ¥ ¥

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Congratulations to all the parents of graduates from ETHS! It’s always grateful to see your children growth into new areas in life. On page 12, Yellowbrick Treatment Program shares great tips about how to say goodbye to your young adult as they leave to college. Ensuring a balance at the beginning of your young adult’s journey will create a successful outcome for both your lives.

OCT. 12, 2019 9AM – McDonough 3PM by impact Bravo!! Bravo!! to Bridget in the lives of community members, theanspians, actors (near and far) and community supporters. Unitarian Church After 40 years, Music Theater Works continues to 1330members Ridge enrich audience with aAve full in house orchestra and superlative acting.


McDonough was one of the Founding Members who saw a vision for theater. Evanston Woman had the honor to highlight accomplishments and WIN Pher RIZES     passion behind her instrumental work. Facials,  Workout  Membership,  Oil  Changes,    

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Caregiver’s Question: While mom was in the hospital, one of the doctors said they “suspect dementia:” What Now?

Introducing Brazilian Blowout }

847.999.9500 | 281 Waukegan Rd, Northfield Download our app

In my last column I had talked about how diagnosing dementia can be, well, a little confusing. In fact research has shown about 24% of dementia diagnoses actually are misdiagnoses. Here are some questions you should be asking the hospital staff and your mom’s personal physician: 1. Who did the diagnosis? You want a specialist at the controls, preferably a neuro-psychologist. 2. How quickly did this “condition” emerge? Rapid onset confusion likely is delirium, not dementia. This can be medication-related, caused by an infection like a UTI or just a result of unfamiliar surroundings. 3. Did this just appear while in the hospital? I mentioned unfamiliar surroundings. One-third of hospitalized patients over age 70 develop delirium and the rate is even higher for more serious surgeries or for patients in an ICU. At the core of all of this, it is important to talk with your mom and make sure the staff frequently engage her while still giving her enough rest. Answer her questions and reassure her of her imminent discharge. She needs to be as active as her hospitalization allows. Be sure she sleeps. This column was created because I’m often asked questions by overwhelmed caregivers to older loved ones. As an Aging Life Care Professional I provide Answers, Advocacy and Alternatives to seniors and their families as they address medical and lifestyle decisions. Please send your questions:

Charlotte Bishop MS CRC, GCM, LCPC,President Creative Care Management 847.869.5118




The evidence is clear: exercise is essential for good health, function, and well-being. The risk for most health conditions and diseases can be greatly reduced by a regular regimen exercise. To gain health benefits, it is Ladies, you’re invited to indulge yourself with a recommended adults do at least 150 to 300 minutes per week oftreatment. moderate exercise 75 minutes week of facial Takingorcare of yourperskin isn't vigorous exercise. Aerobic and muscle strength training just vanity. Your skin is the largest organ of your should be included. However, most Americans do not meet the minimum physical activityexposed. recommendations. body and the most

“How Doadvancements I Find Time to With the inExercise?” the cosmetic industry *When juggling work, family, home, it can be near there has been newextra facial introduced impossible the FIND timetreatments to use for exercise. to enhance your beauty and Answer: MAKE the time. Here are some tips for making delay the aging time to move MORE and sit LESS:effects. • Book it. Schedule exercise time on your schedule at the start of your week. Just like other appointments, commit to ¥ work and childcare arrangements to ensure it will it, and make happen. ¥ • Phone a friend. Finding a buddy to meet for your walk or ¥ run or exercise class can help us be more accountable.

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• Treat yourself like your kid. When kids have sports activities, parents make sure they have everything they need ahead of time (change of clothes/shoes, water bottle, etc). Give yourself that same treatment and plan ahead! • Get off the bench. Watching your kid’s soccer games all weekend? Use that time move! Take a few laps around the park, find a bench to do some step ups and push ups, or keep a jump rope in your bag as your portable cardio equipment. • Step it up. Using a steps tracker/pedometer gives real time data on how much you’re moving. Get your baseline average for the week and set a goal each week to gradually increase it until you hit your goal using everyday ways to gain steps (parking farther, taking stairs, walking to lunch).

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For more information about 1041 Ave. any of these tips, Chicago please visit us (Close at (847)868-8396 www.linkpt. to The Autobarn) org or call (847)868-8396.

*U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, 2nd Ed, 2018.

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OCT. 12, 2019 9AM – 3PM Unitarian Church 1330 Ridge Ave -FREE EVENTWIN PRIZES     Facials,  Workout  Membership,  Oil  Changes,     Gift  Certificates  from  KOI  Asian  Cuisine  &  local   venues  around  town!!    

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A Process to Grow Through

“What we fear of doing most is usually what we most nee d to do.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson


ould you like to learn how to move from feeling closed off or slightly curious about planning for death to feeling more open and enlightened about the choices you have? Can you let go of control and let faith carry your concerns? You can honor your own beliefs and values when navigating how your future path will play out down the road when facing your own mortality. Once you are armed with knowledge and preparation, you can secure better care and services that fit your choices and lifestyle. Talking about death and dying equips you to handle the decisions and emotional turmoil that can ensue in a critical situation. Open dialogue and the expression of thoughts and feelings about the end of life can alleviate the fear associated with it. As a result of these conversations, you may find a greater appreciation for how precious each day and moment truly are, especially with the important people in your life. And how do I know this? I have been involved in caring for the dying for over 30 years. I’ve studied the topic in school and in seminars. I am not afraid to “go there” with people and have followed my path to help those in need. I have in a sense befriended death because I have lived professionally and personally around it.

Preparing your advanced directives is a process you can grow through. It allows you to examine your priorities, your hopes and wishes for yourself and your family, and a way to protect yourself and family in uncertain times. Learning about choices, making your decisions and talking about them with your friends and family enables you to breathe a little easier and inspire others to do the same. Imagine how that would be. You get to decide what “living” really means to you and what you would consider a “good” death. An advance directive package includes a personalized review of your current and future health concerns, a designation of power of attorney for healthcare, a complete advance directive outlining your decisions regarding life support, comfort care and after death planning and up to four hours of personal consultation. The package can be for an individual, a couple or for a family. ABOUT KAREN KOPAN: Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree, Licensed Advanced Practice Nurse, Licensed Registered Nurse, Board Certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified Critical Care Nurse, and Member of the Society of Critical Care Medicine; the American Association of Nurse Practitioners; and the American Association of Critical Care Nurses.

For a complimentary consultation 847-901-3338

I have witnessed the pain and suffering of people who haven’t had the chance to plan for the day they end up in the hospital. I’ve felt the difficulty families have in making decisions when they really do not know what to do and if they are making the right call by continuing with life support. There is an entire generation of baby boomers (including me) who are getting a little too close for comfort to their own mortality. And you know what? I understand. I get it. After the loss of my Dad and one of my dear friends, I formally completed my living will and have been inspired to help others with theirs. EVANSTONWOMAN.COM


Q& A with

Samantha Neubauer PASSION The development of my employees and company culture, good coffee and all-things music.


ver 5 years ago, Samantha Neubauer joined the family of Orangetheory to provide others a more healthier and happy lifestyle.

Born and raised in Knoxville, TN. Samantha attended undergrad at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. In 2012 she moved to Miami and joined the Organgetheory family. After two years, she decided to return to school at The Industrial Organizational Psychology graduate program, as Chicago has become her heart….and heart is where the home is.

I was once engaged, to my high school sweetheart of 10 years. I had my whole wedding planned and paid for. My partner and I are no longer together, and while difficult, the decision and process has helped us become both stronger and wiser. Our relationship was not a bad relationship, but we could not be what the other person needed to continue to grow and prosper. He and I are now friends, and I want nothing more than the world for him. If there is something you could share with our readers, what would it be?  Just that I hope you don’t let the opinions of others alter your own opinion of yourself. You are worthy of love, companionship and success. Be your own person, and have fun while you are on this journey.   

What is your favorite quote? 

Why did you choose to work at OTF?

Just one? My favorite lyrical quote is from Dermot Kennedy - “Give me love, I’ll put my heart in it.” One of my favorite professional quotes is from Access One’s Kevin Piket - “Feedback is a gift, and it’s up to you how you want to wrap it.” Lastly from a book called Succeed on Your Own Terms in an interview with Jose Luis Tejon Megido - “Success starts with making sense of keeping a youth about you. Keeping inside of you an image of the child you were. And making sure that child is always a part of who you are what you’re doing.”.

I chose OTF just as much as it chose me. I have not always been fit, and I am passionate about helping others on their fitness journey. Along the way I also get to coach and lead a wonderful sales team along with a powerful set of coaches. I get to create my own culture in the studio and help my team develop into their best selves - both inside and outside of my studio.

Name one accomplishment in life, and what your learned from it. I think a pretty big accomplishment is attending graduate school full-time while working 40 hours a week. What did I learn from this? I think the cliche answer is that hard work pays off. The real answer is, even though I’m a 30 year-old who holds a masters degree, running a successful team and Orangetheory Fitness studio - I still don’t have all the answers. You know what though? That is okay, and it is an extremely humbling experience. Not having all the answers means I am still growing and learning, and I never want that to go away.  What is one thing you appreciate in life that has made you a better person?



Do you have a daily routine? I roll with my day-to-day, and I learn from it. Because I work in a service-oriented industry with hours spanning from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. my work hours shift weekly, and I frequently work over-time. I fit in: working out, journaling, travelling and seeing my friends and family. Through this opportunity I have been able to become a more flexible and adaptable individual who knows when I need to set aside “me time” and when I can grind through the work.  You can always catch up with Samantha as she enjoys working out, rock climbing, hiking, drinking coffee, and eating food. In the future she would love to open her own consulting firm in Leadership Development, but as she says, “maybe lets just start with working for a consulting firm.”

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The No. 1 Book Subscription that you know and love now has a home in Evanston! Come on in and experience Page 1’s literary matchmaking for yourself. With Open Book Clubs, author events, storytimes, and other community gatherings, Page 1 is looking forward to being your neighborhood bookshop.

Page 1. Books 1808 Central Street Evanston, IL





Parents and Emerging Adults In Transition


t is the best of times and it is the worst of times – as parents and emerging adults approach the weeks leading up to post-secondary educational “launches,” the hallmark of these relationships is uncertainty and unpredictability. Just as every person is unique, so too is every parent/child relationship. Therefore, it is important to honor not only the needs of each individual involved in the transition, it is equally important to honor the nature of the relationship itself and to set expectations about that relationship going forward that are realistic and mutually agreed upon. Lisa V., a mother of four from Deerfield, Illinois, has successfully shepherded two of her children through the transition process, and is preparing to launch her third child at the end of this summer. Lisa explained that each experience has been “completely different and has brought up different feelings based not only on the child leaving, but also on the family left behind.” Lisa’s first child took an international gap year prior to beginning her freshman year of college at a Big Ten school. Having this year to adjust to her daughter living on her own prior to beginning school made the actual experience of sending her child off to her freshman year of college “easy in many ways.” Lisa explained that she and her daughter had a very close relationship prior to her “launch” and that this set the tone for the nature of the relationship that they enjoyed once she settled into college life. She was “grateful for cell phone communication and texted with (her) daughter multiple times each day.” Lisa and her daughter agreed to the frequency of communication they wished to have with one another, and this made the practical aspect of the transition go very smoothly.



Lisa described her emotional state in the weeks following her daughter’s departure as “incredibly sad” because she missed her daughter so much, and also because it changed the family dynamic at home. She “felt like they didn’t have a complete family anymore.” However, Lisa also felt “so much joy because (her daughter) was so happy.” She and her family simply “had to get used to their new normal.” When Lisa launched her second child, a son, to another Big Ten school, the experience was much less emotional because her son had a completely different temperament and the nature of their relationship was far less “hands on” than that with her daughter. With her son, Lisa found herself having to “avoid stepping on his toes as he prepared to leave for school” and had to learn to let him make his own choices without asking for her advice. As Lisa prepares to send her third child to college in August, she describes the practical aspects of the transition as being even easier because of her son’s expectations and the “more laid back tone of their relationship.” Although Lisa clearly loves each of her children equally, her emotional experience of launching them into independence was completely different each time. Yael Z., a mother of three also from Deerfield, is preparing to send her twins to college in August. She describes her emotional state as “so thrilled for them but also so sad because (she) will miss them so much.” Their relationship has been more riddled with anxiety in the past few months than it has been in the past, as they all prepare for the transition to college life. Yael lamented that not only is this a time to transition to college, but it “really is the first step towards their independent life.” She recognizes that her daughters may return home for holidays but that there is also a chance that they will never move back home again, especially considering that they are attending college overseas. Like with Lisa’s children, Yael and her children have set clear expectations and boundaries for communication, and she believes that this will help make the transition easier for all of them. Both mothers’ experiences illustrate wonderful examples of the emotional and practical aspects of launching their children into post-secondary studies. (Continued on EM p6.)

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NO Business Like Show Business - Irving Berlin

Music Theater Works



ehind the glitz and glam of musical productions often follows a dedicated team of actors, stage managers, producers, directors, choreographers, set and costume designers, as well as technicians. These dedicated teams backing musical productions also consists of board members and staff who oversee the production of shows and see to the inner workings of the theater year round.

At Music Theater Works, Bridget McDonough is one of these ultra-dedicated board members. McDonough co-founded [originally Light Opera Works] Music Theater Works in 1980, and lead the move from Evanston to Wilmette through, with a mission to bring Broadway caliber productions to our community in the North Shore. Fast forward forty years and a strong community of fervent supporters, donors, season ticket holders and patrons have become a part of the family at Music Theater Works. Throughout the past several decades McDonough has nurtured an extremely family oriented community at Music Theater Works. Despite the family atmosphere at Music Theater Works the quality of the musical productions is not compromised in the least. The actors, who range from seasoned Broadway veterans to young adults just beginning their professional musical career, help to create productions on par with any musical production downtown or on or off-Broadway. When commenting on what makes Music Theater Works different McDonough adds that ac-

tors are hired who can sing the roles well, and the full musical orchestrations are done as well. This is exactly what sets Music Theater Works a part from others, the balance of community investment coupled with high quality musical productions in our own North Shore backyard. The craft is taken very seriously at Music Theater Works, and McDonough’s passion for the dramatic arts shines through her dedication to the community and to Music Works Theater. After a strong forty years on as General Manager at Music Works Theater, McDonough will be retiring after the 2019 season. When asked what she would like to leave behind after her forty-year tenure, she hopes that those patrons, donors, and audience members who have been apart of the Music Theater Works community thus far can share and pass on the gift of musicals with younger generations. It is truly remarkable how Bridget McDonough has assisted in fostering a professional theater community that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. On behalf of our community, thank you Bridget for your endless commitment to bringing excellent stage productions to the North Shore, and for valuing the community around you. For tickets to Music Theater Works’ upcoming productions of Lerner and Loewe’s Greatest Hits (October 4-13) or Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (December 21-31), go to EVANSTONWOMAN.COM



just want you to know, I would rather be in the dentist chair getting a filling, than sitting here having my picture taken”. It may be hard to believe, but this is what many of my clients tell me as I’m getting my camera ready, preparing to photograph them. The fact of the matter is we are very critical of ourselves, but it’s not someone’s job to be ‘photogenic’ or ‘good in front of a camera’. It’s my job to let them experience something for the first time, to connect with them and allow them to see themselves as I see them, beautiful in every way. I photograph people of all ages, and the highlight of my work is showing a woman the most stunning, illuminating picture she has ever seen of herself. I first picked up a Kodak Instamatic camera as a girl, and took pictures of my friends laughing during slumber parties, sunning at Lee Street beach, and having fun during ETHS band practice. My mom later taught me to use her SLR when I was nineteen and went to visit a friend in Japan, and I come back with hundreds of pictures of extraordinary people and places that I thought I may never see again. For me, this is what photography is all about, bringing a moment with you into the future, a piece of time that you want to cherish throughout your life. Since establishing Horizon Photography in 2001, I have witnessed beauty and emotion beyond my expectations. Someone may think that they aren’t photogenic, or that they hate having their photo taken - I promise you that my photo sessions are delightful and fun, an experience that you will never forget. Collaboration with a brilliant stylist is essential for me, and I am especially thrilled to work with women, pose every body shape, and show-off the gorgeous curves women are so fortunate to have. All-in-all I am an artist and story-teller, drawing out compelling moments of joy, celebrating ageless glamour, and instilling the importance of family and legacy. Recently I photographed a client on her 70th birthday, and she said she was floating on air for the rest of the day; I intend to have her floating air for the rest of her life as she looks back on pictures in her Folio Box. My sessions create a safe place where each client can be themselves and share vulnerable emotions, revealing their true style. As a professional photographer it is pure joy for me to use my obsession for beautiful things - and unique perspective - to bring each personal story into the spotlight!

Jennifer Schuman | Horizon Photography | 847.910.2722

Sponsored by

Jennifer Schuman



oney. Very few words carry as many emotions with them as the word money. It might evoke stress, joy, fear, pride, confusion, security, curiosity, boredom – and sometimes it produces all of these feelings at once. We know because at Zimmerman Wealth Management LLC. (ZWM) We have seen these emotions, and many more, in our 16+ years of providing financial advisory services to women in the local community. When it comes to women and money, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is, like many things in life, money can be more challenging to deal with if you are a woman. Studies show that women typically: -

Are paid less


Take longer breaks from the workforce


Pay more for essential goods (the “pink tax”)


Have the added time and dollar cost of being primary caregivers – sometimes to both children and parents at the same time!

Despite all these issues, women typically live longer, which means your money has to last longer too! After hearing all that, I’m sure you’re wondering about the good news we mentioned. Well here it is – it is possible to improve your money situation with very little work. You can do it in just a few steps, and ZWM is committed to helping you better your relationship with money. Over the next year, we are partnering with Evanston Woman to provide a series of articles on a range of topics including:

Women and Money

A Year of Action with




Business ownership


Saving for college


Teaching children about money


Basic estate planning


Whether a financial advisor is right for you

These articles are not meant to be a dry overview of each topic. Instead they contain a few quick, easy, actionable steps you can take in under 30 minutes to feel better about each area of your finances. As part of our promise, each article will include a tool or additional resources to dive deeper into the subject matter if you feel the topic is an area of focus for you and your family. Our first, in-depth article will arrive in September and will be focused on retirement. If you’re totally lost when it comes to retirement (and who isn’t at least a little uncertain?), we have a tool ( for you to begin evaluating whether you are on track for the retirement you want. You can also use this tool to let us know what you’re concerned about when it comes to retirement (or any financial topic), so we can be sure to address your concern in our next article. We look forward to a year of learning and progress! Learn more about ZWM today. Visit



Continued from EW p10

At Yellowbrick we offer the following guidance to parents getting ready to launch their chidren into their post-secondary life:

Establish clear expectations for frequency of communication prior to their departure, taking into account the needs and wishes of all parties involved;

Allow yourself to feel the full range of emotions that may develop, and recognize that it is completely normal to feel tremendous sadness and joy at the same time: honor and give voice to all of it;

In this age when parents are so involved in their children’s lives, give your child the independence and space to make choices and decisions on their own; Focus on nurturing the relationships with your children who remain at home, and give them space to adjust to the “new normal” as well;

If you have a significant other at home, give yourselves time to rediscover one another in a new context and give yourselves room to grow together;

Make your own friendships a priority; Discover hobbies and interests to either hone or begin, preferably ahead of time;

Do not impose your emotional state on your children; and

Ask your children what they need and listen when they tell you.


Saleen S7 Twin Turbo

Presented By Barrett-Jackson Written by Independent Automotive Journalist Tom Jensen. Editing by EM While America’s love affair with vintage cars and trucks continues unabated, for enthusiasts who value ultimate thresholds of high performance, these really are the good old days. Today’s supercars possess levels of acceleration, handling and braking that were unachievable a generation ago, and unimaginable back in the 1950s and 1960s. Thanks to the turbochargers and the big Ford powerplant, the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo produces a pavement-melting 750 horsepower and 700 ft/lbs of torque. According to Saleen. com, that was enough power to rocket the S7 Twin Turbo to some world-class acceleration numbers. Zero to 60 miles per hour took just 2.8 seconds, with zero to 100 mph flying by in a mere 5.9 seconds. A standing-start quarter-mile resulted in an elapsed time of 10.5 seconds at 145 mph. That’s astonishing performance, especially when you factor in that the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo would pull 1.1 Gs in lateral acceleration on a skid pad.

Most importantly, remember that your children will be okay, and eventually, so will you! For more information visit Jennifer Dunitz-Geiringer, JD, MSW, Education and Career Specialist




Just in time for your dinner plans, the fabulous new menu is available every Monday through Friday and Sunday from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and priced at only $30 per person!



The Barn Steakhouse may be known for their meat-centric menu, including cuts of renowned local Heritage Angus Beef from Meats by Linz alongside delicious sides like Mac & Cheese topped with cheddar and gruyere, Creamy Swiss Chard, and Butterball Potatoes made with marrow butter, but the restaurant really does have so much more on offer. Meet the best new deal in Evanston where you can raise a happy hour glass of one of The Barn’s wildly popular cocktails and devour items from a specialty menu offering the same cherished dishes at an even lower price! The happy hour and prix-fixe menus are available in both The Barn Steakhouse’s main dining room and at the bar.


The Barn Steakhouse is a modern steakhouse offering New American fare and craft cocktails, tucked away in a restored 19th century barn space with soaring ceilings and brick walls. Owner and founder of The Barn Steakhouse and Found Kitchen, Amy Morton has created a meat-centric eatery, delivering only the finest quality ingredients, meats and Heritage Angus beef. Open Monday through Thursday 5 p.m. - 10 p.m., Friday through Saturday 5 p.m. - 11 p.m. and Sunday 5 p.m. - 9 p.m., as well as for private events. Visit The Barn Steakhouse 1016 Church Street | Evanston, IL 60201 | 847.868.8041



The Stradivarius Cigar Review

Spirit of the Month Review Tequila production dates back to the 13th century, and it’s come a long way since then. But the premium drink can be used for much more than Trianon tequila blanc holds a special place in my heart, and is easily one of my favorite spirits. As you open the corked bottle the crisp snap echoes and your taste buds react. The air fills with a hint of old world Mexico. You can smell how wonderful this tequila is.

Cigars are usually associated with power and wealth and it goes without a say that they’re quite expensive too. Even though most other countries produce classic cigars, Cuban cigars without a doubt, are the best cigars compared to any other. Today, EVANSTONMAN presents to you the second of our top 10 world’s best cigars. The Stratavarius This exclusive cigar is usually available in boxes containing 10 sticks. The brand mix tobacco from several places, including Mexico and the Dominican Republic, to give the finished product a distinctive taste.

When you place this upon your lips. Your first sip blossoms with notes of citrus. The formula seems to be lime or a grapefruit hint. Then as you roll it down your tongue toward your throat the familiar taste of the agave finish will be testimate to the multiple steps it took to create this master piece.

The flavor is that of a sweet oak filled pepper. The look is that of the mahogany skin laying on an Etheopean beauty. According to Cigar aficionados. The best part of this cigar is that its outer coat is created with a fine 15 year aged leaf tightly layered for a long burn. The inner leaf is a special blend soaked in the sunlight of its region.

The clean crisp finish again has absolutly no burning. There is almost a slight hint of black pepper in the minute after taste. This tequila worth

exceptional is absolutely every dollar.

The reported burn if properly lit will take about 90 minutes. Which makes its $35 dollar price tag fall closer to what the cigar lover feels as reasonable. The EM conclusion is that cigars are a luxury that make working hard worth every minute. Try this one atleast once.




EVANSTONMAN Magazine Shares President Obama’s Vision

THE OBAMA CENTER EM Anything you want the people of Evanston to know about the Obama Foundation? BO What we’re doing in Chicago is big! We’re building the Obama Presidential Center (OPC) on the South Side and it will be a space where people of all origins and backgrounds to gather. We would love to see anyone and everyone come to the OPC to get involved, whether they’re from Woodlawn or Evanston, . Once the Center is built, we hope to see people from Evanston come down to Jackson Park to visit the Center to celebrate the legacy of President and Mrs. Obama and be inspired to change the world by working together. EM What is the unwritten contribution that the Foundation will bring to the World/ Chicago area?


BO Something we often talk about at the Foundation is taking the “me” and turning it into a “we.” Through our programming and our presence on the South Side, we want to help everyone feel like they’re part of a greater community... President Obama has long stood for positive change and we want to help empower others to stand together and implement changes in their communities. Working together, we can accomplish anything, and we hope that the Center inspires people to do just that. EM How many jobs are predicted that the Obama Foundation will create? ​BO With the Obama Presidential Center, we have an enormous economic opportunity—and responsibility—and it is important to acknowledge that. Through every stage of planning, we are thinking about how this Center is going to give back to the community that gave President and Mrs. Obama so much. That means making the Center an economic engine to benefit the community. The OPC is predicted to have an overall economic impact of $3.1 billion in Chicago and create and support thousands of jobs at the Center alone. On top of that, we expect there to be thousands of indirect and induced jobs to be created thanks to the expected


760,000 visitors at the OPC every year. Our goal is to help bolster the economy on the South Side, which has suffered from under-resourcing and under-investment for far too long. Our goal is for the OPC to help create jobs and drive growth in this area, all while keeping the community in mind. EM What programming is proposed to take place in the building? BO The OPC is going to be so much more than just a museum. The Center will be a vibrant part of the South Side community, including indoor and outdoor public areas that will allow members of the community to meet and enjoy the space. Of the four buildings—the Obama Presidential Museum, the Forum, the Chicago Public Library, and the Program, Athletic and Activity Center—the majority of the public programming will take place in the Forum. The Forum will include various meeting areas, including a 300-seat auditorium i, smaller programming rooms on the lower levels, a music and broadcast studio, and a teaching kitchen to complement the

community garden just outside the Forum. These spaces will be used to foster a sense of community by providing a space for community gatherings educating on a variety of subjects from nutrition and cooking to music recording and broadcast writing. At the Program, Athletic, and Activity Center, or PAAC,, we plan to host events and recreational activities. It’s going to be a flexible space, suitable for anything from a large community meeting to volleyball and basketball games. This space will also offer the opportunity for partnerships with local organizations.. Overall, our goal for this Center is to provide a place where every resident of the South Side community can find something that appeals to them, whether it’s learning to cook in the teaching kitchen or playing a game of pick-up basketball in the PAAC. This Center is going to be the first of its kind in the area, and we plan to make it inclusive, accessible, and a whole lot of fun.




CONTENT FEATURE 2 OBAMA CENTER A glimpse into the vision and what it means to Evanston. DEPARTMENT 4 OPEN TAB with three reviews to tantalize your palate 6 TECH N TOYS Saleen S7 Twin Turbo, EM’s car of the Month

I dedicate this issue to my mother she left me on this earth without her last month. I am glad she can rest but I miss her. I have grown a lot in the last few weeks and so has the country. We have avoided civil and nuclear war a combined three times since April Now in a trade war. Therefore, Evanstonman took the time to look to the future while reflecting- The Obama center is a look toward the future through the lenses of a highly moral and appreciated President. Inside this issue we ask a few key questions about the Obama Foundation. I hope you love it. We also Feature one of Evanstons finest restaurants- Barn. Enjoy page 5 The Restaurant with Buzz.

Aaron Foster Aaron Foster

Chief Editor, EVANSTONMAN Magazine



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The Barn Steakhouse the Restaurant with a Buzz


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Celebrating 40 Years of Instrumental Work at Music Theater Works with Bridget McDonough

Evanston Woman Magazine  

Celebrating 40 Years of Instrumental Work at Music Theater Works with Bridget McDonough